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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 29, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to put the nightmare behind her. tonight, the untold story of >> out front next, sarah palin has railed against the use of political consul tants. but where has she been spending her money? i'm brook baldwin in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, we want to start with breaking news. the navy seal who died today in arizona during a parachute training exercise was a member
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of the elite seal team six. this, of course, the very same unit that killed osama bin laden in pakistan back in may of 2011. we should tell you a second seal was injured in that same accident. he remains in stable condition tonight. want to take you straight to the pentagon to our correspondent there chris lawrence. chris, what can you tell us about what they were doing about the seal and the accident? >> a navy official told me that the seal was killed in a free fall parachute accident. so unlike some of the films or movies that you've seen where the military people are hooked up to a line inside the plane, this type of training involves them actually jumping out of the plane, falling for some time and then pulling the rip cord to release the canopy. that is the type of training they were doing. it's something that all seals are proficient in, something
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they use for hostage rescue and anti-terrorist operations. we're also told the second seal has been taken to a hospital and that seal is in stable condition. we don't foe in they were on the mission that killed osama bin laden. >> of course, our thoughts tonight with his loved ones and family back home. chris lawrence, since i have you, i wanted your opinion on our other top story, north korea. new details tonight on north korea's prepared strike plan for the united states. those details are in a photo released by north korea. look at this with me. here's the photo.
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here's the young leader. so behind kim jong-un, this is mainland strike plan. there are four missile trajectories, hawaii, washington, d.c., los angeles, and a fourth city that some say appears to be austin, texas. chris law wednesday, we don't believe north korea has rockets that can actually reach all the way to the u.s. mainland. so this is likely wishful thinking on their part. what is the real danger here? >> yeah, brook, u.s. officials are worried right now about austin. but they are worried about the tens of thousands of american troops who are stationed in bases in guam, japan, south korea. those locations are very much within reach of some of that north korean artillery and rockets. they're also worried about this young, inexperienced leader, kim yong-un. they're worried as this rhetoric continues to heat up and continues to go back and forth that his desire to prove to his own people that he is a strong leader may cause a rash action. something like shelling some of the border islands like north korea did a few years ago. that could spark a low-level conflict that if no one pulls
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back from could escalate and escalate and that's where the real danger is here. >> chris lawrence, thank you. i want to continue to cover this issue. "outfront" tonight, franklin graham, the president and ceo of the billy graham oshgs, he joindz north korea four times, most recently in 2011 when he met with some of the country's top officials. we should tell you his family's relationship with north korea spans decades. his mother ruth attended high school in the 1930s in what is now north korea. his father, the reverend billy graham became the first foreign religious leader to preach in pyongyang back in 1992. billy graham also met with north korea's leader at the time, are the current leader's grandfather. so reverend graham, welcome tonight. as we mentioned, you've been
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following north korea for quite a while. you just heard chris lawrence's reporting. just how concerned are you? >> this is, brooke, very dangerous. had is the most dangerous real estate in the world. i'm 60 years old. i was born at the height of the korean war. and for my entire life, we have had this conflict before us. and nothing has been done. we still have troops. there is still the barbed wire. and we need to find a way to resolve this conflict. i believe in dialogue. i believe in talking. it doesn't mean you have to agree. at least we ought to be talking. right now there is this kind of test for tat mentality. it's a schoolyard type policy that we have. they do something and we do something back. last year we just about had a great relationship started when they fired a missile. then we broke off some aid that
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we promised. the next thing we know, they detonate a nuclear bomb and it's just one thing after another. and it has gotten very dangerous. >> and here you have this young leader, we see pictures of him at the table here with the chart and plans ratcheted up. i want to read something to you. north korean analyst wrote this about why the new regime may be different. "for half a century, neither side, north and south korea believe that the benefits of starting a major war outweigh the costs. the worry is that new north korean leader may not hold to the scene due to logic and inexperience. we wend with nukes on hand. some wonder whether or not this lead certificate one with the finger on the button. how concerned are you given his youth and inexperience and perhaps as chris lawrence is saying, perhaps his desire to prove that he can provoke? >> this is a real possibility.
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and i don't know why our government isn't listening to what dennis rodman said. i'm not a fan of dennis -- >> you're saying that our government should be listening to dennis rodman, sir? >> i'm saying we ought to be making that phone call. dennis rodman came back and said that he said he wanted the president to call him. what is wrong with a phone call? brooke, listen -- >> you think it's that easy? >> the foreign minister of russia said we have gotten ourselves into a vicious circle. and he cautioned us. and everyone involved to back down. this is extremely dangerous. i would just recommend getting into -- just making a phone call. hey, let's have lunch. and let's begin a dialogue. but if we don't someone will shoot a gun by accident across that dmz. and then a war could start. and you could have thousands of people who could lose they're
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lives in just hours. this is dangerous. and i would just recommend that this is good friday. i would recommend for christians, if christians are watching, pray for our president that god will give him wisdom. because i believe this could be the greatest crisis that he may face in his presidency. >> i have to ask you though, what kind of benefit the administration would have in picking up the phone and calling dennis rodman. what would we gain from that? >> no, what i'm saying is you pick up the phone and you call and you begin a dialogue and you talk. >> between the president and the leader? >> yes, i believe our president, just pick up the phone and call him and see where it goes from there. you know, come on over and let's shoot some hoops. try to find something to talk to these people about and back this thing down. if you don't ratchet it down, i'm just afraid of what could happen. >> i do know that president obama is a hoops fan. not sure they will be shooting hoops on that first visit. but i see where you're going.
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reverend franklin graham, thank you so much. happy easter weekend to you, sir. still to come tonight, sarah palin has repeatedly criticized others for using paid political consultants. so we looked into her finances. we will tell you exactly what we found. plus, we heard about the story out of oklahoma, a dentist ignores health and safety standards. his patients pay the price. they exposed 7,000 people to have hepatitis and possibly hiv. and the last days of marilyn monroe, a private letter she sent to a friend available for the first time. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight.
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our second story "outfront" tonight, pot meet kettle. sarah palin released a 2:17 ad this week, an ad for herself and she featured a line you may remember from the huge speech not too long ago a cpac. >> that was the time to turn over consulting. >> and the focus groups home and toss the political scripts. >> off the top there you heard it, furlough the consultants. the same consultants she's been paying a heck of a lot of money. cnn contributor john avalon did a little digging and found that her political action committee spent $5.1 million in the last election cycle. $4.8 million went to consultants. "outfront" tonight, our cnn contributors. welcome to both of you tonight. let me begin with you, ryhan. i want to go to palin's chief pac consultant, tim crawford, pocketed more than $321,000 in
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this election cycle in direct payments alone. i mean just credibility check here. how much does she have? >> well, i think that she's not the ideal messenger given how much she spend. i think there is a real problem with a consultant class. when you look at what happened during the romney campaign, for example, you have a lot of questions about the number of senior officials in the romney campaign who are actually contracting with companies that they themselves owned. that is when the romney campaign was contracting with these firms, you know, these guys were benefiting as individuals. and i think that when you look at this, you know, more broadly, there is a question whether there should be more scrutiny for this consultant class. sarah palin isn't the ideal person to be making this case for all kinds of reasons. but i think she's raising a legitimate issue. >> let's say if we don't look at the messenger for a half second, do you think he has a point that, you know, there should be increased scrutiny when you look at the folks? >> he has a point in that one of the problems is when you have consultants making money in addition to the campaign and
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that's what we had in this last cycle and into the point with her which what she's not looking at is getting rid of the consultants she has. if you look at the consultants she has and their track record, granted, i don't work for sarah palin, but when people give to a political action committee, they want to help elect candidates who support their views and values and if you look at her track record with her pac, we had ran paul, marco rubio, nicky haley. these people went on to win. so that's a pretty good return on your investment. >> what about this though, alice -- >> on the romney campaign, they didn't win. >> what about this? we talk about sarah palin's consultants. there is this palin paradox. let me read this. sarah palin wants to be a defender of the middle class while chartering $27,000 private
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plane flights andburg through enough cash on consultants to feed a small village for a year or two. as much as advancing a political cause, sarahpac is a lifestyle play, propping up an expensive ideological entourage." how can she have it both ways, guys? >> well, the key is, like i said, when you're contributing to a political action committee, you're hoping that your money goes to support candidates who represent your views and values. and the big picture here is rahan touches on his book, if we rebuild the republican party, we need to appeal to the working class conservatives and voters. we need to appeal to the social conservatives. we need to appeal to the fiscal conservatives. and that's when people get to pacs, they're hoping to bring those people in. if we can't learn anything frels this past election, we have to appeal to the working class americans, working class conservatives in this country
8:17 pm
and that's what people are doing when they give to pacs. they're hoping the values are represented and candidates that represent those values get elected. >> i think the push back against sarah palin is consider one of the governors you worked for early on, mike huckabee. here's a guy who is governor of arkansas for ten years and had a lot of very concrete political achievements and who really did make strenuous efforts on behalf of working families in arkansas. whereas sarah palin, one of the big disappointments is i was one of the many people who before she was chosen was a champion of sarah palin. but then after the 2008 election, she resigned, very abruptly from the governor's office and then went in a very different direction. i think that's one reason why a lot of folks think she is absolutely not the ideal messenger for creating a mork working class friendly republican party. >> when we talk about the messenger though, fogive me for interrupting, you have to look at the republican party in general. we hear a lot recently at the election, lost a lot of seats in the house and senate. didn't get the white house. rebranding. there was the republican party
8:18 pm
autopsy not too long ago that came out. part of the crux of that was the fact that republicans really need to work together. but palin, i want to play one more clip here. this is when she seems to be working against some within her own party. roll it. >> when somebody's going to hold republicans in congress accountable, it's going to be sarah palin. talk about rebranding the gop. instead of restoring the trust of the american people. >> the next election is 20 months away. the last thing we need is washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. >> alice, you get the final word here. what do you make of this? she is trashing the party. it should be this whole coming together, yes? >> well, that's the whole point. and i was at cpac when she spoke and she certainly energized the conservatives there. that's the message. we learned a lot from this past election and what she is doing is positioning herself smartly
8:19 pm
enough to help be someone that brings people together in the midterm elections and maybe for 2016. but the key is for us to learn from our mistakes, energize, galvanize the energy she creates and work together as a party. bring together the social conservatives and the ones that didn't do so well in the past election. we need to work hard together and do well in the midterms and in 2016. >> as she points out, 20 months away from that. thank you both tonight. appreciate it. still to come, jim carrey responds to his critics, says the fox network slandered him. and it's like something out of a movie. a man who helped melt the legal defense for saddam hussein and slobodan milosevic was never who he said he was. >> he was a dishonest individual who's been very cunning, very clever and incredibly devious individual. our third story out front, duped. the lawyer who took on notorious clients that no one else wanted, ie, saddam hussein. it turns out that he wasn't an attorney at all. and tonight he's in prison for duping his clients and the world. we are "outfront" with the story. >> are you a real life pilot? >> i sure am, little lady.
8:20 pm
>> it's been a while since i've done this. which one is the jump suit? >> just like the character in "catch me if you can," he was a world class con artist. but he has a rolodex that read like a who's who of the world's biggest villians, osama bin laden, saddam hussein, slobodan milosevic and he was fooling them all and making millions from his lies. he worked as an attorney taking on notorious and unwinnable cases. starting in # 005, he defended saddam hussein. >> why not bring charges? the whole world is now beginning to have its doubts. not only on the legality of the war, but if the war was so legal, why not challenge this man? where are the charges? >> he also worked with the legal team defending late serbian president slobodan milosevic and bragged about his meetings with osama bin laden and robert mugabe, meetings in which he would give legal advice.
8:21 pm
there was just one problem. he had no legal qualifications. he was not registered to work as an attorney either in italy where he was born or right here in britain where he grew up. >> he is a dishonest individual. he's been very cunning, very clever and incredibly devious individual. >> reporter: but it is not just dictators he was drawn to. he defended harold shipman, a british doctor who killed hundreds of his own patients. >> dr. shipman had professed his innocence from day one. he has never, ever accepted his guilt, not just the question of psychologically accepted, he never accepted that he murdered anybody. >> reporter: and patricia walsh smith, conned out of 5,000 pounds about, $7500 when he told her she could get a better divorce settlement. >> he knew that i was drowning. he pushes me right under. he said why don't you commit suicide and leave a note saying my life has been a comedy of errors. he said that four times. >> reporter: the judge called him a man of breath taking
8:22 pm
cynicism. but it's not just his victims left embarrassed, it's the entire legal system as well. >> still to come, as many as 7,000 americans may have been exposed to have hepatitis and hiv and authorities say one dentist is responsible. plus, rumors have been swirling here that an nfl player is about to come out, say he's gay. we will show you an exclusive interview with a former player who is out now. and a dramatic rescue, 200 people saved after a giant ice floe breaks free from the shore. that video "outfront." black bla bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it.
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welcome back to second half of "outfront." i'm brooke baldwin in for erin tonight. we start the second half of the show with stories we care about, where we focus on our own reporting from the front lines. for the first time here, facebook tracked attitudes about an issue taken up by the u.s. supreme court, talking about same sex marriage. this week facebook examined which users changed their profile pictures to one of these equal signs. this is by the human rights campaign. it's initiative started by them just to show support for marriage ee quality. i bet you noticed it. and the site deduced 120% week over week increase in users who changed their profile picture was linked to that campaign. they also found the largest increase came from the ann arbor, michigan, area. on a programming note, set your dvrs, a documentary air this is weekend. we're calling it "the marriage
8:28 pm
warriors," a behind-the-scenes look at the same sex marriage case before the supreme court. it airs saturday night, 7:30 p.m. eastern time only here on cnn. and video you have to see. more than 220 people have been rescued off the latvian coast after large sections of ice just broke away from the shore. 181 people on one chunk of this ice floe, they had to be rescued. 42 stranded on another section had to be taken away by helicopter. some were fishing, others out and about simply enjoying a walk on a sunny day. cnn meteorologist mary ramos talked to a local who said there is so much ice to know where it begins and ends. the feud between jim carrey and fox news reached a boiling point. they have been at it since he released the funny or die video with a parody of a late charlton
8:29 pm
heston. ♪ movies are no longer in demand ♪ ♪ a mortal man lay in the sand ♪ the angels took him to heaven like he planned they couldn't pry the gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> that's part of the video. fox news reported on said parody kicking off the segment by saying jim carrey getting dumber and dumber. then greg gutfeld said this about jim carrey. >> he is such a pathetic, sad little freak. he's a jibbering mess. he's a modern bigot. >> ouch. today jim carrey responded. slander for such irresponsible buffoonery, imagine we haven't heard the last from either side. and it has been 603 days since the u.s. lost its top
8:30 pm
credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? markets are closed for good friday today. practical consumer news for you. a new study shows the best time to book a flight is 49 days before departure, 49. beware of buying too early. it could be as expensive as those last-minute fares. fourth story "outfront," exposed. officials say the oklahoma dentist who may have put 7,000 patients at risk of contracting hepatitis and hiv could now face criminal charges. investigators say dr. scott hairington allowed his assistants to do these procedures only a dentist should be doing including sedating the patients. they say there were multiple sterilization problems, that there were no logs of inventory of what was in the office's drug cabinet. they found one drug that expired two decades ago. i know, you read through this complaint as i have today, it's unreal. there were warning signs and our reporter talked to a teenager who had a disturbing experience
8:31 pm
with his dentist. >> they told me to shut up and just pressure on the cause. >> this is the silhouette of a 16-year-old boy and a patient of dr. scott hairington. he and his mother have asked us to hide their identities so they can share the story of a surgery gone terribly wrong. they're living with the fear this young man might have been infected with hiv or hepatitis after one visit to see dr. hairington. >> when you heard the allegations yesterday that were made against this dentist, what went through your mind? >> how do i tell him? i had to take you to be tested because you might have caught this from a dentist. i'm scared. i am scared. i've been up all night last night. now we just have to sit and wait. and that part is going to be the hardest part is the waiting. >> reporter: a year ago this teenage patient says he went to dr. hairington's office to have three mole ars removed. what happened next is an
8:32 pm
excruciating ordeal. >> i was just like bleeding, like profusely. it wouldn't stop. it was gushing. and it was just pouring out of my mouth. >> this is all to pull out three wisdom teeth? >> yeah. i woke up in the middle of it and freaked out. and then dazed back off. when i got back up i was tied to the floor and they said i was trying to -- i was combative. >> as you're sitting there gushing blood, you're in pain. >> yeah. >> what are they tlg you? >> they told me to shut up and just pressure on the gauze. that's exactly what she said. >> shut up? >> shut up. and i was like okay. and then i just shut up. >> oklahoma health officials say hairington's oral surgery practice was a sickening sight inside.
8:33 pm
where investigators found unsan tarry dental tools and a shocking way of doing business including unlicensed assistants administering medications. we repeatedly asked harrington's attorney for comment. our calls and messages have not been returned. did you get the sense that the people who were treating you knew what they were doing? >> no. i felt like after i got out of there and, you know, went through all i went through, i felt like they didn't know. i'm not sure what they were doing at all. >> in the coming days, this young man will have blood tests taken to figure out if he's been infected with hiv or hepatitis. it's frightening and confusing for a teenager and torture for his mother. are you worried that this might change your life forever? >> he's young. yes, he has the rest of his life. and i don't want him to have to live in fear. >> reporter: even after enduring that ordeal, they tried repeatedly to call dr. harrington to complain. the doctor never returned any of their calls and he hasn't
8:34 pm
returned any of our calls either. meanwhile, health officials here in oklahoma say dr. harrington could face felony criminal charges and so could the assistants who worked inside this practice with him as well. brooke? >> ed "outfront" for us, thank you. and now to this, gay players in the nfl. there's been a lot of reporting recently that a professional football player may consider coming out in a matter of weeks. there has never been an out player in the nfl or on any major league sports team. think about it. basketball, football, baseball, hockey, not at all. but some like former san francisco 49er dwayne harris have come out after leaving the league. harris has actually never talked publicly about his own sexuality until today. he talked only to his former teammate coy wire. we'll talk to coy who is live with us tonight. first, his exclusive interview with quinn harris. >> reporter: quinn harris was a
8:35 pm
stand out football player from high school to stanford university to first round pick in the 2003 draft. he played six seasons in the pros, five with the san francisco 49ers and one with the oakland raiders. >> i love football. football provided me experiences and opportunities that i wouldn't trade for anything else. and at the same time, the cost was great in asking me to not speak candidly or be able to be open about myself in this complete manner. >> reporter: harris is gay. he said he's always known this but concealed it until recently. >> i wasn't publicly out until -- until about -- i don't know, beginning of the super bowl when publicized. >> reporter: it was publicized after an alleged altercation with an exboyfriend outside of a restaurant. not long after, a current 49er made this comment on arty lange's radio show. >> the gay people have to get up out of there if they're gay. >> he ultimately apologized but the sentiment is not uncommon in the sports world. last season a toronto shortstop
8:36 pm
was suspended for three games for gay slur written in spanish in the grease under his eyes. he apologized as well. it explains why no player in any the four major male professional sports in the u.s. has ever come out while playing. did you ever consider coming out while you were a player? >> no. not while i was playing. i didn't see those two things as being compatible. but now when i look back in hindsight, if i could have done it differently, i would have liked to think i would have found the strength or find the fortitude or the grace to kind of make the hard decision. >> reporter: for harris, the burden almost became too much to bear. >> you want to escape the turmoil and your mind goes to dark places sometimes. but i would just say that i -- i'm happy today. i'm glad that, you know, i didn't actually -- but those are just ideas and i didn't act on
8:37 pm
any of those things. and that, you know, it does get better. >> reporter: you haven't spoken about this to any media at all. so why now? >> i want people, you know, whether they're gay athletes or athletes still in the closet or youth who aren't quite sure what they're sexuality is to realize that not only is that not unique but those feelings are common feelings. don't feel incredibly alone in having these questions. secondly, that i'm gay and i'm a former athlete and i think i'm a
8:38 pm
pretty normal guy. >> coy wire joining me live tonight. it's interesting when your friend talks about, you know, the cost is great. the cost is coming out f there were to be a player that came out today, what is the cost? >> well, i think we all can imagine what the torment and
8:39 pm
stress would be. but i think one thing that he said in the interview that we had was that it shocked him and surprised him how many people were actually there to support him. even the family members and former teammates who he thought would ostracize him, they were actually the first ones to rush to his support and to embrace him. so i think that is what shocked a lot of people. >> i talked to mike freeman this
8:40 pm
morning, he had the scoop, source reporting that there is a current player considering coming out and what the headline to me was it's not, you know, the fear over locker room or friends and family, it's the fans. it's the hostility he would face. can you see that? >> i can see that. i can also see that fans are hostile even when you cause your team a penalty. they're going to be hostile no matter what. i think the main concern for a player who would come out would be his teammates and his sabra hummus: dip life to the fullest. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat.
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fiven story out front, the white man's perspective. doug gottlieb caused quite a controversy last night after being introduced during the network's ncaa coverage, he joked about being the only white guy on a panel of black former basketball players. >> cream rising to the crop. i'm just here to bring diversity to this set, give the white man's perspective on the point
8:45 pm
guard position. no? >> just checking. >> marquette-miami -- >> what's up with you guys? >> you jumped right into it. swam it hard. >> awkward. and as the night wore on, gottlieb's critics piled on calling the comment he made racist, inappropriate. espn's mark may eat sweeted after doug gottlieb's ignorant comment on cbs, he should be canned. sports analyst later released a statement through cbs saying, "it was not a smart thing to say and apologize." the question we're asking tonight is was the joke really out of line? "outfront" tonight, columbia university professor mark lamont hill, cnn contributor and columnist elzi anderson. gentlemen, welcome on this friday night. dean, i'm going to let you have first crack at this here because people have been jumping all
8:46 pm
over him online, on twitter as you can imagine. should he be canned over the comment? >> absolutely not. the joke was not -- look, we're adults. we know the difference between somebody demonizing and someone being playful. he is joking around with co-workers. it doesn't mean people won't be outraged. people go on twitter and type in all capital letters, i'm outraged and retweet. we live in a world of hyper sensitivity and instant outrage. he is a victim of that. > with the prosecution's main witnesses being challenged on appeal, the case against amanda knox and raffaele sollecito seems to be hanging on two very small pieces of dna evidence. two months after our interview with prosecutor giuliano mignini, a court-appointed review of the forensic evidence would find the evidence itself worthless. the spot found on the knife, it turns out, was not even blood and the dna evidence on the bra clasp is so small, it is scientifically worthless. further testing impossible
8:47 pm
because the genetic material, if there was any, was ruined in police storage. >> charles barkley jumped in, kind of comes to his friend's rescue a little later. here's what charles barkley said. >> i want to say something about doug gottlieb. he made a joke earlier tonight and people are going crazy, all the idiots on twitter which i will never, ever do. me, kenny and greg did not take that personally. so all you people at home who got no lives who will talk about doug, get a life. it's over with. it's no big deal. >> he says get a life. l.z., what if the situation was reversed, if it was a bunch of
8:48 pm
white guys and one african-american? would it make a difference? >> absolutely, because of the dynamics and the history. we can't ignore that. first and foremost, let me just say that i worked with doug. i have known doug for a few years when he worked at espn. i met his father, i know he's a good father, he's a good guy. he didn't mean anything racist directly with his statement. it's a bad joke. as the great professor just said, it's an irresponsible statement. there have been studies about the lack of diversity not just in reporting in general, but in sports reporting in particular. there are only two women of color in the entire country who have national columns. that's the type of lack of depth we have when it comes to diversity in sports. so the joke was a bad joke and it was an irresponsible joke but he's not a bad person, he's not a racist. >> now, had the situation been reversed. guys, roll the tape. speaking of the great professor, he was involved in this. roll it. >> it's funny to sit here and be
8:49 pm
part of a panel and talk about poverty and -- >> did you find it offensive? >> i did, as a black person. >> mark lamont hill, you agree with l.z. that that's totally different? >> wow. >> there we go. the archives. >> answer that, mark. >> damn you and your tapes! i would like to reiterate dean is racist. >> mark! >> i was misquoted. >> no, look, there are different dynamics between black and white. one of the challenges we have in america is we like to pretend black and white are opposite sides of the same coin and they're not. one has the power to name, one has the power to control, one has institutional authority, one has wide representation. the other one does not. so it's just different dynamics
8:50 pm
to compare black and white. i'm not ready to pull out a picket sign on this guy. i think it's just a bad joke, he should say i shouldn't tell jokes anymore, leave it to barkley but at the end of the day we can't compare black and white. >> i'm reminded of this op-ed, once upon a time, bill maher and his whole point is we're too sensitive as a society. dean, you're nodding. you get the last word. >> this is destroying my freedom of expression, mark lamont, you freedom crusher. how dare you. you make fun of white people, i'm half white, i'm biracial. i have done jokes about white people and have been demonized by people on twitter. it goes both ways. race is a third rail right now. talk about it, you make fun of anyone but your own race, you will have to hire a publicist and deal with it. >> but you're a comedian. that's the difference. >> that's the difference. when you talk race or something else, there absolutely is a line. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> nice seeing you. still to come, a million dollar auction set to begin.
8:51 pm
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breaking news to our top story tonight here with regard to north korea. here's what we're learning from reuters. north korea's state-run media, kcna, is now reporting that north korea says it will enter a quote unquote, state of war against south korea. state of war, what does that mean? it's a great question. we're trying to get more information on exactly what that does mean and we'll get back to you of course on cnn through the weekend. finally tonight, a massive sale will take place in two months when an anonymous american collector will be auctioning off more than 250 letters that could bring in between $3 million and $5 million. the collection includes an angry note from john lennon to paul mccartney at the time of the beatles' breakup, plans for the light bulb drawn by thomas edison and 58 letters handwritten by dwight d. eisenhower. the most popular item is a letter that marilyn monroe wrote to her acting teacher, describing her increasingly
8:56 pm
desperate mental state, including the passage quote, i'm still lost. i mean, i can't get myself together. i sound crazy but i think i'm going crazy. it's an amazing collection the likes of which we will probably never see again, mostly because, well, people just don't write letters anymore. somehow i just can't picture future auctions offering alec baldwin's e-mails or chevy chase's voice mails or kim kardashian's tweets. you want to see a piece of actual history in person, the items will be exhibited april 8th through 16th at douglas elements gallery in new york city and you can buy them at profiles in history on may 30th. thanks for being with me tonight. coming up next, an anderson cooper special report. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything.
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