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tv   Around the World  CNN  September 30, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. in a clinical study, over 80% of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. in just a matter of hours we could have a government shutdown, the first in almost 1 years. if that happens, national parks will close, federal museums including the smithsonian in washington will shut down. hundreds of thousands of federal
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workers will be off the job just for starters. >> words fail me really. we've got ourselves in this kind of position where we can't -- we can't compromise to the point we've got to the shut the government down. >> but we are at that point. welcome to cm "newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. brace yourselves, believe it or not, shah government shutdown does start to appear as inevitable. the deadline for congress to pass a budget now less than 12 hours away. >> we're talking at one minute past midnight, large seconds of government likely shutting down closing their doors. hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed. we've got reporters on all angles of the story. dana bash on capitol hill where the political blame game intensifying. christine romans focuses on how it could affect you directly and zain asher at the new york stock exchange where the markets are
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already react package. if dana, the senate is expected to reject a spending plan passed by house republicans that would delay obama care for a year. so is that the point of no return? are we heading down this path. >> reporter: yes. it looks like there is -- it's looking a lot more likely that the government will shutdown for a little bit. here's why. i was just talking to some republican sources who, by the way, are going to meet. house republicans will meet at 2:00. in two hours to figure out their next move in of this chess game. and i am told a leading option for them to respond with isn't a clean bill, isn't a bill that senate democrats and the president are demanding which is fund the government no strings attached but perhaps to attach something tells delaying obama care and that is the leading option i'm told by republican sources is to delay the individual mandate inside obama care for one year.
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that, of course, is going to be a nonstarter just like the other ways they've tried to change either defund or what we'll see now, the active bill in the senate which is delay obama care entirely for a year, repeal the medical dwits w device tax. democrats down there in the senate insist all of this is a nonstarter. suzanne, you hear republicans talking about the fact that they -- they're not shutting down the government. it's the democrats because they won't negotiate. it is true if republicans just got a win, any win, they could give in. and they could allow this to go through, but democratic sources say this is just a temporary bill funding the government and they simply will not negotiate now because if they give in on anything now, they're going to be in a bad negotiating position down the road when we get to big things like the debt ceiling. for now, the ball is in the senate's court. john boehner made a big deal out of saying that the senate isn't
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even in. they didn't come to work yesterday and not till 2:00 today to run out the clock. >> senate decided not to work yesterday. well, my goodness, if there's such an emergency, where are they? it's time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the house has listened to the american people and to pass a one-year delay of obama care and a permanent repeal of the medical device tax. >> so again, just to be clear, the senate will come in and vote shortly after they get into session in about two hours. then the ball will be back in house republicans' court. they'll meet to finalize their next move and i'm told it looks at this point like they're not going to send up back anything that the senate democrats will agree to. that puts us on a collision course with this government shutdown deadline. >> okay. yeah, extraordinary situation. battle over the budget having many people wondering how a government shutdown could impact
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them. >> christine romans shows us what is at stake, why all the uncertainty. it is a rather scary situation and people are responding to fear. especially this time of year. >> a month before this -- >> trick or treat. >> reporter: these children are brewing up a scary reality in washington. call it budget helloween. here's a guide to the horror unfolding in washington, the sequester, forced budget cuts have been squeezing agency budgets and sending home some federal workers all year. it's also been a drag on the economy. that is already happening. what could happen, a government shutdown. that begins midnight, october 1st, unless congress passes a spending bill. the scary politics on this is changing by the hour. already, furlough notices are being prepared for hundreds of thousands of workers who will be
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sent home without pay. critical employees who do work, they won't be paid right away. they'll have to wait until this mess is settled. in a shutdown, airports stay open. so do banks. the mail is delivered. social security checks go out. the border is protected. and the power grid supports. but military pay could be delayed. but there's an even more fright ling date on the calendar. october 17th. the day that could lead to a debt default. it's the date this guy, the treasury secretary, says the government could run out of cash. that's why the next budget horror is so dangerous. in jeopardy, all the bills coming due for social security checks, military pay and interest the government sews. some days, government bills can add up to $60 billion. but the treasury only expects to have $30 billion on hand october 17th. that math just doesn't work.
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somebody won't get paid. if the u.s. defaults on its debt, any of its debt, interest rates could spike and stocks could tumble. that could be scary. >> we have had government shutdowns before. that is something we know, but we have never ever defaulted on the obligations of the united states treasury. treasury secretary jack lieu says if we did, the results could be catastrophic. >> big picture, when it comes to confidence and that's what the markets really operate on is confidence and security, you know, even if they kick the proverbial can down the road, the very denied and much muddied and sullied can, kick it down the road again, that doesn't help with confidence, does it? because here we go again. >> it doesn't. it was one of the reasons in the piece we talk about the sequester and a budget shutdown and the debt ceiling. these things have in the public's mind started to blend
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together. they are all separate but related examples of washington failing. this is business as usual that we're just not able to keep the car on the road here. and that is a real, real problem. kicking the can down the road does not go farther to solving this. at the root of all this is many people in the house in particular are very concerned about debt and deficits. if we were to go over the debt ceiling, it could spike interest rates and dramatically increase our debt and deficits. so the very thing they want to avoid could end up happening if this isn't handled properly. >> thanks so much. christine will be back with us to tell us all about the new health care program. opening enrollment for obama care does not start tomorrow. >> that's at the heart of the debate. you can see more details on the government shutdowns, government offices, military facilities. go to, full list of what is going to be closed, what
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remains open and how you can handle this. it's going to be a difficult time. >> when we talk about sentiment and security and insecurity and uncertainty, wall street investors keeping a keen eye on capitol hill. stocks tumbling ahead of a possible government shutdown with just 12 hours to go, less than 12 hour. economists warning shutdown would do more than just rattle the markets. >> let's bring in zain asher at the new york stock exchange. tell us how the markets are looking now because we saw europe tumble, asia, this goes outside of wall street. >> yeah, you know what's interesting is we are a lot better than we were this morning. at one point the dow was down 170 points. now we've dipped about 100, 110 points. either way, this is going to be very interesting to watch. we know the market hates uncertainty. this hasn't come out of nowhere. stocks have been taking a hit. the dow fell 1% last week. so many unanswered questions.
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first question on everybody's mind right now is will the government shut down. a lot of traders i spoke to are surprisingly optimistic hoping washington will come to its senses and pull us back from the ledge. second question equally important is if there is a shutdown, how long will it last. citigroup analysts estimate one-week shutdown will reduce quart lit economic growth by.1%. if you look at previous shutdowns, the effect on stocks has been short-lived. the difference this time is these are stormy times. christine romans talked about it, the debt ceiling deadline in two two weeks is, the fed meeting and third quarter earrings season, as well. >> zain, two quick questions. people you talk to downstairs, why do they think this could be avoided? are we going to see any difference in the jobs report friday? could that possibly be delayed? >> people i spoke to downstairs, the idea is they've grown numb
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to stalemate in washington and hoping that washington will come to its senses as i mentioned. in terms of the jobs report, the answer about the jobs report coming on friday is possibly. we're not sure yet. the bureau of labor statistics that issues the report are saying that all survey and program operations will stop if the government shuts down and its website won't be updated. it sounds like there won't be a jobs report. however, since the data has already been collected, there is a chance the report may still come out if the white house authorizes it. >> thank you very much. you know, michael, i covered the shutdown in the clinton years. it was different back then. the economy was more stable. they had appropriations bills passed before. there was a sense they could afford this. this is not the time. >> this is a vastly different economy and the impacts will be very different to back then. you're right. all right. we'll have more of what we're working on this hour. 48 million american who's don't health insurance begin enrolling tomorrow as part of obama care.
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>> we'll take a look how the government's new health care exchanges are actually going to work. and just days after president held a historic phone call with iran's new president, israel's president benjamin netanyahu is visiting the white house. >> he's pretty cynical the u.s. hopes to have with iran's new government. also, we are talking about the likely government shutdown throughout this hour. >> we'll speak with a house republican from texas about why he thinks it's worth risking a shutdown top delay obama care. i'm only in my 60's.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. welcome back. well, with the clock ticking down to the start of that government shutdown, there is an uptick in the level of frustration that many americans feel towards lawmakers. can you blame themle? obama care is at the core of the impasse in washington or at least the associating of obama care with the budget. some cnn i-reporters have been weighing in on both sides of this. >> it's easy to view everyone who was hopeful for obama care as you know takers or loafers or looking for a free ride.
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and you know, the great majority of us are nothing that even resembles that. you know, we just want health insurance. we want to be able to take care of our family. we want to be able to take care of ourselves, not at the expense of our entire financial stability. >> part-time equals no health insurance. come january, me and millions of other americans will be forced to do and to pay for obama care? i don't think so. obama care is unconstitutional. and needs to be overturned. and maybe it's going to take my voice and millions of others to do that. so be it. >> house republicans and tea party-backed senators say they'll only vote to keep the government open if obama care is defunded or delayed. the president's health care program will kick off tomorrow as planned. christine romans back from new york with us. first of all, explain to us to us how obama care still happens
9:17 am
even if we are possibly facing a government shutdown. >> because this is considered mandatory spending. i mean, health care is funded by taxes, fees and other mandatory spending. in fact, some say the implementation of obama care even keeps going, keeps going even in a shutdown. the exchanges launch tomorrow where you can buy health care, is that website. let me explain what it is you'll see tomorrow. four tiers of health insurance levels plan. low cost catastrophic option for people under 30. the bronze plan covered 60% of your costs up to 90% for the platinum plan. the bronze level of coverage, your premiums will be lower. copays and deductibles will be higher. platinum that's the opposite, high premiums but lower copays and deductibles. it depends if you want to a the money first or what level of
9:18 am
coverage you want. depending on income, the government may pick up some of the cost. if you're singing making less than $46,000, if you're a family of four making $94,000, you likely qualify for subsidy from the government. prices depend on where you live and how old you are. what shouldn't matter, a pre-existing condition. no higher premium if you get sick. no denial of coverage if you're sick. no fees for preventive care like vaccinations, mammograms, colonoscopies. you have till march 31st to sign up. you have to buy a plan by september 14th if you want your coverage to kick in january 1st, that's the nuts and bolts of what's rolling out tomorrow. >> thank god you're explaining all this because a lot of people, this poll from the kaiser family foundation says almost two-thirds of the public including 85% of uninsured don't know the obama care kicks in tomorrow and they could be fined if they don't actually go forward and pay for their insurance. so how does this work?
9:19 am
i mean, are they going to get fined? >> yeah, they're going to get find. you'll be fined if you don't have health insurance by the deadline. how do they get it? they collect it through your tax return. you could see the penalty subtracted from your income tax refund or you might get a nasty letter from the irs. the irs has not been given aggressive power to go after people who do not pay. that fine will get higher over the next four years to try to coax people into the system. >> so it pays off to pay attention. christine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. and starting tomorrow, our very own dr. sanjay gupta hitting the road with the cnn express traveling the country to see how the obama care signup really, would. what problems crop up along the way. and he's going to answer all your questions and make sure you understand what is really going on with your health care. >> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu talks with president obama at the white house. hear why he is skeptical about
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welcome back. so what's so hard about all of this? that seems to be the take away from a lot of people trying to understand why congress can't reach a deal to avoid shutting down the government. >> john king is breaking down the numbers from this new poll. check this out. >> first and foremost, there is no question the american people think this is a bad idea to have that shutdown clock run to zero. look, seven in ten americans, 68% say it would be a bad thing to shut the government down for a few days. what about the prospect of a shutdown that ranner for a few weeks. >> hard to get eight in ten americans to agree. but they agree on this, a bad thing to shut the government down more than a few weeks. these are national numbers. all politics are local. 40 to 50 of the most conservative house members, four or five of the most conservative
9:24 am
senators are pushing the strategy for the republican party and think they're on safe ground back home. " 56% of tea party supporters say it's a good thing to shut down the government. that's why they're not afraid to go to the brink. national numbers, if this happens, who would the american people think is most important? 36% say the president would be responsible. but nearly half say republicans would be responsible and 13% say both. so the president on safer ground at the moment on the question of responsibility. this is interesting though. again, how you vote impacts what you think of this political brinksmanship. if you're a democrat, you blame republicans in congress. if you're a republican, you overwhelmingly blame the president. independent voters evenly divided on this question of who is responsible. that tells you the president has a sales case to make to the middle of the electorate as this debate goes on. some republicans say we're on safe ground because the american people don't like the president's health care law. it's true. our new poll shows 57% is,
9:25 am
nearly six in ten americans oppose obama care. however, this is a critical distinction. break that number down. 11% of those who oppose the president's health care law oppose it because they think it didn't go far enough. they wanted a single pair system or more government involvement. that is a critical point as republicans say the american people oppose this law, some oppose it not for the reasons republicans cite. what's the fundamental question of this debate right now as that clock ticks down? what's most important for the congress to do, avoid government shutdown or block parts of the health care law? six in ten americans say it's more important to avoid the government shutdown. that number speaks for itself. >> so a majority of americans say the most important priority right now is keeping the government open. but republicans in the house don't necessarily see it that way. they say obama care, that is the priority that it's got to go or at least be delayed. >> our guest is one of those conservative voices. congressman john cull bert son is a republican from texas, also
9:26 am
a member of the house appropriations committee. just a lot of people i've spoken to want to know, obama care has in one way or another been voted on dozens of times, 40 times i think in the house either to overturn or defund it. why should it be now it's attached to funding the government? why the have the another go at something that has been in law for three years, an election was held with it as the centerpiece. why bring down or shut down the government over something being dealt with time and time and time again? >> i would ask you to step back for a moment and look at this objectively and don't assume that it is the republicans shutting down the government or that that is our goal. i be on the appropriations committee. and we passed that bill out of the house on june 6th. so the senate has had for over 90 days the bill to fund the military. they also got the bill to fully fund the pentagon from the house
9:27 am
about 90 days ago. ealso passed homeland security over 90 days ago and passes the bill for energy and water over 90 days ago. the senate didn't even come into session yesterday. >> but obama care is still attached to this budget bill. that's the question. why again? >> well, because we -- we are only in control of one-half of one-third of the government, my job description is representative. and my constituents, the people of texas are adamantly opposed to this massive intrusion into our private lives. we do not want the federal government socializing health care as they have in england and france. the senate has had plenty of time to keep the government open. s in not about -- step back for a minute. this is one of the most -- the right to be left alone as americans is probably our most important right. that right of privacy, that right to be left alone to let texans run texas, for example, that is sacred to us.
9:28 am
this is a decisive moment. this is our best opportunity, the most powerful leverage we've got is with the appropriations bill. but the senate has had the key ones, military, homeland security. >> all right. >> they've had them for over 90 days and sitting on them. >> congressman, you do say it's your right to be left alone. people will suffer because of this. "usa today" compiling numbers, the va you say you support the veterans but they're going to run out of money. there is more than 3.6 million veterans' checks, if this shutdown continues into october. not only that, you're going to talk about administrative costs of the supplemental nutrition program for women and children in it goes longer than a couple weeks. that too will be delayed. there will be middle class who will suffer as a result. >> i would encourage you again to step back and look at the facts. we've given the senate the key appropriations bills over 90 days ago. veterans benefits are funded a year in advance.
9:29 am
so there will be no effect on veterans even if the government shuts down. there will be no effect on social security if the government shuts down. there will be no effect on medicare if the government shuts down because those mandatory automatic programs continue. the employees who adminster a mandatory program are automatically considered essential. so they will be at work. social security checks will flow. medicare checks will flow. veterans benefits checks will flow again because they're funded a year in advance. the senate again has had 90 days, over 90 days to take care of this. this is a matter of core principle. are we going to surrender our most fundamental right as americans 0 to be left alone, the right of privacy? turn over all private information to the irs? do these incompetent navigators all our stuff will be hacked on the internet? this is a matter of core principle. my constituents are furious about it. >> congressman, appreciate it. you make a point very clearly.
9:30 am
congressman john culberson, appreciate that. republican member from texas. >> there are going to be a lot of people who will be furloughed. a lot of people will be suffering. there are a lot of people who won't be paid on time. it's not accurate to say people won't be impacted by this. >> we didn't get an answer to that issue this has been voted on 40 times in the past and attaching it to the budget affects a lot of people. >> we got a new poll that shows who americans will blame the most if we have a government shutdown. we'll break those down for you up next. twins. i didn't see them coming.
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9:34 am
senate democrats. they will reject it. >> and barring any last-minute deal, the so-called can kicking, large sections of government will start closing at one minute past midnight. hundreds of thousands of workers will be if your loads. wall street, stocks down. they're reacting. the dow dropped more than 150 points at the open this morning. s&p 500, the nasdaq also saw declines. you're looking at 118 at the moment, that is where it stands. economists are warning a shutdown, even if it's brief, could cause stocks to fall even more than they already have. >> three-quarters of a percentage point down today. earlier we were saying europe is down, asia is down. all on the back of this. investors keeping an eye on congress ahead of debt ceiling talks. those haven't started. we've haven't gotten to that yet. the u.s. government wouldn't be able to pay its bills and that
9:35 am
has its own set of problems. >> we're following another story. new concerns now that a leaked terrorist plot by al qaeda has now caused more damage who u.s. intelligence efforts than nsa leaker edward snowden according to "the new york times." >> according to the report, the revealed plot has undermined u.s. intelligence and forced officials to find new ways to intercept al qaeda operatives. pentagon correspondent barbara starr tells us about these concerns and what this leak did, what it caused to be shutdown. >> well, hi there. you remember a couple months ago, we were all talking about a terrorist threat against u.s. embassies around the world and about two dozen of them shut down, the big threat was against the u.s. is embassy in yemen. what we learned is that u.s. intelligence intercepted communications between top al qaeda leaders. now the question on the table, because of that very crucial intercept, has al qaeda gone silent for the u.s. intelligence community? and "the new york times" asking
9:36 am
the question, what did more damage, revealing that intercept which some news organizations did, cnn talked about it a bit, or the edward snowden links? two different cases. snowden revealed information officials will tell you about how the system of intelligence gathering is set up. in the case of the al qaeda intercept, the big question right now is whether or not a key method of gathering intelligence has been shutdown and where is al qaeda now communicating. experts will tell you they have encrypted links on the internet. they have chat rooms. they have methods of communicating that the intelligence community urgently keeps trying to chase down. they can even go back to the old methods, couriers handing off tapes and recordings. it's a really interesting question to which there's not a lot of good answers because damages caused by all of this, how much and where it's caused and how to recover from it is
9:37 am
the big question for the intelligence community. >> all right. thank you, barbara starr there at the pentagon. >> we're following israeli's esprime minister benjamin netanyahu talking with president obama at the white house. hear why he is skeptical about the new relationship president obama is forming with iran's leader. just by talking to a h. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. when you do what i do, iyou think about risk.. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum volatility etfs.
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all right. we know that the shutdown is going to send more than 780,000 federal workers home, delay paychecks, but it will also have par-reaching impact on the economy, not just ours but around the world as we've been discussing. you can see it on the markets. >> i want to bringing in ron nan froo har to explain the standoff here. the government shutdown looming, it's probably imminent at this point. what does it mean in terms of the impact on world markets?
9:41 am
this is not something that's just affected and felt here at home. >> that's right. to be honest, it depends how long it would last. so if you have a shutdown that goes on for just a week, it should shave only about.28% off of u.s. gdp growth. if you go on for a month, could you start seeing real impact on u.s. gdp growth. you're will already seeing the impact in consumer and business confidence which is down it consumers are wary. markets are jittery. since the u.s. is really, along with china, the biggest driver of global growth, that has a tremendous impact on global gdp. >> yeah. as we were saying earlier, we saw europe down, asia down, as well. of course, after tonight's deadline to keep the government open, there's even more important deadline, october 17, the debt ceiling. now, it's the country's credit card limit really. if congress refuses to raise that and here we go again, by the way, this is not the first
9:42 am
time we've had this discussion, how does that then impact other countries? particularly if the u.s. faces another debt rating impact? >> this is really the most important thing, particularly for international markets. so the dollar is the reserve currency of the world. and when one of the reasons that the u.s. is allowed to borrow so much money so cheaply is people frustrate in our ability to pay it back. the fact we have been at this place a number of times in the last few years has eroded a certain amount of credit. if the federal reserve were not dumping so much money into the economy right now, we might see borrowing costs rising. if the u.s. were to default on debt, that would be a major economic event. we had one small technical default due to a word processing error, but even that small technical default in which people got their money eventually resulted in greater interest rates for several
9:43 am
months. so it would be a massive event and we're all just hoping that congress will get its act together and look over the precipice and not let us go there. >> tell us about the debt sealing limit. it can be confusing who think it is new spending for new programs. what does it really pay for? >> this is borrowing we have already done, this is interests payments to our creditors which include big nations like china, this is social security checks for retirees. these are obligations we are committed to paying. so it's old. it's new. it's everything. but basically it's the full faith and credit of the u.s. government at stake here. >> money already spent. i wanted to ask you something we were discussing earlier. if they somehow kick the can down the road, the already battered can, that in itself does damage to confidence, doesn't it? >> absolutely. because you know it, creates more uncertainty. so let's say you get a situation
9:44 am
which the can is kicked down the road to december. we find ourselves in this place again, you and i will be talking in two or three months. marks will be jittery. this is something investors don't like and it weakens an already fragile recovery. we'll be doing well to grow more than 2% this year as it is. to add this kind you have fiscal headwind is really a problem for the recovery. >> seems insane. rana true har, thanks you so much. >> americans will not be the only ones suffering if there a shutdown. we'll look at the worldwide impact up next. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car.
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there is no civil war in syria. that is what the country's foreign minister told the united nations a couple of hours ago. >> we were listening to that now. he said it's not a civil war. it is a war against terror. these comments coming just as a team of experts heads to damascus to make sure syria meets all the united nations' deadlines and demands to get rid of its chemical weapons. >> nick paton walsh is at the united nations to talk a little bit more about this. tell us, first of all, the syrian foreign minister, how does he explain what's taking place inside the country. >> repetition of damascus's standard line on this. they're not fighting rebels, they're in fact fight terrorism. obviously when this whole revolution began in march in
9:48 am
2011, that was born out of peaceful protests that was cracked down upon intensely and subsequently turned into i an civil war about a year later or so. since then, some of the groups fighting amongst the rebels, even by did the united states have been described as terrorists. syrian government's line has been we are not fighting a revolution. the people we're fighting are terrorists and we should be given the same kind of license other international countries are given, as well. clearly when you're listening to that, bear in mind they're making an argument that the people backing up the opposition should cease. we heard an interesting line everyone him saying we're willing to participate in peace talks but want those assisting the opposition with arms to back off from doing that. >>. >> translator: any political solution in light of the continued support of terrorism whether through supplying arms,
9:49 am
funding or training is mere illusion and misleading. syria has repeatedly announced she embraces a political solution of its crisis. it is now for those who claim to support a political solution in syria to stop all practices and policies against syria and to head to geneva without preconditions. >> now, one of the things kind of hidden in that u.n. be security council resolution last friday was an endorsement of a peace process that's been going on for a while but stalled from geneva that basically said they backed what's called the geneva protocol which calls for assad to step aside for transitional government. damascus made it clear they won't accept that. in that statement suggesting if they're going to attend the peace talks, they've always been partially on the ropes because the opposition or regime wouldn't go. damascus would like to see the
9:50 am
opposition no longer get arms from the gulf and some western corrupts. >> the state of play, you've got weapons inspectors coming out. you've got the ones going in to monitor weapons. what's the state of play there. >> we're expecting to hear them outline a broader plan how the inspections will continue. the people going in right now, there are about 20 setting up the hub for this verification mission. there's an ambitious timetable. those coming out have been investigating incidents mostly suggested to them by syrian regime of use in and around syria. a lot of complex inspection missions going on. >> and the report on the ones coming out hopefully by the end of the month. thanks so much. nick payen walsh at the u.n. >> just days after the president held a historic phone call with iran's new president, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is visiting the white
9:51 am
house. he's pretty cynical about the relationship the u.s. plans to have with iran's new leadership. e insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. some high stakes talks at the white house today. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu discussing, among other things, iran's nuclear program. of course, some warming in the
9:54 am
relationship between the west and iran. but the message from mr. netanyahu, don't be fooled by the sweet talk. >> his visit comes just days after the president's historic phone call with the iranian president hassan rouhani. jim acosta, i understand the notes from the reporter in that meeting with the prime minister as well as the president, they've been released. what's the news out of this? >> well, it looks like quickly glancing at this pool report, suzanne and michael, that the president did not make any comments on the prospect of a government shutdown later this evening. he does have a cabinet meeting later this afternoon where he might be able to make some of those comments. but it looks like he was sticking to the subject of iran, syria, egypt in this moment when the press was allowed into his meeting with prime minister netanyahu. it's interesting just looking at these notes because of what happened last friday, the president's phone call with iranian president rouhani, obviously netanyahu not exactly
9:55 am
pleased with that and he made that pretty clear in his comments before coming to the united states. but president obama, during this pool spray that reporters were in the room to witness and these aren't exact quotes but that words are not sufficient, that you have to have actions that give the international community confidence. because of sanctions, the iranians appear ready to negotiate. we very to test that diplomacy and that the president also said we enter into these negotiations clear-eyed and that this not be easy. even though there were kind words from president obama and president rouhani on friday, when he had prime minister netanyahu in the room with him earlier today, it sounds like he was making it very clear to the israelis yes, while we had this conversation on friday, we're going to stay on this hard stance here that iran not develop any nuclear weapons and according to some of the remarks that came out from netanyahu
9:56 am
through a pool report, netanyahu basically said the same thing, that that is their bottom line here, that iran must dismantle its nuclear program. so it sounds like some agreement from president obama and prime minister netanyahu on than subject. but obviously, the aesthetics of a tony phone call between the united states and iran did not go over well with the israelis. it doesn't appear at this point that that was voiced by the prime minister netanyahu in the room publicly just a few moments ago. suzanne and michael? >> jim, this has been a tortured relationship on many levels over the years. is this going to help or hurt or whatever? a lot of people say give iran a chance. let's see where this goes. israelis holding firm in saying they don't mean it. it's all smoke and mirrors. where does this leave the u.s./israeli relationship, we're talking the personal one. >> right. it is incredible that the president would have this phone conversation with president
9:57 am
rouhani knowing full well that prime minister netanyahu was coming to town just a few days later. so the white house made the calculation that it was worth the risk to have that phone call with president rouhani. remember all the talk at the united nations earlier last week when there was all of the speculation that perhaps president obama and president rouhani would have a hand shake. that was apparently too hot to handle for the iranians. but they still had the phone call. that was not going to go over with the israelis but it sounds like yes, it is a strained relationship but when it comes to the hard facts of what they will allow and not allow, they seem to be on the same page at least at this point. >> thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." it continues after this quick break. thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. >> right now, we're standing by for the white house briefing. what will jay carney say with only 11 hours to go till the government shutdown? and the house taking more shots at obama care. president obama, by the way, has just spoken out in the oval office about the potential government shutdown. the tape coming up momentarily. the threat of a shutdown is taking its toll on the markets. check it out right now, down more than 100 points, the dwj industrials as we speak. also right now, a key middle east ally at the white house, the substance of what the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president obama are talking about. we h


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