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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and one of two things happened. either my skin tingles or my stomach churns. and when my stomach churns, i know i can't do it. when my skin tingles, i can't wait to do it. >> next hour, one word. tumultuous. more on how actress krisley tyson describes her time with miles davis. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us here on cnn. you're in the newsroom. we are learning fascinating gets the two u.s. forces raids halfway around the world in africa, u.s. officials confirm it was members of the elite u.s. army delta force who camden third man who is wanted in the
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deadly twin u.s. bombing attacks in africa back in 1998. al-libi was snapped after returning to morning prayers in tripoli. meanwhile 3,000 miles away, s.e.a.l. team 6, the same unit that killed osama bin laden went after another high valued target. commanders storm a home in somalia, thought to belong to the leader of al shabab. that is the terrorist group blamed for the attack in kenya. but it didn't go as planned. a firefight broke out. u.s. forces were forced to retreat. one suspect was killed but it is unclear had a that is. we're hearing incredible details of what went down during the u.s. forces raid in libya straight from the way of. she spoke exclusive on cnn about what unfolded. what she says is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> translator: what i saw were libyans. mabd they had americans with
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them but i didn't see them because there was more than one car. they say there are ten people but i believe there are more than ten. i couldn't count them because there areal of them. i can't opportunity firm if they were americans or not. what i saw were libyans. >> libya has deemed his capture a kidnapping. and i'll talk about what else she learned from al libi's wife during the conversation. there are a lot of questions about what happened in libya. i wanted to bring in war bra starr. how is the pentagon responding to these claim that libyans possibly worked in conjunction with u.s. forces to get al libi? >> good evening. the penn is not officially coming on any of it other than to acknowledge an operation took place and u.s. forces led that operation. these were, delta force navy s.e.a.l.s. these are some of the most highly trained covert operations, operatives that there are in the u.s. military that go into the most dangerous
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operations, the most dangerous corners of the world. so i think it is pretty unlikely that they would engage in any kind of join operation. they may have had a translator or something like that along with them. i want to very quickly tell everyone, we have a new piece of information at this hour. a u.s. official has confirmed that al libi was taken to a u.s. navy warship in the region. they're not saying exactly where. they're not saying exactly which ship for security, he is of course being questioned but he is, he has been taken to a u.s. navy warship. he is expected of course to eventually be brought to new york for federal prosecution. don? >> al libi is wanted in connection with the twin us embassy bombings in africa. how big of a get is he? we've been talking about this. this is a pretty big deal. correct? >> it is a really big deal. for 15 years, the u.s. has been looking for him. u.s. intelligence has been
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tracking him. trying on gather information about where he's been. by all accounts, this operation to get him was in the works for some time. you don't just suddenly do something like this. so this is a reflect of a massive intelligence effort to keep going after senior cause indicated operatives, even if it is after 15 years. this in the view of the administration is delivering justice to al qaeda and delivering justice for the american families and the kenyan families, as well as the families in tanzania who lost loved ones. >> before i let you go, i want to talk to you about s.e.a.l. team 6. we want to turn to somalia. they carried out the mission that stormed the home of the top leader of al shabab in somalia. >> they did indeed. we don't know a lot about this yet themselves went to this town in the southern part of somalia,
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a longstanding al shabab stronghold themselves knew they were going into a very rough patch of territory. they were going after a top al shabab leader. they have not said who they were looking for themselves ran into a to have firefight. they leave them don't know if they got the man they were after. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. now back to libya. our report he spoke exclusively today, she joins us now. what did she say to you? >> she defended her husband. said that she is an innocent man. she did admit that he was a member of al qaeda but she said, he left the organization in 1996 after serving alongside osama bin laden. she said he served as a personal bodyguard to bin laden. but then in '96, she said they were in sedan. he left the country and the
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organization. and since then she claims he has had no contact with any members of al qaeda. and shem he left two years before the bombings that you mentioned, the u.s. embassy in eastern africa. so she said he was not involved in the bombings or any other bombings. she claim her husband was not linked to any terrorist activity. she said yes, he took part in jihadist activity in afghanistan years before but that he was not involved in any of the major bombings. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting as well. now back to the new terror group al shabab. base in the somalia, they claim sponl for shooting pup shopping mall in kenya last month. this is closed circuit footage of the gunmen walking through the mall, weapons in firing position apparently searching a store and opening doors. now remember, these attackers
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burst into the mall and started killing people. so this video was shot after people were presumably already panicking and hiding. the video shows the gunman casually leaning against a wall and attacking. 67 people dated in that attack. when i give the senate majority leader some advice at the white house about how to proceed. i gave him some advice over a week ago about how to avert this. and yet they refused. >> mr. speaker, he said, and he said it publicly on many occasions that you came to him in july and offered to pass a clean funning resolution. no obama care amendments. it was $70 billion below what the senate wanted themselves accepted it and now you've reneged on that offer. >> clearly there was a conversation about doing this. >> several. >> you offered a clean resolution. >> i and my number decide that
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had the threat of obama care was so important that it was time for us to take a stand. >> house speaker john boehner speaking on the balance and he wants them to negotiate with republicans. he said a claen spending bill has no chance of passing the house. meantime, without a debt ceiling increase the u.s. won't be able to pay its bills for the first time in 224 years. >> we've never gotten to the point where the united states government has operated without the ability to bore officially it is reckless. would it may not the united states government for the first time since 1789 will not be paying its bills because of a political decision. >> don't expect to satisfy a vote any time soon. house speaker boehner said he won't even try to because he doesn't have the votes to pass it. some of the democrats are challenging him just to put to it a vote. the back and forth was all over
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washington today. >> i take it pr the rest of the area, to not to skael clean vote. >> there are not the votes in the house to pass. >> the speaker said there aren't the votes on the floor to reopen the government. let me issue a friendly challenge. put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i would bet there are the votes to pass it. we have just about every democrat. 21 republicans have said they would. there are many more republicans have said they privately would. so just vote. >> we want to bring in erin, what are the odds that boehner will take schumer up on that challenge? >> certainly not tomorrow. if it happens, it will be much later this week. the speaker has said repeatedly that he doesn't have the votes. we do think that there are about 20 republicans or so who mate vote for a cleaning spending bill. but on the very next fight in
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the next 11 days on raising the debt ceiling, he won't could a clean voep on that either. but until then, don't expect any vote to happen. >> so ted cruz made waves in his comments today how are people reacting? >> this very next fight as we were talking about of raising the debt him, senator ted cruz said much the same thing. that he wants to attach the fate over funding obama care to that as well. take a listen. >> in my view, the debt ceiling, we should look for three things. number one, we should look for some significant structural plan to reduce government spending. number two, avoid new taxes and number three, look for ways to mitigate the harm from obama care. >> and don, he said historically, the best way that congress has leverage in daelg with the president is by using a
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fight over the debt ceiling. so it doesn't look very good. the health care fate continues on. >> thank you. it is almost hard to watch. the indy car driver dario franchitti crashing into the wall today in houston. once you see the video you'll be amazed he survived. that's next. and more on our top stories coming up after the break. ts of. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing.
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let's get you caught up with the weekly five. >> five things you need to know for your week ahead. a government shutdown won't stop the supreme court. it is business as usual on monday as the high court holds
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arguments in some key high profile cases including political campaign donation limits, lawyers are challenging government limits on what individuals can give to political parties and political action committees. tuesday, the benjamin gets a makeover. the new $100 bills have colorful anti-theft features. such as a wide hol graphic strip and color ink. it is the biggest change since they went into circulation in 1996. >> we're used to seeing they will on the reality tv show duck dynasty. wednesday, they received high honors from the congressional coalition on adoption institute. the organization recognizes people who have made extraordinary contributions on behalf of children in need of families. thursday, grab the tissues. "glee" will say gab to one of its cast members.
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cory mont even. he died of an overdose of heroin and chod in july. we'll feigned out who wins the nobel peace prize on friday. this year brings the greatest number of candidates ever. among the nominees include the myanmar president for relack his country's military rule and the youngest ever nominee, 16-year-old ma la la, a pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban while advocating for education and women's rights. >> thank you very much for that. our top news story today on cnn, the camden you are of one of the most wanted terrorists. i'm talkinging about abu ana al libi. he eluded capture. today he is in american custody. more than 200 people died in those bombings. these two americans were among them. father and son, julian bartley
4:16 pm
senior and julian bartley junior. they were killed in 1998 in the bombing. they were father and brother to edith bartley who joins me now from washington. thank you for joining us. how are you? >> thank you for having me. it's been an interesting weekend. as families, we are certainly surprised by the news last night which was news on cnn and we thank you for covering that. we want to thank our military and our intelligence community for making the capture of al libi a reality. and thank our commander-in-chief for authorizing that operation. it has been 15 years and there are still other terrorists who are at large who need to be brought to custody and brought to trial. >> right. as you mentioned, 15 years in the. had you given up hope or were you holding out hope that the man would ever be brought to
4:17 pm
justice? >> we never give up hope. there were 12 americans killed. half of my immediate family and many others who were killed and injured. both kenyan and americans. and we have to forge forward. we've been continuing to really push to ensure that our congress provides adequate resources for embassy security, following the '98 embassy bombings and now most recently, benghazi. and we have also hope that with this show of support from our government to not forget these families by going after al libi, that there will be further confirmation of our government support of diplomatic families and our families when they fully support, approve and pass legislation that will provide adequate and comparable support, compensation and resources for diplomatic families comparable
4:18 pm
to what our military receives. these were american lives. people who were dedicated, career diplomats and my brother was a college intern. and our country, today is a good day. we have to do better to take care of our own. to prevent these incidents from happening around the globe. >> can we talk more about your work? you work with victims and families affected by the 1998 bombing. tell me about that and tell me more of what you're hearing from them. >> you know, the families today, we've been in touch and we'll be talking been together as a group at 9:00. but they're pleased with the news. a day doesn't go by for any of our families that we don't think of our loved ones. so it is significant. definitely significant. every trial is significant. we anticipate that there will be more trials. we plan on attending any future trial around al libi or anyone
4:19 pm
else. it is important to not forget. >> and your work? >> our work, we continue to be vigilant and ensure that there is more attention brought to diplomatic families and the work that they do around the globe, front and center with our military personnel. and we want to ensure that the state department does more and puts something in place to ensure that families of those who have been killed in the line of duty receive compensation and resources and support comparable to our military. right now that is still not in place. and we're hopeful that with the leadership of senator mccouplesky and congressman vinny thompson in mississippi and others that this will become law. sooner than later. we've had much success in the house and still much more to do. but these families' lives have been changed forever. we are very grateful to our military and our intelligence
4:20 pm
community for what has transpired in the most recent days. >> edid i think bartley, thank you. we really appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. it's almost too hard to watch. iny car driver dario franchitti crashing into the wall today in houston. once you see the video, you'll be amazed he even survived. dy t? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under his breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at
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an horrific crash in houston that sends one of the most popular drivers to the hospital. here's what happened. another driver bumped dario
4:23 pm
franchitti. then you see him hit the fence. it is amazing that he even survived. he is married to by the way, actress ashley judd. the couple is getting a divorce though. however she tweeted this about an hour ago. thank you for the prayers for dario franchitti. i have only clothes on my back and the dogs but that's all that we need and we are on our way. last hour we got this video. carl and 12 other spectators were injured when the debris flew into the stands. first we go to cnn sports anchor mark mckay. we just got new word on dario's injuries. >> we know he was admitted to the hospital, awake. he is suffering from a concussion. a spinal fracture that will not require surgery, according to doctors.
4:24 pm
and a fracture to his right ankle. he will be held overnight. all in all after seeing those pictures, not only from the broadcast but from the stands, those injured on the spectators' side, everybody is very, very lucky. how about those hurt in. >> 13 spectators, 13 in all. 12 were, two were transported to hospitals and all the rest were treated on the scene there at the houston speedway. >> franchitti's next race is october 19th. the next one is october 19th. any word on if he'll be able to participate in that one? >> well, the injuries that he has, when you look at the extent of them and what could be very serious injuries, you know, the ankle injury will be an issue, how about the spine? he will be very, very sore for a long period of time. his team, i'm sure, just
4:25 pm
thankful that he came out of that with the injuries he did. it could have been a whole lot worse. >> absolutely. i want to you listen to carl daniel. he was a witness and he shot some of this incredible video that we're seeing. listen to what he will me and i want your reaction. >> i was standing track side when they were coming out of the one of the turns and they allow to you stand behind one of the barricades. and as the cars were coming out of the turn, i noticed that one driver was attempting to pass the other driver. and his right front tire actually came and rolled up on to the left rear tire of the other driver. and his car was launched into the barricades directly in front of me. and that barricade just imploded in front of me. and there was no time to run, move left, right. i mean actually at that time, the car literally exploded into pieces. it disintegrated in front of me.
4:26 pm
>> what were you thinking in did you even have time to think? >> actually people say how much time you have to think about something. the biggest thing that i thought at that time was, life is over. it is no way that i can survive this barricade coming down in front of me. it is no way that any of russ going to make it. and literally the car which was one piece became nothing more than confetti, pieces were all around us. i was literally, literally thinking that my life is over. but there was no time to say can you duck, can you run, can you get away. it was like, this is it. >> mark, he talks about those barriers there. those concrete barriers did not budge. the fence moved. the barriers didn't budge and that saved some lives. >> i'm amazed that carl had miss
4:27 pm
wits about him to tell you what happened. you look at the pictures taken directly from the stand. these cards are coming right at you and then completely exploding. the debris is flying into the stands. sty first set of fencing is completely torn away. i had not seen that on the race video. you see it is completely sheared away. yes, car parts went into the stands. that's where the shrapnel injuries, if you will, came into the spectators but the main bulk of it went back on to the track with franchitti inside. incredible pictures from the spectators' point of view. >> how fast are these cars going? >> they're coming around a turn there. so 100 plus for sure. he came around that turn, got into with it the other driver. if it went airborn, it had to be lifted, taken away by the fence
4:28 pm
and then put back on to the track. >> a hospital spokesperson listing franchitti in fair condition. a hospital spokesperson. thank you, sir. just getting that information in. one of the most wanted terrorists now in u.s. custody. what kind of blow is this to al qaeda? i've got two guests. one with the army intelligence credentials, the other is a form he cia person. [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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custody. in an exclusive interview with his wife, she told cnn that she saw the men snatch her husband were libyan. she said there were other men involved but she couldn't confirm if they were americans. libya's government publicly has deemed his camden you are a kidnapping. u.s. special forces conducted a special operation 3,000 miles away in somalia. the mission didn't go as planned. u.s. forces were forced to retreat. one suspect was killed. his identity, still unknown. these raids were launched back to back in countries that of become havens for terrorists. joining me, major general james marks, and cia officer gary burnson on the phone from jacksonville, florida. gentlemen, you know, we have our most elite forces, s.e.a.l. team 6 go into somalia. camden you are the leader of al
4:32 pm
shabab. they left without completing their mission. i'll start with you. >> first of all, the only way a mission like this can occur is with some really solid intelligence on the ground. there was a very good set of strong indicators, a lot of confirming data. most of the means of intelligence beyond just having sources on the ground. but also some technical intelligence as well. that will be signals intelligence, probably some good imagery of the compound where they thought he was going to be. most importantly, and i think the key to all of this is there were folks on the ground, sources that had been vetted that had indicated that this would be a good place, the timing was right and this was the opportunity. so that's how you go through it. if in fact that was not successful, there will be an after action review that will be
4:33 pm
exceptionally detailed to figure out what went wrong. what sources need to be dropped away and who they can rely on again. >> how do you see this mission? do you see it as a failure in. >> no. i think it is a standard military operation. and using s.e.a.l. team 6, you come up on the coast. whether coming up by air or by boat. the s.e.a.l. teams have operated, they've gone on rescue missions in somalia before. they are comfortable operating in that area. they have platforms nearby from which to launch. i don't see that as interesting as the one in libya. and libya, of course, you've got a rendition from an arab capital and possibly done without the assistance of the local security forces which is very, very unusual. seeking political cover by saying they don't know what happened. that it was a kidnapping. either way, a rendition from the
4:34 pm
arab world is a pretty gutsy thing. you have to get commander in chief and the major players in the community. >> i'm going on get back to libya now. the wife told us in an exclusive interview today that libyans were involved in her husband's capture. listen and we'll talk. >> translator: what i saw were libyans. maybe they had americans with them. i did not see them because there was more than one car. i believe there were more than ten people. i couldn't down them because there were many of them. i can't confirm if they were americans or not. what i saw were libyans. >> what do you make of this? >> reporter: that's no surprise. would you use locals on the grounld wherever you can. you don't want a bunch of them walking around if you can use local forces, in the arab world or asia or africa.
4:35 pm
use locals who are train up by you or part of local security forces. so no surprise there. and this gentleman, this terrorist, this murderer, going to spend the rest of his life in an american prison before this is all over. did he kill hundreds of innocents in east africa and i was actually there in the beginning. i led the agency's teams out there when he escaped in 1998. >> general marks, what is your reaction? >> clearly as gary indicated, there had been to be very solid intelligence. these operations only occur when it meets a certain criteria. a certain threshold of certainty in terms of the intelligence that has been gathered. again, you're going to have guys on the ground who are locals who know their way around and certainly you have to vet them very aggressively. and once you determine that they're good to go, that they'll be supportive. you hold them close. you don't let them start to wander. you don't want the information to be release asked get out to somebody that might in fact
4:36 pm
alert the target, in this case, libby. that he will alter his patterns. so what is also support, you don't want the alert one with word coming out in somalia of an effort taking place or to precede it with something taking place in libya. those would be aberrant behaviors. the news would get out very quickly. you want to keep those as closely coordinated as you can. i would suggest this speaks highly of our d.o.d. you have the african command that provides the outer ring in libya and you have the central command with the raid in somalia and certainly with the special operations forces working within both of those. this is highly, highly coordinated, exceptionally well tranld folks can pull this off. >> okay. gary, let's talk about this. you're a former cia officer. you heard what general marks said. do you think that is unusual that the military and not cia operatives perhaps were send in to get the suspects?
4:37 pm
you don't think so, right? >> i think it would be very unusual on the ground for at least in the libyan case. i could see the military doing this in somalia. clearly it would have been a civilian intelligence prep on all of that. heavily prepped. heavily involved. but either way, it is one team, one site. since 2001, you've had the sxags the military all over the world. the interesting thing would be the military now operating outside, inside libya like this is a big step. this has not been done before. the military was doing, you know, operations like this in afghanistan and iraq but they just expanded the field. >> thanks sow both of you. appreciate your time. >> sure, don. president obama had to back out of his asian trip instead
4:38 pm
sending secretary of state john kerry to pinch-hit for him. we're going the live to bali. could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores, higher loan rates... ...and maybe not getting the car you want. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to
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president obama trying to
4:41 pm
deal with the meeting has drawn major leaders from 21 nations, including china. the president sent secretary of state john kerry instead. there he is right there on the ground. let's bring in ana covering it in indonesia. what are leaders there saying about the president's absence? >> reporter: i think everybody is very disappointed that the president of the united states is not going to be here in attendance. the feeling is the show must go on. that's exactly what will happen here. a certain level of understanding that obviously, barack obama has a lot to deal with, the huge challenges. there is concern as to america's concern to this part of the world. asia is the fastest growing region. and you know, the united states made it perfectly clear that its
4:42 pm
foreign policy was really going to change. that it was going to take on this pivot to asia to rebalance after years of war in afghanistan and iraq. the focus was to be here in asia. obama made that perfectly clear when he came and visited several years ago. so i think the feeling is. america cannot perhaps influence what's going on back home. what sort of influence will it have in this part of the world? >> thank you. anna coren there, beautiful bali. that beautiful is amazing. enjoy it while you can. we'll get back to our top story in a moment. we'll go to break and regroup. we have some breaking news. our pentagon correspondent has some new information concerning missions carried out overseas yesterday. don't go away. a quick break. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective.
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breaking news. barbara starr's information on both of them. let's start with libya. the successful one. >> reporter: >> we are now able to tell our viewers that al libi, the man captured in libya, has been taken to a u.s. navy warship for interrogation. no one is saying which ship, where exactly it is located but
4:46 pm
my justice colleague has confirmed that the government high value detainee interrogation group, a group of fbi, cia and other intelligence experts, they have been activated and they will be interviewing al libi for any intelligence he has on al qaeda operations. so he is on a u.s. navy warship undergoing interrogation and believed eventually to be headed toward new york for federal prosecution. no word when that may happen. on the other matter, the other raid in somalia. a u.s. official now confirms to me who the target was in somalia. it was a man named ikrema. said to be a kenyan of somali origin. a big fish, if you will, in the al shabab network in somalia. why did the u.s. want him so bad? why risk the s.e.a.l.s going in there?
4:47 pm
he has significant ties to al qaeda. an associate of other al qaeda operatives now killed in east africa who were involved in some of the most significant attacks in the region. in recent years. so now the picture emerging of who they were going after and of course, they don't know if they got him. because the s.e.a.l.s had to leave that town when they came under heavy fire. now we know why they were willing to risk so much to go after him. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. next, this. >> you said you don't like to kiss and tell but you know i would not be doing my job as a reporter if i didn't ask but myles. >> what about him? >> is he the love of your life? >> that's none of your business. >> we'll get into her business myself conversation with the legendary cicely tyson next. i get information on quality rated doctors,
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actress cicely tyson isn't known for holding back when the cameras are rolling, but her personal life is a different story. i sat down with her, and what she says is her very last interview. i asked her about her husband and jazz legend miles davis. you said you don't like to kiss and tell, but you know i would not be doing my job as a reporter if i didn't ask you about miles. >> what about him? >> the love of your life?
4:51 pm
>> that's none of your business. if i said yes, what difference does do it make in your life? if i said no, what difference do it make in your life? >> well, maybe not much. but people watching may be interested. people love you, they love miles. >> i'll tell you like my mother said. what i want to tell you, my mouth won't let me say. >> you can say it. you can say it. i know what you want to say. none of your damn business, right? >> you know miles. >> what was that like? i keep saying you're a legend.
4:52 pm
two icons together. >> well, tumultuous, of course. wouldn't you know that? you have two people who are so in -- well, i could say enriched. i could say blessed by incredible talent. i thought he was, he thought i was. and what it takes to live from day-to-day was that. there are so many facets to a
4:53 pm
dual life that is completely alien to most people. completely alien. there have been some of the most incredible moments in my life afforded me through him. and then there are each -- see, i think my problem is that every moment to me in life is a learning experience. i perceive those moments that most people think of as negative as positive. they mean more to me than what people perceive to be positive.
4:54 pm
because once i have experienced that and lived through it and reach another level of understanding of human beings, especially, particularly talented ones who don't know themselves how rich they are, then i am the better for that experience. and so i really welcome those kinds of experiences. >> cicely tyson's latest on broadway, two more shows, this tuesday and wednesday night and we wish her all the best. thank you very much, ms. tyson, for that. up next, my interview with an eyewitness on today's
4:55 pm
terrible indycar crash in houston. jpm i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come.
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dario franchitti was injured in a crash this afternoon in houston. a witness to the crash spoke with me earlier. >> i was standing trackside when they were coming out of one of the turns, and they allow you to stand there behind one of the barricades. and as the cars were coming out of the turn, i noticed that one
4:58 pm
driver was attempting to pass the other driver and his right front tire actually came and rolled up on to the left rear tire of the other driver and his car was launched into the barricade that was directly in front of me. and that barricade just imploded in front of me. and there was no time to run, move left, right. i mean, actually at that time, the car literally exploded into the pieces. it disintegrated in front of me. and i was pelted from head to toe with what i thought was just, like, confetti. but it was actually pieces of the car that were pelting me. i mean, at the time, i was literally amazed, yet shocked. but i was transfixed in the moment where there was nothing, nothing that i or anyone around us could do because the fence literally went away and was
4:59 pm
thrown over my head into the grand stands behind me and actually struck the patients that were in the grandstand behind me. >> carl, pause right there. if you guys can rera-rack this video. i want to watch frit the beginning, and let our viewers hear and then i'll continue my conversation. >> my goodness, carl. you're right. just in an instant. you didn't even have time to react. this is the video you shot. what were you thinking here? did you even have time to think?
5:00 pm
>> actually, people say how much time you have to think about something. the biggest thing that i thought at that time was life is over. >> 13 spectators were also hurt. dario franchitti is in fair condition. see more of my interview at i'm don lemon in new york. a brand-new "anthony bourdain parts unknown: copenhagen" at 9:00. since i was 14 years old, i always wore cowboy boots. maybe because my little boy role models were always the men in the black hats. richard boone, robert vaughn in "the magnificent seven." silent killers. men with pasts. men from somewhere else who found themselves in the great american west.