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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  March 30, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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i don't think people really understand how important it is to have these children succeed. when we do this, you get great rewards that are better than money. from cnn headquarters in atlanta. is it time to take them at their word? >> plus, rusty equipment and reused needles, dirty secrets exposed. that's the last thing you are going to go into the world getting your wisdom teeth taken out that you will be exposed to hepatitis. get the gun. the small georgia town that wants to make it a law that everybody has to be locked and
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loaded. it's saturday, march 30th. good morning. i am alison kosik. >> i am victor blackwell. we are glad you are with us this morning. north korea, they entered a state of war with south korea and are aiming their missiles at the u.s. >> south korea and some diplomats say it's the usual posturing. and the security council weighed in on this. we take these threats seriously and remain on close contact with our south kau rejon i hrupbs. but we would also note that north korea has a long history of rhetoric and threats and today's announcement follows that familiar threat. >> they were out today, and i was walking on the streets and people were out with their
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families here in seoul, the south korean capital. darkness is falling now and the crowds are thinning out and they enjoyed the day, and they do not see this in the same light other people do. they lived with it all of their lives. in their view this is all about the kim regime and dynasty, if you will, doing the same thing its always done, nuclear weapons, and holding it over their head to extort money and food. people on the streets are saying we can't take it anymore, and they are ready to confront the u.s. empearlist. >> any indication this is just a pwhruser at this point? >> well, you can never dismiss
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north korea's very formidable. >> nothing that can hit the continental of united states. let's make that clear. let's make another thing clear. let's look at the great equalizer here. just a few miles north of the zone that is the most heavy m l military zone, there's a joint venture of north korea and south korea, and there's 123 south korean firms there, and 50,000 north koreans are employed there. there was about $2 billion in trade, and that provided a lot of it. and those workers are still going up there. some officials say we might have to close it down, we don't know,
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but it's still open and that says something. >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea for us. thank you. the navy in a training accident that killed one and injured another. a source says cnn, the field team that died is one that went after bin laden. and then inindicted in one of the biggest cheating scandals. they face charges of corruption and racketeering and are accused of changing or fabricating test scores in 2001. and some are facing 45 years in prison if convicted, and that includes hall who resigned, and she was a full participant and
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threatened and punished teachers that did not cheat. the grand jury is recommending that her bond be set at $7.5 million once she surrendered. and then offering free hepatitis test and hiv test. the dentist stopped prag after there were dirty and rusty tools were used. >> reporter: when health officials are calling your dentist a mennice to public health, is it a wonder so many of those parents are worried? not many people jumped for joy when it's time to go to the dentist. colton scott now has more reasons than others to be nervous about his dentist. he had his wisdom teeth removed
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last year by dr. harrington, and just found out he could have contracted a infectious disease. >> that's the last thing that you think you will be exposed to hiv or hepatitis, something that never would have crossed by mind in a million years. >> his dentist came under suspicious when a different patient contracted hiv and hepatitis. they said what they found at the office was enough to turn their stomachs. >> we were physically sick. i have seen a lot of bad stuff over the years. >> inspectors came up with so much bad stuff, they filed 17 violations which one allegation was he was using outdated drugs, and even though he used morphine
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in 2012, none was delivered since 2009. and apparently the equipment was not sterilized, and reinserting needles in the same vile and using rusty instruments inside a patient's mouth. >> they were horrible. i wouldn't let my nephews play with them in the dirt. they were horrible. >> patients need to be tested now and on saturday here at the tulsa health department free screenings will begin for hepatitis b, c, and hiv. >> they may be infected for years without experiencing any signs of illness. >> a scary possibility. dr. harrington has seen 7,000
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patients since 2007. and there are many more but records only go back that far. cnn has been unable to reach the doctor or his lawyer. he has not been charged with a crime, but officials say he has surrendered his dental license. mr. scott is nervous? >> we are all very concerned and apprehensive. >> the result of the health screenings will take two to three weeks. a very nervous time for people who will be waiting to exhale. >> susan candiotti, thanks. authorities say gary allen irving was convicted of raping three young women, and new leads led police this week to the a small town where they found irving who is now 55 years old. >> his wife appeared like she was in a state of shock.
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she was very cooperative. seemed to be a very nice lady, and for all exstents and purposes seemed to be a nice couple living there downtown. >> always pleasant and nice. always liked him. you never know who is living next door, i guess. >> authorities in maine and massachusetts, they plan to use dna to see whether irving can be linked to any unsolved rapes. tomorrow millions of christians around the world will celebrate easter or resurrection day, as it's known. this is the crowd last night outside the coliseum in rome. beautiful pictures here. the pope spoke at a special ceremony for good friday, and he told people that christians must respond to evil with good an iconic cross will be allowed in
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a 9/11 museum. the judge tossed out a claim that the cross was mixing church and state. the judge says displague the cross is allowed because of its historical importance. it's your chance to own a piece of history. some of the final correspondents from the biggest celebrities. we will give you some of the last letters from marilyn monroe and john lennon. odor. ♪ discover tidy cats pure nature. clumping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right?
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now. an incredible story to tell you about. an italian con man fooled some of the most powerful men in the world. >> bin laden and saddam hussein to name a few. here is cnn. >> it's been a while since i have done this. which one is the jump seat again? >> and just like the character in the movie "catch me if you can," he has a rolodex that read like a whose who of the world's biggest villains. and now it turns out he was fooling them all and making millions from his lies. he worked as an attorney making on notorious and unwinnable cases. starting in 2005, he defended saddam hussein. >> why not bring charges?
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the whole world is now beginning to have its doubts, not only on the legality of the war but if the war was so legal why not charge this man? where are the charges? >> he worked with the legal team defending other leaders, and he had meetings in which he would give legal advice. there was just one problem. he had no legal qualifications and he was not registered to work as an attorney in italy where he was born or here in britain where he grew up. >> he is a thoroughly dishonest individual who has been coning and cleaver, and a devious individual. >> but it's not just dictators he was drawn to, he defended a british doctor that killed hundreds of his own patients. >> the doctor had professed innocence from day one and never
3:16 am
accepted his guilt, not just a question of psychologically, he never accepted that he murdered anybody. >> and this woman was conned when he told her she could get a better divorce settlement. >> he knew that i was drowning and he pushed me right under, and he said why don't you commit suicide, and leave a note saying my life has been a comedy of errors, and he said that four times. >> it's not just his victims left embarrassed, it's the entire legal system as well. a historic collection of letters is hit to set the auction block in may, and it includes some of marilyn monroe's letters just before her suicide spp s
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suicide. she wrote this. i think everything is pushing against my concentration, everything one does and lives is impossible almost. i get before a camera, and i am trying to learn everything it leaves me, and i feel like i am not existing in the human race at all. chilling. >> a little unusual and scary. i call it creepy. and a letter includes john lennon to mccartney around the same time the beatles broke up. >> i don't believe you are that insane, paul. do you believe that? when you stop believing it you might wake up. >> the items will be exhibited april 8th in new york city. again, i just think to own these
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letters, especially monroe's letter, it's a bit creepy. >> everybody wants to own something celebrity. people don't write letters anymore and we are texting and these could be worth more money, maybe, an investment. >> yeah, maybe people buying to sell them later. if you are up this early morning, you might have missed last night's big game. >> i was sleeping, but the biggest surprise this this year's tournament took on in state rival florida, but did the magic continue or did the clock strike midnight on this year's cinderella. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air.
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look how pretty. good morning. you are looking at downtown atlanta seeing the park here. i hear the final four is happening next weekend. >> let's talk march madness. a lot of us were sleeping when it happened. i tried to sleep but didn't get a lot, but that's my problem. and the season for florida's gulf coast ended. they were knocked out by the state rivals, florida. and andy shoals has more in this
3:23 am
hour's breach bleacher report. the carriage is a pumpkin again. >> it's sad to see the eagles' run come to an end. no other 15-seed was able to accomplish what they did, and they did it in style. it looked like the ride was going to continue as the eagles open the game on fire. they led by as many as 11 early on, but they would turn into a pumpkin as florida would go on the 16-2 run to end the first half. and that was too much to overcome for the gulf coast, and their cinderella run ends with a loss to florida. >> hour plan was not to be some great national story, but our plan was to go in and compete and win games, but it was unbelievable to see the excitement and passion of not only our local community and the students and also on the national level. >> the game of the night
3:24 am
belonged to four seed kansas and michigan, and look at this three from burke. that sent the game into overtime. and burke scored all the 23 points in the second half and in overtime, and michigan holds on the in the extra period, and more on this game you can head over to and last night the cardinals continued to play like a dominant number one seed led by smith's 31 points. and they are on their way to the 77-69 win. and they advance for the second straight year. and duke, behind a hot-shooting night, the blue devils defeated michigan state, and that sets up a pitino coaching match-up.
3:25 am
and later today, two teams will punch their ticket to the final four. and syracuse against marquette, and then wichita state taking on ohio state. guys, now that florida is out of tournament, wichita state can maybe flip into the cinderella role. >> i am still surprised we are having this conversation and georgetown was out so early. >> yeah, got them early. >> they made ft. meyers proud. a small georgia town considers making gun ownership mandatory, and that's despite the town hardly has crime at all. we will take you there and inside the town's decision. quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand.
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good morning to you. it's 29 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i am alison kosik. >> i am victor blackwell. thank you for starting the day with us. number one, north korea, they are now in a state of war with south korea. they said they had their missiles pointing at the u.s. the latest round of threats from north korea, and this time they are upset with the u.s. for
3:30 am
sending b2 bombers to korea for military drills. and then saving thousands of lives a year with cleaner gas. it will reduce smog and the health risks that come along with it. the proposed changes were introduced friday but won't go into affect until 2015, and could hike the gas prices up. and then a ban on large and sugary drinks. under the proposed rules, the board of health would regulate the size of cups making the max size 16 ounces for restaurants. number four, the debate over same-sex marriage may have prompted 2.7 million people to change their profiles this week.
3:31 am
they had a 120% bump in profile pictures this tuesday compared to last week. and they were putting up the human rights campaign. and then a victim stepping off the platform, and this man rushes over sand goes after him and he kept the man still so he wouldn't touch the high voltage rails. he said he was just playing it forward. let's take you to nelson, georgia. ever heard of it? it's a small town in georgia, and it's considering a new law that would require every homeowner to also own a gun and ammunition. now i been the to nelson to find out why such a small town is considering such a big move.
3:32 am
>> this is a town that norman rockwell would want to paint a picture of. >> 50 miles north of atlanta, and it's a small snapshot of americana, and grazing towels and churches and a small police department. >> you are the chief of police and it's just you and the department? >> right now it's just me. >> the chief has not wuorked a single major crime after three years on the job. >> normal minor thefts, and burglaries. >> but soon owning the gun in the town may not be a right but a requirement. every head of household would have to own a gun and ammunition. >> it's a deterrent kind of law. >> every member of the council supports it, and one believes it would scare off would-be criminals when it becomes law on
3:33 am
april 1st. >> when you have the security adt in front of your home, we are protected by an alarm or whatever, and the majority of places don't have it. >> and nelson would not be the first town in america to pass a mandatory gun ownership law, and even not the first law in georgia, but the ordinance is a direct ordinance of the law passed in 1982. there's no way to accurately measure its affect on public safety, but historically crime rates have been low, and there are exemptions for felons and mentally ill and somebody who objects to owning a gun for personal or any other believes, and nelson says it will not affect the law. what is the point? >> don't have the government tell them what to do and what not to do. >> it's part of a campaign led by the local chapter of the tea party patriots to protect the
3:34 am
second amendment rights. >> we want to take it to other counties, and to other states. >> lamar keller lived in tphel is not for 20 years, and he calls it a sham. >> this is not about the second amendment. they try to make it be, but it's not. >> what is it about? >> publicity. >> some people buy their guns here, and the manager thanks one man. >> i honestly believe that the commander in chief has raised the prices. he is trying to enforce the gun ban and everybody is worried about losing their guns and they are buying more and more and more. >> do you think the federal government is coming for your guns? >> i do not. i can own a gun without this ordinance, and i can protect my home without this ordinance, why
3:35 am
have an ordinance not worth anything? >> a small southern town at the center of a gun fight? >> will it be safer. i think it will be a little hey, look what we have done in our little town, you know, and we can keep our guns. >> this issue comes up for the final vote on monday, april 1st. it's expected to pass. it will likely get unanimous support. >> what if somebody can't afford it if they are required? >> they say in the law there's exemptions for everybody that doesn't want one. this is really a message to the federal government that you cannot come and take our guns. you see some people in the town saying the federal government is not coming for our guns, but the city council is making the effort to send a message to the effort. >> and thinking it's going to pass? >> yeah, it's probably going to pass. >> good story. michael jackson's mother, she is suing for wrongful death
3:36 am
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michael jackson's mother is suing concert promoter for wrongful death of her son during his final comeback tour, and at the heart of the suit is conrad
3:40 am
murray. >> if they are liable, billions are at stake. i asked jane velez-mitchell, if it's about the money or holding somebody accountable for michael jackson's death. >> i think it's emotional and katherine lost a son, and these kids lost a dad and the world lost the king of pop, and i don't think it feels like real justice for them. they want more justice, so they are going to civil court where the currency for justice is money and they are seeking a lot of it. some say this could be, if it goes in their favor, billions for them. >> speaking of the courtroom, conrad murray never sat in that box where he would have to testify and never spoke under oath about the singer's death, which occurred on his watch. if he refuses to do it again in the upcoming trial, how does the
3:41 am
family suffer? >> i don't think it suffers that much. this dr. conrad murray does not have a lot of credibility. he used a surgical knockout drug that is only supposed to be administered in an operating room in a bedroom to somebody who needed to sleep. he is also somebody who lied to pair phramedic paramedics, and doctors, and i don't think his word means that much. >> the jackson's claim is aeg live negligently hired conrad murray, and lawyers on both sides argue about who paid him, and the family says they have an e-mail and that aeg was paying murray. >> you think it would be a simple case, aeg hired murray, and when it comes to jackson nothing is simple. it turns out even though dr.
3:42 am
conrad murray was supposed to be making a lot of money, he was never paid a penny. there was reportedly some sort of contract floating around but it was never signed. michael jackson died before it was signed. that's why it's so very complicated. and then you supposedly do have this smoking gun e-mail where an executive at aeg allegedly says something to the fact that we're his boss, but we will see. let's see what happens in the trial having covered many cases involving michael jackson, and it's never ever simple. >> we have seen a lot more of jackson's children since his death and we know that prince, blanket, paris, along with his mother, katherine jackson expected to testify. what other than the obvious emotion do they add to this? what do we expect to hear from them? >> the key is the irresponsible way that dr. conrad murray behaved once he found out something was terribly amiss with michael jackson, instead of
3:43 am
immediately calling 911 and calling for pair immediat param calls prince and he can layout the horror of that day. these kids, some people don't give them as much compassion as they should because they are rich and famous, but they went through a horrible traumatizing experience and somebody should pay for that. >> you have a lot on your plate with jodi arias and oscar pistorius, but we always turn to you. thank you. >> thank you so much. for full coverage of the michael jackson trial watch, we have jane velez-mitchell. and then this was quite the busy week in the court. >> here is your crime in 60 seconds. >> south african track star will be allowed to travel overseas while out on bail for murder charges. a judge modified his bail
3:44 am
restrictions this week. the sprinter can also return to his home where police say he killed his girlfriend, reeva. and then holmes said he would plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. two teenagers accused of shooting a baby in the head have been indicted by a grand jury. the two are both being charged as adults. they will not face the death penalty. and amanda knox says she will fight to prove her innocence after the supreme court ordered a retrial. she sent two years in preuz 81 for killing her roommate but an appellate court overturned the conviction in 2011, and that's crime in 60. are you looking to save money on your next flight? well, lose weight, will you?
3:45 am
>> one airline will charge people based on their weight. more on that proposal, next. >> but not you. >> well, thanks. s plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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forget about first class. never mind that leg room and those extra bags, don't worry about that. the question really is should our weight pay a role in what we pay when we fly. and one professor is making headlines when airlines should take up a pay as you weigh models, and total weight is your weight plus the weight of your luggage, meaning if you weigh 240 pounds you would pay twice as much as somebody that paid 120 pounds. no word on whether airlines are going to pick up on the idea, but this is the only airline that wants to weigh passengers before boarding, samoa air. >> and they are the only ones
3:48 am
charging to do with this. >> i don't have a problem with it. >> sure, you don't. and there's a new proposal on how airlines can make more money, and they were charging for bathrooms -- >> they charged for bathrooms? >> well, there was a plan but it didn't carry out. this one i hope is not going anywhere. i am a heavy man and i pack a lot of stuff when i travel. >> yeah, and you are a hog -- >> yeah, on the armrest, i am taking it. >> i never want to sit next to you on the airline. >> i am not sharing it. if they are nice, i will let them have the front or the back. i am that kind of guy. we have some solutions that may help you get motivated. that's coming up next.
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ten minutes before the top of the hour. good morning, washington, d.c. a few lights on at the white house this morning. it is spring, but i don't know even if in washington it feels like spring. doesn't feel like it here in atlanta. >> it's a little warmer in new york, and it's time to spring into shape even if you are not headed to the beach or for spring break, but you want to slim down for summer. >> can i talk about how amazing this shot is. >> i am really shot, aren't i? >> love this shot. >> if you want to get into better shape, the nutrition guru
3:51 am
with us now. we tend to pack on the weight in the winter, don't we? >> people tend not to go outside, and the holidays, huge problem, halloween, thanksgiving and christmas is hanukkah, and new year's eve, and valentine's day, it's eating and drink and the stress. >> you can layer up. and nobody sees the extra stuff. >> that's another problem, if you go to florida or arizona -- when i was in florida, we didn't put on the weight because we were still in the beach at the winter, and it's what country you are in and how you let the holidays affect you. >> if you are a woman, where do you put the weight on and how do you get it off? >> everybody is individual, and women tend to do hips, butt, thighs, and then a little bit in the belly. in men, men are mostly in the
3:52 am
belly area, which is more the dangerous fat. it's so bad, victor, i am sorry, which is why we all need to stay in shape and duty same exercises to prevent that weight gain, so you want to do strength training and cardio combined, not spot train. the better shape you get into you have to do more to maintain it. >> that's why i am not pushing. that's why. >> i know in the northeast especially, but these pollen counts get up there and a lot of people want to get out and enjoy exercising outside. what is the best time? >> they say to go outside when the pollen count is low, and if somebody has allergieallergies, matter what time of the day, when the pollen is down it's down and you have to stay inside. >> you feel like you want to go run in the park or bike, what should people who have these allergies do and still stay in shape? >> well, i have a lovely
3:53 am
springtime circuit that i put together for you. influenced by playing and running and jumping outside, but you can do it inside. 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, and anybody can do it. starting with crab walks. they are a lot easier when you were smaller, but you can walk forward. >> i do them at the gym, actually, yes. >> your core, you are getting work back here, and next we have jump swats. i love squats. and it's squat and jump. >> that's exhausting after a while. >> yeah, those are rough. >> and we have bicycles. you want to get your shoulder to your knee, and if you don't have anything on your back like i do, it's easier. and keeping your belly button squeezed in. and put in high knees or butt kicks. >> it's repeated how many times? >> four times through, so it's
3:54 am
16 minutes. everybody has 16 minutes in their day. >> and swimming, that could be good for people that have allergi allergies? >> it's not. if you are in an outdoor pool, the pollen goes into the pool. and if you are indoor, your nasal passages, that doesn't filter out. so it can actually irritate hey fever. >> swimming is out? >> not necessarily out, but if you have bad allergies your best bet is to go to the doctor and get nasal spray and medication. >> i am out of breath, sorry. >> she typically has me doing all these things. let me ask about the crab walk. i have never said those words out loud. you have to keep your pelvis up, and you were doing it low, what does that work specifically? >> your triceps, and walking forward you are involving ham
3:55 am
strings and gluts, too. if you stay up more you will work glutes and abs, more. >> let me see the crab walk once more? >> you are mean. >> that's for having me do crunches on the ball a week ago. >> sorry. let's talk credit card theft. no matter who you are, you still can be a victim even if you are the supreme justice of the court, and learn more how he was victimized and find ways to protect yourself. you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again.
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3:59 am
isn't it? meet the little polar bear cub, made her official debut at the buffalo zoo on friday. >> warmed up to the crowd quickly. spent the morning playing with toys and swimming in her pool all to the delight of all of her fans. keeping with our animal theme, look at the face. i can't believe a mama rejected this baby gorilla. that's gladys now being raised by ten human surrogates. >> yeah, later this morning we will introduce one of gladys' surrogates, and his name is ron evans. he has to do this gorilla sound. >> really? >> yeah, to get her used to that kind of sound from another gorilla. and he does it better than i do. and that's at 8:50 eastern here on cnn. >> really cute, right? >> yeah, and it takes a lot to get


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