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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 21, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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about change in the immediate aftermath of the shootings there was a sense of what happened in our town might be a tipping point and that real meaningful progress in the area of gun safety might result. and we know that a lot of good people are working very hard to try to make this happen. and we thank them for that. we'd ask everyone who has power to influence legislation in this area and of course those whose job it is to vote on the legislation to ask themselves if they are doing enough to bring about real and meaningful change. and if they are not, to ask themselves why not. we see that on a completely unrelated issue a prominent senator has changed his view because he gained a new perspective formed by his own personal connection to that issue.
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for those of you for whatever reason are inclined to do something very little in support of gun control, we ask you to try to gain your new perspective by thinking about the unthinkable which is unfortunately our reality. this isn't about completely eliminating the possibility of another newtown. unfortunately, very little in life is certain. however, if together we can make real progress and bring about meaningful change so that it is far less likely that other wills have to die so young, so senselessly and then shouldn't we be doing everything we can to bring about that change? thank you. >> all right. new york city there. mayor michael bloomberg being joined by the vice president of the united states and also
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family members of the many victims from the shooting in connecticut in newtown all saying more needs to be done for stricter legislation, not just for that city or tristate region but the entire nation. >> the vice president talking about those large clips in weapons, the 30-round clips and talking about what they're calling common sense legislation. so we're keeping an eye on all of that. meanwhile, welcome to "around the world." i'm michael holmes. >> and i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. we have a lot coming up including this. we're going to begin in iran actually. in the middle of president obama's visit to israel a new threat from iran. >> iran's supreme leader today vowed to destroy tel aviv if iran is attacked by israel. and made those comments in an address marking the iranian new year. >> and he said the basis of hostility with iran is the u.s. government. we'll have the latest on president obama's trip to the region live from jerusalem. the united nations is going
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to launch an investigation into whether chemical weapons were indeed used in syria. both the syrian regime and the opposition asked the u.n. to look into the claim. >> the demand came after both sides accused each other of firing chemical weapons on tuesday. opposition groups insist rebels don't have access to such material. >> and u.s. officials saying they welcome the move. first up, north korea's new and threatening message. pyongyang warning today it has the capability to strike u.s. bases in guam and japan. >> matthew chance joining us now from seoul, south korea. matthew, is this north korea's typical bluster or something more ominous here? >> it's really difficult to say, fredricka, because it's such an unpredictable regime. but what we do know is these threats are being made all the time now. there's a lot of tension that's been growing on the korean peninsula, tension that is being
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fueled by the statement that are increasingly coming out of pyongyang. barely a day can pass it seems without another north korean threat. state television is full of them. the latest in response to u.s. bomber flights over south korea. it's an annual military exercise but pyongyang is seething. >> translator: the u.s. should not forget that there is an air force base on guam where jets take off and okinawa where nuclear submarines are launched are within the striking range of the precision strike means. >> specific threats even preemptive nuclear attack has become a pyongyang theme. this video of the white house in electronic crosshairs appeared on a north korean website a few
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days ago, the dome on the capitol building is destroyed in a simulated explosion while talking of a north korean atomic bomb targeting what he calls the capitol of war. there are so many threats streaming out of north korea these days, it's hard to know which ones if any to take seriously. certainly pyongyang is not believed to have the capability to effectively strike the united states. observers are left puzzling on what on earth this secretive increasingly belligerent country is playing at. part of it may be sheer confidence. north korea's december rocket launch and nuclear test in february appear to have been technological successes that imboldened pyongyang. and furious at the u.s. tightened sanctions. but threats also for the young north korean leader kim jong-un to bolster his hardline
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credentials and seniority at home. >> first and foremost for his domestic audience. simply without the support of the military, he won't be around for very much longer. so he has to bolster his support from the brass. that won't be so easy to do in a culture in north korea where age matters, he's 28, 29 years old. >> and the young kim isn't averse to voicing a few threats himself. on this recent tour of border islands he told ecstatic troops they'd throw enemies into the kol dron, break their waist and crack their windpipes. seems to have been exactly what they wanted to hear. fredric fredricka, it's not just the threat, it's the actions as well. this is a regime that's tested a long-range missile, carried out a third nuclear test. a big concern is that it could one day soon gain the technology to carry out some of those threats. >> yeah. and, matthew, diving in here, south korean officials today saying that cyber attacks we reported on yesterday, i think
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32,000 computers damaged and servers, came from inside china. they've traced the ip back to there. but what does that mean? >> well, it doesn't mean that china was involved in this directly at least. in fact, it's heightened the suspicions that north korea was behind that cyber attack as well. not least because it's used chinese servers in the past to carry out very similar cyber attacks against south korea. in fact, the chinese government's reacted to this, they have not accepted any responsibility saying that hackers often use ip addresses from other countries to launch cyber attacks. they've also said they'll try and communicate -- sorry, you know, work with the international community to get to the bottom of this as well. and so, again, south korean investigators working hard to find out who's responsible for this. the fact it's a chinese ip address shedding suspicion yet more on north korea. >> matthew, appreciate that. matthew chance in seoul. let's also stay overseas in the middle east region.
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president obama taking his message of support to israel directly to the people. within the past hour the president spoke at the jerusalem convention center to a group made of mostly of students and young people. >> a warm welcome too. he spoke in hebrew at one point telling the crowd you are not alone. the president reiterating that the u.s. will stand up for israel's right to defend itself stressing the importance of keeping iran from developing a nuclear bomb but saying there's still time for diplomacy. >> the syrian people have the right to be freed from the grip of a dictator who would rather kill his own people than relinquish power. assad must go so syria's future can begin. because true stability in syria depends upon establishing a government that is responsible to its people, one that protects all communities within its borders while making peace with countries beyond them -- >> two states for two people,
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president obama said that's the key to peace between israel and palestinians. >> even as the president pushes for peace and tows that line, he admits there are complications in the region. john from jerusalem, again, the president stressing the right of people to be free in a land of their own and a message of those who oppose the jewish state. let's play this before we come to you, john. >> make no mistake, those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist, they might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above because israel's not going anywhere. >> that line got a standing ovation. did the president succeed in his efforts to reassure the israeli people of his commitment? >> i think there's no question, michael, he has reassured the israeli government and the israeli people. the question is can he bring the palestinians to the table as
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well as part of a peace process or is this fence mending new image building in israel? you heard the president's line, you could say that line was directed at iran leading aum din jaj saying israel should be wiped from the map. or could be directed at hamas saying that's one of the complications in trying to get a peace process started again. when he was in ramallah the president spoke about palestinian divide, much more prosperity in ramallah run by mahmoud ahmadinejad. the president could not be more right on that divide. >> to visit gaza is to step back in time and to wonder if hate will ever give way to peace. celebrations of the hamas military winged lobbed rockets
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into israel contributes to men called mar t eed martyrs. poverty, rundown housing, mules and horses alongside beat up cars. here though proof gaza doesn't have to be so bleak. those with jobs are less likely to choose hate and violence. 600 workers here at the plant, just 300 now, most of them part-time. >> we've got actually five lines. and we used to have six shifts a day. now we only have one shift for like three days a week. >> it's the price for israel's anger at hamas. now it's limited to selling locally. his truck once drove to the israeli border for co2 and now the factory pays five times as much for tanks smuggled through egypt. he blames israel.
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>> they want to control gaza, the people, the economy, they want to control everything. >> welcome to the great palestinian divide. ramallah is hardly boomtown but a galaxy apart from gaza. the market is busy. coffee shops are packed. and nine different arab banks compete for customers at this ramallah mall. stan helped build the mall. he says better than gaza isn't good enough. and, again, he blames israel. >> israel now has the leisure to be able to pick and choose how much restrictions it puts on the various palestinian areas, but that doesn't mean that ramallah is not under military occupation. we are very much in a cage. and around this cage is either israeli settlements or military checkpoints. >> he lives here but raised in youngstown, ohio. an american citizen who voted twice for president obama but believes visiting israel and ramallah now is a big mistake. >> coming and going without bringing any kind of political
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movement is em boldening israel and imboldening israel with this right wing government means more settlement means more collapse for the palestinian society. >> he doesn't like to talk politics. instead he wishes the economics of peace would take hold. his furniture factory is a few steps from the gaza/israel border. and his products not too long ago were sent to israel by the truckloads and now israel won't allow it. the price of hate he says. hamas shares the blame. 150 workers here before hamas came to power in gaza. just 20 now. a border once busy with trade now a no-man's land. under the watchful gaze of israeli surveillance balloons. of the 100 factories and warehouses near the border, all but five locked and shuttered. the price of hate, mistrust and violence. and that is one of the huge questions you hear the president trying to lift both the
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palestinians and the israelis. the political leaders and the citizens, to look at north star if you will, to look at the possibility and promise that would come from a two-state solution, but fred and michael, already so many questions. can he get the israelis to stop bitd u building settlements? can he get to figure out own internal struggle and hamas to give the palestinian president some room and peace negotiations to have that room hamas would have to acknowledge israel's right to exist. >> hope for more optimism in the future. there isn't much at the moment. john, thanks so much. all right. here's what else we're working on "around the world" this hour. ♪ >> soul singer joss stone said she was having a really nice day, that is until police came to her door to tell her someone was trying to kill her. >> a murder plot involving hammers, a metal spike and even a samurai sword. plus, it's being called the air
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welcome back everyone. here are the stories making news around the world right now. >> in guantanamo bay, cuba, more prisoners have joined a hunger strike at the u.s. detention facility there. a pentagon spokesperson says 24 suspects terrorists are now involved. and eight of them require feeding tubes. >> an attorney for some of the detainees says he was alarmed to see several had lost more than 20 or 30 pounds. he says they're protesting searches of their personal items, letters, photographs, that sort of thing, and also he says the rough handling of qurans during searches. and saying the claim is nonsense. >> he was just inaugurated, but he will celebrate holy mass at a
9:19 am
juvenile prison in rome. >> he will wash the feet of some of the young detainees there, that's one of the rituals practiced on the holy day. normally the mass would be held at st. peter's basilica. >> and julia gillard has survived a leadership showdown with herself. >> this is extraordinary. she called a leadership vote to quiet criticism within her governing labor party. but the man everyone thought would challenge her, did not. >> there was an expectation that former prime minister kevin rudd would try it, but he said he would stick to a promise he made last year never to challenge for the office again. >> yeah. the funny thing is the pundits are saying he didn't have the numbers to win anyway so there's a lot of suspicion. so nobody stood and she won. meanwhile, the prime minister also issued a historic and somber national apology. >> she publicly recognized the
9:20 am
victims of australia's adoption policy prior to 1975. an official inquiry last year found thousands of unwed mothers were forced to give up their babies usually to married couples. >> hugely controversial practice. and miss gillard acknowledged the devastating toll that forced adoption had on the mothers and children involved. >> to each of you who were adopted or removed, who were led to believe your mother had rejected you and who were denied the opportunity to grow up with your family and community of origin and to connect with your culture, we say sorry. we offer this apology in the hope that it will assist your healing and in order to shine a light on a dark period of our nation's history. to those who have fought for the truth to be heard, we hear you now. >> prime minister gillard pledged $5 million to improve access to specialist support and also tracing of records so
9:21 am
people could go back and check on their ancestors. >> what an extraordinary emotional journey for so many. >> yeah. >> that's incredible. all right. so cyprus now which faces a looming deadline. >> does that tiny nation has until monday now, the clock is ticking, to draw up a revised bailout deal or face bankruptcy. >> lawmakers right now are working on an alternate plan. on tuesday they rejected a bailout deal from the european union. there was such a huge backlash over a proposed tax on bank deposits. >> yeah. >> very outspoken about that. >> absolutely. including people around europe worried too. you see there some worried people lining up outside atms because the banks are still closed, our nick paton walsh is in the capital. >> the reason people are in such large numbers is because this atm is working. some getting 500 euros, some less, not sure what the rules are to many of them but it's a
9:22 am
symptom of a panic slowly setting in. we have a banking system here that's really beginning to collapse. people in shops saying they'd rather take cash because the people supplying them goods for sale insist on receiving cash concern for the government's pay system won't function in the 48 hours ahead. but above all people just trying to make sure they have enough money to get through the days ahead. >> so much uncertainty. so much distrust. richard quest is joining us now from london on this. so what happens monday if they don't come up with a so-called plan b? >> right. if there is no credible, workable plan, or a bailout plan, than the european central bank and the central bank of the eurozone, the fed for europe has said it will withdraw what's known as emergency liquidity assistance, ela. this is the cash lifeline that is keeping cyprus' banks and the
9:23 am
s cypriotic economy. the ecb has said if there's no bailout plan in place by monday, they will turn off the tap, the ela, to cyprus' banks. what will that do? they're all insolvent. they're also liquid, but certainly insolvent, they would go bankrupt, the economy would go bankrupt and you would be looking at most people believe a eurozone exit. so there is a plan b on the table, guys. it's a complicated one involving solidarity funds, it doesn't involve a bank levee, it's not easy to see how it would operate. but we seem to be heading to crunch moment. >> i'm curious we saw a bit from nick there about outside an atm there, i'm wondering how tough life is going to be for cypriots, those having to live through this who just got over the shock of maybe losing 6% to
9:24 am
10% of their savings. what is life going to be like for them? >> well, they're not going to lose 6% of their savings anymore. because obviously that plan's being abandoned. and if the bank doesn't see what they're liking, it's rumored that bank is about to close its doors. now, ironically if the bank closes its doors and goes belly up, those savers under 100,000 euros will be safe because they'll be part of the deposit insurance. but put this in blunt basic terms to either of you, did either of you take any money out of an atm in the last 48 hours? >> about half an hour ago. >> right. okay. well, forget that. put that money aside. now look at your wallet. have either of you got a debit card that you might use to pay for a meal or to pay for gas on your way home? or perhaps you've got standing orders direct to charges, etfs against your bank account, all that would come to a screeching
9:25 am
halt for the people of cyprus if those banks close down or go belly up. as for the bigger picture, i mean that's pretty awful. the bigger picture for the economy itself, well, you really would be looking at calamity jane. this would turn the lights off because things would be very serious indeed. >> wow, pretty significant changes on the horizons there. >> they'll have to do a plan b of some sort. richard, good to see you. richard quest there in london following things. okay. this is pretty remarkable. you believe what's being used to help fight the war on drugs in london. >> it's amazing. >> i know. we're not talking about lottery scratch cards. >> well, you got to find out where your scratching. >> yeah. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery
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one of the easiest ways to sniff out growing marijuana is by what i'm told is it's rather unique odor. you've got to know what it smells like. >> that's right. if you don't know, zain is here
9:29 am
to explain. a rather novel approach taking place in london teaching people how to recognize that scent and then what to do next. >> yeah. >> wake up and smell the marijuana. london is a big city. and it's not really that well known for its farming, but people are doing exactly that because they are growing weed in the heart of london. police have come up with a way to stop it. and a charity called crime stoppers has a cool method. it looks like a lottery ticket. you can actually scratch and sniff. i'm going to do that right now. oh, it smells kind of familiar, but not quite. >> no, because that's the growing stage and not the smoking stage or the burning stage. of course there are other signs to look for. just not the smell such as a lone person living in a house, never goes out, windows blackened out, high heat, condensation on the windows, et cetera. >> what about the people growing it? is it mainly organized crime or
9:30 am
what? >> that's what we're interested. organized criminal groups and organized crime. we're not interested in somebody growing a pot plant on their window. this is about taking over houses completely for the purpose of farming cannabis. we don't want to know who you are, we want to know and guarantee we will not compromise your identity. >> this scheme is being rolled up -- i mean rolled out here in london. it's been successful elsewhere, but we have yet to see if this will even scratch the surface. zain verjee, cnn. >> i could have said that guy said we're not looking for people growing a pot plant on their window sill but zain looked really relieved. i believe she did. >> very innovative approach there. all right. straight ahead, an exclusive look at the world of gaza militants. >> islamic jihad has invited us
9:31 am
actually to come and see them train, but it is not an easy road. this is how they all got up with the weapons. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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welcome back everyone. president obama says palestinians deserve a future of hope and a face of their own. >> the president met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. sara sidner got an exclusive look at the world of gaza militants, and those training possibly to join them. >> this is gaza's next generation of potential fighters and leaders. military training for boys, the latest weekly class on offer in high schools courtesy of hamas's
9:35 am
education ministry. at this one the principal says every student has enjoyed. >> we learn about strength and jihad god willing. >> this 16-year-old and his classmate say they don't know if they'll join one of gaza's many militant groups, but there's no doubt this is fertile recruiting ground. one of the things these high school students don't need to be taught is what it feels like to be in war. they have all experienced it. and they all believe the fight between gaza and israel will never end. >> translator: for me personally i've lost three people dear to me in the war. >> the trainers themselves are military men. >> translator: the goal is to teach them to get accustom to manhood. why are you singling us here in gaza? even in china and western countries even have similar programs. >> including the united states. high schools there have a military program called junior rotc. why should gaza be any
9:36 am
different, he says. except gaza is different. the u.s. and several other countries have deemed hamas, which runs the strip and other militant groups here, terrorist organizations. the fighters say the u.s. has a biased view. the militants see themselves as oppressed freedom fighters struggling to get their land back from israel. islamic jihad has invited us actually to come and see them train, but it is not an easy road. this is how they all got up with all the weapons. and they've also asked me to cover my head because seeing my hair is offensive to them. once at the top we get an exclusive look into the world of gaza militants. they train here with israel in plain view because they too have no doubt another war is inevitable. their leaders and the hamas government say the united states' leadership can't make peace because it sees things one
9:37 am
way, israel's way. >> translator: palestinian people consider the u.s. government and not partners in our suffering. if you want to change this perception, you should be fair and just and not look at our situation from an israeli perspective. >> as president obama and secretary of state kerry look to revive the peace process, they will not be making a stop in gaza. but this is another piece of the peace process puzzle that so far no one has solved. there is little chance for lasting peace if gaza's future generations can't imagine a world without war. >> sara joins us live from jerusalem. there's obviously a lot of frustration over the lack of progress what we could loosely call the peace process. as you well know, the west bank and gaza are really two different palestinian entities in terms of society. i'm curious how it's playing out
9:38 am
the visit of the president in gaza versus the west bank. >> look, the people in gaza feel very much ignored. and they didn't think that they were going to get anything out of this trip as it is. and they didn't. they felt like, again, the president was really surely backing israel. and you know that there are several groups that really feel there should not be an israeli state, that this land was stolen from them and that's their stance. and that is one of the reasons why you see they believe they are still in a war with israel despite the cease fire. but one of the things israel has said time and again is they're not going to negotiate with someone who is never going to recognize them. they're not going to negotiate with someone who is sending rockets over to israel. the palestinians say, look, we also get hit by air strikes and we have to deal with our own sorrows plus the fact that, you know, there are huge areas there that are huge refugee camps for people who lost their homes,
9:39 am
lost their land, lost the things that were dear to them when israel was formed. so there's a lot of emotion that is at the heart of all this. and that's why i think this peace process ultimately is very difficult because there are strong emotional ties that are broken often times and people don't want to let go of that. and i think that's why you're seeing some of this. but certainly the acts of terror, both sides condemning the other saying they're both acting in a terrorist type of way. and they're saying, look, we're just trying to make them understand what it is that we need and what it is we feel. israel saying, look, you're targeting our civilians, people who have done nothing to you. this is not a group that we can have any conversations with. >> all right, sara, thanks so much. sara sidner there. fascinating look at that training. and it was a murder plot that included a metal spike and a samurai sword. >> yeah, the target soul singer joss stone. now two men are in court on trial. we'll have that when we come
9:40 am
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all right. it's an alarming list. we're talking about a samurai sword, two hammers, a metal spike, black tape and bags. all these things were found in a car ready to be used in an alleged murder. >> the target soul singer joss stone. ♪ >> that's stone there singing her hit "you had me". >> let's bring in max foster following this case from london. max, this is so bizarre. how in the world did police or authorities kind of uncover this plot?
9:44 am
alleged plot. >> basically there were -- the two accused, they're both denying charges by the way, were found in a car in the village where joss stone lives -- >> oh, no. we just lost our signal with max foster. we'll try to reconnect with him. >> oh, no, we've got him. >> oh, he's back. >> where were you? carry on. >> joss stone lives in a village, a very rural area in southern england. and it's not an area where people drive through. and the local police basically saw a car she didn't recognize, the neighbors complained and she pulled over the car. in the car they found all of the weaponry that you described. a frightening haul, but also a load of notes, handwritten notes, by them and subsequently they found some more notes back at the accused apartment in manchester some 200 miles away. they discovered a sort of plot as they call it. the accuse deny all the charges by the way. but they found that they've been
9:45 am
accused of robbery. that's one thing. they think there was a financial motive here. but also found a lot of negativity about the royal family. now, joss stone is friends with the younger royal. she went to prince william's wedding. and that seems to be one of the big problems here that this couple of men had with joss stone according to the prosecution in this case. an incredible story. >> it is incredible. and then apparently, max, one of the suspects had a diary. and there are details in this diary that may reveal there were some other plots involving some other stars. >> yeah. there is a lot of slang in this diary, but they did find the diary. belonged to kevin liverpool, one of the accused. it talks about wetting which is a phrase of repeatedly stabbing someone until their clothes are soaked from blood. and there's a list, one, two, three, saying whether they're
9:46 am
going to rob her wet or death. and on this list, joss stones, eminem, beyonce, r kelly, a problem with celebrities in general all uncovered during the course of this trial. they deny the charges and it will continue for another couple of weeks. >> very bizarre. >> keep an eye on it for us. all right. the smog in china, we've been talking about the water in the river with the pigs and all that taking place, but now we're talking about the smog. apparently so bad that it can actually be seen from space. >> yeah. we're going to find out why it's getting worse. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently.
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welcome back everyone. in china the air pollution is often bad, but this winter it's been so bad it's sparking public protest. >> interesting. the smog can even be seen from space. check out this time lapse photography showing beijing on a clear day and then beijing on a very bad smog day. >> you can't see it. >> amazing stuff. >> health officials in china say more than 8,000 people died from being exposed to this stuff last year. and that's before the recent so-called airpocalypse even hit. >> many people wear face masks to protect themselves, but a regular mask simply these days isn't good enough. >> you need one of these.
9:50 am
it's a very thick mask. you have to pinch your nose like this. and then wander around. but i have to be quite honest, it's kind of weird doing that out on the streets. you feel a little bit bad also because ordinary people, chinese and expats aren't wearing these. >> wow. phillippe joining us now. they have problems particularly in beijing because of all the vehicles and other things, but what do we think is happening this go-round? >> certainly it's contributed by all the pollution and the growth of vehicles in the streets of china. but we have to remember that one of the primary causes are coal-fired power plants. believe it or not, china burns about as much coal as the rest of the world combined. and that increases tremendously every single year. there's still a little bit of weather patterns that have contributed to keeping these pockets of pollution over beijing and parts of china, but it's really an issue of the
9:51 am
amount of consumption of fossil fuels that's happening in china. just staggering. >> it is. and new electricity, coal stations are coming online literally daily. the stuff's obviously bad. what does it do to you, though? >> you know, michael, this is a great example of the reminder of how pollution is not just about the environment but about people and about the economy. if you think of world bank report just talked about how chinese farmers are four times more likely to die of liver cancer, twice as likely to die of stomach cancer as the rest of the world. this has a huge impact on the health on the people of china. and there's knockoff effects on the economy. so the key for trying to get a handle on this issue, learn from the mistakes as eastern europe and the united states over the last hundred years or so and begin to put a serious curb on these types of emissions because it's having a major impact on the harmony of china. >> so it's one thing to impact the health of the chinese
9:52 am
people, but how might china pollution problems really affect the rest of the world? >> well, of course, fredricka, china has been a really important economic driver here in the global economic scale especially over the last few years of the economic slump in the west. and when you look at this unrest and the riots that are happening, when you look at the impact on health care and the cost to the chinese government, there's a very real impact on the economy of china as a whole. and that certainly impacts the rest of us as the world. from an environmental perspective too smog and particlats that originate in china can be found on the beaches of the bahama and the air quality in california because of the jet stream. so we truly live in the global world and what's happening in china is effecting all of us. >> phillippe, thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> amazing, california. >> it is. bahamas? all the way on the atlantic side of the u.s.? that's extraordinary. >> that is. russians, they have billions of dollars invested in cyprus.
9:53 am
>> one big reason, the tax code. so will russia help this tiny nation facing bankruptcy? ] are d waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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we return to the financial crisis engulfing the island nation of cyprus.
9:56 am
>> yeah. as lawmakers try to come up with a plan, the plan b we were discussing with richard earlier, they are also looking to russia for help. >> russia is what the cayman islands are to the u.s., a tax haven. nick paton walsh looks into the investigation. >> uprise over an eu plan to tax their life savings, their dreams really. but they're not just defending their money. the eu plan would also tax the money imported on mass to this seaside getaway, sprinkles the hill with villas, and made this sound like its friendly new occupy. many call this town -- because of the enormous physical russian presence that sprung up out of nowhere almost like the billions of dollars invested here by russia to cyprus. cyprus really didn't ask enough questions about where that money
9:57 am
had come from. >> the russians are accused by the germans and others that a lot of this money is dirty, organized crime syndicates say no, and that all are signed and in place and still disputed between the two sides. currently an independent organization has been given the task to investigate some of the accusations that the money is not clean. >> it's shaken some residents. and even her world of antiques has heard about shady dealings. it must be known amongst the russian community that some people use cyprus to hide away money from the russian tax lair? >> i heard stories that people say that. but i never knew anybody that come here. >> some in europe argue it's okay to tax russian money here that's not being declared, but there's a more immediate cash problem. this shopkeeper selling russian beer and sausage are wanting
9:58 am
cash. here they look anxiously to moscow where finance ministers discuss russia bailing cyprus out perhaps in exchange for cyprus's gas or banks. might that not let moscow find tax hidden cash here. we asked one expert. some russians worry any deal with moscow that moscow gets their hands on the money again. >> if the money according to the requirements of the russian regulations, commerce regulation, there should be no worries. >> questions about how this coast came to glitter so much taking some of the shine off of it. nick paton walsh, cnn, cyprus. >> an important link there. now, listen, this is for the guys. you know how difficult it can be sometimes to get a woman's attention. it can be complicated. >> not for you. >> oh, yes, it is. look at this. imagine riding a horse while trying to kiss a girl.
9:59 am
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