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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. hello again, i am fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories we're following in the cnn newsroom. it may not be a hurricane, but tropical storm karen could still be a huge problem for the gulf coast. a live report straight ahead. the cleanup is under way as storms slam the midwest. we have a report that twisters touched down in three states. homes are destroyed and power is out. and two bikers allegedly linked to a clash between bikers and an suv driver are now in
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police custody. they turned themselves in. we learned there was also an off duty undercover police officer riding with the group during that attack. welcome back to the newsroom. we start in washington. the house unanimously approves a bill to give back pay to furloughed federal workers. it is the latest move to ease some of the effects of the government shutdown. athena jones joining us live from capitol hill. athena, we heard from lawmakers on both sides after the vote. what was said overall? >> hi, fred. just as you mentioned a couple hours ago, the house passed this bill that would pay hundreds of thousands of federal workers who right now are ordered to stay home from the job. they wouldn't get paid until the whole government reopens. majority leader eric cantor made a special point about the fact it was a unanimous vote, and a
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special challenge to democrats. listen to what he had to say. >> what about the vets? do the democrats not feel it is important to make sure the pain is eased on them? what about the sick children that need access to clinical trials? is it not as important to ease the pain of the shutdown for them or is it just the federal employees the democratic minority thinks is important. >> now, leader cantor is talking about some smaller spending bills that the house passed in the last few days, funding things like the national institutes of health to make sure people get access to clinical trials and veterans administration, national parks. that's what he is arguing. on the democratic side they're saying they believe everyone in the government should be put back to work. they're pushing for the house to bring to a vote a spending bill that would open everything all at once and leave the larger budgetary discussions until later. let's listen to minority leader
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nancy pelosi. >> right now enough republicans have publicly stated their support for a bill that could pass and be on the president's desk today. we're asking the speaker in our letter to bring up the vote to the floor for those republicans and more to show that there is a bipartisan majority to end the government, republican government shutdown. >> you heard that, minority leader pelosi named this the republican government shutdown, part of the blame game going on. she was announcing a letter that 200 democrats, house democrats, sent to boehner, reaffirming the position, asking him to bring the spending bill with no strings attached to a vote. she argues there are enough house republicans that would support it, it would pass, get it to the president's desk and end this. these are the same positions we have been hearing all week. while there's some action today, not a lot of shifting where each
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side stands. >> athena jones, thanks so much for that update. we're also hearing from the president today. he says this could all be over right now in an interview with the associated press, he blamed house speaker john boehner directly for not ending the shutdown, saying this, quote. we can vote to open the government today. the only thing that is keeping that from happening is speaker boehner. has made a decision that he is going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us. end quote from the president from an associated press interview. and this programming note, republican texas senator ted cruz who is either getting credit or blame for all of this talks exclusively about the government shutdown sunday on "state of the union" with candy crowley, 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern time. shifting gears, tropical storm karen headed for the gulf coast. it is no longer expected to grow into a hurricane, but residents
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along the coast are still being warned about storm surge. karen could hit southeast louisiana as early as tonight. are the gulf states ready for the storm? cnn indra peterson is on the gulf at pensacola beach. indra, it looks rather beautiful there on the beach, but you've still got threats of a storm out there. what's the expectation? >> reporter: i mean, that's absolutely right. we know the storm is getting closer and closer, even though it looks nice now, things will slowly start to deteriorate going through the overnight hours. the reason for that, tropical storm karen is still there. reminder, it is not as strong as it was yesterday where we were borderline tropical storm or weak category one hurricane. winds about 65 miles per hour. today we're at 40 miles per hour winds. that's borderline tropical depression or tropical storm. it continues to tear apart. what you're watching is the center of the low going straight
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north towards louisiana. you have everything on the radar being ripped apart, heading to the east. it is almost like they are going opposite directions. what we were looking at the last several days, we knew the one area the storm was hanging in was going to do this, it would make the storm deteriorate. we thought it would go through the area faster and make that curve to the east, northeast and potentially gain strength again. since it has slowed down to 7 miles per hour this morning, it is just getting ripped apart even more. great news for residents along the gulf. but it doesn't mean they're out of the woods. keep in mind, there's still a tropical storm warning. that means it is imminent in the next 36 hours right around morgan city, louisiana. so by all means still looking at strong rip tides and storm surge, talking high amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. talking about as much as six inches in a location that's well over the amount of rainfall for the season. never a good thing. another thing to keep in mind when you talk about this much
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rainfall this season so far, you talk about saturated ground, you'll talk about winds coming in overnight that could rip trees out of the ground and take people by surprise. you never want to underestimate the power of a storm, no matter the strength. with the ground saturated, talk about it feeling stronger than it comes in. we are monitoring that. could be a depression by tomorrow as it makes it through the gulf and through here. >> thanks so much. indra peterson. storms in another fashion hit the plain states pretty hard overnight. you're hearing tornado sirens there, reports of as many as 18 tornadoes touching down in three states, iowa, south dakota, nebraska. in wayne, nebraska, a tornado destroyed as many as a dozen homes. fortunately, no one was killed. the storm knocked out power to half the residents of rapid city, south dakota. if hurricanes and tornadoes weren't enough, some states got
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a dumping of snow, too. what? before halloween? in south dakota, parts of the state saw more than 30" of snow making a mess in rapid city. things weren't much better in wyoming where blowing snow created blizzard conditions. blizzard conditions for the drivers. that's a nasty scene there. from california to the midwest to the gulf of mexico, rough weather in all fashions, all extremes. alexandra steele in the weather center. how unusual to talk snow before halloween? >> that's not so unusual, fred. >> no? >> as the aggregate, it may be one of the first times in modern history we have a landfalling tropical storm, the incredible amount of snow and blizzard conditions, the tornadoes we witnessed last night, plus extreme fire danger in southern california. so it is really an incredible scenario. let's kind of break it down.
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indra took care of the tropical storm. this is the radar picture. this is one massive storm system. on the back side, it is cold enough, you can see where the snow is through the dakotas, it is western south dakota that's a bull's eye around rapid city. minneapolis to omaha, you is see lightning strikes. that's where potential could be for severe weather today. winter threat, blizzard conditions and snow, rapid city points east through pierre. up to an additional ten inches in rapid city. that area had between 15 and 20 inches. more to come today. that will come to an end. in addition to that, here is the severe weather. at least 16 reports of tornadoes yesterday. six confirmed. and that was in three states. here is where the threat is today. the threat of storm is not as intense, but hail and damaging winds are part of the picture.
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madison, chicago, the situation changes tomorrow. detroit, even buffalo could see strong winds tomorrow. we're seeing it all, no question about that. and to the west, with fire threat from santa barbara to los angeles, palm springs down to san diego. incredibly strong, and hot winds. because it is windy, any small fire could blow up because of the amount of winds here, fred. >> the santa ana winds, fierce. thanks so much. alexandra steele, appreciate it. everybody has seen it by now, that shocking video of a group of bikers up against an suv. the outcome bloody and violent on both sides. now arrests made and the hunt for one biker now intensifying. ♪
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new york city police desperately searching for this man. wanted for questioning in regards to that clash between a group of bikers and the driver of an suv. two bikers accused of being involved in that violent incident turned themselves into police. one charged, the other is the man seen, one of the people seen use ago helmet against that suv. that was before some bikers dragged the driver from the suv and then allegedly beat him.
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i want to go straight to cnn's margaret conley in new york. margaret, what more do we know about those that turned themselves in verses those that police are looking for for questioning. >> reporter: this is where it happened, where the suv driver pulled off the west side highway. he was trying to get away from the bikers. but it is also here on this corner of west 178th street where most of the violence took place. reginald chance seen in the video using his helmet to smash the window of the suv, that happened right here. he turned himself in, he is still being questioned, and he is in custody. we don't have charges on him yet. the other man that turned himself in, robert simms, he was caught on video also approaching the suv and trying to open the door before the suv was able to escape. he has been charged. he is facing attempted assault in the first degree, attempted gang assault in the secondary,
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and charged with criminal possession of a weapon we don't know what that weapon is. >> all right. and then so attempted gang assault and attempted assault. then we have the issue of is it an off duty or undercover police officer that may have been riding with the bikers. >> reporter: we called nypd, they're not talking. they're saying it is still under investigation. but our cnn suzanne can deott ee found out that there was one police officer on the scene, he was off duty, and he also works as an undercover cop. now, he happened to be there riding his bike, but there are a lot of questions arising now about why it took him four days to come forward. the incident happened sunday. he didn't go to police until wednesday. we do know this is right now under investigation with internal affairs. >> all right. still a very complicated case,
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even a week after being caught on videotape there. thank you so much, margaret conley. all right, the sisters of the victim in that fatal d.c. police chase say she was treated for postpartum depression with psychosis. but the sisters also say that miriam carey was not delusion ago. amy carey-jones and valerie carey are trying to figure out what happened. miriam carey drove her car into a white house barricade before leading them on a chase to the capitol. she was shot and killed. her one-year-old in the car was not injured. she's said to be okay. sisters of the victim talked to anderson cooper about her initial diagnosis. >> amy, there are sources say in the last year the police have been called by your sister's boyfriend who reported she was acting irrationally or delusionally. is that something you knew about, is that something you were concerned about? >> i'm not going to feed into
10:17 am
things that he reported to the press. i just know that my sister did experience postpartum depreparation wi-- depression. she had her challenges with that. and that's what she was being treated for. >> as far as you know, she wasn't bipolar, she wasn't schizophrenic, you believe it was postpartum depression. >> it was postpartum depression with psychosis. she worked closely with her doctor to taper off the medication and just get the counseling she needed to deal with that diagnosis. >> carey's family wants to know if d.c. police followed protocol shooting miriam. they say they're going to conduct their own investigation into exactly what happened. all right. politicians are doing a lot of talking in washington about the government shutdown these days. in a moment, breaking news from
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all right, welcome back to the cnn newsroom. i think we have a story about this montana newlywed facing new charges in a case involving an alleged murder that she's involved in. is that where we're going right now? looks like we're having a problem. all right. instead we're going to washington. the house unanimously passing back pay for furloughed workers today but they have not voted to reopen the government all together. the standoff means 800,000
10:22 am
federal employees will likely start next week like they ended this past week, no paycheck, no end in sight of going back to work. republican congressman scott garrett is on the house financial services committee and joins me now from washington. good to see you, congressman. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> okay. a small step this morning, approval in the house for back pay for the furloughed federal workers. help us lay the ground work in your view to get government operating again, getting people back to their jobs like we heard minority leader nancy pelosi saying hey, why not pay people for actually doing the work. let's get government working again. what's the forecast in your view? >> this bill i think bodes well for that. as you know, republicans have been saying that all along. we said we never wanted to shut down the government and we have proven it by sending a number of bills from the house over to the senate. unfortunately they have all
10:23 am
either died in the senate or never gotten any real support, much support from the democrats in the house, although about 25 or 30 democrats have come over and agreed with us on for example making sure that the military should be paid, that veterans should be paid, we should have research for cancer continuing on, that schools and what have you in d.c. be open and running. we sent those bills to the senate. as i would say, the senate is where all good bills go to die. this is the correct approach. this is the approach that's always been used to fund the government. we do it in a piecemeal manner in about a dozen different appropriation bills. that's how we normally do it and that's the way we want to do it now. if the senate would take up these bills and move it, we'll see the government open more and more. >> you say this is the way we do it, piecemeal legislation or measures. then you heard the president say no, we're not doing piecemeal. give me a budget. he said he would give a thumb's up and sign this bill if passed
10:24 am
by the house and senate on the back pay. so if this is the way the house and senate usually do it, why is it not working this go around? >> your statement answers the question. because the president doesn't want to do it the way things are normally done. unfortunately it seems and a number of people are reporting this that the administration has begun to play politics with the unfortunate is circumstance of the government being shut down. you heard someone from, senior administration official say we're winning so we don't care how long the government is shut down. that's a terrible thing to hear from the administration, from a senior administration official, that they see it as politics, they're winning, it is some game. we don't see it that way. people are hurting in the government shutdown, things are not going the right way. >> that was mitch mcconnell and rand paul talking about that, we're winning moment. it was kind of caught with an open mike on.
10:25 am
>> that was from -- >> it did reveal in large part that while house speaker john boehner is saying this is not a game, when you hear this kind of dialogue between rand paul and mitch mcconnell say we're winning, we're winning, it does seem tan at that mount. >> i am all wired up here. >> i just did cnn, we're willing to compromise. i think it won't poll for them to say that. >> i do, too. i came back from that two hour meeting with him and that was basically the same view privately as publicly. >> i think if we keep saying we wanted to defund it, we fought for that, now we're willing to compromise, i think -- we -- i think i know we don't want to be here, but we're gonna win this.
10:26 am
>> is that perhaps redundant about a message, coming up with a winning strategy is what this game is all about? >> so you don't have the quote from the senior administration official saying they were winning, you just have the quote from them. >> that's what we have on tape. >> we will have to go elsewhere to get the reports on that, but yes, the way this is normally done, the way that we have always handled appropriations in this country is that we pass them through the house, constitutionally have to start them in the house, send them to the senate. one by one they go there. the white house seems to be saying one thing and doing the other. they say they will not do a piecemeal approach, but on the other hand they did sign, did accept the first bill we sent there, which is a good bill, says let's fund the troops. now they're saying they will accept making sure federal employees are paid. >> does that not exemplify the concessions of compromise people want to see between the white house and congress?
10:27 am
>> it does, it absolutely does, but they do that with one breath, then as you say, with the quote from the president, they say that with one breath, with the other breath say they will not accept anything else, only accept a cr. so the white house, you can't have it both ways. if they want to do it the normal way, the way that gets this done, the way we have been throwing out, democrats have come on board -- >> the american people, most people are simply exhausted by this ping pong game. going back and forth. they want to know when can they report back to work. it is great they get back pay, that doesn't come at the end of the week when they might expect the regular paycheck. they want to know when they can get back to work, when government can get running, when head start can pick up again, when people can get their bank loans approved for mortgages, refinancing, all of that. that's what they want to know. >> eric cantor said on the floor we have i think about each and
10:28 am
every one of those items, can't speak to all of them, each issue you mentioned just about he laid out saying we're doing them in the house. we did about nine, eight or nine issues, total issues already. we're doing it in the house, we're sending them out. i don't know when he comes on next with you, if you have harry reid here, he would be the appropriate one to say when are you taking each of those bills the house sent to you and pass them and send them to the white house. that would answer the question. one by one, we're sending them over there, one by one, harry reid could do it. and just like that, the government would be owning again and you would not see the terrible situations like we have seen this past week in d.c. with the honor flights coming in and going to national mall and war memorial. >> you can't have, if you can't close all parks, you can't have one park open and not others. >> yes, you can. >> i don't think too many are surprised you're going to have one national monument closed when you have others across the country closed. >> wait, wait, wait.
10:29 am
let's get what the facts are here. every other time when the government has been slowed down or shut down, past presidents have not shut down the mall. no president shut down visitors from going to lincoln memorial. this is the first time that happened. this is the first time a president during a slow down or shut down has shut off, totally blocked access. >> why let it get to this point. >> no, the question is why would a president when he should never shut down the war memorial shut it down. why would a president when it was never done before shut down the lincoln memorial. why would a president shut down access to the martin luther king memorial. why would he do this except it goes back to the earlier discussion we had was this administration sees this as a game, playing politics with it, and as i say, they don't care how long the government is shut down because they're winning. questions have to go to harry
10:30 am
reid, why won't he move the bills. we moved them, more than a half dozen, and the president, why was he trying to exert undue influence on world war ii vets and anybody else in washington. that's where i am now. i see people walking around, wanting to get there. any other time in the past, carter didn't do it, clinton didn't do it. you have to ask why is this administration doing it? i'll turn it back to you. >> congressman scott garrett, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> appreciate the chance. >> get back to work. get that government working. >> you got it. >> remember tomorrow there's more on this topic. republican texas senator ted cruz talking exclusively about the government shutdown sunday on state of the union with candy krou lee. 9:00 a.m. and noon. more after this.
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♪ ♪ some breaking news now from the pentagon about furloughed workers. barbara starr is live for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: hello, fredricka. this is the memo from defense secretary chuck hagel that thousands of civilians working for the defense department have been waiting for. hagel now just this afternoon saying he is authorizing many, perhaps hundreds of thousands, perhaps as many as 400,000 furloughed workers to come back. they have been working on this idea for several days behind the scenes. now the memo going out. here is what's happening.
10:34 am
when congress passed the law a few days ago saying the troops could be paid, there was a freeze in there that said so could civilians be paid who support the troops. now they're figuring out how do they bring back as many of those people as possible. what hagel is saying is he is bringing back two categories to begin with. people who help with the well-being, morale, military capability of the troops and military families. look to see things like commissaries reopening where so many military families do their shopping. but he is also doing something else very interesting. he is going to bring back everybody that works on functions that would hurt the military in the future, hurt the troops if they're not carried out. let me give you a real example of what we are talking about, black hawk helicopter, is a core ski, the contract tore that makes that was about to layoff thousands of workers because
10:35 am
they couldn't continue if the government wasn't functioning. now that is likely perhaps not to happen, the black hawk, the backbone of the combat helicopter fleet gets troops in and out of the war zone safely, med-evacs them when shot. hagel says systems like that have to be kept running, they need maintenance, spare parts, logistics, their production line. he doesn't want to see that stuff shut down. black hawk is a real example. could save thousands of worker jobs and bring back thousands of civilians working for the defense department. >> fascinating stuff. all right. a couple moving parts in this slow moving situation involving the government shutdown and furloughed workers. barbara starr, appreciate that. >> sure. everyone is looking to where is anthony bourdain going next? he is going to copenhagen this weekend on "parts unknown." he tries a local favorite on the
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welcome back. i'm fredericka whitfield. a look at the top stories crossing the cnn news desk right now. the government shutdown congress is working today, the senate is in session at this hour. no votes are scheduled right now but this morning the house passed a bill that will give backpay to all furloughed government employees. tropical storm karen is churning in the gulf right now. the latest forecast shows the storm could hit southeast louisiana tonight, not expected to become a hurricane, but it could still dump a lot of rain and cause a large storm surge. a montana woman entered a plea of not guilty in the death of her newlywed husband. jordan graham is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff on their honeymoon. prosecutors originally charged her with second degree murder but this week a grand jury also charged her with first degree murder. if convicted she faces life in prison. all week we've been hearing about the clash between an suv
10:41 am
driver and a crowd of motorcyclists. well, now we're hearing from the man who helped stop the beating of the driver. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i singing? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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i'm sure you've seen it by now, the video that has raised so many questions about what to do in a situation like this. bikers around an suv on a new york street. this happened last sunday.
10:44 am
the driver as you know by now hit three bike ners a pursuit to get away. different situations during that commute. but that's when the motorcyclists apparently thens chased the driver. and the men, the driver, the motorcyclists, then as you see in this videotape getting out of the vehicle, smashing the helmets of that vehicle, and then apparently even allegedly two of the bikers are accuse of actually taking the driver out of the vehicle and inside this vehicle was a wife of the driver and a 2-year-old. so what's taking place here? now, apparently a couple of the folks have turned themselves in, at least one person is facing charges. and now a man who helped stop the attack spoke exclusively to cnn's anderson cooper on his take. >> so you were actually standing between one of the people who were hitting the guy with the helmet and the man on the floor, the driver. >> yeah. yeah. >> you stood between them?
10:45 am
>> between them, yeah, there were many. >> were the motorcyclists saying anything back to you? >> yeah, one of them screaming say, with the helmet on top of him, and he said, no, because -- because i told him please stop, don't -- let it go. and one of them, he said, no, because he run one of us. so i understood what he was saying because i didn't know what happened before. you know? >> right. >> before anything else. >> he was saying that the driver ran over one of the motorcyclists. >> that's what i heard him saying. but when i -- i -- i didn't want to talk to him, engage in any whatever situation that happened before. so i kept saying the same thing, you know, a i stood my ground. i look at them in my eyes and i look at them. basically there was a little tense moment of maybe a couple of seconds. ing looking at each other.
10:46 am
and somehow they -- i don't know. they stopped. somehow, they stopped. >> the big question now, lots of questions but one of the big ones is what was going through everyone's minds diduring all o. joining me right now is forensic psychiatrist. good to see both of you. . tracey here with me here in atlanta and buzz you're in new york. is this a case of a few, you know, bad seeds, people making bad decisions, you know, just in the heat of it all? >> well, you know, we have to remember that no one's waking up wanting to do bad things. they're very excited about being together. they're forming this group. and unfortunately what happens in group dynamics, many oftentimes is, you attack one member in the group and the -- all individuals feel like they've been attacked. it takes on rather a tribal form where, okay, you hurt one of us.
10:47 am
now we're going to have payback with you. and you see this kind of mob ment mentality. in addition to that, there is a lessening of individuality and a lessening of responsibility in such large groups. you see people who kind of have a bystanders effect. they may want to intervene but they've lost their need to because there are so many other people present. or additionally to that, i call it in very layman terms, they are passing the back. there may be 50 people watching and someone may want to intervene but they figure someone else would. and thankfully there was the man on the street, complete stranger, who stepped in and talked rationally and logically to individuals who were overreactive and were really letting their adrenaline and their emotions rule their behavior. >> so, buzz, except for the bystander you're talking about you're talking about the point of view from the bikers but
10:48 am
then, tracey, the point of view is dr very different if you are the driver or the passengers in that vehicle. and none of us knows what happened before that videotape, you know, started rolling and the videotape that the public has seen. and the point of view of the driver, the feeling of intimidation clearly as to why he sped off, consequently ended up hitting a biker. what do you suppose is happening? what are some of the emotions going on from inside that vehicle, that suv? >> well, i think the fact that there is a 2-year-old in the backseat just ramps up the threat level exponentially. it's one thing for a fight or flight to kick in and you want to save yourself. but if desire of the instinct to protect your child is even greater than that. so regardless of how this started or what happened before we saw the video, the fact is is that these people were swarming his car and there's a child in the back. so this guy is just going to punch it just to save himself.
10:49 am
unfortunately a vehicle in this case is a deadly weapon and so we see what happens as a result of that. >> yeah. okay. well, everyone's instincts clearly going into high gear here. the result, not bood. no matter which way you look at it. you've got a threatened family. you've got bikers and, like you said, buzz, bikers who are prying to pr trying to protect their own after someone has been injured. tracey marks and buzz, thanks so much. good to see both of you. 6 ♪
10:50 am
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10:52 am
. u2 singer bono is known for his music and activism but lately he's been making headlines for a more light-hearted moment. >> fredericka, as you would
10:53 am
expect bono is a larger lan life character with wide-ranging interests. we chatted about africa, foreign aid, innovation. but i have to share one thing that everyone has been talking about. you remember that he imitated bill clinton last week at the cg icon frens and then bill returned the favor. well, i asked him how that all came about. >> well, he was off doing some stuff. he lost his notes. and i -- sheryl sandberg actually, from facebook, said you have to do something. performers don't like lulls. i went up and pretended to be him. >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and i -- actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew. >> what did you think of his imitation of you? >> well, i'm irish, you know. when you're irish you can imitate anybody. >> he's a better president in
10:54 am
the mimic. but i wanted to say one of the reasons i admire him so, he's virtually a diety in ireland because of the peace process. >> i got him to do one of henry sissing jer. >> i saw a great cover of magazine, the picture of him. they called him the horse whisperer. i sound like the guy in the "godfather" when i do henry kissinger. >> rock star to activist and now celebrity mimic. i should add that bono might be having a bit of fun but very committed to the issues he cares about. passionate about development . he has a deep understanding of how to make that happen in places like africa. truly admirable. >> thanks so much. you can catch the rest of that interview tomorrow right here on cnn. coming up in just minutes, "your money." christine romans has a prepre view for us. >> president obama says the gop
10:55 am
is holding the country hostage. >>out don't get to demand ransom in exchange for keeping the economy running. >> we'rele aing in a former hostage negotiator to broker a peaceful solution. that's all coming up at 2:00 p.m. eastern on on all new "your money". >> thanks so much, christine. everyone has always thought ronan farrow's dad was woody allen but now her mom, mia, has made a shocking suggestion. (dad) just feather it out. that's right. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat! (mom vo) i hope the same goes for my husband. (dad) you guys are doing a great job. seriously. (announcer) love a car that lasts. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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mia farrow shocked everyone when she told "van ity fair" th father of her son ronan might be frank sinatra. >> she called him, quote, the great love of her life. when she was asked if ronan, her son with woody allen, could be sinat sinatra's son, farrow replied, possibly. take a look at ronan farrow. handsome man. side by side comparison with frank sinatra, yeah, there are some similarities there, perhaps way more similarities than if you see a side by side of him and woody allen. i don't know. judge for yourself. that'sall i'm going to say. the author of the article approached nancy sinatra jr.
10:59 am
asking about ronan being quote as a family of the future. she said, quote, he is a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives. that doesn't exactly dispel the rumor or theory or say anything but ronan has a sense of humor. he took the twitter on wednesday to answer or not answer the questions raised by his mother's cryptic interview. he tweeted, quote, listen, we're all possibly frank sinatra's son. that's a response that has a lot of people laughing today but not woody allen. we reached out to his camp for a response to all of this, all of these claims that have been made. and they said, quote, the article is so fictitious and extravagantly absurd that he is not going to comment. now, according to "vanity fair" the dna tests were never administered to determine the paternity of ronan so it's just a mystery remaining, one of the many in that blended family. 14 biological and adopted children, all of them who call
11:00 am
mia farrow mother. back to you. >> all awkward. thanks so much, michelle. we will see you back here in 30 minutes. i'm fredericka whitfield. "your money" begins right now. this is no longer a government shutdown. this is a congressional breakdown. i'm christine romans. this is "your money." the economy struggling to move forward but washington is pushing it backward. a default on nation's debt could trigger an economic catastrophe. the treasury department says it could be worse. soer er terrifying in fact the consequences showed up years ago on the political drama "the west wing". >> immediate collapse of the u.s. economy and japan falling into the sea and followed by week two. >> during a shutdown mandatory spending isn't effected. that means, for example, seniors are still getting their social security checks. but that's not the case with the