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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we grabbed that can and that can can called spending cuts. >> reporter: but, hey, we're not blameless. >> that's congressional mall pra. >> economic storm of our own making. >> we are in detox from our fiscal cliff addiction. >> reporter: but the masters reside in the halls of congress. >> like a bull in a china closet. >> they're like salespeople who tell their customer they can have the $30,000 car. >> we should look at those who have lit the candle. >> like an airplane did we climb over it? no. >> reporter: so now can we please put the metaphors out to pasture? >> moo! >> we soon face the valentine day clip and perhaps the april fool's day cliff. >> what the president was saying is i'm not going to play chicken with the debt limit. >> reporter: i guess not. christine romans, cnn, new york. hi, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed.
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a big announcement expected tomorrow in washington. sources tell cnn that president obama is going to cross party lines and announce former republican senator chuck hagel as his nominee for defense secretary. but hagel has critics on capitol hill even among republicans. the question is his past views on several issues, including israel. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. >> we'll have more in a few moments. help is on the way for people who lost so much during superstorm sandy. president obama signed into law today a $9.7 billion sandy disaster relief package. it was the first legislative action of the new congress. a larger sandy aid package will have to wait. lawmakers will consider $51 billion relief bill on january 15th. some people were outraged after house speaker boehner canceled a vote tuesday on the entire aid
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package. sandy devastated parts of the northeast more than two months ago. syria's president bashar al assad got a standing ovation today moments before he gave a rare public speech. assad said he's standing firm against global calls for him to step down. he laid out his own plan for dealing with syria's civil war. a u.s. state department spokeswoman says assad's plan is detached from reality and assad should resign immediately. pakistani intelligence officials say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed 17 people today. today's attack follows two suspected u.s. drone strikes last week that killed 15 people, including a taliban commander with ties to the pakistani military. demonstrators protested against drone strikes thursday and burned a u.s. flag. well, the man accused in one of the country's worst mass murders goes to court tomorrow. a judge will decide whether there's enough evidence for 25-year-old james holmes to
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stand trial. he faces more than 150 counts, including first-degree murder and attempted murder in the aurora, colorado, movie theater shooting last july. 12 people were killed, dozens injured. some of the victims are expected to testify in the week-long hearing. well, fire up the zambonis. hockey could be back in a matter of days. the national hockey league and the players association struck a tentative labor agreement today according to a statement posted on the league website. that would end the more than 100-day lockout. if players and owners approve the agreement, the nhl could pay a -- play a 48-game schedule slated to begin as early as next week. let's turn to washington now and word from a top administration official that president obama plans to nominate chuck hagel as his defense secretary. it's getting a lukewarm reception even among hagel's fellow republicans due to his past statements on israel and also his statements on the wars in iraq and afghanistan.
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here's new gop senator ted cruz of texas. >> if hague sel nominated, it's very difficult to imagine a circumstance in which i could support his confirmation. >> but it's not just cruz, veteran republican senator lindsey graham says hagel's views on the midwest, especially towards israel, cause him a lot of concern. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an organization, terrorist group, that lobs thousands of rockets into israel, he also was one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter to the european union trying to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization. he has long severed his ties with the republican party. this is an in your face nomination by the president. >> and last week the pro-gay rights log cabin republicans
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took out this ad in "the new york times." the head of the group cold our don lemon why his organization thinks hagel is the wrong man for the job of defense secretary. >> this is a guy as sec def who has a negative record. i'm knot talking about one comment he made toward a former nominee, ambassador hormel. when it comes to iran, very weak, actually left of president obama when it comes to economic sanctions or imposing sanctions on tehran to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons. finally, our bilateral relationship with israel, not strong on that. so regardless of where you lie, pick your poison. is a perfect storm for why he should not be sec def. he's a no-go. >> a rabbi who has known chuck hagel for 25 years is joining me
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on the phone. thank you, rabbi. it sounds you don't agree with them. first of all, is he a friend of zrael zm. >> he's definitely a friend of israel. he's independent, has wonderful, fresh ideas to try to reengage the discussion about the middle east. i have known him for really before he ran for senate in omaha, nebraska. i met him in 1996, and he was interested before he ran for the senate to the learn more from me. i grew up in israel, was born there, and it was an amazing relationship that started and developed in the last 20 years. and i think that -- i support him wholeheartedly. >> rabbi, among the things he has said is he said that the israel lobby controls certain politicians in washington. he's also said that washington should be negotiating with hamas, which doesn't even recognize the state of israel.
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these are kind of con trof-- controversial and yet you talk about fresh ideas. what are they? >> i think he's interested in opening some doors for conversations that has never happened before. i think that there is a need, urgent need, as someone who grew up in israel and watched the last 63 years of israel's development, for some really serious doors to be opened for negotiation even with hamas and hezbollah. when sometimes you are locked in a situation that you are frozen in, there is a need to introduce some revolutionary ideas, and i think people need to be able to be open for those kind of ideas to be spread around and energize some real serious thinking and
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innovations. >> and very quickly, do you know why he may be getting opposition from both sides, both from republicans -- >> i don't know why he's getting opposition from the jews. i am a little bit embarrassed, by the way, by the fact that in the one of the newspapers he was even defined as a borderline anti-semite. i'm so embarrassed and so appalled by the way he was addressed by some jewish organizations. i have never seen even an ounce of anti-semitism or anti-israel or anti-jewish in all my relationship with chuck headaag. >> rabbi, thank you so much. i know obviously as a vietnam war veteran chuck hagel also will be handling a lot of issues when it comes to returning troops. thank you so much. a gun show in connecticut this weekend just 40 miles from where the newtown tragedy took
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when it comes to returning [ woman ] uh-oh.
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast! [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. quiet in steubenville, ohio, today after days of media coverage centering on the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl. both sides are preparing their case for a february 13th trial in a case that has divided the small ohio town. two 16-year-old high school football players are charged with sexual assaulting the girl last summer. the alleged attack took place at several parties over the course of the night. i spoke with walter madison, attorney for accused teen malik richmond. has your client admitted to being there and admitted to being with this young woman on that night? >> well, subsequent to the photograph, there's evidence that she was conscious and that
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she was capable of making decisions and speaking and exhibited, you know, decision making activities. so, again, the question -- the photo is out of context, and those are the things we must wait to see. >> defense attorney for the other accused teen spoke with our see san candiotti. he claims a text message may be a crucial piece of evidence in the upcoming trial. >> i would like to bring up an interesting fact that we do plan on presenting at trial is that my client received a text message the following day from the alleged victim, the alleged victim herself, stating that she said i know you didn't rape me. >> what? >> she texted my client the next day stating, quote, i know you didn't rape me. >> do you have that text? >> we do, and that is something that's going to be introduced at trial. >> and did he reply? >> that's something that's going to be introduced at trial, yes.
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>> why do you think she said that? >> because i don't think she thinks she was raped. >> now, the girl was unconscious apparently during the assault. neeman was not show us the alleged text nor describe any context. the girl's attorney declined to comment on the message that was sent. in 20 minutes dr. drew pinsky weighs in on the case and what it says about our society. after last month's school shooting in newtown, connecticut, three gun shows in the northeast were canceled. in one town the police chief imposed a moratorium on gun shows, but yesterday organizers of an anti-gun show in stanford, connecticut, went ahead with their event just 40 miles from newtown, and hundreds of prospective buyers showed up. >> anybody who has no feelings for what happened up there, something is wrong with them, okay? i do, but yet if you look, i've been coming to this show for years. it's one of the biggest crowds
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i've ever seen. >> i was an elementary school teacher. i have a 7-year-old granddaughter. i am certainly sensitive to the idea of people with weapons entering public spaces and all the killing that's been going on. it's horrendous. i am not in favor of people having guns. i don't see the need for it. on the other hand, in this case it's art. >> organizers said many antique gun collectors never shoot their weapons, but some who attended the show complained that there weren't more modern guns for sale. police in alabama may have prevented yet another school tragedy. this after a disturbing find at a teenager's house. dozens of handmade explosives and a turnl full of plans to carry out an attack. it began when a teacher near the georgia state line found the journal and found police. 17-year-old dear rick shrout is facing a felony charge of attempted assault. police discovered dozens of
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tobacco containers filled with shrapnel and drilled for fuses. ey say he was one step away from turning those devices into grenades. >> the journal contained several plans that looked like potential terrorist attacks and attacks of violence and danger on the school and in particular there were six students specifically named and one teacher. >> needless to say, his classmates are shocked by the discovery. >> it's crazy. i didn't think anything like that could happen at russell county. i thought that's just something that happens everywhere else. you got to worry about it still. maybe he has friends that wanted to do it. never know. >> he could have got me at school for real if he wanted to. he could have got the whole school. he could have just got all of us at once if he really wanted to. >> cnn affiliate wtvm reports
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that the earliest entries in the journal were written just three days after the massacre in sandy hook, connecticut. police say he is a self-proclaimed white 13re78 cyst and believed he learned to make the explosives through internet research. college football is often a family tradition, and for one especially proud family, it will be on display when notre dame takes on alabama monday night for the national championship. more ahead. officemax can help you drive supply costs... down... ...and down. just use your maxperks card and get a case of x-9 paper for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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a connecticut family will be hooting and hollering when notre dame takes on alabama tomorrow night for the college football championship. the gollick has a long and special bond with the fighting irish. tomorrow night's game will be the last time two sons play
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together for noter game. >> reporter: nestled in a cozy connecticut neighborhood could be notre dame's number one fans, mike and christine gollick. >> we always loved notre dame. i really believe it's a school you grow up loving or hating. >> mike played football for notre dame as did his brothers. christine went to st. mary's, motor dame's sister school, and when the irish take the field against alabama, two more golli cks will be in uniform. mike and jake, a backup tight end. daughter sidney is a freshman on the swim team. >> i think we made a concerted effort to as our kids were growing up, i kind of called it the brainwashing process, but even when he was traveling for work, i would try to take the kids every year to a game no matter where we lived. >> when mike jr. signed with notre dame and jake a year later, it was a proud moment but there were some fans in the blogosphere who felt the boys only received scholarships for
4:20 pm
the golic name. it was hurtful. >> you just see your kids work so hard and the outside world wants to diminish it. >> she took it hard. >> i did. >> on her side of it. my side of it was these people have zero clue. >> right. >> zero clue. all the chat rooms and all that, these are a bunch of wannabes sit around and type like they know what they're talking about. so i knew from the football world that they had the ability to be there and sidney had the swimming ability to be there. so i could look at it from that but that didn't help her. >> reporter: this was the final season at notre dame for both boys so mike and christine attended every game, home and away. >> they have been teammates forever, and they had a nice moment against wake forest on senior day when they knew it would be the last time they'd be on the notre dame field together. i'm sure they will have a nice moment in miami, hopefully winning a championship, but that
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will be the last time they're on the field together as teammates. they've done that for a long, long time. >> it will be sad, and it will be happy. >> yeah. >> it will be a bit of both. it's been a journey. >> reporter: the golics are usually pretty reserved on game day, but it's been 24 years since notre dame last won a national championship so this one could be different. >> we don't hoop and holler an awful lot. at this game, if we win this game i may end up streaking. >> we'll keep an eye on that. the reminders of superstorm sandy for many can be found simply by looking out the window as it hit the northeast more than two months ago. it's being called the 100-year storm. now some experts say this may just be a sign of what's to come. lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪
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it was just over two months ago that superstorm sandy devastated the east coast and brought new york city to a standstill. experts say it is a snapshot of what could happen more often. climate change threatens to make few f future storms even more dangerous. is there anything we can do to protect ourselves. we dispatched a team of reporters across the country to investigate. jason carroll went into one of the new york city subway station that is was badly damaged. >> the electrical systems, the fair collection systems, the lighting systems, the stairways, the ventilation systems, the elevators, escalators, they were all pretty much ruined from the water damage from the surge. >> reporter: less than 48 hours after the storm struck, new york city's chief infrastructure officer, frank jeski, took us
4:25 pm
down into the subway system. >> we'll take a quick look. >> reporter: to what looked like a scene from a science fiction movie. >> believe it or not, these timbers washed in from the ocean or bay. >> this timber right here. >> absolutely. >> are this washed in -- >> all this debris you see washed in from the tidal surge. >> reporter: this station, the end of the line for the city's number one subway train, is called south ferry. three years ago it was brand new. built at a cost of more than half a billion dollars. now it's in ruins. sandy broke records for the biggest waves in new york harbor, for the biggest surge in new york city, and for the lowest pressure ever north of north carolina. what was the impactful part of sandy was the surge at 12, 15 feet. that surge had never been seen in new york city before. >> when we were here the water was just below this level. >> reporter: nearly a month
4:26 pm
after our first interview. >> you can see the rust. >> reporter: this time dressed in a suit and tie, he took us back underground. >> it wasn't a rebuilding as some of our other stations. that was a brand new tunnel station. >> reporter: just rebuilding south ferry station alone could take up to a year or more. at a cost he's not willing to even guess about. >> we'll start taking components or pieces of this station down, the finished surfaces, the finished ceiling, the acoustic pieces. the signal systems will have to be rebuilt. all the conduits and piping will have to be opened up and drained. >> that was jason carroll reporting from katrina to sandy. are we ready for the next superstorm? be sure to check out cnn presents, the coming storms, tonight at 8:00 eastern and pacific. and as we continue to hear more about this rape case in steubenville, ohio, a dire warning from dr. drew pinsky.
4:27 pm
>> we must counter parent this actively. if we don't, this could be our kids. that's the reality. >> my conversation with dr. drew next. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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half past the hour now. let's take a look at the
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headlines. a big cabinet announcement expected tomorrow in washington. several administration sources tell cnn president obama is going to name former republican senator chuck hagel as his nominee for defense secretary. hagel has a reputation as an independent thinker and critics say his views towards israel as well as u.s. policy in afghanistan will get a close look during the nomination process. help is on the way for superstorm sandy victims. the president signed into law today a $9.7 billion sandy disaster relief package. some lawmakers were outraged after house speaker boehner canceled a vote tuesday on a much larger aid bill. sandy devastated parts of the northeast more than two months ago. lawmakers will consider a $51 billion aid package january 15th. all the hype will soon come to an end when the two top college football teams meet tomorrow night for the bcs national championship, and you couldn't pick two more storied programs. undefeated notre dame is 12-0
4:31 pm
and will take on 12-1 alabama in miami. the crimson tide is going for its third national title in the past four years. notre dame is trying to win its first since 1988. pakistani intelligence officials say a suspected u.s. drone strike today killed 17 people. today's attack follows two suspected u.s. drone strikes last week that killed 15 people, including a taliban commander with ties to the pakistani military. demonstrators protested against drone strikes thursday and burned a u.s. flag. well, let's get more now on the man we're told president obama plans to nominate as his next secretary of defense. former nebraska republican senator chuck hagel, has an impressive resume and is known as a free thinker. barbara starr has more. >> reporter: chuck hagel's view of the world today was shaped when he served with his brother tom in vietnam. hagel recalled being burned in a land mine attack. >> the pain and we didn't have
4:32 pm
any medics with us and we did some guys again i think that were in pretty bad shape so the morphine was used for them. >> reporter: the brothers saved each other's lives in combat. >> thinking to myself, you know, if i ever get out of all this, i am going to do everything i can to assure that war is a last resort, that we, a nation, a people calls upon to settle a dispute. the horror of it, the pain of it, the suffering of it. >> reporter: after coming home he worked brieferly as a newscaster then had a career in business before entering public service as a senator from nebraska from 1997 to 2009. most recently he has taught at georgetown university while co-chairing the president's intelligence advisory board. what everyone who knows him well will tell you, chuck hagel has independent views on national security. it's caused him problems. to the dismay of fellow
4:33 pm
republicans, hagel opposed the troop surge in iraq as did president obama, but then opposed obama's surge in afghanistan. he has called for deep cuts in defense spending. reshaping spending, dealing with iran's nuclear programs, and being ready for potential involvement in the war in syria are all top priorities this winter. that means the political buzz saws are out again. like hagel, william cohen was a republican senator before he was bill clinton's secretary of defense. >> i think he'll face the same challenge in terms of people on the democratic side saying, hey, wait, we've got some pretty talented people that are -- could step in in a moment's notice and fill that spot, and the republicans will say why are you helping out a democratic administration? >> reporter: one key republican already is challenging hagel. >> i am concerned about many of
4:34 pm
the comments that he made and has made like reference to, quote, jewish lobby, which i don't believe exists. i believe a pro-israel lobby exists. >> reporter: others insist hague sel not anti-israel. >> he belongs to a tough-minded in this case republican view of israel that, in fact, accepts the reality that while the united states and israel are very close allies and will remain close allies, their views on every issue cannot be expected to coincide. >> reporter: and critics in the gay and lesbian community have turned around their opposition to hagel. in 1998 hagel opposed james hormel, an openly gay man, to an ambassador's post. hagel now says my comments 14 years ago in 1998 were insensitive. they do not reflect my views. i apologize to ambassador hormel and any lgbt americans who may
4:35 pm
question my commitment to their civil rights. whatever chuck hagel's views were as a senator, if he does become secretary of defense, he will have to fall in line with president obama's policies on everything from defense spending to what to do about iran's nuclear program. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. quiet in steubenville, ohio, today after days of media coverage centering on the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl. both sides are preparing their case for a february 13th trial inform a case that has divided the small ohio town. the two 16-year-old high school football players are charged with sexual assaulting the girl last summer. the alleged attack took place at several parties over the course of a night and were well-documented by students who were there. the defense attorney for one accused teen spoke to our own susan candiotti and he claims a text message may be a crucial piece of evidence in the
4:36 pm
upcoming trial. attorney adam neeman would not show us the alleged text. the girl's attorney declined to comment on whether it was sent or not. i spoke earlier with walter madison, a defense attorney for the other accused teen, malik richmond. has your client admitted to being there and admitted to being with this young woman on that night? >> well, subsequent to the photograph there's evidence that she was conscious and that she was capable of making decisions and speaking and exhibiting, you know, decision making activities. so, again, the question -- the photo is out of context, and those are the things that we must wait to see. >> officials have said the girl appeared either extremely drunk or passed out. a social media avalanche descended on the 16-year-old girl at the center of this case. for months the teen's chilling story plus photos have been discussed and dissected on social media worldwide. i talked with dr. drew pinsky
4:37 pm
and dr. cheryl arrat. >> this is about kids, morality, the capacity for empathy. that girl, the most disturbing part of this was that 12-minute videotape that was aired where the kids are laughing with the young lady being dead. there it is alongside of me right now. she was no less a person -- no more a person dead than she was alive. this is the object fication of women and i don't think we should be surprised given what rains down on young people from the internet, pornography, the way they act in social media. they act out on one another as though they are octobers. we must counter parent this actively. if we don't, this could be our kids. that's the reality, and the big other warning here is alcohol. every unwanted outcome you could measure with adolescents, you find alcohol and drugs, whether it's sexual conduct that's unwanted, pregnancy, you find alcohol. if parents, if adults were involved in the use of alcohol with these kids, they should be held accountable.
4:38 pm
there's a rumor they were but it's strictly rumor at this point. >> there was a rumor there was underage drinking and that this girl, in fact, had so much to drink she had passed out at one point. something you say -- >> i'm going to stop you. the fact she passed out does not make her a candidate for rape. in california if you have a very small amount of alcohol, you are not considered able to render consent. i find it stunning that in ohio, maybe they need to revisit their laws, that being conscious according to the attorney you were speaking to, conscious, making decisions, and speaking makes somebody sufficiently sober to be able to render consent and that is a problem. that's something that ohio needs to look at and every state should look at that. >> yeah, dr. drew, what about accountability? let's talk about that. again, this goes to the point you were sort of raising which is there's no empathy. there's no sort of ability to gauge right from wrong. accountability. they're posting pictures, they're talking about this. they are implicating themselves.
4:39 pm
they are essentially making themselves character witnesses to what went on. >> again, these are kids, and as kids -- cheryl will agree with me, when we evaluate kids, we evaluate the kids and parents. that's the unit. if the kids are behaving in ways that are suggestive that they don't understand right from wrong, they don't understand the impact they're having because, again, the social media gives them some distance from what they're doing and makes it seem like, well, this is all in fun, this is a joke, this is where we do things that are fun. when, in fact, people's lives are permanently potentially affected by the behavior on the internet. perhaps -- we may find out because we don't know that yet, perhaps more so than in the flesh. >> absolutely. this may be a case wherewithal the pictures people are not going to be able to say what was going on because maybe they were so drunk, but let me ask you this, cheryl. cheryl, what about the character
4:40 pm
of the girl? because you know that defense attorneys are going to go after her and go after her in a big way. if she had so much to drink, if there was alcohol there, that she passed out. talk to me about that because it's really so upsetting to see this young girl in a t-shirt and shorts sort of being dragged boo i these two young men. what about a potential character assassination of her? >> that the her character is even an issue is absolutely appalling. i want to say i think it's really important that people like dr. drew are here tonight as men talking about how boys have to look at their behavior as well as girls. the idea that we're looking at her character at all, i know in california there are rape shield laws where you're not allowed to make a rape victim's character an issue. but think about this. regardless of someone's character and from what i understand she was an athlete and a scholar and an "a" student in a religious school, but even
4:41 pm
if a victim didn't have impeccable character, should that mean that a man or boy can rape with impunity? i mean, when we think about -- >> cheryl, i'll go one step further. let's say this is the beginning of alcoholism in this poor young girl. shouldn't she then even be more protected because she has a condition that put her at risk of behavioral choices that might be a detriment to her? we should be even protecting her perhaps further as opposed to even contemplating a character assassination. that's the most you could say is there's a substance thing here that maybe put her at risk and maybe it was teen acting out, maybe there's a more serious problem here and we should feel, again, empathy for this young girl and not disdain. >> well, programm reminder, wath dr. drew on call on hln at 9:00 p.m. eastern. regardless of how congress does or does not wrangle the u.s. economy, the price you pay
4:42 pm
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and i promise you i'd be back, right? told you last hour. it's address depressing, all sorts of things going up for various reasons. but never in the history of the world have there been so many ways to save money. literally because of the technology explosion around us. take a look at some of the apps i want to tell you about. we'll start out with this one. things people have never thought about. this is called shop kick. it's an app when you walk into a store where you want to buy something, it knows where you are and it starts giving you rewards and points for where you are. take a look at this one. this is something i have shown you on the air before. this is called gas buddy. great app and website you can use to find the cheapest gas near you. people send in information to keep it updated pretty often. take a look at this one right here. vacation raentales. when you travel you are often looking for hotels. this is a website called air bnb
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and this is an opportunity for people, individuals out there to rent out their homes and there are thousands of them. you can save a lot of money using it. expensify pulls together all of your credit card statements and shows you on any given day, any moment, how much you spent so far that month. take a look at another one here. this is called gazelle. this is fascinating. this is a site that allows you to trade electronics at any point with anyone else and you can find out about various prices and you can look at -- you can sell or you can trade. now, i'm going to show you a couple more here and then i will show you where i posted everything for you. this is forbes website and they have this great gallery. let's zoom in. something i would have never thought of. this is called get around. it's an-on-that allows peer to peer car sharing. you're traveling, don't want to pay for a rental car, you can reach out to an individual and rent his car or you can rent
4:47 pm
your car to someone traveling and you can do the same thing with a parking space. this is called park at my house. you could actually set up a way to use your parking space when you're not there to rent it out to other people. there are also all sorts of traditional things like coupon sherpa you might have heard of that allows you to get such great deals. this is called decide right here. this one tells you what to buy and when to buy it. it can track all sorts of prices. tell you, no, don't buy that camera quite yet, based another week based on everything we know from all sorts of years. i put all that stuff onto my pages. don't worry about all this. go to my pages at joshlevscnn. you will see a complete list for you. check it out. also while you're there, you can post some of the sites that you like the most and let folks know what you think works the best and we'd love to hear from you and keep it coming. i'll tell you, folks, if you take a few hours and you get to know some of these apps and some of these sites, i guarantee you
4:48 pm
at the end of the year you will look back, deb, and realize they've saved hundreds or thousands of dollars. >> i need an app to break nigh new york city taxi edition. >> it's hard not to be addicted to the taxis in new york. >> that's how we get around. that, buses, trains, subways. >> that, too. >> walking. okay. josh levs, thanks so much. we'll check out that site. appreciate it. stay there, tech fans. william shatner's conversation with our don lemon on his career and kissing co-workers. sounds like a red flag. that's ahead.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
william shatner says he's acting out his own life story in his new one-man show called "shatner's world we just live in it." best known, of course, captain kirk on "star trek." don lemon asked over the years if the craft of acting has changed for shatne >> i have discovered as an actor, as i'm into my last phases of life, that -- >> come on. >> well, it was. i just have to face the fact. but acting becomes more complex. >> you've worked with, what, judy garland, on and on and on. and you're a star in your own right, but back then, you were
4:52 pm
younger, were you star struck when you did those, when you worked with those people? >> so much so. i loved them. they were the mystery and the mystique of the silver screen. as a kid, i'd go and watch these people, and then i met them. spencer dracy, you know, a legendary group of people who are now, for the most part, long forgotten, and i admired them. they were the ritual i went through. they were the focus of mythology that i went through. >> and i wonder when i see, you know, when people do spoofs of you or they sort of mimic you and do the so cot toe, i am william shatner, that doesn't bother you, does it? >> no, because i don't recognize what they are doing. i often thought people who do some of those actors who most people in america don't recognize, jimmy stewart and
4:53 pm
edward g. robinson, did they recognize when people were doing imitations of them? with edward g. robinson, i said do you go -- i go -- a lot? same way with me. i know what they are doing, but i don't see myself doing that, do i? [ laughter ] >> i think you probably had a lot of -- a lot of gay admirers, because you walked around that ship with your shirt off a lot. >> well, if that was the reason i had gay admirers, they, perhaps, don't admire me quite as much now. >> all right, so listen, let's move on now and talk about lieutenant. michelle nichols, this is back in 1968. >> is this sort of a dream thing with you? is that a fantasy for you? >> what? >> you want to talk about lieutenant. >> i had a huge -- >> your voice. >> i thought you were talking about you with your shirt off,
4:54 pm
no. but lieutenant ohura, i did, i had a crush on her when i was a kid. who didn't, she was a gorgeous woman. >> i heard that in your voice. >> you were considered the first interracial kiss on american television. did you realize how groundbreaking that moment was? >> not in terms of groundbreaking, i just realized how lovely her lips were. >> those were the 1960s. were you worried about your career and if it would have a detrimental effect on your career? >> it never occurred to me, no. >> and tonight in part two, shatner talks about the new "star trek" series and his fears about going broke. here's a little bit of that. >> i've got all kinds of things happening right now, and i'm anxious that they happen and i'm anxious that they be successful. and nothing has changed. i am an actor who vitally interested in what he's doing,
4:55 pm
and it can't end, and i don't want it to end. and i'm running as fast as i can, every bit as much as i did when i was 21. the salient thing, the thing that i never forget, is that every human being has their story, as we talked about earlier, has their need for respect, has their -- their spirit, their soul, and you can never forget that, no matter what the person's circumstances are. and, again, the one-man show, i touch on this note, we're on that journey together, the journey through to death, and we don't know what's on the other side of that line of death, so we're locked in this embrace of the journey and the apprehension of what happens after we die, and it seems to suggest, and i make this point in that show,
4:56 pm
that we should help each other to make that journey easier and more meaningful. >> well, look up in the sky. it's not what you think. we'll explain next. alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪
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4:58 pm
the last word from jeanne moos. >> reporter: he may look like the man of steel, but he's actually the man of lightweight foam. >> faster than a speeding
4:59 pm
bullet. >> reporter: actually, his top speed is 30 miles per hour, but the sight of superman flying above the california coast was enough to make a cyclist stop and shoot it. the video went viral, and now folks are wondering -- >> up in the sky, it's a bird -- >> it's a plane -- >> it's superman! >> reporter: yeah, if superman were 5'2" and less than 2 pounds. he's a sensation on the local news. >> the big question, where to hide the propeller. >> reporter: it's not nice to laugh at superman, but we'll show you on the female version, supergirl. >> there's a propel her. >> reporter: with an electric motor and battery that goes on her head. he has built about a dozen of these remote-controlled figures. he's a former air force test pilot with a long career in aviation. he even customized superman with a cape that he had to shorten to keep