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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 21, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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when a man tries to kiss a woman while they're both racing along on horses. and if he fails, he gets whipped by the lady. and you can tell she's really enjoying that. >> he doesn't seem disappointed either. >> he's trying to pull off to get away. >> interesting. and then off to kabul, afghanistan. these kids riding a swing during new year's celebrations across central asia there. a rather nice break for many from a decade of war. >> decades really. check this out. today is world down syndrome day. in romania these kids with down syndrome, they're having fun, aren't they? they're all smiles as they raise awareness about the condition. one in every 691 babies born in the u.s. for example has it. >> all right. that's going to do it for us together at least. >> together. yes, i'm off. you carry on. your day is not over. >> i'll see you tomorrow, michael. >> i'm out of here. >> thanks so much. all right.
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tell me, tell me how it violates anyone's constitutional right to be limited to a clip that holds ten rounds instead of 30, or in aurora a hundred? >> vice president joe biden's passionate plea there to renew the gun control debate and get legislation through congress. and was a hitman hired to take out colorado's prison chief? we have the latest on the manhunt and the investigation into the shooting death of the head of the state's corrections department. and a picture of an 11-year-old boy holding what looks like an assault rifle. it made the rounds on the internet and prompted an investigation by police and child services. we'll show you how this pans out. this is "cnn newsroom." hello everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. up first, new developments in the nation's gunfight. a ban on assault weapons will not be part of legislation making its way to the senate floor. senate majority leader harry reid decided to drop the
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proposal to keep republicans from blocking it. >> i'm not going to try to put something on the floor that won't succeed. i want something that will succeed. i think the worst of all would be to bring something to the floor and it dies there. >> of course the nra is fighting against tougher gun control. and contributions to the group's political action committee are surging now. the nra raised almost $1.6 million in february. and in january it raked in $1.1 million. vice president biden teamed up with new york mayor michael bloomberg today to push for new gun control laws. biden made an emotional appeal for action. >> for all those who say we shouldn't or couldn't ban high capacity magazines, i just ask them one question, think about newtown. think about newtown. think about how many of these children or teachers may be
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alive today had he had to reload three times as many times as he did. think about what happened out in where gabby giffords, my good friend, was shot and wounded. think about when that young man had to try to change the clip. had he only had a ten-round clip when he changed the clip and fumbled and had it knocked out of his hand, how many more people would have been alive? and tell me how it violates anyone's constitutional right to be limited to a clip that holds ten rounds instead of 30, or in aurora a hundred? >> let's get more on the vice president's emotional appeal for new gun laws. susan candiotti with the speech, the backdrop of new york city, the mayor and involving a number of family members from the connecticut shooting. >> reporter: fredricka, it's always so hard to hear from the
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parents of those victims as well. what the vice president is trying to do, fredricka, is to get all the support he can especially from the public to try to fight for more as they put it common sense gun control legislation. so he's doing these speeches so that he can try to encourage the public to call their lawmakers in wherever they happen to live to try to get more support for this type of legislation. so he is calling for for example universal background checks which many people think exist but do not currently. he's asking for tighter restrictions on the size of the gun magazines and of course he and the president really pushing for a renewed ban on assault weapons. >> three months ago a deranged man walked into sandy hook elementary school with a weapon of war. that's what he walked in with, with a weapon of war. and that weapon of war has no
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place on measuring's streets. and taking it off america's streets has no impact on one's institutional right to own a weapon. >> reporter: now, of course the vice president was flanked by parents of both children and teachers there at sandy hook elementary school, victims of those attacks. and one of them was a parent of jessie lewis. this is someone who has testified before congress before on this very same subject. and he said he is having a hard time trying to understand why congress in his view seems to be holding back on this legislation. >> my son jessie's life was taken by a cowardly deranged person with an assault weapon. no child deserves to be murdered or brutally slaughtered the way these children were. and quite honestly i'm really ashamed to see that congress doesn't have the guts to stand
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up and make a change. >> reporter: now, the mother of another victim mentioned without mentioning him by name referred to ohio senator rob portman saying that this is someone who recently changed his public -- his personal opinion about same sex marriage because of a personal experience knowing that his son is gay. she said i hope that other people out there don't have to go through a personal experience losing someone before they possibly change their mind and support more gun control legislation and laws. fredricka, back to you. >> all right. susan candiotti, thank you so much in new york. now to the city of chicago where a fight at a cd release party quickly escalated into a shootout. police say three men pulled out weapons and opened fire hitting seven people. all of the injured are in stable condition. the party was held at a nightclub where rapper lil' mouse and king sampson reportedly were performing. police believe the shooting was
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gang-related. so far no arrests have been made. now to a heated issue in chicago that just got a whole lot hotter. today, city officials will reportedly announce that at least 50 elementary schools will be closed because they're underused. that's the largest school shutdown in recent history in any u.s. city. supporters of the decision say it makes sense financially and will improve educational opportunities for thousands of children. but opponents, many of them outraged parents, don't see it that way. and they're vowing to fight it. george howell is following the story. former chicago-based correspondent. this is a tough one because there are a lot of folks feeling very impassioned about this and not clear whether it's the right thing to do. >> the thing about it, there's still a lot that's not very clear about what will happen. what we know is this, fredricka, the third largest public school system in the country, so this is going to affect thousands of kids once we hear which schools will be closed. and secondly there's a big
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concern, fredricka, that this will affect mostly p lly predomy african-american communities. again, we don't know which schools or which areas will be closed, but that's the big concern right now. as you mentioned, this is reportedly going to list some 50 schools that will be closed described as underutilized and underresourced schools. >> does that mean the population is really low? >> yeah. means the number just isn't there. maybe they had more students the year before, few eer students n the district sees good reason to close those schools. we don't know which schools though. that's the thing until that list comes out. you find parents saying you're taking investment away from neighborhoods that need more investment. take a listen to what some people had to say. >> i think it's a bit ridiculous. >> any part of chicago that's trying to rebuild, the neighborhood is important. if you take them out of where
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they live, what does that say to the child? >> so we're waiting for this list to come out. we don't know which schools, we don't know where, but it's got a lot of parents upset. concerned about will this affect my neighborhood? there's no bussing schedule out, no bussing plan. it means that a parent will either have to drive their child to the school across town if they have the means to do it or put them on a city bus, and fredricka, there's a big concern about security with that. >> that's a very poignant message one parent made talking about what is a message being sent to a child that the school is not accessible, not in the neighborhood, it's not fit to -- that neighborhood is not fit to have a school. what's the message being sent to children? so given that parents are being outspoken like this, what kind of responses come -- is there from the public school system? are they responding to these parents with these concerns? >> let me read this directly from the ceo barbara bird bennett. she says this. i will soon make recommendations
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on underutilized schools i believe we must consolidate so we can get those students safely into a higher performing school that will have all the things they need to learn and succeed. so, you know, when you listen to that statement, it seems like the plan is to move students from schools that are not as good to schools that are better, but the question is can parents get those kids to the schools? and do they put them on a city bus? is there a bussing plan? there's a lot that's still up in the air with this. people have a lot of questions. and we're anxiously waiting to see that list that is reportedly going to come out today. >> right. bussing might work for certain age groups, but not for others. >> yeah. >> and there are a whole lot of other things to consider. george howell, thanks very much. appreciate it. safe travels on your way to chicago. a search for clues and a killer, the investigation into the shooting death of colorado's state prison chief is still wide open. tom clements was shot at his home tuesday night when he answered a knock at the door. police are looking into multiple leads but focusing on one case
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in particular. jim spellman is in colorado springs. jim, it involves a saudi national. what more can you tell us about this? >> that's right, fredricka. investigators here are paying particular attention to this case. it involves a saudi arabian man and just last week barely a week before tom clements was killed, he denied him to be sent back to serve the rest of his parole. the undersheriff says this is a case they're paying special attention to. >> one case in specific that has been mentioned certainly that the media has mentioned with being denied transfer back to saudi arabia and that has been in the media the last 24 hours. we are assessing that information, determining whether that might have been, you know, there may have been some
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motivation or legitimate threat. >> the man's name is hamadan al turkey. he was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting a housekeeper and keeping her as a slave. police are pursuing over a hundred leads and not taken anything off the table at this time. they still consider this case wide open though paying special attention to this case involved saudi arabia. >> jim spellman, thanks so much in colorado springs. here's what we're working on for the rest of this hour. the u.s. senate is not having it, but the vice president is still pushing a ban on assault weapons. we'll look at what's going on behind the scenes in the gun control debate. but i still have this cough. , [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] ♪ 'cause germs don't stick on me ♪ [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe.
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for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. president barack obama takes his message of support for israel directly to the people. just a short time ago the president spoke at the jerusalem convention center to a group made upmostly of students and young people. speaking in hebrew he told the crowd "you are not alone." the president reiterated that the u.s. will stand up for israel's right to defend itself. he's stressed the importance of keeping iran from developing a nuclear weapon. congresswoman michele bachmann is taking heat for her
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claims about lavish spending by president obama. we showed you what happened when our dana bash tried to question the congresswoman about the comments she made at a recent cpac gathering. >> there's four americans killed. >> congresswoman, but you're the one who brought it up. >> bachmann's claim drew fire from one of her fellow conservatives, bill o rilely from fox news. >> this would be much ado about nothing if not for trivial attacks obscuring problems in this country. does the president live well in the white house? yes, he does. is there money wasted there? you bet there is. but every other president in history has lived in comfort and looks like president bush the younger had a bigger white house budget than barack obama does. this is a trivial pursuit. and michele bachmann made a mistake pursuing it. >> he says bachmann is playing small ball with the president
10:19 am
and can't backup her criticism. to the politics behind the gun control debate. democrats in the senate have decided not to put a ban on assault weapons in their proposed gun control bill, that's because it's not likely to pass. they're putting more of their efforts into required background checks. vice president joe biden says he's not giving up the fight. >> this is not about anybody's constitutional right to own a weapon. for all those who say we shouldn't and can't ban assault weapons, for all those who say the politics is too hard, how can they say that? when you take a look at those 20 beautiful babies and what happened to them and those six teachers and administrators. >> gloria borger joining me now from washington. gloria, what's going on behind the scenes on capitol hill with these gun measures? >> well, if a ban on assault weapons were easy to get, they
10:20 am
would have renewed it when it expired in 2004. the truth of the matter is is that it's difficult politics on both sides of the aisle. not just on the republican side, but on joe biden's democratic side. if you take a look at the election we're heading into, there are about half a dozen democratic senators in states like montana, south dakota, arkansas, they're pro-gun states and they're in a very difficult political position on this because their constituencies believe that a ban on assault weapon is somehow a violation of their second amendment rights. and so when the vice president speaks about this, he's also talking to members of his own party, fred. because i think he feels a real sense of frustration. >> and so it's not able to really get any traction on the hill. why is joe biden going about it this way? what we saw earlier today, him in new york and he's got the new york mayor bloomberg with him as well, family members who were
10:21 am
victimized by the shooting in connecticut. >> well, biden as you know i don't have to tell you is very visceral politician. he was there and was an important part of the ban on assault weapons when it first passed. so there's something personal about this to him. and so there is going to be a vote on a ban on assault weapons. he understands that it could get filibustered and is not likely to pass, but he personally doesn't want to give up on it although he understands that there are other parts of the gun control measure that might well pass. >> other parts like the background checks. >> exactly like the universal background checks. there are people on both sides who can agree that a universal background check may be the way to go. and don't forget the nra itself in the '90s supported a form of a universal background check. so that's one area. maybe a ban on high capacity magazines could be another area.
10:22 am
but i think with joe biden in particular and one of the reasons the president sort of said, okay, joe, you're in charge of this is because he has a long history with this issue dating back to the '90s. so i think he really kind of has a personal -- not unlike senator diane feinstein of california that he wants to see it through. and if they get anything, fred, it will be a very big deal because congress does not like to vote on these issues. >> gloria borger, thanks so much in washington. >> sure. all right. coming up, a surprising statement on same sex marriage from the american academy of pediatrics.
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a group of pediatricians has announced that it supports same sex marriage. american academy of pediatrics said in a policy statement "if a child has two living and capable parents who choose to create a permanent bond by the way of civil marriage, it's in the best interest of their children that legal and social institutions allow them and support them to do so irrespective of their sexual orientation." that comes at a time of rising speculation of same sex marriage. a new "the washington post" poll shows 58% think it should be legal for same sex couples to marry and 36% think it should be
10:26 am
illegal. jeff gardere joining me from new york. first, your thoughts on the statement that marriages of any kind is good for children. >> they are giving a medical and psychological statement that has been bourn out by their experiences and perhaps by research that they've done. the time has come for us to understand that there should be equality in everything we do with everyone we come in contact with. and the bottom line is same sex marriages should happen. it is healthier for children who are part of those marriages because they see that their parents are equally and fully accepted, which then allows them the psychological freedom to be able to grow in a healthier manner. there's no oppression in their homes. >> and, jeff, there are other ways in which the development of children is being gauged. another study being published by "new york times" this week
10:27 am
saying young women are outperforming young men in education and the workforce because of the decline of two-parent households. and actually finds that among people who were 35 years old, women who grew up in a single-parent family were 17% more likely to attend college compared to men who grew up in a single-parent family. and 23% more likely to hold an undergraduate degree. so why will young men suffer more than women when it comes to a single parent household? >> well, because what we see is young women first of all women mature quicker emotionally than boys do. and the most important fact is that we see that the boys themselves need to have that two-parent home, need the presence of a masculine figure in the home to teach them how to be boys. but here's the important thing, it doesn't have to be a man who has to teach them how to be a boy. it could be two men in the home,
10:28 am
it could be two women in the home. the important thing is that they are offered the iyin and yang a to what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl. >> all right. jeff gardere, thanks so much. fascinating studies to examine further. >> thank you. just hours from now a man convicted of killing a new york rabbi could walk free after more than two decades in prison. and prosecutors agree with the ruling. i'll explain right after this. [ female announcer ] the only patch for the treatment
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all right. welcome back to the "newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. we're keeping an eye on the markets. the dow right now down about 75 points. u.s. congress has avoided a government shutdown. earlier today the house approved legislation to fund the government through september. the measure cleared the senate wednesday and now goes to president obama to be signed into law. if the new spending bill wasn't passed before march 27th, it would have resulted in a partial shutdown of federal agencies and other programs. a man in prison for more than two decades for the killing of a brooklyn rabbi is expected to be set free. in 1981 -- '91 rather he was convicted in the murder of the rabbi. the rabbi was shot by a man running from a botched robbery. now it appears the case against ranta has fallen apart. the defense and even the
10:32 am
prosecution believe detectives coaxed witnesses and witnesses lied. prosecutors think the real killer died in a car crash two months after the murder. for days prosecutors in the jodi arias murder trial have grilled a key defense witness. now, it's the jury's turn to question the psychologist, richard samuels. ted rowlands is outside the courthouse in phoenix for us. ted, samuels claims that arias doesn't remember stabbing her boyfriend or slashing his throat because she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. and there are some big questions and big problems with that testimony, right? >> yeah. he's had some problems on the set. he's been on there for several days and he's been grilled by the prosecutor here juan martinez. some of the problems he's had some errors in his report come out and also lost his composure during the grilling in the last few days. he has a tough job. he's trying to convince these
10:33 am
jurors that jodi arias who can't remember everything on the stand he was back taking those questions. >> and there's new interrogation video that surfaced of jodi arias. tell us more about that. >> yeah. you'll remember the first video that showed her doing a hand stand. that was a small snip-it released by the sheriff's department locally here. now we have six hours of it. and there's more of the same. there's her sitting on the ground. there's her on the table with her head down. at times she is smiling. at times she's crying. and at times she's actually singing. take a listen. ♪ >> there you have it. a little jodi arias singing. she actually won a singing contest apparently in the local jail here. the jury did not see that part of it. >> all right. so now how much longer is the
10:34 am
trial expected to last? because we know that she was on the stand for a very long time, more than three weeks over that stretch of time, still psychologist back on the stand entertaining questions from the jurors. when might the jurors actually get this case? >> well, it's a good question because there have been so many delays in this case and some of these witnesses have taken a lot longer. yesterday we had a delay because someone actually threw up in the courtroom. they had to clear the courtroom and cancel the day's testimony. it looks like about two to three weeks before the jury gets this trial -- before the jury gets this case and starts deliberating. but that's just a guess. by the way, fred, the local county here has already shelled out $800,000 for her defense as this continues, that meter keeps running. and taxpayers here are not happy about it. >> very expensive case. all right. ted rowlands, thanks so much. all right, is "tonight show" returning to roots in new york?
10:35 am
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♪ money, well get back >> "money" by pink floyd. and starting today you can hear the full recording at the library of congress. the library is adding "money," "sound of silence" and two or three other pop recordings to the official audio registry. the library announced it chose the music because of their "culture, historic importance to america's legacy." let's talk late-night now. jay leno reportedly out, jimmy fallon in.
10:39 am
and according to "new york times," the "tonight show" is moving back to new york city. here's fallon's take on the report of the switch. >> before we get started i have to talk about the rumor that came out today which says that i'll be moving up to 11:30 or as my parents call it, still too late. actually, the rumors are true. nbc is turning the "tonight show" into a diving competition. so exciting. >> our michelle turner has details. >> could the "tonight show" be returning to new york? and with late-night jimmy fallon taking over for jay leno? according to various reports it might happen fall 2014. no official word yet, but nbc is building a brand new new york studio for fallon who already broadcasts from the big apple. the dramatic crosscountry move would take the late-night talk show back to its roots where
10:40 am
held court from 30 rockefeller center. in 1972 carson looking for easier access to hollywood guests took the show to the west coast. so why go back to new york? >> that's his comfort zone. that's where lauren michaels, who oversees his show is. these days air travel is a lot easier and a lot of stars are in new york as well. i don't think that will hurt him too much. >> "los angeles times" writer joe flint says don't forget that other jimmy. >> advertisers pay more for younger viewers. and jimmy kimmel since moving to 11:30 from midnight is making inroads in that audience. nbc wants to get fallon in there sooner rather than later before kimmel gets too established. >> kimmel spoke to cnn's jake tapper about fallon taking over the "tonight show". >> his talk about mr. leno's departure although i've read those stories before. >> i know. you know, you read stories and you really never know if they're
10:41 am
true or not unless you hear it from somebody over there. >> do you think it's a direct -- it has to be a direct response to you coming. >> god, i hope so. i really hope -- i don't know. i have no idea. i mean, obviously nbc is looking to move on because they did it once already. this would be the second time that this has happened. so, i mean, it makes perfect sense. jimmy fallon is doing a great job and he's very popular. eventually it's going to happen one way or the other. >> they drove all the snakes out of ireland and came to the united states and became nbc executives. >> how does leno feel about this? >> jay is still number one, but his grasp for the audience has slipped a little bit and there was always a little bit of tension between jay leno and conan o'brien that doesn't really exist between him and jimmy fallon. there's better relationships there all around. >> in fact, according to the "hollywood reporter" fallon
10:42 am
called leno to smooth things over and ease the transition of coast and host. >> that was rather clever. so, jay leno, he's been the middle of this late-night dispute before. of course in the piece you remind us of that. so might it be that the end is near for leno on late-night? >> you know, interestingly, fredricka, i think one of the worst kept secrets in hollywood is that jimmy fallon will replace jay leno at some point. the question has always just been when. and it looks like it could now come sooner rather than later. here's the issue that the executives at nbc have. jay leno's still number one. we heard that in the piece as well. it was dicey when you had the situation with conan. and more than likely if he continues to be number one, it will be dicey with the situation with jimmy fallon too. >> okay. so what about the report of moving back to new york? anything more to that? >> well, you know, i think that's the interesting thing
10:43 am
here. will the "tonight show" actually move back to new york? i think that should have been the big headline rather than will one replace the other. it could happen. it definitely could happen. and there is a sense now and a bigger question that's kind of looming here in los angeles, is los angeles starting to lose its grip on the entertainment industry which it was once thought you had to move here to get the celebrities. you don't have to do that so much anymore. and film a television production are leaving for places like atlanta, where you are. or like new orleans. places where frankly it's cheaper to produce. >> that's right. all right. thanks so much. always good to see you. >> absolutely. an 11-year-old boy holding what appears to be an assault weapon. this picture prompted police and child services to raid one family's home. we'll show you how it all played out next. good. good. looking good. we're going to be putting this device on sanjay.
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vice president joe biden teams up with new york mayor michael bloomberg to push for new gun control laws. they held a news conference a
10:48 am
couple hours ago along with some parents of children killed in the newtown school massacre. the vice president talked about the connecticut shootings in making the case for tougher gun laws. >> this is not a constitutional notice, when the ban was in place last year there was no constitutional challenge that went anywhere in existence to the ban. let's get this straight, this is not about anybody's constitutional right to own a weapon. for all those who say we shouldn't and can't ban assault weapons, for all those who say the politics is too hard, how can they say that? when you take a look at those 20 beautiful babies and what happened to them. >> the fierce debate over gun rights and gun control is playing out across the country. and in some very unexpected ways. a new jersey man says social workers and police showed up at
10:49 am
his house after he posted this picture on facebook of his son holding a rifle. he says the gun is legal. and his attorney accuses authorities of a heavy-handed raid on the man's home. so what are your rights in a case like this? avery freedman is a law professor and attorney specializing in civil rights. he's joining us right now from cleveland. good to see you, avery. >> hi, fredricka. nice to see you. >> obviously the anonymous call by someone appalled with this facebook pose of an 11-year-old with a supposed assault rifle. >> it's very interesting. i think it's an extraordinary case because until such time as vice president biden and certainly the congress actually gets to the point of outlawing such weapons, they are legal. and in new jersey the question really became is it unlawful for a child to be posed in a
10:50 am
facebook photograph. so what the local officials did, fredricka, is there was a raid on the house of police and children services. once the owner of the home, the father of this child called his attorney, the attorney says you've got to get out of the house until you get a warrant. so law enforcement left. it's this convergence of government trying jitter ri about the guns in the wrong hands and protect against the right of search and seizure and first amendment right of expression. >> so we're talking about a raid taking place without a warrant say there is a warrant then involved, is it justified to be able to go into the home, search because of this picture posted? >> well, the question is whether or not a judge is going to determine that this probable cause substantiates a crime. there is no crime in posting this kind of picture. if it were pornographic, for example, that would be
10:51 am
different. but merely posing -- having a child pose holding a weapon standing alone does not constitute a crime as a general rule. it's protected under the first amendment. so it's really unlikely that a judge is going to grant a warrant for a search. >> even if child protective services were trying to make the argument that a child's life is in jeopardy simply by virtue of the fact a child is holding a weapon that appears to be a semiautomatic? >> yeah, that's the construct by law enforcement. look, you shouldn't have guns in the home, a child could be jeopardized, that's a form of abuse, we need to get in the home. that's the argument that's going to be made, but at the end of the day, fredricka, there's simply no way that this kind of raid would ever be permitted. and i think it's unlikely a court's going to grant a warrant because what's the crime? >> so case closed? >> no. the family's actually thinking about doing something about it saying their rights under the constitution were violated. that's chapter two. we don't know what's going to
10:52 am
happen with that. >> avery friedman, thanks so much for joining us. good to see you. see you same time saturday. even people wlo don't care about college basketball can get caught up in this whole march madness thing. fans stream so much, game video on the job can actually crash ch computer networks. meet a man working to keep the systems running. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone.
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you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? all right. let the games begin. march madness in full swing with a win in the final play-in game last night, la salle became the last team to make it to the ncaa field of 64. today is the first full day of action, and you can catch all the games on tv or stream them live on your computers and smartphones. will this add up to system overload, and how are tech companies actually preparing for all this? dan simon reports.
10:56 am
>> reporter: this is wisconsin. >> really about planning and network design. >> reporter: he's got an engineering degree from m.i.t. and is a high-level executive at cisco. >> i'm ceo of video and collaborations. >> reporter: he knows what it takes to keep computer networks up and running, especially when they are being overtaken by data-hungry devices streaming ncaa basketball. >> it's almost like a traffic jam. you have wide-open lanes, but if you have a lot of people streaming, you have a lot of cars in the lane to slow things down. >> road is built to carry a certain number of cars. kind of like when a game gets out at a stadium, there are going to be a traffic jam. >> reporter: cisco has its own basketball court and seemed like an appropriate place to talk march madness, or as he calls it, march network madness. according to a recent survey, more than one-third of all companies will take action to prepare for it. some will even ban streaming video. explain, then, what is march
10:57 am
network madness? >> well, it's when work is disrupted, not so much because people are distracted by the games, which happens regardless of how your network works, but when other people who aren't even interested in march madness have their jobs close down. they can't access their e-mail, they have trouble surfing the web. >> reporter: in other words, it's when you've got a bunch of people sitting at desks who aren't working and streaming the games that can cause the company's internet to come to a screeching halt. by the way, in tv news, we call this file video. they are not really watching games. >> i think each company needs to decide, but at cisco, what we do, is allow employees to do these things and are accountable for their productivity, but we allow them to access these kind of content. >> reporter: enjoy, cisco employees. and for everyone else, check with your i.t. manager or try not to get caught. dan simon, cnn, san jose, california. >> and, of course, march madness continues today.
10:58 am
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