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tv   Early Start  CNN  March 19, 2013 2:00am-4:00am PDT

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concessions made to argentina. one of the things you might ask yourself, why all these world leaders are here and why we are here. one of the things is this continuity, the idea that you have this continuity in power and a continuity of morality that some of these world leaders can only hope to achieve in their leadership roles. >> translator: grant we pray almighty god that by st. peter's intercession your church may constantly watch over the unfolding of the mysteries of human salvation. beginning to entrust it to his
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faithful care, your son, jesus christ, who lives and reins with you in holy spirit. one god forever and ever. amen. >> a reading from the second book of samuel. the word of the lord came to me go and tell my servant, david, thus, the lord speaks. when your days are ended, and you're laid to rest with your ancestors, i will observe the offering of your body after you. and make his sovereignty secure.
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it is he who shall build a house for my name. and i will make his royal throne secure forever. i will be a father to him and he a son to me. your house and your sovereignty will always stand secure before me. and your throne be established forever. >> translator: thanks be to god. ♪
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>> welcome back, everyone. you're watching the inaugural mass for pope francis. if you're just joining us right now, it has been a remarkable, remarkable morning. pope francis came into st. peter's square atop of the popemobile, open-air. there was no top. he was not enclosed in the bullet-proof glass that we've come to expect. that wall has been removed. >> and we were talking earlier this the morning. will he get off of the popemobile and greet the crowd? that's exactly what happened. there were some babies that were brought up to the popemobile. and he did step out to greet somebody who was ill in the crowd. it was a remarkable moment. a smile, ear-to-ear on his face. and the crowd enjoying every minute of it. >> as far as the ceremony goes, much of the official proceedings have happened. he received the pallium, the
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ceremonial lamb's wool shawl he'll wear. and his fisherman's ring. and now, we're involved in a mass. this is a mass for st. joseph's day. we're joined by a lot of people here. what is the mass for st. joseph's day? >> it's celebrating the husband of mary, father of jesus, patron of the american church. and by the way, it's the patron of workers and ordinary people. so, how fitting that for this pope, such an ordinary man in quotes, we're celebrating on the feast of st. joseph, who is the patron of the ordinary person. so wonderful that even during this lenten season, we have this festive day for this inaugural mass. >> and we have monsignor hillgartner with us this morning. as we're watching this, the mass is said in latin. and we just observed sebastian gomez, who concluded the first reading, in english. was that unusual? >> not for these large papal
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masses. they recognize that this is a universal event. so, there will be a number of languages chosen. the response psalm from the book of psalms is proclaimed in italian. the second reading will be in spanish. and the reading from the gospel will be in greek. traditionally at the large masses, they would read the gospel twice, in latin and greek. for the brevity's sake, to streamline things, there's a lot of latin in the mass. a lot of the prayers will be in latin. the gospel will be proclaimed in greek. that's for many of the representatives of the eastern churches, the orthodox churches. >> we're also joined by raymond arroyo, who is the news director for the eternal word television network. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> delighted to be here. >> it's been a remarkable morning so far. and i want to get a sense of what struck you. >> the thing that strikes me most, i was there yesterday.
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and when the pope came out of that little mass at santa ana, still the parish church of the vatican, to watch those crowds just see the expression on their faces, it was -- you wouldn't have seen justin bieber get this kind of reaction. people went crazy for him. and he seems to genuinely love that personal touch. and it is not -- it is a marked departure from what we saw earlier. it reminds me an awful lot of john paul ii. people do much the same thing. >> can we listen in here a little bit? i think this is the second reading, now in spanish. >> translator: the promise of inheriting the world was not made to abraham and his descendants on account of any law. but on account of the righteousness which consists in faith. that is why what fulfills the promise depends on faith, so that it may be a free gift and be available to all of abraham's descendants. not only those who belong to the
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law. but also those who belong to the faith of abraham, who is the father of all of us. as scripture says, i have made you the ancestor of many nations. abraham is our father in the eyes of god. in whom he put his faith and who brings the dead to life and calls into being what does not exist. though it seemed abraham's hope could not be fulfilled, he hoped and he believed. and through doing so, he did become the father of many nations, exactly as he had been promised. your descendants will be as many as the stars. this is the faith that was considered as justifying him. the word of the lord. thanks be to god. ♪
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>> we just completed the second reading there. i wanted to pause because it was in spanish. and this is the first pope from latin america. and the significance there, i know that's not why it was read in spanish. but the significance for latin america here. can we talk about that, monsignor? >> certainly. at these different masses, they choose different languages each time. and there probably was some significance, saying let's have one of the scripture readings in spanish because it's the language of the pope's native country. seeing all of the flags waving. lots of argentinean flags. but flags from all over the world. and pope francis' suggestion to let people stay home and do something to care for the poor, rather than traveling to rome at great expense, is significant on so many levels. and i understand that there was a huge gathering this morning in
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argentina with an all-night vigil, especially a large gathering of young people. and they're watching live on jumbotrons in one of the large squares in buenos aires this morning. >> and the pope asked the people of argentina not to come to rome. but to stay in argentina. the money they might have used to travel instead could perhaps go to the poor. >> a beautiful symbol, at the start of his pontificate for his care and concern for these in need. >> can we talk about what's happening right now? >> this is a procession of the gosp gospel. it will make the rounds here. and it will be read. and of course, we'll hear the papal homily, which is a much sought-after part of this mass. this pope has been very unorthodox, you could say, in the way in which he delivers the homily. certainly not in the content. but he's very laidback. he leans on the arm. he winks.
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he tells jokes. watching him up close in the last few days in rome has been fascinating. and to watch the reaction of people. it isn't the content that's changing. it's the way in which it's delivered. and people find it refreshing. and they're listening, perhaps, in a new way. >> we'll be hanging on every word when the pope delivers his homily there. we're looking, right now, is the gospel, which will be delivered in greek. and i'm hoping john allen is with me, so he can explain the significance of that. there's meaning in everything we're seeing this morning. the fact this gospel is in greek is very significant. >> yes, it is. in part, of course, because the catholic church includes not just the latin church, that is the western church. but also 22 eastern churches in full communion with rome. and for many of those churches, greek is the main language. also, of course, today, for the inaugural mass, the pope is being joined by patriarch
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bartholomew. the greek here is really an expression of the universality of the catholic church. the word catholic, of course, means universal. that's what the word signifies. and the use of greek here is intended by pope francis to express that. as monsignor was saying earlier, typically at papal masses, the gospel reading would be chanted twice. once in latin, once in greek. john paul used to talk about the need for the catholic church to breathe with both lungs. its latin lung and its greek lung. today, for the sake of brevity, we're going to do the gospel in greek. and pope francis will give his homily, his reflections on the gospel. one thing you have to be careful about with pope francis, even though we have a prepared text
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in front of us, that's not what we're going to actually get. this pope has a genius for going offscript and keeping us on our toes. >> and for being humorous. when he first appeared on the balcony, he was funny. and you have to think that the cardinals who were going in to elect him know this part of his personality. and how much did that weigh in to choosing him? even when they were at dinner afterwards, they were there with the cardinals. what did he say? he said, may god forgive them. i mean, i thought that was just -- it was just a great way. they must have known that this was part of his makeup. >> there were all these images of him the morning he greeted the cardinals, the morning after the conclave. there was a lot of back and forth. clearly, a great friendship that has developed over the years. he's been a cardinal for a number of years. present in the last conclave as a candidate, from what we
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understand. but clearly, he came from among that group and had a personal relationship. and seeing them laugh and share stories. and the image of him with the president of argentina, as they exchanged a hug and a kiss. and he invited her to stay for lunch, which is a bit unheard of with the pope and a head of state. >> do you think we'll see that personality in the homily? >> without a doubt. this particular pope, in his previous incarnation as archbishop of buenos aires, was orthodox for the eastern churches. so, he has a heart for the eastern churches, which is why this is perfectly in character with him. i'm also told by a number of the cardinals in conclave, it was the brevity of his statement, as well as its humanity. that sort of drew them and awoken him to his candidacy and the possibility that this man could be pope. he wasn't on too many lists, i'll tell you, going in. >> jim bitterman, our senior european correspondent. he's there.
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and this is nothing strange for jim bitterman. this is his fourth papal inaugural that he's attended. jim, i'm wondering if there's any differences that you've detected so far today. >> i think already we've seen a simplified version, a number of the processions have been shortened. there's some -- it's hard to describe. but there's almost a quick uptake. used to be a lot of pauses between the announcement of some of the parts of the gospel, for example. and the singing or praying. it seems like it's a much tighter -- the organization is much tighter than we've seen in the past. i think we're also going to see here some shortened versions of the offertory. i think that's somewhat less prestigious. maybe a little less in the way of ceremony than we've seen in the past. but all this is not necessarily a bad thing. already, we're probably looking at the mass that's going to go on for about two hours here, as
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opposed to 2 1/2 hours in previous inaugurals. >> one of the pope's official jobs, his official title -- hang on one second, jim. we'll get back to you in a bit. this is pope francis right now. we're seeing him. and he is about to deliver his homily. ♪
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>> we're waiting for pope francis to deliver his homily right now. this is the elaborate ceremony for the papal inaugural. >> translator: dear brothers and sisters, i thank the lord that i'm able to celebrate this holy mass at the beginning of my ministry and the solemnity of st. joseph. it's a coincidence that's very rich in significance. and it's also the namesake of my
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venerable predecessor. we are near him, in prayer, full of affection and gratitude. with great affection, i greet my brother cardinals and bishops, priests, deacons, religious -- men and women religious, all the lay people. i thank for their presence, the representatives of the other churches, the representatives of the jewish community and other religious communities. i offer my cordial greetings to the head of states and government. to the official delegations of many countries of the world and the diplomatic corps.
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in the gospel we heard that joseph did as the angel of the lord commanded him and took mary as his wife. in these words, we already have the mission that god entrusts to joseph. that of being the custos, the protector. protector of whom? of mary and jesus. but it's a protection that extends to the church, as blessed john paul ii underlined. just as st. joseph took loving care of mary, and gladly dedicated himself to jesus christ's upbringing, he likewise watches over and protects
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christ's mystical body, the church, of which the virgin mary is the exemplar and model. how does joseph exercise this protection? this role as protector? with discretion, discreetly, humbly, in silence, but with a constant presence and a total fidelity, even when he doesn't understand. from the matrimony with mary, to the episode of jesus when he was 12 years old in the temple of jerusalem, he accompanies, tenderly in every moment. he's next to mary, his spouse in serene moments and in those difficult. the voyage to bethlehem for the census. and in the difficult and joyous
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times of the birth. the dramatic moment in the flee of egypt, to the difficult search of the son in the temple. and then, in the daily life, in the house of nazareth. in the workshop, where he taught his trade to jesus. how does joseph live his vocation as protector of mary and the church? and the constant attention to god, open to its signs, available to his plan. not so much to his own. and this is what god asked to david, as we heard in the first reading. god does not desire a house constructed by man. but he desires faithfulness to his word, to his plan.
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and it is god himself who constructs the house but with living rocks, signed by his spirit. and joseph is protector. because he knows how to listen to god. he allows himself to be guided by his will. and for this reason, he's sensible, sensitive to the people who are given to him. he knows how to read with realism the events. he's attentive to that wishes around him. and he knows how to make wise decisions. in him, dear friends, we see how to respond to the vocation of god. with availability, quickness. but we also see what is at the center of the christian vocation, christ. let us protect christ in our
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life in order to protect others in order to protect creation. the vocation of protecting does not regard just us christians. it has a dimension that proceeds. and that is simply human, in regards everyone. it is protecting the entire creation, the beauty of creation. as the book of genesis tells us. and what st. francis of assisi shows us. it's having respect for every creature of god and for the environment in which we live. it's protecting people, taking care of everyone, every person,
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with love. especially children, the elderly, those who are fragile and who often are in the outskirts of our heart. it's taking care of one another in the family. the spouses care -- protect one another another. as children, in times, become protectors of parents. it's living with sincerity, friendships. that are a reciprocal protection in conscience. respect and goodness.
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in the foundation, in the bottom of everything, everything is trusting the protection of man. it's a responsibility that regards all of us. the protectors of the gifts of god. and when the man responds less to this responsibility, and we don't take care of creation and our brothers, then, there's space for destruction and the heart hardens. in every epoch of history, unfortunately, there are harrods, who create plans of death. they destroy. and make ugly the face of man and woman. i would like to ask, please, to all those who have roles of responsibility, in the economic, political and social environment, all men and women
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of goodwill, we are all protectors of creation, of the plan of god, written in nature. protectors of one another, of the environment. let us not allow that signs of destruction and death accompany our journey of this world. but protection also means that we must take care of ourselves. let us recall that hate, envy, pride, dirty the life. to protect means to be attentive to our own feelings or sentiments, our heart because precisely from our heart is where good intentions and bad
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intentions come out. those that build up and those that tear down. we must not be afraid of goodness, neither of tenderness. and here, i'd like to add another note. taking care of, protecting, requires goodness. it requires living it with tenderness. in the gospel, st. joseph appears as a strongman, a worker. but in his spirit, there emerges a tenderness. it's not the virtue of the weak. on the contrary, it denotes strength, capacity of attention, compassion, true openness to one another, of love.
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we must not be afraid of goodness and tenderness. today, today, together, with a feast of st. joseph, we celebrate the beginning of the ministry of the new bishop of rome, successor of peter, that brings also a power. certainly, jesus christ gave power to peter. but what kind of power are we talking about? to the three-fold question of jesus to peter on love, follows the three-fold invitation. feed my lambs. feed my sheep. let's never forget that the true
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power is service. and also, the pope, to exercise power must always be more in that service that has its highest, most luminous peak on the cross. it must regard the service that's humble, concrete, rich in faith, of st. joseph. and like him, open the arms to protect all the people of god and embrace with affection and tenderness, all humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the smallest, those who matthew describes in the final judgment on charity. he who has hunger, who is thirsty, the weak, strangers, naked, sick, in prison, only he
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who serves knows how to protect. in the second reading, st. paul speaks about abraham, who believed strong in the faith against every hope, strong in the faith against every hope. also today, among many, a gray sky. many gray skies, we need to see the light of hope to give hope to ourselves. to protect creation, every man and every woman, with tenderness and love, is opening the horizon of hope. it's opening a little bit of light among so many clouds. it's bringing warmness, warmth of hope. and for the believer, for us christians, like abraham, like st. joseph, the hope that we
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bring has the horizon of god, that was open in christ and founded on the rock that is god. to protect jesus with mary, to protect all of creation. to protect every person, especially the poorest. protect ourselves. this is a service that the bishop of rome is called to take on. but all of us are called to make the star of hope shine. let us protect with love what god gave us. i ask in intercession of the virgin mary, st. peter,
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st. paul, so that the holy spirit accompanies my ministry. and to you all, i say pray for me. amen. >> you've been listening to the homily from pope francis, finishing with, pray for me, amen. this was a very priestly, a very specific homily. monsignor? >> he did what all good preachers do, in bringing together everything that's on people's minds today. in italy, the patronal feast of st. joseph. it's one of the highest feast days on the calendar, after all of the saints and mary and joseph. and we tied in how joseph is that protector as the father of
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that earthly family. and what he did to instill these things in jesus to allow him to be our savior. and tied that togetr with his own ministry as pope. and really called all of us to be protectors of creation. he brought in ecological issues. he talked about protecting those in need. protecting the weak and the vulnerable, which really brings to mind, protection of children. protection of the elderly. i love how he brought together how parents care for children and eventually children turn and care for their parents. >> a very simple message. >> absolutely. >> i want to welcome everyone to our coverage of the inauguration of pope francis. it's 5:30 a.m. in the east. and pope francis has just delivered his homily. it was a homily about protection. about protecting people, protecting your brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. it was a very personal, i felt, homily. we're also joined this morning, by cnn's chris cuomo, who has been leading so much of our papal coverage from rome. now, back here in the u.s. what struck you from this
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homily? >> what struck me? i think that an inauguration, how we've been distinguishing the papacy from presidential politics. the inauguration is in many ways the same. this is a big message. the pope's first opportunity to say what he's going to bring in that will be different. a fresh message. not just to the 200,000 people in st. peter's square. what we recognized was the imprint that the catholic church will have on non-catholics, as a moral standard. as to what types of political involvements they will have. so, what i heard from the homily, yes. everything about joseph that we're discussing here, i think was laid out well. the question is, where in it do you thread through understandings about how will we have more of a spine on moral matters? right? because that's a big thing he had to deal with. it was subtle in this. i'm open to see how you
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interpret it. also, being open to change. that dialogue that needs to happen. this was about protecting. taking care of stewardship of the family, of animals, of plants. but i didn't hear a lot that was unorthodox. >> as an american non-catholic, i have to tell you, when he was speaking about protection, one of the first things i did think about was the sex abuse scandal that has affected the united states and so much of the world. raymond, i'm wondering if you thought the same. >> absolutely. when your talking about protecting children, that comes to mind. and by invoking st. joseph, he did something interesting. he gave us a preview and painted the picture of what his pontificate may look like. he said that st. joseph was humbly and silently with an unfailing presence and utter fidelity. he reached out. not only was he sensitive to the persons entrusted to him. but he recognized and looked at things realistically. this is what we've seen from the pope in the last few days. he goes out. he touches. he talks.
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he feels. i agree with chris. i don't think we're going to get unorthodox pronouncements from this man. his job is to protect the doctrine. it's not within his competency. he's the vicar of christ. he's the protector of st. peter. he's limited in his powers. but the other thing that struck me, he keeps referring to himself, not as the pope. you'll remember, benedict, and john paul ii. the pope says. the pope is here. what he said, the bishop of rome. he keeps underscoring this part of the ministry as bishop of rome, which is a slightly different emphasis. >> i thought there was a sense of accountability here. he asked people in positions of responsibility, and economic, political and social life, all of the men and women of goodwill, let us all be protectors of creation. he took this opportunity to reach out to the crowd who is there. >> he knows who is there, too. he spoke not only to heads of
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families, heads of household. but he talked to civil authorities, directly. recognizing this message is going out to all the world. this is part of his mission as a preacher at that level, to speak to every segment of society. >> let's remember, too, he took the name pope francis. pope francis, who prayed with brother sun, sister moon. the environmental message here should not be missed. talk about protecting creation. it came up a few times. remember, pope benedict, in putting out his commandments, said, thou shall not pollute. we hear protect creation. the other thing that struck me is, he spoke about power. what kind of power are we talking about? he used the gospel image. the power is to feed the sheep. feed the lambs. be protector. power is service. power is protecting the weakest. that struck me. that's a pope who is going to redefine what papal power means.
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>> let's bring in john allen. he's in rome. our senior vatican analyst. john, we're discussing here whether this was a specific call from the pope. or was it a little contextized, where you thread through the message itself. how did it line up for you? >> first of all, i was struck by the fact that pope francis surprised us by not surprising us. this is the first time he's been in public that he's stuck to the prepared script, more or less, which i think reflects the fact this wasn't evening at the impr improv. he thought carefully about the message he wanted to deliver here today. i think all of the specific points that we've been talking about are on the money. but to me, the heart of this homily came near the end. when he talked about his understanding of power. remember, this is his inaugural mass. this is when the fullness of the power of the papacy, he takes possession of it. and he indicated that the important thing to understand about power, from the point of
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view from the church, is that power is about service. and he empathized in particular, service to the poor, to the weak, to the least important in the eyes of the world. if you're looking for a programmatic statement, to the heart of what pope francis' papacy is going to be. in the meeting with journalists, he said his dream was of a poor church for the poor. i think this is going to be a hallmark of the kind of leader francis wants to be. somebody whose heart is open in a particular way to those that the world would see is the least among us. this kind of option for the poor, trying to put the emphasis of his leadership, putting the church on the side of the poor. listen, there's not going to be doctoral revolution here. but i think there's going to be a significant, new tone. and a significant new mobilization of the resources of the church on francis' watch, on defense of the poor of the world. that in itself, is likely to be
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striking. >> it's very interesting. he's starting off well, right? there's polls show 77% of -- 80%. >> what is it? >> 80%. >> he has very high personal things. we have to look at why that would be. on one level, the political axiom is. you don't leave big questions unanswered. he lives by a different set of rules, the pope. he doesn't have to come out like a politician does. and says i do this and i'll do this. with 88%, what do you believe raised the expectation is? what is that enthusiasm coming from? >> part of it is the magnetic personality of this pope. he's going out to the people. he seems, in a new way -- we had a very long pontificate, at the end of john paul's rank, he was so sick. that beautiful face that lit up so many other faces over the early part of the pontificate was ravaged by disease in the last days. he couldn't smile. he couldn't go to the people in
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the same way. benedict was a reserved professor. he had his own impish joy that people picked up on. he didn't necessarily go out to the crowds. he didn't feed off of them. this is a pope that's used to being among people. he wants to hear them. he wants to touch them. that tonality, that shift, i think is to blame for a lot of the polling that you're certainly seeing. in the days ahead, we'll see how this plays out. i think he's going to be, just from the early signs, though, much more relaxed. much more human. and the humor that he allows into the papacy is, for me, something that i think so many find attractive. and will be a key hallmark. >> why is it that you don't hear coming from the vatican, coming from the pontiff, i'm going to make changes to make sure that children are never abused again. that we are the highest level of moral accountability. why don't you hear things like that? >> i think at this point, we have to remember that he didn't prepare to be pope. he didn't campaign. he didn't have a platform.
2:41 am
it's not that this was thrust upon him unwillingly. but he didn't come into the conclave expecting to be elected. so, he didn't have plans. and in these first days, there are so many practicalities. i think we see some of that in the most broad and general terms today. articulated in lifting up st. joseph as an example of protector. and it's going to take weeks for him to begin to articulate some specifics as he starts to enact -- >> that's the part i don't get. father edward, help me with that. why do we have to deal with imagery in something that's so obvious and specific? >> maybe he will start with broad strokes and will get more specific as it goes on. it probably will not be the occasion where you're going to directly address the sexual abuse of minors. it's not a worldwide issue, in the same way it is for the united states, yet. that's still yet to be seen in latin america and other places. i think here what we're going to see, the allusion to it. to say protector of children in
2:42 am
that homily, was huge that he alluded to it. i think we'll see specifics as the papacy unfolds. >> you know, john, in understanding this, for catholics, it's not just like he's another leader. right? because so much of your spiritual life, what you believe is most important to you as an individual, is you're feeding from this message. and that is where the frustration, certainly for american catholics, comes in. i need him to talk about women priests. i need him to talk about the abuse scandal, very overtly and powerfully because you're drawing off it as a moral center. and that's the balancing acted. >> what i thought was interesting was when he first came out on the balcony when we found out he was the chosen one, the people in the crowd, that you talked to when you were out there, were very hopeful. this is what we kept on hearing over and over again. i am a catholic also. i'm sitting and listening. i think, where do you get that hope from? in this very moment, it was a moment of time, we saw him and heard him. yet, that was the overwhelming
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feeling. >> chris, you brought up, of course, that he is the first new world pope, from latin america, from argentina. we have pictures from buenos air aires. i believe we have it. there on the right. and of course, pope francis asked the people of argentina not to come to rome. don't fly to rome, he said. save your money. give it to the poor. i'll be just fine over here. but the people that he's been with the last several decades are there watching. >> been distracted by the dirty war allegations what happened in the '70s in argentina. his suggested role, which seems to have played out as it did the first time it went under analysis. but i think that part of his legacy there is instructive of what could happen going forward. very hard line on the way priests carried out their ministry. very hard line. very exacting as a disciplinarian.
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and of course, though, contextually, they haven't dealt with the kind of depth of scandal and of understanding of what was going on that we have here. some argue that's because it didn't because of people like him. we'll have to see. >> there's a story in "the washington post" this morning, and i think it will gather traction as the day goes on. saying that pope francis, when he was archbishop, did not choose to deal almost in any way in sex abuse accusations going on. he didn't have the role where he deceived or turned his back or maybe didn't address it head-on. but it was not something he chose to address. and he may have had that opportunity. >> a lot of people believer that sex abuse scandal has not surfaced here in latin america. let's listen to the pope here a moment. >> translator: may the lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of his name. for the good and the good of all in his holy church.
2:45 am
we pray, oh, lord, that just as st. joseph served with loving care, your only begotten son, born of the virgin mary, so we may be worthy to minister with a pure heart at your altar, through christ, our lord. the lord be with you. and with your spirit. lift up your hearts. we lift them up to the lord. let us give thanks to the lord, our god. it is right and just. it is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation. always and everywhere, to give you thanks, lord, holy father. all mighty and eternal god. to give you praise, to glorify you and bless you. for this just man was given by you as spouse to the virgin mother of god, and set as a wise and faithful servant, in church
2:46 am
of your household. to watch like a father over your only begotten son, who was conceived by the overshadowing of the holy spirit, our lord, jesus christ. dominions adore, virtues of heaven. they are voices, we pray. join with theirs in humble praise, as we acclaim. ♪ holy, holy, holy lord.
2:47 am
the heavens and earth are full of your glory. >> you're watching right now, the inauguration of pope francis. we've been watching it all morning. so much symbolism here, from the moment he arrived in st. peter's square. aboard the popemobile. no glass in that popemobile at all, father beck. >> right. and we saw therefore him at his ability to reach out and touch an invalid man. to touch babies. he wants to touch his flock. and we're seeing some of the images there. such a pastoral man and feeding off that crowd as the pope. >> as a pastoral man, you were noticing during his homily, this was the type of homily a priest might give in a local parish. >> he repeated the major themes. the theme of protection. he tied the bow around something that benedict started. benedict was known as the green pope. he put solar panels on top of
2:48 am
some of the vatican buildings. part of that rationale, he saw it as a connection point to the world. yes, we have to protect all of creation. and he said, that includes human life, the frail elderly. but there's a consistent ethic of life here that's included when you talk about creation. i think you hear pope francis sounding similar tones here today. >> we heard all throughout his homily the word protect. protect. and, john was saying for him, he felt that maybe that was for the sex abuse scandal. right? protect the children. and we were having a real good dialogue here. let's listen in. and we'll pick up this conversation. >> translator: we offer you firstly, for your holy catholic church. be pleased to grant her peace. to guard, unite and govern her throughout the whole world, together with me.
2:49 am
your unworthy servant, who you have chosen to preside over your church, and all those holding to the truth, hand on the catholic and apostolic faith. remember, lord, your servants. and all gathered here, whose faith and devotion are known to you. for them, we offer you the sacrifice of praise, or they offer it for themselves and all who are dear to them. for the redemption of their souls, in hope of health and well-being and paying their homage to you, the eternal god, living and true. in communion with those whose memory we venerate, including the glorious virgin mary, mother of our god and lord, jesus christ. and blessed joseph.
2:50 am
her spouse. your blessed apostles, and martyrs. peter and paul, andrew, james, john, thomas, james, phillip, bartholomew, matthew, simon, and jude, linus, cletus, clement, sixtus, cornelius. >> monsignor, this is a crucial part of a mass here, the eucharistic prayer before communion. >> this is the heart, for catholics, our worship. the eucharist, the mass, is thanksgiving. at the heart of this, in the eucharistic prayer, the prayer they're praying today, is one of the oldest prayers, from the fourth century. and has been handed down generation to generation, as our body of worship and the prayers
2:51 am
of the mass. in this particular part of the mass, they're invoking saints many of whom are popes, who have gone before us. they started with the naming of the 12 apostles and the popes of the first two centuries and really connecting the history of the church together. in a moment, there will be the prayers asking god to send the spirit upon the bread and wine that may might become the very body and blood of jesus. this is it. >> translator: be pleased, oh, god, we pray, to bless, acknowledge, and approve this offering in every respect. make it spiritual and acceptable, so that it may become for us, the body and blood of your most beloved son, our lord, jesus christ. on the day before he was to suffer, he took bread in his
2:52 am
holy hands and with his eyes raised to heaven, to you, oh, god, his almighty father, giving you thanks, he said the blessing. broke the bread, and gave it to his disciples saying. [ bells tolling ] >> translator: in a similar way, when supper was ended, he took this precious chalice, in his holy and venerable hands, and once more giving you thanks.
2:53 am
he said the blessing and gave the chalice to his disciples, saying. [ bells tolling ] ♪
2:54 am
>> you are watching pope francis' inaugural mass. we were looking at the cardinals a moment ago. communion is a daunting task this morning. there are a lot of people present. we understand that the pope will not hand out communion. is that right? >> that's correct. he's going to sit. and the eucharistic ministers, cardinals, others will be giving out the communion. maybe because they didn't want everybody to rush to the pope for communion. >> let's listen in a moment here. >> translator: the glorious ascension into heaven of christ, your son, our lord, we, your servants. and your holy people, offer to your glorious majesty from the gifts that you have given us, this pure victim, this holy victim, this spotless victim, the holy bread of eternal life and the chalice of everlasting salvation. be pleased to look upon those offerings with a serene and
2:55 am
accepting countenance, and accept this, as you were able to accept the just, the sacrifice of abraham, our father of faith, and the offering of your high priest, a holy sacrifice, a spotless victim. in humble prayer, we ask you, almighty god. to your altar on high, and the sign of your divine majesty, so that all of us, through this participation, at the altar, receive the most holy body and blood of your son, may be filled with every grace and heavenly blessing. remember also, lord, your
2:56 am
servants. who have gone before us with the sign of faith. and rest in the sleep of peace. grant them, oh, lord, we pray. >> we've been talking about the process of communion here. it is no small feat this morning. >> monsignor, you have some details for us. >> there are 500 priests arranged to give communion, down in the square. they're talking several hundred thousand people. i've been to masses before. and i've been a communion minister. i remember being there and being dispatched halfway at the beatification of mother teresa. i don't know what the estimates were that day. but it's a daunting task to do it in a timely fashion. they have a well-choreographed system to do this. but there's rows of priests behind the altar, just off camera, who will begin processing down. you'll see them after the prayer
2:57 am
concludes, processing down and throughout the square. >> translator: bless them and bestow them upon us. through him and with him and in him, oh, god, almighty father, in the unity of the holy spirit, all honor and glory is yours. forever and ever. amen. ♪ ♪ amen amen ♪ ♪ amen >> translator: at the savior's
2:58 am
command, informed by divine teaching, we dare to say, our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day, our daily bread. and forgive us our trespasses. as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
2:59 am
deliver us, lord, we pray, from every evil. graciously grant peace in our days. that, by the help of your mercy, we may always be free from sin and safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope and the coming off our savior, jesus christ. ♪ for the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. lord jesus christ, who sent your apostles, peace i leave you, peace i give you. look not on our sins. but on the faith of your church.
3:00 am
and graciously grant her peace and unity in accordance with your will, who live and reign forever and ever. amen. the peace of the lord, be always with you. and with your spirit. let us offer each other the sign of peace. >> that's an interesting shot. diplomats, all -- >> welcome back, everyone. you've been watching the inaugural mass for pope francis right here. what are we seeing? >> he's exchanging the sign of
3:01 am
piece with bartholomew. >> we've never seen this before. >> not at an inauguration. he had been at other liturgies. but it's the first time the matriarch has attended the papal inauguration. preparation for holy communion. now you can see the lines of brooess moving down for communion in the square. they're all dressed in black cassocks going down the aisle there. so now the preparation as the faithful prepare to receive the body and blood of jesus in the eucharist, even as the logistical preparations are being made for the distribution. >> you were talking about the body and blood of jesus. here in the united states it would be two separate things. you have the wine and you have the bread. there are they just distributing the body? >> as a practical matter, at these things where there are hundreds of thousands of people
3:02 am
it's not practical. and historically what we believe theologically is the whole body, blood soul and divinity of jesus are contained under the species of bread the host. or the holy consecrated host here. >> -- supper of the lamb, you who are not worthy to come under my roof but only the word and my soul shall be healed. welcome back, everyone to cnn's special live coverage of the inauguration of pope francis. what you're looking at right now is they're about to go over
3:03 am
communion. a lot of people involved in this process. a very complicated process. it has been a beautiful, symbolic morning. it began with pope francis coming in to st. peter's square aboard the popemobile, uncovered, so he could be right next to his flock right here. >> he is handing out communion. >> he's giving communion to the priests and his attendants. deacons. but he will not -- according to what we've been given thus far he's not giving it to the masses. remember there's also going to be a little bit of a controversy here in that you have these delegations from 130 countries here. some of them may or may not be in various states of grace, according to the church, so this presents a difficulty, so the pope isn't giving communion. priests will be. >> we're joined this morning by an extensive team covering this historic morning. news director of eternal word television, father edward beck,
3:04 am
monsignor rick hilgartner is here. in rome, we have john allen, of course, cnn's senior vatican analyst, and also sister mary ann walsh the media director for the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and right here on set with us is cnn's chris cuomo who was leading our coverage of the conclave last week at the vatican. >> let's go back to something for a moment. edward you said that 1,000 years had to go by for the pope to offer an outward gesture of a sign of peace with the eastern christian leader. why? and how significant is it? because there are no accidents. everything that's happening here today is by design. so, what's the headline there? >> when constantinople broke from rome, and so since then, it's been not animosity but not exactly an ecumenical dialogue as you would like. so to have him then show up here, uninvited, invited, we're not sure.
3:05 am
no formal invitations went out. maybe he just came on his own. but to have him here is symbolic and it's real because it hasn't happened. and for me, already he has ecumenical outreach in his own country, among jews, other states. i think we're going to see a lot more from this pope. we're going to see him reaching out to other rites. other christian denominations, and to jews. >> pope benedict went to constantinople, we don't call it that anymore, but there was a great sign, a great image of the patriarch bartholomew and pope benedict standing to the as the patriarch hosted him. the patriarch was also present at pope john paul's funeral and there have been other occasions when they've been together. sharing in the sign of peace, even though they don't share together in communion. >> ron allen who is in rome right now, to share in the sign of peace on the altar, if the terminology is correct, right in
3:06 am
the middle of this inauguration, that did seem like a very big moment. >> it's a huge moment. now, as we've been saying all morning, it is not unprecedented. last fall when benedict xvi led a mass, he was joined by patriarch bartholomew and also the bishop of canterbury. not only did they do liturgy together but they sat down and had lunch to the. what it is expresses is there is this desire -- you know christ's final prayer on earth as reported in the gospel was that they may all be one. constitute one family. done a good job of living up to that vision of unity.
3:07 am
but the gesture, let's be clear, they're ahead of the politics and theology because there still are very serious divisions between catholics and orthodox, between orthodox and protestants, and so on. so the gesture, in a sense, projects us towards the future political and theological and historical vision. >> john, one of the ways this really began, pope benedict xvi did a tremendous amount of outreach to eastern churches and i should tell everyone, in case they're wondering, benedict xvi, now pope emeritus, he is not there this morning. he is not part of this papal inauguration. we do expect them to meet soon. i wonder if i could ask sister mary ann walsh, even though he is not there, what signs of his presence were around and about today? >> -- exactly sure i heard your question there.
3:08 am
the significance of pope benedict not being here? >> pope benedict -- pope benedict xvi. he was not there today. but pope francis did mention the pope emeritus right at the beginning of his homily and there was a moment of applause from the audience. i was wondering -- go ahead. >> there's great applause at that moment and there's been great applause any time pope francis has mentioned pope benedict. he holds him in great affection. i think, however, he has made it clear that he was stepping aside, and his presence there, i think he probay thought, would take away from the emphasis on the new reign of pope francis. i'm sure he's glued to the television set at casto gandolfo. >> you're nodding your head and smiling. >> it's a balancing act for benedict xvi in all of this. he is the pope emeritus, but visually, if you saw the two men
3:09 am
together in their white cassocks, one could confuse, and say, look, there are two popes there. so i think he's purposely staying off stage, if you will, so that pope francis can have his moment. we see him fully vested in the trappings of the altar, the fisherman's ring, the pallium, that woolen collar he wears, all of this is to signify he is, indeed, the pope, and there's only one. if benedict were there -- >> less than 10% of people believe that if the pope and pope emeritus disagreed on any final issue who should rule, i think it was like 92-6. >> when pope benedict renounced the office it was finished and the moment that they offered this man, the previous cardinal bergogl bergoglio, they said, will you accept the office of the papacy, and when he said accepto, that was it. you don't need an inaugural celebration. this is the outward manifestation of the job but it has already been accepted. he is the pope.
3:10 am
vicar of christ. and the 266th successor of st. peter. >> and they both are expected to have lunch on saturday. i'd love to be a fly on the wall. >> i think everybody would. >> aim sure there will be a photo-op. >> and the pallium that pope francis has is the same pallium that pope benedict wore. pope emeritus benedict is no longer entitled to wear that. it has been given over and now belongs to pope francis as one of the signs of his office. again, woven from sheep's wool so it actually has sheep on his shoulders. >> we have been watching here pope francis mass, the inauguration. there are a lot of heads of state present today. they're in the middle communion right now. we expect that to last another 15 minutes and then pope francis will meet with the heads of state. he will shake their hands, probably. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we're going to have this. live coverage will continue
3:11 am
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3:15 am
would never end. it would take forever. however, after this, there are 132 delegations of leaders from around the world, religious and nonreligious and the pope will meet with them and we'll be taking live coverage throughout the morning and giving analysis of what the pope has said in his first major issuance, his first homily. and what it means for catholics and non-catholics around the world who are paying very, very close attention. >> and what a beautiful day. when you were there the skies were gray, and now it's absolutely lovely. >> yes. a clear sign of divine intervention. my exit made it a holier place. >> that's not what i was suggesting. but -- >> we will come back to the coverage of the inauguration in a little bit. there is some other news this morning. we do have some new developments in the apparent suicide at the university of central florida. investigators now believe that a former student was planning a massacre on campus. police were called to a ucf dorm early monday morning by a student who said his roommate pulled a gun on him. the suspect was dead by the time the officers arrived.
3:16 am
investigators say they found detailed plans for an attack, four homemade bombs, a handgun, an assault weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. cnn's ed lavandera is live in orlando with more on this investigation. good morning, ed. >> good morning, john. well this student's, authorities described him as a loner and someone who was showing signs of anti-social behavior. investigators here at the university of central florida say they're trying to figure out what made him tick. when the fire alarm sounded inside this dormitory tower on the university of central florida campus all of the students scrambled to get out. all, except james oliver. >> they found the subject dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the 30-year-old former student killed himself, but what investigators say they discovered next were the workings of a sinister and deadly plan to commit mass murder. four homemade bombs in a
3:17 am
backpack, multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. >> it could have been a very bad day for everybody here. all things consider ed i think e were blessed at the yoofrlgt of central florida. >> investigators say they don't know what made him turn his gun on himself instead. police believe he pulled the fire alarm himself to lure unsuspected students out into the open of the dorm hallways. he pointed a gun at one of his roommates but police say that student barricaded himself in a bathroom and called 911. the suspect then killed himself. students in the dorm were left shaken. >> it started off as a fire alarm and nobody said that something else was going on with a bomb and the shooting. so we were left in the dark. >> i just never thought this was going to happen. so it's really horrible that someone had to die. >> investigators also say they found writings laying out a time line of what he planned to do. a plan investigators say was designed to, quote, give them
3:18 am
hell. we don't know who he planned to target, but investigators say he was acting as a lone wolf. >> he did not have a lot of friends. one of those people that really and truly flies under the radar, and had some anger issues. he was just truly one of those that are out there, and he made up his mind and set a time line and put a plan into place. >> john, seevakumaran was a business student at the university of central florida, enrolled here through the fall semester of last year but he wasn't enrolled this semester and officials here at the university say they were in the process to try to remove him from this dorm. >> ed lavandera, thanks to you. we've been showing you some beautiful pictures of rome all morning long. it's absolutely gorgeous there for the inauguration of pope francis. but that is not the case for parts of the u.s. this morning. spring is just hours away but you sure would not know it. blowing snow forced the closure of many roads and highways from north dakota to minnesota.
3:19 am
take a look at these pictures. this is incredible. here in the northeast, snow, ice, and rain turned roads in the new york city area into very slick, slippery messes overnight. boston is bracing for up to six inches of snow today. and the new england mountains could see up to a foot of snow. alison kosik is live in concord, new hampshire. alison, you are outdoors sampling the weather for us this morning. >> and it's quite beautiful, zoraida. you know, if there's going to be a late-winter snowstorm with spring literally tomorrow, this is the way to really do it. yeah, the snow is falling at a pretty good clip, but look how picturesque this is. how pretty is that? almost like a postcard. here in concord, new hampshire, they've got this snow thing down to a science. the plows have been going back and forth on the downtown streets here. they've done a really good job clearing the street, getting ready for the morning commute. here's what's expected today. heavy accumulations are expected to continue throughout the day here in concord up until
3:20 am
midnight tonight, of about an inch or more every hour. so, yeah, they're expected to get up to a foot or even more by the time all is said and done. but this is a pretty snow. look how pretty it is. and you don't have that blowing wind going on. so it's not uncomfortable to stand out here, zoraida. >> i'm loving it. the glass half full. alison kosik. >> so she claims it's really pretty up there. it was a wretched, awful mess coming in to work today. i am talking the pits. >> i thought it was lovely. >> it was just plain bad. i want to know what other kinds of wretched awfulness the weather will bring today. jennifer delgado is live in how much more are we talking about here? >> you're right. we are going to see a lot more snow. i have to point out to you, though, alison is taking that storm a lot better than i did last week. seems like she's really enjoying that snow. and more of that is going to be coming down. look at this. as we head over to the radar right now, notice we are looking at rain, john mentioned messy commute in to new york. rain there, anywhere to the north, you can see for connecticut to the north, we are looking at that wintry mix.
3:21 am
that means lead in there. roadways are going to be very tricky and then for concord, we're talking 12 to 18 inches of snowfall. new england, you're going to get pounded. that is why we have winter storm warnings and watches in place anywhere you're seeing 8 to 12 for areas like vermont a little bit less, maine, 18 inches. you're going to be really digging out. but it's not just snow we're talking about. we're also looking at some stronger storms moving through parts of florida, miami, as well as jacksonville, a lot of lightning there. we don't have any warnings out there but yesterday was certainly a quite active day. we had a squall line move through and we had more than 100 reports of hail. now let me show you some video coming in to us from one of our ireporters, and this one is actually from mississippi. guys, back to you. >> all right, jennifer delgado. our thanks to you. we want to go back to rome for a second because we have just wrapped up communion there in
3:22 am
st. peter's square. you're looking live. >> the mass has ended. ♪ thanks be to god. >> hail holy queen, mother of mercy, hail our light, to thee
3:23 am
we cry. to thee we send up our sighs -- >> it's an important in rome. and it's -- i went to the church where this was featured and the romans literally get down on their faces before it. she is the protectress of the roman people and you see the pope venerating the statue of the madonna with the child jesus. >> that's the pope there, obviously, right before, saying final prayers. mass is about over. >> pope francis really expressed his own devotion to the blessed mother. and speaking of her, specifically, and in that first full morning of his pontificate
3:24 am
going to the church of santa maria maggiore to pray at the shrine of mary, protectress of rome. >> we've been talking this morning that the pope did not go off script as some were anticipating in his homily or during this service but that moment may have come before the service began when he entered st. peter's square in the open-top pope mobile when he was kissing babies. i think we counted three babies at least that he kissed. one was a long-distance handoff. and then, of course, he descended from the pope mobile into the crowd >> not only kissing babies, but that man reminded me, really, of jesus reaching down to the paralyzed person on the mat, ministering in a very direct way. it was one of the most touching moments of the whole mass, i think. >> many people in the faith community are those who are observing francis, i remember being with john allen, thinking
3:25 am
about what does this mean and there do seem to be a lot of, you know, coincidental indicators that give this pope a little bit of a head start of presuming some type of change. i mean, the timing of when he was selected came down to allow his inaugural to be on saint joseph's day. to the uninitiated it's just another feast day. but not to catholics. especially with the message that he's chosen to receive. certainly in italy it's a big deal, but the idea that he's going to look to joseph as he did in his homily as the basis for being a strong protector of the weak, which hopefully in that language contextually means taking care of children. but this -- this is a sign, their religion is so often about signs and sim bog that he was able to have his inaugural mass on this day, that we have a ten-year anniversary of the iraq war coming out, that we have the anniversary of the march from selma to montgomery coming out, that these are opportunities
3:26 am
that his leadership has begun during for him to weigh in and hear what his message is as it extends to the world. >> and let's recall during that homily the protection of creation that he talked about. this is one who took francis as his name, francis being a great creationist, praying brother, son, sister moon, and so this pope, i think, you will see a reach out, an outreach to ecology and protecting of the environment, much like benedict. >> looking at all the flags waving a moment ago in st. peter's square there. it is quite a scene. the vatican says 200,000 people, 150,000 to 200,000 people there. maybe a little bit on the lower end if you're doing crowd estimates right there. but jim bittermann is there and whatever the number is, there was certainly a great deal of enthusiasm. >> absolutely. in fact one of the things we've been talking about all morning is the fact that it is after all a work day here in italy, so it might be difficult for some people to come out to mass this
3:27 am
morning. but certainly at least 100,000. i think the crowd estimate given by the vatican is somewhere between 100,000 to 200,000. and have turned out for this mass this morning. you know, one of the things that we've been watching as we've gone along here, is that we talk about differences between this inaugural mass and other inaugural masses. one of the things i should say is that it's come in not only on time but ahead of time. this mass has gone less than the time what we thought it was going to go. we were talking about an hour and a half or so for mass, it's come in under that. the pope's homily was 14 minutes long, as i counted it. and that's, as far as parish priests go on for longer than that. i think, in fact, it's something that we saw all along, simplicity and the conciseness of it. i think for the crowds here this morning it was probably a blessing in disguise that they were able to come out and hear mass that was a papal mass but also one that was concise and to the point.
3:28 am
>> john allen, you're there in rome. a lot of the signs that i'm looking at there, written in spanish, they're saying francesco, prepare my house. go and prepare my house. what do you think the take away is for the crowd, the major communication is from pope to people today? >> well, look, i mean there's a sense in way today marks the end of the beginning. i mean, that is what's been going on since last wednesday at 8:00, more or less, rome time, when pope francis stepped out on the balcony overlooking st. peter's square, he's been introducing himself to the world. and as introductions go, it has been a home run. i mean, we have been talking about how consistently the humility, the simplicity, the closeness of the people with this man, which is all on display again today in that determination to be in that open air, refusing to be allowed to be put inside a bubble and
3:29 am
separated from the crowd. all of that has captured the hearts and imagination of the world. but going forward the story skips from style to substance. what has to happen now, of course, is that pope francis has to begin the heavy lifting, so to speak, of actually governing this 1.2 billion strong church, and there are significant challenges waiting for him on that step. and that's going to be fascinating to watch how he begins meeting those challenges going forward. >> thanks, john. we're going to leave the coverage now. john, you know, another thing that is important, on the symbology side, the calendar is what it is. there's no discretion. however just this past sunday the gospel was that it was about a woman who was condemned for adultery, and they come to jesus and they say, what do you think we should do? one of the tests of jesus and he says let he who is without sin throw the first stone. no one, of course, throws the stone and he says they haven't judged you, and neither will i.
3:30 am
go forward, sin no more. the message of the gospel is you have to let go of the past so you can embrace the hope of the future. an interesting message, right before the inaugural of pope francis. >> amazing. our coverage will continue as the morning goes on. the pope will meet with the various dignitaries, representatives of more than 130 countries are there. we will bring you that as it happens. there is a lot else going on in the world this morning. when we come back we'll give you more.
3:31 am
3:32 am
welcome back, everyone. you're looking at live pictures of st. peter's square. this is cnn's special live coverage of the inaugural mass of pope francis. the mass is now over. it has been really a very interesting morning. from the very beginning here. from the moment that pope francis left the santa marta resident right here you're looking at the video right now. there's the pope kissing the first baby he kissed along the
3:33 am
handoff right there. he is in an open air pope mobile going through st. peter's square. >> if you missed any of the it, it was one of those moments where you kind of gasped because you were really surprised that he was in an open pope mobile. there he is. he went into the crowd. there's somebody who's sick and he went over to pray for them, to kiss him. offered a blessing. a really remarkable moment. the one time that we did see him get out of the pope mobile. >> which in and of itself -- >> it was a great moment. he went down to the tomb of st. peter. i was just on that tour of the excavation. it is incredible because you can see the first basilica of st. peter's which is buried underneath the present day one and you go down even lower and there is the cemetery. what would have been an open-air cemetery like new orleans cemetery, above ground cemetery and there is this marked box and
3:34 am
in the writing it says petrus and you see the fish symbols all over it and near as investigators can tell us that is the tomb of st. peter and the bones. the pallium and the ring were placed on that tomb overnight, just there in front of where the pope is praying. he's now incensing that -- the outside of the tomb there. >> and the pallium and the ring were truly the actual ceremony that was formed -- the business side of the day was when he received the pallium and the ring. >> yes. he became pope the minute he accepted the nomination of the election in the conclave. but here are the two signs of his office that he was invested with today. the pallium made from lamb's wool. this is the same pallium that pope benedict wore. and it's similar to the pallium that is given to all metropolitan archbishops throughout the world. so here in new york cardinal dolan as archbishop of new york wears the pallium. all the archbishops in the united states wear the pallium. and that's given to them, made of the same lamb's wool, theirs
3:35 am
is a little bit different, but every year on feast of st. peter and paul on june 29th the pallium is given by the pope to new archbishops who are installed during the course of that year. so this is a sign of unity of office, but a sign of the jurisdiction over the church. then the ring as the symbol that was historically used to seal the creed. >> this is a simpler ring. it was not gold, it was silver, gold plated from the 1960s, designed by italian enrico manfrini. interesting passed down from paul vi his secretary. recycled ring at that. so once more this pope is simple in what he has done with the ceremony. >> which raises the question about why they would destroy the ring. do you remember when you and john allen were giving me all that heat because i was thinking i don't see why they have to destroy the ring. here we have a recycled ring. >> except it was not a papal ring. it was given by paul vi -- >> still a recycled ring.
3:36 am
they shouldn't be destroying the rings and probably pope francis won't want them to anymore, john. he'll want to use them. another important piece of video, communion, central part of the catholic mass. also of big symbolic importance for pope francis, whose message is a return to the simple spirituality that is the religion of christ. and here what we're seeing, as he offers up the liturgy of the eucharist, is his taking bread and wine and making them transubstantiating them into the body and blood of christ. which for catholics is the real deal, this is the most important part of the ritual. >> feed my sheep, feed my lamb. >> of course, right here -- >> we're not expecting the pope to distribute communion, but he did. but to a specific group of people. he did not go out to the masses and distribute communion. why was that? >> obviously everybody would have wanted to go to him. it would be very taxing on him, too. and i think it's a way of extending the ministry.
3:37 am
you go now, feed my sheep, feed my lambs, too. it's not just my job, it's all of our jobs. >> this is where the pope was able to offer his speech, so to speak, to the laity after the gospel was read called the homily, we have some sounds from him translated. take a listen. we don't. we'll paraphrase for you. he was going strong with the message of saint joseph. today is the feast of saint joseph, and the idea of being a protector of all things, he talked about the weak and the poor and he talked about animals and ecology. i believe we have some sound of it now. let's take a listen. >> translator: we are all protectors of creation, of the plan of god, written in nature, protectors of one another, of the environment. let us not allow the signs of
3:38 am
destruction and death accompany our journey of this world. >> these are live pictures now what's going on as the mass winds up and the pope prepares to leave the leadership delegation from over130 countries. you see the flags there, representing different places that have come to hear the message of pope francis. one of the things we glossed over there, you saw when there were people at the altar and there was the pope presenting select communion to them, one of them had an all black vestments. and this is a very special leader, and him being there in this way is an outward sign of what pope francis wants. >> right. it was at the moment of peace, the giving of peace, and it was the ecumenical patriarch bartholomew 1 of constantinople. the fact he is there is an important symbol of the healing and the beginning of the healing of that happened over 1,000 years ago.
3:39 am
he remember they should all be one, and remain together. he made it one of the centerpieces of this pontificate john paul did to bring the east and west together, so being a man of the east we saw that continuous with pope benedict. we are no doubt going to see it take on new force under the care of pope francis. and today, is a really important sign, this inaugural mass, the first time an ecumenical patriarch has been present at a papal inaugural mass. >> we're going to take a quick break here. as we leave you, in case you missed it, we're going to leave you with a little bit of pope francis' homily. >> >> translator: protect christ in our life in order to protect others, in order to protect creation. the vocation of protecting does not regard just us christians. it has the dimension that proceeds and that is simply
3:40 am
human in regards to everyone. it is protecting the entire creation, the beauty of creation, as the book of genesis tells us. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit welcome back, everyone. you're looking at live pictures from inside st. peter's basilica. there is pope francis. >> moving swiftly, i might add. >> brisk pace. the pope has finished his inaugural mass, receiving the pallium and also the fibberman's ring. >> he's removed those vestments, though, now. and we understand that he's
3:44 am
going to be meeting the delegation now. the representatives from different countries. >> more than 130 countries are represented today. verse heads of state, there are princes, there are -- >> i believe that's argentina's president, yes? am i right about that? argentina's president who had lunch with him yesterday when she arrived. >> and they did have lunch yesterday. and her relationship has not always been rosy, shall we say. for the united states, vice president joseph biden is there. our first catholic vice president. he has led the american delegation, and also several members of congress led by nancy pelosi. speaker john boehner was invited. he said he could not go because he had to take care of business in washington. but there are a lot of americans there. also some controversial figures there, including the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe. >> look, this is the other side of the papacy. we saw him highlight that he's the successor of rome. he mentioned that he was a
3:45 am
bishop of rome. this is the head of the vatican city-state welcoming the diplomatic corps. you have to remember, this sea, the sea of peter has been reaching out to the world in a major diplomatic listening post for centuries. you're seeing that writ large here as the world, and its leaders, come forward to meet the new head of state. and we have to remember that he's not only a spiritual leader, he's also a temple leader of the vatican city-state. >> it is 132 dignitaries that he will be meeting. so it will take quite some time. we're going to continue to follow this, and when vice president joe biden is present there, we're going to go back to that. in the meantime -- >> you never know what might happen when the vice president meets the pope. >> you never know. we'll definitely go back for that. >> this is great improvising. >> very good point, raymond. in the meantime we're minding your business this morning. another tough morning on wall street. stock futures indicated slightly lower opens. cyprus is scheduled to vote on
3:46 am
the proposed bailout today. >> and it will come to retirement many americans are in a bit of a crisis situation. people are not saving enough and that's really putting it mildly and that is an issue christine romans talks about constantly. >> a huge new report highlighting how severe this is when you look at how much people are putting away for retirement it simply is not enough. it's almost a crisis, quite frankly. you've got 28% of people, have less than $25,000 in savings. that is not enough. about 12% of people, by the way, have more than $250,000 saved. that's where you want to be. but it's only about one in eight are there right now. let's talk about how confident people are for retirement. 2007 said they were confident for retirement. you can see 2013, about 28% say they're not confident about saving for retirement. more people are less confident, that's the -- john's squinting at that graphic. it means we're not saving enough is what it means. why? job uncertainty, day-to-day expenses, people are just not
3:47 am
making enough money every month to keep up with their expenses, and high debt. people still have too much debt. so that's where we are on this front. i'm going to tweet out this report on how much we're saving or not saving. it also i think you guys raises a lot of questions for the debate in washington about what role government's going to have. clearly people are not planning for their later years. they're not saving enough for health care, enough for retirement. what's the role of government going to be at a time when we're talking about shrinking the role of government in our lives. >> what's the one thing we need to know about our money? >> the focus has shifted again to europe. the recession is deepening. cyprus set to become the fourth european country to get a bailout. could be a headwind for u.s. stocks. the market's been ripe for a pullback so tread carefully here. stock futures lower this morning. >> thanks, christine. it is 45 minutes past the hour. other stories making news, we have a developing story. an explosion afie hours ago at the hawthorne army depot western
3:48 am
nevada. the spokesman tells cnn it happened during a marine corps training exercise. possibly during some kind of traffic accident. and there are injuries, we understand. the army spokesman was quick to point out that the explosion did not happen where ammunition is stored. we're going to continue to follow that story for you. >> we have good news this morning for firefighters who have been battling a giant wildfire in pigeon forge, tennessee. heavy rains moved into the area and helped douse most of those flames. the destruction was already done. more than 60 buildings damaged and destroyed. 260 acres in the mountain resort community did burn. >> even after the trial, even after two teenage boys were found guilty, police say the victim in the steubenville rape case is still receiving threats. and her mother is now speaking out. the sheriff in jefferson county, ohio, says two teenage girls are now in custody for threatening the rape victim with tweets that allegedly threatened to beat or kill her. in an audio statement her mother called on people to help those in need and stand up for what is right.
3:49 am
-- to the middle east tonight his first overseas trip of his second term. his initial stop is israel. this is the first time that president obama has visited that country as president. among the discussions for israel's leaders, how to contain iran's growing nuclear program. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. >> a former army officer arrested and facing 20 years in prison. the justice department says benjamin bishop shared classified nuclear defense information with a young chinese woman living in hawaii on a visa. prosecutors say she does not have security clearance and isn't allowed to see those documents. bishop had been working for a defense contractor as a civilian employee. sad news to report right now. the miami heat have won 23 games in a row. the second longest winning streak in nba history. they kept their streak alive with a victory over the celtics. celtics did not have kevin garnett. this was not a fair fight.
3:50 am
still 23 wins is impressive. lebron james and company have a long time to go to break the all-time record held by the lakers, they won 33 straight games. >> really feeling for you. >> soledad o'brien who apparently feels a kinship to the miami heat. >> i called it many, many moons ago. >> wait a minute, i told you that. >> lebron james looked at me was the only person who said the heat would be good. she's now joining us. >> gloating. i'm just here to gloat. good morning. going to talk about pope francis as he begins his ministry with his inaugural mass. we're live in rome with his message to the faithful who came out in great numbers to hear what he had to say. and a plot for murder. new details this morning about a former student's plans to attack the university of central florida. homemade bombs, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. details on that story for you this morning, as well. and then the second part of my interview with facebook executive sheryl sandberg. we talk about the obstacles women face to get ahead, including how about like and
3:51 am
thing? that's right at the top of the hour. >> can't wait to hear that. >> and something happened with the heat. what happened? >> they won. >> oh, right, right. >> and boston lost. >> i know. poor berman. >> 48 minutes after the hour right now. still ahead on this tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq we will hear from ambassador paul bremer. he was in charge of iraq for more than a year. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. this is part of our special live coverage of the inaugural mass of pope francis. what you're looking at right now is the pope greeting leaders
3:55 am
from some 132 countries. representatives from around the world who came to be part of this celebration. he is shaking hands with each and every one. >> the mass ended just a short time ago and the pope went and changed his vestments and came out to greet the delegates. very curious, we have ray here. i was curious about the investments and the pallium, and when the pope wears that. >> that pallium, with the red cross, we saw earlier. that represents the lost, weak and sick lambs. remember christ puts the last lamb on his shoulders and carries it. that's what that represents. the pope wearing that woven lamb's wool around -- around his neck. you'll see that at all the liturgical functions. what amazes me here. you'll notice the man in the red behind the pope. that is the secretary of state, a controversial figure these days, before the conclave there was much talk that reform was needed, and my guess is the
3:56 am
cardinal, who is already too old for the position. after 75 they submit their resignation, he will be replaced shortly. many of the cardinals after the conclave told me they expect someone who will get things in order quickly. the curiae has been doing its own thing. the curiae is the roman government, the vatican government that serves the pope, and really interacts with all of these world leaders you see coming forward. but what this underscores to me is the importance of the papacy. even now, 2,000 years later, you have the world and its dignitaries coming to certainly embrace and congratulate the pope on his ascension. but also to keep in contact. they're a great listening post. a great source of information off the grid, if you will, for many of these governments. you remember john paul ii, facing the fall of communism, his country using american intelligence and vice versa. so, the transference of information, intelligence,
3:57 am
understanding, on the ground data, the church really does par excellence. >> and in his homily today, his first chance to speak at length officially to all the people of the world, not just the people in that church, he talked about his role and the role of all of us as protectors. >> yeah. they're protectors. in some ways he talked about protecting creation. you could extend that to say the church and all of us have an obligation to protect the world. and he talked about unleering death and wrath upon society when we in our personal lives don't, you know, don't live up to these moral standards that we should be embodying, and i think he in the coming days is going to take, i think, a very clear picture of what it means not only to be a christian, but to be human. and he's teaching people in his great humanity, in his warmth, and with his great sense of humor, i think, how to do that. >> you know, as you see all of these people standing next to the pope, are those decisions that he makes to replace certain
3:58 am
people? because, you know, that sends a very strong message. >> you bet. there was some trepidation as to when he might reappoint all the curial officers. he did so on saturday. but with this proviso. he can replace them at will and he will be looking to replace several key positions. >> provisionally. >> that's right. it was a little provisional. and that was intent. the curiae has gone so off the rails in some ways, particularly in the gaps we saw under benedict's reign. whether it was speeches released or bishops to cardinals, he doesn't want that happening and francis is the reformer in his dna. which we'll talk later about. >> keeping your eye on the ceremony. >> look at this little young man. what an opportunity to stand before the pope. >> you can see, continue to watch our coverage of this inauguration of pope francis. you can do it on we'll be showing that all morning. we'll have continuing coverage right here, as well. "early start" continues in just a moment.
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