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tv   Early Start  CNN  October 9, 2013 1:00am-3:01am PDT

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that's all for us tonight. stop making excuses. let's take a vote in the house. let's end this shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. >> listen, there's never been a president in our history that did not negotiate over the debt limit. never, not once. >> war of words in washington. the government shutdown entering its ninth day as thousands across the country feel the pain from all the cutbacks. hundreds of people across the country sick from salmonella. could the government shutdown be
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contributing to this outbreak? ho do you let a 9-year-old sneak past security, get on the plane without anyone stopping him, questioning him or anything? >> a man asks the answers after his 9-year-old son sneaks through security and on to a plane without a ticket. >> crazy. >> it really is a crazy story. >> good morning, it's a great morning. >> who won yesterday, berman, go ahead. >> since you asked the boston red sox are going to the american league series. >> this man is going to be insufferable all morning long. >> i can't remember the last time i slept. i have all these emotions going on. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. there's other news this morning. this morning, the financial
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markets are showing the first real signs of upheaval. the stock market is beyond jittery. veterans' families not getting benefits and the clock keeps on tick, tick, ticking to what could be economic calamity. the shutdown is just days away. and the u.s. will not be able to pay its bill. in the last 24 hour there are a lot of nasty words, ransom, extortion, dead least, noer is rende no surrender. will is work? not clear. what is clear. >> reporter: day knew, the families of troops is getting real. $100 thoushlg to help cover funeral costs and travel to dover air force base to witness the dignified transfer of their
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loved ones remains. in north carolina be food assistance for poor women and children cut off. and 27,000 furloughed government workers have signed up for unemployment as they go without pay. just eight days until the united states could default, president obama phoned house speaker john boehner. both sides indicating the divide is as deep as ever. >> you got to stop repeating this pattern. >> reporter: but later president obama appeared in the white house briefing room opening the door to negotiations if republicans agree to a short-term solution to reopen the government and increase the debt ceiling. >> if there's a way to solve this, it has to include reopening the government and saying america's not going to default, it's going to pay our bills. >> reporter: how long might a short-term measure last, four to six weeks, one gop source telling cnn. republicans may agree if the president promises to negotiate. but it's far from a breakthrough
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without some sort of concession like a cut in spending a stop gap measure may not clear the house. >> the long and short of it, there's got to be negotiation here. we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something of what's driving to us borrow more money andly beyond our means. >> reporter: the house met but the obama add straegs threatened vetoes. a stalemate still. and the clock is ticking louder and louder. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. the centers for disease control is recalling experts furloughed in the shutdown to help deal with the salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 300 people and this across 18 states. it has been chased to raw chicken parts run by a company called foster farms. officials say the investigation
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into this outbreak began before the partial government shutdown. >> the shutdown has not impacted usda's food safety inspection to any major degree. the vacht majority of inspection personnel are still working because congress has viewed her function as a necessity. >> health officials say some salmonella strains appear to be resistant to antibiotics. and because of the shutdown, they're unable to track how widespread those are. the shutdown apparently felt in the american psyche. the consumer gallup poll finds that measure has dropped 5% in one week. this is the beginning of the finance drop since 2008. that chargs should care you. president obama's pick to be the next head of the federal reserve no secret here is janet
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yellen. the former vice chair. she would be the first woman to head the central bank if the senate gives its okay. yellen is said to have views about the economy as current chairman ben bernanke. >> interestingly in the discussions about the debt. cnn has learned that the white house is set to announce cuts to military aid to egypt. this comes across relentless violence that only seems to be worse. for the latest, let's turn to ian lee in cairo. ian, this was a very big move, one in the house reluctant to make at least a few weeks ago. how's it been received there? >> well, john, nothing has been official yet from the white house. there are talks there could be cuts to the $1.2 billion that the united states gives egypt. things that wouldn't be cut are things that the money the united
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states has to give to egypt under the camp david accords, and that's the agreement between israel and egypt. also money to fight for counterterrorism. but this would be another big move for the united states if it does happen, cutting the aid to egypt. it would unlikely have much of an effect here in egypt because the saudi arabia and the gulf has said any money that has cut by the united states, they will cover that aid and give it to egypt. but it shows kind of the weakening of ties between the united states and egypt right now, as egypt goes through this transitional period. any sort of blow between the two countries could have larger ramifications as egypt is looking for partners right now, as they -- as a transition to another stable democracy. >> this move clearly puts some
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distance between the u.s. and the current military government there. i guess the question is, on the ground there, is it being perceived as somehow giving support to the opposition? >> it will be seen as giving support to the opposition. and it's funny because both sides actually accused the united states of supporting the other side. you talk to the people who support the interim government, they accused the united states of supporting the muslim brotherhood. you talk to the muslim brotherhood they accused the united states of supporting the interim government and the ousting of president mohamed morsi. the united states really has no friends on the street here in egypt. but this sort of move would be seen toward backing the opposition and toward backing the muslim brotherhood and their allies if the united states does go forward and cut certain aid. >> ian lee in cairo for us. as we said, this is a big diplomatic move. 8 minutes past the hour.
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it's not clear how well the fix has worked on the government exchange website. there are new reports that it was told by insurers and the democrat eck allies that the site was not ready to launch. "the washington post" said warnings came in for months about the site which has been plagued since sign jupps a weekend. the latest increase was designed to increase capacity and make it easier for you to set up an account. several protesters arrested outside the capitol. 8,000 rallied as part of an immigration reform yesterday. these protesters pushing for negotiation on a comprehensive immigration reform package. no word yet if 240es arrested will face any charges. and quite a sight in miami. take a look. >> wow. >> it is a water spout over florida's biscayne bay formed
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suddenly around lunchtime. that forced boaters back to their marinas or at least in the other direction from that funnel cloud. and it disappeared just a few minutes later. it looks beautiful. doesn't that look beautiful? >> as as long as as you're going in the other direction. >> let's check in with chad myers. >> good morning, everyone. good evening, hawaii, los angeles, showers, baltimore shower as well. vegas, sacramento, you're going to get gusty winds as it comes through. mostly sunny across much of the country. a couple showers in the east. snow in the rockies, snow in the sierra, other than that pretty dry forecasts. 67 in new york, 67, d.c. warmer, up in minneapolis, 75, farther down to the south, 85 in dallas, 83 down there in houston and 64 in l.a. enjoy your day. >> our thanks for chad.
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thanks for chad watching out for hawaii where it is still evening. diana nyad making waves at herald square for a two-day marathon swim. the goal raising money for victims of superstorm sandy. that's her, i guess, live -- no, is she there? can you see her? >> she's live. >> she's in the pink cap on the left side. various celebrities and others have been hopping in the pool for a chance to swim alongside her. you notice no shark cage here either. >> she said after her win she said she was going to do this but she would stay in a pool from this point forward. >> no breaks except for bathroom breaks we're told. and the money raised will go to t amerie care foundation. coming up -- >> someone murdered him, they
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should be in jail. they are covering up, they should be in jail. >> a high school teenager killed in a freak accident. the proof one parent shows his son was actually murdered. and that 9-year-old boy taking a joyride to vegas. no ticket, no parents, no interference from the tsa. how could this happen? his morning, his father is demanding answers. that's coming up next.
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welcome back to "early start." 14 minutes past the hour. there are new questions this morning about the death of a georgia team in a high school gym. there he is right there. the investigation is officially closed. police calling it an accident. but as victor blackwell reports the graphic images you're about to see and may find disturbing paint a very different picture about what may have happened. >> reporter: it's the only video shot inside the high school gym the day 17-year-old kendrick johnson was found dead. and with his parents approval we're showing it for the first time. investigators say kendrick's keith was a tragic accident. that he climbed on to these rolled gym maps to reach for this shoe. slipped, got stuck upside down and died. officials say the blood spilled after kendrick's heart stopping beating hours after he died. but kendrick's parents say it
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shows something else. >> it shows evidence that kendrick was murdered. >> reporter: cnn has obtained the evidence of the nearly 700 photos taken at the scene. for the first time, kendrick's parents, kenneth and jacqueline johnson are ready to look at them. including these gym shoes. >> do these shoes belong to kendrick? >> no. >> when you look at these shoes that were at the scene, what stands out to you? >> the blood on the shoe. >> but investigators show tests show the stains are something other than blood so the shoes were not collected as potential evidence. >> i don't understand why. >> reporter: cnn took it to former fbi special agent harold copeis. if you were on this scene, would this be something you left? >> no, bag and tag. >> reporter: there's no indication that the investigators even looked for the owner of the shoes or this
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hooded sweatshirt, found a few feet from kendrick's body. >> and if you look real close, there's something on this particular cuff. and then the question is, did you test it? >> reporter: according to the crime lab report, no. >> they know something happened in that gym and they don't want it to come out. >> reporter: for the johnsons there's for stronger indicator than this photo. it's what appears to be blood dripping down a wall. here's what lions county lieutenant jones told cnn. >> we tested it, it was not the blood of kendrick johnson. >> if it wasn't kendrick's blood, who's blood was it? >> no. >> did you ever find out -- >> no, but it didn't appear to be part of crime in any way. >> you can't explain it, if you're running the crime scene, you're going to say that's potential evidence.
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obviously, you're going to check this out and find out who does it belong to. >> this is an athletic gym. obviously where they conduct very athletic instructions at. >> is a kid going to scrape their knee and get that much blood on the wall? >> there's one, two, three, four, five -- six impacts. the opinion of the crime scene personnel, after looking at the blood, it appeared to be there for some period of time. didn't appear to be very fresh. >> school gym, there was no way that they would allow whoever bass supposed to clean this gym, leave that blood on that wall. >> reporter: and the question, why was there no blood where they expected to see lots of blood. remember the photo of that shoe that investigators say it was inches 0 below kendrick's head look at it again. >> if he was inside the net, reaching for the shoe.
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inside this, reaching for the shoe and the shoe is beneath him, why isn't the shoe covered in blood? >> reporter: what do you think of the shoe not covered in blood? >> it was placed there. sheriff, victor blackwell, cnn. they took the concerns -- >> i've got questions about the kendrick johnson case. >> i'm not speaking with you. >> why not, sir. >> because our case is closed. >> we're concerned -- >> i'm not going to discuss the case with you? >> why is that? >> because i don't want to. >> then less than a minute after he invited us in -- >> what did you not understand -- >> he showed us out. >> thank you sheriff prine. >> i don't believe this was an accident. i think this young man met with foul play.
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>> reporter: the justice department is reviewing the video to decide to announce an official investigation into kendrick's death. pour his parents, it's clear. >> someone murdered him they should be in jail. if they're covering up, they should be in jail. >> reporter: victor blackwell, cnn, valdosta, georgia. >> a compelling piece with a lot of questions. >> absolutely. we're hearing for the first time from the father of that minnesota 9-year-old who managed to stow away on that flight from las vegas last week. the father who does not want his face or name revealed said his son's behavior has been a problem since he was 5. on the night he disappeared, the boy took out the trash and he never came out. >> i don't understand, you have so much security check at these airports, how you can let a 9-year-old sneak past security,
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get on the plane without anyone stopping him, questioning him or anything? we're not bad parents. we don't think nothing of it. we thought he was at a friend's house. >> the father says he and his fiancee are not bad parents as you just heard him say. they've been trying to get help for his son for years. he insists they will not giving. you. >> the mom says also he's very challenging. coming up, apple possibly revealing when they will unveil their newest ipad. mary belle abram gives us all the dirt on this coming up. 1111 ]
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♪ is that the alarm? good gracious. >> he's a money player. david ortiz say big money player. fitting because it's "money
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time" with mary belle abram. >> so much coffee. wired. i'm sorry. they won so he's had very little sleep. >> i've been dying to hear about money. tell me everything. >> we've got actually big news in money. especially what has futures trading high. the white house says the official announcement will come at 3:00 this afternoon eastern time, president obama will nominate janet yellen to be the first female head of the federal reserve in its 100-year history. she's certainly no strange torte fed. she currently serve as the fed vice chair. interviews are considered to be closely aligned with ben bernanke. if confirmed by the senate there shouldn't be a change in policy, bernanke's term ends in january. cold weather is just around the corner and it looks like heighter heating bills won't be far behind. prices for electric and fashion
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and propane should be 4% higher than last year but 3% below the average for the previous three years. so good news there. homeowners who use heating oil will pay less but still near electric prices, electric heat will run you about 2% more. you're going to pay more for staying cozy in the wintertime. we haven't heard any apple rumors until the release of the iphones until now. apple is prepared to launch new products. the company tells all things d that it will hold a new event on tuesday. it will feature the latest updates, they will reportedly be the mac pro and osx mavericks. stand by for more explanation on this. a couple others, nokia launching more stuff. humannia and microsoft, all of this coming out for the
1:27 am
holidays. >> right. >> ipad, they're not talk about a whole new device, just the software, the inner workings? >> right, the retina and the thinner, lighter. that kind of thing. >> all right. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up families of america's biggest here rows being hit the hardest by this crazy government shutdown. the price they are paying for the standstill in washington. that's coming up next. female announcer: save up to 35%
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female announcer: and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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shouldn't we as a body, republican, democrat, no matter who we are, shouldn't we be embarrassed about this? shouldn't we be ashamed? >> the families of fallen soldiers paying the price as the government shutdown enters its ninth day. the critical support they are not getting. the family is horrified and confused. >> i would say so horror at a
1:31 am
hospital. a patient missing for days turns up inside a rarely used stairwell. >> it's like a brotherly, big brother/little brother thing. it was a joke. >> a fraternity e-mail alert that goes viral. >> shame, shame, shame. welcome back to "early start." glad you're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. so it is day nine of the government shutdown, some are operatinging but many government workers are not getting paid. it's a slight glimmer of hope, president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke on the phone yesterday. the president said afterwards he would talk to republicans about spending and debt, but only if they agreed to raise the debt ceiling on say temporary basis. some republicans are encouraged by that idea but bainer is
1:32 am
calling the president's proposal and something he's not interested in. >> the greatest nation on earth shouldn't have to get permission from a group to keep the government open. >> this is not about me. frankly, not about republicans. this about is saving our future for our kids and grandkids, and the only way this is going to happen is in fact have a conversation. >> meantime, military families are literally paying the price as they grieve. the cost of funerals and burials are not being reimbursed and survivor benefits have come to a halt. here's pentagon representative barbara starr. >> reporter: for these troops just killed in afghanistan, their families are being denied government death benefits until the shutdown is over. >> that america could fail the families of our fallen heroes. appalling, frightening, shouldn't we be embarrassed
1:33 am
about this? shouldn't we be ashamed? >> reporter: marine lance corporal jeremiah michael collins' remains were brought monday to dover air force base. >> he became a marine to become somebody. and he became a great marine. >> reporter: but his family and others will not get pentagon funding to go to dove tore meet their loved ones. the program is frozen until the shutdown is over. funeral and burial expenses won't be reimbursed. a $100,000 cash payment to survivors stopped. amy nyberg miller works with grieving family. there are concerns for those who don't have a lot of money. >> the benefits are especially critical because they do provide them with the ability to make decisions quickly. >> reporter: her 22-year-old christopher was killed in iraq in 2007. >> there were a number of unexpected expenses that we had not anticipated in our lives because we certainly had never
1:34 am
thought my brother would die. >> reporter: some republicans say the pentagon already has the authority to pay the benefits but promise a quick piece of legislation to make sure that happens. pentagon officials are adamant, they need the legislative fix to get the money flowing again. and they say the proof is that congress is talking about a fix. that proves they need a legislative solution. but in the meantime, a number of corporations and groups that support military families have quietly stepped forward and are offering their financial support to families in their time of grief. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> our thanks to barbara. five ex-employees of bernie madoff in trial in new york they are facing fraud charges. jury selection is under way. and among the defendants it's the convict ponzi schemer's former secretary, his director of operations and two computer operators.
1:35 am
madoff's private firm bilked investigators out of $20 billion. we're told we're hearing from celebrities like steven spielberg and kevin bacon and actress zsa zsa gabor during a trial that's expected to last more than 19 months. 19 victims of jerry sandusky have now reached settlements wet university. attorney, for the claimants confirming many of the young men have already received checks from the $60 million fund put aside by the school. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for the sexual abuse of ten days over a 15-year period. aaron hernan nez is expected back in court today. lawyers for the former new england patriots are hoping to get a gag order. hernandez is being held without bail and pleaded not guilty to murder and gun charges. a court appearance for an ohio school official charged in
1:36 am
connection with a notorious rape case. william nyman is accused of tampering on evidence beginning on the night that two football players raped a 16-year-old girl. he's the first adult to be charged in connection with this rape case. an huff duty city police officer now under arrest in that violent attack on an suv. investigators say they have video of the 32-year-old detective pounding on the range rover has it tried to flee. he is now facing felony charges. police say a second man also caught on video that has not yet been released is charged with gang assault. the search of a car of a woman who tried to ram a white house barrier before being shot and killed by capitol police that search turned up no gun. but a passport and foreign money were found in her car along with
1:37 am
social security cards for her and her daughter. there are many questions after a body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. a law enforcement source tells cnn the body appears to be that of a patient lynn spalding who had gone missing two weeks ago. she had been in the hospital for treatment of an infection. an employee found the body and now police are investigatinging what happened. >> it's a not very often used stairway,teriorexterior. >> it's depressing anytime to find the body of a person in the stairwell. >> they worry that the hospital is not forthcoming with what happened. mean tile, a legal battle brewing over top 40 radio host
1:38 am
kasey kasem. the 81-year-old's three youngest children filing a petition to gain control of his medical care. they say kasem was the case shows the children could visit. parents in boston are being urged to make alternative plans to get their kids to school. that after bus drivers walked out and went on strike against the company that provides buses to the boston public schools. the mayor calls this strike illegal. and is urging the drivers to get back to work. >> yeah, the parent union not appreciative either that's going on. new york could be the next state to ban so-called revenge porn. three legislators are trying to eliminate websites where people post racy pictures of their exes.
1:39 am
california recently passed a law banning revenge porn. the california law has come under fire. it says it doesn't cover pictures taken of the person whose image is posted. revenge porn, ladies and gentlemen. >> you take pictures? >> no, no, no, i'm not suggesting that. >> let's get a look at our early weather with chad myers. good morning, and good morning, everyone. good evening, hawaii. accept for you. los angeles, showers. vegas, sacramento, you're getting showers, too. mostly sunny across a lot of the country today. a couple showers in the east some snow in the rockies. snow in the sierra, other than that a pretty dry forecast. 67, new york. 67, d.c. warmer up in minneapolis, 75, and many places farther down in the south.
1:40 am
85 in dallas, 83 in houston, 64 in l.a., enjoy your day. back to you. >> thank you very much, chad. 30 minutes past the hour, an investigation under way at georgia tech to a disturbing e-mail sent by a brother at the fraternity. the subject line luring your rape bait. and it sets out to explain how frat members should act with women to get them into bed. it advocates using dancing to lead to making out and eventually sex. if all else fails it says, get more alcohol. of course, it includes the advice, no raping. >> there are a few pledges that were basically sort of getting on them. it was a brotherly, big brother, little brother kind of thing. >> a joke. >> it was a joke. >> joke or not, i read it yesterday the frat's organizing body calls the e-mail extremely inappropriate and it also calls it disturbing. it has suspended that chapter as well as the brother who wrote
1:41 am
the e-mail. this is not funny. it's not funny to write stuff like that. >> not a joke at all. 40 minutes after the hour and coming up -- >> i felt like, well, no matter what the consequences are, i don't care, i want to go home. >> so what did you say? >> i told them that i was elizabeth smart. >> kidnapping and rape survivor elizabeth smart opens up about the day she was finally rescued from her nine months in hell.
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start." nice to have you with us. time now for the prime time pop. starring with erin bern net and this debate over the shutdown. >> she spoke with mark sanford. he called back his own furloughed workers this week. he says all government employees should work now for the promise of back pay later. >> handwriting's on the wall. in the 17 other shutdowns that have kurd since the 1970s, in every instance, this is with no exceptions, folks are paid back pay. therefore, my view the part i did have control over, was to say the happened writing's on the wall. the president said he's willing to sign that bill. folks are going to get back pay. if you're going to get back pay, i think you ought to be working for your pay.
1:45 am
i'll let others apply it for respective agencies or the cabinet or go down the list in tellers of how they interpret it. i had a tsa worker come up to me at home and say, look, i don't think this is fair, i'm here as an essential employee and other folks who are nonessential are getting a vacation. folks who are going to get paid ought to be working today. >> with all due respect there are people who live paycheck to paycheck. on "anderson cooper 360," have you been watching this, elizabeth smart abducted at knife point. her new memoir tells the incredible story, including the moment she was finally rescued. >> all these cars pulled up and the policemen jumped out of their cars and started asking questions. and my two captors, they kept giving the answers.
1:46 am
and the officers started asking me questions. and there had been a whole back story prepared by my two captors that told me if i was ever questioned so i started giving those answers because they were standing next to me. i was scared. i was petrified. and then one of the officers, he said to the other officer, she's just too scared. we need to separate her from them. she can't answer with them right there. so they separated me, and they started asking me questions. at first, i was still really scared. i kept giving the answers that i was told to give. then finally, one of the officers said, well if you're elizabeth smart, your family misses you so much. and they love you so much. and they have never given up hope on you the entire nine months you're gone. don't you want to go back home to your family? and then i just at that point, that i felt like, well, no matter what the consequences are, i don't care i want to go
1:47 am
home. >> what did you say? >> i told them that i was elizabeth smart. >> wow. >> that is a brave woman right, sharing this story? love that. >> also on piers morgan live, two hikers stranded in the desert after they were forced to leave a national park closed by the government shutdown. >> because of the shutdown, you go to this other park, it's suddenly getting very dangerous for you. you're severely sun burnt and severely dehydrated. this huge search goes on. 37 volunteers are involved in getting you safe and eventually airlifting you to safety. where you were, you felt, i believe, you were on the verge potentially of dying here? >> i did not think i was going to make it. and that's been a hard thing to say several times now, knowing that my kids are hearing that. they've heard it today already. and they're hearing it again i believe right now. but, you know, we do know desert
1:48 am
hiking. it's something that we've always enjoyed doing. we spent many years doing it at big bend, at the national park. it's done a little bit more differently over at the state end of things than it is at the national end. and what we thought would translate, you know, into just switching gears, you know, switching up camps, didn't quite turn out that way. >> i'm glad they're doing okay for sure. coming up next, what really is our lead story of the day. the boston red sox headed to the alcs. be proud, america. andy scholes will come back and tell us how this magic happened. that's coming up on the "bleacher report." ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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here we go. >> it is such a great morning, isn't it, right? >> it's fantastic, berman. you're giddy. you're out of control.
1:52 am
you're spilling coffee. you brought props this morning. what's going on? >> the boston red sox are headed to the american league championship series. it's a special, special day. andy scholes is here to share it in the "bleacher report." good morning, andy. >> good morning, guys. what a difference a year makes. last year, the red sox, they were the worst team in the division. this season, they have the best record in baseball, now they're headed back to the american league championship series. boston, they were trailing for the majority of last night's game with the rays but they scratched out three runs in the final three innings to get the win. they're now going back to the alcs for the first time in five years. the red sox will meet the winners between the tigers and the detroit. there was controversy in the seventh inning of this one. tigers were down 4-3 when victor martinez hit the ball to the right. two fans go after the ball right at the fence. as you can see, this one was close.
1:53 am
the umpires would have to review it. the tigers go on to win 8-6. a winner take all game five will take place on tbs. on, you'll see texans quarterback matt schaub, why? because angry fans went to his house in houston to yell at him about his poor play. the fans left before they arrived. schaub has definitely fallen out of grace after throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown in four straight games. that's an nfl record. you'll agree with me, once you step off the lines and off the playing field -- >> leave them alone. >> -- you can't yell at players at their houses. you buy a ticket, you can definitely do that in the stands, you can't follow them home. >> that's not cool. let's go back to the boston red sox. >> i knew we would have to circle back. >> he was on the twilight zone last night. he went to sleep with the ipad
1:54 am
in bed with him. >> what happens is, it's past my bedtime. i have to go to bed at like 7:30. the game didn't start until 8 iert. i'm in a constant thing of wake and sleep. i had dreamed they had won. i dreamed they had lost. i dreamed that octopuses were dancing on my ceiling. the things i dream are crazy. i don't know what happens. honestly, i thought they lost. finally the alarm goes off, i see for real they had won. even though i actually had seen the victory, but i thought it was a dream, it was a heck of a night. >> i'm excited because clearly they had a horrific season last year and look at them now. >> anything is possible. >> it's problematic going forward, they're going to have all these night games. >> i'm worried. >> i do not know what is going to happen here, but, andy, we know you'll be here to help us through. a shocking breakup in
1:55 am
reality tv royalty. we're going to have that when we come back. illuminate dullness lift sagging high performance skincare™ only from roc®.
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all right, welcome back, everyone. 57 minutes past the hour. we're taking a look at the top
1:58 am
cnn trends on the web this morning. and kanye west and kim, they are bringing their twitter feud. the pair have been battling since last month. west went after kimmel on twitter and eventually got him on the phone, apparently, to complain. it is not clear at this point if the two have made up. given they're both consummate entertainers i imagine they have. the leader the kardashian clan and her husband olympian bruce jenner have announced their separation. they were married for 22 years. the couple's marital woes have played out on the family's show. they seem to remain a united front. in a statement, the couple says
1:59 am
they're living separately and they're much happier this way. they have no plans for divorce. >> more intrigue. even more intrigue, khloe has opened up about her marital issues with lamar odom. reality star said that the nb star is reportedly depressed. the couple's struggle to have children has been chronicled on their reality show. as of late, kardashian has voiced her reservations about having a baby. that concludes our reporting from the kardashian file this morning. "early start" continues right now. let's stop making excuses. let's take a vote in the house. let's end this shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. >> listen, there's never been a president in our history that did not negotiate over the debt limit. never, not once. >> they bluster, owe bloviate,
2:00 am
but will the other side blink on the brink of economic calamity. new hints on where the agreement would come. >> they bloviate. hundreds of people across the country are sick from salmonella. could the government shutdown be contributing to the outbreak? and the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage taking part in a new challenge, also without a shark cage, this time for a really wonderful cause. >> good morning to you. welcome to "early start." happy you are with us, i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it's wednesday, october 9th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. a great morning. >> at this early hour, there's still no sign that the government will soon be back to business. the partial shutdown is now in day nine. the debt ceiling deadline just days away now. the clock as you can see on the right-hand side, ticking. but you have to look for good news where you can find it.
2:01 am
and both sides at least have shared a phone call. cnn's brianna keilar has the very latest. >> reporter: day nine, the government shutdown is getting real. for families of troops killed in combat, they will not get automatic death benefits during the shutdown. $100,000 to help cover funeral costs and to travel to dover air force base to witness the remains. food benefits for women and children cut off. and 27,000 government furloughed workers have signed up for unemployment as they go without pay. just eight days until the united states could default, president obama phoned house speaker john boehner, both sides indicating the divide is is as deep as ever. >> you got to stop repeating this pattern. >> reporter: but later, president obama appeared in the white house briefing room, opening the door to negotiations if republicans agree to a short-term conclusion to reopen the golf and increase the debt ceiling. >> if there's a way to solve
2:02 am
this, it has to include reopening the government. and saying america's not going to default. it's going to pay our bills. >> reporter: how long might a short-term measure last? four to six weeks, one gop source telling cnn. republicans may agree if the president promising to negotiate. but it's far from a breakthrough without some sort of concession like a cut in spending, a stopgap measure may not clear the house. >> the long and short of it is, there's going to be a negotiation here. we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our meanses. >> reporter: the house voted tuesday to create a congressional committee on government spending and the dead limit, as well as pay federal employees currently working without pay. but the obama administration threatened vetoes. a stalemate still, and the clock is ticking louder and louder. brianna keilar, cnn, washington.
2:03 am
another casualty of the federal government shutdown concerns your health and your safety. the shutdown has now affected the response to a sal none nell la outbreak that's linked to raw chicken and proving to be resistant from antibiotics. that story from cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: nearly 300 people made ill from salmonella poisoning, primarily on the west coast. the source traced to raw chicken products from three california plants run by a company called foster farms. the inspectors from those products are from the u.s. department of agriculture. are they sitting at home? could this outbreak have started box of the government shutdown? >> the shutdown has not impacted usda's food safety inspection to any major degree. the vast majority of inspection personnel are still working because congress has generally viewed their function as a necessity. >> reporter: and according to a you usda official the investigation into this outbreak started before the government
2:04 am
shutdown. experts say the salmonella made it into the marketplace simply because in of the naturally occurring pathogens in chicken slip through sometimes. but the shut down is drawing another major concern regarding this outbreak and it has to do with the centers for disease control. while poultry inspectors are still on the job, the cdc has furloughed a lot of people which means the absence of people who could track this salmonella linked to the outbreak do cut us at risk. a cdc officially us many who were furloughed were brought back but there was a delay in exchange of information about the outbreak. that worries food watchdog groups. >> is this food getting further into the marketplace and you're not warning people? you know, you're losing opportunities to warn people not to eat it or remind people to take care because of salmonella or figure out that the outbreak could get bigger. >> another key piece of information that we may not be
2:05 am
getting is, is this resistant to antibiotics, right? >> right. it's a new change we're able to track now. the salmonella making people sick, is that bug goes to respond to the antibiotics used to treat it. that happens more recently. i haven't seen that in reports from the government because we're not getting complete reports. >> reporter: a cdc spokeswoman told us there are signs of resistance to salmonella in this outbreak but because of the government shutdown, they've not been able to track how widespread those concerns are so that is a major concern. brian todd, cnn, washington. did the obama administration know its insurance exchange website wasn't ready to handle the job? there are reports now that the administration was told by insurers, state health care officials and democratic allies about major problems with the site. "the washington post" said warnings have come in for months about the site which has been
2:06 am
plagued for weeks now. the obama administration said the site was designed to increase capacity. president obama is set to dominate janet yellen the current vice chair to take over for ben bernanke when he steps down in january. if the senate approves, yellen will be the first woman to head the federal reserve. and christine romans will be here in just a few minutes to talk about this nomination. this is a big deal that's coming up in "money talk." chilling accusations about a missed opportunity to stop al qaeda before 9/11. a new report by a conservative government watchdog involves a hijacking plot in 2000. advance warnings was reportedly disregarded by the government but the clock fell through. the plans were considerably different than the suicide attacks of 9/11 that involved taking the jet and holding hostages for ransom. >> the united states plans to cut $1 billion in aid to egypt.
2:07 am
cnn has learned that money for security and counterterrorism operations will continue. and the u.s. has not yet notified eel jipt of its plan. the move comes in the wake of deadly violence across that nation and the crackdown of ousted president mohamed morsi. an arrest for thousands of protesters in support of immigration overhaul. the issue is stalled on capitol hill in the showdown of policy. among those arrested is famed congressman john lewis. >> take a look at this from south florida. >> this is cool. >> that is a water spout over biscayne bay. there were boaters nearby. what started out as a beautiful day, winds formed and that funnel came out of the sky so they turned on their cameras. hopefully, they turned on their cameras as they were going away. >> indira petersons is watching
2:08 am
the weather. >> good morning. >> you guys match, how cute. >> anchor prom. we're talking 20s and 30s out there. kind of moving in through maine so, yes, that cold arctic air has moved in. albany, 43, philly, though, not bad, seeing 50s in the morning hours but we always know when we start off cool we're going to be a little cool in the afternoon as well. that's what we're dealing with today. more cool air filling in from canada. these are actually your expected highs as we go through the afternoon. philly looking for 66. new york around average for fall, at about 65. you will notice, though, as we go into tomorrow, we're going to cool off even more and see below normal temperatures in the east. >> what! >> i know. you're just depressed right now. down in the south, we're not in the rain right now. strong winds are going to be on the other side of this.
2:09 am
that chill factor is built into this as well, as long as that low stays down there, we're going to talk about moisture fueling that and bringing it up the coastline. chilly and cool and rain. in the carolinas 2 to 4 inches there. there's the low, towards the weekend week going to be talking about rain as we start off columbus day weekend. >> only thing about it getting colder, you get to wear sweats and -- >> uggs -- >> yeah, in the morning that's what we're get going to look like. once you conquer the swim from cuba to florida, what do you do for an encore? in diana nyad's case she's taken to an outdoor pool raising money for victims of superstorm sandy. it's under way right there. we're taking a look live. that's her in the pink cap on the left side there are various celebrities hopping in the pool
2:10 am
for a chance to swim alongside her. she will stay in the water, she's allowed bathroom breaks. the money she raises will go to the americares foundation. congratulations. coming up, a police officer is behind bars, accused in in connection with the brutal attack carried out on a new york road. new information on this case coming up next. an historic los angeles church up in flames. that dramatic scene coming up. plus, it's time for your morning rhyme, tweet us with your own original verse, make sure it's #early start. we're going to read them on the air. we have some doozies this morning. >> very good ones.
2:11 am
could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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2:14 am
a group of motorcyclists. there are new arrests, including an off-duty police officer. susan candiotti has the latest. >> reporter: as we learn of even more arrests, online video like this, painful to watch, a biker seen kicking suv driver alexian lien lying motionless before getting up. an off-duty officer now under arrest. the 32-year-old riding with other bikers shown in this video gone viral. the camera shows an suv driver running over bikers after his tires were slashed. the officer is charged with two felony, criminal mischief and being involved in a riot, pounding on that suv. >> internal affairs is looking at this and they'll continue to do this. >> reporter: another biker also charged with gang assault and criminal mischief.
2:15 am
law enforcement official, police have video of the officer not yet made public proving he took part. the officer wait three days before reporting the incident afraid of blowing his cover. cnn legal analyst and former prosecutor paul kellen says the detective could also lose his job even if he's not convicted. >> as police officers they have an obligation under nypd regulations to break their cover, if they're under cover. and to come to the assistance of any civilian who's in danger. and having looked at this video, clearly, the civilians in that car look like they're in danger. >> reporter: police also released photos of four other bikers in connection with the attack. the still frames were isolated from that video showing lien getting stomped on. as for the biker wearing that helmet cam, he's now revealing why he pressed the record button. he said he saw lien throw a water bottle out of the sun roof hitting a biker.
2:16 am
the suv started swerving and the biker smelled trouble. he's not expected to be charged. the police union representing the undercover detective who's arrested has nothing to say for now. but the worst may be far from over. a law enforcement official telling cnn prosecutors are considering charges against at least one more officer and more bikers. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> thank you very much, susan. >> repeated calls to the attorney for the detective have not been returned. three firefighters jurisdiction as an historic church went up in flames. the structure built in 1895, it was completely destroyed. firefighters were trapped inside as the roof collapsed. two were treated and released. the other is kept for observation. they did manage to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings. look at that. no word on a cause. water causing plenty of problems in seattle. a major water main break, that
2:17 am
is, not far from the university of washington. streets were flooded. the parking laugt ofot of a pop shaping center submerged. he's the world's most famous street artist, he goes by the name bansky. but some person or persons have been spraying graffiti on his work. now some people are outraged but others wonder if it's part of the show. >> you think? >> who knows. the truth is out there. in today's road warriors it's not just airfares going up, it's hotel pricings, too. the average hotel rate went up 3% in 2012. if you have to book an overnight stay, here are some ways to save a little cash. try bundling your airfare and hotel. hotels tend to lower prices when the room rate is hid friend the
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2:19 am
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♪ welcome back to "early start." it is "money time." christine romans is here. >> stock futures are up this morning because the markets like a woman named janet yellen. futures rose immediately when the president announces he would nominate janet yellen as the next head of the federal reserve. it takes a big known out of the equation. dr. yellen's domination will be announced poushly at 3:00 p.m. she's well versed in procedures. she's been a second in command since 2010. hundreds of economists have been
2:23 am
lobbying for her appointment to this position. she'd is be the first woman to run the fed in the 100-year history. she needs to be confirmed by the senate. the federal reserve, i've said it probably a hundred times it is probably the most important job in the world right now. dr. yellen will try to figure out when to start pulling back on the stimulus that has kept the u.s. economy afloat. we should get some hints also about ben bernanke's thinking about that pullback. that taper. later today. we'll get minutes from the fed's policy meeting. investors want to see how close the vote not to taper was. the fed is the only game in town in terms of the economy because your congress really is doing nothing. so far the markets have had a good year, despite the dysfunction, i'm talking about in washington. the turmoil, you guys, has been taking its toll. the dow and nasdaq and s&p showing double-digit gains but ominous sign in the markets
2:24 am
despite the one-year treasury bill, that's the chart everyone was looking at yesterday. trading desks, politicians, journalists passing around this chart. the big concern whether there will be any disruption in treasury operations if the debt ceiling isn't raised in time. that chart right there, there's trillions of dollars of transactions between business, government, small business, all kinds of loans tied to the 30, 60, 90-day treasury bills. that shows you there's some strains. >> it's complicated but that's a terrifying image to a lot of economists. >> absolutely right. that is complicated. that is terrifying. also remember if the debt ceiling isn't raised, the government has tough choices. november 1st. we've got a bill to pay for $18 billion in medicare. $25 billion on social security payments. there's a $12 billion due to military pay $3 billion in ssi payments. you've got, as you know by october 17th only $30 billion in the bank. you're going to have daily
2:25 am
revenues. balancing the checkbook is what we're talking about here. it's not about politics. it's about accounting. how are you going to balance on the checkbook. >> is october 17th a hard deadline? >> you know, the hard deadline i think was really in may. we hit that debt ceiling in may. the treasury department has been using extraordinary measures to keep the money going on october 17th you have $30 billion in the bank. sometime by the end that month, you're really not able to pay everything. we've never been here before, right? we've never been here before. an economist yesterday told me yesterday a vote not to raise the debt ceiling is a vote for the recession. i'm going to say again, a vote not to raise the debt ceiling is a vote for the recession. you would slam 33% of the spending out of the economy immediately. you'd balance the budget like that, that's especially what it is, right? and that means it's austerity. you're doing austerity in one month, just like that. >> it's a very spark decision. and if someone doesn't get paid,
2:26 am
no one knows what happens. >> right. >> you're entering an abyss here. and it will be extremely, extremely problematic to say the least. >> that's what every economist, ceo and a person on the system works. there are more debt ceiling deniers than ever before. the political types who are saying, oh, it wouldn't be that bad. >> we'll see. hopefully we won't see it. >> yeah, right. >> thank you. the government is just days away from this dangerous deadline we were just talking about. what would it mean for you if washington doesn't pay its bills, how a debt default could seriously impact your life. yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under his breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck.
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2:30 am
debt deadline fast approaching. say that fast five times. in washington. that's next. what could it mean for you if the government defaulted on its bills? >> certainly, the family is horrified and confused. >> horror at a san francisco hospital. a patient missing for days turns up dead inside a stairwell. how can you let a 9-year-old sneak past security, get on the plane without anyone stopping him, questioning him or anything? >> a father demanding answers after his 9-year-old son sneaks past security and on to a vegas-bound plane without a ticket. >> he must have snuck past his
2:31 am
parents, too. don't you think? >> something went on there. welcome back to "early start." i'm john beryleman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and welcome to shut down day nine. it seems like we repeat ourselves but in fact we do. it is a partial shutdown because some services are operating. though many government workers, a lot of them, thousands are not getting paid. people who can solve this, well, they keep talking past each other. president obama and john boehner spoke on the phone yesterday. that must have been a charming conversation. the president saying he's open to negotiations about debt if, if, as long as they do not happen with what he calls a proverbial gun to his head. what the republicans say, they're open to talking but speaker boehner say doing that would be an unconditional surrender so no dice. >> officials shouldn't have to
2:32 am
get permission from a group just to keep the government open and prevent a catastrophe. >> this isn't about me, frankly, it's not about republicans. this is about saving our future for our kids and our grandkids and the only way this is going to happen is in fact have a conversation. >> and this is really awful. because of the shutdown, the families of four soldiers killed last weekend in afghanistan tan will not get money from the military to pay for their funerals. and the families won't be even getting help getting to dover, delaware, to collect they are loved ones' bodies. the pentagon saying it's not authorized. and the families saying that's true true. an early season snowstorm brought about four feet of snow on the state earlier this week and that's let thousands upon thousands of cattle die. entire herds in some cases. ranchers say the remains are
2:33 am
ever where. because of the shutdown, because congress never passed a new farm bill, there's no relief money available to help those farmers. >> that is their industry. that's a dire situation for them. >> in the end, the debt default could be bad. if the experts and economists are right about this. tom foreman has a look at what this could mean four. >> reporter: the recession started in the housing market and neighborhoods around the country is where a default could be felt if in fact one comes to pass. i say if, because it's not at all a certain thing. but if it did come to pass, why would that be? because one of the outgrowths of this would probably be higher interest rates. higher interest rates where fewer people could afford to buy homes. that means that your home value which was rising could not start falling again because fewer people want to buy it. and not to say anything about the 2 million or so people who work in construction. it's not just homes, if you want to buy a new car, open a
2:34 am
business, interest rates on that also could play a role. concern number two, basic payments from the government. let's say you or somebody in your family gets a social security check or some kind of student aid or food stamps, anything like that. about 148 million americans do just that. and those people very often rely on that money. that's about half the country. if that gets cut off, what do you do? let's say your father counts on veterans benefits and he's not getting them anymore. what does he do about that. and third, your job, 8 million jobs were lost in the country. those have only started coming back. we're not back with those yet. that's an area of big concern. if a new one comes on, look out, heaven knows what might happen to people out there. beyond that, there's the question of the future. what do you do if you've been saving money for your kids, your golden years, your retirement,
2:35 am
what do you do with savings? they're in 401(k)s, they're in mutual stocks. in the government we just described all of those could lose a tremendous amount of value. that's why the default may not just be about d.c. it could be about you. >> our thanks to tom foreman for that. arizona's governor jan brewer is coming to the defense for controversial comments. compared to adolph hitler the president was, quote, dictating upon his authority. in one facebook post she calls him der fuhr. >> i thought it was over the top, after reading the whole thing, i think, i think she had an explanation for it. >> right. state representative barton is standing bit comparison insisting there are similarities over issues like gun control and national health care.
2:36 am
settlements for 19 victims of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. attorneys for the claimants confirming many of the young men have already received checks from penn state. the money coming from a $60 million fund that was set aside by the school. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for the sexual abuse of ten boys over a 15-year period. lawyers for former new england patriot aaron hernandez will be in court today expected to ask for a gag order in the case. they say publicity about the trial could taint the jury pool and an informal gag order did not slow the media attention. hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and gun charges. and a school official charged by the rape. the school director of technology is accused of tampering with evidence. beginning on the night that two football players raped a 16-year-old girl.
2:37 am
he's the first adult to be charged in connection with that rape case. a search of that black infinity that was at the capitol building, it turned up no gun, buts there way a passport and foreign money found inside of miriam carey's car and social security cards for her and her daughter. that daughter was found in her car but unharmed. >> there are big questions about safety and security at san francisco general hospital, that after a body was found in a stairwell. a law enforcement source tells cnn the body appears to be that of a patient, lind spaynn spald had gone missing two weeks ago. she had been in the hospital for an infection. an employee found the body and now police are investigating what happened. >> it is a not very often used stairway. it's exterior. it's a fire stayway.
2:38 am
i do not know how the person came to be, where they were found. >> it's distressing anytime to find a dead body in the stairwell of a hospital. hospitals are places for healing. >> friends say spalding may have been disoriented because of some medication she was taking. they worry, however, the hospital isn't being forthcoming with information. a deadly brain-eating amoeba found in another louisiana water system. the testing of an amoeba in desoto parish. the system is being flushed with chlorine. a child died in august in neighboring saint bernard parish after being infected with that amoeba. and so-called porn could be banned where people post racy pictures of their exes. california recently passed a law banning revenge porn. but the law has come under fire since it doesn't cover pictures taken by the person whose image
2:39 am
was posted. you chimed in earlier on that. what was that? >> i think there's bipartisan opposition to revenge porn. that is an area where republicans and democrats can come together. a glimmer of hope. indira petersons has an unrelated note on weather. >> thank you, unrelated note, i appreciate that one, yes. let's just talk about cold. a definitely chilly morning this. frost and freeze warnings. so definitely chilly out there. a huge difference with all the cold air coming in from canada. we're talking about 40s this morning. notice upstate new york see ises the 40s once you get into vermont even at the freezing mark. at 32. of course, if we start off the morning chilly, we're going to end the afternoon colder as well. temperatures are going to continue to go down. it's average temperatures for fall. it is october, guys. we are supposed to be seeing some of these mid-60s. however, as we move into tomorrow, the temperatures drop
2:40 am
we'll start to see lower 60s. prepare yourselves. windy out that makes it feel chillier, and you feel on the coastline we are starting to pick up the winds. farther south, a little of that potentially to beach erosion along the carolinas. cool, windy. got to add in rain, right? more rain. hugging that, all that moisture off the gulf. heavy spot along the carolinas and that that low creeps itself up the coastline. and eventually by the weekend, in the northeast as well. >> the trifecta, cold, windy and rain. >> love it, guys. we're hearing for the first time from that father of that minnesota 9-year-old -- are you okay -- >> indira tripped there. who managed to stow away on a flight to las vegas last week. the dad who doesn't want his name or face reveal said his son's behavior has been a problem since he was 5 years old. the night he disappeared, listen to this, the boy took out the
2:41 am
track, and never came back. >> i don't understand, you got so much check at these airports, how can you let a 9-year-old sneak past security, get on the plane without anyone stopping him, questioning him or anything? we're not bad parents we didn't think nothing -- we thought he was at a friend's house. >> the father also said he and his fiancee said they have been trying to get help for his son's behavior and they insist they are not giving up on him. this story goes on and on. i read he snuck into a water park. he pretended to be somebody else's son. this is not uncommon behavior for him. >> there's a lot going. >> yes. coming up -- >> i will not be sending my children to school today until this situation is rectified, and we know what's going on, we
2:42 am
consider it not safe. >> what -- a high school accused of causing cancer. the shocking claims keeping kids out of class this morning. that's coming up next. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at
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2:45 am
it is 44 minutes past the hour. in malibu, california, there is concern this morning that a school is making teachers and students sick. at least four teachers at malibu high school have been diagnosed with cancer. three within the last six months. others are complaining of migraines. these mysterious rashes, hair loss and breathing problems. students say they've been suffering from the same health issues as well. and parents are just trying to make sense of all of this. >> they want to make sure that their kids are safe, obviously. i know some of these things get blown out of proportion pretty easily. i just wish they had let us know what was going on beforehand. >> i would like to, i hope i can. depends on what kind of studies
2:46 am
they're doing and who's doing them. >> for now, the district has closed one building and has relocated the students there as that environmental review that she was referring to continues. glp got to be a concern. >> wow. no kidding. at least they're doing a vie now. time for the morning rhyme. tweets of the day first this one from @sheila egan. kind of bringing home the absurdity of the government shutdown. we told you the families of service members are not getting death benefits. sheila was upset, she tweets, our dead warriors deserve our best. useless congress should give their egos a rest. >> clever and true. a much lighter note, this from sean murphy, he does traffic for an affiliate throughout. he gets up early for work. he said in the a.m. before i apply my flur ride-a, i flip on the tube to john & zoraida.
2:47 am
>> that's good. somebody said it's not fair we should allow them to do morning rhyme on facebook as well. what do you think? >> join us. #earlystart. same thing on facebook. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." chris cuomo, kate bolduan. >> i feel like we need to rhyme. >> go for it, kate. >> don't be late get on that kate. >> you got it berman -- that didn't rhyme. >> i'll be squirmin'. >> just get going. i don't want to join any clubs anymore, i'll tell you why, i'm looking to kick people out of the club. we're going to start taking a different angle out of the shutdown not because it's day nine because the toll is starting to be paid by people who shouldn't pay it. fallen soldiers family members. there's political impasse.
2:48 am
guess what, politics is about power. the people who should know it the best seem to know it the least. we're going to tell you what is seeming to be the best chance for negotiations. we're going to bring in senator tom coburn to tell what may connect, what may not. the new idea coming out of the government is that, you know, you go past the debt ceiling, it's not the worst. they will be fine. really? we're going to talk about that this morning. i'd also like to get our viewers' thoughts. a middle school taking safety to a whole new level. students are not allowed to play with football, baseball, a lot at recess. tag, cartwheels. they have to be supervised by a coach now. so are they going a little too far on the safety spectrum, or are they doing their job to try to keep kids safe? we're going to talk about it. >> kate bolduan, chris cuomo. coming up here the biggest story of the day -- biggest story of
2:49 am
the month, folks, the red sox moving on. it is is a great day for everyone. andy scholes will be here that talks all about the magic coming up in the "bleacher report" next. from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet?
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so do you have any insight on how chemicals interact? >> apparently not enough to win the nobel prize. just award. this is a live picture from stockholm the announcement are just being made. martin carpluis. michael leavitt and aryan warshaw. they apparently have discovered new information on how chemicals interact. all right so -- >> on the subject of greatness and human achievement -- >> it is a glorios morning, i'm
2:53 am
going to let you do this. >> the boston red sox are going to the american league championship series. i feel giddy. >> he's been showing this all morning. >> my red sox baseball. >> you got props. >> my big papi -- i got it all. what a difference a year makes. last seasoner the red sox, they were the worst team in their division. this season, best record in baseball. they're headed back to the american league championship series. for the first time in years. boston were trailing with the rays but they scratched out three runs to get the win. they take the series three games to one. the red sox will meet the winners between the tigers and a's. there was controversy with this in the seventh inning. victor martinez sent this deep right. take a look. josh redding going up to make the catch. two fans get involved.
2:54 am
tigers go on to win it, 8-6, winner take all, game five, will be thursday night on tbs. on, you'll see texans quarterback matt schaub -- why? well, some angry fans went to his house in houston to yell at him about his poor play. schaub had to call the police and fans left on their own before they arrived. schaub has fallen out of grace with texas fans after throwing an interception in four straight games nap is an nfl record that you don't want to have. a team in even worse shape than the texans is the new york giants. they're 0-5 off to the worst start in 34 years. a popular gentlemen's club in manhattan has a new policy, g-strings, yes. g-men, no. rick's cabaret says it will no longer be playing giants games. patrons at the club have become upset watching them loose. guys, the dancers are complaining that the boos are distracting them.
2:55 am
>> sounds like an important business decision. >> i will say that the giants have a way to come back. tom coughlin has a way to turn it around. >> 0-5 is pretty bad, though. >> it is. >> andy, i have this david ortiz picture here it's not open. i took it from berman, and threatened to open it, he went -- >> it's in mint condition. >> we'll be right back. >> you don't open starting lineups and things like that. >> really? am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups.
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that is all for "early start" this morning. >> time for "new day" with chris
2:59 am
and kate. >> oh! >> that could have been memorable. >> thanks, guys. >> better put that down before he hurts himself. it's time to get you the top news. you can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. democracy doesn't function this way. >> paying the price. the shutdown isn't just hurting politicians. families of killed service members aren't getting benefits. tens of thousands are applying for unemployment. and why the markets are hinting of what may be to come. on strike. boston school bus drivers surprise parents and administrators by not showing up for work. 30,000 kids stranded. the mass scramble to get them to school this morning. new twist in the case of the driver allegedly assaulted by bikers, a new york police officer now under arrest. was he part of it? or working under cover? >> your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> i'm rolling my eyes at you. >> welcome to "new day." wednesday morning, 6:00 in the east. you heard elected officials say shutdown is undesirable but it's not that big a deal. senator john mccain summed up what many are thinking when he was on the floor of the senate. take a listen. >> i'm ashamed. i'm embarrassed. all of us should be. and the list goes on and on of people of innocent americans who have fallen victim to the reality that we can't sit down and talk like grown-ups. >> people are feeling pain but it seems to be no match for the pull of politics. as both sides basically stand their ground. there may be a new chance for hope. we'll get into that in just a moment. >> w


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