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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  March 3, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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goes off, wake up and don't hit that snooze button. >> mark, all helpful stuff. i think i will implement that in the next day. >> get your metabolism rocking. >> i can get up at 3:00 a.m. the suquester for spending cuts, whatever you want to call them, fair game for the crew at "saturday night live" last night. take a look. >> i want to show you some of the everyday men and women that these cuts are going to affect. people like our air traffic controllers and our border patrol agents. >> well, before we can look at our radar screens we have to watch a 20-second ad for doritos and we no longer have full-body scanners so we ask everyone to take a photo down the front of their pants and just text that to us. >> and border patrol. >> we're going to have to let every tenth mexican just run across the border. >> thank you.
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>> the cuts also affect our space program. astronauts like major lindsay fulton. >> thanks to the budget cuts, our space helmets will no longer have glass. when we go outside to repair the ship, we'll just have to hold our breath. >> thank you, major. >> see you in space. >> and some employees will be outright let go, including inner city public school teachers. so, who worked in one of philadelphia's worst school districts. this must be so hard for you. >> this is the greatest day of my entire life. so, good luck reading, you monst monsteres. >> and, of course, these cuts will affect our military. our civil service and grants to native americans. >> thanks for starting your
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morning with us, we have much more ahead on "cnn sunday morning" which starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in this morning for randi kaye. 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 on the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. first vice president joe biden will be in alabama to commemorate the historic civil rights march from selma to montgomery. shined a light on the right for voting rights. fast forward to now, the issue is front and center and victor blackwell is live in selma for us. hi, victor. just want to ask you because vice president biden is going to be there. he said wednesday that he couldn't believe that he's reliving this civil rights battle and it is really being put into light today because of the march. he is referring to this voting rights case that is now before the supreme court. is he expected to address that today? >> no doubt. he will talk about that today.
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the people who tried to cross that bridge behind me, this was the legislation they were fighting for in 1965. it's been reauthorized several times and now there is a fight in the supreme court to negate one portion, section five of the voting rights act, which gives the federal government the right to negate local and state election laws in certain areas of the country, mostly in the south, if they believe it will disenfranchise minorities and the vice president has said he didn't realize that these fights would have to be fought over and over. yesterday i spoke with one of the attorneys for the naacp defense fund and he is arguing this case in front of the supreme court along donald varrili. justice scalia said this amounts to racial entitlement. here's his response to that claim. >> from the perspective of a
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civil rights lawyer and an american it completely denies our history. for more than a century of persistent discrimination. discrimination that stood in the face of the constitution. it's an answer to promisess that went unkept for over 100 years. the voting act rights captures what is best in america. the idea that we should all be able to participate in the democracy. >> there were 98 senators in 2006 who voted to reauthorize the voting rights act of 1965, including joe biden and every senator from the states that it covers. so, that is the argument that justice kagan offered in response to what justice scalia said about it being a racial entitlement, brianna. >> bhawhat about those who say is no longer needed because race relations are improved since the law was first passed? >> that's what the mayor is making.
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these provisions are a burdensome and unwarranted, but the justices, sotomayor and kagan said that the justices would approve, alabama would meet that having no satate-wide leader elected across the state of alabama. that's the fight. in shelby county they said things improved to a point that this is no longer needed. >> this is really going to be a nail biter judging by the oral arguments, victor, since you couldn't really tell where the justices stood and it seems that it is possible this changes. we'll keep an eye on that and come back to you in selma. thanks. senator mitch mcconnell accuses a liberal group using racial slurs to criticize his wife. former labor secretary elaine cho. sent out a tweet that implies cho's asian background is linked
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with u.s. jobs moving to china. she moved to the u.s. when she was 8 and mcconnell called the comments "the ultimate outrage." progress, kentucky, has taken them off twitter and has apologized and will be a guest on "state of the union." searchers outside of tampa have given up on finding a man who disappeared when a sinkhole opened under his bed. later this morning demolition crews will start tearing down the house and authorities say the ground is so unstable that it's too dangerous to look for jeff bush's body. the hole is about 50 feet deep and 30 feet wide and soil testing showed it could swallow up more houses in the neighborhood. two familialli families had to leave. >> we did some testing and we determined that the house right next to the house that is actually damaged, which is the green house, is also compromised by the sinkhole.
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we are allowing the families from this green house to go in safely with some of our crews to be able to get some of their immediate belongings. . >> a county official says the ground is so dangerous that crews will have to tear down the house from a distance. also in florida, most of the people chased out of their homes by a fast, intense brush fire are back home this morning. firefighters say, i should say firefighters near daytona beach say they've got it 75% contained, but at one point, about 300 family husband to leave. so far no reports of injuries and only a barn and chicken coop have burned down. the crew aboard the international space station are getting ready to lock down the dragon cargo vehicle. this is something they used the station's robotic arm to reach out to. they grabbed earlier this morning. you are watching live pictures from far above the earth. they will drag it to the station
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around 9:40 a.m. eastern time. and you may recall there was some glitches when this launched on friday. that delayed the arrival there at the space station for about a day. this capsule is carrying about 1,200 pounds of supplies for the crew and the experiment. they're happy to see that thing. some t-shirt controversial slogans have people talking on twitter. one slogan reads, keep calm and hit her. another t-shirt promoted rape. these appeared on amazon's uk retail site. the company that prints the shirts is apologizing and has removed the listings. it said the slogans were computer generated. the roman catholic church is doing something it has not done in 600 years. searching for a new spiritual leader for its 1 billion faithful in the wake of benedict xvi. cardinals from around the world are gathering at the vatican and in cnn national correspondent
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susan candiotti talked about what they want to see in the next pope. >> she spends her days helping the poor in new york's neighborhood. providing legal aid and promoting health care. she's a lawyer and a lobbyist. what kind of reaction do you get when people find out you're a lobbyist? >> very surprised. i think that you can't promote change. you can't ask for change unless you walk would the person who suffered that problem. >> reporter: like other catholics, she has an eye on who will succeed pope benedict xvi. what characteristics would you like to see in the next pope? >> i hope that the next pope reaches out to everybody. i hope that he sees his need to be a healer. and in healing comes understanding and open dialogue. >> reporter: because more than half of the cardinals selecting the next pope were chosen by pope benedict xvi the opposition to ordaining women will change. in washington, d.c., sister
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sumoan campbell isn't shy about speaking out. she helped organize last year's nuns on the bus tour, opposing federal spending cuts and a proposed budget by gop congressman paul ryan. >> thank you, thank you for coming. >> reporter: in her view the church, unlike a cultural democracy, still struggles with expanding the roles of women. >> we know women are equal and we know that all should be at the table contributing their insights. but the culture of our church, not the faith of our church, but the culture of our church has not caught up to a democratic culture. >> reporter: she hopes the next pope will drop an investigation of american nuns who the vatican accuses of spending too much time fighting for social justice and not enough time opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. >> we work too much for the poor. the needs of the poor. which i take as a badge of honor since that's our mission. >> reporter: for sister mary ellen, the church's future is all about better communication.
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>> i feel that we can only make a difference if we continue to maintain the dialogue. >> reporter: which will be up to the next pope. >> susan candiotti joining me now from outside st. patrick's cathedral in new york. i know it is early, but it is sunday. maybe some people are coming by as they do so often there to that beautiful cathedral in new york. are any of them talking to you about what they want to see in the new pope? >> it's been pretty quiet. good morning, so far, brianna. however, i can tell you that at least one of the parishioners here that we spoke with said that they're looking for more transparency in the church and also added this. perhaps they said the next pope will start to appoint younger cardinals that would bring perhaps fresher ideas or bring about change in the years to come. but, of course, change never comes quickly, normally, in the roman catholic church. so, everyone is waiting to see when the date for the conclave
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will be set and who, of course, the next pope will be. >> susan candiotti in new york, thank you. the french twist to eating and staying trim. we'll tell you all about it. ♪
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there's a french twist when it comes to eating healthier. my next guest even wrote a book about it. 12 secrets to decadent dining that will help people manage their weight. she's joining me from new york this morning to share a few of those secrets. carol, first off, thanks for being here. >> thank you, brianna. good to be here. >> in your book, people say, let them eat cake. that's not such a bad thing in your book. >> not at all. listen, americans are at war with food. and they're losing. 45 million people are on a diet and in this daegz, obesity rates are higher than ever. and then we have the french. they're having a love affair with food. and they're healthier, they live longer and they're slimmer. >> so, what are some of the secrets that you've discovered? >> i think the biggest secret is
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that the pleasure center of the brain really has so much to do with the way that we metabolize food. so, there's a direct connection between what's happening in your brain and what's happening in your gut. >> what does that mean exactly? so, when you're talking about these 12 secrets to decadent dining, give us a teaser on one, i would say. >> well, okay, let's take, let's take the typical diet. and the typical diet we're asked to keep a food journal. we write down everything we eat and we monitor it. but, really, what's happening has nothing to do with the food that we're eating, but what is driving that behavior? why are we eating? instead of journling our food, what i ask my clients to do is journal their thoughts around food. find out what is driving their behavior? >> you say your thoughts around food. maybe you talk about things such as, you know, were you upset
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about something at work and then you went andate a cheese burger or having a great day and ate a salad and did you feel contunt or did you feel like you had overeaten? >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. once you understand that behavior and you realize you're not a loser without willpower and there is something driving that behavior, you're able to make a shift. >> if you understand there is that behavior, then how do you manage it? i maybe i know i had a bad day at work. maybe i wanted that gigantic chocolate shake. how do i next time avoid that? the self-awareness of it will help me. is that your theory? >> that's the beginning of it. that's the first step and then many different things we go in to with the 12 steps. like, for example, moralizing food. naming food good or bad so that you feel when you eat the food, you're good or bad, depending on what you eat. so, that's one thing we try to
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turn around and understand that food is neutral. there are some foods that are healthier than others. and those are better choices, but you're not a good or bad person depending on what you eat. >> fascinating. carol with us here today. we really appreciate your time, thanks. >> thank you. the harlem shake. not just a fun dance craze. young activists in the middle east are now using the mean to protest their leaders. i'll explain. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop...
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good morning, washington, d.c. my lovely, yet dysfunctional home city. a nice, live look there of the
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sunrise shining down on the white house. all eyes, of course, on washington this week as four spending cuts get under way. you're looking at 42 degrees in washington. partly cloudy today. moscow is demanding more information about the death of a 3-year-old russian boy who was adopted by a texas couple. max shadow died on january 21st. a texas coroner has declared his death accidental. a texas district attorney said that bruises found on the little boy's body were self-inflicted. russian authorities say they're not satisfied. russian has recently banned u.s. adoptions and in moscow yesterday, demonstrators marched calling for a ban on all foreign adoptions. the man who claimed responsibility for an attack in nigeria that killed three americans and dozens of other hostages is now dead. chad military has said they killed moktar belmoktar.
4:23 am
he died reportedly in clashes in italy. calling him one of the worst terrorist. the country is trying to prevent a repeat of 2008 when more than 1,000 people were killed in post-election violence. there is a system in place now for kenyans to use social media, texts, as well as e-mail to report violence or hate speech. eight contenders in the election tomorrow. one frontrunner is the son of kenya's first president. by now, i'm sure you've seen some of these popular harlem shake videos from employees dancing in offices and teams like the miami heat breaking loose in the locker rooms to new heights in airplanes. the new internet sensation is doing more than sweeping the nation. but a tool of protest in the middle east. seriously. cnn's jonathan mann has more. >> do the harlem shake.
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>> reporter: it's the meme of the moment and now the harlem shake the latest form of protest in the middle east. from the great pyramids in egypt to the capital of tunisia. millions around the world have watched different harlem shake videos online. the dance craze started last month with a group of australian teenagers and quickly went viral, spreading to offices, airplanes, national basketball association locker rooms and even cnn. this week, dance turned into decent, though, as dozens of young egyptians did the harlem shake in front of the muslim brotherhood headquarters. >> translator: we thought we should protest in a fun manner. instead of chanting and getting beaten, we would leave normally. >> reporter: four egyptians were arrested while trying to record themselves doing the dance. in their underwear in another
4:25 am
cairo neighborhood. there have also been a few scuffles between protesters and police reported in tunisia where more harlem shake videos are popping up online. the country's education minister has reportedly ordered an investigation into this video shot outside a school where some dancers imitated islamists by wearing fake beards and robes. while the videos look like fun, protesters say they want to be taken seriously. >> translator: we're sending a message in a different way and this message is very peaceful through doing the harlem shake dense. it could be a scene straight out of a sitcom, but no joke for some members of the "modern family" cast. >> get us out. >> get us out! >> what happened when these stars found themselves stuck. but, first, let's check in with dr. sanjay gupta for a look at what's coming up on sanjay gupta md at 7:30 eastern.
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good morning, atlanta. this is a live look at downtown and centennial olympic park. pretty chilly day considering it is march here. 45 degrees and partly cloudy. what happens when you put three actors from "modern in an? they get stuck. they were on their way to a fund-raiser in kansas city on friday when their elevator stopped between floors for an hour. they took to twitter to vent. >> get us out. >> get us out. >> get us out. >> get us out! >> a dozen other peoplee


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