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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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mortgage rates climbed higher this week. here are the latest numbers for you.
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bottom of the hour, everybody. welcome back. >> now, to five stories you
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should know about this morning. number one, the pentagon expanding the missile defense on the west coast. defense secretary chuck hagel says they could spend $1 billion on the expansion. north korea test fired two short-range missiles this morning. number two, lil wayne recovering after having a seizure. lil wayne tweeted last night saying i am good, everybody, thanks for the prayers and love. his friends and fellow rapper drake came to visit him and set up a vigil outside of his hospital room. and number three the most influential celebrity of the year is oprah. the 59-year-old beat out big names like spielberg and clint eastwood. and they rated oprah winfrey as
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influential, and that was down one point from last year. and then some of the stri strictest abortion bills in the nation if signed into law. one bill bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which is after a few weeks. another bill bans abortions on the basis of gender or genetic defects. sarah palin the main attraction at the conservative action conference today. palin is expected to talk about the failures of 2012 and the way republicans need to move forward. sarah palin is not the only highlight at c-pack today, and the political editor steinhouser joins me today. >> when sarah palin speaks here, the room will be crowded. i promise you pretty crowded. she had a well-received speech last year. and besides texas, all eyes on
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him this evening. and the straw poll, 2016 may be a long way away but this is the first cattle call i guess you could say of the republicans possible candidates. 23 days on the straw poll, and we will get the results later tonight and we will dissect them like we always do, joe. >> what would you say was the highlight yesterday? >> i am going to say there were two highlights. let's start with mitt romney, the man that lost the presidential election last november. this was his first real speech since the defeat. remember last year he made news by calling himself severely conservative. what was interesting was he touted some republican governors from blue and purple states saying they were going to be leaders of the party, and two of the governors were not invited to speak there. and the other highlight was jeb bush, the former florida
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governor, somebody that may be thinking about running for president in 2016, he was talking about the future of the party and which way it needs to go, and he brought up our colleague, peter hamby. >> sometimes in our lives we get to cross the thin line between humbling and down right humiliating. a couple weeks ago peter hamby of cnn tweeted a picture of me from 1970 with what appeared to be a catcher's mitt on my head. i still have that sport court, by the way. a hamby felt compelled to comment on my hair. his response was technically, you are right, there is a party in the front, and a party in the back.
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i find his comments strangely relevant to us tonight because if you think about it the same could be said about the republican party. we used to be the party in the front. after this last election, sadly, we're the party in the back. >> our peter hamby making news. and jeb push is not one of the 23 names on the straw poll ballot. he said 2016 is too far away. you know this cpac is part conference and part party. >> he did not have anything bad to say about the reporter. that's amazing. >> how about that? >> thank you. love the analogy to the mullet, right? i wanted to share a light moment from cpac's first day. it was back and forth here, and
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the issue of hillary clinton came up, and the democratic strategist and friend of the clintons was asked if she was going to run in 2016. listen here. >> i hope she does. i have no idea if she will. i think she will first live a life and write a book and reathat kwaoeup reacquaint herself with the real world. >> they speculated that she may have had work done. if clinton does work in 2016, she could face new jersey governor, chris christie. we don't know how they would match-up nationally as of yet, and one said clinton would win the match-up, and also clinton
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would win against rubio. we want to remind you that cnn chief washington correspondent, jake tapper has a new show. it makes its debut march 14th. >> getting ready for the unveiling in washington, d.c. and actress jada pinkett-smith thinks the media gangs up on young celebrities. two of our favorite radio hosts weigh in. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine.
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welcome back. we're in the e block right now and that means time for entertainment news. let's start with actress jada pinkett-smith. >> she is no stranger when it comes to her facebook page and she brought up an interesting point about young celebrities being bullied by the media. it caught our attention. she is asking how can we expect our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them. do we feel that we can do and say what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous? good point there. >> certainly is. here to talk about that and more is two of our favorite radio person personalities. >> does the media come off as bullies? >> yes, we do at times.
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her daughter has been ridiculed several times about the way she does her hair. i totally understand jada pinkett-smith. we have a responsibility to watch what we say, and our words can hurt them. >> a fan of your radio show and you have two young sons and i heard you talk about bullying before. what do you think about this, people put justin bieber on a pedestal and they can tear him down? >> i do. if you take a look at your life when you were 16, 17, 18 years old, i know if i was that age, if there was a camera on me -- >> you would not be sitting here right now. >> i made him look like mother teresa. >> oh, do tell. >> seriously. but he lives under the microscope that i think is really unfair. he is a 17-year-old, and part of being 17 years old is doing stupid things. >> generally when you look at
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celebrities, they make millions and a lot of people say you buy into the fame and the money and the power and it all, the media and the paparazzi. >> yeah, we talked about this on the show, and a lot of people did not have celsympathy for celebrities, if you sign up you should know what is coming. my feeling is if you are 16 or 17, you can't know what is coming to you. >> i think that's what jada pinkett-smith was saying, these kids have talent and because they are great at what they do and they make money and that comes along with it, that doesn't mean that we should be able to, as adults, tear them down, that we should know better. >> what we saw with justin bieber last week, when the paparazzi was shouting -- >> anybody would pop like that. 17, and especially a 19-year-old kid, you can't hold that. >> and yeah, and taylor swift,
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think about if everybody knew everybody you dated in your younger years. >> yeah, the reason we don't have sympathy is because they are rich and why feel bad for them, they have all the access to the world and money, and we need to be more gentle. >> one of my favorites, a celebrity that doesn't care about what people think. she is keeping her clothes on for playboy. i want to show you a clip for the show. do we have it? >> there we go. maybe it's just a photograph from "playboy." >> the thing about lena dunham is she takes off her clothes, and she is not built like a model, but she apparently is very proud of what she does.
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>> "playboy," people read it for the articles anyway. >> sometimes. >> right. >> and let's play a little bit of the show and then we will talk about it. >> i no longer can work for free. >> when you get hungry you will figure it out. >> you mean physically hungry or hungry for the job? >> keep it up. >> i am not flattered bisexual harassment. >> why not? love that stuff. >> that's why i am here to jam a specific -- >> thank you. >> it's not modeled, and this is a real woman. >> i may be the first man in the country to say two things right now. a, i watch this show. >> yeah. yeah. >> and the second thing is i actually read the articles in "playboy." i think what she has done is brilliant. as a young feminist, what she is saying here is that look, "playboy" has been a brand for
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so long and it is demeaning to women and as a 26-year-old i am going ahead and doing something totally different and standing out against that kind of thing and speaking out against the demeaning nature of "playboy." >> what i love about her she is so comfortable in her own skin. she is not built like a secret victoria model, and i am not the biggest fan of playboys, and she is not bearing that much. she actually is built like a real woman. i got hips, too. that's why i love her so much. >> she is the creator of the show. a very smart woman. young girls can look up to her. >> speaking of looking up to women -- >> michelle obama, and the cover of "vogue." a lot of people say she is over exposed. >> this came because she was part of the oscars. i love michelle obama. i cannot get enough of her. i love her grace and dignity. i think she is the perfect
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representation of the first lady, so me i can't get enough. >> it's not like it's cosmo. it's "vogue." >> i think we want to see inside the white house and we want to see inside the first lady. i don't feel she is over exposed, not even a little bits. >> especially when she wears clothes from the gap, and things like that. a very common every woman. >> and very regular. i feel like i could be the first lady one day after seeing michelle obama because she becomes so normal. that's why i love her so much. >> a brilliant woman who is a great example to kids with the childhood obesity program as well. coming up, do you want a piece of history? well a titanic discovery. we will show you what is it coming up. on land we don't farm for
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talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. a big loss in the first round of yesterday's acc tournament and it couldn't have come at a worse time for duke. >> well, i'm hearing that some of the experts predicted duke would win it all and tomorrow is selection sunday, the early exit could affect how high duke is seeded for the tournament. >> get your brackets. >> i'm not the expert either. >> i am. >> duke's loss to maryland is embarrassing for the school, they're a better team on paper. it's shocking to the experts but doesn't affect how they'll be seeded in the upcoming tournament. this team is one that many thing has what it takes to win the entire thing, the national
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championship but not if they played like they played yesterday against maryland. >> they lost twice to them this year. >> maryland's beaten them two timed solidly. duke yesterday laid an egg, knocks them out of the tournament after one round they're sitting at home. the positive is duke has a weak to rest. maryland needs to win the acc tournament or make it to the finals if they want a shot at making it to the big dance, they play north carolina later today, the winner of that game goes to the acc finals. >> that won't be easy. >> we did have a big east game yesterday, georgetown, syracuse, they've played each other for decades, final game in the big east because syracuse is jumping ship next year to the acc, of course this game went into overtime, syracuse won in overtime so they play louisville tonight. in my humble opinion, best dunk of the conference tournament so far, this guy has been great all
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season, vickor oladipo, he's a big ten defensive player of the year, he's very good with the rock as well, indiana moves on today to play wisconsin, in the end a lot of teams saying they could win the national championship. this year as opposed to last year there is no clear-cut number one. those getting ready to fill up their brackets monday morning, find the nearest non-basketball fan and have them fill out the brackets. >> indiana no. >> it could be. any of the top ten teams have a shot at winning the national championship. last year kentucky was number one. this year there is no clear-cut number one. >> wow that will be tough. >> i think i could fill out your bracket. >> that would be great. you'd probably end up winning. >> was that guy in the slam dunk contest? >> victor oladipo, he could be
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when he goes to the nba. >> joe carter thank you. now watch this. okay, come on. find the curb. find it. >> where's the curb. >> stick around for one of the most heartwarming videos will you see, a blind 4 years old conquering his greatest fear stepping off the curb for the very first time. so let's break down this play. charles? uh, charles couldn't make it. his single miles card blacked him out here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circus tent. is that the best you got? now if you put this, with this,
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susan, if you know anything about the "titanic" you know the band played "near are my god to thee" as the ship sank. the violin whose owner played that song was discovered in a british man's attic and it's been authenticated by experts now, after years of testing, sea water deposits proved to be compatible with other items that survived the tragedy. however, the final proof was the engraved silver plate on the instrument conneg


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