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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 3, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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this coming week, jodi arias is expected to be back on the witness stand answering questions from her attorneys as they try to repair any damage they think was caused by the prosecutor's withering cross-examination. them it's the jury's turn, because in arizona, jurors are given the chance to question witnesses. that does it for this "a.c. 360" special report. thanks for watching.
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are you a little overwhelmed with all this? >> just the press line. >> he hit the top at 25. >> please, let us get in. >> the oscar goes to -- >> winning an oscar. >> i may not see this for a while. >> only to stumble hard, a career in tatters. >> he was in actor jail for a couple of years. >> singed by fame. >> i think i became overexposed causing me to turn around and question. >> ben affleck's long journey. >> got to a point in my life where i was really down, really confused. >> "argo." >> but he fought his way back. >> you have to work harder than you think you possibly can. >> hi, i'm ben affleck. >> how did the boy from humble tv beginnings remake himself into a hollywood heavyweight? tonight, a story of redemption crowned by oscar.
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"ben affleck, back on top." i'm nischelle turner outside the dolby theater here in hollywood. on oscar sunday, the night the movie industry saluted its very best, one man became the biggest story of them all. it's a story that not long ago no one would have written. 15 years ago, he reached the summit at the oscars, then crashed hard. from a career in shambles, he rebuilt himself into hollywood's darling once again. tonight, the story of the beantown boy who hit rock bottom and then remade himself. here's "ben affleck, back on top." "good will hunting" wins an oscar. two 20-somethings share the glory. boston boys matt damon and ben affleck fly their mothers from beantown to be their dates on
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the red carpet. they take home trophies for best original screenplay. what appears to many an overnight success is actually years in the making. long before movie audiences would ever hear of him -- >> hi, i'm ben affleck. >> tv watchers meet a get on the pbs educational series "the voyage of the mimi." this cast mate remembers a kid who's already sure of himself. >> he was a little cocky. >> the deaf actress recalls him as a jokester with mischief on his mind. >> very clearly he said, what's the sign for genius and stupid? >> sensing what he's up to, judy switches the signs. joke is on ben. >> and ben thought that's what he was saying, i'm a genius, you're stupid. but he was actually signing, i'm stupid, you're a genius. so for two months, me and the interpreter were just trying not to laugh in front of him.
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>> he shoots that series on the water. but home is just outside of boston. a stone's throw away lives his best friend, matt damon. >> so they're sort of brothers from a different mother. and these kids stuck by each other since they were litting. >> ben and matt lived about two blocks from each other in a working class neighborhood here in cambridge, massachusetts. besides being friends, they had something else in common -- divorce. both were raised by single mothers. they're famous here, too, or at least making an impact in the neighborhood. >> it was ben and casey, his brother, matt and either were the four buddies that ran around all the time and played on this street, rode their bikes, their skateboards, did wheelies and had a good time. >> the pair take drama classes in school and act in local productions. >> is this burger king? >> yeah, yeah, this is burger
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king. >> would you deliver a chef's salad? >> for you, absolutely. >> small jobs like this 1989 burger king ad give affleck hope for bigger things. damon's going to harvard, affleck heads to hollywood. >> you guys got to handle this. >> affleck gets a role in the 1992 prep school drama "school ties." so does damon who's left harvard shy of graduation to focus on acting. he crashes on ben's floor in california and asks him to help with a script he'd been working on at school. that script? "good will hunting". >> y'all ready to bust some ass? >> meanwhile ben is still struggling to break through, taking whatever acting jobs he can find, like the indy slacker flick "dazed and confused. then he takes a role in another movie, "mall rats" which would take a huge impact on his career.
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>> i like to big up girls on the rebound. when they're unusual, they're much more need in solace. >> kevin smith sees something special in the young actor. >> kevin had cast him in all of his big films. and that really put ben on the map. >> smith has an idea for his next features "chasing amy" and writes it specifically for ben. >> you are the epitome of everything that i've ever looked for in a human being. and i know you think of me as just a friend. but i had to say it. >> by now, ben and matt have sold their "good will hunting" script to castlerock. >> their dream was finally coming true. but they wanted to be attached to the picture and they wanted to star in it. with that little fact, their deal started slipping through their fingers. and "good will hunting" could have never been made. >> all of a sudden, there was a tipping point and then it all
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kind of happens. >> smith takes the script to harvey weinstein. >> every time i come by your house and pick you up. we go out, have a few drinks and a few laughs. the best part of my day, for ten seconds when i pull up to your door, maybe i'll knock on the door and you won't be there. >> at 25, affleck becomes the youngest oscar-winning screenwriter in history. it seems there's nowhere to go but up. >> we're really happy, thanks. when we come back, ben affleck soars, then stumbles. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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you in a discreet, plain envelope. hair club has the sotion you want. call now! [♪...] at 25, ben affleck became an oscar winner and the toast of hollywood. after "good will hunting," his career took off, literally. >> i'll try not to disappoint you. >> "armageddon" is affleck's first blockbuster leading role. with this end-of-the-world epic the actor is becoming one of the industry's most wanted. affleck, certified a-list. >> he was movie star handsome, seemed confident, maybe a little cocky, he was sexy, all the things that hollywood thinks it knows what to do with. >> a smaller role in the oscar-winning film, an on-set
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relationship grows with gwyneth paltrow. it's an on-again, off-again affair seized by the tabloids. it's just his first in a pattern-high-profile relationships being played out in the press. >> ben dating gwyneth paltrow was the first time he stepped into the spotlight with a female. it wasn't just any female. it was a young, glamorous, hollywood beauty. >> you really are just a simple creature. >> ben's friendship with childhood buddy matt damon remains intact. they star together in "dogma" and debut their hbo reality show "project green light" to help screenwriters make movies. soon, though, their respective careers take different paths. >> the sense was that matt damon wanted to be an actor but ben affleck wanted to be a star. you could see that in the movies that he chose.
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>> with "ocean's 11" and "the bourne identity" damon's building the foundation of a leading man. affleck, on the other hand, is making questionable career choices. like "pearl harbor." which was a box office success but largely panned by the critics. at 28, affleck's personal demons seemed to be getting the best of him. >> it was too much too soon. and he didn't really know how to handle it. >> after a hard partying, heavy gambling trip to las vegas in the summer of 2001, he checks himself into rehab. according to "people" magazine, charlie sheen is the one who actually drives him there. >> ben is a smart guy. he was smart that he realized he needed help. he needed to step back and address that in mizz life. >> i'm sorry, i have to ask. do we know each other?
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>> not yet. >> within the year, affleck signs on to star as a hit man in the romantic comedy "gigli" opposite jennifer lopez. sexy, exotic, famous. >> it was sort of the dapper ben affleck dating jenny from the block. >> the two engaged in november of 2002 and the media frenzy onslaught later to be known as bennifer unleashes. >> where they vacationed, what they wore, it was an intense point in his life. and he sort of started to morph into something that wasn't the ben we knew. >> images of bennifer are plastered on magazine covers and gossip blogs, the coverage so relentless, the two go from simply new couple alert to massive overexposure. meanwhile, his professional career was sputtering.
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not only is the film title "gigli" tricky to pronounce, it proves even more difficult to get audiences to see it. the movie doesn't just flop, it bombs. and it's just one in a series of movies between 2003 and 2004 that affleck would probably like to forget. >> what happened? >> "paycheck," "jersey girl," "surviving christmas," all failed to give him the hit he so desperately needs. >> nothing was going right. he didn't have the best career in hollywood. so someone who at one point was hollywood's golden boy, their next big movie star, seemed to be just fizzling away. >> affleck is becoming the butt of countless jokes. the actor makes light of one of them on larry king live after receiving a razzie, an award that honors the worst in hollywood. >> here's the razzie. >> this was for "gigli" and "pearl harbor".
1:16 am
>> one bright spot during this stretch, the action hero flick "daredevil". >> nice to meet you, matt murdock. >> nice to meet you. >> it co-stars, jennifer garner, a leading lady who later plays a role in his professional and personal redemption. at the same time, trouble is brewing on the bennifer front. the fall cancels their wedding. affleck spoke to larry king about the difficult split. >> sometimes it's more complicated. >> it was a massive personal thing that blew up in hollywood and really blew up in ben's face. >> it's all too easy to become yesterday's news here in hollywood. and after misfires both professional and personal, that's where ben affleck found himself. faced with the tall task of rebuilding both his career and his life. when we come back, those first steps on the road to redemption.
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dip life to the fullest.
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in seven years, ben affleck had gone from rising star to cautionary tale.
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to rise again, he would need a different role and a different companion. >> you're holding back. >> yes. >> don't. >> in 2003 at the height of his romance with jennifer lopez, affleck co-stars in "daredevil" with another jennifer -- jennifer garner. >> that was the beginning of a blossoming, wonderful relationship with them. the two really connected on an amazing level. >> then i found you. >> after his split from lopez in 2004, ben and his new jen get together and things move quickly. >> they got engaged and of course they secretly wed. >> garner asked victor garber, her friend from alias to officiate. >> she wanted me to do it. it was a great match. they're very good for each other and she's a rock.
1:21 am
>> he settles down with an actress who's an actress and isn't interested in engaging the gossip-sphere on that level. and they go off and start a family. >> i think he was a little beaten up and tired. >> major leading man roles are eluding affleck. but in 2006, he snares a supporting part in "hollywoodland" as george reeves, the 1950s tv superman whose life unraveled. >> what do you want from life? >> oh, i don't know, i'd settle for clark gable's career. >> take the job. >> a lot of critics saw similarities between ben and his character, george, that he was playing. they had struggled. they had been through a lot. >> i think that movie was a very important, sort of first step on the rehabilitation of ben affleck, the public figure. >> but ben recognizes to truly get back on top, he needs to
1:22 am
make a bold move. >> to step behind the camera was something he always wanted to try. >> exactly like i planned it. >> he hadn't exactly shown promise in this short he directed at age 21. >> did you think for one second about how that made me look? >> despite his lack of directing credentials, he lobbies for the chance to make a gritty crime drama, "gone, baby, gone". >> my only child was murdered. >> this film executive gives ben the green light. looking back, you see that it was a risk? >> yeah, it definitely felt like a risk. maybe that was sort of wishful thinking. but i really felt confident that he could do it. >> to shoot the film, affleck came home, here to boston.
1:23 am
hollywood may have cooled on him, but his hometown still had his back. >> he's back on his native ground and he's keeping family close, casting his baby brother in the lead role. >> i'll try, i will. >> chip mcgrath spent time with affleck for his "new york times" piece on "gone, baby, gone." what do you think it meant for him to shoot with his younger brother casey? >> i think that was great. i think that meant a lot to him. >> it was great to see that relationship between ben and casey. they obviously really loved each other and respected each other. >> do you think people were surprised that he was that good of a director? >> yeah, i think they were. for a first film, it's very accomplished. he gets one shot up at the plate and he hits it out of the park. and what's fascinating is he does it by going back to his roots. he goes back to boston, to the streets, to the people that he knows so well.
1:24 am
>> ben was on a hot streak at this point. everyone was waiting to see what he did next. and along came the town. >> for his directing follow-up, he needs a leading man. he finds one, ben affleck. >> there was a lot, i think, riding for affleck for starring in "the town" because he was putting the two halves of himself together. the director -- >> we want to vary speeds. >> the respected director and the movie star. >> your family took me in when my father went away. >> "the town" confirms "gone baby gone" is not a fluke. >> bit by bit, he's winning people back. because he'd shown that he could make a good movie, a tight, solid, smart movie. >> finally, his career is back on track. his personal life, too. >> he loves his family. he's an amazing father. and he's very attentive.
1:25 am
and he's there. >> i heard him say on oscar day he took his daughter to a spelling bee. >> he did. she won. >> i love that. >> it's pretty cool. >> at 38, affleck is reaching for his next challenge. turns out, george clooney's got a project. >> we sent ben the script. he read it. >> the script is called "argo," the true story of a daring rescue of american diplomats caught up in the iranian revolution. >> called him up said, i have a take for it. will you put me on the movie? i'm responsible. i'm taking them through. >> we had a couple of meetings with ben and his take automatically was, it was just so good. >> you want to come to hollywood and act like a big shot without actually doing anything. yeah, you'll fit right in. >> the film is greeted with stellar box office and spectacular reviews. suddenly, for the first time in years, affleck is back on oscar's radar.
1:26 am
>> ben affleck was a new guy. he was the guy that we always knew he could be. >> but oscar nomination morning brings a stunning snub. "argo" scores a best picture nomination and six other nods. but when the nominees for director are announced -- >> the nominees are -- >> affleck's name, missing. oscar host seth macfarlane even mentions the snub in his monologue. >> the film's director is unknown to the academy. >> the omission stings. but after that setback, the momentum shifts. >> i do think his being passed over created a further almost wave of sympathy. poor ben, it's a good movie. we like him now. >> first, the golden globes. then the broadcast film critics and the directors gild all name affleck best director.
1:27 am
>> i had to just like kind of -- i don't know what. very early success. i was a very young man. i had some stuff work, some stuff didn't. i became overexposed, caused me to question, what do i want to do in this industry? >> he had a period in his life where he made some dumb career decisions, which we all have. he was very young when he did it. now he's making -- he's sort of directed his way out of all of that. >> but oscar night comes with no guarantees. the suspense builds and finally it's time to reveal best picture. first lady michelle obama does the honors. >> "argo." congratulations. >> after a long journey and the steep tumble, ben affleck has reinvented himself. >> i was here 15 years ago or something and i had no idea what i was doing.
1:28 am
i stood out here in front of you all, really just a kid. i went out and i never thought that i would be back here. >> here on the oscar stage, sharing life lessons about what it takes to come back. >> you have to work harder than you think you possibly can. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life. because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you've got to get up. >> from there, it's on to a night of celebrations for the boy from beantown who had fallen and gotten back up. the freshly engraved oscar leaves no doubt, ben affleck, back on top. >> what's your job on the movie? >> producer. >> what was the last movie you produced? you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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>> beyonce was really a quiet kid, kind of to herself. >> whose father launched her career. >> beyonce automatically stood out. everybody would say that. >> r&b royalty, fashion icon and now a new role -- mother. beyonce as you've never seen her from the people who know her best. >> inauguration days for president obama with beyonce singing the national anthem. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪
1:34 am
♪ through the perilous fight >> it was a moving moment. >> every time i look at her, singing for the president and performing worldwide, and then i think, that was my baby. >> darla johnson was beyonce's childhood dance teacher. >> i know that she's beyonce. i know that she's worldwide and everybody know her and everybody scream, et cetera, but even when i see her, she's still my beyonce. ♪ >> a proud moment that didn't last long. >> did beyonce fake it at the inauguration? >> this was a question on a lot of lips in washington today. >> beyonce and her lip-synch stunner.
1:35 am
>> did she or didn't she? >> did she? didn't she? and does it even matter? this was beyonce's response. posted to instagram. online and on air. >> i'm saying leave beyonce alone. >> was it live or on tape? >> she became a hot topic of conversation. >> i'm not surprised that she did lip-synch. >> i still don't think she did, though. >> i just think people think there just has to be something else behind who she is. >> gail mitchell writes for "billboard" magazine. >> that no one is really that nice, no one is really that gracious. maybe that's why people attacked so hard with the whole inauguration lip-synching. >> it turned out beyonce had used a prerecorded track. >> but at a press conference ten days later -- ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
1:36 am
>> beyonce silenced her critics. the punch line? >> any questions? >> not likely. >> matthew knowles is beyonce's father. and for decades managed her career. ♪ >> at 15, 16 years old, you don't quite yet have the maturity to quite understand or how to take criticism. >> i messed up. >> no, that's cool. >> she's gotten older, now she's a grown ass woman. so she understands it. >> beyonce feels this is her time. >> i feel like 30 is the ideal age because you're mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your
1:37 am
standards and not be afraid of being too polite. but you're young enough to be a young woman. i'm very aware of who i am. and i feel great. >> for beyonce knowles carter, lately it has been one hell of a run. back in the summer of 2011, there was a tummy rub at the video music awards. by the next january, the singer, dancer, actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and fashion icon was also mom. and with the birth of blue ivy came a new burst of creativity. >> i think as a new mom, you get a renewed sense of strength of purpose and whatever. i think that's gelled with her and having blue ivy. >> next thing you know it's super bowl. it's just, you know, one, two, three, let's go. >> beyonce emerged from a four-month break ready for reinvention.
1:38 am
>> i think as an artist, you have to constantly reinvent yourself. >> june ambrose is a stylist to husband jay-z and a friend of the couple. >> you're constantly under construction, always working to be relevant, always thinking of different ways to be a comeback and not compromise who you are as a woman, as a person. >> and there could be no bigger stage for her next act. than the halftime show at the super bowl. >> the crowd's reaction when she stepped out on stage during halftime was now the real show is going to start. it was like, i felt like the football team was her opening act. >> unmatched energy and an eye-popping look. >> she was a superhero. it was scantily clad. it was tough, it was salacious. >> beyonce has evolved into this being that you just expect greatness from to the point where great isn't even good enough anymore. >> pop star neo collaborates with beyonce. >> there's nobody else that's singing like she is. there's nobody else giving the energy that she gives on stage
1:39 am
and much less doing it at the same time. and doing both well at the same time. there's nobody else doing it. ♪ >> for 14 minutes, singing live and backed completely by female artists, beyonce lived out one of her dreams. >> i definitely feel that it is my job to empower women, and i remember having this dream that my band was all females and i told my male band at the time, i'm sorry, guys, y'all are so talented, but you're not women. >> a coincidental power failure provided the perfect metaphor for the lights-out performance. how do you think she did? >> how about exceptional. it's difficult because she didn't have a long time to rehearse. you've got to be on, and the world, i think 140 million people watched her. >> does it get any better than that?
1:40 am
>> i would be just as proud as if it was ten people. >> a new album, a huge world tour. beyonce is ready for the next big thing. >> 2013, what's new anymore. got to say hats off to her as an artist, just really trying to thrive for whatever is next. >> what's next for music's hottest star? and where did it all begin? >> the whole audience was rocking her name. beyonce! beyonce! beyonce! >> and that was back when she was like 7, 8 years old. >> that story next. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke.
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♪ before she was the diva, before she was the queen bee, she was just beyonce giselle knowles, a little girl in suburban houston. >> beyonce was a quiet kid, to herself. >> hoping to get beyonce to come out of their shell, matthew and tina knowles sent their daughter to this dance studio. >> harder, harder. >> when you first saw her and
1:45 am
she first came in, i mean, did you even notice her? >> what i did notice about her is that she was very shy. you ask her what's your name? beyonce knowles. you could barely hear her. i said, can you say it for me again, sweetheart? beyonce knowles. >> but on the dance floor -- >> beyonce would dance so hard that she would lose her costume pieces, sometimes her hat would come off because she was fierce. >> it was here that beyonce created her now famous alter ego. now, that's sasha fierce. that's who that is. >> when she got on stage she became a different person. >> but no one knew beyonce had a secret. >> i hummed a song and she finished it. and it blew me away. and i stopped and i told her, sing it again. she wouldn't sing it again. she was very quiet, very shy. and i promised her a dollar. she sung it again and i was floored. her parents came to pick her up and i said she can sing.
1:46 am
she can really sing. >> a multimillion dollar star was born. >> i remember her sitting on the floor and i would tell her, you're going to be so big. and i remember she was looking up at me and i said you watch. ♪ >> at local talent pageants, the pint-sized powerhouse quickly made a name for herself. >> before beyonce's name was even called, the whole audience was rocking her name, sounding her name. beyonce! beyonce! beyonce! ♪ >> judy took beyonce to many of these pageants. >> she always won the competitions. we may have had 500-plus junior talents and she always stood out. >> thank you. >> adorable. now, are these all the trophies she won from doing the talent shows and the pageants?
1:47 am
>> these are from the pageants, yeah. >> yet no one imagined that at this young age beyonce would already face the ugly side of fame. >> in school, you know, there was some jealousy because she was beginning to be a local star. so there was some jealousy of girls and they said some mean things to her. >> but the bullying didn't stop her. fame came knocking at the door of her mother's salon. >> some ladies came and said you know what, en vogue was hot at the time. they said we would like to form a younger version of en vogue and we would like to have beyonce be the lead singer of the group. >> girls time was born. beyonce teamed up with a group of six girls, including her cousin kelly rowland. >> beyonce was kind of the pilot of the group. if they got tired, she would encourage them. i call her the energizer bunny because beyonce keep going and going. ♪ i don't care
1:48 am
>> from the local spotlight to the national stage. >> girls tyme ended up going to "star search," ended up competing against some 40-year-olds. >> a perfect score, the challenge, girls tyme receives -- >> they lose, they're crying their heart out. i go over to ed mcmahon and i said mr. mcmahon, the girls are crying, i'm a dad. what do i do? he said well, i know those who lose go back and rededicate, refocus. >> and that's what matthew knowles had them do. in 1995, he resigned from his corporate job at xerox and managed the girls full time. >> i couldn't look them in the eye and say, give it your all if i wasn't doing that. >> you taught that lesson, this is how you dedicate yourself to this craft. >> yes. and it was difficult.
1:49 am
>> all they wanted was a major record deal. and that meant lots of hard work. here's some rare footage of beyonce working on some early recordings. >> duane wiggins was their producer. >> beyonce automatically stood out. everyone would say that because she simply was a very focused young lady. >> that focus paid off with a big record contract. michael maldin was an executive at columbia records. >> we could tell she had pipes and we could tell, again, they were young pipes. that's what you want to do is try to find groups that you can put in the incubator and try to develop. >> the group settled on a name, destiny's child, and the hits started coming. like "no, no, no." >> all here for you. >> destiny's child was on the express ride to the top. until --
1:50 am
>> what happened was the girls wanted new management so that was pretty tough for beyonce because her father is manager. >> the two members that wanted beyonce's father out were quickly replaced. >> beyonce was the one who got the black eye for it. very, very, very unjustly. >> beyonce became public enemy number one with fans and the press. even being called a blood-sucking diva. the criticism was nothing new for the girl who was bullied at age 9 for her talent. but now 10 years older, beyonce was stronger. her song said it. she was a survivor. ♪ i'm a survivor i'm not going to stop ♪ ♪ i'm going to work harder >> the publicity from the scandal was seemingly priceless. people couldn't get enough of destiny's child. by the 2001 grammys, destiny's
1:51 am
child seemed unstoppable. or at least that's what everyone thought. when we come back, beyonce goes off on her own. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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1:53 am
give it here. big energy. let's go. give it here. dance like a star. >> listen carefully. >> harder, harder. >> darla johnson's girls, the ones she calls the next generation of beyonces, are dancing to "crazy in love." "crazy in love," i love it. >> don't we all wish we were? >> crazy in love. >> it's the first single off beyonce's very first solo album, "dangerously in love" and it's the song that launches beyonce as a major solo superstar and leads to the end of destiny's child. >> i knew that that was going to take her soaring. >> and it did. >> it did.
1:54 am
♪ >> beyonce's part two, the solo career begins with jay-z. he's in her first solo hit and he's in her personal life. from their dating to their wedding to baby blue, the public doesn't learn a single detail until beyonce is ready to spill it. >> so let me show you this. >> an approach she learned from her father. >> i'm not going to talk about beyonce the mom and -- >> what about papa g, the granddad? what do you like to do with blue? >> i'm not going to talk about that. you get nothing. >> i get nothing. >> you get nothing. >> this is beyonce -- >> it's a philosophy that beyonce would go on to apply to both her professional and private lives. nobody learns anything about b until she's ready to tell them. well, let's talk about "dangerously in love." the album did really well. >> yes. >> that first solo album debuted
1:55 am
at number one and went on to sell more than 11 million copies. >> the album did really well. and what am i thinking? tour? >> studio, tour, more singles, now. >> normally when the album does very well, you do a tour. >> there's a small tour, beyonce's first as a solo artist, followed by three more solo albums and a total of five solo number one hits, including 2008's "single ladies." movies -- >> because i'm foxy cleopatra and i'm a whole lot of woman. >> a fashion line. >> my mother would make all these beautiful clothes and after so many years, my fans, they were like, okay we have to buy these clothes somewhere. ♪ oh, yeah
1:56 am
>> and numerous endorsements including a new one with pepsi that will pay beyonce to advertise its products and fund some of her creative projects. >> i think it's a huge deal. i think it says a lot about her as a brand, about her music, and that pepsi would do something like that for a black female music artist, that's tremendous. >> it's a deal that demonstrates she's as good a businesswoman as she is a performer. >> my father was such an incredible entrepreneur, and any and everything he said he would have, he worked until he had it. and he taught me there's no such thing as no. >> my personal opinion is she watched. she watched her dad. she watched her mom. her mom ran a hair salon. she's got this business savvy that a lot of people either -- a lot of creative types, they're one side. >> those two sides of beyonce are more important than ever. she's now on her own.
1:57 am
two years ago, she announced her father would no longer be her manager. i wonder where can she or where does she go from here? >> i think that's a question you should ask beyonce. i think she has the ability, the talent, the passion, fans that she can quite frankly go wherever she would like to go. >> where she's going next is the documentary world. she is the director of the story of her life that airs this month on hbo. >> power is not given to you. you have to take it. you're playing a part in a much bigger show. and that's what life is. >> we learned more about the personal details she usually withholds, such as the miscarriage she suffered prior to blue ivy. but even before the documentary aired, she was becoming a little freer with personal information, thanks to a large and active tumblr site.
1:58 am
>> if they're posting it, you're supposed to know it. if they're not posting it, you ain't supposed to know it. >> what the online and documentary projects have in common is that beyonce controls the content. after the doc, there's a world tour. mrs. carter? that's beyonce confirming four years later that she's married to jay-z whose given name is shawn carter. and details on the next album, writer producer neo promises whatever music she produces in the future will push the edges creatively. >> she's not afraid to take a risk, not afraid to take a shot. she's not afraid to do this. if you hit, you hit. if you don't, you don't. >> but aside from admitting to some recording sessions with beyonce, he won't say any more. >> i'm not going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag. y'all ain't fixing to get me in
1:59 am
trouble, no, sir. nobody has the patience to wait for the greatness. everyone wants it quick, quick, quick. if you take the time to wait for it, it makes it that much better when you actually get it. >> wait for it, world. the tour is coming. her website is promoting it. the rest, she'll tell you when she's good and ready [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...