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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hat from "the wizard of oz" and the's costume warn by jane in the "tarzan" movies. all that straight ahead on this week. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more ahead with my colleague don lemon. see you tomorrow. a district attorney and his wife murdered just two months after the assistant d.a. was killed. are the two connected? we're going to be live on this story for you. deadly pileup on the interstate. dozens of cars and trucks, and some now burned up hunks of steel. an apparent kidnapping caught on tape, but no one reported missing. was there eve an crime? what was the crime, if there was one? the new pope delivers his first east mass and shows once again she a pohe is a pope of t
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people. and "the walking dead." one of the stars joining us live right here in this hour of the "cnn newsroom." i'm don lemon. we start with this -- an horrific double murder. longtime d.a. michael mclelland and his wife cynthia shot dead in their home. i want you to listen to this. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching, because we're very confident that we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. anything that you people can do to accelerate getting our hands on this scum will be appreciated. >> right now the kaufman county
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sheriff is not officially links the three killings. authorities are beefing up security, though, and trying to figure out why kaufman county prosecutors are being murdered. bring in cnn's ed lavandera outside the sheriff's department. you talked with the judge a believes mclelland may have a strong connection with the hasse killing. what have you been told? >> reporter: speaking with the authorities throughout the day. despite what the sheriff is say, there's a great deal of urgency surrounding this story, because it's hard to believe they're not related at this point. it seems clear from the law enforcement reaction to this murder scene last night, don, that that is the way these agents are reacting and are at least assuming to handle the case, and we've seen fbi agents, the state police, texas rangers descending on the home of the
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mclelland home, last night, as they started processing the scene, and worked there throughout the night and well into today. so, you know, that sense that we've gotten, especially from the county judge that i spoke with here a little while ago, who says that, mclelland and mark hasse, the assistant prosecutor killed back in january, almost exactly two months ago, these two worked closely together on similar cases. so in a lot of people's minds it's hard to believe these cases somehow are not connected. >> okay. let me ask you this. weeks ag mclelland said he believed a white see prupremaci gang might have killed mark hasse. what do you think than? >> reporter: he was gunned home along with his wife in his home, but he said in that interview, mark hasse, the prosecutor had
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not handled cases surrounding the aryan white supremacist group, his office over the last couple of years had made a dent into that organization. definitely, you know, suggesting that perhaps that might have been part of that initial murder investigation into the mark hasse murder investigation, and that has been out there for some time and obviously leads to a great deal of speculation whether or not that continues to play a role in the mclelland murders as well. >> ed lavandera. thank you, and we appreciate that and, again, we want to tell you that they believe, there is some belief, that the killings may be connected, but so far investigators aren't tieing that in, and we're working on getting merit of kaufman to give a little bit more about that. we're having a bit of technical difficulties with that but will get the mayor in a few minutes. interesting case coming out of texas. we'll get back to the mayor in a fewminutes. and a son kills his father
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just an an easter sunday service was ending. it happened in a small ohio town. the police chief says the shooter waited for his father just outside the church of god and christ. spoke to him and then fired the fatal shot. the chief says the gunman whose sage not known walked into the church causing a panic with many fearing he would continue firing. >> i entered the sanctuary to try and get the people out, but most of the people that would have come out would have come out the way where the shooter was. so i took our pastor and his wife and a couple other ladies and locked them in a bathroom behind the front and i hid underneath the baptistry. >> well, police have not yet released the name of the man who was killed or his son. the chief says the two had been arguing before the easter service. a 75-car pileup on a fog-choked strip of virginia interstate claimed at least three lives. state police say fog rolling in from the mountains triggered a
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series of accidents on interstate 77, six miles from the north carolina border. the tractor trailers are ripped apart. some cars now just burned up frames, 25 people were taken to the hospital for treatment, and the investigation has closed all lanes. traffic is being re-routed now. the new pope leading an easter mass for some 250,000 people who gathered in st. peter's square today. [ applause ] ♪ >> pope francis showing once again his determination to be a pope of the people holding babies and stopping to kiss a disabled child in the crowd. his message for the world, a plea for peace. he wants an end to the violence in syria, a country torn apart by civil war. reconciliation between egyptians and palestinians and
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reconciliation on. >> this is the west bank town of bethlehem where palestinians attended easter sunday services at the church of the nativity. the church was built on the site where christians believe jesus was born. the first family walked to an easter service across the white house wishing onlookers a happy easter as they passed by. the president and first lady and the couple's two daughters attended services at st. john's episcopal jurch lchurch led by pastor who was at the inauguration in january. and stay with us about what happened at the first easter. the early years of christianity through the roman emperor who first legalized christianity some 300 years later. hear about the in-fighting and per cushion by liam nieeeson.
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that's tonight at 8:00. a double murder of a man and his wife in their home. thank you for joining us, mayor. you knew mike mclelland. tell us what he was like? >> mike and i were not good friends. casual acquaintance. i liked him and i respected his work. my -- since i retired as a full-time family physician, my job is to do public health for kaufman county, and a part of that job is to see the jail inmates. i come in contact with law enforcement officials a lot, and it was my impression he was doing a really good job. >> he said, mayor, do you think mclelland was afraid for his life in any way? did he ever say about being afraid? he talked about carrying a gun, being ahead of everyone and even careful in his own home? >> he did not mention anything like that to me. >> okay.
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how are people holding up? how is the town dealing with this? >> well, the town, i think i feel more fear than anything else. they're afraid that someone else will be targeted by these people. i've seen some anger, but mostly fear that -- not fear for themselves but fear for others that are in the public eye. >> listen, after the murder, the a's assistant d.a., he mentioned something about white see prem si -of-supremacists may be responsible for that. what do you know about that? >> i don't know much about it. i don't think there's much of that type of thing around here. none that i know about. >> okay. here's a quote from mike mclelland who says, here, he said that he took extra care when answering his door, carried a gun everywhere he went. he said i'm afraid of everybody
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else, because basically i'm a soldier. the 23-year veteran boasted in an interview less than two weeks ago. he said that he was afraid and he took extra care in answering his door but you say he never conveyed that to you. why do you think he would say that? >> sounds like he was fearful that someone would be coming after him which would be logical, if your assistant was assassinated. any reasonable person would have fear. >> law enforcement is not confirming a connection between the assistant being murdered and now his murder. what do you make of that? do you think that there is a definite connection between the two? >> well, i can only surmise that that's a logical conclusion that i would come to. i don't know whether they found anything or not. >> and you have no idea who may be responsible? >> no, i do not. >> you do not. mayor, thank you. >> thank you.
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other news now. president barack obama tries to sdrau port for tougher gun control this week, but it seems as those his efforts of losing a little support. straight ahead, we'll look at whether he can refrain fra the mow meant -- regain the momentum, i should say to get new gun legislation passed. back in a moment.
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senators called the gang of eight reach add deal, according to one of its members. lindsey graham. saying he expects to have a draft bill by the end of this week. >> i believe it will pass the house, because it secures our borders, it controls to get the job of the 11 million. they'll have a pathway to citizenship, but it will be earned it will be long and it will be hard and i think it is fair, and the main thing, the combination of events in this bill will prevent a third wave of illegal immigration. and florida republican senator marco rubio said today no dheel beeal has been reached. others call it just semantics. and president obama heads west to highlight that state's new gun control law, but back in washington, his own push is in political limbo. talk about it with maria cardona, hi, maria, and amy holmes. hi. haven't spoken to you in forever. >> such a plesh perp thank you
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for having me. >> amy is a news anchor. and a little background for both of you and our viewers pap few days ago president barack obama and-of-featured victims of gun vile, around sured them he hasn't forgotten about them. today on cnn's "state of the union" republican lindsey graham says the checks already in place aren't being enforced. >> before you'd expand a background check, there are 76,000 people last year failed a background check and less than 1% gauss prosecuted. there are 9,000 people in 2010 fail add background check who are felons on the run and none were prosecuted. before you extend back ground checks to include private individuals, let's put resources into the current system we have that's clearly broken. >> okay. so, listen, i'm not sure where we are on this, amy and maria, but, maria, democrats need senators like lindsey graham on tough issues like this. is the president's gun control agenda in big trouble?
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>> i don't think it's in big trouble, don. it certainly is a challenge, but the president and most democrats do want this change and want new gun safety laws. knew was going to be a challenge from the beginning, even the day after newtown, because it always has been. but, look, you know, lindsey graham also said he was not going to join in a republican filibuster of gun safety legislation if it included amendments. at the end of the day, where are the majority of the american people on this, don? this is, i think, where republicans really have to be careful. when you have 92% of the american people that support the background checks, universal background checks, and 74% of nra members supporting universal background checks, i think that's a big deal, and while i agree with senator graham that you have to prosecute, you also have to make sure that everybody has background chex. >> it never really mattered on
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whether people want gun control or not, or universal background checks or not. gun control is -- let's look at the poll and then i'll ask. favoring major restrictions on gun or making all guns illegal? yes, 43% now's in december, 52%. no, 55% and now and then 46% -- amy, if you look at the numbers, it's not going in the president's way, or at least in the president's -- he doesn't have momentum. isn't gun control agenda in trouble? >> right. you showed the polling that actually support for stricter gun control has been sinking. we always newtry knew it would difficult. campaigning personally on behalf of harry reid back in 2010. harry reid from the very beginning opposed a ban on assault weapons. what i think is the more interesting question is, why the president is ratcheting up his campaign on gun control as
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public support for it is falling? and i think that has a lot more to do with mid-term elections than it has to do with legislation on the senate or house floor. we have -- mayor bloomberg -- pledged a lot of money -- >> the president often does and the only thing, he can take his case to the people and say, listen, don't forget about the kids who died in newtown, don't forget about the emotion you felt when that happened to -- >> yeah. i think the president is just as capable as -- >> absolutely he can. >> i think he overestimates his power at the bully pulpit. we saw him give endless speeches about obama care. public support for it tanked. in this case, again, more about the midterms than the -- >> no. but, again -- >> quickly. then i want to move on. >> that poll you just put up, don, no one is trying to make every single gun illegal. we're talking back ground checks. let's try to do what is doable. i agree with lindsey graham. prosecute the current laws and
3:19 pm
make sure 100% of people buying guns have background checks. >> you're saying it on television, and congress, a whole other show. so let's move on. talk about the republican party. first congressman don young of alaska got in trouble this week while talking about his youth on the california farm. i want you to listen. >> i used to -- my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to the 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. it's all done by machine. >> it makes you cringe when you hear that. right? i mean -- those comments this week and then the same week we had the supreme court taking a look at same-sex marriage and the polls show that younger voters, in both parties, they back same-sex marriage. they would probably be surprised, and the i'm sure they are, that this word, the word -- the words "wetback" are in anyone's vocabulary these days. amy, that doesn't bode well for
3:20 pm
what priebus wants to do. >> republican leadership, you saw, denounced representative don young's remarks, rightly, and he has apologized for them. as he ought to. but i'm not so sure that i would connect don young's remarks to the republican party and when it comes to gay marriage. even in the case of immigration policy, republicans, if you remember, i worked for senator fritz when he was working on comprehensive immigration reform in the mid-2000, and george w. bush, immigration reform, republicans nominated john mccain, 2008, backed comprehensive immigration reform. that position has certainly been well staked out by republican leadership over the past decade. i think don young is a separate case. i did research on him. she well known for making rather off-color and bizarre remarks over a 40-year career. >> yeah. but, amy, it's an old school way of thinking. and it appears, by saying those
3:21 pm
words, it appears when it comes to the same-sex marriage thing, maria, younger people are -- it's a done deal. it's decided for younger people. so i wonder how that bodes for the republican party? that's just my question. >> sure. well, i agree on the issue of same-sex marriage, it's not going to be an issue as more young leaders of both parties get into positions of power. but on the issue of immigration, you know what amy just said, while it might have been true that ten years ago republicans were leaders on this, including george bush, and some of the folks she mentioned on immigration, there's no question that in the last six to seven years, that kind of leadership completely disappeared. it's the reason why 71% of latinos voted for president obama, and the reason why the majority of latinos today don't think that the republican party is tolerant of them, and the
3:22 pm
remarks that senator graham made are for -- those feelings. >> president obama promised immigration reform in his first year, didn't deliver. >> and he's working on it. >> we've got to go. thank you, maria. thank you, amy. no kwun say latino like maria core do coredona. thank you. and a woman and man walking down the street, witnesses hear screams and see them both shoved into a van before it speeds away. but there are more questions than answers. we've create add device that sits on the tail pipe of a car that only costs $8 to make and it's filled with basic chemicals and an algae solution. >> cutting out of co2 emissions. first thing everybody said when he got to the fraternity, we want to throw these on all of our cars. >> what we're trying to do is
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in new york, witnesses have come forth and video shows masked men, but still not clear if there's even been a crime. nypd is working a kidnapping as seen in this video showing two men in pursuit of something off screen, but at this point in one's been reported missing.
3:27 pm
darla miles from our new york affiliate wabc has the story. >> walking on the stroo street this way, the car pulled up on the opposite side and she screamed, as he picked her up. >> reporter: a man wearing a plastic bag over his head, another wearing a black mask was spotted charging around the corner from west 173rd on to haven avenue. a dark-colored minivan is right behind him speeding around the corner with its doors open. >> a chrysler. it was like a navy blue chrysler. and turned down the one way and pulled over and stopped and a couple of guys came out and picked up a girl. pushed her in the car. >> reporter: sources say two 10-year-old girls playing at the park in washington heights, 7:00 friday evening, called 911 after they saw a woman screaming as she was forced into a minivan at gunpoint. investigators believe a man may have also been stuffed into the vehicle. this,s before it peeled off
3:28 pm
screeching up a one-way street. >> in the beginning when she screamed we were nervous. the way they walked in, made it seem suspicious. like they knew whose car they were going into. >> reporter: a bold crime caught on tape, but no one has been reported missing. that's why investigators are blanketing the neighborhood with crime stopper posters. sources tell eyewitness news, the suspected female was spotted on west 177th and fort washington avenue and hour before the incident. that's why there are crime stoppers posted there, too. >> you stop here, like this. and then he do like this. >> reporter: minutes before the alleged abduction, three men spotted camped out in a dark car near the minivan and saw another peeking around the corner wearing a black mask over his eyes. >> it's not that cold out today for a mask. >> reporter: you thought that was suspicious. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: reporting from wabc.
3:29 pm
reporting surveillance video shows the kidnap victims just outside the columbia university dental building but it's not known if the victims are students. and an update on the district attorney murdered and his wife and talk to an fbi profiler about the case, next.
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a 75 car pileup claimed at least three lives. fog rolling in triggered a series of accidents on the interstate. cars burned down to their frames. look at that. 25 people were taken to a hospital for treatment. the investigation closed all lanes, traffic being re-routed now. a rally by the ku klux klan in downtown memphis, tennessee to protest the renames of three con ed fed r confederate parks. some wears pointed white hoods and waving kkk flags. what is this? the ' 50s? counterprotests nearby attracting nooattract ing more than 1,000 people. and a son kills his father just as an easter sunday service was ending. it happened this afternoon in an
3:33 pm
ohio town calmed ashtabula. the shooter waited for his father just outside the hiawatha church of god and christ, spoke to him and then fired the fatal shot. police have not released the name of the victim or his son. two prosecutors working in the same texas county shot and killed almost exactly t ll ltwo apart. kaufman county, east of dallas, texas, now the focus of a horrific murder mystery. mike mclelland and his wife cynthia, raced two daughters and three sons. the fbi and u.s. fausmarshals a involved in the case now. based on your experience what is the fbi looking for right now in this case? >> reporter: well, this could be a case of a serial kill. don, and that could be the reason why they're there. they also could be there just in normal domestic police
3:34 pm
cooperation mode. but what therapy doing is, they're going to use their resources to help them help these jurisdictions find the killer, or killers. it's a very horrible thing, and my heart goes out to the families of the people who were killed, but the fbi will most likely be bringing in assets such as, the analysis unit where i used to work. >> yeah. you heard there were quotes from mclelland in the media and also friends overheard him saying, listen, i'm very careful when i'm at my door. very careful in my home. i carry a gun at all times. obviously he was worried about something. will this play into the investigation? maybe they'll look at past cases he was involved in to try to figure it out. obviously, right? >> sure. absolutely. anybody involved in law enforcement, prosecutors are very vocal and forward part of law enforcement. anybody who's involved in that way has to worry about people
3:35 pm
that they've prosecuted. people who they are about to prosecute, people under investigation and so forth. those are all fertile ground to investigation, but i think that it's a good lesson. people should in that position should, have a lot of situational awareness. >> be vigilant. >> try to minimize -- excuse me? >> i said, and be vigilant? >> yes. might try to minimize their routine. >> my question to you is, the killing, it comes on the heels of the killing of his assistant, mclelland's assistantassistant. any doubt these two are keshgted? >> i don't know the forensic evidence. there seems to be a very strong connection. this could be a serial killer case, as i said before. it could also be that somebody who saw the district attorney's announcement after his a.d.a. was killed, they could have lashed out against him, completely separate from the
3:36 pm
original killing. >> tim clemente former fbi profiler, thank you. >> thank you, don. we'll be right back. ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ because of you [sigh] [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors -- we make a great pair. right, totally, uh... that's what i was thinking. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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it was a long wait for the patients of an oral surgeon in oklahoma lining up for hours hoar free hiv and hepatitis tests. the nightmare began after state health inspectors discovered fell ty conditions at the office of dr. scott harrington. rusty equipment, unsterilize ed needles and expired drugs. labeled a menace to public health. patients have been told their at risk and should get tested. >> my initial reaction was i know that name. oh, no. that's why i know that name. >> chances are so remote of contracting anything, it's more precaution and i think they're
3:40 pm
smart to take the precaution. >> i really got real scared. i just couldn't believe it. i said, why me? there's going to be issues with some of us. all of us cannot be okay, and i just hope i'm one of the okay people. >> well, and they are going to wait, because as a result of those tests, it could two to three weeks. tonight "the walking dead" finale will probably set records and probably say good-bye to one, if not more, show favorites. who could go tonight? i'll ask someone who might have an idea. he was a major character who got -- well, killed off the show in season two. first, the housing market may be bouncing back, but some communities are still struggling to experience a rebound, and in this week's "american journey" cnn's tom foreman where residents are raising their voices to save them from the
3:41 pm
brink of financial disaster. >> reporter: when the housing crash claim, no town hit harder than this town, a suburb of washington. some homes plunged in value from $300,000 to just $40,000. people moved out, crime and squalor moved in. >> this board back here, were french glass doors. inside, hardwood. brand new cabinets. >> reporter: but the community never lost its voice. meg carroll is part of an aggressive church, synagogues and mosques called voice and they've been saving communities like this one from ruin. cleaning up, maintaining and taking care of properties that are abandoned or in the sometimes neglectful hands of banks. >> when i say that investors don't care, same way as homeowners. you can see they don't. >> reporter: the goal, keep the neighborhood livable until better times come. the reverend --
3:42 pm
>> only listen to other people who have power and organization. >> reporter: by pooling the efforts of many community activists, voice effectively pushed banks to help pay for financial count counseling, more affordable homes and help rewrite the loans for those families who have stayed through all the turmoil. >> most of them aren't having trouble with the income anymore, but having trouble now that they've regained their footing of guesting the banks to work with them so they can keep this community a home-owner occupied community instead of a rental community. >> reporter: it has been a long and lonely struggle, and the housing rebound still seems far away. but in this corner of virginia, the battle of the home. front goes on. tom foreman, cnn, washington.
3:43 pm
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he's coming. >> down to the last man. >> you thinking crazy? >> i think he's dangerous. >> go that -- stay there. >> oh. i still have six episodes left. so i don't need to see that. i've got to catch up on dvr. "the walking dead" wraps up tonight. season two, they were shooting outside atlanta. the show is about a group of
3:46 pm
strangers that become like a family. they fight off zombies. that's the kilgts "walking dead" what it means. fight off roaming bad guys and most importantly, they fight within themselves, and within the group. robert, r.e. singleton knows all about those types of fight it's and has writ an book about his experience on the show. played the character he dog until he got x'd. he's here with me now. thank you very much. we see the book. that's a nice book. >> thanks. >> called what? >> we blind sooifd sided? >> the apocalypse. >> social media went crazy. >> berserk. i didn't know they loved him as much. now i know they loved t-dog. >> did you know were you going to die? >> i knew a month in advance.
3:47 pm
the show, said, called me, gracious, give me a call to say, well, it's about time for t-dog's run to come to an end. >> did you cry? yes. you did. >> so -- here's the thing. you -- everyone was like -- just joking around, they're like, your brother dies in the first episode. right? >> credit. >> you last add long time. >> lasted a while. three seasons. when i first came on to the job they said i would do two, maybe three episodes. i went into season three. >> because in the original comic, does your character die off earlier than -- >> well, my character's not in the original comic. >> not in it? oh. >> and they confused t-dog with tyrese, asking me, is t-dog to serve at the tyrese of television? possibly, i don't know what they're intention was. >> getting a little inside.
3:48 pm
there is a comic book, "the walking dead" that it's made from, modeled after. >> yes. >> and it follows the comic in some ways, but not in others. the love interest of laurie went a long way than the comic book. >> yes. >> can you come back? besides the outrage on twitter? >> what? >> your character doesn't talk? did he not write him lines? >> he was out, boiling an egg, something like that. ing to trying to do what needed to be done to keep the movement going. >> any idea what's going to happen tonight? >> goodness. as much as i love that show, i don't know if i want to watch it tonight, because it's going to be a heartbreaker. >> i love the show. you know? came out to the set. they let me back on. here's the thing. i liked it when it was just closed. a few people. like it was you against the world. sometimes i don't know where year going. too much going on. it's like the real world before
3:49 pm
it was just, we don't know who else is in this great big world. now there's a colony here, and this there. i don't know. it's kind of -- >> i understand. totally with you. >> do you? >> yeah. one of the big differences between season three and seasons one and two. it just added to the mystique of the show. now, like you said, you never know where you're going to end up. all over the place. people coming from all directions. i don't know. it possibly takes away from the mystique and people love that. >> record ratings. and it keeps going. were you surprised by the popularity of this show? did you know you were going to be a star almost instantly? no. >> no. >> no idea. it happened overnight. i knew i had another job. >> i don't need that. throw these away. it was, a lot of it shot here in atlanta. when it first start i'd was coming to work on a saturday night i cannot get to work? what? why are all of these people
3:50 pm
walking around atlantic. >> so me the walk. >> she vo helicoptered you in. probably goes a little like this. you didn't want the grunt, did you? i'm giving you the grunt. >> you grew up in atlanta. >> i grew up in atlanta five minutes away from here called perry homes. it was a pretty enough neighborhood. inundated with violence and drugs and so on, so forth. you know, with the whole lifestyle entails. >> congratulations on your success. >> thank you so much. >> i hope this -- it is called "blindsided by the walking dead" and it is by irone singleton. let's do the walk. >> repetition. you have to do the same thing over. i'm hungry. i'll eat other walkers.
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a hiker missing on an oregon mountain for a week has been
3:54 pm
found alive and frost bitten. mary owen also suffered an injured ankle and was taken to a hospital in portland. oregon national guard helicopter retrieved her from the sandy glacier on mt. hood. the 23-year-old college student told our affiliate kgw she fell 40 feet early in her hike and survived by eating chia seeds and nutrigrain bars, burning the wrappers to say warm. >> there's a lot of snacks and stuff and nutrigrain bars ma, ai was able to put together a fire. i didn't have the range of motion to collect enough to keep it going very long. it was enough to dry me out and heat up my hands and stuff which were good because my hands were getting pretty nasty. >> you can tell by her speaking, owen is an experienced hiker who walked a trail from mexico to canada. a texas man who received the nation's first full-face transplant is celebrating
3:55 pm
another milestone. dallas got married yesterday in the same church where his face was severely burned as he was doing repair work near a power line. he and his wife, also a burn survivor, met in a support group for burn victims. it's easter chocolate like you've never seen before. next, see how one chef is doubling as a master artist this holiday. so it can offer an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon, the best highway fuel economy of any gas engine in america. that's american ingenuity. to find new roads. the best highway fuel economy of any gas engine in america. do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice.
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not much of a surprise a new gallup poll out today showed the most religious cities in america are in the bible belt or in utah headquarters of the mormon faith. topping the list, provo. orem in ohio, with 77% of all folks there identifying as very religious. coming in second, montgomery, alabama. third on the list, jackson, mississippi. gallup found the least religious cities are in new england and along the california coast. burlington, vermont, and boulder, colorado, coming in with the lowest religious population. s what's in your easter basket? numbers show just how big candy is this holiday. 90 million chocolate bunnies are created for easter. 90 million. americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow peeps plus 16 billion jelly beans are made for the big day. shoppers expected to spend on average just over $145. $145? really? this holiday on everything from candy to clothes. i didn't think it would be that much. we're going to show you
3:59 pm
another example of chocolate indulgence, not just for the stomach but for the eyes as well and it's all on full display for easter. cnn's karen cafe explains. >> reporter: santosh is a scientist and an artist. >> got to make sure that it's straight. >> reporter: his medium, pretty sweet. >> where's the blow torch? >> reporter: blow torches, airbru airbrushes, molds for eggs of absurd promotions. it is hopping. >> every year i create a different buffet that is a huge display of chocolate sculptures littered with easter huge eggs. this mold will hold up to 7 pounds of chocolate. >> reporter: yes, there are still bunnies and baby chicks, but tiptour's main project is a wizard of oz themed display.