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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 17, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, including pet friendly hotels. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding. all right, let's take a look now at the week ahead. >> tuesday is a big day for president obama. in the morning, he meets with
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the prime minister of ireland and then in the evening, he leaves for israel, his first trip there as president. on wednesday, singer bobby brown reports to jail. he'll begin serving a 55-day sentence for drunk driving. it's brown's third dui conviction. >> and a different legal issue for kim kardashian. the reality tv star heads to court for a divorce hearing. she and nba player kris humphries split just 72 days after tying the knot in august of 2011. >> thursday, tiger woods competes at the arnold palmer pga tournament in orlando, florida. he's won the title seven times and hopes to defend his title with an eighth victory. on friday, blackberry's touch screen only phone will go on sale through at&t. they're hoping it will take a serious bite out of apple's iphone sales. >> i know a gadget guy who can't wait to put his hands on a new
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piece of technology. that's don lemon. he's got much more in the news room after this. thank you very much, fredricka. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. we're going to get you up to speed on the day's headlines. >> i had no intentions of doing anything like that. i'm sorry i put you guys through this. >> the verdict is guilty. a juvenile court judge found two teenagers in steubenville, ohio, guilty of raping a drunken class mate and one of them guilty of posting a nude photo of the girl on the internet. the world was watching the case. we'll talk about their sentences and hear from the people there coming up on cnn. >> pope francis gave his first new blessing today before a cheering crowd of more than 200,000 people in st. peter's square. forgiveness was a key theme in
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the pope's address and a rare move for a pope, he walked into the crowd to greet people. he also sent out a message on his twitter account asking people to continue to pray for him. we'll talk more about the new pope's down to earth style next hour with religion professor present strong. >> amtrak has resumed rail service between two major east coast hubs, boston and new york. it was interrupted by a freight train derailment near new haven, connecticut, this morning. crews have cleared it away. passengers affected are being offered refunds or vouchers for future train travel. >> a high profile rape trial in a small ohio town. two high school boys, football players, they're accused of sexually assaulting a classmate during a night of drunken partying and then posting pictures laughing and joking and bragging about what they have done on social media websites. today, we heard the vurerdict.
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there was no jury, just a judge, and this is how he announced the boys' fate? >> you're on trial, the court is able to view the demeanor of e witnesses, judge their credibility, and weigh the evidence presented to the court. the court has done so in this case, and it is the court's decision that both of the defendants are hereby adjudicated delinquent beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts as charged. >> another way of saying guilty. both teenagers, 16 and 17-year-old, guilty of rape. they will both have to do time in jewuvenile detention, possib until they're 21 years old. they'll also be announced as sex offender. after, they were given a chance to speak to the judge, the victim and her family. >> i never had any intention of
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doing anything like that. i'm sorry to put your guys through this. >> i would like to apologize to [ bleep ], her family, and my family and community. >> i'm now going to let you hear the voices of some of the adults involved in the case. the father of one of the convicts boys and the mother of the 16-year-old girl the boys are convicted of raping. first, nathaniel richmond, father of 16-year-old ma'lik richmond. >> i just want to let everyone kn know, i feel responsible for his acti actions even though i didn't tell him to do them or i wasn't there when he did them. i feel responsible, and the pain
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and everyone else. and i must help him heal and help my community in some way to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else. young kids make positive decision decisions. let them know the things that alcohol and how it can lead to bad decisions that can destroy your life and affect your life for the rest of your life. and that's bad. those two, trent and ma'lik, will learn a valuable lesson from this, and become a successful citizen in this world one day. i know all of our problems that we have in this world one day, god is going to fix it.
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and i'm sorry. thank you. >> now we have the words from the victim's mother. we're not showing her face or revealing her name to protect her daughter's privacy. listen. >> it did not matter what school you went to, what city you lived in or what sports you played. human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach, or a parent. it's a god given gift instilled in all of us. you displayed not only a lack of compassion but a lacko any moral code. you decisions that night affected countless lives including those dear to you. you were your own accuser through the social media you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. this does not define who my daughter is. i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your actions and pray hard for his forgiveness. >> we're going to break down the
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verdict legal point by legal point. there's a lot that is unusual about this case. that's coming up. don't go anywhere. we want to talk more about this case after the break. a former criminal attorney and defense attorney will join us. >> and later, tragedy at the track. two race fans die when a race car kngoes out of control.
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in pennsylvania this evening, there will be a memorial service on the campus of seton hill, a 30-year-old pregnant coach and her unborn son were killed when a bus crashed on the way to a game yesterday. two others remain in the hospital. >> take a look at this, i-95, near daytona beach, florida, where smog and smoke closed the interstate for several hours. this affected traffic near
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daytona beach. a heavily traveled section for visitors. several accidents were reported before the interstate was closed. it's now been reopened. >> the latest misadventure for carnival cruise lines ended today when it returned to port in california. they reduced speed and stopped at grand cayman. it's problem free now and headed back to sea right away. well, this is our top story this hour on cnn, and a horrific one. the end of a rape trial that gave two teenagers detention, possibly for several years. this is steubenville, ohio. two football classmates are accused of raping a class mate when she was too drunk to resist. and what happens after this?
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i want to talk to anne bremner. thank you for joining us. before we get to the questions, this is horrific all the way around. this young woman, two young teenagers now have to go to detention. lives ruined all the way around here. >> it's just beyond horrendous, and it's lasting and its impact not just by virtue of the sentences and the stigma, but also through the social media and everything that will never be erased from the internet. it's horrific and horrendous. >> the victim, horrific for her to have to deal with this, and her community. the kinks in the case, let's talk about it, you mentioned social media, the pictures, video, text messages that spread around the girl's school. without them, would be even be talking about a rape conviction today? >> maybe not. in fact, probably not in a case like this. especially because she was so intoxicated. these cases have always been he
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said/she said cases. but when there's intoxication, you have a victim that can't remember. if you don't have a witness, you don't have a case, now with text, video, photographs, e-mails, it's just amazing what kind of case you can build. indeed, they did build a case against these two young men who are going to serve time now for rape, and she's going to serve some time, of course, being identified through it all, really, as a victim of rape? >> what do you think about this, anne? the one boy, trent mays, in the courtroom, never apologized for the rape, and he said only the pictures never should have been sent around and never should have been taken. do you think he realizes he's been charged with raping a classmate? >> who is sorry now? that's the most horrific thing to do, secondary assault only to the rape. and you see the regret and recrimination and the apologies now. who is sorry now? he wasn't sorry then.
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yeah, the pictures shouldn't have been out there, but what about everything else that happ happened? >> don't think we imagined this day where we would see this kind of evidence and this kind of lasting impact on victims. victims from this evidence. >> the ohio attorney general wants the grand jury to convene next month. what good will that do? could more charges come from other people or from other people involved in this rape case? >> absolutely. this is a case where at least three witnesses had immunity. then you had others that wouldn't cooperate or come forward. one way to get that cooperation is through a grand jury. a grand jury can subpoena witnesses, documents, and they act in secret. it's all confidential, so it's a way to get the information you need. who was complicit, who didn't tell. who covered it up? who didn't report a crime? all of those things. those are all criminal acts. so it's not over yet. this is a case, of course, the
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first tried through social media evidence. it won't be the last, but it will continue with the grand jury as well. >> what do you think about this trial happening without a jury inthey intentionally handled it this way to make it faster to accommodate the judge's calendar. >> juvenile justice is defer. we call it fast biding, not trial, detention, not jail. we call the whole proceeding one that's tried before a court, before a judge because juveniles can't have jury trials legally. that's because they used to basically be dependency kind of cases back before the late' 70s, and they only criminalized juvenile proceedings but not all the way. and the judge fast tracked it. that was his schedule. probably one of the fastest trials we have seen in a high profile case in a long time. >> anne bremner, thank you. >> thanks, don. >> unveiling the new republican party. all colors, all ages. now welcome.
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we're talking about the all new gop with our political analysts. you don't want to miss our conversation. that's next. >> there you go. >> looking good. looking good. >> we're going to be putting this device on one day and we need your heart rate and respiration rate. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this weekend, how wireless health care could change your life. >> very much more sophisticated way to assess somebody's fitness real time and allow them to create a plan around their fitness. >> everything is getting more and more precise. it's going to help you to elongate your career or make the best of it. >> i'm continually interested and fascinated by how much athletes, patients, everybody wants their own data. >> meet dr. leslie.
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breaking news just getting here, and it involves two escaped prisoners. two inmates who commandeers, apparently, a helicopter from a correctional facility in quebec, canada. we're being told that they put a gun, reportedly put a gun to the helicopter pilot's head in their escape. it's believed they had an acc p accompli accomplice. this is all reported by c tv, canadian television. it's believed the two men escaped with the help of an accomplice. they reportedly got away after commandeering a helicopter. a white cadillac left. they have also been in touch, reportedly, ctv, have been in touch with a crime reporter this afternoon. not sure what the demands are, but two inmates escaped from a prison, commandeers a
3:22 pm
helicopter, don't know where they are. in quebec, canada. we'll update you as we get more. >> president barack obama, talk of politics. about to take his first trip to the middle east since taking office. he'll arrive in israel on wednesday where he'll meet the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and he'll also visit with mahmoud abbas, and he'll make a 24-hour stop in florida. achina jones has more on what the president faced on his trip. >> barack obama last visited israel as a candidate during his 2008 campaign for the white house. five years later, a bloody conflict raging in syria, rises tensioning about iran's nuclear program, and a process, the stakes are much liar, so what can the president hope to achieve? >> this president is not about managing middle east problems, not about solving problems. he's going out to try to reach
3:23 pm
the israeli and palestinian public and try to convince them that he is attune to their interests. >> kwinlszing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for allow more time for diplomacy to stop iran from a nuclear weapon is likely. >> it would take over a year or so for tehran to develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close. what we're going to be doing is continue to engage internationally with iran, understanding that we have set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> that's going to be a tough sell, both for the israeli leadership and the israeli public which have been very suspicious and skeptical of the president's policies in iran. >> he'll meet to talk about economic development and the peace process, though analysts
3:24 pm
and white house officials say significant progress on that front is unlikely. >> the only solution is for each side to recognize the legitimate interests of the other. >> the president will also return to the holocaust museum to lay a wreath, view the dead sea scrolls, visit bethlehem, and deliver a speech to college students and other israelis before departing for jordan. the white house says the president is looking forward to his speech to the israeli people. much as he does in the united states, he'll try to shape public opinion on iran and other issues by speaking directly to the public. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> let's turn now to republicans and their political future. our cnn contributors are revealed. lz granderson and anna navarro. anna, we saw you this morning. styling and profiling on the big show. don't get too big for your breeches now.
3:25 pm
>> you can cut me down to size any time you want, don lemon. >> you did a great job. i want to start with this. i really want to get into this conversation. let's start with the party chairman, reince priebus, he unveiled a new $10 million plan to reach out to minority voters. >> will include hundreds of people, paid, across the country from coast to coast. hispanic, african-american, asian communities, talking about our party, talking about our brand, talking about what we believe in. going to community events, going to swearing in ceremonies, being a part of the community on an ongoing basis, paid for by the republican national committee, to make the case for our party and our candidates. >> okay, so lz, you are independent, right? is that how you describe yourself? >> yes. >> okay, you're a person of color. is that going to help the gop with people of color? >> you know, to me, it's a backwards approach.
3:26 pm
it takes the idea or the nogz that democrats are figured out minorities, when actually if you look at congress, you see that minorities are across the different parties and that's the difference. you can't send people out into neighborhoods to promote your message. if you want to know what minorities are interested in, you have to listen. he said talk, talk, talk. you have to listen, listen. for them to truly have an inclusive party, it's not about paying people to go to neighborhoods, it's have agrepresentative from that party and that neighborhood. i'm really excited to see they're taking this seriously, i think they're taking the wrong approach. you have to be part of the community, not just in the community. >> anna, go ahead because i know you're rearing to go. >> i think this is exactly what he wants to do. he wants to send people there to be part of the community. i think he understood that one of the mistakes the republican
3:27 pm
party has often made is to parachute into a community six months before the election. i think he understands you have to be there building brujs, building relationships, listening, being part of the community. i give him a lot of kudos and credit, don. he took the old cadaver of the 2012 election and he did a full autopsy. they did more than 50,000 polling surveys. they acknowledged the problem and now they're setting about to implement actual solutions. there's things congress can do. the rnc can't make policy. they can build party. >> let me jump in because we have a lot of stuff. i want to ask you this, if you move into my house and i don't agree with what you're saying, it doesn't matter that you live with me or are no longer in my community or house, if i don't agree with the message and policy, you're not going to win me over. so is it about just going into
3:28 pm
the community? or is it really about the policy? maybe the policies are resonating with people of color. >> i think that's the whole thing, but the rnc doesn't make policy. the rnc is the institution. it's the structure. what they can do is outreach, what they can do is party building. what they can do is exactly what they're suggesting they're going to do. policy making is up to congress. i think that, you know, let's give them credit for at least taking some steps, don. at least they're doing something, which is better than one, not acknowledging the problem, and two, not having any constructive suggestions and solutions on how to address the problem. >> that's exactly what lz just said. listen, this won't help. i want to give this example. you were at cpac this week. i want to show everyone at incident from friday. it had a session titled trump the race card. are you sick and tired of being called a racist when you know you're not. when a guy stands up and
3:29 pm
disrupted the moderator and appeared to defend the benefits of slavery. >> i think ten years, he writes a letter to his former slave master and says, i forgive you. for all the things you did to me. >> for giving him shelter and food for all those years? >> no! >> okay. we'll talk about this one right after the break. ♪ let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way.
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back to our political discussion in just a moment. first, let me give you the headlines. there are two prisoners who have escaped in quebec, canada. they commandeers a helicopter and then took off in a white cadillac. those are pictures of the prison where they were until they made that prison break, holding a gun to the helicopter pilot's head. more information on the story as we get it on cn nrk. they are still on the loose. >> the steubenville, ohio, rape trial is over and the verdict is guilty. two teenagers, high school football players, now convicted of raping a girl during a night of partying and one found guilty of sending out a nude photo of the girl. two boys aged 16 and 17, will serve sentences in juvenile detention, possibly until they're 21. the teenage victim's mom had a chance to address them in court
3:33 pm
today. >> it does not matter what school you went to, what city you live in, or what sport you played. human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach, or a parent. it's a god-given gift instilled in all of us. you displayed not only a lack in compassion but a lack in any moral code. your decisions that night affected countless lives including those most dear to you. you were your own accuser through the social media you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, learn, and grow. i pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your action, and pray for your forgiveness. there was no jury. the judge delivered the verdict. >> let's get back to lz granderson, and anna navarro, republican strategist. we were talking before the break, the session at the cpac conference, trump the race card. e you sick and tired of being
3:34 pm
called a racist when you know you're not one? a man appeared to stand up and defend the benefits of slavery. >> when douglass came from slavery, he writes a letter to his former slave mast and says i forgive you for all of the things you did to me. >> for giving him food and shelter for all those years? >> no! >> okay, so listen, he says forgive them for what? he's talking about frederick douglass, and he wrote a letter to his former slave master saying i forgive you. the guy says, forgive what, for providing food and shelter, putting a roof over his head. let's just be fair. this is one guy, right? but we all know one person or a few people can throw a monkey wrench into something like what reince priebus is trying to do, spend $10 million on minority outreach. >> it's unfortunate.
3:35 pm
it's stupid, racist. there should be no room for that in the republican party, no room for that in america, but it also didn't happen at an official cpac event. you should know that cpac is a fund-raiser, and every sponsor gets two hours to put on their own panel. this was a panel that was put on by one of the sponsors. i have spoken to cpac leadership about this incident. they have the information on this man. they're not going to ever allow him into any cpac event again. there were 10,000 people through there in three days. have you ever been to a political event where there's thousands of people, you know it's very difficult to keep the jerks out. cpac did great efforts to have more diversity than i have ever seen at cpac. they had ten black conservative speakers on the stage at official cpac events. i know that doesn't sound like
3:36 pm
much, but you triend to find ten conservative black speakers and tell me. >> is that fair, fair to link him to the republican party and cpac's efforts in any way? >> i think it's fair to link him to the republican party, but i don't think it's fair to link the party as being represented by this one person. we have to go back to see where the tragedy occurred. 1964 civil rights law signed by lyndon b. johnson. and he said, i have lost a generation, meaning the democ t democrats have lost trust for a generation. when you hear what he's trying to say, anyone against this idea is going to flee the democratic party and go to the republican party, and democrats have had a hard time getting through that block of the southern states and racial tension is a part of that bloc. if the republican party wants to
3:37 pm
move through into diversity, it has to acknowledge that parts part of our history. the repression by the republican party, and we're not going to allow them to be there. there was a cnn employee who had things thrown at her. had they said this attitude is not tolerated here, we would not face these people. they ignored it, and i hope they don't ignore this. >> that has to be the last word. >> no, those people got thrown out. >> we have breaking news that we have to get to. i want to show you pictures. we'll tell you more after the break. this is from south bend, indiana. a small plane crashed near some homes near the south bend, indiana, regional airport. we'll get to that out of the break, and next as well, the tragedy at the track. two race fans die when a car goes out of control. we'll be back in a moment.
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3:41 pm
a deadly accident at a california race track last night. a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were killed when a car went out of control, and slammed into the pit area at the mary jo raceway. this crash occurred even before the race began. we know what happened? >> yes, john. we understand now that it was a warm-up lap. we also want to tell you that this affects the entire johnson racing family of northern california because the sheriff's department confirming to us the 14-year-old victim was a cousin of the driver. 14-year-old marcus johnson, also 68-year-old dale wondergem was killed. the sheriff's department said they both had a reason to be in the pit area and were connected to the race. what one witness told me over the phone is he thinks he heard what happened. he said the car never throttled down after it hit a wall and crashed right into that pit area. take a look.
3:42 pm
>> he was not trying to come off the track. he was trying to make the corner. and he didn't make the corner. and it started tumbling, and struck two people. >> it's devastating. coming out to have a good time and fun. you never know what's going to happen because you know, it's racing, so it could be dangerous. >> and more on the 17-year-old driver in this sprint series. it's not unusual to have teenage drivers. he's been at it for four years. his name is chase johnson. considered a star in the racing circuit and his family well known in racing circles. they said this was a bright spot in his home speedway of petaluma. we spoke to an official who said they're deeply saddened by the entire tragedy and they hoped for healing last night. the drivers give all of their
3:43 pm
prizes received to the victims. >> breaking news now. this is out of south bend, indiana. there has been a small plane crash. this is from our affiliate. there are some pictures there that we have. they're talking about a small jet that has hit at least three homes on a street there just southeast of the south bend regional airport. we're told at least three people have been brought into memorial hospital, according to a hospital spokesperson in indiana. numerous sources tell us there were children in one of the homes. no word on fatalities, if there are any. investigators are trying to shut off gas to the neighborhood because there is a gas leak. the neighborhood is being evacuated, and a tactical rescue crew has been sent in. details on this story and more after the break. [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older.
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zyrtec®. love the air.
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and kids six years and older. u
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look at that. did you see that? millions of people sipping green beer and wearing leprechaun hats
3:47 pm
as they celebrate st. patrick's day. that sounds like new orleans. st. patrick's day began as a celebration of fans who brought christianity to ireland. now it's mostly about having fun. st. patrick's day is want just for irish people. it's much, much more. how did it become a global celebration? >> that's a great question, but again, the roots of this holiday go back to the catholic traditions. but it's evolved into this secular holiday and one that's embraced by millions of people around the world. we trace it back to the famine of the 1800s which caused a lot of irish catholics to flee ireland and go to neighboring countries and brought to the u.s. with them their traditions. they shared their traditions, their cross cultural exchanges and from that, we have st.
3:48 pm
patrick defense day, and not to mention, it's big business. there's a lot of money to be made. it's not just about drinking and green. >> i went out with friends last night drinking for st. patrick's day. and i saw leprechauns. a lot of green beer drank last night. listen, i live in chicago, and every year in the chicago river, they would put dye in it and dye it green. how much dye does it take? >> 40 pounds. >> it's environmentally safe, at least that's what we're told, but i want us to see celebrations around the world today, so we had celebrations in dublin, which was the biggest one. about 800,000 people turned up and city officials wanted this to be a boost given the fact the ci city itself has taken such a big hit with the eurozone crisis.
3:49 pm
and in shanghai, they had celebrations as well. in shanghai, traditional irish drans has become very, very popular. that's another tradition that is throughout the world, right? >> also in england. >> in england as well, and new york city. >> st. paddy's day, is that correct? >> st. paddy with two ds and not two ts. >> paddy. okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate it. nice green blouse. >> nice green tie. >> one nba team living it up, living up to their name, they're hot, and kobe bryant goes down. and a player is getting death threats of it. is that the results of a winning superstar or a whining one? we're talking sports. that's next. lsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark,
3:50 pm
"when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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that's nice, isn't it?
3:53 pm
les talk sports now. terrance moore is a sports contributor to and columnist at good to see you. you're doing double duty because we're going to be doing a preview of the ncaa basketball tournament next hour on cnn. unfamiliar teams on a role. ole miss winning the s.e.c. tournament. a lot of fun stuff going on. we'll talk about it next hour. i want to start, first, with an nba controversy you and i both witnessed. >> yes, sir. >> firsthand. the hawks and the lakers. wednesday night, next door, right next door to cnn, you and i were at this game. this is the view i had you are looking at. i was sitting right next to this guy. you'll see me with my camera trying to take a picture. >> is that legal? are you allowed to do that? >> yeah. >> okay. you did it. >> i did. okay. that's kobe bryant. >> kobe bryant injured after he missed a shot that would have tied the game.
3:54 pm
the lakers lost. then the controversy. kobe accused the hawks, jones of hurting him. called the play dirty and said it was dangerous. lakers fans are saying terrible things about jones on twitter. even getting death threats. what are your thoughts? >> i was at the game also. i was very close -- not as close as you were, because i'm not a celebrity. i was pretty close. watching that in real time, it was not intentional, which means it wasn't intentional. and i tell you, it is very disgusting that you have the nba saying the referees should have called a foul on that play. the reason it's disgusting, let's be honest here. i'm not a kobe basher, but kobe is just upset, because look at that, wide-open shot. he missed it. the great kobe bryant. this is his way of trying to save face. he's down there a little bit too long. >> yeah, i said -- i sent out on social media, i said kobe took a tumble. i didn't think he was going to get up. i was down there so long. i think some of the pictures i have are there. i was like, is he going to get
3:55 pm
up? i mean i mean, do you think he was faking? >> put it this way, fallen and couldn't get up, i think he could have gotten up there. to be fair, the nba has this rule, when you're the defensive player you must not allow the offensive player to come down to the court. but in a situation like this, where the guy is going for the game-winning shot, if you're the defender, it should be like the old baseball rule. the tie goes to the runner. the tie in this case could two go to the defender. >> okay. let's move on now and talk about the miami heat. another victory today. now the second longest in league history. 22 games. how they doing it? >> well, i tell you, put this in perspecti perspective, don, they have not lost since prior to the super bowl, okay? that was february 1st when they lost. they're not doing it with just the big three led by lebron james. it's all these other guys, too. a guy like shane battier doing it not only with his legs and arms but also with his mouth. they're talking about how he gives this rousing speech after their loss on february 1st. say hey, guys, have to get this
3:56 pm
thing together. those guys should be a motivational speaker somewhere. >> when will it end? prediction? >> it's going to end tomorrow against boston. >> really? >> this is going to be, let's call it the ray allen revenge game. ray allen is a future hall of fame player who was with the se celtics five years. they were upset with the boston players and fans that it went to the enemy, miami. they're going to win the game because they don't like ray allen, particularly kevin garnett. >> okay. the hawks and lakers game was a good game, wasn't it? >> it's a good game. >> i thought kobe after the second half, wow. that comeback. he almost did it. he almost did it. terrance, stick around. you're not going anywhere. we're going to be back in the next hour, he is, to talk about the ncaa tournament and selection sunday. so make sure you stick around. he's going to stick around as well. here's your chance to test your skills against me and other cnn anchors in the official ncaa march madness bracket challenge. go to and join
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