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tv   CNNATSXSW  CNN  March 16, 2013 11:30am-1:30pm PDT

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the u.s. has an immediate answer to the new threat from north korea. the pentagon will spend a billion dollars to test and install additional missile defense battery from alaska to the west coast. this follows north korea's
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warning of a first strike nuclear attack. u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel says the u.s. has to take the threat seriously. those new missile batteries won't be up until 2017. maryland lawmakers have improved a ban on the death penalty. the bill now goes to the governor who says he will sign it. he says the death penalty did not deter criminals and is more expensive than giving prisoners life in prison. maryland has executed only five people since 1976. one prosecutor prom i guesses to challenge the new law. more trouble with carnival this week. the u.s. coast guard says it will look into an incident aboard the legend ship which is having technical difficulties that affects its sailing speed. the company is flying more than 4,000 passengers back from st. martin to florida. >> so what about the people who have already paid for the legend's next voyage?
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what do you do if you are on one of them? we have advice from a travel agent in our next hour. much more on the newsroom after this. for the next half hour cnn is bringing you the south by southwest festival. join us as we talk to scientists, film makers and magicians and the early adapters to seek what's next. the annual festival is where tools developed in silicon valley and elsewhere are turned into the culture of today. >> technology by itself doesn't give you anything, makes you go faster, better, so on and so forth and it supplies the meaning and purpose of why you use a piece of technology. >> this is like a mecca. this is a place to go you can pull it all in and where all of
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these desperate interests are altogether. you can soak it in. it is a place that gets you, gets all of your pieces. >> south by southwest interactive is a five day celebration of creativity in the technology space, so it is a great place for digital creatives to meet and connect and get inspired with new ideas. >> for a few days to be inundated with people think ago long the same lines and come from very different places, that's cool. >> it is the most constructive week of like-minded individuals. it is a week of refreshment and also of partying like it is 1999. >> pitching, partying, it is all part of the south by sweatt every southwest culture kicking off at capital factory in austin, texas. >> the transporter is for social storage drive. >> it produces 3d content just as quickly and easily as a camera so this is the type of content used in video games,
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special effects, architecture, and design every single day. >> is a destination to take cooking class from the comfort of their own kitchen at home. we have two dozen chefs that teach cooking classes. >> southwest has this incredible event and if you want to get noticed, it is really hard. it is hard to get noticed in all the crowd. for start up they can be part of this huge crawl, this huge party, and get some exposure and meet people and have a presence in south by southwest. >> this is refreshing. i am getting energized by being around people building really crazy things. when you have 2,000 people here going around town looking at start-ups, there is something going on here. >> what it brings and originally was before all of the nerds ruined it was that it was a celebration of the arts, music, and eventually film. >> it is interesting how the center of culture shifted from the arts to tech. >> we get to see in a very
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closed environment what technologies will work. to know what it is like to get 10,000 iphones in a square mile, every network guys instantly. >> people want to tell you about the future. you can learn about it here and appreciate it more. >> at the end of the day it is a gathering, a gathering of like-minded individuals trying to figure out what is necessary. >> it is what things might look like and in the next three or four years z this year south by southwest isn't about apps or twitter or four square. this is about things like crowd funding, 3d printing, private space exploration, big ideas. culture shifting ideas.
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welcome to south by southwest where we are moving beyond the smartphone to something physical, something real, something you can put your hands on, all part of something called the maker movement. is this going to make a more efficient economy if we're able to printout things at home accident build things on our own as opposed to going to stores and purchasing them sgr when you are a consumer buying something getting made far away and put on a boat and a truck or a train and then kept warm in a store, when you can make things yourself, you need them, you make it, it is just in time really making. >> so this is a 3d printed record. >> we're look at our 1-2-3 ipad app and this let's you sketch out a creature, texture him, sculpt him, anything you want. >> we had a program 1 hiech 2-3 design and everybody walk add way with something that looked similar and everybody has their own unique feel to it. >> there is good volume to it. i think the maker movement comes
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from that need and the desire to really own the objects around you. >> we're in a great time where the software and the hardware and all just connects up to make this great 3d ecosystem so that you can make things simpler than ever before. now that social media is in place the social funding movement is just starting to happen. >> really came into being with what's happening on websites like kick start and people are using that for helping people with ideas in the creative space get funding for projects. the fundamental question isn't will this make money, it is do i like this and it is a much lower bar that allows many more things to happen and so it dramatically shifts what is possible. >> what we realizes is as entrepreneurs that the money being raised in crowd founding platforms is the same type of capital used to fund start ups and small businesses.
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>> it allows entrepreneurs for the first time to be able to solicit publicly via their social networks for investment in their company, from anyone. >> as a society, we are more connected now than we have ever been in human history. communication through social media platforms is highly leveraged and basically free. >> we have seen hundreds of millions of dollars flow through the crowd founding platforms and we really ain't seen nothing yet. >> this is huge, disruptive, will forever change the way start ups and small businesses are funded. >> it used to be known as the little festive that could but blossomed into a premier festival of its kind. it is music and film and technology blended into one in austin, texas. >> it brings in all sorts of different movies and great bands and just good people.
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it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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south by southwest used to be known as the little festival that could. it blossomed into one of the premier festivals of its kind because it is music, film, and
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technology all blended into one in this cool city of austin, texas. >> i am just a south by southwest [ bleep ] or the -- >> or the queen. >> that's better. >> we'll say queen. >> we also have stars like olivia wilde not only hocking her film but created an app. >> i will tell you, it is fantastic. it is an alternate news source that we launched, so imagine a platform like the huffington post and every time you read an article instead of just leaving you feeling hopeless, we give you away to participate and become active. i love this festival because i love this city. this festival brings in all sorts of different movies and great bands and just good people. >> i understand when you guys were shooting you went to a place to eat and you had a hot
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dog called the ana kendrick. >> yeah. that was trippy. get this, it had been like the keira knightley, the britney spears and the jennifer garner and i am like first of all that's amazing and when i went in and i took a picture with the owner and signed my hot dog thing so now they can't change it anymore. >> what's on the hot dog? >> it is spicy, i guess. >> okay. >> they always rename them. >> spicy. >> it is called mighty hot. >> yeah. >> really becoming a-list destination for film. we had people there premiering films like steve carell and jim carey, the incredible wonder stone. >> none of are you good magicians. >> no. we learned a few. weds to kind of look like we sort of knew what we were doing. there are a few things, a few card things, coin things. >> pick a card. >> i interviewed jim carey before. you know going in you never know what's going to happen. you just have to buckle up and
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go for a ride and we had a bit of a ride. >> is that your card? >> no. >> is that your card? >> no. >> is that your card, is that your card, is that your card? >> throw them all up. >> is this your card? >> you're not good. >> is this your card? >> that's what you get. it employs to show the star power that comes by south by southwest. >> it is not all big hollywood movies here at south by southwest. you can't get this many eats together in a room and not expect a couple of films on topics that are close to their hearts. alexia has one particular topic he loves about the rise of everywhere else. alexis and a company named nimble bought joined forces to travel the country and produce a documentary about the rise of texting in places you wouldn't
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expect. >> find out how the heartland has become a silicon prairie representing the new internet economy. >> so the reason why it is silicon valley is because basically a bunch of in other words got wealth and i started investing in other in other words who also did well who invested in the cycle continued. the start up communities everywhere else haven't matured nearly as long. in another cycle you will see really comparable start up communities because now all of these other areas have had the time to mature and really just be awesome. >> this bus tour started out of a casual conversation. wouldn't it be cool for the sake of getting on a bus to have a bus and then take it to a bunch of cool places? as i think we all know all the innovation on the internet does not come out of silicon valley. >> i have had plenty of portfolio companies make the pitch we're going to stay in insert not bay area and not new york because we're from there. we have a direct pipeline of
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talent because when the universities graduate they know about us because we're the start up in town and we can hire two for one. sometimes three for one. when it makes that much economic sense as an invest or i am like high five, see you in des moines. >> it has to be easy for people to communicate and transcend geographic boundaries and easy for people in one state to work with people in another state. i think we'll look back 20 years from now and view this as the way that many, many new companies and communities reinvite lies themselves. >> to really see downtowns that were once pretty much abandoned or five, ten years ago were abandoned that are now being repurposed and rejuvenated and it is just like that was not necessarily supposed to happen, and yet it is happening and it is happening all over. >> although the internet is not a magic wand to save the world instantly, it will enable all
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it is ate series of tubes. >> one of the great things about a democracy, this is a constant aging out and turnover built into the system if not by losing electio elections, by retirement and debt and i do think the generation that did not understand the web at all is largely aging out. >> i am fascinated and written a lot about the intersection of technology and politics and
11:51 am
politics hasn't been subject to the kind of disruptive technology transformed every other industry from banking to the music industry. politics has resisted. politics will not be able to continue to resist. the clear lessons of political history is politician that is master new technology succeed. >> fdr used radio more effectively with his fireside chats and jfk was the first president to master television, something that reagan was able to do more so because of actors training and in the obama campaign they were able to make quantum leaps in '08 and in '12 through the social media and online engagement and any politic with half a brain or focus on the future understands that technology is a driver of across the board. >> it was a real wake-up call to washington, d.c. that was a bill expected to pass. it was kind of teed up and scheduled to be on the senate floor and, wow, the tech community engaged.
11:52 am
>> it was a reaction to a false narrative that the entertainment industry put forward and continues to try to at least that it was hollywood versus silicon valley. >> it was really hollywood versus america. >> there was a valid reason behind that, how we make sure we don't have intellectual property theft. the problem was it wasn't drafted with enough technology knowledge that it kind of went over the edge in terms of potentially interfering with basic freedom. >> techies in washington are something that everyone wants to say they listen to that they feel with but afternoon they don't really have a seat at the table. you can love technology but then will you take the time to understand it? >> we have to have this conversation on an on going basis not just when the tech community wakes up and says oh, my gosh, washington will mess something up. >> it is a matter of helping our elected officials connect the
11:53 am
dots between like the right to privacy in the physical space and the right to privacy in the digital space because trust me if t.j. and the rest of the founding fathers had the foresight they would have specified that. the internet did not exist back then and the rights to privacy absolutely should, too. >> it is one of the challenges in california, the regulatory environment says now you have a great idea and how ready to go to market. are with the smartest place to go? one of the signs that california has a problem is they're not building fabrication plants for intel in california. they're building them in oregon. they're building them in arizona and they're building them here in texas. the expansion of california companies like hugh let packard into the austin area says that the california dream is in trouble. it is not dead. it is in trouble. >> silicon valley remains the undisputed capital of tech. everybody is gunning for king of
11:54 am
the mountain. this february texas governor rick perry threw down the gauntlet and dan simon was there. >> rick perry's texas throwdown began with a 30 second radio add. >> building a business is tough. i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. >> california governor jerry brown immediately dismissed the spot and the media. >> take a little radio ad and all you guys run like lap dogs to report it. it is not a beg your pardon. burp. >> his answer was to buy a plane ticket to the west coast. what is really is is an all-out war for jobs as the nation's two biggest states each try to grow their economies by attracting business. brown brushed aside his fellow governor. >> what do you think of governor brown's response? >> it is disappointing. i wish the leaders of the state took the issue more seriously. >> aaron worked for a former
11:55 am
california governor, republican an ald schwarzenegger and is advising perry who may have plenty of ammo. >> we have the third highest unemployment in the country. ceos say it is the worst place in the country to do business. >> he is likely to encounter resistance, especially from silicon valley. the ceo of the hot new travel website called peek. >> those of us that want to lgd big technology companies don't see anywhere else but california to be. >> he has his sights on other industries including hollywood where a lot of film production already left the state. his visit there seems fitting for what is becoming a high political drama. >> austin is a great place to be all the time. >> we have a good time while we're here and the breakfast tacos are delicious. >> it could never grow to where
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it is the time when austin is put on a pedestal and the rest of the world is watching and comes here. south by southwest shines a very bright light on all of the creativity in austin and that creativity happens year-round and south by southwest could never grow to where it is now without being located in a place like austin where they're very
11:59 am
creative people to inspire the growth. >> the 80 active spirit is what attract it is creative people to south by southwest from all over the world, people like melissa piers and her band of film makers. welcome to rvsx. >> we're trying to create an experience, one we love making ridiculously silly videos together. >> it is a real peanut. the world's largest peanut. >> the idea was to take a group of strangers connected only through social media, bring them to chicago. >> we go through them like these people are incredible and why don't we invite them to come on the bus with us. we want to make cool stuff and hang out with great people and get paid along the way. we make sure to set up a few gigs at south so we can get paid for filming.
12:00 pm
>> i am doing what i like to do while out having an adventure with everybody else. >> we can share the whole experience through pictures and words and video and sharing and it is all about people and the experiences they get to have. >> they leveraged the digital footprint to get sponsors. >> we're on twitter, facebook, on this, that, and trying every new thing. so we can say we will drink your wine. we will play your games. send us your app. let us show the world this. we will do all of these things and we'll tweet about it. we'll facebook it. we'll make little youtube videos for it. >> meeting friends, sharing experiences and making money. a big part what it is about. >> it is a great place to be all the time. in some ways the picture you get can be misleading because it is so crazy and so busy and so much going on. the rest of the time it is still austin. >> high above sixth street with
12:01 pm
a bird's-eye view of the festival is the center of the start up scene. welcome to capital factory. it is a business that creates other businesses. it is like your office but better. >> capital factory i think serves a couple different rules. the most important is being a center of gravity and nucleus for the start up community in austin. >> inside is a shared workspace where entrepreneurs join forces to build new companies. it is filled with programmers, marketers, mentors and dreamers. >> if you go to the valley there are about 25, 30 different locations where people meet and talk about things. in a place like austin there is not enough mats so you need a place to make those conversations happen. >> the people that work here all share a common ooet oes, an idea that building austin is a team sport and the best way to win is support your teammates. >> you have design company that is focus on design and experience companies that focus on user experience and marketing company that is focus on marketing and we all work together.
12:02 pm
>> the message is sth new hyperconnected world no one has to go it alone. in austin, and in south by southwest, we see a glimpse of the future. hopefully you will like what you see. i am fredrika whitfield in the cnn newsroom. the top stories we're following, two people are dead following a charter bus crash in southern pennsylvania. the bus was carrying members of the seton hill university women's lacrosse team. 23 people were on board. everyone was taken to a hospital. joining me now so the phone is megan silverstrim with the cumberland county department of public safety. do you have any understanding what caused this crash?
12:03 pm
>> not at this time. the pennsylvania state police are actively investigating. they are still on the scene with reconstruction crews and a forensics team looking into that. >> is it your understanding this bus was on its way to a match? >> yes, they were on their way to a lacrosse tournament at mill lerzville, university, in pennsylvania. >> what was the distance? how far had they been traveling? >> we sit at about a middle point in their travels in carlisle. the middle -- they were coming from the western portion of the state heading to the eastern portion and we sit right in the middle. >> how about weather? was that a factor? i look at the videotape. i see a few snow flurries. is it an issue potentially of the streets being treacherous, of ice on the roads? anything to that nature? >> definitely something that they will look into throughout the investigation. we are experiencing rainy conditions and snow off and on throughout the area. it is definitely a factor they will look into. we don't have any confirmation at this time. >> and, megan, everyone on board
12:04 pm
that bus has been transported to a hospital. what can you tell us about the injuries? >> well, they were minor to severe. a few folks are treated and released and we have individuals still being treated in the hospital. one individual was killed on the scene at the accident and then we have another individual who died later at the hospital and we have just released their information anthony guetta from johnstown, pennsylvania, the driver of the bus was killed on the scene and christina kwigly, 30 years old of pennsylvania died and she was approximately six months pregnant and her undorn child did not survive. >> terribly tragic. thank you so much, megan, with the cumberland county department of public safety. tragic situation on the pennsylvania roadways. return now to the northeastern section of ohio and a rape trial involving two high school football stars accused of attacking a 16-year-old girl. the defense put several witnesses on the stand hoping to
12:05 pm
bolster the case of the two players. poppy harlow is outside the courthouse in steubenville, ohio. >> we're about halfway through day four of testimony in the steubenville rape trial that captured the nation's attention. two teenaged high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a series of parties back in august. today has been all about the defense for the first time the defense has been able to call some of its witnesses and it has called three so far today. the first two witnesses both teenaged girls both saying they were best friends with the alleged victim until after this incident saying they're no longer friends with her. they testified about what happened that evening, and how intoxicated the girl was and the defense here by calling these witnesses really trying to get at the alleged victim's past actions, how she was acting with these two boys the night of the parties and many of the questions they asked about the alleged victims history and past were not even allowed in court. the judge would not allow the
12:06 pm
witness to answer those questions. they did ask -- they were able to ask some questions about how she interacted with the two boys that night. one of the witnesses saying she was flirting with malique richmond at one of the parties and saying she was interested in trent maze asking have you kissed him yet and the alleged victim saying no, not yet. a key witness for the defense was an expert witness also called today, dr. kim frammi from the university of texas, a clinical psychologist, focusing on the impact of alcohol intake on may have and cognition and looked at a lot of evidence surrounding the case including testimony and a statement given by the alleged victim to police and she said that looking at all of that she said, quote, given my estimates of her blood alcohol level, it seems very clear that an alcohol induced blackout could account for memory loss but she said that
12:07 pm
you can do things knowing your doing them during a blackout. that was interesting to hear. she went on to say in her testimony, quote, i would conclude that she, being the alleged victim was capable of engaging in voluntary decisions that night given her alcohol level that this expert estimated. however, on cross-examination of this expert witness, the prosecution asked if she was shown any of the photos that have been widely circulated online and in this trial of the alleged victim that night. she said no, she had not seen any of those photos and then asked by the prosecution, quote, if she was sexually assaulted during this blackout, she would not remember, right? the witness said right. noted she also wouldn't remember if she consented. that's where it lies at this point. many more witnesses still to take the stand. poppy harlow, cnn, steubenville, ohio. >> thank you so much. turn now to threats from north
12:08 pm
korea which are forcing a change in u.s. national security. the pentagon has announced a major expansion in missile defense. chris lawrence has more. >> fred, the pentagon plans to spend up to a billion dollars to beef up its missile defense system but the big question is will these missiles actually work? if a nuclear miss sell ever fired at the united states this is the best hope to stop it, 30 interceptor missile that is can be launched from ground silos in alaska and california. now the pentagon is deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason that we're doing what we're doing and the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, to stay ahead of the threat. >> north korea tested a missile in december and conducted its third nuclear test in february and just this month threatened a
12:09 pm
preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. that caught the pentagon's attention. >> north korea public pronouncements underscore the need for the u.s. to continue to take prudent steps to defeat any future icbn. >> as far back as the state of the union speech president obama said he would -- >> lead the world in taking firm action in response to these tleets. >> republican congressional sources take the actions are anything but firm. in 2011 the administration moth balled one alaska can missile field arguing intelligence showed there wasn't enough of a threat, a shortsighted move say congressional sources, quote, the intel didn't change, this is right where we expected north korea to be and that is in possession of a missile that could travel nearly 5,000 miles in theory since north korea never successfully launched a long range icbn. >> what you see is minely a
12:10 pm
political signal that no one will be intimidated by the december launch and the subsequent nuclear test. >> the existing intercept tors have had technological problems and haven't performed as planned. the pentagon is testing a new missel and won't buy the additional 14 until officials are sure they can fly. >> we spend $10 billion a year on missile defense. we spend about 250 billion over the last few decades. we aren't anywhere close to a system that can protect the united states from a determined adversary. yes, i am saying we're wasting our money. >> the pentagon expects the 14 missiles to be ready to go by the year 2017. officials are scouting locations for a potential third large site on the east coast of the united states. fred. >> all right. thanks so much. it is the last day of that big meeting of kiz called cpac. sarah palin not only took on democrats but she chastised the
12:11 pm
republican establishment. >> talk about rebuilding the party. how about rebuilding the middle class? they talk about rebranding the gop instead of restoring the trust of the american people. >> mark preston is our political director. all right. she was given an awful lot of time there speaking during the cpac. more than anybody else of the day. were there any unexpected moments? >> well, you know, fred, the likes of sara palin and marco rubio got a lot of applause at cpac and it is about the way of giving folks such as this gentleman an opportunity to come on the main stage. listen to what he had to say. >> in 106 days i will be
12:12 pm
retiring and i will be 62 years old in september and i strongly believe there is a reason pilots are asked to retire before they start crashing airplanes. >> i can see. >> i would much rather quit while i am at the top of my game and there is so many more things that can be done. i am very dedicated to education of the next generation. i encourage everybody to go to carson and look us up. i will just say answer in the brain. >> a pediatric director of newer surgery at johns hopkins said he is going to leave his medical practice and he is going to focus on something on the future. what is the future? very well could be politics. what is interesting about dr. carson, he is very critical of
12:13 pm
president obama, not only was he critical today here at cpac, he was critical of president obama during the national prayer breakfast president obama was sitting on the dias when he was critical of the policies. >> wow. let's talk about the straw poll vote taking place in the names on that, the names that seem to be in the lead. >> 23 names on the ballot. the likes of rand paul, some people think he is trying to win the straw positively. and rick santorum. this is a meeting of conservatives and a lot here and a win in the straw positively could help their campaign although neither said they're absolutely running for president, they certainly have it in their sights. chris christie was not invited to speak and by in large the winner of today straw poll
12:14 pm
doesn't necessarily mean they will be the republican nominee in 2016. >> right. just a method in which to put the feelers out so to speak. thanks so much. mark preston, appreciate it. the winning streak goes on for the miami heat. the team now has 21 straight victories and the third longest winning streak in nba history, last night the heat down the milwaukee bucks 107-94. that puts the nba champs one win away from tying the second longest winning streak and the top scorers are no surprise, lebron james and chris bosh and each storing 28 points and dwyane wade adding 20 more. the jury in jodi arias trial asked her more than 200 questions. what the questions say about what the jurors might be thinking next. plus a 911 or i am sorry a 9/11 widow is criticizing the ts a's new policy to allow small pocket
12:15 pm
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12:18 pm
jurors she killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense. so are they buying her theory? i asked hln's jane velez-mitchell. >> the juror questions show they're not buying the story. they don't buy the fog. they were sar skas particular and hostile and they asked more than 200. if i were jodi arias after hearing the questions which some were like why should we believe you now when you lied so much before? i would be rocking in the fetal position in my cell and wondering what am i going to do. that doesn't look good. >> i almost wonder, are these really probing questions or were some of them from the jurors almost like revealing themselves of this is a way i think this case is playing out? >> yeah. it is almost like we got a window into the juror's minds halfway through the trial. a lot of people think jurors shouldn't be allowed to ask questions but they are allowed to ask questions in arizona. i think it actually gives the defense an opportunity now to
12:19 pm
try to turn the ship around of the defense case is still on going and they have a psychologist and an expert in battered woman's syndrome going to try to convince these jurors, yes, after jodi arias shot trads she did go into a fog because that's what they didn't believe, selective amnesia, convenient amnesia and the prosecutor was sarcastic about the fog is rolling in, so if they can get the psychologist to convince the jurors that even cops sometimes go into an amnesia state after they have shot someone, that could help her and also to convince the jurors she was indeed a battered woman because i don't think they're buying that either. >> a post traumatic stress and then prior to that you have to prove this battered woman or victimization as one who is abused by her boyfriend. how do they do that? is this going to be based on testimony? >> what's so interesting, they
12:20 pm
have a woman an advocate for battered women taking the stand as a domestic violence expert to argue on jodi's behalf as an expert witness that she was a battered woman. a lot of wattered women are furious at her saying she is giving them a bad name and using kinky sex games and equate that with being a battered woman. there are two totally different things. what she is hanging her hat on is the raunchy sex tape where he says i will tie to you a tree and bleep you and do degrading things to you and she is making a leap from that to, oh, i was a battered woman. the only corroboration that is provided is the tape and never called police and no records or photos of her bruises or being beaten by him. >> this is her word against -- >> exactly. >> no one else's really. >> except for him testifying beyond the grave in the form of the sex tape. >> the prosecutor would be concerned there is a
12:21 pm
relationship being built between she and the jurors given she has been up there so long and the audience that you talk about, the fascination with the case people are riveted and her participation and almost seems like that would bode well for the defense. >> i say never, ever, ever predict what is in a juror's mind even despite these questions. look at the casey anthony case. the talking heads say she is going away and she walked. you're right. 18 days on the stand, her answering questions, that creates an intimacy. they have a relationship jodi arias and the jurors and they also say familiarity breeds contempt. you don't know whether they have gotten to know her so much now they officially hate her. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> this is a big weekend for college basketball. i am talking about march madness, but what is all of this madness about anyway? we break it down for you next.
12:22 pm
>> a voided it as far as i could. most of the girls mutilation when they are 12. i really liked going to school. i knew that once i go to the cutting i am going to be married off and my dream of becoming a teacher was going to end. my mind said drawn away but i had to face my dad and said i would only go through the cutting if he let's me go back to school. it was done in the morning. using a very old rusty knife with no anesthesia. i can never forget that day. eventually i was the first girl in my kmund to go to college in the u.s. ikakenya, and i return to my village to start a school for girls so they, too, can achieve their full potential. when they start at school they are very shy and over time you see them very confident.
12:23 pm
they are doing very well. it is the most exciting thing. our walk is about empowering the girls. these girls are saying no to being cut and dreaming of becoming lawyers, teachers, doctors. my daughter will do better than my son okay. >> why should you work hard to achieve your goals. >> yes. >> i came back to the girls in my community don't have to negotiate like i did to achieve their dreams. that's why i wake up every morning. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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oh, boy, that time again. already march madness kicking off tomorrow with selection
12:27 pm
sunday. that's when the country's top college teams are selected and seated for the annual basketball tournament. it can be rather hard, a little trick toy keep track of it all. cnn's matt weiner breaks it all down for us. >> march madness is really a nickname for the ncaa men's division i basketball tournament. it is also a description of phenomenon which happens every march which is why people are interested in the first place because it really is sort of insanity in the world of college basketball. there are well over 300 division i basketball programs within the ncaa. there is 68 teams that get in each year and 31 by what is called automatic qualification or automatic qualifiers by virtue of winning in the regular season or through a tournament. the other 37 are so-called at large bids. it is a little trickier who gets
12:28 pm
in and who scent. there is a selection committee that looks over the resumes of each and every one of the teams available to play in the ncaa tournament and deems 37 of them worthy of the tournament. the bracket itself for most people is the physical piece of paper you hold in your office pool when you try to determine who the winners are of the tournament. as you look at a bracket, you see 32 teams on either side of it which then whittle themselves down to 32 teams and 16 and then eight, et cetera, all the way to a final four and then of course the final two teams who play for the national chmp ship. >> people tune in to watch march madness first and foremost i think because it is a compelling sporting event and there is a lot of drama inherent to those games. it would be naive to suggest that gambling doesn't play a significant role in the popularity of the sport. the estimates i have seen are that there are something like
12:29 pm
$2.5 billion wagered each year on the ncaa tournament and most of that is illegal betting. it is tolerated largely because it is in the form of low stakes office pools. there are a million methods. you can pour overall the data you want to. you can look into trends. you can look into match ups between coaches, players, schools, conferences, and you can employ the which mascot would win in a fight method if you like. i have always thought if notre dame is in the tournament i am hesitant to pick against them on st. paddy's day. does that matter? i don't know. my advice, don't think too much about it. go with your gut and have fun. >> you can test your bracket skills against me in the official ncaa march madness bracket challenge game. go to and
12:30 pm
then join the cnn group to put your bracket skills to the test. we'll be following them along the way. vacations cut short for thousands of carnival cruise ships after two ships run into problems this week. what happens if something like this were to happen to you? what are your right as a passenger? we have advice straight ahead and an arizona family may think twice before they put their dog on another flight. we'll tell you what happened next. [ buzzer ] hot dog? i'm buying. i'll use my capital one venture card with double miles you can actually use to fly any airline anytime. ♪ what are you doing? i'm saving one for later. my body keeps it warm. it's like a little hot dog steamer in there. go ahead, touch my chest. no. ♪
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a look at what's trending online right now. lil wayne is recovering in a los angeles popt after suffering a seizure. he tweeted to his fans i am
12:34 pm
good, everybody, thanks for the prayers and love. this is weezy's second trip to the hospital because of seizures this week. tomorrow st. patrick's day and the celebration has already begun. one of the biggest in savannah, george, historians say this is the city's 200th st. patrick's day parade and hendricks the springer span yell almost made st. st. paddy's day in ireland. an airline mix up sent him to dublin instead of phoenix, arizona. united acted quickly and got him back to the u.s. and his family. one happy dog. president obama has spent the past week trying to end gridlock in washington. he went to capitol hill for three straight days of meetings with republican and democratic lawmakers and trying to exercising his so-called charm offensive. the president hopes to reach a deal on the budget. critics say the meetings were
12:35 pm
all for show. the asked the press secretary what the president thinks about that criticism. >> the president has enjoyed very much his meetings on capitol hill this week and met with house republicans, senate republicans, house and senate democrats following up on a seerds of meetings and conversations he has been having over the last several weeks with lawmakers and focusing especially on those republicans who have expressed interest in finding common ground on a host of issues including our budget challenges and what he is looking for is agreement on the principle if we go for a bigger deal to reduce our deficit that we need to do it in a balanced way, the way the american people say they want it done. that means additional spending cuts and savings from entitlement reforms as the president proposed coupled with savings from tax reform by closing loopholes and special tax breaks for the well off and well connected and using the revenue generated from that to help pay down our deficit.
12:36 pm
that's the way we should be doing it. that's the way the american people want it done and not just democrats and independents but republicans outside of washington. he is at least hopeful that engaging on this issue with those who say they're interested in finding common ground we might be able to produce a compromise and that would be a good thing for the american economy and a good thing for the american middle class. >> are there any indicators at this juncture there is common ground being found. >> again, i think you saw prior to the president's dinner with a group of republican senators a handful of senators were on the record. republicans saying they would be willing to consider a balanced approach, consider revenue from tax reform, coupled with savings generated with entitlement reform and that's essentially the president's position and what he has put forward in his proposal, so we'll see. the gap is wide. we saw with the house republican budget proposal presented this
12:37 pm
week that there is a huge catch in terms of the president's view and the view of a lot of folks in the country and also in the senate versus the house republican view which is basically to have all of the burden of deficit reduction be born by senior citizens, voucherizing medicare and by families that depend on assistance for education and assistance for helping their elderly parents and nursing homes and basically asking all of those folks to pay for deficit reduction and giving a $5.7 trillion tax cut most of which goes to the wealthy. not only does the president think it is a bright idea the american public overwhelmingly thinks it is a bad idea and the american public thought it was a bad idea last year when the republicans campaigned and were defeated in the polls on november 6th. >> white house press secretary jay carney there. the president has a lot on his plate, domestic matters, international matters and next wait heading to israel. all right. actress valerie harper is suffering from a terminal brain cancer. next she tells our piers morgan
12:38 pm
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12:41 pm
valerie harper has a terminal type of brain cancer. the actress won the hearts of millions of television viewers playing rhoda on the mary tyler moore show and doctors have given her as little as three months to live. during an interview earlier this week harper reflected on the most memorable moments of her rief. >> oh, my goodness. my husband telling me that he thought we should adopt. i would make a great mother. that was a nice one. other -- the achievements are being directed by paul newman, who wouldn't want to look into those blue eyes. there have been milestones all along and i guess biggest of all
12:42 pm
was just having tony in my life at my side at my back helping me in every way possible, and enjoying life with me and traveling and all the things we have done. i guess my marriage which is an on going, unfolding to this minute. >> i have known some people in my life who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition and to most people it would be the single most crushing thing that's ever happened to them. you have reacted in an extraordinarily positive way which i think is really inspired people and they're all asking the same thing. why do you feel you get the strength to be like this? >> well, first of all, i am almost 74. i have had a magnificent run. the most wonderful husband in the world for 34 years, and a great career, and finally, after all of these years of wanting to be a little stage actress, i got a tony nomination in 2010.
12:43 pm
at 70 years old. what could be better? i really look at my life as blessed. sure, i have had challenges and terrible things happen and loss of dear people and all of that, but i really think if we had less fear and resistance like a stratified thing to death, life would be happier. everyone says brave. i don't know that it is brave so much as what's good for valerie to do. it feels natural for me after tony and i talked it over we go public, go public once in a big way so that it is clear and people get to see how i am doing and they'll be prepared and they don't have to do big memorials. we have done it. i have experienced it. i mean it. i have heard all of your speeches. i have gotten all of your love and it is so humbling, and it is so comforting, and it is such --
12:44 pm
so good for my spirit that you are all out there doing that, you know, through whatever method -- even old phone calls and people saying call me back and i want to tell them i can't. i have to save my voice for more talk shows and i will do it. i will get back to everybody. >> wow. what an inspiration. she touched so many. we'll have much more of the newsroom right after this.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
anchts i woman that ross her husband on 9/11 is fighting for better airline security. she wants a secondary barrier to stop attacker from forcing their way into the cockpit and taking over the aircraft. the push comes after the tsa announced it would soon allow passengers to carry pocket knives on board. here is rene marsh. >> the ts a's new-policy has a 9/11 widow saying how dare they. she says the policy will endanger pilots like they are late husband and she is on capitol hill pushing to make it a requirement all papers have a secondary barrier when the cockpit door is open in flight. after september 11th, the faa mandated reinforced cockpit doors called one of the most effective ways to protect pilots. what happens when the doors are open? 9/11 widow ellen sacasini knows the worst case scenario.
12:48 pm
>> there is a reason victor is not here, because there was a breach of the cockpit. i am here today to stand for victor because he does not have a voice anymore. >> her husband was captain of united airlines flight 179 when hijackers used small knives overpowered the flight crew and flew the plane into the world trade center. >> nice to meet you. how are you? >> she is on capitol hill pushing for more protection in the skies. with the tsa set to allow small knives on board within weeks she says congress knees to mandate all airplanes have this, a secondary barrier to add protection when the cockpit door is open and pilots leave for the bathroom or to get a meal. >> studies have shown it takes three to five seconds to breach a cockpit and once inside it is two seconds and the cockpit is taken over. >> i have been flying with united since 1997. >> pilot heidi says the doors
12:49 pm
give the crew extra time to react. right now airlines use a food cart and flied attend ant to protect the cockpit. they believe the current secure procedures are sufficient. for this pilot and her union, it is not enough. >> when they have tested which is more effective, again, the secondary barrier wins out every time. >> the international air transport association disagrees. >> it is their procedures in place for entrance and exit from the cockpit. the doors themselves are very strong. as long as the procedures are followed, then there should not be any issue. >> if the secondary barrier were installed on victor's airplane, we wouldn't be talking today. we would have a safe aircraft and no one -- and 2,973 people would not have died that day. >> saracini and the pilot union believe they can get bipartisan
12:50 pm
support for a law that would make the barriers mandatory especially in light of the tsa's new knife policy that kicks in next month. fred. >> thanks so much, rene. from trouble in the skies to trouble on the high satisfies, more problems for carnival cruise lines trouble with two more ships this week. we'll find out what you can do when a dream vacation turns into a nightmare. and you have heard about snakes on a plane. what about roaches on a bus? we're not talking about just one or two. we're talking about thousands of them. it happened and it is next from our newsroom. line fracture to the mandible and contusions to the metacarpus. what do you see? um, i see a duck. be more specific. i see the aflac duck. i see the aflac duck out of work and not making any money. i see him moving in with his parents and selling bootleg dvds out of the back of a van. dude, that's your life. remember, aflac will give him cash to help cover his rent, car payments and keep everything as normal as possible. i see lunch. [ monitor beeping ] let's move on. [ male announcer ] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you at
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12:53 pm
all right. the troubles keep piling up for carnival cruise lines. one ship is limping home after it had problems with its sailing speed. that happened a day after carnival's "dream" ship got stuck at port in st. maarten.
12:54 pm
elevators and toilets stopped working. they have been flying thousands of passengers back to florida. of course there was last month's disaster with the triumph where thousands were stuck on board in horrible conditions for days on end. i'm joined by eric desenhall. he's written books on crisis management and teaches business. >> thanks for having me. >> before we get to what in the world is carnival going to do, what if i'm a passenger who has a ticket. i'm getting ready to go on a cruise ship. i need to know what protections i have just in case something goes wrong. what is in place, or sit travel at your own risk? >> well, i think that it's important before you figure out what the cure is you have to figure out what the problem is. somebody asked me a few weeks ago if i thought carnival was communicating poorly. i had to explain it was not a misuse of twitter. it was a few thousand people
12:55 pm
stuck in the ocean covered in filth. you have an operational problem. in terms of what a consumer, a tourists has to do, they have to check with the with company. the company needs to communicate in a forum where they are not necessarily overcommunicating, talking to the whole world, but speaking specifically to tourists who have a pre-existing interest in this subject matter. >> so when you say "check with the company," you say before you make a purchase you need to do research about the cruise line or what is being promised to you, what kind of services, what happens in case of emergencies? that kind of thing? >> i think what the company has an obligation to do when you're dealing with with a marked assault or a crisis like this, you have to hold the hands of very anxious tourists who are understandably anxious. i imagine carnival has operators, customer service people, a website. among the things that are going to be addressed here are how
12:56 pm
some of the problems they have been having are being nipped in the bud. >> in your view is carnival cruise lines in trouble? does it have a real p.r. nightmare right on its lap? >> well, look, this is a very, very good company. these are very savvy people. of course if they have a problem. i don't think this is necessarily one that will go on forever. first of all, you have to realize what the problem is. it's operational, largely. so you solve the operational problem. by that i mean if you have toilets overflowing and engines stopping that has to be addressed. that solves the b problem. second, i think there has to be some restitution for the consumers who are very angry. third, how do you talk about it? you have seen some of the apologies. i think you have to be very focused in who you are talking to as opposed to turning on the tv every night and seeing massive ads apologizing. that's over estimated.
12:57 pm
>> restitution might be sending a signal, especially for the business down the line. if people see that a cruise line is handling it well or passengers whose vacations got ruined, if there is decent compensation it might secure future business. >> a vast majority of crises are solved by holding hands with the consumer rather than talking with the world. whether it's a toyota or a cruise, you speak to the people with an active investment in what your product is as opposed to talking to the world. >> so we are joined by an author who's written ten travel books and runs good to see you. i wonder if i have a ticket for a cruise line upcoming it may not necessarily be on dream or triumph, but i want to know how
12:58 pm
my future trip might be impacted. i have a lot invested. i will catch a plane, a train, drive in order to get there. if i get there and find out the ship is not fit for the high seas what recourse do i have? >> unfortunately, not much. the conditions of carriage, all the fine print on the ticket is ironclad written by lawyers for the cruise companies. travel insurance isn't much of a help. cancel for any reason has to be done 48 hours in advance anyway. there aren't many things you can do to save yourself from something like this or not many things you can do to prevent it. we shouldn't plow it out of proportion. more than 20 million people cruise every year. even when something happens to a ship of 4,000 people and it's terrible for those people it's still .02% of the people cruising. >> it's an anomaly. so in 30 seconds or less, how do you do your research, find out
12:59 pm
the best cruise line for me? what best meets my needs? >> i would say there are cruises for different types of people, different styles of travel. go to, cruise this is like trip adviser just for cruising. >> all right. reid, eric, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i'm sure a lot of folks planning trips on the cruise lines appreciate your advice as well. >> my pleasure. >> we are getting new insight into the new leader of the catholic church. what hotel bills and bus rides reveal about pope francis. that's ahead. whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop...
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welcome back to the cnn
1:03 pm
newsroom. a look at our top stories now. investigators are still searching for a new orleans teacher -- rather we'll get to ta story in a minute. this just taking place within the last couple of hours. a bus driver and a woman who was 6 months pregnant have been killed in a southern pennsylvania bus crash. the bus was carrying members of the seton hill university women's lacrosse team. 23 people were on board. they were all taken to a hospital. the bus veered off the road and struck a guardrail. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. now, two teenaged girls took the stand in the defense of two high school football stars in steubenville, ohio. the alleged rape took place in august during a night of parties. one girl said the victim was drunk and uncooperative. an expert testified for the defense saying it appears the alleged victim had an alcohol
1:04 pm
induced blackout that night but she was also capable of engaging in voluntary decisions. the playerses insist they are innocent. we turn now to politics just outside washington. conservatives from around the country have been meeting at the annual cpac meeting. they are hoping to find a way back to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. cnn political director mark preston has been at the conference all week long. so, mark, what was accomplished? >> well, you know, we have seen activists from across the country come to suburban washington to talk about conservative principles and the way forward for the republican party. fred, what we have heard over the past couple of days is they want to stand their ground. there is a big discussion in the republican party now. should it moderate, maybe loosen up ideology when it comes to issues such as same-sex marriage. over my right shoulder is the chairman of the republican
1:05 pm
national committee getting a polite welcome. but the fact is these social conservatives, these conservatives aren't necessarily happen with the republican establishment. let's listen to what sarah palin said earlier today about karl rove. >> the last thing we need is washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. [ applause ] >> if these experts who keep losing elections, you keep getting rehired, raking in millions. if they feel that strongly about who gets to run in this party then they should buck up or stay in the truck. buck up and run. the architects can head on back to -- [ cheers ] -- they can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> there you have sarah palin, not mentioning karl rove by name
1:06 pm
but clearly speaking directly about him. conservatives are frustrated at karl rove because karl rove talked about the party needing to elect candidates who can win in general elections. the folks here in this room are more interested in ideology. they think those are the type of candidates, really hard conservative candidates are better for them. >> so was there any talk or discussion about those who were not invited who others expected might be like new jersey governor chris christie who s m seems to have popularity in his state and nationwide but he wasn't on the list of intended guests. >> certainly discussion before the cpac, the fact that chris christie wasn't asked to speak nor was bob mcdonnell from across the livriver. the fact is folks are focusing on the folks who came here to speak like marco rubio, such as
1:07 pm
the likes of ben carson who spoke earlier today. folks they think have a conservative ideology that matches what they believe in. now the fact is chris christie in some ways probably benefitted by not being here. he's up for re-election, expected to win. but his whole type of politics has not beholden to anyone including the republican party and also the conservative side of the republican party. so chris christie, while not here, probably benefitted by not being at cpac. >> then there was a straw poll vote. when is that likely to happen? >> we'll know that in a couple of hours. 23 names on the ballot including chris christie. the question is does it matter the winner of the straw poll? we are interested in finding out who will win, but we don't think it will matter for the 2016 election. >> thank sos much. appreciate it from cpac in maryland. all right, the pentagon is taking nuclear threats from
1:08 pm
north korea so seriously that it is ramping up missile defense on the west coast. reports say north korea test fired two short range missiles into its waters this week. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel wants to make it clear the u.s. stands firm against aggression. the pentagon plans to spend a billion dollars to test and install 14 extra missile defenses. pope francis spent part of the day today talking with journalists in rome. his first full media session since becoming pope thursday, the inaugural papal mass is tuesday in st. peter's square. in a couple of minutes i will speak with our vatican analyst and ask how pope francis is already shaking things up at the vat cica vatican. weather conditions are improving around a wildfire in colorado but the flames are still a huge threat. according to the denver post hundreds have been evacuated in an area west of fort collins. more than a thousand acres have
1:09 pm
been charred. the flames are about 5% contained. the fire appears to have been accidentally set. he's a conservative who has been against same-sex marriage for years. so what changed his mind? an exclusive interview with the gop senator bucking his own party over same-sex marriage, next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
1:10 pm
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a major reversal in the world of politics as a conservative senator who for years was against same-sex marriage has changed his mind for a very personal reason. he talked about it with our
1:13 pm
chief congressional correspondent dana bash. itle happens all the time. this man invited us into his home to tell us the dramatic news. >> governor of the united states mitt romney. >> you probably recognize rob portman from his campaigning for mitt romney. even on romney's short list for vice president. he's been a leading republican voice on the economy for four decades. >> we need to spur economic growth and create more jobs. >> reporter: now the prominent conservative from ohio will be known for something else. changing his hard line position against gay marriage which he revealed to cnn, and the very personal reason behind his reversal. >> i'm announcing today a change of heart on an issue a lot of
1:14 pm
people feel strongly about. it has to do with the opportunity for gay couples to marry. for me personally, i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married and have the joy and stability of marriage that i have had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it including our son who is gay. >> reporter: that unexpected revelation came from portman's 21-year-old son will two years ago. >> my son came to jane, my wife, and i. told us that he was gay and that it was not a choice. and that that's just part of who he is and he'd been that way as far as he could remember. >> reporter: what was the reaction when he told you? >> love. support. 110%. >> reporter: surprise? >> surprise, yeah. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> no idea. yeah. again, that launched a process of rethinking the issue. >> reporter: until now, all this
1:15 pm
was secret to most, but not everyone. you were vetted to be a vice presidential candidate. did you tell mitt romney your son was gay? >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: how did he react? >> i told mitt romney everything. that process is -- intrusive would be one way to put it. but i told him everything. >> reporter: do you think that was a deal-breaker? >> i don't. >> reporter: how can you be sure? >> well, you know, they told me. >> reporter: portman was never outspoken on gay marriage but consistently voted against it, supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, the defense of marriage act and a bill prohibiting gay couples in washington, d.c. from adopting children. what do you say to a gay constituent in ohio who says i'm so glad he changed his position, but why did it take him learning he has a gay son? why didn't he, as my representative, care about my rights before that?
1:16 pm
>> well, i would say i have had a change of heart based on a personal experience. certainly true. i'm on the budget committee, the finance committee for a reason. those have been my primary issues and my focus. so now it's different. i hadn't expected to be in this position. but i do think, you know, having spent a lot of time thinking about it and working through this issue personally that, you know, this is where i am for reasons that are consistent with my political philosophy including family values. including being a conservative who believes the family is a building block of society. so i'm comfortable there now. >> reporter: you know, a cinic might say, he's a politician. why is he doing this now when he found out two years ago. >> two things. one is i'm comfortable with the position. took me a while to rethink things and to get to this
1:17 pm
position. >> reporter: the second reason, the supreme court which will soon hear a pair of gay marriage cases. portman expected that to generate questions about his position. >> i thought it was the right time to let folks know where i stand so i would be clear about it. >> reporter: portman told me he spent a lot of time with his pastor and went back to re-read the old testament which many christians cite as the source of their opposition to homosexuality. he said supporting the institution of marriage for everyone was paramount. will portman tweeted, especially proud of my dad today. fredricka? >> thank you so much. pope francis is getting ready for his first sunday mass as pope. we'll go to rome next and hear why the message could set the tone for what kind of pope he is going to b.
1:18 pm
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pope francis spent part of the day today talking with journalists in rome. tomorrow he heads to the vatican and that balcony where he'll lead his first sunday mass as pope. i spoke with cnn's senior vatican analyst john allen and asked how the pope's message tomorrow might set the tone for his papacy. before we get accused of drinking the kool-aid we have seen more style than substance. the hard choices are still to come. every new leader gets a honeymoon period. we may look at him differently a month from now. it would take a cynic not to be impressed with what the world has seen of pope francis. that's likely to continue on sunday. he's setting a tone for a humbl humbler, simpler papacy, less
1:23 pm
invested in the pomp and circumstance. today we heard him say in a meeting with journalists in the vatican that he dreams of a poorer church that's on the side of the poor. i would expect him to continue that tone not nearly in sunday's mass which is for vatican personnel and the parish church in the vatican but in his first angelis address to a vast crowd at a noontime in rome. what we are seeing is a pope who is really shaking up established patterns of doing business in h the vatican and trying to return it to something much closer to the poor roots of the church. frankly most people here feel if the card values in the conclave rolled the dice a little bit, electing a complete outsider, in many ways they have won the lottery. >> you mentioned style on
1:24 pm
display. we have seen it already from pope francis. he's demonstrated to be very humble, as you put it. a simple pope as he was a cardinal. a lot of pictures showing him pay his own bills, riding a bus instead of a limo. how long before he embraces the opulence that comes with being a pope? >> there is a lot of unfinished business on his desk. obviously he has to face the child sexual abuse scandals that have been a cancer for the catholic church. he's got to face accusations of financial shenanigans, and on and on. there is a laundry list of challenges to pick up. eventually this style has to give way to substance. one interesting thing is we did get the first hint there may be some teeth to the idea of pope francis as a reformer today.
1:25 pm
it is customary for a new pope to immediately reconfirm all the heads of vatican offices who technically lose their job when a papacy ends. typically the new pope immediately reconfirms them. that's a signal that business as usual will continue. what pope francis did today is put out a statement saying you can keep your jobs for now. he's not definitively reconfirming anyone. he said he wants to take a little time to think about this. i will tell you from an insider point of view that was a minor earthquake. it was a clear signal that some real change may not be very long in arriving. >> john allen, thanks so much, from rome. >> thanks, fredricka. >> samsung hope it is new smartphone will take a bite out of the apple market. we have details on the hottest new gadget to hit the market. and speaking of new, a reminder to watch cnn's new show "the lead with with jake tapper"
1:26 pm
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samsung unveiled its latest weapon in the battle to overtake apple as their top seller of smartphones --he galaxy s4. it includes elements that are similar to tablets. here's the latest on the phone's possible impact. >> there is a lot at stake for samsung. this launch of the galaxy s4 is critical, not just for this market but worldwide.


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