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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 6, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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to sell, this house will get top dollar and people will come in and have the wow factor. >> achieving that wow factor will cost her $7,000 if she acts on all of tory's suggestions. she has to declutter and repaint the kitchen. >> so i'm really trying to either pull out the gray or a lighter gray so that the cabinets stand out. you want to keep a minimum of three larger appliances on your counter tops. another great tip, remove everything off of your refrigerator. >> the living room furniture should be downsized and rearranged. >> this is a really spacious living room except it is not really looking like that right now because there is large pieces of furniture in here. so the rule of thumb is to remove more than keep it in here. >> same thing in the bedroom. >> if you have a master bedroom that has a sleigh backing on it, it is easing up six to 12 inches of your square footage in your home. >> new hard wood floors go in here, which will be staged as a
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second bedroom. but the biggest expense is redoing this master bath. >> the tile that they had in this room was old. and it was starting to crack. the bathtub had some cracks in it. >> all in, it is a $7,000 gamble, her realtor says will pay off. it is a bet this homeowner is going to take. christine romans, cnn, new york. and i want to end on this. a legendary rocker's fight against the paparazzi is now being waged on the floor of hawaii state legislature. and anti-paparazzi measure dubbed the steven tyler act passed the state senate this is a measure that allows celebrities to sue photographers if they take invasive photos on private property. the aerosmith front man owns a home in maui and asked a senator in his district to sponsor the bill after the paparazzi took a photo of him and his girlfriend last year. the bill goes up for debate in the state's house. that's it for me. brooke baldwin takes it from here.
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for weeks jurors have sat and watched jodi arias cry, explain her lies. now, it is their turn to ask the questions. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. some are calling it the next crisis. tuition at public universities making a record jump. so we're asking, is college worth it? plus -- a confession in the acid attack against a ballet director. and -- knives in the skies. why the tsa's policy change has flight attendants absolutely livid. here we go. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. day 16 on that witness stand for jodi arias and this could be the finale for the accused murderer. just about an hour from now, in phoenix, the woman charged with
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killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, in a shooting, slashing and stabbing rage of jealousy, is to testify again. and today is the day she will answer to the jury. you heard me right. questions from the jury. let me show you the judge. here she is. this is sherry stevens. starting just about an hour ago, she and the lawyers begin sifting through these 100 questions submitted in writing by the jurors. now, granted, yes, they have tossed out quite a few of the questions based upon objections from the prosecutor, juan martinez and defense attorney curt nurmi. talk us through what they have seen so far. miguel, it seems within this past couple of moments, the court declared a recess. what has happened? >> reporter: the court's not quite in recess yet. the judge has called the defense lawyers in to talk to her about
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something. not very clear. they have been working their way through these 100 or so questions. way the process works is both sides got the questions from an hour, hour and a half this morning. they went through them. the defense going through them with jodi arias. then they all came into court and went through one by one, which ones they wanted to get rid of. brooke? >> in terms of the questions from the jury, was the jury actually in the courtroom as these attorneys went back and forth over which questions would be admissible or this was just a private hearing for the questions? >> reporter: no, the jury was not in the courtroom for this particular part of the process. they will be in the courtroom in about an hour, perhaps a little longer after the lunch break. they will then come in and the questions that both sides agree to have answered by miss arias will then be answered. in fact, they can ask questions of anybody who took the witness stand. and keep in mind, while they started off with 100 questions, there were about six or so that both sides agreed they didn't want asked, so the judge sustained those and those will
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not be asked. a lot of the questions it turns out have multiparts. so we could be talking 100, 200 or more questions by the end of the day. >> this could take quite a while. we'll tape this live as this could be the finale. and also bellwether moment, miguel, because when you watched the cross between the prosecutor, juan martinez and jodi arias, you know, watching just her reaction and her tears and she made light of some of the questions, and today knowing the questions are coming from the jurors themselves, she can't do that, can she? >> reporter: not at all. she would be a fool too. but stranger things have happened in this trial, i suppose. but this is -- look, these are the questions directly from the jurors, these are questions not at the end of this trial, but asked since this trial began on january 2nd. there say lot of ground they may be covering. she has to take this very seriously. she has to be respectful to the jury. she has proven herself very capable throughout all of this
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of changing things up and acting accordingly when it is in her interest. i suspect we are going to see a very respectful and very restrained jodi arias in answering these questions, brooke. >> miguel marquez, thank you. we'll take it live whenever that begins. the questions from the jurors next hour. want to take you to the east coast now where virginia and washington, d.c. being hammered by another massive winter storm. the weather is so bad, apparently in virginia, thatcla emergency. 2,000 homes and businesses are without power right now. mostly in virginia, west virginia as well. but also here, maryland, ohio, d.c. let me tell you what the nation's capital is dealing with today. closed schools affecting thousands of students. also, of course, as we talk d.c., federal offices, they're closed. mayor vincent gray is warning folks to stay off the roads. the storm is expected to dump 10 inches of snow on the region by
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tonight. let's go to erin pike, because apparently we like to send you in the snow, erin pike, just outside dulles international airport for us there in virginia. and looks windy. looks cold. tell me about flights. >> reporter: brooke, it is windy. actually the wind is a little bit painful right now. the snow is kind of letting up, but it has been bad since about 9:00 this morning. and, of course, we knew this yesterday. and that's why airlines canceled about 1600 flights yesterday in advance of today. now, where i am at dulles international airport is a major hub for united airlines as is chicago's o'hare airport. and those two hubs are why united airlines has canceled about 700 flights. now, here, though, dulles airport is still open. and i spoke with the operations manager here, dana pitts, a short time ago about what they're doing to stay open today. >> so what exactly -- what more were they saying as far as advice for travelers, and also
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future snow later on in the d.c./virginia area? >> reporter: well, basically we're seeing snowplows back on the runways and the taxi ways go over and over again. they spent about an hour plowing that entire area. and they swath in different teams every six hours to make sure the runways are clear. now, brooke, what we can tell you is that international flights are still coming and going. but most domestic flights out of here have been canceled today, brooke. >> erin, thank you. we'll keep a close eye on the situation in that airport, and several arirports in the region. what about the big picture? alexandra steele, where is this thing going? >> it is going to boston. it is a three-city stopper, right? hit chicago. been there, done that. broke some records along the way. washington, d.c. and then it will find its way to boston tomorrow and into friday morning. and i think the calling card in boston will be the power outages. it is march. heavy wet snow.
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we won't see the amounts we're seeing in d.c. and boston. but it will come with its own problems. here is the radar picture, you know what this is? it is a battle of wills, a battle of temperatures. you see it wider, of course, here is the green along the eastern shore where we're seeing the rain. dover, delaware. on west side, the colder air, that's where we have got the snow. washington, d.c., precarious right now. 37 degrees. it is march. we got a high sun angle and we have got all that asphalt and it is an urban heat island. it is hard to make it happen in there. not doing the numbers we're seeing farther west. let's go west and show you, where she was live at dulles, 3.3 inches on the ground. you can see kind of looking at it, temperaturewise, temperature is key. again, it is not at that 32 degree mark, that crucial mark we need. we have had some totals thus far. front royal, of course, also and manassas, 5 inches.
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along the i-81 corridor, up 700 feet, that's all you need, colder temperatures. we'll get the numbers. here is a look west of town, 10 to 15. just want to show you, though, 4 to 8 inches in boston and providence. what we're going to see is the wind. 50-mile-per-hour gusts there, brooke, tomorrow. that's a big deal. >> alexandra, thank you. now let's talk about what you can and can't take on the planes. this announcement came down during our show yesterday. the big announcement from the tsa that has a lot of flight attendants outraged saying they feel unsafe. let me show you why. come on over here and i'll show you what is now a-okay. you can -- it is clearly the maximum is two different golf clubs. but we have a 3 wood, i'm sure a driver could do a little damage. but two golf clubs. that's permissible. plan on playing pool? and you want to take some pool sticks along for the ride? you can. certain kinds of baseball bats. toy, plastic, you can take these. and what they call novelty size baseball bats, so anything under 24 inches is fine.
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finally, i was asking earlier, doesn't look like a lacrosse stick to me, maybe not regulation size, nevertheless, this is fine. the other question is about knives. so we know we think about 9/11, the box cutters, that's not allowed. but these are okay. see these? this is fine. you can take these on board. and, of course, you know the deal. three ounces of liquids. this is all you can take despite this. this is what you can take. and as far as a no-no in terms of knives, wondering what can or can't you, because this locks open as a knife, you cannot take this kind of knife on board an airplane for now. so now that we have the show and tell out of the way, the tsa here says items like this will be allowed in carry-on bags. when? starting april 25th. they were banned. this stuff was banned from planes post 9/11. but now security experts have changed their opinion on the ban. david mattingly is at hartsfield international airport for us in
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atlanta on the phone with me. david, why? why allow these? why the change in policy? >> tsa explains it simply, they're trying to bring their restrictions more closely in line with international standards. because you can get on a plane in one part of the world, come to the united states, might have some things taken away from you that were allowed in other countries that closely align and travel routes with the u.s. so they wanted to do that. also, when i called the tsa today, spoke to their spokesman, and he really focused on one particular thing here, one thing that was driving all of this, why are you having certain knives, not others, why are you allowing lacrosse sticks and hockey sticks when we still have to give up our drinking water and things like that when we go through security? he says what they're allowing now, going into effect in april, what he's allowing now, he says these items will not pose a
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catastrophic threat to the operation of aircraft. it doesn't involve the safety of the people immediately there if someone tries to do harm with these, but he was saying that these items cannot be used in a way that would take over an airplane or bring an airplane down and use it as a weapon as we saw on 9/11. so that was what he was saying about how they chose what can now go on and what has to stay off. but, of course, talking to passengers here today, at the world's busiest airport, a lot of them were listening to this, thinking this doesn't make a lot of sense, how can you allow anything with a sharp knife to go on board like that when somebody may want to do harm? so you can bet there is going to be a lot of pushback on this. we heard from the flight attendants union who said this would further endanger the lives of all flight attendants. i spoke to one here today, she agreed that passengers themselves may be at risk here as well. i also got a statement today from the federal law enforcement officers association. they called this dangerous, ill
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advised and called it foolishness for the tsa to be rolling back their regulations in this way. and you can bet these organizations are going to be pushing back very hard against tsa in the month to come to see if these restrictions can remain in place. >> yeah, i know as you talked to passengers there, at hartsfield, a lot of people buzzing about this. david mattingly, thank you. a heads up to all of you, we'll be tackling this with our hot topics panel later on in the hour. tweet me. will you feel safer or not next time you're on a plane after these rules go into effect at the end of april? let us know. now some of the hottest stories in a flash, rapid fire. roll it. first up here, attorney general eric holder is not totally ruling out a case where a drone strike could target americans on u.s. soil. he made the comment in a letter to republican senator rand paul, raised the question during hearings involving cia chief nominee john brennan, holder says in a hypothetical and
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unlikely to occur case, the president could authorize the military to use lethal force within our borders. but he went on to say, the u.s. is not carried out such an order and has no plans to do so. the drama deepens in this acid attack that disfigured artistic director of russia's famous bolshoi ballet. apparently this was an inside job. the alleged mastermind, star male dancer, shown confessing on russian television, so were the suspected getaway driver and the man who allegedly put on this mask and tossed this sulfuric acid into this bolshoi leader's face, this artistic director's face. russian police say the attack was prompted by a hostile relationship between the dancer and this artistic director. and how about this one, a slip of the tongue has british tabloids buzzing. speculation prince william's pregnant wife catherine is
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expecting a girl. why? according to the telegraph, it happened right here, here she is kneeling, talking to some of her pipe sized fans. one hands her this teddy bear here and the duchess of cambridge apparently said, and i'm quoting her, thank you, i'll keep that for my d -- one letter, and then she corrects herself and says my baby. d, was it daughter, was it dog, darling baby? i don't know. due to give birth in july. if it is a girl, this is key. she will be next in line to the british throne after her father and prince charles. and with spring apparently just around the corner, the white house canceling its popular public tours. they are scheduled to end this weekend because of staffing reductions caused by the recent forced budget cuts. but republican congressman louie gohmert says not so fast here. instead, he wants the president to give up his golf game before these white house tours are
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canceled. he submitted an amendment just yesterday that would ban the president from using federal funds to travel to and from his golf outings until the tours are resumed. doctors, they are sounding the alarm on this deadly super bug. it is untreatable. it is deadly. you listen to these cases here, they're spreading in hospitals across the country. elizabeth cohen has more on how you can protect yourself or your loved one. plus, the rising cost of higher education. my hot topics panel weighs in. is the cost of college worth it? we'll go there. carrots...yes. chicken wings...uh ha, sure. chips...craveable. celery...this is fun. okay i love it, i love it. chicken nuggets... what's going on? pita chips...delicious. sabra hummus: dip life to the fullest.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. there is a new warning today about the super bug we told you about last week. it is spreading in hospitals around the country. it is untreatable. it is deadly. and the news today is that the cdc is now officially sounding the alarm. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen here with me. when we talk about the bacteria what is it about the bacteria that has the cdc so concerned? >> it is smart. smart bacteria that know how to outwit antibiotics. theft te they have tested it against antibiotics and most fail. there are a few that work, but they're toxic.
11:21 am
kidney damage, neurological damage, that's a huge problem. >> what do you do if you're already in the hospital or headed to the hospital? there have to be something you can do to protect yourself. >> there are things you can do to protect yourself. i encourage people, if you're going to be an empowered patient, this is the time to be it. often it is your loved one doing it for you because you're sick in the hospital. the single most important thing, this bacteria is spread by the hands of doctors and nurses. so when someone comes in the room and wants to touch you -- >> no disrespect, doc, but wash your hands. >> i want to see it. i had had doctor doctors and n washed my hands before i came in. i'm sure you did but i want to see you do it or use hand sterilizer. i try to be kind. if i don't get the results i want, i can be less than kind, believe me. >> you're a tough empowered patient. >> you have to be. >> you say this is smart bacteria. this smart bacteria is teaching other bacteria in the area to be tricky as well. >> that's right. this super bug is teaching other bacteria how to resist
11:22 am
antibiotics. this super bug is spreading its antibiotic resistance to other bacteria. and that's one of the reasons why doctors are expecting this whole situation just to get worse. and there aren't a whole lot of antibiotics in the pipeline. so we can't count on new antibiotics coming out all the time to fight the new bugs. >> there are a number of cases, you anticipate the cases growing. >> that's right. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. always, read more about elizabeth's reporting, avoiding hospital infections on our website. go to now, here we are, hours after the death of president hugo chavez, a divided venezuela is emerging today. we'll take you there live for a very, very different reactions here to his death coming up. how do you get your bounce? i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because they're just that much fresher
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in caracas, venezuela, here, you have the coffin of hugo chavez. it is moving through the streets here. and close to tears, venezuela's vice president telling the country, their leader has died. >> translator: at 4:25 in the afternoon today, on the 5th of march, the commandant president
11:26 am
hugo chavez frias passed away. >> in the hours after that announcement, the people of venezuela poured into the streets. some marking chavez's death with mourning. others cheers. just like the political split in the united states, support for chavez has divided venezuela. those who loved him say chavez put their country on the map, empowered the poor, made their country increasingly democratic. but others remember chavez as a tyrant, corrupt, even murderous, a man who supported fascist regimes in libya, iran, syria. shasta darlington is live today in caracas. and, shasta, this is a man relished controversy on a macro, micro level, i was reading this list of oddities about the commandant saying he wanted to ban coke zero, do away with halloween. you met the man. tell me three things americans do not know about chavez. >> reporter: there are a lot of
11:27 am
unique thing about chavez. one of the first that comes to mind is what a great singer he was. when i was a correspondent in cuba, he came on a number of occasions and he would be in the middle of the speech and break into song. he had this deep, rich voice and would sing these gospel-like songs. so that's something i always think of. put then, of course, there is the time that he tried to imply the united states could be behind the cancer that not only he was suffering, but other latin american left wing leaders like argentina's cristina kirchner and lula, he said maybe they discovered a technology to infect us. very quirky. and then another thing that probably a lot of americans don't realize is that this guy who railed against imperialism for 14 years, the first year that he was in office way back in 1999, he rang the closing bell at the new york stock exchange, brooke. >> three odd things i had no idea the man could carry a tune. shasta darlington, formerly --
11:28 am
from the havana bureau, met this leader of venezuela. shasta darlington, thank you so much. now to this, republican senator rand ball papaul, here fill bustering at this moment president obama's choice for cia chief john brennan. senator paul says he will talk, this is how fill busters go and talk until he no longer can. we'll take you live to capitol hill and explain what is going on, what's next. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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republican senator rand paul, here he is, standing up and talk, talk, talking. that's how filibusters go. senator paul says he will talk until he no longer can. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is live on the hill. walk us through. filibuster, first, filibuster 101, you talk and you talk and
11:32 am
you talk because you're trying to prevent a vote. >> he's been doing that since 11:47 a.m. eastern time. so, yeah, so about two and a half hours. look, he knows that -- he said this a few times as he's been talking that he doesn't have the votes to stop the brennan nomination from going through. doesn't have the votes to stop him from being confirmed. but he wants to make a point and obviously the fact he has been talking, the fact that we're talking about it, it is blowing up on twitter, he is making a point. and the point is that from his perspective, the idea that the administration, the use of drones and more specifically john brennan saying that he can't say for sure that the u.s. would not use drones on american soil to target american citizens, he says is just appalling. this is one of those situations where the far right sort of meets the far left in the middle on the political spectrum, brooke, because you're hearing some of the same criticism from liberals on the same issue. but, when it comes to what we're
11:33 am
seeing, the theater we're seeing here, he is not saying anything, you know, particularly over the top in terms of his rhetoric. he's trying to be polite and explain his position. and he says he's going to keep talking. one funny thing, if you see there the bottom of the screen, he's got a glass of water. i don't think i've actually seen him drink that, maybe it is because he knows he can't leave the chamber. >> he's been going for hours and hours and hours without a sip of water? >> reporter: yeah, because, you know, if you drink water, you maybe have to leave to do something else so -- >> wow. okay. well, we'll watch and we'll see how long the filibuster and the talking lasts. dana bash, watching that for us, on capitol hill. dana, thank you. >> thank you. technology, sports, business, health, science, showbiz news, all over it. the power block beginning with microsoft. did you know that microsoft is now being fined for a cool $730 million because microsoft broke
11:34 am
a promise. the european union says microsoft made a legally binding commitment to let users choose which internet browser to use. but here's the thing. investigators followed up and they found microsoft's windows operating system defaulted to the company's explorer browser for more than a year. whoops. so the eu is tangling with google over its search engine rankings and privacy of users' information. hop in a hot rod, big, big news here. the dukes of hazzard reunion hopping in byron, georgia. several original characters will be there including bo, luke, daisy duke rs hope to have 10,0 people, but it looks like the number will be closer to 60,000. that's 60, 60,000. they sold tickets in every u.s.
11:35 am
state and nine countries. the dow, we watched this rocket to a new record high just yesterday. but now what? alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. alison, is this a case of what goes up must come down or does it continue going up, up, up? >> reporter: that is the unspoken rule. what goes up must come down. in times like this, brooke, we like to look back, to look forward. take a walk with me. i'll warn you, the picture isn't pretty. look what happened two years after the dow peaked in 2000. it tumbled because of the dotcom bust. in 2007, the dow peaked again, but in one and a half years it came crashing down. blame the financial crisis for that. and both cases the declines were big, 40% to 50%. now we're at a new record high, the big question, should we expect the same kind of dropoff? thankfully probably not. the good news is a majority of analysts expect a smaller pullback this time around, closer to 10 to 15%. we shall see. >> alison kosik, thank you. hockey fans, heads up.
11:36 am
look at this video here. new york rangers versus the philadelphia flyers, last night. puck goes flying off a hockey stick, watch with me, and, boom, hits mark staal right in the eye. that will leave a mark. he had to skate off the ice, leave the game. the accident is sparking a push for mandatory visors in the nhl. ♪ real life drama at the renowned bolshoi ballet. remember the disfiguring acid attack by a masked man against the artistic director of this russian ballet? turns out this was an inside job. the alleged mastermind, this star bolshoi ballet dancer, who confessed in video, shown on russian television. cnn's phil black is in moscow for us. and, phil, what happened? what was behind this? >> reporter: well, brooke, just in case there was any doubt
11:37 am
about this dancer's confession, the police made him stand in front of a camera and say it again before distributing that material, making it available to the world. his statement and the clip itself is pretty brave. and there is a qualification. he confesses to organizing the attack, but he says not to the extent that it actually happened. what happened was back in january the artistic director of the bolshoi ballet was outside his moscow apartment building when someone approached him, called his name, he turned around and someone threw a jar of sulfuric acid in his face. the police say they have caught the man who actually threw the acid as well as another man who helped plan and execute this attack as well. as for motive, the police are only saying that filin and the dancer had a hostile working relationship. which is stating the obvious, given the circumstances, given the fact that this theater has a long-standing reputation for very passionate rivalries. and the fact that filin himself
11:38 am
has always said he believed it was a colleague, probably a dancer, who had tried to use violence to drive him out of his job. we hope to learn more details about specifically what was the issue that caused the dispute here when this dancer appears in court in moscow tomorrow. >> to lead this person to use acid, phil black in moscow, thank you, appreciate it. now this. pretty spectacular images here. you're looking at italy's mt. etna, red hot lava shooting into the sky. experts say no one's in danger from these massive eruptions. but there will, however, be a shower of ash falling on local towns after this eruption ceases. guess who is getting together for dinner tonight? republican leaders and the president. but here's the thing, some republicans, they want to take away tax dollars for the president's golf outings. why? because the white house is now officially canceling public tours. that's next. is the better choice for him,
11:39 am
he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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what a difference forced spending cuts make in washington. listen to this. president obama set to meet with republicans in congress, not once, but twice, in the next week. the president has invited just about a dozen republican senators to dinner tonight at a washington, d.c. hotel. dinner. next week he will head to capitol hill to meet with republicans in the house and the senate. according to republican sources, tonight's dinner guests will include some of the president's harshest critics including senator john mccain, arizona, kelley ayotte, new hampshire, tom coburn, oklahoma and lindsey graham. gloria borger joins me live here. much to chew over. speaking of chewing and breaking bread, gloria, why dinner?
11:43 am
this is certainly not the way the president did business with republicans during the first term. why this way? >> or with democrats, i might add. not, you know, didn't dos by like this with much of anybody. when you -- remember when the president had the first press conference after his re-election, he was asked about why he didn't have more people over to the white house to socialize, and his answer was, you know what, i played golf with john boehner, we had fun, but it didn't get a budget deal done in 2011, it didn't work. i spoke with a senior administration official who said to me, you know what, there is this myth in washington that if we all sit down around a table, somehow, something miraculous is going to occur and republicans are going to start working with us. so clearly it was something he thought was pretty absurd. so lo and behold, brooke, now we have the president making these phone calls and inviting people to not the last supper but maybe
11:44 am
the first supper. and so he's clearly changed his attitude towards this. maybe because he believes he's got nothing to lose. >> who does want to lose? so perhaps this is the beginning. i'd love to know what's on the menu, but something perhaps something we can report tomorrow. the beer summit worked for him. go ahead. >> i think what's going to be on the menu here is this notion of if we can get past these so-called forced spending cuts that we're now in, what can we do over the summer to come up with a grand bargain. the president really sees, brooke, that public opinion by a 2-1 margin today in "the washington post"/abc news poll, public opinion for spending cuts. he may be losing the pr battle over this was going to be armageddon or not. i think the president's own popularity has gone down by an average of four points over the last couple of weeks.
11:45 am
so maybe he's finally sitting down with these republicans to see if there is some way to get to some kind of big deal by the fall, and not stand in the way of the rest of his agenda. >> down the road, gun control, gun control issues, immigration issues and unrelated, but -- >> climate change. >> we also know that i think it is this saturday that the white house is now no longer doing the public white house tours, right? and a couple of prominent republicans are coming forward and saying we don't like that. why don't you stop playing golf, right? quickly, what is the real story there with the golf? >> oh, that's just more junk. you know. it's just more stuff that gets thrown out there. okay, you're -- we're giving our tours, by the way, the republicans are, like, we're giving our tours on the capitol. you should keep giving your tours in the white house. mr. president, you shouldn't be out there on the golf course, because every time you play golf, it is not just the greens fees. it costs a lot more than that.
11:46 am
so, you know this is just more of this tit for tat that people kind of roll theirize a izeyes , okay, boys, let's talk about the big stuff and stop acting like babies. >> hopefully dinner goes well tonight. gloria borger, thank you very much. >> wish i were there. >> me too. we'll look for your piece on up next, hot topic panel, face-off, flight attendants lived over passengers being able to bring certain types of knives on the plane. does this mean we're getting over our fears post 9/11? perhaps. plus, as we hear college tuition making a record jump, is higher education, is college worth the cost? my panelists are revealed next. searching for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with all the value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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11:49 am
soon you will be able to carry knives on a plane. take a look. roll on over and take a look at this table. this is what you now officially can take. certain types of novelty baseballs, two golf clubs, a lacrosse goalie stick. you still can't take anything over three ounces of liquid. certain kinds of knives are k-okak a-okay. the tsa is relaxing some carry on rules to allow forbidden sports items. the tsa says the changes bring the u.s. in line with international standards. and allows them to focus on bigger threats, like explosive devices, for example. so let's talk about this with our hot topics panel today.
11:50 am
we have therapist and relationship expert tiffany henry. columnist, radio host and contributor, david saroda. tv personality and radio host tana heart in l.a. and jawn murray back with the panel today in washington. welcome to all of you. david, let me just begin with you. i don't know how often you fly, i fly all the time, are you going to feel less safe? >> no. i'm not going to feel less safe. i think the flight attendants have a real grievance in the sense that they're on the front lines of keeping that cabin under control. so don't think it is right to say their outrage is coming out of nowhere or unacceptable. it makes some sense. but in terms of the entire plane, i think that those who have been quoted in the news saying that essentially that the cabin door has been secured, i think they're absolutely right. i think the department of homeland security and the regulations that the faa put out secured that cabin that to say a
11:51 am
small pocket knife is not going to be a threat that the box cutters were before and on 9/11. >> and box cutters still not allowed. you bring up the flight attend a ants. they're furious. they say this was designed to make the lives of tsa staffees easier but not their lives easier. tiffany, what do you think? >> i travel quite a bit. i would feel safer, you know, not having any type of knife on board. if you need to carry a pocket knife, what do you need a pocket knife on board for? put it in your bag you're going to check, and then let's get on with it. i would rather be able to carry water through security than -- >> right. >> exactly. pocket knives, really, what do you need it for on board? i don't know. but to open your peanuts? i don't know. >> i don't know. some people say it is my right, i should be able to take it on. jawn, at what point do you draw the line, what you can take on and what you can't? >> this is drawing the line for me. i travel a lot.
11:52 am
i have to chugalug my water, but a pocket knife can go on the plane. i don't like this at all. it is a bad idea. and let's not talk about all that sports equipment. there is barely enough overhead space for my computer bag and a small luggage. where are you going to put a hockey club on the plane? >> i like your image. but, tana, here is maybe one way to look at it, that, look this is one way for the tsa to focus more on explosives as terrorists are sadly evolving on how they want to take people down. the same time, though, 2001 was a while ago. is this our way of -- maybe this is our fears easing. you see it that way at all? >> i think it is really complying with the international rules, but i'm more concerned about the bats and hokt the ho sticks. if you're traveling, if someone
11:53 am
is trying to come on with a bat, that's a busineit disconcerting me. and where do you put them? if you put that in the overhead bin and it falls out, who wants a bat on your head and where do you put the hockey stick. >> another trip for flight attend andaants to make sure th overhead bins are locked and loaded. i'm with you all on the water. i'm telling the tsa agents, will you let me drink it? i have a nice water i can't drink. up next, tuition. public college students getting hit are record tuition hikes. is higher education worth the cost here in 2013? [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest.
11:54 am
he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
11:55 am
is a four-year college degree worth the cost ? students forking over 8.3% more for tuition last year. student aid is dwindling. state funding per student dropped an average of 9% as states are slashing education
11:56 am
funds post recession. in georgia, for example, students are paying nearly 80% more for public colleges than they did just five years ago. panel, i want you to weigh in. i tell you, i am proud of my four-year college degree. i hear a lot of these -- i have friends drowning in debt. i'm curious, tiffany, right, right? let's begin with you. is the cost of college worth it right now? >> i have a lot of letters behind my name. but i also have a lot of student loan debt and i have to tell you that right now, you know, paying for college is -- coming out of college and not being able to find a job, the cost benefit analysis here, i don't know. is education worth it? absolutely. we got to figure out another way to go around doing it and maybe it means going to community college for fist two years and then a four-year institution. students and parents have to get creative. right now people are coming out of school with a lot of debt they can't pay off because they can't find a job. >> it is interesting. we talked about -- it was
11:57 am
georgetown university study came out last week saying some of the stunts going to two-year institutions, community, they're outearning those with four-year degrees. tana, what say you? >> you know, brooke, it is such a problem here in california. this used to be the state where the entire world would come in order to get an education. this past year 20,000 qualified students could not get into universities, into public universities. that's a travesty. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. we cannot afford in our society, no matter what the cost is, we need college. >> you look at the zuckerbergs, the steve jobs, you look at the bill gates, right, these are college dropouts, but perhaps unless you are and who knows if you'll become one of these three guys, hugely successful, this is really the front door for -- becoming a member of the middle class, right? >> absolutely. >> i think it is an important point, the term -- the point
11:58 am
about community college is actually people outearning regular college graduates, that's in the short-term. still in the long-term, a college degree at a four-year public institution gets the average graduate about 84% more in wages over their lifetime than somebody who hasn't graduated from college. i think we're at a tipping point here. how much debt is worth it to take on to get that? right now the average student who graduates, graduates with an average debt of $20,000. if that becomes 25, 30, 35, $40,000, how much does the wage benefit on the other end really benefit that in the net? i think that's where we may be approaching a tipping point. >> jawn murray, final word. >> i really think we need to change our approach to college in the u.s. every kid is not cut out for it. every kid does not need to incur the debt. some kids need to wait later in life and determine what they want out of life. how many people do we all know who have degrees and they're not remotely working in their field? this is something we need to
11:59 am
really reconsider in this country and reconsider the approach. we can't afford to inherit this much debt anymore. i'm still paying my college loans. >> are you? just quickly, want to button this up with my go-to on all things college and money. christine romans said one solution, go to community college for the first year, save a little money and go on to get your bachelor's. another thing, basically, you know, take the time, maybe take a year off before you head away and do well in high school. because you don't have to take the remedial courses the first year in college and get your money's worth. tiffany henry, tana hart, jawn murray, david saroda, thank you all so much. bcereal you know tha that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat.
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so even you... could've had a v8. for weeks jurors have sat and watched jodi arias cry and explain her lies and now it's their turn to ask the questions. i'm brooke baldwin. special coverage begins right now. 100 questions. we'll take you inside the debate
12:02 pm
over which ones to ask. plus, what the questions tell us about the jury's thinking. and my legal panel weighs in on how arias should react to the curveballs. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. we're about to take you live to phoenix, arizona. day 16 here, on the witness stand for this woman, this is jodi arias, accused murderer jodi arias. the woman charged with killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, in a shooting, slashing and stabbing rage of jealousy, she is to testify again any moment now. here's the thing. today she has to answer right to the jury. that's right. she's getting these questions from members of the jury. it is permitted here. this is rare. just a couple of states do this including where this trial is playing out in the state of arizona. and we have called in help on this one.
12:03 pm
we have, just seated, criminal defense attorney holly hughes with me. author and psychologist, easy for me to say, paula bloom. welcome to all of you here. also cnn legal analyst sunny hostin in new york for me, federal -- former federal prosecutor. and in phoenix, arizona, cnn's miguel marquez. he has been inside this courtroom this afternoon. so, miguel, let me kick things off this hour with you. tell me where things stand right now. >> reporter: well, we are waiting for court to resume, which we expect will happen any minute. i'm monitoring it here. the lawyers for both sides and the judge and jodi arias went through the 100 or so questions this morning. both sides objecting to some. the judge ruling on some of those. six of the questions were -- will not be allowed. parts of other questions will. one thing to keep in mind, it is 100 questions, but many of these questions have two, three, four
12:04 pm
parts to them, it sounds like. we could be here for quite some time. they will be entering soon, we believe, and the jurors will come in and they will -- questioning will begin. brooke? >> i have to ask this, if we're talking around about 100 questions and they have sub issues within the questions, are they going to barrel through all questions today? >> reporter: it is not clear how this is going to work, if the judge will allow all the questions to go forward during the -- as they get going. it is unlikely they will be able to get through all the questions today, but some of these questions may have been heard. there may be more objections along the way. it is possible this could be a short process, but it doesn't sound at the moment that it will. brooke? >> miguel marquez, we'll come back to you throughout the hour as we're waiting and watching this jodi arias trial. let me go back once again. why did jodi arias kill travis alexander? according to her prosecutor, here, let's bring in the panel
12:05 pm
here, i think this is sort of the crux of the issue, they have to -- this is a death penalty case, right, in the state of arizona. so in order to -- she's accused of first degree murder, but then to take it a step further, they have to prove premeditation. let's go back, for viewers who have not been following the intricacies and the twists and turns of the trial, let's start with the prosecution, holly hughes, what is the prosecutor's theory as far as why she killed her ex-boyfriend? >> basically they're saying if i can't have you, nobody will. and jodi and travis engame egaga very sexual relationship, even after no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. he was getting ready to take another woman on vacation to cancun and told jodi you're not wife material. i'm never going to marry you. they're saying when she finally realized the jig is up, that she planned ahead of time, i'm going to go there, i'm going to have wild sex with him one last time and then i'm going to kill him for the way that he's treated me
12:06 pm
and is now trying to discard me. and the reason they want to prove meditation is an aggravating factor. it is one of several that they'll prove. the other aggravating factor they're relying on is it was such a vicious and heinous killing, 27 stab wounds, the slit from ear to ear, the bullet shot to the face. they're saying, okay, in addition to planning this ahead of time, when she carried it out, it was so brutal, so vicious, you, jury, should consider that an especially heinous killing. this isn't just a run of the mill, one shot to the head murder this is so cruel. and so depraved that you should give her the ultimate penalty, which in this case is death. >> is death in the state of arizona. the defense maintains this was self-defense. >> the defense is going to be that this is self-defense and they're going to base that on eventually we're going to hear expert testimony as to battered woman syndrome and what that says is that her primary
12:07 pm
motivation was not anger, but was actually fear. and so foundationally, what they need to do is put her on the stand, and talk about her fears and the basis of those fears was what she talked about, which was physical abuse and sexual abuse. and then the expert will come in and say, we're expecting, as in so many other cases, it doesn't make a difference if it is one stab wound or 4,000 stab wounds. if you have truly been abused and that's the question for the jury, then your fear is so overwhelming that one stab, one shot is not enough. that's why we hear the famous cases of somebody -- the burning bed, killing their spouse while they're sleeping, and facts like that. that's what we can expect to hear in the testimony and more importantly in the experts that are going to be coming up soon. >> so this is what the prosecutors, this is one theory versus another theory here. we're waiting for this to resume. and this is really unique. holly, as you and i have talked over the last couple of days, in
12:08 pm
the state of arizona, the jurors been sitting through hours and hours and hours and what is this day 15, day 16 for her on the stand of testimony, but today is the fascinating day, perhaps the bellwether moment as i was reading earlier today when we get an indication of what is the mind set of some of the jurors as to perhaps how they may feel ultimately had it comes to a verdict. my question to you, my psychologist friend, we saw sort of jodi arias' -- the sobbing, the back and forth with this pit bull prosecutor last week. she can't react that way to the juror questions. how -- what are we to watch as she's answering questions from people who basically conceal her fate? >> right. the thing is the actual jurors aren't going to be looking at her asking the questions. they'll be coming from someone else, right? >> from the judge. >> it is likely they'll be in a much more neutral kind of way and not illicit the reaction that was illicited. it is exhausting.
12:09 pm
to be on the stand for that long electron , it has to be exhausting and it shows there hasn't been all honesty. there has been different stories she's told and keeping the stories straight has to be stressful. i would imagine because the judge versus a lawyer asking you questions that it may be a little bit more of a neutral kind of situation. >> how do you even -- to the lawyers here, how do you even prepare your defendant for who knows what kind of questions? either of you. >> i'll jump in there. i'll let drew go after that. basically what you're trying to do is, you know, you can never -- you can't tell your client, make it up, lie. and let's face it, she told so many lies prior to couldi incom court and she said that on the stand, i told a couple of whoppers before we got to what happened, but what you encourage her to do is remain consistent. whatever you testified to in court under oath and she made a big deal of that on cross,
12:10 pm
because juan martinez said to her, okay, you're just a big old liar, miss arias, aren't you? and she goes, well, yeah, okay. so why should they believe you now? because i'm under oath, when i'm under oath, mr. martinez, that's when i really tell the truth. what you're hoping for is her lawyer is that she remembers what she said and she's consistent in her courtroom testimony. >> let me just point out, these are now live pictures, clearly having approached the bench. here she is, back on the witness stand. so we will take this live as soon as we begin to hear some of these questions. we have no idea what the questions could be from the members of the jury here. let me get a quick break in as we await the questions. got my panel here. jodi arias, live trial, after this. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process.
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12:13 pm
we will take you back to the jodi arias trial in phoenix as we're awaiting the jurors' questions here. let's talk weather. they have canceled the winter storm warning for d.c., so alexandra steele, was it a lot of hype and not a lot of snow? >> well, you know, in d.c. proper, it wasn't a lot of snow. .8 at reagan national. 3.3 west at dulles.
12:14 pm
so ann arundel county, counties to the west, we had nearly 20 inches. 16 inches in charlottesville. plenty of snow in the double digits and high numbers. within washington, the problem was this rain and snow line just kind of couldn't fight it off. so let me show you. here is the radar currently. here is washington, d.c. there's the snow. look at that, the rain is overtaking. for most of the day, washington's been at 37 degrees. so it is march, we have a high sun angle, all of that asphalt in this urban heat island just never let the temperatures get cold enough and to the west, in the mountains, where there is 700 feet of elevation, whether in winchester or front royal or manassas, virginia, we had 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 inches, the difference of elevation allowed the temperature to be cold enough to allow for the snow to fall. so here are some totals.
12:15 pm
rock fi rockville, maryland, an inch and a half. here is the forecast radar. also, it is winding down now. so all the winter storm warnings have been canceled. we have winter weather advisories in washington until 9:00. but i think snowwise it is a done deal. maybe another inch or two, but the numbers you've gotten are pretty much the numbers you're going to get. as we head toward tonight, we'll watch that area of low pressure move out. and what happens to tomorrow, this area of low pressure finds boston potentially with some inches of snow, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts and retro grades and comes back in as opposed to pushing totally out and northeastward. we'll talk more about the track coming up. and what more happened with this, with the temperatures that just too warm to support it in town. >> i'm sure a lost of people in d.c. breathing a sigh of relief. tv icon valerie harper told she has mere months to live.
12:16 pm
best known for her role as the wise cracking rhoda on "the mary tyler moore" show. >> 35, single, who didn't -- >> rhoda, it is 1:00. isn't your lunch hour over? >> oh, no. my boss doesn't care if i'm a little late. >> i care. >> mary, i think i better get going. i just remembered there is this boss who hates it when i'm late. yours. >> the 73-year-old harper told "people" she has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. her doctors telling her she has less than three months to live. with spring just around the corner, the white house canceling its popular tours. they are scheduled to end this coming weekend because of staffing issues and reductions because of those forced budget cuts took effect midnight friday. but, republican congressman louie gohmert says not so fast, white house. he wants the president to give up golf before these white house tours are canceled. gohmert submitted an amendment yesterday that would ban the
12:17 pm
president from using federal money to travel to his golf outings until the tours are resumed. and back to capitol hill, and the talking continues, republican senator rand paul right now continues filibustering president obama's choice for the chief position for the cia, john brennan. senator paul saying he will talk until he no longer can. right now he's going back and forth with senator ted cruz is giving him an assist, since this has been going on since 11:00 on capitol hill. paul claims brennan hurts civil liberties. and if we have more live pictures there, the jodi arias trial, we'll show you. bottom line, we're waiting still for the juror questions to begin. could be as many as 100. this is really whether we will see the tenor of the case, the mind set of the jurors as this is a rare process. arizona, just a handful of states that allows this to
12:18 pm
happen. we'll take you back there live. got all kinds of lawyers and psychologist here on stand by to walk us through the process. back right after this. to pick. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. ♪ whoo! ♪ all around the world ♪ everybody singin' along ♪ singin' along ♪ never lookin' back ♪ it's a long, long way from my home ♪ [ male announcer ] with the best lineup of vehicles ever, introducing the new chevrolet. why just go from "a" to "b" when imagination can take you everywhere? here we go. chevrolet.
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12:20 pm
crews are looking into why an enormous crane made a giant
12:21 pm
splash here into a bay, this is near portland, oregon, and down it goes. the structure fell while lifting new support towers to carry high voltage power lines. the new tower fell into the water. thankfully no one was hurt. starting april 25th, the tsa will allow you to bring small knives, has to be under 2.36 inches. and certain sports equipment in your carry on bags. the items have been banned from aircraft cabins ever since 2001 since the 9/11 terror attacks. passengers also can carry on pool cues, lacrosse and hockey sticks, golf clubs, maximum two, and miniature bats less than 24 inches. officials say the change will align the u.s. with international rules. and a slip of the tongue has british tabloids, let's be honest, news around the world buzzing on this one. speculation prince william's pregnant wife catherine is expecting a girl. why? according to the telegraph it happened here, here she is
12:22 pm
kneeling down talking to pint-sized fans. one of them hands her a teddy bear and she says, thank you, i'll keep that for my d -- we don't know what the rest of the word was, started with a d. she corrected herself, she said, my baby, my baby. she's due to give birth in july. if the did was for daughter, if she's giving birth to a girl, with changes this year, she will be next in line to the british throne after her father and prince charles. before marijuana sales start in washington, the state has to hire a pot czar. and as cnn's paul vercammen reports, the job is still up for grabs. >> i love washington. >> reporter: dude, where's my czar, as in marijuana consultant. in washington state, after seminars and a lengthy search, they still haven't hired a marijuana adviser because they have been swamped with qualified applicants. the state liquor control board says it received 98 bids to become the consultant on
12:23 pm
implementing washington's landmark legalization of pot initiative 502. entrepreneurs are waiting for guidance. dante jones wants his business green am briochia to become a 5200 square foot marijuana superstore. for now, he sells only to customers with medical prescriptions. sales for recreational use become legal at the end of this year, as a result of the ballot propose's passage. >> the change in public perception since that november vote has been just dramatic. >> reporter: the marijuana consultant, law degree preferred, will advise on growing, transporting and packaging marijuana here. in other words, somebody who knows about marijuana from experience. that means some applicants with criminal records may be considered, so long as their offenses were marijuana related and nonviolent. >> cannabis is a new thing for us. it is unchartered territory. >> reporter: the liquor board
12:24 pm
expects to pay less than $100,000 for the pop consulting and may use four bidders. the announcement of the winning bid could come as early as next week. for the winner or winners, it could be euphoria. for dozens of losers, reefer sadness. paul vercammen, cnn, los angeles. coming up next, 24 hours after the dow hit an all time record, the green continues. up just about 50 points here. what is behind the rise? how long the good mood on the street could last. that's coming up. otherworldly t. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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half an hour away from the closing bell. the dow rocketed to a new record high yesterday. we're awaiting, we're awaiting, finally the moment it closed above that 5 1/2 year high we saw in october of 2007. the question now is now what, alison kosik? looking at history, what goes up comes back down. >> right now it is up, up and
12:28 pm
away for the dow. you talk about history. history can be our guide to understand what may happen to the dow in the future. and it is not necessarily a pretty picture because you look at what happened to the dow just two years after it peaked in 2000, it tumbled because of the dotcom bust n 2007, the dow peaked again. but one and a half years after that it came crashing down. you can blame the financial crisis for that. in both of those cases, the declines were big. 40% to 50%. well, yes, now we are at a new record high. so the big question, should we expect the same kind of dropoff? thankfully probably not. the good news is the majority of analysts, they expect a smaller pullback this time around. something closer to 10% to 15%. not really easy on the stomach, but easier to stomach than a 40% to 50% drop, right? >> right. alison kosik, thank you for me in new york. to washington we go now, where a bit of a rarity taking place today. republican senator rand paul, kentucky, right now,
12:29 pm
filibustering president obama's choice for cia director john brennan. senator paul says he will talk until he no longer can. that's how filibusters work, talk, talk to prevent a vote. he's been going back and forth with senator ted cruz who has been trying to assist him a little bit because he's been talking since somewhere in the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour. senator paul claims brennan and his involvement in the u.s. drone program hurts civil liberties. chief congressional correspondent dana bash monitoring the filibuster, monitoring the talking. has he taken that sip of water yet, dana? >> reporter: he might have taken a sip of water, because as you said, he has gotten an assist or two assists from some of his republican colleagues, ted cruz and mike lee as well. they have come down to help him, making the same arguments that rand paul is making, the whole reason for this filibuster of john brennan's nomination, because he believes it is absolutely wrong for the united states to even consider using drones on u.s. soil against u.s.
12:30 pm
citizens. and he wants brennan to promise that that is not going to happen, a promise he has not gotten. but one thing about what has been going on and you mentioned the 11:00 hour, rand paul started speaking at 11:47 a.m. eastern time to be exact, so it has been going on for three hours, four hours now almost. so what you traditionally see when you see a filibuster that is kind of jimmy stewart style, and cruz referred to him as jimmy stewart, not quite that for a couple of reasons. one is because he is getting assists. i went back and looked, i believe one of the longest in recent history was alfonse d'amato, he spoke overnight for over 15 hours and he was literally -- a true filibuster in that he wasn't just talking about the issue at hand, he was trying to save some jobs in new york, he was singing songs, he was i think reading from the phone book, i'm not sure. rand paul is very specifically talking about the issue at hand.
12:31 pm
he also made clear that he's not going to talk forever. the understanding is that he knows that this confirmation at some point will go through. this nomination will happen. >> so why do it? >> reporter: because we're talking about it. because we're talking about it. because we're talking about it. i think it should be underscored that he does have a very specific policy point with regard to drones. he's not alone. and, in fact, he's joined in this concern by some of the most liberal members of the senate, he's one of the most conservative. and on that point, you know, you think, well, there is a republican, filibustering an obama nominee. it is -- i think it is important to point out that he's actually one of the few republicans who voted for chuck hagel for defense secretary, across party lines to do it and voted for john kerry for the secretary of state. he's supported the president's picks for his cabinet th. this is a very specific issue he wants to make a big deal out of. he said clearly, sometimes i use over the top actions and rhetoric to make a point and
12:32 pm
that's what he's doing now. >> we talked about this two times here on cnn. dana bash, thank you so much. we're watching senator rand paul filibuster the -- what could be -- who could be the next cia chief. want to switch gears here, we're at the bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. you will be watching this jodi arias trial continuing as we have been waiting. many of you, high interest case. here is the judge, sherry stevens, the judge in this back and forth. the significance today, let me bring back in my panel, we have sunny hostin in new york, holly hughes, drew finley, and paula bloom. why do i want to call you lisa bloom, paula bloom with me, psychologist. so the issue of significance today is we're awaiting for these different members of the jury to -- they will not be reading the questions, this will come through the judge. but today is the day the members of the jury will be able to ask theuestions and we don't know what the questions could entail.
12:33 pm
they had this private hearing earlier between the prosecutor, juan martinez and the defense attorney, curt nurmi, to tri to go through. here she is, jodi arias on the stand, pouring a little coffee before she has questions to answer. going back and forth over what questions would be admissible. sunny, it is significant to hear the questions from the jurors because this is the first moment we get to get inside the minds of the jury, see where they stand, right? >> it is really, really important. and it is only done in a handful of states. so it is something that most lawyers aren't even used to. i've got to tell you, i think what is going to be fascinating is that we do get to sort of figure out where this jury is at, what are the holes in their minds. typically, you watch the trials and you're talking about them, it is like reading tea leaves because ultimately you don't know what the jurors are thinking. well, this gives you a bird's-eye view into what they are thinking.
12:34 pm
and so if they start asking questions about self-defense, then you start to think, well, maybe they're buying this story. if they start picking apart whether or not she purchased gas, where she got the gun, they're challenging the premeditation that is alleged here, you can really, i think, get a sense of the hold on the prosecution's case or whether or not the jury is buying the defense here by just merely listening to the questions. so this is going to be a very, very special thing for folks that, like me, the legal nerds that love watching trials. >> you bring up, you know, possible holes in the case. drew finley, let me ask you, as holes could be brought up through the different questions, then what if she's not consistent or what if we know that some of the questions could also go to, not just jodi arias but other experts they could call to testify, so, i mean, really, this is when the defense and prosecutors need to be listening very, very closely to see what are the holes and how could we down the road address them. >> absolutely.
12:35 pm
i mean, the one thing that she's done is she has done -- followed the golden rule of pausing and expressing herself and thinking through her answers. whether you like them or not. she's done a yeoman's job of doing that. i think what we're really looking and what the lawyers are really looking at is for the remainder of the case what are the questions? from the prosecution's perspective, the questions may indicate reasonable doubt because she has to be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. some of the questions may reflect concerns that the jurors have. the prosecutor will in turn, when it is time for him to put up his rebuttal witnesses, try to call witnesses that may answer those issues. the defense on the other hand, may say, wow, when we get to put up our experts on the battered women's syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder, we need to address the issues if the jurors seem to be doubting. they're going to want the experts to explain arias such as, well, you stabbed him 29 times, did you need to do it that many times. the expert will come in and say
12:36 pm
in a true battered woman syndrome's case -- there have been plenty of women found guilty with what we call overkill, acceptable as part of the defense. >> now, i believe she's standing there looking at the jury. we can't see. this is -- we can't see who the members of the jury is, but paula bloom, how should she handle herself in a situation like this, when she's asked questions from people who ultimately choose to convict her or not? >> i wouldn't imagine that the strategy would change so much during this than what it has been during the entire trial. i would hope that she would handle herself in an authentic way, and be honest. but, you know, my sense is that the whole overarching legal strategy will be absolutely key to what her style is going to be. >> what have you made of her demeanor? >> we were talking during the commercial break, kind of interesting, about what jail does to you. i think i haven't really thought a lot about what can -- what happens to you as far as
12:37 pm
draining you, exhausting you. i thought that was an interesting thing we were talking about and how much -- >> forgive me, want to interrupt you. let's just listen in. this is the judge, sherry stevens, let's dip in. >> i'm going to read portions of that preliminary jury instruction to you. if you have a question about the case or a witness, write it down, but do not sign it. the lawyers and i will discuss the question. the rules of evidence or other -- or other rules of law may prevent some questions from being asked. if the rules permit the question and the answer is available, an answer will be given at the earliest opportunity. when we do not ask a question, it is no reflection on the person submitting it. you should attach no significance to the failure to ask a question. i will apply the same legal standards to your questions as i do to the questions asked by the
12:38 pm
lawyers. if a particular question is not asked, please do not guess why or what the answer might have been. miss arias, you're still under oath, do you understand? >> yes. >> i'm going to ask the questions in the order they were submitted. did mr. alexander pay for a majority of your trips? >> no, they were all split 50/50. >> if he did pay, was that a factor in you questioning his choices? for example, introduction to others and sleeping arrangements. >> he created the itineraries, but not really sure how to answer that. he made all the eye titinerarie
12:39 pm
the trips but we split the cost 50/50. >> was it his money, his choices? >> it was his choices on the church history trips because he knew which places would be significant in the church history. i believe the choices were mutual as far as the lists we were trying to check off or a thousand places to see. and -- what was the last part of the question? >> was it his money, his choices? >> sometimes it was his money and i would make it up to him through housekeeping. sometimes it was my money and he would pay me back. >> why did you put the camera in the washer? >> i don't have memory of that. i don't know why i would do that. >> did you ever take pictures of yourself after he hit you? >> no, i did not. >> why did you call the cops on your ex who shook you, but you never called the cops on travis?
12:40 pm
>> when -- that's when he tried to break my forearm, we were wrestling, i was trying to get to the phone, it seemed logical to call 911. i never did with travis because that prior experience of calling 911, he grabbed the phone out of my hand, hung it up, it was a very negative experience, he told me to shut up, they're going to call back. they did call back. he made up an excuse as to why 911 was accidentally dialed. this was years and years later, as far as june 4th, there were no phones upstairs to my knowledge and for previous reasons he would make up for it in ways that bobby didn't. >> why would you continue to sleep with travis after you learned of his child porn issues? >> that was not a side of travis that -- that he wanted to even
12:41 pm
exist. and, of course, i didn't want it to exist. he had told me that when he slept with -- >> hearsay. >> sustained. answer the question without referring to a statement. >> okay. i was under the impression that when he was able to sleep with a woman, as opposed to fantasizing about a child, he felt like more normal as a man. so also i had seen prior to this incident many beautiful qualities about him and good qualities about him and things that were attractive about him. and i believe that this incident was a negative part of himself that he didn't want to foster or that he was fighting or struggling against. and that he had ultimately wanted to eradicate. >> why didn't you just change your gmail password so travis could not get into it anymore? >> it didn't really become a problem right away when we exchanged our passwords.
12:42 pm
and so it just stayed that way for many months. after i moved, it became a problem. so eventually i did change my passwords. however on -- i know this date because of our text messages and things, may 22nd, 2008, we had a conversation where we decided we're not going to do that anymore. so after that conversation, i made no further attempts to ever login to his accounts and to my knowledge i don't think he made any attempts to login to my accounts either. >> did travis' closet doors have locks on them? >> i don't remember them having any locks. >> if no, how did you have time to get the gun down if he was right behind you? >> i don't know if he was right behind my or not. i just had the sense he was chasing after me. >> did you record other phone sex conversations?
12:43 pm
>> yes. >> brian burns testified he met you at a pple event in april 2008 and you had blonde hair. how is that possible if you dyed it in march 2008? >> well, the reason that is the case is because i didn't meet brian at convention in april 2008 because convention is not in april, it is in march. so he got the month wrong is all. convention always occurs in september and six months later in march. >> why did you feel so uncomfortable about anal sex with travis when you had previously tried it? >> in my previous relationships, it was only something we tried one time, maybe two times, and those were long-term relationships. the reason that was not a regular part of the bedroom curriculum was because it was uncomfortable. and with travis, that was his
12:44 pm
preference, and that's one of the reasons i got the ky, made it less uncomfortable, obviously. so that's why it became more regular in our regullationship. >> you took pictures of the shirt and shorts. did you take pictures of the spider-man underwear? if no, why not? >> i did not take pictures of those because that's embarrassing. as opposed to the shorts and shirt which were sentimental to me. i didn't want to memorialize boys' underwear and i didn't want people to know that that was a preference of his and that i was dumb enough to go along with that preference. >> you told darryl you wanted to abstain from sex until you were married. if that were the case, why did you have sexual relations with travis? >> well, my understanding at the time, darryl and i did not -- we
12:45 pm
were not intimate after convention, and shortly thereafter the missionaries began to come to my house and preach about the law of chasity. they didn't overly preached, they mentioned it, explained it briefly. not in great detail. i wasn't comfortable asking these two young kids that i just met in detail about it. but travis and i had intimate conversations and he -- how he explained it to me was that vaginal sex was absolutely off limits and everything else is not as egregious to that law. >> travis stated on the phone sex conversation he did not like spider-man. why did he buy you spider-man underwear if he did not like that character? >> i don't know why, but they were spider-man and i do know, however, that prior, the year prior he -- there is a child he was close with that really liked spider-man. i don't know if that had anything to do with it.
12:46 pm
but he was very much into spider-man. he would dress up as spider-man. he had the -- >> objection, scope. she was asked if she knew why. >> sustained. why would you tell leslie you wanted your kids to play with travis' kids if you felt travis was into younger children? >> this, again, is a statement i made on june 5th, and i wanted to be able to -- i wanted to edify travis only in good ways at that point. i didn't want to say anything bad, even prior to june 4th, i would have only edified him in a good way rather than say anything negative about him. i wanted him to be cast in a good light, not a negative light. >> if you had bruises that were visible after the april 2008 incident, why is it no one else said anything to you about those bruises? >> well, that's not really true.
12:47 pm
the same day the bruises occurred there was a ppl associate who made a joke about it who was very embarrassing. he just -- there were people around, we were at a business briefing, he joked about it. travis was in the joke. and i got -- i don't know if i got beet red but i felt like i did. i felt like the makeup was covering them sufficiently and also matt was somewhat confrontational about it and at that point i was putting more makeup on. i had foundation cover-up, something that was very opaque i was putting on them from that point on. >> if you were so nearsighted, how were you able to drive? >> i never had problem driving. when i was on the freeway, i could see objects, they weren't very sharp, but they were sharp enough to where i could see whether or not i was in danger or driving safely or not. as far as freeway signs, i had to get closer to them to see what they said. but as far as i knew that was
12:48 pm
normal vision. i never had glasses my entire life. and in 2010, i put on someone else's just for fun and it was, like, i didn't even know you could see the world that way, everything was sharp. so that's when i realized i need glasses. >> in travis' text to jodi, text 12308, exhibit 444, he talks about the mysterious man you've never seen before that wrote for you. who is this man and why is he bringing it up? >> that man would be steve carol. he wrote me a very nice e-mail. and it went to my gmail account which travis read. and when i tried to explain myself, i said i've never even met him, and so he -- i guess he thought he was a mysterious man, but i never met steve. that's what i told him. and it led to a big fight. >> did travis think it was someone you lied about? >> i think he did. the way he postured his words.
12:49 pm
>> you took a picture of the t-shirt and pink shorts, but not the boys' underwear. why were the pictures taken so much later? >> they were taken in july. i knew my time was winding down. and by that point i had heard several rumors that said i was obsessed and all these things and i thought, well, if somebody finds these, it does look a little strange to have a shirt that says travis alexander and travis' across the seat of the back of the shorts. i didn't want those to be found, i knew i was going to be arrested but they were sentimental to me. i wanted to memorialize them in some way. i laid them out and photographed them because they were special to me. >> you testified that travis
12:50 pm
gave you the book of mormon at starbucks. did you read it thoroughly? if so, when? >> i did read the book of mormon thoroughly. following that meeting i attempted to read one chapter a day. and so i finish ed it sometime - i think i finished it in about eight months, more or less. and then thereafter in 2008 i read it -- i started january 1st and read one chapter a day, not always consistently, but more or less and then make up for it and i did that in 2009 and '10 and haven't done it since. >> does the book of mormon go into detail regarding the vow of chastity. >> it doesn't give explicit detail and it doesn't say law of chastity to my recollection, it just talks about -- it uses verbiage such as whoredoms, things like that, being unclean and that's in reference to sexual sin. it doesn't go into detail, but
12:51 pm
it does reference those things are considered sinful. >> who initiated contact after the various breakups with bobby, matt, darryl and travis? start with bobby. >> let's see. with bobby we broke up and got together so many times, it would be hard to remember exactly what times when. let's see. i know there was one time where i was packing all of my things and leaving, packing all my cars, driving away. he lived in montague. it is isolated, it is a tiny little town, about a thousand people. his parents had already left to go to into a rest home. he had no food, no money, nothing. so i sort of initiated contact in a way because after i took all my things to my grandmother's house, i went to the grocery store, bought him groceries and brought them over to the house and left them on the door and i left.
12:52 pm
and he i left and he called me back for that. so in a way i initiated that contact by leaving the groceries on the porch. he knew it was me because he got certain types of food and i got him those kinds. >> excuse me, your honor. i want to make sure we can hear everything. >> yes, we will address that. it could be part of the issue we were having earlier. we're going to give you another headset to see if that helps. >> we've been listening to the judge issuing questions to jodi arias and the jury we can't see on the cramera. holy hughes, what's your first impression? what do you think of the questions? >> i think this jury is paying quite close attention. one of them actually cited the
12:53 pm
number of the evidence tag. oh, talking about text message 2008 and 27, evidence number 44 -- they are taking notes. they are paying attention to everything. and they are questioning really good points. why did you do this? why did you do that? they are testing to see if she's going to be consistent. if this self-defense claim is really really. i think they've paid very close attention. i think their questions are on point for both sides. it's given both sides an indication of where they are. they they want to know if it's a self-defense case. she's doing a great job so far. there's no hesitation. there's none of that, well, i don't remember. i'm not sure. she is on it. she's doing a great job answering very direct, very forthright, not, i was in a fog. >> more of the questions.
12:54 pm
right around 100 questions. the jury gets through the judge, asks these questions. we've got a get a quick break. jodi arias on the stand out of phoenix, arizona, continues after this. understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. visit now do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes.
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thing back in january. the attacker and get away driver is in custody. police say the dancer had a hostile relationship with this artistic director who got his job two years ago after a fierce behind the--scenes power struggle. the family of reeva steenkamp breaking its silence for the first time since oscar pistorius was freed from jail. mike steenkamp talking to cnn's drew griffin. he hopes to meet face-to-face with the track star who killed his niece. >> i would like to be face-to-face with him and forgive him. forgive him what he's done. that way i can find more peace with the situation. >> and you would forgive him,
12:58 pm
mike, whether this was a tragic accident or whether this was -- >> whatever the outcome. i feel that my belief and if christ can forgive when he died on the cross, why can't i? who am i not to forgive him? >> watch the full interview on "ac 360" at 8:00 eastern time. look at this. spectacular video from italy's mt. etna. there will be a shower of ash after the eruptions cease. and on the other side of the break -- bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree in education from capella university,
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