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tv   Around the World  CNN  October 9, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good, imagine how they taste. m'm! m'm! good! welcome. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. the partial government shutdown is pushing hard on people who are dealing with the most heartbreaking experience that you can imagine. >> we're talking about the military men and women who lose their lives. as a consequence of the shutdown that lawmakers say they did not intend. this is what is going on. when much of the government, they don't get the financial assistance that they normally would during this emotional time. >> let's go straight to dover
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air force base. we're greeting families that are waiting the fallen to come back. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hi michael and suzanne. in a few minutes the dignified transfer should begin. we don't know exactly when the plane is going to land. we know that these soldiers will be met by a team wearing their battle dress uniform, white gloves for a somber ceremony that's meant to honor these fallen service members. and one issue here that's not honoring these service members, we've heard members of congress say is the fact that they are not getting the death benefits the pentagon would usually pay out because of this shutdown. those death benefits include $100,000 that go to the family within three days of losing their family member as well as money to pay for burial expenses and travel expenses. one group that charges veterans
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has stepped in to pay for these family members to travel to dover to be here for this ceremony and that's what we expect to see a little while from now. back to you guys. >> athena, we know a couple things that are pretty unusual happening now. one is the fact that you are there. you are actually covering this kind of event. tell us how that actually took place and the other thing is that you've got the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, there with the family. >> that's right. defense secretary hagel will be here to support these family members for this ceremony. we are here -- we drove up here, they allow certain media coverage. you just have to apply for it. it won't be live. we are here outside the base speaking to you now and waiting for those pictures to come in. the issue of death benefits has angered folks on capitol hill.
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you have people on both sides that are outraged by the fact that these family members are not getting the death benefits. they will get them when the government reopens. they will eventually be paid. the house is planning a vote in the afternoon which would fix this and make sure that those death benefits are reinstated immediately. we'll be looking for that vote later on today and watching to see what happens to that bill as it moves on, if it passes the house and moves on to the senate. suzanne, michael? >> people on both sides of the aisle were saying this is an unintended consequence. they didn't realize this stuff wouldn't be covered and they've got to fix it. athena jones, thanks very much. >> it's really rare that you have the secretary of defense at one of these ceremonies because he is making the point here, he is a veteran himself, he was wounded in combat. this is extraordinarily personal and important to the veteran families. >> also, there are still u.s. service people dying in afghanistan as well. obviously a very emotional day
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for those families when they load the bodies on to the plane and bring them back to the u.s. >> it's been nine days since the government shutdown and there is no end in sight although they are talking about some progress. >> we've tallied the votes again and now we're at 219 in the house who tell us that they would support a clean resolution. 19 republicans -- remember, yesterday it was 17, then 18, now it's 19. but not enough republicans are willing to bring it to a vote. >> we heard from senate majority leader harry reid who is weighing in on this as he has for days. here's an update on where he stands. >> basically what we've been
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saying is the speaker and my republican friends should take yes for an answer. we're ready to go to conference. we have simple, simple request. let us pay our bills. >> and dana bash is on capitol hill. she's going to join us now. dana, it's interesting. additionally it was a tax bill on obama care, a delay on obama care and the gold post is moving. is this a good thing? >> reporter: well, probably, because when you look at what is potentially a risk for compromise, the idea of dealing with the country's entitlements or long-term debt is something that democrats are much more willing to talk about in general than changing or dismantling obama care, the president's signature piece of legislation that he's passed since he's been in office. absolutely the focus seems to be much more on the debt ceiling for lots of reasons, primarily because everybody agrees.
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really everybody agrees in every position of leadership here on capitol hill, democrat or republican, that it would be catastrophic to the economy to allow that debt ceiling to -- basically to allow the u.s. to default. that's why the discussion is going on. as you were coming to me i was getting word from republican sources that there is something that is very rare. starting now or about to start, which is members of the republican leadership in the house and the democratic leadership of the house are set to actually get together and talk. i know that doesn't sound like it should be breaking news but it is. particularly in the house where it tends to be even more partisan and polarized anywhere else within the house. unclear if anything will come of that but this is a request of democratic leaders to have this conversation. so we'll see if anything comes of that. go ahead. >> it's completely telling,
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dana, that it's breaking news now that folks are getting together to talk, to talk about this. one of the republicans that we saw and we heard from in the op-ed, congressman paul ryan, the former vice presidential candidate, wrote in "the wall street journal" and of course he's chairman of the house budget committee, he said, we have an opportunity here to pay down the national debt and jump-start the economy if we start talking and talking specifics now. it seems pretty significant that you have one of the republican leaders who is not talking about obama care anymore but some of these other things. >> haven't heard much from him. >> no. do we think that the white house, the president will be willing to talk about some of those issues? >> reporter: perhaps. and the president said umteen times yesterday that he's willing to talk about anything but not until there's a clean
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bill to pass the government is passed. i was talking to a senior republican before talking to you and that is the most likely way out and when i say that, a short-term bill, just focusing on the debt ceiling right now, to raise the debt ceiling maybe six weeks long and use that time to have some kind of conversation. the president, though, has made very clear he will only do that if it is clean, no strings attached. and i was told by a senior republican source that people in the republican party, in the house and senate, are so concerned about the debt limit that they might actually be willing to agree to that clean bill as long as parameters or discussions are set very clearly and there's a specific agreement to those discussions that would start as soon as the debt ceiling would be raised. >> dana bash on capitol hill. again, the world is watching and if they see the short-term solution being used, that's great. the debt ceiling gets lifted. but that short-term thing, here
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we go again, we'll be doing it again six weeks later. >> and eventually it's going to be kicked until the election. >> wondering how we're running things, yes. >> thousands of furloughed workers are filing for unemployment benefits and despite getting back pay once the thing is over. many workers say they've got to pay their bills now. >> yeah. here's the breakdown for you. 11,000 workers have applied for assistance in d.c. 16,000 in maryland. the workers will have to return that money, of course, if they do get the benefits when they get their back pay which, of course, is going to happen at some point. >> hundreds of thousands of federal workers across the country have been stuck at home without pay since the shutdown hit and coming up, the u.s. expected to now cut aid to egypt in response to the failing government. >> yeah. a move there. it's going to be interesting to see how that unfolds, what it could mean for the u.s. relationship with egypt and also there are other players in the
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region watching this carefully as well. then, it has been a week since obama care enrollment opened. it's been a rough road, however, for some folks who have been trying to sign up. >> how people are still having to deal with that website. plus, the sticker shock some are facing. this is "around the world." we'll be right back. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. u.s. officials are rethinking the amount and the type of aid they are going to be giving egypt going forward, the white house announcing that military aid will be cut and they will announce the final decision in the coming days. >> ian, first to you, tell us what kind of aid we're talking about here that the u.s. provides egypt and what does this mean for people on the ground? it means something for the government but probably something very different for those that you are talking to on the street. >> reporter: if you look at the egyptian military, you have f-16s, apache helicopters, tanks, really all equipment that
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comes from the united states and what we're hearing is that the likelihood could be cut, egypt is supposed to get a dozen or so apache helicopters. they roughly have 36 but that's what we're hearing, that they could potentially hold off in this cut. what they won't hold off is there is aid tied to the israeli peace deal. also, aid that goes towards counterterrorism. egypt is fighting a low level of insur insurgency. but on the streets, egyptian are not too worried about the aid. >> ian in cairo, thanks for that. elise, i want to get to you. when most of the people who made money out of this, the money is coming from u.s. contractors who are providing all of that hardware to egypt. now, they are going to lose financially, with i is a
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domestic issue, but also regionally. there are other countries in the gulf who are happy to step in and fill that gap. >> that's right, michael. allies like united arab emirates have already said that they are going to make up the shortfall. these are countries that have warned don't do it, don't cut aid to the military. they have been very supportive on the crackdown of the muslim brotherhood. not only do they want to maintain the influence with the military but u.s. contractors are the ones that are going to suffer because a lot of this is u.s. software. they have already spent the money. >> elise, why now? why is the decision coming to the white house that they are willing to cut this aid? what has happened that they are willing to cut the aid to those who are in power and those who are not? >> well, suzanne, months of debate, a review of u.s. aid.
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the president was loathed to do so. then you have the situation in syria. officials told me they didn't want to conflate the two. now that syria has seemed to calm down a little bit and you've seen the violence in egypt, particularly over the weekend, dozens are dead. it's time to have a hard-handed statement of their protest and what's going on and they say they want to make this statement but if the egyptian military were to take steps to restore democracy, they told them several things that they want to see that they can restore the aid. but right now we're talking about a significant portion of aid and we'll just see how it goes. they are looking for specific things and i don't think that if the egyptian military were to not take those steps, certainly they can restore the aid very quickly. >> all right. very unstable situation on the ground there. elise labott in washington and ian lee in cairo, thank you.
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we're following a factory fire in bangladesh that is in the garment district. >> the safety standards are very lacks. this time seven workers have died. dozens more people were hurt. you may remember, in april, 1100 people died in a fire at another bangladesh apparel factory. and in syria, united nation inspectors have already visited one suspected chemical weapons site. today they are looking at another. the director confirms that his team found that weapons were destroyed at the site that they saw on monday. >> let's not forget a second group of inspectors is getting ready to travel to syria, or as we have reported here, no word on exactly when and the inspectors are saying they are getting cooperation from bashar
9:18 am
al assad regime. the rebels say, watch out. they don't believe it. >> an eight-month endeavor, really. rescue workers are still, if you can believe this, bulge bodies from the mediterranean. 302 african migrants drowned. this is a small italian island not far from the continent of africa. >> it's closer to africa than italy's mainland. more than 500 people were on board when it sank last thursday. there were 125 survivals and still a lot of bodies still on the water. life is not getting any easier for the survivors. they are now crowded in a refugee center. and they are young, health three, you would think they would get a deal when it comes to health insurance but under obama care it's not always the case here. we're going to take a look at obama care across the country, up next.
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republicans questioning the
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irs about obama care. congressman darrell issa says he wants to uncover any problems that might lie ahead for the irs as it works to implement the health care law. meanwhile, the partial government shutdown has caused more than 90% of the irs workforce to be furloughed. a treasury department spokeswoman says despite the constraints, they are going to be doing all they can to continue to implement the law. suzanne? >> and it has been frustrating, nine days for people hoping to sign up for the health insurance under the affordable care act. we at cnn tried each day to access the site and today, today, elizabeth cohen and her team, producers got mixed results. you guys have been at this for days now. one of your producers finally got through. explain how that happened? >> one of my producers, william hudson, managed to create an account and log in. he's been trying every day, as
9:23 am
have i since last tuesday. a couple hours later i created a user name and password, which was great because i hadn't gotten that far before. when i tried to log in and select a plan and all of that, it wouldn't log me in. i called the number on the screen and the woman said, i'm sorry you've been having this experience but due to high volume, we've been having glitches so try it again later on. she specifically said, try doing it early morning or later night when there's not a lot of users. >> and you got a human being which is tough in automated systems. >> yes, and she explained it very clearly to me. i'm going to try it again during the hours that she suggested. as of 12:00 or whatever, i have not been able to successfully log in to the account. >> you have learned some things about the plan itself and some are wondering, should i sign up, get involved in here? is it going to be more expensive
9:24 am
for me under obama care to get health insurance? what have you found? >> some people in their 20s are thinking, how am i going to do in the exchanges? am i going to be better off? and there's been complaints that it's more expensive post obama care than preobama care. we talked to experts who say people in their 20s may find that it's more expensive. but here's the issue, before obama care they maybe got a good price but they weren't getting good policies. they were getting what they paid for. when they got sick and wanted to use the insurance, they were disappointed that it wasn't very good. so i think it's what is clear now, when you go in, you're getting a real policy. you're getting a policy that is going to actually give you varying circumstances. and it's also important to mention that people in their 20s are not earning a lot of money so they would be eligible for subsidies. >> that's a good thing. as a young person they often
9:25 am
think, i'm never going to get ill. >> right. >> but it happens. >> and you don't want to be that person. you don't want to not go to the doctor when you're sick. you want to have insurance. >> elizabeth cohen, thanks. >> thank you. >> michael? we're talking about the government shutdown but, of course, in eight days the u.s. hits that debt ceiling. right now congress is undecided on whether or not to raise it. that worries a lot of people. there are some republican lawmakers questioning whether going past the deadline will really mean a government default. we'll discuss. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand.
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but hurry-ends soon! only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized we're now waiting for the daily white house briefing that is going to happen any minute now. we're also listening to see if there is a message from the white house on the budget and debt ceiling standoff and made
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remarks and held a full-blown news conference. we're going to bring you the white house briefing live as soon as that starts. >> day 9 of the partial government shutdown. we have tallied the votes, as we told you earlier. just a reminder, we've got 219 in the house, telling us that they would support a clean resolution. that means nothing attached to the bill like obama care or funding cuts to entitlements and things like that. >> 19 of those who agree to the clean bill are republicans but not enough of those republicans are willing to force house speaker john boehner to bring this to a vote. well, harry reid spoke about the looming debt ceiling crisis just earlier today. here's how he put it when he weighed in. >> warren buffett said using the political default ought to be banned as a weapon.
9:30 am
it should be like nuclear bombs, too horrible to use. warren buffett said that. >> we're going to play a bit of tape here. this is from dover air force base. this is the dignified transfer that is i can taing place, the remains of four soldiers killed over the weekend in afghanistan returned to dover air force base in delaware. let's just listen in. >> okay. this is the ceremony just as a reminder, for private first class cody patterson, just 24
9:31 am
years old. a ranger, too, based in ft. benning, killed in afghanistan. two of the four soldiers coming back today were killed by an ied during combat operations on sunday. obviously a very emotional time for families there waiting for these bodies to come back. >> what you saw as well, entering the aircraft there, of course, secretary of defense, chuck hagel, who was leading the troops there and this is one of the ceremonies for the cargo jet arrives with the remains, they have transfer caskets. they are met by military officials and the family members and service members who wear white gloves to carry the coffins covered with the flags to a white van that takes them to the armed forces, a medical examiner. i want to bring in our barbara st starr to walk us through what
9:32 am
this means for the families of those who are slain. >> this means everything. this means everything to the families of the fallen. it means everything to the veterans who send their fallen comrades back home on these aircraft. this is the chance for the families, of course, to travel to dover air force base and meet their loved ones the minute that transfer casket comes to u.s. soil. secretary hagel going to dover today, of course, amid the political controversy about death benefits not being paid during the government shutdown, veterans disability benefits being delayed during the shutdown. but i think it's very important at this point to put a human face on all of this. chuck hagel, a decorated vietnam combat veteran. this man still carries shrapnel in his chest. he has buried friends for years and had his own friends in vietnam not come home. this is a very emotional moment
9:33 am
for him but something he very much wanted to do. he is very understanding of the message he is sending by allowing this to be filmed. what you are not seeing on this camera angle, of course, are the family members of the fallen who are standing, as we see those transfer caskets begin to be taken off the plane. we are not allowed, of course, to intrude on their privacy. they stand in a particular spot that our cameras cannot see for their moment of very private grief. we've seen the president travel to dover. this will be a very solemn moment. you are about to see these transfer caskets. you are about to see the flag-draped caskets come off the plane and honors be rendered to these fallen. >> and just a reminder, too, this is cody patterson, private first class, it was his second
9:34 am
deployment to afghanistan, just to put a name to this ceremony he was awarded the bronze star, purple heart. let's listen.
9:35 am
>> very solemn moment. very, very solemn moment. that's the private first class cody j. patterson, just 24 years old, second deployment to afghanistan killed on sunday. his body being returned home. >> a rare moment to actually get to see this because this is something that the family had agreed to, as one of four soldiers killed in afghanistan
9:36 am
over the weekend and it's important that you see that ceremony. explain why it is that they wanted, the country, the world to see their family, their loved one be brought home in this way. >> reporter: hi suzanne and michael. sometimes families allow this to be filmed to share it with the country. this is to honor the fallen service members. it's never a happy time. now, you see in some of these pictures that i believe are still being shown, secretary of state chuck hagel as well as secretary of the army john mckeown and general ray odierno,
9:37 am
they have all gathered here today. the teams will be carrying out the flag-draped coffins and they will be transferred to vehicles. it's a very sad ceremony. again, meant to honor these fallen service members. and this comes at a time when these same service members families are facing this unbearable loss and they are facing the fact that they are not getting paid. the military, the death benefits that the pentagon makes available to these military families when they lose someone supporting combat operations. those benefits include $100,000 that goes to the family within three days. their family member being killed. as well as money to pay for burial expenses, travel expenses. we know that a group called the fisher house that serves veterans has stepped in to pay for these families to be here
9:38 am
while this is being sorted out, the fact that this shutdown is keeping the benefits from being paid out. they will work with the families for it to be paid back once it's all sorted. this is one of those rare moments to see family members grieve their fallen loved ones. >> athena jones, thanks so much. i mentioned this before and i have to say that i've spent a lot of time in iraq and afghanistan. one of the most emotional things i saw was a kandahar air force base and just happened to be there waiting for a ride back to kabul with the u.s. military and one of these ceremonies where they put the body on to the plane to bring it back to the united states happened in front of me and it was one of the more emotional things i've ever seen. and at the kandahar air force base you have australians, canadians, five other nationalities all honoring this u.s. soldier as he was put on this plane and began the journey back home. they take the upmost respect for these young men and women when
9:39 am
they come back and one of these people coming back today, she's a woman as well. >> clearly deserve the very best. >> that's right. >> we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪
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day 9 in the partial government shutdown. house speaker john boehner spoke
9:43 am
a couple of minutes ago. here's how he put it. >> been pretty clear, we want to reopen our government and provide fairness to all americans under the president's health care law. the law had a big roll out last week and it's been called, and i'll quote, an inexcusable mess, a rolling calamity. consumers face dramatically higher rates. many remain locked out. they are surprised the premiums went up. instead of making it easier for people to get health insurance, it's going to be a lot tougher. what a train wreck. how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? how can you give big businesses a tax break this is why we need to sit down and talk about the big challenges that face our -- >> we'll see how that actually happens. nine days of the shutdown and
9:44 am
a eight days and counting. >> some republicans are saying, not so fast. they are actually downplaying the impact of a default. senator tom coburn blaming the media for sounding the alarm of doom. >> the problem is, if we continue to kick it down the road, everything is going to continue as it does until it doesn't. and when it doesn't, that's when the catastrophe comes. i'd rather have a managed catastrophe now which i don't think will be there. here is something that the media does. it is default equals. that's not true. that is not true. those two are different and distinct things. >> which is it? following it all from new york, coburn and others, are they the ones in the denial or is it our
9:45 am
fault? >> the default deniers, as a group, are very much contrary to what the general consensus is if we don't raise the debt ceiling soon. independent economists and experts and institutional investors expect no good to come with it. the question is how bad. we have never willfully defaulted on any of our legal obligations. so no one can truthfully say this is what will happen. senator coburn is correct in that october 17th isn't the day of default necessarily. it's the day treasury runs out of accounting maneuvers to keep us below the debt ceiling. so it's from that point that it will -- treasury will only have $30 billion on hand. they can only pay for so long. they estimate the day the treasury goes short on cash and cannot pay all of its bills will
9:46 am
come somewhere between october 22nd and november 1st. so does this buy congress more time past october 17th? maybe. but why are we going to test the theory? we are the world's largest economy, the linchpin of world markets, the u.s. financial system relies on the treasury market. it's a very risky bet to push, push, push treasury to the edge. >> when it comes to the fallout economically in terms of reputation. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate that. you talk about african nations who defend on cheap loans so you're talking all of europe and in the debt here. >> dealing with people internationally who look at this and say, are you kidding? you really run it like this? i'm sorry. that's what they are saying overseas. >> yeah. we'll see if that actually happens. we're very close to the cliff
9:47 am
here. american special forces in libya get some different marching orders now for the libyan government. it changes the way commandos hunt suspected terrorists. >> yeah, especially those linked to the deadly attack in benghazi. we've got full details for you. we're live in tripoli. that's coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it.
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welcome back, u.s. special
9:50 am
forces in libya apparently can now go after suspected terrorists lir terrorists linked to the benghazi attack with not direct approval from the libyan government. >> so that means they can basically plan and execute a mission to capture that suspect. barbara starr is in washington. nic robertson is in libya. what does that mean when you talk about approval? >> what we know is that some weeks ago the libyan government or elements of it gave the united states tests that approval to go after benghazi suspects. they also had approval to go after the guy they grabbed over the weekend. what we are talking about is a very sensitive agreement with the libyans that the u.s. has that they can go in if they have enough information to try and
9:51 am
grab one of the people they want. the libyan government may not know the exact time, date, and place and may not know it very broadly but there's an agreement that, yes, we understand you are going to come do this. the thing that's so sensitive right now is the guy that the u.s. probably would like to get the most is a guy named katalla. he is sort of number one on the list of suspects in that attack on the benghazi compound last year, the u.s. diplomatic compound that the u.s. would like to get. he's been openly living in benghazi. our own arwa damon interviewed him. is there still enough secrecy and stealth involved that the u.s. could mount an operation to get him and make its way down the list of benghazi suspects.
9:52 am
>> benghazi is no tripoli, which brings me to you, nic robertson. if there was tassett approval, we have the congress saying it was a kidnapping and please send him back. all of this speaks to what is really a limited central government in libya and the role of militias and other interested parties in running the country. how realistic is tassett approval anyway? >> reporter: i think there's a big question over the tassett approval, talking to people who are in the inner circle. there's a real question mark about that. we heard from the justice minister saying that there was information provided immediately after al libi was picked up. he could have been picked up by
9:53 am
the libyan government at any time but the real question about whether it's given katala to hide in a cave to prevent capture, the big question is politically at a time for the united states when they are signing short-range, medium-range, long-term contracts and they want to do business with is if they go after katalla right now, this could potentially bring this government down. that's what we're hearing here. certainly going after al libi has caused a raucous, perhaps not to people on the street but politically that the government is not sure it can live through and a certain, a second, rather
9:54 am
whether or not the tassett approval exists. what would be the follow-on option, it would very likely be a government of a much more is psalm mist flavor and the question that people ask me is what really what the united states wants her? >> a very sensitive situation. nic robertson and barbara starr, thank you very much. a pilot who actually falls ill, gets sick while flying a small plane and a passenger is forced to take over. >> he needed a little help but he did get down on the ground. we'll discuss that next.
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all right. just imagine this, you're in an airplane, just you and the pilot, and he falls ill. >> that's exactly wa happened. you're over the skies of great britain. you have to head to the nearest airport and it's up to you to take controls and land the plane, something you've never done before. >> this happened, by the way. erin mclaughlin from london with more. >> reporter: it's every passenger's nightmare. he's forced to take the controls because the pilot has fallen ill. that's what happened to one passenger in england. two flight instructors were called in to talk the passenger
9:58 am
through how to land the two-seater cessna. one of the flight instructors was called in to help. >> the problem was i never flew an airplane. like all airplanes and cars, switches are in a different position and with it being dark, i didn't want the lad to start looking around the cockpit and lose control of the airplane. unfortunately, you have a blind landing without any lights in the cockpit. all he had was the glare of the lights of the runway. >> witnesses described the landing as heavy but otherwise normal. murray says he thinks the landing was beautiful. sadly, the pilot later died of his illness. the passenger was fine. murray and the other flight instructor are being celebrated as local heroes. erin mclaughlin, cnn, london. >> pretty amazing story. >> saddened for the pilot but at least the passenger was managed to get talked down.
9:59 am
all right. now this -- ♪ don't you ever say i just walked away ♪ ♪ i will always want you >> regardless of what you think of the knew miley cyrus, this latest album "bangerz" came in number one around many countries. >> most viewed video of the year on itunes. >> things have changed since disney. >> come on people, get a life. sorry. i didn't mean that. all of you miley fans watching this program right now -- >> thanks for watching "around the world." cnn's "newsroom" with wolf
10:00 am
blitzer starts right now. >> thank you very much. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. there are meetings today but still no meeting of the minds in the shutdown showdown. this is day nine of the partial government shutdown and we're only eight days away from the debt ceiling deadline. we're waiting for today's white house briefing. it's set to begin. we'll have live coverage. stand by for that. jay carney is getting ready to answer the questions. meanwhile, here's the latest that we have. president obama has invited the house democratic caucus to the white house. 219 house members would support what is called a continuing resolution to reopen the government with no strings attached. that's two more than the number needed but the measure is unlikely to reach the house floor at least for now. meanwhile, a senior house republican tells cnn that gop members may be willing to back a short-term debt ceiling increase if the


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