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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 19, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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they're not called the heat for nothing. they're on fire. last night lebron james and company extended the heat's winning streak to 23 games. defeating the celtics on boston's home court in the last 30 seconds of game. final 105-103. the heat now have the second best winning streak in nba history. and the big party everybody is talking about on and off the court, we're talking about march madness. today 68 teams start the road to atlanta hoping for the chance to be in the final four. the cnn center atrium is where we find our own carlos diaz. i saw the supersized bracket
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yesterday. shows what you you got. >> this is 20 feet tall, 40 feet wide behind us. and it's big enough for the big party that we'll have here for the final four. you have bands like sting, dave matthews band, flo rida, all performing here. 140,000 expecting if the free concert. you can watch the highlights on twitter this year. tonight the march madness of course tournament begins with the first four. north carolina against liberty -- second team ever lost 20 games. and been in the tournament. and then middle tennessee state taking on st. mary's. so and i have question, have you filled out your bracket? >> i did. louisville and indiana, those are my picks. louisville all the way. >> no, i'm sorry, i'm going to have to show you my pick right here for the national champion. >> who did you have? >> it's my all made matter. we're going with indiana. there we go.
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just put that in the books right there. later i'll fill this entire thing out. i have a crane, but i'll fill out the entire bracket later. this will be my official bracket for people to throw eggs at. >> yeah, i might have to do that. got to let you go, carlos. that's it for me. cnn newsroom continues. tragedy in training. seven marines killed during an exercise and we're now learning what happened in those final moments. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. some people never forgive me. >> today voters are deciding whether to give the love guy a second chance. but mark sanford has some pretty tough competition. plus harrison ford on the hot seat. why indiana jones is testifying before congress. and -- >> you pushed the envelope. i'm sure it offends some people.
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>> the hit show girl, lily tomlin says it's too sexual. my hot topics panel faces off. hi there, beginning here with breaking news on this afternoon, the first bit coming out of indianapolis. here's what we know. the indiana university purdue campus is on lockdown after a report of a gunman. the campus is in downtown indianapolis. the school sent just out the tweet telling folks to seek shelter and specifically saying this man with a long gun has been spotted. we're monitoring that situation for you out of indianapolis. but i have to pass this along, as well, word of another shooting, different state, pennsylvania. this is at a hospital in allentown. this is the lee lehigh valley
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hospital. this took place on the fourth floor in a hospice wing. police say this is not an active shooter situation. so of course as soon as we get more information, i promise we'll pass it along. now, though, to a tragedy in the nevada desert, a military base south of reno, a group of marines taking part in a training exercise when there was an explosion. seven of those marines were killed. eight others who were injured were taken to a reno hospital. >> the president's thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who were lost and to those who were injured. we're obviously in the early stages of assessing the incident. it's a tragedy clearly. and the president was briefed immediately and made aware of it
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immediately and briefed on it and we're monitoring the situation. >> cnn's chris lawrence is live for us at the pentagon. chris, what more do you know, what caused the explosion? >> basically officials are telling us that this 60 millimeter mortar shell detonated in the tube at the firing point. in other words, instead of the mortar flying out, the mortar exploded right in the tube with the marines all gathered around it. normally it would take several marines a mortar crew so to speak to operate this, but this was training, so you may have had support personnel also around the mortar firing. we're told that three of the marines were killed immediately. three were killed while waiting for the medevacs to come. and then the seventh probably died at the hospital or on route to the hospital. >> you talk about the mortar round. we know this base is used by the military to store ammunition. do we know what kind of training exercise they were doing when
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this happened? >> this was a ground combat team of marines. and this particular base is used by the army, the navy, the marine corps, even special forces because it's got sort of a unique terrain. high desert, a lot of mountainses. it looks a lot like afghanistan. so a lot of troops go there to train to prepare themselves for the terrain in afghanistan. i have to tell you, we learned earlier that even secretary hagel was talking about this in some of his meetings this morning and he recalled when he was in the army, he was present at a training accident in his case a grenade went off. so you do get the training exercises accidents at time, but they aren't all that common. certainly nothing to the september where you'd have seven marines killed in one. >> seven lives, so sad. chris lawrence, thank you. it is the red line that
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could mean u.s. boots on the ground in syria. and today, the white house is now looking in to reports that that red line has been crossed. syrian state media is now reporting chemical weapons have been strapped to a missile and fired in civilians in allepo province. nick paton walsh is in bay rue. has sad's regime, they're blaming the rebelses, they're blaming the government. so who has the access to the chemical weapons? who has the most to gain from this? >> reporter: first off there is no definite proof that chemical weapons were used. what we do know is in an area near allepo, both the regime and reb bem belels are saying some gas was given off and we've seen pictures taken from a hospital showing some soldiers and civilians obviously suffering
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from the effects of gas. this appears to have landed very close to rebel regime lines, but actually hit the regime more hard. as you said earlier, the rebels don't really have the chemical weapons and if they did, that would suggest the assad stockpile has fallen into their hands. the regime is saying the rebels did have it, but the assad regime are the ones with the large chemical stockpile. once again no definitive proof they were used at all, but a serious development. >> one that the president had spoken about hypothetically back in august when he used the words red line. here he was in august. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being
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utilized. that would change my calculus. >> so if the reports are true and i know you're careful not to say that we -- we don't know at this point in time. if they are, how might the international community act in response? >> reporter: it's very unlikely you would see u.s. or western military boots on the ground. what we have seen a move towards in the last few months is suggestion of arming the rebels. john kerry saying just yesterday he wouldn't say in the way if the uk and france want to do that. bear in mind barack obama has had a ground swell of opinion around him pushing him towards arming rebels. he batted that down late last year. he's very reluctant to get involved. but many people around him now are saying because the escalating situation, they have to do something. >> nick paton walsh in beirut. thank you. the situation here in syria is
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sure to come up tomorrow. president obama makes his first trep to israel since moving into the white house. the president will be just over 300 miles from where these chemical weapons might have been used in syria when he arrives in tel aviv. you can see the proximity here. no main announcements are planned during this visit. mideast leaders obama will immediate with include netanyahu, mahmoud abbas and king abdullah of jordan. so you thought the election season was over. huh-uh. it is primary day in south carolina, folks. i'm talking low country. you see it right there. this state's first congressional district anchored by charleston and what a cast of characters this little race for congress. you have a man known as the former governor of the appalachiap ppa lash shap trail. the son of a certain media
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mogul, and you've also got the sister of a very famous funny man. and don't to get this, we're talking about south carolina. home of kamikaze style politics. this is an old fashioned street fight why a state where they all intersect. john avalon, piece choinice cho words. good to see you, sir. you had a trip to charleston. we of course begin with mark sanford, the guy who famously told reporters he was, you know, hiking on the aptrail but was actually having a bit of a tryst in arrest again see in a. is it true that he asked the woman who divorced him, jenny sanford, to run his campaign for this congressional seat? >> so that has indeed been reported. awkward.
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and the answer was a big heisman on that one. but mark sanford is making a pretty credible comeback bid. he's widely expected to make the runoff. and it might shock some folks, but he's campaigned in this district for 20 years. so he's on a redemption tour here. a lot of apology, but a strong chance he'll at least make the runoff at the end of the day. >> and then you have his top opponent, republican son of a famous progressive, a guy we know around here as ted. let's listen to teddy turner on the subject of gun control. >> i realize we don't need bazookas. but i do realize that i need protect myself and my family not only from offenders, criminals, but from the biggest criminals there are, which is the government of the united states right now. >> as we mentioned, teddy turner, mark sanford's top oppone opponent, not exactly his dad when it comes to politics.
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>> not during this campaign. but you've got to love it. i mean, this is it a classic southern move. he is running far to the right, trying to say everyone else in the race is a career politician. and he's got negative ads. but he's trying to distance himself from his dad as much as he can. the big question down south, is he credible. is that real. and you look at his history, there are question marks around that but he's put a lot of money into this race. so he's in consideration, as well. >> and on the democratic side, you have a woman who has earned the endorsement of a certain political humorist who just talked to jake tapper. >> it is an irresistible comedy object running against your sister. i mean, is there -- >> i will make jokes about him. i said if you do something funny, i'm making jokes about you. she's now a politician. >> you would almost think it was stephen colbert who was running.
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alas, it is his sister, elizabeth. is she funny, as well? >> you know, she's actually running a pretty credible campaign. normally a democrat is doa in this district, but she brings with it not just a famous brother helping her create a national fund-raising base, but she can expect if she gets the nomination higher than normal turnout among youth and also women voters. you go to her campaign headquarters like i did yesterday, and on their wall, there is stephen colbert. that's a pretty powerful character witness. but she's a serious candidate in her own right down there. so this is shaping up to be one wild ride down in south carolina for the special election. >> what a cast of characters. john avalon, thank you, sir. want to get an update on breaking news. we're watching two situations unfolding right now, the first out of yichof indianapolis.
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purdue campus. on lockdown after this report of the gunman. the school just sent out a defeat has been spotted with a long gun. also another shooting at a hospital in allentown, pennsylvania. if you know this neck of the woods, this is the lehigh valley hospital. we're told an incident took place on the fourth floor of this hospital, apparently there is a hospice wing. no word yet on the victims there. police are clear in that situation in allentown this is not an active shooter situation. as soon as we get anymore updates, we'll pass them along to you here on cnn. coming up next, a shocking scene inside a courtroom in ohio. moments before learning his fate, school shooter t.j. lane reveals a killer t-shirt. you see what's scroll order that
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little nervously here as the new pope waded through crowds at st. peter's square for his official inauguration. in fact he opted for an open air popemobile shaking hands, kissing some babies. back at his home this buenos aires, his sister had a change of heart when she had prayed he wouldn't be elected. >> translator: so i would pray that he wouldn't get elected. during this conclave, i was praying the holy spirit would intervene and not listen to my prayers. and it didn't listen to me. >> she said she wanted him home with her. this time around she says she's happy for him. a startling scene in ohio. just before hearing he will spend the rest of his life behind bar, t.j. lane, here he go, unbuttoning his dress shirt to reveal a white t-shirt, here it is, you see the word scratched on this, killer
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written on his spirit. lane opened fire in the calf fear i can't of his high school last year killing three students. oh, boy. when we see this video, we have to pass it along. politics getting personal. this is ukraine's parliament. pushing and shoving erupted after a speech by the leader from the president's party. he reportedly called deputies from a far right faction neo fascists and clearly it went downhill from there. colorado's governor plans to sign three new gun control laws tomorrow. here is a look at 13469 nsome o new legislation. keep in mind colorado home to two of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. last year's aurora theater shooting and the massacre at columbine high school. this is a crazy story. 13 pieces of art, $500 million,
11:21 am
poof, gone in 81 seconds. you have these two men dressed as police, they target this boston museum here. get away with one of the biggest thefts in history. this is a crime that's gone unsolved 23 years. the fbi is revealing new information. we'll talk to the museum's security director next.
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we're taking you back 23 years. yesterday one of the biggest art heights in american history this boston, 81 minutes, that's all it took, 13 masterpieces, stolen. take a listen. >> the thieves entered the first floor and went to the blue room and stole a monet painting. and then up to the second floor in the dutch room, they stole six paintings. some of them cut out of the frames. among them, three rembrandts, including the artist's only sea scape. >> yesterday the fbi tells us they now know who the thieves are, they're mobsters, but they still don't know where the precious paintings are. joining me now from brookline massachusetts is the director from the museum. anthony, i assume you're breathing a sigh of relief kind of, but do we know where the art
11:25 am
is? >> good afternoon. no, we know who did it and this is a sigh of relief, but a long time coming. >> how did they figure out they were these mobsters? >> well, we know they were members of an organized crime syndicate, not necessarily mobsters. but we did lots of research and in 2010 information came in from a citizen much like we're appealing to yesterday telling us that some people that they had known were involved and that has helped us to move forward since then. >> we mentioned 13 masterpieces in total stolen, but you still have these huge frames on the walls, four frames, nothing inside of them, for the nonart a fi owe fish yad doughs, help us
11:26 am
understand how big the pieces are. >> it can not be overstated. this is not just the largest art theft in american history, this is the largest property theft that's ever occurred anywhere. you're talking about the word's most valuable stolen most valuable stolen painting. the concert. second most valuable, the seascape that you referred to earlier. these are priceless irreplaceable significant pieces for our cultural heritage, never mind just our museum. >> so how hopeful are you that you'll get these back in these frames? >> i am incredibly hopeful. i have all the optimism in the world. the work that we've done on this has been leading us in the right direction. i mentioned that we've been working on it for a long time, so when you get to a point where you can say we know who did it, that's incredibly encouraging and we just have one who are hurdle to pass. >> we look forward to that
11:27 am
happening for you. thank you and good luck. now this -- ♪ justin timberlake's new album coming out today and one critic calls him america's biggest male pop star. two critics, though, are about to duke it out live. what do you think? is he really this generation's elvis? plus, is hbo's girls too sexy? one legendary comedian says you bet it is. my hot topics panel debates. [ indistinct conversations ]
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♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. you cannot turn on the television without running into justin timberlake somewhere. he's hosted "saturday night live" ♪ he's spent the entire justin timber week on jimmy fallon. ♪ and i'm not done, that take your get ad where jt surprises his fan, it's all over the place. >> that sounds good. >> didn't you look at me.
11:31 am
>> it all has a reason. his album 2020 experience. kevin fallon is a reporter and tom moon writes about music for npr. gentlemen, welcome. tom, i'd like to begin with you. listening to npr, i heard you say, quote, talking about the song suit and tie specifically, this little bitty two note excuse for a melody sounds like something a preschooler might sing while playing with sock puppets at the kitchen table. ouch, tom. why did y do you say that? >> he had a long time between records and he could have done anything. this is the lowest denominator. nothing wrong with the track, but in terms of a melody, i think this will have a short shelf life. >> and was there anything
11:32 am
redeeming on this album or is that thought pervasive? >> no, there's a song called tunnel vision that does what he's always done really well. it has beautiful plush vocal hamp any and it does have an actual real medical dwi that lasts more than two measures. it's quite nice. >> an all real melody. i hear you. kevin, i read an article by your colleague, and he writes about timberlake's new album, an inventive production, precise, relentless hooks, push your love girl with its strutting beat, crafty metaphor, will sound excellent on the car stereo this spring. and andrew went on to say that justin timberlake is this generation's elvis presley. do you agree? >> i do. listen, there has been in the past few generations there hasn't really been a male pop star who has rich to the status of michael jackson or elvis
11:33 am
presley. justin t justin timberlake is the closest thing we've really seen. and i think that old school entertainer is what he brings to the table. >> i have to say when i read that line about he's our generation's michael jackson or elvis presley, i heard grumbles around my corner of the newsroom. tom, would you agree? a lot of people say bruno mars surpasses timberlake. >> bruno mars wrote smarter songs this time, but to get to the point about michael jackson, you know, they didn't start calling michael jackson the king of pop until he was four or five singles into the thriller record. and i would say the best jury on this is we'll see in august. if there is still a justin timberlake single from this record on the radio and still sort of running things commercially, then, you know,
11:34 am
i'm prepared to reevaluate this record. but i think right now, this is a good triumph of a press agent who pulled every button imaginable to put justin timberlake where he is. >> which brings me to my final point. i'm curious because you have the musician, the actor, the restauranteur, he has like $35 million in my space. and i'm wondering if sort of his musicality is trumped by his celebrity and if that then hurt him. but you think about the beatles and the elvis presleys who it only helped them. i don't know what i think. >> if you look at the michael jacksons and elvis presley, they have empires and that's what justin timberlake is building for himself, the celebrity empire and i think you need that if you want to be kill called the king of pop. and that's something that withdrbruno mars doesn't have. >> and he is indeed building
11:35 am
that. but the beatles built it on song craft. they wrote real songs over and over again for years and years and years. and really what you're lacking at with justin timberlake is a c cat willing of maybe seven, eight, nine chart stopping hits. a lot of stuff on the earlier records is competent but doesn't rise to that level of enduring greatness and i think this record doesn't have but one or two things that we'll even want to remember. >> i appreciate your candor. thank you both very much. want to show you video how, yes, some people have total nerve and will do things most of us would not. the mayor of kansas city swly james is giving his state of the city address. >> those early efforts resulted in 5 billion --
11:36 am
>> this mayor just got through talking about exactly what [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> well, that was unfortunate. >> that was unfortunate he says. police took that man into custody. the mayor said he had no problems with what he wanted to say, only a, quote, small problem with the method. wow. coming up next, my hot topics panel faces off. lily tomlin says hbo's girls is too sexual, doesn't have enough range. isn't that all tv these days? especially when you're talking showtime and hbo. plus cvs pharmacy asking employees to get a physical. if not, pay up. and looking to attract tourists with a little marijuana.
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to the buzz stories now. you know the deal. we tackle the hot topics. first on our list today, hbo's hot comedy series girls. so here is some of the show which stars lena dunham. >> someone who treats my heart like it's monkey meat. >> you look like a max canteen ager. >> will you still have sex with me is this. >> when it's appropriate. >> i can't take you anymore. >> because you're 11 pounds overweight, you don't struggle? >> i'm 13 pounds overweight and it has been awful my whole life. >> if you watch, you know the scenes. a lot of skin. gets a little dirty. gets uncomfortable. a lot of detail. and while critics and fans love
11:41 am
it, one well-known actress, lily toml tomlin, says it's too sexually focused, it should have more range. but the sexuality is what will bring the big audience and a lot of young girls i suppose puzzling over what to do and whatnot to do or how to do it. let me bring in the panel today. we have rachel scler, trainer on the biggest loser, from essence magazine, the managing editor, vanessa bush, and a political comedian. welcome to all of you. dean, i don't know if you watch the show at all, but listening to lily tomlin, do you think she has a point? >> forget the sex. lena dunham is naked all the time. do they not have a wardrobe budget? but about the sex, it's part of the character. it's part of the story line.
11:42 am
they're not objectifying women like we see on show after show. so i think it's part of the show, creative process and she should have every right to do this. >> vanessa. >> i kind of did disagree. i was really struck by what tomorr tomlin was saying. there is still an ambivalence that we have about our sexuality, our sexual freedom and how we should express it. >> she said the girls become more accessible, maybe not wisely accessible. a lot of young girls are expected to give a certain sexual act now. young, young girls, maybe 12, 13 years old. that's a right of pass panage i suppose. is that what you're getting at? >> absolutely. obviously they're making choices, creative choices. and that's their right. however, they do have to realize
11:43 am
the influence that they have on young women who are watching the show. and -- >> i think it's clear that they're in tn not role models. the ghirl girls are presented a characters, 20 somethings fumbling through, trying to figure out how to become fully formed humans. and for me, i would actually like to see the girls focus more on safe sex and maybe reading a newspaper, but that's not what the show is about. it's not an after school special that i remember from my youth. it's requiring the audience to do the heavy lifting of drawing their own conclusions. >> i was at the golden globes, and i talked to lena dunham and asked her precisely this. i'm a fan of the show. but for a bunch of different reason, i asked her why are you so totally pushing the envelope. here's what she told me. >> you push the envelope in the show.
11:44 am
i mean, it makes people come back, i'm sure it offends some people. but at the same time, why do you want to embrace that element and do those things? >> i feel like, yeah, when you're at hbo, they definitely don't bleep anything out, but i also felt like there was a certain realism lacking from the portrayal of women in their 20s and i thought part of that lack was from shying away from sexual content and from political content. and i really just wanted to make a show that captured the lives of my friends, a complicated group of girls. >> what's wrong with that idea? >> honestly in my opinion, nothing. at the end of the day, this is the expression of young women today. young women who have a voice and lena dunham has done a great job at expressing that voice.
11:45 am
it's a modern day sex in the city. a little more controversial, but again, to her point, viewers will tune in for that reason. hopefully they'll have better content in the future in terms of making contraception something that's public and educational. but it's a great show. >> i could go on. we have to leave it there. because let's talk health insurance. this is something that got all of us talking this morning. give us personal medical information or pay hundreds of dollars. this is the message from cvs to its employees now. is it an invasion of privacy, is it fair business practice? we'll weigh in on that next. [ together ] i had a break-in.
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we were out when it happened. by the time we called the police, there wasn't much they could do. i felt so helpless. we were out when it happened, but adt quickly called the police. i felt like it was over right away. feels like it's still not over. we lost our digital photos, financial records -- things that insurance simply can't replace. [ male announcer ] you can't predict when bad things will happen,
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but you can help protect yourself with the fast alarm response of adt. we're always there for your family. with more monitoring centers, more ways to keep up with life at home, and 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide, starting at just over $1 a day. call now and get adt installed for just $99. isn't your family worth america's number-one security company? i wish i had adt. i'm glad we had adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse. advanced home management here today. adt. always there. a new policy from a national drug store chain is triggers ver city. cvs call it is motivation. critics call it retaliation. here's how it works. cvs ask their employees to get
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medical screenings and must report the screenings to their health insurer. i'm talking body weight, body fat, blood pressure, glucose, all according to the "boston herald". now, the herald says if an employee does not do this, he or she then has to pay 600 bucks more a year for the company health insurance. cvs says it would pay for the employees to go to the doctor to get the screenings for its reported 200,000 workers. and here is an important note. cvs says all screening results would remain private between the worker and the insurer. the move is to help employees become more aware of his or her health. healthy employees keep company's costs down. as our trainer health guy, what's wrong with this. >> >> you know, i have to be honest, absolutely nothing. in my opinion. we always complain about the
11:50 am
obesity issue and how health and fitness has-of-something has to be done. finally there is a company encouraging people to say, hey, look, either pay or take care of yourself. >> there are people that say you're discriminating against the sicker employee, am i really sure my information is private. what do you say to them? >> that's the difference between encouraging and compelling. i think there's a really big difference. if cvs wanted to encourage their worker, they could offer some sort of break on insurance or nnks incentive to get people 20 do it voluntarily. once it's defactor compelled -- >> but people don't do it voluntarily. >> some companies do offer financial incentive. >> in my opinion, it seems like the intention was positive, but what they're doing is punitive because you're not rewarding people for -- i can see rewarding people for achieving their fitness goals and that's an option that many companies
11:51 am
offer as opposed to having someone monetarily penalized. >> so instead of get your bmi or pay money, instead you get the money in return like a reward. >> yes. exactly. >> so you think people would respond better to rewarding them to do weight loss instead of taking it away from them, taking money from them? i think people -- >> money talks. >> i think they're -- money definitely talks. >> go ahead, dean. >> you have to do something or else. >> one thing that i don't like, cvs is saying this is a vol untear program for workers. if you don't do the voluntary program, you're fined $600. that's not voluntary at all. that concerns me. second you gather data on who is sick, you know what, those cause higher insurance costs. maybe they'll look for excuses to fire employees. it's a tough job market and you can fire them for any reason if
11:52 am
you don't have a contract. >> cvs says benefits program is evolving to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and managing health associated costs. an initial step to accomplish this goal is a health screening and wellness reviews so that colleagues know their key health metrics in order to take action to improve their numbers if necessary. i'm hearing some of you saying you should be paid, some say it makes sense. but let's talk vacations. certain special kind of vacation. how about a trip aboard a cannabis cruise, staying at a bud and breakfast? oh, yes. a washington state entrepreneur has visions of using marijuana to attract tourists, but not everyone is loving this idea. we'll weigh in on that, pot tourism, next. 's voice: here we. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together.
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washington state man has a vision for his state to better capitalize on cannabis. washington last november approved recreational pot smoking and a man told our seattle affiliate king tv he would like to see cannabis crewscrews
11:56 am
cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed off.rews cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed off.ews cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed off.s cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed off. cruises and, oh, so much more. >> licensed certain cabs where the driver is sealed off. >> he's talking bud and breakfast, pot tourism may be the future, but should it really be? and right now that's the question. entrepreneurs are finding out that a lot of federal regulations are getting in the way of this. remember, under the federal law, marijuana is still illegal. rachel, let's begin with you. if you live in washington state, it's one thing to have someone maybe smoking in their own home, but this is public, maybe it's a cruise, maybe it's a party. how would you feel having stoners get beiting high in you state on vacation? >> why is everyone harshing on the mellow man? we have booze cruises and seattle is already a mecca for a certain kind of, you know, very
11:57 am
effective stimulant, i.e. coffee. so they're taking it to the next step. as the law evolve, we will see entrepreneurs such as this taking to t. to the next level and seeing if there's a demand. as long as it exists within the framework of legality, might as well just see what happens. but put this way, a cannibal cruise would be much worse. >> i said cannibal. cannabis. dean, let me go to you. i got a tweet, this could be just as damaging as going to the napa valley and drinking your faceoff, drinking too much wine. do you see that as the same or no? >> actually, it could be similar, but the voters of washington state said this is fine. so why not make some money. bring tourists in. they'll get high, they will he's buy a lot of nacho, junk food goes through the roof. maybe other states get competitive, oregon legalizes ecstasy. people go there. they do state lottery and
11:58 am
gambling is potentially worse than getting addicted to marijuana. so i don't smoke pot, but they legalized it. why not take advantage of the business opportunity of this. >> you bring up the business opportunity. so we reached out to visit seattle, a private nonprofit. they initially said they would be open to this kind thing, but now they're saying i have no plans, this is the president of visit seattle, i have no plans to market tourism dollars towards it. if things become more solid in terms of how the federal government views it in the future, that could change. but not changing anything we're doing now. sort of to dean's point, supporters say it could raise as much as $500 million for the state. a figure many analysts say is overstated. but does it matter? if you're bringing money in to the state, does it matter where the money comes from? >> we allow -- we get funding from the lottery, we get funding in putting certain taxes on what they call sin taxes.
11:59 am
personally, i don't think that it's something -- i laughed out loud when i heard because can you imagine the insurance possibility you'd have to take on to have somebody smoking pot on a cruise ship? it blows my mind to think the potential could be for disaster. but i guess an argument could be made. >> and you get the last word on pot. >> first time i've heard that. it's interesting to me. like this guy michael is high when he came up with this concept. i mean, i can picture him on this bus driving around and for getting where to park. i think recreation is one thing, but involving the outside of everyone else's group to go have a pot fest, you know, that's a little too much. >> and we'll end it there.
12:00 pm
thank you all. coming up next, sex, secrets and he is pespionage espionage. a defense contractor charged with telling top secret information to his mistress, but wait until you hear who she is and how he was caught. little mis you feel, use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster neosporin. also try neosporin eczema essentials. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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12:02 pm
in syria, both sides report the use of chemical weapons and this is where president obama says he draws the line. so what happens next? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. tragedy in training. seven marines killed during an exercise in nevada. we're hearing what happened in their final moments. plus one researcher says it's possible to reverse death. why extinction may not matter anymore. and -- ♪ is justin timberlake america's
12:03 pm
biggest male pop star in you'll hear the argument. let me begin with this developing story out of hawaii. a civilian defense contractor has allegedly passed secret information to his mistress, a much younger woman from china. brian todd is digging on this it one. what you can tell us? >> this man who was arrested, benjamin bishop, had top secret clearance, worked for a defense contractor doing work for the u.s. military pacific command. according to the complaint, bishop leaked military secrets including information on nuclear weapons and war plans to a chinese woman 32 years younger than him who he was having a romantic relationship with. law enforce the officials say this could have caused serious damage to national security.
12:04 pm
the woman is identified in court documents only as person one. 27 years old, a chinese national on a student visa. without call williing her a chi spy, the complaint certainly imply it is. she met him at a military defense conference and quote person one may have been at the conference in order to target individuals such as bishop who work with and have access to u.s. classified information regarding person one's purported interests. there is a name for this kind of spy op. i spoke with eric o'neal a former counter intelligence officer. he's the one who took down robert hanson the nbi official who spied for the russians at one point. here's what he calls this operation. >> this is a hundroney trap cas. this is where they use usually an attractive person to come so he lisolicit information.
12:05 pm
here we had a person with top secret clearance who because able to access certain defense information. he goes to a tech conference which is ground zero for espionage. >> the attorney for the man accused says bishop has served his country honorably for 29 years and maintains that bishop would never do anything intentionally to harm the united states. we have reached out to the chinese embassy in washington for comment on this case. we have not heard back. now new reports that the u.s. military has ordered a worldwide stop on the firing of a specific mortar believed to be behind this deadly 2k3 explosion today in a nevada desert. this is hawthorne army depot, a military base southeast of reno. a group of u.s. marines were taking part in a training exercise when there was a huge explosion. seven of those marines were killed, eight others injured.
12:06 pm
they were taken to a reno hospital. >> the president's thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who were lost and to those injured. we're in the early stages of assessing the incident. it's a tragedy clearly and the president was made aware of it immediately and briefed on it and we're monitoring the situation. >> it takes three to four marines to operate this specific type of mortar. it is still not known why the mar tar round exploded. just about five hours from now, president obama leaves for his first trip to israel since moving in to the white house. in major announcements planned, but chemical weapons and iran's nuclear program are sure to be among the major issues discussed when he meets mideast leaders including taking a look at the list, you have netanyahu,
12:07 pm
mahmoud abbas, and king abdullah. jessica yellin is live in jerusal jerusalem. so why now? >> reporter: it's an excellent question and one a lot of people are asking. every visit to jerusalem by a u.s. president is seen as rich in symbolism and strategic significant. symbolically the president's visit makes sense. you could say his first visit overseas in his first term was to give a speech in cairo to the arab world. now he can say his first overseas visit, the second term, he gives a speech in israel to the jewish world and any sensitivities he irritated the first time around he will have addressed now. but strategically, many people here in israel are confused by the timing of this visit. other american presidents have come to israel at a time when, for example, peace negotiations
12:08 pm
were at a crucial turning point and their visit had enormous potential to bring the two sides together. for example, jimmy carter came in 1979, the same month the of the egypt israel peace treaty. in clinton's term, there were four visits. in 1994, a peace treaty signed between israel and jordan while he was here. there were two things during that time, a crucial moment for the u.s. to show its friendship and again, during a peace accord. and then george w. bush waited until the very end of his term until he was about to leave office, but that's when his administration was doing finally at a point in the peace discussions where a pld shal visit could add know men actual. and so that timing people here say made sense. this time, there is no similar momentum the president's visit could lend to any peace deal, to
12:09 pm
any discussion regarding iran and no deliverable regarding syria, so many people just don't understand why now. >> so you bring up iran. let me ask about iran. do we have any idea what president obama may be saying about iran, what is it that prime minister netanyahu would like to hear? >> quite simply he's expected to repeat what we heard before, that he will say iran simply cannot be allowed to get a nuclear capability. that the u.s. will not stand for that, that the u.s. will have israel's back, quote/unquote. and we do not expect that the president will use new language, but israelis i'm assured will be okay with the language he will use. coming to israel and repeating what he has said recently on iran will be enough. it's not as far as many of the israelis the more conservative israelis themselves stand, where they stand on iran, but enough that he'll come here and repeat
12:10 pm
where he's been. >> we will see, we know you're covering of course from gentleman reese jerusalem. thank you. now to some of the hottest stories. first up, the pope. he waded through crowds in vatican city for his official inauguration. and not only walking through crowds, there he is on the popemobile, open air popemobile, kissing baby, shaking some hands. while back in his home of buenos aires, his sister had a change of heart after a startling revelation about that last conclave back in 2005 when she prayed her brother wouldn't be elected pope. >> translator: so i would pray he wouldn't get elected. during this conclave, i was praying the holy spirit would not listen to my prayers to me.
12:11 pm
>> she had wanted her brother home with her, but this go around she's happy for him. and just before hearing he will be spending the rest of his life behind bar, watch t.j. lane as he is unbuttoning his dress shirt to reveal a white t-shirt underneath with the word killer written on it. lane opened fire in the calf tear i can't ha cafeteria of his high school last year killing three students. and this is politics getting personal. this is the ukrainian parliament, the pushing, the shoving, erupted after a speech by the leader from the president's party. he reportedly called deputies from a far right faction neo fascists and by the looks of the pictures, it all went downhill from there. more dysfunction this time in kansas city. you'll see the mayor just standing up on the stage of the podium giving his state of the
12:12 pm
city address. and then this happens. >> those early efforts resulted in $5 billion in investment -- >> this man just got through talking about exactly what the [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> well, that was unfortunate. >> you saw the security take him down. he was taken into police custody. the mayor there said he had no problems with what this man wanted to say, only a small problem with the method. now to syria. disturbing reports today of chemical weapons being used in the civil war there. but the question is, if this is happening, who is using them? that answer depends on who you ask. president obama has said that is
12:13 pm
the red line. chemical weapons. so what then? that's next. music ... music ... music...
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just in, carnival cruises announcing it will cancel another ten cruises on the troubled triumph which of course had passengers stranded for days without power. the ship will not be ready until june when repairs are made. and now to the red line that could mean greater u.s. involvement in syria. and today the white house is looking into reports that that red line has now been crossed. syrian state media reporting chemical weapons have been strapped to a missile and fire order civilians in allepo province, killing at least 25 people and injuring dozens more. president assad's regime are blaming the rebels. rebels blame the government. here's what the u.s. thinks. >> we have no evidence to substantiate the charge that the opposition has used chemical weapons. we're deeply sceptical of a regime that has lost all
12:17 pm
credibility and we would warn the regime against makes these kind of charges as any pretext or cover for its use of chemical weapons. >> jim clancy joining me in the studio. when we hear carney saying skeptical, just before we even get in to this, no one those whether chemical weapons were used. the u.s. knows the government has them. that's why president obama drew this red line. but we don't know for sure. >> no, we don't know for sure, but you can analyze it a little bit. you can look at the videotape of the survivors, the injured in hospital. >> let's roll it again. >> when you look at them, you see ty're being treated by doctors. if these were wearing normal clothing and they had been hit in a chemical weapons attack, all those doctors, everybody carrying them, they would also be affected. now, did people smell chlorine? they may have. but it may not have been from the use of chemical weapons.
12:18 pm
and of course there is that all important red line that's already been drawn. >> if this is the usage of chemical weapons, would we know for sure whether or not there would be u.s. boot on the ground in syria? >> the president has said that was a red line, he didn't say what it would mean if the red line got crossed. and they use the occasion again today and you heard carney talking about it where he's saying don't use this as a pretext, don't try to pump all of this up. the u.s. is backing the rebels saying this was a regime missile fired, russia is backing the syrian news agency's official accounting of this, blaming it on the rebels. we will find out what was fired and who did it at some point i'm sure. >> how much of a chemical weapon cache is in syria right now and what would be the pea poe for damage? >> mustard gas is what is thought that the regime has. and the u.s. is very concerned about not only the assad regime does it use it against its own people, but also to ensure that
12:19 pm
those chemical weapons aren't transferred to other parties like hezbollah in lebanon or for the rebels, they're fighting on the rebels side, the u.s. doesn't want help get weapons of mass destruction certainly. >> is jim qulan city, thank you. coming up next, news on everything, everyone, including justin timberlake, his future plan, critics upset over cvs pharmacy asking employees to get a physical or pay up. and scientists saying extinct species could be extinct no more. and one company stock price drops because certain pants are see-through. e and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me.
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technology, sports, business, health, science, we hit it all. it's called the power block beginning with this. ♪ >> break out the suit and tie. justin timber what i can beberl since 2006 is out today and this is just the first half. almost seven years without a little jt music and suddenly he is bringing sexy back to back.
12:23 pm
you like that? timberlake confirms the sequel is coming. and all of you downward facing yogis, lulu lemon has pulled its latest patch off store shelves because they reveal a little too much skin. yep, you can see through them. you didn't want that, folks. this is a big recall. 17% of all its pants it sells is having a big impact on the stock price, as well. lulu shares are down homore tha 5% today. there it is. welcome to jurassic park. >> we've made living biological attractions so astounding. >> how did you do this?
12:24 pm
>> can i touch it? >> sure. >> jurassic park might actually be closer to reality than you think. scientists are working on ways for bring back extinct smepecie. chad myers, the idea of having a species once extinct, bringing it back, are they having success at all? >> no. they're not a having success, but trying to think of other ways to do it. they're thinking of doing the cloning thing. finding the dna of an extinct animal and putting that dna into the egg, hatching the egg and making a real animal, new unextinct version of that same animal right there. but now they're thinking wait a minute, and i'll speak for myself, we have about 1% to 2% neanderthal in us. not you, just me. >> i'll take that. >> if we find that we can take that 1% and find the most knee
12:25 pm
neanderthalithic, we could go back breeding. let's not talk about people. let's talk about a frog. behind a frog that looks like the extinct frog, you find another one that looks a little bit like it, you breed those frogs. then at that time betake the bed breed back the dna of the extinct animal. we won't see woolly mammoths or dinosaurs because that dna is gone for millions of years. but this is just different ideas of how to maybe bring back the carrier pigeon. all those -- you see so many pigeons around and the ibex they tried which was kind of a goat like thing, but it only lived just a couple of minutes. that was the closest they ever got. extinct in 1999, they took a cell from that last animal, tried to clone it, but it didn't live. >> so maybe the word extinct
12:26 pm
will be extinct eventually. >> maybe a little. >> thank you. let's talk basketball. miami heat did it again. one highlight, monster dunk by of course lebron james. didn't stop there. king james led the heat all the way back from actually 17 down including hitting a jumper with ten seconds to go to win the game. 105-103. they are ten wins away from tying the longest streak in league history. and the ncaa tournament tipping off in just a matter of hours. the so-called first four begins with a pair of games you have liberty playing north carolina ent at 6:40 eastern. the winner will face number one overall seed louisville. good luck with that. always a good cinderella story. and st. mary's takes on middle tennessee state. you can watch both on trutv. a new policy from a national
12:27 pm
drug store chain is triggering all kinds of controversy today. cvs calls it motivation. critics call it retal krigs. it involves workers having to pay more for health care if they don't report certain medical information like your weight, your bed mass index, glucose levelses to the insurer. and cnn's zain asher joins me and specifically how does this policy work? >> it's pretty simple. basically you agree to a voluntary, quote/unquote, voluntary health screening or you pay a fine. companies wanting their employees to submit to health screenings isn't anything unusual. what's unusual in this particular case is the fact that cvs is reportedly saying if you don't take the screening, they will be taking money out of their employees' paychecks. so this time a bit more coercive and also the information they're asking is a bit controversial shal. things like weight, body fat, glucose levels. so it's pretty clear they are trying to weed out anyone who might have early symptoms of
12:28 pm
diabetes or obesity. now, we spoke to deborah peel, the founder of the patients privacy rights group. she says even though companies have a natural incentive to reduce health care costs, she says this of course is not the best way to go about it. take a listen. >> there are many companies who want to help their employees get healthier and they do so by giving them rewards. they don't say do it or else i'm going to take money out of your paycheck. i've seen way too many employers that use employee health information to discriminate against them. so even if it's couched as this is -- we're not fwg it going to look at your health information there, is no way employees can be sure of that. >> we did reach out to cvs, and they told us that all personal data would be given to a third party, not shared with cvs under any circumstance. and they said our benefits
12:29 pm
program is evolving to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and health costs and the initial step is a health screening and wellness review. the company would not confirm how much it would charge employees who declined the screening. >> zain asher, thank you. we've been keeping an eye on the two breaking news stories. the first involving the reported gunman on a college campus.other, a shooting inside a hospital in allentown, pennsylvania in the positive pit win hospice wing. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees.
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12:32 pm
bottom of the hour. just wanted to update both of our breaking news stories. these two situations percolating. the first out of indianapolis, indiana university purdue campus on lockdown still after the report of a gunman.
12:33 pm
the school has defeated te twee folks that a man with a long gun had been spotted. we're watching that situation out of yiof indianapolis. also today word of another shooting at a hospital in allentown, pennsylvania. this is the lehigh valley hospital. we're told this incident took place on the fourth floor, the hospice wing of the hospital. no word yet on victims. police say this is not an active shooting situation. we're making calls. answer as soon as we get update, we'll pass them along. now to the business news you need. from the cnn money newsroom in new york. we're talking about one of her favorite topics. retire the. the employee benefit research institute conducted a survey and they asked are you getting ready for retirement? are you saving money? 66% say yes. christine says that's bad news. >> down from three quarters. so fewer people are thinking about and getting ready for retirement and that's a problem.
12:34 pm
>> let's talk about how it breaks down. how much confidence do you have in having enough money saved up for retirement? 13% say they are very confident. 38% say they're somewhat confident. here is the problem. 21% are not too confident in having enough money for retire the. more than a quarter. >> and this right here together is an all-time high. people not ready for retirement. >> let's see how breaks down in terms of how much people have saved. the total saving and investment for retirement, these people are doing okay. about 24% have more than $100,000 saved. about 19% have $25,000 to $100,000. they can catch up, but they're going in the right direction. >> what is this? >> 29% have between $1,000 and $25,000 saved for retire the. that's basically nothing. 28% have less than -- and by the way, this is 28% of the 66% who are saving for retirement, 28% of 66% have less than $1,000.
12:35 pm
>> and why is it? even this retirement, 39% say they have debt, they're concerned about their debt levels. people say their day to day life experiences a expenses are getting in the way and job market uncertainty. >> here is the question they opposed to retirees. they said could you come up with $2,000 for unexpected expenses in the next month? you can come up with $2,000? here is the good news. 69% said they definitely or probably could. but when you ask people if they could not, 32% say they definitely or probably could not or they don't know. >> and that's the interesting thing. only 2% of people said that retire the planning was the most urgent financial issue pressing on americans right now. and that means we didn't know in many cases. we're not engaged in the strategy. and i know it sounds sort of pollyanna, but we have a lot of big challenges in this country. so few people are saving more
12:36 pm
than $1,000. that's got real public policy implications. >> a lot of people don't know how much they will need for health care, how long they will live. we have a lot of tools for you on you can get a sense of where you fit in. how much money might you need for retirement. it really, really is crucial. one of the things you always say is that americans plan for a lot of stuff, but we are unlike a lot of cultures in which we don't really plan for retirement often until it's too late. >> we spend more time planning our next vacation than we do retirement. and we also spend a lot of time on kids college education. remember, the cardinal rule, plan to your retirement first. >> i have christine reminding me and now do you, too. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah?
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12:40 pm
ten years after the start of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq, our cnn photojournalists who were there on the ground embedded during this war are now sharing their stories about the heartbreak, about the horror, and the humanity they witnessed through their cameras during some of the war's feiercest fighting. >> the night the war began, commander of the air group told the pilots that tonight they were going to downtown baghdad. the agreement we had with the navy is that we would not broadcast live until the last plane from the mission had touched down. >> i know you just got out of your jet -- >> we got a commander on a live enter strinterviews as he stepp. he was still sweaty. >> we crossed in to iraq after a night of watching rockets and planes go over and seeing the war begin. we had seen the convoy where jessica lynch had been taken. we were told by command that
12:41 pm
they're actually going into get jessica lynch. so we sat there and listened over the radio what was going on. we love to be in the center of things. so it's killing me to not be there get beiting the pictures. >> i was at cnn headquarters tying my shoe and all of a sudden there was huge explosion. and right after the explosion, my room filled with dust and debris and i ran out into the hall and i realized that the room next door to me had been hit. fortunately, there was nobody in that room. >> in an effort to clear out one of the buildings that they suspected the insurgents were in, a tank fired a shell into the building. and military men came out with their hands out and surrendered. the problem is that the shell continued to go through the intended target and into an adjoining house. it was surprising the number of people that came out of that house and it was one of those things where you decide whether you're a journalist or a human
12:42 pm
being. there was a baby just a few months older than my own daughter. she was choking on debris. so i had to use my fingers to remove the debris from her mouth and gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation. >> it comes back in my dreams often. i was going to shoot some b roll of an exterior of the main hospital in baghdad and while i was out there, a car came screeching up, very religious older gentleman came out of the car and he was holding a dead boy who had been shot in the head. the man wanted me to help revive this child. and there was absolutely nothing i could do. i felt really helpless. >> this sort of organized chaos. the hospital had been designed for saddam hussein's personal needs. so it wasn't set up to handle mass casualty situations. so you would have one doctor yelling instructions to his team and three feet away, four feet away, you had a whole 'nother team working on somebody as fast as they could. >> being embedded with these
12:43 pm
medics, it was up close and personal. choppers would come in, they would bring in the wounded. throw them right into the tents. wind was blowing, the dust flies. they tried to do their best. a lot of carnage. staff sergeant there, we were by his side and he just died. you feel helphelpless. aim i'm not a doctor. it was just one of those thing that's part of war. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points.
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more teens are facing trouble today in connection with that steubenville, ohio rape case. two girls now have been arrested for threatening the life of the victim. yes, the rach oig vehicpe victi. >> one says you ripped my family apart and made my cousin cry, so when i see you [ bleep ] it will be a homicide. i take this seriously. >> of course. and the next? >> i'll celebrate by beating the [ bleep ] out of jane doe. >> a hear dag will decide whether the girls will be released. drew finley joins me along with ryan smith. and anti-bullying blogger on the phone with me there ohio. and holly, i'd like to begin with you because you have this
12:47 pm
blog, you have become very involved in the steubenville case. off the top, why? why become so involved with this trial in steubenville? >> i became involved with the trial in steubenville initially, i know she was being sued for the freedom of speech information. i had been following the case with her on her blog. i became involved when i heard the horrifying things that had happened to this girl, the video, and just the bullying online by her peers, with the posting of the pictures, the horrible things they said about her. just horrified me beyond belief. and having experienced some of that myself, i sympathize and empathize at the same time. >> i know your blog focuses of course you were showing some of the tweets, harassing this we'll
12:48 pm
call her jane doe, this victim in steubenville. but ryan smith, let me bring it back to that. holly stand by. bring it back to the tweets. they totally crossed the line. >> i think they crossed the line. the problem is our country and our laws haven't caught up to these kinds of tweets as to whether they're breaking the law or not. because you think about it the way the kids use internet and twitter and facebook, they have mediums to try to transmit this will kind of hate far beyond anything we know about. secondly, our laws, they're accused of menacing so that's threatening serious body harm. threatening that murder. but does it rise to that level or are they online throwing out messages. they don't understand the depth of what they're doing i think. and also we need something in our laws that accounts no this because our laws account for something that is physical, and you can see almost when these online things are a different story. >> it sounds simple, update the laws. why haven't we done that yet?
12:49 pm
>> ryan perfectly describes the menacing, but they don't c contemplate mass text messages and tweets. so how reality based were they. did somebody really think amongst all the tweets that they received that they would be murdered or seriously injured. and ite it's a difficult to case it prove. the problem is they will be in juvenile court will wr a judge will decide what's in their best interests and their best interests may be some degree of rehabilitation. >> what i thought about when i was thinking of cyber bullying law, i thought of tyler clemente in new jersey. laws were written in new jersey because of this horrendous incident that happened several years ago. but is this just a state by state basis, is that how this will work in terms of cyber bullying laws? >> very much so. and then each state is tasked with the idea of 2k3we9ing up to speed. but then how do they differentiate between what happened in the tyler clemente
12:50 pm
case and what happens here. it not only goes to what the person is feeling on the other he said of the twee end of the tweets but the person sending it. i'm sure their lawyer will say they didn't mean to do thinking except throw out a comment. and so how do you determine whether or not they've crossed that line. >> that's a great point. 49 states have bullying statutes. only 13 have specific cyber bullying statutes. >> 14. >> 14, i'm sorry. and the problem is that they just -- the bullying statute doesn't specifically respond to the massiveness and the casualness of a tweet or text message. >> i was talking over dinner with my family just about the photo, the deletion of photos. it changes the game now as we move forward in terms of these cases and trials and prosecuting them. guys, thank you. appreciate it. holly, thank you. now it's the drink. this is the drink that has been in the news lately.
12:51 pm
you might not have heard of it. it's called sizzurp. it reportedly sent lil wayne to the hospital. we'll explain what this stuff is that people are drinking coming up. the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's disease is exelon patch. now with more treatment options, exelon patch may improve overall function and cognition. your loved one can get a free 30-day trial. and you can have access to nurses. it does not change how the disease progresses. hospitalization, and rarely death, have been reported from wearing more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fall, loss of appetite or weight, application site redness, and urinary tract infection. the likelihood and severity of these side effects may increase as the dose increases or if patients weigh less than 110 pounds. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor as serious stomach problems such as bleeding may worsen. patients may experience slow heart rate. free trial offer for them.
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. jake tapper, your guests are getting bigger and bigger. my goodness. lebron james. the dude is like 6'7". >> lebron james is a large individual. we had hahim yesterday along wih
12:54 pm
michael bloomberg. today we have michael mcdonagh the new chief of staff of the white house. we'll get his take on the reports out of syria. we also have republican marco rubio and i know you are a big ncaa brackets person so i want you to know nate silver, the genius nerd statician who predicted the election, we'll look at his picks and he'll look at mine and we'll see who comes out ahead. >> i like you, jake, but my money may be on that guy. >> you're a wise woman. very wise thank you. "the lead" in a matter of minutes. now soda and cough syrup, a dangerous combination and is becoming big in the hip hop industry. >> see the scars that remain. i see wayne. i'm looking at him. >> rapper lil wayne out of the
12:55 pm
hospital but could this cocktail known as sizzurp be the reason he was admitted? ♪ >> reporter: the 2009 document ary presents an intimate portrait of wayne michael junior the rap star lil wayne. in the film he used sizzurp which could have landed him in intensive care and could have killed him. syrup, sizzurp, purple drink, or lean, the same stuff, a home made drink using a prescription drug containing codeine. it is mixed with sweet drinks, even candy, then sipped. the drinker feels euphoric and calm. those who use it say it slows you. sizzurp has been around since the 1990s but the popularity appears to be growing because of the prevalence not only in the rap world but pop culture generally. take far east movements like g-6
12:56 pm
for example. ♪ now i'm feeling so fly ♪ >> reporter: last august this 14-year-old from st. paul, minnesota died after consuming the drink. it's also blamed for the deaths of hip hop artist robert earl dejay davis jr. and chad lamont butler known as pimp c. the drink has found its way into professional sports. green bay defensive end jonny jole and former quarterback jamarcus russell and tarrance keel were all arrested on charges of misusing the drug. keel died in an unrelated car crash in 2008. both jolie and russell are trying to restart their careers. all this from a prescription cough syrup being used as a party drug ruining some lives, taking others. ♪ so get high or get low ♪ >> reporter: if sizzurp did cause lil wayne's health
12:57 pm
problems he may have nearly been its most latest and most famous victim. it seems obvious but the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of america says this is obviously a way off label use of a drug, a not over-the-counter drug, a drug that has to be prescribed by a doctor, and they say doing that is not only dangerous, possibly fatal. they try to prevent that, from people using it for those purposes obviously. this particular drink is worse for kids under 16, though, and if you're prone to seizures like lil wayne is apparently, it can be deadly as well. brooke? >> and to quote you, it slows your roll. thank you very much. coming up indiana jones, hans solo. harrison ford has had memorable roles. today he is on capitol hill.
12:58 pm
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