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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 6, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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an a new start. >> think about it for a minute, i'm sure you'll get it. here's to you, florida's department of highway safety motor vehicle. thank you for doing what you do. keeping the streets safe from big turds and old farts. we salute you. that's it for us. thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. breaking news overnight. three people killed, four more hurt when a gunman opens fire on a pennsylvania town meeting. terror threat. new information about the al qaeda plot that shut down more than a dozen u.s. embassies and consulates. who is behind it and how it was uncovered. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare, has been probably the worst time of my life. >> a nightmare for a-rod. the yankee's slugger suspended from hundreds of games. he's not going down without a
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fight. >> good morning. welcome to "early start." >> glad you said that. >> thank you. i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it's tuesday, august 6th, it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. shock in a small pennsylvania town after gunfire interrupted a routine, government meeting. at least three people are dead, four others hurt after a man opened fire at a municipal building in se lor, pennsylvania. it's not far from allentown. a man blasted shots through a wall and barged into a meeting room. the rampage ended when he went back to his car. he tried to return. that is when two people tackled him. >> they absolutely would have saved lives. he was entering the building with a handgun and certainly his intent had been shown he wanted to harm the people and
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certainly, if they would not have done that, he would have killed or injured other people. >> police say the suspect was shot and is now being treated. he had an ongoing dispute with the townspeople for building on his property. he was ordered to vacate the land. >> now to something unprecedented. major league baseball suspending alex rodriguez for 211 games with his connection to a florida business. a-rod is appealing and playing. jason carroll was in chicago as the yankee third baseman made his season debut. >> reporter: the sounds of boos and cheers echoing throughout u.s. cellar field monday night
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as alex rodriguez debuted hours after they announced they are suspending him for using performance enhancing drugs. the em battled third baseman talked about what it was like living under a cloud of suspicion. >> the last few months has been a nightmare, probably the worst time of my life. >> reporter: he was one of 13 players suspended monday. the other 12 players getting 50 game suspensions for using the drugs. the p.e.d.s provided by the antiaging clinic in florida, biogenesis. rodriguez's punishment is worse. it's effected thursday is through the 2014 season, 211 games without pay, which could cost him $31 million. major league baseball's commissioner saying in a statement the suspension is based on his role of numerous
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performance enhancing substances including testosterone. mlb officials saying he attempted to cover up his violations and obstruct their violation. rodriguez says he'll appeal. in the past, he denied a connection to the head of biogenesis and taking p.e.d.s from the clinic. when asked more than once to clarify, he dodged the questions. >> we'll have a forum to discuss all of that and talk about it then. >> reporter: some fans did show their support for rodriguez. most felt this way. >> i think he did cheat. he needs to be punished in some way. >> you have been doing steroids and you still can't hit so why are you on the team. part of me likes him and part of me hates him at the same time. >> he did have one hit. he had one hit last night. the yankees lost.
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you saw what you are going to see for weeks and weeks and weeks, including here in new york. people booed and chanted loudly when he was at bat. >> to see the kids congregated to get a glimpse of him or to sign something. he's not a good role model. cheating is not the way to do it. >> he fights performance enhancing drugs. that foundation split from him yesterday amid word of this news. we have breaking news over the threat to americans overseas. the state department ordering all u.s. citizens out of yemen because of terrorist activities there and growing uncivil rest. they are being evacuated except essential personnel. this is the level of preparedness there. >> we are finding out more about what was behind a terrorist threat so specific, so immediate that officials in this country decided to shut down nearly two
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dozen embassies and consulates across the arab world. here is chris lawrence. the cascade of warnings of american embassies was triggered by intercepted communication revealed as an order. he ordered his new deputy in yemen to do something and launch an attack. that deputy high on the u.s. target list along with another al qaeda's master bomb maker. >> the threat emanates from and may be focused on occurring in the arabian peninsula but it could potentially be beyond that. >> reporter: the message linked the central al qaeda group that carried out attacks on 9/11. senior leaders give broad
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instructions, not step by step orders on carrying out a specific attack. >> you have a separate chain, to some extent, of experienced technical people and leader who is carry out attacks, make bombs and put the equipment together. >> reporter: monday officials met to talk about al qaeda. u.s. military and intel assets were redeployed around the world in light of the threat. special operations teams placed on high alert over seas. drone surveillance stepped up and analysts trying to pinpoint a target. >> we are going to keep evaluating information as it comes in. >> reporter: local teams closed roads and installed blast walls overseas. in a newly formed quick reaction of marines is now on stand by and can deploy within hours from
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spain. >> thanks to chris. getting under way today in texas, a court-martial accused of a deadly rampage at ft. hood. it's been four years since his opened fire at a processing center leaving 13 people dead, 30 others injured. some of those that he alleged to have shot will actually testify against him. >> all of a sudden, you could hear it somewhere and pow, pow, shooting everywhere. all of a sudden, i saw a laser come across my eyes. i looked over and saw him pointing a gun at me. by that time, i tried shifting over. it felt like a baseball bat hit me over the neck. >> he will represent himself. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. president obama heads to
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phoenix to talk about home ownership. the president is expected to lay out the plan to keep the housing recovery humming. he heads to burbank, california to make his sixth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. fire crews in oregon making progress on a wildfire. weather conditions do not promise help. five fires burning in two oregon counties. 52,000 acres destroyed. the largest is 16% contained. >> indra petersons is tracking the weather for us. >> it's a mixed bag. there's relief on the way. storms are headed their way. it takes time. it's been so dry, the low that should bring the relief is going to bring more lightning that could start more wildfires. it's so dry out there. the rainfall moistens up the atmosphere before it hits the ground. they have potential lightning
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strikes and wind today. they will get the relief they need in the form of rain. keeping in trend, the west coast, this is the outlook for august. cool on the east coast. take a look at what is expected in texas today. we are talking heat index from 100 to 108. temperatures a good five to ten degrees above normal. they cannot get the relief they need. what i want to point out, flash flood emergencies in south missouri. we are looking at maybe rainfall rates from one to two inches per hour the last few hours. we are hearing reports of rescues, people on their roofs with flooding water in their homes. more rain expected as we go throughout the day and the week. there's so much going on weather wise. we have flooding and heat out there today. >> a lot of heat. it's really hot. thank you. are you happy to be back? >> i'm delighted to be back.
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>> back one day and she complains about the music in my office. >> if you heard it. you just need better taste in music. senators arrive to keep a country from collapse. we are live. >> a tall order. a driver accused of plowing into a crowd of pedestrians making his first court appearance as we hear from the husband of the woman killed in the crash. that's coming up next. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness...
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welcome back. 14 minutes past the hour. two of this country's most powerful lawmakers are in egypt at president obama's request. their goal? helping to break the political impasse that left that nation in crisis. could the trip really make a difference? we are live in cairo this morning. what do the senators have planned? >> reporter: well, they have plans to meet with both sides.
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this is a difficult mission for them. the question is, can they do what many have tried in egypt and failed? can they get them to quit fighting and hammer out a political solution? that's their mission. they were sent by president obama. they arrived last night. they are going to meet with both camps in the conflict. on one side, you have the military backed government, on the other side, the muslim brotherhood in support of morsi. morsi, of course, overthrown on july 1st by the army. they want nothing more than to push forward with a transition into a democratically elected government. standing in their way, the muslim brotherhood. they say they will not stop protesting until morsi is reinstated, again. the conflict sparked clashes that left more than 200 people
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being killed. washington cannot afford more chaos in this critical ally for washington. this is a recipient of $1.5 billion in u.s. aid every year. senators graham and mccain here to see what they can do to resolve this conflict. >> we were taking a look at the massive crowds there. as you mentioned, protests, violence, unrest. what does the public think of this particular trip? >> reporter: well, i think a lot of people want the conflict to end. it's such a dilemma. what in this military backed government give to the muslim brotherhood to satisfy them. they say anything less than the former president being reinstated is not enough. the interim government says it's a nonstarter. the u.s. is facing an motty from both sides.
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they don't want to be seen as supporting a military cue but supporting a democratic transition. it's a very difficult and complicated conflict. again, the two senators here to see what they can do to help. >> tricky indeed. they have a tall order. thank you. 17 minutes after the hour. a driver accused of mulling down a crowd of people on a california board walk is due in court today. nathan campbell sped down the board walk on venice beach. a dozen people were hit. one of them, a woman visiting from italy. she was just 32, married two weeks ago, on her honeymoon. >> explain what happened and what i feel. so, i want to come back with her. >> awful. the suspect reportedly had a
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history of run-ins with the law. it appears he was bent on doing evil. >> breaks your heart. 17 minutes past the hour. a jury in boston begins to deliberate the fate of bulger. they called him one of the most vicious, violent and calculating criminals to ever walk the streets of boston. while the defense wrapped up their case questioning the credibility of the witnesses. if convicted, bulger could spend the rest of his life in prison. a huge reward as the search continues for a giant troef of jewels. they are offering $1.3 million to the first person who gives information that could lead to the recovery of more than $130 million worth of jewels. we are talking rings, pendants, earrings. they were on display at a luxury hotel and just stolen in that
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welcome back to "early start." hear that sound? that means it's money time. allison is here. >> i have my own music. it was quiet for the markets.
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so much for the record highs. we were on watch for it, but it didn't happen. the dow and s&p 500 dropped ever so slightly. don't worry. it's not because of major news. what goes up, must come down. the averages are up 19 to 22% each. stock futures are looking flat this morning. gotta mention this. facebook made a headline of its own. they closed above the ipo price for the first time closing above $39 a share. it debuted at $38. the earnings report showed facebook is selling more mobile ads these days. lots of old cars on the road these days. the average age is 11.4 years. it's a record high. many people are hanging on to their cars. cars are engineered to last longer these days. it's good for auto body shops. new dealers are benefiting.
2:25 am
there's pent up demand and leading to a surge in new car sales. get this, you can get a loan for a house, an education and now day care if you live in new york city. this is interesting. middle class families with kids between 2 and 4 are going to be able to get up to $11,000 in loans. this is a pilot program, the first of its kind in the u.s. look at day care costs in manhattan. $2,300 a month. incredible. >> it's insane. >> the city subsidizes child care for families in poverty. alex rodriguez has 31 million reasons to fight the suspension handed down yesterday because of performance enhancing drugs. $31 million is the salary he's due for next year and early 2015. it's a salary at risk. he doesn't have to hand over the
2:26 am
money as long as he appeals. as it goes through, he has to forfeit the cash. don't shed a tear. his contract runs through 2017. it says he's going to be paid for 2016 and 2017 which adds up to $50 million. he's the ninth best paid u.s. athlete. it really is hard to feel bad for him. >> worth over half a billion dollars. >> amazing. >> he needs to call it a day, don't you think? >> why won't he? >> yeah. >> if you could get in the mind of alex rodriguez. >> ego. sorry. three people killed and four others injured when a gunman opens fire. poppy harlow joins us live after the break. d save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound
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a deadly shooting in a pennsylvania town meeting. three people killed. four others injured. we are going to tell you how the gunman was stopped during this rampage. >> al qaeda threat shutting down more than a dozen u.s. embassies consulates. confessions of a presidential mistress? this is true, folks. a new book claiming marilyn monroe opened up to jackie kennedy about her affair with the president. >> we have more details on that. welcome back to "early start." we are happy your with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. it's 30 minutes after the hour.
2:31 am
we have more on the top story, a deadly shooting in pennsylvania. witnesses say a man opened fire during a monthly meeting of supervisors. poppy harlow is live for us. what is the latest here? >> good morning to you, zoraida. this is a town that is never in the newspapers. it is today because of the horror that unfolded here. last night, a gunman bursting into a meeting with 15 people. it was a town supervisors meeting. this gunman shooting through the windows outside before he got inside, then sprang bullets throughout the meeting killing three and injuring others. heroism prevailing. police say that two people tackled the gunman to the ground, preventing more deaths. listen. >> they absolutely would have
2:32 am
saved lives. he was entering the building, again, with a handgun and certainly his intent had been shown he wanted to harm the people. certainly, if they would not have done that, he would have killed or injured other people. >> reporter: now, as you heard there, what we know from police is this gunman entered the meeting with what is described as a long gun. then, apparently emptied it, then went back out to his car to get a handgun. that's when he was tackled to the ground. he was prevented from shooting other people. three people are dead. at least two more in the hospital at this hour. >> any details on the shooter, a motive, perhaps? >> reporter: that's a big question. i can tell you what we know so far. police identified the main suspect. he is from here. he is from this town.
2:33 am
he had an ongoing dispute, a year's long dispute with the township about his property. it was condemned. he was evicted and fighting for it. he said if i have to leave here, i have nowhere to go. they, meaning the town robbed me for so long. i want you to listen more to what the state police said about this property dispute. listen. >> apparently, the property was condemned possibly last thursday. he had been out of there since then and possibly longer than that. he showed up at this meeting unbeknownst to people that he was coming today. he showed up in a car with texas registration plates. >> reporter: it's not clear, zoraida, if the suspected shooter knew the victims or if anyone was specifically targeted here. at this early stage, we don't know the names of the victims yet. we are awaiting a press
2:34 am
conference where we will likely start hearing the names of those injured and killed. absolute horror in this quiet, small town outside of philadelphia. >> live for us in pennsylvania, thank you so much. >> 34 minutes after the hour. a frantic search is on the way on the west coast for a man who may be on the run with a teenage girl and her young brother as well. james is headed to canada or texas. police believe he killed the children's mother. her body was found in his burned out home in san diego on sunday along with the remains of a child and dog. he and the mother were in a close plew tonic relationship. authorities aren't saying anything about a motive. breaking news from the state department. now ordering all americans out of yemen over growing terror concerns. all non-emergency government personnel are being thrown out.
2:35 am
the threat level is considered extremely high. the embassy is one of two dozen diplomatic posts that remain closed. taking precautions against a potential al qaeda threat. is it a sign the terror network is actually regaining strength? the white house insists the answer to that question is no. >> reporter: the obama administration is defending the decision to shut down almost 20 posts near al qaeda shot spots as a temporary measure out of caution, not weakness. >> we believe this threat is significant and we are taking it seriously. >> reporter: it's a new touch. talked up his administration successes against al qaeda, a key theme in the re-election campaign. >> al qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> reporter: and months into the second term. >> al qaeda is a shell of its
2:36 am
former self. >> reporter: in light of benghazi and the terror alert, graham says far from it. >> after benghazi, the al qaeda types are on steroids thinking we are weaking and they are stronger. >> is it fair to say al qaeda is on the path of defeat? >> most people who cover these issues understand that al qaeda core is the afghanistan/pack stain base. there's no question the al qaeda core has been greatly diminished. we have made clear over the past several years aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is a concern. >> reporter: al qaeda core is evolving. the man leading aqap is believed to be al qaeda's number two in command. >> i think what we have seen particularly since the death of osama bin laden is a metamorphosis of sorts within al qaeda. >> reporter: the question is
2:37 am
whether the new al qaeda has the capacity to pull off a 9/11 style attack. the closing of embassies, some that are like bunkers a reminder the terror network can still make an impact. >> there's a propaganda victory for al qaeda because they are forces us, the united states to act in a way we otherwise wouldn't or don't want to. >> i think again, a fair assessment would conclude the opposite. >> reporter: as for the nsa surveilness leaked, lawmakers are pointing to this as proof these programs work. jay carney said he would rather not blend the two issues. police in michigan are looking for your help trying to find a killer. this medical student was found dead in his apartment last month, he had been shot. investigator says it was murder.
2:38 am
they were stumped. who would want to kill him? there's a $10,000 reward leading to his arrest. he was shot in the neck. police are not sure who pulled the trigger. two children of the cleveland kidnapper, ariel castro are take whag they can from his former home. his son and daughter were at the house on monday gathering photos and moe mentos from their childhood. he held three women captive for a decade. he agreed to spend the rest of his life in jail as part of a plea deal. romney will appear at a fund raise erz for the new hampshire. the former massachusetts governor has been keeping a low profile since losing the presidency last year or election, at least. he hasn't given indications he will be active -- he has given indications he will be active
2:39 am
during the 2014 midterm elections. a republican national committee threatening to bar cnn if they air planned programs on hillary clinton. rnc chairman says an nbc miniseries on clinton amount to an extended commercial for clinton presidential campaign. cnn responded in a statement urging the rnc to quote, reserve judgment until they know more about the program. that limiting debate participation is the ultimate disservice to voters. from the proud to be american file, sydney leathers, anthony weiner's sexting partner is making a turn to adult entertainment. some call it porn. the pictures deal with vivid entertainment after he exchanged
2:40 am
lewd messages and photos with her after his resignation. >> i'm going to keep my mouth -- >> you need a cold shower after that. we'll go to weather. >> yes, days of gray in kansas and missouri. the flood risk remains high. indra? >> unbelievable. saturday, seven inches of rain in kansas in the morning hours. this morning, we are still talking about the thunderstorms. we have flash flood mortgages in missouri. look at the heavy rainfall. since midnight, four to nine inches of rain in the area. that is an unbelievable amount of rain. we are talking an additional two to four inches in the area. what we are talking about is literally flash flooding going into people's homes. i cannot tell you how much water has rainfall rates two inches per hour. more rain on the way. we are looking at the cold front
2:41 am
and the additional rainfall there. stretching from the plains and eventually making it to the mid-atlantic by tomorrow. the severe threat from the plains to northern portions of missouri. it's a scary thing going on right now. rain and floodwaters moving into people's homes. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. coming up, a love triangle at the white house. a new book detailing how much jackie kennedy knew about her husband's affair with marilyn monroe and what she had to say about it. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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welcome back. 44 minutes past the hour. explosive allegations about marilyn monroe in a new book. author christopher anderson claims monroe called kennedy to confess to an affair she was
2:45 am
rumored to be having with the president. mrs. kennedy said that's great, you will move into the white house and you will assume responsibilities of the first lady and i will move out and you will have all the problems. >> the claim that marilyn monroe called jackie at the white house is the first that's been heard, so, while the sources is good and he's a respected biographer, whether or not that actually happened is hard to prove. i would be interested to see if others come out and verify that story. it does seem slightly farfetched, but then again, with marilyn monroe, anything was possible. >> monroe confided her most intimate details of the fair to a friend, coin convinced the president would leave jackie for her and fantasized about being the first lady. is it true? >> we are going to hear story
2:46 am
about this forever and ever. let's see what's coming up on "new day." what's on tap, guys? >> he says he feels like we are going to hear stories like this. we have been hearing them for 40 years. >> like the sunrises in the east. >> it's quite the revelation this morning. >> wow. ouch. >> zoraida, get used to it. settle in. this is what we do. >> look at the both of us right now. >> i lean because i want a little protection. there's got to be pads, for that. for that. >> you are lucky. i don't beat you. >> they moved me out. >> you then, beat you. i'm kidding. >> we kid because we love. that's the only reason we can do it. what's coming up in the show? they want to get rid of us. >> serious news. shooting overnight, a gunman goes into a town hall meeting
2:47 am
and starts melee there, kills three and injures more. he's stopped by a heroic, local who comes in. we're going tell you the entire story and why. >> what a horrific scene. this is the story everyone is talking about. a-rod greeting with boos and cheers. 211 game suspension. hear the boos? people are enjoying themselves at that game last night. the yankee's slugger is no friend to controversy. he's fighting back and going to prove his innocence. we are going to look at what this means for a-rod and the league. >> historic day for baseball. speaking of history, are you going to give a little juice to the interview? big stuff? a two-day build up. the news is going to be great. tell them. there he is. >> we are going to bring you, as promised, the interview with matt damon. the lead role in the sci-fi
2:48 am
movie -- >> he's shaking his head. he's happy to be with you. >> he's a very nice person or played nice during the interview. he's taking on a big role. his movie is coming out this week. we sat down and talked about that and much, much more. >> they said the interview would never happen. today, finally, on our television, we will see it. >> there was a bit of a technical glitch that delayed the release of the interview. we upgraded, we had john berman on. >> thank you. >> take care. see you in a bit. tony stewart leaving the racetrack in an ambulance. one of the best drivers on the circuit. breaking news on his racing injury. we'll have that after the break. [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned...
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welcome back.
2:52 am
51 minutes after the hour. major league baseball suspended alex rodriguez for the rest of the season and all of next season. but he was out on the field playing for the yankees last night. >> andy is here to tell us how the yankees lost last night. good morning, andy. >> good morning. major league baseball hit a-rod with the hardest punishment they have seen for his part in the biogenesis scandal. he gets to play while the case is being heard. the fans in chicago let a-rod hear it when he came to the plate. the yankee's third baseman is able to bloop a single into left field. that was a-rod's only hit of the night. he finished 1 for 4. he was happy to be on the field with his teammates and wants to concentrate on baseball for the rest of the season. >> i felt okay for the first
2:53 am
game. it was a hard day today, that's for sure. long day. felt pretty good. you know, from this moment on, i want to focus on baseball and play every game like it's do or die. >> there's more troubling news for texas a&m and johnny football. the ncaa is investigating him for taking money for signing autographs. nate fitch, his friend, said he would not be signing autographs for him without compensation. texas a&m is looking into the situation and retained the same law firm penn state and auburn used while being investigated by the ncaa. a three-time sprint cup champion suffered a broken tib la and fibula during a dirt
2:54 am
track race. it comes after he was involved in a roll-over accident. he walked away from that wreck. he was not as lucky last night. no word on how long he will be out. he's currently 11th with five races to go. here is something you don't see often, a beaver riding a tricycle through the indiana state fair. inside that beaver costume is an indycar driver. he wore the costume because he lost a bet with driver scott dixon on who could raise more money. he had to go around the fair in the beaver costume milking cows, had to take a picture with the largest male hog. >> oh, my. >> there you go. the spin out on the tricycle, funny stuff. >> it gives us something to laugh about this morning. thank you for that. >> nothing like a guy in a giant beaver costume. >> making dumb bets. all right. thank you. we'll be right back.
2:55 am
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we have a great deal more to say this morning, but we can't because that is all for "early start." it is time for "new day." chris, kate, take it away, guys. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. almost the top of the hour. you know what that means? time for the top news. >> entering the building with a handgun and wanted to do harm to people. >> breaking overnight, a gunman opens fire at a town meeting killing three before a heroic
2:59 am
move saves the day. we are live with the latest. fighting back. alex rodriguez faces reporters and boos from fans last night. now suspended for more than 200 games, but vowing to prove his innocence. shut down. the booking system for hundreds of airlines breaks down causing delays at airports worldwide. what went wrong? >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning, everybody. welcome to "new day." it is tuesday. that rimes that's good. >> all american citizens to leave the country of yemen immediately as we learn more about the intercepted message that set off a global terror alert.
3:00 am
quite simply it says, quote, do something. a live report coming up. within hours the trial of the ft. hood trial of major nadal hasan begins. he will defend himself in the trial. now he'll be able to cross-examine the victims and we will hear from some of those survivors coming up. nied to know do you have it? do you have powerball fever? experts believe we will hit $1 billion soon enough. breakings in pup gnews. a shooting at a ton hall meeting last night in


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