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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  March 31, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." a brand-new pope, a very different tone. thousands pack into st. peter's square this morning, as st. francis leads his first easter mass. a murder/mystery in texas this morning. a district attorney and his wife both shot dead in their home after an assistant d.a. was shot down in a very same town. a kennedy kodak moment. images of the famous first family taken 50 years ago today.
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it's sunday, march 31st, good morning. i'm alison kosik. happy easter to you. we start this morning in rome where pope francis is celebrating his first easter as pope. he is giving the annual to the city and to the world blessing in front of massive crowds at the vatican. jim bitterman is in rome. jim, this day is so important to christians and catholics. people have high expectations for pope francis today, yes? >> well, i would say it's important in a lot of different ways, the most important date on a christian calendar but because of the new pope and because of the expectations that have been raised by the change of the vatican that, in fact, i think a lot of people are thinking this could be a very important day, indeed. we're waiting to see what the pope will say in his remarks to the crowd. here he comes out on the papal balcony, as it is called. he is expected to deliver the
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blessing to the city and the world and hope for the number of people who are still gathered here in the square after this papal mass this morning, alison. >> he prayed for peace in the middle east and christians in africa, how will pope francis' message be different? >> i'm not sure it is going to be different. i think it probably will be a message of peace and the same kind of thing we heard last year and some additions to take into account. the fact that, the fact that there are many different conflicts that have been add aed since last year, including in places like mali and nigeria and i wouldn't be surprised if he included a message of peace for those conflict zones, as well. we'll see the same and additional countries added, perhaps, perhaps to include the kind of growing conflict situation throughout the world. >> jim bitterman in rome, we'll
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keep checking in with you throughout the morning, thank you. and here's a look at how christians around the world are celebrating easter. catholics in jerusalem prayed at the church. that site is believed to be the site where jesus is crucified. in honduras people blocked off the streets and made elaborate carpets out of saw dust. they pay homage to the pope. processions walk over the carpet and the images are erased. a reenactment of the passion of the christ. you see here men and then there is the crucifixion. these men have actual nails through their hands and through their feet. the man who plays jesus has done this every good friday for 23 years. the famous program was introduced by the pope. one of the most famous icons of
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the world. some believe it is the cloth that jesus was buried in. experts claim it's not authentic. but scientists who conducted new tests say it is, at least it's from the time of christ. either way, the catholic church says it's important to the religion regardless of authenticity. authorities in texas are hunting for leads in the murder of a county prosecutor and his wife. mike and cynthia mcclellan were shot inside their home near dallas. that's the same place assistant district attorney was gunned down in january outside the county courthouse. right now joining us is ed lavandera. what at this point are police saying about whether these killings are connected? >> well, that is the big question at this point and it's still early. very little information that has been released about this investigation and where things stand now. but clearly two months ago after the murder of that assistant
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prosecutor here in kauffman county, a lot of people were on edge because of the way that was done. a brazen attack in the middle of the day as that assistant prosecutor was walking into work. now, two months later the district attorney gunned down in their own homes. so, obviously, this raises a lot of questions as to whether or not these two attacks are related. but mark mcclellan had been very outspoken about wanting to bring the killer of his assistant prosecutor to justice. listen to a little bit of what he had said two months ago shortly after he found out about the death of one his co-workers. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching. because we're very confident that we're going to find you, we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in and we're going to bring you back and let the people of kauffman
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county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. anything that you people can do to accelerate getting our hands on this scum will be appreciated. >> so, you know, clearly, the district attorney here in kauffman had kept up the way he was talking about the killer of his assistant prosecutor. and that was a murder that had left a lot of people in this community on edge and also drawn the attention of law enforcement officials across the state had been working very, had been working very initatently on tha case. now a lot of questions being raised whether or not these two cases are related, as well, alison. >> ed, knowing about the possibility of a link here. what are authorities doing to protect other people who work for the prosecutor's office and keeping others from speaking out the way mcclellan did? >> well, it's interesting.
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i don't know exactly what kind of warnings have gone out to other county officials and law enforcement officials here in this county. obviously, you can assume many of these people are taking great deal of steps and efforts to protect themselves and probably the very thing. at this point that they're very concerned about it. this is someone who has, you know, some sort of continued and presumed to be an ongoing beef with law enforcement here in kauffman county. you have to assume that those kinds of conversations are taking place, not publicly, but many people being urged to protect themselves. >> i understand that texas authorities have warned that a white supremacist group could be plotting to hurt law enforcement and there could be a link who is suspected of killing the prison director in colorado. so, i guess, what are they saying about all of this? >> well, that's one of these things that has been kind of swirling around the first case,
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after the colorado prison chief was murdered. authorities there suspect it was evan ebil, the man caught in a high-speed chase and gunned down by authorities just a couple hours' drive from where we are here. then we learned reportedly that that particular case was also being perhaps investigated as it might have been connected to the murder of the first prosecutor here in kauffman county. no direct links as far as we know have been drawn between those cases. but that is still kind of swirling around all of the situation and now you add this new element and it raises all sorts of new intrigue about what exactly is going on around here. >> it certainly does, ed lavandera, thank you. new information on evan ebil's release from a colorado prison. a clerical error led to his release as many as four years too early. he was serving an eight-year
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prison sentence in 2005 but then assaulted a prison guard. got four mere years that never was actually tacked on. they believe he killed tom clements earlier this month. he was killed in a gun battle in texas two days after that murder. north korea's threat of war reached a pitch, the country has suddenly gone silent and that has some asking if their young leader is backing away from the threat of war. cnn international anchor jim clancy is in seoul, south carolina, this morning. jim, what could this silence mean? >> well, you know, it's really hard to analyze what's going on inside north korea because so few of us really know, you know, the inside. the country is closed off from the outside world. but one of the obvious things people are raising right now is perhaps the message has gotten through, not from france and new zealand that were just the latest countries to join the long list of people telling kim
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jung-un to tone it down. more likely the messages from russia and china that are are two of their strongest backers asking him to turn down the temperature on the korean peninsula because it just reached a fever pitch, as you noted. at the same time, that message was directed towards the united states. i don't think you'll see the u.s. sending any more b-2 bombers flying on practice bomb runs over south korea. that, too, contributed to some of the tension. i think there's an interest here for everybody in the region to try to get things tempered down just a little bi, alison. >> so, north korea is backing down. what happens next? >> i don't know if backing down is the right word to use. but just holding their own position without lashing out any more. that could be very important. north korea, north korean
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television still blaring propaganda over the weekend and repeating some of the threats that were carried earlier in the week, including the notion that south and north korea are in a state of war. of course, they were neither in state of war, state of peace for more than 50 years after the end of the korean war because they never signed a peace deal. an arm assist torn up by the north creekoreans. so, the situation remains in flux here and a lot of people waiting and watching closely. alison, back to you. >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea, thank you. long lines outside the tulsa health department. why patients of an oklahoma dentist waited hours to be tested for hiv and hepatitis. >> announcer: did you know there are secret black market websites around the world that sell stolen identities? >> 30-year-old american man, excellent credit rating. >> announcer: lifelock monitors thousands of these sites 24 hours a day. and if we discover any of our members' data for sale, lifelock is there with the most
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patients of an oral surgeon in oklahoma waited in line for hours yesterday for free hiv and hepatitis tests, after state health inspectors discovered filthy conditions at the office of dr. scott harrington. they found rusty tools and evidence he reused needles. they also say he had unlicensed staffers and as many as 7,000 patients may be affected. susan candiotti has more now from tulsa, oklahoma. >> reporter: it's not the way marissa smith hoped to celebrate her 18th birthday. a trip with her dad to the tulsa health department. you're about to go in and get tested. what are your emotions right now? >> i'm pretty nervous.
3:16 am
i don't like needles. i don't like, really, testing. after this whole ordeal, i just want to be free. >> reporter: free from hiv and hepatitis. one of the 7,000 patients who might have been exposed to those viruses because of what oklahoma investigators call risky practices by the doctor and his staff. >> it makes my skin crawl. i think it's horrifying. >> reporter: marissa's mom says dr. harrington took out her daughter's wisdom teeth in june of 2011. what do you remember about getting your wisdom teeth out? >> i thought he was a really nice guy. there won't be any problems. now i don't feel like that. >> reporter: melissa is a nurse and understands the risk of infection is low, but she's infuriated. >> i'm angry. i feel like he's kind of let us down and let a lot of people down. >> reporter: dr. harrington wasn't home when he visited,
3:17 am
both he and his lawyer aren't returning repeated calls. this woman who would identify herself as a friend and a patient dropped off an easter lily, but unlike hundreds getting tested she wouldn't, "i trust him." this neighbor says he's known harrington for years. when you hear about the charges and the complaint against him by the board of dentary, what did you make of it? >> couldn't believe it. he seems highly competent to me, just a smart guy and i was just shocked when i heard it and i feel badly for him. i feel badly for his patients and i hope, i really hope there is some other explanation. >> reporter: an explanation for state board of dentary allegations of expired drugs, suspected unsanitary equipment and unlicensed dental assistants administering iv sedation. >> it just scared me so badly that, you know, i'm just always going to be like always thinking
3:18 am
about that. like every time i go to the dentist. >> reporter: so far no criminal charges against harrington seen in this picture from the '70s or his assistants. >> how do you say you're sorry to 7,000 people you could have possibly infected? i don't think you can. >> i will never forget my 18th birthday present being a blood test. >> reporter: she won't get test results to another two to three weeks. alison? >> susan candiotti, thanks. while many of us were sleeping, another big march madness upset. kobe bryant moved up on the all-time scoring list, but where does the mamba rank among the great? bleacher report up next. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar,
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all right. let's talk march madness. florida gulf coast may be out of the picture, but one cinderella story, that continues. you have more with the bleacher report. >> that's right, alison. everyone cheering for florida
3:23 am
gulf coast. wichita state continues and yesterday the shockers beat ohio state to become the 15th seeded ninth or higher to reach the final four. after not winning the missouri valley conference, wichita state almost did not make the tournament. hey, that's why it's called march madness. anyone can make a run. they're living proof of that. jumped on the buckeyes last night and then held off that late ohio state run to punch their ticket to the final four for the first time in 48 years. >> cinderellas usually are done by this stage. if you get to this point, you can win the whole thing. so, you beat a number one seed and a number two seed, you know, i think cinderella just found one glass slipper. i don't think she found four. >> in the east regional finals syracuse and marquette got the chance to play in front of president obama. the orange and their stifling
3:24 am
zone defense completely shut down the golden eagles. marquette scores just 39 points. that's a record low for a team in a regional final. this one never really close. syracuse would cut down the nets and head to their first final four since they won it all back in 2003. the orange will now play the winner of michigan/florida. that game tips off today at 2:20 eastern. the final spot in the final four as louisville takes on duke. well, hurt ankle and all, kobe bryant continues to will the lakers to victory last night against the kings, he finished 19 points and 14 assists. with this jumper in the second quarter, kobe moved into fourth place on the nba's all-time scoring list passing wilt chamberlain. trails only karim abdul-jabbar, malone and michael jordan. for more on kobe's rise up, head over to if you're looking for something to watch tonight on tv.
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major league baseball season kicks off and forecasters pretty interesting story. they have the lowest payroll in all of baseball. even a-rod by himself makes more than the entire astros team. medical claims for veterans keep soaring and the government's not keeping up. in fact, just how many men and women do you think are waiting for help? a murder mystery in texas this morning. a district attorney and his wife both shot dead in their home, just two months after an assistant d.a. a was gunned down in a very same town. we'll talk to town's mayor, next. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! earn a ton of extra points with the double your hhonors promotion
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[ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. welcome back. thanks for beginning your morning with us. a special welcome to the troops watching on the american forces network. i'm allisison kosik, it's half t the hour. his first easter as pope. he talked about the resurrection of jesus christ and then he warned against greed and selfishness. he also prayed for peace in
3:30 am
north korea, syria and africa. and today the world will miss the man nicknamed the pope of pop. grammy winning producer phil ramon passed away at a hospital yesterday. he first began his music career at the age of 3 studying violin. he's collaborated with big names like bono, ray charles, paul mccartney, madonna and frank sinat sinatra. he was 79 years old. most of the 44 tsa agents facing termination for not following screening procedures will be saved from dismissal. late last year the agents were caught by surveillance video not following proper screening procedures. only four workers were actually let go. kauffman county near dallas is reeling this morning after the death of the prosecutor and his wife inside his home. the killing comes two months after an assistant district
3:31 am
attorney was gunned down outside the courthouse. joining me on the phone is dr. william fortner. the mayor of kauffman texas. good morning, mr. mayor. >> good morning, alison. >> what at this point are they telling you about the search and the link, possibly to the mumar hasse's murder? >> i can't tell you anything. i would just like to say we lost some important people and we hope the killers are caught before any more people are lost. >> how on edge are other, other prosecutors, even lawyers at this point. people who have prosecuted people, let's say, for murders or violent crimes. how on edge are others and what are you telling them, maybe, about taking extra precautions, maybe security measures. >> our police are taking extra precautions and i'm very proud of our local police department. actually, this is very low-crime
3:32 am
area. small town and we're very proud of our police. they've cut our crime rate by 60% in the last five years. but, of course, we're not doing that well this year. we're proud of our local sheriff's department, also. they've done a great job. >> so, knowing that your crime rate is low. these killings, don't they seem to be more targeted, less random, right? >> it has to be targeted. >> and could these be revenge killings of someone, let's say, someone who was prosecuted a short time ago, a long time ago at the people who perhaps put him or her behind bars. >> that's the logical conclusion. i don't have any information that directs me to think that's the case. that's what you would assume. under the circumstances since they've targeted two people from our prosecutors.
3:33 am
>> so, how is the community coping with this latest tragedy? >> the community is coping very well. we all stick together in the small town. you know, lots and lots of people and mostly you know your neighbors. that's the real reason that i wanted to live here. everybody is coping well and everything is praying that these killings will come to an end and killers will be caught. we appreciate your interest in us and we appreciate the help that we've had from the texas rangers, the fbi, the atf. a large task force of police and law enforcement officials working on this case. >> how do law enforcement sort of start? where is the starting point? because it could just be a plethora of perhaps former,
3:34 am
former criminals who could be suspects. i guess, where did the investigation really start. obviously, with the evidence in hand, but then beyond that. >> no, they have a lot of forensic evidence and i'm sure they have more now. if they have to, i'm sure they're going through all the files of the previous cases that district attorney and assistant district attorney have been involved in. >> okay. >> dr. william fortner, the mayor of kaufman, texas, thank you. >> thank you. we have to remember that god is in control and all of us should be praying for a resolution to this sipuatituation. >> thank you for your time this morning. the federal government is failing to give post-9 /11 veterans accurate and timely care. details emotional and physical problems that troops deployed in iraq and afghanistan face.
3:35 am
the government so behind that there is a backlog of 600,000 claims. athena jones spoke to one of the veterans who has been left hanging. >> reporter: the wars in iraq and afghanistan. ten years of fighting, a lifetime of pain for millions of veterans. >> at nighttime, i have terrible nightmare. >> reporter:s 32-year-old jeff suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and back pain after a 13-month tour in iraq. he hasn't gotten a full night's rest in years. >> i have a lot of pain that will wake me up throughout the night a bunch of times. >> reporter: he has a full-time job working with homeless veterans and gets 50% disability benefi benefits, but needs more government help to get the intensive treatment he needs. >> there are programs, but usually pretty intense and off aera er ered during the daytime and i work during the daytime.
3:36 am
>> reporter: he has appealed for 100% disability, but his appeals is stuck in a claims backlog of more than 600,000 cases. >> the fact is that they should have been ready for this. they should have known. they should have been putting in dollar for dollar into the v.a. what they were putting into the war. >> reporter: a new study by the institute of medicine shows the federal government can't keep up with the needs of more than 2 million americans who served overseas since 9/11. >> these people have volunteered for this service. there's an inherent commit of society to take care of them. if they have been, unfortunately, wounded in action, either mentally or physically, and we're basically going to be taking care of some of these people until, you know, until the day they die. >> reporter: the pentagon plans a careful look at the study's key findings and says it will work with the veteran's administration to provide a response to congress by june. v.a. officials say they have a plan to fix the backlog. >> our commitment is, we're
3:37 am
going to end the backlog in 2015. this has been decades in the making. ten years of war. but 2015 is a long way away. >> to me two years of waiting is two years without treatment. imagine you had a debilitating injury and had to wait two years for treatment. >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, washington. the new pope bringing some new traditions. we'll take a look at pope francis, the man who has shaken up the catholic church. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. discover nectresse™. the 100%-natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. nectresse™. sweetness naturally.
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doctors for nelson mandela say the former south african president is responding well to treatment and breathing without difficulty. the 94-year-old is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. this is the second time this month that mandela has been hospitalized. his lung problems date back to his years in prison when he contracted tuberculosis. a new video by state tv appears to show the late president hugo chavez in heaven. take a look at this. he is dressed in his trademark jacket and seemed surprised and delighted to join other latin american revolutionaries. there to greet him ava paron and his grandmother. now, to rome where pope francis celebrated his first easter mass. delivering a message to peace to catholics around the world.
3:42 am
today's ceremonies the first for the pope, but also ushering in some firsts for the church. joining me now is nadia bilchik, thank you for joining us. we saw him washing his feet on thursday. >> here he goes to a detention facility, a youth detention facility outside of rome and he washes the feet of 12 inmates ranging between 14 and 21 years old. two are women and two are muslim, which was absolutely unprecedented for any pope. >> what was he trying to accomplish with this? >> women are part of our congregation, as far as the muslims go, let us promote interfaith dialogue. not unusual for him because he did it in argentina as
3:43 am
archbishop. >> he is making a statement here, isn't he? >> one thing he said to other priests. as shepherds, we need to smell of our sheep. isn't that an extraordinary statement? let us be with the congregation. >> this is a new president for the church, isn't it, nadia? >> we know he's not living in a grand papal apartment. you know his ring is not a grand ring, but the cross he's wearing is one that he's worn since 1992 that is metal. he's not wearing the papal shoes, he's wearing black shoes. >> certainly making a name for himself in a different way than those who have been before him. >> some criticism that there were women's whose feet were washed because it means service and comes from the thursday when jesus washed the feet of the disciples and the disciples are
3:44 am
men. some are saying why were there women there? but mostly even jaded catholics are embracing the new pope. >> is everybody pleased with the new pope's way of preaching? >> some think that he's not astroditias traditional as they'd like him to be. why was he wearing black pants underneath his white robe because he's not being as formal as the last pope. so, some criticism, but mostly a huge refreshing embracement of the new pope. >> interesting to watch over the years. >> all our viewers who are celebrating today, a very happy easter. >> thank you, nadia bilchik? did you know there is a safe way to lose ten pounds in ten days? my next guest believes it's true. he's coming up next. only hertz gives you a carfirmation.
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it's going to be happening at the white house and a full house of 35,000 people are expected to take part. also happening on monday. tom hanks, his broadway play "lucky guy" will debut. his first on-stage performance in more than 30 years. on tuesday, michael jackson's wrongful death suit begins in l.a. the family is claiming that the promoter owed billions for their role in the pop singer's death. also on tuesday, hillary clinton will make her first speech since stepping down as secretary of state. presenting a leadership award ceremony in washington, d.c. president obama heading to denver to talk gun control in the new gun laws. skip over thursday and friday. sleep through those days because
3:48 am
saturday is the next big event. the date is set for the final four. kick off here in georgia on saturday. so, that is your week ahead. we'll be right back.
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spring. lose ten pounds in ten days. here's a way to do it safely because we're talking to fitness and nutrition expert mark mcdonald. mark, i mean, what are you talking about starving yourself for ten days? >> no, no, nothing like that, alison. all about summertime. we want to get spring and we want to get our sexy back. three simple things. eat in threes. stabilizing your blood sugar is not about cutting or restricting, utbut all about getting a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. releases your stored fat. eat in threes. a balance of protein, car carbohydrates and fat and you want to use cleaner ones like tuna, avocados or tomato or apple as your carbohydrates. that's your fist one. >> three times a day. >> eat in threes. every three hours. eat in a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. >> come on, i'd be hungry after eating that.
3:51 am
i want to have a cupcake. what do you due bout that? >> if you feed your body five times a day, you're satisfied. divide your plate in three and eat in threes. >> what is the best way to get rid of the bloat from the winter. >> we talk about ten pounds in ten days. qualities of food. take away all the sodium proc s processed food and eat really clean. if you limit soy, dairy and gluten like bread products from your diet, most people will drop ten pounds in ten days. >> eliminate carbs like that. >> replace them with brown rice or fruits or veggies. you're not taking the carbs out just replacing soy, dairy and gluten bloat people. when you take this out and replace it with healthier foods and higher quality, you drop ten pounds in ten days. >> one thing is dropping bread. bread can be evil. >> it has gluten in it and makes
3:52 am
you hold fluid. all make you bloat and hold fluid. >> you talk about activating your core. >> from a core perspective, you can do push-ups and squats. movement activate everything. when you're sitting like this. you burn more body fat. >> monitoring my posture. >> jumping rope, like doing dynamic movements like sports, jumping rope. if you only had ten minutes. you can do one minute of jumping rope and resting a minute and jumping again. you can burn that fat in your tissue. >> here's the thing, let's say i do this for ten days and i follow the clean eating and then i kind of fall off the wagon. do i sort of lose everything i gained? meaning the opposite? >> a lot of it is just fluid you're gaining. ten pounds. people usually have ten pounds to lose. just get right back on plan and you'll clean it up. the last thing is water. just like your body refuels the machine, it rehydrates. your body needs fluid
3:53 am
consistently. you need to drink throughout the day. >> how much? >> typically women about two to three liters a day. men about four liters, a gallon. >> that's for men -- >> three of those. >> that's not too bad. >> the cool thing is, you can sweat it out. if you like the sauna. if you go sauna or steam, you do sauna and a quick one-minute cold shower and repeat and do that three times. you'll drop so much fluid. >> isn't that short-term loss of weight. the quick fix to get into that dress. >> most people are carrying an additional ten pounds of bloat. eating in threes and cleaning up their food and drinking water, they can drop that ten pounds permanently. >> mark mcdonald, i don't know if i'll give it a try -- >> come on, you have to give it a try. it's spring break, getting ready for summer. >> thanks for all this great information. don't forget to pick up a new version of "body confidence"
3:54 am
coming out tuesday. rain, rain threatening to wash out a lot of easter egg hunts across the country. alexandria steele joins us with what we can expect out there today. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. the walmart low price guarantee. that's your receipt from another store? yep. let's go! check out that price. that's walmart's every day low price. that's what i'm talking about! yes, yes! oh my goodness! that's the walmart low price guarantee! bring in your last grocery receipt and see for yourself. save more on the candy your family loves. with low prices on reese's eggs and bunnies,
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3:57 am
well, it's safe enough to be a wet easter for much of the country, but will it rain on your parade? let's go to the cnn weather center and alexandria steele. what's in store for us today? >> i did not see any peeps on mark's platter over there. >> he said eat every three hours. >> a peep every three hours. one happy easter to you. weatherwise, quite complicated around the country. a lot of wet weather, even severe weather potentially.
3:58 am
just want to show you the big picture, first off. then we'll hop around the country. so, you can see here in dallas, texas. a severe thunderstorm watch until noon central and 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts. might be rough there. there are all the rains. here in the south, really quite stormy. you can see it now moving towards raleigh and washington, d.c., rain should be there by 11:00 this morning. west virginia, virginia, the carolinas, this batch of rain will move through. atlanta had some rain overnight. we'll see, again, rain move through and an unsettled afternoon. here's florida, maybe you're down there celebrating easter or spring break. daytona beach you're in the clear but this line will move in with scattered showers and storms. here in the northeast, boston, beautiful conditions for you. connecticut, as well, for the short term. washington rain moves in by 11:00. new york by about 4:00, that bulk of rain should find you. again, there's dallas with the severe weather threat. showers and storms moving through. west coast, here's your
3:59 am
scenario, i-5, 101, northern california. that's where the heaviest rain is. but very beneficial rain. they desperately do need it. the forecast, let me show you what this is. this is the future radar and we'll see rain, again, alison throughout much of the afternoon, especially in the south. temperatures won't really be that bad. >> alaxandria steele, thanks. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have much more on "cnn sunday morning" which begins right now. good morning, everyone. happy easter to you. i'm alison kosik. it's 7:00. we're so glad you're with us this morning. let's begin this morning in vatican city where pope francis just moments ago gave a special easter message. the annual to the city and world blessing. this is his first easter as pope and talked about the resurrection of jesus christ and warn against greednd


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