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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 3, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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this week's book of the week is "lee kuan yuw" the grandmaster's insights on china and the world. two senior scholars spent hours with the legendary founder of singapore and have presented his world views in the short book that is packed with intelligence and insight. if you are interested in the future of asia, which means the future of the world, you've got to read this book. now for the last look. in america, harlem shake may be the top pop single. >> in egypt and tunisia there's some serious harlem shaking going on. and it's causing leaders to tremble. as it becomes a potent symbol of protest, revolt and defiance. take these kids at a school in tunisia. they danced en masse to the song and posted their exploits on youtube. that prompted a quarter of a million hits and reports of
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investigation by the country's minister of education and that prompted a backlash, video after video of tunisian probably doing the harlem shake in defiance. andless egypt where the authorities went further and the backlash was worse. four pharmaceutical students were arrested for doing this harlem shake in front of the pyramids and that set occupy a big reaction there was a mass shake in front of the muslim brotherhood headquarters to protest. no now who says america's popular culture exports have no value? the answer to the question of the week was a, it has about 450 official citizens. many of whom actually live elsewhere. according to the c.i.a. fact book, the total population, including citizens of other nation who is live there is around 800. thanks for being part of my
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program this week, i will see you next week. >>. hello, these are the stories topping our news this hour. queen elizabeth ii has been admitted to a london hospital where she is being treated for gastroenteritis. buckingham palace says she was taken there as a precautionary measure and she is expected to be there for two days. a live report from london coming up in a few moments. and in florida today, crews are tearing down that house that was partially destroyed by a sinkhole. one of the home's occupants, jeff bush is still missing and presumed dead after he disappeared in the sinkhole in the middle of the night thursday. demolition crews moved parts of the house onto the street to helple family recover some of the belongings. >> family is being well taken care of. we're looking after all of their
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needs, we'll be looking towards providing some housing on an interim basis and looking for some permanent solutions for them. we believe they've been very pleased with all of the valuables we've been able to recover. >> the demolition is expected to be done by tomorrow. >> police in new york are on the lookout for two hit-and-run suspects who fled this horrific crash scene in brooklyn. officials say the suspect's bmw crashed into a cab carrying two expectant parents. both the husband and wife were killed. the baby was delivered by c-section and is now in critical condition. we'll have a live report on the tragic accident and the manhunt for the suspects straight ahead. on to selma, alabama now to today. vice president joe biden is helping mark a civil rights milestone. 48 years ago this month when alabama state troopers and others attacked a peaceful group of marchers, they were marching
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from selma to montgomery in support of what would become the voting rights act. a live report from selma coming up minutes from now. buckingham palace is canceling or postponing all of queen elizabeth's official engagements this week. she was taken to the hospital today. suffering from flu-like symptoms. our richard quest is at the hospital and joining us now. richard, what is the latest on her condition. >> well all we know is that this afternoon, after presenting some long service medals at windsor castle, the queen who had been suffering from gastroenteritis was driven in a private car to the king edward vii hospital. that's all we know. except 230r the fact that all her engagements over the next few days will either be canceled or postponed. and that would include a trip that she and her husband, the duke of edinburgh were due to make to rome. the queen is expected to stay in hospital for possibly two days.
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now the queen's gastroenteritis, we don't know too many details, other than she was first afflicted on friday. engagements were canceled yesterday. it seems to be a precautionary measure. she is 8 6 years old. they decided to bring her to hospital. thanks so much, richard quest for the update, keep us posted as you learn more information about queen elizabeth ii's condition. at the vatican. not business as usual. for the first time since the pope's resignation, there's no pope to say the prayer over st. peter's square. cardinal keith o'brien of scotland apologized for improper sexual conduct in his past. in apparent response to allegations that he behaved inappropriately to several priests decades oorks cnn's senior vatican analyst said the o'brien case could influence the conclave. >> what it's likely to do is
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reinforce a conviction that was already very strong among the 115 cardinals who are going to be voting in this election. first of all, that the next pope has to profile as a reformer on the child sexual abuse scandals that have rocked the catholic church. he has to strike the world as part of the solution rather than part of the problem. and the other thing is that if nothing else, he has to have clean hands himself on this crisis. >> cardinals are still arriving in rome for the conclave and tomorrow's preconclave meetings, they'll be discussing the future of the church. >> meantime in this country in new york, heartache in the hasidic jewish community after a car accident takes the lives of a young orthodox jewish couple expecting a baby. susan candiotti is live for us from new york. the baby, a little boy survived this horrific accident. still being watched at the hospital. what more do we know about the accident and the search for the
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suspects? >> fred, the pain must be nearly unbearable for the family of this young couple. a premature baby boy born after his 21-year-old first-time parents were killed in a horrific hit-and-run two-car crash. pictures of damage to the car the couple was in, are stunning. the top of the livery car, a cab, is sheared off, it's not clear whether it happened during impact or when the young man and woman and cab driver were removed. the mother-to-be, raizy glauber and her husband, nathan, were sitting in the back seat. police say they were heading to the local hospital for a checkup. it's almost midnight. it's unclear why they were going at that late hour. the cab was t-boned, smacked an the driver's side by a oncoming car, a light-colored bmw, the husband and the mother-to-be were dead on arrival. but the doctors were able to deliver the baby boy by c-section. police say the infant is in
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critical condition. the cab driver survived. police say the two people in the bmw fled the scene on foot. the hasidic community in williamsburg, new york, is rallying around the family. trying to come to grips with what happened. >> they have all the resource there is to deal with it. all the psychological help that they need. the impact of it? as we all learned, is children children go to the grave with the parents. parents don't go to funerals of children and here we're going to have two sets of parents going. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. the one year not even married a year. and you know, they're going in for the happiest time to have a baby, that's what happens. horrible. >> now police tell me they are talking to the registered owner of that car, the bmw. no more details on who that is or who fled the scene. a funeral for the parents of the baby boy is expected to begin
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shortly, fred. >> so wait a minute, they know the they have the vehicle, because you say the two suspects fled on foot, they're talking to the person registered to the vehicle. is it believed it was a stolen vehicle or the person registered to the vehicle may know the suspects? >> those are exactly the questions that i've been asking. but so far, they say we're still investigating this. we're still trying to piece all of this together, and they're certainly looking for the two people who are on foot. but we don't know if they had any relationship to the registered owner of that car. >> sad, thanks so much, susan candiotti in new york. a 911 operator begs a nurse at an assisted living facility to help a dying woman, but she won't do it. the reason? it's against policy. you've got to hear this 911 call. plus -- on the front lines of the civil rights movement nearly 50 years after this historic march, vice president joe biden leads another walk across the bridge. live to selma, alabama, next.
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an elderly woman is dead after a nurse at a senior living
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facility in california refused to give her cpr. the nurse is heard arguing with the 911 operator who pleaded with the nurse to do something. the nurse says she was complying with policy at the glenwood gardens facility that bans employees from attempting cpr. nick valencia is all over the story. nick, you know before we hear the call, how did this all begin. >> it begins with a heart attack an 8 7-year-old woman suffering a heart attack. >> we can't do cpr. >> can you hand the phone to the passerby. if you can't do it, i'll hand it to the passerby. if you have any citizens there. >> anybody there can do chrp. give them the phone, please. >> i understand if your facility is not willing to do that. give the phone to the passerby, the stranger, i need this woman is not breathing, she's going to die if we don't get this started. do you understand? >> i understand, i am a nurse,
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but i cannot have our other senior citizens who don't know cpr -- >> i will instruct them. >> i will instruct them. is there anyone there -- >> i cannot do that. >> that brookdale senior living facility provides different options for their residents. this woman was living in the independent living portion. it's also worth noting according to your local affiliate, kget, she did not have a do not resuscitate order. >> the woman's daughter is speaking out. what has she been saying. >> she's reportedly a nurse and she told our local affiliate, kget that she's satisfied with the care that the senior living facility gave her mother. apparently they were well aware of the protocol surrounding cpr. in the extended version of the 911 tape, you would hear the 911 dispatch operator say the ems will take liability for any injury suffered during the cpr. i did some research and found out even under the california good samaritan law, the nurse
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would have been covered by the culpability, we're unsure if she would have been fired for violating the protocol. eye know you'll have more for us later on. >> vice president joe biden joined a gathering in selma, alabama. a commemoration, the day known as bloody sunday. it was 48 years ago this month, when alabama state troopers and others attacked a peaceful march. the group was marching from selma, to montgomery, in support of what would become the voting rights act. victor blackwell is live from selma where you've got a sizeable gathering behind you there. victor, voting rights is back in the forefront because of a new case before the u.s. supreme court. vice president biden, will he and any others be addressing that? >> yes, the vice president spoke at a brunch a few moments ago and the man on the stage behind
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us is a special counsel with the naacp legal defense fund. he argued alongside donald verilli, the u.s. solicitor general in front of the supreme court to uphold the reauthorization from thousand 6 for the voting rights act. the controversy is over one portion, section 5, which gives the federal government oversite. over election laws in several southern states, mississippi, louisiana, georgia, virginia, and localities in other parts of the country. now shelby county, alabama, brought this case before the justices to say those protections are no longer needed and the discriminations that were supposed to be eliminated by the voting rights act have ended. the solicitor general and the vice president say there has been a lot of progress. but those parts of the voting rights laws should stay intact. here's what he told the group a few moments ago.
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>> we still have a lot of work to do, easier than it was 48 years ago for one overwhelming reason. what we all did here 48 years ago changed the hearts and the minds of the vast majority of the american people. that's why i'm convinced we will prevail in the new fight with regard to voter access and voter rights. >> now fredricka, during the oral arguments on webs, justice scalia said that portion of the voting rights act amounted to racial entitlement. well the person who you just heard from said in fact that ignores the history of the country and the institutional e institutionalized discrimination against minorities. >> victor blackwell, thank you so much from selma, alabama. it seems like everybody had something to say about the forced spending cuts. we've got a take that you may have missed. here's a hint -- the village people are part of this one.
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plus, will we keep finding ourselves in financial crisis mode every few months? i'll ask our senior political analyst. >> just a few minutes i'm going to be talking to saul griffin, an engineer and inventor, working on new technologies in the field of robotics, he run as search outfit called other lab. a sight to behold. amazing to see what happens when brilliant minds are allowed to wander, "the next list," 2:30 here on cnn. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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and when you finally think you know me. you'll realize, there's still so much more to discover. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at these cuts will affect our military. our civil servants. federal construction projects. even grants to native americans. and i'm the one who has to tell these folks -- young men, there's no need to feel down.
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young men, pick yourself off the ground. young men, just because your funding is down, there's no need to -- be unhappy. we shouldn't laugh, "saturday night live" poking fun at the stalemate over the forced spending cuts. back in the real world, the cuts will impact many americans. for lawmakers and the president, it's costing them perhaps some political capitol. ron brownstein is the editorial director at the national journal. good to see you, ron. you write how both sides botched the sequester fight. so in other words, you say there are no real winners here. both are sacrificing some long-term priorities in what way? >> well, look, almost everyone in both parties agree we have to do something in the long-term
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deficit and debt under control. but i think the sequester is far from the ideal way to do that. at a time when the economy is still weak. it concentrates all the austerity right up front and there are estimates that pulling this much purchasing power out of the economy could reduce the number of jobs created next year by as much as 700,000 or 750,000. it doesn't differentiate between programs seen as successful and those seen as unsuccessful. it cuts across the board. third it has a generational inequity. the sequester is aimed solely at discremary spending. the kind of day-to-day operation of the government. medicare, medicaid, programs like that as a result, it cuts deeply at the programs where we make our investments and the productivity of the next education, research. and only nicks very slightly entitlements that benefit the
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elderly. this tilt we're living through where we are spending $7 per capita on seniors a the the federal level than we are on kids, in all of these ways i think, the sequester kind of steers both parties away from when they want, a growing economy and a long-term solution that controls the debt. >> those are the consequences economically. house speaker john boehner has been receiving accolades from conservatives who say he's digging in his heels. not agreeing to taxes going up and so for him, it's a real victory. because now he is pleasing the caucus. so it seems as though the politics are far outweighing, i guess the needs of the american people or what the electorate was hoping for this term. more cooperation. >> that's a whole other question. i think for both parties, there are short-term benefits to the road they're on. even by other lights, there are long-term costs, yes for the republicans this does allow them to show their base, they're standing up to president obama
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and it allows him to bank some real spending cuts. in the long run, the only way to achieve the highest goal to control the growth of government is to control entitlement spending, which is almost totally exempt. the only way they're going get limits on entitlement spending is a deal with president obama which can only be achieved through a comprehensive package of revenue and entitlements. the president polling shows will probably come out ahead in the fight. he's bayically come out ahead in every other budget collision with republicans since 2011. has a deal to get a bill to eliminate the land minus that derail the slow but steady recovery. >> awe say the president appears to be myopic. despite the fact that he comes out the winner here. in what way is he myopic? >> both sides, short-term gains that imperil long-term goals.
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the for the president, the key to his presidency is accelerating recovery. they have a coalition that is a potential lasting majority coalition in national politics of the millenniumial generation. the biggest threat to that coalition endure sag lack of economic growth that allows the members to feel as though they're moving ahead in their livesth the president needs, i think a deal here more than the white house understands, to both eliminate the headwind on the economy and to free the space up for the other things he wants to do on immigration and gun control. the principal obstacle is the republicans and the house are not willing to consider more revenue, you could see a pathway to a comprehensive deal. both sides need a deal more than the short-term gains are suggesting. >> thank so much. >> a t-shirt with a rather shocking message. this was for sale on amazon's
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website, twitter users went nuts, what happened next and the other t-shirt people? what they're talking about today.
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