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tv   Stroumboulopoulos  CNN  September 22, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it's ugly. really ugly. you can see it is not far away from here.
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this is the terrifying scene in nairobi, kenya, today. a group of armed men stormed this crowded mall and they started shooting. according to kenya's president
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>> the group al shabaab has claimed responsibility. what two you make of the way shabaab is hand handling this has taj situation? >> back in may it was a very, very different environment in
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terms of el shabaab. they had been a part of the fight-back to stabilize some mole yeah. in recent weeks, there had been a sense of a reunification. they have really been looking to come back on the scene to reannounce themselves with a really big hit. that's the chatter we've been seeing in a lot of the discussion boards. we should say that this attack seems incredibly well coordin e coordinated. there are, there are signs that there are people on the outside talking with people on the inside. they also had a very sophisticated media set up in place. they've gone through three twitter accounts. as soon as one is taken off the air, another one comes back on air. >> what about hostages? what do they want? >> many of the more high profile jihadists we've taken to have
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said that their understanding is the intent of this was to create a mumbai-like situation. in that situation, as you remember, the hostages didn't want -- the hostage takers didn't want to be taken alive. we also see his fenger pints, the ideology very much here of non-muslims being released. people being asked are you muslim, can i don't say you bear witness to only one god, mohammed is the profit. and when they say that, they're stet free. >> this situation is unfolding very quickly. a short while ago had three military officers that had been injured and came out. they went to a triage situation set up here. >> zain, we'll talks with you again later in the forecast.
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we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. welcome back to cnn newsroom. we want to bring you the latest on the on going story in kenya. at least 59 people have been killed now since attackers stormed the mall some 24 hours ago. nearly 200 people have been injured. we believe there are about 30 hostages still being held. britain's foreign secretary says his government is following the story closely. >> in terms of what britain can do, our high commission staff in nairobi are working very hard, visiting hospitals, trying to
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make sure they're aware of brit tash nationals who might have been in the area or caught up in this. we're sending a rapid deployment team to reenforce that work which will be particularly important if the situation carries on, and we've offered the kenyon authorities any other assistance. of course, we'll keep in touch with them about that. >> a suicide blast at a christian chur nch the nest earn city in peshawa has killed 59 people. sima, what can you tell us about what's happened in besh shah. >> reporter: emergency services are at the scene. just in a last few minutes when i was waiting for you to come to me, that death toll has gone up. 56 people are now confirmed killed, most of them women and children we're being told both by police and hospital officials
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there. at least 120 -- more than 120 people have been injured. it seems these apparent suicide bombers chose sunday service as a time to target the congregation and the church. one is believed to have entered and detonated his bomb at the entrance to the church. the other went right into the congregation t. priest was giving his sermon at the time. he detonated his bomb. there is a sizable christian community in pakistan. there have been random acts of violence against them. but we haven't seen anything of this scale, certainly in recent years at all. people at the scene talking about how they're still searching for their loved ones m. people are still missing. this is an ongoing incident, as i say. emergency services are at the
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scene. >> hundreds of people were at that church. even though there on the screen it says 25 killed, this video is not exactly current, more than 50 dead at this church. we thank you. typhoon usagi, two people were killed when waves swamped their boat. the biggest storm of the year so far will make landfall sometime sunday evening. this is a live picture of hong kong harbor. officials ordered evacuations of 80,000 people. they've also recalled the fishing fleet. the main shipping port has been shut down and the commercial airport is expecting to cover several hundred flights. for the latest, patram joins me.
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you've been tracking it non-stop. >> just a couple hours away from making landfall, upwards of 700. folks trying to take all the proper precaution. but the winds, they dropped to 175. that puts us in the category two storm. as it moves over land, the latest models showing hong kong to spare the worst of the storm system. the reason i say that, i put the models in place for various weather agencies around the world. you can see the models -- chinese models, japanese, american, all of them keeping it near the city of shenwei. the closest track looks to be 50 kilometers to the east of hong kong. that's excellent news for the larger scale population, especially when you look at what these storms normally do. counterclockwise rotation means
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on the eastern side they'll be stronger, the movement is about 20 kilometers per hour and the wind speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. hong kong being to the south, that's excellent news. the models here show winds around 105, congress congress 83. hong kong could get to 100 miles per hour. the folks have taken all the proper precautions. some of the scenes out of one of the grocery stores across hong kong, folks getting the preparations in line and the rainfall will be problematic as well. about 130 millimeters could come down in the next 24 hours. >> thank you, pedram, wheel fellow it quloesly. the rest of bo xilai's life has just been convicted in a major corruption case.
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when it comes to his phi tour, the court seems to have thrown away the key. david mckenzie is live. we now know the verdict, hello, david. >> reporter: the verdict really wasn't in any question. we knew pretty much almost certainly that bo xilai would be charged guilty in these charges of bribery and abuse of power. he was a shoo-in in the communist party, brought down by a d a salacious scandal. the sentencing is interesting. a life sentence for these charges, a very severe sentence for this man considered communist party royalty at one point, the son of a famous communist party revolutionary, also a contemporary of xi
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jinping, china's president. it seems china's president has gone down hard on him because the communist party rules the courts here. there's no way this decision would have been made without high-up communist party direction. the court in eastern china. he heard his case against him and the sentencing, they said that all of the defense's arguments were null and void in this case, and that he potentially has a ten-day window to appeal his case. because he has fought against every single charge against him, we might see this competition continuing to fight. as it stands now, the rest of his life is to be spent in jail. >> as you say, there is an appeal process. we did hear from him during the trial. he disputed some of the facts vigorously. have we heard from him since? >> we did have an interesting
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leak when bo xilai wrote a letter to his family. and close sources to the family said it was authentic. in it he said he knows he'll face a long jail sentence, but hopes to get the truth out. at the very least he hopes he might be rehabilitated at some point. of course, his father went through jail as well and prison during the cultural revolution, and he was rehabilitated to become one of the most powerful members of the party, one of the so-called eight immortal. perhaps the 64-year-old bow xilai holds out hope for a political comeback. but the how severe the sentencing is, life in prison, it's highly unlikely that there are any chances that he could come back and see any kind of viable political life in the future. >> david mckenzie live in beijing. thank you, david. it is election day in
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is still on going at that time west gate mall at the kenyan capital. at least 59 people have been killed since attackers stormed the mall at midday yesterday and some 200 people are injured. we'll don't bring you the latest as we get more on that story. we have correspondents just outside the mall there in kenya. the other story we're following in germany, germany are casting bat lots nationwide today for the first time since the worst effects of the eurozone crisis let's check in with cnn's diana magnate in berlin. >> reporter: at one of the polling stations where voters cast their votes today. on their ballot they have two boxes they can tick. one is for their local member of parliament and then there is a
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rather complex system peculiar called over -- >> we apologize our live signal keeps freezing up. can we go back to diane nah? all right. we'll continue to watch, angela merkel, of course, trying to hold on to her leadership position. one of her former colleagues trying to take her on in germany, expected to be a very close race. we'll have coverage throughout the day as people in germany go to the polls. let's go back to our other top story that we're following. that's, of course, the kenya disaster still on going. cnn's zain verjee lives very close to the mall in nairobi where this happened. she joins us live. hello, zain. >> reporter: hi. west gate mall is still under sage. it's been about 24 hours since the attack. we heard a short while ago from
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a senior kenyan government source as well as western diplomatic source that at least 30 hospitals are being held in west gate mall. joining me is a spokesperson for statehouse. what can you tell us about what's happening at west gate right now? >> the emergency security operation is continuing. we have special forces out there. the attempt at the moment is to clear the mall floor by floor to make sure they rescue as many people as possible, get them out of the building because that remains our priority, to get people out alive and not to put anyone in the line of fire. >> reporter: what do you know, what can you tell us about the condition of the hostages themselves? >> we are unable to say their
2:25 am
condition. people getting out have been coming out overnight, some of them were able to communicate with security agents over that period which helped them to be able to be reached as quickly as they were. but it does remain a concern that there are people outside. when we have a toll as we have, 59 dead, 175 injured, we want to do everything possible and the security people are doing everything possible to make sure we lose no more lives. >> reporter: what about the gunmen themselves? anymore details about them and the numbers? >> we know that there are between 10 and 15 gunmen. we know that they're now isolated somewhere within the building. security agents are on top of that situation we think at the moment. they know where these people are and they think at the moment
2:26 am
it's been a situation of being able to reach them and being able to neutralize them without jeopardizing the lives of people within the building. >> reporter: do you know if any of the gunmen have been wounded? what can you tell us about the kind of communication inside west gate mall to the el shabaab outside? it seems as though they're very coordinated like that? >> at the moment i can't give anymore details of how they are communicating. some of that is because of national security concerns as our people try to deal with this situation. >> reporter: what would you tell kenyans today? >> i think the president passed the message strongly last night to remain calm, to remain vigilant, take nothing for granted. we have been hit but we are now down. we are a resilient people. we are very strong. we have defeated terrorism before. we shall do it again. >> reporter: how is the
2:27 am
president doing? he lost his nephew in this. it went up to statehouse. >> the president obviously is receiving briefings about this his personal loss, he lost his nephew. this is a personal loss. he is like any other being when you have personal loss. but he's coordinated this as we speak. he's talking to our security agents. they are reporting to him, briefing to him, taking advice from him and for him is the number one priority for now. >> reporter: thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll stay in touch. back to you, natalie. >> zain verjee for us. he was bringing us new numbers, 59 dead, 175 injured in kenya. we'll keep you updated as we get more on that on going story. stay with cnn with more on the
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i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 5:30. an early edition of "new day sunday." >> we're starting with the breaking news, the latest information on that terror attack at a huge shopping complex in kenya. this assault started precisely 24 hours ago. it was at the west gate mall in
2:31 am
nairobi. kenyan and western diplomatic sources tell cnn the terrorists are holding about 30 hostages right now. and the attackers say they will not negotiate. the latest numbers from kenyan officials, 59 people killed in this attack. other kenyan officials report five hostages were released overnight. the state department says several americans are among the 200 or so people wounded. the number of tariffs inside the mall is unknown. cnn's zain zer gverjee is on th scene in nairobi. have you heard any gunfire in the last few hours? clearly we're having a technical
2:32 am
issue hearing from zain verjee. she's outside the westgate mall in nairobi. we'll check back as soon as we get that technical issue solved. >> meanwhile, the upscale mall is popular with westerners who live in nairobi. for that reason officials warned that west gate would be an easy target for terrorists. >> there hasn't been a recent indication. about two years ago there was a security alert issued to the international community of people who were walking in embassies or walking in u.n. agencies. there are various places where they were told to avoid. it's areas frequented by the international community, and this mall is one of them that had a red flag. >> we twoont point out that the group behind this attack is el shabaab, affiliated with al
2:33 am
qaeda and have a wide presence in united states which is part of the fear for the u.s. >> these are tweeting terrorists, sophisticate d, tweeting through attack yesterday. >> reporter: they're among the world's most dangerous terrorists. some of them have american passports and there are concerns they may attack the united states. al shabaab, the group fighting a chaotic war for control of some mole yeah. its leader pledged formal allegiance to al queda. intelligence sources say they've expected this. their con sglern that al shabaab has a direct recruiting network, recruiters on american streets. no other part of al qaeda has this capability. >> dozens of american somalis have gone missing in recent years, believed to haven't be crueted by al shabaab to fight
2:34 am
in somalia. some have been killed. we spoke with an activist who lost his 17-year-old nephew. >> do you know about their methods? do they come in and talk to these young men inside the mosque, outside? do they call them on cell phones? do they kidnap them? >> they kidnap them in the sense of mental kidnapping, not 23iz cli, but they play a role of male role, a mentor. >> house home security chairman peter king says al shabaab has recruiters operating in minneapolis, boston, seattle, chicago, columbus. experts they they also have supporters in toronto. >> there are concerns that they may get supporters in those cities to attack. >> we have groups in places like
2:35 am
minneapolis, they've brought these young men to somalia where they've been trained in terrorist training camps in militant tactics, become more mill tarrized, learned explosives. with their u.s. passports they can re-enter the united states and go wherever. >> reporter: experts say al shabaab has a strong motive to attack america. it's been pushed from the capital by government and african union forces, suffered drone strikes. and al shabaab leaders blame the u.s. for all of that. >> we were just able to confirm now the number of attackers inside the mall, between 10 and 15 involved in this mall massacre at the westgate mall in nairobi. let's go back to zain verjee on the phone with us. i tossed to you and we had technical difficulties. the questions were what's happening there now and have you heard any gunfire in the last few hours? >> in the last few hours, no.
2:36 am
we've not heard any gunfire. but we do know there's an operation going on inside. military forces are in there and they're having gun battles with the gunmen there. we also found out that there are at least 30 hostages being held. i asked the spokesperson a short while ago what the condition was and they did not have any information. it's a situation moving quickly. they said they had to get out, how to move forward, but not getting any information about that. 59 though dead, 175 are injured. there's a big blood drive going on in nairobi today. everyone is pulling together and helping out and supporting everyone. this is home, guys. i'm looking up the street to my house and i'm seeing paramilitary forces, dogs, all the different security wings of the country standing here heavily armed to the teeth outside of the mall where we go around the corner for coffee. >> has there been any discussion of the specific motive for this
2:37 am
attack? we know that al shabaab has a history in that region and around the world. for this attack specifically, what are they asking for in exchange for these hostages? >> reporter: al shabaab is saying they don't want to negotiate. we've been monitor a twitter feed. their twitter feeds have been pulled down and a new one pops up. what they've been saying is basically this is retaliation to kenyan forces in somalia. they say when a muslim in somalia dies, it doesn't really matter. they typically have said in the past they want all foreigners out of somalia and they're a group opposed to any kind of western influence in their country. this is their way of picking back and taking revenge. it was expected this may happen in a city like nairobi. so it's a message both to the west and to the kenyan
2:38 am
government. >> zain, you said this is home and you can see your home not far from where you are. i think the reason this is resonating around the world is because it happened at a mall on a saturday afternoon when people all around the world head to the mall, taking their kids to buy shoes or clothes. tell us about this mall or this area on an ordinary day. >> reporter: on an ordinary day you have so many people from all parts of nairobi. people would be meeting at cafes, friends and family, the banks would be open, there's a mobile phone shop there which is always busy. the biggest grocery store around the area, they have a great supermarket in there. that's the busiest on a saturday morning. there are trendy restaurants. you'd think you're anywhere really cool in the u.s., we vefr thing here and it's in westgate mall. coffee joints and a great burger
2:39 am
place opened up, frozen yogurt has become a big rage in nairobi. a lot of parents will take their kids to eat frozen yogurt. my dad always says let's go to westgate and try some frozen yogurt. it really is a normal day out. there's playing areas for kids and a food court up top. about a four story mall mall. it's a very beautiful mall. unfortunately it's been totally devastated. >> zain verjee there outside the west gate mall in nairobi. we'll check with you throughout the morning. we told yu a few seconds ago, a confirmed ten to 15 attackers in this attack in nairobi. we just got some information that one of the attackers has been described as a white female. we just heard from brian todd that they their recruiting operation is international and
2:40 am
they recruit here in the u.s. and other countries around the world. we'll find out when this continues and hopefully when it ends more about the profiles of the people and the group involved in this attack. >> that was an interesting tidbit, between the 10 and 15 people it's suspected at least one of them is a white female. >> we'll stay on top of that and get you more. al shabaab also views, as we know, the kenyan military as an enemy for helping the somali government. >> this is what terrorist groups dorks they go after a target that they think they can hit, malls, bus stations, train stations, anywhere where the security allows you to get in. how do you prevent that? you beef up the security and hurt the business. there's the median you have to find where you provide enough
2:41 am
security, yet you allow business and commerce to continue. here today we saw where that broke down. >> secretary of state john kerrykerry has issued a statement. i want to express my deepest condolences and our condolences of our entire nation to the friends and family of victims in nairobi. as we prepare to bring the world leaders together at united nations next week, we remain again in tragedy of our common humanity -- reminded, however. that from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. we're learning 53 people dead after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a christian church in pakistan. 53 people killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a christian church in pakistan.
2:42 am
hospital officials say more than 120 people were injured there. witnesses say some of the victims are children. the attack happened outside a church as people left the services this morning. also this morning people living in hong kong are bracing for a power typhoon there, usagi is expected to make landfall in hours. we know it's packing winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. authorities war usagi could cause dangerous flooding, landslides. anna corinne is in hong dong. we're wondering what you're feeling right now. i see the winds blowing. >> reporter: that's exactly right. as you can see, it is blowing a gail here in hong kong. usagi is 125 miles east of 6:00 p.m., coming after 6:00 p.m. local time, expected to make
2:43 am
landfall northwest of us in hong kong. we were expecting a direct hit. now they're saying northwest of hong kong, probably in the early hours of tomorrow morning. so it has been bimed as the storm of the year. we'll see if it lives up to its reputation. certainly we have white caps on the harbor which is causing a tourist attraction. officials are telling people to go indoors and bat ten down the hatches. >> take good care there to the team and all the folks there anna coren, we appreciate it. back to our breaking news, the terror attack on the upscale mall in kenya. it has people around the world, certainly here in the u.s. wondering could this happen here at home. >> we'll take a look at the security and if it's enough to keep us safe. ♪
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its job for you this morning as we say good horng to all of you waking up in washington, d.c. you can see it's still dark in the nation's capital. quarter to 6:00 a.m. eastern. today is the first day of fall.
2:48 am
looks like a nice one, too, 75 degrees and partly sunny for all of you today. the mall massacre in kenya, it might be halfway around the world, but it's causing a lot of people here to question could this happen in the u.s., a day after terrorists storm an upscale mall in nairobi, 59 people are dead, about 200 people have been injured, some in a hospital, so how secure are these soft targets and could what happened in ten yeah happen in the u.s.? cnn's margaret connolly joins us live from new york. we're talking about these soft targets, malls, stadiums. is it possible this could happen here? >> good morning, victor. there were americans in that mall in nairobi. even though that attack was across the globe, we've seen the headlines here at home in the u.s. that raises all kinds of questions about security.
2:49 am
we talked to former fbi director tom fuentes about it. >> you have to ask could that occur in our country? is our security better at that type of facility? for example n 2004 you have the madrid train bombings. are our commuter lines anymore secure than those are? no, they're not. you had stub way and bus attack in 2005 in london? are our facilities more secure than those? they are not. >> we're talking about the soft targets, the shopping malls, the grocery stores, the movie theaters. organ, there was a shooting in 2012, omaha, the mall shooting in 2007. aurora, colorado, shooting in 2012. new town, also, was in connecticut. that was the school shooting last year, victor. >> the potential targets have been identified. but what can be done to prevent something like this from
2:50 am
happening again? of course, you mentioned the clackamas mall shooting in oregon, one man there, ten to 15 in kenya. what could be done to prevent it from happening in the u.s.? >> that's a really tough question. every facility has to deal with security in their own ways. we do know mall of america are one of the biggest malls in minneapolis. twice a month they do a lockdown drill where their have their customers, go through a drill where they practice how to hide and how to shelter in these kind of situations. >> before we get too far into this conversation, we probably should have done this at the top. let's identify the difference between a soft target and a hard target. we're using terms now that maybe some people have never reallily discussed. >> we asked that as well. a soft target, the way it was explained to us, is an area that the public can have easier access to. whereas a hard starting, the average person has more
2:51 am
difficulty accessing it. in an airport, when you go through security, once you're inside, that's considered a hard target. but the outside, when you're going into the ticket line just to check in, that's considered a soft target. >> margaret conley, thank you for that. later this morning president obama will speak at a memorial for victims of the navy yard shooting in washington. last night he addressed the recent shootings in chicago. he did so for the first time. >> he and the first lady were at the congress black caucus foundation gala in washington. the president used the opportunity to renew his call for stricter gun control measures. >> we can't rest until all of our children can go to school or walk down the street free from the fear that they will be struck down by a stray bullet. [ applause ]
2:52 am
just two days ago in my hometown of chicago 13 people were shot during a pickup basketball game including a 3-year-old girl. tomorrow night i'll be meeting and mourning with families in this city who now know the same unspeakable grief of families in knewtown and ar record a rah and tucson and chicago and new orleans and all across the country, people whose loved ones were torn from them without headlines or public outcry, but it's happening every single day. we fought a good fight earlier this year but we came up short. and that means we've got to get back up and go back at it because as long as there are those who fight to make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on guns, then we've got to work as
2:53 am
hard as possible for the sake of our children. we've got to be one whose are willing to do more work to make it harder. >> conversations about chicago happening today among some athletes in a meeting with city leaders there as well. we'll tell you more about that in a little bit. still to come on "new day," a first of its kind law in united states. >> one city made it illegal to buy, sell or trade clothing made using fur. we have details on this controversial move coming up after this. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people.
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coming up close to the top of the hour. he was once one of the biggest political stars in china. now bo xilai has been sentenced to life in prison. >> found guilty of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power in a chinese court yesterday. the 64-year-old was once highly regarded in the chinese communist party. his political career unravelled after his wife murdered a businessman. xilai insists he's innocent and is likely to appeal the case. 1.3 tons of pure cocaine.
2:58 am
that's what french officials found hidden inside of 30 colorful suitcases traveling from italy to france, street value around $270 million. the catch was made on september 11 but didn't publicize the find until this weekend. west hollywood may be the land of fame, fortune and fashion, but don't head over to the sunset strip to get a new outfit made of fur. >> as of this weekend it's against the law in the city to sell fur apparel. the ban two years in the making now is the latest measure taken by a city that considers itself, quote, the humane capital of the united states. >> the law does have its loophole. pawn shops can still deal with fur. anyone can wear fur as long as they bought it elsewhere. do you have to walk around with your receipt. >> yes, i bought this in denver or wherever. this is fun. thousands of daredevils turned out as they do every year to compete in the first national
2:59 am
red bull flukeda competition. it was held simultaneous any in five cities across the u.s. >> it challenges competitors to take flight off a platform. i don't know what that was. didn't work too well. teams are judged on creativity, schoeman ship and of course how far they can fly. that one even took a backwards turn. this is in long beach. we do know one team flew a record breaking 258 feet. >> this wub the winner here. >> this is the only machine i've seen so far of the ones we have that actually made it above that first initial drop. >> congratulations to them. we're so grateful that you're starting your morning with us. >> a lot more coming up in
3:00 am
i hope sunday morning is treating you well so far. i am christi paul. >> i am victor blackwell. this is new day sunday. this is cnn breaking news. at this hour, we start with break news. cnn can affirm there are between 10 and 15 attackers in a kenyan mall. there are 30 people being held in the mall. the attackers say they will not negotiate. so let's start from the beginning, when the terrorists


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