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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 25, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. good to be back. >> i know. nice to have you back. i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us everyone. >> here's what we're watching this hour. her court case riveted the world, now the italian supreme court decides whether amanda knox should go on trial again. >> the tiny island nation of cyprus has avoided an economic collapse that will get a bailout deal. that's making the markets happy. does it make cypriots happy?
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this is a narrow miss. amazing caught on video. this is a great white shark getting through a diver cage giving the tourist the scare of his life. look at the shark. you see that? >> unbelievable. that would give you a heart attack. all right. it was a sensational trial involving sex, murder, a young american woman studying abroad in italy. >> and we all know the name, it is amanda knox. the case back in the spotlight. italy's supreme court is now considering whether or not prosecutors can actually retry her again. >> yeah. knox and her boyfriend you'll remember were convicted and then later acquitted of killing knox's roommate. ben wedeman now updates us on where the case stands. >> an emotionally overcome amanda knox is led from an italian courtroom moments after learning she was free at last. the murder conviction against her and former boyfriend overturned on appeal. that was october 2011. they had spent four years in
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prison for the 2007 sexual assault and murder of her roommate, british exchange student meredith kirjer. knox and meredith had been studying language and culture. knox's tearful return to her family home in seattle washington seemed like the end of her ordeal. but it may not have been the end after all. the prosecution is demanding a retrial and will appeal the conviction before the italian supreme court in rome. the wheels of italian justice however grind slowly. if the acquittal is overturned, the case could go back to an appellate court. if that happens, knox might have to return to italy. if she refuses, the italian authorities could appeal to the u.s. government for her extradition.
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if the acquittal is upheld, it's case over. a native of the ivory coast who was raised is serving a 16-year prison term for kercher's murder. >> ben wedeman joins us live from rome. curious what the prosecution's argument is for wanting to do this, to retry her. >> well, the prosecution objected to the whole verdict of the appellate court in 2011. their argument is they found dna evidence from amanda knox on the alleged murder weapon, a kitchen knife. however, the defense argued that there was no dna from either amanda knox or raffaele, her former boyfriend, in the room where meredith's body was found. at this point we understand the defense is continuing to present their case inside the italian supreme court behind me. but we're also hearing from some
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lawyers that this hearing is taking much longer than was expected. some are suggesting we may not hear whether the court will uphold the acquittal until possibly tomorrow. >> ben, what about amanda knox? we know she's not in italy during the hearing. but have we heard anything from her legal team? >> yes. they have been presenting her case as well. they are arguing for instance that the italian investigators really put a lot of pressure on her during her long interrogation and that a lot of what she said should be taken into account or rather the duress she was under explains why she testified in the way she did in the court. >> all right. ben, thank you. a fascinating trial the first go round. can you imagine if they reopen this case? >> and then try to extradite if they decide to go that route.
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an interesting position for the u.s. to be in. >> and 24/7 it will be on tv. >> you can guarantee that. in europe you can call it a $13 billion version of let's make a deal. >> absolutely. the financial system in cyprus was on the verge of collapse. many people called it bloated the whole banking system. the country was offered a bailout deal by the european union, the collection of europe's economically and politically developed countries. >> this would have been taxing literally all of the accounts, so they kept the banks closed so people wouldn't drain their accounts. so what is happening now. >> cyprus has struck a deal that taxes just the biggest bank accounts, anything more than $130,000. and that will hit mainly foreign investors. will hit them the hardest anyway because the banking system in cyprus takes in billions of dollars in foreign investment, especially from russia. >> but the deal is good for americans, europe is actually one of our biggest trading
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partners. and if it's in turmoil, europeans not in the mood to buy any american goods. american markets were higher friday in the hopes the deal would be reached this weekend. what is the reaction today? >> zain asher's in new york for us. tell us what happened. there was a bit of a bounce but then it came back. what's been the impact? hey, michael, and suzanne. sduric manages a gain. dow hit a new intraday high 14,563. the s&p got within one point of a record high. but we watched the s&p a little bit more closely because it's bigger, 500 stocks as opposed to the dow's 30. and many mutual funds track it as well. take a look at the last time we had a record back in 2007. now it's up 9%, 9% in just three months. that would be a good return for an entire year let alone for just three months. so back to this bailout with cypr cyprus. it dodged a bullet at least in
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the near term. and insured deposits under 100,000 euros are protected. it is the fourth european country to get a bailout. a reminder that europe isn't even close to being out of the woods. also another question guys is what message does this bank tax send to depositors across europe? is this going to be the new way of dealing with crisis, tax deposits, closing banks, that kind of thing? how long is it going to take for cyprus' economy to recover from this? >> very good question. that's what a lot of people were really worried about whether or not what's happening there could happen in other places. >> we saw in europe seizain was saying hang on this might have longer term implications and reigned back a bit. zain, thanks so much. zain asher there. secretary of state john kerry dropping in to meet with president hamid karzai. announcement coming at a time of tension as you can imagine between president karzai and
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coalition forces and u.s. forces in afghanistan. >> those tensions escalated this month after a bomb blast in kabul that killed nine people, kerry and president karzai just wrapping up a news conference actually. we'll update you on any developments from that. also in afghanistan today another sign that u.s. involvement there is now winding down. the united states handed over full control of a prison near bagram air base to afghan authority. >> the transfer announced a year ago was supposed to take place within six months, but tensions with president karzai and concerns about how afghanistan would handle certain prisoners delayed the handover until now. >> and cbs is now apologizing to veterans who objected to a scene, this is from the reality show "the amazing race." this episode here was shot in vietnam. contesnts there were sent to the hanoi memorial to find a clue they needed. >> extraordinary story. that memorial though was the wreckage of an american b-52
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bomber shot down during the vietnam war. entertainment correspondent joining us now from los angeles. cbs apologized, is that the end of it? >> michael, judging by the responses that just might be the case because the veterans groups that we've heard from seem to be accepting cbs's apology at face value. let's start with that apology itself. last night at the start of "the amazing race" here's how the show opened. listen to this. >> we want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who served in vietnam, as well as to their families and any viewers who were offended by the broadcast. >> now, you mentioned about the incident that started all of this. we have to point out that two americans died when that bomber was shot down during the vietnam war. and competitors in the show also had to memorize a propaganda song in front of a portrait of ho chi men.
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they wrote saying the b-52 scene was totally unnecessary to the show's plot which speaks volumes about the producers who think they're in charge when they are not. but now the vfw has released another statement thanking cbs for their apology and seem to be ready to let this thing go. the same though from the american legion which also complained to cbs. in their statement they actually applauded the network for making the apology. even senator and former vietnamese p.o.w. john mccain says this campaign is good enough. he's tweeted as far as he's concerned the issue is now closed. while it doesn't seem like this is going to be a lasting controversy, you can bet these organizations won't soon forget what happened and that they'll now be keeping an eye on the show in a future, guys. >> i wonder if there's any kind of research or ask people ahead of time this is a sensitive site, how do we treat this? if they have those kinds of conversations ahead of time. >> well, you would hope so,
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suzanne. "the amazing race" is one of the longest reality shows that's been on the air, they've won numerous awards, emmys and that such for being the most outstanding reality television show on. you would hope they have a cast of producers and researchers that know what they're doing because they do go to some very sensitive places around the world. now i think going forward if they hadn't been as diligent, they will be. >> amazing. propaganda song fits under what were they thinking category. >> yeah. not a good idea. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much. here's more what we're working on for this hour "around the world." president obama scored a few diplomatic points while in the middle east. but his achievements might short lived. we'll have a conversation about that. and ford apologizing for an ad that never ran. >> it featured women bound and
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back everyone. here are the stories making news around the world right now. >> in the central africa republic, the president was forced to flee his own country. rebels seized the capital. the president is reported to be in cameron now. >> this all began back in december when several rebel groups banded together. south africa meanwhile says 13 of its soldiers were killed in the fighting over the weekend. they have sent troops into the car to work with the military. the u.s. and south korea have just signed a new military pact. and that of course to deal with any aggression by north korea. the new pact targets even low
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level action such as just crossing the border. >> this is a bit of a change. north korea already upset of course over the u.s. and south korea holding those recent joint military exercises. this move likely to prompt some fresh outrage. >> and president obama beginning his week back in washington after his visit last week to the middle east. of course a very important trip. stakes were high, but the expectations rather low for that trip. he actually visited israel, the west bank, jordan as well before returning to the white house over the weekend. >> so what did the trip accomplish? journalists and foreign policy expert a fellow at the institute of peace and wood row wilson international center joins us to talk about a few things we learned from the president's trip. first of all, you say it changed the diplomatic climate of the middle east. is that a little too optimistic? and how so? >> well, the most important thing to come out of this trip was the deal between turkey and israel. turkey is the most powerful
9:19 am
muslim country of the 57 nations with strong muslim populations. and this makes a lot of other things possible, whether it's cooperation on syria, whether it gives the blessing to the islamic world dealings with israel, which is widely viewed as kind of an outpost of the west. so it changes the atmosphere in a lot of ways. >> robin, we always talk about the red line if you will when it comes to dealing with iran. it seemed as if at least in this trip the president successfully turned down the volume a little bit in trying to get on the same page with israel and that red line. >> well, this has been the biggest point of tension between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. and it was important that the two of them struck the same tone and time frame in their joint press conference. president obama has talked about a year or so before iran might make a decision or move in important ways on its controversial nuclear program.
9:20 am
and president -- prime minister netanyahu talked about a faster timeframe, greater potential capability and yet at the press conference he agreed with the president. so that carves out more time for diplomacy and other options before we get to this big question of whether there might be a military strike. >> syria obviously a huge topic for him there too in so many of the countries he visited and neighbors as well. and vitally in what goes on in syria. i'm curious whether you think it influence how those other countries are responding to the crisis in syria or whether really a lot of people feel it didn't change much at all. >> well, i think we're seeing a turning point in the united states. there is a higher profile in terms of the kind of background activity. the reports about the cia having a greater involvement in helping ship weapons and nonlethal material into syria among to
9:21 am
help the rebels. i think there's more of a rallying. and that i think -- this could end up being kind of a turning point in terms of international action even as the united states decides not to engage in full military equipment to the rebels. >> robin, finally, you say the palestinians emerged as what you say the best middle east neighborhood. explain what you meant by that. >> well, look, in the last two years we've seen change across the middle east in ways that have also changed israel's relationship. when you look at the rise of the muslim brotherhood leader in egypt, that when it looks at who are the people it can deal with, knows how to deal with. the irony is that the palestinians whether it's directly or indirectly do have means of dealing between israel and the palestinian territories. >> but, robin, he is decades those back channels. what has changed? when obama leaves, the palestinians got anymore reason
9:22 am
to be optimistic than they were ten years ago? >> not about the prospects of statehood any time soon. a lot will depend on what secretary of state john kerry accomplished in the follow-up meetings in the middle east. there is a sense when you look at this changed neighborhood, one of the ironies is is that the palestinians and israelis know each other in some other countries where there are lots of changes going on. >> robin, thanks so much. robin wright there. interesting too when it comes to jordan the king told president obama that now 10% of jordan's population is syrian refugees. >> unbelievable. >> the biggest refugee camp is jordan's fifth biggest city. >> and the fact that's spilling over into the region is the biggest problem, yes. >> absolutely. >> thank you. just ahead on "around the world," it is an ad that shows held behind the wheel with the
9:23 am
kardashian sisters tied up in the trunk. one problem, ford never approved this ad, so it did not run. but it's causing a lot of controversy. we're going to look at how this got released.
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welcome back everyone. update you on stories making news around the world this morning. >> a fishing boat capsizes and kills a boy and woman. there were about 2 of 100 people crowded on that boat hoping to reach australia for asylum. >> they were coming from afghanistan where they get on the usually unsea worthy boats. u.s. customs officials boarded the boat and it was suddenly hit by two large waves and rolled over. in paris things got rough between police and people protesting same sex marriage. >> officers using tear gas. and you see there clubs as well to break up the crowd.
9:27 am
the french parliament expected to vote on legalizing same sex marriage next month. >> the demonstrations were actually peaceful earlier on sunday. in india american carmaker ford is a bit red-faced today. it is over these ads seen here. they were made by an ad agency in india, but they were never approved by the car company. make that clear. >> that's right. ford never signed off on these, but they are for one of ford's compact cars sold overseas. one of them shows a car driven by the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi driving away with scantily clad women tied up in the back. >> this other one shows paris hilton driving with the kardashian sisters tied up in the back as well. i want i thito bring in zain aso explain the point behind all of this. >> i want to first of all make clear ford never approved these ads, never intended to be
9:28 am
uploaded on to the internet. hugely embarrassing these ads were leaked. take a look. one shows silvio berlusconi, former italian prime minister, billionaire, media mogul, driving a ford with three young women bound and gagged in the trunk. now, berlusconi's career has been rocked by sex scandals. he was charged in 2011 with paying a minor for sex and the ad seems to be alluding to his troubles. i want to make clear for the americans watching boot, boot is meaning truck. many saying it's sexist, demeaning, a whole other host. the ford and advertising agency saying they regret this incident. this was the result of individuals -- i'm quoting now acting without proper oversight and appropriate action has been taken. as for ford it says "it is reviewing approval and oversight process to help make sure that nothing like this ever happens again." >> ford's a bit worried about
9:29 am
the brand of course. they had nothing to do with it, but trying to build up the brand for years now. >> right. and so, you know, they apologize. it doesn't seem that there are results of -- will be too drastic. but apology was immediate. they're taking ownership whether it's unclear they saw the ads, they say they didn't. if you do look at other ford ads, thoo is hugely uncharacteristic. and those familiar with the brand know that. any ad depicting women in this way is appalling. in india as you know there was a recent rape case that drew worldwide attention. violence against women huge offensive topic anywhere in the world especially in india right now. ford saying they would never knowingly publish these ads. but i think a lesson for them is that in the digital age you have to assume that anything can end up online. that's why i think ford should take away from all of this. >> and the ad agency itself, do you know what happened to the folks who created those things? >> we're not sure yet, but they
9:30 am
did say that there's going to be some action taken. so it may mean that people might lose their jobs, we're not sure yet, suzanne. >> filing it under what they were thinking. zain asher, are you coming back with sports later? >> she's doing the whole series. after living in self-imposed exile, the former president of pakistan making his return. >> pervez musharraf facing death threats and possible criminal charges, but he says that won't stop him from running for office. we have a live report coming up. hello! how sharp is your business security? can it help protect your people and property, while keeping out threats to your operations? it's not working! yes it is. welcome to tyco integrated security. with world-class monitoring centers and thousands of qualified technicians. we've got a personal passion to help your business run safer,
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welcome back to "around the world." here are the top stories. >> cyprus's financial system saved from collapse. the deal taxes the biggest bank accounts anything more than
9:34 am
$130,000. >> yeah. the european union is also going to kick in several billion dollars to help keep the banks afloat. one of them is shut down. just go to afghanistan, secretary of state john kerry dropping in to meet with president hamid karzai. >> the incident coincided with a hand over of a military prison to full control. comes at a time of tension. force a bomb went off in kabul that killed nine people. in syria, a rebel army chief is targeted in an apparent assassination attempt. that's according to opposition forces. they say colonel rial assad was injured when his car was targeted in an explosion. >> they would not confirm reports that his foot actually had to be amputated. he's head of the free syrian army. he is not related to the syrian president. what the video shows is what is said to be the aftermath of that
9:35 am
blast. >> also in syria opposition leader tried to resign yesterday but the national coalition's executive committee said no. so he agreed to stay on until the group's next meeting. >> he says powerful countries are using the syrian crisis to advance their own interests. he plans to talk about it at the arab league summit going to happen later this week. and now to a man who has defied threats on his life to return home. >> we're talking about pakistan's former president. he arrived in the port city of karachi on sunday. pervez musharraf spending almost five years in self-imposed exile. >> mainly in london and also dubai. he actually faces criminal charges at home. and get this, the taliban, well, they're threatening to kill him. >> so musharraf arrives in pakistan, says he's willing to put his own life in danger to save the country. want to get the latest from
9:36 am
saima. the big question michael and i have is why. >> absolutely. he came to power in pakistan as a military leader and bloodless coop. no challenges there. now he wants to return and pull those votes into the ballot box as a politician. there's a general election coming up here in pakistan. the first time potentially that one democratic government would hand over to another democratic government, believe it or not, for the first time in country's history. he believes that he's going to be a key player. but given the muted response he's had to his landing here so far and very little media coverage, it would seem that they have an uphill battle to make that race to the front so to speak here in the election coming up here. he -- as we said, he was unchallenged in the past, but now he wants to try and
9:37 am
challenge all the big boys in pakistan's politics. well, it remains to be seen if he can manage that. >> well, that's the thing. he comes back and says he's coming back to in his words save the country. and yet he hasn't got a seat. he hasn't got much of a chance of getting 170 seats in the election one would imagine. meanwhile, what are the charges he's facing? and then as we said he's a guy that the taliban wants to take out. >> yes. absolutely. a couple of reality checks there aren't there? not just the political one, but some harsh ones for him. he's facing legal cases surrounding most notably the death of former prime minister benz bhutto assassinated in 2007 under general musharraf -- accused of not providing adequate security. incidentally there's a bit of irony there as he landed there was security concerns around him
9:38 am
too. another political leader that was killed during a military operation. there's a case against him for that. and of course the pakistani taliban, this is not a popular man. he supported the united states in the war on terror post 9/11, they say they have a death warrant waiting for him. >> indeed. good to see you, saima. >> we used to see a lot of pervez musharraf. he had to really maintain that relationship very, very closely. they loved him, but at the same time he was a very controversial figure but desperately needed in the iraq war. >> and still hard to understand why he's going home. >> he has no power. >> he has no power. not everyone likes him. >> no. there's a bounty on his head. >> really. >> all right. he got on the russian president's bad side, so now the mysterious death of boris -- >> yeah, he's in london.
9:39 am
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all right. around the world to england now. a story of a powerful and ultrawealthy russian businessmen. boris berezovsky. >> he was forced into exile in england after getting on russian president vladimir putin's bad side, on his last nerve. his death this weekend in london is raising a lot of questions. there's an autopsy that is taking place today. we've got more on this story from phil black. >> people who knew boris berezovsky in the 1990s described him as frantically energetic, driven and ambitious. not your average mathematician.
9:43 am
he became one of the country's hated ol gags. a small number of ruthless businessmen who quickly built enormous personal wealth snapping up state resources cheaply as russia chaotically embraced. he lobbied his way in to the kremlin becoming an influential political player. and as president boris yeltsin, this is berezovsky speaking to cnn in january 2000 just days after putin took over. >> i think that putin will continue the way in which president -- >> he was wrong. he quickly pushed all out of russian politics. six months later berezovsky told cnn vladimir putin was creating a dictatorship. that year berezovsky was
9:44 am
investigated for corporate crimes which he denied and he fled russia, never to return. berezovsky's death after 12 years in exile has not softened many russians' opinion of him. this woman says he betrayed russia and wrecked many things for the country during its hardest times. this man used to work for berezovsky and remained a family friend. he was one of the first to learn of his death. >> selfish, but positive. he was very difficult, but good friend. he tried to be a good friend and good man. sometimes he didn't succeed. >> despite those flaws, he says he's proud to witness berezovsky's efforts to change russia. >> business wasn't important for him. he relate to the money, to the business as resources to make
9:45 am
changes. >> he says his friend was unhappy. and he was in financial trouble, but he wouldn't have harmed himself. he says boris berezovsky had always hoped to some day return to russia. phil black, cnn, moscow. >> boy, seems to be mystery with some of these cases out of russia. we've got another one for you too. moscow, the legendary ballet hit with another scandal. >> this is unbelievable. someone threw acid in the face of the artistic director and this month one of the ballet's most popular dancers charged with ordering that attack. >> if that wasn't enough, now a top ball rina tells russian state television the bolshoi has been forcing actors to act as escorts. there have been assignments where they were paired with businessmen. >> the company director has
9:46 am
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a sign just how important africa is to china. >> very important. a lot of resources there. china's president is there, the second stop on his first overseas trip. xi jinping hailing africa as a continent of hope and promise as he addressed leaders. >> china gets many of its raw materials from africa. and xi heads to south africa that is happening tomorrow. as china's president tours, it is actually -- it's his wife as you can imagine stealing the show. we steal the show. women steal the show. >> you always do. it's her first sort of real first lady in a public sense china's had. so she's been a big deal. she is winning rave reviews for her style and elegance. >> she might even give michelle obama a run for her money as well. a lot of talk. monita rajpal reports. check it out. >> when you've just been put in charge of more than a billion people, image is everything.
9:50 am
and while there was no shortage of ceremony to mark chinese president xi jinping's international debut in moscow, that's not what was grabbing attention back home. enter peng liyuan. graceful, elegant and fashion forward mrs. peng is defying the trend of her predecessors and taking a central role on the international stage. and china is loving it. if the words of one official are anything to go by, the nation finally feels it has a first lady who's presentable to the outside world. and as suggested by this trip to a russian boarding school, it is p.r. gold for china's new leadership giving them the chance to present a softer image for the country as it charges ahead with trade talks in russia and africa. after all, a strong image certainly hasn't hurt the obamas. u.s. first lady michelle is always on hand to help out her husband's reputation, but is more importantly a positive role model for american women in her
9:51 am
own rights. and who doesn't want a bit of sam cam glam every now and then? the british prime minister's wife is not just a style icon, but a successful businesswoman. and looks as though peng liyuan is beginning to turn the heads of china's growing ranks of female consumers too. here in hong kong and china it is fair to say fashion tends to be big, bright and bold. so mrs. peng's more demure look has been something of a welcome change. outfits similar to the one she touched down in moscow have been a big hit with online fashion stores like this one. the banner here reads, miss out and you'll weep. peng liyuan has come a long way from her days as an '80s folk singer. some may have raised eyebrows when this video first emerged, it's worth remembering she holds a masters degree in music and is believe it or not a major general in the people's liberation army. all in all mrs. peng seems to be
9:52 am
exactly the super woman the world's next super power is crying out for. peng is also known for her charity work, being appointed ambassador for the fight against tuberculosis. that will be an added influence as the couple continues their foreign trip in africa. there's a saying women hold up half the sky. in peng liyuan china leaders have finally found a woman they can hold up to the world. >> wouldn't you love to see the two of them meet, michelle obama and her. wouldn't that be great? >> she's actually huge in china. better known than her husband before all this president stuff happened. >> yeah. now she's pretty big as well. all right. >> who else is big? >> britain's prince harry. he's going to be visiting the united states. that's happening in may. and it's official visit to promote some of his causes here, eliminating haing land mines an helping war veterans. >> he's going to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at
9:53 am
arlington national cemetery and tour some areas in the northeast devastated by hurricane sandy. >> he's also going to visit denver and colorado springs to check out some of the amazing sights in this country. an earthquake destroyed their school. this happened in costa rica. >> these kids want their education and they're willing to hold classes without a classroom. stick around. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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we'll do the rest.
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welcome back to "around the world." this is our favorite story of the day. off the coast of south africa some tourist get a little too close for comfort with one of these great whites. check it out. [ bleep ]. >> whoa! [ bleep ]. >> i love the beeps. i would absolutely be beeping. and the guy under water in that cage, he's beeping into his mask. >> this is a close-up of the shark's teeth. the mouth there. they thought they were actually safe inside the cage. okay. that is just -- >> what they do is put bait outside the boat to attract the great whites. and then come along and put on a show and bite the bait. this guy headed straight for the divers tank and tried to get in and get the real thing. >> the entire head inside the cage. narrowly missing the tube that was there. this is amazing, michael, nobody
9:57 am
was actually hurt in all this. >> which is why we may chuckle at the misfortune. >> i'm just waiting for the theme song to "jaws" to play next. >> this is great. i'm getting a great view and then boom. oh, boy. >> little more than they bargained for. indeed. children determined to learn can put up with almost any obstacle including in this case having no school. >> and this was because there was an earthquake that destroyed and damaged about 300 school buildings. this happened in costa rica. this was last september. so of course they had to improvise. and rafael romo actually found out what it was. very unique. check it out. >> young children eager to start the new day of school and learn new things. a normal class except that it's being held under the shade of a leafy tree. no walls. no floor. and no roof. the teacher tries to give the students a sense of place.
9:58 am
i want you here every day on time, she says. but she knows it's hard for the students to ignore the harsh reality their school is gone. this was the scene in costa rica last september when a powerful earthquake shook the country. several people were injured. fortunately, no one died. 180 schools sustained damage and 101 were destroyed including this school in the rural community. >> translator: i love my school and i don't want to go anywhere else. when i grow up, i want to work hard and make things happen. i want to be somebody who can help people in need. >> the most affected areas are in rural costa rica where buildings were more vulnerable and access for construction crews more difficult. >> translator: we have a lot of economically disadvantaged families here. most people depend on jobs at cantaloupe farms, but everything was destroyed by the earthquake. >> government officials are scrambling to help communities
9:59 am
devastated by the earthquake. the new school year in costa rica begin in early february. education ministry official says they have already allocated funding for new school buildings, but chances are many won't be ready for the end of the school year in december. >> translator: construction will begin around june of this year. and we're expecting that by november or december the new buildings will be ready. at this school, we have to demolish classrooms, repair restrooms and improve the infrastructure in general. >> the girl who wants to help people in need when she grows up is glad it's sunny again. today, she's polishing her public speaking skills as part of a school project while the other children listen under the shade of the tree they will call our school for the rest of the year. rafael romo, cnn.


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