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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 26, 2013 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of influence uncle harry would have on prince george. this is, after all, the heir who was photographed playing strip billiards in las vegas just last year. don't let him baby sit maybe, right? that's it for the lead. i'm briana keilar. jake tapper will be back on monday. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> an impassioned new plea from trayvon martin's mother, begging others to keep what happened to her son from happening to any other child. >> and in north korea, a look at how they're celebrating their 21st century brand of socialism. >> and in the latest sexting scandal. >> i feel terrible that i'm part of that. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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i feel that i was forcibly included in trayvon martin's death. i carry him on my back. i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mom is. because there's no way that any mother should feel that pain. >> an emotional message for trayvon martin's more from the only minority on the trayvon martin jury. she tells "good morning america," she fought till the end to find zimmerman guilty of second degree murder but ultimately the law didn't allow it. it came as a blow to trayvon's mother, who made an impassioned plea for a change in our justice
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system. joe, what happened? >> can you certainly say this was a powerful moment in philadelphia today as the mother of trayvon martin spoke slowly and painfully about her loss and her broken heart. >> reporter: the mother of trayvon martin gave a deeply emotional speech. >> at times i feel like i'm a broken vessel. at times i don't know if i'm going or coming. >> reporter: sybrina fulton talked about her dead son and life without him and the not guilty verdict for the man who shot him. she blames the stand your ground law in florida for the outcome. >> wrap your mind around no prom for trayvon, no high school graduation for trayvon, no college for trayvon, no grand kids coming from trayvon. all because of a law, a law that
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has prevented the person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for this awful crime. >> reporter: miss fulton appeared after one of the jurors said she owed them an apology. >> george zimmerman got away with murder but you can't get away from god. at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he's going to have to deal with. the law couldn't prove it but we have to believe in the lord that if he's asked to pay, he will be. >> sybrina fulton did not talk
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about what the juror said but issued a statement saying it's devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror b-28, comments we already knew to be true. >> my message to you is please use my story, please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself we cannot let this happen to anybody else's child. >> trayvon martin's family has started a foundation in his memory. they one of their goals is to fight against stand your ground l laws that have been enacted in half the states. >> very strong words from trayvon martin's mom. joining us, our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin,
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prosecutor page pate. let me play more from the juror. >> for myself, he's guilty. >> he's guilty of? >> killing trayvon martin. but we couldn't prove that intentionally he killed him and that was the way the law was read to me. >> jeffrey, could the prosecution have done a better job with the issue of intent? >> jury instructions are hard for anyone to understand. i've heard them a million times and i found them hard to understand. but it's quite sure that mattie, the juror, at least now doesn't have a clear understanding of what was required because that was not the law as she described it. and in other parts of the interview she garbled the law a
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little bit. the prosecution could have talked more in the closing statement about the instructions and might have made a difference, might not have. clearly the juror at this point does not have much of an understanding of what was required to find george zimmerman guilty. >> tanya, let me get to you react to what mark o'mara, the defense attorney for george zimmerman posted a little while ago, while juror b-29 is a model juror. "people may disagree with self-defense laws but a juror's job is not to decide what a law should be, her job is to apply the facts presented at trial to the laws they are instructed about. this is the eence of what we seek in a juror, the at to use one as common sense, apply the law to the facts, agree not to be swayed by sympathy or emotion, no matter how loudly it's argued by the prosecutors and decide a lawful and fair verdict." do you agree that juror b-29 was a, quote, model juror?
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>> well, i don't know if she was a model juror or not. i certainly think that she approached the process in good faith. i don't think there's any reason to doubt that she did that. but i think jeffrey makes a good point. what is really clear when we hear this juror speak is that she really misunderstood the law. she did not appropriately apply the law to the facts because she didn't understand it. and the reason why she didn't understand it could be because she wasn't really given that road map by the prosecution team during trial. as a homicide prosecutor for many years, we were taught to spend a significant amount of time talking to the jury about the law. giving them each and every point that they needed to go back into that jury room and argue for your position as a prosecutor. and i just don't think she was equipped to do that in this case. >> do you agree, page? >> i agree 100%. we have too remember that this juror went back into the jury
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ready to find zimmerman guilty. the problem became that she could not convince the other jurors and could not hold her own ground when they started arguing the law to her. and the reason she couldn't is because the prosecution did not give her that road map, did not talk about the law in their closing arguments like the defense did. and the defense did it very effectively. emotion is important, but you're not going to persuade a jury in closing arguments. you have to give them arguments to use on your behalf back in the jury room. >> was the issue of intent, jeffrey, the same as far as second degree -- convicting someone of second degree murder or convicting someone of manslaughter? >> no, it's entirely different. manslaughter requires a level of almost negligence, a very low level of intent, whereas second degree murder in the florida statute requires a level of almost hatred. so the level of intent is almost entirely -- is entirely
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different. so that was one level of misunderstanding that mattie reflected in her comments. it may be that she just didn't understand -- she couldn't recite it a couple weeks later or maybe she never understood it. >> who do you blame, tanya, for the confusion surrounding the jury instructions? >> part of it is just the nature of jury instructions. as jeffrey alluded to, they are very confusing. as lawyers, it sometimes takes us a while to master and translate that into normal terms that juries understand. but as the prosecutor, you have the burden of proof, you have to convince that jury that you have provided evidence to each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. to that end you have to give the jurors a clear layman's understanding of what the law is so that they can go back there and apply it to the facts. so i think the defense did a
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really good job of explaining the law as it relates to their theory of the case. the prosecutors gave a powerful closing argument but left out a little bit of detail as it related to the law and i think the law just is confusing for lay people without that help. >> and, page, let me play this other little clip from this juror, what she told abc. watch this. >> i'm thinking to myself did i go the right way? did i go the wrong way? i know i went the right way because by the law and the way it was followed is what i went. but if i would have used my heart, i probably would have went a hung jury and believe it with all my heart because i do, i do have kids. >> she was the only juror of the six women on the jury who started off right after the trial with a guilty verdict as far as second degree murder is
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concerned. she wound up many hours later not guilty, an acquittal. how unusual is that to go all the way from second degree murder, forget about that, forget about manslaughter and wind up not guilty? >> it doesn't happen often but it's not rare. many times once a juror gets back into the jury room, they are going to be persuaded by the other jurors, and that's especially true if most of them are on the other side. that's why jury selection is so incredibly important. when you had this particular jury, this composition of folks, i think the verdict that came out, not guilty, was in some ways -- >> but remember, page, and let me let jeffrey weigh in on this as well, when they first went into that room after all the hours and hours of testimony, it was basically 3-3, 3 for not guilty but two a guilty for manslaughter, one guilty, this woman who spoke to abc, of second degree murder. so the debate was only
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beginning. >> it was, wolf. but there's really nothing unusual or nothing inappropriate about that kind initially than one that changes. that's why they call it deliberation. we could have a system where each juror pushes a button and you have a vote right at the end. but the idea behind deliberation is that the jurors talk to each other and listen to each other and sometimes become persuaded. in my experience talking to jurors, it's often that there is a nonunanimous reaction when you first go back into the jury box. but after listening to colleagues, they usually, not always, but usually come to a unanimous agreement. that's what happened here. >> jeffrey toobin, page pate and tanya miller, thank you for joining us. >> and san diego's maybe bob filner vowing to seek counseling now amid allegations of sexual harassment. but is that enough? and the woman involved in
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sfx: birds chirping an embattled san diego mayor says he'll get counseling but is resisting resigning. casey, what did the mayor have to say? >> reporter: it's been a really bizarre day here in san diego, wolf. it started off with the mayor attending sort of a routine city planning meeting about a bus line. and then there was a hastily called news conference and word started to get around that he might step down temporarily from his job. he didn't do that but here's what he had to say to his victims about his alleged
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behavior. >> i apologize to my staff, i apologize to the citizens who have supported me for many years, i apologize to the people of san diego and most of all, i apologize to the women that have i offended. >> reporter: now, filner took responsibility for his behavior and said it needs to change and to do that, he said he's going to enter a behavioral clinic on a two-week inpatient basis. he will be living there for two weeks. but he will be getting morning and evening updates on city business. so he's not really totally walking away from this job, not even on a temporary basis. and some of the victims have told us that they don't think that this is the right step. they want him to resign. their voices added to those of powerful people like nancy pelosi, all of the victims say he should step down and resign but mayor filner is not doing
2:18 pm
that at this time. >> if he doesn't resign voluntarily, is there some recall, some electoral process that folks in san diego could undertake to get rid of him? >> reporter: absolutely. there's a couple of things going on. there are reports, unconfirmed at this point, reports that be he may have been served a subpoena by the city attorney. so there could be an investigation by the city attorney into these matters because some of these women did work for him. but also right before his news conference just a couple of hours ago, a citizens group arrived at the mayor's office with a letter demanding that he resign by monday evening. and they say that if he does not do that, they will begin a recall campaign, wolf. >> casey wian in san diego, thanks very much. he'll keep us up to speed. >> coming up, a driver's terrifying plunge raising serious safety concerns about america's bridges. we'll hear her story.
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>> and the woman who received anthony weiner's lewd messages, speaks out. >> i feel nauseous, literally nauseous when i see him.
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a judge has sentenced the ousting egyptian president mohamed morsi to 15 days in jail. mary snow is monitoring that right now in the situation room. what do you have? >> reporter: morsi is being charged with collaborating with hamas in 2007 to escape from
2:23 pm
jail. the jail sentence comes as large groups of anti-morsi and pro-morsi hit the streets. >> tropical storm dorian remains on track but is likely not going to become a hurricane. the storm will pass close to puerto rico on monday. >> and you may have seen the heart-warming photo of george h.w. bush with his head completely shaved, which he did in support of the son of one of his security detail, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. the former president and former first lady barbara bush spoke about it this morning. take a listen. >> little patrick had leukemia.
2:24 pm
a lot of the agents shaved their head. i say why not me. it was the right thing to do. they're a wonderful group of people. they're like family with us. i was shocked, surprised and thrilled. i think he looks beautiful. he looks younger. >> mr. bush said he just hoped he brought patrick a little happiness but that he thinks patrick is too young to know who he is. wolf? >> nice gesture indeed, very nice from the bushes. very nice move i must say i was impressed. thank you, mary. when we come back, a rare look inside north korea as that country celebrates its socialist communist history. we have two reporters there now and we're going live to pyongyang. and a woman talks about ahis ne
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a defiant anthony weiner isn't letting up on the campaign trail despite even more backlash across new york city on his l e latest sexting scandal and the woman involved. jim moret is standing by but mary snow first has this report. >> anthony! >> reporter: for days anthony weiner's been dogged about the latest chapter of his sexting scandal. he's become the target of countless jokes with "the new yorker" magazine the latest. he took his campaign to an area hard hit by super storm sandy, staten island. with cameras following her, a woman who says she isn't a
2:29 pm
supporter confronted him. >> as a former new york department of education department, had i conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. >> if the privacy of your home? >> in the privacy of my home. >> i respect your views. >> reporter: that came one day after sydney leathers gave a detailed account of the sexually explicit relationship she said she had with weiner online and by phone. she spoke to "inside edition." >> i said i thought someone may want to release stuff on their own but it is not the be all and end all of my campaign. i want to talk about how we continue sandy relief. >> reporter: as weiner presses ahead with his campaign to become mayor, the man who currently holds the office weighed in. >> the conduct like some of the things we've been reading about is reprehensible. whether it should impact your voting, that's up to the voters. >> reporter: weiner also
2:30 pm
indicated he may stop answering questions all together about his online relationships with women. he said today there's going to reach a point fairly soon that he's going to say he thinks he's said enough about it. wolf? >> we'll see when that point arrives. let's get more from the woman at the center of this latest scandal, sydney leathers, in her exclusive interview correspondent from inside edition, jim moret. >> reporter: do you think he's making a mistake to stay with him? >> it's not my place to say that but if i were in her shoes, i wouldn't stay. >> reporter: do you think she can ever trust anthony weiner? >> i don't think it's smart to trust him. >> jim, you spoke to this woman for two hours. did she ever say that weiner lied to her? >> yes, she did. repeatedly she said that. she came to that conclusion.
2:31 pm
and i think after the interview it started to hit her how big this story was. i don't think she had a sense of the impact that her interview would have on this campaign and these revelations would have on anthony weiner's campaign. but frankly, wolf, you and i were talking just off the air, it doesn't seem to affect anthony weiner at all. and that frankly stunned me. >> why did that stun you? >> you know, the man was disgraced in congress and left, frankly not of his own accord, he was pretty much pushed out. when you look at the poll numbers and you see how new yorkers are turning away from him, which he appears to be in second place, it's amazing that he did lie to the voters, he lied to the public through he's articles showing a happy family and a man who has been rehabilitated. clearly that was a line because while all of this was going on, he was having yet at least one more relationship, perhaps two or three according to his own
2:32 pm
account. >> let me play another clip from your interview with sydney leathers. listen to this. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you saw the news conference of him standing alongside his wife? >> i just feel nauseous, literally nauseous. you get to know someone and you think they're this other person and then you just find out there some kind of a sexual deviant and that's it. >> did she admit she knew she was married during their online and phone relationship? >> yes, she did. she's humiliated, she admits her mistakes, she owns it, takes full responsibility for it, she feels frankly horrible for anthony weiner's wife and responsible for a lot of the pain she knows was caused by her actions and more important by anthony weiner's actions. >> let me play another clip from
2:33 pm
your interview. >> i love him, i have forgiven him. >> reporter: do you see a woman there in pain? >> absolutely. and i feel for her. i feel terrible that i'm part of that. >> she obviously is very, very upset that she had this relationship. how long did the relationship go on? and do you know precisely when it ended? >> it ended -- well, it began around the time of the "people" magazine article, so around july 2012, ended around november. the last communication that she had with anthony weiner according to her was in april of this year and that was not a text -- it was basically through a facebook where she had posted something references house of cards, the netflix programs which recounts a congressman having an affair with a reporter and she made a comment about that show and anthony weiner
2:34 pm
reached out to her and said "is this about me, is that show about me, are those comments about me"? and he became jealous of her facebook friends mentioning how she looked in photographs and he became possessive. she realized he could be mayor and this behavior and she wanted to come forward. she sat on that for a while and because of coming forward, she may not go back to school in august like she was planning to, she may sit out a semester because of all the attention this is getting. >> jim, thanks very much for joining us again. >> my pleasure, wolf. >> just ahead, hundreds of bridges used by millions of americans. how safe are they? won woman shares her horror story. plus cnn inside north korea as the country marks a major milestone. we're going live to pyongyang.
2:35 pm
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cnn is inside north chkorea one of the most isolated countries, opening up slightly and it doing so in spectacular fashion. our senior correspondent is in the capital of pyongyang right now. it's just after 6:30 in the morning, ivan. i know there are severe restrictions, what you're allowed to see, who you can talk to, but tell our viewers a little bit about what's going on. >> we are very strictly
2:39 pm
controlled here, but what we are seeing right now is what the north korean government would like us to see, the image of this country that it wants to portray to the world. i can't stress enough how much that is dominated by the iconography of the government and the dynasty that has ruled this country for 60 years now. what is really striking also is how much you get a sense of the whole city of pyongyang, perhaps the whole country, is being mobilized to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of the signing of the armarmistice.
2:40 pm
>> this year's theme is victory. victory is what pyongyang calls the signing of the armistice, which brought an end to the war in 1963. this is also a message that 60 years after the korean war, this country is still here. the biggest applause of the night goes to north korea's young leader, kim jong-un, third in a dynasty that rules this country and a man held here as the brilliant commander who leads the fight against what the government calls american imperialism. in the crowd, veterans of past conflicts. and on stage members of the country's next generation. rich with propaganda, this performance includes a
2:41 pm
celebration of north korea's missile technology and its controversial nuclear program. one of the closing acts at this year's games, an appeal for the unification of the korean peninsula, a reminder for all the talk of victory in the stadium, north and south korea are still as divided as ever. what's also fascinating here is that the north koreans have often described their effort in the korean war as a purely north korean effort. now there is a lot of emphasis being given to the hundreds of thousands of chinese who also fight against the u.s. and its allies during that war. chinese veterans are here as well as one russian veteran, who was a soviet anti-aircraft gunner, who was shooting at american planes during the war and one american navy pilot, also visiting this country for the first time in 60 years since the conflict. >> it's obviously still a very
2:42 pm
tense time on the korean peninsula, ivan, right now. but are you getting any indications that the north koreans would like to ease some of those tensions? >> it's very hard to tell right now, wolf. we're hearing from some of the mind that's we talked to that, yes, north korea wants to reach out and improve relations. it's interesting, the chinese vice president came to visit here, china, north korea's closest ally, and he has called for resumption of the six-party talks aimed at trying to denuclearize the peninsula and it will be interesting to hear whether or not kim jong-un will have some kind of response to that request at the military parade we're expecting to see here in just a few hours.
2:43 pm
>> ivan watson in pyongyang, it's not often we get to send one of our reporters there. not only is he there but he's there reporting live from the north korean capital. we'll check back with you tomorrow, ivan. thanks very much. bargain who held three women ea- captive for a decade. >> and right here in the nation's capital, it has been attacked by vandals. [ male announcer ] who loves social networking as much as you? identity thieves.
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for the first time we're now hearing directly from the ohio man accused of kidnapping three women, holding them captive for
2:47 pm
a decade. ariel castro appeared in court today and agreed to plead guilty to 936 counts in exchange for life in prison, plus -- plus 1,000 years. castro seemed noticeably more engaged than in previous court appearances, even at one point publicly admitting he has a sexual problem. our national correspondent gary tuchman is joining us now. he was in the courtroom. he's got the latest information. gary, how did it go? >> well, wolf, castro was certainly more engaged compared to other times in courts, he was a relative chatter box. the judge questioned him for about an hour and 15 minutes to make sure he understood this plea bargain. but this is the most important part. he never, absolutely never sounded contrite. he never sounded that he felt badly about what he had done. with glasses on his nose, a shuffling ariel castro walked
2:48 pm
into a cleveland courtroom, shackles on his leg, handcuffs on his wrist and with plea agreement details in his head. >> mr. castro, i understand from meeting with your counsel and counsel for the state is that a plea agreement has been reached in this matter. are you fully aware of the terms and do you consent to that plea agreement? >> i am fully aware and i do consent to it. >> you understand that by virtue of the plea, will you not be having a trial. >> i am aware of that. >> reporter: castro pleaded guilty to all the 900-plus counts against him, including kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder for the miscarriage one of his victims had when made pregnant by him. in exchange for his plea, the death penalty was taken off the table. he'll receive a life sentence plus 1,000 years, no chance of parole. one of his victims gave birth to a daughter on christmas day
2:49 pm
2006. castro stunned the courtroom when he said this during the hearing. >> i'd like to say i miss my daughter very much. >> reporter: the victims did not want to have to go through a trial, which was scheduled to start monday. the victims said they are relieved by today's plea and are looking forward to having these legal proceedings draw to a final close in the near future. the official sentencing will take place next thursday. but on this day castro was fairly talkative and appeared unemotional, nonchalant and down right strange at times. >> when i first got arrested and interviewed, i told mr. -- dave? i said to dave that i was willing to work with the fbi and i would tell them everything. i knew i was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. there's some things that i have to -- i don't comprehend because of my sexual problem throughout
2:50 pm
my whole years. i would like to state that i was also a victim as a child and >> that's certainly something you can bring up at your sentencing. >> reporter: so, next week, the official sentencing. at that sentencing, he will have a chance, castro, to talk like he has been today. the victims have every right to make a statement at the final sentence. prosecutors tell us that the victims will be represented. they weren't here today, the three young women. they will be represented. we don't know if that means one, two or three will be here, but they have a right to make a statement. he talked about the 6-year-old girl, the daughter. prosecutors say castro has a 0% chance of visitation with that girl. wolf? >> he's going spend the rest of
2:51 pm
his life in prison without the possibility of parole, right? >> reporter: 11 lifetimes. life plus 1,000 years. the only way he will get out is if he escaped. >> thank you, gary. here in washington, a landmark, the lincoln memorial vandalized sometime overnight. someone splattered paint on the statue of the 16th president of the united states. erin is joining us. the monument was closed for a time. has it reopened? >> it has. there are a lot of tourists on the steps of the monument right now. i talked to some of the tourists. they were upset, disgusted about how this could be vandalized. listen to what they had to say earlier about it. >> from a personal level, it breaks my heart that somebody would do this. especially this year, 50th
2:52 pm
anniversary of the march on washington. itis heart breaking. at anytime the national treasures need to be protected. people come from all over the world to see them. it's disturbing that someone would do this. i'm not sure what else to say except the park service, you know, takes great pride in taking care of these national icons. anything like this is devastating to us. >> reporter: now the good news is although there's green paint on abe, there's no permanent damage. there's been a power washer there all day. there's still suds on abe. >> do they have a suspect or motive? >> reporter: no motive. we have surveillance video. the park security is reviewing the video. they will release it to the
2:53 pm
public if they need help. erin, one of my favorites here in washington. i'm sure they will do a good job cleaning it up. safety concerns about america's bridges after one woman's terrifying accident. >> i got a good scream in. i knew if i was going over the bridge i was going to make it. it's a golden opportunity ] to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ it's been that way since the day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow.
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2:56 pm
here is a look at this hour's hot shots. a hot air balloon flies over france during an international air balloon meeting. celebrations take place in cambodia at a preelection rally. flames flair in north dakota as they drill for natural gas. heat sweeps across. driving across a bridge can be a nerve wracking experience for some drivers and with good reason. we are about to meet a woman who survived a horrifying accident sparking questions about bridge safety. >> reporter: wolf, after a woman and her car fell off a bridge in
2:57 pm
maryland, one auto group is questioning whether the federal height requirement is adequate for bridges nationwide. within three blinks, 22-year-old morgan lake went from the eastbound lane of maryland's bay bridge to free falling 40 feet into the chesapeake bay below. >> i got a good scream in. i knew if i was going over the bridge, i wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: a tractor trailer rear ended her, pushing her up and over the barrier. she decided she didn't want to die. >> i also, in the vision just my family for a second. i just felt god touch my shoulder as he relaxed me and i unbuckled my seatbelt with my right arm. >> reporter: the water, seven to ten feet deep. bystanders captured the moment she swam to a bed of rocks.
2:58 pm
>> we have to go back and remember the purpose of a bridge. that's to get a driver from point "a" to point "b" dry. if the bridge doesn't keep you out of the water, then it's failed. >> reporter: aaa called on the national transportation safety board to look at the safety of the bridge to determine if the federal requirements are adequate here and nationwide. at the highest point, the bridge is 186 feet high. you see the barriers? they are two feet, ten inches. for drivers, this is ranked one of the scariest bridges to go over in the u.s. that's where alex robinson comes in. for $30 each way, he drives people across the bridge. >> they have this anxiety, this phobia. >> reporter: since the accident, his business spiked.
2:59 pm
realizing how close she came to death brings her to tears. >> it's a mixture of inspiration of people sharing my story and it's scary. >> reporter: the ntsb is working with the maryland transportation authority to determine if there are safety issues that need to be addressed. wolf? >> good report. thanks very much. happening now, the nsa leaker's dad reaching out to president obama, opening up with an angry new defense of his son. trayvon martin's mother responding to the juror who said george zimmerman quote, got away with murder. i'll talk to a lawyer for the martin family. the only american killed in a horrific train crash in spain. her father sharing her story and his heart break. >> i'm wolf blitzer, we want to
3:00 pm
welcome viewers from all over the world. you are in the "situation room." a diplomat rambling over the fate of edward snowden. he's holed up in the moscow airport. his father is asking president obama to dismiss the criminal complaint against his son. they are moving forward to prevent him from getting asylum in russia. barbara, snowden's father seems to be stepping up the defense of his son. what's going on? >> as the u.s. continues to pressure, the russians now a lot of questions about whether they are getting ready to make their move on what to do about snowden. the russians making an extraordinary admission saying their security agency, the fsb now talking to the u.s. security personnel. this is very interesting because
3:01 pm
it's now all out in the open. is that one of the reasons edward snowden's father may be feeling the pressure and stepping up his campaign? part of it, he spoke today on nbcs "today" show. >> i'm someone who has worked in the government for years and years and years. i am extremely disappointed and angry. i'm an angry american citizen. i watched closely the balance of the 36 members on the two intelligence committees within congress, particularly the house and the american people have not, at this point, they don't know the full truth. the truth is coming. >> edward snowden's father very angry. the administration not letting up the pressure on the russians. still holding out the possibility president obama would cancel an upcoming meeting in september with vladimir
3:02 pm
putin. >> it was supposed to be before the g-20 summit. there was an important development, potentially. the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, sending a letter to russia on snowden. tell the viewers what was in that letter. >> right, another critical, public move today on the u.s. side. attorney general, eric holder, sending a letter to his counter part outlining the legal conditions snowden faces and making extraordinary reassurances to the russians. part of that letter saying and i quote, the united states would not seek the death penalty for mr. snowden. mr. snowden will not be torture. torture is unlawful in the united states. snowden does not face the death penalty at this point in the united states. not expected to. while snowden still looks for that temporary asylum in russia, an awful lot of heavyweight players moving around him.
3:03 pm
he may be running out of moves against them. wolf? >> we'll see what happens. barbara, thank you. let's go to egypt where the ousted president, morsi, has been ordered to do jail time. we have seen large new protests for and against morsi today. we are covering the morsi protest. ben is covering the anti-morsi demonstration. reza, let's go to you first. what is going on right now? >> wolf, i don't think anyone -- all you have to do is look at the events of today and it's clear it is not ending anytime soon. we are with the pro-morsi camp here in east cairo. over the past 30 minutes, a dramatic turn of events. what we suddenly saw were scores of protesters being transported
3:04 pm
by motorcycle, by cars, toward a mosque up the road. some of them appear to be having difficulty breathing. some witnesses told us a couple miles away from us there were clashes when the demonstrators tried to make their way toward downtown. it's where the antidemonstrators are. itis not clear what happened with the clashes. some of the witnesses describe tear gas being fired. perhaps the protests we saw are suffering from the effects of tear gas. then we saw a surge of demonstrators go toward the clashes. certainly the intensity before -- >> i think we are having a little trouble right there with our technical problems with reza. we are going to fix that.
3:05 pm
ben is joining us. he is also in cairo at a different demonstration. what is it like, ben, where you are? >> reporter: it really seems like a celebration than a demonstration. these are the people who responded to the call by the defense minister to give a public mandate to fight terrorism. they have come out by hundreds of thousands. we have seen them head to the square behind me in addition to the area outside the palace. egypt's equivalent of the white house. this area of cairo has been relatively peaceful. so far, there were clashes in one northern suburb where ten people were wounded. the bloodiest scenes have been in alexandria where the deposed president have clashed, leaving at least five or six people dead. so, certainly, the level of tension in cairo and elsewhere
3:06 pm
in egypt is very high at the moment. it's not quite clear what the defense minister will actually do now that he appears to have gotten the mandate to crack down on terrorism. egypt is dealing with problems of militancy in the sinai and of course many people here in cairo complain about these demonstrations by the muslim brotherhood, which has been going on for more than three weeks. many people complained they are paralyzing the city and worries are that things will only get worse. wolf? >> ben, what's been the reaction to the conflicting signals from the obama administration to egypt. on one hand, delivering f-16s to the egyptian air force but at the same time saying they are going to go ahead with the joint exercises, the u.s. military
3:07 pm
working with the egyptian military. what is the reaction in cairo? >> reporter: the reaction has been by and large negative to the announcement of the delivery of the four f-16s. but, there was an interesting analysis in one of the egyptian newspapers saying the amount of aid the united states gives to egypt, military aid, $1.3 billion a year is really relatively small compared to what they are getting now. emirates from kuwait and saudi arabia which tops $10 billion. what we are seeing is growing anti-american sentiment on the street. many people continue to accuse ann patterson, the u.s. ambassador in cairo and president barack obama of co cozying up to the muslim brotherhood.
3:08 pm
often time, you see posters of barack obama with a beard somewhat resemble osama bin laden. very palpable sense of anger, frustration and resentment at the obama administration at the moment. wolf? >> looks like a celebration, almost like new year's eve going on in tahrir square. where reza is, a very different picture. thanks very much. lots at stake in egypt. up next, trayvon martin's mother opening up about her broken heart. i'll ask the lawyer if sabrina fulton accepts the apology of the juror. the father of the american killed in the spain train crash. he speaks about his special girl. ♪
3:09 pm
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3:12 pm
francisco area bay bridge. i want to show our viewers pictures of what we are seeing right now. authorities in san francisco tell us they have shut down the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge after reports of what they describe as some sort of suspicious device at the treasure island exit. our affiliate kgo is reporting. take a look at the pictures. they are live pictures from kgo, our live affiliate. the san francisco area, the bay bridge, there's no cars on the bridge right now because of some sort of suspicious device as it's being called. we don't know what's going on there. we don't know if it's serious or not so serious. authorities in san francisco shut down the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge. that's why you don't see any cars on that bridge right now. we'll stay on top of that story and get you more information. that will be that. let's move on to other news for the time being.
3:13 pm
trayvon martin's mother says she was devastated to hear from an anguished juror who believes george zimmerman, quote, got away with murder. sabrina spoke with philadelphia today the day after b-29 delivered bombshell details. she urged them to use her story to make sure what happened to her son doesn't happen to anyone else's child. >> wrap your mind around no prom for trayvon. no high school graduation for trayvon. no college for trayvon. no grand kids coming from trayvon. all because of a law. a law that has prevented the
3:14 pm
person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for this awful crime. >> we are joined now by one of the lawyers for the martin family, darrel parks. thanks very much for coming in. i see the emotion is the law, a is, let him go. >> listen to this clip. this is from the juror who spoke to abc news. i want to play it for you, then we'll discuss. >> i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. i carry him on my back.
3:15 pm
i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mom is. there's no way that any mother should feel that pain. i would like to apologize because i feel like i let him down. we just couldn't prove anything. i wish them the best and may god bless them through this and peace. >> do the parents of trayvon martin accept the apology of this woman? >> i think they accept it in perspective, wolf. they realize this juror was put in a tough situation given the injury instructions. they were long and somewhat confusing. our hope is the jurors would join the martin family in pushing for change in the law and convincing our legislatures that we must change our self-defense laws in our state. >> when sabrina fulton saw this juror on abc news, what was her
3:16 pm
reaction? >> i think she still hurt. i think the juror was well intended. i think they did a good job. i think she was somewhat confused about the instruction. there was an instruction around page 11. the juror talks about the fact they thought they had to find george intended to kill trayvon. we are sorry the instructions were somewhat unclear. the work that needs to be done is for our legislature to make the law clearer so other jurors are not put in this situation again. >> as far as second degree murder, intent would have to be there, but not necessarily for manslaughter, is that what you are saying? >> that's correct. i read it as i was coming on. around page 11, the state does not have to prove george intended to cause death. it means they had to prove he committed an act that led to the death which would have been
3:17 pm
manslaughter. >> this woman to spoke to abc news says she was in favor of a guilty verdict for second degree murder and in the end voted not guilty. let me read to you what mark o'mara the lawyer for george zimmerman said. why juror b-29 is a model juror. we don't expect jurors to be heartless people. juror b-29 accepts a tremendous job and made a decision on the law provided. any juror that follows that process will deliver a fair and just verdict. do you agree with him? >> i respectfully disagree. she believes that george zimmerman is guilty of trayvon's murder. the law may not have supported, but she believes clearly, he was responsible for trayvon's death.
3:18 pm
the law that was given to them did not allow them to convict him. she was very clear that she believes he's guilty of something in this case. >> darrel parks, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. have a great day. >> thank you. did human error play a role in the deadly train disaster? plus, jewelry thiefs and a prison escape. we are learning details of the so-called pink panther gang. lean from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪
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3:21 pm
a bold and violent prison break is putting notorious gang
3:22 pm
of jewelry thiefs in the spotlight. we have the story. >> we must find that woman. >> reporter: it could have been a scene from the classic "pink panther" movie that is gave this notorious gang of jewel thieves its name. police in switzerland say this 54-year-old, a bosnian national escaped from jail with another inmate in a dramatic prison break. two accomplices used a van and two ladders to help stage the escape firing automatic weapons at prison guards, pinning them down with gunfire. >> translator: when we are faced with rapid gunfire like at war, the guards and security agents outside are not equipped to deal with this sort of confrontation. >> reporter: just like in the
3:23 pm
movies, the criminals appear to have outsmarted the police. unlike the comedy films, the real life pink panther game is no laughing matter. they describe them as a network of criminals with hundreds of members behind armed robberies targeting high level jewelry stores in europe, the middle east, asia and the united states. it estimate that is they have stolen jewels worth nearly $400 million since 1999. earlier this year, at the cannes film festival, movie stars were targeted. police on the french riviera say jewels were snatched. it's been report thad the pink panther gang was involved. >> darling, look --
3:24 pm
>> reporter: just like in the "pink panther" movies, the thieves in the real life seem to make spectacles of themselves. as for those trying to stop them or keep them behind bars. matthew chance, cnn, london. up next, an american woman in spain to see her son dies in the horrific plane crash. family and friends share their story and grief. we are taking a closer look at hillary clinton's relationship with anthony wei r weiner's wife, huma abedin. uits then choose one of nine entrées plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. offer ends soon, so come into red lobster and sea food differently. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch
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3:28 pm
will her ties to huma abedin be a problem if she runs for the president of the united states? i'm wolf blitzer, you are in the "situation room." a local police chief says it driver of the train that derailed in spain is now in custody and being investigated for a possible crime. authorities are focused on whether the high-speed train was moving too fast when it hit a curve and flipped on its side. at least 78 people were killed in the crash including one woman, a woman from virginia, in northern virginia, just outside washington, d.c. brian todd is here. i understand you had a chance to speak with this woman's dad? >> we did. me saw the train crash on tv. he was horrified, waiting for a call. then he got the news from a relative. for a tightly knit family living
3:29 pm
an american success story, this is devastating. he had moved to this house to be closer to his daughter. he is heart broken as he recalls hearing the news his beloved was among those killed in the horrific crash. >> it was our only daughter and very special girl. we were proud of her. you can't imagine how we feel. >> reporter: an american from virginia was on the train with her husband and 17-year-old daughter. they were both injured, reported in stable condition. at the catholic diocese of virginia, she's remembered as devout and unflappable. she worked in the human resource office as a benefit specialist helping people deal with the toughest personal issues. >> how difficult was it?
3:30 pm
>> she works in part of the office where you are dealing with people. it can be challenging. she was patient with the people she served. >> reporter: father tom said she would go to noon mass every day with her mother who also worked at the diocese. family meant so much to her, at the time of her death, she and her husband were traveling to meet their son who just complete add pilgrimage across spain. santiago was in the town waiting for his parents when the accident occurred. their neighbor recalls the moment when santiago called her to break the news of his mother's death. >> his first concern, he said i'm calling you because i want you to check on my grandparents. i said what a brave young man. >> that devotion rooted in columbia where she grew up. she got a degree in civil engineering, worked for an american shipbuilder at one time
3:31 pm
refitting nuclear submarines. she gave it up when she has children then got a job in hr. he beams and chokes up when he talks about her sense of family. >> we are very close to our sons and daughter. then she is the same way all the time with all them together. >> reporter: given the reports the train was traveling at excessive speed, i asked if he was angry at all of this. no, he said. accidents happen. >> you have details on the injuries suffered by her husband and daughter? >> felipe has a head injury. he was held in the hospital for at least 72 hours. he could be getting out now. the daughter, christine that broke her leg in the crash. they were treated at separate hospitals. they have the task of getting
3:32 pm
her body back to the u.s. >> what a heart breaking story. thanks very much. investigators focused in on a human error as the cause of several recent transportation disasters. tom is joining us with a closer look at what's going on. it's all disturbing. >> it is, wolf. if you look at what happened, you can understand why they are focusing on this idea that maybe this has something to do with human error. look at this train as it's coming around the corner here and crashing here. this is not something where the investigators are looking so much at just this highly precise, elaborate machinery of the train. what they are looking at is not the technology of the tracks. they are looking at the sheer speed of it. it means they are looking at the hand on the throttle, the man running this thing, the conductor. what do we know about that? one of the reasons they are so curious is because he bragged before about the idea he could
3:33 pm
drive very, very quickly with the trains. that may be an issue. we new spanish news agencies are reporting the train was supposed to be doing 50 miles an hour as it came around here. up stead, it may have been going twice that speed. look at this. we split this in half and slowed this down by halftime. look at the difference that happened there. this train is the one coming around extra fast. it's already crashing at this point. if it had been traveling at half that speed, it would be short of reaching that point. this is the thing they are looking at to see if it was fundamentally human error in what made this happen. could it be something wrong with the machinery, yes, wolf, but right now it doesn't look that way to the investigators. that's why they are looking at the conductor so hard. >> human error. it's considered the possible cause of two major airplane crashes here in the united states in san francisco and new york in recent days and weeks. why is that? >> same reason, wolf. it's the nature of the crash.
3:34 pm
the asiana crash, the national transportation board said the plane landed way short of the runway. the tail and undercarriage struck the seawall. no reports the pilots were having equipment trouble. one was relativity inexperien d inexperienced. all of that says look at the man more than the machine. in the southwest flight, which we have heard so much about, ntsb says just about 30 feet above the ground, this plane's nose was still pointed up at that point. just a little bit. it didn't have to be a lot. pointed up enough. it was a couple degrees upward. it's proper so the heavier gear down here lands first. instead, right before it landed, according to the ntsb, the nose shifted from up in about four seconds to a slight downward angle. that's what made this weaker up
3:35 pm
front. again, there is a way to explain all of this through weird air drafts or equipment failure. itis not conclusive. it's early on. they are looking hard at the humans involved to see if it caused this. wolf? >> the ntsb will be investigating these crashes for many months to come. thanks very much. up next, anthony weiner's wife and her ties to hillary clinton. could the sexting scandal have an impact on hillary clinton's political future? first, alec baldwin impacting his work. >> hi, i'm alec bald win. we can make an impact on children's cancer. i have been involved with the hole in the wall camp in connecticut for 20 years now. the reason i got involved was a friend of mine introduced me to paul neuman. when you come to the camp, what's interesting is you see the joy in the kids faces.
3:36 pm
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3:40 pm
of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ before huma abedin was drug into anthony weiner's scandal, she was an aid to hillary clinton. the connection is of interest to a lot of folks given the intense speculation of a possible hillary clinton run in 2016. our foreign affairs correspondent is joining us. she's got more on what's going on. what are you seeing out there, jill? >> huma abedin played a crucial role behind the scenes at the state department for hillary clinton.
3:41 pm
she's been out front during her husband's scandal. is it helping or hurting? huma abedin, hillary clinton's elegant right hand woman profiled in magazines like harper's bizarre. president bill clinton officiated at her wedding to anthony weiner. hillary clinton said if i had a second daughter, it would be huma. now, a stunning parallel. abedin standing by her man. >> i strongly believe that is between us and our marriage. >> reporter: just as hillary clinton stood by bill clinton 15 years ago. >> i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like tammy wynette. >> reporter: could it hurt the run for 2016? some are wondering about the job at the state department after she came back from maternity leave. republican senator chuck
3:42 pm
grassley is accusing abedin by being paid by private investors to gather information from government employees. the state department says she followed government rules. their careers aligned and there are painful parallels in their lives with the media playing mirror images of huma and hillary. >> people would like it to go away. if it would disappear from headlines that would great. an issue in a campaign is who is she going to be surrounded by. >> reporter: gergen thinks the scandal could hurt huma abedin's ability to take a role in a hillary clinton campaign. a source tells cnn our concern and caring is entirely about huma's well being, nothing else. wolf?
3:43 pm
>> thanks very much. let's discuss what's going on with candy crowly and gloria. what do you think, candy? could this anthony weiner affair impact hillary clinton's potential run for the democratic presidential nomination? >> you know, possibly but there's so much -- there's such a body of knowledge and paper trails and everything else about hillary clinton that this seems to me kind of a minor thing along the trail. could it, as david suggests, hurt her should huma come on? maybe. i think she's more hurt by what's surrounding her job as a freelancer than anything her husband did. you know, in the end, i still think society is still able to look at this and go this isn't her fault for heaven's sake, it's his. >> it's not huma's fault, it's anthony weiner's fault. >> right.
3:44 pm
>> it's certainly not hillary clinton's fault. >> right. >> you do agree? >> yes. nobody wants to go back decades ago to the old pictures. this isn't about hillary clinton. >> let's talk about a political battle between the new jersey governor chris christie and rand paul. he was out speaking about national security. he doesn't like some of the things rand paul has been saying. listen to this. >> this strain of libertarianism going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think is a very dangerous thought. i love all these debates people are getting in. >> like rand paul for example? >> you can name a number of people. he's one of them. these intellectual debates, i want them to come to new jersey and sit across from the widows
3:45 pm
and orphans and have that conversation and they won't. that's a much tougher conversation to have. >> to which a top adviser to rand paul said this, if governor christie believes the constitutional rights and privacy of all americans is esoteric, he needs a new dictionary or talk to a number of americans because a number of them are concerned about the dramatic overreach of our government in recent years. what's going on here, candy? >> it is squirmishes. you can look toward 2016. when you have a party leader, when for instance your guy is in the white house, president obama has lots of folk who is say lots of different things in the democratic party that he doesn't agree with. but he defines what the democratic party is right now. right now, no one defines what the republican party is. >> on anything. >> on anything. you are going to see, it's not just about surveillance which we
3:46 pm
saw play up on the house floor on both sides of the aisle. we saw republicans on that. we are going to see it on the debt ceiling and how far to go on that. we are going to see it on the budget and how far to go on that. this is certainly a party in search of itself. it won't find itself until a nominee. >> rand paul is making real calculation looking toward 2016. that is the public is tired of two wars. they are skeptical about big government and big brother, nsa surveillance and drones. chris christie is taking the more traditional john mccain, if you will. i believe you are going to see a foreign policy fight play out in the republican party. we started to see it with ron paul in the last campaign during those debates. i think you are going to see a continuation of it with his son. >> that argument will be interesting if hillary clinton should jump in the race because
3:47 pm
what we have seen in this century anyway is republicans losing their edge about what is tough on national security. >> right. >> who is tough on defense. certainly chrischristie is saying wait a seconds. we are going to do what we can to stop these guys. get hillary clinton in there and she's no slouch in the defense department. she's going to be a force to be reckoned with on that score. another split in the republican party. they are going to have to figure it out. >> if rand paul and chris christie run, i would like to moderate a debate. the treasury secretary on state of the union sunday at 9:00 a.m. we'll be watching. next, president obama has a big job to fill. is it turning into a battle of the sexes? and truck engine humming. sfx: birds chirping
3:48 pm
sfx: birds chirping [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover a hybrid from the luxury car company that understands that one type of hybrid isn't right for everyone. come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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sfx: oil gushing out of pipe. sfx: birds chirping.
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few people have more influence over the u.s. and global economies than the chairman of the federal reserve. and there appears to be a heated competition under way right now to replace the fed chief ben bernanke when his term expires in january. might it be larry summers? or the fed vice chairman, who would be the first woman on the job? president obama has a huge choice to make. let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. some say this is turning into a battle of the sexes. >> that's right, wolf. some people are seeing it that way. choice of the next fed chair is a very closely held secret and for months, the vice chair has been the presumed front-runner
3:52 pm
for the job. now, if they chose her, that pick would signal continuity. it's believed she is likely to continue the current fed chair's policies. but as you point out, she would be the first woman to run the fed ever. and that is history, it's believed the president would like to make. now, on the other hand, larry summers supporters are arguing that he should not be passed over for the job, just because he's not a woman. really. now, some of their arguments for him, that he's had experience righting the ship through financial crisis. he's familiar to the markets and to the president. this is, wolf, such a powerful job that a lot of the people are trying to work it to get their person in the slot. >> any women's groups coming out against larry summers? very few people have said some critical things here and there and that's because larry summers once questioned whether women lack men's skills in math and
3:53 pm
science. that came during a discussion about why more female professors aren't getting tenure. so, that really kicked up a firestorm. but no one i've spoken with thinks that would be a confirmation killer for larry summers, because he's going to get endorsements of very impressive women that he's mentored including sheryl sandberg, the author of "lean in." but janet yellens that her fierce advocates, too, and more than 20 democratic senators are sending the president a letter urging him to pick her. the snowstorms praise yellen, saying, quote, her independence, rigor and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom regarding deregulation make her perfect for the job. larry summers supported deregulation in the banking world. this is an indirect dig. big picture, senior white house officials tell me the president has not decided who the fed chair is and has -- isn't
3:54 pm
planning to make an announcement until fall. we are away head of the game. >> let the debate begin. jessica yellin, no relation to jan janet. >> not that i know of. >> coming up, horsing around and the drive through. cnn's jeanne moos is next. i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track.
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called a drive through, but some people prefer to ride through. cnn's jeanne moos takes a look at people horsing around. >> the golden arches may be shaped like horse shoes -- >> got to get my horsey a big mac. >> but it doesn't take a talking horse like mr. ed to give the order at the drive through. >> can i get three double cheeseburgers? >> next? >> can i have a sprite and a hash brown? >> plenty of horse riders have recorded themselves being served at drive throughs. but not this rider, seen here outside a mcdonald's in manchester, england. staff at the drive through refused to serve mother and daughter on horseback, and told them to dismount and come inside instead. >> hello! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the mom says she took them literally and sent her daughter inside with her pony. but once inside, the pony decided to do her business, and the mcdonald's staff decided to
3:58 pm
call police. on facebook, manchester police wrote that the sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat. the horse owner was fined about $92, even though the pony is apparently a fan of mcdonald's. hi there. can i please just have a mcflurry? >> a what? >> a mcflurry. the horse owner told the evening news that the horse likes mcflurries. we've seen a flurry of youtube videos of horses going through drive throughs. some get served. >> anything else? >> a bale of hay. >> even this guy, who seemed to be drunk. >> onto window two. >> others are refused service. when the pair in this horse-drawn carriage were refused at mcdonald's, they rode over to the kfc drive through next door. >> cheers! >> bye-bye! >> even pranksters wearing horse head masks usually get served.
3:59 pm
once employees get over the shock. but the manchester mcdonald's says the health, safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. for this reason, we are unable to serve pedestrians, bicycle riders or customers on horseback through the drive through. probably worried about horses freaking out like this one did after being served at a dunkin' donuts. >> whoa, whoa! >> the horse started doing dough nuts. and though policies seem to vary, critics say it's called a drive through, not a ride through. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the owner told the manchester evening news she has been served on horseback at that same drive through at least half a dozen times. good news, we told you earlier about the bay bridge in san francisco, look at it, open to traffic. they have determined no serious threat from that suspicious device.
4:00 pm
remember, you can follow us what's going on in "the situation room," follow me on twitter. i'll see you in one hour, i'll be filling in for anderson later tonight. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, a major announcement from the major of san diego, who faces sexual harassment accusations and worse from seven women. plus, ariel castro blames porn. and abuse he went through, for the monstrous ordeal for the three women he kidnapped for a decade. how long will he remain in prison? and the latest from the anthony weiner scandal. could it derail hillary clinton 2016? let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. welcome to friday. we begin with intensive