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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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we've now heard from the defense, the prosecution and even the jurors. in the days to come, the trial turns to experts. in an effort to explain how this could have happened.
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what caused travis alexander his life? and why jodi arias suddenly became a killer. i'm randi kaye. thanks for watching. good night. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. we're going to get to the stories you're talking about in just a moment. first, let's get you up to speed on the day's headlines. this beach house in massachusetts is trashed. several others on the same beach trashed as well. they have to be demolished now. a strong winter storm beat up plum island again this weekend where residents have been fighting a losing battle against erosion. two separate suicide bombings killed 18 people in afghanistan today just hours after chuck hagel touched down on his first overseas trip as defense secretary. taliban militants are claiming responsibility for the first which struck outside the defense ministry in kabul. shortly after, another suicide bomber attacked a checkpoint south of kabul.
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your next trip to washington won't include a stop inside pennsylvania avenue's most famous residence, at least not right now. the white house announced it's ending all public tours beginning today to help save money. the move is in response to the forced spending cuts. the secret service says the tours cost $74,000 a week. democratic sources in washington tell cnn that this man is president obama's choice to be the next secretary of labor. thomas perez currently heads up the justice department civil rights division. if perez is nominated, he'll have to be confirmed by the senate. here's what else we're talking about tonight. the government controlling what you eat and drink. now the new york mayor is looking at how people listen to music. >> mayor bloomberg should butt out. >> is this the nanny state at work? we're asking, do you think we're stupid? are we? the trial that has everyone talking, unbelievable admissions. >> the idea of the schoolgirl
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outfit, was that something that you were interested in. >> and jaw-dropping details. >> it would be more for his pleasure. >> we've got the very latest on the jodi arias murder trial. from rags to rock star. >> his voice was huge. i said, but can he speak english? >> our legendary rock band found its newest lead singer for the most unlikely of places. just for cnn -- >> show the camera. >> jim carey shows off the best card trick he knows. plus, familiar faces could return to the star wars franchise and the rambling rand paul. all that just ahead. welcome. let's talk, shall we? we're all grown-ups here, right? we can think for ourselves, make decisions about where to go, what to do, what to eat. and if some of those decisions
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aren't the best, so be it. we're adults, live and learn, right? but it seems like some of our political leaders want to protect us from the real world, even protect us from our own possibly bad decisions. here's a case in point for you. new york mayor michael bloomberg has launched a long list of personal crusades over the years. no smoking in public places like new york parks no trans fats in restaurants. and no more big gulps for you. and just this week, word that new york is going to spend a couple of hundred grand on a p.r. campaign to warn people about, wait for it, earbuds. your mom always told you that listening to loud noises, noises and music can damage your hearing. thanks, mom -- i mean, mayor. so let's go deeper on this. should the government really be poking its nose into your ears and the smallest details of our lives? i've invited some really smart people to talk about it.
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david hersani is in washington. and he is the author of the book "nanny state." new new book is called "obama's four horsemen." and jerry doyle joins us from los angeles. and also from los angeles, wendy walsh is a psychologist and expert in human behavior. also an author of this book, "30-day love detox." i just got the preorder -- >> the galleys. >> let's start with the rule taking effect on tuesday about the size of sugary shoft drinks. already creating silly problems for new york businesses. a quick report from mary snow. >> along with that cup of coffee, a side order of new rules. dunkin' donuts is handing out these flyers to its new york city customers on how new
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regulations spills over into its coffee business. it's part of the ban on super-sized sugary drinks that goes into effect tuesday as part of the city effort to fight obesity. to comply, dunkin' donuts will no longer put sugar in coffee over 16 ounces. you'll have to do it yourself. >> so starting tuesday in new york city, duncan donuts will put the sugar in your coffee if it's a medium. but if your order large coffee, you have to put it in yourself. okay, jerry, do you find this ridiculous? >> i find it ridiculous that mayor bloomberg -- if you remember back in 2010, they put out the healthy heroin brochure. they spent like $35,000 for 70,000 brochures and there were 16 steps that they told you you needed to take in order to be healthy when you're doing heroin. and bloomberg said, if you're going to do certain things, you might as well do them as healthy
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as possible. i would have to think the same would apply to a sugary beverage as it would to heroin or in reverse, don't do sugary beverages, don't do heroin. so i find it a little odd that the mayor decided to take a firm stand on soda and not heroin. >> david, listen, sugar isn't bad, we know that it's not bad for you. after all, your book is called "the nanny state." is the mayor looking out for people who can't look out for himselves? >> i'm sure his intentions are good. but first of all, they're ineffective laws. they reflect how government thinks they have a right to involve themselves in your life in every aspect. so it reflects something larger that's corroding our government because they're busy trying to tell us what to drink rather than taking care of real problems almost everywhere across the country. >> wendy, you're the human behavior -- >> can i get in there, don? >> maybe people need to be saved.
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go ahead, wendy. >> here's what you should know. in our past, there were trace nutrients, sugar, salt and fat. we have an unfettered desire and craving for these things that many can't control. but modern capitalist america has capitalized on that and make sure they put a large dose of that in everything they give us. how can we be making free choice when we're addicted, to everything from sex and gambling to salt, sugar and fat? and lest you think this is a nanny state, what this is is finally consumer protection. remember, we don't have socialism here. we have neo-futilism -- >> who is that? i don't know if it was jerry -- who was that? >> both of us, i think. >> i think it was both of us. >> go ahead, david, why? >> essentially she's arguing that you can coerce people on any level because essentially we're addicted to everything,
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including sex. if that's the case, why don't we dictate promiscuity? why are we allowed to do whatever we want in the bedroom? it's a slippery slope that has no end if we buy the idea that we can't control our choices and our behavior. >> jerry -- >> why not start somewhere? >> before i let jerry respond, i want to play devil's advocate here. wendy, i'll be on your side. a guy like bloomberg, maybe he's raising awareness. giuliani ten years ago, a lot of people thought the smoking ban went too far. a lot of new yorkers seem to like it. maybe they'll like the soft drink thing and realize, this is good for me, i'm healthier now. their weight will go down and their health will get better. go ahead, jerry. >> it's easy to go after cigarettes, tobacco, gambling and drinking. that's the low-hanging fruit. but eventually they want to worm their way into every nook and cranny of your english muffin light.
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i'm a smoker. when your first reaction is to cough and shoot your eyeballs across the room, it's probably not good for you. i pay a premium on my life insurance for that. i'm going to die sooner than i should. i save the system money. it's my right to smoke a legal fda-approved product. it's my right to drink soda and eat fatty foods. it's my right to gamble. it's my right. it's my life. if we start to take away the individual's ownership of their own lives, what does the government think they have the right to regulate? >> you guys are paranoid. this is consumer protectionism. that's all this is. >> oh, come on. >> let's protect children. make sure if you give a mcdonald's toy, there's enough vegetables and fruit in there.
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what are the reward systems that are biology craves and let's be careful that it's not exploited by corporations. that's all. >> what if i don't want -- >> what about protecting children by getting the 19,000 kids in shelters out of the shelters? why not protect kids and their families by getting the 1.7 million people who live in new york city below the poverty line? >> those are all good questions. speaking of kids, i want to ask you -- >> let's start with sugar. >> a happy meal and the kids meal, remember that, when that was banned a while ago? and then -- >> yeah. >> is this going too far? is this becoming a real -- >> yes. >> it goes beyond new york city. don't answer that question. how much further can it go or will it go before it is stopped? we're going to talk more on the other side of the break. ♪
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try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. . i appreciate being looked out for. but i think you control the volume of these. it's up to personal responsibility for us to take care of our own ears. >> your message to bloomberg is? >> stay out of my ears. >> mayor bloomberg should butt out. >> it's the same thing with the sodas. >> mayor bloomberg should butt out. my guests are back. if only you guys could hear what we were talking about during the commercial break. we're talking this hour about freedom and choice. what happens when the government doesn't like our choices, then tries to force us to make so-called better decisions, to stop smoking, to turn down that
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music? by the way, get those happy meals away from children. remember when san francisco tried to stop restaurants from handing out toys in kids' meals that lacked the right amount of fruits and vegetables. kids don't go to mcdonald's for fruits and vegetables. this is from a city that prides itself on being open-minded. back in 2002, before he took on the sugary soda earbuds, michael bloomberg pushed a ban on trans fats in new york restaurants. is that something the new york mayor should be worried about? is it the government's job to make us better people? david, i want you to weigh in because jerry said he's got -- he says he has every addiction known to man. he can weigh in on that. but, david, you wrote the book on it. >> let me give you an example. christopher hitchens who died from cancer from smoking, probably, i heard him say once, without smoking, life wouldn't have been worth it for him.
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i find that sad. but i'm just saying that -- i've read the constitution. it doesn't say anywhere that i have to be healthy. i'm not sure why anybody should be coercing me to be healthy. it's not the job of government in any document -- >> nor should you be coerced to be unhealthy. they're hiding, sugar, salts and trans fats in your food. >> right. but there's transparency. so i know it's in my food and i make decisions. >> isn't it right to tell people what's in there? to tell people what's in there, to have the labels on there, the nutritional values, the education system to tell you, here's what's wrong and what's right. the news media tell you. then to have someone ban it, david, you said -- tell us what your night is going to be like -- jerry, tell us what your night is going to be like tonight? >> i'm going to leave here, go to the nine stakehouse over at the palms and i'm going to have a big, fatty steak and i'm going to have lobster garlic mashed
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potatoes and drink buckets of booze and i'm going to go gamble and smoke cigarette es and tomorrow i'm going to wake up and say, that was a great night. >> and, honey, you are going to cost us so much money because we practice emergency room medicine in this country and i'm not going to end up paying for your heart attack. that's the problem. >> that's a great argument to not have socialized medicine, actually. >> i pay a premium on my health insurance. >> the bottom line is bloomberg is saving money in health care because most americans don't have health insurance and they practice emergency room medicine and we end up paying for it anyway. >> she brings up a very good point. that does happen. that was one of the big arguments behind the obama health care plan, was that many americans are paying for people who overindulge, so to speak. go ahead, jerry. >> with regard to smoking cigarettes, i smoke for the children because i love children. the tobacco taxes -- i bought a
7:19 pm
pack of cigarettes in times square in new york city, it was $14 a pack. but the tobacco taxes go to fund the state children's health insurance fund that's been expanded and expanded to the point that they don't want you to smoke. but they do because they want the state children's health insurance program so they can buy votes. and in new york city, a family of four making $93,000 a year can get subsidized health insurance because i smoke cigarettes. now, if you're not going to ask me to be a part of the consumption, don't ask me to pay for your kid's health insurance. >> a lot of snack companies and even food companies, they pay a lot of money to figure out exactly what gets people hooked as wendy said. and then they use that. it gets people hooked. they come in and that's what we do. >> they're hooked on food? >> and it's mostly disguised. the salt, sugar and trans fats is disguised. >> here's the thing, wendy, you and i talk about it.
7:20 pm
people are addicted to relationships. some people -- they have to be in a relationship. some people are addicted to love. some people are addicted to sex, some are addicted to getting their hair colored, to hair weaves, to wig, to makeup. where do you stop? where do you draw the line? >> if you don't stop, when do people have their own -- >> where do you start? where do you start? you start with at least slurping a little less sugar in your soda, please? >> yes, that's your -- >> wendy, i understand what you're saying but that is your value judgment. i think it's just as bad when i see someone who's addicted to a bad hairdo, that's just as offensive to me as someone who may be smoking a cigarette. i'm just saying that's your particular value system. >> i want to ask wendy -- if we start to take away the little decision makings that people have in their lives, when it comes to them making major decisions about their lives and who's going to be in their lives and what they're going to do
7:21 pm
with their lives, if we're bubble-wrapping them from the reality of the world that they're going to face, when are they ever going to have the opportunity to face a decision and make it on their own where they're not turning to government or turning to some agency or every decision has to be micromanaged by someone who supposedly knows better for us than we're supposed to know for ourselves? >> that's a lovely argument. but the truth is we get babies addicted to sugar in utero these days. corporations own us. >> david, last word. >> we're all addicted to food and we're all going to have sugar. and it's not anyone's business how much sugar i have. that's where i stand. i don't think it's complicated. it's ineffective. this ban is not going to help anyone. it's not going to save a single life or make anyone more skinny than before. >> glad we're all in -- >> eat sugar, go out, smoke and have fun. >> i say everything in moderation. and next -- the trial that
7:22 pm
has everyone talking, unbelievable admission. >> the idea of the schoolgirl outfit, was that something that you were interested in? >> and jaw-dropping details -- >> it would be more for his pleasure. >> we've got the very latest on the jodi arias murder trial. military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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when you cross this, off your own. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at boy, is there a reality show playing out in an arizona courtroom. and the main player is jodi arias, charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. this trial has it all -- sex, lies, audiotape, betrayal and much, much more. and jodi has been centerstage for 17 days on the witness stand. it really got interesting this week when the jurors got to ask jodi their questions. i want you to listen to this. >> you said when the gun went off, you weren't sure if you shot travis. so when you came out of the fog on your way to utah, why didn't you call 911 to help travis?
7:26 pm
>> when i sort of came out of the fog, i realized, oh, crap, something bad had happened. and i was scared to call any authority at that point. >> let's talk jaw law and justice now. holly hughes is here. this trial -- this is something else. these questions really give you a peek into the minds of jurors. this doesn't happen in every state. >> right. there's only three states in the nation that allow jurors to submit questions. >> arizona's one of them. we've seen lots of high-profile trials. conrad murray, casey anthony. i don't know if we've ever gotten a peek into the jurors' minds like this. >> no. and this is invaluable for both sides because what you can do is -- you sort of get an idea where they're going, where their thought process -- are they buying the defense or are they really siding with the prosecution? and then you get to come back and sort of remold. the defense is still in their case in chief. so a lot of the questions, it seemed to me, were sort of
7:27 pm
poking at this self-defense thing. why didn't you call for help once you were safe and out of the situation? why didn't you do x, y, z? what the defense can do in response to that is have their experts who are coming up after her answer those type of questions. why would a person, even if they acted in self-defense, still not call for help? they can tailor what's coming and the prosecution still gets a rebuttal case. if they think they need to, they can address those issues as well. >> sounds like doubt. let's listen to one of those questions that really makes it sound like they doubt arias' version of the events. let's listen. >> after all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now? >> lying isn't typically something i just do. i'm not going to say that i've never told a lie in my life before this incident. but the lies that i've told in
7:28 pm
this case can be tied directly back to either protecting travis' reputation or my involvement in his death. >> come on. >> i see skepticism on your face, don lemon. what's that about? >> well, we said this has captured the nation. i don't know how true that is. i think it's captured some people who like trials. other people are just like, really, why are we paying attention to this because she's admitted lying and killing? why is this going on so long? why the this even on my television? this woman obviously has lied and she's admitteded to killing this man. >> yes, she has. it's a death penalty case. anytime the state seeks the death penalty against a woman, typically, a pretty woman, we saw that with the casey anthony trial, lots of people were fascinated because you've got this attractive young woman and the state is sayings, okay, but look beyond the veneer, look at
7:29 pm
what she did. and she deserves the ultimate penalty. i think a lot of people are fascinated by that whole part of the justice system. and i think she thinks she can convince others of this. i don't think she's actually bought into it because she's very slippery in what she says, what she doesn't say, how she tries not to answer questions. and i think what the defense is hoping is especially with this part, how do you not remember stabbing somebody 27, 29 times and slitting them from ear to ear? they're going to ask the domestic violence expert to explain, well, she is suppressing that because it was so traumatic for her, it was so awful for her. sort of like when young children are abused. it's not that they forget their whole childhood. they know they were in kindergarten and things happened. but they suppress that dark, awful thing. that's what they're going to try to have the expert convince the jury of. >> my thanks to holly hughes. this week, george lucas may
7:30 pm
have let the cat out of the bag. you'll probably see familiar faces in the new "star wars." that's next. more than two years ago,
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let's take a look at some of the big stories this week in entertainment. comedian dean obeidallah is back. dean, you heard holly hughes talking about jodi arias, the trial. >> yes. >> listen to actress jennifer love hewitt commenting on the complexities of the trial. >> sex can be provocative. it can be dangerous and it can be amazing and romantic and passionate. it can really be all of those things. >> and, dean, as an aside, hewitt did say, if asked, she would consider playing the part of jodi arias in a tv movie. would you watch it? >> maybe. i think she's better suited for the supreme court. i'm hoping president obama nominates her if there's a vacancy. she's clearly a legal scholar.
7:34 pm
of course sex sells. obviously sex sells. but this trial, it's so much more than sex. it's about a woman killing a man, which is rare. usually there's three women killed a day by domestic violence. you have this woman giving three different versions of her story, jodi arias. and the brutal way her ex-boyfriend was killed. there's so much going on. it's not just sex with this case. >> that and -- i'm different. this and the casey anthony, have not watched one second of the trial. it does not interest me. but i know people are very interested in it. people love watching it. >> but i think the trayvon martin case is going to be -- it's going to be a national case, much more than this. this is a small case. george zimmerman will be much bigger. >> this past week, george lucas spilled the beans. now he sold the "star wars" franchise to disney. he said the big free from the original picture all said they'd
7:35 pm
do new "star wars." do you think that would be good or do you think it would be weird? >> it would be great. it's nostalgic. there's a lot of ageism in hollywood. harrison ford is 74 years old. don, you just had a birthday, you're about his age -- >> don't hate. >> i'm not hating. >> don't crack. i could be 70 but i still look good. >> you look great for your age. i think people are going to -- it's nostalgic like "the expendables." and it's "star wars," of course it's going to be a big opening. with them, i think it will be interesting. >> jon stewart taking a break. taking three months off to director a movie. john oliver is going to sit in his seat. big shoes to fill. >> i think john is great. he's really funny. the brown correspondent, i wish "the daily show" would let him
7:36 pm
host one time. it would mean so much to the indian, middle eastern -- >> i wanted the brother to host. >> exactly. less him do one week just to let other young brown kids see somebody like that behind the desk. and let the african-american guy -- that would be great to do that. it's a testament to jon stewart, though. he said in the quotes he wants to be challenged. as a creative person, you get this comfort zone. it's not as exciting anymore. he wrote the feature and is going to direct it. >> i've seen john oliver when we were out on the campaign trail. he comes on the campaign trail. one last thing, what's going on with justin bieber? nice canadian boy. every time i see him now, he's half naked, showing his underwear, his pants are falling down. tweeted a picture from the hospital. does he need some -- what the hell is going on?
7:37 pm
>> we should ship justin bieber to north korea instead of dennis rodman and let them keep him. he shows up two hours late for a concert. come on. he just did that in london the other day. you need more attention, justin? you get the most attention in the world and still the kid is so needy for attention. >> yeah. i wonder if he's going down the low-hand road or -- i don't know what it is. but seriously, i'm actually concerned for him. i think he was a nice kid and now something weird is happening. pull your pants up. it's disgusting. >> pull your pants up. the thing in the hospital bed was a bit -- >> we've got to go. >> bye, don. we're coming right back in a few minutes. but next -- from rags to rock star. >> his voice was huge. ♪ wheels go round and round >> i said can we speak english? >> how a legendary rock band found its new lead singer. >> i'm short, i'm asian. >> from the most unlikely of places.
7:38 pm
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usually rock bands are defined by their lead singers. it may be unfair, but that's just the way it is. so when the band journey and steve perry split, many thought the band was through. but according to a new documentary, something pretty incredible happened. >> i looked and looked and looked. i was ready to give up. i just clicked on one last link and i pushed it -- ♪ highway run >> arnel popped up. i go, this is too good to be true. >> his voice was huge. i said, but can he speak english? >> i got this message. interested in singing with the real band journey? this is impossible. ♪ see you in a smoky room >> he's the lead singer in journey. >> what an amazing story. ramona diaz is the director of
7:42 pm
the documentary which details how arnel pineda became the lead singer of journey. a skeptic would say, this is the greatest marketing stunt of all time. i don't know. is that really true? >> yeah. yeah, i guess it's true. but they're having such a wonderful time with arnel. they're relevant again. they're more successful than i've ever been with arnel. >> he sounds similar. doesn't sound exactly -- but he sounds enough like steve perry that it sounds enough like him in concert that you actually believe that it is. if you close your eyes, it could be him, right? >> yes. >> let's listen to a quick clip of the former singer. ♪ highway run ♪ into the midnight sun ♪ wheels go round and round
7:43 pm
♪ you're on my mind >> okay. now let's hear arnel. this is, i believe, the very youtube video, the journey band member heard the first time. let's listen. ♪ highway run ♪ into the midnight sun ♪ wheels go round and round ♪ you're on my mind >> okay. so that's pretty uncanny. how hard was it for the band to accept that this wasn't some fake-out because he does sound a lot like perry? >> yeah, i think -- when neal found him on youtube, it struck him that he sounded like perry. but you're right. if you close your eyes, he sounds like perry. but there is still a little bit of difference. i think it's more of a rocker. if you really listen. but the hard core journey fans who of course are very attached
7:44 pm
to perry, even a lot of the skeptics followed him on the road were won over by arnel because he not only sounds like what they call the legacy sound of journey but he's very -- extremely entertaining on stage. >> yeah. >> because he jumps around and he really engages the audience. and you can't help but love him. i think you see some of that in the film. >> not only is he not steve perry, but frankly, he doesn't look like steve perry. he doesn't look like the others in the band. buzz it difficult for some of the fans to accept him at all or did he win them over pretty quickly? >> he won them over pretty quickly. but he's very self-aware. like he says in the film, i'm short, i'm asian. so i look nothing like steve perry. but i think that, you know -- it's really proof positive that talent really rises above race and culture. >> right. >> because you really see his talent and you can't deny it. etch some of the very skeptical
7:45 pm
members of the audience were won over, in spite of themselves. >> i always wondered how steve perry felt about finding someone who sounded almost just like him. but you said he issued a statement to oprah saying a few years back, saying he wished him very well, right? he appears to be okay with it. >> yes, yeah. >> where can we see your film? >> the film is playing in select cities across the united states. and you can check out for listings. but it's available on itunes and comcast, infinity on streaming. but it's really fun to see it in the theater because it becomes very communal experience. people really love hearing him sing. and it's just a great theater experience. >> it's called "don't stop believing, every man's journey." and you can see it as ramona
7:46 pm
said in the theater best of luck to you, okay? >> thank you. my pleasure, thank you. this past week, rand paul made headlines for nearly 13-hour filibuster. not only is he getting hammered from the left, he's also getting shots from the right as well. why? that's next. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go. but, at some point... giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything, it's that you can't cling to the past... if you want to create the future. that's why, instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. pushing u.s. aviation to new heights. all 80 thousand of us. busy investing billions in the industry's boldest moves. it's biggest advances in technology. bringing our passengers the best,
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. 12 hours, 52 minutes is how long senator rand paul's filibuster lasted.
7:49 pm
some are compliments paul but he's getting hammered by others. dean obeidallah joins me again from new york. dean, if you were senator paul, how would you respond to this liberal love and conservative grumpiness? >> i think take your friends where you can get them. he's gotten some support in the tea party. he had some on the right. what he did was a great thing. i'm a progressive guy. the drone policy has to be articulated by the president. the president cannot be an emperor. we have to have a protocol in place, some kind of regulations, due process has to be there. i'm glad rand paul did this, to be frank. >> north korea ratcheted up its big talk, threatening a preemptive nuclear attack on the u.s. these are big words from a nation that can barely launch a rocket across a bathtub. are you scared? >> i'm petrified, don. nobody cares. i've tweeted about this talked about it in the comedy clubs the
7:50 pm
last few nights. no one cares. the leader of north korea, kim jong-un, if you're watching this, that doesn't get our attention, threatening us. you have to do something to makes us focus on you like date a kardashian or punch justin bieber. that will get a lot of attention. we follow pop culture more than this stuff. nobody feels north korea is a threat. it's really an empty threat to us. at the same time, the u.n. is considering more sanctions, just voted for more sanctions and he's threatening us to show he's a responsible leader. he's not. i don't think anyone's paying attention. that's the reality. >> did i just see a kardashian -- >> date a kardashian. >> talking about pop culture, i think one of the most interesting pop culture stories this week and the biggest was my friend and yours joy behar leaving "the view." she's been there since the
7:51 pm
beginning, 16 years. that's one of the biggest jobses in show business in talk and she's deciding to leave. and she's a comedienne and probably is going back to do just that. >> i got on "the view" twice. it was because of joy. she saw he perform in a new york comedy club. i think she's great. i wish her the best. i know she'll be successful whatever she does. she's smart and funny and comes across great. always been a huge fan of hers. >> i second that. thank you, dean. >> thanks, don. still ahead -- just for cnn -- >> okay. show the camera. >> actor jim carrey runs into trouble showing off the best card trick he knows. >> is this your card? is this your card? the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream.
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dad: you excited efor day?ng. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i've been in and out of foster care for most of my life. when you move from place to place, you don't really get the same connections that your peers have. you get very insecure.
7:55 pm
you don't think that people really care about your desires and wishes. >> when i became a foster parent, i realized, a lot of these children decide that it's not worth wishing anymore because it isn't going to happen. people have made promises to them that they haven't kept. do you want to take any of the babies? >> sure. >> here you go. everything's brand new. i thought, how do we give them the feeling that people are out there that care about you even if you've never met them? my name is danielle gletow. i've helped make dreams come true for thousands of foster children all over the country. you can look at hundreds of wishes for children in foster care. he needs the radio to practice with his audition cd. wishes are as unique as the children who make them and so personal. isn't that beautiful? >> yes. >> these small things make an enormous difference in the life of a child. it's really just a kid being a kid. >> my wish was for a suit so
7:56 pm
that i could attend a family member's funeral. it meant a lot that someone took the time and they knew that was parent. >> this looks awesome. >> when a child's wish is granted, we are reassuring them that their voices are being heard. >> i love you. >> that there is this big world out there that just wants to wrap their arms around them and protect them. and we need to all step up and do that. in austin, texas, the south by southwest festival is all about the latest gadgets and cool music but it's also about new movies. our nischelle turner sat down with cast members of the new film "the incredible burt wonderstone." and they had something very special for nischelle. >> we learned magic. >> i was going to say. first i thought that was like a pack of swords. >> not that great at shuffling. >> what are you going to show me here? >> pick a card.
7:57 pm
>> nice fan, by the way. >> thanks. >> show the camera. >> you see it? >> put the card back in the deck. anywhere at all. okay. fantastic. would you like to shuffle that? >> i'm theword. steve? i'm not the worst. steve is the worst. >> okay. is that your card? >> no. >> is that your card? >> no. >> is that your card? is that your card? is that your card? is that your card? is that your card? is that your card? >> you are so good! >> is that your card? >> just throw them all at you. >> is this your card? >> you're not good. >> is this your card? >> sorry. >> i still haven't found my card, jim.
7:58 pm
>> you'll find it in your pants later. that's the weird thing about this trick. >> he is great. they never did find her card. the movie opens next friday. a man runs into trouble, a flight delay. but he's not trying to make some business meeting. he's flying to see his dying mother. one last time. his story is our moment of the week and it's up next. bny mellon has the vision and experience to help. we look at the full picture... to uncover risk, find opportunities, and create a plan that's best suited for you. bny mellon. once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never want to go back. its dynamic power bristles reach between teeth to remove up to 76% more plaque than sonic
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