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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 5, 2013 12:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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we know it's something the president has said he supports. but really it's the only small positive development we've seen in the last couple of days in terms of something getting lots of bipartisan support. i'll show you what house majority leader eric cantor said after this vote. he is urging if there's a support by democrats why isn't there support from the other smaller spending bills. house republicans have passed in the last week. let's listen to what he had to say. >> what about the vets? do the democrats not feel it's important to make sure the pain is eased on them? what about the sick children that need access to clinical trials, is it not as important to ease the pain of the shutdown for them? or is it just the federal employees that the democratic minority thinks is important? >> and so leader cantor is talking about smaller funding bills to fund the veterans administration, national parks, and for instance the national institutes of health so that people can have access to clinical trials if they're sick.
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now, democrats would say we do support those things. we just want to fund the government all at once. we want the house and republicans, the house of representatives to pass -- to bring to the floor of the house this spending bill that would reopen the doors of the government with no strings attached. listen to minority leader nancy pelosi and what she had to say after the vote today. >> right now enough republicans have publicly stated their support for a bill that could pass and be on the president's desk today. we're asking the speaker in our letter to bring up the vote to the floor for those republicans and more to show that there is a bipartisan what majority to end republican government shutdown. >> so there you heard her call this the republican government shutdown. that's part of the messaging battle that both sides are playing here. but i should mention that this is no change, no difference from what we've been hearing for the
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last several days. the house democrats today sent a letter, 200 of them signed a letter to speaker boehner asking for a vote on this broader spending bill. it's really just about where things stood three or four days ago. and really before that. one bit of news we could see. twoing here. this is according to cnn's glor gloria, said one idea being floated is an idea of passing a six-week spending bill along with raising the debt ceiling at the same time. that would give both sides some room to then sit down and negotiate. that's just an idea right now. no real sense of how much traction it's going to get. fred? >> all right. thanks so much. you talk about nancy pelosi's point of view, apparently the president agrees. he says this could all be over right now in an interview with the associated press, he blamed house speaker john boehner for not ending the shutdown, saying this. quote, we can vote to open the
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government today. the only thing that is keeping that from happening is speaker boehner hs made a decision that he is going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us. end quote. that's from the president in his conversation with the associated press, ap. new york city police are searching for this man. he is wanted for questioning in connection with that clash between a group of bikers and that suv. two bikers also accused of being involved in that violent incident, turned themselves into police. i want to go straight to cnn's margaret conley in new york. margaret, what more do we know about the direction of this investigation? >> fred, the two men that were caught on video making contact with the suv, well, they turned themselves in. the first man is reginald chance. he was the one seen in that video using his helmet to smash open that window of the suv. he turned himself in. he's still being questioned. and his charges are still
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pending. the second man, robert simms, he was the one that was caught on video trying to open up the door of the suv before it sped away. he has been charged. he's been charged with attempted assault in the first degree, attempted gang assault in the second degree, and criminal possession of a weapon. there's one more man that we should talk about here. he was also right here around 178th street but he is a man who intervened. he's a witness who stepped in harm's way to help the suv driver and his family. and that was sergio. >> i approached the man because i saw him almost dead on the floor. so what i did was i confronted tea these people and i stood between them and the man lying on the floor. i say to them, that's it, let it go. let it go, man. that's it. it's done. >> fred, that was incredible
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bravery and he is considered a hero for helping out. >> and then, margaret, what can you tell us about this possible undercover police officer that was among the group of bikers? >> right. the nypd, they're not talking. they say this is still under investigation. but we do have sources telling cnn that there was one off-duty police officer that was riding his bike among the group. he also worked as an undercover cop. now, we don't know yet what took him so long to come forward. we we heard of course the incident happened on sunday. he didn't talk to police until wednesday. so there is an ongoing investigation with internal affairs to figure out what happened. >> all right. margaret conley, thanks so much in new york. storm hitting parts of the plains states over night. take a look. the sound of tornado sirens there and there are reports of
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as many as 18 tornadoes that touched down in three states. iowa, south dakota, and nebraska. in wayne, nebraska, as many as a dozen homes were destroyed in that storm. and fortunately no one was killed. tropical storm karen is in the gulf of mexico right now and is headed towards the gulf coast. the hurricane warning has been called off but residents along the keycoast are still being wad a brace themselves. so where might karen make landfall? let's check in with cnn's chad myers and talk about the possibilities of karen. >> you know, this thing has been a long tease storm and it's been teased by the wind, by dry air, and what we call sheer. there's the center of karen. no, the center mub here somewhere. no, it's not. it's far awe from what is the center because the wind is blowing the storms away from the center of circulation. and that does not allow the storm to develop. that's great news because this could have been a much bigger storm. no question in my mind that this
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could have been certainly a cat one or cat two hurricane by now if we didn't have the sheer because the water is warm enough. no question about that. there is the center of circulation. you can see it right there. all the storms are far away from it. it will take make 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds as it comes across the southern parishes of louisiana, across new orleans, and pensacola. and the problem is it's been very, very wet here. across the southeast, this has been the wettest summer in a very, very long time and now these trees sitting in mud could decide to fall over with a 34 or 50 moo-mile-per-hour wind gusts. there's a nice shot from pensacola. getting cloudy. it was sunnier earlier. still clouds there on the horizon. >> gosh. isn't it beautiful? >> true. >> we know it's potentially dangerous. we know it's got a threatening, you know, there's a threat out there, the threatening storm. gorgeous. >> yeah. >> don't go surfing and boogie
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boarding and all that, right? >> right. red flag warnings at a lot of beaches. coming up later on in the newsroom, the drama surrounding a beloved and ailing radio personality. casey kasem, you know his name. his family is claiming his wife won't let the kids see him. his brother will tell us what he thinks is going on. and next, is the government shutdown a threat to national security? why some analysts are worried about a cyber attack. ♪ don't you ♪ don't you wanna, wanna ♪ don't you ♪ don't you want to see me flaunt what i got? ♪ oh. ♪ don't you ♪ don't you wanna, wanna ♪ don't you ♪ don't you wanna, wanna stress sweat is different than heat and activity sweat -- it smells worse. secret clinical strength gives you four times the protection against stress sweat. live fearlessly with secret clinical strength.
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all right. one of the consequences of the government shutdown is reduced cyber security staff across federal agencies. the cia and other likely targets such as the defense department has fewer eyes on their computer networks. as jim explains, that means more vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the government may be shut down for you and me but for cyber attackers it is open, even more open for business. adversaries from foreign governments to terror groups as the former head of the cia are almost certainly looking to take advantage. >> i would have been anticipating this. i would have been saying what is it that we want to do against this adversary that's against us now, what is it that would be helped by doing it while they're shorthanded? what gives us a higher probability of success? >> reporter: many government agencies cyber teams are relying
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on skeleton crews to police attacks in cyberspace. and successful attack now could do damage even after full staffs return to work. a cyber security expert who advices agencies across the government explained how. >> what may happen as a result of the shut down is that first incident which may have been detected previously with a full staff might be missed allowing a compromise to go deeper into an organization to get it more critical assets critical data. >> reporter: staff that monitor computer networks are still on the job, many staff who maintain them are not. being those networks are not being updated to resist new kinds of cyber attacks which can change by the second. the shutdown comes as cyber attacks are transforming from spying on computer networks to destroying them. the chairman of the house bell jens committee says it's a serious concern across the intelligence community. >> it's very concerning to me that we would allow any part of our national security structure, knowing what's coming at us
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every day, not just from cyber, none of that is going away. you can manage jir our adversaries are trying to fill the hole. so one of the men worried about the potential national security threats because of the shutdown is america's top intelligence officer james clapper. >> i've been in the intelligence business for about 50 years. i've never seen anything like this. from my view, i think this on top of the sequestration cuts that we're already take that this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and citizens. >> joining us live from washington, clark kent irvin, former general at the homeland department of security,s a spend institute homeland security program. good to see you. the defense secretary just announcing that he is recalling about 400,000 defense employees, civilians, to return to work
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starting next week. how has this government shutdown and the reduction of personnel put the nation at a risk, national security? >> well, it certainlies a done that. the we defense secretary's announcement is a step in the right direction. terrorists watch cnn and other cable networks. they read our newspapers. they know that we are distrabted by these budget crises and it's a self-inflicted wound. as secretary rumsfeld used to say, weakness is provocative. because we have skeleton crews manning our national security apparatus there's no question but that we are at a greater risk today of attack than we otherwise would be. >> how concerned are you about that? >> i am concerned. i want to stress, of course, there are people working very, very hard despite these difficulties to protect us. they're doing everything possible. but, you know, only one mistake on the part of our national security apparatus could result in catastrophe whereas
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terrorists are at it 24/7 and they are bringing their full team to the field. we need to get this budget crisis resolved just as quickly as possible. particularly concerned that the department of homeland security. cpp inspectors are working, border patrol agents are working, secret service is working. they're working without pay now. they will get paid after the shutdown. for now they're not being paid. that's got to be a cause for concern for them. morale is already low. about 15 or so including cyber positions, most importantly, the position of secretary and deputy secretary. this is no time to have a b-team on the national security field. >> you mentioned terrorists, potential terrorists are watching, paying attention. they're watching this network and any other news outlets to learn of the state of affairs as it pertains to our government. how concerned are you or what do
12:16 pm
you suppose the message is being sent on that world platform about this nation's readiness, its vulnerabilities? >> the message is we're distracted and dysfunctional. there's a tendency on our part, the part of americans to compartmentalize and say this is a political matter. it's an economic matter. politics and economics in our military strength and perception of military strength are intertwin intertwined. it's notable that the president had to cancel his asia trip, for example, at a time when the new president of china is courting and trying to win friends and influence people in that part of the world. we have crises where iran. we have crises in syria and we talked about the terrorist threats. for all of these reasons it's absolutely essential that democrats and republicans come together, solve this particular budget crisis, debt ceiling and sequestration so we can put the full american sources to bear on the national security threats that we face. >> clark kent irvin, thank you
12:17 pm
so much. appreciate it. >> you, too. all right, still to come, the kasem family drama, his children, siblings and friends claiming that his wife has shut them out of his life. and they're demanding to see him. the radio legend's brother will join us to talk about the situation. my asthma's under control. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. (horn, ding, ding) how long have i had my car insurance?
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american top 40 host casey kasem say they are being barred from seeing their father who is suffering from parkinson's disease. "showbiz tonight"'s a.j. hammer has more on this troubling family drama. >> this is sood story anyway you look at it, fred. oldest daughter of 81-year-old casey kasem is claiming her stepmother, jean kasem, is banning them from seeing him. kerri kasem says she used to visit her dad once a week until three months ago when she was suddenly no longer allowed visitation. this week the family decided to go public with their concerns. on tuesday they held a protest at kasem's home in california. they taped it and they released the footage to get the word out. there have been some accusations that casey's children want access to him because they're after his estate. that's something kerri strongly denies. she said, my dad told us a long time ago we were not in the will and we're okay with that.
12:21 pm
we've known that for years. i don't want any of his money. our father taut us to stand on our own two feet and i'm proud of that. it's not about the money. we love our father and he's been ripped from us. his wife jean hasn't commented on the claims but casey's long-time agent don pitts says the veteran deejay is still of sound mind. hers what he tells cnn in a statement. he has parkinson's. has it very bad. it took his speech. and for smn who made millions of dollars using his voit, for him to lose that gift, that beautiful instrument, it must be frustrating. but he's handling it very well. his mind is very sharp. his brain works well. so a really sad story, fred, particularly hearing that this man whose voice so many of us grew up with is no longer able to speak. he was a huge influence in my career and i think we can all hope that the family will be able to work this out peacefully. fred? >> all right, thanks so much, a.j. casey kasem's younger
12:22 pm
brother joining us from flint, michigan. they grew up in detroit. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so this has to be fairly, in fact, very humiliating and just saddening for the entire family that this would be played out and then played out publicly. what is the situation with your brother in is he of sound mind? is he able to articulate that he does want to see his family members, including your and his kids, or not? >> well, i -- i come every year and we get together. his youngest daughter julie's house. and -- we sit and eat, talk. and he really can't answer us the way he would like. but by the expressions on his face, you can talk to him and you know -- you know that he knows what you're saying because
12:23 pm
he's trying to answer you. and it's very hard for him. >> is there a feeling right now that his wife jean is keeping you and others from him? >> oh, she -- well, that's -- she is. where our problem is is there's no communication between jean and us, and his daughters. and we have no knowledge of how he is, what he's doing, if he's better, if he's worse, if -- and we're scared that we'll never see him again. and i can't do anything about it because a brother has no rights. and his girls can. >> and you said you do try to see him, family gets together every year. when was the last time that you got a chance to be in his
12:24 pm
company and at the same time in the company of jean, his wife? >> oh, now you hit me with a question that's going to be a little hard. that's been -- i can't recall. it would be very hard. i need some people to tell me, some dates and things. well, we -- he invited us to california for an event, and she was with him. and this was many years ago. but for the last five years or so i've been unable to go over my niece's house, on a sunday, and we would visit. we were here for his birthday, 75th, we were here.
12:25 pm
we were here every year. it's just at different times. >> so clearly you miss your brother. and certainly you want to see him. what are the chances -- do you feel like it's going to take a court ruling to intervene for you to see your brother? >> you know, i -- i've talked to some lawyers and, like i said, i have -- nothing i can do. the girls do but that's kind of hard to do. jean's either going to have to, you know, finally, you know, let us see him. i don't know what's going to be able to change her mind. going to court is a -- is a -- it's just too hard to do that. >> as you're talking, sorry, i don't want to interrupt you. we were seeing some beautiful black and white pick chootures
12:26 pm
and your brother casey. one really gets a sense that you all were very close brothers and clearly it must be just very heartbreaking right now that you're not able to be with your brother, get together with him. mauner, thank you so much. sorry we're out of time. we did, however, try to reach jean kasem to get her side of the story. but so far, she has not responded to our request. and, of course, all the best. nobody likes to see a family feud. mauner, thank you. we'll be right back. people are asking a whole lot of questions these days about affordable care. dr. sanjay gupta with answers. but first, unprecedented number of u.s. troops are surviving serious wounds and returning home from fighting in iraq and
12:27 pm
afghanistan. this week's cnn hero has stepped in to help the vets are housing, education, job replacement. meet michael conklin. >> the first trip to walter reed was one of my toughest trips. when i saw the amount of wounded shs it was shocking. >> both my legs are amputated above the knee. >> i lost he right eye. i have a titanium rod in my leg. >> i was on my fifth deployment. brain injury. >> i gave up the idea of having a wife and even a family. >> i wanted to take them all home. >> i'm mike conklin. my organization helps our severely wounded members of the armed forces reach their full potential. my oldest son was wounded in tikrit, iraq. his whole group was wounded. we have a very tight family and not all of them do. some of them don't have anybody to come home to. we just can't forget them. >> mike, good to see you. >> when ryan moved into this unit we did some things very
12:28 pm
simple. we put in these poles to assist him. >> each case is different. >> good job. >> some will need service dogs, housing assistance, mentors, getting an education. it's a comprehensive package. >> he talked to meered. he put me back to work. he helped set up where i wanted to go. today i'm a husband, a father, i have my own company now. >> we don't call this a charity. we really look at it as an investment. these were at one time children who grew up on our baseball fieldssh went to our grade schools, and then left our community to serve us. and eventually they come back. it's a full circle of service. (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
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some department of defense workers who rb furloughed since the government shutdown will be back at work next week. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel announced it today. barbara starr is live for us right now from the pentagon. barbara, what gives? >> yeah. well, what gives is defense secretary chuck hagel wants his people back at work. that's what he's saying. in fact, issuing a statement today saying most of them will be coming back next week. here's how it breaks down. government wide, about 800,000 civilians furloughed. about half of those, 400,000, work for the department of defense. but last week when congress passed a law allowing the troops to be paid, it opened the door to the civilians also being paid. so they've been working on that behind the scenes for the last few days. now all the lawyering is done,
12:33 pm
all the paperwork, all the legalities are done. and what they are doing is they can't bring back everybody but the law now they believe will allow them to bring back people directly involved in helping military familys and helping the troops in doing things that would hurt the troops in the future if they weren't done right now. so think of it this way. a company that is making the blackhawk helicopter, for example, a major defense contractor, they were going to layoff 3,000 assembly line workers because they couldn't continue the work because of the shutdown, that would hurt the troops and not have the blackhawk helicopter. s that that's the kind of thing here looking at, now bringing back the civilians and some of the contractors that work on these programs. it's a lot of good news. but for people still who don't fall into this category, very tough days ahead until congress and white house sort this out. >> barbara starr, think so much
12:34 pm
at the pentagon. washington is in shutdown mode. just about everyone has an opinion on the politicians inability to get things running again. and we can count tennis superstar martina among them. she will sound off on gay rights, women tennis and the u.s. government shutdown. >> we're actually striking down the government because we don't want the people to be healthy, we don't want people to be taken care of? it's crazy. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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all right. martina navratilova is one of the greatest female athletes of all time. she's also a barrier breaker. in her career she took women's tennis to a whole new level winning grand slacms right up until the age of 50.
12:38 pm
she's won 59 grand slam titles and 9 wimbledon championships. she's been a passionate advocates for gay rights and now she's taken on get a new cause. ♪ fitness has always been her thing but guess what, she's leading a class there, exercise class. looks like she is still using some of her "dancing with the stars" moves and now she's a fitness ambassador for aarp which is holding an expo right here in atlanta. that may make some of us who remember her tennis glory days feel a little old. i recently sat down with her to talk about this new role. her disgust with the government shutdown and why she's disappoint we'd the international olympic committee. martina, thanks so much. great to see you. >> thank you. >> what an incredible invitation one gets when they turn 50, aarp starts calling. when they called upon you it was
12:39 pm
for something very different. what was the invitation? >> well, it was to speak about growing up in check czech and the aarp to be a health and fitness ambassador. i've been very fit and very much into health and prevention of injuries since i was a professional tennis player, since my early 0s. so i kind of lived it and aarp believes in prevention rather than cure, try and concentrate on that. and also as we age, our population ages, we live longer but we want to live younger. and so i think i've been living there and i'm kind of trying to get people to kind of learn from what i learn and help them get more out of their life as they age. >> so for a lot of folks you epitomize fitness. and they think to themselves, well, i don't know if i can get moving now, i might get injured. how do you coach people, how do you encourage people that it's never too late? >> well, you need to macon sessions to age as i have.
12:40 pm
i don't train the same way i used to but i really try to encourage people to do less but more often. it's really important to do something every day. whether it is just walking around the block for five minutes or get to the gym. i also try to help people to do things they love to do when they were young, whether it was running or maybe playing soccer or anything active with a friend to get to doing that rather than go to the gym or do nothing. take that first step. do something. and if you do it with a friend, do something that you really love doing, you're more likely to do it. >> as your helping people get fit, stay moving. what are you hearing from them particularly as it pertains to this government shutdown, a lot of elderly people, young people, families concerned about the services they're not going to be getting while this government shutdown is in place. >> well, i think for so many people now it's just about survival. so trying to think about actually going to the gym and do something for yourself, that's on the back burner. so it's a survival.
12:41 pm
hopefully people will get through it and the government will come to their senses and, you know, people can get on with their lives again. >> do you feel like it's personally very disconcerting and frustrating? you've tweeted about it. your disappointments in this government. you defected at a young age. you felt like this american, good fit and very proud to be an american and now you're feeling a great disappointment, like many? >> proud to be american but i really can't figure out why this is going on in that growing up in a communist country, one good thing about it was that we had government health care. and certainly we're not trying to go that way here, but to have that security, to know that you're going to be able to get health care and access to it and we're actually striking down the government because we don't want the people to be healthy? we don't want people to be taken care of? it's crazy. i hope that we will figure it out soon and get back to solving actual problems rather than creating them. >> you've been very outspoken
12:42 pm
for a long time human rights as a gay woman. we're leading into sochi and all that's taken place in terms of russia not embracing gay rights in that country. you know, what are your thoughts on how an athlete, american athlete, proceeds and pro cusses on their event and not be distracted by the politics or the cultural differences in russia as it pertains to that? >> the ioc standard they've taken, talking about jewish athlete or black athlete there would be a lot more outrage about this than a gay athlete. overall, we need to clean up our house before we start complaining about what russia is doing because we still don't have full equal rights here in this country. until i have it here, until i can get married in florida, not just new york state, we don't really have any right to be telling the russians what to do because we're not living it in this country, not yet. hopefully we'll get there one day. >> the tennis landscape.
12:43 pm
what do you like about where women's tennis is going? >> well, tennis particularly, but of course women's tennis as well is just so much more international than it was in my day, which is great because it's really -- it's so much bigger around the world. china now is huge in it thanks to lina. and of course serena williams is close to passing me and chris evert. we have 18 grand slams. she's at 17. i'm sure she's going to pass that mark and who knows where she's going the end. she may rewrite the record books. overall, women's tennis is in very good health. we have stars from all around the world and the women are holding their own. great to see. >> fantastic. martina navratilova. >> always holding her own, you know she has won 18 grand slam single titles. she talked about serena williams right on her heels. 17 grand slams. so we're going to see what's going to happen in the next few
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
a human being, the voice of siri introduced herself to the world? this red chair interview. >> hello. i am susan bennett. you probably know me. i'm the voice actor who provided the voice for siri. the first time i actually heard my voice as siri was when my friend e-mailed me and said, isn't this you? >> not bad. only two meetings today. >> and because i didn't have the newest version of the iphone i went to the apple site and that's where i heard the voice. and i just went, oh. hmm. that is me. >> siri, would you like to be interviewed by cnn? >> this is about you, susan, not me. >> i started my life as a machine quite young. i was the voice of tili the all-time teller. the first atm machine.
12:48 pm
♪ i'm tilly the all-time teller ♪ ♪ i work for first national bank ♪ >> the siri voices were recorded in 2005 in the month of july, four hours a day for the whole month. so when i recorded those voices i had absolutely no idea where they would end up. my voice can be heard on many gps systems, many telephone systems. >> siri, who is the real voice of siri? >> when i first discovered that that was my voice, to be honest, it was a little creepy. >> yes. it appears to be raining. >> i'm used to hearing my voice maybe in the airport. thank you for using delta air lines. >> but this -- this real thing that you can interact with on -- in your hand was a little -- it took some time for me to get used to it.
12:49 pm
but she and i are friends now. >> i'm leaving now, siri. have a nice day. >> thank you, susan. i hope you have a nice day, as well. >> all right. thank you, susan bennett. now we know. after a few glitches the new health care system is online or bound to have a lot of question or already do. dr. sanjay gupta hit the road to see how things are going and he'll give us an update, next. dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, pleeeeease??? tickets? hmm, sure. how many? well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come? yep. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment and dining out, with no annual fee. to apply, go to
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12:52 pm
all right, americans started signing up for that new health care system this week. there are bound to be tons of questions. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta hit the road to try and answer some of them. >> reporter: i think one of the best ways to learn about what's
12:53 pm
happening with health care in the country is get out in the country and that's what we decided to do in the cnn express and our first stop is greenville, south carolina. >> i wanted to know if a person's age was going to impact the premiums whether it's going to be higher for older people or lower. >> reporter: you can't be discriminated against based on pre-existing conditions, you've heard that, dean, heart disease, cancer, they don't ask you about those things. are you familiar with what this means for you particularly as a 23-year-old? >> i'm not. i'm not. >> reporter: i think there's good news here for you which is you can now stay on your parents' plan up until age 26. >> you're the bearer of good news. >> reporter:et now day two and we're in lexington, kentucky, one of the first things you'll notice this is a state divided. you have a democratic governor who is very much in favor of the affordable care act and two high profile senators who hate it. the result? a lot of mixed messages for the
12:54 pm
residents here. >> this year if we do nothing and keep the same plan it will be about a 30% increase. that's opposed to i think we generally in the 20% to 25% a year increase. >> we now have the opportunity for the first time in history to provide health insurance, affordable health insurance, for every single kentuckian and that will be a transformative period for us. >> reporter: day three now and we're in baltimore, maryland. this is an example of a state where things seem to be going pretty well. in fact, they'll let us inside sort of the nerve center, the call center, to see how they're dealing with these problems. >> health care access, how may i help you? >> anyone enrolled in health coverage now? >> the website is going to be -- very dynamic tool. >> we can go through their options and tell them the different plans that they qualify for. we can't tell them, like, this is the best plan. but we tell people, you know, pick the best plan that's based on your need. >> reporter: fred, i hope you
12:55 pm
got a little bit more of a look at what's happening in these different states and how different they are. south carolina, kentucky, and maryland. we're packing up now. hopefully that will provide a little bit of light on what's happening with regard to health care. back to you. >> oh, fantastic, thanks, sanjay. you offered a lot of clarity there. and you can find out more from his trip on "sg md," today at 4:30 eastern time, just about 35 minutes away. tropical storm karen could make landfall later on tonight. we'll be watching the storm's track throughout the evening. and next an unlikely visitor on the golf course. he shows up every day. we'll show you how this fox, right there, plays the game. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights.
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time now for the upbeat, stories that will hopefully make you feel good, maybe even put a smile on your face. so, here we go, first up, a texas high school cheerleader with down syndrome is back on the field. brittany deville was sidelines because her school feared she was a liability. but after school officials talked with her parents this week, they were able to resolve that issue. >> she was a little nervous when we were walking up here, but now that she's down there, you mean, you can see her, she's in her groove, i guess. >> we admit there were some miscommunications, but the fact that when we were finally able to meet with the family, everything was resolved within
12:59 pm
five minutes. that really says a lot about how far apart we were. >> fantastic. brittany can participate in the cheers as you can see there, but she doesn't participate in the stunts. the san diego zoo has a new tenant. this is zena, the sloth. she's 5 months hold, makes me want to talk even slower and zoo visitors got to vote on her name but i won't do that to you. she's training right now to become an animal ambassador as slow or as fast she could be. those claws, by the way, can get up to four inches long. okay, so this one, moves a little faster! not the golfer, but that one right there. he doesn't look like your average golfer, does he, out there? but this fox apparently is taking over the course in switzerland. this fox cub shows up every day between 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. and then he kind of swipes the balls, just takes them away and starts scurrying off. the owner of the course says
1:00 pm
that fox has actually been pretty good for business. his nickname, by the way, is -- wait for it -- foxy. that was very creative. okay. all right, that's going to do it for me. thanks so much, i'm fredricka whitfield. hey, a fox of our own, that don lemon. there he is. in new york, going to take it from here. how you doing, foxy? >> i'm okay, everyone. sorry. you stole the words right out of my mouth, speaking of foxy, fred, va-va voom, you are looking great today. >> okay. >> am i embarrassing you? >> foxy fits you much better, don lemon. >> thank you. takes one to know that. we'll say that. >> have a good one. >> you as well, fred. hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining us. it is the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. of course, this is "cnn
1:01 pm
newsroom." we're following two big stories right now. first, mother nature on a tear. tropical storm karen has, well, it has stopped. just spinning in place. deciding where it wants to go next. we'll go live to the gulf coast just ahead here on cnn. meantime, in california fires are now being fueled by 50-mile-an-hour santa ana winds. in the midwest -- at least 18 tornadoes ripped through nebraska, iowa, and south dakota, and there's a threat of more to come. and look at this. one south dakota weatherman says he hasn't seen anything like this in his 30 years of broadcasting. that is amazing. at least not in early october. one place had nearly 4 feet of snow. we hope to talk with one couple. we're trying to get them on the phone. they have been trapped in their car for 20 hours. 20 hours. we'll update you on the weather situation around the country. but, first --
1:02 pm
we want to get to washington, of course. and congress. working today, but a shutdown solution not on the horizon. here's what lawmakers got done so far. the number of furloughed workers just got cut in half. about 400,000 furloughed employees will be asked to return to work next week. we'll explain -- we'll explain defense secretary chuck hagel's maneuver to get workers back on the job. plus this, the house unanimously passed a bill to give back pay to all furloughed government employees and the agreement ended there. political head butting began right after the vote. >> in this game of ping-pong that john boehner is playing, his side of the ping-pong table is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> what we are looking at here, again, is an administration, a president, that seems to be unwilling to sit down and talk with us. >> so, president obama took a
1:03 pm
fresh jab at house speaker john boehner today in an interview with the associated press, the president blamed boehner for not ending the shutdown saying there are enough votes in the house. republicans and democrats to end the showdown -- or the shutdown if the speaker would allow a vote. it's a showdown as well, as a matter of fact. you'll hear how republicans are responding to president obama's remark. but, first, let's get to the pentagon. up to 400,000 furloughed defense department workers may return next week thanks to defense secretary chuck hagel. i want to bring in now pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. barbara, how did hagel maneuver to get so many defense employees back to work? >> well, he is working on it and the secretary making it pretty cear he's just about over and done with the whole shutdown showdown as you put it. here's how it sorts out. there's about 800,000 federal workers furloughed, about half work at the defense department, 400,000. when congress passed the law last week allowing the troops to
1:04 pm
be paid there was a little language in there that said civilians could be paid if they were in a job that supported the troops, so behind the scenes for the last several days dod lawyers have been taking that language, working on it and trying to figure out supporting the troops, how many people can they bring back. hagel's position is if you work at the defense department, you support the troops, he wants them all back. but lawyers say, not quite. he can bring back most of them. his announce hadment tod mentmet to start coming back next week specifically in jobs that either are in direct support of the troops or if the job didn't get done would hurt the troops down the road or hurt their families, so supporting the troops, commissary workers, that's where military troops and their families shop for groceries and goods, that is considered vital now. production lines for weapons, acquisition officials who work on buying the weapons for the future. if that doesn't get done, troops
1:05 pm
in the future are hurt. that's hagel's position. so, they're working on it. they're going to start making phone calls as soon as today or tomorrow to the employees and try and get as much of the defense department as they can back on the job as early as they can. don? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, barbara, thanks, as always. and next up, the white house. president obama took aim at house speaker john boehner today saying boehner could end this shutdown right now. cnn's jill dougherty has the very latest from the white house for us. hi, jill. >> reporter: hey, don. well, this morning the president had his radio address, weekly radio address, and he started reading letters from americans who had been hurt by this shutdown and then he let loose aiming at the republicans. here's what he said -- >> extract concessions out of each other, they just try to make sure that everybody's doing their job and that we're doing what's best for country. >> reporter: and also the
1:06 pm
president had an interview with associated press, and in that -- that interview, he specifically went after boehner, speaker boehner. he said that we can vote to open the government today, and he also said that there are enough members in the congress, he would argue, democrats and republicans, who would vote to do that. but he said the only thing that's keeping that from happening is speaker boehner has made a decision that he's going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us. and then finally, just a quick one, secretary of state john kerry abroad filling in for the president in bali at that apec summit saying that this is having an effect on the united states foreign policy. he also said, people who are holding this up should think long and hard, as he put it, about what kind of effect this is having and why america can't get its act together. so, from around the world you'd
1:07 pm
have to say that's the message that this administration is trying to present. >> all right. jill dougherty at the white house, jill, thank you, appreciate your reporting as well. we've heard the bickering all week, but we're no closer to a solution, so let's hear what two congressmen have to say, steve cohen is from tennessee and jeff denim is a republican from california. representative, i want to start with you, your party said they negotiate, they won't compromise, but that's what politics is all about, right? why can't we find a middle ground with republicans here? >> we've found a middle ground, the proposal on the budget, the republicans made, was a $988 billion or $986 billion budget. the senate wanted $1.02 billion and the president wanted a little more. the president and the senate democrats and the house democrats agreed to go with the republican number. we compromised and gave them what they want.
1:08 pm
they can't accept yes for an answer. then they threw in not only now do we want our budget numbers on the continuing resolution but we want to take the most prized political accomplishment of the last 40 years from this president and this congress and abrogate it, nullify it, without a vote in the senate, without a presidential endorsement. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. >> representative denham, do you want to respond to that? >> well, i certainly have a different perspective, yes, and steve and i are good friends. we work on a lot of issues together, but certainly when it comes to funding, this is a big issue. this precedes my time in congress. five years since we've had a budget. that's what puts us into this position. we've passed a number of appropriation bills that continue to sit in the senate and now we're in a situation where the senate and the president are asking just give us over -- hand us over the checkbook and then, by the way, give us an unlimited credit card. and now this president is one who campaigned and said $9
1:09 pm
trillion was unpatriotic but yet he's doubled that and wants an endless credit card and we're saying enough is enough. show us a plan. let's work together. in the meantime we all want to keep government funds which is why we've done bipartisan bills to fund the military this morning, to fund all federal workers that are furloughed. we want to keep the government open -- >> right, right, representative -- >> -- that aren't open today. >> but the fact of the matter is the government is still shut down for all intents and purposes. right. and you heard what representative cohen said, he said we have -- we're on republican ground here. so, if they have compromised -- >> that's just not true either. >> okay so, then, listen, you are standing next to each other and smiling and saying you are really good friends, why the hell can't you work it out? >> john and nancy aren't as close as jeff and i are. >> that is true. there's certainly a lack of trust i think between party leaders in both houses as well as the president. the president i believe needs to
1:10 pm
get seriously engaged in this. you know, we ended up with this funding level that steve is talking about, this funding level was sequestration that i don't think either party wanted -- >> i understand! >> that's what we got stuck with. >> you're talking about funding now and spending and all these things but that's not really what the fight is over. the fight is over obama care, it's over health care. that's the reason you shut the government down. so, when you come on television, you come on cnn and other networks you talk about other things rather than what you're shutting the government down for. the president has said you're not going to get it with health care, it's not going to happen, so why not present a clean bill and then work on the other things -- >> now -- >> go ahead. >> and let me correct it for the record. what we are holding on to right now under this current funding level, under this short-term bill, we're not just going to hand over the checkbook. what we've asked for is an issue of fairness. the president said that congress and congressional staff should not get special treatment, so we said here's the bill.
1:11 pm
we don't want special treatment and we sent that over to the senate. we also said an individual mandate, why are you going to mandate to individuals when you are making special deals for wall street and your other friends? >> but you're not hearing me! i feel like -- i feel like sometimes i'm talking to a brick wall when i speak because you guys are giving talking points. the issue is health care. that's why the government is shut down and you keep bringing other things in. the president and the senate leader, they have said, it's not going to happen. the supreme court has said obama care is constitutional. it has been voted on by the house and the senate. it is the law now. what -- >> sure. >> -- are you not understanding here? >> i understand it completely. i just ask you to look at the bills that we have passed and look at what we're actually fighting on. there is no bill that we're looking at right now to repeal obama care. i don't like it. i think it's bad for my district. but there is no bill. there is a bill, however, to
1:12 pm
make sure that congress gets treated just as fair as the rest of the public. and there is a bill also on the individual mandate, if it's good enough for businesses -- >> why can't you guys work -- why can't you guys work on that without shutting the government down? why can't you present a clean bill that funds the government and then say -- and then get together and work on something that you can come to some common ground on instead of having people working without being paid like those police officers who saved the lives i'm sure of a number of people when the woman in the car the other day? why can't you do that? go ahead, representative cohen. >> i think we could come together on the medical device tax. that's a bill where -- a republican point where i could work with them and i think if we had it on a separate bill which is the way it's supposed to be and i think it could pass the senate and the president could sign it and we could have offsets which the republicans generally want even they didn't want it in the bill they passed with medical device taxes.
1:13 pm
it should be a separate bill. >> exactly. >> the way it works the house passes a bill and the senate passes a bill and the president signs or vetoes it. it's not one house but it's a house divided dictates on hostage terms on what happens in the future of legislation in this nation. it's a constitutional issue. >> that's the thing, representative. many americans, obviously, you've seen the poll numbers when it comes to obama care, many americans think that you have a point, but they don't think that you have a point in shutting the government down, in holding the american people hostage. >> i agree. >> so, if you can work it out without doing that, it would be fine, but that's what you're doing. and guess what, it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. so why do you keep doing it? why do you keep going against a brick wall? >> i would again ask you to look at your funding bills. every night the president asks for new things and we did those things. we wanted to pay the troops. it was done on a bipartisan level. we passed a bill to keep the parks open. cancer patients are we brought
1:14 pm
it up -- >> you are still not understanding me! open the government. and stop holding the american people hostage, work on the other things outside of that. >> come on now. >> present on clean -- it's not going to happen. >> we are not holding the government hostage. >> okay, you are holding the american people hos page. >> we continue to pass funding bills -- >> there is so much frustration from the american people about what you are doing and you don't seem to understand that. >> we're all frustrated. >> yeah, it's very frustrating. >> tell me this, we've now passed a funding bill to pay all furloughed employees. why won't they keep the parks open? why won't they go to work? >> pass a bill that keeps the government open and stop holding the american people hostage because you're not getting your way. okay? >> we're not going to hand over a checkbook or give a blank credit card on the debt ceiling. there are real issues -- >> we haven't gotten to the debt ceiling. that's october 17th. that's not even here yet. we haven't gotten to the debt ceiling. >> president reagan said it would be reckless and
1:15 pm
irresponsible for a political group to try to interfere with us paying the debt we'll see how this philosophy will fare. >> he didn't think it was the right thing to do with that much debt. that was half as much debt as we have today. >> thank you. >> thank you, don. >> i'm only voicing the frustration of the american people here. we appreciate you coming on to cnn. the gulf coast bracing for tropical storm karen right now. the storm now spinning in one spot as if it's deciding where it wants to strike. we'll go live to the gulf coast and that's next. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain. you make him rookie of the year. we took care of your cold symptoms. you take him on an adventure. tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®.
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1:18 pm
the government may be shut down but the emergencies of life don't care what's happening in washington. i want you to look at this. a big storm swirling in the gulf of mexico and it's headed to shore in louisiana and alabama, also florida. people are bracing for tropical storm karen. of course, we're tracking it. and we're live in the cnn severe weather center in just moments for you. at the same time what's on earth -- what on earth is this? winter comes stomping into the great plains very early. it's not a special effect. it's the real thing. this is today, folks. and this is more than 40 inches of snow piling up in parts of south dakota. not a big deal in january, but
1:19 pm
the check -- but check your calendar. it's october. it's only october 5th. power is out. interstates are closed, and if this is a hint of the winter that's coming, you can have it. i don't want it. buckle up. it will be a rough one. let's go straight to pensacola, florida, nick valencia is there. what are the conditions right there right now. >> reporter: don, just take a look behind me. it's a gorgeous beach day out today, and it's a shame the local officials here aren't letting people in the water. there's been a regular flag warning on pensacola beach and the big concern is the rough rip currents you can see behind me. a lot of locals we talked to here say they aren't even that rough. tropical storm karen is currently stalled in the northern gulf coast and it's expected to make landfall in louisiana before it makes any movement towards pensacola beach. they expect 1 to 3 inches of rain here. that may not sound like much but for an area that's already been hammered and saturated by recent
1:20 pm
severe storms, any of that saturation could cause problems when the tropical storm makes landfall here. they say the tropical storm and the borderline tropical depression no longer has potential of becoming a hurricane. don? >> so, enjoy the sun, and get more of a tan. you look really tan there, nick valencia. thank you, appreciate your reporting. let's go to chad myers in the cnn severe weather center. give us the big picture on karen. it looks beautiful where nick is. >> sure. >> but this isn't the only weird weather emergency in the united states. >> oh, no, we had tornadoes on the ground yesterday a mile wide through northeastern nebraska, i got places in wyoming with almost 40 inches of snow on the ground and blizzard conditions through a lot of south dakota and the black hills last night, stay off the roads, it's just too dangerous. let's get to karen. what happened to karen? why didn't it do anything? there was also wind and always
1:21 pm
shear and never got the storm to go all the way around. never got the convection around the eye. that's great news. we don't want that anyway. and we don't really expect it to do very much as you said. it will travel over new orleans and plaquemines parish and towards the pensacola area later this week. we will see storms later today and severe weather, there's still a lot of snow back out to the west and it's still piling up here in the dakotas and we could see at least another foot of snow, snowstorms, tropical weather and floods and fires in southern california. you have to watch those santa ana winds still blowing out there, don. >> amazing. it's just amazing to see the snow on the ground, right? >> yeah. >> and then you see nick's shot. it's beautiful here in new york. i think it's beautiful here in atlanta. crazy, crazy stuff. don't go anywhere, chad, i think we'll need you. >> i'll be here. in minutes we'll talk to a family in sturgis, south dakota. look at this. this is their driveway today. isn't that crazy?
1:22 pm
in 24 hours they got more than 30 inches of snow. they're digging out. and they're surviving the first ridiculous snowfall of the season. already, october 5th. man, oh, man. this week millions of people logged in to websites to sign up for obama care. some didn't actually logon to the right websites and that was on purpose. a warning about scammers. online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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1:26 pm
you type in your state exchange website into your browser. you misspell it by one letter, by just one letter and you are redirected to a fake site. it's important that people be vigilant. to be on the safe side go to and find the link to your state exchange. you also want to watch out for people impersonating navigators. they are set up by professionals. their job is to help you shop the health insurance, but an impersonator might say pay us $300 and we'll help you sign up. beware of somebody asking you for money or pressuring you or saying act now or limited time offer. and seniors often do become targets in these sort of things. someone might call up a senior and tell them they'll lose coverage if they don't get a brand-new medicare card and then they'll press for their social security number. and bottom line, this is very important, you do not need a brand-new medical care card with
1:27 pm
the health care act. and watch out for companies offering cheaper services, they are bogus and falsely claim to exempt you from minimum insurance coverage requirements. if you're unsure, simply stick with the federal and state exchanges. zain asher, cnn, new york. >> thank you very much, zain asher. some amazing, crazy weather all across the country, tropical storms, tornadoes, massive snowfall. a quick update is next. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i singing? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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okay. at the top of the hour we're going to get a live update on tropical storm karen and we hope to talk with one couple who have been trapped in their car for 20 hours in that north dakota snow. i'm don, and right now a special edition of "san 58 gupta, m.d." i'll see you back at the top of the hour live. welcome to a very special of "sg md." the country is still