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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 23, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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bit, new parents, whether we're talking about early morning or talking about showing up at lunch or showing up on face time or through skype. and also in the evening. and the key in the evening is to really put one's attention to i want to be, we want to be with our baby. >> brian todd reporting. "the lead" starts now. thanks but no thanks on that whole monarchy thing 237 years ago. add a new baby to the mix and we can't stop gawking. i'm john berman and this is "the lead." prince william and duchess catherine emerge with their
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newborn son. and no segue on earth could prepare you for the switch to our politics lead. n more naught online activity for anthony weiner. will this threaten his run for new york city mayor or do new yorkers just not care? hello there. i'm john berman, usurping jake tapper's throne just this week. we begin with the world lead. honestly it is a tiny story, just 8 pound, 6 ounces to be exact. with all that breathless hysteria, it's the kind of story that can really make us all proud to be americans. for the first time the potential future king of england meets his subjects. prince william and the duchess left the hospital in london and gave the world a peek of the
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baby boy who could one day take over the monarch. the radiant parents, william and kate, shared their joy with well wishers outside and really the entire world. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy, he's quite heavy. but we're still working on a name so we'll have that as soon as we can. it's the first time we've seen him really so a proper chance to catch up. very emotional. >> it's very emotional, a special time, i think any parent probably sort of knowing what this feeling feels like. >> very special. i'll remind him of his tardiness when he's a bit older.
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hopefully the hospital and all you guys can get back to normal now and we can look after him. he's got her looks, thankfully. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> wait and see. we've done that already. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> he's got way more than me, thank god. >> so as you heard there, baby cambridge, as we are calling him, does not have a name yet. we're going to place some bets later on this show of what that name might be. the new parents whisked the baby prince off to their home at kensington palace. both sets of new grandparents paid a visit to the hospital. and for those of you who learned everything you know about the
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british lines of succession from downton abby, this is the first time the first, second and third in line to the throne were in the same room at the same time since way back in 1894. so a little bit of history. that moment the hospital door someone open and britain's newest heir got the first taste of the media spotlight that will follow him the rest of his life left an indelible image. this really was an historic moment for the royal family. katie, when they walked out of that hospital, they looked radiant, they looked happy, they looked emotional and frankly, they looked simply fabulous. what struck you, katie, about that appearance? >> well, this is why they are i would say bigger than any a-list
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celebrity couple. forget brad, forget angelina. it is about william and kate now. they are the biggest stars on the planet. and they looked, as you said, emotional, beautiful, absolutely tickled pink with their little bundle of joy. the tenderness towards that little baby as they passed him between one another and the pride on their faces was just a very, very special moment to witness and one that the world's press have been assembled and waited to watch for many, many weeks now. and i think it was probably worth every second of that very long wait. >> victoria, it was 31 years ago when another couple walked out those very same doors with another baby, when charles and diana walked out with prince william there. i think a lot of us were looking for signs of similarities there, what did you see in terms of the comparison? >> it was suddenly very poignant to see them walk out of the hospital together. of course as photographs of charles and diana are iconic, we've looked at them numerous times as william has reached
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milestones throughout his life. i guess the immediate similarities, kate and diana were both wearing polk ia dots, although different colors. it was very much a family unit. it was lovely to see them so relaxed and at ease given the media attention and the wall of photographers they were to face. they just seemed very happy and chilled. what struck me more than anything is clearly william's been practicing putting in the car seat because there were some very deft moves before the global media. i don't know many new dads who do that so well. >> incredibly phenomenal. that took me weeks for figure out. the other thing that was astounding is the handoff from kate and william. that's not easy to learn to hold your baby for the first time and they both looked like pros. we don't know the baby's name yet. how long before you think we will get this information?
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>> i think it will probably be before the queen goes to scotland. you will know because she made that comment that she wanted to go off on holiday and would this baby please hurry up. i don't think they'll want to allow the queen to go on holiday without knowing what her great grandson, her first and only great grandson to date is going to be called. maybe they just want to enjoy this moment. possibly they haven't completely decided. there will be names that are under a degree of obligation to use but possibly they'll bring an element of personal choice in as well. we wait for that. the wait continues in terms of the name. i hope it wouldn't be too long. >> the video, it was hard to get a first look at the baby but i think we have some stills there of the baby. there's a beautiful picture right there. a grumpy face, probably already frustrated with the media or perhaps gassy. william made a joke that he already has more hair than he
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has. >> you saw his hand wiggling up. amazed that photographers got a photograph of his face. when charles and diana came out with william and harry, they were bundled up so well. official photographs will come probably two to three weeks from now. >> you see a hand poking out from there. is that a first attempt at the royal wave? >> if it was, he's had a little bit of practice. no wonder they look smitten. this baby is just beautiful. they really did look like such proud parents. yes, he got the royal wave in. this is clearly an accomplishment already. >> one day old and well on his way to being a monarch. thank you so much. we will come back to you in just a little bit. a lot to talk about on this story. >> when we come back, how will
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this baby's upbringing be different from his father's? we'll discuss life for the new parents coming up next. plus, who will some of the first visitors to kensington palace be now that the future king is home? we will go there live coming up. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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. welcome back to the lead. i'm john berman filling in for jake tapper. we are talking about our world lead. we are still waiting to learn the name of the son of prince william and kate. baby cambridge was swept away by mom and dad to his new home, which will be kensington palace. that's where we find max foster. he must have been hiding under their back seat. i simply do not know how he got there so fast. he joins us from kensington palace. we're joined by historian kate williams. max, is the family inside, the
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happy trio? >> they so are. and didn't they look so happy to be together as a unit? we heard yesterday they wanted to spend time together before they made the official announcement. you had this four-hour gap of bonding in the opt there and then you saw them come out and they were so comfortable with each other, william with a huge smile, kate with a big smile, very relaxed. there was no sort of nervousness there and very careful with the baby. the way they were passing the baby between each other, that would have been choreographed, william carrying the baby in the car seat and driving off. this is a unit that's going to be very, very tight. can you see that already. but also i think a very modern unit. that just would not have happened with previous heirs to the throne. >> very comfortable. that's such a good word to use right there. i've seen so many pictures of me and other parents in their first days of parents and they look
1:14 pm
terrified. >> kate, tell us where the royal couple is. prince william spent some of his childhood there, correct? >> yes, prince william is very excited about his child, he's got a great set of lungs on him, he's a little bit late, a little bit heavy. we aren't going to tell you the name yet, we're still thinking about it. so that's the big question now, what is this little boy going to be called, what's the future king going to be called? and i think the thing is in the olden days they might wait a month or a week. at the moment they're thinking the faster they tell us the name, the quicker they can settle down to a degree normal life in kensington palace. >> what's it like growing up in kensington? what kind of a childhood home is that, kate? >> well, that's a childhood home
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that we've seen many royals grow up in, queen victoria one of the most famous royals who grew up there. what william and harry grew up when they were small children that, area of kensington is very appealing. it's very relaxed, there's the park and shops. diana used to sneak them out to the cinema in kensington. that's something that william and kate will try to do, take him to the cinema, take him to the park, take him to the lake. it not as grand, not as stately, a bit more of a homely palace if i could use those words and one with a lot of history to it and one that certainly this little boy is going to be thrilled to grow up in. imagine all those corridors and mazes to run around in and all those attics to played hide and
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seek in, nonstop hide and seek. >> it's a modest palace, just like the rest of us grew up in to be sure. max, explain to us what we're going to see in the next few days. we're now waiting on the name. is that the next shoe to drop? >> we are waiting on the name. there is some talk about filing of the birth certificate. you have to pick a name that goes well with king. you got to pick a name that goes well with the tigtle that he'll have immediately, his royal highness, the prince xxx of cambridge. it has to sort of work around that. it's interesting they're coming back to kensington palace. what you've had over the last year is basically kate, william and harry, they operate as a unit, william always wants harry
1:17 pm
near him, coming here and setting up a base. what you're seeing here -- and the office as well, all their admin staff have recently moved to kensington palace, a brand new spanking glorious apartment being developed at the cost of more than $1 million, which will be ready in autumn. and then the baby coming back here. i this i that's quite symbolic. you have a whole new royal household being set up independently around william and his immediate sort of family. >> he's gone. max foster, thank you so much for that. really appreciate it. coming up here on "the lead," an e-mail birth announcement and now one from the town crier as well. is this really going to be a modern monarchy? does that look modern to you?
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welcome back to "the lead." there are so many proper procedures surrounding the royal birth and they're just as achranistic as you might expect. the world celebrates the new
1:22 pm
prince, the future king, the possible first british monarch of the 22nd century. the parents, william and kate, hailed as young, fresh, modern. >> they do things their own way. >> this is a very modern royal couple. >> they're a very hip, modern royal couple. >> maybe. it's safe to say there are modern families and then modern families. young baby cambridge's entrance to the world might be ground breaking by royal standards but it's not like he has two daddies or sophia bergera. a break from tradition, sending word of the birth in an e-mail. not so modern, they posted the announcement on that gilded easeas
1:23 pm
easel thing and then there was this guy. modern, no nanny. modern? an encrypted phone. not so modern, that call was to tell his grandma that he did his duty and produced an heir. modern, those 41 and 62 gun salutes but at least they weren't cross bows or slingshots. that's fairly modernish. modern, the duke of cambridge will take two weeks maternity leave. not so modern, i just called him the duke of cambridge. >> william and kate are expected to be more hands-on parents it and past royals. instead of a nanny, they've reportedly helped a housekeeper to help around the palace. so much for mary poppins. coming up in the money lead, there is no better way to celebrate a child's entry into this world than betting everything on everything surrounding his birth, from his
1:24 pm
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come on prince elvis, daddy needs a new pair of shoes. the royal baby is out of the hospital and safe at home but we still do not know his names. the bookies are busy setting odds on what those names might be. there are big payoffs for some of the less traditional possibilities. erin mcpike is here with more on all of this. nice to see you, erin. >> nice to see all of you, too. >> they didn't give us the name of their dog, lupo, a black cocker spaniel, for months. this could take a while. the odds have been going all over the place all day long. this is a heavy money game. over 400,000 pounds have been placed on bets already. now that the heir to the thrown has finally arrived, britain's
1:28 pm
betting business has gone ban a banan bananas. >> the most popular bet so far is the name. ever since the duchess of cambridge was seen at the public appearance and took the teddy bear and nearly made it seem like she was going to say daughter, it's all been about girls names. >> betters who staked their money on a boy won big on monday. the british betting house said it raked in more than $380,000 in debts,$30,000 flooded in just yesterday on baby names. so where is the smart money going on what prince william and kate will name their son? well, alexandra, queen elizabeth's middle name was the potential royal baby name that got hunters to plunk down the
1:29 pm
most cash. now that we know this british bundle of a joy, alexander tops the charts. george, james, louis, henry, arthur and philip are the others. you can put a spot of cash of what day they'll announce their son's name to the world. that may make a good office pool. it took princess diana and prince charles to announce -- a week to announce prince william's name. there's a bet on what color will the baby's hair be? >> in december the ball started rolling then and it's grown and grown and grown. it's been really exciting. >> there's also money to be made
1:30 pm
on what baby cambridge's first word will be, where he'll go on his first overseas trip, where he'll be cristened and even how hold he'll be when he visits his first night club. of course, it will be a while for those who are already wagering on where the royal lad will go to university. here's a tip if you want to up the ante. the best bet with the bookies is the university of st. andrews, where will and kate met. john, what's your bet? >> i like arthur. my off-beat bet is irving. king irving. he'd be the first. >> i'm still taking spencer as the middle name but i haven't placed any money on it. >> diana's maiden name. i think it would be nice if there were a twist, george, edward, james a little boring to me. >> here's one bet that i like. people are saying it's 1,000-1 that he'll play premier league football. >> very good. like to see that. beckham would be so pleased.
1:31 pm
erin mcpike, thank you so much. >> some travel agents say they saw an uptick in royal baby fever leading up to the final weeks of kate's pregnancy. now that the future king has arrived, the city's top tourist attractions are getting ready to invite people to check out some of women and kate's favorite hangouts. hotels in london are hosting special royal baby themed tea parties. a suite and grand hotel has been transformed into a royal family nursery. and if you're third in line for your flight at the royal airlines upper class clubhouse. joining us is an economic reporter for the "new york times." you say the tourism impact itself might be minimal but there are other ways the economy
1:32 pm
there can really capitalize after all this baby hysteria. >> yeah, the most likely culprit in this situation would probably be retail sales. you have a lot of commemorative bibs, shot glasses and t-shirts that people might be more likely to spend their money on. there is a risk that's spending that just won't happen elsewhere but at least those stores could see a little bump in activity. >> in the u.s. we're used to these ad campaigns for states. new york has andrew cuomo. michigan has jeff daniels. this has been like a big giant advertisement for the u.k. that has to top all others. you have will, kate, you have a baby. does this help them in that sense? >> yeah. i mean, you were talking about tourism earlier and there's probably some little lift right now. probably not the same kind of lift that you might have seen around the time of the royal wedding when there was a lot more formal pageantry in the streets and particular events for people to go to.
1:33 pm
i don't know if we'll see something near term but this is free advertising for london, for gran england. the next time people are planning a vacation, that may be top of mind, hey, that looks like a fun place to be, people are celebrating in the streets, i want to be part of that fun, even if it's six months from now. >> what about down size? any productivity drop, people being glued to their televisions or following twitter the past few days? >> that's certainly possible. every year when we have march madness, i get bombarded with e-mails from analysts saying organizati, oh, productivity is going to be down, they're too fixated in basketball, not getting their work done. you could see something similar happen in the u.k. if it happens, i'm not sure it's going to have any measurable impact on gdp.
1:34 pm
on the other hand, one advantage in terms of economic activity going for the country this time around as opposed to during the royal wedding and during the diamond jubilee is that people didn't is a day off from work. in those previous celebration, people didn't go to the office, didn't get their work done, that can actually weigh on the economy. this time around people are at work and they're presumably still buying some of those commemorative items. if anything, there might be a positive impact. >> they're at work, just not exactly doing their jobs at work. >> this is a tough transition but i'll just do it. coming up, our politics lead. anthony weiner is the gift that keeps on giving to late-night comedians. he told us that more dirt might come out about him and, boy, did it ever come out today. he has called a press conference. what is he going to say? and a different transition. does he have kate's eyes, william's nose, diana's smile,
1:35 pm
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let's call him carlos danger, anthony weiner. the dirty just published screen grabs of what they allege are sexually explicit online chats with a woman who is absolutely, positively not anthony weiner's wife. this is the kicker. according to the web sites the
1:39 pm
conversations took place after weiner's spectacular fall from grace back in 2011. dana bash and gloria borger join me now. dana, let's start with you. the timeline is crucial and also the words that anthony weiner is using now to explain it. >> let's just start with the big thing. he is admitting that some sexually explicit exchanges that were posted on the internet today are true. in fact, he is actually going to have a press conference in about 20 minutes to discuss this, we assume, and some other this evening -- things. he resigned from congress a little more than two years ago after admitting he sent lewd pictures to himself to women on twitter and elsewhere. when he launched his race for mayor, he warned that some pictures and texts may still come out and that's what happened. but the key question is whether
1:40 pm
he engaged in this behavir after he left congress when he vowed to be a changed man. the web site is called dirty. it claims the exchanges which include texts and photos did take place after he left congress, about a year ago. we have not independently verified that. we've put multiple calls into weiner's campaign to get the information but it's gone unanswered. he said today "i said that other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. as i have said in the past, these things that i did wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignatit iig from congress. this is key. we don't know what that means exactly. while some things that have been posted today are true and some
1:41 pm
are not, this behavior is behind me. i have apologized to my wife and am grateful that he has worked through these issues with me and for her forgiveness. i want to say again that i am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused. this is how his campaign handled this issue two years ago. they gave a carefully worded statement. >> he said his problems with his wife extended past the time in congress. this is not a categorical denial. can he describe this, gloria? >> i think he'll find out pretty soon. i think this is a problem. he's asked for a second chance from the voters, he asked for it in the "new york times" piece. voters very often are willing to give you a second chance, but they don't want to give you a
1:42 pm
second second chance. and they don't like when you're playing with them, when you're fooling with them, when you're parsing words. the presumption was that once he resigned from the congress, he acknowledged he had a problem and that he went to rehab and that he was working on it if this person is telling the truth, these texts occurred almost a year after he left the congress. so the timeline could not be more important. that's what we have to hear from anthony weiner. >> if you look at what's going on in the mayor's race, he's doing really well, depending on what poll you read. >> he's down. >> considering where he came from. >> there's a profile and he said i want to ask people to give me a second chance. do i want to have that conversation with people whom i left down and with people who put nait in me and who wanted to support. i think to some degree i do want
1:43 pm
to say to them give me another chance. that's the second chance you're talking about. >> yes. he's going to have to again today. that's a problem. eliot spitzer is asking for political redemption, by the way, in new york also. i think this is going to be very difficult for weiner to explain. the key to this, of course, is his wife. how does huma react, his wife? is she standing by him? is this -- are these things she knew about and forgave him for? >> the last time around she didn't know. >> for people who don't know, huma is not just anthony weiner's wife, she is hillary clinton's probably most important confidante and adviser and has been for a long time. still is, even after having left office. >> toes are extremely, colorful things to watch. they should be very interesting
1:44 pm
coming up in an hour. dana bash, gloria borger, thank you so much. that news coverage coming up in an hour. we will cover it when it begins. anthony weiner warned us we could see more naughty texts and pics. now that they're here, what does it mean in new york and around the country. and the royal baby cooing continues. we know he has hair like his father's but does the resemblance end there? we'll see if mother or dad is winning the genetic battle. stay with us. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t
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the politics lead. when your name is anthony weiner, why would you even need a dirty synonym for a sex chat? weiner is admitting that new explicit online chats have surfaced right during his bid for mayor. anthony weiner is planning a press conference at the top of the hour. we will bring that to you. >> let's bring in our panel. kevin, let me start with you. as someone who has worked with a lot of politicians, we've all seen our share of scandals. can anthony weiner survive this? what is the key to surviving this if that's what he wants to
1:49 pm
do? >> i don't believe he can survive this. i always believed christine quinn stood a better chance of becoming the best democratic nominee for mayor. weiner's path was not about his transgressions but instead about the people of new york and what he could do to help their lives. and this in an incredible way, extraordinary way complicates that. he can never have that conversation now. this is no longer a campaign. h this is a public therapy session. this is no longer good for voters. >> he did say more texts and pictures would come out. he tried to inoculate himself from this. somehow with the timeline here, this becomes different. >> it now becomes a story about him. he becomes more of a punch line than he already was, as does most of new york city. sorry about that, new york city voter. but that's really going to be the number one question at this
1:50 pm
press conference is, first of all, was this after you had come and resigned and supposedly had all these discussions with your wife and is it still happening? and how do we know if it's not? do we trust you? >> well, as someone who has been around politics a long time and also someone who was part time did work for mayor barry back in the day, i think you're right, he has a high hurdle to get over because it's just creepy. however, the idea of redemption is big. we saw that with sanford down in south carolina. i wouldn't be surprised if he does stay in the race and he does make a run at it. i think his hurdle for getting there is tougher now, but it also has a lot to do with the weakness of the field or the strength of that field. doesn't count hmm out quite yet i would say. >> the weakness is definitely there, the weakness of the field. but just how many shots at
1:51 pm
redemption do you get? i think voters give you one shot at redemption. >> it's not new information either. it's creepy but we've been creeped out before by this information. >> what's key is the timeline. if it fits into that period before he asked for redemption, maybe he'll get the pass. if it happened after -- >> i don't believe that's the case now. there's a voter out there, the persuadable voter that he needed to win, they're not interested. this opens up a huge opportunity for christine quinn and other top candidate to take those vote voters that may have considered anthony weiner. >> i think they're going to step back and let him implode. we will see over the next couple
1:52 pm
of days -- once we thought he was one of the most gifted politicians in new york. we're going to find out over the next couple of days discussed how gifted he is. >> cornell is right, if your opponent is going to jump off a cliff, do not push him. >> let me ask you about another reclamation project, eliot spitzer. >> you've seen his new ad where he talks about i did bad things, i apologize. but what's worse, wall street. you hate them more than you hate me. >> let's take a look at that because it it very interesting. we have a clip. >> look, i failed big time. i hurt a lot of people. when you dig yourself a hole, you can either lie in it the rest of your life or do something positive. >> it's not just about eliot spitzer now, it says so much
1:53 pm
more. >> i think it's a brilliant ad. he's contrite, he apologizes and immediately pivots to what do you hate more than -- or who has negatives higher than spitzer right now? probably even weiner right now? wall street and these big corporations raking over people. he says i'm a tough guy, i've done it before, i'll do it again. >> i'm a partisan republican and i thought it was a very effective ad. at first it opens up, it almost sounds like the otter speech from "animal house," which is he blames everybody but himself. but he does the flip side of what weiner did. at the end he makes it all about the voters, he makes it all about what he's going to do for them. in the end, it was a pretty effective ad. >> thank you. great to see you here. anthony weiner will be speaking to the press at the top of the hour. we will be monitoring that for you when it begins.
1:54 pm
>> coming up now on "the lead," a couple of other famous babies made their debut monday as well. we'll tell you who they are and how they may be maybe not quite as famous. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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welcome back to "the lead." it is time for the most vital part of the royal baby story. we need to talk about who he looks like more, mom or dad. let's bring back victoria arbiter. she's the daughter of queen elizabeth's former press secretary. victoria, break it down for me. the hair. what can we tell about the hair color? can we even tell what color it is and what it means? >> it's kind of hard to get a really good look at it but it looks like it's pretty fair, maybe as william and harry's may have been when they were small. there's a lot of talk about whether it will be ginger because of the spencer genes. i think kate had light hair when she was small, too. so 50/50 still. >> now that face, that slightly grumpyish face, who do you think it looks more like, william or
1:58 pm
kate? >> the scrunched up face looks like william when he was a little boy and he was getting upset with the "togrofers" as he called them. >> how about the ears? a lot of people are wondering will he have the ears of prince charles. any grandparent influence there? >> i guess william is probably hoping not. william and harry managed to avoid charles' ears. john, you're getting me in so much trouble. >> we'll end on a happy note. the baby really looked healthy, looked like the perfect baby and the parents looked astoundingly good for only having had a baby
1:59 pm
24 hours ago, didn't they? >> they really did. any mother who can walk out of hospital after just having a ten-hour labor just yesterday and can look like that is something. yes, she had the benefit of her hairdresser. they looked so calm and happy, like they were enjoying the moment. there's no sense of the pressure of that deluge of press that is facing them opposite. so job well done. >> victoria arbiter, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> time for our buried lead, one story that isn't getting enough attention. believe it or not, there were actually babies born into this world yesterday whose arrival were not quite as celebrated with bells and a 62 gun salute. one of them is hollywood royalty. a publicist for penelope cruz confirms she gave birth to a baby daughter. she was with her husband, javier
2:00 pm
bardem, at her side. and congratulations to the romneys, they are grandparents again. >> i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." hey, wolf. the world gets its first glimpse of the new royal prince. just ahead, you'll see what they told reporters about being new parents, the baby's looks and what we can expect. as far as a name is concerned, at least when we can expect a name. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation