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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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would you look at the time. it's already 7:30. welcome back. i am alison kosik. >> it's 4:30 out on the west coast, though. and number one, a man on the massachusetts most wanted list is now in jail. authorities say gary allen irving been the on the lamb in 1979 after he was convicted of raping three women. and police found him in the small town of gora, maine. he was watching tv with his wife and grandchild. he is due in court on monday.
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and then a new effort to shift through debris through 9/11, and identify more victim remains. the city now has newer shifting technology. and crews will shift through 50 dump loads for weeks. and then the mother and sister of a suspect accused of shooting a baby in the face is being held without bond. and also 35 educators in atlanta have been indicted in one of the biggest cheating scandals. they face charges of corruption and racketeering and are accused of changing or fabricating test scores in 2001. some of the accused face 45 years in prison if convicted,
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and that includes hall who denied wrong doing, and shaefrs a full participant in the conspiracy and threatened and punished teachers that did not cheat. she was once name national superintendent of the year and she collected more than $500,000 in bonuses over ten years because of a raise in test scores. and number five, something cute for you. buffalo zoo. they welcomed the new member on friday, an adorable polar bear. the crowd gathered to meet her, and she won't be there for long. another polar beari coming to te zoo this spring. we fly a lot. >> we do. >> the faa might let you keep the electronic devices on. >> shocker, right. they could be cleared for takeoff by years end, and that means you can keep playing words with friend, somebody tell alex
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baldwin before your flight reaches 10,000 feet, and while it lands as well. >> and the author of travel unscripted joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> after years much bg told the gadgets pose a safety threat, were they ever really dangerous? >> i have a friend who is a pilot, and he said he had ipads and cell phones in the cockpit for years and never interfered with everything, and he thinks the faa is three years behind the rest of the world. it's time this change was made. yeah, we are looking forward to it. i want to be able to keep my kindle on with takeoff and landings. >> what about our cell phones? >> i think cell phones are still off limits. cell phones transmit, and there's tkpwaeugss because they are close to the gps system of the airplanes themselves, and
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that's not they may not be able to use, but crack open the ipads and kindles, and you will be okay in six or eight months. >> there's a concern from the flight attendants who have to give the instructions on theks d they say people will not pay attention. will people continue to be able to listen to ipods during those instructions. >> i think they should be able to take it out during the instruction, and you always have been distracted and you see people with the newspaper in their face. that's not a new thing. distraction, sleeping, yeah, let's get real here. it's like herding cats on the planes, and you will not get
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everybody's attention but can take steps to get some of it. and then a professor who is in norway, he has a lot of people talking about this, saying your weight should be factored into your ticket price. he offered a three model way of paying so your total weight is the weight plus the weight of your luggage, and if you way 170 pounds you would pay twice as much as somebody that weighs less. >> i can't imagine a person being pulled out for a weigh in. they will look at the over all size of the plane and seats and where they will get the extra pay, if you are overweight and can't fit inside the 17-inch seat, you will pay for two seats and they will get their money that way. and air fares are all over the place. you can fly round trip to l.a. one day $350, and four days later it's $1,700 from atlanta.
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now they are going to start thinking about charging you based on your weight? good luck with that. >> you mentioned for a fleeting moment, but how would it be enforc enforced? will there be a scale next to the luggage scale? >> victor, weighing in at, what, 220 pounds? >> that's exactly right. 222. >> step aside, my man. step aside and get on the scale. >> yeah. will this happen at the airport? >> no way. no way. not going to happen. >> you know the professor, he says, mark, quote, it may provide significant benefits to airlines, the passengers and even to the society at large and that it will provide a production of carbon emissions. huh? >> how does making you pay more for your weight reduce carbon emissions? unless they go on a diet and
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it's less fuel to burn because it's less weight, and maybe everybody should join jenny craig or weight watchers. >> great. thank you, mark. i am hoping that more planes get the charging stations in the armrest. >> that would be awesome. >> yeah. >> i am always draining the iphone before the flight. guess who is in trouble now? justin bieber accused of spitting on his neighbor and threatening to kill him? the entertainment talking coming up. conservative.
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welcome back. it's 20 minutes until the top of the hour, and we're in the e-block now, and that means time for entertainment news. let's start with more justin bieber drama. >> he may have cropped up more than he could handle. his neighbor claimed he assaulted him and threatened him and put his family in danger. >> and the bieber's mom tells a.j. hammer what she thinks about his recent troubles. >> it's crazy some of the headlines, you know, that i see them sometimes at the same time as everybody else, and you know, as a mom i just look at them so differently from everybody else. it's not just a story to me, i am his mom, so yeah. >> does he call you when something like this happens to say, here is the deal mom, here is what really happened, i did
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have this interaction with the guy but it's not what you are reading about? >> you know, i think that it's -- i don't know. it's hard because, what 19-year-old wants his mom talking about his personal life. >> and the radio personality joins us now and one comedian joins us live. let's begin with you. is he losing control? >> no, his mother right there was a poor choice of motherhood. she is talking about i don't want to embarrass my child. be a mom, why are you finding out things and i am finding out things on the internet. that's the problem. he needs to be parented right now. he is not being parented right now, you can tell. >> yeah, he needs a good shaking, i won't say beating, i don't want to get america crazy, but shaking.
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>> can justin file trespassing charges? >> he could try. who knows what the facts are. bieber is making lohan look better by the day. you are not going to be a cool bad guy. you are a 110 pound canadian. enjoy your fame. be rich and be happy and stop fighting with people. >> that's a good way to live. let's move on to the media coming down on kim kardashian about her pregnancy weight gain. and "us weekly" making it a habit of making her look big, and another one has a headline, "i can't stop eating." and it shows her in this white and black dress, side by side, with the whale. and it says which one wore it
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better? give her a break, she is pregnant, right? cnn is not saying kim gained 65 pounds, but so what, she is pregnant. "the huffington post"s is calling it fat shaming. >> first of all, i think kim kardashian is fabulously pregnant. we put so much pressure on women to be fit. i have pressure when i know i am going to be here on saturday mornings, and it's terrible. it's okay to gain weight when you are pregnant. >> yeah, are you supposed to gain weight. >> we saw it with jessica simpson and jenny mccarthy, and when somebody is a bombshell gains weight when they are pregnant. >> people who write it, they are haters. >> and kim was on the to"the to show" s with jay leno, and let's listen and talk on the other
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side. >> you know, i think it's wrong. i mean, i have always been curvy, and i always embraced my curves and love them and now there is just more to love right now. you know, i -- >> what do you think of this? clearly the criticism has been harsh. >> it has. kim, you go, girl. i never said that in my entire life and i felt like saying that this morning. i am sleeping. and we should do media shaming, and we should do shaming in the media, who talk about people for gaining weight. we don't talk about women's weight ever, except for looks like you lost a few pounds, which leads to are you saying i was fat before? and we talk about it, and she's a creature of the media, and it's a hard thing for her. >> a lot of people will say that she is in the spotlight, she should expect that it's coming.
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but when you are pregnant, that is a beautiful time. >> yeah, it's a beautiful time. she looks to me to be beautifully pregnant. i love her style. she is increasing, not wearing maternity clothes at all and she looks great and leave her alone. >> i agree. leave her alone. >> and thank you very much. >> we coordinated today. >> yeah, we did. >> getting ready for easter. we didn't see last night's game, because we were asleep. i tried to sleep. florida gulf coast university, the big cinderella surprise at the ncaa tournament, they went head to head with in state rival florida, but did the magic continue or did the clock strike midnight for this year's cinderella? highlights are next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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let's do it. let's talk march madness. a lot of us were sleeping. this year's cinderella team has been knocked out by in-state rival, florida. >> this is an unbelievable story. update us. >> yeah, you know, this year's gulf coast is going to be a tough match for any cinderella team. and for a while there last night
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it looked like the run may not be over just yet. eagles came on on fire in the first half leading by as many as 11 points early on. early on, b it would turn into a pumpkin as florida went on a 16-2 run to end the first half and the gators experience was too much to overcome for florida's gulf coast. the cinderella run ends in the sweet 16 with a loss to florida. >> our plan wasn't to be some great national story. our plan was to go in and compete and win games, but it was unbelievable to see the excitement and passion of not only our local community and the students but also on a national level. >> the game of the night belongs to one seed kansas and fourth seed michigan state. kansas up with 1:28 left but the wolverines came storming back,
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trey burke sent the game into overtime. michigan wins for the first time since 1994, so with kansas out that leaves louisville as the only number one seed left in the tournament. last night the cardinals continued to play like a dominant number one seed. lieu izville jumped on oregon in the first half and never looked back on a 77-69 win. they advance to the elite eight for the second straight year and opponent, two seed from the region duke, seth curry, the blue devils defeated michigan state, a rick patino and rick krzyzewski duel. syracuse against marquette at 4:30 eastern followed by wichita state taking on ohio state.
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wichita state they're a nine seed here in the elite eight, knocked off one seed gonzaga. fans looking to are a cinderella team, wichita state. >> i think last week i was 20 out of 20. >> maybe you're doing a little better. only way to go is up. >> start at the bottom, now we're here. thank you. next up, some stories you have to see, including, come on, guys, this guy is trying to rob -- what is he wearing? you got to see the rest of this video. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened.
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so the calendar says spring, meteorologist alexandra steele, when is it going to feel like spring? >> in mid-april. >> is that wrong? >> we've had incredibly especially compared to last march on the whole we had no snow cover, temperatures were 10 to 15 degrees above average from the midwest to the deep south. this march we're about ten degrees below average and we have ample snow. now even in minneapolis it's not snow at this hour it's rain. lot of showers and storms developing and crossing the country, from the upper midwest to the gulf coast. it will push eastward and not a total washout for everyone for easter sunday but you may have to dodge some showers. the time line this morning you can see where it is on the whole kansas, oklahoma, down to texas
4:57 am
and damaging winds and hail, i don't think an isolated tornado potentially but not a big tornadic threat, more of a hail and wind maker. as we head toward tonight there it moves so sunday morning being early sunday by services or easter egg hunts not a washout but you may have to dodge some of the showers. it all pushes off for monday but behind that colder air this is our last bout of arctic air i think and by the second week of april, things get up to average so today's forecast, severe weather, nice today in the northeast, temperatures right at average, tomorrow, easter forecast, there's the front, the rain along it, and upper midwest the beginning the taste of the arctic air begins to move in. 51 today in minneapolis, finally into the 70s, it's spring break for those in the south and finally at the gulf coast enjoying the beach it will feel warmer than the cold mornings and then you can see tomorrow, 40 in minneapolis and this is just the beginning of the arctic air shot, going to be a cold week. >> big sigh.
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alexandra steele thank you. look at this face, can you believe a mother could reject this baby gorilla? gladys is being raised by ten human surrogates until the cincinnati zoo finds gladys a new mother. later we'll introduce you to one of her surrogates, ron evans at 8:50 a.m. eastern time. an unusual guest found his way into a five-star resort in southern california. rescue crew from sea world was called to the hotel after a dehydrated california sea lion decided it needed rest and relaxation, sitting there at the bar waiting for a drink. the guests there didn't seem to mind and the sea lion relaxed until the net showed up. a daring photographer had to
4:59 am
apologize for the breathtaking views of egypt's pyramids. he and his friends broke the law and secretly scaled it from overnight. images lit up from awe to anger. this is a favorite. he's dressed in pajama pants, stocking cap on his head, usually you cut the legs off. showed up, forgets to pull down the mask. then he comes back, throws a rock, oh, no, then breaks a window, then he runs, ten feet, falls down, still out there somewhere. this, i don't know. >> brilliance, it's brilliance. >> the idea that you have those pieces you can put together to go run and steal something from someone, cut the legs off the stockings before you tie it on your head. >> i'll remember that. >> a little tip. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> the next


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