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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 5, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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androgel 1.62%. ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ because of you [sigh] [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors -- we make a great pair. right, totally, uh... that's what i was thinking. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm brianna keilar. monitoring live pictures from venezuela. a press conference under way there about the health of hugo
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chavez. we do understand from government sources that his healthy is very delicate. there are concerns about what this would mean to the future of venezuela, if indeed he is faring as poorly as we understand he is. we're going to continue to monitor the situation there in caracas. we have reporters on the ground and in atlanta to tell us exactly about the repercussions and exactly about what is health status is. we'll be checking that out shortly and bring that to you. a storm slams the midwest and is barreling east on its way, it could drop a foot of snow in chicago. a live report on that moments away. was it a bird, a plane or a drone? >> what did you say? >> we saw a drone. a drone aircraft. >> a pilot reports seeing a drone over brooklyn while he was
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landing. then, sex, lies, audiotapes. jodi arias returns to the witness stand for the 15th day. she is accused of murder in the grisly death of her boyfriend. a look at this graphic case. our big story from wall street. the dow jones hitting an all-time high. it shot up almost right out of the gate. right now we are about halfway through the trading day. it's still up about 14 -- up 140 points, i should say. let's go to alison kosik phone the floor of the new york stock exchange. tease are levels we haven't seen in years. >> reporter: exactly. big numbers to talk about. it's been more than five years since we've seen the dow at levels like this. you know, it's interesting thing, though, look at how the economy's doing. there's a disconnect between what we're seeing on the board, how the market's up so high, what real americans are feeling. look at unemployment rate 7.9%, 12 million americans out of work. it's almost like investors think that the economy's in full
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throttle expansion mode and the reality is it isn't. look at gdp, in the last quarter of last year, last three months of last year, it barely grew. gdp was up .1%. that's only up a little bit. look at housing prices. we are seeing a recovery in the housing market. housing prices are way off their highs. washington, i don't need to tell you this. washington is a dysfunctional mess. also concerns about europe and a possible slowdown in china as well. our biggest trading partner. companies are doing all they can to cut costs and they're not looking to hire now. so, what many people realize at this point is that this rally's mostly because of the fed and that's why analysts say don't expect this rally to last. don't be surprised if you suddenly see the market do a 180 and investorers take money off the table. enjoy this now if you're making money. >> don't get too jazzed about it. does feel like an economic slog.
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certainly here for washington, i'll say. the midwest is getting buried under almost a foot of snow. the fourth big storm this year. heavy snow has fallen on minnesota, north dakota, illinois' gotten some and it's heading east. jennifer delgado looks at problems the storm's causing. >> reporter: here we go again. >> last week was practice. this is the real deal. >> reporter: another winter storm is gearing up and dumping tons of snow from the dakotas to the east coast. this is north dakota. a foot of snow fell in parts of that state. the roads there -- >> a little icy. you can't tell but they're icy. >> reporter: minnesota is seeing round two of a one-two punch. some areas there could also get a foot of snow. it's already caused plenty of wrecks. just look at this. you can follow the tracks from the road. all the way down to where the car ended up overturned.
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air travelers are caught in the middle of it. hundreds of flights have already been canceled for today. this man had right idea when he left last night. >> getting out ahead of the weather, we're going to fly out to san diego and beat the snow. >> reporter: it's been a relatively mild winter so far in chicago. but that will change today. >> and, jennifer delgado joining me now. >> reporter: that's right. >> take it away. go right ahead. >> reporter: yeah, you know it's hard to hear with the buses going by and the wind starting to kick up a little bit as well. in the last half hour, brianna, if you noticed that the snow is actually getting heavier, it's blowing stronger. i just checked, visibility in chicago o'hare down to 3/4 mile. we're going continue to see visibility issues because the snow's going to get heavier. talking 6 to 8 inches in some areas we could see potentially 10 inches of snowfall. let's show you some snowfall totals. for rockford, illinois, that's
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to the west of chicago, they've been the big winner with the snowfall. five inches. areas around chicago roughly talking 1 to 3. haven't gotten official word on the totals coming out of o'hare or midway. but let talk about the storm. we're going to start you off tonight at 7:00. notice the snow is affecting more parts of indiana as well as western parts of ohio. and as we move ahead to wednesday morning hello mid-atlantic. talking about a messy storm for you. this is bringing potentially a foot of snowfall especially for mountains right along the aps, blue ridge mountains, those will see the heaviest. central pennsylvania, maryland, in those regions, five inches or more. and that includes the d.c. metro area. of course the western communities are going to pick up more snowfall. that gives you an idea of the timing. of course on thursday, this is
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affecting parts of new england, even new york. you can start to see some snow arriving looks like wednesday night. i want to point out, there's a positive to the snow. it's the wet stuff here, the big flakes. i have a nice -- i shouldn't throw it at that lady walking by. >> do it. >> reporter: yes! we do have some positives out of the snow. >> some positives. >> i'm going to get in the truck and get warm. >> i can't believe how happy you look to be in the snow. >> reporter: it's going to get worse. >> we'll be following. jennifer delgado. stay warm. tonight, piers morgan will ask, is global warming causing more massive storms? tonight 9:00 eastern on cnn. was there a drone flying over brooklyn monday? a pilot says yes and the fbi is investigating. take a listen to what the pilot radioed to the control tower. >> what did you say? >> we saw a drone, a drone aircraft.
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>> brian todd joinings now. brian, the faa is looking into this. we got word moments ago the fbi is also looking into it. do we know if it was really a drone? >> reporter: brianna, that's what they're looking into now. it's unclear. could have been an unmanned aerial vehicle, a drone, some kind of remote-controlled model plane. that's what the faa and the fbi are looking into. and you mentioned the fbi. we have just gotten information from the fbi that they're asking for the public's help in identifying this vehicle, the operator of the vehicle. fbi special agent in charge issued a statement saying, quote, our paramount concern is the safety of aircraft passengers and crew. what is crucial about what the fbi is saying this afternoon is that it says that this unmanned aircraft, whatever it was, came within 200 feet of the plane. if that's the case, that's a serious incident. that's a plane with approaching speed of a large passenger jet
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coming in for a landing. if this thing was within 200 feet that could have been a very dangerous situation, brianna. as we've been mentioning, and as the pilot did report it was 1500 feet in the air. he say his saw a drone. again, they're investigate what that was. and the crucial piece of news here that we just got from the fbi, they say, according to a source who interviewed people on that al italia plane, including the pilot, they believe this vehicle came within 200 feet of the plane. that's extremely close at those speeds. >> that is a very alarming distance. when we're talking about drones in terms of the privacy the laws haven't caught up with technolo technology. >> reporter: right. >> how they might affect air traffic. are there laws in place about how high they can go and whether or not they can be close to airports what distance away from an airport they need to be? >> reporter: there are regulations in place. they haven't caught up with the technology and of course the number of these unmanned
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vehicles that are out there now and the varied types of them. according to regulations flying unmanned aerial vehicles is illegal for commercial purposes, most commercial purposes. you can fly remote-controlled planes up to 400 feet in the air according to faa. if you come within three miles of an airport you have to let the air traffic controllers know about that. those are some loose regulations on these things. a lot of those are not caught up with just the sheer volume of these things in the air these days and just what they're able to do. >> amazing, new technology. kind of scary. brian todd for us. you can watch brian todd's full report tonight on "the situation room." so here's what we're working on for this hour. could you vote for another president bush? former florida governor jeb bush is opening up about the idea he's not ruling out a run for the white house. plus, a woman paid to have a baby for a couple is asked to have an abortion after an ultrasound finds abnormalities.
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martha stewart means business, big business for cy's which has sold her pots, pans, sheets and towels since 2007 and potential business for jcpenney, desperate to sell something customers want. but macy's says it had martha stewart first. now all three are in court with stewart herself on the stand. christine romans is at the courthouse for us. >> reporter: it's been eight years since martha stewart left prison serving five months for lying about a stock sale. good-bye rap sheet, hello cotton sheets. a deal with macy's helped her company rebuild. >> macy's was really important in giving her a leg up, giving her a helping hand. >> has macy's recognized the br quality of the merchandise. >> reporter: stewart is back in
10:16 am
court. macy's is suing her company over a deal with jcpenney. her defense a contract loophole. quote the macy's contract is written to allow martha living stewart omnimedia to sell a broad range of products at jcpenney with no restrictions whatsoever in a store inside jcpenney. >> she wassmarried to macy's but in bed with a competitor, jcpenney's and it shows bad form. >> reporter: stewart's company is struggling losing $56 million in 2012. the shares are beaten down. and last year the hallmark channel canceled the martha stewart show. these aren't exactly salad days but neither is the insider trading case. >> i want to focus on my salad. >> reporter: now she want to recu focus on retail. you can find her wares at home
10:17 am
depot, pet smart, staples. if she reveals, jcpenney. >> i suspect the court is going to allow jcpenney's a certain number of products that are going to go into their stores whether they're branded by martha stewart or not branded by martha stewart. >> reporter: but at what cost? >> talk to the customers. >> i don't think anybody, any other business, is going to want to get involved with her in the future. i think she's hurt her brand and hurt herself. >> reporter: very messy business dealings for the woman who pedals perfection. going through detail by detail the contract with martha stewart. stewart saying she did not go behind macy's back, macy's attorney trying to move otherwise. martha stewart during a break, told me she was confident about her testimony today. >> christine romans in new york. is former florida governor jeb bush opening up to the idea of a white house run? hear from him, next. plus, senator menendez is being accused of having sex with
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new jersey senator robert menendez finds himself in the middle of a scandal today but says he'll be vindicated. a dominican republic women who says she's one of the women in the video who claimed menendez paid for her sex claims she was paid to make it up and never met the senator. the daily caller published a video in november with two different women whose faces were obscured claiming that they had sex with menendez for money. he has always denied the allegations, and today he called them false smears. here what happens he said a couple of hours ago. >> i don't know more than what i've read but i do know that from the very beginning i said that nameless, faceless, anonymous sources took the name from right-wing blogs, took the story, which were just false smears right before an election cycle, attempted to do it then
10:22 am
and ultimately drove it into the mainstream press. but they were never anything other than false smears. >> so that's the senator's side of the story. last hour i talked to the editor of the daily caller and pressed him for proof that his story is true. take a listen. >> we were quite confident our story was true. the bigger picture, though, here and i keep trying to get to this, senator menendez was accused of something serious, which was, soliciting and cavorting with prostitutes. this isn't only time he's been accused of that. we have actually found and surfaced and an actual american escort who told us in repeated interviews that she had had the senator as a client and characterized him as a very active participant in this sort of escort community and there are other women -- again, unconfirmed -- who have accused him of engaging in sex for money with them when they were as
10:23 am
young as 16. this becomes a pattern. you foe know if this -- >> there needs to be proof, david. we're going to be very intrigued. >> a woman in the united states told us this on the record. we published it last month. >> the dominican republic it will be interested to see that indeed these women were not paid. we'll be very interested to see what proof you can bring to us. we'd love to have you back on to talk about it. >> we will definitely keep investigating this story and let you know what we find out? could you go for another president bush? former florida governor jeb bush is opening up the idea and not ruling out a run for the white house. the brother of bush 43 and son of bush 41 talked with jake tapper about all things bush in and an-depth interview and pushing his new book on immigration. jake is joining me now. i'm -- i'll be skeptical about this, jake. his just pushing a book or is
10:24 am
this really sort of teeing himself up for the next presidential race in 2016, maybe trying to clear the feel early? >> he says he just wants to take advantage of this opportunity to speak his mind, about an important issue, immigration reform. he wants to try to resolve it and try to help the republican party win future elections, that's what he says. he seems to have changed his position, however, on one of the most controversial parts of immigration reform. take a listen. >> i have supported both, both the path to legalization or a path to citizenship with the underlying principle being that there should be no insent tib for people to come illegally at the expense of coming legally. today basically the only path to come to this country other than family reunification is to come illegally. we need to create another category of legal immigration where people -- where there is actually a line. so if you could create that through a path to citizenship, i would support that there you say
10:25 am
you've supported both. >> in other words, instead of saying send people back that are here illegally, kind of the mantra of 2006, '7, '8 amongst republicans, i've always felt that you could not deal with 11 million people in saying, see you later. >> this conversation has prompted speculation about what your plans might be in 2016. i no you haven't ruled anything out and you haven't announced anything either. >> right. >> what kind of factors will you be weighing in the next year as you make this decision? >> i'm not going to factor anything in a year, that's the only thing i've decided. the factors would be the same that anybody should think. first, is it the right thing to do for family? second, do i think that somehow i have a unique perspective that, you know, might be different, you know, that the skills i have might be useful going forward in terms of leadership. i don't know, i haven't thought
10:26 am
about that. there are a lot of other really good people that i admire in that regard. third, is it practical? is it something i could see going forward that i could be successful if i set my mind to it. >> jake, you know looking at polls, a lot of people might be surprised that immigration reform isn't most important issue for latino voters and this is something that we'll hear republicans say. look at latinos they're just as focused on jobs, health care, education. why does jeb bush say it's important for republicans to work towards a resolution on this issue? >> they calls this a gateway issue, meaning if republican candidates sound harsh on immigration reform they won't be able to get through the gate, the republican candidates to talk to latino voters about economics, health care. he says exhibit a is how poorly mitt romney did with latino voters because of the positions he took during the republican primaries, the self-deport agent
10:27 am
comments. >> jake, certainly his political future as well is the open question going into 2016. thanks for the interview. very interesting. if you want more from it, jeb bush also talks about his father's health and the state of the republican party. you can watch "the situation room" today at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn for more of jake's interview with jeb bush. it looks like the spending fight with congress may be taking a small toll on the president's popularity. in our latest cnn poll of polls an average of several nonpartisan national surveys we asked how mr. obama's handling his job as president. fewer than half approve of his performance. that's down from last month when 52% approved. 46% disapprove. that is up a few points. she was paid to have a child for another family. but after an ultrasound showed the baby had a defect, the couple asked the surrogate to abort. she refused and then she went on the run. we'll take a look at dark side of surrogacy
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a woman hired to give birth to another couple's child receives an unbelievable offer. the couple tried to pay her to have an abortion when they found out something about the baby she was carrying. elizabeth cohen has the story. crystal kelly was thrilled when a couple hired her to carry their baby. finally they had the child they had been longing for. >> she said pray for a little girl. >> reporter: she got a little girl. >> she got a little girl. >> reporter: was it the little girl she wanted? >> no. >> reporter: ultrasounds halfway through kelly's pregnancy showed the baby girl growing inside her had severe heart defects, brain abnormal and other medical problems.
10:32 am
>> they said she had less than 25% chance of being able to have a normal life. >> reporter: inside hartford hospital in connecticut, the parents, heartbroken, asked kelly to have an abortion. >> i refused. i couldn't do it. i was the one feeling her kick and squirm. i knew she had a fighting spirit and i wanted to fight for her the. >> reporter: parents pleaded with kelly, genetically, this was their baby. she was just carrying her. >> they said they didn't want to bring a babe yao in the world only for that child to suffer. they said shy should try to be god-like and have mercy on the child and let her go. >> reporter: what did you say? >> i told them that it wasn't their decision to play god. >> reporter: strong convictions, but would she betray them for the right price? kelly was a single mom, money was tight. through the surrogacy agency, the parents said they would pay
10:33 am
her $10,000 to have an abortion. when you saw that $10,000 figure, did you think maybe i'll do it? >> in a weak moment, i asked her to tell them that for $15,000 i would consider going forward with the termination. >> reporter: the parents refused her request, and kelly said she quickly regretted asking for the extra money anyways. deep down, she knew she could never abort under any circumstance. wouldn't again, they were at a stand-off. cnn reached out to the parents. they didn't respond to repeated calls or e-mails, and we're not naming them. legally, they couldn't force kelly to have an abortion so they proposed if you have this baby, we'll give her up and she'll become a ward of the state. >> i'm not going to let her become one of those forgotten disabled kids that gets lost in the system. >> reporter: kelly made a bold
10:34 am
decision, informing parents at the last second she left the state. pregnant with their baby. >> packed up my van with everything that i could carry, threw my kids in the car. and we drove for two days to michigan. >> reporter: under michigan law, kelly would be the baby's mother. you were making a decision for a baby that was not genetically yours. >> i can't tell you how many people told me that i was wrong, that i should go have an abortion, that i would be damned to hell. >> reporter: she spent the final months of her pregnancy in michigan and gave birth last june. here's the baby today. she's 8 months told. to protect her privacy we're not naming her or the family kelly found to adopt her. along with her cleft lip and pallet and a misshapen here she has severe brain and heart problems, she'll need several risky surgeries to survive. but in many other ways she's
10:35 am
developed like other babies. she smiles, babbles and grabs for toys. >> some people would say, why bring a child into this world who you know is going to have such huge medical problems. >> and i say that it's not fair to not give them a chance to overcome them. >> reporter: what if she doesn't walk, what if she doesn't talk? >> she's still a happy little girl who will bring joy into the lives of everyone who knows her. >> reporter: when you see her now, how does that feel? >> it give me a lot of joy. and i know that every single thing that i did was worth it. >> elizabeth cohen joining me now. i wonder, because this is a multibillion dollar industry, surrogacy and litigation, legal issues come up because of it. this raises issues for a number of other situations that many, many american families find themselves in. how was it dealt with here? did they have any of this spelled out in a contract and
10:36 am
what can others do in a situation like this? >> in the contract it did say that chris cal kelly, the surrogate agreed to haven't abortion in the indicate of severe fetal abnormals. crystal saw that in the contract but wasn't crazy. >> b. it but she went for it anyhow because she thought the parents were in the same mind-set as she was which turns out to be a false assumption. how can other family as void this happening? you have to sit in the same room and hash it out, surrogate and people who want to hire her, what do we do if the baby has this kind of deformity, will we abort or won't we, and that didn't happen in this case. >> don't assume you're on the same page. work out all of the details. thank you. for more on the story, visit jodi arias is back on the stand for the 15th day and her testimony sounds a bit like a soap opera. coming up, the graphic details
10:37 am
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this just in to cnn. the faa says it will close 173 air traffic control towers next month because of the forced spending cuts that just went into effect. the towers will close on april 7th, at small and medium-sized airports. the faa says it will close another 16 towers at the end of september. jodi arias returns to the stand for the 15th day. she's on trial for murder in the grisly death of her boyfriend travis alexander. her attorneys are in the middle of their redirect questioning, focusing on the couple's sex life. randi kaye recaps monday's fireworks. >> reporter: after a damaging week on cross-examination, the first order of business for jodi arias' defense team was knocking down any hint at premeditation. did you go to mr. alexander's home on june 4th with the intent
10:41 am
on killing him? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: another attempt to convince the jury she murdered travis alexander in self-defense. even though she's changed her story three times. testimony quickly turned to arias' broken finger on her left hand. the prosecution has tried to prove she hurt her finger while stabbing her ex-boyfriend dodds of times and dragging his bloody body around the house. to dispute that arias' defense lawyer offered a show and tell. >> the injury you incurred when you testified to having received when mr. alexander was kicking you in the ribs and he ended up kicking your hand, correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: arias says alexander brokel finger six months before the murder, the day after she allegedly caught him masturbating to a photo of a little boy. she claims she became increase lig violent after that. arias says she and alexander
10:42 am
continued to have sex. but she wasn't the only one alexander was seeing. now the state has painted her as jealous and obsessive. but here in court, arias portrayed herself as unfazed by the other woman. she even asked alexander about her. >> i didn't want to be confrontational. i wanted to throw it out there let him know it's okay if you're dating someone, let me know, i'm going to be cool about that. >> reporter: again the couple's sex life on full display. the defense worked to convince the jury it was alexander, not arias, the more experienced sexually. listen to this recording of the couple' phone sex played in court. >> you cannot say i don't want that booty. we've had two, three hour sessions many times. >> reporter: there was also this question about an encounter of oral sex in the car. >> did he do anything to make you believe this wasn't his first encounter of this nature? >> yes. he flipped the visor down and angled the mirror so he could
10:43 am
have an additional visual vant annual point. >> reporter: what about the text message arias sent alexander saying she wanted to dress up like a horny little school girl? >> was that the idea of the school girl in the outfit, was that something that you were interested in or was it something that you were doing to please him? >> it would be more for his pleasure, because just be with him was enough for me. he enjoyed that kind of stuff. >> reporter: all along the prosecutor has painted arias as the one who unleashed alexander's sexual appetite. the defense tried to counter that. >> so based on what you've told us in your testimony before you met travis and our sexual history, you would have had anal sex no more than four times, that is accurate? >> that's accurate. >> reporter: what to make of
10:44 am
arias' strange behavior at alexander's memorial service? she left him a note shown in court telling him she loved him. remember, this was less than two weeks after she slit his throat, nearly cutting his head off. >> i still had love for him, yes. and i was thinking now more in terms of eternity. >> reporter: arias told the court she still had deep love for alexander on june 4, 2008, date she killed him. randi kaye, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> coming you, the number of hate groups in america reaches a record high. this, as someone has reportedly seen wearing a ku klux klan outfit on a college campus. we'll explain, next.or ew gried and lobster tacos. r come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. visit now (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t
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helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. the number of hate groups in the united states is on the rise. one variety in particular, a study just released by the southern poverty law center counts 1,360 so-called patriot extremists in 2012. this number's up from 7%, it's up 7%, i should say from 2011. most of these groups are anti-government groups. anti-government militias, to be specific. these are people who feel the government will strip them of their guns and liberties. and one of those hate groups is the ku klux klan. so when there was a sighting of a person wearing a white hood and robe in ohio campus, classes were suspended while police have not been able to confirm the
10:48 am
report, students are still feeling frightened. denise zarella reports. >> reporter: it was the appearance of images of hate against people of color and also some against homosexuals that prompted this jam-packed meeting on the oberlin college campus, concerned because someone dressed in kkk gear also reported to be on the traditionally liberal campus. classes were canceled as police investigate. students told to be vigilant. >> some faculty have had invitations to the new kkk delivered to mailboxes. >> definitely moment of fear. we all have moments of fear and there's that belief that it won't happen to you and you realize it could happen to anybody. >> that was denise zarella reporting. tonight on "out front" they'll take a look at growing number of hate groups in america 7:00 p.m.
10:49 am
eastern into. a teacher for more than 30 years without problem. what was he thinking when he wrote this on the chalk board. guns are loaded and dare to try me. did he snap? or is this an example of what happens when a teacher is pushed.
10:50 am
10:51 am
into a teacher in indiana has been suspend while authorities investigate what appear to be threats against students written on ace chalk board. the superintendent teacher at
10:52 am
edison junior senior high wrote, a, you are idiot, b, the guns are loaded, and c, care to try me. the teacher who worked at the school for 32 years without incident is on paid leave during an investigation. and joining me to talk about this is clinical and forensic psychologist jeff gardere, he's in new york. also with us on the phone is steve perry, the founder of capital prep magnate school and host of "tv one save my son." what do you make of this? does this speak to maybe some type of pressure this teacher was under? >> absolutely not. this speaks to the fact that we have an adult who made really bad decisions, who happened to be a teacher. there are thousands of teachers teaching all around the world, working their butts off to make sure children have access to world class education and don't do things like this. it is not teaching. it's him. >> jeff, you take this -- how do you take this? do you take it as well as he
10:53 am
said, just sort of a sick joke and not that the teacher snapped? >> i have to look at this as a psychologist. to me this is probably an individual who perhaps had some issues in the past, with anxiety, with mood disorders. one of the kids said, look, this guy was generally okay. but when he was mad, you knew he was mad. so this was probably a teacher who was wound very tight, couldn't handle the pressures of the classroom, but i'm sure there were pressures outside of the classroom and i think all of those things together caused him to snap. i'm glad no kids were hurt. i hope he gets psychological counseling and the school takes care of him and takes care of the kids because they're traumatized by those threats. >> certainly they are. steve, maybe you can speak to this. i know you said you feel like he's completely responsible for his actions. but there are a lot of teachers who are under pressure. maybe they're not going to snap like this. but they're under a lot of pressure, and obviously students
10:54 am
would be traumatized by something like this. what more needs to be done to help teachers as well as students? >> this is a job that is difficult. education and social work, working with other people's children, is difficult. and when you sign up for it, you have to understand that. and it requires a certain level of understanding of those responsibilities and in so doing everything that a person does -- pathology. sometimes even people who teach for 30 plus years make really bad decisions. and it sounds to me like this individual made really bad decision. this is not something that is endemic of education. this is a situation in which we have people who have a person who just made a bad decision on his own. >> okay. so he's -- so you say he's made a bad decision. but in your experience, are there situations where teachers may be -- may be bullied? if they're facing off against obviously a number of students, they're definitely outnumbered.
10:55 am
do you come across that where they are being bullied by students? >> anyone could be bullied regardless of what you're doing. a teacher could be bullied. a principal could be bullied by parents. anyone could be bullied. but this reaction is unconscionable. >> and, jeff, what kind of help do you think the students should get in this situation? >> certainly in light of the school shootings of the past, they should have counselors where they can debrief and talk about what is going on. going back to steve's point, this is unconscionable. but you to look at the degree to which this teacher acted out. it would be one thing if he said these kids were idiots, but to almost have an academic suicide by saying the guns are loaded, care to try me, to me this speaks to something deeper, someone who had an emotional breakdown, and is his way of asking for help because he knew that everyone would come down on him at this particular point.
10:56 am
i am sure this teacher is suffering. we have got to take care of our teachers. we have got to take care of our students because we're all in it together. >> i think that is definitely fire say, jeff gardere, steve perry, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. bibles and zombies. it seems viewers can't get enough of either. how the history channel's "the bible" and "the walking dead" are taking over. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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"the walking dead" can't beat "the bible." >> he told me to build a boat. >> the history channel's miniseries "the bible" grabbed 13.1 million viewers on sunday night, the year's largest audience for any cable entertainment program. on its heels is amc's "the walking dead" with an audience of more than 12 million. nischelle turner has more. >> run! >> reporter: just like the human hunting zombies it creates, there seems to be no stopping amc's "the walking dead." its third season on the cable channel, the apocalypse horror series has become a ratings juggernaut, making other networks seem like, well, the walking dead. >> 12.3 million viewers for a basic kaucable drama series is unprecedented and it willll