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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 2, 2013 5:00am-6:30am PST

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your feet get numb and your face gets numb. >> and it's you have to enunciate. i've covered hurricanes and the blizzard and everything. heat waves. and now jeanne moos has a story about a reporter who said exactly what we have wanted to say for years. watch. >> reporter: sometimes the television veil is momentarily lifted and the ever-pleasant, ever-present smiles come off. >> we'll do it live! [ bleep ] it! >> reporter: and tv people act like they're not on tv. >> what the [ bleep ] are you doing? >> reporter: but those outbursts were uttered by anchors who thought they were safely off the air. those were bloopers. what happened in the middle of a wisconsin snowstorm falls in the category of blurted out truth. okay, maybe it's not the profound kind of truth shouted by the anchorman in "network." >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> reporter: angelica duria didn't mind taking it.
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the 26-year-old reporter for cnn reporter in milwaukee had been standing out in a snowstorm for hours, doing live shot after live shot. >> i have been here since 3:30 this morning, and it's now, i don't even know what time it is. i'm exhausted. it's 9:45, and i have run out of things to say and it's snowing and it sucks. >> reporter: most viewers loved it. a tv critic wrote that this apparently famous weather instrument, the witi snowstick probably blushed. maybe angelica wasn't as posh as, say, prince charles, the time he did the weather. >> cold, wet, and windy across most of scotland. >> reporter: but at least angelica is not getting teased like the "today" show's al roker did when he had what he described as a brain freeze, to which some youtuber added a soundtrack. >> you unlock this door with the
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key of imagination. >> reporter: angelica was in her own twilight zone of ambivalence when she tweeted, not sure if i should be proud or embarrassed of that moment. lol. be proud, angelica. they say the truth shall set you free, even if it doesn't free you from freezing your butt off doing live shots. >> i'm as mad as hell -- >> and it sucks here. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. it's 8:00 here on the east coast, 5:00 out west. thanks for starting your day with us. let's go to florida where we are waiting a news conference to begin on that sinkhole tragedy yesterday. rescuers are trying to find jeff bush. he's presumed dead, but his body has not been recovered after the earth opened up and swallowed him. let's listen. >> i'm the public relations officer for hillsborough county fire rescue. at this time, first of all, i
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want to say that our hearts go out to the families of wicker family and the bush family, because they do not have their family member with them at this point. we are here, because we want to give you an update about what we're doing for the families. first of all, we started our operations this morning, our conducted operations started at 7:00 this morning. that's what we're doing right now. and i want to let you know that we set up a fund for the family, a donation for the family. we actually have a website. anybody that's interested to help the families that are affected by this incident, the website is anybody can go on that website and be able to donate to the family. also, we have an e-mail set up for the family members. we ask that you please, if you want to know anything about the family members or contact the
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family members, you go to this e-mail. the e-mail is wi any questions, like i said, please refer them to that e-mail and also the website as well. i will not be taking any questions at this time. this is just an informational press conference. like i said, we just started operations this morning, so we don't have anymore details to give you at this time. and thank you. i will not be taking any questions at this time. thank you. >> so there we had the public information officer there in florida, talking about the story of jeff bush. imagine your brother, your son, reft, sleeping in his bed and just falls into a hole under the house. let's go to john zarrella, he's
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there in florida. john, what are authorities telling you about the search for this man? >> reporter: well, right now it's considered and has been since yesterday in the afternoon, a recovery operation. not a rescue operation. they obviously believe that he has perished, that jeff bush perished yesterday when he was literally swallowed up in that hole. now, you can probably see that piece of equipment in the distance behind me there, and that is a ground penetrating cone, is what it's called. and they were using that all yesterday afternoon. and what they're doing with that is they are literally, and you can see the men wearing those at the timers and the harnesses. and that is because they are concerned if any chance this ground, that is very unstable, should give at any time, they don't want to lose anymore people. so they're drilling holes, they're trying to get an idea of the scope, the dimensions of this sinkhole, because it is very unstable and they do believe that the sand is very soft, all around this area where that house is, from the
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measurements that they've taken yesterday and this morning. and that being said, that's why the concern that it will continue to cave in and the sinkhole will continue to grow. so they're going to work throughout the day today, finish doing their measurements, getting a handle on how best to get into that house. you know what they said yesterday, victor? they said at a press conference, we don't know when we're going to get into that house, we don't know if we're going to get into that house. that's how concerned they are about the instability of the ground around it. >> john zarrella, we'll continue to watch this and check back with you later. thank. >> thanks, john. no washington now, where overnight, $85 billion in federal funding slashed from the budget. president obama signed the order, triggering those forced spending cuts after lawmakers failed to work out a deal. >> but before that, our own jessica yellin asked the president why he didn't just lock lawmakers in a room until they could reach an agreement.
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>> i am not a dictator. i'm the president. so, ultimately, if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say we need to go to catch a plane, i can't have secret service block the doorway. >> cnn's national political correspondent, jim acosta, is at the white house. jim, congress will still try to come up with another plan, right? >> well, we'll have to see, victor. you know, the president signed this into law, essentially, he executed this order last night at 8:30 p.m. this is it right here. and omb, the office of management and budget sent over an 83-page letter to the speaker of the house, john boehner, detailing, line by line, where all of these cuts are going to be going into effect over the next several weeks, over the next several months, depending on which department of the federal government you're talking about. and you can just look at the numbers, they're pretty staggering. $289 million for the centers for disease control. nearly $1 billion for fema, $3
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billion to $4 billion for operations and maintenance for the navy, the army, the air force, and then the list goes on and on. and so that's why the president, in his weekly radio address, is saying, essentially, to the leaders of congress, hey, let's get back to the bargaining table. let's work out some kind of deal to make these cuts go away. here's what he had to say. >> i still believe we can and must replace these cuts with a balanced approach. one that combines smart spending cuts with entitlement reform and changes to our tax code that make it more fair for families and businesses without raising anyone's tax rates. that's how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers or forcing parents and students to pay the price. i don't think that's too much to ask. >> reporter: now, in the republican weekly address that was put out by cathy mcmorris rodgers, she's a top republican in the house, she said that the president, in calling for new revenues, he wants to close some loopholes and deductions to
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raise revenues, she's calling those taxes, and she's calling that a nonstarter for republicans. so victor and breanna, they are very much dug in on both sides at this point, and there's no real sign that anything's going to get worked out anytime soon. >> and jim, this was an interesting press conference yesterday, because it's not every day that the president goes sci-fi when he's answering reporters' questions. >> reporter: that's right. he came out yesterday, and as we heard when he answered that question about why not just lock the leaders into the room, he said, well, you can't use a jedi mi mind meld on congressional leaders up on hill, and he said, that was a mixture of a stre"st trek" and "star wars" reference, and the press secretary put out a statement saying, these aren't the cuts you're looking for,
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which was a reference to the "star wars" movie. of course, twitter exploded over the whole thing. but the white house had some fun with it. but not a lot of fun with these spending cuts. these are going to be kicking in, and i expect over the next several weeks, we're going to be hearing from the american people about them. they're not going to be too pleased, brianna and victor. >> not at all. jim acosta, thank you. >> you bet. we've got much more ahead this hour. here's a look at what's coming up. >> reporter: it's the economy, stupid. no, we're not talking spending cuts. why same-sex marriage isn't just about morals, it's about money. were you crying when you were shooting him? >> a brutal cross-examination of a suspected killer. but were the tears genuine or all part of the act? and what is too young for sex ed? 12? 11? how about 5 years old? chicago thinks it's okay. we'll explain.
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latest and arguably boldest evolution on the issue. on thursday, he formally expressed support for same-sex marriage in california, setting up a high-stakes constitutional showdown at the u.s. supreme court later this month. then yesterday, citing the declaration of independence, he made it even more clear where he stands. >> we cannot discriminate against same-sex couples when it comes to marriage. that the basic principle that america is founded on, the idea that we're all created equal. >> but the contentious issue is not just about morality or god and scripture anymore, it's also about money, and, yes, taxes. which is why some of the country's biggest companies, like apple, cisco, nike, to name a few, signed a legal brief thursday in support of obama's argument. so joining me now to talk about this, brian mollton, the chief legislative council at the human rights campaign, and thomas
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peters from the national organization for marriage. let's start, guys, with the president. are there legal -- or should i say, political or legal ramifications for a sitting president to be writing a friends of the court brief to the supreme court on this issue? you first, brian. >> absolutely. the court, obviously, is going to take the government's position and it really is now the u.s. government's position, that proposition 8 is unconstitutional, into account, when it's looking at this case. and the solicitor general is going to be able to be there and speak to the justices about that position as well. so i think it will have a big impact for the court. >> thomas, what do you think? >> well, i think, obviously, when the president says something, the supreme court listens. but i think what he's managed to do is he's politicized the issue. and i think that will actually allow for the supreme court to really make sure that the rights of the people of california, the 7 million californians that voted to protect marriage are respected and ultimately upheld. >> but, at least at this point, at least, 100 high-profile republicans have also expressed
5:16 am
their support of same-sex marriage this week. this was a huge development. what does this mean, though, for the future of marriage now that you also have business giants in the mix? >> first of all, it wasn't high-profile republicans. the one thing these people had in common, besides the fact that they are ostensibly republican, that they were office. the top republican they found was jon huntsman. >> these are pretty high-profile -- i don't know if i can agree with you on that. >> i totally disagree. >> the associated press had a report that the republicans who have come out for same-sex marriage, while in office, get kicked out of office. so, you know, if this is -- the republican grassroots do not support redefining marriage. >> but, it seems that overwhelmingly, even when you look at polling, i would have to say, that there are an increasing number of americans, including republicans, self-identified republicans, who support it. so i'm just wondering if you
5:17 am
see, and obviously, i think that you would, brian, that there may be a bit of a shift here that we saw this week. >> brianna, first of all, there are two members of the house of representatives, republicans on that brief, currently serving members of the house of representatives who are strongly stepping up for marriage equality. so it is not the case that these are, you know, nobodies on a brief. 100 plus major republican leaders, who are respected in the party and have a voice, a conservative voice to bring to the table on this issue, so i think that's a really unfair to dismiss something like that. and these are major u.s. companies that you are middle ageing that have weighed on the prop 8 case and the case defending the defense of marriage act, because it does hurt them and their ability to do business. these are really new voices. >> thomas, i know your objections, obviously, have to do on the issue of morality.
5:18 am
but on this issue -- >> no, that's not true. no, that's not true. that's not why i strongly support the institution of marriage. it's because marriage best serves the needs of children. >> but the point that i'm getting at is when we talk about this as a business imperative, let's take a look at what this filing says. it says, "recognizing the rights of same-sex couples to marry is more than a constitutional issue, it is a business imperative." so what do you think about that? do you agree with that? do you disagree with that? is it about more than that? is that not enough? >> i strongly disagree with it, because, first of all, the top ten states for growth right now in this country, nine of them have marriage protection amendments. and so, you know, where this argument comes from is the left wing, ucla williams institute, which has been peddling this argument for years, that gay marriage is an economic stimulus. the very states that are currently trying to, they're trying to legalize gay marriage, like new york and california, are not exactly in an economic
5:19 am
picture of well-being. so, look, strong states like indiana are moving towards marriage protection amendments. north carolina recently passed its marriage protection amendment by 61%. the fact of the matter is that protecting marriage protects children and it helps businesses. >> but, thomas, let me ask you this. because you have businesses now that are saying, it's costing us money. they say, and this obviously gets a little complicated, but they say, same-sex couples are required to pay a federal income tax on health benefits, provided to a spouse through an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. some employers reimburse employees for the extra tax paid. that requires extra time and money. they say it's costing them money. do you disagree with that? >> well, let's look at -- you used the adjective "complicated," and it is complicated. but here's one complicating factor that i think is being ignored in this broader debate. you know, the president is arguing in the supreme court that gays and lesbians are politically powerless class. and now you've been telling me time and time again that all these corporations support redefining marriage.
5:20 am
so i would actually ask brian, which is it? are gays and lesbians actually a politically powerless class, or do all these corporations, the vast majority of people support redefining marriage? because you can't have it both ways. i believe that gays and lesbians are a politically powerful political class that are trying to redefine marriage for all of us. >> brian? >> i would say, first of all, you know to his earlier point, i think it's really clear that all of these companies supporting marriage and ending doma are doing it because they think it is right for their employees and right for the american economy and so i think that speaks volumes and much more than, you know, what particular states' economies look like that have marriage equality. into political powerlessness, without getting into the weeds of political jurisprudence, it's one of the several factors that the court looks at when it decide about how to weigh in on laws that discriminate.
5:21 am
but it's really ridiculous to suggest that gays and lesbians are politically powerful, or we wouldn't be here. we wouldn't be talking about fighting against amendments that are approved by legislatures and the voters that gays and lesbians are unable to stop at the ballot box, that take away their right to simply be in a relationship that's equal and recognized. you know, you have six members of the house of representatives who are gay or lesbian in a body of 435 people. it's not as if we are overrunning the halls of power. we have a long way to go. >> and this is obviously a conversation that we will be having in the months to come with both of you. brian mollton and thomas peters, thank you. >> thank you. a sinkhole opens up under a house in florida and a man living in the house just vanishes. we'll have more from the moments after he disappeared. coming up, golfer rory mcilroy walks off the course and leaves the honda classic, but it gets worse. wait until you hear his excuse.
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let's talk sports now and start with the story that has the golf world talking. rory mcilroy, top-ranked player in the world, he walked off the course yesterday in the middle of the honda classic. what's his excuse? a toothache. jared greenberg is here with more in this morning's bleacher report. jared, this guy won this thing a year ago and now he's just walking away. pretty suspicious. >> you know what, victor, i don't think i can do this right now. i kid! i kid! i kid! you know, at first, rory mcilroy said he wasn't in a good place mentally, now he says he's not in a good place dentally. the world's best golfer walked
5:26 am
off the course during his ninth hole yesterday. he hasn't been on his a-game. first he told reporters that he was not in a good place. then, later, mcilroy apologized for his sudden withdrawal, saying his sore wisdom tooth wouldn't allow him to concentrate. no truth to the rumor, victor, that roy has a tooth-hurty dentist appointment -- get it, 2:30? i'll take any audience. joe flacco needs to make an appointment with a financial planner. more than a month after leading the ravens past the 49ers in the super bowl, he's reportedly set to put pen to paper on the richest deal in the nfl in history, six years, $120 million. this dude is just ridiculously athletic. brent williams leaving it all out on the field. the center fielder with an olympic diving-type effort. i give him a ten! not hercules, but mr. williams,
5:27 am
we may not be done with him just yet. because he and the wolf pack are off to an impressive 8-1 start this season. dunk a basketball, get $1 million. no, not for the average joe. it's being offered to the world's best baller. lebron james by one of the all-time greats, magic johnson, and it's not for any ordinary dunk. magic wants lebron to give in and finally participate if the nba's slam dunk contest. dunks like this, prior to miami heat games have fans racing to their seats earlier than normal, fans and magic want lebron to take their talent to new orleans in next season's midseason showcase. if he does, magic says he'll pay up. stay tuned. for all of today's entertaining sports news, including a rematch between duke and miami, be sure to logon to that's going to do it for our update. back to you, victor. >> how's that tooth? a little better? >> it's a little sore. we'll get some novocain, it'll
5:28 am
be all right. i battled through it, though. i'm tough. >> we appreciate it. take a couple of minutes, get yourself together. thanks, jared. >> brianna? >> thanks, victor. well, those forced spending cuts, they're in effect and i'm sure you have a lot of questions about how when and how those cuts are going to be felt. we'll answer your questions. >> the longer these cuts remain in place, the greater the damage to our economy. a slow grind that will intensify with each passing day. this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody...
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bottom of the hour now. welcome back now. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning
5:32 am
with us. here are five stories we're watching this morning. >> rescuers are back at the scene of a sinkhole in florida. they're searching for the body of jeff bush who was in his bedroom when the earth collapsed beneath him. >> we need an ambulance. he's stuck underneath the house. the house just fell through. >> okay, what happened to the house? >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there, and he's underneath the house. >> okay. hold on one second. let me connect with ems, okay? >> okay. oh, my god. >> that was the 911 call made to police early friday morning. >> authorities say the hole is growing bigger and could actually swallow up the rest of the house. the man charged in last july's movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, may plead not guilty by reason of insanity. in court papers made public yesterday, lawyers for james holmes say they can't make a final decision on the plea until a judge rules on their motion, challenging the constitutionality of colorado's insanity defense law. as it stands, people who invoke
5:33 am
it must disclose potentially incriminating information. now, in this case, that could include holmes' mental health record and plus a notebook he reportedly sent to his psychiatrist. overseas now, venezuelan president hugo chavez is fighting for his life. that's the word from his vice president who spoke with supporters last night. nicholas maduro says the president is undergoing chemotherapy at a hospital. in december, chavez had his fourth cancer surgery in cuba, which made him miss his inauguration. the supporters held mass at him for the base's chapel last night. one republican lawmaker says a conservative organization may have written off the next president. the chairman of cpac says new jersey governor chris christie was not invited to his annual conference because his recent positions were not conservative enough. republican congressman peter king calls cpac's decision a mistake. >> that's a suicidal death wish.
5:34 am
cpac to me loses all credibility. you have a governor who's conservative, he's balanced the budget, taken on unions, he's pro-life, and he has a 74% favorable rate in a democratic blue state. here's a person who has shown that blue-collar conservatism works. that it appeals to working men and women. that it appeals to women. and these are the areas where we've been suffering. chris christie is doing the job, but they say because he fought for the aid for new jersey, which he was entitled to, the same aid that every other state has always gotten, he won't be accepted. >> for his part, governor christie says the snub does not bother him. president obama has pulled the trigger on $85 billion in forced spending cuts after he and republican leaders could not hammer out a deal. here's how you could be affected. there would be fewer fda safety inspections of food manufacturers, as many as 70,000 kids might lose access to head-start programs. unemployment benefits could be cut by more than 9%, and there could be 4 million fewer meals
5:35 am
than seniors. you might also be wait longer at those airport security checkpoints. you still may have lots of questions about the $85 billion in cuts over the next seven months. and our tom foreman is getting the answers for you. >> hey, victor, brianna, here is a pretty hot question we've been getting from several sources. in this case, on twitter who asks, does congressional pay get cut, and how can the american people be assured that the salaries of congress are cut 20%? the answers in ordinary are, no, and you can't. congressional pay is not part of the sequester because of the 27th amendment, which says that changes in congressional pay, even if approved, can only take place when the next congress moves in. this was done to keep congress from giving themselves big pay hikes. but it also means that no one in congress can take a cut right now, despite some saying they voluntarily want to do so. john mcgruder on facebook says his town school superintendent
5:36 am
has warned of, quote, devastating effects on local education from head start to high school, taking money from programs that serve low-income students and those with disabilities. can you tell me if this is true? it is true if you read that statement carefully. many of the efforts to educate low-income students or those with disabilities are funded with federal dollars. cut those dollars, and yes, those programs will suffer. the department of education is predicting thousands of layoffs. but does that mean most teachers are in danger? well, here's a related question, from knoxi blue. high school art teacher. i'm screwed, right? not necessarily. remember, most teachers, most schools get the vast bulk of their funds from state and local governments. if your school district is struggling to pay its bills, ripples from the sequester won't help, but they also would not, in all likelihood, be the primary reason that teachers might lose jobs. victor, brianna? >> thanks, tom. if you have questions about the forced spending cuts, send them to tom foreman using the
5:37 am
#asktomcnn on twitter. sex, lies, and a murder trial. we're talking about jodi arias and speaking to a defense attorney about her chances of proving she's the victim and not a killer. >> wouldn't you agree that you're the person who actually slit mr. alexander's throat from ear to ear? >> yes. ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set? all set. with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. chevrolet. find new roads. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you.
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let's talk about this jodi
5:41 am
arias trial. she's charged with first-degree murder for the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander in 2008. now, she's been on the stand for almost two weeks as prosecutors chipped away at each story. now, initially, she told police she had nothing to do with his death. then she said it was self-defense. now, if arias is convicted, she could get the death penalty. you know who i want to speak with about this, paul callen, our legal contributor. paul, you've been a prosecutor and a defense attorney, so i'll ask you to wear both hats in this. jodi initially said she had nothing to do with it, blaming this attack on intruders, and then she claims self-defense. because she has lied leading up to this. how sensitive, how credible is her case? >> well, i think her case is not credible at all. i mean, i've been watching and covering trials for many, many years and i prosecuted murderers and i've defended murder cases. this is the worst defense i have ever seen in the history of defenses. now, god knows if the jury comes
5:42 am
in and finds her not guilty, i'll look like an idiot. but i'm telling you, she's been on the stand for ten days. she's given a story that indicates that she planned, deliberated, and then stabbed a guy 27 times, slit his throat, and then shot him in the head. and she said that on the witness stand at various times. she admitted it in the course of a very, very effective cross-examination. so, unless you assume the jurors are idiots, i don't see a defense in this case. so, and i'll be stunned if, in fact, they cut her a break and find her guilty of a lesser charge. >> yeah, this attack, i mean, how do you overcome the assumption that at some point, travis alexander was no longer a threat if this truly was self-defense? at some point in these 27 stabbings and the gunshot, at some point, this man is already dead, right? >> well, not only is he already dead, victor, but i think there's a misconception that's
5:43 am
developed about self-defense through the years, especially with the battered woman defense and self-defense cases that are presented on television and in other context. the law says, you can't kill somebody else unless you are in reasonable fear that they are trying to kill you. and by all accounts, travis alexander was unarmed, as a matter of fact, it looks like he was naked, and somehow, jodi arias had a knife and a gun, which she used repeatedly on him. so if you just had those facts alone, where is the self-defense claim here? you also have a duty to retreat. she could have gotten out of the house. and in fact, she's the one who went to the house. so if you apply the law of self-defense, i don't see it happening in this case. >> so the guilt here, because she has admitted to killing him, she's, you know, said she killed him. that's obvious. the question is, does it rise to
5:44 am
the level of being a death penalty case? is it a strong death penalty case? >> well, i think you're on to something here. and i think this is -- the only possible explanation for why these defense attorneys would put her on the stand for this length of time, to tell this sordid tale of this relationship and the details of the killing, would be that maybe the jury will look at her and say, you know, she's, she's so sick, she's such a mental case that maybe she doesn't deserve the death penalty. but my view of it is, when i was watching pieces of this testimony, and bear in mind, i think you have to be in court to really have a sense of it, but it's that she's a cold-hearted, calculating killer. and she's exactly the kind of person you give the death penalty to. now, you may be opposed to the death penalty for conscientious reasons, you think it shouldn't be imposed in any case, but if you're going to impose it, this fact pattern is one that you impose it on. and women very rarely get the death penalty. but the ones that have gotten it
5:45 am
historically, they're black widow defendants. they're ones that had cold, calculated killings involving lovers. those are the ones who have been put to death in history. >> just the person i wanted to talk about this, paul callan, thank you. >> nice being with you, victor. >> so was jodi arias a domestic abuse bim victim or a cold, calculating killer. it was seven days dominated by a murder in mississippi and wikileaks' admissions. here's your week of crime in 60 seconds. a shoot-out in california leaves two police detectives dead. authorities say jeremy goulet gunned down sergeants lawrence baker and elizabeth butler tuesday. when the police found him, goulet was killed in a gunfight. marco mcmillian, an openly gay mississippi mayoral candidate was found dead near a levee, miles from his car. police have arrested lawrence reid, age 22.
5:46 am
the local sheriff's office says reid faces murder charges. the parents of a transgender first grader have fileded a lawsuit against a colorado school district. roy mathis' parents say that the school discriminated against their child when they refused to allow him to use the girl's sex or begans. he was born with male sex organs, but identifies as a girl. and bradley manning pled guilty to 10 of the 20 charges against him with regard to releasing documents through wikileaks. he did not plead guilty to the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. that's your week of crime in 60 seconds. the man charged in the death of usher's 11-year-old stepson will appear before a judge this weekend. jeffrey simon hubbard is a trend of the family. he's been held without bond, pending his court appearance. a grand jury near atlanta has indicted him of first-degree his by vessel. police say hubbard was piloting the jet ski that collided with
5:47 am
kyle hubbard last july. coming up, schools in chicago will start teaching sex education a little earlier, maybe a lot earlier. >> because sex ed is a continuum of information. so with the foundations beginning at kindergarten through fourth grade -- >> but is this something the school should be teaching in kindergarten or at all for that matter? transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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5:50 am
when did you first learn about the birds and the bees? well, if your kids are in chicago public school, they're going to start learning as early as kindergarten. this is a new policy passed this last week. by fourth grade, they'll learn about puberty and how hiv is transmitted. and fifth graders will learn about reproduction and contraception. parents do have the option to keep their kids out of the programs. >> the sex ed is a continuum of information, and so with the
5:51 am
foundations beginning at kindergarten through fourth grade, we're really talk about what we consider family life. so we're doing lessons in kindergarten and first grade, my body, good touch, bad touch. >> that's to be taught at home before you go to school, and if somebody at the school touch you, you should already know what to do. >> some are concerned that sex education is not appropriate for younger grades, i'm here to report that from a public health perspective, it's an absolute imperative. >> we're going to get some insight on this from two comedians. pete dominick is in new york, so is de is dean obadala. pete, you are are parent, how do you feel about this? >> i'm all for it. i'm all for educating our children. it's a misleading headline that we're going to teach the birds and bees to kindergartens. we're teaching them age-appropriate things like good touch, bad touch, and public safety.
5:52 am
the on thing i find controversial about this is that chicago is allowing their parents to keep their kids out of it. this is a city, this is a place in the country where stds are at their highest. one of the problems that we have is that half of americans, brianna, are too stupid not to get pregnant. half of pregnaarents are too st to not know how to not get pregnant. we need to educate people, and not only have the unambitious be only the thing they do is replicate. >> dean, we've heard about schools in other states not just doing sex ed at a younger age, but giving condoms to elementary school students and other schools giving out plan "b." how far is too far? >> when i was 5, i was more fixated on how does a slinky work or how does silly putty work. i don't think i had sex education in full until i had internet access. that changed my life. but the std rate in chicago, in that cook county, is the highest in the nation. while you may not want your
5:53 am
chirp to have sex, teach them about the basics of it, about sex, about the idea of using condoms. and secondly, good touch/bad touch is really important. i just read a story yesterday. a man in new jersey molested a 4-year-old girl and the fact that maybe she knew about good touch/bad touch, she would have screamed out and knew it was wrong. so i don't think that's ever too early to teach. >> to be fair, dean has just learned what a condom is used for, brianna. but the truth is, condoms -- >> right before we went on. >> thanks, pete. >> well, i'm happily married with two kids. but the truth is, we should provide contraception to people who are sexually active. unfortunately, even at the young age of 13, they're sexually active. we want to prevent them from getting pregnant and ruining their lives. >> but what about at 5 -- for sex ed -- >> it's not sex ed. >> do you think kids are even understanding some of these topics they'll be exploring in chicago? >> they're understanding good touch/bad touch. >> but they're also teaching -- >> sex ed is misleading.
5:54 am
>> but they're talking about that as well, but they'll also be talking about gender identity, sexual orientation -- >> what's wrong with that? >> i'm just saying, do you think that children understand this? >> there's nothing controversial about that, unless you want your kids to remain ignorant and to never learn anything, which then stereotypically, the catholic girls, the jewish girls, they reject and rebel against all of those things, because all of a sudden they discover it a reformative age. don't prevent them from learning these things. they're going to find out. >> dean, can you actually imagine a situation where they didn't give the parents an option to opt out of this if they're uncomfortable with this? >> i don't have any children, but i spoke to my sister who is a psychologist, who has kids and say, at 5 and 6 years old, they don't understand abstract reasoning. what they will understand is good touch/bad touch. and that's the beginning. i also talked to other parents before i came in and some of
5:55 am
them don't want to have this conversation, honestly. and at some level, it's the kids prompting it. they've come home, learned something at school from a teacher, from a professional and they have a more in-depth conversation. >> as a parent, i'm comfortab uncomfortable, but i'm a parent, it's my responsibility to have that conversation that's uncomfortable. >> but the parents can opt out if they want, or have the conversation first if they want, or maybe this school program initiates that conversation at home, which is a good thing. no one would say it's wrong for parents to make that choice, when your child should learn about that, it's up to the parents to choose it. you're a parent, pete, i'm on your side. >> obviously a very controversial subject. comedians pete dominick and dean obadala, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having us. a sinkhole opens up under a house in florida and a man living in the house vanishes. we're keeping an eye on the house and the search for that missing man. and a choice.h arthrin take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors.
5:56 am
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the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. a maryland woman got on the wrong bus at the right time. jene stafford was waiting in the rain for the number 58 bus, but the number 18 showed up. the driver said he would take her to her desired route anyway, nice guy, but while on the bus, the driver fell ill. >> he's just like, something's not right, i don't feel good. and i was just like, okay, i mean, you know, are you good? and he's just like, no. he's like, i don't feel good.
6:00 am
and he just slumps over on the wheel, like passes out. in an instant, like, i just grabbed the wheel and put my foot on his foot, i don't even know what foot -- i don't drive. so i didn't know what foot to put on -- you know, it's a bus. it just so happened to be the right foot. >> she figured it out. stafford steered the vehicle to safety and called 911. the operator of the bus was hospitalized and later released. >> all right. and when traveling to other cities and other countries, the best way to get a real taste of the place is through the local food. cnn ireport has teamed up with "travel + leisure" magazine to create this global list of 100 places to eat like a local. here's cnn's jim spellman in baltimore with a seafood sample. >> my grandfather started here in 1886 and it was a primarily
6:01 am
fresh seafood. >> when did the crab cake enter the picture? >> when i came down and started working here. and i decided to make a gourmet crab cake. >> would you make us some crab cakes? >> i sure will. >> excellent. >> all right. >> do you use measurements or just kind of know how to do it? >> no, after you make this many crab cakes, you just know and you go by feel. >> looks great. i'm sold. >> really good. >> phenomenal! >> it's so substantial, but it's light, and you just really taste -- >> the crab. >> the crab. like how good the crab is. >> man, this is really good. >> these are awesome. i'll have to get another one, for sure. >> it's just phenomenal. every expectation, and it's amazing. >> thank you so much for showing us how you make your wonderful crab cakes. >> you're welcome, jim. >> appreciate it.
6:02 am
>> got to love faily's. the list of 100 places to eat like a local will be revealed next week. for more, check out good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. thank you for starting your day with us. president obama has put into place a series of what he calls dumb and arbitrary cuts. both democrats and republicans blame each other after talks to avoid the cuts fell flat. >> those $85 billion in cuts will likely affect your life in one way or another. i'm joined now by our chief business correspondent, ali velshi. so, ali, how can, do you think -- how, ultimately, is this going to impact markets? >> well, you know, you'll notice, we were talking about
6:03 am
the dow hitting a five-year high through the course of the week. we were almost at the all-time high for the dow, so i wouldn't say that markets are all that fearful of this, partially because they're more worried about the budget. we don't actually have a budget in this country, but something called the continuing resolution, which stands in place of a budget, because we haven't had to do one. that was supposed to expire at the end of march, and that's going to be the big battle. so markets, i think, have been sitting back and waiting for this. bottom line is, there are going to be people laid off as a result of these forced budget cuts. there's an estimate that economic growth is going to shrink by about half a percent to 0.6%. so that's real jobs, that's real income for americans. if you think that it's worth it for the long-term benefit that the sequester, these forced budget cuts are going to impose, then maybe it's worth it. the problem is, these have been so sort of irrationally done is that it's not going to achieve the sort of effect on the long-term debt that most people were hoping for. so it's unclear, victor and
6:04 am
brianna, what effect this is really going to have. but it is going to slow the economy down, and starting in april, you'll start seeing people furloughed and laid off. >> let's bring in the host of "your bottom line," christine romans. we've heard so many different perspectives about how dramatic the cuts are and how they will be felt. first they were catastrophic, and then the president says, it's not a cliff, it's a tumble. how damaging are these cuts? >> it's not armageddon tomorrow. i mean, the sun will rise and business is going on tomorrow. i want to be very clear about that. some of sort of the real dire, dire talk of a few weeks ago has died down, because this is going to be something that is going to unroll over the next few months. it will have an effect, but we don't know exactly what the effect will be. and look at markets. markets are near record highs. markets are saying they don't think this is going to kill the american economy. one reason why markets might be so high, stocks might be so high is because in the markets, people are thinking, congress, in the past, when there's been a sequester, have softened it later with other legislation. markets might be betting they're going to soften this a little
6:05 am
bit, they'll do some things retroactively, they won't let the full sequester last for the full seven months. that's what markets are telling us. but if you are a doctor, starting pri 1st, you'll get paid 2 cents later on the dollar for your medicaid reimbursements. if you are a worker for any of the government agencies, many of the government agencies are going to be taking unpaid time off. if you're taking unpaid time off, are you going to buy a truck? probably not, right? so this is how it affects the economy. but i want to be very clear here, $85 billion, this indiscriminate way they're taking it out of a relatively small part of the budget, it's just a really stupid way to run a government. it's a stupid way to run the books. and that's what the real problem is here. i'm personally very surprised that markets have been so sanguine on this and i love ali's thoughts on this. markets are telling us, hey, this isn't going to kill corporate america or profits, and that's what markets measure, and markets are near record high. >> victor and brianna, it's not that you can't take $85 billion out of the budget in a year or
6:06 am
$1.5 trillion in ten years, there are ways to do it, but they picked the most sloppy way to do it. i'm hearing from all sorts of people, i can cut 9% out of my household's budget or 13% out of my company's budget if i were forced to, but you wouldn't just do. if you have a household budget and you had to cut 10%, you wouldn't say, i'm taking 10% off my mortgage or my groceries. you would triage it. and this is across the board. that's why it's sloppy. for those people who say, you don't think a budget should ever be cut, that's not true, you just don't do it this way. >> that's right, you take it out of your entertainment budget or your travel, not your mortgage. >> less coffee, whatever. >> your starbucks. >> ali, christine, thank you so much. and in less than 30 minutes, christine will be hosting "your bottom line" live. >> and at 1:00 p.m., ali velshi will be live with "your money" from washington. officials are back at the scene of a huge sinkhole in florida. rescuers are trying to find jeff bush. he's presumed dead. this is now a recovery effort,
6:07 am
not a rescue, but his body has not been recovered after the earth opened up and swallowed him as he slept yesterday. >> the sinkhole was believed to be about 20 to 30 feet wide, about 20 feet deep. you can't see it here because the house is actually covering it. and cnn's anderson cooper talked to the victim's brother, who tried to save him. >> so i ran to the bedroom, i went to go open the door and run in, turned the light on and i seen that there was no familiar there. everything was gone. our brother's bed, our brother's dresser, my brother's tv, and my brother was gone. and this big hole, all you could see was, you could barely see his bed. and i jumped in the hole to try to take him out. i got a shovel and just started to try to dig him out.
6:08 am
and i thought i heard him screaming for my help, i thought i heard him asking me for help, so i tried and tried and tried digging him out and i was screaming and screaming for him and i couldn't get him out. i tried so hard. i tried everything i could. >> so sad. john zarrella joining us live now from stephner, florida. john, this -- when you look at this house and you understand what's going on here, it's a really fragile situation. are officials even going to be able to get into this house today? >> reporter: yeah, you know, brianna and victor, that's the question. i think, you know, there are two overriding issues here. yes, indeed, they want to get in there and see if they can recover jeff bush's body. but of more concern to them right now is they want to make sure that the ground around it is stable, and it is not stable at this point. all of the ground testing they've done with the equipment they have behind there, with
6:09 am
ground penetrating radar shows that the caverns nous area has y steep walls and it's very sandy, which means it could further collapse. and then, what about the houses on either side of it? how far out does this sinkhole extend? who else is in jeopardy? so quite frankly, while this is a recovery effort and they do hope to get in there at some point to recover jeff's body, their big concern is they don't want to have anybody else no one was hurt in the process or killed. and they have to find out, most importantly, how wide this thing is going to get and who else might be affected. >> and the house, obviously, john, has been condemned. so where's the family staying? and maybe this isn't as much of a concern, obviously, as trying to retrieve their loved one's body, but have they been able to get anything, any of their possessions from the house? >> reporter: no. no, nothing. i talked to norman wicker yesterday, one of the family members who was in there at the time, and norman said, you know,
6:10 am
look at what i've got on. i've got some sandals on, i borrowed somebody's sweatshirt. we got out with nothing but what we had on our backs. now, a good samaritan, norman told me, did tell them that he was going to give them a place to live for the next couple of months, which is certainly good news, and the fire department has set up a fund for people who can donate to the family, so there are -- there is at least a little bit of brightness for them today, as they try to recover from, you know, just clearly an unexpected, terrifying, sudden, and tragic incident. brianna? >> unfathomable incident, i think, which is why it's captivated sort of the attention of so many people. john zarrella, thanks for that. now, new jersey governor chris christie has been snubbed by cpac and now republican congressman peter king is coming to his defense. >> that's a suicidal death wish. cpac, to me, loses all credibility. your doctor will say get smart about your weight.
6:11 am
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6:14 am
new jersey governor chris christie was once the rising republican star, but now it seems he's getting the cold shoulder. christie was not invited to the conservative political action conference set for later this month. the powerful group's leader says it's because christie backed a temporary expansion of medicaid and the $60 billion hurricane sandy relief bill. republican congressman peter king says the group is ignoring christie's record. >> that's a suicidal death wish. cpac, to me, loses all credibility. you have a governor who is conservative, he's balanced the budget, he's taken on public employee unions, he's pro-life, and yet he has a 74% favorable rating in a democratic blue state. chris christie is doing the job, but they said because he fought for the aid for new jersey, which he was entitled to, the same aid that every other state has always gotten, he won't be accepted. to me that writes off cpac as a serious force.
6:15 am
>> christie seems unphased saying, "i wish them all the best, they don't want to invite me, that's their call. it's their organization, it's their business, and they get to decide who they want to have come and not come." one of america's largest cities is just about broke. so the state of michigan is stepping in to take over detroit city government. michigan's governor, rick snyder, announced yesterday that the state is taking drastic action and appointing an emergency manager to run the city government. that manager will have the power to cut spending and to throw out city contracts if necessary. you might not be surprised that the mayor disagrees with this decision. >> the state has not been as good to detroit as i think they should have been, because we lose revenue sharing, based on our population loss. and so, there's just a myriad of things right now, and most of it revolves around revenue. and, you know, we can't cut our way back out of this problem. i think we've cut as much as we can cut.
6:16 am
we've got to think about how we can raise revenue again. >> the governor says this won't be a quick fix. snyder mentioned that he already has a top candidate for the manager post. the pontiff parts with his red prada, things get hairy for hagel, and the world better redneckogni redneckognize, because the world is going honey boo boo. >> the battle over chuck hagel is over. >> the red shoes of a pope is gone. >> it's got to be done, because otherwise this guy could make himself pope again by clicking his heels together three time. >> honey boo-boo child is a massive hit overseas, and i can't believe i just said that. >> reporter: the prada goes away, honey boo boo goes overand did members of the nfl go too far? >> after a bitter confirmation, chuck hagel has now been sworn in as u.s. defense secretary. >> reporter: it wasn't easy for chuck. >> republicans had delayed his vote and objected over his views on iran and other things.
6:17 am
>> reporter: like some of his past affiliations. >> is he a membered of al qaeda q qidz club? >> i wouldn't go that far. at the nfl, speed was a factor, so was agility, and so was sexual orientation. wait, what? >> the nfl draft prospect said the team asked him if he liked girls. >> according to one prospect. >> they asked, do you have a girlfriend, are you married, do you like girls? >> that's a big no-no. >> any federal, local, or state law says you cannot base employment on someone's sexual orientation. >> reporter: the nfl is investigating the allegation. >> as you know, the pope, a couple weeks ago was fired. >> reporter: i'm sorry, come again? >> they caught him stealing communion wafers. >> reporter: not exactly. but he did resign and he did say good-bye to something else. >> he will dispense with his
6:18 am
signature red prada shoes. >> reporter: the pope will trade in the red ones for a pair of brown ones. >> meaning he'll no longer be able to transport himself to kansas. >> reporter: the shoes he had to give back, but we should expect to see more of them. >> like most catholics, he'll be back for christmas and easter. >> reporter: honey boo-boo is going worldwide. >> you better redneckiognizredn. >> so that should be good for our reputation abroad. >> reporter: tlc announced its hit show is already number three in poland. >> in other countries, it will be called "cheese monsters battle type 2 diabetes." >> honey boo-boo is set to hit sweden, latin america all in the next month. >> the show will be translated into latin, arabic, and maybe some day english. >> that's a look at the week that was. a sinkhole opens up under a house in florida and a man living in the house vanishes. but how does something like this happen? we'll get some answers. investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars
6:19 am
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6:22 am
downtown ft. worth, texas, looks a little bit different today than it did on thursday. more than 2,000 american heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan were honored by one man's personal tribute. navy veteran ron white, who served in afghanistan, took nearly eight hours to write every name on this temporary memorial and he did it all from memory. unbelievable. >> wow. >> unreal. as we've been telling you, a nightmare is unfolding in a town in florida. a sinkhole opened up beneath jeff bush's bedroom and he was swallowed alive. now, bush's panicked screams on friday were the last that anyone's heard from him. and he's now presumed dead. >> officials say the hole, which is under the house, is as wide as 30 feet across. it's expanding, which is taking the house with it, as it opens. and nick valencia has been following this story closely for us. so, first, and i will tell you, nick, because this is something that's -- you almost can't
6:23 am
believe it, it's this unbelievable -- >> so bizarre, isn't it? >> -- phenomenon. i was looking at pictures of sinkholes, you know, just searching images on the web. how does this happen? >> usually, brianna, it's a naturally occurring event. but sometimes, it can be caused by man-made things, things like construction, things like mining, but usually what happens here is heavy rain sits on top of this sand and clay. if you're taking into account florida's landscape, they have that fragile, very porous limestone that percolates down into the earth, forming these cave-like areas here. sinkholes are also formed by things like drought and punk wa punkuated by hef rain. if it's something that happened like thursday, it happens without warning. >> what we know about florida's makeup, there's a lot of that soft sand and the aquifer that's below the limestone where the source of fresh water is. is the state of florida anymore prone to, you know, addressing
6:24 am
these than any other state? >> you know, that's a great yes. and in fact, sinkholes, victor, are such a common part of florida's landscape that the florida state department has, in fact, dedicated a website to sinkholes. all these dozens of dots, these dozens of dots freckling up and down florida's coast, these are all past sinkholes, past recorded sinkholes. if you look at the region right here, this tampa bay region, where that sinkhole happened thursday night. this is an area, according to that florida state department, that's very susceptible to abruptly forming sinkholes that just collapse. it's dominated by that region. if we can go back to that original document, i'll show you the most drastic ones. it's one of the biggest sinkholes report there had in the state. it just happened out of nowhere, guys. this is a large collapse. it took with it, partial portions of buildings and even a swimming pool, if you can imagine that. that happened in 1981. and these are some really scary things, guys.
6:25 am
you know, jeff bush was asleep in his bedroom and without warning, it was that loud commotion that he heard just before he fell into the earth. >> it's like a horror movie. >> just a terrible tragedy. >> nick valencia, thank you. >> thank you. the harlem shake. it's a craze that's taken over the internet. i love this dance. i love the track. i love everything about this. but the airlines, they may not love it. and now the composer, he's reaping the benefits. how this man is making money off of the harlem shake. why not make the day unforgettable? with two times the points on travel, from taxis to trains. you'll be asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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all right. so, the harlem shake. this new dance craze, i love all these dance crazes. i love the gangnam style, i did the macarena when that was hot, but this one is reaching new heights. 30,000 feet up, to be exact. college students staged this harlem shake on board a flight a couple of weeks ago. and while the dancing looks like a lot of fun, the faa, not amused. it's looking into this incident. >> the composer, though, of this song, of this updated version of the harlem shake -- >> can we keep playing the music? >> it's so good. i don't love all dance crazes, i like this one. so the composer's probably all smiles, unlike the faa, and that's because he makes money for all of those viral video clicks. alicia taylor explains. >> reporter: the university of


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