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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 8, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we got called out. >> it was me. it was me. >> that's okay. talk amongst yourselves. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" hot potato, the debt ceiling. >> the president would rather default on our debt than to sit down and negotiate. hold a vote. call a vote right now and let's see what happens. >> day eight of the shutdown look a lot like day one. also, the unarmed truth. >> rather than meet the wolf head on, we sharpened his teeth, added number to his claw. >> banned from publishing his tell-all book. plus, 45 bucks? why iphone is slashing its
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prices. >> and -- >> where is it? where is it? >> "south park" taking on george zimmerman? you're live in the cnn "newsroom." ♪ friendly faces everywhere >> nothing like a little carmen early in the morning. good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello. eight days in the partial government shutdown and nine days from the greater threat of a debt crisis. americans caught in the middle. your nest eggs taking a beating. wall street opens after a big day of sell-offs from all the uncertainty. raising the debt ceiling with no strings attached as in no obama care. if it's passed later this week, it could put new pressure on house republicans and make them take some action of their own. in the next hour, we'll hear
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from republican house speaker john boehner. let's head to the white house and check in with our white house correspondent brianna keilar. good morning, brianna. >> reporter: good morning, carol. all of these bills we've been seeing have dealt with the shutdown, with funding the government. but now we're seeing the senate move towards trying to avoid a disastrous default as we get uncomfortably close to the debt ceiling. ramping up the pressure on house republicans, senate democrats will introduce a bill today that would increase the debt ceiling for more than a year. the goal? push this hot potato issue beyond the 2014 mid-term elections. the bill has no strings attached, no agreement to change obama care, no budgetary bartering. >> i cannot do that under the threat that if republicans don't get 100% of their way they're either going to shut down the government or they are going to default on america's debt.
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>> the president still says he won't bargain with the country's ability to pay its bills. >> the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk. >> house speaker john boehner insists a debt ceiling increase without some concessions from the white house will never get pa past his republicans. though democrats question that. >> one sure-fire way to find out whether the bill would pass is to have a vote on it. >> reporter: only one thing is for certain. americans are not impressed, especially with republicans. in a new cnn/orc international poll, 63% of those surveyed blamed the gop for the shutdown. 57% point the finger at democrats and 53% hold president obama accountable. eight days into the partial government shutdown, nine days from breaching the debt ceiling, here are some ways this could all play out. perhaps a long-term proposal,
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like what the senate is taking up. if that doesn't fly, there could be a short-term measure to buy time. or both sides could keep talking past each other until the u.s. defaults. and there's bipartisan agreement, that would be an economic disaster. and all of this already being set up for quite a cliff hanger, carol. what you would expect with the senate is the initial vote, which is really a procedural vote to take place on saturday. the final vote on this extending the debt ceiling for a year. it may not take place until wednesday. that would be the latest. remember, thursday is really the day when it comes to the debt ceiling. so, you know, if you're biting your nails already, just wait. >> okay. good advice. and, of course, you'll be with us at the top of the hour. that's when we'll be hearing directly from john boehner, the house speaker due to hold a news conference at 10:00 eastern. of course, we'll carry it live.
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the shutdown is beginning to hurt military families grieving the death of their loved ones. barbara starr is here with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol of the just when you think it couldn't get any worse, defense secretary chuck hagel and the joint chiefs met yesterday to talk about the shutdown and they have been told under the rules, they cannot reimburse and pay military families grieving for the loss of their fallen in the war in afghanistan. here is what will not be paid to families during the shutdown. listen to this. a cash payment of $100,000 within three days of death. that has been going on for years. not paid during the shutdown. reimbursement for funeral and internment of remains expenses, not paid during the shutdown. travel to dover air force base. we've all seen those heartbreaking pictures of families waiting for the flag-draped casket to come off the plane at dover. not paid during the shutdown. travel to hospitals if their loved one is perhaps on life
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support and being kept alive until their family members can get there. that travel, not paid during the shutdown. of course, families can still pay their own way on all of these expenses. they may get reimbursed when the shutdown is over. this is a package of benefits that has been available to military families for nearly a decade of war and right now they are not going to be paid. needless to say, the pentagon, not very happy. >> yeah. barbara starr, reporting live from the pentagon this morning. also this morning, there are new tensions between the united states and lib ra over the special ops mission that nabbed an aaccused al qaeda operative. calling the united states capture of al liby an abduction. they're nanding answers from deborah jones, the ambassador to libya. after being formally summoned. rising tensions are prompting the move of some u.s. marines
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for security reasons. 200 troops are being shuttled from spain to italy in case the u.s. embassy or americans become threatened in libya. cnn senior correspondent nic robertson has just arrived in libya and is on the phone with us now. good morning, nic. can you tell us more? >> reporter: carol, there have been no details released from the justice ministry about what was discussed, what was told to deborah jones when she was called in for the meeting with the justice minister. i did meet with another government minister today. he told me that the abduction, as the government here is terming it, came at a very bad time for the government, that there would be elements in the country, implying islamist elements and others that would use this as an opportunity to try to destabilize the government. in the meantime, there have been small protests in the city of benghazi in the east of the country, about 150 people gathered there to protest the
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capture of abu anas al liby. in tripoli, what we can expect at the moment according to the minister i talked with is really anything is possible, that really whatever response may come from islamists -- there have been threats on some websites that they use, that they would like to kidnap americans, target american interests in libya. no one can say whether or not that will happen. the government taking the threats on those websites very seriously, carol. >> some americans might be asking themselves, look, we help libya out. we help libya overthrow moammar ga gadha gadhafi. why aren't they helping us more? >> reporter: already coming to the government here to try to organize meeting situation
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perhaps met with u.s. official here in libya. didn't mean to go this way. from the government perspective, they think this could have been handled better. they think more patience was required and essentially a lack of understanding, the precarious nature of this government in libya and the prime minister was elected 93-85 votes. it's a slender margin and there are those that would try to unseat him. one previous prime minister unseated in a similar situation. he was blocked by the us laymanist factions here and there's a real concern that islamists again will try to take advantage of the situation and penalize the government. >> nic robertson from libya this morning. back here at home, wild weather shake people in parts of the northeast. storm system brought heavy rain
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and high winds from the nation's capital to massachusetts. trees fell on power lines in new jersey, sparking small explosions. utility and fire crews did respond, but it could be days and days until electricity is fully restored. cnn's indra petersons is in new york to tell us when this will be over. good morning. >> good morning. believe it or not, that same storm system that brought record-breaking snow into south dakota and spawned the tornadoes in iowa, that's the system that made its way in the northeast and midatlantic yesterday. those are storm reports of damage. unbelievable squall line as it made its way across yesterday evening. good news? yes. it is currently offshore. wanted to show you some perspective, though. the big change. these are yesterday's highs. above normal with those temperatures. all this cold air is filling in. that allowed that severe weather that occurred. notice now we're talking about temperatures dropping way down with that cool air coming in from canada. today, typical temperatures. where we should be this time of year. after that, we'll see the temperatures back off a little
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bit more to some low 60s, carol. >> hello, fall. >> yeah. >> thank you, indra. >> sure. new details about that 9-year-old boy who sneaked on to a plane to los angeles without a ticket. he has been in trouble before. the boy recently stole a car and on numerous occasions has taken mass transit to a water park and sneaked in without a ticket. the boy remains in las vegas, though. there's a court hearing to discuss his case. delta airlines says it's reviewing surveillance video to see how he got on the flight from minneapolis to vegas. the boy's parents are reportedly cooperating in the investigation. if you want to get your hands on the new iphone you may not have to pay full price. it's relatively cheap. iphone 5c has been on chevys for fi -- shelves for five weeks and already is being marked down.
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really? >> yes. starting with best buy, what happened on thursday, threw in a $50 store gift card when you bought the 5c. that ended yesterday. walmart cut its price to $45. that will keep going through the holiday season. then there's radio shack, which started offering a $50 store gift card. that's going to go on through november. the big catch here? if you want to buy the phone you need a two-year contract with all these deals. it's kind of unheard of. when was the last time you heard of apple products discounted for new phones? when they're discounted it's usually only when an updated product is coming. it's raising eyebrows because these price cuts usually mean it's weak demand. that's not the case. look at the first weekend that these phones went on sale. apple sold 9 million of them. you could see retailers cutting prices, because they want to get buyers in to buy the phones, a few accessories. before you know it, you spent $1,000 on what? >> they'll get you one way or another, right? >> yep.
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checking our top stories at 16 minutes past the hour, a new arrest in connection with the notorious steubenville rape case. william rhinaman is accused of perjury and covering up evidence for two students convicted in march. it gained national attention after the underage boys posted photos of their drunk female victim to social media. if convicted, rhinaman could face four years in prison. salmonella outbreak has sickened nearly 300 people in 18 states. foster farms says it's working with federal official to identify the raw chicken products in question. mostly distributed to stores in
6:17 am
california, oregon and washington. a fourth arrest now made in connection with the recent beating of an suv driver in new york. 29-year-old biker has been charged with gang assault and unlawful imprisonment. at least two off-duty undercover police officers were also under fire for riding with the group. one of the officers said he wanted to come forward because he didn't want to blow his cover -- he did not want to come forward because did he not want to blow his cover. frightening moments at a deli on long island. an armed man walking in, demanding money and firing at the wall behind the cashier. the clerk pulls out his machete, chasing him into the parking lot and scares him off. the incident happened last month. the gunman is still on the loose. next guest was so fed up with all the bickering in washington,
6:18 am
he actually quit his job. a group that focuses on finding common sense solutions with centrist policy makers. that's an impossibility these days. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. >> good morning, steve. you were a freshman congressman during the last government shutdown. what's the difference this time, do you think? >> well, in 1995, 1996, you have to remember it was the first time in four years that republicans had taken the majority in the house. lot of hard feelings. it was more about numbers than it was ideology. today it's all about ideology. you have the tea party wing of the republican party is obsessed with obama care and whether or not it looks like a kamikaze mission or not, they're going to go ahead with this strategy. >> man, you sound like a democrat. >> that's what my wife tells me all the time. >> really, you're a republican and you take a look at the
6:19 am
cnn/orc, its most recent poll it shows republicans taking most of the blame for this shutdown. actually, that is wrong. democrats, 57% of americans say democrats are to blame for shutdown. but a whopping 63% believe republicans are to blame. are they? >> well, you know what? at the end of the day, everybody is to blame. and the big difference, aside from ideology this time, if you go back to these debt ceiling discussions, since dwight eisenhower was the president 60 years ago, we've always been able to work it out. now, clearly, some republicans are on this kamikaze mission. but when you have the president saying he's not going to negotiate and harry reid having the fight he always wanted, it really is tough to figure out how we're going to get out of this mess. a lot of people are wondering where is joe biden when we need him. >> that's right. he is supposed to be good at talking to members of congress. he was in congress forever, right? >> yes. >> let's talk about house
6:20 am
speaker swron boehner. some people say he holds all the cards in this. he has enough republican votes in the house to get an up vote on a continuing resolution with no strings attached. he says he doesn't. who's right? >> well, he obviously is, because he's the vote counter, first of all. second of all, where the speaker is -- the speaker is not one of these nutty people that's driving this thing. the speaker is, mr. president, if you're asking the country to borrow another trillion dollars, don't you think it's appropriate we have a discussion and negotiation about why it is we have to borrow another trillion dollars? that's the missing piece. there are a lot of pieces out there, carol. i'll tell you, a lot of senators are talking about extending tax provisions. there are ways to pay for this, cut spending, reopen the government, get everybody back to work. you know, if i ask you for an advan dance, it wouldn't be so good if
6:21 am
you were out there on the dance floor by yourself. >> pretty much all americans want to know what is the way out? what needs to happen to end this thing? >> one good thing that happened yesterday was treasury secretary lew said we're not going to run out of money until halloween, which frightened every american that it's now halloween. but, two, it's going to take the president and senator reid saying, okay, mr. speaker, we can give up the medical device tag. we can give up something else and you reopen the government. the reason that this isn't like the old days where you just say, the president is using what i call the wimpy approach from popeye. i'll glad you pay you tuesday for a hamburger today. there's no trust between the two branches. in the old days, swron boehner would say, you're right. let's reopen the government and we'll have a negotiation. they don't trust the administration to follow through on their end. >> okay. so, how do you -- how do you overcome that? is there any politically
6:22 am
courageous politician who can come out and be the leader and kind of fix the trust issue, at least temporarily? >> yeah, i think there is. i think in the house, at least. the senate is sort of a mystery to me. i never understood what they did when i was there for 18 years. you have ron kind and charlie bent that put forward a proposal that centers around the medical device tags and they say they can garner enough republicans and democrats to get this thing open. that's what it needs. you're not going to get the outliers. the far right of the republican party and the far left of the democratic party. you don't need them. you only need 218 votes. that's the kind of path that needs to be followed. i have every reason to believe -- john boehner is one of my best friends. he will not let the government default but -- >> you really think so? >> oh, yeah. >> it sounds like he's willing to do that. >> no, no, no, no, no. there's public skmpconsumption
6:23 am
then there's private consumption. when he said on the sunday shows, look, there's a back room where a backroom deal would be discussed. nobody is in it at the moment. we need to get warm bodies in there. again, joe biden would be a great choice. >> i'll pose that question to my next guest, a democratic house member. we'll see what he has to say about that. republican congressman steve latourette. 2.4% tax on medical devices and both republicans and democrats say this tax hurts small business people because, of course, you would go out of the country to buy something cheaper. so, both democrats and republicans think this tax ought to go away. the problem is, part of that tax pays for obama care. so now you know. still to come in the newsroom, he blew the whistle on the ring known as fast and furious, but his plans to publish a book about it may not happen and it has everything to do with morale.
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hey, i notice your car yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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the atf is telling one of
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his agents not so fast, publishing his book as the gun-running sting known as fast and furious. whether it's a matter of free speech. cnn's miguel marquez has more for you. >> reporter: this morning, new controversy surrounding the government program, fast and furious, after the government tells the bureau of alcohol, to be alcohol tobacco and firearms agent that he cannot publish his book. >> they'll start turning up in crime scenes in the united states and mexico, yet we still did nothing. >> reporter: the book is written by john dodson who turned whistleblower over the 2009 gun program, allowing guns to cross into mexico, with the intention of tracking them to mexican gangs, but authorities lost track of thousands of weapons, some of them handing up in the hands of gangs.
6:28 am
>> all the while we sat idly by watching, tracking and noting. >> reporter: two of those lost guns showed up at the scene of border patrol agent brian terry's murder in 2010, still unclear whether either of those guns delivered the lethal shot. it reached national proportion. >> resolution is agreed to. >> reporter: republicans holing attorney general eric holder in contempt over the white house's refusal to turn over documents. >> we produced 7600. >> i don't want to hear about the 7600. >> reporter: superiors at atf told dodson by letter that his book could have a negative impact on morale at the border patrol in phoenix and on the atf with other federal agencies. american civil liberties union has taken up his defense, saying it denies him his constitutional right to free speech. miguel marquez, cnn, los angeles. still to come in "the
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partial government shutdown, many say the real test comes at about nine days. i'm talking about the debt ceiling, which is like the nation's credit card limit. congress spends the money while the treasury department pays the bills. but congress spends more than the country gets in, in tax revenues. that's why fights over raising the debt ceiling happen. the latest standoff catching the eyes of some of the biggest names on wall street, urging washington not to play politics here. >> there's precedent for a government shutdown. there's no precedent for default. with the most important economy in the world, with the reserve currency in the world, payments have to go out to people if money doesn't flow in, then money doesn't flow out. we haven't really seen this before and i'm not anxious to be part of the process that witnesses it. >> both sighs deserve a spanking for this. the fact they're not talking, haven't been talking for the last six months is terrible. >> a debt ceiling doesn't make any sense. it makes absolutely no sense to
6:33 am
let it be used as a leverage for other things. you want to change laws on abortion, immigration, you name it, tax laws, whether, let that be a piece of legislation that people hammer out. to tie it to something about whether you break the promises of the united states government to people all over the world as well as its own citizens just make nos sense. it ought to be banned as a weapon. it should be like -- it should be like nuclear bombs, basically. too horrible to use. >> too horrible to use. joining me now, christine romans, host of "your money" and from georgia state university. welcome to you both. >> hi. >> hi, christine. we heard what all of those high-broker high-brokered firms on wall street said. this would be detrimental. yet we heard from republicans this is nothing but scare tactics. ted yoho said i think personally
6:34 am
it would bring stability to the world markets since they would be assured that the united states had moved decisively to curb its debt. does he have a point? >> no. no. he doesn't have a point. they think they're having some kind of intervention with the excess spending in washington. that's something that usually is handled in a budget not in a -- look, say you and your husband are fighting about your household budget. you can't decide he's spending more than you want him to or on things that you don't want him to, you don't then not pay your credit card bill. if you do that, your credit score will get dinged, interest rates will go up and cause more financial havoc in your household. that's what this is. look, some of the people like mr. yoho are talking about scare tactics. let's just talk about accounting. simple accounting. there's $30 billion in the u.s. treasury as of october 17th. come november 1st, i'm looking at a whole bunch of payments that come out the same day. the treasury department, checks
6:35 am
they have to cut for social security, medicare, for payments for veterans. look on one day, social security supplemental income benefits, carol. that's one day. there's not enough money in the bank to pay everything that's coming due. you hear people like congressman yoho and others talking about they'll just have to prioritize. you can't. there's not enough money that we finance the operations of the government. it would be instant austerity that many economists say could send us into a recession if they don't work this out. >> so, donald, i'm just throw another thing that we often hear by you. some republican congressmen said if you raise the debt ceiling you'll add to the deficit. the deficit will become larger. is that true? >> actually, if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we may find that our interest burdens go up so our deficits may rise. that's one of the funny things about this, that we're arguing about controlling government
6:36 am
spending, but creating a problem that could dramatically raise our interest costs for years to come. >> so just to make this clear, because i think the debt ceiling is really hard for people to understand. this is money that -- these are the bills we need to pay because congress has already approved this spending. am i right, christine? congress has already approved this? now they have to pay the bills. is that right? >> that's absolutely right. they're using the debt ceiling. this has happened before in the past where you use the debt ceiling to try to get other spending initiatives along the way. the fact is, there's no budget. the problem is, there's no budget. the united states congress has not passed a budget since 2009. the problem is not the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling is the symptom. the disease is the lack of a budget. and they're fighting over this thing that could send some very bad signals to the world. china overnight, foreign ministry making comments about how they hope the united states will raise the debt ceiling after all.
6:37 am
you talk about our foreign bankers, chinese, japanese and, you know, lots of amenities in the caribbean islands. we are our biggest banker. social security trust fund is invested in treasury bonds. if we don't pay the interest on our treasury bonds or do just only pay the interest on the treasury bonds but start to default on other obligations, like obligations to seniors it sends a very destabilizing signal to the rest of the world. >> it it's not like we haven't grappled with this before. just the debate over that caused thoo's things to happen. we'll review this. in 2011 during the last debt ceiling fight, consumer confidence tumbled. s&p lost nearly 20%. small businesses cut back on hiring and our credit rating got cut for the first time ever. why wouldn't republicans think that would happen again if they didn't raise the debt ceiling? they raised it the last time.
6:38 am
>> they did. and that didn't give us enough relief. in fact, prior to that battle, the u.s. treasury had the lowest interest rate yields of all the major currencies in the world. today it's the germans. now, remember, we paid lower two years ago. that alone adds almost $100 billion a year in interest payments. >> okay. so i'm getting the message from both of you. we shouldn't fool around with the debt ceiling. correct? yes, christine and donald. >> i understand the intervention. i understand trying to intervene in too much spending, what they see is too much spending, but it could end up costing us more for this intervention than if we would just pass a budget. >> christine romans, donald r a
6:39 am
ratajawc. sksual assault that could happen to anybody. now a new study suggests it's much more common among teenagers than you think. up next, the surprising number of teens who say they committed an offense at a very early age. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
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a georgia tech fraternity is under investigation this morning after one of its members sent an explicit e-mail with instructions on luring rape bait with alcohol. it was called a social guide. if they are hammered at any point before midnight, skip the chitchat and go dance. if you see an untalked to group or solo girl, go up to her and
6:43 am
ask if she wants anything to drink. if she says yes, get her a drink and ask her if she wants to dance. if she says no, ask her to dance. dancing is fun. he goes on to tell members how to get girls to drink more alcohol in an effort to get things more heated up. the university, georgia tech, says it's aware of the letter and is now conducting an investigation. that georgia tech incident comes on the heels of a brand new study suggesting that sexual violence is quite common among young people. according to a new study released monday, one in ten people under the age of 21 admit to being a perpetrator of sexual violence and half of them blame their victims. here to discuss these findings is katie hannah, executive director of the ohio alliance to end sksual violence. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> when i saw this study, i was shocked. are you? >> no. i'm actually not shocked. you know, rape crisis center
6:44 am
advocates have known that about one in four girls and one in six boys will experience sexual abuse by the age of 18. this is something that we've known. it's truly a public health epidemic that we need to address. >> one in ten would admit that they perpetrated some sort of sexual violence on another person. that probably means those numbers are low? >> right. well, we certainly know that there are a lot of victims and survivors out there. the study talks about how frequently victims are blamed for crimes committed against them and also that there's often a lack of consequences for perpetrators and we really need to have that cultural shift. i can tell you from having been in steubenville that we had a lot of survivors that came forward after that that said when they first told somebody about what happened, they weren't believed. and we really need to provide that support to survivors and make sure we have prevention education in place to address these issues. >> it's also important we understand where this kind of violent behavior is coming from. this study also suggests there's connection to exposure of violent x-rated material, which
6:45 am
causes some people, both young boys and girls in some cases to act out. do you think that's really true, just watching violent x rated material? there's a lot of that on the internet. >> well, rape is certainly about power and control. so, we really need to educate our youth about having healthy relationships. what consent means and that relationships are really built upon equality and it's not about having power or control over any other person. >> and the other disturbing thing about this study, the individuals most likely to have their first offense, as far as committing sexual violence on another person happens as early as 15. old enough to know better, but young enough where you say, seriously? >> right. >> so what do parents need to be doing? >> so i really encourage parents to talk to their teens about having healthy relationships, about seeking support with rape crisis centers when something happens. but we really need to have that prevention education in schools
6:46 am
and also teaching our employers, teaching how we do by certain intervention. if a teen can intervene, we can stop sexual violence before it happens. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, carol. still to come in the newsroom, south park does not shy away from controversy. now the popular comedy show is ready to tackle one of the year's biggest controversies, the george zimmerman case. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air.
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oh, hey. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is not mike meyers, it's actually bill gates playing austin powers in a video now surfacing online. this is one of a number of
6:50 am
videos that the two appeared in during their time. well, his famous sense of humor, right. ? "south park" is about to tackle one of the most biggest and controversy stories, the trayvon martin and jorm zimmerman case. here is a preview. >> where is it? where is it. everyone clear the streets. we got the get the [ beep ] out of here. >> a.j. hammer joins us from new york to talk more about this episode. >> you know "south park" loves making comedy from stories ripped from the headlines and it's not a supervise that they're taking this on. it's a show that's tackle the virtually every controversial stoppics that coming along. they kicked off the 17th season
6:51 am
and they did that by taking on the nsa and spying on americans. keep in mind, it actually originated as a show in a short film. the show was on a very long se bat cal between seasons. but but tomorrow's night episode is called "war world zimmerman." they say that the world faces death, zux, chaos and erik cartman. and it describes him as a threat to all of humanity. so he races around the country to put an end to patient zoe row which they describe as the ticking time bomb who is token. and tokenst only black child in the school with the "south park" gang. it does seem to be kind of a stand your ground element going on in this story. but what we know about "south
6:52 am
park," the only real prediction that i can make about this episode, it's not going to unfold the way they think it is. >> and unbelievably offensive at the same time. >> exactly. >> many thanks. here's what's all new in the next hour of "newsroom." >> you come with us. it opens friday with rave reviews. but they got it all wrong. >> we hear this stuff coming out about giving himself up. he's still hostage. the whole crew is like, what? >> the captain said it's fuelled by the press. >> the media got everything wrong. i don't know how i can control this when i'm in a lifeboat and the media is saying that i gave myself up for it. >> the yon screen and off-screen drama over one of hollywood's
6:53 am
biggest movies. that's all knew in the next hour of cnn "newsroom." needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
6:54 am
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6:55 am
i bet you didn't see that one coming. the new york jets are off to a 3-2 start after another last-second win over the falcons. that's just awful. >> oh, man, carol, before this season, the jets, no one saw
6:56 am
this coming. they had all kinds of issues at quarterback and picked last to finish in the division. gino smith is becoming known as captain comeback. smith completes four straight passes to get them into field goal range. and jets win 30-28. they're surprising 3-2 on the season. the falcons drop to a disappointing 1-4. and the braves, they led the dodgers 3-2 in the eighth. and swinging away, and there it goes. two-run home run gives the dodgers the lead. they win 4-3 to eliminate the braves and move on to the nlcs. and the rays needing a win to stay alive in their series. jose pinch-hitting and he sends one into the rays' tank in
6:57 am
center field. this is the first time a raise' player has ever hit one into the tank. he wins on the walk-off homer, 5 z-4. and the other one -- >> don't talk about this. >> we've got to. victor martinez and brent ball four exchange blows. both benches come out and it's all because he didn't like the way he was looking at him. >> he does have a horrible stare. >> and the a's like the way it's looking. 6-3. and your tigers need a win today. first game at 5:00 eastern. that game followed by you the rays and red sox. >> that game put me in such a bad mood. miguel cabrera will be able to use his legs and everything of the it will be great. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
6:58 am
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7:00 am
and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. all new in the second hour of "newsroom," the washington red incidence bajtsing a big controversy. it's the team name that has a lot of people offended.
7:01 am
now even the president is stepping into the debate. >> plus. >> the whole crew is like, what? >> onscreen and off-screen drama. the real life crew says the man painted by a hero actually steered them into danger. and this. >> on my right is the new dodge durango with up to 360 horsepower. on my left is one horse with one horsepower. >> meet ron burgundy, anchor man and car salesman. using a official character to promote a real product. we've seen it before, but never quite like this. the second hour of "newsroom" starts right now. okay. let's head right over to capitol hill. the republican house speaker john boehner is now holding a news conference.
7:02 am
>> frankly, harry reid and the president are putting our country on a pretty dangerous path. there's never been a president in our history that did not negotiate over the debt limit. never. not once. as a matter of fact, president obama negotiated with me over the debt limit in 2011. he also negotiated with the blue dog democrats to raise the debt ceiling in 2010. so the way to resolve this is to sit down and have a conversation to resolve our differences. >> good morning. in our last effort to fully fund the government, we asked for an end to special treatment for congress. simple. and we said if you're having a hard time using obama care's broken website, you shouldn't be penalized for not signing up this year. very simple. that's all we're asking for. a one-year delay of that tax is
7:03 am
more than fair given how poorly the roll out of obama care has been. but the president and senator reid wanted to protect that tax. so we asked to sit down and talk, and they said no. in a divided government, the american people expect us to work together. whether it's on the government's funding or the debt limit, people expect to have negotiations when there are two differing sides. in 1995, both sides sat down together under the same type of circumstances and they ended up balancing the budget. in 2011, as the speaker just said, we all sat down together. and now we have two consecutive years of reduced spending as a result. never negotiating a position of not negotiating is not a sustainable option. and we ask this president and harry reid to sit down and let's iron out our differences.
7:04 am
>> you're going to hear a similar tone from everybody that's up here because it's very simple. get into a room and solve our problems. the president made a decision not to go to asia. we stayed in washington. a perfect opportunity. >> we're going to jump out of this because you've heard this before from both sides of the aisle as a matter of fact. let's check in with bee awn in a keilar. we heard what they said. why not just sit down and talk out our differences? why incident the president want to do that. >> reporter: the president, carol, feels like what house republicans want to do when it comes to government funding is to fund pieces of the government that don't have to do with obama care. so the piecemeal issue, i think they feel like there's no point in talking about it and there's no point in moving forward with some of the more popular areas
7:05 am
of government and reinstating that, because then you're going to end up with obama care defunded in a piecemeal sort of way. so i think the -- what you have right now, is you kind of have both sides, really, coming at this from very far apart. and also what's interesting, they're talking about different things. you're hearing house republican leaders here talking about the shutdown issues and the bills that we've so far going back and forth between the house and senate. well, the senate is taking a turn today. they will be introducing, senate democrats, introducing a bill focused on the debt ceiling. which economisted as well as there's bipartisan agreement and that's really more of a pressing issue. we could see the senate take that up. we could see a first vote on friday. but really the final volt could drag out as late as wednesday. as you know, thursday is the big day for the debt ceiling. it's looking like this could be a cliff hanger. maybe we'll learn as we get some
7:06 am
of the x and a during this how receptive house republicans may be to that. i think maybe we will find out that they aren't. >> we're going to stick with this and see if john boehner comes back and takes questions. let me ask you another question, americans are frustrated and they're angry. a new cnn orc poll out shows that the anchor is pretty much spread out among republicans, democrats and the president. and it's only rising. would that push all sides to finally come together? is that what it's going to take. >> reporter: you know, carol, i tell you that those numbers don't come as a surprise to the democrats or to the white house. when you look back at on shutdowns of 1995 and 1996, even though now we look back with a longview and say president clinton won that battle, at the time, everyone took a hit.
7:07 am
and that was the expectation here. i think at this point, really one of the only things that i've ever really, really efficientively seen move politicians is the market. and we're not seeing a tremendous amount of disruption there. that's really the area if you're going to see a lot of pressure if you're not going to have phone ringing off the hook on capitol hill. if you look back to the debt ceiling battle -- >> let me just interrupt you. john boehner is back. let's listen for a time. >> the last time the president and i sat down, it was actually 2.4 trpd with reductions over the years. i want to have a conversation of the i'm not drawing lines in the sand. it's time for us to sit down and resolve our differences. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm not going to get into a whole lot of the speculation. >> that's not the central argument. >> no, it isn't.
7:08 am
the central argument is this. are we going to sit down and have a conversation or aren't we? >> about what possible debt ceiling package might look like coming from the house republicans. i knows you want to have a conversation with the president. but are we not hearing the details because [ inaudible question ] related to the cr that you guys had to pull off [ inaudible question ]. are they concerned about that getting out there? >> well, all we're asking for is to sit down and have this conversation. there's no rope to make it more difficult to bring people to the table. and so there's no -- there's no boundaries here, there's nothing on the table. nothing off the table. i'm trying to do everything i can to bring people together and have a conversation. yes, ma'am? >> [ inaudible question ]. >> that's -- that's a decision tore the president to make.
7:09 am
>>speaker boehner -- >> i'm going to pose this question for you. because john boehner just said i'm not drawing any lines in the sand, it's time to resolve our differences, no reason to make it more difficult, there's nothing on the table, there's nothing off the table, i just want to have a conversation. is this different language from the house speaker? >> reporter: i'm not really seeing any different language. i did miss some of the top of that press conference there. but what we're seeing to me seems to be a whole lot of posturing. house republicans saying the white house isn't talking to us. the white house and president obama saying we're not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling and not going to negotiate on obama care when it comes to a shutdown. we're willing to talk about some of these things to do improvements to obama care to discuss budgetary issues, but not under threat. i think you have still a lot of
7:10 am
posturing at this point. i don't really see anything particularly new. and as far as we know, carol, there really are no -- i think you look back at these and realize there are back room negotiations going on. as far as we know, nothing. >> nothing. so athena, did you hear anything new? >> no, i didn't. it's more of the same. both sides are still standing by their positions. the position here on the house republican side is if they want the president to come to the table. the president and senate democrats to sit down and negotiate. that's a word we heard over and over again. they said refusing to negotiate is not leadership. so they place the game fully in the president and senate democrats' court. i tried to ask speaker boehner about the ongoing talley of votes that cnn has been conducting that shows that there are in fact enough votes to pass a spending bill with no strings
7:11 am
attached to re-open the government on the house floor if it were brought to a vote. that talley shows 200 democrats would vote for this bill as would 17 republicans. of course, this is ongoing. but i asked speaker boehner, and he left the room humming to himself. he did not answer that. so it doesn't look like there's going to be any sort of vote on the floor any time soon. in fact, there are discussions right now on voting of a couple of other measures that would put together a committee of democrats and republicans to start talking about this. and also another measure that would make sure that people working right now, people like capitol police, essential employees, get their paychecks on time. that's some of the current discussion. but none of this is dealing, of course, with actually ending this shutdown. carol. >> all right. thanks so much. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be back with more on obama care. because the demand for obama care is so high, supposedly a crashed website.
7:12 am
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checking our top stories at 14 minutes past the hour. this morning, there are new tensions between the united states and libya over the special ops mission. short time ago libya's government called the capture an abduction and it's demanding answers from debra jones the u.s. embassy to olivia. she met with them after being formally -- we're also learning more about the raid in somalia. a senior u.s. official tells cnn that the commander made the decision to withdrawal after the team came under heavy fire and it became unlikely that the target could be taken alive. another official says that children were also spotted in the compound and at risk in becoming caught in the crossfire. new details about the 9-year-old boy who sneaked on to a plane. turns out he's been in trouble
7:16 am
before. reports are that the boy recently stole a car and on numerous occasions taken mass transit to a water park and sneaked in without a ticket. the boy's parents are reportedly cooperating in the investigation. a california chicken producer may be the source of a salmonella outbreak. for thor farms are working to identify the raw chicken products in question. they're mainly distributed in stores in california, oregon, and washington. the fallout in steubenville, ohio, isn't over yet. back in march they convicted two high school football players of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party in 2012. photos and video of the victim were splattered all across the
7:17 am
media. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this is a school employee, 53-year-old william rhinaman. he's being indicted and arrested without bail for being suspected of tampering with evidence and lying all involving the investigation around this rape case of a 16-year-old girl. when these two steubenville high school football players were found guilty in march of raping a 16-year-old girl in august 2012, emotioning ran high. the victim's mother saying. >> this does not define who my daughter is. >> reporter: the rapist reacted in court after being convicted. >> i'm sorry. i didn't realize what i was doing. i'm sorry. >> we would like to apologize [ bleep ].
7:18 am
>> we sweep the filth -- >> reporter: but some in this ohio town suspected an attempted coverup. >> this community needs assurance that no stone has been left unturned in our search for the truth. >> reporter: on monday, the first arrest and indictment from the ongoing investigation. 53-year-old william rhinaman faces four counts kplug perjury and obstruction. he is being held without bail and could not be reached for comment. details of his indictment were not immediately available. social media brought the case national attention. song of the night is definite "rape me" by anywhere von in a. said one. and this shocking video. since the trial, investigators have conducted searches at the high school, school district's office and the technology
7:19 am
company. they told cnn this considers the importance of those responsible for those reporting and or preserving evidence after a crime is committed involving a child. and carol, a horrific crime for her to go through and her entire family. william rhinaman, he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. and we asked the school for reaction. the superintendent told us late yesterday that he did not want to comment, but they would be issuing a press release today. i called again, have not heard back. we want reaction from the school in all of this. >> should be interesting. i just wondered if this guy is convicted, what kind of time does he face? >> reporter: if he's convicted, he faces just a little over four years in prison as a maximum sentence. what a lot of people are pointing out is that the two convicted rapists were tried as
7:20 am
juveniles. but you know what's very important when this verdict came down in march, the attorney general said that 16 people refused to talk to investigators as part of their initial investigation. that was a large part of why they are holding and continue to hold this grand jury which is meeting again at the end of month. there could be more indictments. >> when we come back, we're going to talk to a senator and ask why the obama administration is not releasing numbers attached to obama care. why can't we know how many people have signed up? i'll take that. go get 'em, buddy! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture and its four times stronger than the leading bargain brand. enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate,
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because what you don't know, can tohurt, what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation?
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the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ all this week, cnn crews have traveled the country asking americans what they think about the partial government shutdown and the inability of washington to hammer out an agreement. one thing is clear, plenty of blame to go around. according to a new poll, 63% of americans are angry with
7:24 am
republicans and democrats at 57% and obama, 53% are angry at him. now ted is in washington asking what's your message to washington? >> reporter: good morning. it's impossible to overstate how absolutely disgusted the majority of the people are with washington. we're at a local cafe in detroit and asked them the same question. one guy said, you know what, american voters are also to blame because we let this happen. >> if you don't participate in certain elections, it turns out that you will have -- i was about to use a bad word -- but you will have complete idiots elected that will do absolutely nothing but hold our government hostage. >> i think they should all get a life and go out and do the job right. if you can't do it, you have to go. >> it's de mirrorable.
7:25 am
i don't like it. and i have a great issue with the idea of a career politician. it's the one thing that i think our forefathers never contemplat contemplated. and it has what has brought our system down nick by nick, year by year, over the past 225 years to the point where we're at now. >> reporter: disgusting, de mirrorable, embarrassing, we're hearing it you will. >> thanks so much. so, after all you've heard about the government shutdown, what is your message to washington? make a video for us and send it to us. as this shutdown continues, we will share your views right here on cnn. as many of you know, it was the fight to defund obama care that helped spark this partial shutdown. while the obama administration has been vocal about the number of people who want to take advantage of the new law, when
7:26 am
it comes to specifics, officials are quite tight-lipped. here is what two administration members had to say about how many americans have actually enrolled so far. >> when it comes to enrollment data, i want to clear this up. we will release data on regular monthly intervals. what i can confirm right now, people are signing up through federal exchanges. but this is aing a gre gags process and we're not going to release data on hourly or weekly basis. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? i can't tell you because i don't know. we are taking applications on the web, on the phone. we'll be giving monthly reports. can tell you we've had not only web hits but hundreds of thousands of accounts created. >> congressman, welcome. >> glad to you be with you. >> so i'll pose that question to
7:27 am
you. why not release some numbers? why not tell the american people how many people are actually signing up for obama care? >> because they're not available yet. because there are both federal exchanges, there's a federal exchange, and then there are state exchanges. and the information is coming into various places. we do have some idea as to how many people access the internet. it was 5, 6 million people. so there's been a lot of activity. there's a lot of interest. also we've been told in massachusetts, for most people who eventually signed up, they essentially went to the internet 18 times. you just don't go in once. often you want to go and compare policies. that's really the genius of these exchanges. people have a choice. i think a lot of that is going on. >> wait a minute. did you say people have on average in massachusetts had to go online 18 times? >> no, no.
7:28 am
i heard that often -- i don't know the exact numbers. this is the massachusetts experiment that worked out very well. a lot of people went back time after time because they were comparing insurance policies. in michigan, for example, there are 13 different carriers. and you need to look at, there are four ranges of policies and 13 carriers. so you're looking for the best policy that fits your needs. so often people will go back to the internet more than once to figure it out because there's comparison shopping. that's the jeepogenius of this. and it's why in most states the insurance rates came down, came in lower than was projected. >> it all sounds -- this all sounds very, very complicated. i think that many americans are frustrated because the obama administration isn't releasing any numbers, not even an estimate. we, cnn, called individual
7:29 am
states and asked how many actually applied for insurance and they were able to give us those numbers. we don't know if they were the right numbers because we can't check back with the obama at strags because it isn't talking. >> there are states running their own programs. unfortunately, a lot of states, like michigan, decided not to do that. so there's a state federal partnership. so it differs from place to place. that has to be understood. we do know millions of people have accessed the internet, have gone to see what this is all about. and we have confidence, the more people learn about this, we have now a number of months. everybody doesn't have to sign up in october. it doesn't go into effect for a number of months, as you know. people are shopping, that's good. >> just a few minutes ago, actually a half hour ago, a congressman came out and of course republicans said again that they want to sit down with
7:30 am
the president and have a conversation of the everything is on the table. i mean, that's what house speaker john boehner said. why doesn't the president agree to that? why not sit down and have a conversation and get this thing done? >> look, we need to get it done. it's well -- it's good that everything will be on the table. but what we need to do first is to end the -- the shutdown. and that can be done by bringing up the senate bill. the speaker said on sunday there weren't enough votes to pass it. and that's really not correct. because we know 200 democrats have said they will vote for it and now 25 or so republicans have publicly said they will support. bring up the bill and let's get the government moving again. >> maybe the house speaker would more likely be willing to introduce that bill in the house of representatives if he had a
7:31 am
conversation with president obama first. >> why first? why keep the shutdown going before you talk to the president? >> because negotiations work two ways, right? >> no. but they'll be negotiations. but why use the shutdown of the government as a leverage? that -- that is not appropriate. it hasn't been done, basically. and it hurts a lot of people. they say if it goes on for three weeks, we lose a percentage plus of gdp. so it's irresponsible to hold this place hostage in order for what you think will be your leverage. that isn't the kind of bargaining we want. >> going back to negotiations and everything on table, there are things within that law that both democratics and republicans don't like. es let's listen to congressman eric can ter. >> we asked for an end of special treatment for congress. simple. and we said if you're having a
7:32 am
hard time using obama care's broken website, you shouldn't be penalized for not signing up this year. that's all we were asking for. a one-year delay of that tax is more than fair given how poorly the rollout of obama care has been. and president obama gave the same relief that we're asking for to big business. but the president and senator read wanted to protect that tax. so we asked to sit down and talk, and they said, no. >> let me answer each of these. >> okay. >> because these are phony arguments of eric cantor. there isn't special treatment for members. we are placed in the exchange, no longer getting our federal plan. year now being employed, all of our staff and members are employed. employers in this country pay some portion of health care. that's what this is all about. we're going to go into the exchanges and our employer will
7:33 am
pay a part of our tax and we'll pay the rest like everybody else. >> here is the confusing thing. your employer is the federal government. >> the federal government now pays a portion of the health insurance for all federal employees. so there's no special treatment. that's phony. >> well, let's talk about -- >> in terms of special business, it so humorous who eric can ter has been more than hugged by what he calls big business, now all the sudden he's taking out after big business. when big business said to the administration, give us one more year. and that's what happened. so it is -- it is so much worse than iron cal. it's hypocrite cal for him to say that. >> let me lay something by you that both democrats and republicans do agree. excise tax on medical devices.
7:34 am
they don't like that because it places the burden on small businesses. why not sit down and talk about getting rid of that part of obama care? >> first of all, about 80% of this tax falls on a small number of larger medical device businesses. so they talk about small business. a small portion of it is. when we put together the health care bill, the health insurance companies, the hospitals, the physicians, and the medical device group said, we will participate in making this work. they signed a letter, all of them, saying that they would participate. including the representatives of the medical device people. now they want to withdraw from that. we can have that discussion. but it should not be used as part of the leverage to keep the government open. that's what this is all about. >> and we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you.
7:35 am
and i hope today that they'll be a vote, speaker boehner should put this on the floor. it will end the shutdown and he'll get, my guess is, 250 votes. mr. speaker, give us a vote. don't hide. give us a vote. >> well, we'll see what happens later today. thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom." living with a furlough. we'll talk to a woman about her family's struggle living through a partial government shutdown. how much protein
7:36 am
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7:39 am
admitly it's the most desired outcome. with me is jason johnson and will kane. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> well, will, i'll ask you that question. what is the way out of this mess? >> you think you're going to be surprised about my answer? i'm taking option two. democrats opt for some compromise to move this government forward and get it back up and running again. i think the offers have been made. for example, a clear option could be delaying the individual mandate. let's go with option two. >> jason, sounds kind of reasonable. john boehner said at the top of hour i want to have a discussion with the president. why can't one of those things about obama care? >> i think one of the problems is that they keep giving obama a blank ransom note. and it's been clear the president doesn't want to negotiate. i have a fourth option, the 2014
7:40 am
mid terms. if obama care is going to be such a huge mess anyway, they should let it roll and out fail. and there are things they can do other than holding the government hostage and still make their point. >> so that doesn't solve the problem, though. that's just kicking the can down the road like they always do. >> not necessarily. what it does is if you can take control -- you increase your control of the house. take control of the senate. you can actually make more of a legislative point. the president will then be trapped with trying to argue with two houses of congress rather than having the stop gap with harry reid. >> this is a democratic. what's going on right now is a democratic process. it's interesting. for much of this debate over the government shutdown, it has been on the right, with the right, between those on the right on whether or not this is a good strategy. but when i encounter arguments like that, first of all, there are two arguments made against the legitimacy of a government
7:41 am
shutdown. one is this idea that we had an election. he was re-elected in 2012 and therefore the argument is over. there were also many of the members of house of representative that were also elected. did they not come in an electoral mandate and responsibilities to constituents? but the second thing is the law argument. we hear it's the law. there are many laws. many bad laws from jim crow laws before to silly laws today. and it doesn't mean that's an argument either. >> wait. >> no, no. >> let jason respond. >> jim crowe? that doesn't make any sense one way or the another. and i didn't say the law is an argument. i said that there are other he strategic ways that this can be done. they're representing their citizens and the united states. and holing the entire u.s. economy and putting the global
7:42 am
economy on hostage because you don't like a particular policy. that's the argument here. >> well, so just to respond to that he's got two separate arguments. one, it hadn't had global economic impacts. >> we're talking about the debt ceiling. >> it's not about the shutdown. i agree with you about the debt ceiling. you don't hold it hostage. going over the -- >> wait, you agree with jason? >> it's important for people to separate these two issues. it's important not to conflate them and rush to the conclusion you want to lead to, which is republicans are so silly. it's actually important to understand what we're debating. >> the suggestion that they don't and that's why they disagree with the republican party, is i don't think they're inherently wrong with having problems with the affordable care act. i think there's a better strategy with going ahead and doing this. if they hasn't waited the entire summer, we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.
7:43 am
there's a better way to go. >> we're going to have to leave it there, guys. thanks so much for the spirited conversation. still to come, parts of washington closed for business. and that means thousands are not working during the shutdown. up next, how one family is dealing with all of that. we'll be right back. hi are you karen? you said in a focus group, febreze just masks the smell. find the smelliest item in your home. this is febreze free, it has no perfume. now it smells clean and it doesn't have an odor. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] new febreze free. odor elimination without masking. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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7:46 am
the new tom hanks movie is taking heat despite rave reviews. "captain phillips" tells the relife story. the captain was taken hot taj and later hailed a hero. some of the crew members are speaking out saying the movie got it all wrong. >> reporter: as their captain was being lauded as a hero, the crew watched and bit their tongues. no more. >> we vowed we were going to take it to our grave. we weren't going to say anything. then we hear this pr stuff coming out about him giving himself up and he's still hostage.
7:47 am
and the whole crew is like, what? because everybody is in shock. >> reporter: back in 2010, the alabama's chief engineer told us he and most the crew couldn't knowledge the story being pat painted about their captain, captain richard phillips that he had given himself up in exchange for the safety of his crew. left out of the entire story, says perry, is the captain's recklessness that steered it into pirate infested waters. according to the crew members, he set a course to save money. that route would shorten the trip. and according to third engineer john cronin, put the crew directly in harm's way. >> he was advised to change course and he overruled them. stay on course, make our eta. stay on the same course. >> in a 2010 interview, respect
7:48 am
richard phillips told us he was not used to criticism. and when cnn confronted them with these e-mails and his crews' concern, he said it was the first time his judgment had been questioned. >> the complaint was there were specific e-mails sent to your ship stressing the need to go further out to sea. >> on something like that, we'll deal with that in the arena that they wish. and that's what it's based on. >> is it true? >> i don't know what authorities he's talking about. he doesn't say. >> well, i have the e-mails. >> yeah? >> you've seen them. >> you've got them. >> but you were warned to go further out to sea. >> warned to stay clear of an area, yeah. >> the captain is now a witness in a contentious lawsuit between some of the crew and the shipping company. in a deposition just last year, captain phillips admitted that
7:49 am
he did indeed receive the e-mail warnings and admitted that he kept them to himself. asked by a plaintiff's attorney why he didn't move further offshore, he testifies, i don't believe 600 miles would make you safe. i didn't believe 1200 miles would make you safe. phillips told us much of the criticism is driven by human nature and by lawsuits. he says the story itself was fuelled by a press that wanted a hero, a captain who saved his crew, a good story and now a movie. >> four pirates on board. >> the media got everything wrong. i don't know how i could control this when i'm in a lifeboat and the media is saying i gave myself up for it. in the book, if you read it, have you read the book? >> i did. >> so you know i didn't give myself up. i was a hostage by then. >> reporter: so it credit captain phillips told us he
7:50 am
didn't consider himself a hero, never would. he says the reel heroes were the navy s.e.a.l.s that rescued them all. >> i'm curious about the lawsuit of the what does the crew want? >> they want compensation. they're suing the shipping company because they believe that the ship's captain who they were assigned to steered them into this mess. >> they want money and compensation? >> of course. he probably want to sock the guy in the mouth. but here in the united states we get money instead. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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for thousands of federal employees, this shutdown is having a very real impact. this woman has seen the effects of the furlough up close. her husband is one of those affected. she joins me now from indianapolis. good morning. >> good morning. >> your husband was supposed to on with us. he's a government woke. but he decided it was best he not appear. can you tell us why? >> well, as you can imagine, he felt it was the responsible thing to do to check with his super vicar. and he was told that they were discouraging furloughed employees from speaking to the press about anything having to do with the shutdown. he was very much disappointed and preferred to have been able to speak. and he would right now prefer to
7:54 am
be working. he hoped to be here. >> why did they not want him to talk to the media? >> well, for one thing, there is is nobody at work at the forest service right now to give him guidance about what he could or could not say. so that's one problem. and another, sort of structural issue is that, these agencies are all bound by federal laws which restrict federal employees can say about the nature of their work. so there was -- there was a matter of how that law would have been interpreted as plied to the shutdown and employees talking about how they are affected by it. so he decided to be discreet about it. >> tell me how it's affecting your family right now. >> well, we have a family of four teenagers. and i would say at this point, mostly what they're feeling is a great deal of anxiety about the fact that the shutdown is
7:55 am
open-ended and we don't know when it will be possible for my husband to receive his paychecks. we are already sort of in hunger down mode and trying to avoid as much sort of discretionary spending as we can. we're fortunate in that we have savings to draw on. but if this goes on for much longer, we'll feel a real pinch and it will be a problem. >> are you confident that your husband will get back-pay when all of this is over? >> we feel a little bit more confident about that possibility now that the house has passed the bill that they passed on saturday. but it's by no means clear how that will work and when he would receive the back pay. so we could go a month or two or three with this unexpected drop in income. and, you know, we have a high school senior who is planning to go to college next year. and we're trying to get ready
7:56 am
for that. and in short-term, it costs money to apply to college. so we've got, you know, substantial family expenses that we can't avoid. and this is coming at really a difficult time. >> i understand. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back. [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today... and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen.
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but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. everybody's favorite anchor man, ron burgundy is back. and he's pitching for chrysler. >> on my right is the new dodge with up to 360 horsepower. on my left, is one horse with one horsepower. that makes you feel pretty dumb, doesn't it? >> alison kosik is here to talk about this. i don't know if that would make me run out and buy a chrysler. >> but i think i would really want to watch these commercials.
7:59 am
they're like little movies. and he's funny. and for chrysler, this is what they want. they want star power in their ads. they've done this before. now it's will ferrell as ron burgundy. and for him, it winds up being a promotion as the new "anchor man" movie. it's more common in movies and tv shows. and usually car commercials, they feature a car driving along the road. but what chrysler is trying to do is shake things up. it's only one of the big three automakers that hasn't gone public. and throughout the recession, it was considered the weakest of the big three. but now they're rebounding. chrysler is trying to take advantage of the momentum. i love will ferrell. >> i know, they are fun yichlt and it's interesting because
8:00 am
hollywood has actually shot the commercials. chrysler didn't go out and hire an add ver tiesing agency to make the commercials. >> exactly. because the budget that they have is the smallest advertising budget. it's significantly less than the others. >> thank you. that will do it for us today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" starts now. >> when u.s. troops pay the ultimate price, the government steps in to pay burial costs and other benefits to those grieves families. so what happens when the government shuts down? the sad and shocking truth as united states turns its back on our fallen heroes. also ahead, a college student calls it the worst thing that ever happened in his life. a police dog,


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