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tv   Starting Point  CNN  March 14, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. that is "early start" for this morning. >> "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts right now. >> welcome. our starring point this morning, the world welcomes pope francis. he is from the first from the new world. the first jesuit, the first latin american to be elected pontiff. we're live in rome this morning and also in buenos aires to a look at a man who will lead the catholics. one month after a karncarni cruise ship got stuck, another one is stuck as well. we will tell you what passengers are saying right now on their boat. a standoff under way in upstate new york right now. police surrounding the suspect wanted in a t shooting spree that killed four people. we are live on the scene.
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he's a man who may have led to the down fall of mitt romney's presidential campaign. hear from the bartender who filmed the infamous 47% comment. we'll tell you why he did it. work on the job and work at home, how much time men and women spend working versus doing their chores or raising kids. this new information right surprise you. it's thursday, march 14th. "starting point" begins right now. okay, everybody. we're team this morning, monsignor is back with us. head of the u.s. conference of catholic secretary of divine worship and bishop david o'connell from trenton, new jersey. i guess because we have a lot to talk about this morning with the new pope and, of course, a new era, a new leader for the catholic church to mark the very first day on the throne of st. peter, pope francis will hold a private mass at noon eastern
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time with the cardinals who elected him. on saturday, the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics is expected to meet with members of the media. then tuesday, it's the installation mass. as many as 200 foreign delegations are expected to atte attend. we're covering this story from all angles. miguel marquez is in rome, dan rivers is in italy, shasta darlington is in buenos aires, and christina plig is in miami beach for us. miguel is coming to us live from rome. hey, miguel. >> reporter: hello, soledad. i think it's safe to say that romans are pretty darn excited about the new pope today. here's this paper, he came out and said thank you to romans and everybody for coming out last night at the vatican. this is my favorite. it's in latin. even the newspapers here in italy are beautiful. but that moment last night when he went out on that balcony and said hello to the world for the first time as pope was
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absolutely unforgettable. the anticipation, intense. the crowd, 150,000 strong, jammed into st. peter's square. white smoke billowed and the largest bell in the basilica signaled a new pope. within minutes, the square filled to capacity. and then -- >> this is the moment, the moment that tens of thousands of people gathered here in the square had been waiting for. it's electrifying. it's an extraordinary moment. look at this. look at all the cameras snapping a picture of the new pope. >> reporter: argentine cardinal jorge mario bergoglio becomes pope francis. he asked the crowd to pray for his predecessor pope benedict and then in a dramatic and touching moment he asked for a
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silent prayer. from the massive crowd, not a word, not a sound. the prayer, he said, was for him, to help him in his ne role. 100,000 people, probably more, and there's silence. >> i know. i know. i was shocked, too. definitely. it was -- i think it's just here in the moment, you wanted that one curtain to drop and see who it was. >> reporter: for his fellow argentines it's a moment not only for their country but the world. >> he's a very humble person. everybody in argentina knows that. he doesn't use car. he use the metro, the subway. he doesn't like to be called himself monsignor, your excellence. just jorge mario. maximum you can call him is father. >> reporter: a humble man about to embark on an extraordinary journey. >> now, that moment, that moment of silence was just incredible and unforgettable.
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perhaps the most interesting moment of the night is when he left the balcony and came back out almost sheepishly and said thank you for everyone for coming. safe travels home. and get some rest. it was a very sweet and telling moment for a guy who seems h humble and seems to have a good sense of humor. >> what an incredible experience to be there in person. thanks, miguel. appreciate it. pope francis is already developing a reputation as a pope of firsts. a humble man who is not opposed to turning his back on tradition to do things his way. jim bittermann is live at the vatican for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. i guess an indication of that is the way the pope this morning went to a church, one of the major basilicas here in rome and said a few prayers to mary. but what was interesting about it is that when he arrived he arrived not in his papal garb, not in papal white but in simple priestley black. he changed later on.
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but in any case it was another sign of what we've been talking about all along, his humility. i took a closer look at the new pope in a story last night. >> translator: begin this journ journey. >> reporter: his journey began wednesday when cardinal jorge mario bergoglio of argentina was elected to lead the catholic church. he's the first non-european pope since the 8th century and first pope ever from south america. he will called pope francis, in honor of st. francis of assisi. bergoglio was born in 1936 in buenos aires, argentina. the son of an italian i'll grant, a railway worker. he had four brothers and sisters. he studied to brk a chemist before receiving the call to the priesthood. the 76-year-old was ordained a jesuit in december of 1969. and has served as orsh bishop of buenos aires. he was made a cardinal on february 21st, 2001.
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bergoglio is said to have been the runner-up in a 2005 concl e conclave. and in 2013 he was the oldest of the possible candidate, barely mentioned ad eed as a topic. fellow argentines are looking forward to his new chapter in the catholic church. >> move forward, hopefully make some good changes. hopefully he will be similar to poep john paul ii in some ways in being very progressive. we'll just have to wait and see. >> reporter: bergoglio is the 266th bishop of rome, leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics. but to many, he's known as simply father jorge. >> so, in fact, there will be a lot of change in style around the vatican. no question about that. in terms of substance, perhaps not so much. many to matters, new pope is pretty much on the same line as benedict xvith, although in some
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things he may bring out changes but not don't expect him to change on the ordination of women or celibacy for priests. >> jim bittermann for us this morning, thanks, jim. he's at the vatican. let's get back to bishop david o'connell and richard hill gartner. you've been here for the last couple of weeks. when jim bittermann described how the pope first arrived he said he was wearing priestley black, which i guess is what you're wearing. how unusual would that be for a new pope to come out of the traditional white robe? >> it's very unusual. a pope once selected, once he accepts the election would appear in anything but the papal white. so it's an interesting kind of move or departure from tradition. >> how do you read that? now we have several moves and departures. little moments of departure from tradition. what's your interpretation? >> could be the white didn't fit him too well. >> could be. >> comfortable in the black. or we he just fell he was going
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to dress the way that he has cust customarily dressed. >> we talked about francis, francis of assisi and he himself was a reformer. message in that. >> several messages. i think there's two different nods there. certainly the nod to francis of the assisi, father francis, and the great rebuilder of the church, as he had that vision of the lord speaking to him on the cross. but as a jesuit, cardinal bergoglio would have also been intimately close and devoted to francis xavier, a great preacher, missionary, activity, i think that says something about his zeal for preaching the gospel and being in this moment that this church has been describing as the new evangelization. >> it was interesting i thought when the vatican then had to confirm francis of assisi because there was a point when he wasn't sure he was taking the name of the jesuit and that was the symbol there. you heard a young woman in the
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piece that jim presented to us saying that he was progressive. she hoped he would be progressive. we know he's a former but might be a reformed but also conservative. what kind of pope do you think he will be from these very early messages that we're getting? >> of course, we've only seen him as pope for less than 24 hours. >> but that doesn't mean we're not going to go out on a limb. >> define him and put him in a box? >> yes, sir. >> i think what we have to look at, and this is -- jim made the comment that we shouldn't set our expectations too high. we look at his past. we look at his teaching. we look at his preaching. we look at his writings. we see that there's a lot of continuity between pope francis and what has preceded him in the writings of pope benedict and pope john paul before him. >> he's been consistent. >> he would be traditional-minded in certainly all the hot button issues.
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>> we're going to talk about this for the entire morning. the emotion that surrounded the moment of pope francis is high, of course, in his home country of argentina. shasta darlington is in do you know buenos aires. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. that's right. the whole atmosphere here really just exploded yesterday because not even argentines expected this. so i'm standing right here in front of his arch diocese. there wasn't a whole lot of people wait for the announcement. when it came. everybody came flooding over here to the cathedral. it was as if people had just won a big soccer match. one of the reasons he really hadn't stood out this time around as a contender is because he was such an low-profile person. when he was first appointed archbishop he said he didn't want to live in the official residen residence. instead, he's still living in a third story apartment, cooks his own meals, goes out and buys his newspaper every morning at 5:00
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a.m. i was speaking to people who worked there in the apartments and they said he really hated all the ritualists that come with the position he had as archbishop. he didn't like people to kiss his hand. so this is a man who really lives the simple life and i have to say, argentines are just thrilled. this came out of nowhere. there is a bit of controversy around him involving what many people view as his proximity to the dictatorship. they say he didn't do enough to prevent the thousands of disappearances, deaths, and the torture here. on the other hand, he was a champion of the poor. and that's what keeps coming true. he's homeless people i talked to here on the streets said he would always stop and have a word for him, soledad. >> shasta darlington in buenos aires for us this morning. let's get back to pastor of st. joseph's in miami beach and, of course, miami beach with a large population of argentine-americans. shasta was saying in argentina
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people are going crazy with joy. how about where you are? >> reporter: we were all delighted to hear and see what the pope was lebted, number one that he was elected. the whole parish and everyone here in miami beach was excited about the whole idea. not just the argentineans. and then come the second element that he was an argentinean and that flourished everywhere, in every part of the island as well as our parishes. we're delighted to know that the leader from one of the largest centers of catholicism, south america, is able to speak not just spanish but the language of the poor, the language of faith, and the language of new beginnings. >> much has been made of the first decisions in many ways are firsts. i want to play you a little bit of some of those. listen. >> francis of assisi and this pope, they are kindred spirits. he is a pope that is going to
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come in and look at a situation and say get back to basics. this is about the gospel. this is about what we are at our best. pastor came to meet his people and it was beautiful. then he took the microphone again and he didn't follow the book. thank god. >> we were talking this morning as well and showing up in his black clothes of a priest instead of wearing the white robes of the pope. also, sort of shifting tradition a little bit. where do you think that sort of idea of he's going a different direction could actually end up, i guess, expressing itself in how he leads the church? >> are you talking to me? >> yes, sir. do you want me to repeat the question. >> i'm so sorry. yes, no. the choice -- the choice of the name francis says a lot, as you -- it speaks about reform because of the history of the church and the status of francis
4:16 am
of assisi at the time. he was never ordained a priest. he was only a deacon because he thought he was never worthy of that. however, his influence in the church, in the church's tradition, facing the pope at the times and also bringing christianity back to the holy land was magnificent. so i think the choice of francis speaks about reform, renewal, and the archbishop of miami explained to us yesterday, it's a sign of fresh -- new, fresh life for all of us in the world, as well as -- and all of news south florida rejoice with the archbishop on this. so i think the word francis, the choice of the name has a lot to do with his internal desire to serve the church at that level of renewal or refreshing and, of course, new beginnings. >> father is the pastor at st. joseph's which is in miami beach. thank you, sir. appreciate your time this morning. the name of cardinal jorge mario bergoglio was not really on anybody's short list to be pope but he was on cnn's radar
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before we saw that white smoke billowing from the sistine chapel. listen. >> a name we have not heard yet that was offered up to me is cardinal bergoglio. which you may or may not know, john allen reported to us many times that what we believe from the last conclave is that bergoglio was number two to then joseph ratzinger now pope benedict xvi iemeritis. 76 years old. he could be a unifier. >> that is the case. >> thanks, soledad. so here we go again. another carnival cruise liner apparently experiencing some problems onboard. this time it's the carnival dream. it is in port right now in st. maartin in the caribbean. passengers have contacted cnn with stories of power outages and overflowing toilets. listen. >> they said that they were working on the ship and then
4:18 am
there was the generators that were having a problem. now there's, you know, human wastes all over the floor and some in the bathrooms. they're overflowing. >> carnival representative told cnn he was not aware of the problem. several calls since to the cruise line have gone unanswered. we should tell you the u.s. coast guard said there are no reports right now of an incident. new developments out of i think gland this morning. four people under arrest in the british phone hacking askedle that rocked rupert murdoch's publishing empire. they were all jurnists at the sunday mirror. the scandal led to the shut down of murdoch's "news of the world" newspaper. prosecutors say two high school football stars on trial for raping a 16-year-old girl in steubenville, ohio, treated the alleged victim like a toy. the prosecution said 17-year-old trent mayes and 16-year-old richmond knew the girl was intoxicated and bragged about it to their friends.
4:19 am
>> you will be able to read the text messages that were sent where these boys not only confessed to the sex acts that were performed on my client but they also bragged about their knowledge of how impaired she was. they used the word dead over and over. >> reporter: trent mayes and richmond deny the rape charge. so president obama meets later today with senate republicans and house democrats a day after he wrangled over budget issues with house republicans. yesterday's meeting the president did receive a standing ovation as he entered a conference room in the capital basement but a nearly 90-minute long meeting left republicans unmoved. last night the president spoke about the talks of the so-called charm offensive that has failed seemingly to change anyone's opinion. >> over the last several weeks press here in washington has been reporting about obama's charm offensive. well, the truth of the matter is
4:20 am
all i've been doing is just calling up folks and trying to see if we can break through some of the gobblety-gook of our policies here. >> tweeted a picture from the meeting where several gop house members asked the president whether his motives were purely political. >> you know, he's the president. >> he looked tired. >> he did look exhaustive. >> he's speaking to his people last night talking about what he's been doing over the last week. he looked exhaustive. there are a lot of republicans as we do say that appreciate the gesture that the gesture itself means something even if he hasn't changed any minds. >> completely disagree and don't see eye to eye. thanks. police say they have surrounded a suspect wanted in a deadly shooting spree in upstate new york. we've got details on this story straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back. a developing story to tell you about coming to us from upstate new york. police are believed to have surrounded a man who is wanted in a shooting spree that left four people dead, two other people critically wounded. the standoff is taking place right now in herkimer county. cnn national correspondent deb feyerick is live on the scene for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. right now police are just trying to wait out the suspect. 54-year-old curt myers. hold up a block away from me. this is main street. this is an area where the police station, the fire station, all within walking distance. so he's picked a very public area in which to do this. the standoff began about 15 hours ago, early yesterday
4:25 am
afternoon. there are s.w.a.t. teams on scene. tactical units, sharpshooters, as well as heavily armored vehicles here and just monitoring the situation. they're just waiting. it is very cold. it is very snowy. they do believe that curt myer is inside. they don't know whether he's alive or not. earlier reports that they were going to send in tear gas and going to send in robots. but that right now unconfirmed. that was the plan, whether they decided to end up doing that. they have been keeping us a far distance away. the governor saying that everybody should stay back because it is such a fluid situation and nobody knows exactly what this man will do. what he is capable of doing, police know, is that he walked into two different stores. he killed two barber shop, walked to a local car area, jiffy lube and shot two there. one was a veteran officer. once that happened he jumped
4:26 am
back in his car. police did not know where he was for a little while. they thought he was a jewelry store. it was abandoned. right now police say that they really just want to wait and see how this all plays out because they don't want to suffer any more loss of life, soledad. >> deb feyerick watching this for us as it continues to unfold. deb, thank you for that update. a man who reported mitt romney's infamous 47% comment that in part helped derail his presidential campaign finally speaks out. he'll talk about why he made those recordings. that's coming up. [ female announcer ] let our chefs take your lettuce from drab to fab with new lean cuisine salad additions. the perfect combination of grilled chicken plump edamame ripe pineapple crunchy broccoli colorful carrots all topped with a savory ginger vinaigrette and crispy noodles. for 300 delicious calories. all you have to do is bring your own lettuce. we'll dress it up. new lean cuisine salad additions. just byol. they're the hottest thing to hit the frozen aisle. nestle. good food, good life.
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♪ pope francis a little time getting to work as the new leader of the world catholics. new video this morning of him visiting the basilica -- am i saying that right? >> i'm going to say it with an italian accent. >> use you're hands. >> yes, aappreciate that. later he's going to hold a private mass at the sistine chapel at noon eastern time. and on saturday, the pope is scheduled to meet for the very fist time with members of the media. i'm sure members of the media are like, oh, saturday. too much time pass. we want to interview him now. tuesday, it's the installation mass with as many as 200 foreign delegations expected to attend. latin americans rejoicing. christina plig is live for us in miami page. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. i'm standing outside st. joseph's parish here in miami beach where they're going to be
4:31 am
celebrating mass in 30 minutes to celebrate the new pope, mario jorge bergoglio. they are ecstatic that a latin-american pope is one of their own. here are the heedhead lines here. "miami herald," new world pope and in spanish, please pray for me. so down here in south florida, the catholics are veriy eies ca tick. joy use. 1.2 billion catholics in the world. 41% of them are from latin america. here miami-dade county at least 50% of residents are also from latin america. so it's a very diverse community. last night many catholics went straight from work to mass to celebrate and to pray for the new pope, pope francis. they are hoping that he will bring about change. they say that the word catholic in latin means universal. even though he does come from argentina, they say that he is the pope for all the world.
4:32 am
>> i am overjoyed because he's a pope for the whole world. and he's clearly a man of great vision. he comes from our part of the world but he's now a father for all of us. >> reporter: and, also, the largest concentration of argentines are here in south florida, believe it or not, in a little community known as little argentina in north miami beach. they are ecstatic, needless to say. >> yes, i bet they are today. christina puig for us. thanks for the update. pope francis faces a growing sex abuse scandal that's plagued the church in recent years. a problem that many are hoping he will address aggressively. let's get to the western regional director of s.n.a.p. she's also a surviving victim of abuse within the church. nice to talk with you. give me a sense of your selection of pope francis, considering the issues that
4:33 am
matter to you within the catholic church. >> well, i really believe that for us to, you know, it's tough to predict. i'll make that a simple statement. what will really matter are what actions pope francis takes over the next 10, 15, 100 days. when we see solid action to publish wrongdoers, when we see men like cardinal mahony admonished, that will true action and that is what will make survivors feel a sense of healing, feel a since of pastoral care by the pope and also will be an indication that children will actually become much safer in the catholic church. >> let me turn to my panel for a second. i think there are people who look at this issue on left hand and right hand. on one hand he has picked the name of francis of assisi, which is telegraphing i'm a reformer. on the other hand, if you look at the pope francis' history, there's not a huge indication that he's done anything in terms of leadership on this particular
4:34 am
issue that certainly has been difficult for the american catholic church. what's the sense of what he will do or what he has to do on this issue? >> well, no just the name francis but his history and his work in buenos aires, being an advocate of the poor, being an advocate of those who have been victimized in the most broad context, i think is a great sign of hope. and in many ways, even if he simply continues on the trajectory that pope benedict had started but perhaps ran into some roadblocks in trying to accomplish in moving towards zero tolerance and moving towards more transparency in so many things the church in the united states has taken a lot of lead in that in recent years. and it's a problem that other parts of the world are just coming to understand. and that's a frustration for us in the united states to see that the rest of the world, the church and other parts of the world hasn't quite caught up to where we are. >> so, joelle, you listed some
4:35 am
actions that you would like to see the pope do in order to prove to you that this is an issue that is front and center for him. often as you know these things start off as considerations, words put into speeches and remarks. what before direct action would be a hopeful sign to you as we start hearing the pope's first words and masses and messages? >> well, we keep hearing a lot about pope francis' humility. and i believe that is, if it is truly how he is, it is a great first step. because we have found that in the sex abuse crisis, especially in the united states, there's been a great amount of hubris on the part of many of the bishops and cardinals who believed they were more important than the children that they had promised to protect. but a sense of humility will go a long way because someone who reaches out to the poor and to the vulnerable who also ensure hopefully that the church within the catholic church remain safe and that survivors who are suffering all over the world can begin to heal and get some sense
4:36 am
of justice, transparency, and accountability. >> joelle is the director of s.n.a.p., survivors of abuse network. thanks for your time this morning. got a bunch of other stories to get to as well. >> president obama nominating a new ambassador to libya. debra jones spent three years as ambassador to kuwait, worked in several middle eastern countries. the post has been vacant of course since christopher stevens was killed in an attack last spl september 11th. new information in the cause of last month's deadly explosion that flat tened a popular kansa city restaurant. he hit a two-inch gas line with a boring machine and an hour later gas vapors inside j.j.'s restaurant ignited. one person died, is15 others we injured in the blast. we have a story out of colorado and it may be tough to watch. 14-year-old denver girl brutally attacked in her classroom by another 14-year-old girl.
4:37 am
the incident was captured on this cellphone video while other students allegedly distracted the teacher, attacked the teen and pushed the victim down on the floor and just wailed on her repeatedly. the victim who does not want to be identified and her mother say the staff of denver's henry world middle school knew about the bully but didn't do anything to stop it. >> they should like have somebody watch her, make she she doesn't do anything because i asked for help all the time. >> they treated this situation like every other one they see and it was not the same. >> horrible. the school has apologized to the victim and her family. the attacker is now on a three-day suspension we're told and could be expelled. >> charged, you know. >> as a juvenile. >> absolutely, right. >> hate for any kid to do through that. many political experts think that mitt romney's 47% comment was a key turning point in his campaign and now for the first time the man who recorded those comments as come forward.
4:38 am
sxwr. >> i had brought the camera and other people brought cameras for think that he would come back and take pictures. clinton in the past would come back with the staff and take pictures and that was, you know, really my thought. i really had no idea he would say what he said. i thought it would -- he would say basically the same things he was saying in public. i had no idea it was going to be this big thing that it turned out to be. >> scott prouty was tending bar last year in south florida. he said he sat on the video for a couple of weeks and struggled with the idea of releasing it. i think he has forever changed what phones will be allowed at events in political fund-raisers. >> and also thinking carefully that things might be off the record for the people in the room. >> that, too. >> staff of people who may not think that off the record means off the record to them. sheryl sandberg has a new book out. we've been talking about it all week. in the book she encourages women to become leaders in the workforce. she has a message though for
4:39 am
men, too. we'll look at my interview with the coo and her controversial new book. we discuss it. the president george h.w. bush was expecting to do a regular photo-op but he got this instead. it was a flash mob, texas students who organized what they called the bush whack boogie. that's ahead. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life.
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choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. good morning. welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans. could be another high for wall street. dow coming off a nine-day winning streak. that is something we haven't seen since 1996. because of improving economic data and, of course, the billions the fed is pumping into the economy every month. yesterday's introduction of the new pope igniting a social media frenzy. twitter says 130,000 tweets permitted were posted about the
4:44 am
new pope. notable considering it wasn't a prime time event. for a short time every trending topic was pope related and only by 6:30 p.m. eastern mentions of bergoglio on facebook were up by nearly 4 million percent. >> is he on twiter? >> i think he is. >> back up, yeah. >> tweeted last night. >> he did. a lot of people are following that. i think the last time we had a pope -- new pope so it wasn't even twitter. this is a whole new phenomenon for catholics to watch this news. meantime, incredible study this morning. more and more parents are stressed out. a new study from pew research. >> wait a minute. someone put money into a study. that's ridiculous. >> more than half of working moms are stressed and dads are right behind them. >> that sounds low. >> parents take on new roles. more moms are work ought side the home today with moms saying they spent 21 hours per week at a paying job, up eight hours from the 1960s and more men are taking on household chores and caring for children. women are working more outside
4:45 am
the home and men are working more inside the home and both of them are stressed out. >> the net-net is everyone is freaking out. >> i found it interesting in that study it showed that both men and women say overall they think they're doing a pretty good job. >> of course. we give ourselves high points. facebook's coo sheryl sandberg talked a lot about that in her book called "lean in" and in ore interview making waves, this book is in a book about women in the workplace and leadership. called "lean in," number one on amazon best-seller list. no surprise there that happened the first day it went on sale because she has been everywhere talking about the book and she's been dealing with criticism for suggesting as some peopler is perceive it that women are to blame. she goes out of her way to say they're mot in the book. but she talks about this ambition gap with men and women competing for leadership positions in corporate america. men could help change things moving forward. here's what she told me. >> when you talk about your mentors in the book, it's mostly men. >> i've never worked for a
4:46 am
woman. i have been really lucky and had great mentors and part of "lean in" is to help people find the right way to develop the men tors and sponsors and saying to every man out there it should be a badge of honor to mentor a young woman. not something you're afraid someone will assume something bad but a badge of honor that you were willing to spend your time giving benefit of your experience to young women in the workforce. they need it. >> you can watch more of my interview monday morning on "starting point." coming up next, my conversation with cardinal timothy doyle and the archbishop of new york who was in the conclave to elect pope francis. take you live to rome right take you live to rome right after this. and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. how we get there is not. we're americans.
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welcome fwook "starting point." a quick look at the stop toris. the pope is not the only person chosen to lead a billion people. china has a new president. he will head up the world's second biggest economy for the next ten years. he took over as secretary of the communist party four months ago. one astronaut and two cosmonauts will head back to earth tonight. the crew has spent 143 days in space. that seems like a long time.
4:51 am
the station's first canadian commander takes over the next mission. flipper takes manhattan. another dolphin spotted in the city. this one swimming in the east river. officials are trying to figure out if it's healthy and all the sick dolphins died in a brooklyn canal earlier this year. so far this time luckily everyone seems to be doing just fine. >> all right, thanks. told you this story yesterday when president george h.w. bush was visiting texas a&m, he wasn't exactly expecting this. take a look. ♪ that's right. started with one, it grew to two, very quickly, it became a flash mob. it was organized in part by
4:52 am
students at the school. the particular school at texas a&m named after the president, the bush school of government and public service who wanted to pay tribute to him. they helped and they both organized the whole thing, nice to have you with us, ladies. carlie, let's start with you, first. walk me through. that seemed clearly to be very coordinated and lots of planning. so where did the idea first come from? and how hard was it to execute the whole thing? >> right. well, we had gotten the idea because we heard that president bush had never seen a flash mob before. and we as students, we always try to find some sort of way to honor him, to thank him for everything he's done for us, and so that is where the idea of the flash mob came. started working on it last fall. got a group of students together, and really started practicing about a month and a half ago to get everything ready. we had a great support team, our production was through flash mob america. the student, faculty and staff
4:53 am
at the bush school were just phenomenal. we had great support and we really enjoyed it. >> flash mob america. i didn't realize they help with the space and organization. i thought those things just sprung up very naturally. very cora graphed. fun to watch, and fun to watch the president's look as he watched this flash mob happening. this is what he said about it on nbc. it looks like we don't have that tape. it's worth hearing. i'll read it. of all the flash mobs i have ever seen this was the best and jenna says the best? he says, yes, the very best. is this the only one you have ever seen? really, really cute. you guys were in the front row. what was your reaction to his reaction? he was clearly charmed by the whole thing. >> it was really great. i actually didn't realize i was going to be dancing direct until front of barbara.
4:54 am
as soon as we started dancing, she pulled out herridge phone and started recording. >> i love that. that's awesome. >> so he actually -- the president stayed longer, i know he was supposed to come in, what he thought was a photo-op, and he stayed a half an hour longer to hang out with students. i thought that was wonderful for you. what was that experience like? >> they asked him if he wanted to go back upstairs, he didn't. he wanted to shake hands, pretty fantastic. one of the advantages of going to a school with the name sake of a living former president. >> he visits the school a lot, right? >> yeah, as much as he can. >> you guys are also going to give back. not enough to just do a flash mob. you will give back in another tribute. tell me about that. >> yeah, last year, we started raising money for habitat for humanity house in honor of the
4:55 am
bushes, so the students did all of the fund-raising, cost about $40,000 to build a habitat house. we broke ground the day after the flash mob. >> where will it be? >> carlie worked on that. in it's college station, texas. we have -- this family has been selected and they participate in the construction of the house. >> that's so great. >> it should be done in the next couple of months. >> i love that. love the flash mob and a real tangible changing somebody's life in tribute to somebody who has obviously done a ton of the school. ladies, thank you for being with us. that was hilarious. we watched it yesterday, enjoyed it thoroughly. maybe not as much as the president himself did. but great to watch excellent choreograp choreography, well done as well. >> thank you. >> you bet. we'll take a break, still ahead on "starting point," pope francis' first full day as leader of the catholic church. we'll look at who he is, and what we can expect with the paper acy. we'll take you to rome, to
4:56 am
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welcome, everything. the "starting point," the first full day as pope. pope francis, the first jesuit, first from the western hemisphere. who he is, and what we can expect from his rain. we'll hear from timothy dolan live in rome. is another carnival cruise ship having trouble one month after "the triumph" got stuck in the gulf of mexico. "the dream" could be more of a nightmare for some passengers. that story, ahead. and a suspect wanted for
5:01 am
killing four people in upstate new york. an update on tense moments. surviving a fall from the sky. a skydivers parachute fails. he lives to tell about the terrifying ordeal. >> "starting point" begins right now. rocking out this morning. chris frates from national journal and monday senor rick hilgartnor. and david o'connell. nice to have you all. we have a new leader of the catholic church. to mark his first day this is new video, him visiting the basilica of santa maria majori in rome. he will hold a private mass at noon eastern with the cardinals who elected him. on saturday, the new leader of
5:02 am
the world's 1.2 billion catholics is expected to meet with members of the media. tuesday, installation mass takes place, as many as 200 foreign delegations are expected to attend. chris cuomo, with cardinal timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york who was in the conclave of cardinals. >> great to be with you, soledad. here with the one and only cardinal timothy dolan. >> great to be with a new yorker. >> are you in a complete celebratory mood. a little part of me hoped this interview would never be possible. >> thanks for optimism. i am flattered. i never had that concern, chris. believe me. i am thrilled with what happened. >> you seem extraordinarily happy today. what does this mean for you? >> i am. for a couple of reasons. every catholic is happy. it's tough for a noncatholic to
5:03 am
understand how catholics look to the pope, even those who might be a little disenfranchised from the church. the pope is important to us. we call him our holy father and haven't had one since february 28th. that bothers us. an empty chair at the table. we don't like that whoever it would have been as a catholic, i would have rejoiced. when we hear those words, habemus papam, you want to applaud. tears come to your eye. and this particular one enhances the sense of joy that i feel. >> you keep pointing out, you and the media have been talking about the first south american pope. you believe there is this athena at play here. >> even though he is shy and humble as you have already seen, he radiates an interior strength and energy, and it's already clear to me he has a great sense of the power. can i give you a couple? >> sure.
5:04 am
>> when he came out after getting his white on. comes out from the little dressing room and we all applaud again, he's supposed to go up on the steps to a platform and sit on the white throne, we are to come to him to give him our love and loyalty. as attendants begin to take him by the arm, i am going to stay down here and greet each of my brothers. that's a powerful sign, literally on our level, okay? number two, we heard, we didn't know it because we were locked up. we heard it was pouring down rain, there was a big crowd in the square. he says -- there met all of the cardinals, and there were about other 100 people. you will be around. we will be with you the rest of the life. i will talk to you afterward. i don't want to keep the folks waiting. let's get out there. powerful symbol, isn't it? you mentioned francis. he said after the cardinal dean says, will you accept?
5:05 am
when he said and by what name do you want to be called? he said francis and quickly says after st. francis of asissi, that's a first. no one thought of that. when you think of things, such a beautiful symbol and drama to this, you think who will it be? secondly, what name will he take, when he said francis, you heard the whole college of cardinals went wow. whatever that is italian, i don't know. >> are you you are in your own with the 115, outside, everyone is speculating, cardinal bergoglio, not in the mainstream. >> i was fascinated by that, in the college of cardinals, he was a clear candidate. everybody knew of him, he has been archbishop of one of the most diverse, complex, largest
5:06 am
archdiocese in the world. and done an amazing pastoral job. there at the last conclave. so the 40% of the college of cardinals in the conclave after blessing john paul ii knew him, respected him. to us, it was no surprise. but are you right, chris, the rest of the world seems to have been startled. >> so when you look at him now, okay? immediately he will come out, there are all of these beautiful details about what makes him new, new is a very key word for the catholic church right now. a sense for need for renewal. what do you think pope francis can do that will give a sense of renewal to the catholic church? >> the catholic church is ever ancient, ever new. a beautiful blend. sometimes we look to our church as a grandmother. sometimes we look to her as a young bride. so there has got to be that combination of things immutable and things that are timely. he will do it well. all we can do is look at his
5:07 am
track record, okay? and amazingly simple and sincere transparent man. a man who deeply loves the poor. a man who thee logically well grounded in the timeless doctrine of the church, okay? and a man who knows how to govern. we'll begin to see those kinds of things. i think there may be a touch of simplicity, sincerity, openness. i sympatthink he's going to ten the roman coria, which we all said, have you been reporting it well, probably needs some tending too, right? what government doesn't? we look to d.c., we americans are saying there need to be some changes there. i think we'll see some stuff. >> that's the prospect of him as a reformer, more than on the social, liberal agenda level of what he will do about women, about sell boise, gay meaning? do you think he would move the church on any of those? you think it will not be his best? >> i don't think he'll do that.
5:08 am
he can't as you know, can't really tamper with what's called the deposit of faith, which he gratefully inherits, his job to pass on faithfully to the next generation. he can't change any substance, givens, but, boy, can he ever change the way it's presented, and i think he's shrewd enough. pastor in a huge diocese to say i love the traditional teachings of the church. i'm as loyal to them as the day is long, but also recognizing that a lot of them aren't going over. now, i can't change them, i don't want to change them. they come to us from the lord, but we better work on a more tantalizing attractive compelling way to present them. and i think he'll do that brilliantly. >> i am fascinated. i understand it's secret. what was it like in there for you? i took a picture of you when you put your hand to reflect the
5:09 am
oath. don't worry about it, it was on the house. >> no. you look like he were taking it seriously. staring up at the frescos. >> who could not? looking around in the sistine chapel. boy. >> the best known secret process in the world. in there as a cardinal, voting on a man who will be the head, the father. what is it like? >> i can tell you what it's like. first of all, it's not all fun and games. very intense and emotionally draining, you think about it night and day. this is one of the most important things i ever have to do, to vote for the new successor, so there is a lot of intensity. but yet there is also, chris, balancing that, a remarkable -- i don't know how to explain this. you know me, a pretty hard boiled guy. people wouldn't call me pius. i think i am holy, but they wouldn't call me devotional or pius. there is a gentleness of the holy spirit. no thunder and lightning, no
5:10 am
sledgehammers, no people getting knocked off their horse, but you gradually sense a movement toward a man, and you pray hard, talk a lot to one another, and there is a gradual movement to it that i found just generated a lot of joy and serenity. >> were you trying to look at anybody's ballots? >> i may be irish, but i wouldn't stoop to that. >> walking it up in your hand? >> to go up and make another oath, you know, and then to put it on this beautiful -- you put it on the tray and take it so that it goes in, those are -- those are stunning moments and there is silence, most of the conclave is silent, see. not a caucus, not a convention, almost like a liturgy, an occasion of prayer. you begin and end with prayer, so very quiet. almost like you are at a retreat, where there is a lot of thought and prayer, reflection
5:11 am
going on. krard natur . >> cardinal dolan, thank you for the insight. >> i will be here until march 19th. is that the mass? >> can we get a good meal in this town while we're waiting? >> oh, think so. >> thank you so much. happy st. patrick's day at home. i can't believe i'm missing it. i got a green -- >> the green socks? >> they didn't fit. >> oh. >> talking to the cardinal. amazing, amazing interview. and such great insight into all of the happenings. a couple of things i thought were amazing. the story of how he told the pope left the cardinals, you guys going to be around, because i want to talk to the people. that set a tone in the sense of how he'll put people higher arcically maybe. >> nobody says it as well or as joyfully as dolan. >> laughing through the entire
5:12 am
interview. >> some of the things he said of the new pope are things that could be said of him. he puts a very good, positive, joyful face on some very difficult teachings, and for some very difficult experiences, and i think that change of tone maybe is the key difference that we're going to see in this particular pontificate. >> chris, it was interesting i thought when he described, not just who has been chosen as pope, but the idea and the name that was chosen, that was a surprise to the cardinals as well. >> absolutely. and it's been very fun to hear folks talk about it. and to hear that it's so different than from the political process that you think that there is the silence and this prayer and that there is almost a meditation on who do you choose? and i want to ask you, father, when this happens, what should we be looking for? all of the talk about this new pope what will be like. but you said a positive tone. well, any of the teachings change? are we looking toward reformer
5:13 am
in that mode of francis? >> taking a reformer's name. >> i think cardinal dolan said it well. the core teachings of what the church teaches and believes will not change. >> we spoke to pastor darlington from buenos aries, he loves his routine. he would turn down the better housing so he could stay in his third floor important. that's all personally important to him that, of course, will completely change now. >> not totally. last night, it's reported that he rode on the bus back to the doma santa marta back with the cardinals. had the papal entourage, limousine. >> he says go ahead. >> i'll go on the bus with the guys. are ar >> to what degree can you do that as pope? >> saw from the very beginning, he didn't wear the traditional vestments when the pope wears when he comes out.
5:14 am
didn't have the red cape and stole. and you get little glimpses that he is going to do it the way he thinks it needs to be dub. >> it will be so interesting to cover him. >> everything is fascinating with benedict's shoes. it looks like he still had his black suit on underneath. >> so interesting. >> beautiful to see him walk into the basilica. such an incredible place with an incredible history. and to see him walk there and to kneel down and pray to the blessed mother as he said he would do last night to really put himself, his papacy, the church in the hands of mary, the mother. very consistent with latin american approach to things. the blessed mother so important in the spirituality of latin america. >> i hope chris cuomo gets a good meal in rome. he's in rome, it will be fine. i'm just kidding. john berman with a look at other
5:15 am
stories making news. another carnival cruiseliner apparently experiencing problems this morning. this time the carnival "dream" in port in st. maarten in caribbean. they were notified of generator issues, but not requested assistance. several passengers have contacted cnn with stories of power outages and overflowing toilets. >> they said they were working on the ship and then there was the generators were having a problem. and an hour later they said the problem is worse than they expected. there's human waste all over the floor in some of the bathrooms and they're overflowing. >> carnival representative told cnn he wasn't aware of a problem. several calls since to the cruiseline have gone unanswered. it is day two of the rape trial in steubenville, ohio. two high school football stars charged with sexually assaulting
5:16 am
a visibly intoxicated 16-year-old girl and according to prosecutors, treating her like a toy. >> this is a rape case. this doesn't hinge or even revolve around issues of the alleged victims's substantial xwamt. and what that means as a matter of law. >> the alleged condition at the time of the condition is a critical part of the state's case. other news, texas equ everybodysearch joining the search for terrilynn monnette. they are looking for any sign of the 26-year-old or her car, last seen march 2nd outside a new orleans area bar where she was celebrating her nomination as teacher of the year. i california skydiver talking about this morning about his terrifying fall after both his parachutes failed. craig's main chute got tangled, and his backup chute, also
5:17 am
tangled. he began to spin, hit the ground at 30 miles an hour, and get this, just a few feet from iron stakes that hold up grapevines at a local vineyard. >> i landed parallel to the grapes, one of my last thoughts before i hit was i really hope i don't hit an iron spike, because it will would be messy. i knew it was bad when i was living it, and and when i saw the video, i'm like that's a lot worse than i thought. how did i walk away from that? how did i manage to survive? >> oh! he suffered just a separated shoulder and bumps and bruises. he will take this weekend off, but he will get back to jumping out of airplanes later this month. >> someone tweeted to me, the old-style chute actually landing at 30 miles per hour was kind of in the design, that's how years and years ago, that was the speed at which you would land. seems horrific. all of the reasons why you should not skydive. that's one of them. >> when i jumped, a nice easy
5:18 am
landing, not 30 miles per hour. >> no iron spikes. >> it could be messy. talking about the understatement. can you imagine? seriously. er in again. that would be a sign this is not for me. >> over. >> completely, yes. president obama meets with republican senators after he didn't quite charm house members on the hill yesterday. he can make any steps toward peace? one of the senators will who will be in the meeting will be john borasco. teachers accused of putting sleeping pills in student drinks and even duct taping them? what is going on? those reports straight ahead. hello. [ man ] jen, there are a lot of beauty brands that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ]
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[ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®.
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we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome back, everybody. today, back to capitol hill. the third day president obama is reaching out. two meetings today with senate republicans and house democrats. last night the president talked
5:21 am
to supporters about the outreach. >> over the last several weeks, the president in washington has been reporting about obama's charm offensive. the truth, all i'm doing is calling up folks and trying to see if we can break through some of the -- some of the gobbledegook of our politics here. >> we have republican senator of wyoming, john borrasso. nice to see you. thank you for being back us with. >> nice to be here today. >> it was interesting to listen to speaker boehner's assessment. he sort of said this and this, which were completely contradictory. a little bit of what the speaker said. >> republicans want to balance the budget, the president doesn't. the republicans want to solve the long-term debt problem, the
5:22 am
president doesn't. we want to unlock energy resources to put more americans back to work, the president doesn't. having said that, today was a good start. and i hope that these kinds of discussions can continue. >> it's so funny. i was watching that, i literally laughed out loud, he watched all the ways it was pretty terrible and far, far apart, but, you know, a good start. my question, are you hopeful out of this? considering the long list that the speaker has laid out, which seems not very hopeful? >> well, i welcome the president. i think we'll have a frank and candid discussion about the key issues facing our country. jobs, the economy, debt, and the spending and we need to get solutions. i wish the president had started this four years ago instead of recently. we need to get solutions and need to get the country moving ahead, and i welcome opportunities to work in a bipartisan way to get the country moving. >> hey, senator, chris frates of
5:23 am
national journal here. republicans on the hill tell me meetings that everyone should be watching are the meetings that the president is having with moderate senators. your colleagues, and i wonder, how hopeful are you that your moderate colleagues could get some kind of deal that could drive a piece of legislation through the senate and over to the house? >> well, at a time of divided government, that's when you have the best opportunities to really accomplish the big things, and we need to accomplish the big jobs now of making sure that medicare and social security are there, just not for people today, but for the next generation. people have paid into the programs and for every $1 people have paid in, getting $3 out in benefits in terms of medicare so we have to reform the programs and the best way to do that is at a time of divided government. the president has to lead his party to agreeing to the changes that have to be made in an effort to save these programs long term. >> yesterday it was a senator patty murray who released
5:24 am
democrats' budget version. ending some of the breaks by closing loopholes, cuts in domestic and defense spending. new spending on infrastructure and we have a graphic of what the budget has, some elements in it. $975 billion revenue increase. $975 defense spending cuts. interest savings as well. $100 billion for road, bridge repair and working training. what do you make in broad strokes? >> another trillion drarz of tax increases on the heels of the president's health care law, a trillion in tax increases. take a look at that american taxpayers are saying that and right now money is being wasted in washington. and the other problem with patty murray's budge the, it never gets to balance. and paul ryan's budge net ten years, a fundamental difference
5:25 am
with the kind of debt we as a nation continue to have. i was traveling around wyoming. we go to schools and students know we continue to borrow a lot of money every day just to stay ahead and a lot of the we're borrowing from china. >> paul ryan's budget balances in ten years because of the big chunk in the middle is killing obama care, which people have said i think recentasonably is going to happen. sure, it balances, but it's not going to happen. >> paul ryan's budget balances and spending increases every year under paul ryan's budget, it just doesn't increase as fast as the democrat's budget. the federal reserve came out with a report that talks about the impact of the health care law on the economy and on jobs. and it is hurting jobs. this is the federal reserve in their monthly report. talking about the bad impact of the health care law, because of the consequences within the law so businesses, due to the
5:26 am
uncertainty, aren't hiring. when they do hire, they are hiring part-time workers instead of full-time workers and that's why we're still at almost 8% unemployment in this country. >> can i ask you a quick question before i let you go? you are a featured speaker at cpac. two big noninvites are chris christie and bob mcdonnell. what do you make of the omissions? >> i'm not on the committee. >> i know. but what do you make of it? >> i am delighted to be invited. this is the next generation, a youthful crowd, and i'm looking forward to visiting with them on the issues of health occasicare. very devastating for young americans as they start suffering the consequences and expenses of the president's health care law. >> i recognize you are not the guy that makes the invitation list. i'm curious, those are two big
5:27 am
names and quite remarkable not on the list. what do you think personally? >> well, i'm not going to decide on who gets invited and who doesn't. i welcome all conservative ideas and a lot of ideas to come up with the best solutions to move our country ahead. >> nice to have you, sir. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, soledad. >> this just in to cnn. we're learning the shooting suspect, we've been telling the story all morning. the shooting suspect accused of killing four people and critically wounding four others, is he now dead. federal officers telling officers they got into at ban donned building in herkemeier, new york. kurt meyers was killed and an fbi canine dog also killed. he allegedly set fire to his home before he went on a shooting spree. we'll continue to monitor this story. many questions remain, even with the death of the suspect here. we'll take a break, back right after this. you know we're kinda like twins. [ tylenol bottle ] we are?
5:28 am
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welcome back, everybody. history unfolding as pope francis gets to work as the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics. he will hold a private mass at the sistine chapel at noon eastern time. along with cardinal who's elected him. and on saturday, he will meet for the first time with world media. and on tuesday, the installation mass. as many as 200 foreign delegations expected to be on hand. the emotions surrounding the announcement of pope francis, filling over from vatican city all around the world, including, of course, his home country of argentina. shasta darlington joins us with reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. that's right. it really did take argentina and buenos aries by surprise. no one was hanging out in front cathedral behind me. there were no expectations it
5:33 am
could possibly be bergoglio. hundreds of thousands came out to celebrate. people were jumping up and down, singing, shaking flags. a lot of excitement about this also, because this is somebody who people here view as a real champion of the poor. not only helped the poor, but lived that life. he is lived in a small apartment right up here, in fact, on the third floor. instead of the official archbish archbishop's residence, cooked his own meals, took the bus and also greeted the homeless on the way to buy his newspaper. a real man of the poor, soledad. >> shasta darlington for us. thank you, shasta. so interesting to see the reaction. a big step in the sense of the orlando world versus the new world. >> one of the things not pointed out. he wasn't ordained a priest
5:34 am
since 1969. >> he was a deacon first. he felt like he wasn't ready to be a priest i understood. >> part of the jesuit formation would have been a longer period of time. he wasn't ordained until long after the second vatican council concluded. he has always been in the church after vatican two. >> even those who aren't catholics, but badly read in catholic doctrine. what is the significance of vatican two? >> it called for renewal of the church on every level. the most obvious changes would have been in some of the structure of governance that led to a new code of canon law. changes in the mass and way we pray is probably the most over either sign. >> the conversation was different. the traditions, the perceived rigidity of the church. gave way when pope john xxiii announced the council. the opening of the windows, letting in the fresh air. this is the first kind of for
5:35 am
ray into the modern world into adopting the church and giving the church some sense of that. that's the vatican council spirit that people talk about. and as mondsignor indicated, he lived in the post vatican era. >> a very different mind-set as well. we'll get to john with an update of other stories. >> new information just in to cnn about the shooting spree in a small town in upstate new york. the suspect, kurt meyeyers is d. we are live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, john. good morning, soledad. police and fbi and s.w.a.t. teams made entry at about 8:00 this morning. kurt myers didn't pick the building randomly. just down the road from me. he was waiting in ambush as
5:36 am
teams made into the beiuilding. sent in a canine dog, and he opened fire, killing that dog. agents returned their own fire, killing kurt myers. entry was made and over in a couple of moments, we are told that the suspect, the man who killed four people and who now we believe was waiting in ambush for a police officer, that he is now dead. and so this, again, over, a lot of tension was here in herkemier county. they had not spoken to him in more than 15 hours. when there was an exchange of fire yesterday, they thought he was wounded, but he wasn't. he was laying in wait. police got him first, john. >> wow, deborah ferrick, our thanks to you. tsa administrator john pistol is expecting to defend his decision to allow small knives on planes. earlier this week, he said sticking with the plan to take
5:37 am
affect next month to reduce waiting time at airport security checkpoints. three major car yores have come out against the machine along with unions representing pilots and flight attendants. a live look now. no live look, this morning or today at the gaylord resort in national harbor, maryland, the start of the annual cpac convention. senators marco rubeio, rand paul, and rick perry, tim scott. sarah palin, donald trump, nfrp ra wayne la pierre, all set to appear. some people who will not appear? chris christie and bob mcdonnell of virginia. and caught up with a corruption scandal at a veteran's charity. jennifer carroll stepped down days after answering investig e investigatinvestigat investigator's questions. carroll not among the 57 people charged with racketeering and money laundering.
5:38 am
allegations of physical abuse at this california preschool. a form every teacheer teacher at taping a girl's ankles and wrists. >> that's insane. >> the teacher apparently took a picture of this and showed it to coworkers. one of them was the child's mother. who contacted authorities. also in california, a daycare teacher is being accused of drugging toddlers with over the counter sleep aides. a coworker saw her put pills in little white cups. apparents were outraged when they up found out. >> i would never imagine anybody doing anything to this to a kid. >> what do you think about somebody doing this to a kid? >> sickening. sick to my stomach. i work for a daycare too. it's hard. >> wow. the teacher caught before any of the one or two year old has a chance to take the sleeping aides. she is behind bars, charged with
5:39 am
felony endangerment. >> who gives a 1-year-old sleeping pills? sleeping aids, whatever you want to call them? they can't even take pills at that age. that's insane. so insane. that's the crazy moment. >> the teachers, they are dealing with youngsters and they are lively and wiry. >> clearly the wrong field if you can't handle. >> absolutely terrifying to hear as a parent. >> oh, my gosh. the crazy segment today. up next, a secret among many parents. a version of this, right? giving their kids medication they may not need in the hopes of making them smarter or more focused. more about this disturbing practice, right after this short break. ♪
5:40 am
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welcome back. have you ever given your child prescription meds to sharpen them up, give them an edge at school? it sounds bizarre, but there is
5:44 am
a name. called neuroenhancement. not only is itly you leg ly yoit wrong. we are joined by senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. this is not so unusual? >> a group of pediatric doctors say that parents are asking us to prescribe drugs for adhd. the parents want them more focused so they can go from getting bs to getting as. so this group of neurologists says it has to stop and published a position paper. part of the proof they used to show this is happening, they said, look, let's take a look at adhd diagnoses, they have gone up 21% over a period of time, but prescriptions for medicine have gone up 46%. so you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out why we have so many kids taking adhd
5:45 am
drugs when they don't have adhd. it stops here. they are reaching out to parents to say don't ask for them, and to doctors saying don't prescribe them. >> some believe their child hasn't been diagnosed or they are exhibiting the traits. doesn't matter if you have adhd, if you are acting as if you have adhd, wouldn't the medicine be a good thing? >> no. you either have adhd or you don't have adhd. just because when your child -- my child does this. sits around doing homework. writing, stares off to the sky. that doesn't mean she has adhd. she isn't focusing at that particular time. i won't drug my child because she is staring off into space a few minutes, or because she got a b instead of an a. these drugs have side effects. not like giving your children a piece of candy. side effects can include things like they can get irritable,
5:46 am
insomnia, use appetite. some kids lose a lot of weight. i have seen this first hand. and a relatively small number, get heart arrhythmias. don't want to give a child a drug unless they have the disease, and you don't want to convince your doctor they have it sometimes, unfortunately, that works. you have to make sure the doctor does a thoughtful job of assessing whether or not they have it. >> children taking powerful drugs. elizabeth cohen, thank you. first lady michelle obama gracing the cover of "vowi"vogur the building second time. more on that, next. ♪ featuring the lexus gs and is performance lines. because control is the ultimate expression of power. ♪ get great values on your favorite lexus models,
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welcome back, everybody. a couple of stories we're following. the motor city facing bumpy road the next couple of years. a state of emergency in detroit. an attorney from washington will take over as emergency manager. snyder's announcement expected to come this afternoon. probably not the way that students expected to spend their spring break. police in miramar beach, florida, arrested 32 students at
5:51 am
a house party. underaged drinking. the house was trashed and along with on a night behind bars, it could affect some students' scholarship. in chains. >> a rarity. usually everybody turns their head and let's it go. >> pretty aggressive arrest. the first lady, michelle obama, absolutely everywhere these days from late night talk shows to academy awards, and come april, on news stands everywhere, becoming the first lady to grace "vogue" twice. we got a first peek at the glamorous photos and story. >> "vogue," the bible of fashion, it can get political too. it has featured first lady after first lady, never before as soledad mentioned, has vogue ever featured an american first lady twice on its cover, until now. >> second term, second cover. first lady michelle obama in
5:52 am
"vogue" again. >> something so ground breakingly modern about the obamas, first black president and first lady, and "vogue" is crazy about them. >> the editor in chief, a massive obama fund-raiser, so it's her friend, the first lady, appearing on "vogue's" april cover. wearing a sleeveless dress by reid crackoff. there she is in michael kors. but jonathan vnmeter spoke to both of them. the first lady and the president. >> them as a couple, their marriage, their children, how they live in the white house, how they deal with the bubble. >> reporter: what struck him? >> he are so sweet with each other, a lot of affection. if there is any married couple to whom the phrase, they finish each other's sentences applies, it's them.
5:53 am
>> reporter: of their marriage, the president said i think it would be a mistake that my wife when i walk in the door, hey, money, how was your day, let me give you a neck rub. it's much more. we're a team. of his clothes, she jokes this is the man who still boasts about this khaki pair of pants i've had since i was 20. and i'm like you don't want to brag about that. >> she very effortlessly tells a story that leads to a punchline that can crack you up. and i love that sometimes she and i weren't finished laughing and he was done and ready to move on. the president. and she would sort of look at me and keep laughing with me, like i just love that spirit in her that that jovial spirit that really surprised me. >> reporter: just a phenomenal photo shoot for the april issue. the president and first lady by the way, also pushed back on the notion that they are anti social in washington. the first lady said, you know when you get a minute, you want that extra energy to go to your
5:54 am
14 and 11-year-old. sasha and malia actually want to spend less time with them these days. you know that age, right, when that happens. and the president said, who knows? maybe you will see us out in the clubs. a little inside, behind the scenes, great stuff i got from the writer. he said when he got to the white house, one of the staffers said to him, you know, this part of the white house has never been so completely taken over by a photo shoot. but that's the way "vogue" works. and because you love music, soledad. the music playing in the background for the photo shoot was the black eyed peas. where is the love? where is the love? >> i like the cover shot. probably because her arms are just famous and fabulous. but the gown is so beautiful. the michael kors gown.
5:55 am
>> she chose that, to pair a sweater with a ball girl. >> "end point" back in a moment. thank you, alina. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
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just in to cnn from the pentagon. a commander warning of new risks of attack between rising tensions between nato and karzai. it could become a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces and karzai "may also issue orders that put our forces at risk." the isaf telling cnn, the e-mail, not a formal threat
5:59 am
advisory, which in and itself is kind of remarkable, what he's saying private until this e-mail is worry some. that from barbara starr at the pentagon. time to get to "end point." so much to talk about with this being the first full day of pope francis. what do we see today? not the rundown of events. what do we see today in terms of him framing what the rest of his tenure will be? >> i think he's taking this in stride. doing what he needs to do, but he wants to reveal himself, little by little, to the world and let them see he's an authentic person. what you see is what you get. >> he is not young. he is 76 years old, which means realistically. >> two years younger than pope benedict when he was elected. >> realistically, you could be back again. a precedent set of stepping down when you physically don't feel able to move on. is that good for the church or bad for the church? >> could be. it might set up the possibility of


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