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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 31, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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curveball, just make the most of it. we just learned the original recipe for happiness. we can cross that one off our bucket list on "ridicu-list." that's it for us. "early start" begins now. have a great day. ♪ a stomach parasite infecting hundreds in more than a dozen states now a popular produce item linked to the outbreak. whistle-blower or traitor. today, sentencing begins for the american soldier now convicted of spying and passing secret government documents to wikileaks. >> check out a police officer brawl, when a suspect grabs one of their guns it's caught on camera. >> good morning, i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. it's wednesday, the final day of july. where has the month of july gone? >> oh, my gash, grab on to july. one day to go. we're going to begin with
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something, the outbreak of a rare parasite that's leaving many americans sick. cyclospora is causing problems and health officials are pinpointing prewashed lettuce as the possible cause. right now, there are 375 cases of cyclospora outbreak nationwide. 80% of those infected had eaten the bagged salad mix. it's not clear where the salad mix was sold or under what grand name. this is what they're investigating. coming up on "new day," we'll have much more on the outbreak from dr. sanjay gupta, including the latest into the investigation into the contaminated, possibly contaminated lettuce. >> that's a story you're going to want to follow. and as to this, a verdict that we call historic, the acquittal of bradley manning after turning over a trove of
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classified documents to wikileaks but he was convicted of espionage. hoarse chris lawrence. >> reporter: christ first class bradley manning snapped to attention in full dress blues, likely one of his last acts an american soldier. he stared straight ahead as the judge found him not guilty of aiding the enemy but smiled slightly as the hearing adjourned. manning wag acquitted on six counts of espionage, as well as stealing video of air strikes. classified records and detainee records from quarterback quarterba guantanamo way. prosecutors could have accepted manning's guilty pleas in february, but the government pushed ahead on the more serious aiding the enemy charge. and critics say it never proved there was any real damage done to national security. beyond the embarrassment of state department officials when their cables went public. >> i don't think there's been
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any evidence put forward that either bradley manning's leaks or more recently edward snowden's leaks have put more people at risk, have harmed people, have led to death. >> reporter: the aclu ben's wizner met anyone who shares information with the media could be labeled as a traitor if the information is public lishd and the potential enemy could read it. >> if the government could chill or endanger investigative journalists. >> reporter: it means no appeal and thus no further investigation of what the government krs intent to aid the enemy. >> had there been an conviction on that, we would have learned a lot more of what the code requires. we're not going know that. it's going to continue to linger as an area of potential security. >> reporter: on wednesday, prosecutors of manning's defense team will argue over what is an appropriate sentence. the judge will decide whether to let the charges run concurrently
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or string them out. she will have to come up with a specific number, the time and the years, that manning will serve. chris lawrence, cnn, four ft. meade, maryland. about four minutes after the hour, they have been locked in a battle for months now with congress set to head home for recess, president obama said it's time to strike a deal. speaking in chattanooga, the president is he they can reach a grand bargain to fix the federal budget. >> here's the bottom line, i'm wering to work with republicans on reforming our corporate tax code, as long as we use the money from transferring from a simple tax system for creating middle class jobs. that's the deal. >> not so fast. house speaker john boehner rejected the proposal saying it will hurt small businesses and families. if it seems to you that this budget fight is more of the same in washington, you're not wrong. it doesn't seem like much is getting done there, does it?
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here's dana bash. >> reporter: let's start with the positive, a recent burst of bipartisanship. a deal to make sure many student loan rates don't double. a rare meeting of all senators that led to confirmation of several obama naum knees. >> the senate certainly has functioned better over the last six weeks than it has for sometime. >> reporter: perhaps, but elementary civics bill taught us that a bill can't be law without both the senate and house agreeing, both left friday until september with a lot undone. >> the eventually reality is real. i don't know who the 9% are. >> reporter: still unfinished the farm bill, immigration reform. it passed the senate, but the house is developing its own plans likely with no path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. and again, congress is way behind on its basic function, funding the government which runs out of money september 30th or the government shuts down. conservatives like ted cruz say
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that may be necessary if they can't cut money for obama care. >> under no circumstances will i support a continuing resolution that funds even one penny of obama care. >> reporter: some republicans oppose that tactic. >> yeah, i just think that's a very self-defeating effort. >> reporter: bob corker will spend august continuing bipartisan talks with the white house on a spending plan. >> during august recess, most of us work harder than we do here. >> reporter: also looming, the debt ceiling. the u.s. risks defaults on loans as soon as dlab day. >> we could put the economy back into a tailspin and it's notally not the thing we want to do in washington, d.c. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. president obama's decision to overhaul one portion could be costly. most businesses provide health care coverage for their employees, will rack up a $12 billion price tag. and it will leave 1 million americans uninsured. the cbo says that will mean the government will have to pay out more in subsidies and collect
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less in penalties. anthony weiner still defiant in the face of his lates sexting message. in a video message weiner said that dropping out of mayor's race isn't in his new york city dna. take a look at this. >> i know that there are newspaper editors and other politicians that say, boy, i wish that guy weiner would quit. they don't know new york. they certainly don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> meantime, a top weiner campaign aide is apologizing for an expletive-filled rant, we're talking scathing stuff about a former intern who wrote an unflattering article about her experience. that article appeared in the "new york daily news." three former top officials at penn state heading to trial over the alleged cover-up of the jerry sandusky alleged sex abuse scandal. a judge said they've shown enough evidence to move forward against graham spaniard, vice president gary schultz and
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director tim curley. they are accused of lying about what they knew of the allegations that sandusky was molesting young boys. a investigation by the tsa. a new government watchdog says accusations of wrongdoing by airport security jumped by 27% in the last two years, with employees who snuck items past scanners or were caught napping on the job, only given light penalties. some changes in the san francisco airport in the wake of the deadly asiana airlines crash. the faa says they will not allow flights to land side by side others anymore. citing an increase in aborted landings by foreign planes using visual approaches. this sort of seems like a regular thing in the tampa area these days. a water spout churning in the bay between tampa and st. petersburg. >> oh, my. >> that might cause you to think twice about going on the water there.
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this spurred a line of severe weather that rolled into the area. it did disappear before it reached a major bridge, but the storms caused minor damage on land. >> let's take a look at that storm, indra petersons take keeping an eye on it. >> you buys nailed it, it's pretty common in florida. there you go, john, i'll give you credit. the conditions are moist, they're pretty much ripe to have a water spout churn out. you can tell in the wider look, all it took is one cell quickly to form in that water spout. this is what they found out yesterday evening. want to switch to other severe weather. flossie is just about gone. here's the upside it did not bring as much rain as expected. the geography is different, but we saw anywhere from two to five inches of rain, definitely a lot lower than 10 to 15 inches that they feared. however, fear not over take a look, this is tropical storm
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gill, i wanted to overlay its path. gil is scheduled to turn into a hurricane. taking literally the same path that flossie took. we're monitoring that closely. a 60% chance of a storm forming behind it as well. in the southeast, we're talking about that warm sector producing thunderstorms. one to two inches of rain, yes, your dry spell is over. sorry about that guys. and midmuch from the midwest starting today and into the northeast by thursday, we'll be talking about showers especially along that front. look for half an inch to an inch of rain in that area. enjoy the dry spell. new york has another day. >> really, some incredible pictures to show you out of oregon this morning. i want to show you the lobby of city hall in beaverton, not far, outside of portland. that's an 18-year-old pacing around. then he kind of loses it and goes crazy, with a police officer punching, wrestling and
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then actually dangerously removing the sergeant's gun from his holster, firing off a shot. turns out he was high on mushrooms. nothing could stop him. he even broke through a pair of handcuffs. >> if you don't feel pain and you're experiencing almost superhuman strength because of whatever it is that you're on, he somehow broke him. during this struggle, he was tased seven times and it didn't have an effect on him. >> that young man was apparently hallucinating, thinking he had seen a bomb being planted on a commuter train. he is now in jail. one of the officers was suffering a shoulder injury. >> he was tased seven times and didn't feel it. >> yeah. and the fact that he broke through those handcuffs, too. that's shocking. >> i'm glad the officers are okay. coming up, chaos in egypt. new protests filling the streets
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[ male announcer ] get adt for as little as $99 and save a lot more than money. call or click today. welcome back, everyone. so far, so good in the new round of mideast peace talks. secretary of state john kerry said he's optimistic after two days of meetings with palestinian administrators. kerry called the talks the first in three years a new moment of possibility. the core issues will begin in three weeks either with ice real or the west bank. with morsi supporters in the streets again, tensions remaining high, a top european diplomat visited the country, meeting with all side, including the top of cairo government. reza sayah is there. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. we're seeing more of the international community getting
2:16 am
involved in the conflict here in egypt to help break the deadlock and the ousted government and supporters of mohammed morsery is. catherine ashton, the e.u. foreign policy chief here meeting with both sides. now president obama calling on two u.s. senators to come to egypt. u.s. senators, lindsey graham and john mccain could come to egypt as early as next week. when they get here, look for them to push this military-backed interim government, to rein in what they call excessive use of force for protesters, look for them to push it through to both sides and move through a an established government. it's a tall order for senators mccain and graham, but they're going to give it a shot next week, michaela. >> given that catherine ashton had a meeting with mr. morsi, is there any indication where he
2:17 am
was located. we know that she was even kept in the dark about where he was. >> reporter: yeah, she was taken there in a military helicopter, all we know based on information from diplomats and other sources, he's being kept in a military installation. obviously, the military here, the most powerful institution in the country. they have hundreds of facilities throughout the country. he could be anywhere in those facilities. >> reza sayah, the latest from egypt. thank you for that. we're learning more about the actions of the driver in that deadly train crash in northern spain. court documents reveal that the driver francisco garzon was talking on the phone and looking the a document when the train reached high speed. data recorders show that the train was going 119 miles an hour just seconds before it derailed there. garzon is charged with 117
2:18 am
counts of neglect homicide. panamanian officials said they've discovered jet engines under those sacks of sugar. >> that's definitely not sugar. >> no. protests and boycotts mounting against russia's anti-gay laws new questions on how the uproar might impact the upcoming olympics. the ioc insists it will not tolerate any of this sochi in february. and a lot of athletes, a lot of gay athletes considering what to do about this. the most that i've been reading about this say they do intend to go to the games, they say the best protests is to go and win. >> it's interesting how the
2:19 am
olympic games end up being a place of protests. we note frustrations of going through airport security, all too well, don't we? apparently, there's something that you can do to speed through faster if you're willing 0 pay. t tsa is improving the precheck program. trusted travelers were able to use the precheck program for free. starting later this year, travelers who are approve on a background check, they can go through shorter lines. shoes, jackets, liquid, aerosols all in the bag. tsa preenrollment centers are scheduled to open in the fall at washington's dulles airport or indianapolis airport. tsa wants to enroll 25% of the flying public by the end of the year. perhaps that will mean fewer of us will be standing in those slower lines of security. >> i ended up on one of these list. you soar through the lines.
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i was traveling so much, they put me through. you want to travel extra just because you go through the lines. that's the only list i'm on. >> are you sure? coming up, good news for homeowners, home prices on the rise. how high they are soaring. that's coming up next. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet?
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>> this is a number that matters to you. yesterday's numbers, home prices, up more than 12% year over year in may. the biggest gain since march 2006. close to the peak of the housing bubble. great news. don't forget, we're not back to where we started. prices still down from the 2006 peak. and record mortgage rates are finally starting to rise. that's putting pressure on buyers. so far, it hasn't slowed down the growth. the housing start, you guys, is so dramatic and so noted. one economist said this is not believable. it's not sustainable. one reason is because you had so many fewer foreclosures, so home prices are able to rise better because you don't have the for closure prices down. but it's hot.
2:26 am
the real estate market is also hot. a hot drama going on with cbs and time warner cable. time warner cable briefly blocking out cbs overnight. they're deadlocked with the company that it pays to carry it. including showtime. chess games like this are becoming more common. viewers pay the price. the more they charge the companies, the cable bills go up. cable bills go up about 4% every year. >> people get frustrated when their games are blacked out. >> "dallas" on cbs. one of my favorite cbs shows. >> you can google them later, berman. coming up, more trouble for san diego's mayor. another woman coming forward, accusing him of sexual harassment. what happened in her own words next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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♪ anthony weiner will not quit. the new york mayoral candidate unveiling a new campaign video, as the woman he was sexting reveals intimate new details about their relationship. prison break caught on camera. the this morning, the manhunt for a dangerous inmate who orchestrated the perfect getaway. judgment day for the woman who planned her husband's murder in front of a camera. her last-minute plea for leniency. welcome back to "early start." i'm michaela pereira. >> and i'm john berman. about 30 minutes after the hour. to hear anthony weiner tell
2:31 am
it, he's not begun to fight yet. weiner said he's not quitting the mayoral race over his sexting scandal. he drives home the message on his video on his website. he said people don't know heim or new york and that, quit isn't the way we roll. >> meanwhile, weiner's former sexting partner sidney leathers said it has not changed. she was dishing the dirt on howard stern's radio show. >> i was like, this is absolutely insane. i can't believe this man would really do this again. the second time around. >> it's shocking. >> how could he be so foolish. i was like, just roll with it. >> weiner's communication director is apologizing now about what she said about a former intern for the campaign, it says barbara morgan used quite a string of curse words to describe the intern who wrote a tell-all article in the new york "daily news."
2:32 am
in that article, livia described the campaign and hopes that might help her get close to her boss hillary clinton. in a statement to cnn, morgan said she was sorry, writing in a moment of frustration, i used inappropriate language in what i thought was an off the record conversation. i was wrong and am very sorry. and the city councilmember is telling bob filner he should pay his own legal bills. the council voted unanimously to sue the mayor so the city will not be held for his actions. that as an eighth accuser is coming forward. she said filner touched her wedding band during the meeting what happened next shocked her. >> he then asked me if it could come off while i was in d.c. and if i would go out with him.
2:33 am
i said i really don't think so. at that point, he pulled my hand closer to him and he reached over to kiss me. i turned my head at that moment. and on the side of my face, i got a very wet, saliva-filled kiss, including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> that sounds a lot less than charming. she said she told the college she never wanted to meet with filner alone again. the sentencing face in the trial of bradley manning convicted of espionage for giving a trove of secret documents to wiki leaks. he was charged with aiding the enemy. manning is facing time in prison that he mishandled classified data. >> the man who admitted to holding three women captive for years is paying to tear that property down. he's given over $22,000 to the county so the home could be
2:34 am
demolished. any left over money will go into a nonprofit to his victims. he's sentenced tomorrow, plus 1,000 years. the woman and the 6-year-old that he fathered with that woman escaped that home in may. a nonguilty plea of a professor from university of pittsburgh to poisoned his wife with cyanide. dr. ferrante laced the drink and forced her to drink it. two florida deputies who shot an unarmed man in his front yard this happened near pensacola. the sheriff said that roy middleton did not push his hands up, and that's why the deputies opened fire. middleton said he did raise his hands and the deputy shot anyway. he's recovering in the hospital right now with a leg wound. authorities in kansas city are still trying to figure out
2:35 am
exactly what went wrong at a day care center. a car went flying through the wall. two children were pinned under the car that had been parked outside. it was rear ended by an suv and then pushed into the building. all told, three children 'one adult were injured. their injuries are not life threatening. state investigators are still trying to determine what caused a mass of explosion at a propane factory in florida. eight workers were injured. officials say there were 53,000 20-pound propane tanks at the facility and most of them exploded. people as far as ten miles reported feeling homes shaking. a 25-year-old medical student in michigan is is dead. authorities are seemingly stumped. paul dewolf was an aspiring surgeon and an air force officer who friends described as full of life. he was found dead of a single gunshot wound in his fraternity
2:36 am
house bedroom. nothing in the room had been touched and no weapons were found. >> paul was probably the best person that i've ever met in my entire life. it's hard for me to believe that paul would have any enemies. i don't know a single person that didn't like him. >> police believe he was killed in cold blood. and as the investigation continues, authorities are university of michigan campus in ann arbor. on the loose this morning, a man in arkansas police call armed and dangerous. he was in custody until this weekend when he broke out of jail in a dramatic fashion. as david mattingly tells us, it was all caught on camera. >> reporter: look quick. in less time than it takes to tell you what happened, arkansas inmate derrick estell was out of jail, out the front door and off to who knows where. it happened sunday in garland county, arkansas. and the only thing authorities are sure are, estell got past
2:37 am
deputies because he was not acting alone. >> they had their back turned at that time. >> reporter: authorities say he was being held accused of stealing a car back in march. leading police in a chase that ended in a standoff. the garland county sheriff said this time, he drove past deputies through an intake window when an accomplice distracted the guards. he ran out with a deputy in hot pursuit, through the parking lot to a waiting car. >> were investigating several, several leads we've received. >> reporter: one of the leads, pretty obvious, this man, william harding, is expected of distracting the guards and providing the getaway car. he's now in custody. they're also looking for this woman. tamra upshaw, suspected of being the driver. this mug shot was from june when she was brought in for skipping bond on a theft charge. authorities found that getaway car abandoned just a few minutes away with the couple nowhere in sight. he already had a record of theft
2:38 am
and burglary, he was facing a multitude of new charges after his arrest in march. that list is sure to grow after his escape in broad daylight. david mattingly, cnn, atlanta. the homeless in hawaii may get some government help to return to the mainland. the state is launching a new pilot program to pay for homeless people to get a flight out of hawaii and back to their families. advocates say it will help reduce the homeless population and ease the burden of government services but some including state he want department encourage people to buy a one-way ticket to the island when the state pays their way back. new statement from a college student, daniel chong will get $4.1 million to settle this case against the government. he was put in a cell and seemingly forgotten about until a week later when an agent found chong severely dehydrated.
2:39 am
he was drinking his own urine to survive. he was never charged with a crime. he's now back in school. hang on to your big sodas, new york's plan to ban sugary drinks bigger than 16 ounces saying the city health department didn't have the four make that rule, mayor michael bloomberg calls the decision a temporary setback and is promising to take it to the state's highest courts. let's take a look at what the weather holds for today. indra petersons is here with the forecast. >> it's hurricane season. we're going to continue to watch the tropics today. in the pacific, we have gil, a tropical storm at 15 miles per hour. what's interesting, not only with gil behind it, a 60% charges another storm to develop. i wanted to overlay gil on the path of flossie. you can literally tell it's expected to strengthen in 48 hours. behind that, even more important, it's taking the same path as flossie. we're definitely monitoring this, considering the hawaiian islands were in path of flossie
2:40 am
itself. we have a low making its way through the mississippi valley with that the sector should produce thunderstorms in the southeast. yes, your break is over. one to two inches of heavy rain in your forecast today. and that same threat is going to be quickly making its way across the midwest and eventually into the northeast. with that, we're talking all that beautiful weather, yeah, it's not lasting very long. first, we're going to start here in the midwest. eventually in the ohio valley and by thursday, we're going to be talking rain as far as the northeast. as far as rain amounts, anywhere from half an inch to an inch. heavier trend seems like in pennsylvania expected tomorrow. enjoy today. let me show you someone right now who is not your typical nfl cheerleader. 28-year-old megan welter got the job last year for working the sideline for the arizona cardinals. she's also a military veteran leading a platoon of soldiers in iraq. >> our biggest threat to the base was incoming mortars and rockets.
2:41 am
my job was to make sure that the war fighter, that soldiers that were actually out doing combat missions were able to communicate. >> megan said her iraq tour was a sink or swim experience. obviously, she swam. now, she says she's living a dream cheering for the cardinals. >> great smile. coming up she tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. now that husband is telling a judge what he thinks his wife's punishment should be. as you get, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge! bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card
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a woman in muskegon, michigan, now sentenced for trying to hire a hit man that was really an undercover police officer. she admit shed wanted to have her husband killed in videotaped conversations said it was easier than divorcing him. of course she apologized. and her husband came to her defense. >> i know what i did was wrong, i take full responsibility for it. it could have been worse, the
2:45 am
crime that i attempted could have been carried out, and that, alone, honestly, is the worst punishment anyone should ever have to endure. and i will endure it for the rest of my life. >> i whole hartley forgive my wife for his act of hatred. before this, she's been a wonderful person, a wonderful wife. >> he asked the judge to keep their young children in mind and let her go with a life sentence. but the judge said merfeld will have to spend 5 years in jail. that's one understanding husband there. i don't want to make light of it, but she tried to have him killed. >> do they stay together, and does he sleep with one eye open. >> you think you have problems. >> not really. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." one eye open at the very least. >> mickey, what were you using
2:46 am
there, is that the method? i couldn't speak. >> i like it. i like you that went with it >> here's my question of the day, i want to say this, in one of our opens this morning. seeing red over leafy greens. why do i want to say that? well, they've tragsed this stomach sickness which is really significant for people, right? it's drawing more states, more people, kids, adults. they now know it's package lettuce. they won't tell you what the brand is. we all know who they is, right? some states know. it's unclear. i want to say seeing red over leafy greens. my question to you, the audience is, what do you think, is that silly? or provoking the point. tweet me before the show, if you don't like it, i have to change it. we're also going to talk about the tsa investigation today. why? we give these people all this money and trust, and what do they do? -- not good things. what do they call them epidemic. they're saying now, it's epidemic, the problems with the tsa. so we're going to talk about
2:47 am
that. and then we're going to go through the manning verdict. it's a big deal. some people say he's a hero. other people say he's a spy. he was not convicted of any big crime. we'll go through it. a state representative, why are we talking about a state representative? a member of the illinois state house, his name is mike bosh. he's known for impassioned speeches. he's become a bit of an internet sensation, and now he's seeking higher office. >> that's enough to be in congress right there. >> he's joining us live. we're going to talk about what gets himself so fired. you it will be fire. >> that's all right. they'll take that out of him in congress. once he gets in, he'll lose. and by the way, we're also speaking with denzel washington. >> oh, by the way. >> he will be joining us. here you go. he needs no introduction. we're going to be talking to him about a lot. this new film he's in with mark
2:48 am
wahlberg. he's go to come fun. i'm trying to decide if i'm going to fess up about my most -- 13spotting denzel washington >> it was when you were on a date? >> or the one where he got the order of protection against you? >> very awkward. >> he would not look very directly at you. >> no. >> all right, guys. >> see you guys in a bit. >> you gotta. >> we will be right back. >> oh, we willy? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only
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while the baseball world awaits a possible suspension for alex rodriguez, a-rod says that he still wants to be a roll model for real. andy scholes joins us more for more in the "bleacher report." hey, andy. >> good morning, john. despite what yahoo! sports reports overwhelming evidence that proves that a-rod used drug, the yankees third baseman said that he will fight any punishment that comes his way. a-rod's on the cover of "sports illustrated." in the article he says, i have two daughters at home, and i'm sensitive of that. above all, i want to continue to be a roll model, especially to my girls. according to reports, major league baseball officials told the association that a-rod and eight other players will be suspended by the end of the week for their connection to the biogenesis clinic. yesterday, a miami-dade circuit
2:53 am
county judge ruled that they can sue the clinic. that's a big win for mlb because now they can use the legal system to force witnesses to give them information on who they supplied banned substances to. three time nascar sprint cup champion tony stewart was having a little fun racing a sprint cup dirt track monday night. when battling for the lead, check it out, he hits the side, his car flips end over end, five times. amazingly, stewart walked away just fine from this crash. had was back out on the dirt track again last night. and at the orioles last night, astros. bases loaded. jose villar comes out of nowhere. lee and chin not paying attention. the pitch so late hits him in the head, villar, crazy fast, incredible play by the astros
2:54 am
shortstop >> arguably, the biggest drawback, john, for sports events have to be the long lines you wait in to get beer and go to the bathroom. guess what? now there's an app for that. san francisco 49ers are incorporating new technology that allow you to get on your smartphone that tell you which beer stands and bathrooms have the shortest line. whenever a touchdown is scored before the extra point, i'm running up the stairs to get to the bathroom before everybody else. >> and i'm in the beer line. that tells us about each of us, andy. andy, i appreciate it. we'll right back. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness.
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. so she is out receive has been. lindsay lohan departed cliffside in malibu wednesday afternoon after serving 90 days for a probation violation. tmz says she'll head back to los angeles where she'll stay with a so-called sober coach for several days. this is low man's sixth stay in rehab. it is not clear when she might return to acting. that is all for "early start" this morning. for the last new day of july, i give you chris cuomo and kate boldu bolduan. >> then we have august and it gets better from here. >> we probably should have designed commemorative hats. >> note to self. top of the hour, here on "new day," that means time for the top news. ♪ salad sickness. that mysterious disease striking hundreds. now linked to prepackaged
2:59 am
lettuce. but where's it coming from? and what can we do about it? full court press. president obama heading to capitol hill today. a rare visit to congress. will they get anything done before they take their summer break? escape, the brazen prison break caught on tape this morning. the manhunt. he's considered armed and dangerous. arkansas police are doing everything to get him back. >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning, good morning. it's wednesday, welcome to "new day." the july 31st, last day of the month. big deal. 6:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. we're here with news anchor michaela pereira. >> good morning. >> lots coming up. the guilty trial on the
3:00 am
wikileaks, and convicted on many other charges, we'll get into what this means not only for him but other folks who revealed classified information like edward snowed. plus, shocking allegations in the tsa accused of theft, sleeping on the job, what else could be there? we'll find out what can be done to stop it. take a look at this video, this could be the angriest legislator in america. >> all the damn time! >> punched the air, flying, paper, he pumpbnched the paper. he's made quite a youtube sensation. mike boss from the great state of illinois is looking to head to the united states congress. what kind of fire can you expect him to bring to the u.s. capitol? the show.k to him coming up in - >> it will be an interesting conversation, he's a lively guy. first, mix


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