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tv   Around the World  CNN  February 26, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that opened fire a year ago, killing three has pleaded guilty to aggravated murder. t.j. lane also pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated murder and some lesser crimes, as well. and he's due to be sentenced for those crimes now on march 19th. to south africa, os ter pistorius' family will hole a private memorial service today for his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius is free on bail on charges that he murdered her at his home. he says he thought she was an intrude. >> a guess that you can now add diplomat to dennis rodman's resume. the former controversial nba star arrived in north korea with a few members of the harlem globetrotters. kim jong-un is quite a basketball fan. they will hold a basketball camp for kids in north korea. it all being filmed for an
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upcoming hbo documentary. thanks for joining us today, everybody. i'm fresh out of time. but "around the world" is next. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. >> welcome to "around the world." egypt, a freak accident, hot air balloon explodes in the a plummets to the ground, 18 people dead. a live report. vatican city, learning more about the future and what it holds for pope benedict xvi, final week cloud by scandal. >> the dow rallying from yesterday's big loss but not so for world markets. italy's election causing uncertainty. the government, europe's third largest economy, facing a deadlock. egypt, tourists flying high above ancient egyptian sites
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plunging to their deaths when a hot air balloon explodes and crashes. >> 18 people have died. the local government has banned all other hot air balloon flights for now. it happened in luxor. the latest on the investigation. >> ian, let's start with what the theory is at the moment. there are reports of a gas cylinder exploding. describe what you've heard. >> reporter: well, michael, that's exactly what ware we're hearing. an the 1,000 feet a gas canister on the balloon exploded sending the balloon tumbling towards the ground. this comes from multiple reported from eyewitnesses. also eyewitness accounts that people were jumping out of the balloon as it tumbled toward the earth. right now we're hearing 19 people have been killed. this includes tourists from europe and asia. two people injured including the balloon driver.
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but these balloons are very popular for tourists in luxor going up every day, dozens of them. but government has stopped all balloons for right now while they conduct an investigation. >> ian, this is suzanne. michael and i were talking about the fact, we've both been up in hot air balloons. there is no backup plan. you fall, you fall. you don't have anything that will catch your fall. do you know how high up they were when this balloon went down? >> reporter: they were roughly 1,000 feet in the air. the empire state building is 1200 feet high. so it is quite a long -- a far drop. while hot air balloon accidents are rare, egypt did experience some four years ago when they saw over 80 people injured over the span of a couple of months. the government shut down a hot air balloon operation thoen investigate. they said they implemented reforms that should prevent future incidents from happening
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but one happened again today. >> and, really, in the bigger picture, it is considered a fairly safe thing to be doing. when you look at egypt, forget the political turmoil, the economy is really in free-fall, unemployment and the like, tourism so crucial to that economy. >> reporter: that's exactly right, michael. the tourism makes up around 10% of gdp and since the revolution we've seen tourism drop annually $4 billion. egypt has taken quite a hit. what hurts the tourism sector, headlines. headlines of instability, of clashes, of turmoil. this is just another headline to put up there, to put tourists off from visiting egypt. >> ian lee, thanks so much. >> i mean, so tragic. you know you go up there. it's absolutely beautiful, and you don't expect anything like that to happen. but there's no backup. you don't -- not a life preserver or anything that would
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help you in any way. rome, new details about what pope benedict's life is after thursday when he no longer is the pope. our christiane amanpour is in rome. cardinals are gathering together today, a meet, they'll choose the next pope. what are they talking about? are they talking about the scandal? >> reporter: let me give you a little bit of what's going on. i always notice at this time of the daylight is going down in this etern nal city and it's a shadowy week as far as what's coming out of the vatican and they want to move out of the darkness and scandals swirling around into the light, as they tell me, of what they want to project for these last few days of pope benedict's reign. they're trying to say whatever was investigated, for instance, three cardinals who briefed the pope and only the pope yesterday that will be put on the desk of the new pontiff to deal with. so, what we are hearing today from inside the vatican are
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details about the pope's next status. he will apparently still be called his holiness, he will probably take on the title of pontiff emeritus. it is an unprecedented situation, no pope has had, former pope, looking over his shoulder or being anywhere near during his reign. the first time in 600 years that a pope has resigned. so they're telling us that. they're telling us he will continue to wear a simple white casset cassette. very interestingly, for those who care, he apparently also will not be wearing his red prada shoes any longer but a pair of brown leather shoes. you might think that is a little bit of trivia, but you know, these $1.2 billion catholics are entranced by practically everything papal. importantly when the next pope will be chosen, we're told all of the cardinals will come and be convened, be told to come to
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rome the day after the pope leaves. that will be friday march 1st. unlikely to meet over the weekend. are likely to have their first meeting monday, march 4th and after that will they start their formal convention and only after that will we know what date the next conclave will start to elect the next pope. >> amazing. thanks for that. amazing with all of the rumors and sex scandals the vatican letting us know about the shoes. >> who knew, red prada shoes. live to dana bash on capitol hill. there's a vote under way for hagel in terms of secretary of defense. what do we know? >> reporter: that's right. under way as we speak. this is a vote to end the republican filibuster on chuck hagel's nomination to be the next secretary of defense. ten days ago we had the same exact vote and it failed. republicans, enough republicans blocked it so that the filibuster continued. but democrats in the white house
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only needed one more vote and we think that that is there, at least one more vote. so we believe at the end of this vote, which has approximately ten minutes left, chuck hagel will -- the way will be cleared for him to be secretary of defense. unclear if they'll have a final vote today or wait until tomorrow. but we're watching this to see exactly how it goes down. but one thing we did hear before this started was the republicans who are ardently opposed to him say that even if he is nominated, which i think he will be, he will be too battered and bruised to be an effective secretary of defense. they did one last at least public ask of the president to withdraw his nomination, which of course we knew was not going to happen. >> dana, keep us posted when this will become official. italians went to the polls over the weekend. after the votes were counted, no clear winner. and now they can't form a
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welcome back to "around the world." if you thought the u.s. congress was stuck in grid las vegas, take a look at italy. that in political chaos after a election without a winner. >> the center left party, they won the vote by a slim majority. the problem is they don't have enough seats in the italian senate to actually form a government. and the current prime minister, mario monti, he finished a distant fourth. >> what threw a wrench into all of this a big vote for a protest party led by famous italian comedian, a guy named beppe grillo. controversial former prime minister sill lsilvio berluscon is not out of the picture. >> an amazing country politically. italy's the third biggest economy in europe. it got the second biggest debt burdenen in europe. investors do not like the outcome of the election.
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>> we watched it. the dow dropping 200 points after results came out. the european markets taking a big drop when it opened this morning. richard quest out of london, tell us what is happening. what is the reaction? >> reporter: most dramatic reaction on the italian markets, of course, that fell the best part of 5% in trading on tuesday. yields on italian debt, they rose. and all in all, there is a general feeling that what has happened in italy, because this was an anti-austerity vote, and those parties against austerity did so well, what the feeling is that we could be off to the races again. the people have spoken and they don't like the policies that european bureaucrats are imposing from above in their view and now of course we're starting to see the results. all of the major markets, ftse,
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dax, all heavily down. >> and the american markets don't like it much either. talking here, when talking about grillo, the comedian, his party does not have a comprehensive plan, political plan, going forward. just said a lot of things that people wanted to hear. people are talking about another election. how is it being viewed there in europe? >> reporter: well, there's no question that if they can't come to an agreement, first of all parliament has to meet, and then the president starts the horse trading to see if any of the parties -- and it is very complicated, guys. the center left, center right, middle, the berlusconi, bersani, mon monti. monti won't be a player in all of this. but the machinations that would put together a government seem highly unlikely. and that's why the view is, you'll end up with some caretaker and italy will be back to the polls. but, look, these are numbers
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that came out from the european union and the commission last week. the italy this years expected to contract by 1%, the second straight year of recession. you have an incredibly complicated position. you've got demands for austerity to put the fiscal position back together again but at the same time the people saying, no, it's not surprising volatility is the only thing i'm going to forecast. >> richard, quickly here, because we always think about how it comes back to the united states, but how is this going to impact -- seriously, how will it impact the american markets when italy's in disarray at this point? >> oh, of course -- what i was saying, of course it's going to have an impact because once again, if italy's markets and european markets are in trouble, that has a crisis of confidence in europe, and that very quickly, quicker than i'm speaking to you, transmits itself across the atlantic. but now factor in the forced
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spending cuts. that word which shall not say its name, the sequester that we're not -- you know the name that shall not be used, when that comes in, you just picture this. you've got italy in i wouldn't say chaos but democratic turmoil, you've got the u.s. with forced spending cuts. you've got no growth in the union. it's not surprising that in this environment investors are saying, sit on their hands, go into cash, wait for a sunny day. >> that's really true. it's all about unpredict ability. there's uncertainty. we'll check on the markets. >> political uncertainty in italy who would have thought it? the markets are up at the moment, up 76 point on the day, half a percent. investors are digested that news from europe. back to the guessing game over forced spending cuts and it comes on the back of a big drop yesterday. so a bit of a recovery. >> cuts, richard said sequester.
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those cuts going to happen on friday if there's not a deal made today. even the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke weighing in on the forced cuts. >> a significant portion of this effect is related to the automatic spending sequestration scheduled to begin march 1st which according to cbo's estimates will contribute .6 on the physical fiscal drag this year. the dmenear-term burden on the recovery. >> it's interesting, a lot of shall we say bernanke speak in that clip but he said something that's pretty significant. >> reporter: hi, suzanne and michael, he certainly did, especially because those are cautionary words from the head of the fed. it interesting, i want to say, he's not normally so direct when it comes to congressional action in saying how significant the burden would be. ben bernanke pointed to numbers from the congressional budget
9:19 am
office forecasting the cuts set to take effect friday. what does that do? that translates into american jobs and incomes taking a hit. and you know that's of course not good considering economic growth has already been so slow, you know, bernanke echoed sentiments we've heard a lot from him in recent years. that's the fed's monetary policy which pumps out of course billions of dollars of stimulus each month, can only do so much. turning to lawmakers, they have to find the fiscal ways to reduce long-term deficit without threatening the economy in the long term. >> what happens here? how are companies preparing for friday? are they preparing for the fact that these cuts will go into effect? >> reporter: you know what? chances are slim that the cuts will be averted in time. but the sense from traders the deadline doesn't mean a lot to wall street at this moment. any negative reaction will not be immediate, even with yesterday's sell-off, we were talking about, the market's had
9:20 am
a nice run-up. it would take a lot to knock the wheels off this wag. stocks are trading mixed today following the dow's biggest sell-off monday. investors weighing cautious remarks by bernanke. but we had upbeat readings on new home sales, home prices consumer confidence. a mixed bag as a way for the shoe to drop friday. >> good to see you. >> thank you. coming up "around the world" every day hearing more about food scandals. the latest when it comes to horse meat. >> swedish meatballs now. ikea. but we're seeing butchers who can be detectives, dna testing that could help solve the mystery of what's in our food. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time.
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welcome back, everyone. here are the stories making news "around the world." gaza, a group is claiming responsibility for firing a rocket into israel. and it's the first such attack since a cease-fire took hold in november. a road was damaged but no
9:24 am
injuries. pakistan, another deadly attack on workers giving polio vaccinations to children. this time, it happened just outside madan 40 miles east of peshawar. they shot and killed a police officer there protecting the workers. the taliban commander by way of background banned the vaccinations. says at least ten health care workers have been killed since december. pakistan, one of just three countries where polio remains a threat. and kazakhstan, talks are under way about iran's nuclear program. there are representative there's from iran, germany, and the five permanent members of the united nations security council. the u.s., france, britain, russia, china. since last round of talks last june, iran's uranium enrichment program has expanded violating u.n. resolutions. >> iran's claiming its program is for civilian use only, energy
9:25 am
and such things but western leaders fear iran is building a nuclear bomb. canada, a group of scientists is now calling for food to be dna tested to make sure these things, products, are what they say they really are. >> now paula newton will report test willing keep horse meat from ending up in beef products and other types of food fraud. >> reporter: with all of the new food scares i bet you're wondering if there's any way to know for sure exactly what you're eating and what you're giving your family. so we've come here to canada, the university, in the biodiversity institute of ontario. chris wheeland is here. you used to be doing this for crime scenes. what we're starting with are ikea meatballs. >> all we really need is a 1 millimeter piece. >> reporter: a scrap of food, that's all it takes to screen and i.d. exactly what we're eating. >> it's going to have is it beef
9:26 am
and pork? now that i've tested products -- >> reporter: the dna extraction, not perfectly scientific but demonstrated for cnn is what the bar code of life is all about. >> we can incorporate it into large manufacturing companies, quality assurance and quality control procedures so they go out and do dna testing on their products. >> reporter: this doctor first conceived and developed the bar code of life and explains why it can and should be used to prevent food fraud. >> you can move from a tiny piece of an organism to a dna sequence that tells you what that is within a matter of an hour, hour and a half and cost $2. there's no reason that the food market place isn't being screened aggressively to stop substitution. >> reporter: leading science like this really can be like a crime scene investigation. not just horse meat scandals but studies here have found as much
9:27 am
as a third of u.s. seafood, for instance, is sold and labeled as one type of fish but is really another. despite this -- >> so the behavior on the side of the market hasn't changed a lot. >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> money. substitution always happens that the cheap stuff is on your plate instead of the expensive one you pay for. >> reporter: consumers can change that. small meat specialty shops like rowefarms are controlling and skr scrutinizing supply chains, the farmers, livestock, meat packers. >> when you understand how it works, we're very exposed. >> reporter: meat crossing borders, companies cutting corners. here they are random dna screening can, and will be demanded, more and more. >> i think it's a matter of time. i think customers, as they've shown in our business, are prepared to pay a bit more for
9:28 am
something that they're confident in. >> reporter: back in the lab the meatball results won't be released for a few days. what's certain, though, as an investigative forensic tool, the bar code of life can bring leading edge science straight to the supermarket. paula newton, cnn, at the university of guelf. >> you haven't eaten horse meat? >> plenty of exotic things. camels, stuff like that. kangaroos. >> coming up "around the world." >> 2001 the "boston globe" newspaper exposed the abuse scandal that has rocked the catholic church. >> we'll talk to a journalist who helped uncover the widespread abuse by the priest in e. you think you ce at walmart? maybe. let's go see. alright. let him tell you about sprint. we've got the samsung galaxy s iii on the sprint 4g lte network for just $148! nice! wow.
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welcome back to "around the world."
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top stories now, luxor, egypt, at least 19 people are dead after a hot air balloon filled with tourists exploded and crashed. >> the balloon was flying high 1,000 feet up when the accident happened. the local government has for now banned all balloon flights while they investigate. in north korea, dennis rodman, aka the worm, arrived in pyongyang today with the harlem globetrotters. you might call it basketball diplomacy. >> eccentric retired nba star, he's there to fill the documentary with the vice production company for an upcoming hbo series. kim jong-un is an avid nba fan and had pictures taken one rodman's team during his school days in switzerland. >> the trip includes a basketball camp for core hildre
9:33 am
employing unusual tricks, using a water gun to spray holy water on the congregation. >> he says many of the kids have never played with a water gun. he wants to bring a sense of full fun into their lives and entertains kids by wearing robes decorated with images of superheroes. >> i don't know if you're allowed to do that. >> dramatic, new video a sea shepherd vessel sandwiched between a fuel tanker. antarctic ocean on monday. >> an environmental group based in australia, militantly opposed to japan, so they protest all the time. look what happened there. each side accusing the other of causing this dangerous collision. no injuries reported. but this happening on the high
9:34 am
seas. boy, that's dramatic. for the more than 1 billion catholics around the world, this should be a time of celebration. the cardinals soon going to decide, they're going to choose a new pope, who will be the spiritual leader for a long time to come. everybody's watching this. >> so many recent scandals surrounding the church. many wondering whether the institution itself this in trouble and needs guidance as well. one indication the church strayed from its spiritual path the priest sex abuse scandal that rocked the church to its foundation and it's still playing out of course. >> talking with two guests who know a lot about this. the scandal as well. michael, an investigative reporter with the "boston globe," shared the newspaper's 2003 pulitzer prize on the story of the clergy sex abuse coverup and john allen, our senior vatican analyst. michael, a lot of us have been talking about this, you covered
9:35 am
this for quite some time. your investigation of priest sexual abuse in boston a long time ago would turn into something that eventually would impact the whole catholic church around the world. did you have any idea what you were sitting on? >> well, when i'm started the investigation with my colleagues on the spotlight team i had no idea how big the scandal would be. i had no idea how big it would be in the boston archdiocese never mind the united states and the world. it's much, much bigger than i ever imagined. >> you're not the first one who did say this but the gay prieis in the church is the tip of the iceberg. tell us what you meant by that. you're not the only one saying that. >> well, i think it's the tip of the iceberg because it's well known there are a lot of gay clergy in the catholic church, and the church itself teaches that homosexuality is wrong, that it's an intrinsic disorder. the fact you have so many gay
9:36 am
priests in the clergy presents the vatican with an issue of hypocrisy and it's bound to come to a head sooner or late somewhere it looks like that might be now. >> we're hearing from those talking to church officials, this is the next bombshell, those is something that we're going to discover, make some sense of this. pick apart these two issues happening here. on the one hand you have priests taking the vow selee la si, we're you have pedophilia. the big picture in the catholic church? >> i think the church has an overall issue with sexuality. the two problems that you just mentioned are very different and that of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. however, pedophilia, the rape of a child, this is a crime, this is a terrific and great wrong. so but for the church itself, i think the overarching theme how
9:37 am
it addresses issues of sexuality. it has priests who are abusing children, there are gay priests who are having relationships, and you have a situation where the church does not allow women to be ordained. overall, the church has this huge problem i think addressing sexuality. >> let's bring in john allen. i want to ask you, when the conclave gets together -- we've got to remember that most of the cardinals voting were appointed by pope john paul or this pope -- is there any sense of appetite given these issues that are, you no, tearing apart the church in many ways, that there's going to be change. there a mandate for the new pope to do something that will be meaningful and effective? >> well, michael, actually, to be honest, it's not just most it is all of the 115 cardinals who will vote in the conclave who are were appointed by john paul ii or pope benedict xvi. the things like ordination of
9:38 am
women in the priesthood, i do not believe it's realistic to think that whoever emerges from the sistine chapel is the next pope of the catholic church is going to overturn church teachings on those points. i do think what is perhaps not only realistic, but quite probable, is that one thing that is very much going to be on the minds of the cardinals who are electing the next pope, whatever else they do, it is critical to make sure whoever they pick has a profile of having clean hands on the crisis, that is, he has to come across as part of the solution to this crisis rather than part of the problem. >> john, thanks so much for your analysis as always. and also, michael, thanks for joining us. >> coming up, the oscar pistorius case apracticing worldwide attention. everybody has an opinion on what they believe happened. >> wait until you see this story. a mother and father in south africa they know they say firsthand what the athlete is going through.
9:39 am
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the haguele vote happening in the senate floor. dana bash on capitol hill. barbara starr at the pentagon. dana, i understand 15 republicans voting with the democrats to move forward on the official vote for hagel as defense secretary. how did it break down? what do we know? >> reporter: after all of the division, all of the debate, all of the delay, this was a pretty bipartisan vote to stop this filibuster and to allow the haguele nomination to go through. 71-27. that's right. 71-27. it wasn't even close to move this along. and we believe actually maybe more towards 18 republicans. we're trying to get the final breakdown. we can report that the final
9:43 am
confirmation vote will happen in about two hours plus, 4:30 eastern. three hours, i should say. by the end of the day, chuck hagel, according to the vote, will be officially confirmed by the senate as the next defense secretary, after a lot of partisan division and pretty ugly back and forth about him and about his positions and it's gotten personal. >> and i want to bring in barbara starr at the pentagon. obviously there are some things he's dealing with straightaway, the relationship with israel, that was something that he came under fire as well as unanswered questions about benghazi, the attack in libya. >> reporter: that's right, suzanne. there is a plan in place here at the pentagon already for him to basically, as they say, hit the ground running tomorrow morning, expect if that vote happens on capitol hill late today, that hagel will come to the pentagon tomorrow morning. first thing sworn into office. the plan calls for him now to
9:44 am
meet quickly with pentagon workers and military personnel here, possibly to have a major town hall meeting. remember, he is coming here on the cusp of sequestration happening, something that could lead to 800,000 defense department workers being furloughed. look for him to move quickly to be very strong on his opposition to that, very strong on his support for the troops. and to give off that he is now in charge and dealing with threats from iran and north korea. the whole plan is to make sure after all of this, chuck hagel sworn into office tomorrow morning, will be in charge and congress, they hope, will deal with him. that will be the big question. is he so damaged by this nasty confirmation process that he's going to have to trouble dealing with congress? >> thanks so much. that moving on at last. we're awaiting president obama's arrival by the way, at a rally in virginia.
9:45 am
the president is to speak in newport news about forced spending cuts that will take effect friday which we've been chatting. >> the president holding various events a campaign-style event. military country, local residents are going to bear the brunt of the mandatory cuts to defense spending. in all talking about $85 billion in cuts. how they're going to impact defense, social programs, unless congress and the white house actually reach a new budget deal. >> we'll carry those remarks live, of course, right here on announr ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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in south africa, oscar pistorius' family says he's going to hold a private memorial service today for his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> pistorius free on bail on murder charges after he shot and killed steenkamp at his home. he has, of course, been arguing he thought she was an intruder . >> in south africa the murder charges against him for the shooting death of his girlfriend, it is not the first such case. actually, nic robertson report there's was a tragedy back in 2004 that is very similar to the shooting. >> it brought back horrible memories for a prominent south african sportsman and his family. >> that is when the evening before he was shot. >> the last picture? >> reporter: marley 19, out of
9:49 am
high school. her mother frieda, so proud. >> pretty. even though she's my daughter she was pretty. >> reporter: frieda and her husband, a former international rugby star remember every detail of the night 2004. >> sunday morning, 23rd of may, about 5:00 in the morning, a noise, a sound woke me up. >> reporter: frieda thought marla's car was being stolen. >> i took out the pistol. >> reporter: rudy was afraid. two neighbors had been killed the week before. he broke the bedroom window and shot at the thief. >> i heard rudy growling. what's happening now? he told me, it's marley. >> reporter: in that instant their lives changed for ever.
9:50 am
>> one shot out of a million, right through the door, penetrated, my daughter through the neck and she was actually dead on the site. >> reporter: he was not prosecuted. the court decided he suffered enough saying we feel he has learned a hard lesson and the courts cannot achieve more than that. >> she could be with me. i see daughters with their children, you know, i wish i had little children. >> reporter: and they feel the pain of oscar pistorius, the blade runner, who shot and killed his glamour model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he says fearing a thief was in his house. >> nic, i can tell him i feel with you. >> i couldn't forgive myself because i woke her up. i can sort of feel what he feels. why did i do this? what if, you know, all of those
9:51 am
questions that goes through his head. ♪ >> reporter: today, both say their faith in god saved them, that marley's death was part of god's plan. >> women are being abused, women are being raped, people are being oppressed. >> reporter: at their evangelical church, they've become leaders, often sent all over the country to counsel trauma victims. >> i want to encourage him to say, listen, there's a lot of people praying for you and know they feel for you for what you're going through now. >> reporter: both say if he calls, they're ready to help. nic robertson, cnn, south africa. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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9:54 am
we're fighting over who has. >> who has to tell the story. >> welcome back to "around the world". turns out the united states isn't big enough for -- i have to say -- honey boo boo. >> we are saying it on our air. neither one of us has seen the show but know who she is. >> yeah. >> the 6-year-old, she's beauty queen, the family, of course, all around her. it's now going global. >> the whole world. >> i skating freaks me out. >> alana was apprehensive.
9:55 am
skeptical the first time. once she got under the ice i couldn't get her off. >> what's -- >> you never know, three thumbs she might be able to spin a pirouette. >> don't fall on me. >> mama walked on to the ice and it didn't crack. it's a christmas miracle! >> this is going out to sweden, italy, latin america, a bunch of places around the world. >> for the eddieification of the viewing public internationally. melissa follows reality television. say it isn't true. >> say it ain't so. >> i'm sorry, it is so. she's in eastern europe where she's quite popular. >> really? >> really. >> obvious question is, why? >> what's the appeal here? >> well, i think the appeal of the show i mean when you sort of
9:56 am
get down and you know borough into the psychological layers here it's about unconditional love. you don't have to be successful. you don't have to have your all your teeth but your family will be there and love you. >> there's a lot of reality tv shows out there that exploit parts of american culture, i suppose. look at jersey shore. i once caught my daughter watching the ka dardashians. i suppose you can be sensitive about it, can't we? >> well, i think, look, i mean this -- these are subcultures that you know a lot of us aren't living. so it's interesting to look at them and see how these other people live. you can think of it as maybe is this exploitation because she's a 7-year-old child? ultimately at the end of the day, there's so many of these shows that you need to really rise above the noise with something different and this is -- has fit that bill. >> tell us about the fact, i
9:57 am
mean it's nothing new you've got shows exported overseas it was dallas, falcon crest. a big question of whether or not people assume this is the way all americans live their lives or all americans are this way. what do you make of what people think of this show? honey boo boo in the larger picture of, you know, are american kids like this? >> well, i mean it has certainly come in for a lot of criticism here. we export so much content to europe, latin america, to eastern -- to asia, i mean eastern europe. i think that, you know, i think we're -- other countries know that we're not sort of a monolithic society and you know, what's interesting about this is that, in latin america they're going to dub honey boo boo and it airs in english with subtitles. it's interesting to see, you know, if there is something actually lost in translation when it's dubbed. >> it's a huge hit.
9:58 am
>> it is. at the end of the day, they're laughing all the way to the bank, too. that's the other thing. making a fortune. good to see you. >> coming up "around the world" michelle obama presented the award for best picture. >> at the oscars. iran thought her outfit needed accessories. the altered version coming up. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody...
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