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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 25, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. want to take a look at what is trending around the world riegtd now. >> people on twitter are talking about ellen degeneral ris. why? she's smart and gone to australia to tape her shows. >> got to love it. so ellen, she loves the graffiti there. especially in melbourne. so she is actually having a contest for the best dressed folks -- the person in the audience -- oh, look at that.
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we said that at the same time. spray painted clothes. here's what she tweeted. if you've got talent melbourne, for my event tomorrow i want you to spray paint an outfit. the best outfit's going to win $5,000. >> wow. her wife is from melbourne. >> they're yelling at us. >> i've got to go. you carry on. >> thank you, michael. see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. amanda knox facing a court fight again. why italian prosecutors want to retry the american student once convicted of murdering her former roommate. plus -- >> you killed an innocent human life. and that i hope you die for it. >> a mother's message and an accused murderer just 15 years old facing a judge in the shooting death of her toddler.
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newtown residents getting calls asking them to oppose gun control. and the nra tells new york mayor michael bloomberg to butt out. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. a 15-year-old boy accused of killing a 13-month-old baby made an appearance before a georgia judge a couple hours ago. he's the younger of two teens charged with first-degree murder in the baby's death that happened last thursday. cnn's nick valencia is outside the court in brunswick where the teen was arraigned. what is the very latest? what do we know? >> well, we're trying to figure out, suzanne, whether that 15-year-old boy will be charged as an adult. the judge in fact didn't say anything at all or address that. that 15-year-old juvenile entered the courtroom, looked back at the back row full of journalists, there were no family members or really anyone else in that courtroom. he was wearing an oversized jump suit -- orange jump suit. his hands and feet both shackled. he didn't say much. the judge asked him if he had
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any procedural questions, at which point he said no, sir. he didn't answer a guilty or not guilty plea either, suzanne. he's got a preliminary hearing in 30 days if he does not set bond. afterwards i exited the courtroom and ran into his mother, asked her a few questions, listen to what she had to say to cnn. >> he's innocent. my feelings go out to the mother and the baby and my baby. >> do you think this is a race issue? >> i think they handled this wrong. they handled the investigation wrong and the truth is going to come out. >> how do they know each other? >> they don't know of each other. my son walking one way. he's like a witness. >> now, there are a lot of theories being floated around here by the local residents, but police have not released a clear motive. it's worth noting as well the 17-year-old suspect elkins, i asked his attorney just after that court appearance for the 15-year-old how his client knew the 15-year-old suspect.
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he did not want to answer that question. he has a court appearance in about an hour from now at 2:00 p.m. we'll be going into that as well, suzanne. >> all right. we'll be watching that very closely. thank you. we also want to let you know the mother of the baby killed just last week is now speaking out. you can actually hear her talk about all of this, what this has meant to her with our own piers morgan. that is at 9:00 eastern tonight. you'll want to watch that as well. and according to the calendar, right, it's spring. you wouldn't even know it, right? since last week. but winter didn't get the memo. folks in a dozen states from missouri to new jersey down to north carolina, tennessee, all under winter storm warnings. that has prompted flight cancellations, delays across the midwest and mid-atlantic states. today, more than 350 flights have now been canceled. airlines say there could be more. martin savidge in pittsburgh, the show hasn't stopped. and we have shannon travis
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covering the storm outside of washington, d.c. in potomac, maryland. start with shannon first. >> suzanne, winter meets spring here in potomac, maryland. we've been keeping track of just how much snow has been falling. i have my handy ruler right there, suzanne. take a look and see where we are right now. it looks like, suzanne, just above four inches. just a short while ago it was at three inches. that will give you a sense of how much snow is falling. we're right here on interstate 270. this is a main artery into the nation's capitol for people from surrounding areas. the bad news is it's slushy, low visibility, slick out there. the good news is it's been moving pretty steadily possibly because congress has been recess so less cars on the road. meanwhile people are not letting this storm stop them from going to the supreme court. they've been lining up outside waiting to hear the arguments over same sex marriage. here where we are we've also been monitoring the snow
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removal. take a listen at one of the snowplow operators when i asked him about how long he thinks he'll be out here. >> it's been tough because the last couple weather calls haven't panned out the way potential they could have. >> how much snow do you think you're plowing already? >> looks like about an inch or so. it's pretty slushy. we didn't have the chance to get some salt on it before we hit it. >> suzanne, one other concern is the weight of the snow on the trees possibly bringing snapping to the tree limbs and bringing down power lines. as we've been out here watching some of the snow accumulating on tree limbs, we've been seeing that some of the snow has been melting. suzanne. >> all right. shannon, thank you. he's just outside of washington. i want to go to ohio valley. martin savidge live in pittsburgh. martin, i've never seen anybody so happy as shannon travis in the snow. he's loving this stuff. >> weather will do that. >> make you a little crazy too. how's it going where you are? >> well, you know, spring's here. you're just going to have to dig to find it here in pittsburgh.
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fortunately, the snow has sort of changed over to rain. so that's going to reduce the snow amounts. let me show you quick here. this is what we're dealing with here, suzanne. i can sell this for good money at a convenience store. it's slush. it's just plain slush. it's that really thick heavy wet. so the going on the streets is actually very easy. that's the good news. they thought they were going to get three to six inches, turns out it's probably about one to three. they haven't had a lot of delays in the morning hours. that's easing off as we're heading into the afternoon. there were about 400 schools either delayed or canceled today. for the most part it's really just been a miserable kind of reminder that the calendar says spring, but the weather forecast doesn't seem to reflect that at all. i'll point out by the way opening day for the pittsburgh pirates baseball. >> yeah, right. >> a week from today. >> oh, goodness. we'll see if the weather's still cold as it is and snowy. mother nature does her own thing. martin, thanks. good to see you. stay warm. here's what we're working on
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as well for this hour. what's a little snow of course when you've got a cause? and we're talking about the lines outside the supreme court as the justices are preparing to tackle the issue of same sex marriage. that debate up next. and an incredible story of survival. 9-year-old girl frees herself from an overturned car, claws her way up to a steep ravine desperate to find help for her father who's still trapped in the car. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. president obama making a push for immigration reform. this is at a ceremony for new american citizens. the president hosted a naturalization ceremony today for active duty service members and civilians. this was at the white house. the president has made immigration reform one of the top priorities of his second term. now, he says if the u.s. wants to keep attracting the best and brightest, the country needs to make sensible changes to fix its immigration system. and the president is expanding the country's parks and historic sites as well. so today he is designating areas in five states as new national monuments. so the sites include the first state national monument in delaware.
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a site commemorating harriet tubman and the underground railroad in maryland. the charles young buffalo soldiers national monument in ohio, the san juans islands national monument in washington state and the rio grand de del norte national monument in new mexico. now the stage set for the u.s. supreme court to take up one of the biggest social issues facing this country. we're talking about same sex marriage. crowds, they are already lined up outside the court hoping to get a seat when arguments begin. that's going to happen tomorrow in the first of two cases. now, the court takes up the issue at a time when public opinion on same sex marriage has undergone a major shift. in an abc news/washington post poll 58% of americans say it should be legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry compared to 41% back in 2004. i want to bring in our chief political analyst, gloria borger, to talk about this. gloria, explain how this works. clearly you have a major shift
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in public opinion. >> you do. >> but you have the supreme court at the same time. do they act independently or could this actually influence the court's thinking? >> well, i think we always like to think that the supreme court action dependently on everything, but the justices are part of this country and they see what's occurring in the country. what's interesting to me, suzanne, is when you talk to people fighting both sides of this case they see it differently. people who oppose same sex marriage who are fighting in the courts say, you know what, since public opinion is shifting, now we're up to nine states in the direct of columbia that have approved same sex marriage, they say since public opinion is shifting, you do not need to have the supreme court come down with a large decision. and people on the other side say, you know what, maybe the court, this would help the court decide to come down in favor of same sex marriage because they will realize they won't be so
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cataclysmic if they do in the country which is already heading in that direction. >> gloria, talk a little about the politics of all this. it's very interesting. you have kind of an odd couple if you will, a legal odd couple. >> very odd. >> who support same sex marriage. and tell us a little about these two individuals. you've spent a lot of time with them. >> i have. and they're an interesting couple. one of them is ted olson, former solicitor general republican fought against david boiz. now on the same side with him, liberal democrat, they were opposed to each other in of course the famous case you know, suzanne, and i know, because we covered it, bush versus gore. and here they are finding themselves on the same side of the issue of same sex marriage. ted olson, icon of the conservative movement talking to him about this, you know, he's been ost ri sized by many on his
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side of the aisle and he says he's doing it because it's a matter of human dignity. and both men believe this is kind of the last civil rights fight of their generation. and so you're going to be seeing them together. ted olson will be the one arguing the case. he's argued 60 times, suzanne, before the court. he's won 44 of those times. so it will be interesting to watch. >> that is dpoing to be a fascinating case. gloria, tell us a little about you have a special coming up as well. >> we do. >> you've spent a lot of time with these guys. >> it's really a story of how this case all got started. you'll recall, suzanne, when president obama was first elected in 2008, you covered that race, he was elected but then proposition 8 also passed in california. and that outlawed the right for same sex couples to marry, took it away from them in that state. and so you have a story that really starts in hollywood with
10:18 am
rob rhiner of all people deciding, oh, my god, this can't occur and he and his friends recruiting ted olson and ted olson recruiting david on this case and making it through the california courts. and now to the supreme court. >> yeah. it's a fascinating story. gloria, thank you so much. appreciate it as always. >> sure. the crisis might have been averted, cyprus made a deal for about a $13 billion bailout. that of course should be good news. we'll see if it's good or not. zain asher in new york, zain, take a look at the dow here. i understand it's down. investors not all that happy with the deal. back and forth a little bit. >> i mean, yeah, that seems to be the case. the u.s. stocks here started out strong initially, but they're now lower. we're seeing a triple digit loss now on the dow. cyprus is the fourth european country to get bailed out. it's a reminder that europe isn't necessarily out of the woods by any stretch of the
10:19 am
imagination just yet. as one analyst tells cnn money, once you deal with cyprus, you need to address the rest of the periphery in europe. investors are also spooked after the head of the euro group said that what happened in cyprus could be a model for other bailouts throughout the eu. so european bank stocks are taking a hit today. one thing important to note earlier the dow hit an intraday high and the s&p got within one point of its record high as well. the last time we hit a record was in 2007, october in fact. and now it's up 9% in just three months. that would be a great return for an entire year let alone just three months, suzanne. >> and also i know, zain, you're doing double duty today. you're covering another story as well. and it is about this ad that an agency was commissioned to do for ford. and people take a look at that ad and it's very controversial. tell us about that. >> yeah. it's hugely provocative these ads. very offensive. you've got women bound and gagged in cars. but ford saying now that they
10:20 am
never approved these ads. that they were never intended for paid publication. let's take a look. i want to show you them. one ad shows silvio berlusconi, former italian prime minister, billionaire media mogul driving a ford with three young women bound and gagged in the trunk. this ad seems to be sort of alluding to berlusconi's past sex scandals. he was charged in 2011 for paying a minor for sex. people are saying this is offensive, hugely sexist, very demeaning to women. suzanne. >> and i understand that they have apologized and said this certainly is a case where they did not sign off on something like this. >> right. exactly. both ford and the ad agency wpt group saying they regret this incident. "this was the result of individuals acting without proper oversight and appropriate actions have been taken." ford also coming out with a statement saying it is reviewing the approval and oversight processes to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. suzanne. >> all right. good thing. zain, thank you very much. appreciate it. good to see you as always.
10:21 am
so hollywood chiming in on the same sex marriage debate. >> what makes this nation great is our freedoms. and the idea of equality. >> we must demand full equality for all. >> from george to gaga, they're all weighing in on same sex marriage. hear from them coming up next. but first, the jury is out on whether college or real life experience better prepares you for a job. one thing is sure, an apprenticeship can actually make you stand out in a pretty tough economy. and that is why some young people and young companies believe that learning by doing model actually pays off. christi christine r christine romans takes a look. >> this is the american dream. but for too many college graduates, this is the american reality. an average $27,000 in debt when
10:22 am
they leave college and a job market where one in every seven can't find full-time work. but there's a new model that could change the way students learn the skills they need to make it in the work world. it's a little less ferris bueller. >> anyone, anyone? the great depression. >> and hopefully a little more carter. >> you're my new boss. >> i guess so. >> how old are you? >> i'm 26 years old. >> this is where future 26-year-old bosses are currently learning the skills they need to be successful. not in a college classroom, but on the job. >> i'm going to be joining in on the kickoff. >> working 40 hours a week in new york city as part of a pilot program for institute, a nonprofit that co-founders think can change how students get the skills employers need. not only on college campuses but through full-time on-the-job apprenticeship. >> different business skills and technical skills. they can learn coding language,
10:23 am
ops and marketing and business development. >> it's about taking what they've learned and putting it in -- >> the first class is 11 participants chosen from a pool of 500 candidates living together in a loft. she brings a unique perspective. she spent a year and a half at a southern california college costing $58,000 a year before deciding it wasn't for her. she now apprentices at a digital media company getting paid minimum wage. >> at school you have a teacher that tells you here's what i need, here's what i need it by. if you need help, come talk to me. being an apprentice, i do a lot of scheduling but i also get to see what's happening in different departments. >> so what's i it for flavor pills? according to the boss. >> the benefit that we're getting from the apprenticeship concept is that it's a longer term relationship, a deeper commitment as opposed to an internship. >> apprenticeships are hardly a new concept. there are 358,000 registered
10:24 am
apprentices in the u.s., but majority are in traditional skill trades like electrician, carpentry, plumbing. it could help make apprenticeship an attractive alternative to college. >> we've been trying the pure college route for decades. and we have not gotten good results. >> the apprenticeship has paid off for them. >> she would have a full-time job here if and when that opportunity comes available for both of us. >> christine romans, cnn, new york. everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪
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to colorado now where a public memorial is being held for the state's prison chief, tom clements. he was gunned down tuesday night when he opened the door to his home. now, officials say the suspect, this man, was a former member of a white supremist prison gang. he was killed in a shootout with police in texas last week. our jim spellman is in colorado springs. jim, tell us, i know that this
10:28 am
community is in mourning. they're still in shock. and there is a memorial that is taking place. >> yeah. tom clements' wife lisa just finished speaking. it was not announced she would speak. it's the first time we've seen her in public. she says she was watching tv with her husband last week, the knock came on the door and her life was changed forever. it's really been stunning, suzanne, to see how many people in tom clements' professional life seem genuinely and emotionally moved. he's only been here for two years but really seems to have affected a lot of people. listen to mayor hickenlooper speaking earlier. >> he had two qualities i think are all too often lacking in life. he had common sense. and he had -- he had courage. he just faced up to every issue. the kind of person you'd want
10:29 am
next to you in a foxhole. >> and everyone as this memorial's taking place, suzanne, the investigation continues. even though authorities seem fairly certain it was evan ebel, this man who was in the shootout with police in texas a few days ago that was the gunman who shot tom clements. the question is, were there other people involved? was this possibly a conspiracy involving people from this white supremist prison gang. they're working to find out what he was doing for the seven or so weeks between when he got out and ended up on this apparent crime spree, suzanne. >> such a sad story. jim, thank you very much. we appreciate it. jerry sandusky talking and laughing behind bars. what the convicted pedophile found so funny. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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across the midwest, mid-atlantic and into the deep south winter has refused to leave. parts of 12 states under a winter storm warning. the snow has delayed or canceled 350 flights across the country. the airlines say there might be even more. some places are expecting as much as a foot of snow. despite the impact, some people, well, you know, they're taking it in stride as you can see. it's fun. it can be. and she's being hailed a hero, but a 9-year-old is in mourning today. the girl and her father, they were involved in a car crash. their suv plunged off a california highway, landed upside down in a ravine. the girl crawled out of the window then walked through the pitch darkness and terrain filled with brush and coyotes. she desperately tried to get help for her dad who was injured in the car. sadly, she could not save him. by the time the officers arrived he had died. now, the girl she has only minor bruises. she's going to spend at least
10:34 am
today in the hospital. we are wishing her the best. we are hearing from the first interview this is with jerry sandusky since he was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. the former penn state assistant football coach now working with someone on a documentary about the case spoke with him. you broke this story from the very beginning and you followed it. and now you have jerry sandusky talking from behind bars, some of it where he's actually laughing. i want to play a little bit of this just so we can get a sense of this interview. and this is actually where he's talking about the scene where one of his assistants walks in on him and this boy in a locker room. >> we walked into that locker room, where he was, and i heard sounds associate d that was sex
10:35 am
going on -- [ laughter ] i mean, there was -- that would have been the last thing i would have thought about. maybe he's fooling around or something like that. [ laughter ] >> so you followed it from the very beginning. you followed the trial as well. what do you make of the laughing that he's -- when he describes and explains about what this other individual thought was taking place which was sex with this young boy? >> you know, suzanne, this is a case with potentially dozens of victims and family members whose lives are ruined. you know, to hear him laugh, that hurts them. cnn talked to the attorney for victim 5 this morning. he said any time jerry sandusky is given a form to speak out like this, that hurts those victims. i talked to a child advocate right after that that says the only thing she sees could possibly be good from this platform he was given was that
10:36 am
people might realize that for these kinds of victims the healing process is never complete. there's always going to be this kind of rip of the band-aid, salt in the wounds continuously over and over forever. you don't completely ever heal from this because of stuff like this. >> absolutely. s sara, explain for us, what is the point of this? you have a filmmaker doing a documentary. how does he explain what he's doing to give him a platform like this? >> he says his motive is to clear the name of joe paterno. joe paterno is the late coach fired in the wake of the sandusky. interestingly enough even though he's been working on this for more than a year, last weekend or so the family actually began to say, look, the paterno family said we do not support this. we do not support jerry sandusky being used in this way and this audio recording being made public. they actually -- let me read to you a statement from the family attorney that was released last
10:37 am
night. the paternos believe "any attempt to use this recording as a defense of joe paterno is misguided and inappropriate." a source tells me that came after they consulted with a child sex abuse advocate who had been working with them on this case for a long time. >> do we know if there's anything else that is revealing that is going to come out of this doc that would give us any sense of jerry sandusky's thinking and his mindset regarding all this? >> i think it's important to note that this documentary isn't definitely going to happen. the filmmaker who did this interview is trying to raise the money to do the documentary. so it might not even come to fruition. but at this point he says his entire motive is to give joe paterno his "day in court," which jerry sandusky already had, but a lot of people of course believe joe paterno was wronged. >> all right. sara ganim, thank you so much.
10:38 am
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uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? it is march madness like we have never seen before. true cinderella story. living on in the ncaa a team in its second season as a division 1 squad and making basketball history. cnn sports carlos diaz is here. everybody's talking about it. >> florida gulf coast university. i love these guys. here's why i love these guys. they're not just winning, they're winning with style. they're having fun while playing basketball. isn't that what college basketba is all about? florida gulf coast university,
10:42 am
small college in ft. myers becoming the first ever number 15 seed to advance to the sweet 16. after stunning number two georgetown on friday night, florida gulf coast university actually had an easier time in the next round facing san diego state. and florida gulf coast didn't just beat them, they beat them with swagger with dunks like that. high fliers. and then a little chicken dancing right there on the bench. that's what i'm talking about. that kind of style. and they showered their head coach in the hallway after the game. they talked about all these emotions afterwards. >> the only water i had was the water they threw on me when i got in the locker room. so i haven't cried yet. i might cry tomorrow. >> something we like to do we like to get the crowd involved. as you guys who watched the game, you seen over the course of the game the whole crowd started to get behind us even if they're not from ft. myers or as i like to say dunk city. >> see made that observation during that. they look so young.
10:43 am
>> they look like babies. >> here's a stat for you. every one of the players on the team are older than the college itself. the college was founded in 1997. that's when it opened its doors. so florida gulf coast university is -- >> for them to get that far, that's crazy. >> they only started being eligible to play in the tournament last year. and so that's the thing. these guys are beating the giants and doing so having a great time. >> so how far would these guys go? >> well, they play florida on friday. and ironically they wanted to scrimmage against florida earlier like this year before the season started. florida wouldn't do it. maybe we get a chance to do it now kind of thing. but there's so many great story lines for this team. their coach is a multimillionaire because he had a software company that he founded and things like that. so you have all these great stories with this team. the number one thing to remember is florida gulf coast university the first-ever number 15 seed to make it to the sweet 16 and doing it with a great time. >> what's next?
10:44 am
i'm still in the running, right? >> louisville and indiana, all number ones except for gonzaga are in the tournament. you're probably doing better than i am. i can't guess right is my problem. >> oh, like i can. >> this is true march madness because of the fact you have the sind rcinderellas and big teams well. will we see a big ten final four? with the big ten teams in it, that will be a great thing for the big ten. >> we'll be watching. pretty hot. i like it. the dunking and everything. >> the high flying. they call it dunk city, ft. myers. >> little chicken dance. >> this one here. very nice. very special. >> you're good at that. we'll bring you back tomorrow. >> i pride myself on being a chicken dancer. >> thank you, carlos. want to bring up nascar. we're going to continue here. joey logano continues to make enemies on the track. fighting for the lead on the
10:45 am
final lap and denny ham lin getting tangled up there. h hamlin crashes hard into the wall. he was air lifted to the hospital but would be okay. after the race logano's troubles continued after tony stewart came after him. the two actually had to be separated there. boy, there you go. lots going on. some newtown residents not happy today after getting a phone call asking them to oppose gun control. and the nra telling michael bloomberg, butt out. why the guns rights lobby is coming out against the new york mayor. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up.
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10:48 am
the gun debate is heating up after some residents in newtown, connecticut, report getting automated phone calls from the nra. tom foreman, he's following all of this. this is the fht over gun control. tom, first of all, you know, you can imagine people very sensitive about this issue. the shooting occurs and then there's a debate over guns. and people are getting calls. they didn't ask for these calls, just getting calls. what is it about? >> well, it's about normal political procedure i'm afraid, suzanne. that's what many of these groups do out there. the nra said they were targeting only people who shown an interest to the nra or contact to them. that doesn't seem to be the case. some of these parents of kids who went to sandy hook school say they've also received these calls and they're offended and upset. the bigger offense and upset for many gun control proponents is
10:49 am
that all this talk that has occurred since the sandy hook shooting and since the colorado shooting that everybody thought was going to lead to some kind of big change in gun law in this country seems to be losing a lot of steam right now, suzanne. and it does not look like there's going to be any kind of ground breaking legislation at this point. >> and we know, tom, that there's a battle of course that's taking place. you have new york mayor michael bloomberg who's using a lot of money essentially to promote gun control. and the nra is pushing back at this. where does that stand in terms of the showdown between the mayor and this lobbying group? >> as i was saying a minute ago, i think what you're really seeing right now is, i won't say panic, but there's certainly an urgency on the part of people like bloomberg saying something must be done now. because even though the public opinion polls favor some kind of control, that's been eroding a little bit. and we know whenever you have one of these big events and there is a surge in support, the more you get removed from it, the more time passes, the less
10:50 am
that support is there. and the simple truth is even though the president used his radio address this weekend to say congress needs to vote on the gun control measures, that is really what he said, they need to vote on it. he didn't really go out there and say you must pass this, this must be passed now even though he's in favor of it. that is a reflection of the political reality right now, suzanne, which is very difficult for many gun control proponents who feel very strongly about this issue. the political reality is there are a lot of lawmakers who live in purple states who rode into their seats in the senate basically when barack obama rose to power. and they're not sure that if they come out strongly in favor of a strong gun control measure that they can keep their seats in the next election. that's the political reality here. and those purple states are having a very strong voice in this process right now, suzanne. >> that is the political reality. tom, thank you. appreciate it. this story, amanda knox, once convicted in the murder of her roommate overseas. well, that conviction was
10:51 am
overturned. but now prosecutors in italy they are going after her again. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪
10:52 am
what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase...
10:53 am
amanda knox, the young american student whose murder conviction was overturned in italy may not have heard the last from this case. because italy supreme court has just concluded a hearing to decide if she should face a retrial of the 2000 death of her
10:54 am
british roommate. the decision expected to be announced later today, going to have a live report on the story coming up at the top of a 2:00 hour. phoenix now, that's where a psychologist returns to the hot seat, this is the jodi arias trial, of course, the murder trial. psychologist richard samuels, he is a key defense witness. now, he claims that arias suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and can't remember details about killing her ex-boyfriend. samuels, he has been grilled by prosecutors and today the judge read him questions now from the jurors. >> can you be sure jodi is not lying to you about the events on june 4, 2008? >> not with 100% certainty, i can't say that. however, when you look at the repeated stories, several different times, asked the same question, the story was not 100% the same, but the basic aspects
10:55 am
of the story was sufficient. >> arizona, it is just one of the few states where jurors have the legal right to question the witnesses. and the search now for a missing brown university student is expanding. he has not been seen now for ten days. police in providence, rhode island, they say they are no closer to finding him. his wallet, i.d., credit cards, cell phone, all found in his room. posters are going up all over providence, looking for anyone who might know what happened to him. police say they are now expanding the search to boston, connecticut, new york, as well as philadelphia. it is now a waiting game, waiting to see the big powerball winner to step forward. we want to know who you are. we know the only winning ticket was sold at eagle liquors passaic, new jersey, and whoever has it will be $338 million richer. we'll wait for the winner and
10:56 am
the clock is ticking. >> the winners have one year to come forward. and i think -- i would like to say, it is not unusual that somebody winning a prize this large, whether it is a sole person or a group of people, they often take their time, we don't hear from them right away because they are seeking professional advice, which, of course, i encourage them to do. and to make sure that they have, you know, got everything lined up before they face the big prize. >> so if the winner chooses to take the cash option, that cuts the winnings to $211 million. pretty good, still. and hollywood, immersing itself in a little bit of politics as well. >> it is about time the supreme court weighed in on it and hopefully they'll come down in favor of it. >> we're talking about the biggest names in hollywood tackling same sex marriage. we're going to hear from them up next. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest
10:57 am
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10:59 am
the powerful hollywood celebrities throwing their star power behind the push for same sex marriage. brad pitt, lady gaga, george clooney, just to name a few. they're targeting prop 8, that is the california law that bans same sex marriage. but the u.s. supreme court is going to be hearing the case starting tomorrow. but hollywood wants to be heard now. here is nischelle turner. >> reporter: it is the fight for same sex marriage, a war many in hollywood are on the front li