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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 29, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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is --.captions by vitac -- give it up for amanda berry! >> two victims kidnapped in cleveland trying to get back to normal. amanda berry surprises crowds at a con ecert. and gina dejesus speaki inin ii publicly about a unique gift. plus, the pope candid and controversial. >> translator: the a person is gay and accepts the lord and has goodwill who am i to judge them? >> his comments on gay priests and women in the clergy have people all around the world talking. plus, what's a million dollar plus payday worth? a professional athlete passes up the chance at winning the cash to witness the birth of his first baby. wolf blitzer, thanks for the kind introduction. good to see all of you on this
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monday afternoon. let's get going. beginning this hour with this story, a rapidly developing story happening in 76 cities all across the country. more than 100 kids, the youngest just 13 years of age, stolen, missing, forced into a life of sexual slavery. now found. rescued by fbi agents in what the largest child sex trafficking sweep in u.s. history. more than 150 so-called pimps arrested so far. >> this operation targeted venues where girls and adults are operated for commercial sex. that includes street tracks, truck stops, motels, casinos, internet sites, social media platforms, and the like. the children recovered in this operation ranged in age from 13 to 17. at least 21 of them had been previously known to our partners at nicmic.
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all the child victims identified were removed from the dangerous environments and relocated to safe settings, according to our standards, state regulations and local regulations. >> this is huge news today. joe johns, our crime and justice correspondent, is all over this for us from washington this afternoon. joe, first, how did the fbi track these victims and their captors, their pimps, down? >> brooke, they have state and local partners in law enforcement. and those are the people who know where the prostitution activity is going on in all of these communities across the country. there's also internet activity. so the fbi played a role in ferreting out what type of internet activity looked like it might involve underage children. so they put all of that together, and the focus here is on the pimps treating the young girls as victims rather than
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participants in the crime. of course, you know from years past, these individuals have been able to get off with local charges. but these days, because there's interstate activity of these young girls being moved from state to state to state, the feds can actually get involved. that's how it went, brooke. >> as we're talking, joe, this was happening from coast to coast, do we know whether these underground sex trade rings were at all intertwined and who's behind it all? >> it doesn't sound like so many of them were intertwined. but we do know there were some groups that -- of localized activity, if you will, that involved more than one individual. so that's what they're looking at. i don't believe by any stretch of the imagination we're talking about one huge individualized sex ring, if you will. still, the authorities treat this as organized crime. that's one of the big differences from how they treat it in, say, the '80s or the
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'90s. >> with those changes, again, we're talking arrests. if we see convictions and jail time, how much time could these pimps be looking at? >> frankly, this is an operation, it's called operation cross country, that has been going on for the better part of the last half decade. over that period of time, there have been at least ten individuals, i'm told, who actually got life sentences. this is a very serious situation for some of those individuals who are arrested and charged, brooke. >> joe johns in washington. thank you. to bristol, connecticut. i want to show you pick hurs here as we've been watching this police dive team searching this lake for an item that may be involved with the aaron hernandez murder case. what you're looking at, this is pine lake just about a mile from the home of hernandez's uncle. that home has been searched many, many times as part of the investigation into the murder of odin lloyd in june. just to remind you here, the murder weapon, a .45 caliber gun, has yet to be recovered.
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law enforcement sources declined to say if that weapon is what they're searching for right there at the lake. obviously, we'll keep you posted. at least eight people including one child are headed to the hospital after a massive building collapse this morning in philadelphia. witnesses say they heard an explosion. afterwards, smelled gas. at least three other homes were damaged. i want you to listen to one witness describe how a firefighter saved a baby from all of this. >> baby out the window because the girl was on fire. the fireman had to catch the baby and all. >> fireman caught the baby. folks, this is the second time this summer a tragedy similar to this has hit philadelphia. remember last month, six people were killed after another building collapse. they were supposed to be planning a wedding. but instead two families are making funeral arrangements this week. and investigators in new york are trying to piece together a boating accident on the husbads
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river that killed the bride to be and the best man. alina cho takes a look at what went so terribly wrong. alina? >> reporter: this was meant to be a celebratory cruise on the water. a bride, a groom and their friends just two weeks before their wedding. but something went terribly wrong friday night. and this boat ride quickly turned fatal. the investigation into friday's horrific boat accident that killed a bride-to-be and best man will now focus on a time line. what happened and when? >> what we're going to do is we're going to bring in an accident reconstruction team. >> authorities say the driver of the boat, also a friend of the couple, was intoxicated. charged with vehicular minnesota slaughter and vehicular assault. investigators are also looking into claims the barge that the boat hit did not have proper lighting. >> you put an immovable object that's dark in the path of recreational boaters, you have a recipe for disaster.
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>> lindsay stewart and brian bond were planning to marry on august 10th. they decided to take a boat ride friday night up the hudson river. the small power boat carrying six people hit a construction barge near a bridge. 30-year-old stewart and best man mark lemon were killed. >> i'm the big brother. but his heart was a lot bigger than mine. he's -- he's -- he was my rock. >> bond, the groom, and four others including the boat's driver suffered serious injuries. >> they seemed very smitten with one another and very much in love. >> at the home they shared, a makeshift memorial. lindsay stewart's family told cnn, pray for our loss. >> she's supposed to be married two weeks from today. it just can't end like this. >> reporter: a tragic ending to what was supposed to be a great night on the eve of a wedding. >> rather than have the joyful wedding, there will be wakes.
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>> reporter: today we're told the groom is still in the hospital with various head injuries. but imagine dealing with the physical recovery while also dealing with the emotional pain of losing your bride-to-be and the best man in your wedding. that is exactly what brian bond is dealing with right now. losing much of what is dear to him in a split second. alina cho, cnn, piermont, new york. >> awful. what began as a spiritual journey ended in tragedy in southern italy when a bus crashed into a guardrail, went off a bridge, then plum itted into a ravine there. at least 38 people were killed, including the driver. police say the bus rammed into at least 11 other cars before it even went over the barrier. investigators are now looking into possible brake failure. the passengers were returning from a visit to a catholic shrine. the accident happened on a tresh rouse stretch of highway known for multicar accidents. and a memorial service is under way in northwestern spain
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for the victims of a horrific train accident that killed nearly 80 people, including an american woman. watch. it is taking place at a cathedral in santiago decampos not far from where the crash happened. the driver is facing reckless homicide charges and his license has been suspended. dozens of people remain in critical condition. this is the crash as it rounded the bend here. that happened last wednesday. careened around the curve, as you saw, derailing. even though the driver has been charged the investigation is still in the early stages. and you would think pulling off one of the biggest diamond heists in history would require a lot of planning and a team of operatives like we see in the movies. nope. it apparently was a lot easier than that. in cannes, france, it only took a handgun, a lot of jewelry, and unarmed security at this hotel. adding insult to injury,
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sunday's robbery at the famous carlton hotel was the third time since may that jewel thieves had targeted the posh city on the beautiful french riviera. that is where we find cnn's erin mclaughlin, in cannes. i'm trying to wrap my head around what $136 million plus in jewelry looks like. i can't do it. how does someone, erin, walk into a hotel and walk out with all those jewels? >> reporter: that is no doubt the very question authorities are asking themselves right now, brooke. we know this happened at 11:30 a.m. yesterday here in cannes at the carlton hotel. people had gathered to take a look at a temporary exhibition put on by a well-known diamond house when all of the sudden a man with his face covered in a scarf, his head in a cap, walked into the exhibition brandishing what prosecutors now say was a semiautomatic pistol. threatened to shoot both the
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exhibitors and the guests before leaving, walking out of the hotel, with over $100 million in diamond jewelry. or jewelry, rather. we're not sure if it's diamonds or not. but it was a diamond exhibition. people here really upset and shocked that this could have happened. apparently, the guards were present but unarmed, brooke. >> why were they not armed if there was this kind of jewelry at this posh hotel? >> reporter: another very good question. brooke, police currently are scouring hours of cctv footage trying to piece together this puzzle. so far they're saying that they think this man operated alone, brooke. >> do they have any idea -- just quickly, we've heard of all these different heists. you think of the pink panther gang. might this be connected? do they have any idea this could be connected to something else? >> reporter: well, not at the moment. and if they do, they're certainly not saying. there was a jailbreak on friday
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in switzerland near the french border. one of the men who broke out of jail was part of this notorious pink panther jewel heist gang. again, authorities here not saying if there's any connection whatsoever, brooke. >> erin mclaughlin on the french rifi y riviera covering this jewelry heist. a simple concert turned into a massive celebration over the weekend. one of the cleveland kidnapping victims, here she was. she was there. amanda berry. see with the purple sweater over her shoulder? she was even called to the stage, received a huge round of applause. we also got a glimpse of gina dejesus in her cleveland home. coming up next, we'll take a closer look at how these young women are trying to return to a new normal. plus, when the pope speaks, millions around the world listen. and today the pope's comments on gay priests as he was heading back to italy really had a lot of people buzzing. that's next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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vietnam in 1972.
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outside that cleveland home. gina dejesus wants to keep the prying eyes of the public out. a tall fence here donated to gina now surrounds her family home. >> i really wanted it. it meant a lot to me. >> the difference is the privacy. her being able to come out, walk out and do what she wants. >> and amanda berry opted instead for the limelight. >> give it up for amanda berry! >> very public show of strength. look at the crowd. just applauding her. amanda there on the left hand side in the sunglasses, right arm up. she's taken the stage. this is a nelly concert in cleveland over the weekend. the appearance just one day after the man who kidnapped her agreed to 1,000 years-plus prison sentence. just the talk about all of this and these young women as they move forward with their lives, david swanson, clinical
11:17 am
psychologist live with us in los angeles. david, except for that youtube video posted just a little while back of all the three girls, you know, thanks the public, we haven't seen michelle knight. she was the third woman who was held hostage for a decade. but gina dejesus. she has this privacy fence. you have amanda berry on stage. what does the varying publicics powe sure really tell you about each woman's recovery? >> i don't think that this is very surprising at all. we're all different. you think about this. they spent ten years in captivity. now they have to adjust. you know, we're going to start to see some of them might want to become more recluse. others we hope that this doesn't happen, but very oftentimes you could see people engage in very self-destructive behavior like drugs and alcohol. and this, you know, the idea of amanda berry going up on stage, this is truly a hero for all of us in the sense that you'd like to think that the human spirit cannot be broken. by her going on stage and smiling like that, it truly shows the best that all of us
11:18 am
can provide. >> i love that. just accepting the love, surrounded by friends. then you have relationships, david. i want to just play this sound from gina and her mom. >> i keep saying the word "awesome." you know what -- >> it's amazing. >> it is. it is very amazing. it is. at first i had -- for the first week i kept pinching myself. after that week, it was like, you know, try to give her space. and then it's like, i kept on hearing this word. "mom." i'm like, that doesn't sound right. she would go, mom. i would turn around and it was gina. i'm like, yes, another one. another voice. a voice i've been missing. >> just to forget, she's the mom. she needs to turn around when gina's talking to her. then you have, david, amanda berry. you see her on stage with a man she appears to be affectionate with. after long term trauma like that, what are relationships like? there have to be so many challenges. >> you know, the reason that
11:19 am
this touches a cord in all of us, we've all been through trauma. it affects us all differently. >> not this kind of trauma. >> no. definitely not this kind of trauma. i think we can all relate. we hope for the best. they're all going to react differently. getting back in touch with your family there's going to be great moments of joy. keep in mind there's also going to be triggers that will reactivate the trauma. many of us think if we went through something like this, that it would be hard to move on. but i think what we could expect is that life will start to get back in many ways to normal for these girls. but there will always be triggers. think about amanda berry with her child now and what she's been through. and the idea of letting your child simply go play at a park. how do you let that child out of your sight? that would be a trigger, an example how we might be reactivated. >> on the flip side, remember being in cleveland when the whole story broke. we were talking about this at the time. i'm also fascinated at the relationship, too, between the captor and these victims. we now know he's going away forever, really for life in prison. but you develop a relationship.
11:20 am
as screwed up as it may seem, right, you have this relationship with your captor. >> you do. and i think a lot of us would imagine that if we're in a situation like this, we just want to survive. to go against that captor in any way could certainly put your life in danger. you learn to please. and you learn a way to rationalize to make the best of it just to get by day by day. that's what you saw there. i don't think you saw true affection. i don't think any of us would ever have true affection for a captor like that. >> david swanson, thank you so much. clinical psychologist. we wish each of those young women and that little girl all the best as they move forward. >> definitely. fast food workers from several major cities across the country coming together this week in a show of solidarity. today workers from some new york restaurants walking off the job. this is just the first protest across the country this week. coming up, a closer look at what they want and why they want your help.
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apple is in a little bit of trouble again over its labor practices in china. this time because of a supplier named pegatron.
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nonprofit china labor watch accuses factories of lowballing workers on wages, leading to workers clocking as many as 69 hours per week. an apple spokesperson says the company, quote, is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions throughout the supply change. the company is sending three teams to investigate. some fast food in new york city is slowing down today. here's why. dozens of workers at several major fast food chains are walking off the job to protest for higher pay. the streets in front of a couple mcdonald's and wendy's restaurants were blocked with workers like who you see here who walked out. and let me be clear. this isn't just new york city. workers marched out of the st. louis mcdonald's today, holding signs and chanting "can't survive on 7.35." that's the local minimum wage. these protests are all part of an effort organized by community and religious groups to help fast food work rs get higher
11:25 am
wages and the right to unionize. more walkoffs and protests are planned at a couple other major cities this week. let's go to zain asher with more on this. you just got back from one of these protest sites. what did people tell you? >> these guys are more than willing to put up a fight. i went to a protest in downtown manhattan. i saw about 50 workers hit the streets. they were angry, brooke. they want $15 an hour. and they are more than willing to walk out on their shifts in the middle in order to get it. one of the guys i spoke to said he thinks fast food chains view their workers as completely disposable, in his words almost like robots. right now fast food workers in new york are paid roughly $7.25 an hour. new york, by the way, is actually one of the states where the minimum wage is actually equal to the federal minimum wage. these guys pretty much want to double their wages. obviously most of them know that is pretty much a long shot. but they do want to be heard. if you can come back to me for a second, i want to show you one of the signs that was held.
11:26 am
it is in spanish. let me translate it for you. it stays strike for a higher wage in order to survive in new york city. that's the bottom line. workers don't feel they can survive on $7.25 an hour, especially when you consider $11 an hour is what you need to be above the poverty line. living expenses in new york do in their words warrant a higher wage. here's what one guy had to say. >> i have a second job. try to catch up on bills. this is -- living in new york city is so expensive. you have to think about transportation, high taxes, food. everything is so expensive here. >> mcdonald's and burger king both told cnn many of their restaurants are franchises so they don't always have direct control over what employees are paid. mcdonald's also says that they believe their wages are actually competitive and that if workers do want to move on and move up the ladder and make higher wages, they do have the opportunity of moving up the ranks. lastly i do want to say one piece of good news is that these
11:27 am
workers, these workers is that the minimum wage in new york will increase to $9 an hour by january 2016. brooke? >> zain asher, thank you so much. and hope francis, big news out of the pope today. not just being down in brazil but did you hear what he said on the plane back to italy, speaking out on gay priests, so much more. you may be surprised by all these sort of taboo topics he discussed. and a rally today supporting anthony weiner. we catch up with the new york mayoral candidate during today's event. plus an e-mail he sent to supporters with a clear message to everyone following this election. next. if you're looking to go to school, you deserve more than just flexibility and convenience. so here are a few reasons to choose university of phoenix. our average class size is only 14 students. our financial tools help you make smart choices about how to pay for school. our faculty have, on average, over 16 years of field experience. we'll help you build a personal career plan. we build programs based on what employers are looking for. our football team is always undefeated. and leading companies are interested in our graduates.
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congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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we are just getting word into us here at cnn of another train accident in europe. this time it is in switzerland where two commuter trains collided head on. so swiss press is reporting at least 33 injuries. a number of them we're told quite serious. investigators say they do not know what caused the crash. service on the line has been shut down. all of this happening in the wake of the fatal train accident in spain just from last week. as soon as we get more information on this accident in switzerland, we will pass that along to you live here on cnn. if we needed more evidence that pope francis is a different kind of catholic leader, well, look no further than the plane ride home from brazil. >> translator: if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has
11:31 am
goodwill, who am i to judge them? >> the vatican leader speaking on the record for an hour and a half on this papal plane. did not shy away from discussing homosexuals. he was just as willing to talk about women in the clergy which he said is a no go. although he says women deserve a bigger role in the church. he also touched on abortion, saying the church's teachings were clear. all these comments came after a trip to brazil for world youth day. you've seen the crowds over just this past week where the pope was enthusiastically embraced by the faithful. and here to talk more about the pope's comments is reverend james martin. he is a jesuit priest. i know you were asked to speak down in brazil. you passed the trip and the pope and the crowds. but my goodness. the news that was made on this plane from the pope. what do you think the comments
11:32 am
specifically on what he said about gays and lesbians, what does that reveal? >> well, it shows his pastoral side. first of all, notice that he uses the word "gay" which a lot of vatican leaders do not use. popes haven't used it. they've talked about homosexuals or same-sex attraction. he said who am i to judge them? specifically a gay priest. that's a huge change from 2005 when a document came out from the vatican saying that gay priests could not be admitted to seminaries or religious orders. i think we're seeing a very different tack on this particular issue. >> a change in tone, change in tack, change in word usage. but what does that really signify moving forward? anything? >> yes. i think first of all it's going to make gay people feel more welcome when the pope says who am i to judge them, talk about them in terms of their goodwill and seeking the lord. secondly i think it's going to raise questions among bishops and archbishops following that 2005 document saying no gay priests, no gay men accepted
11:33 am
into the seminary when you have a pope saying who am i to judge people? it's not an official teaching but it really sets the tone for things. >> he was talking specifically when he was asked about the alleged gay lobby. when you think about all the topics, taboo topic he was asked about, he didn't shy away from any one of them. abortions. people divorced within the catholic church. women. father, who do you think he's trying to do by not ducking anything? >> i think he's trying to be a good pastor and trying to speak clearly to things the way any good pastor will. he also talked about divorced and remarried catholics and talking about mercy for them, something different than what we've heard. reporters aboard the plane told me they were shocked that he took any and all questions. i think this transparent, merciful and compassionate way of doing things is terrific. >> then just finally looking at these pecktuictures, father mar of the pope in this hatch back of a jeep reaching out, pictures when he first got into town and the window was all the way down, kissing baby. we talk so much about being a
11:34 am
pope of the people. but, you know, he's showing it each and every day. what's your reaction to this? >> interesting when you were talking about showing it. popes teach not only in their words, but in their actions. just like jesus did. jesus taught with his words and his deeds. you know, just hugging someone in a pa vel la or kissing a baby really shows his compassion and his love for just being alive and just being among the people of faith. >> incredible to see him in those places run by drug lords. here is the pope touching the people. father james martin, thank you so much for your perspective today. >> my pleasure. coming up next, why a golfer who was leading this tournament walks away from a potential million dollar opportunity. for a good reason, might i add. and he may be down, but he's not out. what anthony weiner is doing to get support for his bid for mayor in new york city. a live report is coming up. but first, he is known for hard rock and these iconic os tombs.
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now to some of the hottest stories in a flash. "rapid fire." roll it. guess who lunched at the white house today? give you a little hint. it is a former official who
11:40 am
knows the place pretty well. here you have it. the car pulls up. door opens. out pops hillary clinton. the former secretary of state dined one on one with the president. her political action committee has just retained not just one, but two key players from the president's re-election campaign. bmw says it can take you from zero to 60 in just about seven seconds. and you won't even be hurting the environment today. the german luxury automaker unveiled its i3 electric compact car. there it is. has a carbon fiber body and range of 80 to 100 mimles per charge. it'll go on sale sometime next year and sell for just about $41,000. he may not have the million dollars cash but golfer hunter mahan is getting a lot of credit. why? because mahan was leading the canadian open over the weekend when his phone rang. he found out his pregnant wife
11:41 am
was going into labor one month early. so what did he do? any good dad to be, of course, walked off the course. and walked away from a potential million dollar payday to be there for his daughter's birth. zoe olivia mahan arrived early sunday morning. the manager has quit the anthony weiner campaign. now pretty much wherever he goes the politician with a penchant for texting provocative sexties is being reminded he's a repeat offender. yet another new yorker giving weiner an earful. >> i don't quite understand how you would feel you have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that's expected of us. >> are you not voting for me? >> i would not vote for you, sir. >> i certainly understand that. >> well, weiner's poll numbers are dropping.
11:42 am
all kinds of new yorkers are calling on weiner to quit the race for mayor. no way, says anthony weiner. cnn's rosa flores caught up with weiner this morning. rosa, rosa. he's not backing down, is he? >> reporter: brooke, he is not. before the break you were talking about the measures that he's taking to try to deliver his message to the middle class. let me tell you, today that was in english and in chinese with the help of a translator. he said, you know, i am all about everything that's for the betterment of the middle class, including affordable housing, safer streets, jobs. but, of course, he does not operate in a vacuum. there are a lot of democrats out there asking him to quit. his opponents also want him to quit. but he is not backing down. take a listen. >> i don't cake my ctake my cue policy from the sunday talk shows listening to pundits. i never have. i don't take my cues from the headline writers in the newspapers. i never have.
11:43 am
those are the very same people that didn't want me to run, that didn't want new yorkers to have this choice in the first place. i'm going to keep talking about the things -- >> reporter: now, he also sent out a letter to his supporters, saying in part, take a look at your screen. i believe we have this for you. it says, i am going to keep doing what i've always done. i'm going to keep on fighting for the city. brooke, if you look at the very bottom of that letter, it also says, support me with a donation. because, as you know, campaigns are very expensive. >> municiponey, money, money. what about his wife? we saw huma abedin appear by his side, speaking publicly during that newser last week. was she with him at all today? >> reporter: i was keeping an eye out for her, brooke. but i never did see her. i did ask him after his remarks for her. and he only said that she is doing fine and he went on answering other questions. so that's all he said about her.
11:44 am
but we will, of course, keep an eye out for huma to see if she appears in any of his other public speaking events. >> we know you will. rosa flores for us in new york, thank you very much. starting today, the defense has its turn in the whitey bulger trial. the big question, will the alleged crime boss take the stand? a live update from boston, next. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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11:48 am
sermon since his son matthew killed himself at age 27 in april. with his wife kay at his side, warren told his saddleback church congregation matthew suffered from mental illness since childhood. >> we had gone through the best doctors money could buy. we had gotten the best medicatio medications. we had the best therapy. we had the best people praying. thousands of people praying. we have an incredibly strong family. with deep, deep faith. it just did not make sense. >> reporter: the grieving couples' influence reaches far beyond the walls of this church. warren is the author of the megabest seller "the purpose driven life." with kay at the forefront saddleback church launched a global initiative to provide help for people who are hiv positive and to remove any associated stigmas. after their son's suicide the warren's new pledge is to erase any shame associated with mental illness. >> it's amazing to me that any
11:49 am
other organ in your body and there's no shame and stigma to it. if your brain breaks down, you're supposed to keep it a secret. there's no stigma. diabetes, no problem. lungs don't work, no problem. break a bone, break a back. your liver stops working, no stigma. if your brain doesn't work right, why should you be ashamed of that? >> reporter: warren credits relatives, especially the surviving siblings josh and amy, of leading the family through its darkest moments. >> i am in a family of spiritual redwoods. they are giants of faith. it is a rock solid family. and actually when matthew died, amy said, you know, daddy, she said, satan picked the wrong family to pick on. he's going to lose big time on this one. >> reporter: saddleback church officials say rick warren will not grant any interviews soon. they say we will hear a lot from the pastor, especially as he
11:50 am
begins his mission to remove the stigma of mental illness. paul vercammen, cnn, orange county, california. >> paul, thank you. coming up, starting today the defense has its turn in the whitey bulger trial. we'll take you to boston, next. s and considered other things... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec® love the air.
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11:52 am
this time tomorrow, we should have a verdict in the
11:53 am
bradley manning court-martial. the army soldier faced a military trial in ft. mead, maryland. manning's case was heard by a judge who has now reached a verdict. her decision will not be announced until 1:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. manning could face life in prison if convicted. now to boston where alleged irish crime boss whitey bulger is facing his day of reckoning in a federal courtroom. attorneys for the 83-year-old bulger began laying out their defense today. they have already made an unusual request. that the jury be sequestered during deliberations. jurors heard more than 60 prosecution witnesses testify against bulger over the past month. and just this past friday, prosecutors rested with an impressive display. you're looking at some of this. of guns and cash found hidden inside bulger's santa monica
11:54 am
apartment when he was captured in 2011. our deborah feyerick who's been all over this trial, she joins us live thousand. deborah, today, day one for the defense. who testified? >> reporter: well, we can tell you, first of all, what's not clear just yet is whether whitey bulger is going to testify. his lawyer continues to allude to that. right now it's looking as if it's a strong possibility. his defense is down to 14 witnesses. they're going to be called over the next couple of days. one of the key witnesses was the mother of murder victim debra hussy. but she yesterday notified the court she's got brain cancer and is too sick to testify. the reason the defense wanted to call her is because they wanted to cast doubt on whether it was bulger or flemmi who actually killed the girl. flemmi had sexually abused his commonwealth stepdaughter. bulger's lawyers are saying he has so much more motive than bulger. also on the list a crime associate likely to take the fifth because, brooke, during this trial he was actually imly ka
11:55 am
-- implicated in one of the murder. he's about to get his own reality show on a separate issue. bulger's team today tried to refute the notion bulger was an fbi informant. the first person they called was a former supervisor who had interviewed bulger just once. and who says he believed that bulger should have been closed as an informant. the fbi agent said the information was simply not up to standards. he also said he was shocked when during the questioning bulger's corrupt fbi handler showed up. because he wasn't even supposed to be there. prosecutors really took a lot of hits at him. portraying him as a liar. somebody who was prone to hyperbole. he said didn't you lie about arresting the head of the boston mafia? didn't you even lie about finding the rifle used to kill martin luther king jr.? so it wasn't exactly the strongest day for the defense. again, they're doing the best they can with the information that they've got. again, at the heart of this is they're trying to say, no, whitey bulger was the one who was paying the fbi, not the other way around.
11:56 am
and they're really trying to at least skew the pendulum so that it focuses directly on fbi. >> then you have all these jurors, deborah feyerick, right, who've been sitting day after day after day taking in all this testimony. and here you have -- tell me more about this request from the defense team to sequester the juror, what, for deliberation? >> for deliberations. that's exactly right. the defense lawyer is basically saying there's been so much written about this, what if they accidentally see something in the 11th hour that perhaps skews their opinion. the defense has been very, very frustrated that there's a gag order. so oftentimes we see these cases being tried in the court of public opinion. but bulger's lawyer has not even had the opportunity to take the microphone because the judge has said absolutely not. they're trying to sequester the jury. the prosecution believes it's not necessary. he believes -- the prosecution believes, in fact, they've been following the rules and that they'll continue to follow the rules. and that, you know, sort of at the 11th hour to put everybody
11:57 am
into a hotel room until they come up with a verdict may not be the best thing. depends what side you're on. brooke? >> we'll see what they, i guess, determine. deborah feyerick, thank you very much. crucial final days here for the defense team. coming up, it has been calmed the largest crackdown against child prostitution in the history of the u.s. here. more than 100 children rescued. so many of these pimps arrested. a live report at the top of the a live report at the top of the hour. -- captions by vitac -- to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles together these 5 elements create ageless looking skin roc® multi correxion 5 in 1 it's high performance skincare™ only from roc®
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12:00 pm
surfers, they're better known for catching the stoke, riding the waves, than causing trouble, right? well, a riot broke out sunday. look at this melee. huntington beach, kcalifornia. the whole thing started with a fight. >> port-a-potties. the cops started throwing tear gas at everyone. everyone was plugging their noses, coughing, dodging into stores. >> police moved in to break up the crowd with tear gas and pepper balls. some unruly beachgoers refused to leave. officers arrested at least eight for causing the disturbance. it's a brazen crime right out of the movies. $130 million plus in jewelry stolen. and now the international search is on for this armed robber. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.
12:01 pm
give it up for amanda berry! >> two victims kidnapped in cleveland, trying to get back to normal. amanda berry surprises crowds at a concert. and gina dejesus speaking publicly about a unique gift. plus, the pope candid and controversial. >> translator: if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge them? >> his comments on gay priests and women in the clergy have people all around the world talking. plus, what's a million dollar plus payday worth? a professional athlete passes up the chance at winning the cash to witness the birth of his first baby. welcome back, hour two. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour. more than 100 kids, the youngest just 13 years of age, many
12:02 pm
kidnapped, some coerced and forced into a life of sexual slavery. they have now been found. folks, this is the largest child sex trafficking sweep in u.s. history. using social media and even prostitutes to help track these children down. >> we see this vulnerable age of being 13 to 16. one of the reasons that we are encountering and working toward adult prostitutes is with the expectation or the anticipation that they were once child prostitutes. and so if they had been prior victims, that is not outside of our grasp and our reach. and we are -- are probing into that as an opportunity that they were either a child victim or they can identify other child victims. so we have a fairly vigorous engagement with adult prostitutes to pick through that. >> crime and justice
12:03 pm
correspondent john joe johns is me from washington. joe, this is huge. >> it certainly is. it's something called operation cross country. it's been going on for years and years and years. this is a crackdown on prostitution, exploitation, the sweep with fbi agents, local and state officials. actually, only occurred over the last 72 hours in 76 different cities nationwide, 150 alleged pimps arrested. the fbi said those 105 children were being used for prosecution. they described them as having been rescued and relocated. some of them actually may have been in the system before, identified with the help of the national center for missing and exploited children, brooke. >> joe johns, thank you so much. want to continue the conversation. the fbi's operation cross country has led to the rescue of more than 2,500 children since it began in 2003. joining me now, john ryan from the national center of missing
12:04 pm
and exploited children. john, thank you so much for joining us. i know we can't talk specifically about your organization's role in this latest operation. but i do want to talk about sex trafficking, specifically here in the united states. so before we talk, let me just play this clip from -- a little bit more from the fbi's news conference today. >> i can tell you that we've had significant activity around the ncaa final four. around super bowl in the past. and we have had children recovered from each of those events. multiple children from each of those events in the past. so that we see a gathering of people with excess money and interested in the festivities and the frolic that go around high-profile sporting events, and this seems to be a part of that. >> john, let me just ask you, you know, in your experience, how do these -- these victims,
12:05 pm
these young women, 13, 14, 15, 16 years of age, how do they get picked up by these pimps so brazenly? >> many of these young girls are targeted through social media platforms by these pimps and predators. they learn some of the personalized information about these young girls. they may learn about their particular vulnerabilities. some of them may have problems at home. or at school. some of them may even be abused. so they're looking for someone to pay attention to them. and these pimps and predators seize upon that vulnerability, target them and groom them. >> so that's, then, perhaps the common theme among these young women is the vulnerability. because, you know, one person could just easily say, why don't they just run away? but it's not that simple, is it? >> no. they're looking for -- for help and comfort that they're not receiving, unfortunately, at the
12:06 pm
home. or in another safe environment. and these pimps take advantage of that. they manipulate these young girls. they shower them with gifts, love, so-called love and affection. and that quickly converts into violence, torture and then ultimately slavery through being trafficked in sex. >> then sadly these young women, they are used to this trafficking, right? it becomes a way of life. so when we have these major news stories, and the fbi announces, you know, these arrests of these pimps and these freed young women, what are the odds they actually continue on with a quote, unquote, normal life? >> well, the good news is, brooke, there are programs and facilities now that are available to provide the chr critical resources and help that these young girls need. in an operation like this with the fbi, they actually had on site victim specialists who coordinated the placement of these victims as they were being
12:07 pm
recovered over the past 72 hour. and make sure during that critical time period they are put in proper care and they're not thrown back into the same risky environment. >> good. we just wanted to shine a light on your work at the national center for missing and exploited children, john ryan, thank you so much. >> thank you. a contractor was working on a vacant home just before it collapsed in philadelphia. the city's fire department says the home was being renovated. investigators still are trying to look into what caused what you see here, the aftermath. it appears there was some kind of explosion. eight people in total, including a child, have been rushed to the hospital. witnesses on the scene describe the terrifying disaster and what they did just to try to help the victims. >> just instinct. anybody would do it for anybody else around here. we're all neighbors and friends here. you know, like i said, you see somebody in trouble, you do what you got to do to help them. >> i didn't see it. i heard it. the impact was pretty loud. i was sitting in the house and i
12:08 pm
heard a big bang. the door slammed. the tv went out. >> i saw the whole house was down. i saw the house next to it, it was falling over. i saw a fireman, this dude was burnt up. they were hosing him down with a fire hose. they threw this baby out the window because the girl was on fire. and the fireman had to catch the baby. >> fireman caught the baby. so says that little guy. this is the second time this summer a tragedy like this has happened in philadelphia. last month six people were killed after another building collapsed. in cannes, france, a staggering broad daylight robbery netted a haul of diamonds worth north of $130 million. police say a man armed with a semiautomatic pistol walked into this ultra posh carlton hotel on sunday where the jewels were out and about on display. moments later, this man walked out with these gems. if history is any guide, and this has happened numerous times
12:09 pm
before, recovering the stolen diamonds and jewels may prove difficult, if not impossible. jonathan sizenoff is u.s. ted tor of the website museum security network. also an expert on high valued crimes just like this. he joins me from chicago. jonathan, my goodness. when i read about this and i heard about this, you have in the number, the value keeps increasing, right? now the latest is $136 million in jewels from what i've read a very prestigious diamond house. help me wrap my head around this kind of -- these jewels. is this a massive amount of jewels? is this four rings? how much? >> that's a huge haul. one of the largest hauls of stolen goods i've known of. we haven't heard anything of what is in the manifest. supposedly the little i did hear was a different variety of rings and earrings and i assume loose stones. >> and i'm also assuming the
12:10 pm
stones are, you know, large if we're talking multimillion dollars. what typically in heists like this, what typically happens to these jewels? >> well, they're easily fenced because they can be broken up. if you have a recognizable stone with a gemologist, it's difficult to sell. but if you break it up into smaller pieces -- >> you mean smashing them? >> constituent pieces, smash them up. precious metals and rings can be melted down into ingot. it's a very tough type of theft to break, to solve. >> when you read these reports, this single man with this briefcase or suitcase walking in, the security there at the hotel apparently unarmed, i mean, could one person single handedly pull this off, or might this be -- speculation possibly the pink panther jewel thief
12:11 pm
gang. would that be their m.o.? >> well, when you hear of a large scale theft of diamonds in europe, suspicion immediately goes to the pink panther gang. that's what they do. but you can't rule out a lone cowboy or other organized crime elements in europe. there's the cosican mafia. regular mafia right across the border. if you have to fence this, it pretty much means there's organized crime. >> why cannes? this has happened before. >> that's where the money is. >> mm-hmm. >> they said willie sutton had the famous quote, why do you rob banks? that's where the money is. if you're looking for the people with great wealth -- >> you go to the french riviera. quickly here, when you look at previous heists, why put this kind of -- this caliber jewelry on display without adequate
12:12 pm
security? >> that's mind boggling to me. usually if you're having that much merchandise on display, you'd have armed guards. you'd have people buzzed in. but the lapse in security are very much beyond me right now. >> $136 million in jewelry. gone. jonathan sazonoff with museum security networks, thank you so much. this just into us here at cnn. reports of another memorial statue vandalized in washington, d.c. this time the statue on smithsonian drive smashed. once again, green paint. this is a statue of a man by the name joseph henry. first secretary of the smithsonian. you'll remember, this was what, just last week? lincoln memorial. below president lincoln's feet there also vandalized. splashed green paint. no one arrested in the case. police say they are studying surveillance video. coming up next, two stars of
12:13 pm
"the real housewives of new jersey" indicted for charges of conspiracy and fraud. that story coming up next.
12:14 pm
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real housewife fan, just into us at cnn, two of the stars of "real housewives of new jersey" have been indicted. >> i was arrested. >> prostitution. [ expletive ]. >> that's the show. this is real life. they're charged with conspiracy and with illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans. alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange with the latest on this. alison, what do we know? >> brooke, these reality stars are about to face a reality. teresa and joe giudice, they're the couple that, safe to say, viewers love to hate on bravo tv's "real housewives of new jersey." this indictment accuses the couple of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. bank fraud. loan application fraud. bankruptcy fraud. and failure to file tax returns.
12:17 pm
they're accused of submitting false paperwork and supporting documents to get mortgages, get this, as far back as 2001. the u.s. attorneys office in ewk jersey says an application for $121,000 mortgage showed they were employed for big salaries but that none of it was true. they're accused of doing that for several loans. the indictment goes on to say that they filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and allegedly hit the income including income from "the real housewives." hiding all this from the bankruptcy court. joe giudice is accused of not filing tax returns on almost $1 million in income from 2004 to 2008. they potentially face serious jail time, too. different charges carry penalties of up to 30 years plus heavy fines ranging into the millions of dollars. viewers of the show know this is a couple that can get pretty defensive about their finances. we're not sure if -- if they've shot the latest reunion special yet. if not it's likely to be a very, very hot topic, brooke. >> looking down at my note it looks like they are scheduled to
12:18 pm
make their very first court appearance tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow morning. exactly. expect cameras to be there. we'll be there. >> i know we will. alison kosik, thank you very much. coming up next, pope francis returning to the vatican after his big trip. his first foreign trip to brazil. speaking out to reporters on that plane for an hour and a half on a wide variety of issues. on gays and lesbians. the pope is saying, quote, who am i to judge? also gave his thoughts on women and the church. interesting comments coming from the pope. we'll share that with you, next. "i'm part of an american success story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart"
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12:21 pm
pope francis is showing he is comfortable with big crowds and small ones. on sunday he did not shy from the spotlight in front of 3 million catholics. and then flash forward to just today. the crowd he left stunned was reporters on the papal plane heading back home to rome with this comment. >> translator: if a person is gay and accepts the lord, and has good will, who am i to judge them? >> cnn senior international
12:22 pm
correspondent matthew chance joins me live from london. the context specifically of the gay and lesbian comments, he was being asked about the alleged gay lobby, correct? >> yeah, that's right. he came out very much against what he called lobbying by gay people inside the vatican. it's only in the last couple of months, of course, the vatican has acknowledged any such lobby inside its walls. but i think what was interesting about those comments is that he was saying that, you know, while homosexual acts may remain sinful, being a homosexual in itself is not sinful. he didn't actually change church policy, church doctrine in any way. it's been the long standing case that homosexuals should be loved and embraced and respected. but he did definitely offer a change of tone. much more conciliatory than his predecessor, pope benedict. of course the pope before that, john paul ii. >> my goodness. just to have been on that plane. the questions he was asked, it
12:23 pm
seemed he didn't dodge a single one of them. this pope talked on the record, matthew, for an hour and a half. talking abortion, talking papal security, women. those who have been divorced within the catholic church. what did he say specifically about women? >> yeah. i mean, he spoke about a whole range of issues. but he was asked the question about women, will they be priests. of course, he essentially ruled that out. that will obviously disappoint a lot of women. a lot of male supporters of women priesthood around the world. but he did talk about how important women were to the catholic church. he talked about how it could no longer be the case that they were just limited to running charities and being alter girls. and spoke about how there needs to be a way found that they can, you know, become more integrated into the church without actually being made into priests. and so, again, pope francis illustrating that at the very least, he's prepared to engage
12:24 pm
with some of the more controversial issues very honestly and openly as they affect the catholic church. indicate as well he's very open. that's what many people are so supportive of this pope for. >> just talking to a reverend last hour, he was making the point even hearing the word "gay." we heard him say hearing an italian person say "gay" is significant in itself. matthew chance in london. thank you very much. coming up next, san diego mayor bob filner under fire for several allegations of inappropriate sexual advances says he is not stepping down. remember this from friday? the mike incident. but will -- what is next for him? we know he's going through two weeks' intensive rehab. will that be enough for those calling for him to step down? and what happens during a two-week stint anyway? those questions, next. the chevy malibu offers an impressive epa estimated 34 mpg highway...
12:25 pm
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anthony weiner's campaign manager out. but weiner himself says he is staying in this race for new york mayor despite all these calls for him to quit. the new sexting scandal some two years after the first one has sent his poll numbers plummeting. in an e-mail today to supporters weiner said, quote, i'm going to keep doing what i've always done. i'm going to keep on fighting for my sister, end quote. he reinforced that message a little later. >> i don't take my cues on policy from the sunday talk shows listening to pundits. i never have. i don't -- i don't cake my cues from the headline writers in the newspapers. i never have. those are the very same people that didn't want me to run, that didn't want new yorkers to have this choice in the first place. i'm going to keep talking about the things important to this city. i don't really care if a lot of pundits or politicians are offended by that. i'm going to keep doing those things, and i think new yorkers deserve that choice. i'm going to let new yorkers
12:29 pm
decide. >> that is anthony weiner. on the other coast, meantime, the chorus is growing for bob filner to quit as mayor of san diego. filner is in the midst of a sex scandal as well. here's senator dianne feinstein, herself a former mayor. >> i don't think that somebody who is lacking a moral compass really sets a role model or really will provide the kind of leadership that san diegans want. >> feinstein is a democrat and a californian as is filner. filner announced friday he is taking a leave of absence. he's going to enter this rehab program starting a week from today to deal with the problem that has led to widespread claims of sexual harassment. so with us now from new york, judy karianski, well known clinical psychologist and sex therapist. dr. judy, let's begin with this two weeks, right, that he has to begin starting next week. from what he said on friday, it's this, you know, behavior
12:30 pm
counseling clinic, intensive therapy. obviously we don't have the specifics of it. what kind of therapy might this entail? >> well, he's going to have to hit the ground running really, brooke. because this is two weeks. it's so rare. normally there needs to be at least a month of inpatient and then well after that. he'll come in. he'll sit down and have we call an intake. he'll be going over honestly every detail of everything he has ever done. every attempt to kiss. every time he said take off your undies. every head lock. who, what, where, when, why did i do it. then he'll have to go through what are the cues that make him want to do that behavior? what triggers him to want it? and then the next step is going to be how can he stop that behavior? and for that we use a technique called thought stopping. as soon as the thought and the urge comes into his mind and his thoughts, he's going to have to snap his fingers. he'll do some other action. it's called an interrupt. and then he'll have to replace
12:31 pm
it with another thought about i respect women. that's the first thing. then he's going to need some really intensive therapy because this has to do with power and the desire to intimidate women. he even used that word. so he's going to have to examine, why do i feel powerless? and go back even to some of his childhood. that's in short what's going to happen with him. >> that's an abbreviated idea. interesting you bring up the word "intimidated." i wanted to play this clip with that word specifically that he used from friday. here was the mayor. >> let me be absolutely clear. the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. my failure to respect women and the intimidating conduct i engage in at times is inexcusable. >> what does that language, judy, what does that tell you? >> it tells me that at least he
12:32 pm
is admitting it. i know weiner did, too. but denial is a big part of this. and so in therapy, he's going to have to come clean about all of it. and really then prove himself. that's going to take time, brooke. just two weeks is not enough. he even said that, too, by the way. watch me and see if i do well. that's going to take him a lot of time to prove his behavior. but i love that he said those things. because in therapy, he's going to have to go through what is it that i have lied about all this time? what makes me lie? what makes me hide all these feelings? getting honest and getting over that denial is really important. so that's a good step. >> then just final question. if we talk about this, you know, two weeks intensive therapy. then what? obviously this is all part of a process. at what point does he have to stop pinching himself when he has these thoughts? how long does this take? >> i love that you said pinching. it takes forever. it will never stop. it's like addiction to drugs and
12:33 pm
alcohol. it's always, always going to be there where he has to use these techniques, follow his cue, change his behavior, change his thinking and his need to dominate women and get in touch with his deeper issues. that'll come later. the deeper issues about what happened in his childhood and in high school and college and all these feelings. step one, behavior. step two, attitude. step three, deeper therapy. >> got it. judy kuriansky, clinical psychologist, sex therapist, always great having you on. thank you. coming up next, word that another statue has been vandalized today in washington, d.c. green paint splashed across yet another memorial. folks, this is in addition to the one i told you about just a couple minutes ago. two statues today. we're going live to d.c. what is going on? that's next. you make a great team.
12:34 pm
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i hope my father spends his life behind bars.
12:37 pm
the words from the son of confessed cleveland kidnapper ariel castro speaking on nbc's "today" show, calling his father a liar and a bully. anthony castro saying, chances are, he will never visit him as he spends the rest of his life behind bars. >> i think it's the best possible sentence. i think that if he really can't control his impulses and he really doesn't have any value for human life the way this case has shown, then behind bars is where he belongs for the rest of his life. right now i can't see any scenario where i would go visit him. you know, he's been lying to his family for the past 10, 11 years. at every possible turn. i have no trust in him. i can't see myself going to visit him and giving him the opportunity to face me and lie to me again. >> under friday's plea agreement, castro will not get the death penalty. but he has agreed to a term of life plus 1,000 years in prison.
12:38 pm
he will be formally sentenced thursday on more than 900 charges. now to some of the hottest stories in a flash. roll it. in bristol, connecticut, a police dive team searching this lake here for an item that may be involved in the aaron hernandez murder case. this here is pine lake, about a mile from the home of aaron hernandez's uncle. that home has been searched multiple times as part of the investigation into the murder of odin lloyd. just to remind you here, the murder weapon, .45 caliber gun, has not yet been recovered. law enforcement sources declined to say if that weapon is what they're searching for at this lake there. we will keep you updated. heartbreak in indiana. a bus carrying around 40 church campers overturned on to a concrete barrier saturday in indianapolis. a youth pastor, his pregnant wife and a chaperon were killed in that crash. 19 people were injured. the driver says the brakes
12:39 pm
failed as the bus was making a left turn. hawaii about to get smacked by tropical storm flossie. forecast shows the storm weakening a bit. the national weather service predicting 15 inches of rain. hawaiians are stocking up for the storm. of course, surf's up. surfers enjoying the huge swells before the storm hits. a shout out today from the president to one of baseball's all time greats. hall of famer willie mays. 82 years old. joined his former team, the san francisco giants, winners of the 2012 world series. the team gave the president an autographed bat and ball. after a quick inspection, the president joked that he couldn't make out any of the signatures. it may just be lunch between two battle hardened politicians. but the implications, they're enough to send the world into a political frenzy.
12:40 pm
you have president obama and his former secretary of state, hillary clinton. there she was stepping out of the big car today. she spent about two hours in the white house. came out just a couple of hours ago. question is, what did they talk about? according to the white house deputy press secretary, the lunch was simply a chance for the two to catch up. and while we're on the subject here of presidents, let me bring in jake tapper, host of "the lead" coming up in a couple of minutes. nice to see you back, by the way. how was the beach? >> it was awesome. a lot of swimming with the kids. a lot of fun. >> awesome. hillary clinton. she was at the white house lunching. there is other clinton news this week as well. jake tapper, tell me. >> it's very interesting. over the weekend, nbc at the annual gathering of television critics announced that they were going to have a mini series about hillary clinton. this has created quite a kerfuffle as you might imagine. a lot of people speculating this
12:41 pm
is going to be a puff piece, an infomercial for clinton 2016. although there are some people on the clinton side who remember the path to 9/11 mini series in 2006 which was not particularly flattering to bill clinton. and a lot of people thought that was anti-clinton. so it's a lose/lose situation editorially. but it could be a win/win for the ratings. that's what nbc is banking on, of course. >> you'll have more on the mini series. also not just one, but two really good guests. >> senator ted cruz of texas, rising star in the republican party in the middle of a lot of fights right now between different factions in the republican party. also leading the charge to unfund, defund, obama care. pushing, of course, an action that could even, perhaps, lead to a government shutdown unless obama care is defunded. then we also have julian assange from wikileaks who will be coming in to us from the ecuadorian embassy in london. we'll be talking to us about the
12:42 pm
bradley manning verdict which we anticipate will happen tomorrow. that's, of course, the young man, the specialist who leaked all the documents to wikileaks. of course, we'll also talk to him about edward snowden who, i believe, is still in that terminal in the russian airport. >> transit zone. >> i thought he was goipg ng tot out before i got back from vacation. >> you haven't been keeping tabs on him every day at the beach? >> i've been checking in with the news periodically. i like to take a break now and then. >> big, big day coming back from vacation. nice work. see you at the top of the hour with "the lead" with jake tapper. thank you very much. coming up next, word that another statue has been vandalized today in washington, d.c. new pictures. not quite sure what that spells out, but here you have again the theme here, green paint splashed across now not just one, but two memorials today in addition to the lincoln memorial last week. what's going on? we'll go to d.c., next.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
apple is in damage control mode. and yet again it is because of a supplier in china. company calmed pegatron is accused of some brutal labor practices like having workers clock nearly 70 hours a week. cnn's dan simon is tracking the story for us. who's making these accusations? what is it that they say pegatron did? >> yeah. hi, brooke. this comes from a watchdog group called china labor watch.
12:46 pm
and it says it investigated pegatron and that it found at least 86 violations that fall into various categories such as underage labor, poor working and living conditions, and insufficient wages. you know, this is a supplier that apple has been turning to more and more as it makes more devices. and as it prepares to, perhaps, come out with a new version of the iphone. perhaps a cheaper version that china labor watch estimated that employees in three pegatron facilities worked an average of 66 to 69 hours per week. now, that's well above apple's policy of a 60-hour workweek, according to that organization. so these are very serious issues. apple, once again, in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, brooke. >> what does apple say? >> you know, they did put out a statement rather quickly. it says in part, apple is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions throughout our supply chain. this latest report contains
12:47 pm
claims that are new to us and we will investigate them immediately. if our audit finds that workers have been underpaid or denied compensation for any time they've worked, we will require that pegatron reimburse them in full. as we said, brooke, this has been a recuring issue. as you may recall in 2010, you had a series of suicides at another manufacturing partner of apple's. this was at foxcon. you had those series of suicides. that brought up reports of all kinds of violations. apple made some changes then. we'll see what happens this time. coming up next, peace in the middle east? for the first time in three years, negotiations between israelis and palestinians are set to begin anew in washington, d.c., tonight with secretary of state john kerry as the lead negotiator. what can we expect? we'll go live to the state department next. but first, david eagleman tackled some of the deepest questions of human existence.
12:48 pm
what is time? what is consciousness? how does the human brain construct reality? deep thoughts here. dr. sanjay gupta has more in "the next list." >> this week on "the next list," two innovators turning reality inside out. does time really slow down? >> we all assume that time is just a river that's flowing past. >> reporter: neuroscientist david eagleman puts his theory to the test. >> what we did is we dropped people from a 150 foot tall tower. >> reporter: chef omarokantu. edible mens to sour foods that taste sweet. how this modern day willie wonka is reimagining the way we eat. their stories, 2:30 eastern saturday on "the next list."
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
this is cnn breaking news. >> as we have been reporting, now we're hearing of another memorial statue vandalized in washington, d.c. we're talking about two today alone. this news after the lincoln memorial was splashed with green paint last week.
12:52 pm
erin mcpike, i'm mad. what's going on? >> reporter: there are two new incidents today. one is a statue at the smithsonian castle and some park police, security guards, noticed some green paerent yesterday an they're trying to figure utility if it's tied to the lincoln memorial vandalism. they don't know. and today a second site at the bethlehem chapel in the crypt level. the police are investigating that. we don't know if any of these incidents are related but they're investigating. >> i know they were looking at the surveillance tape. nothing so far? >> reporter: nothing so far. but they will release the video if they think it will help them catch who did this, brooke. >> thank you very much. for the first time in years,
12:53 pm
face-to-face talks between the israelis and palestinians are to take place tonight in washington. secretary of state john kerry has pushed very hard for these talks. some might say it's become kerrey's personal priority. but kerry warned today no guaranty of success. >> it's no secret that this is a difficult process. if it were easy, it would have happened a long time ago. it's no secret, therefore, that many difficult choices lie ahead for the negotiators and for the leaders, as we seek reasonable compromises on tough, complicated, emotional and symbolic issues. >> so tonight they will be talking about the process, they'll talk about the shape of the table, that kind of stuff. they'll get down to the substance later in the middle east. tonight the palestinian authority is sending s soo eb eeb e--
12:54 pm
saeb eberekat. people are asking why make the concessions before the start m. >> they wanted a signal. from the israeli side you have that. this is a significant time. negotiations broke down, the direct face-to-face negotiations broke down three years ago, another time. this is the first time in three years that they're getting together so there is hope. brooke, you know there is a long way to go to get what agreement. you have two states, the palestinian state, israel, side by side. >> with everything going on in the middle east, you have syria, egypt, libya, why has secretary kerry made this his priority? >> because this is the key issue.
12:55 pm
if you talk to anybody who knows the region, they say you really have to solve this because it affects everything that happens in the middle east. it fuels anger, it fuels anger among certainly the arab, it fuels anger among young people, you've seen them on the streets in the palestinian territory. if you can solve this, which has really bedevilled people for years, you might be able to have some type of an effect. that's the idea but it is a long way now before they really come up with something. they're giving it nine months, by the way. they're saying it's not a deadline. they're giving it nine months to give it the college try, to get in there and do as much as they can and at that point they hope that they can accomplish something. >> we will follow the process all along the way. jill, thank you very much. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast.
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12:58 pm
actor jason patrick is the father of a 3-year-old little boy but the mother says patrick is just the sperm donor. a bitter battle is setting the stage for many modern family custody cases. he wants to help raise the child he fathered by in vitro fertilization but a california law says the donor of sperm is treated fas if he were not the
12:59 pm
natural father and now patrick is fighting to change the law to give sperm donors equal rights. he sat down with "newsday" to give his side of the story. >> what is your understanding of why the mother won't let you see your boy? >> i have no idea. she was on the "today" show and said she wouldn't have a problem. i said call me, i'll be anywhere in the world. she's been ignoring me for 23 weeks. >> did danielle ever tell you we both know this relationship between suss not what it needs to be, i'm the sole parent? >> no, never. >> did she ever say under the law, i'm protecting myself? >> this law is something her lawyers found two months into the separation. i was shocked when i was hit
1:00 pm
with the papers. >> so you were already in court -- >> we spent seven hours with the mediator. and in that time the word "donor" was never raised. >> i'm brooke baldwin. see you back here tomorrow. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. if you listen to the speculation in the press, hillary clinton practically took paint samples and fabric swatches to the white house today. if hillary clinton is the front-runner on the left, then he might be the front-runner on the right. ted cruise joins us. the world lead. just judge ye lest