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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 30, 2013 5:00am-6:30am PDT

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saturday morning" begins now. good morning, i'm alison kosik. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to have you with us this morning. health officials in oklahoma are offering free hiv and hepatitis tests today to as many as 7,000 patients of dr. scott harrington, the dentist and oral surgeon has stopped practicing after health inspectors found what they called sickening conditions in his office including filthy rusty dental tools. >> they say some of his staffers were unlicensed and that he may have given patients expired drugs. susan candiotti is in tulsa this morning, good morning. how are today's screenings going to work? >> reporter: good morning. in about three hours from now as many 7,000 invited as you mentioned, they're expecting hundreds of people to show up as they begin these tests. people will register inside the
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building that you see over my shoulder, and then they will be taken in to give three blood samples, one for hepatitis b, for c, and the test also for hiv, and these are all people that are former patients of dr. scott harrington, who is currently facing 17 complaints filed by the state board of registry. it will take about two to three weeks for these former patients of his and current patients of his to get the test results, so it's going to be a very uneasy time for them, as you can imagine, and we spoke with one of the people who will be tested. >> we're all very concerned and you know, apprehensive. we just don't know until we actually do get tested whether or not -- it's one of those things but we're all very concerned. >> i'm sure they're all concerned, susan. they obviously had no idea this was going on. who found out about it? how did authorities discover this? >> reporter: well it came to
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light after a doctor noticed that his patient diagnosed with hiv and with hepatitis c and of course you always try to find out how did you contract this, and they traced his movements, his actions, his life back to a advise itd visit to the oral surgeon and that's when inspectors found deplorable conditions inside that office. dr. harrington has been unreachable by cnn, we've tried him, we've tried his lawyer. he does have a clean record according to authorities. he's been practicing for 35 years, but the state board of registry is very concerned and also the district attorney in tulsa is looking at the possibility of criminal charges that he might face as well as some of his dental assistants who were allegedly administering sedation to some of these patients without being properly licensed. >> susan i can only imagine what
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the patients are thinking right now, what they're going through as they wait for these results and get screened today. susan candiotti, thank you. two suspects have pleaded not guilty to charges they killed a chicago teenager days after she performed at president obama's festivities. hadiya pendleton was 15 years old, killed from a mile from the obama chicago home. police say the suspects wanted revenge against a rival gang and shot pendleton in a case of mistaken identity. the accused shooter faces more than 140 counts of murder, his attorney says that's extreme and that prosecutors are trying to get this case in the media. an update to a story, a phoenix judge sentenced george sand toerz ters to unsupervised probation. sanders says he shot her in november at her request as it an
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act of mercy. she had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for many years. a former nfl player is coming out and opening up about his sexuality for the first time, we're talking about kwame harris. he was outed in the media after an alleged fight with an ex-boyfriend. in an exclusive interview with cnn he talked about the challenges of hiding his sexuality in the nfl. >> you want to escape the stare, the turmoil and maybe your mind goes to dark places sometimes, but i would just say that i, i'm happy today. >> not one player currently in the nfl is openly gay but harris wants gay athletes to know they are not alone. nelson mandela is resting comfortably in the hospital this morning. statement from the president's office said he was admitted this week because of pneumonia. doctors say the treatment is
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going well and he's able to breathe without difficulty. the statement went on to say the presidency wishes to acknowledge and thank all who have been praying for and sending messages of support to him and his family. one of massachusetts's most wanted is behind bars after almost 35 years on the run. authorities say gary allen irving ran off in 1978 after he was convicted of raping three young women. new leads led police this week to a small town, gorham, maine, where they found irving, he's 52 now, watching tv with his wife and dwrand child. now to north korea, they say they are in a state of war with south korea. >> here's the response from the white house. "we take these threats seriously and remain in close contact with our south korean allies, but we would also note that north korea has a long history of bellicose
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rhetoric and threats and today's announcement follows that familiar pattern." >> jim clancy is live in seoul, south korea. is south korea on any special alert because of the threats from north korea? >> reporter: they have to be alert, on edge so to speak because they are used to this. i don't think the general population considers this threat. they've heard it all before, they believe they're being pressured once again by the north to get money, to get food, to get assistance that would help prop up the regime, but at the same time they do have to take it very seriously. this is a formidable military force. the countries had growing trade amounting to $2 billion next year, the north is threatening to cut that off. there is an industrial park right north of the demilitarized zone where some 120 south korean firms employ about 50,000 north koreans. the north koreans are upset
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because they think the south is ridiculing them. with all the threats they still keep it open but the regime they rake in millions of dollars in hard currency and don't want to give it up, that's what this is all about. the north is saying tonight they can cut that off. they're also saying they put their strategic missile forces on the highest state of alert. sound familiar? that's because that's exactly what they said about two days ago here, but they're repeating those threats, keeping the temperature dialed right up. victor, alison? >> jim, we saw the photographs just a few seconds ago of kim jong-un with four generals behind him and the map in the background talks about targets in the u.s. what is the likelihood that kim jong-un and his army could pull that off? >> in a word, zero. they cannot hit the u.s. mainland with what they have now. if they were to launch that missile that they put up to put
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a satellite in orbit, they'd have to leave it on the launch pad probably ten days as they fueled it up. they simply don't have the capability, they're too vulnerable, but they do have medium and long-range missiles with a range of about 1,300 miles the longest ones and that does put guam and japan within range, those missiles work and there are concerns over that, the concerns are over the more low level things they could do, the cyber attacks like we saw in the banks, the incident like the "cheonan" that was lost in 2010, those are things that south korea and the u.s. are keeping a close eye on tonight. >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea, for us, thank you. we've got much more ahead this hour. >> here is a look at what's coming up. the unthinkable crime in a
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small georgia town a 13-month-old baby shot dead in his stroller. police say they have their two suspects, so why have six people now been arrested? plus who's really responsible for michael jackson's death? his mom, catherine, says she knows, now she's suing for billions. and her mom didn't want her, so humans stepped in, ten of them, raising this adorable 2-month-old gorilla. wait until you see how they're doing it. [ lane ] are you growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! earn a ton of extra points with the double your hhonors promotion
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the douglas hillman gallery in new york city. six people face charges in the shooting death of a baby in his stroller, this happened in broad daylight in brunswick, georgia, last week. two teenagers are accused of murder. also charged the mother, sister and aunt of one of the suspects and a city official. victor you were there in brunswick. what are people saying about this. how afraid are they? >> well i don't know if it's fear, it's definitely concern and it's something that the police chief there says people should be concerned because someone walked up to a mother and her child, shot the child in the face, shot the mother twice. the question here is, is this something that's organized? is this gang related, we asked the chief and he told us that that is being explored but he also said this about why this happened. let's listen. >> we believe that the location and the victim were both random. >> it seems odd two individuals, whoever they are, so desperate to rob someone, who wouldn't
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have appeared to have any money, and going to the trouble of shooting two people, would then leave. >> so a city commissioner was also arrested in this investigation, but how is he connected? >> his name is james brooks. this is a tertiary arrest because you have the charges for the two boys who are accused of being involved in the shooting. then you have the mother and the sister and the aunt who were involved, police say with the coverup. this man you see here highlighted is talking to one of the women who came out and told them allegedly, "you don't have to talk to police." so that's his connection here, he's charged with interfering with the investigation, interfering with an officer, so he was in jail. he's now bonded out but yeah, he's also we're told by his wife, i spoke with her yesterday, distant relatives of this family. now, she couldn't say exactly how. she said there's kin in there somewhere but they are related
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in some way. >> one of the suspects was charged with another robbery, right? >> that was part of the indictment that was a surprise, he's charged with using the same weapon a .22 caliber revolver the alleged murder weapon about a week before in an attempted armed robbery. they say that the man on the left of your screen here, he's 17, actually seen as a man now charged as an aadult, demarquise elkins, they're looking to see if there are more crimes involved. >> it's crazy. >> more and more people getting caught up in the storyline. the family of superstar michael jackson goes after the concert promoter they say is responsible for his death and it's a huge lawsuit worth billions of dollars. ♪ i am stuck on band-aid brand ♪
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yes, tweet me, that would be nice. >> i'll tweet you. >> thank you. >> this is sad in my opinion, i loved watching "america's most wanted" but criminals across the country will be getting a break because the lifetime network is canceling the show, in 25 years on the year, amw has been linked to the capture of more than 1,100 fugitives. fox dropped the show a couple of years ago because of poor ratings. john walsh is developing a different kind of show for lifetime.
5:20 am
>> interesting to see what that will be. jim carrey is firing back at conservative critics who have been hammering him over this video. have you seen it? in this video carey pokes fun at charlton heston and gun owners. he calls fox news a media colostomy bag. critics call him disrespectful for making fun of heston. michael jackson's mother is suing aeg for the wrongful death in his "this is it" tour. the heart of the lawsuit is michael's physician, dr. conrad murray. if the promoter is found liable, tens of billions of dollars could be at stake and i asked hln's jane velez-mitchell if this is about the money or about holding someone accountable for michael's death. >> i think that it's financial and it's emotional. dr. conrad murray could be out in a couple of years, and
5:21 am
katherine lost a son, these kids lost a dad and the world lost the king of pop, and i don't think it feels like real justice for them. they want more justice, so they're going into civil court where the currency for justice is money and they are seeking a lot of it, some say this could be if it goes in their favor billions for them. >> speaking of the courtroom, conrad murray has never sat in that box where he would have to testify, never spoke under oath about the singer's death which occurred on his watch. if he refuses to do this again in the upcoming trial, how does the trial suffer? how does the family suffer? >> i don't think it suffers that much in the sense that dr. conrad murray does not have a lot of credibility. this is the man who used a surgical knockout drug that is only supposed to be administered in an operating room in a bedroom, to somebody who needed to sleep. he's also somebody who lied to paramedics, lied to doctors so i
5:22 am
don't think he has a lot of credibility. i don't think his word means very much so i don't think it matters that much. >> the jacksons' claim is aeg live negligently hired conrad murray. lawyers on both sides arguing who paid him but the family says they was an e-mail proving that aeg live was paying dr. murray's salary. is this the smoking gun? >> well, you'd think this would be a very simple case, right, jacksons say aeg hired dr. conrad murray and therefore they're responsible for the terrible things that happened. when it comes to michael jackson, nothing is ever simple. it turns out that even though dr. conrad murray was supposed to be mabking a lot of money $150,000 a month, he was never paid a penny. there was reportedly some sort of contract floating around but it was never signed. michael jackson died before it was signed. so that's why it's so very complicated. and then you supposedly do have this smoking gun e-mail where an
5:23 am
executive at aeg allegedly says something to the effect of we're his boss but we'll see. let's see what happens in the trial. having covered many cases involving michael jackson, it's never, ever simple. >> we've seen a lot more of jackson's children since his death and we know that prince, blanket, paris, along with his mother, katherine jackson, expected to testify. what other than the obvious emotion do they add to this? what do we expect to hear from them? >> i think the key is the irresponsible way that dr. conrad murray behaved, once he found out that something was terribly amiss with michael jackson, instead of immediately calling 911 and calling for paramedics who does he call? he calls for a child, namely prince, and prince can talk about that. prince can really lay out the chaos and the horror of that day. these kids, some people don't give them as much compassion as they should because they're rich and they're famous, but they
5:24 am
went through a horribly traumatizing experience and somebody should pay for that. >> jane, i know you're going to be following this trial, you have a lot on your plate with oscar pistorius and jodi arias, thank you so much, jane velez-mitchell. >> thank you so much. >> this will be an interesting trial to watch not only because of what the lawsuit is about but two of the three kids will take the stand. >> and there's going to be the emotion as jane said dr. conrad murray went then to talk to one of the children and imagined being in that home, at that point maybe not knowing what was happening but having to relive that on the stand. the other thing, the estimates are that katherine jackson and the kids could get up to $40 billion. >> big money. >> when you think about, one, katherine jackson is going to be fine. the jackson generation we grew up with are going to be fine. generations of jacksons are going to be fine. maybe this is as jane said not so much about the money but holding someone accountable. she lost a child so we'll see.
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for full coverage of the michael jackson trial watch our sister network hln weeknights, jane covers the trials like no one else, 7:00 eastern. an oklahoma dentist stops seeing patients after health inspectors find his office in filth. criminal charges and thousands of lawsuits, all next. er ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. it's almost half past the hour right now. welcome back. i'm alison kosik. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your day with us. we appreciate it. let's start with five stories we're watching this morning and number one, north korea, the government says it's now in a state of war with south korea. they have said that they have pointed their missiles at
5:29 am
targets in the u.s. as well. it's the latest round of threats with north korea. they're upset with the u.s. for sending b-2 bombers to south korea for military drills. 35 educators in atlanta have been indicted in one of the biggest cheating scandals to hit the nation's public school system, they face charges of corruption and racketeering, accused of fabricating test scores for years, including former superintendent beverly hall who once won national superintendent of the year, she faces up to 45 years in prison. third story in new york that iconic cross found in the rubble of the world trade center attacks will be allowed in a 9/11 museum. new york judge tossed out a lawsuit from an atheist group who claimed enshrining the cross is intersecting church and state. the judge says displaying the cross is allowed because of its historical importance. a stranger on the
5:30 am
philadelphia subway saves a man who falls on to the track, the victim stepped off the platform, and this man, 32-year-old chris knofel rushes over and jumps after him, he got them to stop the train. the victim is expected to be okay. he said he was just paying it forward. we're going to tennessee for the fifth story, police in memphis are shutting down parts of the city for a kkk rally this afternoon, there's also an anti-kkk rally scheduled nearby. people taking part in either rally will have to go through a security check before going into their cordonned off areas and yes, there's also an easter egg hunt scheduled for the kids. hmm. we told you earlier about a dentist and oral surgeon in oklahoma whose filthy tools in the office may have exposeds as many as 7,000 patients to hiv and hepatitis.
5:31 am
he also hired unlicensed staffers and may have given patients expired drugs. let's bring in cnn legal contributor paul callan. good morning. >> good morning, alison. >> he's surrendered his license after the state dentistry board issued a 17-count complaint against him. could there be criminal charges to follow? >> there absolutely could be criminal charges. he had unlicensed people working for him, all of them could face criminal charges for practicing dentistry without a license. there are also criminal charges that relate to reckless conduct that endanger patients which can arise to the level of a felony. he's looking at a potential number of criminal charges if pros do you tellers chose to go that route. >> lawsuits from patients could come next. would we expect typical malpractice coverage to be enough, to satisfy thousands of possible potential claims here? >> that's a tough question. i was checking to see what the average coverage is for an
5:32 am
arizona dentist and it looks to be in the range of $3 million. now, that's if he even had an insurance policy. remember, this is a guy who has illegal assistants working for him who doesn't even sterilize his instruments so if these charges are true, did he buy insurance is another question. the other thing people have to worry about is this, the statute of limitations in arizona for dental malpractice is two years so people who were treated by him before the two-year mark, three, four, five years out and have developed hepatitis or other diseases, they could be out of luck, so a lot of these cases will be very difficult to prove also, alison, because you have to prove that the disease or the injury was caused by the instrument and after a number of years pass, how do you link it, even if you went to see the guy. unfortunately, justice may not be so easy for the patients who have been wronged by this dentist. >> and of course one of the rubs here, authorities say the problems could date back seven
5:33 am
years or more. does the state dental board face any local exposure for not finding out about the problems sooner? >> unfortunately i've just lost my sound, i wasn't able to hear the question. i know you were asking me something about a prosecutor, but. >> can you hear me now? >> no sound. there we go, i got you now. >> i just want to ask you that because authorities think these problems could date back years, does the state dental board face any legal exposure for not discovering these problems any earlier? >> well, you would think that there would be some hope in that area for these poor patients but unfortunately the answer is going to be no there as well. in most cases it's hard, almost impossible to succeed in a lawsuit against a dental board. it's really the dentist themselvthem self who takes responsibility and he has to have adequate coverage to compensate people
5:34 am
for the damages caused. for the patients most of them are going to have a hard time recovering in this case, and i think if they're going to find justice, it will probably be in the criminal justice system, not on the civil side. >> i certainly feel really bad for these patients. paul callan, thanks for your time. >> nice being with you, alison. from a model's untimely death to a twist of fate for a freed convict, this was a busy week in the court. here's "crime in 60 seconds." south african track star oscar pistorius will be allowed to travel overseas while out on bail for murder charges. judge modified his bail restrictions this week. the olympic sprinter can also return to his home where police say he killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. prosecutors rejected a plea from holmes to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. two teenagers accused of shooting a baby in the head in
5:35 am
georgia have been indicted by a grand jury. the 17-year-old and 15-year-old are both being charged as adults. they will not face the death penalty. and amanda knox says she'll fight to prove her innocence after italy's supreme court ordered a retrial in her murder case. she spent four years in prison for allegedly killing meredith kercher. that's crime in 60. a medical expert says sugar is the real culprit behind the nation's obesity problem and he says a lot more that you will certainly want to hear. we'll hear the explanation ahead. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice.
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the debate over same-sex marriage may have taken on a life of its own on facebook, prompting 2.7 million people to change their profile photo this is week, facebook says it had a 120% bump in new profile pictures tuesday compared to last week and says data shows much of that is because of the supreme court cases. supporters of same-sex marriage especially in the dark red areas that you see here were putting up the human rights campaign's red equal signs or a variation of it. t-mobile is making an aggressive play for new customers. the company is offering coverage without a contract. t-mobile will also start offering the iphone 5 and they're going to roll out its 4g lte network. a second apology from alaskan congressman don young. he came under fire after he referred to immigrant workers
5:40 am
using an offensive term. at first he said he didn't mean it in a degrading way but then republican leaders like house speaker john boehner slammed young and demanded a full apology so later yesterday young released this statement. "there was no malice in my heart or intent to offend. it was a poor choice of words. that word, and the negative attitudes that come with it, should be left in the 20th century." and i'm sorry that this has shifted our focus away from comprehensive immigration reform." obesity is a health crisis affecting millions of americans, but is being overweight what actually kills people? medical dr. robert lustig wrote this book "fat chance." he told me this that people don't die of obesity. they die of metabolic syndrome and understanding the difference, that's crucial. >> metabolic syndrome is the cluster of diseases that tend to travel with obesity, so they are
5:41 am
type ii diabetes, lipid problems, hypertension, card cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia. these are the diseases that the obese certainly get in greater frequency. however, people think that obesity cause these diseases. that's what i'm telling people, that is not the case. and here's why. 20% of the obese population is completely metabolically normal. they will live a completely normal life, die at a completely normal age, not cost the taxpayer any extra money, they're just fat. conversely, up to 40% of the normal weight population has those exact same metabolic diseases and they don't even know they're sick, and those and the question is, therefore, not is obesity the cause of those diseases, but rather is obesity a marker for those diseases, and indeed that seems to be the case. when you understand that you
5:42 am
realize those diseases are where the money goes. $245 billion spent on diabetes last year. that's what's breaking the bank and when normal weight people recognize they have as much to worry about as do the obese, that's when things are going to change. >> i want to talk about insurance companies in a moment but there's also the question of lifestyle and in your book i want to take this again you say on a societal level, obesity is also associated with less breast feeding, skipped breakfasts, fewer family meals and more fast food dining. alternatively a wealth of evidence supports a role for decreased physical activity and increased screen time, tvs, computers, video games, texting, in causing obesity. so how do we tackle that? that is a big one and that of course would get to the rate eventually of obesity. >> clearly. there are so many things that go into weight gain. that's one of the reasons why it seems virtually impossible to do anything.
5:43 am
i'm going to tell you that i think that the single most actionable item on the entire agenda is reducing the availability of sugar in our diet. so many things beneficially will happen when that occurs, including improved physical activity. when we get the sugar out of our kids' diets in our clinic, they start exercising spontaneously and there's a reason why they do. when your insulin levels go down you have the energy to burn, you actually want to exercise. we actually changed people's behaviors by changing their diet. >> so for those people who were hoping for the one or two or three things to stay away from, the one on your list is sugar. >> well, if it's about weight gain, french fries and potato chips are numbers one and two. sugar is actually a distant third, but when we're talking about metabolic syndrome, talking about diabetes, we've shown that the only item in our food supply that actually causes
5:44 am
diabetes specifically and not related to its calories and not related to weight gain is sugar. if you consume 150 calories extra per day, your diabetes rate goes up 0.1%. if those 150 calories happen to be a can of soda your diabetes rate goes up 11-fold to 1.1% and we are not consuming 150 calories in sugar. we're consuming 362 so that's a 2.75% increase in diabetes rate. considering our country right now has an 8.3% diabetes prevalence, that is one-third of all of the diabetes in america explained by sugar. >> dr. robert lustig, author of "fat chance" i think you changed some choices this weekend, thank you. >> thank you so much. watch out for the marshmallow peeps. >> i like the robin's eggs anyway. dr. robert lustig, author of
5:45 am
"fat chance" thanks for that. a baby gorilla, "fat chance" there's the book. baby gorilla, her name is gladys, rejected by her own mother. now several human surrogates are raising gladys the the gorilla, meet one of the caretenders pretending to be a mama gorilla. ♪
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i know waking up on this saturday morning, maybe a little tough, i'll make it easier for you. i'll give you a little cute. meet little luna, a 4-month-old polar bear cub. she made her official debut at the buffalo, new york, zoo on friday. >> luna was shy at first, but warmed up to the crowd. she's got a pool there and everybody, young and old, they loved luna. a teenage crook was arrested after caught stealing reptiles from a north california
5:49 am
discovery center. the suspect took four reptiles but only three have been recovered. he was caught after a neighborhood tipster called police. the man had been letting kids pet the lizards in his yard, running his own zoo? >> too much, kid. most animals they dislike the cold weather as much as most of us do. the manatees are huddled together off the coast of florida trying to keep warm. park rangers are warning boaters to be careful so they can keep the manatees safe. also look at this an unusual guest at this five-star resort in southern california, he's not bothering anybody, just sitting there listening to some conversations, rescue crews from sea world were called after a malnourished and dehydrated california sea lion took a little r&r at the resort. human guests didn't mind, just drinking because they're on vacation and the sea lion relaxed until the squad showed up. the pup is resting comfortable
5:50 am
at ly at sea world this morning. meet gladys. >> hey, gladys. >> she's 2 months owed, moved from texas to cincinnati, ohio. they're dressing up as gorillas and caring for her as surrogate mothers. >> one of her caretakers the leader, ron evans. good to have you. i see you wearing a snazzy vest here. tell us about this. >> well, this is one of the faux furs we've had made for us by a local place called fabulous furs here in scincinnati to simulate the way a gorilla feels for gladys. >> you want to get a gorilla mother to adapt her. will she ever be released into the wild or is this a mother in captivity? >> no, gorillas in zoos stay in zoos and gorillas in the wild
5:51 am
stay in the wild so our goal is not to put her in the wild but get her back with a gorilla mother. they have to learn 13 different vocalizations and facial expressions, and lots of rules of etiquette in gorilla society. from day one they're learning a language and social structure and life lessons so in the absence of a mother doing this and unfortunately her mother didn't take care of her but the people at gladys porter zoo in brownsville did an excellent job with gladys until we could come up here with a surrogate mom. until we can get to that point we have to do everything with gladys that a mother gorilla would be doing with gladys at the right age. >> ron that means when you go to work every day, you're pretty much a gorilla, acting like a gorilla mother. what specifically will you doing to mimic a gorilla besides that lovely vest you're wearing? >> we have about a team of about ten people that are actually
5:52 am
gorilla mothers trained to behave properly with gladys. we wear faux fur vests so she can grip, we do gorilla vocalizations, so we have to imitate those sounds so gladys is used to that, and for instance, we'll talk to her in a nice way and it's called a belch vocalization, kind of goes -- and it sounds scary but it's soothing to a gorilla. we also have to teach gladys how to ride on our back, how to cling to our abdomens and ride just like they would with a mother gorilla. at the same time she lives with the other gorillas. they can see her, she smells them. she is in the gorilla area learning how to be a gorilla. we take her through all of the gorilla spaces she'll share beforehand, the other gorillas get to touch her and smell her through a mesh that we call it, an introduction mesh, all leading up to oh probably
5:53 am
between three and five months, when we will actually do the physical introduction to one of the females. >> i know that's the goal, but after caring for this baby for so many months, i imagine it's going to be difficult when you actually accomplish this, and you have to hand gladys over. have you prepared yourself for that? >> well, you know, to be honest with you it's exactly the opposite for us. the day that we get gladys in with that mother gorilla will be the happiest day for the gorilla people. she's not our baby and not our pet. she's a gorilla. primates make terrible pets and unfortunately there's a lot of them out there in people's hands. that's not the message we're trying to impart. gorillas should be with gorillas and that's the day when we're going to be happiest is when gladys goes in with her new gorilla surrogate mom and leaves us but you can't help but be attached you're right and that's part of being a good zoo person.
5:54 am
you balance the science with empathy and you'd be a cold hearted person if you didn't have some sort of emotional attachment to gladys. >> what if the other gorillas aren't accepting of her? i'm sure you're doing everything gorilla like but as humans can you replicate everything so, could there be a chance she's not accepted? >> fortunately zoos have a lot of experience in this sort of thing, and we've all pulled our resources many years ago and put together a comprehensive baby gorilla sur gas surrogacy protocol, so we're confident and we have about four different females at cincinnati that are all candidates and while we're taking care of gladys, we're watching them, too, to see which one of those females has the keenest interest in her and will make the best candidate, all to help set ourselves up for success that this will work. >> ron evans from the cincinnati zoo so good to talk with you
5:55 am
this morning and tell gladys everyone here says -- [ groans ] >> very good. you want a job? >> part-time, nights and weekends maybe. thanks, ron. >> sure thing, thank you guys, all right. here's the question, why is this teen spending his spring break living in a box? >> we'll explain this for you and show you other some must see videos from around the country. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
you ever wonder what an egg looks like spinning at 7,000 frames a second?
5:59 am
>> yes, as a matter of fact i have wondered. >> probably no one else has but look at this n way, folks at brigham young's splash lab made a special easter themed video with their special high speed cameras that captured what eyes cannot. they dyed and smashed eggs and took a hammer to those poor defensive peeps. i think it's cool. >> i do, too, i was looking for that. seven days six nights a high school senior spending his spring break living in a plexiglass box. his name is eric mckee, living on the street to raise awareness about homeless kids in colorado, hoping to collect 5,000 cans of food. >> i'm going to live in this box until all of these walls are filled so you can't see me. we made myself disappear, we've made child hunger disappear. >> derek has only left his 8
6:00 am
foot by 8 foot home to use the restroom. that's how it worked out. monaco, have you been to monaco? >> i have not. >> it's known as the play ground for the rich and famous. >> that's why i've never been. >> the tiny principality is proving once again its richness. >> check out this spectacular penthouse, it will go on the market next year along with dozens of other luxury apartments. it is 13,000 square feet, has its own private water slide, infinity pool. gorgeous. it could go for $326 million. >> can it be yours. >> wow. next hour starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> good morning everyone i'm alison kosik. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your day with us. we're going to start with the new threats from north korea.
6:01 am
remember earlier this month the pentagon started expanding the missile defense system in response to one of those threats. north korea is aiming at the u.s. bases in the pacific and are in a state of war with south korea. cnn international anchor jim clancy is live in seoul, south korea this morning. you have heard a lot of these threats over the years. is there any reason to believe this latest run of threats is any different? >> reporter: absolutely i think yes because you've got the nuclear threat. it's been magnified. it's a reality. you got the intercontinental ballistic threat, the threats to attack the u.s. mainland drawing lines to california, and other places. you have specific threats against u.s. bases in guam, in hawaii, that is the united states. all of these things add up to a very worrisome problem not just for the u.s. and south korea, but for the entire region.
6:02 am
he's making this entire region nervous, people look at kim jong-un, they see a young man rather inexperienced, he's got some great technological break-throughs but at the same time he's not opening up to the rest of the world, not backing down, and many people feel that he's unpredictable. that's what's changing, that's why the threat is greater. yes, alison. >> jim, what prompted the latest round of threats, this is nothing new at this point. >> well, it is somewhat new at least in the eyes -- imagine this, you're in pyongyang, you launch a missile, a rocket, it goes into outer space, it puts a satellite in orbit. that is a great technological achievement for a country of 22 million people that is called the her mitt kingdom. what did they get for it? a slap in the face and slapped with u.n. sanctions. then they responded, that was back in december, then they responded in february with another nuclear test, again,
6:03 am
more u.n. sanctions, pushing them further away, punishing them, and what's really significant here, and don't lose sight of this, because it matters when you're looking at it from pyongyang, the chinese went along, the chinese are seeing them perhaps as a strategic liability. the chinese see them as pulling away and the chinese, frankly, wonder if they get a nuclear weapon, are they going to blackmail us with it. the chinese see themselves as ideologically, they're probably in reality closer to the west than they are to the stalinist regime in north korea. they are the main supporter for north korea, and when they're pulling away or wondering about pulling away, that's got to make pyongyang nervous. >> jim clancy, a wealth of knowledge of the peninsula, now from seoul, south korea, jim, thank you. health officials in oklahoma are offering free hiv and
6:04 am
hepatitis tests to as many as,000 patients of dr. scott harringt harrington. health inspectors found filthy, rusty dental tools in his office. some of his staffers were unlicensed and he may have given patients expired drugs. imagine this, your home in danger of tumbling off a cliff, that is the scariest situation this morning for some homeowners in washington state. >> a massive landslide carved a chunk off a hillside in an area north of seattle. it took with it one home and more than two dozen others still threatened or cut off entirely. cnn's kyung lah is following the story. >> reporter: the sign says it all, danger, active landslide area. the people who live here are still seeing loose dirt falling off the cliffside and for the people who live on those cliffs it is simply frightening. the view is breathtaking, until
6:05 am
you look closer, the earth is still tumbling down hundreds of feet, the grass of this backyard dangling on the edge above a cliff side that took out one house and cut off 17 others. daniel garcia lives or lived here. his house tagged yellow means it's possible it could go tumbling. >> kind of seems like the best interest to go. >> reporter: so you want to get out of here. >> i'd rather not but the situation kind of dictates. >> reporter: this large landslide in washington state is a 1 in 100 or 200 year event. >> just beyond the cliff, you don't want to get too close the entire row, this whole section about 600 to 800 feet has been completely rotated. >> reporter: swanson says scientists knew this was come but couldn't predict exactly when. >> when you get lots of water the water pressure can push the sand grains apart and there's no
6:06 am
cohesion and the stuff moves. >> reporter: is this an example of man versus nature? have we built on stuff we didn't understand? >> yes, absolutely. back in the 1930s and '40s when they were platting this in the 1950s and 1960s, people weren't think being this. >> reporter: resident karen mccoy certainly wasn't when she moved in a few months ago. >> i thought of it as a huge, huge wave crashing against a cement wall and it was just really strong. >> reporter: it cut off the main road to her house. she finally climbed through a dirt trail at night to get her cat. >> she's a little freaked out right now. >> oh. >> there's just a lot of anxiety what's going to happen, will i be able to move back home. >> reporter: daniel garcia made his choice, the man who moved into this house for the view is now leaving because he has too much of one. not everyone is leaving.
6:07 am
many residents want to stay here. there are a couple reasons for it. one is that these houses have been in their families for generations, they love it here but other residents are stuck, their homes are uninsurable, and for obvious reasons it would be very difficult to sell their property right now. victor, alison? >> kyung lah thank you. former south african president nelson mandela is resting comfortable in the hospital this morning, a statement from the president's office said that the soon to be 95-year-old was admitted this week because of pneumonia. doctors say the treatment is going well and he's able to breathe without any difficulty. the research is not clear on whether arming law-abiding citizens reduces gun violence. >> that's not stopping one nonprofit group from giving away shotguns for free. we'll talk with the organization's founder. ou thougu had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event.
6:08 am
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call 877-242-usaa. all right, give me a spot. you know my motto: safety first. they could be dangerous. i think we should call animal control. animal control? psh. to be safe... don't worry. i got this. it's a new motto. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of teens in foster care who don't need perfection, they need you. a gun advocacy group is putting one of the national rifle association's most
6:11 am
persistent arguments to the test. i want to you hear it from the nra chief wayne lapierre himself, this is days after last year's shooting in connecticut. >> the only thing that stops a wad g bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> and what's happening now is the armed citizen project is giving away shotguns for free to people who pass a background check and get safety and legal training. the group has already armed a handful of single women in houston and now taking its mission to all places tucson, arizona, because that's where six people died and a dozen more including congressman gabrielle giffords in 2011. >> it's good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me on. >> so here's my question, first, what are you trying to accomplish here and second, why
6:12 am
take it to gabby giffords' former district? >> you know, i honestly didn't even think about that until about four days ago when a reporter from "the huffington post" called me and asked me about the insensitivity of what we were doing. the only thing related with that is geography. what we're doing is training and arming residents in high crime areas as a crime deterrent and we are looking to analyze the crime data that comes out of this and to see if there really is a correlation or a causal link between armed citizenry and crime. >> why not go ahead since you just learned about this, why not pull back on this gun giveaway? are you considering that? >> no, absolutely not. i'm not going to stop doing what i'm doing because others, you know, have a false impression of my organization. tucson, arizona, has a crime problem. they are currently short 150 officers, and we would like to
6:13 am
go ahead and move into tucson, help the folks out there. >> okay, so you're doing background checks, you're doing training programs. it's all very responsible. you're going about it apparently in a very responsible way, but you are headed to tucson then, knowingly, now that you know the background behind it, and it's a city that's become known for gun violence since the 2011 shooting. doesn't that choice undermine your credibility? aren't you kind of stirring the pot especially at a time when you're trying to win over americans to be more accepting of gun ownership? >> absolutely not. like i said the gabby giffords shooting had nothing to do with us deciding to go into tucson. i'm not going to be bullied to inaction by the anti-gun crowd. we've made the decision to go there and i'm not going to change my mind because some people choose to misinterpret what we're doing. >> the rest of the week i'm reporting out in parts of the country and speak with police chiefs and they will tell you and they've told me that many of the gun crimes occur using
6:14 am
stolen guns, so if you increase the number of guns in a community, do you not also increase the potential for those guns to be stolen and then increase the possibility of gun crimes in these communities you're trying to protect? >> so we are training and arming responsible new gun owners. so if you're going to operate on the premise what we're doing is inherently a bad thing because the guns can be stolen then you're just anti-gun to begin with. lot of the people that come out and use that as our criticism, it's obvious they just don't believe in personal use of firearms for protection, and that's completely counter to the american history of the firearms and the american right of self-defense so i don't listen to that criticism. >> what is the definition of success for you here? >> the definition of success is to empower citizens and decrease crime. we want to give folks the tools to be able to defend themselves against those that would do them
6:15 am
harm. >> what kind of turnout are you expecting at this point? >> we've had a lot of support. i've had probably around 1,000 folks who have contacted me, wanted to take part, maybe gotten 15, 20 contacts that have been negative. folks are really coming out in support and we appreciate all the support we're getting. we plan on expanding into at least 15 cities by the end of the year, and we're on track to do that. >> well, the gun debate and the conversation is going to continue. i appreciate you kyle copeland for joining this conversation this morning. >> check us out at, we're taking donations and raffling off a brand new shotgun right now. >> thank you, kyle. some controversy at boston college, officials are blocking students from handing out condoms on campus. find out why next. yup, i brought my a-team. business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there!
6:16 am
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6:19 am
so when you're out with your friends this weekend here is one you can bring up, philanthropist bill gates wants inventors to design a better condom and this is not in early april fool's joke this is real. >> you don't want to joke about condoms. what is happening is he's hoping that he can combat aids this way so offering up more than 100,000 dollars to anyone who can make a condom more people will want to use. that's your challenge. >> we're staying on the topic, a clash going on between safe sex and catholic values at boston college. >> a group of students have been told to stop handing out condoms on campus because it doesn't fit with the school's mission, but the group says they're providing an invaluable service. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more. >> reporter: alison, victor, catholic doctorate doesn't support contraception but for some boston college students that teaching isn't resonating.
6:20 am
boston college, a deeply catholic institution where crosses don't go well with condoms. >> male condoms, female condoms. >> reporter: senior lizzie has organized a condom distribution network on public street corners and dorm rooms marked with this symbol. if you're in need of condoms you may knock on one of the doors and just ask. >> we go through almost 2,000 condoms every semester for students that need them. it is an important need here. >> and that is getting these students in trouble. boston college sends this letter to the students demanding that they stop distributing condoms here, the letter said, it isn't in concert with the mission of boston college as a catholic and jesuit university and if you don't stop, they said, there could be disciplinary action. jack dunn is a spokesman for boston college. you know students are having sex. >> if students want to purchase condoms and they want to have them available for their private lives, that's their business.
6:21 am
our issue is don't try to publicly distribute condoms on our church steps, on our campus, through our dormitories. >> reporter: he says even he was approached while coming out of a church service. >> a person from this group attempted to hand me a condom and it was inappropriate and i told them i said really, on ash wednesday do you really need to do that? >> reporter: lizzie says the group never distributed on campus except in dorm rooms. this isn't the first high profile condom suit on a campus. stonehill college in massachusetts confiscated condoms being handed out for free in student dormitories. dunn says he hopes to sit down and work this out when students come back to campus after easter break but lizzie doesn't seem to be in a mood to talk. she says this is a health issue, stopping unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and even if bc threatens to yank her diploma this spring, she won't stop. >> the work that we are doing is
6:22 am
invaluable and that will not compromise what we're doing in any way. >> reporter: the boston college spokesman said if the students distributing the condoms had been more discrete none of this would have happened plus he said this is boston, there are plenty of places to go buy condoms, the students don't have to get them here on campus. alison, victor? >> elizabeth cohen, thanks. camden, new jersey, it is one of the poorest and most violent cities in the u.s., its graduation rate is also so low the state just stepped in this week to take over, but despite the odds, there is hope for camden. this week's cnn hero is on a mission to help kids escape the deadly streets, one drumbeat at a time. meet twanda jones. >> who are we? ♪ >> it's very hard for children
6:23 am
growing up in camden today. it's dangerous. you can hear gunshots almost every other night. these kids want more. they don't want to be dodging bullets for the rest of their life. my name is tawaa jones and my mission is to empower the youth of camden, new jersey, through the structure of drill teams. what i try to do is simple, you instill discipline. drill team is a facade to bring the children in because it's something they love to do. once i have them, i introduce them to the college life. >> css changed me a whole lot. my dad was shot and killed. my dad passed, i stopped going to class, i started hanging with the wrong people. >> did you complete the homework? >> she's my second mom. without her i don't know where i would be right now. >> in camden the high school graduation is 49% but in my program it is 100% graduate.
6:24 am
we have never had a dropout. >> my grades now i have a gpa of 3.0, i want to be a sports manager. >> we need to take back our city and most importantly take back of our youth, let them know we really care about them. i don't think people really understand how important it is to have these children succeed. when you do this, you get great rewards, it's better than money. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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6:28 am
finally getting back to normal after a late season blast of winter, but looks like it's going to be wet for the rest of the country. >> nobody wants to go out for easter in their wet clothes and their great colors. let's bring in cnn weather center and meteorologist alexandra steele. what are we expecting for tomorrow. >> i thought you were going to say no one wants to go out and fish for wet peeps. yeah for peeps, the yummy chocolate, all that stuff out there. what are we going to talk about as we head toward today and tomorrow, we are going to see wet weather. easter bunny is out there, hit and miss showers. this morning here's a live radar look, a line of showers and thunderstorms, some strong, damaging winds not out of the question and some hail as well. i don't think tornadoes really today. maybe tomorrow in texas but i think today we really won't see that. here is the line the future radar where we'll see the rain today and tonight and tomorrow, you can see it kind of breaks up, kind of negligible in scope so no major washes out of today, but as we head toward tonight into tomorrow, you can see kind
6:29 am
of destabilizes here in the southeast, and we'll see it move through tomorrow and kind of enhances so tomorrow morning whether you're going out to services or you are going to do some easter egg hunts, it will be dry in the northeast. the southeast as well is kind of more hit and miss showers and pretty unstable tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, but then it all pushes eastward, and we're going to get into much colder air so it's pretty mild today, in the southeast and in the northeast, but behind this front another, i think probably our last shot of arctic air, sunny in the northwest today and in the southwest. here's the easter forecast, we stay dry in the southwest and the northwest, but here's the rain for pretty unsettled eastern seaboard, again no major washes out but we will see rain. 51 tomorrow to give you a perspective in minneapolis, very warm, 70s today in atlanta, georgia, but here comes the colder air, you can see 40 degrees, that's just a taste of the arctic air that's in place to come in, and then spread eastward so a very


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