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tv   Starting Point  CNN  April 16, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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blasts at the finish line of the iconic marathon. the attackers taking lives and limbs, but not the will of the city or a nation. >> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. bostonians will pull together, take care of each other, and move forward as one proud city, and as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> i'm chris cuomo here with john berman. we have breaking news this morning. a face and a name to go with one of the young victims of this terrible tragedy. his name is richard martin. that's a picture of him at his communion. something so many families recognize as a beautiful event. he's holding up a picture of his name. he came here with his mother and sister to celebrate their daddy running the marathon. they went out to give him his
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hug. he wound up losing his life. his sister lost her leg. the mother still in the hospital. this one family story, on the investigative side is a search for who did this and why continues. an apartment in revere, massachusetts, may be connected to the bombings. investigators leaving with bags of evidence, trace chemicals, maybe, hard drives, maybe, we're told. hopefully another piece in the puzzle of what happened here. >> grieving very much. that family in mourning, and investigators pounding the pavement right now. all around us, literally looking for any clue they might find from cell phone records to apartment buildings. all around the greater boston area this morning. >> we welcome our viewers in america, and around the world, to this special edition of "starting point." our continuing team coverage of these bombings. john and i here in boston. >> chris cuomo, john berman as you said. we are standing here this morning in downtown boston. we're about two blocks away right now. it's behind us on boylston street where these bombings took place.
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thousands of people are going about their work today. but it is not business as usual by any means. about 15 blocks of this downtown area shut down. a crime scene now patrols by national guards. this is what's happened since you went to sleep last night. we mentioned that 8-year-old richard martin among the three people killed. our boston affiliate whth reporting that his mother and 6-year-old sister also among those injured. as chris said the sister losing a leg. the mother having surgery overnight, possibly suffering a brain injury. another 144 are injured, including 17 people in critical condition. >> right. and we keep making that point. the bombs have gone off. but this situation is not over. there are people who are fighting very serious injuries. pictures we have not been showing you intentionally. this bomb was something right out of war. it was a low grade explosive. but it was throwing metal objects well over the speed of a bullet out of a gun. and when those things hit people, they change the way they
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look forever. people fighting in the hospitals right now to hold onto their lives and families trying to hold onto each other and make it through this as this city tries to recover and the rest of the country as it looks on. as those people are in the hospital, the investigators just as urgent. >> two tracks. there's recovery in the hospital. there's this investigation going on all around us. and overnight, authorities spent hours, hours searching an apartment building in revere, massachusetts. revere, massachusetts, about five miles north of boston. we don't know if any arrests were made in this case. what we do know is what we saw with our own eyes. investigators leaving with bags of evidence. >> they've got bombs that were exploded that can tell them the story. they say they know how they were detonated which is helpful. they say they have leads and they're making advancements on their investigation. and that is -- that is good for us to understand at this time. >> our pam brown is standing by outside this apartment building in revere, massachusetts. good morning, pam. what do you have out there?
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>> good morning to you, john. we're about 15 minutes away from downtown boston at an apartment complex here on ocean avenue. this is where authorities spent eight hours yesterday executing a search warrant inside an apartment here, at this apartment complex. this is according to cnn's susan candiotti. local and state police, as well as firefighters, came in here yesterday, starting at around 5:00 p.m. again, here for eight hours. in an apartment on the fifth floor, we are told. we saw authorities bringing out boxes from that apartment. at one point, a state police officer brought in what looked like some sort of equipment, but right now authorities telling us that at this point, that no arrests have been made, that no one is in custody. we did speak to residents here at this apartment complex. they tell us that all they could really say was that there was
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just a lot of authorities here yesterday. that it's a bit of a scary situation for them to imagine that there might be a person of interest that was living here at this apartment complex. according to reports, the person that lived in the apartment that authorities were searching is a man of saudi descent who is here on a student visa. of course working to confirm all of this information with authorities. >> all right, pamela. thank you very much. certainly what may look like madness with all these agency people running around, we know very well, john, that joint terrorism task force they have a method to it. they're canvassing it. they say they have advances. we'll be hearing more information. this moves very rapidly these days. of course, as we say, two tracks. people still in the hospital. stories not over for families. very serious injuries that the medical staff here have done an amazing job. >> one of the silver linings of this attack, this awful event, is that it happened in boston, in some ways the medical capital
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of the world. so many great hospitals. so many great doctors here. and our poppy harlow is standing by at brigham and women's hospital right now. one of the best in the nation. and she has details on the more than 144 people injured in this horrible event. good morning, poppy. >> good morning, john. good morning, chris. and that number has held steady for, i can tell you, at least the past few hours since the very early morning hours. but it's the highest that we've had since this attack. 144 people. that is how many have been injured, all ranges of injuries from scratches and bruises to the most severe, complex, including amputations. we can also tell you that this hour that eight of those who are injured are children. and, of course, we told you extensively about that 8-year-old boy who lost his life. eight other children injured at this hour. 17 people in critical condition. 25 all severe -- their injuries are severe. they're in serious condition.
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ten people, we're told, had to undergo amputations. and late last night i was at a press conference at mass general, another key hospital here, and the doctor was as matter of fact as he could be saying look, this is our job, we are prepared for this. we never want something like this to happen, but we were prepared for a tragedy like this to happen. he called all of the patients brave. he basically said do whatever you have to do, and nay were very matter of fact. they weren't even talking about the trauma that they had just experienced. that is the way that one doctor described it. when you look at the age ranges of those injured, we're looking at someone as young as 2 years old, we're told by doctors, to some as old as into their early 70s. because, of course, many young spectators of this marathon and many more that were older that were running in this marathon were cheering others on. that's what we know at this hour. the doctors, some said yes they
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have seen injuries somewhat similar to this before. but they have never seen the quantity or the volume rush into the e.r. as quickly as possible. i also want to give our viewers some new information, john, coming from the boston globe this morning. according to a law enforcement official the "boston globe" is saying that 30 people were transferred after the attack to hospitals under a code red. that basically means with life-threatening injuries. so that law enforcement official telling the newspaper that could mean that the number of fatalities could rise. we are in the very early stages of knowing how these people will do, even after they get out of initial surgery. some, we're told, will have to after that.multiple surgeries >> poppy harlow. our thanks to you. those numbers that you bring up are what are so startling to so many people. one doctor overnight i heard say it was just depressing what he was seeing. another word you could perhaps use, chris, i suppose is
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infuriating. >> i'm sure. but the bottom line is no matter how he was feeling it's what these medical professionals were doing. if you're seeing pictures of what people were dealing with when those bombs went off you'd be amazed the death toll is not so much higher right now. no question phenomenal triage done. we showed you what's happening specifically with the investigation on the ground here. we know what's going on in the hospital. the overall architecture of this investigation very important. the team coverage is on that. national correspondent susan candiotti joining us this morning. what do we know at the latest, susan, in terms of how this investigation moves forward? >> hi, chris, and john. certainly we know that they'll be looking at all kinds of surveillance videos, they'll be checking into cell phone videos. and still photographs taken. obviously they are also in the throes of talking to all kinds of witnesses who might have seen something just before the two blasts went off and afterwards. and, of course, we're also looking at those devices. the two bombs that already blew
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up, and the unexploded devices. clearly there is a lot of ground to cover. the fbi is taking the lead in the investigation. >> it will do so through the boston joint terrorism task force. this will be a combined federal, state and local effort. it will be an ongoing investigation. it is a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential, is a potential terrorist investigation. >> reporter: and they're asking the public for help. >> anybody who has any information pertaining to this crime, to call -- >> reporter: so far no firm suspect in the bombings. but law enforcement sources say they have a number of active leads. they've issued a be on the lookout bulletin for someone described as a darker skinned or black male with a black backpack and black sweatshirt. that person could be a foreign national with an accent. sources say he tried to gain access to a restricted area before the blast. police are also looking for a
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penske truck that tried to gain access to a restricted area. a federal law enforcement official told cnn that both bombs were small. and initial tests show no c-4 or other high-grade explosive material. suggesting the packages used in the attack were code devices. still >> there's a certain level of sophistication. having made these bombs before, it's not easy. you just can't get it on the internet, make two of these bombs go off fairly closely together. so somebody had some experience. somebody practiced. >> reporter: sourcesel cnn that one, possiy two, unexploded devices also were found. potential treasure troves of clues about who may have made the bombs. authorities still have no idea whether they -- this isitr a domesticevt, or a foreign-based event. i'm told that it's still too
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on to know, either by the devices, and/or other information that they are gathering at this time. we can tell you this, there is a group called the pakistani taban who are saying that they ar n the ones who were responsible for this. however, tthe spo anyone who is attempting to kill americans. this is the samegrp, by the way, that claimed responsibility for t times square bombi ban 2010. you remember that involved a car bomb that sort of fizzled and they were able to catch that before it went off. back to you, chris and john. cim of not responsibility this morning. susan canotti our thanks to st a domestic group, a foreign group? just one of the key questions everyone was asking this morning. there are many, manyey ings iran townsend, cnn's naon security analyst and former assistant to george w. bush for homeland security an counterterrorism. also joining us, cnnnast juliette kaym w i a former
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assistant secretary for both u.s. homeland secury a interestingly enough, a massachusetts homeland security adviser, as well. i want to start with juliette because we have someal is inrein information. new news about some developments going on at th aport rig at this second. >> so, there's clearly going to be eyewitnesses. so what the police are doing is that they're startingosk people at the air t check their iphones. which is really ar people don't know that they were witnesses. that they might actuly have evidence in their phones or in their cameras. and so there'soworfhi search amongst all the people that were there, the tens thousands of people, to say hey, did you see something? because the chances are, if the site wasece eas 4 hours, whit is because i used to do boston marathon security, someone probably got ni ne sort of chaos at the chaos is the wro wd. it's just morepehan t. family members, reunification. that person may have been seen by others and there may be a picture of him or her or the people. so that's what they'reooking for now. this is just grassroots investigation athi stage, without a big lead.
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>> fran, to bring you into the convsaonross of exclusion, not hearing the typical loud and proud we call it of aroakg responsibility for this. how does it allow the investatnoov foar >> you know, chris, i think what we're seeing now is the fact that this -- the fbi as susan reported, want to be very deliberate as they walk forward and try to determine whether this is a foreign-based terrorist attack, or a domestic terrorist atck you know, we reported last nht that there was a saudi person in hospital with a leg iur i spoke to a saudi official overnight. he said to me, in fact, there is a sdi female doctor in the hospital, with a lwound, who cooperating. the saudis have no rso to spe in the boins individual is and, in fact,he asked is -- was the search at the rever aptmtrelad to this female saudi door ty couldt say that. they said no, you know, we don't hanynfmation o that at this time.
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so look as this unfolds we have to understa treile pelehorewitnesses who cooperate, who are not related to the actions setting or making of the bombing that were set off at the end of the marathon. >>fran, you've been all over this story since the son i happened. i hope you were able to cch a lile bit of sleep last night. some of the developments that did happen overnight was that search at theevere apartment. also this news from juliette th at the airport right now they're asking people to look a their iphones for a evidence, inadvertent evidence the mht have. and also we now kw tre is a several block area behind us on boylst see ttshu down. it is a crime scene today. rkight there.nt anyone going to based on these overnight develops, where doou shi vestigation standing right now? >> you know, we read aot into the fact that there were two devices that exploded, andone, or perhaps two unexploded deviceus b lenforcement officials in boston. thisase in times square with the unexploded vmb
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remember, these individuals, whhere gng tet it off, forget whether it's foreign or domestic, it's redundancy. because one may not go off. so you want there to be multips. it is possible that it's lon wolf. it's not that difficult, we're toldy l enforcement officials that these were small packages, these explosive vices. they had a horrible, tragic effect. but the fact is, it may not be a group. deav to let the nvial vestigor sortf work their way through this. i expect you're going toee breaks in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> fran townsend, thank you very much. we'll be coming back to you. situion as part of our team cora. juliette, let me come back to you befor w g tre here. let's deal with a littleit of the elephant in the room. president obama didn't use the word terrorism. became a little bit of a political football. but bottom line, forget aut left versus right what are the practicalities about what language you use and how it may hierr hp going forward? >> what the president did not want to do is panic people before information was in. e thet"ord, terrorism.ot t
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but he also doesn't want to give a future defense attorney the ability to say, oh, well there wasn't a political motive with this guy. he was just some random -- >> political motive key to a finding of terrorism. >> so it's a nonstory. ion't know why people are raising it. everyone knows this was an act hod drop that. there's no brownie points to be gained at this stage. let's let the investigators figure out who d ts and the response and life goes on. ryil me just to be >> don't handcuff yourself before you know what you're dealing with. >> exactly. we have no idea right now. >> all right, julia, thank you very much. >> up next we're going to take a look at the evidence left behind. so much to pore through right now. forensic teams are piecing together the tiny bits, the tiny pieces of the bomb. they're trying to find what we call the bombmaker's signature. we'r gngo go live to the pentagon with details just ahead. >> we'll be telling you things about this bomb we haven't heard before that arellin ts instigation to move forward.
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we'll be talking to people who are at the center of the investigation, the atf, the u.s. attorney in boston during 9/11. they will be joining us with the latest insights. >> was over there like literally two mutefe i walked down and heard two big explosions. large plumes of dust, sme, glt. everybody was going crazy.
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welcome back to this special edition of starting point, evyo.ritow forensic experts are scene of the boston marathon he bombing. it just a few blocks bin ck ere.oylston street directly they're hopingoin the bombmaker's siature. pha fmhe unexploded explosives joint terrorism ta is on board wh long with a
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cnn's barbara starr is live at the pentagon with the details this. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, john. we've talked so much abo ts notion of a bomb signature. what is it a why is it impoant? you know, bombmakers tend to put their bombsoghehe same way each andve time and when they train others to put a bombether that is the bomarssignature. what experts are doing is atatia was used?orensics. how was it put together? what kind of detonator? what kind of fuse? w was the bomb placed, if you will? things make uhe andhes aas body of in afghanistan, through iraq, terrorist attacks overseas, liryas put together e hundreds, if not thousands, of
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bombmakers snatures from material they've collected. so they're gng to look at this scene and then see if it matches up inny way with something they already know about other incidents. they hope that this will be a valuable clue in leading them down t rd. waitome type of foreign attack? was i a he gwn terrorist? these are the kind of things they're looking at right now. jo?>>ndt's happening right on the ground, right behind us on boylston street. vestigation unfolding thishe morning. barbara srr at the pentagon. our thanks to you. >> you know, in the investigative capacity, lki at , but dealing with this event, yesterday so muchbo t unknown. we're joined now by dr.alrt pelen, orthopedic surgeon doing his residency in boston. you came from down south. thank you so much for the goo wo y d sterda tell us about the experience of beg here to help out with dealing with this urgency? >> we're acal al well setp for this.
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for thistuation, because we litell h le field hospital right on site. i mean you couldn't have had a larger group of physicians in on ot y know. basically probably had 5 physicians, 50 nurses, 50 athletic tiner all ready to go. so as soon as everything happened, you could see from the footage, people pulling down the barricade, you kn, i helped some people get back to the meca tt and then they told all the doctors to go back out there. we went out there and there was probably four people on every single person who was down in that area, srting ivs, getting back boards and gurneys and shuttled into the medicaltent. ere there's a gentleman in there, 200 beds in there,o we're pretty well set up for this. >> you had the pacity. but how about the calm? how did you keep it together looking atnjie le is? >> i mean, we --e'ot- this isn't, you know, a hug -- i mean, it obviously was very emiol a shocking but as
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you see with oth docrse' seen on tv, you justwork. you're just going to go for it. op as i can, and there's some great leade ihe who are organizing the areas and having triagen one spot. si ppl he, not as sick people here and do what you can ouer of those first responders we always talk about, not running away from the incident, but running rig in to it. we spoke last night, you snd exhausted. this must have been some kind of some kind of afternoon. tell mebo t nature of t that moment.were seeing rht >> it was horrific. but, you know, basically what we all agreed on after we talked to each other is basically like the bo took out the legs of everybody. so it was all lower extremities. basically knee down from everybody, and it was just, you know, really, really bad injuries from here down. that was the bulk of the injuries was just, you know 15 or 20 people, all right there, with just, you know -- >> what do youav to do to
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keep people in that situation from beding out? obviously that's a risk. >> weere getting tourniquets on as many people as poib, and then ivs. so stopping the bleeding and gettinghe fluids in just as fast as you n. >> you thought you'd be dealing with dehydration, torn hamstr g hamstrings, bum knees and you find yourself on the ground doing tourniquets f people whose legs have just been shattered. >> i'm more prepared to take that as an orthopedic sge than the dehydration. i was more helpful. er w h cardiologists, was orthopedic surgeons, e.r. door s w re you know, everybody just jumped right in to you know, do the basics that we do, which isfluids, stopping bleeding. >> you used the word luck before and i tnkhat really appes here. >> right people at the right place at theigti, and then a little bit something extra, ct, i amazing how many people you got out of that scen stda >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> dr. albertndto was
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working at children's hospital right now. our thanks to you. >> boy, oh, obviously it took everybody who intoething that they cld tuati survive. doctors like dr. ndleton, the first spders, you saw the pictures iyoapshi morning, running toward it when they didn't know if the next blast was d to come. wee going to continue with our level of dedication re. amcora. the latest on what we know about these bombs, what is going on in th hospitals. and what i the effect of this explosion around the world, includg e markets? >> special edition of "starting point" back in just a moment.
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and good moin i brooke
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baldwin with a look at some of north res ttoes including leaders there now sayg ey wi n give any warning before attacking south yee yeah. meti, leadsn south korea say the leaders there are grettable. also in sthor this morning a u.s. marine helicopter went down close to the borde there with the rt you see, some ofhe pictures we are just now getting in. the smoke, the fire, the aftermath, u.s. milary cling it a hard landing. the marines were taking part in a drill. there were someinjuries, but all the marines reportedly will bekay. want to turn to alison kosik with a look at how the markets are reacting to what happened. the horrific incident in boston yesterda a h hofuyhe opening will be a bit better this morning. in te better. the opening i you're seeing investors less on edge this morning. when we got news about the bombings in boston, you saw you can wind up hitting about
4:28 am
half of that 6oi dp from the dow to those bombings in boston. but, this morning it lks le investors are sort of processed the fact that ahohobviously it's terrible what happened in boston, it could have bee much much worse. that the bombings themselves aren't growing. that kind of thg. so wall street's looking at it, i guess, as something that was sort of isolated. >> okay. seng bac john and very much. ri in boston, just a heart-wrenching story there. good morning. >> all right, thanks so much, brooke. ahead on "starting point," president ama vowing to find those rpoible for the attack on t city of boston. the white house response coming w also going to show you cturesfeoplee' learningbohoer injured. we're going to be talking to mi romney's son tagg and give you the latest on the investigation. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork.
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wcome to all our viewers in the united states, i'm cis cuomo. special edition of "starting point" here in boston with john berman. >> btoni sll very much reeling this morning from this shock of a terrorist attack in theirit our city, it's my hometown. as we've been telling you, there's three people dd i the twin bombings at the boston marathon. such an iconic day in this city. one of those killed, thisoung, beautiful boy. the boston globe identifies him as8-year-old martin richard. he came to see his father run in me to giveim a hug at e en o the race,ndp rht in the middle of the blast. his sister also there.
4:31 am
shy lost a leg. his mother also suffered injuries in a hospil overnight. we're hearing possible brain injury just awful. they're among the 144 people who are wounded in this attack. >>houghts and prayers go out. could not imagine being that father on this morning. everything hearbohe most, in some type of desperation now, or loss. just one sry o many. as jn id 144 or more mies lef t deal with this. we are following that witheam coverage to letou know the te. many still fighting for their health right no we'll give you the latest on th t tracks because of this investigation, as well. overnight, authorities spent hours, we were watching them canvassing this city and this square. searching a particular apartment lein with bags of evidence. the question is why. no words on any aes yet. no tha there's this lotion about five miles away. pam brown is on the scene there with the latest. what do we know now?
4:32 am
well, chris, as you out 15 minutesay fm wrerevere, the explosions went off yesterday. this morning no activity here at the amount complex behind me. but we have seen several law enforcement vehicles around the area. authorities searched a fifth flr apament for eight hours starting around 5:00 yesterday afrnn.a fer law enforcement official tells cnn's susan candiotti the resen of that apartment gave authorities consent to conduct that search. officials were seen leaving the complex withxe did spe to one sident. she says that she iscad to think that a pso possibly connected with yesterday's explosion may live here. >> i'm afraid, because i don't know who is here, who lives here, you know. >> authorities tell us that at this point no arres have been made. no one is in cuody. of course we will keep you updated.
4:33 am
chris? >> all right, pam brown in cose again, that apartment being searched overnight. we're still learning what the investigators may have taken out of that apartment. it's just one piece of this investigation. focus rig now on this city but much going on. also, tre is spsible for bombing the ca justice.thon, they willot the president promised to find out who did it and promised to find out why. he also reached out to leaders in congress, saying this is a timeor unity among americans. cnn's brianna keilar is standing by at e ithouse this morning. do we eec to hear more from th psintday? >> john, there's no official word from the white house that we will. i will tell you that he is 00p.m. whichasreously ventt scheduled to honor the nascar sprint cup champion. you can kind of see how that wod -- that's sort of a light
4:34 am
event and it woun'e far from the realmf expectati th tt may be canceled. in fact, talking to sources this that that's definitely in ense coidatn.bu psint obama, accordi to a white house official was briefed ovnit. he's very much focused on what happened in boston and moving forward trying to figure out who did this and why they did th. he was briefed overnight by his homend security adviser. 's gngo be briefed this morning by his homeland security adviser alissa monaco, as well as the fbiecto rer elr. and wele waiting to see if he says something else in addition to his comments yesterday where he said that the u.s. will respond. >> we still do not know who did this, or why. and pelehouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of ts. and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any response -- any responsible
4:35 am
individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weig ojuic >> but here's what we're looking 1:15 p.ay from thehi hse jay carney is on the schedule to brief. then again as i said before 3:00 p.m. eastern, president obama was suppodoe a tt nascar event, which would give him an opportunityo speak to the puic. but all of this is subject to change certainly and we will not be surprised if it does. housrianna keilar athhi thanks so much for beingitus th mni. we want to bring in tag romney. he's also a boston resident, and like all bostonresidents, he ow just how important patriot's day is. not from boston what an people importt y i tagg was on his way to the marathon, watching the streets,
4:36 am
as the explosion happened. what did you see? >> you're right about boston. bo is about sports and culture and history and this day is a convergence of those three things. we were at fenway watching the morning red sox game. e marathon and we had just d o happened in a cab two or three minutes before the explosion happened and were on our way back home. it's such a horrifying and sickeningevent. >> i was trying to explain to er zero degrees o s. separation between anyone from boston and people whoer involved. with this attack. either know someone who was right there. nng.ow someone was sidelines yourself.the its puh t g. >> it is. this day is like christmas for bostonians. the bruins are playing, the celtics are playing, the math.a celebration of independe. the firho were fired at lexington green and it is suc an important day.
4:37 am
our prayers are with the victims and those who are suffering. it really is hriy tragi event. >> milies, you know, you've got you son with you here this morning. beautiful kid. whou see that picture of that little y,nd that father, he's rning a ra, his family is there to embrace him and he winds up almost losing all of them. >> such a caryac and then you s the rm o th fst responders, and the people around who rushed to the such a contrast to their braver and, it just rely is family event. and it's the best of boston. 'son irful to seeow pele heereonng>> are you and yo? i know it was 45 minutes, trying toet in touch with my sister who works on the block. it was hard to find people. >> we had family running in the marathon who h jt crossed the finish line few minutes earlier.
4:38 am
it's nseles it doesn't make asee. >> what can you guys say about the people and the heart that's in this city in terms of how we'll move forward? >> bostonians are resilient. they're going to come together. they messed with the wrong people. there's going to be period of grief, i'm sure there will be some anger. and wre going to want to fire out how to keep thifr happening again. but allvehe >> one ofhehis i heard last night, some were saying oh, ths boston's 9/11. no, no, boston actually was part of 9/11. two of the planes took off from here. this is a city that very much has dealt with tgedy in the past, and has responded, y know, with strength, with vigor. it willappen again. everne i've seen, you know, sie i stepped ft i thi city last night telling us be s. yo know,etother. we're all here r ch oth. >>eah. it's a wonderful state. and family's very strong here and i think this will actually end up bringing us closer together. >> tagg, thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> glad everybody's okay. >> thanks >> you're welcome. >> all right. so not just here but across the
4:39 am
nation, swift reaction to these atck americans pli together evywrenhoofni. even on capitol hill. >> the house will now observe a moment of silence in memory of theictims of today's attack in boston. >> the u.s. house of representatives paused in its official business just after 5:00 yesterday. that was a little more than two hours after the bombings. you know, major league baseball around the country last night, moments of silence were observed before the games got under way. this was the scene in minneapolis, where the twin and angels took the field. >> you saw it repeated all over the country. boston college, one of the big universities here, is going to post a healing mass this afternoon. the school is at mile 21 o the marathon route. aboutiv miles from where the
4:40 am
blast occurred. several hundred students ran the race to help raise money for the school. and as we've all heard, the last mile of the race had been dedicated to the families in newtown. they were present here. luckily no one was hurt, and now these communities haveo come together once again to hold each other closer in this time of need. >> you know, at sporting events all over the country, all over the world, are going to have to take into account, the celtics game tonight was canceled. they're not going to play it at all since the playoffs are set. london is set to hold a marathon on sunday and officials there say they expect the race to take place as planned, but as you can imagine, security preparations will be reviewed in the wake of the attacks here. tens of thousands of competitors and spectators are expected to turn out. >> obviously these boston bombings, you know, dominant in terms of the world story that we're dealing with since the event draws people from literally 100 countries. so we have the newspapers here and around the world, you know, we're going to see reactions all
4:41 am
day. we're start showing you picture of the papers. we have "the washington post" boldheadlines, kwn an act of terror." terror a word that means a lot. especially in the prosecution going forward. >> the "l.a. times" says "marathon blasts throw boston into chaos." the houston chronicle talking about a father and a daughter who ran the race. it says, seconds may have saved the family. >> so much of this about timing. wh me it. who got affected by the bombs. the telegraph in london says the block showed 4:09:44. then the shockwave hit. that period in a marathon when a large bulk of normal runners, you know, nonelite pro runners are coming through. >> i'll tell you what the headlines in boston would have been. they would have been the winners of the boston marathon. that's not what we're seeing on the front pages today. you know, there are a great many celebrities who call boston home. and like anyone who has a tie to boston right now, we're all reacting to yesterday's horrific events. this is what some of the
4:42 am
celebrity bostonians said last night. >> boston is my hometown. it's where i grew up. it's where my family lives. so i wanted to take a moment to sa that like everybody here, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of boston, and everybody who's been affected by this absolutely senseless act. >> now before we officially begin the show, we just want to take a moment. our thoughts are with everyone in boston tonight. i have family members, and many friends there. my heart iith you. >> it's important tohow how we comegeer because that's how you get through it. decision.v to make a either you cave in to what happened or you decide to becom stng f . and we're showing you these headlines. we're showing you these reactions. we show the decision that was clearly made in boston and around this country. from other famous bostonians flooded in yesteay as well. telly it was universa director ben affleck said such a seeless and tragic day. my family and i send o love to
4:43 am
our lod d resilient noos sdrangor tra, maria m evyo iboston. neidonhe ochere from boston. former new kid joey mack intire was running in the marathon. he tweeted this moments after the bloms wenoff, there was an about five minutes after i e finished. i'm okay. bu i'm sure there are many hurt. of course, there were. 144 injured and threeeople as we now know were killed. >> and those are the people who become news celebrities in a way. the people whose lives were affected re, who have to fight thugh it. families who lost. familieswho've suffered. those are the names that are going to matr the most. we are going to take you through with tea coverage. the fight for people's health, and their literally bodies that are going on in the hospitals right now. also the investigation. >> ahead we're going to talk to michael sullivan, the former direct of the atf and the u.s. attorney in boston during
4:44 am
september 11th. he jnss to walk through the last on the vestigion. and let me tell yohere's a rng.going on r now this ou live team coverage of the we come back. coinues when right for me. but i'm not sure which policy you should try oucoverage checker. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ] these are great! [ beeping ] how are you, um, i'm going toeep oking over here. probably a good idea. ken: what's a good idea? 's easy to findchecke yourerctolicy. siprreivcom today.
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>>elcome back to this special edition of "arngoi." ou tmcoverage of this continuing situation in boston. two bombs went off, mri a beaufu ctul event, the bostmarathon. cuomo.ith john berman, i'm chris we're loin ath headlines. >> want to showhe headline right now. this is the front page of the boston globe. you can see it right here. it says marathon terror. and just the awful pictures of the blood on the sidewalks. and again, what's so interesting about this is that theeain inhe globe today, every other day for 11 years no doubt would have been the winner of t bostonmarathon. inea wt we're seeing right w i the tragedy that unfo on these stsig here behind us. >> the challenge, of course, is or the injured to make it through their difficulties, for families to repair. for thenvtiti thats as
4:48 am
de-ranging as we've seen in one of these events. findut who did this and why. one of the yes victims in this hrie attack has now been enfied. the boston globe says its yog man,arn richard, 8 years old fromorchester, massachusetts. >> picture just kills you, because he's a beautiful little kid. sitehi suitst communion photo. th sign that was probably made by parents and god parents. a celraonf this kid's kind eryn. you know, him going to the sacrament a a catholic. his father, to imagine the father's running the marathon. his wife is there. his daughter's there. his son is there. he has everything. otr,t's lost.nt, in one way or thank god hisife and his daughter sti alive. bu bh hurt he. just in a moment something that sense to anybody changes the life -- >> he was there to hug his father, the kid was, and n this happened. we're on commonwealth avenue, about two blocks awayrowhe issslo as we can get
4:49 am
because the streets are shut down there as the investigati continues. we are joined here by michael llivan. he was a u.s. attorney in bosn during the attack on september 11th. he was also the acting director of the atf. so good to have you here this morning. thanks for coming . >> gdo wh u guys this morng. starting with these events, the picture and the story really tells the story. everybody's thinking about the victims, and the victims' families. >> meanwhile, while ts happened these two tracks, there were the victims, the recovery effort right there,he's ao the investigion, anef the things that peoere into,he elosive bothhene tten oer and apparently the ones that did not go off. what do you think they're looking at right now? >> well, they're going through alled forensic evidence that's going to be useful to them to determine how sophisticated the decewas,heer or not th'v sn similar devicesn the past. i mean, you know, the fbi and atf have a wealth of expertise in this area. during the warn iraq, they review every single improvised plosivedece
4:50 am
wee been able to collect the evidence from the war zone and ship it back. it could be very helpful in terms of theforensics, the type of thing wveee all is morning here. convoys of natialua we've seen all we have seen convoys of national guard. these are police motorcyesnd ouc psoel on the ground, soany different arms to the investigation, they are giving them police escorts to get to wre they need to get. the bos,he people are taing about them,t c it te? th tth ,everything. every bomb tells a story. >> some people look at ias rule e post bst investigation, look at it as evidence. two were detonate t others that may have been controlled at wl be extremely helpful
4:51 am
and useful. >> what does the number of devices tell yo tw wt o t others that didn't. atoes that tell you? >> it tls h long the person has bn planning the event in terms of the number bombs they have. it might determine how sophisticated one is compared to the otr,hey wil lkt e component parts, see if they can trace where some of the parts come from. it was designed obvioused to do the maximum amount of harm. detonated and the secd o to force people away from one explosion, potentially toward the xt that's dig by people who are terrorists. it's obvious too early to tell. >> michael sullivan, former u.s. attorney, acting head of the atf, thankouoreing with us. >> thank you. >> he was here in his capacity, former law enforcement officer.
4:52 am
sshutts, but all senate in campaigns have bee spended temporarily in the city while everyone comes together to recover from the awful eve that happened in the city yestery. >> shows what everyone puts first. mr. sullivan doesn't want to talkbout the campaign, but about his city healing. >> you realize you have to b toth t concentrate efforts, who did this and why. matter most are the victims, and the bombs have exploded, but people are fighting to keep their health and maybe tir lives. we'll go tohe situation and veouheattnformation. >> we were standing across from lord & taylor, and to the left ofhe finish line, two huge bombs, smoke coming out of buildings and something else to the left of that, and the whole thing just went.
4:53 am
4:54 am
welcome back, everyone. john berman angith chris cuomo, we know now. we know more than 140 people hurt in this boston matn bombing. nyit the kind of injuries we have most seen in war zones, chris. >> sote. sotiseoecce the media of overdrama advertisitov situation. reot showing the photos. when we srt treating those first responders as heroes, it's
4:55 am
because they are. people were dismembered, almost bled out. over 140 people injured, three people lost their lives. hopefully the number sta at three. it could have been much, much worse. take our wordorit. you ctxaere the urgency. ni micorspde alt whyesterday. elizabeth cohen joins us now. elizabeth, you hear what we're talking about. well, people are just injured. they must be okay. no, not at all, right? what is the severity. what is needed to make sure these people can leavehe hospital. >> chri t severity as you said. u can't stay enough about how bad these injuries were, and what heroes these first reonrswe. son the hospital right now, about 1 ople, 17 ofhe critically injured. amputations have been very,ery common. more than 10 amputations. you can see tt a lot of them are centeredround ms genera bh israel, boston medical, tufts medical center, a
4:56 am
part of boston university. rs o the scene at the time of all of this happened. and they told you, look, we' stabilized folks, gothem to ambulances, but we know they have a long road ahead of them. let's take a listen to what nurses said last night. >> i treatedoth double amputee, a young cldndls a young woman in a cardiac arrest. i tnk t- the best snario was that everyone turned from a, you know this is a marathon, we're going to treat am, dedratio fro that to all of a sudden everyone who had trauma experienceam to the front and came back and led us to your -- ukn, to experience and we did trauma care and did everyone we could to the medical ceer >> stephen sagato reference,
4:57 am
ugst mont treatg yog ma i her early 20s, blond hair, blue eyes, he thgh h could save heut her abd wasop,er leg was broken, she wasn't breathing, he gave her cpr, he tried. he wasn't able to save hernd >> horrible story.of him. perspective. elizabeth, we'll come back t yo obviously, psptin this, john, this is a horrible of that beautiful little boy that was lost. when are you dealing with injuries like this, when we saw the photos o what was going on there yesterday, amazing that people are alive today. >> and they were able to save so many. so many ppl getting the best trtmtf the world.>>look, we're coverage on is so man moving parts. others are here, we'll take you throughhe lates in t investigation. all left sources on the ground ght now, they are doing searches, they are getting wl tell you the latt w know on who may have done ts
4:58 am
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5:01 am
i'm john berman. the names and faces of the victims in the boston bombings are starting to come to light, including this one. martin richard, killed in the attack while he was returning there was to hugis father.t his mother there soheas hurt. his sister was there also, she st her leg. an awful sight. police search anrtment in rever ve, sshutt i' o commonwealth avenue, two place.from where the bombings veigion into the twin e bombings, really unfolding all around uss the invtiti
5:02 am
ally shifts int her high gear. overnight, federal, state, local agencies tne t a apartment in massachusetts upside down, searching for clues. about five miles from he. they left with bags of evidence, t no word on any rests. otr news, threeeoeild in theerr attacks. ldyone othoues ded and as we victims identified as 8-year-old martin richard, according to the boston globe, that is the boy's sister, lost her leg. his mother ffered a brain injury. just one of the families suerghi morning. the community o dorchester where they are fr, rallying arou th th two explosis happened within seconds of each other, this ishat looked like, this is what it sounded like.
5:03 am
i haveee it again and again and i still can't believe it. lieheir eyes either. ve lacerations, ampute. a lot of blood everywre >>redent obama was briefed his homeland security, and unterterrosm teams. he will get another briefing later this morning. anti, no real sign of rush ur i. the normally bustling aref th ty, bls thetrts where thettksook place, completely shut down as the investigation conditioncontinues no small thg. where copley place is, an entry to the prudential center.
5:04 am
of police activity right here, we've seen trucks going b and nearby in reveer, massachusetts, about five miles north of boston, officers were busy for hours, searching an apartment there. doing it with consent. that is crucial. that means they did not mn a warran stl, it looks like they left n' pamela brown is live in reveer. continuing team coverage. pamela, what's happening right now? >> well, john, we are learning some new information this morning. according to n producerarol crowley, t ridt inside that lives in the artnt tt authorities she yesterday starting at 5:00 m., a young at saudiesens in tudent vi. questioned right now, but last official word is nothing was found inside the apartment that was searched connect to yesterday'sexplosions. now, officials wer here at the
5:05 am
fifth floo aptmt, srtg around 5:00 yesterday afternoon for around eight hos, they were snakgut boxes from that apartment. according to cnn's susan candiotti, the residents gave authorities consent to search. in other words, a search warrant wa not executed we're told at this point that no of course, we will keep you . posted on any developments. john. >> all right, pamela brown in reveer, massachusetts. sort of a workinglass town about fiviles north of boston, where that search took the key piece of information. artment.consent o t owner of being here in boston on the streets it feels like there is so much going on withhi investigati investigation. we'vseen national guard convoys pass us. s.w.t. teams,onvoys of motorcyclesnd buses carrying
5:06 am
law enforcement persnel. that's the investigation on the ground here. th wel are also turning in wa n washington, in our nation's capital. candiotti has the latest.susan >> rorr: good morning,hn. federal w enforcement officials is telling us no one ck led by aomro was a dmesage didu oom group, or single whether there could be a foreign next to us this. certainly investigators have a full plate. they are looking at, for buildings around t bst site. th a lki at stills and other video taken by regular peoplebyanders and looking at all kinds of evidence to
5:07 am
determine exactly what happened. the fbi is taking the lead in e vestigation. >> itlo so through the boston joint terrorism task thisil be a combined federal, state and local effort. it wille a ongoing investigation, it is a criminal potential -- is a potential the terrorist investigation. >> reporter: and there asking the public for help. >> anybody who has any information pertaining tohis crimeo ll. >> reporte so far n fm suspects in the bombings, but law eormentsayhe have a number of activeea. they have issued a be on the lookout bulletin for somne ack malwith a black backpackd or and black sweatshirt. he could be a foreign national with an accent. auorie s h triedo gn access to a restricted area li a ao looking for a penske truck that tried to gain access to a restricted area. a federal law enforcement official told cnn both bombs
5:08 am
were small. initial tests shod no c-4 or other high-grade explosive ed i t attack were crude ages he fact that two bombs were used there, ia cta level of sophistication. having made these bombs befo, it's not easy you can't just gett on the internet, make two of these bombs go off fairly closely tother. sobo h se peence, somebody practiced >> repte srces tell cnn that one, possiblywo unexploded devices also were found. potential treasure troves of clue about who may have made the bombs. >> and other sources tell us that at least one of bombs, you saw the smoke from it, light coloreecse of powder. ey are discovering made up o of the -- atea o tse devices. they will be picking these device s apart, ptilay
5:09 am
these bombs, looking for signatures in terms of how the were made, what kind of mponents were involved, wre those components might have come from to helpetmi w made them. how sophisticated they were. appant notve. but certainly, john, very, very they certainly were. a number of them. and the two that went off, and apparently unexplod bombs on the scene tha investigators are looking at. susan ndiott o tnks to you. >> w wt bring in the chair of the house homeland securit coite and we're joined by fran townsend, niolecurity analyst and former assistant to george w. bush for security and counterterrorism and with me in boston, cnn analyst julia kayam, a homeland security official right here inst. i want t start with you, corema as chair of t iss holand security mmittee.
5:10 am
atreou hearing this morning? >> well, first, my heart goes out to the victims and families. omar on, i calle ts a erday, act of trism i was a federal prosecutor that rk counterterrorism. ltiple bombs going on ed. simultaneously, mass casualties, spectacular event, fits all of attack.icators of the terrorist and we know there w a person of interest,n one of the spal a search warrant executed. not sure what has ce t that, but inoha between surveillance videos out at the scene and the idea to reverse engineer these bombs to find the e it back to the perpetrate o and the motivation. but at this time, while it is an ac o terrorism, won known it's foreign or domestic atta.
5:11 am
>>ngssn, should say, we do know that search in revere, we know it was done with necessary. warrant was bu a you said right now, one of the key questions, was i domestic, was it foreign? i want to ask fran townsend, who has vast experience analyzing th teftuio what type of clue do you look for to indicatehait might be dostic versus foreign? >> it' really hard. teim these thingsoo silar in the early investigative stages. the congressman is quite right. multiple, near simultaneous explosions, a big high profile event is something that investats sptycally associate with aorei terrorist attack. we've seen it many times over thla decade. bute he tremember, there are also events like the oklahoma city bombing and we'
5:12 am
seen an attack at the holocaust museum. attempted in times ua, the attempted subway plot using black pack bombs a small improvised explosive devices. disrupted by the ny. they come in both categories and th investigators and the administration is really careful and correctly so, not t point in one directionr the other until the facts take them there. >> a legal dferentiation there. and i'm joined herereezing on the streets. aouple of things, interesting but smt. you may n know you are an eyewitness. ara a now at logan, of on
5:13 am
people leaving. everyone there taking pictures. you smay have seen meone. site or close to set e ly on time that theinh line is sort of more porous than its normally, he tusands and thousands of people coming through. family members,edeveryone. ando someo mayave a rprar.e of ttotti it would have been very hard to put something there that is 48 hours before. it's not locked down, b it's pretty secure. there was a backck, somne would have seen it. en marathon there, are as ndreds and thousands of bags, people are gti tir clothes, warm and thattan isn't just smart police work, it's just picking up on leads. and it's smart now not to make conclusions,ecse if you lead in one direction it means the real perpetrator hasime to veigio investigator's the
5:14 am
sight. not just we want people to remain calm which we do, it's also because it may lead us in a way that detracts from where we really need to go. >> congressman, i want to ask you the final question right now, there was no wning sign. no sense that it w any kdf imminent threat to this from either a domestic or foreign source right now. i want you to give me a sense o atrobl is gng on around the world in terms of th investigation. goingack and reanalyzing intelligencet cameac in over the previous week. >>ou mexcelleoint. fran knows i tas as well. we have stopped many of the terrorist plots attempts through go intelligence. there wasn't a whole lot of chatr, we don't know if this is the lone wo t pt or there wasn't a lot of aan notice. wasn't any a really notny
5:15 am
chatter or ielligence toct dhas ual our best effective tool to preventing theypf acts from taking place. very hard to sure an opening gathering, an open stadium, shopping mall if yoon he good intelligencbeforehand. so i think these teamsnig states of alert right now a oueupe counterparts, a lot of discussion going on in the event this is a foreign terroris pt to codinate. if i could add o last thing. i talked to the white house yeerday. this is one of the moments that old them this is not a republican o doct issue. we're all americans today standing against terrorism. >> you kw what? we a thank you for that, reblicanitoesn't matter
5:16 am
today. and fran townsend and juliette yyem. how will we begin to recover? barney frank represented parts of bton on the marathon route. a specialdition of "starting mbgsteam coverage coins. >>n iad tturn, it was like the first pop. boom and then another one. boom. and then anotherone, boom. one aer another. itas just one big clo o smoke. white smoke and then the other, one aer the other tohe other. >> okay. >> it jura. ♪ [ jegarner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted.. so clinically proven
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i don'without gogdecisions to angie's list first. you'll find reviews he pair tjust like you.y peope with angie's lt,kn w tc, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviewyou can trust. welcome back to this special edition of "staing inoif from boston.
5:19 am
as we surveyed areaspal 152 people injured in these terrisatck wereayg 152 people hurt. in these awful attacks, at the conclusion of the boston marathon yesterday. i'm joined by former cgrsm barney frank. rightn e marathonute. joins me by phone. we're both maschusetts knaves. i hope you like so many of us ght now, our hearts go out to everyone invold in the attacks. >> absolel e swings, from so much fun, so up mu enjoyment, to the lows of shock., it's such an emotional
5:20 am
baenough if someone love is u t ce to prepare. ndfu to the worst possible siatns devastating. he all morning, as this city, ry is state tries toounce back from is and someone brought up an interesting point in some ways, the recoverys basn the response. the response yesterday was so remarkable. they stopped the matn mid point and calmly moved some 000eople from the racecourse. there wer moments of cha right there, but able to clear thscene fairly we. what are your impressions of the >> i'm glad you ray raiised tha. it gives me a chance to me a point, this terrible situation, let's be very grateful we had a well-funde functioning government. it ivery fashionable in
5:21 am
americaas bn f some time to criticize government, belittle puboyees, talk about what people think is the assessment of health care, here we saw goveren in two ways perform very well. first of all, the government in charge moved efficiently thend rapidly aavely. secondly, seamless cooperation that youav swnn the program. you don't know when it's at wh isfera wn it's the city. the police cmissioner on the st a the governor and also goes to the cory again, i never w a a member of congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. noaxutou have helped us deal with this or will help us recover. this is very expensive.
5:22 am
you have adequatelyescribed thousands and thousands of people, questioning op, checking things, providing the medicalca. we're not asking people, lo do you have private health insurance or not, can you afford is ono maybe the government will have to pay for it. and tss emp of why we need -- if we want to be a civilid people, to put some of our resources int a common pool so were able to deal with this, and to deal with it, you be responsive onc there has to be in place experts. experts idetection, experts in public health. so on the hole, i would say this is a terrible y for our society, but a day when i hope opnderstand the centrality having a government in place. in boston, a teikthis, no one thinks about saving pennies, gog foar i hope people aren't going to think, oh, okay,
5:23 am
yospent tens and millions of dollars, which isrobably a low estimate, let's take that out of everything weav gng forward. this is anxample of why we need to provide theresources fo o common good. brch frank, thank you so much for being with us. he brings up the point. politics aside, we have heard from democrats and republicans talking out how we have to co together in this investigation,his recovery effort right now,and, agn, congressman also bngup a good point. the scales of recoveryimmense. mb o iurst this time enhi all at once. some 152 people, now we know recovering from injuries, also the skill of the inveigation, immense. happening on boylston street, a little ways behind mell the way up to rere feiles north ofst. the investigation continuing at this very second. ahead on this special edition of "starting point," we'll talk
5:24 am
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5:26 am
wco back to ts sci edition of "starting point." we have the president of "usa today" sports media ou heasunng the boston marathon yesterday and finished abthr mutes- three mites -- before the bomb blast. you estimate about 150ar away, you saw the oke, the
5:27 am
devastatio he joi urit w. gi ma sense of what you s wh iw? >> iwa crazy. nes y said and all of us were meandering through these corals they bring you through as you get your mel. you are sort o dazed after the race, a weermeandering and angndhexpsisook place. everybody immediately knew there was a problem,vebo panicked. smoke rose quickly. clear it was a big explosion. the sound itself rumbled the ground, and the the bosn police, tipped over, it was immediate. the bosnole gathere everybody, took everybody ll ia crime en gs h the coral, out of harm's wait a minute. >> you bringp aoo point. when you finish a marathon, your mind not always worki ihe best sort of way, after an event like this, when bombs cog. off
5:28 am
there, can be s much confusion. doueel like you could get to wre you needed to safely. >> first responders are great. you sn the videonoll of these guys jping over fences trying to help out. people activated immediately, etr theer volunteers for the boston police. >> knew. those things went off. knew something was wrong? >> yes, immediately. from 150 yards, i spun around as everybody did,ndt s -- it was tragic immediately. everybodstarted wondering what is this? and then when the sonne happened. very 9/11ish. >> can i ask you. not the most important thing, beus t reoesn't matter at this point when there are lives lost, the investigation under way. put yrself in the position of th runners still onheourse right now, what it must have been likeor them, to be at mile 22, mile , and beold the race is over? >> rarkablydisappointed. people are from around the globe. it's very international. people really gear up for this race in particular, boston, it's sort of a life event.
5:29 am
i think one of the people who ran f t samehatyha i mily reach foundion, was literally half a mil fm t finiin aas turned aw, it would have been her fir marathon. sad, but in the scope of things, hardly meaningful. >> important thing, she is okay, are you okay. thank you for being with us. really appreciate it. >> ahead on "starting point," we peter king, so much expertise and intelligence onomand security. we'l sakithim. fi out what he has learned overnight. a special edition of tartin we'll be right bac of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. itroessed from there to burning to like a thousand bees that wereust stinging my feet. [ female nounce] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. tlyrica is fda approvedy feet. to treat diabetic nerve pn. lyrica isotorveon it may cause seo legi reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, n oworsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior.
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ó? welcomeack to cnn's special coverage of the boston bombing. you can tell there iso much gog on. so many new developments, including a new number on the in cnt ahe severity of some of those injured. i'm joined by ppy harlow le
5:32 am
at brigham & women's hospital. we know 152 peopleerjud. so eight have be added to that count that we had previously for a number of hours, 14 injured that has reno 152. in terms of critical, that remains at 17jo. i'm just pulling up the latest numbers for our viewers. the numbe serious injuries has increased substantially from 25 to 41 that we kn, 10 we know of putatis.ed in terms of having in terms of th hoit one m sininront of right now, treating the most injured, 31 injured, has remainedhe same brigham & weomen's hospital. five more injured patients taken to tuft's medic center and an addition of three injured at boston medical center. i wanto give you the biggest update weave right now that i
5:33 am
think is very important for our viewers,spiayo concerned abt the cldren tt have beeninre i can't call this a silver lining but i is a slight improvementf the eight this, we know thatig were in treated at the bostonhiren's hospital. iusot off the pneit meagan weber, spokesperson for the children. they have treated eight children. are all they all still there? not all still in the hospital, so that means some of those children have been released. she said their conditions ran from good to serious. meaning the reon t were severe or critical condition, we're awaiting word from the hospital on what exactly gooo sio mes. buheac ,hahose eight children that were injured, some are well enough to children's hospital.rom boston of course as soon as i off with u, i'll get back on the phone with r. i wanted toring that to our
5:34 am
viewers asoon as possible, escially following the news of e death of that 8-arld boy. john. >> poppy, thank you so much. we'll take any good news we can get rht now. eight children are doing well, reased from boston's children's hospital. dical re centersneah.hildren's poppy haow appreciate it. meantime, oer cities acro thena, all on alert this morning. washington, miami, los angeles, all increasing security, and in trscrs e ty.liceteinp and in the subway system as well. checking the subways in boston thisorning as you can imagine too. shannon trav miswashingn with go mni, shannon.ory. you mentioned, a number of cities, u.s. cities, on heightened alert. we want to be clear, we're not hearing of any cdie tea inhecities. they are taking the steps out of an abundance of caution. you mentioned new york city,
5:35 am
there, the mayor, mayor michael increased police presence othes whatnot. the white house, the sewk ouid o thehi hse in washington, cordoned off with yellow tape since yesterday. and a parade, called the emancipation day parade that wi be taking place later ts morning, but obviously officials are rningr askingeople to more. in l.a., again, heightened secuty prence. obouyasal sso i unr way. a number of baseball games scheduled in chicago, milwaukee, atlanta, cleveland. the major leagueaseball is paying tention. emt me read a statement from "our thoughtsnd prayers are with everyonffec by this horrible currence. we are monitoring the situation. the safety of everyone that ntue to dovethgo wils always
5:36 am
ensure a safe environment for our fans." this notion ofpoing events, like the boston marathon, which hasad us loong at other viously, we have tonn marathon on sunday, officials there is a that they are paying close attention to their security preparations, we have also got some other races, i chke john. n ancisco marathon in ju, billy broadtreet run in may, indiana 500 festiva in may. lansing, michigan, in april, and raon inapl.cnt music obvisl ainwee talking about no credie threats, but officials in boston said no credible threats before tha o either, john. >>recautions are necesry important, and detandable the celticsamn boston, canceled. doesn't really matter. the playoffs just around the corner. that game will not be made up. shannon travis, our thanks to
5:37 am
you. one other story about a sporting event which reallyauty attention overnight. fans of the oakland a's in oakland, tryg to rally fans to start instead of let's go a's chant, a let's go bostonchant. that just shows you how fans and right now.he city country are republican congressman peter king from new york. so much expertise in homeland security so grateful you are withs this morning, congressman. >> thank u. >> what have you hrdovernight on theinstigation? >> bacay,he invtigation is going full speed ahead. looking at the components of the bomb, the explosive vis, somebody aarently being -- excuse me. being questioned. also going into an por intelligence they may have had. no ielligence warnings that we know .
5:38 am
however, we still go back and are going through video weisd. cameras making sure there is something that that incates. this is thee of investigation thatan move very ickly. the fbi involved, boston li, the entire federal l of this fus on .nvolved. any belief right now, the combination of components of bombs, the cameras out there. any question going on, wehould get an answer soonerather than later. >> you know, i can hear it in your voice thi morning, a certainmotfcoidence, cuty officials in the law enrcen officials we've been th believe that this investigation will prove successful. one reason? all of the cameras. the finish line of one of the bigges sporting events, cameras on the finish line to cover it.
5:39 am
unexploded bombs thathey can veige,oong f possible finrpnts the. they have a lot o information. what piece of information might prove the most fruitful? >> any of those you mentioned can be. in the invesgation, it doesn't ke a lot. these are experts, spend the entire life doing these types of e bombsemlves. gnificant tours ldi tm n to the type of explosive it was, the type used by a particular organization. and elements to use, and the materials we use, and start going to different stor, shops, businesses to fin out wh would have purchased them and information from the community. bindies come inhi may by theels mn nhi but add upo alot. weay if you see something, say something. something that may seem unimportant to you or me, it fits into a larger picture.
5:40 am
i feel very good about this. divert for a second. one thing positive, we can offer from the horrible event. it should be to alert people, congressly people in the the war from terrorism is far fr or. extremist, no matter who it is. people s use fterror. the weon and strategy of choice. we can't cut back on homeland security funding and funding gog to local police departments, because you will have all of the federal intelligence in the world. but on the ground intelligence often means the most and for police to get that, they need the funding and the support, they ndhe training. >> that is aebe a diussion we're already hearing this morning. one of the key estions, is this a descource oerror or forei srce of tro in imaginereea o prsu o iestigators to make some kind of determination. do they feel that pressure?
5:41 am
do they need the iortion to say, hey, it's meic, foreig >> you feel people at the top with pressure. the men and women who do this day in and day out, they block that out. they want to solve the case. domestic terrorism, islamic jihadist, aumr of tos recent terrorists. the time square bomber in new york. these were all domesticop, renfiatn.bviously had a al qaeda reazes it's vy ey have been using people already here. we also have people self-motivated over the internet. they become se-radicalized or coul b someone from white supremacist group. ey, again, eiry domestic or it coulde a combination of the two, as said, with islamic jihadist, both domestic and having a foreign connection. all of this is being looked at,
5:42 am
but certainly between now and 9/11, now, people knowctly what to do. ther is a protocol in place, what measures to take,nd move quickly and effectively and work very well together. totalsynchronization. >> we don't know who did this. we spect we will know at some point. peter ki, congssman peter king, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. we appreciateit. >> thank you. >> ahead o "starting point" we continue to follow this unfolding investigation of this terror attacknst, were tracking other delin stories. we'll talk about how theto maetar rctg to this. will there bereverb rations? we'll tell you about it, next.
5:43 am
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welcome back to this special edition of "starting point." i'm john berman live in boston. we continue to cover the bombings at the boston marathon. i'm joined right now by fran
5:46 am
townsend. cnn national security analyst, and former assistant to the president george w. bush for homeland security and counterterrorism. and joined by cnn analyst juliette kaayem. one bit of news. we understand that president obama will hold meetings tonight with members of his cabinet, as well as counterterrorism officials and homeland security officials. fran, bring us inside that room. inside that meeting. what is the nature of things that will be discussed there? >> going into that, we know president obama has been briefed on a regular basis by homeland security adviser, lisa monaco, and fbi director bob mueller, what happens as he gets these updates, he pulls his cabinet together and they will, one, give them a common view of what the situation is, what the risks are, what they know and what they don't know what are the key
5:47 am
questions they are trying to get answered right now? the president will give clear direction to cabinet members how they can support bob muller and the department of homeland security in aiding state and local officials and helping to reach out to international allies who have information. it really isn't means for the president to show leadership in his cabinet. give direction and make sure that every one of the cabinet members understands what the roles and responsibilities are to assist the united states in solving the investigation. >> we alwaysee commander in chi consoler in chief. what is appropriate for the president to say on days like this, and what things he should stay away from. >> the cabinet meeting is to make sure there is one message. cabinet officials have their own press offenses, they are going to be out and about. make sure everyone is on the
5:48 am
same page. essentially a confident response, a calm sense of getting back to normal. and the investigation is going full throttle. a number of different messages, different cabinet members will take the pieces. he wants to make sure they are all on message. and the tone of yesterday we're not going to call it a certain thing, it doesn't really matter and the support of local, state and federal agencies, we're in the middle of an investigation this is not time to either so we're done or get people panicked. we need to let the investigation go forward. >> fran, we've talked to you, cnn has since yesterday. we want to thank you through the calm guidance through this thing. since i last spoke to you probably 30 minutes ago, there have been more xwodevelopments. this search of an apartment in revere, massachusetts, it was conducted with the consent of the person who lived in the apartment, meaning no search
5:49 am
warrant necessary. i'm wondering if you can indicate the significance of that? >> you know, john, actually, it's interesting, because consistent with this, the source i spoke to earlier this morning, i was told the saudi was completely cooperative. that's an indication, that they consented to a search of the apartment, they had nothing to find it doesn't appear there was anything of significance found in the apartment. there will be lots of thesekins of searches and lots of these sources of interviews, people around the scene, and they will shake out but won't be of real significance. >> it is so important to keep all of these developments in perspective. which is why we are so grateful to have you, fran townsend and you, juliette kaayem. >> when something like this happens, there are reverb rations around the country and around the world there are
5:50 am
market implications. i want to turn to alison kosik in new york. we are hearing there will be a moment of silence at the new york stock exchange. >> not only at the new york stock exchange and nasdaq as well. a moment of silence at 9:20 a.m. before the bells ring on wall street. trading will resume at 9:30 as normal. meantime, dow futures up 100 points. yesterday the bombings in boston happened during the trading day and you can see reaction there. stocks plunged. today, stocks up, gold prices bouncing back and fresh data in this morning. showing new home construction jumped more than expected last month. overseas asian markets ended mixed. european markets down slightly right now. concern, not translating to huge losses. the way wall street sees this, the bombings, as terrible as they are, didn't grow into a worse situation. didn't hit specific industries.
5:51 am
after a terror attack, once the long term impact is assessed, the market usually gets to precrisis levels. before the bombing, stocks were doing well. s & p up about 9% this year. >> allison, thank you so much. so interesting, dow futures up 100 points in a way the market giving its seal of approval, so the responsibility here and really the national resilience that is being scene at this point. appreciate it, allison. ahead on "starting point," horrifying moments for runners preparing to cross the finish line. happened seconds before they crossed the finish line. we'll talk to a woman who filmed this shocking video of the moment the first bomb went off. we'll hear her amazing story. you're watching "starting point." [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce?
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5:55 am
coverage of the bombings in boston. right at the finish line of the bombings in boston marathon. live on the streets in boston. where the investigation is very much unfolding righted here as we speak. one of the most remarkable things to come out of the event are the pictures at the finish line. so many people have camera phones now. pictures of so many things these days, these pictures, man, are dramatic. one of the persons who took some of the most dramatic pictures, jennifer tracy was actually filming, taping whatever you
5:56 am
call it on your cell phone as she was running, as she was approaching the finish line and she saw the first explosion go off. and you are looking at the amazing video right there. i am joining on the phone by jennifer tracy. you know, gosh. what was going through your head? first, are you running the marathon, right? i don't known are you thinking that clearly. what was going through your head? >> at first i thought it was fireworks, because it was such a loud, celebratory crowd. it was just a very loud scene, so i thought perhaps it was fireworks when i saw the explosion, but then when i saw the smoke and reaction, i knew it was something horrible. >> and as soon as you know it's something horrible. what next? what do you do then? >> my immediate reaction was to seek cover. so i ran into the -- the lobby of the building i was running near. with a lot of the other runners,
5:57 am
and, you know, people along the sidewalk. >> it must just be a scene of chaos and confusion, seeking cover in the lobby of a little right there. how long before you had a sense of what you should be doing? >> well, my immediate response was to find my family. you know, i -- you know, i had a problem trying to find my husband and kids. they had seen me at mile 22, so i knew they were trying to find me at the finish line. so that's what in my mind was what i should be doing. >> i cannot imagine. i met my wife once as she was running the boston marathon right at the finish line right there. i can't imagine finishing a race, after 26 miles, being cloudy to begin with, and then worrying about the well-being of your family. is everyone okay in your faly?
5:58 am
>> yes. yes. thankfully we were able to find each other after about i would say 30 to 45 minutes. and, you know, my son, who is 13, is still shaken up, but we are thankfully safe and sound. >> thankfully as you say, so grateful. so pleased are you okay and your family is okay. jennifer treacy, thank you so being with us. the pictures you took frankly amazing and flat-out chilling. the continuing coverage of explosions, terror attack in boston. we'll bring you the latest developments in the investigation as it unfolds all around us. stay with us. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪
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