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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 2, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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hilarious new sitcom, two broke guptas. changing pronunciation to c -- number seven, switching the part on david gergen combover. number four, president jeff zucker zuking everything up. number three -- >> they will. >> lifting ban on anchors using steroids. number two, piers morgan, deported. number one change at cnn, more coverage of goats. >> from the county fair, linda carson, abc 7, would you not eat my pants? >> oh, there you go. >> pretty funny, eh? thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we've got much more ahead on "cnn saturday morning" which starts right now.
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good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye, it is 7:00 on the east coast, thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we start this morning in midland city, alabama. that's where police have been waiting patiently for five days now. waiting for a suspected gunman to release a 5-year-old boy he's holding in an underground bunker. police say it is this man, and we're starting to hear why he may have killed the bus driver earlier this week. we still don't know why he grabbed the child. joining me now is victor blackwell. temperatures dipped below freezing there overnight. i guess that's probably complicated the situation a bit. >> reporter: yeah. this is the first night it's been this cold. and we've spoken with people who live in this area of southeast alabama. and they tell us that it typically is not this cold this time of year. it dipped below freezing, but we've spoken with sources close to the negotiating process, and they tell us there are indications that this bunker is
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heated. so that these two people were safe overnight. we've talked a lot about the accused shooter and kidnapper and the victim. but the governor of alabama, robert brently really brought this home this is essentially about a little boy. and imagine, he's headed home on tuesday, on a school bus, with his friends. a man climbs onboard, a man he's never seen, with a gun, shoots that driver, and snatches him and drags him into a hole. and he stays there for five days. listen to governor bentley. >> i actually spoke to the mother right after this occurred. and she was very distraught. and as a parent, myself and just like i'm sure many of you are, it's just -- what can you say just except to cry with them d and, you know. it's difficult. >> negotiators say that there
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are all indications that this boy has not been harmed during this process. but of course, you can understand the trauma of this entire ordeal. we do know this weekend friends and relatives of the shooting victim, charles poland, will start to remember him. there's a family hour tonight, his funeral is tomorrow. and there are so many people expected to attend this that no single church in this area can handle the crowd. so they're holding it at a civic center in a nearby town, randi. >> from what i understand, investigators are -- and hostage negotiators are communicating with jimmy lee dikes. do you know if he's said anything back? >> well, we know that they are communicating. and he has said things back. what he has said, those details have not been released publicly. but we know they're communicating through a pvc pipe that we're told jimmy lee dikes
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built into this bunker. it's on a slant, into the bunker one end and out near a road nearly 40, 50 feet long. the details of those conversations have not been released, randi. >> thank you very much, we'll check back with you throughout the morning. we have some developing news in the sports world this morning. new york yankees star alex rodriguez is facing new allegations now that he's been using performance-enhancing drugs. earlier this week, a-rod was linked to a miami area clinic that dispensed banned substances. now espn is reporting that a-rod actually got personal attention from the clinic's chief and that he actually injected rodriguez himself. a-rod's spokesman says it's not true. remember, these allegations date back to last year, rodriguez admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs ten years ago. several other players have been linked to the now closed clinic. major league baseball is investigating. now to security concerns at twitter. the social media site says around 250,000 accounts were
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compromised by hackers. they gained access to user names and e-mail addresses. twitter security chief says they stopped one attack as it was happening. they believe the breach may be linked to similar ones by suspected chinese hackers on the "new york times" and the "wall street journal." hillary clinton got a very special tweet from her daughter on her final day as secretary of state. chelsea clinton accompanied her mother to the state department yesterday for mrs. clinton's farewell. she tweeted she was, quote, grateful for my mom's and the remarkable state department team's service. she signed off, proud daughter. hundreds of staffers packed the state department building for hillary clinton's sendoff. she told them americans lived in complex and dangerous times, but she said she is more optimistic now than she was four years ago. >> i am so grateful that we've had a chance to contribute in
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each of our ways to making our country and our world stronger, safer, fairer, and better. >> john kerry is now officially the country's 68th secretary of state. he was sworn in yesterday by supreme court justice elena kagan. the former senator will likely head to the middle east on his first overseas trip this month which stops in egypt and israel. to your money now and a milestone for wall street, the dow ended the week above the 14,000 mark, the first time that's happened since october of 2007. a positive jobs report and strong news from consumers helped to push the market higher. to pennsylvania now where people are gathered to see everyone's favorite groundhog. it is punxsutawney phil's big day. he loves the spotlight. groundhog day. the day where he pops out of his hole or whatever they keep him in now and he looks for his
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shadow. if he sees it, you know what that means? six more weeks of winter. but phil isn't the only one out there today. atlanta has general beauregard lee. buckeye chuck. all right. whole lot of groundhogs out there this morning. >> how come there are no girl groundhogs? >> you're right. >> right? >> for sure. yeah. i don't know why. >> wilma the wizard or something like that. >> we should look into that. let's investigate. >> for now, you're stuck with me. >> okay. we are stuck with you. >> for the record, his accuracy is not that good. 116 years, 39% times, he's been accurate. >> yours is better. >> way better. >> and 100 of the 116 he has said he's seen his shadow. last year he did so, we ended up with the fourth warmest year on record. we shall see. but mostly cloudy skies. perhaps this year he won't see
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his shadow. all eyes on punxsutawney at 7:25 this afternoon. in terms of what we are seeing out there, we are seeing a clipper come through. chicago, actually, snow accumulating pretty quickly, maybe a one, two-incher, inch and a half right now. we do have the winter weather advisories. you can see where in areas of western pennsylvania through canada and also through ohio. so on the whole 1 to 3, in the elevated surfaces with the lift in west virginia and the mountains, maybe 3 to 5, and western maryland, perhaps. big picture today, there's the snow around the great lakes and to the northeast. but this cold front has moved through on the whole, the country well colder than average. but pretty dry. you can see in the inner mountain west, sunny skies, high pressure there rules the roost. there is one thing i want to talk about potentially for tomorrow night. now, here's the forecast rate. this is for this afternoon. what happens is an area of low pressure develops off the carolina coast tomorrow. this is just one computer model's version.
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there's not a consensus here as to what could happen. but february, notorious for east coast snowstorms, boston could see snow with this. they've only seen 8 inches thus far. so this computer model does bring some snow, maybe an inch or two, 2 1/2 sunday night. just keeping an eye on this, and it moves out to sea. but as low and as close to the coast as this area of low pressure gets, we could see the potential for more snow and more cities impacted in the southeast. southeastern areas of new england maybe from the cape in toward long island up toward the cape and islands, this kind of area into southern maine. we'll see what happens with this computer model, randi at this point. >> thank you very much. much more ahead this hour. here is a look at what we have coming up. an iconic mayor has died, but a new film gives his life memory. >> this belongs to me. it's the mystery that haunts
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new york, the people have given me so much -- on my gravestone, i say i fiercely love the people of the city of new york. >> and the people of new york fiercely loved him back. that was the city's three-term mayor ed koch speaking to piers morgan less than one month ago. he passed away in the city he so fiercely loved, he was 88. known as mr. new york, koch was credited with giving the big
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apple its mojo back. he won his first term as mayor in 1977. when he ran for reelection, he was so popular both parties nominated him. he won a third race. he once said he wanted to be mayor for life. now, in a touch of irony, his death coincided with the release of a new film about his life called "koch." watch this. >> he created a second life for himself. he's been a political force. he still enjoys the battle. >> people would say, oh, you must run again. you must run again. and i say, no, people threw me out and now the people must be punished. and people love that. >> and joining me now to talk about the new documentary is the film's director. good morning to you. tell us why koch, why did you want to make this film? >> we started the film in 2010. i was a young reporter in my 20s
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when ed koch was mayor in the 1980s. and i felt that was a critical part of new york history. i think the seeds of the new york's recovery were planted under koch. even though the 1980s new york was plagued by crack and homelessness and graffiti. i thought showing the career of ed koch, that could tell the story of new york and new york's full-on rise if you will and hopefully understand how we got to be the city we are today. >> and you obviously spoke with him. you conducted interviews with him for this. what were your impressions of him? anything surprise you about him? >> yeah. what surprised me was when we shot the -- from 2010, to 2011, what surprised me was there was so much richness to get on camera from contemporary koch as an 86-year-old, he had a very dynamic life. he led us into his home, let us follow him around while he was politicking for candidates in the boroughs. what we thought would start off as a historical film, also
4:16 am
became much more personal, personal about him, not me. so there's sort of two stories now, the story of new york, but also, what was surprising is just how dynamic his life was. so we have sort of the story of koch then and the story of koch over the last several years. >> and as he said, he had this deep love, a fierce love as he called it of new york city. and arguably, brought it back from the brink of bankruptcy in the late '70s as you talk about. but let's take a look at your film where he talks about that. >> sure. >> i knew that the city was in dire peril when i ran. i also knew that of all those who were running or thinking of running, i knew more than they did. >> and things did truly change. i mean, i remember when he was mayor growing up there in that area. and things really changed after he left office. >> yeah, you know, we have a sense looking back that history works out in some inevitable way.
4:17 am
a lot of cities, even northeastern cities stayed on their decline well past the 80s and 90s. he stabilized the finances, injected the city with a new dose of morale. it was the butt of johnny carson jokes and here was this larger than life guy who gave new yorkers hope. he spent $5 billion rehabilitating its neighborhoods and housing stocks. that was koch. that's something he's less well known for. but that laid the way for the complete rehabilitation of the city. you don't see ruins in the south bronx anymore. that didn't happen by itself. >> let's talk about his personal life. he was an open book about everything except his sexual orientation. he was never married. a lot of folks speculated about him. did he talk to you about that for the film? >> sure. you know, it's important part of his political biography. because ever since he was running for elective office,
4:18 am
he's been hounded by stories that he was gay. in 1977, when he was returning against mayor cuomo, there were signs vote for cuomo not the homo. he was asked about it. he was born in 1924, in 1977, you could be gay or you could be mayor, but you couldn't be both. so i think his unwillingness to say whether or not he was gay reflects a generational aspect of him. and he's a stubborn guy so he stayed with it through the end. so we did discuss it. and i discussed it in the context of the gay crisis. because many felt because he was in the closet he was less prone to want to identify with a gay issue with attacking the aids crisis. i said, were you ever tempted to use your platform if you were gay really to change lives? and, you know, he's been pretty steadfast, it's none of your business. he throws a little epithet around usually when he's asked. you know, what's interesting to me is not whether he's gay or
4:19 am
was gay or wasn't gay, what's interesting is here was a guy surrounded by new yorkers, surrounded by the public, surrounded by friends and family. but every night he went home alone. so it was interesting to me not whether he's gay or straight, but that he was alone every night. and we show that also. and there's some poignancy to that. although he would've said throughout his life, he said no regrets, i've had a great life. >> yeah. he certainly seems as though he did. a remarkable man, certainly left his mark. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and koch's funeral will be held monday at a temple on the upper east side. you may have heard the accusations that ravens superstar ray lewis used deer antler spray. but do you know what it is? >> it's to spray in the air so that deer antlers don't come near you. >> it's something for hunting. >> wrong and wrong again. we'll take a look into this banned substance and the alleged health benefits. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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boy, oh, boy, we've come a long way since then. a huge stash, hundreds of never-before-seen pictures of the beatles has been discovered. take a look here. that is the fab four right there meeting with their guru. and the others, well, those are behind-the-scenes pictures from when the band was shooting the film "help" in the bahamas. the photographer recently found
4:24 am
the negatives for the pictures and published them. and be sure to go to where you can see more of these exclusive never-before-seen images. check it out at now to hawaii where lawmakers are proposing a new bill to protect celebrities. it is named the steven tyler act because he's asked for protection from the paparazzi. the bill would make it illegal to photograph people in private areas. but wouldn't stop people from taking pictures in public areas like the beach. critics say the bill is trying to convince celebs to buy property in hawaii. and some sad news for former first family barney, the scottish terrier has died. he was 12 years old and suffered from lymphoma. bush recalled barney's day showing off the white house at christmas and his politeness towards heads of state. that didn't extend to everyone. barney once bit a reporter who got just a little too close there. all right. let's take you back to
4:25 am
punxsutawney, pennsylvania. and take a look at punxsutawney phil, we're waiting for him to come out of his little hole or whatever it is that he lives in to tell us if we're going to have six more weeks of winter or not. if he sees his shadow, then we will get six more weeks of winter. sounds like they're trying to call him out. they want to get him out there and start performing. let's give it a second here and see. looks like they just got him out. it is groundhog day. that's why we've been watching this all morning. and he's supposed to make his appearance. there he is. what's the word? >> all hail groundhog supremacy. >> we're waiting. he's quite a celebrity, isn't he? okay. here's the big handoff. here we go.
4:26 am
the moment of truth if we're going to be chilly. phil doesn't give you much of a reaction. i might have to check with alexandra steele on this this morning. i don't know if we have time to wait for phil. he's about to make his prediction. >> he's directed bill to the appropriate scroll. reading the scroll will be bob roberts, his protector. >> what a show they put on. >> are we ready? remember, if he sees his shadow, six more weeks. no shadow, spring is here. let's go. hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, on
4:27 am
this february 2nd, 2013, the 127th annual trek of the punxsutawney groundhog club at gobbler's knob. punxsutawney phil, seer of seers, prognosticator of prognosticators was awakened from his borough at 7:28 with a tap of the president's cane. phil was lifted from his borough by his handlers and greeted by his tens of thousands of faithful followers. phil was placed upon his oak stump and nodded a happy groundhog day to his fans around the world. surrounded by his inner circle awaiting either six more weeks winter or an early spring. phil with his keen weather eye
4:28 am
gazed a quizzical search to the western pennsylvania skies. phil and phil directed him to the chosen prognostication scroll. the president tapped the chosen scroll and directed phil's prediction. my new knob entrance is a sight to behold. like my followers, faithful followers strong and bold. and so yes faithful, there is no shadow to see an early spring for you and me. >> all right. you heard it there, phil has -- he did not see his shadow, so we're going to get an early spring. so he tells us, alexandra steele, let me bring you in here. should we believe this guy? >> forget the fact he has a 39%
4:29 am
accuracy rate, but 100 times out of the 116 thus far, he has seen his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter. he saw it last year, we had the fourth warmest winter on record. this year it's been incredibly cold and it's cloudy out there today. so we didn't really think he would see his shadow. an early spring doesn't look likely hot on the heels of temperatures we've got around the country. but what the build-up, right? >> this is like the academy awards. i was waiting for the winner to be announced. i love they say he communicated with his handler in groundhogese. >> and i saw my friend jim cantore there in the blue he's texting and taking pictures. >> phil's a big celebrity. >> oh, it's funny. amazing what they've done. we'll have to see if what he sees, the myriad of other prognosticator animals across the country, we'll see what they see. >> thank you. >> we'll have to see if he sees that developing low off the coast tomorrow to see if we're going to see s


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