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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 31, 2013 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the able hands of one mr. wolf blitzer. he's right next door in "the situation room." will he get out of jail anytime soon? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we begin with a story you'll see first right here on cnn, but it's already making huge waves here in washington, where the first time you're going to hear from a suspect in september's deadly attack on a u.s. compound in benghazi libya, the attack that killed chris stevens and three other americans.
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the man is not in jail, but walking around freely. u.s. authorities haven't been able to catch up with him, but cnn's arwa damon did. when that news hit capitol hill today, there was sharp reaction. >> news out today that cnn was able to go in and talk to one of the suspect terrorists. how come the military hasn't been able to get after them and capture or kill these people? how come the fbi isn't do this, but yet cnn is. >> john king is standing about i with more on what's going on on capitol hill, the react, arwa damon is in cairo right now. i want to play part of your report about meeting this man in benghazi. >> reporter: u.s. officials have on which suggested they would be interested in speaking to this man about the event on the night of the attack. he's really not that difficult
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to find. we med with ahmed abu khattala in public at a coffee shop for around two hours. he seemed to be confident, his demeanor most certainly not that of a man who believed he was going to be detained or targeted any time soon. he agreed to let us film audio, but not video of our conversation. [ speaking foreign language ] arwa is engines us now. you mentioned it wasn't very hard to find this guy. how easy was it? >> reporter: very easy, wolf. this is you saw on that report
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is not a man who is in hiding. he showed up at the interview, and where around half a dozen members of one of the smaller movements who are part of the libyan security forces. we were the first television outlet to sit down with him. we also said he had very close relationses with commanders within the libyans security forces, and, wolf, he said if the americans reached out, he would be willing to in fact sit down with them. not be interrogated, he was quick to emphasize, but would be open to having a conversation similar to the one we had. wolf. >> you sat down with him for, what, two hours or so. what else did he tell you?
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>> he did get a bit agitated in some instances where we were pressen him for details, accusing us of wanting to interrogate him. he said he arrived on scene after the attack took place at the request of one of the libyan commanders who are there. others types of weapons, but because of the intensity of the gunfire, he was forced to stay on the perimeter. he claims that when he finally entered, he says for only a brief period of time, he didn't find any buildings on fire, so his narrative is at times contradictory, a long, rambling interview, but some say americans are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to abu kha at the present time tash. look outside the box when it comes to hundred dollarsing down
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who is responsible for that attack, but it still begs the question. if not directly involved in what took place, he is at the very least a key witness. why has no one reached out to him yet? >> good question. let's dig on that. arwa damon, thanks very much. let's bring in john king. as you know, there is a new push now, what, ten months or so after what occurred to try to get some answers. >> here's part of that push. we obtained this her overnight. now it's been sent officially to james -- and it says in part, from eight republican lawmakers. he led this effort. chaff either is in the house, lindsey graham, eight republicans in all signed it, and they say this. we appear to be no closer than knowing who was responsible, this is simply unacceptable.
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wolf, there's a great of frustration. the republicans are taking this public. but on this point, we talked to them privately, there is a great of frustration, you can see the photographs of five men at the scene, survey unions pictures at the u.s. mission in benghazi, the fbi asking for information. if you talk inside the administration, they will acknowledge either incompetent or unwillingness to help on behalf of the libyan authorities. the fbi says it's frustrated the investigation, but if you can't build a case, enough evidence to indied them, why not use the military rules, swoop in and seize the suspects. >> why not? >> the administration has said december when you ask a question, the military has laid plans for this. barbara starr says the military -- the justice department wants to try to build the case. it prefers to do it through the
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federal court system. >> and a lot of democrats saying this is just a political witchhunt, if you will, but the commotion is going to continue. >> the commotion will continue. there's been a key shift, and this is part of the key shift, a lot of republicans, about two at the state department said what. and a cover-up involving the president, the leadership in the republican party and some of the more moderating forces, i will say, will urged republicans to keep the focus on benghazi. but to keep the focus on two things. one, why were all the security warnings before the attack ignored? why were the americans left? they believe that's a legitimate inquiry in which the american people broadly support, and now here, as we approach the one-year anniversary, it says it's a damn good question. >> john king, with his reporting, thank you. let's bring in one of the
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republican lawmakers who signed that her to the new fbi director, he's a member of the judiciary committee, among other committees. what do you make of this arwa damon catches up with a suspected terrorist pretty easily, but no one from the u.s. government has contacted him, no one from the libyans authorities has contacted him him. what's going on? ivities this totally inexcusable. four dead americans, a clear terrorist attack, an administration that is not following through in capturing or killing of people. remember, hats off to cnn. cnn is the one that went in days off the attack and found the paperwork from the ambassador. his diary. >> arwa damon, by the way, the same reporter who found this guy the other day, she also found
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his diary. >> so cnn's able to go in, find the diary, cnn is able to go in eight, nine, ten months after the fact and just very quickly be able to talk to this person. he's at least a win. al shariah has great tie toss al qaeda. he's credited with being the leader of that organization and our people aren't even talking to him? i just don't understand, and there's a lot of frustration. the administration, the obama administration has got to answer these questions. that's why we sent the letter to the new fbi director. >> would you support what john king was talking about, a snatch operation to go in there? clearly the libyan authorities, if there are libyan authorities, they haven't made any efforts to talk to this guy? >> i want the same sort of intensity to capture or kill the terrorist, as we did in boston. in boston we had four people killed, lohse of overs maimed and injured. the fbi was on top of it, a
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manhunt, and we got those people really quick. in benghazi, similar things, and then we seem to be, well, it's just politics, this is just one of the republicans' pretend scandals, that's so offensive to the fact that we have four dead americans. >> but isn't there a respond, congressman for the libyan government to do something to find these killers of these four americans? after all, the united states spent well over a billion with cruise missiles strikes in libya to get rid of gadhafi and put this new government in place. >> after 40-plus years of moammar gadhafi, i plame and take responsibilities for americans. the president of 9 united states needs to look at americans. they attacked us on our sovereign territory, and we need to go after these people, because they very well could do it against. there are embassies we know
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throughout africa and other parts of the world that aren't fortified to the degree they need to be. you've got to get those terrorists off the warpath and capture or kill these people. >> into i have beenly what i hear you saying is you don't think the libyan government is competent to do anything? >> they've been struggling to form a government. of course, we want to try to work with them. thereof consequences to what susan rice did on the sunday morning talk shows. that was one of the key reasons, according to hicks why it took 18 days for the fbi to even get there. there are consequences to that, but the primary responsibility for looking out for the american people is the president of the united states, not some military official in the middle of libya. here's what's disturbing to me, on top of all of this, congressman. the other day in a major prison in benghazi 1200, prisoners
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escaped, and they are not free. what's going on? >> that is -- that could be good. i read the accounts of this, literally 1,000-plus prisoners out there. it's a very different situation action to say the least. that's why the united states military, all the apparatus, every asset we have has got to be focused on capturing or killing those people who killed americans. i can't believe we have to have this debate of trying to encourage the obama administration to do this? this is a core responsibility of the president of the united states. >> just a final question, when you send in u.s. special operations commandos to find these guys and bring them out -- >> whatever it takes. we should have done it the day after the attack, if possible. yesterday you read about the "wall street journal," cnn is able to go in there, but there seems to be no commitment that i can see, and i'm asking the administration, if there is a
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commitment, show us, demonstrate it to us, but we have got to bring these trifs to just, just like we did in boston action and why would we settle for anything less? >> representative, thank you for joining us. >> thank, wolf. up next, president obama makes a rare visit to capitol hill, but leaves at least a fellow democrat feeling sleighted. we'll explain. o.j. simpson get good news from the parole board, but not everything he had hoped for. a quarter million tweeters musicare tweeting.eamed. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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larry summers is one of the most talked about and controversial people in washington who isn't even in washington. now he teaches at harvard, about you he's considered one of the leading candidates to be nominated for run the federal reserve, making that choice is one of the most important economic decisions the president will make. larry summers is a figure of some controversy, because some liberals, especially think he's too close to the banks the 6. when he was in there meeting with democrats, some of the progressives parent pushed him on why larry summers could 'em be considered for this job. the president spiced people by actually talking about it. here's what nancy pelosi told reporters about that discussion afterwards.
2:18 pm
>> the president did not bring up the subject of larry summers, someone else did, and he did make a -- i don't want to saying -- he just spoke -- what he thought about larry summers, recognizing that there are differing views on our caucus on how we go forward, but united states whoever the president chooses will be received with great everything. 6. >> it's very rare for the president to even address the question of anyone who could be considered for the federal reserve, and you will because whenever his name comes up, it always seems in feathers are ruffled. >> the president also had another tense moment. tell us about it. >> this is a matter of some dispute, about whether the president was joking or not. so a freshman democrat from new york named shawn patrick maloney
2:19 pm
asked the president about a jobs program in his district, and according to dana bash and lisa dejarreden on the hill, he said to the president, mr. president, i should probably be asking this of your staff, but -- and the president shot back and said, yeah, you should be asking my staff. now, some people in the room found that testy and rude. the president's staff here, jay carney from the briefing said to me, no, no, the president was just joking, he meant it in a light-hearted way. objectively that does sound a bit, i don't know, smart-aleck had offy, but this is a democrat in a tough election race, and he can get a lot of mileage, did not at white house says they will look into the issue. >> they should just have cameras in there.
2:20 pm
you have so many people, they try to keep it closed door. just open it up, let there be some transparency, see what the president is saying, and move on. >> let's take it a step further. we should wire the white house. a meeting like this should be open to the american people. you know, a private meeting with three or four people, that's one thing. a meeting like this, you open it up and let the american people. >> i'll upload it. coming up, the latest round in the republican civil war, calling a popular senator an isolationist who, quote, hasn't shown much intelligence. next, a parole board's surprising decision to a request by o.j. simp so i. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." the chevy malibu offers an impressive epa estimated 34 mpg highway... and during chevy's model year-end event
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armed robbery convictions, but it does not mean he's about to become a free man. cnn's ted rowlands is following the story for us. he was granted parole because of good behavior. he talked to the members of the parole board and pled his case. he listens to others. he hasn't had any infractions. when he wall street sentenced, he was sentenced to serve, he --
2:25 pm
not concurrently, but yes he's done with his robby. now he steps up to the next one. that's one year. on this track, best scenario is four years. >> but there is another opportunity if this motion for a new trial is granted. they they they have a very good case. where they argued -- if he gets a new trial, he'll be out, out on parole right away -- or on bail, while they figure out if he -- this first started,
2:26 pm
prosecutors only wanted him to do three to five years. at one point offered a deal of two years. that decision should come within the nbc few years. thanks very much for that, ted rowlands reporting. when we come back, we'll hear from a potential president atcandidates who says senator rand paul in his words is an isolationist, representative of the isolationist wing. plus stories about what could happen to you in the air security line. sfx: birds chirping sfx: birds chirping like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business.
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. happening now, two high-profile republicans and potential candidates unleash a bitter war of words, how one is proposing to end the feud. plus a scathing new report finds tsa employees stealing from luggage and sleeping on the job. that may not even be the worst of it. in our energy drinks, are they hurting your children? congress is stepping in as far as the marketing. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." 6. let's get to the
2:30 pm
increasingly nasty fight for the hash and soul of the republican party right now. some potential presidential candidates are throwing around pretty sharp words. jim acosta has been listening. what are you hearing? >> it may be easing up, wolf. with the respect debates over drones, a new poll shows rand paul has become one of the most popular leaders. so it shouldn't be any surprise that chris christie is trying to take him down a notch. they could be the first shots fired in the battle for 2016. a war of words that began last week when new jersey governor chris christie slammed kentucky senator rand paul for his criticism of goism surveillance. >> this strange of libertarianism, is making big headlines i think is a very dangerous thought. >> senator rand paul, for example? >> you can name any number of
2:31 pm
people. he's one of them. >> the back and forth continued into "the situation room." >> attacking me isn't helping the party, he's hurting the party. >> paul has accused christie by thwarting federal relief money for hurricane sandy victims. christie has called on paul to cut pork barrel spending in kentucky. >> i doubt he would action because most washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon? >> beyond the jabs, some republicans is a it's paul's noninterventionist views that are setting the stage for the heart and soul of their party. >> this is the anti-war left-wing democrats of the 1960s that nominated george mcgovern and destroyed their party for almost 20 years. >> according to a new pugh research center poll, paul is popular among republicans, only 19% unfavorably. contrast that with christie, 47%
2:32 pm
see him in a positive light, 30% don't. both men have an opportunity as republicans don't have a clear leader. 10% say it's house speaker john boehner. the rest register in the single digits, with a whopping 56% saying nobody or they don't know. >> i think we're going to end up with a republican primary that looks a lot like a cage match. if i was asked who the leader of the republican party is right now, i couldn't give you the name of that person. >> reporter: paul appears determined to carry on much of his father ron paul's libertarian legacy. the senator just introduced an amendment to cut foreign aid to egypt. >> no one questions sending billions of your dollars to egypt. >> reporter: but that amendment lost, a reminder that the gop is not quite ready to follow his lead. as for his fight with chris christi paul told a new hampshire radio station he's ready to ratchet down the
2:33 pm
receipt ricks, saying it's not good for the party. earlier this asp, rand paul on a different tv network proposed that the two have a beer. we're waiting to find out what chris christie has to say about that. he has a radio interview tonight, so we'll hear from the governor then. >> thanks very much. >> joining us right now, he's the chairman of the homeland security -- on counter-terrorism. this is what hi had to say yesterday about you. >> well, what i would say, you know, it's a similar wing of the party, if not the same. it's the tax and spend they're
2:34 pm
all for blowing up stuff, but not too concerned with fiscal responds. >> first of all, i don't believe center paul knows what he's talking about. for instance action he was talking about how he voted against sandy relief. that was taken out of the bill long before it arrived. there was no pork, every dollar was accounted for. secondly, he never vitted new york or new jersey. he never saw the devastation, and then they talks about us wanting to start wars and somehow people enjoy wars and wanting to bomb everything? is that what he thinks or military does? what this reminds me of, for senator paul and others in that isolationist wing, the republicans had this debate back in the 1930s, when you had the
2:35 pm
isolationist and the charles lindbergs, and the democrats had it in the 1960s when the anti-war movement blamed america first. in both cases it hurt the party for years. i'm afraid that's what senator paul is going to do with us. he wants to isolate ourselves, go back to a fortress america. when he talks about governor christie and me and others who fought hard to get the aid that we needed, this was a natural disaster, and yet every dollar was accounted for. he just perpetuates this big lie, talking about pork and somehow demeans governor christie, when he had every dollar accounted for. >> let's talk about what he would like to do. he would like to reduce foreign aid, stop the aid to egypt, to pakistan, and use that money domestically for better purposes. he says that had be smart. what do you say? >> first, one has nothing to do with the other.
2:36 pm
they're two separate issues, and he should know the difference. senator paul claims to be a great friend of israel, but yesterday the ambassador to israel said that continuing american aid to egypt is essentially to maintain the peace process and to maintain the eups/israeli peace agreement that was negotiated under president carter over on 30 years ago, so it's easy to say cut this or cut that, you can have an intelligence debate, but so far he hasn't shown very much intelligence. >> in his word it's unconstitutional. you want to respond to senator powell on that front? >> sure. first of all, the nsa program has been upheld by the courts. it has stopped hoefr 50 attacks. they cannot give one example of one abuse over the last 12 years when the program went into effect. so it's been extremely productive, extremely beneficial to the country, and does protect
2:37 pm
civil liberties and civil rights. i just point out, and say a fisa-related program, it's a fisa-related program that uncovered an al qaeda cell in senator paul's own state of kentucky. so he just makes they charges about spying and snooping. he makes america the enemy. that reminds me of years ago when he had the always blame america first democrats, and we saw what happened to them. they were a losing party. >> i know ha he's thinking of running for the republican presidential nomination in 2016. i suspect you are as well, maybe governor christie -- there's a real division among republicans over the heart and soul of the republican party right now, isn't it? >> wolf, there is, and i think it's a debate we have to have. there are certain things more important than party. that's standing for real principle. the so-called principles of senator paul and senator cruz,
2:38 pm
as an isolationist trend which will damage or country tremendously. it sets one region of the country again another, what he tried to do with governor christie, and we believe and weers that there's a terrorist movement out there to -- and we had to maintain our security. which is only in his minds. one final question. you still stand by what you said, when he said he republicans a fringe element of the republican party? is that what you said? >> yes, this is a fringe, an isolationist wing of the party. >> congressman peter king action thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. and just ahead, some tsa employees allegedly sleeping on the job? that may not even be the worst of it. and serious charges for pakistan's former president, related to the assassination of a former rival. this is a story i've been
2:39 pm
following from the very start. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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they've been caught sleeping on the job, stealing monday from luggage, even skipping critical, all according to a new record on the accountability office, which finds employee misconduct at the transportation is now on the rise. cnn's renay marsh has been following the story for us, some serious allegations of misconduct, rene? >> pretty serious stuff here, wolf, tsa officers screen some 1.8 million travelers every day
2:43 pm
at 450 airports across the country, so when this new report found bad behavior within the agency is up 26%, lawmakers on capitol hill have lots of questions and concerns. today's hearing lasted about two hours, one of the main questions, what will the tsa do about the misconduct? well, there are four things the tsa is working on improving as a result of the report, including better recordkeeping when it comes to who is behaving badly, what punishment they face and what is the outcome of the investigation. the tsa a says working on more consistency, so the process of dealing with misconduct is the same essentially at any airports that you go to. >> well, how are they responding to tsa? in the face of what is described as thousands of cases of misconduct on the job. >> that's right. so they have their chance to respond at this hearing today. the tsa both and the union for the screeners, they maintained that when you consider their
2:44 pm
56,000-member workforce, the number of employees behaving badly is a really small amount. here's how the tsa respond the to the crisp such today. >> then tsa is kind of proven. earn americans' trust and confidence. >> every single time we have one knucklehead who decides he's going to do something bad. it tarnishes the image, but at the same time we point out the fact that last year over ten of our tsos saved people's lives, either in the airport through cpr, by pulling people from burning cars, by talking down a pilot in a general aviation aircraft. you never hear those stories, or are very rarely hear them. >> the tsa there defending the employees. the tsa say they have been and
2:45 pm
continue to randomly conduct integrity tests, and they are just what they sound like. investigators posing as travelers, they leave something behind, a laptop or money on purpose to see if the agent will pocket it or do the right thing. it's one way they're going about weeding out the bad apples. >> thanks very much for that. coming up, serious charges for the former president of pakistan, and brand-new information about a secret tool used to create vast amounts of data from millions of people. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover a hybrid from the luxury car company that understands that one type of hybrid isn't right for everyone. come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪
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pakistan's former president mu shave will likely be indicted next week. this according to musharraf's lawyer. he's expected to be charged for the alleged failure as pakistan's president to provide adequate security for bhutto upon her return to pakistan. i've been covering this story from the very start. >> reporter: just before the late pakistani former prime minister returned to pakistan in 2007, she joined me in "the situation room," where el warned her of the dangers she faced. your family has a history, unfortunately a tragic history of assassination. >> i know the past has been tragic, but i'm an optimist by nature. i put my faith in the people of pakist pakistan. i put my faith in god. i think what i am doing is a good cause or right cause, and to build regional security. i know the dangers are there,
2:50 pm
but i'm prepared to take those risks. >> your father was killed in a political assassination. >> my father was killed. it was a very terrible moment in my lif you. one has to stand up for the principle these believe in and i'm standing up for the principle of democracy, i'm standing up for moderation, and i'm standing up for hope for all the people in pakistan. who today are poor and miserable and really quite desperate. >> after the interview, she flew back to pakistan, and forwarded a confidential email to me saying i could make it public only if something happened to her. she was killed in december 2007. i then released her email, which read quote, nothing will, god willing, happen. just wanted you to know that if it does, in addition to the names of my letter to musharraf in october 16th, i would hold musharraf responsible. i have been made to feel insecure by his minions and there is no way what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private cars or using tinted windows, or giving
2:51 pm
jammers or four police mobiles to cover all side, could happen without him. flash forward to this year, when the former pakistani president, pervez musharraf, came to the situation room, just before his return to pakistan. he strongly denied any role in bhutto's assassination. he insisted his government had provided her with adequate security, but she was reckless. >> you're familiar with that note. >> she left behind. >> blaming you in effect for her assassination. and i'd like you to respond to that. because you're about to do what she did. >> but i'm not going to blame anyone. i think this is very unfair to blame the president of a country, to provide security to her. but however, i know that total security was provided to her. now, the security if you analyze it or you compare it with some system of expertise that one has here, to what pakistan, there were ample force provided,
2:52 pm
special forces provided to her. and she survived, i mean she went to that public gathering. she addressed that public gathering for one and a half, two hours. and she then walked away. she waved to the crowds. and got into the car. for two, two and a half hours. she was totally safe and secure. >> so you feel confident that you gave her the security she needed. >> yes. >> i asked him if he thought -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> in what, three or four years? >> we are taking proper procedures. the worst will happen. now if i was somebody trying to kill me, yes, indeed, i have to take security measures. which i will. >> now musharraf is expected to be indicted next week in connection with bhutto's death. we tried to connect with him on the phone, but could not.
2:53 pm
his spokesman says that charges are quote, false, fabricated, and fictitious. we'll stay on top of the story. next week we'll see if the charge, charges against musharraf are duly leveled. up next, are energy drink companies marketing to children? congress now stepping in to try to find out. plus -- a young man left for days without food or water, forgotten in a tiny cell. right here in the united states. now the final chapter in this real-life horror story coming up. but first, fighting to end all malaria deaths within two years. here's how she's impacting her world. >> hi, i'm katherine mcphee, with impacting malaria. the preschool, school master, wonderful woman there. she came down with malaria. i had gotten together with malaria saying i would love to
2:54 pm
get to africa to see what we could do for her and for all the people that she works so hard to help. every minute a child dies from malaria. it's something that doesn't need to happen. something that's curable. preventible. it's nothing that we would ever happen in the united states. but it's something that really is devastating to the their lives and there's so much to be done that you can feel overwhelmed with what can i actually do. the truth of it is a $10 net can save lives. that's why we're working to cut malaria deaths by 2015. join the movement, impact your world. ♪
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when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
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2:58 pm
that 2:30 feeling, have a five-hour energy. but just how safe are energy drinks? and are some of the commercials being marketed to kids? that was the subject of a senate hearing here in washington today. which cnn's athena jones watched and athena is here in the "situation room." explain what was going on? >> the argument is that the energy drink companies are sponsoring things like fantastic flying machines and concerts, sports teams, young athletes and extreme athletes, you'll remember felix baumgartner, his space jump? red bull sponsored that. these are things that appeal to children and there are real concerns about these drinks' safetyth and on the label it is says not recommended for children. so the american medical association has now called for a ban on marketing energy drinks to anyone under 18. because of the large amount of caffeine in them that they say can lead to heart and other health problems. to be clear, we're talking about drinks like this one, rockczar,
2:59 pm
this has 160 milligrams for a can this size. that's about 50% more than an ordinary soft drink. but it's less than half of what's in a starbucks pick of the day, same size cup of coffee. that's what we're talking about here. before the hearing we had chance to speak to one of the witnesses, dr. william spencer who, talked about his concern. let's list ton that. >> i really see our children being at risk. i see that they are being targeted by this seductive message. and i think that as i witness as a physician, the health impact and the increasing emergency room visits, that's what got me concerned. >> now dr. spencer wants these drinks classified as a drug and wants congress to stop companies from marketing to children. but the company who is testify today, they say their drinks are safe and that they don't market to children. let's listen to what monster energy drinks ceo said today.
3:00 pm
>> monster is and has always been committed to insuring that all of the ingredients in its energy drinks, including caffeine are safe and in regulatory compliance for their intended use. >> and i should add one more thing, wolf, red bull's vice president said a series of promises she made today, one of them is that red bull is not going to be buying advertising for any audiences that have 35% or more of people under 18. so that's where we stand today. and interesting conversation to see and it's going to continue. >> it certainly will, athena jones, thanks for that report. happening now -- a startling claim that the government can access almost every keystroke you type on the internet. this hour, new information from the nsa leaker and fresh outrage. plus, president obama surprising new ally, a republican who once was quick to criticize him because his secret, get it done guy. and he said it felt like a firing squad. we're going to hear from man who was shot by sheriffs deputies,
3:01 pm
he was in his own driveway and he was unarmed. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >> he may be holed up at moscow airport, but the nsa leaker is stirring up more fear today about the extent of government snooping and about the vulnerability of america's secrets. the guardian newspaper in london published new information from the documents leaked by edward snowden. the report describes a secret tool used by the nsa that could collect vast amounts of internet data from millions of people. also today intense senate hearing on surveillance and the snowden security breach. our crime and justice correspondent, joe johns has been looking into all of this for us and has this report. joe? >> wolf, even as the government was trying to show more transparency by confirming that its massive electronic data collection program's function in the u.s. and overseas, the rogue
3:02 pm
former worker of the intelligence community who has caused so much trouble for his old baosses was adding new fuel to the fire. the latest revelation from confessed intelligence leaker, edward snowden, is almost staggering. how the government, using a program known as x keyscore can access emails, web browsing, private chats, you name it along with what we already knew, the meta data that tell them about telephone calls and other electronic communication. the "guardian's" len green-week-old told the story. >> the "guardian" published slides from what appeared to be an nsa presentation showing how x keyscore works. the government can access massive database of information about an individual's online act difficulties by simply mailing email addresses or other information into a computer-generated form. it suggests that the government can access the internet browsing activities of individuals on facebook, yahoo, twitter, myspace, even
3:03 pm
snowden has talked before about how the program could be misused. >> i sit at my desk certainly have the authority to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge, to even the president, if i had a personal email. >> the national security agency issued a statement saying allegations of widespread unchecked analyst access to nsa collection data are simply not true. that it focuses on foreign intelligence targets. our tools have stringent oversight and compliance mechanisms, built in at several levels, at a conference of computer hackers, the head of the nsa, speaking at times over hecklers talked about the importance of the programs. >> how do we come up with a program to stop terrorism and to protect our civil liberties in privacy? this is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing our country today. >> at a hearing, senator dianne feinstein said fewer than two dozen people can access the sensitive information and they
3:04 pm
are subject to strict control. >> query, which is the search of the database can only be done on reasonable articulatable suspicion and only 22 people have access to that, trained and vetted analysts at the nsa. >> but weather wl the government has enough safeguards is an open question that starts with the unauthorized access that edward snowden got, a sore point on the hill. >> who double-checked mr. snowden? >> there are checks at multiple levels, there are checks in terms of what an individual might be doing at a point in time. >> they obviously failed. >> in this case we can say they failed, but we don't know where. >> you think he failed. you see him at the airport in russia with millions of items. >> i would say that with the benefit of what we now know, they did fail. >> the nsa offered declassified new information that says they've discovered technical compliance issues and human errors in the implementation of two of the snooping programs but
3:05 pm
they haven't found any acts of bad faith. there's also an intelligence court document that suggests the government is actually using a baseline legal standard referred to as senator feinstein. it's common known in the law as reasonable suspicion before allowing snooping. privacy advocates say that's good, but not enough. wolf? >> we'll have a major debate this hour on that very subject. other news we're following -- president obama paid a rare visit to capitol hill today, with fellow democrats, but behind the scenes, he's been forging a political friendship with a top republican. his former presidential rival senator john mccain. we have some new evidence of that yesterday, we learned that mccain is set to travel to egypt at the president's request. along with senator lindsay graham. our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash has been looking into this obama/mccain relationship. what are you finding out? >> it's very interesting. there was a classic moment that was filled with symbolism just today on capitol hill. john mccain wandered into the
3:06 pm
senate democrats' meeting with president obama. mccain said he opened the wrong door, looked in the room and saw the president and said oops and the room full of democrats erupted in laughter. well lately, mccain is used to making democrats happy. especially the democrats suddenly relying on mccain to push his agenda, president obama. only a few months ago you couldn't turn on the tv without seeing john mccain railing against president obama. >> this president, and this administration has either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover-up. >> but now, a 1800. >> i think there is a more of a desire to work together, than i have seen in some time. >> suddenly mccain is obama's go-to guy to get things done. on immigration, striking a deal allowing confirmation of half a dozen obama nominees. and now heading to egypt with republican lindsay graham at the president's request. >> we do have relationships with many of the people in egypt.
3:07 pm
because of our past encounters. >> back he they were rivals for president, it was hard to imagine mccain and obama anywhere. >> who is the real barack obama? i guess he believes that if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be believed. >> in 2008, did you ever think that you would be president obama's republican deal-maker? >> no. because i thought i would be -- but i -- look, i have, i worked on a lot of issues with president clinton. and as well as the republican president. so it's not as if i haven't done this before. >> he certainly has, it's how mccain got a reputation as a maverick. a moniker he often wore proudly, but also abandoned at times, especially since losing to obama in 2008. in 2010, a senate gop primary challenge forced him to the right. far from bipartisan compromise. now sources close to mccain tell
3:08 pm
cnn he's stemming up more as statesman in part because he doesn't like where younger conservatives want to take the gop. he's called they can whacko birds and chastised them on the senate floor. mccain told us he credits obama's new chief of staff, dennis mcdonough, a former hill staffer, with understanding how to reach out. this is how democratic negotiating partner, chuck schumer, explains the turn-around. >> this has always been john mccain. >> mccain describe it is this way. >> since his re-election, the president i believe has looked at his legacy. as all presidents do in the second term and we have had the opportunity to work together on a number of issues. >> i asked mccain if this isn't also him working on his own legacy. the 76-year-old mccain answered me by volunteering that he's going to decide in a year or two whether he's going to run for re-election or not in 2016 and that certainly, wolf, somebody
3:09 pm
thinking about his legacy. >> stand by, gloria, is standing by. what's your take, gloria. why do you think the new budding relationship has emerged? >> i of course agree with everything that dana bash said. it is about legacy, it's about the president's legacy. it's about john mccain's legacy. it's also about mutual self-interest right now. not only as far as legacy is concerned. but they happen to have some things they agree on, such as immigration reform and mccain wants it get that done. the president wants it get that done. also on the issues of drones and nsa surveillance, they're on the same side of that issue. they've disagreed a lot on syria. big issue, susan rice. another big issue, but where they can work together, they're going to try and do it. i think do not underestimate this dennis mcdonough reaching out. senators like to get stroked. they like to be included. and this president is looking at
3:10 pm
john mccain because compared to whom? he can't reach out to rand paul for example or ted cruz for example. so eel take john mccain and john mccain's buddy, lindsay graham, both of whom are going to egypt. >> is he getting aggravation from his fellow republicans, senator mccain? >> not entirely. i don't think that the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell was thrilled that mccain worked around him to cut a deal with the white house to get some of president obama's nominees through. but if he is aggravating some of his republicans, it's not going to be an unfamiliar place for john mccain. >> you know, but what does it say about our president, gloria, that he is reaching out to senator mccain? >> i don't think he has much choice. he doesn't have much choice. would he pick john mccain as his best friend? no but he doesn't have any choice when it comes to for example, immigration use, you
3:11 pm
saw chuck schumer there, they are working together on issues they want to get done. john mccain has said publicly, if we don't get immigration reform done for the republican party, we're never going to elect another president. >> mccain said to me today, reminded me that it wasn't that long ago when the president first came into office, he had 60 democratic votes in the senate, he had a huge majority in the house, he didn't need to talk to republicans. mccain and many other people said at some point this is going to come back to bite him and it eventually did. and now he's by necessity, having to talk to people like john mccain. >> three and a half years left to go, he wants the legacy to be good, thanks very much for a good discussion. still ahead, o.j. simpson in prison, he hasn't gottgot somet hasn't gotten in a long time, good news. an unarmed man shot in his own driveway. he was cooperating when the shots rang out. >> he said he said it was a neighbor next door playing. when they shine the light.
3:12 pm
he said -- he went to put up his hands and turn around. and that's when the bullets started. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose your soup, salad, entree, plus dessert all just $14.99. come into red lobster, and sea food differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thursday. fo"that starts with one ofes. the world's most advancedy," distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes,
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? right now, a florida man is in the hospital recovering from bullet wounds and trying to figure out why sheriffs deputies shot him in his own driveway. roy middleton was in his car, he was unarmed when he says it felt like he was put in front of a firing squad. the sheriffs department tells a very different story. cnn's vick valencia has more on what happened and he joins me now. what have you discovered, nick? >> roy middleton is still in the hospital. his family expects him to get out in the coming days, for now he says he's trying to make sense of what happened. >> i complied with the order and they opened fire on me. and they-the stop until they ran out of ammunition, i felt like i was in front of a firing squad. >> the sound of gunfire, a disturbing wakeup call in the
3:16 pm
wee hours of the morning. a an unarmed man getting out of his own car, shot by police. >> a big slug right here. >> celia walker said her son was hit twice as bullets flew, while he stood in his pensacola driveway. mistaken as a burglary suspect, sheriffs deputies opened fire. the sheriffs office says at least 15 times, he's now in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> he's going to be okay and god just saved him. god just shield him. i know he did. because, they were trying to kill him. the way they were shooting and it was all for nothing. >> around 2:30 in the morning. middleton says he has just come home. he says he was looking for a cigarette in his car. >> he was in the car like this -- and he said that when they told him that he thought it was a neighbor next door playing, because they do that when they shine the light. he said -- he went to put up his hands and turn around. and that's when the bullets
3:17 pm
started. >> escambia county deputies tell a different story. they spotted middleton in the car, it was dark and they say middleton refused to obey their commands, then they say he lunged at them a shiny object. sheriff david morgan has turned the investigation over to the florida department of law enforcement. >> we see the noncompliance with law enforcement officers. it's a tragedy all the way around. he is both a suspect and a victim. >> how can he be a suspect in a victim at your own house? in your own yard? your own car? i don't understand that. >> she says her son is on pain medication for a bad back. what role that played, if anyway, will now be determined by state investigators. the deputies are on paid administrative leave. >> the message to the public is this. this was a tragedy. and it was a tragedy because we had an individual citizen for whatever reason, either impairment due to alcohol or
3:18 pm
drugs, or just, taking it upon himself not to be compliant with following basic direct orders. >> andre lives next door, he was in the front of the house and watcheded entire scene unravel before him. >> i lost site of him, his head dipped out of vision. >> in the hail of gunfire, he shocked middleton was only hit twice. >> i think he was complying, i don't have any doubt even not being able to see what was going on. that he was complying with them. maybe not in the timeframe that the officer was looking for, but it seemed he was complying. >> now whether middleton was complying or a deputies acted appropriately, that will be determined in the coming weeks. for now, sheriff david morgan has turned the investigation over to the florida department of law enforcement the state attorney will then have to determine if any laws were broken. wolf? >> nick valencia reporting. let's get more from the sheriff, david morgan. joining us here in the "situation room." so why did your deputy, sheriff,
3:19 pm
feel threatened? >> well, mr. blitzer, the deputies were following standard protocol. and again for civilians who are not involved in law enforcement, these of these actions can be very confusing. because this is not what they do in a normal routine or their normal job. our officers received a 911 call and the gentleman that gave an interview earlier was on the phone with our dispatcher. was standing in his yard. on the tape he made a statement to the dispatchers that he wasn't sure what was wrong with mr. middleton, because he's standing in the yard, speaking on his cell phone and he's not paying any attention to him. it wasn't as though he's speaking low or trying to hide. and what he reported was his neighbor's vehicle being stolen. he also said that i know my neighbors, they're in their house asleep. and so he did not know that mr. middleton actually lived there. he didn't recognize him, either. when our deputies responded to a vehicle theft in progress, again they discovered an individual in the car rummaging around. when they gave the first
3:20 pm
command, he stuck a left hand out the window according to officers and went back in the car. they continued to yell command to mr. middleton. at when point he opened the car door and stepped out. again we're not sure why he was making these lunging movements, but they were not fluid as a normal person would have made them. when he went back in the car the second time, he went towards the console, according to our officers, when he exited the vehicle, his back was to the officers and he spun around. and when he spun around, he had a metallic object in his hand. now two metallic objects have been taken at the crime scene by the florida department of law enforcement. they're processing them to see which one was actually in mr. middleton's hand. and our train something based upon a landmark case that was heard by the u.s. supreme court. graham versus connors which is the reasonableness, that we use for that, how did the officers feel in that split-second in that moment, were they in fear for their lives, at which point they fired.
3:21 pm
? we spoke, cnn did, with roy middleton, he's in the hospital recovering from his wounds, this is what he said today. >> you pulled in my driveway. i heard somebody start yelling pi did think it was a neighbor, but i still was showing my hands, as soon as i showed my hands, i was shot. upon and i complied with the officers, and they still opened fire on me, i felt like i was in front of a firing squad. >> and 15 shots were fired. some would say that was excessive. >> in our training when an officer employs deadly force, what you do is you continue to fire until a suspect is incapacitated. and again while a large number of rounds were expended, mr. middleton was only struck once. when mr. middleton went down he had his right hand underneath his body. the third officer that responded to the scene, deputy wright was there also issuing commands, trying to get mr. middleton to take his right hand out from under his body.
3:22 pm
they had again to get his right hand out from under his body. so mr. middleton told a very different story at the scene that night, with the investigators there. and again we've turned this over to a third party. you know the state's attorney's office will make the final determination on how to proceed with this. i want to reemphasize to everyone. we are in sympathy with the middleton family, it's a tragedy all the way around. it's a tragedy for the officers whenever they're called upon to use deadly force. again we also back up wolf to the beginning of this and had mr. middleton complied from the beginning to the end of this scenario, i can tell you shots would not have been fired. he just made the statement when he pulled into his driveway, mr. middleton was not driving the car. you know he had not pulled into the driveway. the car was stationary in the driveway. our eye witness who called 911 stated that he entered the car and the car was stationary, he was not operating a motor vehicle. >> obviously a lot to review and i'm sure you guys will be reviewing it. the outside board will review it in the meantime the deputies are
3:23 pm
on leave, right? >> they are, sir. they are also sent for the requisite counseling. >> all right. sheriff david morgan, thanks very much for coming in, we'll continue to follow the story for our viewers. up next, o.j. simpson is granted parole. so why does he still have to wait a few years to get out of prison? and an innocent man left inside a government cell for five days, without any food or water. we have details of the extreme measures he took to survive here in the united states. how could this happen in the united states of america? with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you
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happening now, new fuel for the debate over nsa spying. useful weapon against terrorists or is it trampling on your privacy? plus a parole board gives o.j. simpson a break, a new twist in his bizarre journey from football and fame to prison. and the growing threat if an oil spill that may be twice as large as we've been told. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." o.j. simpson has been granted parole. but it will be at least four years before he gets out of a nevada prison. the serving consecutive sentences right now for charges relating to an armed robbery of memorabilia in his football career. but the parole applies to only some of the charges. his lawyers have requested a new trial for simpson, a las vegas judge is considering that right now. if they agree, he could be out of jail within the next few weeks. let's get some more now from brian todd who has been taking a
3:28 pm
look at the spectacular rise and fall of o.j. simpson. >> when we got the news about o.j. simpson's partial parole today. we were riveted to the screen once again. any news about the former football star seems to draw us in because we have watched so much of simpson's personal drama play out over the decades. why would we take such an interest in a puffy, shackled, 66-year-old o.j. simpson? michael o'keefe of the new york "daily news" says it's the o.j. simpson story that pulls us in. >> we're drawn to o.j. because he's been in the public eye for you know, going on 40 years now. and we really seen a spectacular rise and a spectacular fall in his life. >> america first took widespread notice of simpson when he sprang into the nfl in 1969. the heisman trophy winner out of usc with an electric smile and catchy name. who would later be nicknamed juice. playing on bad buffalo bills teams didn't diminish the attraction. simpson became the first running back to gain 2,000 yards in
3:29 pm
season. several all pro years followed. then he became david beckham before beckham. a transcendent sports and marketing icon. the hertz ads from the '70s live on in youtube. >> go, o.j., go! >> hertz, the superstar in rent a car. >> we want to be like o.j., we did the o.j. run through the crowded airport like did he in those hertz commercials. >> he crossed seamlessly into hollywood, with roles in movies like "the towering inferno." and the "naked gun" trilogy. on screens big and small, as an actor, pitch man. network football analyst, o.j. simpson observers say had a charm, that smile, that guy next door vibe that made whites and african-americans equally comfortable with him. but in june, 1994, a much more ominous and bizarre chant of go,
3:30 pm
o.j., go. pockets of small crowds in l.a. cheered simpson as he led police on the notorious white bronco chase. simpson's trial for the murder of his ex-wife nicole and ron goldman marked the first time america had been transfixed on tv for a court case. eventually he was acquitted. but just as compellingly as he had brought americans of all races together in admiring him in the '70s and '80s, his trial cast the deepest and most disturbing divides. >> it pitted black against white and people who rich against poor. no one didn't have an opinion about whether or not o.j. was guilty. you either thought he was guilty or you thought he was the victim of racist police and incompetent prosecution. >> o'keefe says it was also one of those watershed cultural moments when america was shaken out of its habit of falling over celebrities, after the simpson murder trial, we were never quite as shocked again when we found out our idols, people like michael jackson and lance armstrong weren't quite what we thought. wolf? >> human beings after all and
3:31 pm
maybe even bad human beings. thanks for that brian todd, good report. remind us a lot of what was going on with o.j. just ahead, an important debate over the nsa's surveillance program and whether americans are safer because of it or not. and the long-term damage to wildlife and tourism from another major oil spill.
3:32 pm
3:33 pm
3:34 pm
let's get back to our lead story this hour, a new report based on documents from the nsa leaker exposing a secret tool being used by the federal government for internet surveillance. the "guardian" newspaper reporting that a program called x keystroke has the ability to collect nearly everything a user does on the internet. two guests join us right now with very different views on the nsa surveillance program. republican congressman justin amasha offered an amendment that would have stripped funding for much of this program, it was narrowly defeated by the house last week. also joining us, former
3:35 pm
democratic congresswoman jane harmon, a leading voice on intelligence and national security issues and is now head of the woodrow wilson center here in washington. congressman, let me start with you. why do you hate this nsa surveillance program? to be clear, the program we're talking about is not the program that was revealed today. the program that my amendment dealt with was the collection of telephone records. and what the government was doing through the nsa was collecting the phone records and is collecting the phone records on a daily basis of every single american in the country. without any suspicion. and that violates the fourth amendment. you have to have reasonableness to go after people's records, you have to have problem aebl cause and you need a warrant and right now they're collecting phone records of everyone rather than just those who are under suspicion, which is how the patriot act was intended to be. >> let's let congresswoman harmen respond. you used to be on the intelligence committee. >> i was the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee and i served on that committee for eight years and i was very
3:36 pm
involved as these programs begin shortly after 9/11, when all of us were worried about plots against the nsa -- agreeing with dianne feinstein who wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" who said there are still plots being hatched against the united states. >> why do you think the congressman is wrong? >> he's wrong because the program doesn't collect data against americans in violation of the fourth amendment. it collects meta data, lists of numbers which can only be accessed after there is an individualized warrant. it has to say, we have probable cause or we have ork latable suspicion that wolf blitzer, that might be true, i'm kidding, is connected to some foreign terrorist or foreign terrorist group. and then a federal court, the fisa court, the foreign intelligence surveillance court act has it review the information and decide that yes, it needs the test. >> congressman, why isn't that good enough for you? >> meta data is data, it's the
3:37 pm
type of data we have every day created by our phone records and by other records. and certainly the federal government can piece together a lot of our daily lives by looking and collecting the meta data and the fourth amendment protects our right to have this type of information not expected by the government on a daily basis. they're gathering this information and that itself is a violation of the fourth amendment. >> i totally disagree, there was a supreme court case in 1979 that said individuals don't have any expectation of privacy about the phone numbers that they call. this meta data, these just lists of numbers without your name, without any personal identifying information, cannot be accessed on a daily basis. they can only be accessed if someone goes to this fisa court and makes the case that a specific individual with a name. wolf blitzer, jane harmon is
3:38 pm
connected to some foreign terrorist activity and very few of these applications are granted. 300 total and very few people have access. >> the queries that are done, they don't have do get a court order to do those queries, and also the content is collected on a daily basis. and there's, there's this, the justice department and intelligence community continue to rest on this case. smith v. maryland from 1979, where there was one person who was under suspicion and it was for a limited period of time, and his phone records were collected and the court said that was okay. that is a very different case from what we have today, where the phone records of every single american are collected without any suspicion on a daily basis. this is the united states of america. we have freedoms here, we have rights and it would be no different than if someone came into your house and made copies of all of your documents and said, hey, don't worry, we're just collecting these documents,
3:39 pm
we're not going to look at them. we just want to have copies of them in case we need them in the future. that's a violation of the fourth amendment. >> this program is clearly constitutional, it just doesn't work that way. with respect, that's way to scare people. that's not how it works and the amount of meta data that can be collected is reviewed every 90 days by the federal court. the provisions by which all this happens, enacted by congress. i know you opposed them all, but i think they were responsible. sunset every three years and congress has a chance to review them. and oh by the way i agree with senator feinstein in her op-ed today who thinks there are reasons why we might narrow some of those provisions. congress is debating this. i think that is the very good thing and it might be time to narrow how much data is collected, what the standards for review are and to do something else that i know you support. which is to have an ombudsman in the fisa court reviewing how it
3:40 pm
functions. >> well wolf, the american people have an expectation of privacy in this. if you go back to your district and talk to the american people as i've done, they will dell thaw they expect this information to be kept private. the fisa court is a rubber stamp. it is not kept private because it's collected by the federal government and kept in a do database. and you won't deny that. >> pursuant to a court order, do you know how much data google or pick a company collects on you? they have much more access do data on you than the federal government does. look these controls work. there's no evidence that -- >> the constitution is a restriction on the federal government. it's not a restriction on google or microsoft or any other private company. those are expects that have to compete for customer, they don't have any legal authority to put new prison, the federal government is a different type of endit. that's why we have a constitution, it's meant to protect us and the fisa court accepts federal government applications with almost 100% rate. they rarely turn down the federal government. and there's very little oversight. i as a member of congress can't
3:41 pm
get access to the court opinion, i have to beg for access and i'm denied it if i make that request. >> i think he should have access, i think that's one of the changes senator feinstein recommends, there's no evidence that there has been abuse of these programs and they are constitutional. and we fix by the way, some practices happening in the first term of the bush administration, where these programs were not subject to the foreign intelligence surveillance bill. >> a good serious debate to be continued here in "the situation room." thanks so much for coming in. thousands of gallons of crude oil are washing up on pristine beaches, threatening the environment and the vital tourism. and a man locked away in a government cell and left for days without food or water, driven to the brink of insanity and desperation. ♪ [ woman ] destination assist. this is ann. where would you like to go tonight? ♪
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
and save a lot more than money. call or click today. it keb an environmental disaster, happening along one of thailand's most beautiful and popular coastlines. we have details of an oil spill threatening the environment and the country's vital tourism industry. andrew, what's the latest. >> this is a picture-postcard thai beach. at the moment it's covered partly with a thin sheen of oil. towards one area of the beach,
3:46 pm
it is thick black sludge. and the rescue teams, the mop-up teams have been working around the clock. they say they've probably got about 70% of the oil so far. they say they will have completed the task by saturday. but certainly if you look at this area, there is a lot of oil on the beach still. no one has taken responsibility for human error in this. but there's a lot of questions being raised on the impact on tourism. this is a big tourist area, it's quite close to bangkok, the capital of thailand. a lot of locals come here as well and they've been leaving the island in droves. the good news, if will is any, wolf, is it does seem to be contained to this one beach or mainly contained to this one beach. other beaches in the area not reporting any evidence yet of oil and authorities have their fingers crossed that they'll be able to get away with this one. get it clean before it starts enveloping the entire island.
3:47 pm
>> let's hope they do andrew stevens in thailand thanks very much. up next, the government agrees to pay millions of dollars to a young man locked away and forgotten about for days. no food, no water, how could this happen? and george zimmerman pulled over by police with a gun in his car, we have details of the surprising new encounter with the law. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ at&t mobile share for business. and you wouldn't have it any other way.e. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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hard to believe a story like this in the united states. a young man locked in a tiny cell and forgotten, left for days without food or water.
3:51 pm
now the final chapter in this real-life horror story is emerging. >> this young man has reached a $4.1 million settlement with the u.s. government. he was never charged in this case but placed in the cell with nothing. no food nor water or nothing. he came close to death his lawyers say. he was left for four and a half days in a windowless cell. no one checked on him. he was never formally arrested or charged. this didn't happen in a lawless developing country. it happened in san diego to an american college student, daniel chaung. >> i did go crazy. >> reporter: he just reached a settlement with the u.s. government. his nightmare began on april 21 last year. he was visiting a friend when agents from the drug enforcement administration burst in. they seized thousands of ecstasy
3:52 pm
pills and other drugs and guns. chong admitted he smoked pot there. >> they said they wouldn't charge you. >> they said they would come get me in a minute. minutes, hours, days past. no food, water or toilet facilities. he was in total darkness the last two days. >> what did you do to survive? >> eventually your survival instincts do kick in. you start to realize what you have to do which is drink any fluid that is around which is my urine at the time. i went ahead and did that. >> he hallucinated he says so desperate at one point he bit into his glasses and broke them. >> i tried to carve sorry mom into my arm. i didn't finish that. >> did you call out? >> of course, i did.
3:53 pm
i don't think anybody would sit there and meditate. >> finally someone opened the cell. his lawyer says he spent three days in icu, had kidney failure. the dea apologized. a justice department investigation ensued. neither the dea nor justice department will comment beyond that. his lawyers say because no criminal intent was found no one will be prosecuted. martin horn says a key question is whether dea had rules in place for incarceration. >> they are an investigations agency. they are not a corrections agency. they are neither equipped nor trained nor organized to supervise people held in confinement. >> one of the lawyers say there were no written policies on the treatment of dea detainees in
3:54 pm
the cell. they have put rules in place to make sure they are treated humanely. >> he is studying economics at the university of california san diego and says he is going to buy his family a house with the settlement money. >> i hope he has a successful happy life from now on. george zimmerman apparently pulled over by police. we are getting new information about his traffic stop. and the internet star who dances with a raccoon. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. does your dog food have? what? what? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at
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3:57 pm
george zimmerman had a little run in with police this past weekend. police in texas say they pulled him over for a traffic stop. zimmerman apparently was armed with a gun in the glove box. zimmerman has a concealed weapons permit from florida that was reinstated after the trial. it is simply a warning. forget dances with wolves, how about dances with a raccoon? >> they may be dancing to are"cn of fools" neither man nor raccoon seem foolish once you have heard the back story. this is what passes for a kiss. >> he would always bite me like
3:58 pm
daddy i'm here. i love you. i'm going to leave you with something to remember me by. >> reporter: you may remember mark brown from his raccoon videos that have gone viral. the raccoon's name was gun show. you don't worry about getting diseases or anything? >> ma'am, he can't give me nothing i ain't already had. >> reporter: what mark did get from him was internet fame. mark had discovered the gun show didn't care for the body spray his girlfriend had lying around. that video made it all the way to jay leno's show. >> santa, raccoon. >> reporter: gun show the raccoon had been showing up since he was a baby coming in the house getting fed. >> he ate better than i did. >> reporter: at the age of
3:59 pm
almost 4 gun show has gone to gun show in the sky. the big guy passed away this past january. mark made a music video tribute to gun show. >> he passed away. >> reporter: mark and his girlfriend started caring for another young raccoon they called rebecca. >> where are you? >> reporter: but not alone. >> if you don't shut your door behind you when you go in the shower next thing you know she is in there with you. >> mark got signed by a production company who is supposed to start shooting a pilot for a reality show in a few weeks. he wants it to be more "duck dynasty" less honey booboo. >> i don't mind you laughing with me but i will never have you laugh at me. >> reporter: to his own raccoon with with two hits. >> i miss you, buddy.
4:00 pm
thank you for bringing me where i am today. >> reporter: mark has come a long way to bathing gun show to showering with rebecca. >> remember one thing. >> reporter: new york. >> thanks for watching. george zimmerman in trouble with the law again. what he had in his glove compartment when police pulled him over. the nsa's deputy director faces tough questions about edward snowden today. the former head of the nsa out front to respond. what is going on at america's airports. more than 9,000 cases of misconduct by employees of the tsa. let's go outfront.