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tv   Starting Point  CNN  March 1, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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shaq wins. [ male announcer ] new icy hot advanced cream. the first with 2 max strength ingredients for long lasting relief. pain over. that is all for "early start" this morning. in fact, for this week. have you an outstanding weekend. you too. >> thank you. do you so as well. "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts now.
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swallowed by a sinkhole. a man disappeared overnight as a sink hole opened up under his bedroom. his brother pulled for safety, kim, following the unbelievable story. and we'll have the latest on a fire raging in california. today is the day when $85 billion in spending cuts go into effect. president and congressional leaders will meet today, if no deal is made, and we don't expect one, what happens to our economy? >> plus, the harlem shake. the internet craze rattling the faa. why the agency is very interested in this viral video filmed mid flight. >> doesn't look very safe. wade davis, a former player from
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the tennessee tig the tennessee titans, a sports agent, the archbishop of chicago, and others will be our guests, and walter t. shaw, a former jewel thief for the mafia that's now a movie producer. "starting point" begins right now. good morning, welcome, everybody. we begin with brand new information happening about the sinkhole. a terrifying story. apparently the sinkhole opened right under the bedroom of a man, right now, u.s. fire marshals telling us man is presumed dead. happened 15 miles east of tampa a brother trying to frantically save his other brother, but only a first responder could pull one of them out. the sinkhole kept growing and growing and growing. listen. >> the mattress, bed, everything
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going in the hole where the first person had gone and now the second person in the hole trying to save the first and they are not being successful. he basically reacted and did what he had to do to get that person out. >> how deep was the hole? >> deep enough that the person he pulled out to safety was not able to fully extend their arms and reach the top. >> take you live to the scene where that is happening in a few moments. also right now, crews battling a wildfire in southern california. 200 firefighters on the lines in riverside county east of los angeles. at least 150 acres have burned. the smoke and flames forcing some evacuations so far, only one structure damaged. no injuries reported. fire officials say they are investigating the cause. 85 billion worth of slicing and dicing is set to begin by midnight tonight. 17 hours remain before we reach that deadline for mandatory spending cuts. once the president signs the order, and the cuts kick in. it could be some people describe
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it as a slow bleed. are you likely to see cuts to national parks, ti s time off w pay for federal employees. little hope that anybody will be able to stop the ax from falling at this late hour. let's begin with brianna keilar. >> reporter: as president obama meets at the white house with democratic and publ democratic and republican leaders, congress will sit empty. the very people who voted for the $85 billion spending cuts ready to kick in left town. now the finger pointing. >> the republican plan explicitly protects pork barrel projects. >> reporter: president obama wants to avoid the force budget cuts with tax increases. republicans refuse. >> we've done our work.
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they have not done theirs. the house shouldn't have to pass a third bill to replace the sequester before the senate passes one. >> reporter: the senate failed to pass two bills on thursday. one democratic and one republican. both members that we s measur never expected to succeed. cuts will impact everything from military to medicare to education to food inspection and homeland security. president obama in a written statement accused senate republicans of voting "to let the entire burden of deficit reduction fall squarely on the middle class." that neating between president obama and congressional leaders takes place at 10:00 p.m. eastern in the oval office, and sometime after that, president obama will set into motion forced spending cuts with the stroke of his pen. is he required to do that
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soledad and he'll do so privately. >> brianna keilar at the white house. thank you, bre anna. we'll talk with virginia congressman randy forbes. new information this hour. catholic cardinals meeting to set a date for the conclave to pick the new pope and signals the very beginning of a new era for the church. >> translator: i am no longer the pope. but i'm still in the church. i'm just a pilgrim who is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth. >> pope benedict xvi began his retirement in seclusion at castel gandolfo. 15 miles south of vatican city. let's get to ben wedeman in rome this morning. hey, ben. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. the news here is that the dean of the college of cardinals,
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anga angelo saldono has invited the cardinals to begin at 9:30 a.m. on monday. 3:30 eastern time. a session beginning at 5:00 in the afternoon on monday as well this is really a critical gathering of all cardinals. not just the 115 cardinals who will be participating in the conclave, but also those who are over the age of 80, and obviously, the first business on the agenda, will be setting a date for the conclave. >> ben wedeman updating us what happens next in rome. thank you, ben. pope benedict xvi the ever pope to open a twitter account, and he now is the first pope to close one. i guess he won't be tweeting as pope emeritus. the senate yesterday says this, thank you for your love and support. may you always experience the joy that comes from putting christ at the center of your
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lives. you can see here, account is called empty seat italian. and all of those tweets have been deleted. up to the next pope to decide if he wanted to keep it. >> he could be the real pope benedict xvi. >> pope one. up next, we'll talk with cardinal francis george, archbishop of chicago. he will talk about what lies ahead in upcoming weeks and months. john has other stories making news. news overnight in japan. prison sentences handed down for two navy sailors who admitted raping a woman while on duty at a u.s. base in okinawa. christopher browning, a ten-year sentence, and skyler dosier walker got nine years. it sparked outrage in japan. violent crimes by u.s. service members stations in japan have
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been a divisive issue. deadly shooting and car crash that erupted in a fireball on the vegas strip. and las vegas police saying they have their man. ama am ammar harris arrested yesterday. last week, he targeted kenneth cherry, known as kenny clutch, while both men were driving, and they hit a taxi and a crash and explosion killed the driver and passenger. >> back to the developing story, a man swallowed up by a sinkhole that opened up right underneath his bedroom. the man is presumed dead. rob munoz live at the scene. what is the latest? >> reporter: >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting for an engineering firm to come out, wait to establish how deep this is, how wide it is, but not only that see if we can get to the
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36-year-old man trapped underneath the rubble, presumed dead at this time. an intense game of waiting and watching. as i stand here, we have all of these rescue crews on stand by. we can't go anywhere near the house, can't go near the hole, because we don't know how -- how much this land could give away. it could continuously keep growing. the sound of the gravel kept coming in, which means it is just expanding. the family -- one family member out here watching this entire scene unfold before her eyes, not knowing if her family member is alive or dead. i spoke to her? she says it's her nephew. if anything, hong on, we're coming for you. praying for him this entire time. helpless right now, wondering not only will the home go. the home is in danger of collapsing, but wondering if her family member is still alive somewhere underneath the rubble.
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>> 100 feet wide, 50 feet deep. the house could go at any minute. did this family have any kind of warning? >> reporter: they had no morning, the only warning the sound they heard when the home started collapsing. they had it checked by the county inspector last year. no cracks found in the home. and not only could this home go, by the way, neighboring homes are in danger. they have evacuated two neighbors homes as a precaution. again, this thing -- the borders just keep growing. >> rob munoz in brandon, florida. the huge sinkhole threatening that home as we speak. mitt romney has been keeping a low-profile since the election. all of that is about to change. the former massachusetts governor will give a speech in two weeks ciat the cpac conference. he compared his failed presidential bid to take a ride at an amusement park.
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>> riding on a roller coaster, we were on a roller coaster, exciting and thrilling ups and downs, it's not like can we be on the roller coaster the rest of our life? no, that ride is over. >> the romneys have been telling people, they have a hard time getting back to reality right away. his wife, ann, says life since november has been an adjustment, but one she believes they have handled well. >> i'm wondering if they will come back to the spite light. the big indication to the answer might be yes. >> the sky may, in fact, be the limit. a viral video shows a dance craze in flight, this is frontier airlines. and cnn's tory dunin has the story. >> reporter: you have heard of snakes on a plane. >> i've had it with snakes.
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>> how about shakes on a plane? the harlem shake is the latest viral video dance craze. giving "gangnam style" a run for its money. usually one person starts dancing alone and others jump in. now the faa is looking into this video. it's a dance on a frontier airlines flight in mid air, from denver to san diego. organized by a group of students from colorado college's ultimate frisbee team. >> it went from this joking around idea amongst the team to suddenly to reality and then it was on youtube and then there were hundreds of thousands of views and now we're talking to you. >> reporter: the faa wants to know if the plane was on final approach and if passengers should have been buckled up. a frontier spokeswoman says all safety measures were followed and the seat belt was off. >> worst-case scenario, we hit clear air turbulence and bodies start flying all over the place.
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>> reporter: former pilot jim tilmon says an airplane is not a place for fun and games. >> it is fun? maybe. is it cute? maybe. is it good judgment? no. >> reporter: a youtube search turns up plenty of other harlem shakers on planes this group of cheerleaders, headed to a competition and says it did its shake during a layover. >> the plane moving a lot. not a big plane. a lot of people jumping around it was definitely moving the plane. >> reporter: back in colorado, the team said they never felt unsafe, and they hope the faa agreed. they asked if they planned to do this again? they said no. sequels not as good as the original. they wouldn't even do it for me when i asked them last night. >> we'll talk to three students who made and starred in the
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video. not sure we'll get banana suit guy as one of our interviews. i hope we do. up next, in a heated cross-examination room, jodi arias, accused of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend, breaks down on the stand. listen. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> the tears hurt or help her case? we'll have the latest on this dramatic trial. and groupon ceo doesn't leave quietly. the memo he sent to employees after getting the boot. that, coming up. so... [ gasps ]
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welcome back. you are watching "starting point." a sensational trial that has captured the country. jodi arias, accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, broke down in tears in a marathon
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cross-examination. the prosecutor was daring her to look at photographs of her ex-boyfriend's body at the crime scene. >> you are the one that did this, right? >> yes. you're the same individual that lied about all of this, right? >> yes. >> so then take a look at it are one of the most brutal cases. travis alexander once in the head and stabbed 27 times. happened back in june 2008. arias says it was self-defense. joining to us talk about that is mark geragos. book called "mistrial" out in april and we have former prosecutor anne bremner. you saw her on the stand. look at the pictures, look at the pictures, crying, crying, is this a smart strategy on part of the prosecutor or could it backfire by keeping her on the stand so long?
4:20 am
>> the defense first put her on the stand for eight days or nine days, which is unheard of. as far as the prosecutor, the first day out, i can't imagine doing a worse job than he did. so over the top, so ridiculous. >> it was like porn in the courtroom. >> it was. and then he dialled it back yesterday. i think infinitely more effective. i hate to give him advice from 2,000 or 3,000 miles away. less is always more when it comes to cross-examination. i think he needs to dial it back even more. i don't understand how he thinks it will help. in some ways, the defense here is not to try to obtain a not guilty verdict. it's to mitigate. save her from death. >> i would ask anne that. this is ultimately about life or death for her. she has had so manity rations of her story. will they give her the death penalty? is the strategy working on not
4:21 am
working if you are the prosecutor in this case? >> you man is the prosecution effort working? >> they want her to be put to death, that's what they are going? the more you let her sit on the stand and cry, you just get to know herber better. as a juror, i got it. looks like she killed him. do i want to put her to death? that's what we're arguing. >> this is definitely a fight to death. if you spend that much time on the fannstand, it is almost liku become family. you don't prosecute family. >> be brief, be brilliant, be seated. yesterday, he got a little further, he got to what we are here for, and in that, he
4:22 am
investigation direct, and there were some things about when he demonstrated, some contact situation, which is wasn't. a distance and she also talked about things she didn't remember in a fog. and specifics that happened within the fog and whole thing about a gun going off. and if i had a dollar for every time they say a gun went off, i would be rich. always going off. >> crazy. last question for you. what happens monday when they resume? the prosecutor moves along or does he keep going? >> look, if he was smart, get in, get out, be done with it, i don't see there is any -- at this point i agree with anne, making her family, black sheep of the family, whatever it is, it's harder to put somebody to death once you get to know them. >> mark, anne, thanks. my defense attorney and prosecutor coming together on this. thanks, guys. appreciate it. still ahead on "starting point," talk of a horse meat
4:23 am
slaughterhouse opening up in the united states? all this discussion about horse meat making its way into the meat supply. a new report says that's close to happening. we'll tell you where and why people are concerned about that. coming up. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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good morning. i'm christine romans minding your business. so much for a record high. the dow got super close, but it didn't happen. it looks like a lower open. data out on construction could influence trading and sometime today, president obama expected to issue an official order for $85 billion in forced spending cuts. most won't feel the affects for weeks, maybe months. federal workers can be notified of furloughs any time after the president signs this order. they won't likely take affect until after march 26th. on march 27th, funding for the government expires, congress will need an official budget. so more big budget fights ahead. groupon's ceo isn't afraid to say it. he was fired. in a letter to employees, he
4:27 am
said i would like to spend more time with my family? just kidding. i was fired. if you wonder why, you haven't been paying attention. he is referring to the fallen stock price. groupon shares are rising. up 4%, and i have seen a lot of resignations, a lot of resignations and that was the most honest. usually when they say i want to spend more time with my family. >>or work on my next project, by book. >> $300 severance. >> $300? >> yes, but he has 47 million shares at $2 and change a share. so he's a multi, multimillionaire. >> and he's 32. he will be just fine. thanks, christine. i want to introduce our team. howard kurtz, and lauren ashburn, contributor for the daily beast and editor in chief for the daily download. nice to have you on this side of the table. >> miss that side.
4:28 am
>> that's all right. john will give you a shot at it a little bit later. in the next two months, the u.s. agriculture department is expected to approve a horse slaughters plant in roswell, new mexico, so equine meat can be produced in this country. this after the valley meat company sued the usda over the lack of inspection services for horses going to slaughter, according to a spokesperson, the obama administration has been trying to get congress to reinstate a ban since 2011. all of this considering a lot of the conversation we've had over the past week, plus, has been about this horse meat showing up in products that were not supposed to have horse meat in them. >> what is the market? i understand buffalo was the hot meat for a while. are a lot of people dieing to go to mcdonald's to get a horsey burger? >> here in this country, we have a hugic factor.
4:29 am
but in lot of countries, people have horse meat. depending on how they get these horses, taken right off the track. full of steroids. they are shot up with steroids so they can run and a lot of horses that get any kind of antibiotics or painkillers, carts carcinogens for people. >> we're talking about issues with having that kind of meat inspected. >> this conversation makes me want to be a vegetarian. >> it really does, the ick factor is the problem for me. we'll talk about that more. also ahead, if forced spending cuts do happen and guess what? they are going to happen. how will it affect american businesses and ult mail mately how will it affect all of us. we'll speak with the chair of pricewaterhouse coopers, touring the country to talk about this. plus, the magical and
4:30 am
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welcome back, everybody. watching "starting point." in a few minutes, we continue to approach the deadline when $85 billion in subpoenaing cuts go into effect. how will this affect the company are you working for. bob moritz, chair of
4:32 am
pricewaterhouse coopers, the secret of the spending cuts top ceos have been telling him. but first a look at the day's other top stories. john kerry is in turkey where he will meet with several leaders to express concern over the prime minister's comments comparing zionist to crimes against humanity. they are expecting to discuss the aid to refugees and rebels. and the second of state annoyed a pact of nonlethal aid. and michigan's governor will unveil a financial roadmap for detroit. expected to declare a financial emergency paving the way for possible state takeover and endorse findings of a state report that says detroit was in
4:33 am
dire straigts. two guests staying at the cess ill hotel in los angeles, where a 21-year-old woman's corpse found floating in a rooftop water tank has filed a class action lawsuit. >> knew that was going to happen. >> they say the water they used was not fit for human ingestion or watching. elisa lamm was floating there as long as 19 days. the hotel refused to offer refunds to guests who wished to leave. >> no refunds? outrageous. >> lawsuit. no surprise right there. >> i think they will wish they offered the refunds. army private bradley manning admitting in court he leaked thousands of diplomatic and classified files to wikileaks. but never meant to harm the united states, just wanted to spark a national debate. pleading guilty to 10 of 22
4:34 am
charges, but not the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. leading up to his court martial in june. surfers in vancouver got a big surprise while hunting big waves off the pacific rim national park. surfing next to a group of killer whales. probably not a good idea. they got back to shore really fast. the whole thing was captured on camera. >> this is a once in a lifetime thing you are in shock and amazement. and a great speck tacle to see. >> the whales were chasing a pack of sea lions. >> only great if you get to talk about it after. the president will meet with top congressional leader as
4:35 am
10:00. this is the first time they will speak about cuts this week and this would be friday. cuts designed to be so painful that neither side would let them happen what will happen to american businesses? bob moritz of pricewaterhouse cooper. nice to have you with us. there was a change in tone, what we were talking about yesterday, but we know now that most likely the deadline will not be med. what specifically are these ceos have you been going around the country talking about telling you about their concerns once we pass through the dead loin? >> it's clear the ceo community is concerned about this. but i want to put into context their mind-set. sth is just another issue. and we've been going through this a while now and this is
4:36 am
just another data point. they are focused on three things. one, how do they deal specifically with cuts? that depends on which industry, sector or market they may be in. the defense industry may start cutting people which has an implication of reduced employment which impacts retail and consumer companies. other organizations, they may not cut people, they may cut contractors. which impacts the professional services firms. so each organization is trying to deal with the downstream implications of that. the second piece is actually dealing with general uncertainty. over the next year, two or three. some organizations are well prepared to turn that into a positive capture more market share, take advantage of the opportunities. each organization is different. but it's definitely a concern on a broader scale than sequester. >> you mentioned three things. dealing with the cuts themselves. uncertainty which is always -- or i should say usually bad for business, unless you are able to say, run with the ball, when things are uncertainty if you are well enough funded to do
4:37 am
that. what is the third thing? >> just the disappointment in washington. have you ceos that see tremendous positive when you look at consumer spending up until this point, look at the housing market. if you break up the economy, between what i'll call the commercial side versus government side, you see the dichotomy. the headwinds as a result of the impasse in washington, is their biggest concern. they step back and say how does the government get together and say we have a large debt issue, large growth issue and tax and unemployment issues. how can we get leadership to step up and deal with this? what the business community is trying to do with things like fix the debt, give those politicians the backing and confidence to actually take the tough calls and make those decisions without retrospective short term. >> this is lauren ashburn, when you do that, are politicians even going to be open to it?
4:38 am
paying attention? they have left down. they are done with talking about this? >> which is the frustrating part. some ceos have become numb. they don't want to spend the time to influence. >> but you're part of this group, fix the debt which believes the debt can be fixed. it has to be disillusioning for you, the fact that there are no serious negotiations to avoid these draconian budget cuts. >> absolutely. the group of ceos are frustrated because the options are too small, too late or too much kick the can down the road. think longer term, make the tough decisions needed. >> according to the congressional budget office, the actual savings for this year would be $43 billion in the current fiscal year, but if you are looking at the cost over this 2013 year, a million jobs
4:39 am
lost, the gdp, which would have been 2% roughly would now be projected to be 1.4%. lose 6 billion, seems like savings are undercut by losses in doing something that undermines the economy of the united states. what's in a nonpolitical context? maybe there is none. what is the fix to this? >> the fix is leadership roughly defined. ceos, for example, are speaking long term and positively are thinking longer term and saying regardless of that, it's an opportunity for me. can capture market share in a down market. and we see in a ceo perspective, dichotomy between winners and losers to better position their company for the future. >> sounds good for ceos, when you think about worker bees, we are talking about individuals and people who are consultants and workers, it's brutal for them. numbers are ridiculous.
4:40 am
>> absolutely. >> thank you for talking with us. hopefully next time we have a conversation we are celebrating how they can come to some decision before this really looming deadline, march 27th, when we have to really fix this. you continue to pay things for the government. >> this is the new normal, lurching from one self-imposed crisis to the next. >> how do you change that? it seems like political context, everyone is fine with that. they need a looming deadline to talk and point fingers. >> you vote the bums out. >> voters haven't done that. >> i don't know if it's elections. i don't know if that's it. >> public pressure if cuts are as impactful as we're being warned is the only thing that will move politicians and their own self-interests to cut the deal. >> tired of it. still ahead, tiger woods going to great lengths to save a shot. yeah, that shot right there. that up next. bleacher report. back in a moment.
4:41 am
nfl prospects raising eyebrows, saying that scouts are asking about sexual orientation. wade davis and drew rosenhaus weigh in on that, straight ahead. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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in college basketball. when the final buzzer sounds, nothing says upset like fans storming the court, but coach k. tired of the. details in this morning's report. >> good morning, soledad. duke has lost four times so far this season, after each of those four losses, fans from the other team, they have decided to celebrate by rushing the court. seems like a given. beat duke, storm the court. last night happened again, number three duke lost to unranked virginia, and the cavalier student section quickly emptied to celebrate the huge win, center court. well, mike krzyzewski, not a fan of this kind of celebration. >> congratulations to them. they should burn benches and do all the stuff they do. i'm all for that. great school, great kids, but get us off the court. that's bottomline. >> if you are into neon colors
4:45 am
and wild animal patterns, you will love the new college basketball uniforms. adidas put these together for six basketball schools, baylor, cincinnati, notre dame, ucla. and at first glance, the color, color really stands above all, so come game time, you won't mistake one team for another. tiger woods went with his rain pants on the sixth hole of the honda classic. hit his ball into the pond. off came the shoes, off came the socks, on came the water pants. tiger saved par on the hole and possibly his round. six shots behind the leader. sports world has taken to this latest internet sensation called the harlem shake. here is the miami heat. ♪ oh, get some! yep, lebron james in the crown and cape.
4:46 am
chris borsch with tsch with the blaster, and the teddy bear costume, that's dwyane wade. good times. for more, fans storming the court, want reaction, logon to upset win over duke, soledad, harlem shake, it's like that call me maybe thing we did last summer, 2012. >> it stays and goes finally. >> too early to be seeing that kind of stuff. i'm sorry. >> agree with you. something else the sports world is talking about. an nfl hopeful claims scouts at the combine were asking about sexual orientation. is this an isolated incident? does it hurt his potential? we'll talk about that, back in a moment.
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welcome back, everyone. "starting point." quick look at top stories right now. the f-35 fighter jets cleared to fly after an engine crack grounded the entire fleet last month. the crack discovered during a routine inspection in california. the nearly 4$400 billion joint strike fighter is the most expensive weapons system. so brace yourself. trouble for the girls gone wild video franchise. >> oh. >> darn it. >> that's so sad. >> i told you to brace yourself. the soft porn video empire founded by joe francis has filed for bankruptcy protection for the $16 million in debt. the filing will not affect business, soledad. comparing itself to other titans of american business, like general motors. >> darn. >> it's girls gone poor.
4:51 am
media story. an apology from bloomberg's business week after the cover triggered angry backlash. it was supposed to warn everyone that a rebound could lead to problems in the housing market. many people found this cover offensive. the cover illustration last week got strong reactions which we regret. we weren't trying to incite or offend. >> when i look at magazine covers, where are the minorities, where is the latina in this. this one, whoa. they put all the black people and latinas on the cover. >> how does that get through a whole bunch of editors? somebody would say you can't do that. >> maybe not the right people in the room who feel offended when they look at it i would guess.g. let's talk sports. nick kass made waves this week
4:52 am
not because of his performance at the combine but what he says is appearing at the scenes. he says he was grilled by hi coaches about his sexuality. >> they ask you like girlfriend, are you married? do you like girls? those kind of things. and just kind of weird. but, you know, they would ask you with a straight face and it's pretty weird. weird experience altogether. >> joining us to talk about that wade davis a former tennessee titans player and came out after leaving the nfl. also sports agent drew rosenhaus is back bus. nice to have you both bus. wait. i'll start with you. nick kass describes it was weird and he said he thought the motivation was trying to get into somebody's head. what do you think of that . >> what do you think? >> i think nfl scouts want to know everything about an actual player. i can remember a time i was getting scouted as well and we were walking back from the
4:53 am
football field and a scout asked my offensive coach, is wade a lady? >> somebody is asking if i'm gay but not telling anybody. >> i froze up. he wasn't asking me but my offensive coordinator said wade is not a ladies man. all i heard is someone saying wade is gay. it was a spot in my spot where my next reaction was to become a ladies man so when anybody asked about my sexuality, no, wade is this type of gooi. >> tell us about the culture of the nfl you felt the need to be -- >> i think it's just the culture of our society where you feel that being gay is a negative. >> let me ask drew a question. have you had clients tell you this? have they come back from the combine and, gosh, they asked me about my girlfriend and did i have plans to get married. >> no, i never have. i represent over 120 active
4:54 am
clients in the nfl. i've been an nfl agent for 25 years and i've never had a player complain about this. where i think we should clarify is sometimes teams will ask a player if they are married, if they have children, simply to find out more about a player's personal life, in other words, maturity. sometimes teams like it if a player is married. and has children because perhaps they might go out less, perhaps they won't be goofing around as much, perhaps they are more mature when it comes to off the field things. so having nothing to do with sexual orientation, but i've never had a problem with this. i would really like to know the context. >> what would you advise a client to do if he came back to you and said they are asking me defensive coordinator and am i a ladies man. what would you tell him to do? >> i always tell players to be truthful in anything.
4:55 am
i always advise my clients to be honest, to be genuine, to be themselves at all times. >> really? let's say you had a client who is gay and you tell them them to say, i'm not a ladies man, i'm gay. wade, let's ask you that question. this is a good time at the combine before i make the next step to my career. >> it's a question that unfortunately you're asking a player who is very vulnerable at that time who is trying to make it into the nfl, you know, if he is actually gay. so the chances of that player feeling affirmed enough to say yes, is very, very low. >> i'm sorry. is this legal? if i'm a manager in a company, i am not allowed to ask you are you married. i'm not allowed to ask you how old you are and i'm certainly not allowed you according to hr are you gay? >> the nfl says this goes against their policy to ask these type of questions and they, obviously, are concerned this might be going on. >> drew, do you think there is ever going to be a day where
4:56 am
there is an openly gay player at a high level, yes, i'm gay, yawn, everybody, move on? do you think we will get there the next ten years? >> of course. >> really? >> sure. absolutely. i don't see why we wouldn't. frankly i think it's going to happen and i don't know when or who, but of course and there is no reason why it shouldn't happen. and in this particular case, again, i'd like to know what the context is, if the team was looking to find out about a player's personal life or just to get to know more about the player or a talking piece. i'm not even sure that nick intended to get involved with the controversy. >> i was going to ask you that. do you think this hurts nick's chances now? let's say you were his agent. you feel you're in the combine, they are judging you right now. >> no. >> you don't think? >> i don't think this will have any impact on his draft status at all. he was just being genuine in
4:57 am
talking about some of the questions. there are a lot of questions that go on in the combine. guys are interviewed by dozens of football teams. i don't think this will affect nick kasa in the draft and it shouldn't. >> this is not -- >> it shouldn't affect his draft status. >> this kid deserves a medal for going public with this. >> i don't know that he went public. i think he was just talking about what happened at the combine. i don't know that he went public. i think he was just like it was kind of weird. drew rosenhaus, great to talk with you. wade, nice to have you with us. appreciate it. two developing stories we are following this morning. unbelievable situation happening in florida. a man is missing after a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom basically swallowed him. his brother tried to rescue him. eventually they were able to rescue the brother who fell into the sink hole. other homes in the area are now in danger. we are live at the scene for you this morning. a wildfire is creeping closer to homes in california and evacuations to tell you about. details on both of these stories at the at the top of the hour.
4:58 am
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good morning. "starting" ". swallowed by a sink hole over night. a man disappears as a sink hole opens up under his bedroom. his brother risked his own life to try to save him. the hole got bigger and bigger. we are following this story live it at the screen. a wildfire is burning close to homes in california and right now evacuations are under way. we have the very latest on this. today is the day when 85 billion dollars in forced spending cuts go into effect. the president and top leaders in congress meet in a couple of hours. the likelihood of a deal is nearly zero. the cardinals begin the hope
5:02 am
for their next pontiff in a secretive conclave. the question is when. >> it's friday, march 1st. "starting point" begins right now. our team this morning is hour kurds is the host of cnn's reliable sources and also with us is lauren ashburn. new information on a terrifying situation. a man disappears into a sinkhole and apparently the sinkhole opened under his bedroom. the fire marshal are presuming that man is dead. the home could come down home any moment. it happened east of tampa, florida. one brother tried to save the other but a first respond could only pull one of them out because the sinkhole kept
5:03 am
growing and growing. >> the mattress and bed. everything was actually going down in the hole where the first person had gone and now the second person is in the hole trying to save the first and they are not being successful. so he basically just reacted and did what he had to do to get that person out. >> did he say where the hole was? >> it was deep enough the person he pulled out to safety was not able to fully extend their arms and even reach the top. >> ahead we take you live to the scene for the latest on this story. let's get to rob who is with our affiliate wfts and at the scene in brandon, florida. brandon is 15 miles away from tampa. awe to me a little bit about where they think the sinkhole started and how big it is. >> reporter: well, they think the sinkhole started right underneath a bedroom in the house. right now, they believe that hole is a hundred feet wide and 50 feet deep. right now i'm joined by jerry bush, the brother of jeff bush, who fell into that sinkhole. jeremy, you -- your brother was
5:04 am
in that room. >> he was laying down in bed. we just got home from work. i have a second job. i went to work and came home at 10:00 and -- >> reporter: what did you hear? >> we left and came back. i knocked on his door and told him we wasn't working today so he said, okay, and everything. i went in my room. i heard a loud crash like a car coming through the house and i heard my brother screaming, so i ran back there and tried going inside his room but my old lady turned the light on and all i seen was this big hole, real big hole and all i seen was his mattress and basically that was. ! that's all i seen. >> you tried jumping in after him? >> yes, i jumped in the hole and was trying to dig him out. i couldn't find him! i thought i could hear him holler for me to help him.
5:05 am
>> reporter: and that is the last you saw of him. did you see any last part of him before -- >> i didn't see any part of him when i went in there. all i seen was his bed. i told my father-in-law to grab a shovel so i could start digging. i started digging and started digging and the cop showed up and pulled me out of the hole and told me the floor was still falling in. >> reporter: so you were still at risk as well and now your entire family is out here in support. why are you guys out here in support? >> just to keep closure, i guess. make sure he's not dead and see if he is alive. i know in my heart, he's dead, but i just want to be here for him because i loved him because it was my brother, man! >> reporter: jeremy, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: yeah, again, as you can tell, a very tense situation. a family here on standby. again, just trying to pray for the best, but the latest news
5:06 am
that we do have is that he is presumed to be dead at this time. 37-year-old jeff bush. live in tampa. >> rob, this is soledad. i want to walk through what his brother, jeff, as you mpgention is presumed dead. that was jeremy his brother you talked to and it breaks your heart. what a horrible experience for him. so he was saying that he heard a loud crash. . he was in the bedroom next door and heard a loud crash and went back into his brother's room and when he tried to turn on the light to rescue his brother all he could see was a big hole and the mattress sort of sucked into this hole. he said he grabbed a shovel to try to get his brother out but was unable to really reach him in any way, shape, or form and he told you that he thinks his brother is dead and that he loves him. he is, obviously, very torn up about it. that's jeremy bush who you were talking to. >> reporter: very harsh reality. >> oh, my goodness. how awful.
5:07 am
let me ask you a question, rob, and not sure you know the answer to this. is this an area known for sinkholes? or is this a complete shock in this area? >> well, in this area specifically, we know in this town of brandon that around the area, sinkholes have been known to exist. throughout the entire coast of florida on the gulf coast, we know auk aquaifer sit below the ground. we have been told not a lot of rain recently meaning the sinkholes have a chance to form. we have seen this happen before where part of the homs collapse but never seen where it's in the interior of a home and oneroom was just sucked under and threatening take the entire home and neighboring homes with it. >> i've seen it on streets and cars sucked under it and houses collapsing but never seen a
5:08 am
bedroom sucks a human being in. rob with a riveting interview talking to jeremy bush whose brother is now presumed dead in that sinkhole that his brother could not get out of. thank you, rob. we appreciate that. oh, my gosh. that is terrible, that's terrible. i want to bring in jennifer d l dellgato. they weren't the massive ones but sometimes big but a small one a car would fall in basically. >> absolutely. you see these sinkholes popping us throughout various parts. we are talking in areas even in mexico. what we want to focus on more about the dynamics of a sinkholes and point out to you they are under limestone and these pop up all the time across florida. you're hearing about this this man was apparently in bed where this happened. they pop out where you see the ground waeter and it dries up.
5:09 am
we haven't seen a lot of rain across the region the last couple of weeks. we hope you visualize this a bit more. imagine, if you will, this is the home the gentleman was sleeping in. here is the ground. and below it, we have these two different layers. well, with florida, we are talking about an environment that is built on limestone and with limestone when the water comes through, it allows basically this chemical weathering. the water gets acidic with the rain water. basically, the ground gives way and this is what you see. you see this cave forming and eventually things fall into it, potentially cars or people walking down the street. it's not just florida we are talking about with sinkholes. it pops up in texas, pennsylvania, missouri, tennessee and alabama and has to do with the bedrock and how that ground is compromised. this area we are here talking about limestone. >> thanks, jennifer. >> you're welcome. developing overnight a wildfire burning dangerously close to homs in southern california and scorched 150
5:10 am
acres in riverside county near l.a. they say one structure is damaged and no injuries are reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation. other big story we are following this morning from our nation's capital. not very much work is getting done apparently. millions of americans waiting anxiously for the ax to fall to 16 hours before we come to that deadline for mandatory spending cuts. once the president signs the orders and the cuts kick in, a slow downward spiral, if you will. initially we are likely to see flight delays to airports and limited hours to national parks and furloughs for civilian employees. president will meet with leaders from both parties and at this hour many think little hope for any kind of a deal. let's get to our white house correspondent brianna keilar. >> as president meets today for congressional leaders, the capital will sit empty. congress, the very people who
5:11 am
voted for the $85 billion in forced spending cuts set to kick in at midnight left town thursday without finding a way to fix the problem. and now the finger pointing. >> the republican proposal is the worst of all the worlds. it explicitly protects pork barrel projects and every single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy. >> reporter: president obama wants to avoid the cuts with tax increases. republicans refuse. >> we have done our work. they have not done theirs. the house shouldn't have to pass a third bill to replace the sequester before the senate passes one. >> reporter: one democratic and one republican bill was passed on thursday and making it almost certain that president obama will be forced to sign an executive order today that officially puts the cuts in effect and impact our medicare
5:12 am
and education to food inspection and home security. president obama in a written statement accused senate republicans of voting, quote, to let the entire burden of deficit reduction fall squarely on the middle class. that meeting between president obama and congressional leads will take place here at the white house in the oval office at about 10:00 a.m. eastern and sometime after that, president obama will set in motion these forced spending cuts with the stroke of a pen. he is, soledad, required to do that and we're told he will do so privately. >> brianna keilar, thanks. let's get to congressman randy forbes. i've been following you on twitter and you just tweeted that we must stop the is a sequester taking effect. >> we can always mitigate it and mitigate it in quite an
5:13 am
important fashion. your reporter just mentioned that the house had gone home and the senate had gone home but members of the armed services committee haven't. we're still here in washington. i encouraged our subcommittee chairman to stay here and make sure we are continuing to work. we have a bill that would stop s is there is just way too much bravado up here and too much from white house and congress and calm people down and have them starting talking to each other. that is challenge but we are going to stay here and try to do it. >> state of virginia is one of the hardest hit when they show the maps of job losses. your state does not look particularly good, over 200,000 potentially would be affected and here specifically are the things that could happen. 90,000 civilian department of defense furloughed and 3,530
5:14 am
fewer kids to receive vaccines and $1,215,000 lost for meals for seniors. the white house says it's going to happen. do you have a sense of how soon those specific things? are you talking tomorrow? are we talking six months in? what does that look like for your -- >> a lot of that will be up to the president. as you know, we are not just talking about those cuts coming from sequestration. the administration has cut over 587 billion out of defense already in the last several years. on top of that it will be damming for the economy and also for national defense for the country. it's important to remember also, soledad, when you look at this, each with these cuts, you're talking about the president still having about $15 billion more to spend this year than he had last year. if this is going to cripple the country we need to step back and say why weren't we planning a little bit better for this and why didn't we do some of this
5:15 am
throughout the last year. >> i know you like to blame the president and i get that, but when you look at who voted for the sequester you were stronel against it but 174 republicans in the house who voted for the sequester and 95 democrats. the number of republicans, your colleagues on your side of the aisle who supported this. did you know it was going to come to this? all of that time ago when the vote was taking place, did you sort of see this playing out this way? >> soledad, first of all, i haven't blamed just the president but anybody who voted for this. i led a campaign across the country called defending our defenders to go across the country and tell people a year ago and throughout last year that we were going to be right where we are today. i voted against it pip i fought against it and i thought it was bad when the president proposed it and i think it's terrible with you allow it to get to this point. not only do we see the cuts from the economic point of view but
5:16 am
we haven't talked about the huge impact to national security that this sequestration will have against this country. we have to fight to get rid of it and mitigate it and do it starting today and not six months from now. >> 17 hours if you're starting today is all you pretty much have in the rest of the day. nice to you, randy forbes. >> thank you. >> still ahead, we know the cardinals are meeting on monday to starting figuring out when they are going to hold the conclave that will pick the next pope. any idea on the timeline? we will chat with cardinal francis george who will join us next. it's a mystery shaking up in the prestigious world of show dogs. was a surprised winning canine murdered? for your heart,y're good but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient:
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5:18 am
ii benedict 16th entered retirement. the cardinals will set a date for the conclave that will pick the next pope. it signals the very beginning of a new era for the church. joining us this morning from rome to talk about the process of electing a new pope is cardinal francis george. thank you for talking with us. tell me a little bit about the meeting that happened today with the cardinals that you've just come out of. >> the meeting that we had yesterday with the holy father was, of course, a farewell meeting, and it had the nostalgia already of a touch of sadness that you have at a farewell. what he said was quite beautiful about the churching the body of christ, no matter who happens to be the pope. and that he pledges allegiance to the next pope, of course. we have private meetings now, to the extent we meet at all during the weekend and the first formal meeting called the general
5:19 am
congregation begins 9:30 a.m. monday rome time. >> could the conclave start as early as monday? >> i believe you asked about the conclave? >> yes, sir. >> we don't know when the conclave will begin. that will be settled sometimes next week when the cardinals feel if they have had enough time to talk among themselves so that they can get a good sense of who might be the next pope. the congregations are important because it allows the men over 80 to have their say, even though they won't vote, they won't be in the conclave but they have a lot of experience and wisdom to share before the conclave begins. >> you were a part of the conclave that elected pope benedict xvith. what is that like being locked in a room with your fellow cardinals and being responsible to pick the next pope? what was that experience like for you and as you're about to face it again? >> well, thank you very much.
5:20 am
i've been trying to recall it myself because it has stayed with me. it's a very -- it's a very intense experience as you can imagine. it's a time of prayer and voting. people don't get up and vote for so and so, so it's a very quiet time and you have a chance to contemplate the creation of the world on the ceiling and the end of the world on the wall and, in between, in salvation history we have a very important choice to make for the success of peter. the occasion is enforced by the place itself and also by the quiet prayer and discussion that goes on with the people right around you. it's primarily very intense. everything else is blacked out and everything is oriented towards that choice. it's the mystery of choice. >> you mean literally blocked out. a full floor we understand it blocks any kind of signal so no laptops and no blackberries, et cetera, et cetera. final question for you, cardinal, if i may. do you go into the conclave with
5:21 am
an idea of who you want to elect as pope if you, for example, wanted to be the next hope, would you run around and tell people like vote for me? how does that work? >> well, last one did a good job so if a very elderly gentleman with bad hearing sometimes i guess i would be a candidate. people don't do that, of course. what you do do is you go to somebody who knows someone who has talked about, if you don't know him, and say what is he really like? how is his health? but, most of all what is his ability and we assume he is a prayerful man and anchored in the faith and the love of the lord but how is his judgment? can he govern? does he have a universe heart especially from the poor. is he just a captive of his own place or his own culture? those are very important questions and somebody who knows them, the answers will share with somebody else. do i go in with a candidate?
5:22 am
last time, i think, i had one, or most two. you have to choose somebody on the first ballot and is that first ballot that tells you who has support and who hasn't. until then, you know who is talked about, you're talking about them on cnn and other great networks and they are interesting conversations you're having and it helps us. i must say the people you are talking about would be good candidates from what i've seen, so far. eight years ago i recall listening to the media and thought they don't know who the candidates are, wild guesses going on. this time, somebody has done his or her homework and you're coming up with good names. we will sort it out i hope before we go in. >> i hope so. cardinal francis george is the archbishop of chicago. thank you for talking bus. >> thank you. >> sounds like he is not interested in the run on for the papacy. >> was it two years? >> and three months. >> we were told yesterday they
5:23 am
started feeding them water and bread to make them like make the decision. they were going into the third year of picking the pope. >> this is the television age. they have to get it done by next sunday. a shocking death is shaping up the world in the westminster dog show. they are claiming a prize dog was killed. we are looking into that up next.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
i'm christine romans "minding your business." stock futures including a lower open here. that means the dow pulling back further from its record high. yesterday, it got within 16 points of that mark. data on manufacturing construction due out in the next hour and could influence trading today. one thing the furloughs won't affect right away is your taxes. the irs says it will wait until the end of the tax season before it furloughs employees ensuring enough workers to process your tax refunds and workers without way five to seven days this year and also a hiring freeze in place because of the automatic forced spending cuts. have no fear. wonder bread is here again. the all american classic will return to the grocery store near
5:27 am
you after wonder breads was brought for a total of $363 million. it included most other hostess brands as well. twinkies have not been produced since november when the company filed for chapter 11. >> so glad they are back. i love wonder bread. why are you laughing? i love wonder bread. it's not very necessarily healthy for you but when i was pregnant it was all i could have is wonder bread. thanks. the mysterious death of a show dog that recently completed at the westminster dog show was sparking a lot of conspiracy theories. cruz died four days after the westminster show, at least one of his handlers expect foul play. it didn't undergo a necropsy which i guess is like the autopsy after he died but the vet who treated him said the
5:28 am
symptoms were consistent with being poisoned by rat poison. his handler believes that maybe animal rights activists could be to blame. >> it's awful. a lot of people just love their dogs. they watch this show. how horrible is it to actually have to try to kill a dog to win? what does that say about our culture? >> i don't know that they were trying to kill the dog to win. it sounds like some the handlers believe animal activist rights against the show. you kill a dog to make a point? >> not if you're an animal rights person. >> the made for tv movie the owner says a chance the dog was poisoned. still ahead impossible to imagine a sinkhole swallowing a man in his bed. up next a brother who saw it all happened and who tried to save his brother.
5:29 am
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welcome back, everybody. new information on a terrifying situation happening new tampa, florida. a man has been swallowed up by a sinkhole that opened up right under his bedroom. it happened in brandon, florida. the man fell into the sinkhole from his bed and he is identified as 37-year-old jeff bush and we are told he is now presumed dead. his brother told us that he tried in vain to save him. as you can imagine, he is distraught and devastated about that. just a few minutes ago, jeremy bush, the brother, described what happened to his brother jeff as he tried to save him. >> he was laying down in bed. we just got home from work. i have second job. i went to work, came home at 10:00. >> reporter: what did you hear? >> well, we left and came back and i knocked on his door and told him that we wasn't working today. so he said, okay and everything. i went in my room.
5:33 am
i heard a loud crash like a car coming through the house and i heard my brother screaming, so i ran back there and tried going inside his room but my old lady turned the light on and all i seen was this big hole, real big hole and all i seen was his mattress and, basically, that was it. that's all i seen. >> reporter: you tried jumping in after him? >> yes, i jumped in the hole and was trying to dig him out. i couldn't find him. i thought i heard him hollering to help me. >> reporter: that is the last of you saw of him. did you see any last part of him before he fell -- >> i didn't see any part of him when i went in there. all i seen was his bed. i told my father-in-law to grab a shovel so i could start digging. i started digging and started digging. the cops showed up and pulled me out of the hole and told meal the floor was still falling in. >> reporter: so you were still at risk as well.
5:34 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: your entire family is out here in support. why are you guys out here in support? >> just to keep closure, i guess. make sure he's not dead, see if he's alive. i know in my heart, he's dead. but i just want to be here for him because i love him, because he's my brother, man. >> that reporter was our affiliate rorlt wreporter doing that report. other stories making news and john berman has that for us. live aerials of a fire burning in riverside, california. burning dangerously close to homes there and scorched 150 acres and voluntary irevacuation orders have been issued. the cause of the fire is under investigation. president obama is expected
5:35 am
to sign an violence against women act as soon as it reaches his desk. the senate version finally passed the house yesterday. it provides supports for organizations that help domestic violence victims and stiffens sentences for convicted abusers and it allowed protection to lesbians and gays. between now and midnight it seems that president obama will fine an order triggering $85 billion in forced spending cuts. before the ax falls a bit of panic is setting in at the department of defense. more know from our correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: chuck hagel has what his commanders tell him a national security crisis. >> we need to deal with this reality. >> reporter: $46 billion in mandatory budget cuts must be made by september. the joint chiefs of staff are briefing hagel on exactly what will be cut and how it will affectionate security. >> it will put the nation at
5:36 am
greater risk of coercion. >> reporter: training will be delayed for soldiers heading into afghanistan. >> we will have to make a decision somewhere along the line to either extend those already there or send people there that are not ready. >> reporter: that means extended tours in the war zone. two-thirds have air force combat units will drop below combat readiness levels and the marine corps? >> by the beginning of next year, more than 50% of my tactical units will be below acceptable levels of readiness for gat. >> reporter: but some say the pentagon is crying wolf. >> i followed the post war eras starting with korea, vietnam. this will be the least amount of money we have asked to draw down under any post war time but yet everyone is hollering that it will be devastating. >> reporter: the affix of the military budget cuts will only grow in the coming weeks as they fully take hold. some of the other impacts,
5:37 am
funerals at arlington national cemetery will be delayed and some 800,000 defense department civilian workers face unpaid furloughs. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. our thanks to barbara. flood conditions causing big problems in valdosta, georgia. the cherry creak has sent water surrounding into a neighborhood and forcing residents from their homes and the flooding has overwhelmed the city's waste water treatment plant sending millions of gallons of raw sewage into the river. a doing snatcher, police on the hunt. watch this. video shows a woman browsing the store when she casual drops a dog into her purse and returns the shih tzu she was carrying and takes off. if caught this doing snatcher
5:38 am
could face grand theft charge because that dog there is worth nearly $900. >> why not people there watching. >> the poor dog. booted! >> saved from the kidnapper. i guess they are so expensive they are worth a lot for people to steal them. the sky may be the limit. the faa is looking into this video that shows the viral dance craze as inflight entertainment on frontier airlines. tory dunn has our story. >> reporter: you've heard of snakes on a plane. >> i've had it with the snakes. >> reporter: how about shakes on the plane? ♪ >> reporter: the harlem shake is the latest viral video dance craze giving gangnam style a run for its money. usually one person dances alone and others jump in. now the faa is looking into this
5:39 am
video. it depicts a dance on a frontier airlines flight in mid air from denver to san diego. organized by a group of students from colorado colleges ultimate frisbee team. >> it went from this kind of joking around idea amongst the team to suddenly it's a reality and then it was on youtube and then there are hundreds of thousands of views and now we're talking to you guys. >> reporter: the faa wants to know if the plane was on final approach and if the passeninger should have been buckled up. >> reporter: former airline pilot jim tillmon says an airplane is not a place for fun and games. >> is it fun? maybe. is it cute? maybe. is it good judgment? no. >> reporter: youtube search turns up plenty of other harlem shakers on planes.
5:40 am
this group of cheerleaders from toronto was headed to a competition and says it did its shake during the a layover. >> the plane was moving a lot. it's not a big plane so that many people jumping around like crazy was definitely moving the plain. >> reporter: in the colorado case tillmon hopes the faa gives frontier airlines a strong warning. he thinks the crew should never have let the dance go on. >>." it's "animal house" on hinge. >> i like to have fun when i fly but dodd that on a plane with all of those people is insane. >> come on. everybody said it was okay. i'm actually defending them here. >> i love the airline saying the seat belt sign was off. therefore, it's okay. >> technically speaking they should not be held to blame. >> they are the ones who said go ahead and do it. you know? it's not a big deal. >> how do they let the banana suit through the faa check and
5:41 am
carry-on luggage? >> i like the guy in the front who is saying, what is this? what is happening? >> coming up next, tell you the story of a man who went from jewel thief to movie producer. he was a former thief for the mafia. he has a new film called genius on hold about the incredible troubled life of his inventor father . .
5:42 am
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5:44 am
ring that gained notoriety for stealing as much as $70 million in the late '60s and 1970s and now he is producing a movie not about his days as a thief about the amazing life of his father who was an inventor whose name was walter shaw. here is a little bit of the video. >> this is walter shaw, inventer of the speaker money and knch calling and call forwarding and touch tone phones and technology we use every day. >> what was coming through his hands and his mind amazed him. >> a lot of people say you are a great genius. >> reporter: how did this brilliant family man end up working for the most notorious organization in america?
5:45 am
>> we are terribly concerned about the extent of organized crime throughout the united states. >> this looks so good. the film comes out today. "genius on hold." walter t. shaw with us. you list the speaker phone and the touch tone phone, the call forwarding and two-way communication, the list goes on and on, yet, he never really realized any money from his invention. >> he never saw a dollar and died broke. my father was a man ahead of his time unfortunately. 30 years ahead of his time and he saw the best in everybody and he was just gifted with this ability. he never went past the ninth grade and went to work for bell labs and got a degree on his off time he made the hands-free telephone and activated in 1948. bell told him if you try to market this you have to have our permission and you have to sign over a past, present, and future developments. the dad said you'll never own my
5:46 am
mind. he resigned in 195. icen hauer knocked on his door to him to an air force base to design the red phone, the alert system. so he went up there and they designed that. of course, when he got out of the air force, then he had no benefits. he opened up -- >> he was constantly taken advantage of. story of an incredible genius and at every turn taken advantage of. as the movie goes, he turns to the mob. why? >> they wanted him to perfect a piece of equipment where they had a book making ring and they didn't want to be traced. he invited the black box, blue box. call forwarding got designed in that mechanism later at that time because they wanted the phones to follow them in the boroughs. that was the beginning of call forwarding. he patented that in 1966, yet he made it in 1959. >> why did he die poor if he has
5:47 am
the mob behind him? >> well, he left that once he did a year and a day for unattached to bell lines and once he got out there he distanced himself from the gambinos and only 44 at that time. all of his great stuff, conference call, touch tone dialing and voice print, call forwarding, which was patented at that point was all his stuff afterwards. >> can i ask you a question? we opened this piece by talking about -- you and i spoke. i think last week. >> yes. >> about your own crime spree which he won't confirm or deny some of it. but did your father's work with the mob have anything to do with your own context to wonection t with the mob? >> i left home at 16 because of how i saw big business doing him and i said, dad, i don't want to be that way. i'm not going to let them rob me. what would joe veloci do and he said i can't think that way. i see the best in men like will rogers. not a man i don't like.
5:48 am
i can't go that philosophy. i said i'm going that way. i came into network and looked up some guys. >> that kind of talk. some guys. >> but are you in the movie? >> yes, i am, i am. >> why you followed are father's foot steps into at least -- >> i went that way and because i just felt i wasn't going to let them to it to me. i told my dad if you want them to respect you but them in an ice cream truck -- or freezer, in other words. >> you're a living producer? >> i went that way because i wanted to tell it the story. my dad's story needed to be told. >> your dad died in 1996. you found him, i know living -- >> my wife found him actually. we were just dating and he was living in reno, nevada, in a trailways bus station. >> would your dad be proud of this film? >> yeah. i was holding his hand when he died that america. he said, son, it doesn't matter what people don't know about me. my inventions will speak long
5:49 am
after him gone. >> did you break any kneecaps to raise money for this film? >> no. i met a man who died last year before he saw the film. he died before he was 49. he believed in my dad's story and said this story needs to be told. here is the million and go make your movie the way you want to make it. >> it's a great story. >> is it harder to be a movie producti producer or a jewel thief? >> do you have a gun or a pen? >> neither. i held his hand. he said is the war over? i said the war is over, dad. you got my ward, it's over. >> wow. the movie looks so amazing. it's called "genius on hold. >> walter t. shaw is the producer. >> it's a great story. >> it is. >> he would be very proud. >> i loved him a lot and i miss him every. >> and this is in his memory. >> totally. >> the movie comes out today. >> please see it. my distributor is a great guy and they they stood behind this
5:50 am
film to get it released. >> bad luck with the film. thank you for talking bus. we are rooting for you on that. still ahead, swept to safety. rescuers get creative to save an animal in distress. we will tell you what they did straight ahead. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up.
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♪ welcome back. the white house gets into the legal fray in california urging the supreme court to overturn the state's ban on same-sex marria marriage. the obama administration says prop 8 violates the constitution's guarantee of equal protection but the administration did not go so far as to endorse a constitutional nationwide right to marry. we are an hour away from the space x launch of a space capsule to deliver supplies to the international space station. liftoff is scheduled for 10:10 a.m. eastern time from the kennedy space center. canadian wildlife officials
5:54 am
got creative when a doe and her daughter got stuck out on the ice. the ice was too thin for rescuers to walk on so they called in a helicopter. the fawn ran to shore when the helicopter got close, it was scared but the doe could not get up so she ended up sliding to safety propelled from the down draft of the chopper blades, so creative but a happy ending. >> that is great. she is a california physician who created solar suitcase to help doctors with deliveries in the developing world. i want you to meet the cnn hero, dr. laurel stat, whi chal. >> a saying you have one foot in the grave. there are so women dying in childbirth in so many communities. pregnancy is feared. four women actually died from pregnancy complications. when i went to africa and i saw these women one after another
5:55 am
coming in with implications and we didn't even have adequate light to treat them. >> welcome to the world, everyone. the lights just went out. >> reporter: a lot of the clinics don't have any electricity. midwives use cakerosene lantern and may use their cell phones to deliver babies. once i witnessed the things that i saw, i had to do something about it. i'm dr. laurel satchul. i'm helping to provide a solar lighting source so mothers and babies can be saved during childbirth. >> very nice. >> reporter: hospitals and clinics receive the solar suitcase for free. the charge controller is very important. solar suitcase provides medical quality light. it charges cell phones. it has a small battery charges for head lamps and if the fetal doppler that we include. perfect! that's it! mothers are now eager to come to the clinics. it's just shifted them around as
5:56 am
a health care worker. >> this light is going to bring good changes. it keeps me going. >> there you go. >> thank you so much! >> you're so welcome. i really want a world where women and their families get to celebrate birth and i would love to be part of making that happen. >> "end point" is next. back in a moment. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico.
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