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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 30, 2013 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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from the cnn center this is "cnn saturday morning." it's saturday march 30th. good morning, i'm alison kosik. png is threatening south korea with war, so is the north really getting ready to start a full scale conflict? in tulsa, health officials are expecting hundreds of people to turn up for free screenings. they were all patients of a dentist who may have exposed them to hiv and hepatitis. and this man's list of legal clients reads like a who's who of criminals, so why is this self-styled lawyer behind bars? it's all ahead. let's go ahead and start
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with some new threats from north korea. the country says it has entered a state of war with south korea. that's according to north korea's state-run news agency. pyongyang also threatened to dissolve the u.s. but washington and south korea say this is not the first time that the north has made such threats. the national security council said this -- we take these threats seriously and remain in close contact with our south korean allies. but, we would also note that north korea has a long history of bellicose rhetoric and threats and today's announcement follows that familiar pattern. cnn international anchor jim clancy joins me now from seoul, south korea. jim, what at this point are people saying there? do they really think this is any different from the north's threats in the past? >> reporter: well, there is a sense that the threats have been taken to new heights, that the father, the grandfather of kim jong-un has exceeded now the direct threats against the united states, the threats of nuclear war on the peninsula,
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the threats of attacking hawaii, of attacking guam, of attacking the mainland united states with nuclear weapons. let's make clear. he doesn't have the capability to do that. but he is taking it to a different level. and there's a lot of people that are looking on and they're trying to calm the situation down. we heard today from south korea's defense ministry spokes man. listen -- >> translator: north korea's continuing threats against south korea such as saying it is entering a state of war, are never acceptable since it is harming peace and stability on the korean peninsula. the recent military exercises such as key resolve and bold eagle and the u.s. strategic bombers' deployment on the peninsula were defensive in nature against north korea's possible provocation. >> reporter: now, the real threat according to some veteran north korea watchers like dr. ham park of the university of georgia, is that the young north korean leader is backing himself into a corner, alison.
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backing himself into a corner with rallies and threats, and if he has to back down, how does he turn around and stand up to his own people? they see a danger there. alis alison? >> jim, how worried are people in south korea, how worried are they about an attack? >> reporter: remarkably they're not very worried. at least here in seoul. in the capital city today, i watched families out strolling with one another on the streets. there was music playing, people were enjoying a day out. the situation very different out on the islands. islands that have been targeted in the past. islands that are very close to north korea's territorial waters. here's what some residents in pyongyang had to say today -- >> translator: if the north provokes again like it did in 2010, i think there will be a full-out war. i don't think the north would be that reckless, but they're just so unpredictable. >> translator: my heart is beating hard every day worrying
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what if there are attacks here again. i'm still going to live here. not leaving. however, i'm scared there might be another attack. >> reporter: the key word "unpredictable." and i think that's what has people a little more nervous than they have been at some times in the past, alison. >> okay, jim clancy, thanks for that. a steel beam in the debris from the world trade center will not be removed from the 9/11 museum in lower manhattan. a judge tossed out a lawsuit that tried to get it removed. it was filed by a group of atheists who said it was a religious symbol and does not honor the memory of the nonchristian victims. the judge said the cross has historical significance. the woman named the nation's top school superintendent just a few years ago could now under up in prison for 45 years on corruption charges. a georgia grand jury has indicted former atlanta school superintendent beverly hall and 34 other educators. they're accused of corruption
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and racketeering for allegedly changing or fabricating student test scores. the prosecutors said the motivation was to get bonuses which was tied to student performance on standardized tests. >> the fulton county grand jury has returned an indictment, one indictment, that contains 65 counts against 35 defendants. >> i believe over the last 21 months that we have made some very good progress, but healing is obviously difficult when you consider the gravity of these indictments. >> and those charged in this case have until tuesday to turn themselves in. in iowa, a leading newspaper is under fire for publishing a map that showed which schools have security officers and which do not. "the des moines register's" editor said they were just trying to bring attention to the issue of school safety when they published the article online on wednesday, but readers complained and the article was taken down after 30 minutes. millions of people across
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italy will get to see a very famous religious relic today on tv. the shroud of turin is usually kept out of sight in a bullet-proof, climate-controlled glass case. according to vatican radio the images have been broadcast just once before in 1973. some christians believe the shroud was jesus' burial cloth. and now to tulsa, oklahoma, where screening tests start this hour for patients who have been exposed to hiv or help pite tis at their dentist's office. about 7,000 people could be at risk. the whole thing started when investigators found horrific conditions at the dentist's office. susan candiotti has more. >> reporter: not many people jump for joy when it's time to go to the dentist. coltin scott now has more reasons than others to be nervous about his dentist. scott says he had his wisdom teeth removed last year by dr. harrington and just found out he may have contracted an infect, disease during the extraction. his mom and two other relatives
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went there, too. >> that's the last thing in the world that you're going to think going in to, you know, getting your wisdom teeth taken out, you will be exposed to hiv or hepatitis, it never would have crossed my mind in a million years. >> reporter: his dentist dr. scott harrington came under suspicion after a different patient was diagnosed with hiv and hepatitis "c." the board of dentistry traced the source to harrington's office. they said what they found was enough to turn their stomachs. >> we were just physically kind of sick. i mean, that's how bad -- and i've seen a lot of bad stuff over the years. >> reporter: inspectors came up with so much bad stuff, they filed 17 violations which include allegations harrington was using expired drugs. one vial was dated 1993. also, even though he used morphine until 2012, none has been delivered since 2009. failing to test sterilizing equipment, called an autoclave.
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it's supposed to be tested monthly but apparently wasn't for six years. unlicensed dental assistants administering sedation, risking contamination by reinserting needles into the same vial. and get this, using rusty instruments inside a patient's mouth. >> the instruments that came out of the autoclave were horrible. i wouldn't let my nephews play with them out in the dirt and they were horrible. they had rust on them. >> reporter: the conditions so questionable patients need to be tested now. and on saturday, here at the tulsa health department, free screenings will begin for hepatitis "b," "c," and hiv. >> as many persons who may be infected with these blood-borne viruses may be infected for years without experiencing any signs of illness. >> reporter: a scary possibility. dr. harrington has seen at least 7,000 patients since 2007. there are many more, but records only go back that far. cnn has been unable to reach the
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doctor or his lawyer. he has not been charged with a crime. but officials say he has surrendered his dental license. fult fu colvin scott is nervous. >> we're apprehensive. >> reporter: the next two or three weeks is a nervous time for a lot of people who will be waiting to exhale. susan candiotti, cnn, tulsa, oklahoma. so, did patients of dr. harrington have any legal options at all? what consequences could the doctor face? we'll get some advice on the law. and these products are being pulled off store shelves, we'll show you what states are being hit by an outbreak of e. coli. there's new neutrogena® aw naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. water, we take our showers with it.
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try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. at least 24 people in 15 states are sick right now with a new outbreak of e. coli. and it's prompted the recall of almost 200,000 pounds of frozen food. here's a look at where the cdc says the cases have been reported. you can see they're kind of scattered across the country. at least one case is linked to farm rich brand frozen meals and snacks. e. coli is a potentially deadly bacterium that can cause diarrhea, dehydration and in severe cases kidney failure. in maine, a zumba instructor
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has pleaded guilty to prostitution, she's accused of running a one-room prostitution business from her dance studio of all places. prosecutors will recommend a jail term of ten months. her sentencing is set for may 31st. people who may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis in their dentist's chair can begin getting tested today. oklahoma officials say thousands are at risk after they discovered unsanitary conditions at dr. scott harrington's office in suburban tulsa, so will he face charges? i talked to cnn legal contributor paul cowan about that. >> there absolutely could be criminal charges. he had unlicensed people working for him. all of them could face criminal charges for practicing dentistry without a license. there are also criminal charges that relate to reckless conduct that endanger patients which can arise to the level of a felony. so, he's looking at a potential number of criminal charges if prosecutors choose to go that route. >> and, of course, lawsuits from
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patients could come next. you know, what would we expect typical malpractice coverage to be enough at this point to satisfy possibly thousands of potential claims here? >> well, that's a tough question. remember, this is a guy who has illegal assistants working for him who doesn't even sterilize his instruments. so, if these charges are true. so, i mean, did he buy insurance is another question. a lot of these cases will be very difficult to prove also, alison, because you have to prove that the disease or the injury was caused by the instrument and after a number of years pass, how do you link it? even if you went to see the guy. so, unfortunately, justice may not be so easy to the patients who have been wronged by this dentist. >> because authorities think that these problems could date back years, you know, does the state dental board face any legal exposure for not discovering these problems any earlier? >> well, you would think that there would be some hope in that area for these poor patients, but unfortunately the answer's going to be no there as well. in most cases, it's very hard,
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almost impossible, to succeed in a lawsuit against a dental board. it's really the dentist himself who takes responsibility and he's got to have adequate insurance coverage to compensate people for the damages that are caused, so, you know, alison, i think in the end these patients, most of them at least, are going to have a hard time recovering in this case. and i think if they're going to find justice, it will probably be in the criminal justice system and not on the civil side. >> i feel really bad for the patients, thanks for your time. >> nice being with you, alison. a rare opportunity for fans of the beatles and marilyn monroe. i'll fill you in on what items are about to go up for auction. and what are fans of florida gulf coast basketball team saying now? [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand. use with neosporin first aid antibiotic.
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a rare collection of letters will be up for auction in late may, actually. an anonymous donor is selling 250 letters including an angry note from john lennon to paul mccarty after the beatles broke up, but the letter generating the biggest interest is marilyn monroe, she penned a note to her mentor before her suicide in 1962 and in part monroe wrote, i am so lost. i mean, i can't get myself together. sounds krazzy but i think i'm going crazy. the items will be exhibited april 8th through the 16th at a gallery in new york city. half of the ncaa elite 8 bracket is set as march madness roars on. last night the darlings of the tournament florida gulf coast university the 15th seed that beat georgetown and san diego state couldn't beat the florida
8:20 am
gators. couldn't best the florida gators. they started strong and led early but in the end florida was too powerful. no doubt about it, the most exciting game last night was seeing the michigan wolverines come from behind late in the second half and they forced the number one seed kansas jayhawks into overtime. michigan took the lead and went on to win by two points. in other action duke defeated michigan state to advance as did louisville over oregon. when you look back at this year's ncaa tournament, the big story we'll be talking about for years is that team from ft. myers, florida. the team from dump city. the school that we never knew of before. but, as cnn's spo 's sports anc carter tells us, no one will ever forget florida gulf university now. >> reporter: the cinderella story is over for fgcu, but i can tell you the experience has changed this university and the athletic program for years to come.
8:21 am
when you think about it last week this team, this university, was virtually unknown across the country and now with all the media attention and all the exposure, the sense here is that this university will never go back to the way it once was. >> now i'm very glad that we are a known team. and that our degrees will even be worth more, you know? i can go out and get a job and people will be, like, hey, i heard of that school. >> expecting a huge turnout next year. there will be so many more students and it's a great experience either way, win or lose. a great job. >> the country was behind us whether we won or logs, because everyone knew we were doing something here bigger than basketball, it was making a statement about sports and small schools that can really make it in this world. >> they went out and showed the world what we're capable of doing and i love the story about how america embraced because of the way they played, they played with some swag but they won't overly obnoxious, it was a fine
8:22 am
line to walk. we hoped we didn't do something to have a black eye. i'm so proud of them, well coached and great kids. i'm a proud fgcu dad. >> reporter: how can an experience like this help an entire university? just look at the butler bulldogs another cinderella story that made it deep into the ncaa tournament back in 2010 and 2011. two studies estimate that their exposure, that their publicity was worth $1.2 billion over those 2 years. and admissions at butler after 2010 rose 41%. so, can two march madness wins change everything for fgcu? some will say winning is the best salesman. joe carter, cnn, ft. myers, florida. here's a question for you, did your facebook feed turn into a sea of red equal signs this week? the human rights campaign made the symbol a verification of their blue and yellow logo meant to show support for same-sex message as the supreme court tackles the issues.
8:23 am
facebook said 2.7 million people changed their profile picture on tuesday. they can't say it's all for the equals sign but there's a lot more picture changes than normal. when the housing market went bust a lot of homes were abandoned or sold in foreclosure. in today's "american journey report" tom foreman shows us a neighborhood where community leaders are trying to help homeowners who have stuck it out. >> reporter: when the housing crash came, no place was hit harder than georgetown south, a distant suburb of washington, where the foreclosure rates shot to 30%. some homes plunged in value from $300,000 to just $40,000. people moved out. crime and squalor moved in. >> this board back here were french glass doors. inside hardwood. brand-new cabinets. >> reporter: but the community never lost its voice. meg carroll is part of an aggressive effort by some 50 churches, synagogues and mosques called v.o.i.c.e. and their
8:24 am
mission has been saving communities like this one from ruin. cleaning up, maintaining, and taking care of properties that are abandoned or in the sometimes neglectful hands of banks. >> when i say that investors don't care the same way as homeowners, you can see that they don't. >> reporter: the goal, keep the neighborhood livable until better times come. reverend keith savage. >> banks only listen to people who have power and organization. >> reporter: by pooling the members of many community activists, v.o.i.c.e. has pushed banks for family counseling and more affordable loans and help to rewrite the loans for the families that stayed throughout the turmoil. >> most aren't having trouble with the income anymore, but they are having trouble now of regained their footing to work with banks so they can keep the community a homeowner okay-ed community instead of a rental community. >> reporter: it's been a long and lonely struggle and the housing rebound still seems far
8:25 am
away, but in this corner of virginia, the battle of the home front goes on. tom foreman, cnn, washington. north korea soundeds had chest bang and it's ready to fire missiles at the u.s., but are those threats from kim jong-un real or rhetoric? we'll tell you what two of the world's leading experts think. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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has died and another injured during a special training exercise. it happened between phoenix and tucson on thursday during what the navy calls a normal parachute exercise. the two sailors were doing a freefall routine before opening their parachute. the s.e.a.l. who survived is in the hospital and the navy is investigating. north korea says it's on standby to aim missiles at american military bases in the pacific. they say it's in response to the u.s. using stealth bombers during military maneuvers with south korea. i asked former u.s. ambassador to south korea and lead negotiator on north korea christopher hill and joseph cericione former adviser to president obama on nuclear issues how serious this threat really is. >> still, i do not think the north koreans intentionally want to start a war. i believe this is mainly for domestic politics to shore up kim jong-un's leadership role. the danger is that it could spiral out of control. this is how wars start, by
8:30 am
miscalculation, by accident. so, we have to be very careful, very measured in our responses to this bluster. >> how effective is this tactic even domestically for that country? >> oh, i think this works. you can see the mass demonstrations that are in the squares of pyongyang even yesterday. they whip up this fervor of a north korea being attacked by the aggressive imperialist west, being defended by the young, strong leader. i think this has prove. over the years to be a very effective tactic for the kim dynasty, kim jong-un is the third kim to be using this to prop up his rule. >> okay, chris, should we worry as much about an attack on u.s. bases? you know, what really should we be worried about? >> well, i think it's very unlikely that there would be an attack on u.s. bases, especially this idea they're going to hit the mainland. i think the real issue is very much on the korean peninsula, whether you could have an incident on the demilitarized
8:31 am
zone or perhaps an incident offshore. you know, it's well known that the south korean navy has just had it up to here with these north korean provocations. so, i think what is very interesting about this is how prolonged this propaganda campaign has been, how intense it's been. and the big question will be, when the exercises, when our exercises wind down, which is toward the end of april, will the propaganda wind down. in the meantime, will it continue through what is really going to be several more weeks. >> yeah, i mean, joseph, the pentagon has already announced that it's going to start beefing up its missile defense system. is that the right move knowing that this may be all posturing at this point? >> i think the u.s. has taken appropriate measures at this point. you are directing it to me, right? >> yes. >> appropriate measures at this point. it's not that the missile defenses work, they don't really, but it's a gesture on the part of the united states. i thought the bomber drills sending the b-52s and b-2
8:32 am
bombers over south korea was appropriate at this point. it's mainly directed to draw -- at north korea to draw a line saying, you know, you are playing with fire here. but more to our south korean allies to reassure them that we have their back. that they in turn can be a little more confident in their responses to north korea, so you see the south korean president, mrs. park, still even during this period offering diplomatic exchanges, offering an olive branch to the north koreans. that's because she knows that the united states is behind them with any military measures should those be required. >> okay, so, chris, let me ask you this, what is the end game for north korea? >> well, you know, i think we shouldn't just get in to the notion that somehow this is the same old, same old. we have a very untested leader. they're obviously trying to show that he's a wartime leader. you know, i don't think we should assume that this is necessarily going to be a success for them. i think what is also interesting
8:33 am
is that historically the north koreans have really tried to play off the idea that there's a left wing in south korea that they can sort of use as their fifth column. and yet they seem to have really written that off. so, i think we're into an era right now where the north koreans have essentially kind of cut off any possibilities or hopes of reconciliation on the korean peninsula. >> and that was christopher hill, former u.s. ambassador to south korea and joseph ceriocione, the former adviser to president obama on nuclear issues. it looks like it will be a rainy weekend for much of the country. let's go to the cnn weather center and meteorologist " alexandria steele, what does the easter weekend look like? >> it's a split decision. we've got this front, you can see the line of showers and storms all the way from the upper midwest to the gulf coast
8:34 am
but, you know, we've seen it move through the last couple of hours. but the good news it's moving pretty quickly and also the lightning with it seems to be abating a little bit. the storms aren't as intense as they were. really i don't think we'll see any tornadoes, just very strong winds that's what we could see today with this as it moves through. beautiful in new york and washington. washington sunny and 60, you haven't been there in a while, but enjoy it because we are seeing kind of mild temperatures now, but that will change. here's the severe threat today, you can see it's all moving eastwa eastward, arkansas and missouri, that's where we'll see it today with the severe storms. but northwest, northeast, sunny, high pressure in control. great conditions. but easter sunday here in the south and along the eastern seaboard, the line we're looking at live now on radar are makes its way to the east, washington, new york city will all see the rain move through in the afternoon. early services, i think you'll be fine. go as early as possible for easter egg hunts and we'll also see tomorrow in northern california some very beneficial rain move in. so, that's kind of the big picture tomorrow. temperaturewise, finally some
8:35 am
warmth, the warmest it's been in quite some time in the east and the south but arctic air moving in, alison, from the 50s in minneapolis to the 40s and into the 30s and cold air all week here on the eastern seaboard and the southeast again. >> that's not what i wanted to hear. >> but the week after that, the second week in april, and for the balance of april, it's expected to be above normal. >> okay, i'll take your word on it. >> you can do it. >> okay. a lawyer who earned the nickname devil's advocate for taking on clients like saddam hussein, he's behind bars. a bad dream, be ready. morn for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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a convicted serial rapist who fled for almost 35 years is
8:39 am
back in custody and will soon face a judge again. back in 1978 gary irving was offered a weekend of freedom by a judge in massachusetts before he was to report to jail for raping three young women. he never showed up. the law finally caught up with him wednesday in maine living a quiet life under a different name. irving is due back in court for a hearing on monday. a man who worked as a defense lawyer for saddam hussein and claimed to have offered legal advice to osama bin laden had a dark secret. he wasn't really a lawyer at all. he was found guilty of money laundering, fraud and forgery this week. atika shubert has his story. >> are you a real live pirate? >> i sure am, little lady. >> it's been a while since i've done this. which one is the jumpsuit again? >> reporter: just like leonardo dicaprio character in the movie "catch me if you can" he was a world class conartist, but he has a rolodex that read like a
8:40 am
who's who of the biggest on villains, saddam hussein, osama bin laden, slobodan milosevic and it turns out he was fooling them all and making millions from his lies. he took on notorious and unwinnable cases. starting in 2005 he defended saddam hussein. >> why not bring charges? the whole world is now beginning to have its doubts, not only on the legality of the war, but if the war was so legal, why not charge this man? where are the charges? "prime news" he also worked with the legal team defending late serbian president slobodan milosevic and bragged about his meetings with osama bin laden and zimbabwen leader robert mugabe, meetings in which he would give legal advice. there was one problem, he had no legal qualifications and he was not registered to work as an attorney either in italy where he was born or right here in britain where he grew up. >> the best way to describe him is a authorize are youly
8:41 am
dishonest individual whose been very cunning, very clever, and incredibly devious individual. >> reporter: but it is not just dictators destefano was drawn, he defended a british doctor who killed hundreds of his own patients. >> dr. shipman has professed his innocence from day one. he has never, ever accepted his guilt. not just the question of psychological accepted, he never accepted that he murdered anybody. >> reporter: and patricia walsh-smith, she was conned out of 5,000 pounds, about $7,500 when desteph ndestepha fa said have a better settlement. >> he said your life has been a comedy of errors and he said that four times. >> reporter: the judge calls him a man of breathtaking cynicism, but it's not just his victims left embarrassed by ste stefano, it's the entire legal system as
8:42 am
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so, there's this adorable baby gorilla and for some reason her mother rejected her and now she's being raised by humans. my colleague victor blackwell and i spoke to one of her caretakers today. meet gladys, she's only 2 months old and she was moved from her zoo in texas to the cincinnati zoo in ohio, where experts are, believe it or not, they are dressing up like gorillas and they are caring for her as surrogate mothers, this is incredible. >> let's bring in from cincinnati one of her caretakers from the primate team, ron evans. good to have you. i see you are wearing a snazzy
8:46 am
vest here. tell us about this. >> well, this is one of the faux furs that we've had made for us by a local place called fabulous furs here in cincinnati to help simulate the way a gorilla feels for gladys. >> you eventually want to get a gorilla mother to adopt her. how does this work? i mean, will she ever be released into the wild or is this just a mother in captivity? >> no. gorillas in zoos stay in zoos and gorillas in the wild stay in the wild these days, so our goal is not to put her in the wild but it's to get her back in with a gorilla mother. the day a gorilla is born they have to learn, oh, about 13 different vocalizations and a lot of different facial expressions and body postures, there's a lot of rules of etiquette in gorilla society, so from day one they are learning a language, they are learning a social structure and life lessons, so in the absence of a mother doing this and unfortunately her mother didn't take care of her, but the people down at gladys porter zoo in brownsville did an excellent job
8:47 am
with her until we can get her up here to go to a surrogate mom, but until we get to that point we have to do everything with gladys that a mother gorilla would be doing with gladys at the right age, very important stuff. >> ron, it means when you go to work every day you are pretty much a gorilla. you are acting like a gorilla mother. what specifically are you doing to mimic a gorilla besides the lovely vest you're wearing. >> that's right. >> we have a team of about ten people that are actually gorilla mothers that are trained to behave properly with gladys, but we wear faux fur vests so she can grip, we do gorilla vocalizations, they have a lot of different vocalizations, so we have to imitate those sounds so gladys is used to that and, for instance, we'll talk to her in a nice way and it's called a belch vocalization, it kind of goes -- and that's very soothing. it sounds kind of scary, but it's very soothing to a gorilla, you know? we also have to teach gladys how to ride on her back, how to cling to our abdomens and ride
8:48 am
just like they would with a mother gorilla, at the same time she lives right there with the other gorillas, they can see her and she can see them, she smells them. we don't raise her in a nursery ward, he's in the gorilla ward, learning how to be a gorilla, the other gorillas get to touch her and smell her through a mesh, an introduction mesh. all leading up to, oh, probably between three and five months when we will actually do the physical introduction to one of the females. >> and i know that's the goal, but after caring for this baby for so many months, i imagine it's going to be difficult when you actually accomplish this and you have to hand gladys over. have you prepared yourself for that? >> well, you know, be honest with you, it's exactly the opposite for us. the day that we get gladys in with that mother gorilla is going to be the happiest day for the gorilla people because she's not our baby.
8:49 am
and she's not our pet. she's a gorilla, primates make terrible pets and unfortunately there's a lot of them out there in people's hands, so that's not the message we're trying to impart here. the message we're trying to impart is gorillas should be with gorillas and that's the day we'll be happiest when gladys goes in with her new gorilla surrogate mom. >> so cute, right? that was ron evans pry mat team leader of cincinnati zoo. march madness roars on, but look who is on tap for next season. coming up, the story of a unique kid from the south side of chicago who is on his way to a program in the south. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from.
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like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. now for more march madness, here's one player you won't see on the court this year, but next season you may want to take note of jabari parker. he's a high school star due for a college power house.
8:52 am
>> reporter: from chicago's notorious south side, jabari parker is one of the best high school basketball players in the country. and one of the nicest young men you'll ever meet. >> as long as i keep working, that will take me a long way. >> reporter: that attitude is what makes people excited about his future. including his coach who also coached derrick rose. >> it's his off the court sufficient i love. he's a caring kid. this is not about jabari. it's about everybody else. >> reporter: jabari has been getting a lot of attention. he made of cover of "sports illustrated" last may. when he announced he was going to duke, it was carried live on national television. the south side of chicago is dangerous and has been for
8:53 am
years. in january of this year a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed after a attending one basketball game. 30 years ago another all-star ben wilson was shot and killed while walking down the street with his girlfriend. his number 25 still hangs on the wall at school. >> sometimes i have been uncomfortable, but it's never been a moment of time where i have been totally unsafe because i have so many people on my back and help me get out of scuffles. >> reporter: he led his team to a fourth straight title and also excelled in class earning a 3.7 grade point average. >> we are truly blessed to have him. >> reporter: growing up he was the youngest of four children in a home where school and the family's mormon faith came before basketball. he may play in the nba some day, but his family expects him to graduate from duke. >> that degree will be more
8:54 am
precious than any millions he'll make. >> reporter: he played for the golden state warriors. when he retired he returned to chicago to start a youth foundation helping at-risk youth. >> there's a lot of kids on the south side. i'm fortunate to have my dad aside aside me. what he does in the community, it it just helps me want to be like him when i grow up. >> reporter: a lot of people are looking forward to jabari growing up to see what he can do not just on the court, but off. cnn, chicago. cnn newsroom starts at the top of the hour. you have a busy show ahead. >> beginning with our legal guys with us every weekend. we love avery and richard. they are going to help tackle the case of the jackson estate. take i taking on a in a civil matter of the concert promotors aeg live. they are alleging that aeg is culpable in the death of the pop star by way of being negligent
8:55 am
in the hiring of dr. conrad murray. we're kboing to talk to our legal guys about that. and springtime, summer makes you think about getting the family together. how about a road trip? how about to the red rocks? once you get there, how about utah or washington state? and then a man who has kind of been called a godfather in the music industry. i'm talking about clive davis. he's credited pr helping to catapult the careers of alicia keys, janice joplin. under a lot of controversy by way of revealing some personal things in his book. it's called "the sound track of my life." i talk about his sound track of his life by way of some of the high points and some of the low points and how he -- what are
8:56 am
the qualities he looks for when he taps a new star. when he recognizes somebody has the it thing. >> good stuff. you have gadgets. . i have gadgets. we all want to show them off. wearable technology is the next big thing. i'm going to show you new ways to stay connected. keep it right here.
8:57 am
from smart phones to tablet, it's never been easier to stay connect connected. now some companies are taking things a step further by putting te technology on our wrists and faces.
8:58 am
dan simon shows us more. r. >> reporter: technology for life's most thrilling moments. google is betting big with their wearable computer with a built-in camera. you'll be able to record pictures and videos by saying -- >> record a video. >> reporter: it's part of a new trend called wearable technology. the biggest trend since the smart phone. a new category of devices called smart watches is already sell i ing. >> it enables hands-free conversations any time. >> reporter: even after venture capitalists snubbed one of the hottest new products in tech. >> where did the idea for this smart watch come from? >> the idea came from me while i was cycling. i had my phone in my pocket and i. ed to see what was happening on my phone. >> reporter: this is the inventor of the pebble. it may look like an old-fashioned casio, but it represents the watch of the future. hard to believe inside this small generic-looking building,
8:59 am
he and his small company have stunned silicon valley. the pebble works by connecting to your phone via blue tooth. so all the phone calls and text its show up on your wrist. you can feel it vibrating. that can come in handy when it's tough to reach for your phone. >> it's dangerous. it's better to glance down and see the message on your wrist. . >> reporter: but the people who know valley the best thought the pebble sounded like a loser and didn't give them a penny. they missed out. big time. >> this is my smart phone. and this is is my pebble. >> reporter: that became evident of when eric decided to raise money through the website kick starter. >> the product was live for 30 days. we raised $10.2 million. >> reporter: now they can't make the watches fast enough. you might say the dick tracy era has finally allowed.
9:00 am
some allow for real conversations. nay sayers might wonders have we jumped the shark as technology-loving consumers? in our quest to stay connected, is society filled with way too much gadget try? that's up to each person but if history is any indication, you'll soon be seeing lines not only for what you can hold, but what you can wear. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. >> wearable technology, why didn't i think of that? >> i don't know if i want that. it's just one more thing. i feel better now. kbood to see you. have a great day. skblnchts we have a lot straight ahead including this. dental patients getting tested after disturbing news that they may have been exposed to hepatitis. we're learning what's next for those patients. and threatening south korea with war.
9:01 am
what is north korea up to? are they the getting ready to start a full-scale conflict? and michael jackson's family is suing his concert provider. they are talking about wrongful death suit and what the jacksons hope to get out of it. let's start in tulsa, oklahoma, where screening has started for patients who were exposed to hiv or hepatitis at their dentist's office. 7,000 people could be at risk. this whole thing started when investigators found horrific conditions at this dentist office. susan. kand y candiotti is in tulsa today. >> reporter: possibly hundreds of patients could begin to show up today as free screenings begin for up to 7,000 patients of a dentist by the name of scott harrington here in tulsa, oklahoma. authorities are concerned that many of those patients may be at risk for hepatitis and possibly
9:02 am
hiv. they want to test them because they inspected the dental offices of dr. harrington and discovered that there were, according to authorities, fiflty conditions including expired drugs and not properly sterilizing their equipment. we talked to some of the patients who will be coming today. they are very concerned about that they may have been exposed to these infectious diseases and we asked what will happen after the patients are screened. >> it will take approximately two to three weeks pr patients to receive test results. if someone receives a negative, they will be notified by mail. if they tested positive, they would see a personal contact. >> reporter: the dentist in this case has surrendered voluntarily his license while the investigation goes on. the state attorney's office is looking at the possibility of criminal charges. fred? >> already, thanks so much,
9:03 am
susan. do you have farm rich brand frozen meals in your freezer? if you do, listen up. some of these products are being recalled because of reported cases of ec. coli. 24 cases have been reported so far. most states impacted are in the south and the midwest. e. coli is a potentially-deadly bacteria that could cause dire ree ya, e dehydration and kidney failure. a steel beam cross found in the debris of the world trade center will not be removed from the 9/11 museum in lower manhattan. a judge tossed out a lawsuit that tried to get it moved. it was filed by a group of atheists who say the cross is a religious symbol. they say it doesn't honor the memory of the nonchristian victims. the judge said the cross has
9:04 am
historical significance. millions of people will see a famous religious relic today on television. the shroud of turin is usually kept in a glass case. the images have been broadcast just once before in 1973. some christians believe the shroud was jesus's burial cloth. new threats from north korea. they say they have entered a state of war with south korea. the national security council says it takes the threat seriously. crist lawrence is at the pentagon with more on north korea's latest threats. >> there's a lot of folks in texas right now who are wondering how in the world did we get on north korea's bulls eye list? u.s. officials aren't that worried about folks in austin right now. but they are very concerned about the their latest moves.
9:05 am
look past the picture of kim jong-un putting rockets on standby. there's a chart marked u.s. mainland strike plan. with missile trails aiming at hawaii, california, d.c. and for some reason austin, texas. it's wishful thinking on pooe yong yang's part. but tens of thousands of american troops are well within range of a more limited strike. something short of an all-out attack. >> i think it's more in the sense of north korea kind of getting right up to the edge, stumbling and falling over the edge. >> reporter: chris hill says the real danger is the north shelling a border island like it did in 2010. hill says there's a wild card here that worries the u.s. young, inexperienced kim jong-un's desire to prove himself as a leader. >> i think north koreans are having their doubts about whether this kid is up to this.
9:06 am
>> reporter: so far pentagon officials say the north's rhetoric has not been matched by military moves. but it has no foreseeable end game and could go on for awhile. north koreans posted on the streets, coming within 50 miles of north korea's bored. some say although the flights may reassure south korea of u.s. protection, it could lead to unintended consequences. >> one china viewing this as alarming escalation. the second is that the north koreans receive validation in terms of their muscle development program. >> senior defense officials say there was an intense debate over weather to send the b-2 bombers up to the white house. he says the full range of options was considered with some urging the u.s. to do more than just fly the bombers and others
9:07 am
saying the u.s. should hang back, hold back and do less. fred? >> thanks so much, chris lawrence. just how big a threat is north korea? i'll get answers from an expert who has been watching the regime for years now and the people who helped track down a cop killer may not get the reward they expected. we'll ask our legal guys what the law says.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
threats to attack u.s. targets. hawaii, guam and the u.s. response. how big a threat is north korea? jim walsh is here to give us some context. what's going on here, jim? kim jong-un, what is he doing? >> well, it's a great question. there are lots of theories here. some people say he's ramping up the rhetoric and the provocations because he's speaking to a domestic audience. it's not about the united states or south korea. he's trying to rally support at home as he con ssolidates his position. others say it's something in his relationship with the mull tear. he inherited this job in a military first society, or maybe he's trying to bargain, provoke a crisis in order to improve his bargaining position. north korea is the least understood country in the world. the most opaque country in the world. we have theories, but not a the lot of facts.
9:11 am
. >> coupkim jong-un is saying he being provoked because of the mull tear exercises. so why would the u.s. use stealth bombers for these kind of attack practices given the climate right now involving north korea? >> the pentagon has said this had been planned for quite some time even though it hadn't been done before. i don't know. it seems as if we have had a lot happen this week that we have never seen before. i would say the u.s. purpose in doing this, there are a couple of roons why. they are trying to send a message to south korea and to japan saying, look, the u.s. is strong. we have your back. we're here, you don't need to get upset. we'll protect you. ally reassurance. a second thing is a message to north korea. you keep talking this way and making threats and you should be clear about the possible
9:12 am
consequenc consequences. and maybe a way to speak to the american audience. all the viewers out there are seeing this stuff happening this week. they are wondering, i the get questions e e-mails to me. are things really dangerous? are we going to have a war? it sends a signal of reassurance both at home and to our allies and a different sort of message to north korea. >> so north korea says it will attack its enemies, quote, if the enemies make even the slightest move. is this what north korea is talking about, these practice exercises, is that constitute provocation? >> well, we hear this every time we have had naval exercises. since that island shelling in 2010, there have been a continuous series of naval exercises, huge exercises, u.s., south korea, every time they happen this is what north korea says. so there's no change there. so i don't expect them to start anything. the fundamentals, this has been a bizarre week, but the
9:13 am
fundamentals haven't change d. haw don't want to start a war because it would lose a big war. it wants to provoke just below the line of a big war. my concern is not that they are going to commit suicide and start a war and lose. my worry about this whole week and month is that with new leadership in a bunch of different countries, someone just has to make a mistake. we're one dead fisherman from something escalating quickly. i don't think anyone is deliberately seeking war, but people make mistakes. there can be misperceptions or accidents. >> the interceptors at the u.s. said it will continue to put into place, especially over the next year and a half or so, is this a form of intimidation or is this letting south korea know we stand behind you, we're in position just in case north
9:14 am
korea means business. >> you know, i think your basic theory there is correct. it's a form of reassurance to make this announce m. the people that the u.s. government is reassuring with those interceptors is the american public, not the south koreans. the b-52s flying over south korea, that's a message of reassurance to south korea. the interceptors beefing up theoretically missile defense in the united states, that's sending a message to the u.s. homeland. even though the dmonorth koreae are doing this stuff, we're sending this domestic message. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. this weekend people are recognizing the easter holiday weekend. alexander steele is here. weather is really important. people want their easter egg hunts. at the same time, it's just about being together this weekend. what's in store? >> and the peeps.
9:15 am
peeps on two fronts, no pun intended. it's also opening weekend. the boys of summer, you baseball fans, heading to the game tomorrow night at 8:05 in houston. 75 will be the forecast at game time. we could see a 40% chance of showers, but it's a retractable roof. maybe a few showers. no washout. then on monday in the afternoon, 1:05 heading to the bronx to see the yankees, 56 degrees. colder than that because of the strong, gusty winds. keep the cap on because it's going to blow. then also on monday at 4:10, this is where it's really going to be cold. 35 degrees at 4:10. it's going to be windy as well. maybe 10 or 15-mile-per-hour wind gusts. it's certainly not kboing to feel like 35. probably feel like mid- to upper 20s. here's why it's going to be colder. there's a line of showers and storms. not as robust as they were
9:16 am
earlier. they are all moving east pretty swiftly. that's good news. they will get to new york and washington for your easter sunday. so here's a look at today's forecast. the severe weather threat, it is moving eastward. a few showers here. an unsettled weekend in the south. northeast, beautiful wherever you have. northwest as well, sunny skies. there's an area of low pressure off the coast. northern california gets much-needed rain for easter sunday. but there's where it will be unsettled. we'll see the rain during the morning hours. heading off to services in the morning in the southeast, atlanta, charlotte, birmingham, it gets to the northeast for the second half of the day tomorrow. big picture highs today kind of average. certainly feels nice. here comes the cold air. highs today 51 in minneapolis. 41 tomorrow. this is kind of the big tongue here of arctic air that moves in. as we head toward monday, it it
9:17 am
it gets colder. that cold arctic air gets to the southeast and the northeast and the mid-atlantic. but there is good news. the second week of april, computer models showing it really warms up and april on the whole may wind up warmer than average. >> okay sunshine and warmth on the horizon, we'll be patient. thank you, appreciate it. when police were hunting accused cop killer christopher dorner, rewards were offered for his arrest and conviction. instead he died in a standoff with authorities. what happens to the rewards? and amanda knox faces a new trial for the death of her roommate. that's next. to prove it, we sep our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello?
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9:20 am
a month and a half after that california gun battle
9:21 am
involving a form r lsm asm police officer, a $100,000 reward for his arrest and conviction is being withdrawn. in february crist fehr dorn-- cr dorner was wanted for killing pour people. he was on the run tr ten days. on february 12th, he was found holed up in a cabin. the cabin caught fire and dorner killed himself as officers closed in on him. two claims have been made an the reward. because dorner was dead before capture, the city said the criteria for getting the money was not met. let's bring in avery freeman, a law professor joining us from cleveland. good to see you. and joey jackson in for richard herman. joey, a criminal defense attorney in new york and joining us from new york. good to see you as well. gentlemen, avery you first, the city of riverside argues the reward was for leading to the
9:22 am
arrest and conviction of dorner. since he died before the arrest, no reward, it's being denied. is this fair? >> no, it's absolutely not fair. morally, i think it's appalling. legally speaking, remember the reward was predicated on capture and kwux. the city is going to duck out of their $100,000 contribution to what was supposed to be a $1 million reward. los angeles this week said that it's disingenuous. that's kind. there's a public policy behind government spored rewards. i think it's terrible riverside is pulling out. it's a good legal argument. but at the end of the day, lsm a. is going to pay some kind of reward. i'm certain that's going to happen. >> if not for the reports by the couple whose car was stolen and another man whose pickup was
9:23 am
hijacked by dorner, would authorities have even known he was in the location where he di died? >> absolutely not. that's why they are going to pay the money. i also think in addition to what avery says, which i agree with, it goes beyond the moral obligation. i think there's a legal duty and here's why. when you look at contract law, there was no written contract, but there doesn't need to be. when contract law is examined, you look at equity. courts and contracts like to impose and hold people to their bargain. i think if there was a legal theory pursued, or constructive trust theories, i think -- i'm pulling one back. i think under the legal theories you can pursue them and successfully in order to get them to pay the money. >> but then will it resort to that? these folks filing the claims will have to take legal course or will riverside finally say, you know what, i'm hearing the
9:24 am
arguments that joey and avery are making and we're just going to give up the money. >> riverside is dumping out of this thing. the big money was supposed to come from unions and companies. the mayor was creating a fund in los angeles. let's say we'll buy joey's theory on this. where's the money? the unions aren't contributing. at the end of the day, there's going to be some money and it's going to be opinionpennies on t dollar. i don't think they have a chance. >> you get them to pay the money. that's how you get it, avery. they are going to listen to you and i are fork it over. >> i had no idea, great. >> let's move on to what's now become the retrial of amanda knox. the italian supreme court said she will stand trial again for the death of her roommate. knox and her then boyfriend were initially found guilty in the murder and then were acquitted
9:25 am
two years later on appeal. amanda came home to seattle, washington, to finish her studies at university of washington and now might be extradited to stand trial again. joey, you first. this is an interesting lesson for everybody. in other countries sometimes the judicial system works differently. you can be acquitted and find yourself back in court to defend yourself. how? >> couldn't even imagine that happening in the united states. why, our constitution, double jeopardy. there's an extradition agreement between the united states and italy and it was enacted in 1984. we like to respect each other. but in these instances and particularly united states, we're huge in human rights. our rights say once you're acquitted, that's it. the prosecution can't appeal. our law is different. at the end of the day, she will be retried and even if there is an overturning of that and has
9:26 am
to come back to serve a sentence, she won't because the united states prediction is not going to cooperate and extradite her to italy. >> so even though there is an arrangement between the u.s. and italy where most cases someone would be extradited. in this case, perhaps she wouldn't? >> in the first place, one of the italian prosecutors let her go for. the truth is i don't actually think it's double jeopardy. i think because she was found guilty by a jury. but the foreign concept here is she was acquitted by a jury of an appeals court. something foreign to american jurisdicti jurisdiction. here's the important thing. even if she's tried, the state department isn't sending her back. we have had u.s. soldiers convicted of murder in an alleged terrorist a long time ago. the state department is not extraditing. yes, there's a treaty. yes shs the state department is
9:27 am
going to ignore it. she's going to go on a book tour in the u.s. >> avery, joey, we'll see you kben. we have other cases straight ahead. you'll be back in ten medicines to talk about the wrongful death lawsuit involving michael jackson's estate and aeg. plus we'll be discussing a ruling that puts limitations on the use of animals like drug-sniffing dogs near your home. if you saw a lot of red and pink on facebook this week, you're not alone. facebook says millions of equal signs became profile pictures. more on the message behind that. and the cinderella story of march madness does not end happily ever after this time. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
9:28 am
try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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9:30 am
same-sex marriage and lil wayne's health are some of the topics trending right now. facebook users are showing their support for same-sex marriage by changing their pro file photos. the u.s. supreme court heard oral arguments on two cases this week that could change the future for same-sex couples in the united states. alaska republican don young is apologizing for calling workers on his family farm
9:31 am
wetbacks. the congressman said on friday it was insensitive and didn't mean to offend anyone. he tried to say the term was commonly used when he was growing up. now it's seen as a derogatory way to describe mexicans who may be in the united states illegally. and lil wayne is setting the record straight on his recent hospitalization. he call ed into a los angeles radio show and said he wasn't on his death bed and some media reported. lil wayne said he has epilepsy and is prone to seizures. he did say this situation was r more serious than previous episodes because he had three in a row. they don't call it it march madness for nothing. we started with 68 teams. all hoping end to up here in atlanta for the final four. now we're at the halfway point. we're in bracket for elite
9:32 am
eight. andy has more in the bleacher report. >> the story of this year's run by florida gulf coast is going to be a tough one to match for any future team. they have accomplished more than any 15 seed and they looked like the run might not be over yet. dunk city making its sweet 16 debut. the eagles came out on fire going out to an 11-point lead. but the carriage would turn into a pumpkin. the guy ors experience was just too much to overcome for florida gulf coast. their cinderella run ends into the regional semi finals with the 62-50 loss to florida. >> our plan wasn't to be some great national story. our plan was to go in and compete and win games. but it was unbelievable to see the excitement and passion of not only our local community and the students but also on a national level. >> the kansas and michigan
9:33 am
matchup was built up to be a good one and it not disappoint. the wolverines came storming back. that sent the game into overtime. burke scored all his points in his second half. michigan wins 87-85 to reach the elite eight for the first time since 19 94. with kansas out, that leaves louisville as the only number one seed left to the tournament. they were led by russ smith's 31 points. they never looked back on their way to a 77-69 win. they advance to the elite eight for the second straight year. their opponent will be the two seed from their region, duke. behind a shot-shooting night from steph curry. that sets up a coaching matchup in the regional finals for the
9:34 am
first time since christian late's famous game-winning shot. that game will be tomorrow. today two teams will punch their tickets to the final four. syracuse versus marquette followed by the lowest seed left in the turnl, wichita state taking on ohio state. that will do it for the bleacher report. fred, back to you. >> thank you, andy. michael jackson's mother says aeg is responsible for the pop star's death. our legal guys are back with the jackson family civil suit and what that family hopes to get from the conner is promoter. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
9:35 am
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on tuesday the civil lawsuit against concert promotors part late michael jackson begins. aeg is accused of being
9:38 am
negligent in hiring the doctor that would take care of jackson. he died in 2009 after being propofol as a sleep aid. dr. conrad murray is serving a four-year sentence. our legal guys are back to discuss. joey jackson in new york in for richard herman this week. and avery freeman, a civil rights attorney from cleveland. good to e see you both again. avery, what does the jackson family have to establish to help prove that aeg was negligent in hiring dr. murray? >> they got to show that there was negligent hiring. what's astonishing in this case is that they came they are going to put the jackson children on as witnesses. what on earth would the children know about whether or not conrad murray was negligently hired? it's stunning. the jackson family is looking
9:39 am
for $40 billion, that's billion dollars off of aeg live. they are claiming they have a smoking gun e-mail. i think all that means is aeg was going to underwrite it. it had nothing to do with the patient/physician relationship between michael jackson and conrad murray. >> won't aeg say michael jackson requested dr. murray. he wanted his own doctor. he said he wouldn't go on without him. >> they are going to say that. in addition to that, what's interesting is that what aeg is doing is they are going to use the molestation trial against him. when he was acquitted and cleared of molestation charges -- >> why is this relevant? >> if i was sitting in judgment, i would say it's mot relevant. but they are saying it goes to the the issue of his dependency and that's when he began to be dependent upon drugs and alcohol
9:40 am
because of that trial. it's a risky move because whenever someone starting trashing the victim, people already know about that trial. when you start trashing the victim himself and talking about the character of someone who is dead, it could backfire and have the effect that's unintended. it's a risky move. >> but at the same time, the burden of proof is different in a civil matter. and in how will that decipher the potential outcome here? >> lost the signal. >> iowa are yovery, i don't thi have. joey, how would you answer that? it's different in a civil matter. >> first, avery come back soon. what happens is the criminal case, what you have is beyond the reasonable doubt. it goes to liberty. whenever our freedom is at stake, the interest is so high that you want jurors to be sure.
9:41 am
whenever you're issuing or dealing with something like money, the standard is less. it it has to do with a preponderance of the evidence. it has to do with the probability as opposed to a certainty. >> avery, it looks like you're back. >> he's back. >> how do you see this, i guess, journey since the civil matter is different than one that would be argued in criminal court, why would the family pursue the civil matter? >> right. i mean look, michael jackson was $400 million in debt. he's dead and he's dead because of conrad murray. they have to connect the two. i think that's a very tough burden. at the end of the day, negligent hiring, that's all that's left, that's all the california judge let go forward. that's what's starting the jury selection on tuesday is going to be intriguing. look for a juror that's going to want to write a book about it. but at the end of the day, we're
9:42 am
going to see if the estate can really show aeg live being negligent. that's a very tough way to go. it's a fact question i'm not sure the jury is going to buy. >> we're going to move on to another case. the u.s. supreme court ruling on dogs and the use of drug-sniffing dogs. this ruling comes in the case of a police dog being used to sniff out marijuana near the house of a suspect. a court rejected the evidence saying officers did not have probable cause to use the dog. the u.s. supreme court agreed. so avery, is this a case of where does your property begin, where does it it end as it pertains to a search warrant? >> yeah, i love this case, fredricka. it involves an old and medieval term. what it really is, it's your porch, it's the guaarden around and scalia wrote for the supreme court in a 5-4 decision, a strange combination, saying
9:43 am
unlike a car, when it comes to your home if a police dog is on your porch, that's part, you have to have probable cause and a search warrant. therefore, the conviction was invalidated. . a victory, i think, for the fourth amendment. >> joey, wouldn't every police department know the parameters of this fourth amendment? unreasonable search and seizeture is what constitutes property? >>o avery is laughing at that. >> respectfully. >> what happens is police generally push the envelope. police are detecting crime and deterring crime. if you can bring the dogs around, just a little trickery. they didn't get away with it. this one is for the dogs. >> i like it that one.
9:44 am
thanks so much, joey. and avery, always great to e see you as well. thanks so much, guys. the legal guys are here every saturday at this time to give us the take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. they never disappoint. coming up next, it was the home of earnest hemingway. all that straight ahead. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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cold. maybe it's time to get away to a little sunshine. there's no better place to go than the florida keys. we show you what to expect in this on the go report. >> reporter: it's a great time to head to the keys. >> it's perfect in march, april and may. you're talking about shoulder season. so the weather is still great, high 70s, low 80s. you avoid the crowds which will have less after spring break. >> reporter: it's a string of islands just off south florida. it concludes the bigger island to mainland. >> it's a group that starts with the upper keys. this is home to the sport fishing capital of the country. it's also great for snorkeling and diving. then you get into the middle
9:48 am
keys, which is family-friendly. there are places where you can bring the kids and explore the white sandy beaches. the lower keys are green and quiet except for key west, which has the festive at mmosphere, tt fun and different victorian ak techture. >> reporter: key west marks the southernmost point of the continental u.s. and has been a haven for artists and writers including ernest hemingway. >> you have to go to hemingway house. he lived in key west. it's home to all of his six cats. then you'll want to go to mallory square to see the incredible sunset where all the crowds converge to see that orange sky. >> pr more on the florida keys, go to why does this face represent a breakthrough? find out the answer after this. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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i want to ask if the person you're about to see appears real to you. take a look. just an average, ordinary person, right? think again. that's not even a real life human. it's an animated graphic. it was developed by the company activision. you can look for this face or one like it on a computer game some day near you. encouraging or kind of creepy? company ceos can always turn to the cayman islands or bermuda for tax shelters. in today's "smart is the new rich", report, why your home can be a shelter. >> reporter: your home can sometimes be a money. pit. april 15th your daily shelter can be your tax shelter. first, you can duct mortgage interest. it's the third most valuable tax
9:53 am
break in the country worth nearly $100 billion a year. >> when you're looking a the your house, the biggest chunk of that is the interest on your mortgage. >> there's a limitation on mortgage interest. the first $1 million of debt on a property is tax deductible on your primary residence. >> reporter: mortgage insurance is also deductible. but if you lost money when you sold your house, too bad. >> unfortunately, you can't e deduct the loss on a sale of a personal residence. the irs would want to tax the gain. >> reporter: the first $250,000 of that gain is tax free if you're single. $500,000 if you're married. any receipts for work that boosted your home's value. >> your original cost but any closing costs, legal fees and improvements you may have made. >> so like everything in taxes, keep good records. >> reporter: good records are key if you're taking a home office deduction.
9:54 am
figure out how much square footage you use for business and deduct that portion. but be careful. >> if you have an office someplace else, but working from home, can you use that? >> no as an employee working for an employer, it it really has to be for the convenience of the employer. if you decide you want to work from home on a friday, you won't be able to deduct those expenses as a home office. >> reporter: next year you can use this formula. $5 per square feet for a maximum of $1,500. >> they simplified it with no questions asked. there's no risk of being audited if you're eligible. two more tax goodies hiding in your house. energy efficient improvements can knock $500 off or taxes. if you move more than 50 miles for a job, you can deduct those expenses too. christine romans, cnn, new york. would you like to own
9:55 am
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(mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. now checking our top stories this hour.
9:58 am
north korea's newsing a si says the country has entered a state of war with south korea. pyongyang has threatened to dissolve the u.s. but they say this is not first time that the north has made such threats. she was considered one of the nation's top school superintendents just a few years ago. but now she could end up in prison. a grand jury in georgia has indicted former atlanta school superintendent beverly hall and 34 other educators. they are accused of corruption and racketeering for allegedly changing or fabricating student test scores. prosecutors say the motivation was to get bonuses tied to student performance. and a rare collection of letters will be up for auction in late may. an anonymous donor is selling 50 letters including an angry note from john lennon to paul mccartney after the beatles broke up. but the biggest letter, one from
9:59 am
marilyn monroe just before her suicide in 1962. she wrote, quote, i am still lost. i mean i can't get myself together. i sound crazy but i think i'm going crazy, end quote. the items will be exhibited april 8th through the 16th in new york city. i'll see you in about an hour with the latest breaking news crossing our desk right here at headquarters. plus an interview, an nfl player coming out. our interview with quan harris. and he's facing murder charges many south africa, but oscar pistorius just scored a big win in the courtroom. another week and another record for the market. but with stocks soaring, how will you know if it's time to get out? ali velshi h