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tv   New Day  CNN  October 10, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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why am i saying it that way in the government shutdown would continue. we will break it all down for you, what may make it happen or not happen in just a moment. >> also coming up, the latest on that shutdown shame, military families not getting death benefits. a charity is now stepping in to help and the president and congress have moved to fix it. that's at least, i guess we can call that a silver lining but there is more pain on the horizon for veterans, especially you work. those injured in combat. and you want to get an mba. more on that, ahead. i want to show you this but going back to school is hard... photo. this, as you're about to see, is because you work. a hot air balloon catching on now, capella university fire. this was part of the balloon offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. festival in albuquerque, new mexico. it's called flexpath and it's the most direct path, two passengers aboard are in the hospital this morning. we'll tell you what happened leveraging what you've learned on the job here, coming up. and focusing on what you need to know first, let's put this deal on the table. so you can get a degree at your pace. short term, what does that mean, and graduate at the speed of you. what does it mean if they don't flexpath from capella university raise the debt limit. it's in the works right now. everybody is getting summoned to learn more at the white house today. first it will be senate democrats arriving this
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afternoon to discuss what they call a band-aid approach to the debt ceiling crisis. three hours later, at least 18 republicans will go face to face with the president. if the two sides don't do something in seven days, remember, america will be in a situation where they could default on their credit for the first time in history. senior white house correspondent i am sad to report that brianna keilar starts us off this morning with more. cinderella has exited the what's the latest, brianna? baseball playoffs. >> reporter: actually, president the pittsburgh pirates, obama invited all of the house everybody's favorite, they republicans here to the white hadn't been there in so long but house today, however, leaders in it ended for them. the gop and the house peared it andy scholes joins us with more down to just those in leadership in this year's bleacher report. they had a great run. and on key committee assignments >> they did, chris. they had nothing to hang their this comes after the president's head about. after 20 straight losing meet yesterday with house seasons, the pirates made the democrats where he gave the playoffs. strongest indication that he would accept a short-term unfortunately for them, they ran extension of the debt creeling into cardinals race adam if republicans get on board with that. wainwright. here's the two-run shot in the finally, they're talking. house democrats met the president at the white house second inning. wainwright threw a complete last night. game, giving up one run. >> we just had a very positive meeting with the president of the cardinals advance to the the united states. nlcs to take on the dodgers.
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the tigers and a's play tonight. >> reporter: president obama's message, he's open to a short-term deal to increase the debt ceiling for six weeks. washington redskins owner according to a lawmaker in the meeting. daniel snyder is doubling down republicans are warming to the on his commitment not to change idea of a shorter deal, followed the name of his team. by negotiations with the he sent a letter saying he president on reducing the debt and deficit. house budget committee chairman wanted to keep the redskins name. paul ryan penned an op-ed in this comes just days after president obama said if he were "the wall street journal" that the owner, he'd consider did not even mention gop demands changing the name. to delay or defund obama care we've seen hockey games in football stadiums, basketball but tea party-backed republicans games on aircraft carriers. still want that fight. what's next? how about a college football after a brief debt ceiling game at a racetrack. increase and are arguing against according to reports, virginia ending the government shutdown. tech and tennessee have agreed to meet halfway between the two >> i would do a debt ceiling schools and play a game at increase for six weeks so the bristol motor speedway during president can negotiate with john boehner and i would keep the 2016 season. the official announcement is fighting on the continuing expected on monday. resolution and obama care. and chris and kate, if they play >> reporter: in interviews with this game at the speedway, an local news stations, president obama was asked to explain his estimated 160,000 fans are own vote against raising the expected to attend. debt ceiling in 2006. >> i voted against a debt that would absolutely shatter the record attendance for a ceiling increase at the time because i have some concerns college football game. >> where is the grass, though? what am i missing? >> the infield.
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about what president bush was doing. >> reporter: specifically the bush tax cuts. >> there's grass in the infield. and he argued it's okay for >> they can put it down, too. >> it doesn't have to be real. certain republicans to protest thanks, andy. policies with a no vote but he i've learned something today. said there must be a vote. >> there should never be a i'm now -- i'm now done. i can leave now. >> the "new day" promise of making you smarter every day, proposition where the speaker of comes true even for us. the house is not willing to put >> the top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news. those votes to the floor right now. >> reporter: congress isn't faring well in this budget fight. a new gallup polls shows it's down 10 points since last month, we are here, ready to the lowest for any party since negotiate. that's why we are here. 1992. >> signs of hope on capitol democrats slid 4 points to 43%. hill, both sides talking about a white house officials say that deal. but only for the short term. president obama was hoping to we're live with the details and make his case to all what could happen next. republicans, including those who danger in the air. he blamed for holding up the look at this photo. a hot air balloon catches fire, debt ceiling and for shutting down the government. two passengers on board barely kate, republican leaders said they want to negotiate and they escape with their lives. didn't think they could do that so what went wrong? with so many people in the room. too distracted to notice a you can imagine the kind of drama we might have seen if tea gunman. a man shot and killed on a
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party backed republicans were in subway. the shame room having a police believe the killer could have been stopped if passengers discussion. >> you're absolutely right. weren't so focused on their it's not going to happen this time. thanks for starting us off. a quick note, we just got an smartphones. >> your "new day" starts right now. what you need to know -- e-mail from christine romans >> i think there's not an that said bond markets are up emergency on the debt ceiling and this alarm about default is sharply, obviously reacting false. >> announcer: what you just have to see. favorably to the whiff of a deal. one of the great injustices of the shutdown has been righted, just not by the government. this is "new day" with chris a charity with a history of helping troops is paying the way cuomo, kate bolduan, and michaela pereira. for military families burying >> good morning. their loved ones. welcome back to "new day," the group is loaning money for thursday, october 10th, 7:00 in this and other benefits while the east. there's a word being kicked congress continues to be in around washington we haven't their standoff. heard in a while. there could be more trouble it is pronounced deal. brewing for veterans if the but it's a defined term here. impasse isn't resolved soon. why? house republicans have a plan barbara starr is back with us from the pentagon this morning. that would increase the debt ceiling. that's good. but for a short time, that's not good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, kate. as good but it wouldn't touch the government shutdown. since the government shutdown >> right. >> that's bad. began, more than two dozen the president, house, suggests troops have died, some in the he is open to this deal. war zone, some here at home. a temporary solution for the the proposal would, again, not
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families but still a lot of be perfect but if this can questions about how did it ever get this far. actually happen, we'll tell you how. breaking overnight, libya's prime minister kidnapped by at this air force base, armed militants in tripoli, then released just a few hours later 24-year-old army ranger cody what was going on? patterson came home to his was it retaliation for the u.s. family. raid that nabbed a suspected as defense secretary chuck hagel al qaeda leader in libya? we'll have a live report. paid his respects, unbearable we'll take a look at an grief for families made much interesting question. can you be too drunk to be found worse because the government shutdown left them without death guilty? some people who are convicted of benefits. drinking and driving and then jeremiah michael collins' killing people are arguing they remains were brought monday to were too intoxicated to understand the threat they posed to others. dover. his mother shannon says he was a now if a judge or judges rule in great marine. >> he became a marine to become their favor, what could this somebody. he became a great marine. mean to the law going forward? we'll take a look with legal >> reporter: the white house wednesday compromise -- promised analyst jeffrey toobin. first, let's break down what could be signs of progress to a quick fix to a problem that the deadlock that's bringing our had become a disaster. nation to the edge of economic disaster. the president says he acted as why do we think it could break? soon as he heard the problem. house republicans and the president may possibly find a >> i told the department of defense, within our administrative powers we should compromise at least for now. be able to get that fixed. cnn's brianna keilar is live at >> reporter: top aides were
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urgently working on a solution. the white house this morning. the pentagon signed a contract with fisher house foundation, a i'm being qualified but that's better than we've heard. >> it is. you have to be qualified about private organization that helps it. war wounded. that's the right way to approach it. today, chris, we'll be seeing fisher house will pay the house republicans, just leaders family's bills and a $100,000 and key committee chairs coming death benefit. to the white house. the government will pay it back we'll also see senate democrats when the shutdown ends. here as well. this comes on the heel of but for veterans, a looming president obama meeting last night with house democrats where disaster if the shutdown continues much longer. more than 3 million receive he gave the most clear sign yet that he's willing to go for a disability checks that may not stop gap measure, at least for a come on november 1st. little while if republicans get many new veterans from iraq and on board. finally they're talking. afghanistan still waiting to be approved for disability payments will have to keep waiting. house democrats met the >> roughly 1,400 veterans a day president at the white house last night. >> we just had a very positive are now not receiving decisions meeting with the president of the united states. on their disability compensation >> reporter: president obama's message, he's open to a claims. >> reporter: if the mess in short-term deal to increase the washington isn't solved, the debt ceiling for six weeks. v.a. will not be able to pay $6 billion due to more than w5 million people expecting checks. including veterans, their according to a lawmaker in the meeting. republicans are warming to the surviving spouses and children idea of a shorter deal, followed on november 1st. by negotiations with the president on reducing the debt and deficit. house budget committee chairman on the death benefits, pentagon
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paul ryan penned an op-ed in officials insist they told "the wall street journal" that congress, they told white house officials that the death did not even mention gop demands benefits would not be paid if to delay or defund obama care but tea party-backed republicans the government shut down. still want that fight. some in congress said they didn't get that information and after a brief debt ceiling that the pentagon should have been able to fix it right away. increase and are arguing against chris? >> barbara, thank you for the ending the government shutdown. reporting this morning. >> i would do a debt ceiling breaking news to tell you about from overnight. increase for six weeks so the president can negotiate with gunmen releasing libyan prime minister hours after they john boehner, and i would keep fighting on the continuing captured him from a tripoli resolution and obama care. >> reporter: in interviews with hotel. local news stations, president obama was asked to explain his own vote against raising the the raid over the weekend led to debt ceiling in 2006. the capture of the one of the >> i voted against a debt fbi's most wanted al qaeda operatives. ceiling increase at the time because i have some concerns let's bring in kninic robertson about what president bush was doing. following the developments live >> reporter: specifically the in tripoli. bush tax cuts. what do we know about why they and he argued it's okay for took this man? >> reporter: kidnappers say they certain republicans to protest took him because he had broken the law, saying that he was policies with a no vote but he said there must be a vote. trying to harm the nation. >> there should never be a he has said since he's been released less than an hour ago, proposition where the speaker of that the kidnappers tried to the house is not willing to put force him to quit. he said he wasn't forced to those votes to the floor right
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quit. he is still the prime minister. now. >> reporter: congress isn't faring well in this budget ministers i talked to, the justice minister, other ministers all say they were concerned about just such a fight. failing insecurity here because a new gallup poll shows the united states came in and republicans with a 28% favorable they say, abducted al libi. right, down ten points from last month. the democrats slid four points to 4 %. a white house official i spoke this seems to be connected to with said president obama was that arrest over the weekend. looking forward to explaining his case to all of the house >> what is this an indication republicans today at the white of? could al qaeda be able to take house, but house republican advantage of this situation in leaders said that they want to libya going forward? does it show their strength? negotiate. and they don't feel they can do that with 200 plus members in the room, kate. can you imagine the drama of president obama in the same room, perhaps, with some of the >> reporter: it's an exclude key party republicans who he's indication of that. blaming for the shutdown and for al qaeda, another radical holding up the debt ceiling? >> brianna, some would argue islamic element do make up some of the militias here. libya is one of the most wealthy that's what needs to happen. get together, fight it out, stay african nations. it is literally right on the in there until you get it done. not this time. edge of europe and al qaeda's >> yes. >> thanks so much. been trying to set up camp, have at least one horrible wrong has been righted ten days into
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set up camps here with the the government shutdown. a charity with a long history of intention of targeting western helping the country's men and interests inside europe. add to that, al qaeda here who women in the military is doing what congress has not. has been been threatening to kidnap americans in retaliation paying death benefits to the grieving military families for that arrest of al libi. trying to bury their fallen loved ones. >> nic, thank you very much. cnn's barbara starr is live at the pentagon following this side appreciate you staying on the of the shutdown this morning. story for us. good morning, barbara. clearly a lot of headlines >> reporter: since the government shut down about two we're watching. let's get straight to michaela dozen troops have died, some in for the latest. >> good morning, guys. the war zone, some back here at a car bomb detonating home. overnight in the sinai peninsula, killing four egyptian soldiers and wounding five others. this following an announcement a temporary solution for the by the obama administration that families but still a lot of questions about how did it ever get this far. a temporary freeze has been at this air force base, placed on some military aid to 24-year-old army ranger cody patterson came home to his family. egypt because of the coup that as defense secretary chuck hagel ousted president mohamed morsi, paid his respects, unbearable the u.s. will not deliver some grief for families made much worse because the government big ticket items to cairo, shutdown left them without death benefits. including $260 million in cash marine lance corporal jeremiah michael collins' assistance and warplanes. remains were brought monday to malala winning the european dover. his mother shannon says he was a great marine.
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>> he became a marine to become somebody. parliament prize honoring he became a great marine. freedom of thought. she's hailed as a brave advocate >> reporter: the white house for education. you might recall malala was shot wednesday promised a quick fix to a problem that had become a by taliban militants trying to silence her for supporting p.r. disaster. the president says he acted as education for girls in pakistan. soon as he heard the problem. malala is considered a favorite for the nobel peace prize. >> when i heard about this story, i told the department of i want to show you this defense, within our image, how terrifying, two men administrative powers, we should in this hot air balloon rushed be able to get that fixed. to the hospital. >> reporter: top aides were urgently working on a solution. the pentagon signed a contract with fisher house foundation, a that balloon exploded into a fireball and plummeted 40 feet private organization that helps war wounded. to the ground. the accident happening during the albuquerque national balloon fisher house will pay the festival wednesday. family's bills and a $100,000 organizers say the two are being death benefit. the government will pay it back treated for burns. when the shutdown ends. police say one of those men had but for veterans, a looming disaster if the shutdown severe burns to his face and continues much longer. chest. much more coming up later in our show. three airline flights having more than 3 million receive disability checks that may not come on november 1st. trouble reaching their destinations. a southwest jet heading from many new veterans from iraq and afghanistan still waiting to be austin to ft. lauderdale approved for disability payments
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diverted to houston. will have to keep waiting. no injuries reported there. a delta flight from atlanta to >> roughly 1,400 veterans a day munich, germany, made an are now not receiving decisions on their disability compensation unexpected stop at jfk in new claims. york. an unruly passenger was the >> reporter: if the mess in washington isn't solved, the reason. v.a. will not be able to pay $6 and a japan airlines dreamliner billion due to more than 5 went back to tokyo because of million people expecting checks. concerns over the de-icing including veterans, their system. the amelia earhart memorial surviving spouses and children on november 1st. bridge connecting kansas to missouri, no more. imploded in a matter of seconds. but on the disaster, the pr political disaster of the death 200 explosives were used. the span carried cars across the benefits, the pentagon says it has long warned congress and missouri river since the 1930s. a new four-lane bridge has been white house officials that it would not be able to pay death built to replace it. benefits if the government shut that demolition had to be delayed ten minutes. down. some in congress said they didn't get the word. crews found people creeping past chris? >> too consumed with less the safety blockades. important things down there, the politics of it. barbara starr, thank you very much for reporting this morning. never wise when an explosion is breaking overnight, libya's imminent. prime minister kidnapped by might be obvious but it had to be said. gunmen and then released just >> maybe not obvious enough for hours later. the incident is thought to be some sort of pay back for some. let's get to indra libya's role in the capture of a
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petersons, keeping track of the latest forecast for us this top al qaeda terrorist that u.s. morning. >> morning. forces captured. i think we need the smarter word of the day. that's our new one for things senior international like that. correspondent nic robertson exactly. let's talk about rain, guys. following developments from tripoli. the system continues to make its way up the coastline. it is going to linger. this will be a very slow-moving system that will affect many of this is a bizarre situation. us, the mid-atlantic and the northeast through the weekend. let's remind you, winds go >> reporter: the militia that kidnapped the prime minister clockwise around a high, this morning is one that's been counterclockwise around a low. sanctioned by libyan lawmakers you put them close to each other to be part of law enforcement here in tripoli. you'll get strong northeastly it's an indication that the winds, gusting 40, 45 miles an hour. cold and rainy, as well as government is realizing its windy. this will be the story again for worse fears over the capture of some time, keeping in mind it's lingering, let's talk about how abu anas over the weekend. much rain is expected. they were worried about a you're pulling in the moisture, backlash, particularly coming from islamist militias, not 3 to 5 inches of rain possible in the mid-atlantic over the clear they were the islamists next several days. it will be a tough spot. were behind the kidnapping of if you want to see it day by the prime minister but it's exactly what the government was day, people trying to make your worried about, shows that weekend plans. of course it stays pretty much fragility and shows the reason why 200 marines were moved from
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almost in the exact same place on saturday. that ill with be a tough spot their base in spain, u.s. there. marines, and moved to italy to temperaturewise, we know by now that cool air is in place. be much closer here to the we'll be below normal in a lot embassy in tripoli should that of places. need arise, chris. >> and that leads to the a lot of places 5 to 10 degrees question of what happens next? is this a situation now where cooler than where we should be. you'll need to see some type of i just rained it out all weekend. u.s. involvement or more >> did you buy a sweater yet? bolstering of the surrounding >> i have one or two. getting there. areas because of how easily that was pulled off? >> some fashion challenges. >> didn't know indra was so >> what i'm told, this is going willing to punish on the weather. to lead to is essentially an end >> now you know. >> rained out the whole weekend. to the political process. >> be warned. >> had i known i would have you'll have politicians that it will be a shell, if you will. adjusted tone sooner. you look great today by the way. a much greater focus of the >> thank you. >> nice to have you here. stakeholders here, that is the >> thanks, indra. united states and other european coming up on "new day," partners who are interested in stranded 140 feet in midair, a boosting the security of libyan security services. dozen people on a roller coaster getting more than they bargained the people associated with libya for at universal studios. who understand the situation how did this happen? it's supposed to be a thrill here, have been writing reports about the dwindling power of the ride but not this thrilling. government and the rise of the we'll tell you. a seventh arrest in that armed militias, particularly beating of an suv driver about i those tied to al qaeda, those a group of bikers, this as a new who were perhaps involved in the york plea police officer appears attack on the u.s. consulate in
3:14 am
in court charged with taking part in the brutal incident. benghazi last year. what his lawyer is saying now, coming up. the rise of those groups. they think now that there will be much greater focus. ♪ and that support to build the security services here to thwart the growth of al qaeda here, that's what they expect to happen or hope at least will ♪ happen, chris. >> nic, thank you very much for the reporting and perspective this morning. ♪ back here at home, you can talk about an overt-the-top ♪ always go the extra mile. thrill ride. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. people getting quite a view in my doctor and i went with axiron, orlando last night when the roller coaster malfunctioned the only underarm low t treatment. leaving them stranded for hours. axiron can restore t levels to normal more than 100 feet in the air. cnn's pamela brown is here, in about 2 weeks in most men. tracking this story. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 so what happened, pamela? >> i don't think this is the or men with prostate or breast cancer. experience these thrill seekers women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant were going after. certainly as we saw there in that video. and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied a technical glitch left them sitting in a 90 degree position as unexpected signs of puberty in children at the top of orlando's tallest roller coaster ride for nearly or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. 2 1/2 hours. report these symptoms to your doctor.
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tell your doctor about all every roller coaster rider's medical conditions and medications. worst nightmare caught on camera serious side effects could include increased risk wednesday night. of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; this cell phone video shows 12 people suspended 140 feet in the enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; air in the dark of night, trapped on the hollywood rip and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include ride rocket at orlando's skin redness or irritation where applied, universal studios. increased red blood cell count, >> this has got to be one of the headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. scare rest things for something ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, to go through while they're on axiron. roller coaster. >> reporter: passengers were stuck on a vertical incline for nearly 2 1/2 hours. a position this father and his daughter were relieved to have missed. they rode the coasters minutes before the malfunction. >> she was scared half to death about it, but i said it will be take, they take good care of their stuff. thank goodness it wasn't us. >> reporter: the coaster came screeching to a halt around 7:00 p.m. due to a technical glitch. >> they're stuck in this position and hopefully they can get the cars in motion and get these people off of this ride. >> reporter: orlando fire rescue crews used an elevator to get to the peak of the dropoff.
3:16 am
almost two hours after the malfunction. >> once we got it to a horizontal position, our guys can put the victims in harnesses and were able to walk them off the ride. >> reporter: firefighters began carefully removing the riders, slowly guiding them down the stairs with flashlights to the elevator platform. all 12 thrill seekers finally touched the ground at 9:30. a park spokesperson saying one female passenger was transported to the hospital for neck and back pain. in this case, have been repo-- other injuries have been reported from the roller coaster. a universal studio spokesperson telling cnn they're investigating what happened on the ride before it re-opens. >> making matters worse, it was at night, sitting there suspended in the air. >> the concern becomes are we
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picking out the exempticeptions the rule? >> how they're regulated versus not regulated. it's gray with these amusement parks. seem to be a lot of these stories. >> i've covered a few in the past couple of months. >> you're absolutely right. you have, pamela. >> thank you. let's get straight to michaela for the headlines. good morning to you at home new this morning, four egyptian soldiers killed, five wounded after a car bomb explosion in welcome back. a frightening ride for a dozen the sinai peninsula. people when a roller coaster government forces have been under repeated attack in that malfunctioned at the universal area. studios theme park in florida. the obama administration stopped sending major military aid to riders were stranded high above egypt because of the orlando for more than two hours last night. government's violent crackdown this is the latest in a string on the muslim brotherhood. just in to cnn, 82-year-old of stories that raise concerns about amusement park safety. canadian alice monroe has just cnn's pamela brown following the been named the winner of the story for us. nobel prize for literature. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to the selection committee called you. a frightening experience, these monroe a master of the riders getting way more of a contemporary short story. thrill than they bargained for. the much acclaimed writer was what should have been a quick thrill ride turned into a long awarded for her story that
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night of terror. focused on the frailties of the 12 passengers stuck 140 feet in the air. human condition. after a technical glitch. a retired west virginia those riders sitting in a 90 police officer armed with an assault weapon and handgun shot degree position for nearly 2 1/2 to death by police after opening fire on a federal courthouse. hours at the top of orlando's tallest roller coaster, the former officer thomas picard retired back in 2000 after 20 hollywood rip ride rocket before safely making it back to the ground. years on the force. witnesses say he fired up to two every roller coaster rider's dozen shots yesterday afternoon before police took him down. worst nightmare caught on camera two court security guards were wednesday night. treated for minor injuries. this cell phone video shows 12 no word yet on a possible people suspended 140 feet in the motive. a total of seven air in the dark of night, motorcyclists have been charged in connection with the attack on trapped on the hollywood rip an suv and its driver in new ride rocket at hollywood orlando york city. this latest arrest coming last university studios. night, 31-year-old james kuhn >> this has got to be one of the faces gang assault and other scare rest things for something charges. one of the suspects is an nypd to go through. detective. he was arraigned in court >> reporter: passengers were stuck on a vertical incline for nearly 2 1/2 hours. wednesday. prosecutors believe he was an a position this father and his daughter were relieved to have active participant in that attack. missed. they rode the coasters minutes the usda is demanding foster before the malfunction. farms, the farm indicated in the >> they take good care of this salmonella outbreak onrespond to stuff. thank goodness it wasn't us. later than today with a solution
3:19 am
>> reporter: the coaster came to the problem. that agency threatening to close screeching to a halt around 7:00 p.m. due to a technical glitch. >> they're stuck in this three poultry plants. in a letter, the usda said position and hopefully they can sanitary conditions at their get the cars in motion and get facilities were so poor that these people off of this ride. they posed a serious ongoing >> reporter: orlando fire rescue threat to public health. crews used an elevator to get to some stunning video from midland county, texas. look at this. the peak of the dropoff. >> once we got to to a a freight train hitting a horizontal position, our guys tractor-trailer at a railroad can put the victims in harnesses crossing. apparently the truck was stuck and were able to walk them off the ride. there. the impact sending the truck's >> reporter: firefighters began carefully removing the riders, slowly guiding them down the flat bed full of pipes flying all over the place. stairs with flashlights to the the train pushed the big rig elevator platform. all 1 thrill seekers finally down the tracks for about a half touched the ground at 9:30. mile. the driver of the semi just left a parks spokesperson saying one the cab before the crash. female passenger was transported it still takes your breath away. to the hospital for neck and back pain. >> scary for the train no other injuries were reported. conductor. >> nothing he can do at that a universal studio spokesperson telling cnn they're point. >> people complain about those. investigating what happened on the ride before it re-opens. the bells, the crossing, what do >> scary night for those folks. we need those for?
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a precarious situation. my goodness. thanks, pamela. >> when you see things a lot, >> thank you. a seventh arrest in that there's a reason for it. the media finds those -- it happens a lot for a reason. violent clash between a group of bikers and a family driving an >> it's happening. let's get back over to indra suv. more information about this motorcyclist facing charges, including a new york city for another check of the undercover detective. the off-duty officer appeared in forecast. >> we have a big rainmaker that will be hanging along the court on charges of gang assault. his lawyers say he did nothing coastline all weekend long. wrong. it is so slow moving, that's cnn's susan candiotti has more. going to be the hardest part about this. it's not going to be just rain. >> reporter: here's the undercover off-duty veteran new winds go clockwise around a york detective now standing high, counterclockwise around a low. you put those guys close to each other, you're talking about accused of assault. prosecutors described him in strong winds. detail, including what he was wearing. northeastly winds will be out as matching this video of the there, rough seas. 40, 45 miles per hour. defendant next to the suv as it let's take a look at the pattern. notice this pattern stays with us as we go through the weekend. momentarily stops after running over bikers, critically injuring we'll get very familiar here with kind of cold, rainy, wet one. he's seen again just before the pattern. take a look at how much rain suv's driver is dragged out of his vehicle and beaten. we're expecting from 3 to 5 yet to hear some tell it, these inches in the mid-atlantic. videos of alexei lein under it brings that moisture off the coastline right into the inland
3:21 am
area. attack aren't all they seen. >> the video will exonerate our take it day by day, here you go. thursday, we're seeing through client. >> reporter: that's the video d.c., south of new york, making its way in through new york city. for wojciech. by tomorrow, still lingering in the region. i'll show you saturday as well. it doesn't look different. by sunday it should start to taper out. that ill, the good news. temperaturewise, on the cool side, 5, 10 degrees below >> they allege he struck the normal. rear portion, hatchback window >> not a friend. >> in the a -- not a friend? which has a gaping hole already in it. it's already destroyed. >> he would be something less than that. under the law, it's a fatal he, she, it. flaw. frenemy. >> we all have a couple of you can't break what's already those. >> thanks, indra. broken. >> reporter: prosecutors say the detective told them different >> coming up on "new day," stories. at first, a law enforcement official says the officer america's biggest ceos are sounding the alarm about the implied he was working under need to end the government cover, not reporting the shutdown. now pricewaterhousecoopers ceo incident for fear of blowing his cover. robert morris is here to explain then the story allegedly changed the stakes. >> interesting to get his take on this whole thing. from not seeing the attack to >> also this ahead, if you've
3:22 am
seeing it from a distance. >> this defendant also did nothing to stop it, including ever been on the subway you may not calling 911. wonder how this could happen. besides not even making that a man pulls out a gun, shoots a phone call, the defendant failed man on a train. to properly report being present no one seems to notice. for these events until two days is the obsession with technology to blame? 11 major brands to choose from? later. >> reporter: braszczok's your ford dealer. attorney didn't reveal that. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. a second off-duty officer who has the low price tire guarantee, questioned was riding with affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? braszczok but was not involved your ford dealer. in the attack. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. yet another civilian biker get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy arrested wednesday night, is accused of using his helmet to four select tires with the ford service credit card. pound the suv driver on the where'd you get that sweater vest? ground. the suspect turned himself in your ford dealer. and is expected in court today. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> this has been so difficult, even with all the go pro and other video they had. imagine if they didn't have it. >> very good point. >> an investigation of this kind, finding the people, coordinating stories. that's what this story seems like it's dragging. it's moving faster than it might make my mark i wawith pride.ork. otherwise. create moments of value.
3:23 am
>> because of the video they have. >> we take a break. build character through quality. coming up on "new day," more and earn the right to be called a classic. than 200 republicans were the lands' end no iron dress shirt. invited, only 18 will be showing. starting at 49 dollars. but they are the leadership. could they emerge with a deal to raise the debt limit? his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief is that good enough? of two aleve for six tylenol? and a 9-year-old boy slipped what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? past security in minneapolis and no. on to a flight in las vegas. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. you know that part of the story. now you'll hear from his father who is desperate and begging for help for his son. new brakes help you stop faster and safer.
3:24 am
congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches?
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i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. that's why they deserve... a brake dance. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. all right. it is monday time. while the shutdown continues and the debt ceiling looms, big business leaders are speaking up.
3:26 am
joining us is one of those calling for a change in course, mr. robert e. morris, chairman and ceo of pricewaterhousecoopers. thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. thanks very much. >> what is your message to congress? >> well, very simply, you have two-thirds of the ceos across the u.s. extremely concerned about the government's reaction to the various issues we're dealing with. and the message that the ceos are bringing is, hey, you've got to take the responsibility to get in a room, think long term, compromise and see through this problem. today you've got ceos that are frustrated, ceos that are numb to this and ceos that are doing scenario planning because of the significant impact on their business because of the uncertainty that the government inaction is taking today and the impact it has on their business. >> do you accept the logger head that the republicans have pushed it too far, the democrats say we ♪ this is our day cannot negotiate?
3:27 am
would you accept that in the business environment? >> announcer: you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> from my perspective, both >> welcome back to "new day," sides are at fault. thursday, october 10th. the reality is each of our coming up in the show, the boy elected officials, just like who flew without a ticket to las ceos today have to figure out vegas. as we have been saying here on way to get in a room, think "new day" from jump, this story is not just about airport about the morass that goes on security, it's about a family, a and get in a room and family who says they are in compromise. each side today, i think is trouble. you'll hear from the father this morning. he's talking about how his pleas taking an inappropriate position in terms of what needs to be for help with his son fell on done here and is not actually deaf ears until now. acting as elected officials. and a popular weight loss and our message from the fix the pill, where the risks could far debt campaign is all about calling our elected officials to outweigh the rewards. the government is telling stores say, hey, i support you, i know to pull it and people to stop you have to take tough taking it. decisions. we have to do it each and every more about that, coming up. day. get in a room, think long term first, we bring you up to and get this thing dealt with so date on the latest news. cnn has learned that republican it's more than a short-term fix. house members are getting a my belief is we'll get past the proposal to raise the debt ceiling for a few weeks while debt issue. the reality is i think we'll be keeping the government shut down. top gop leaders set to meet with back at the table yet again. the president today. >> that's where we are. a house democrat tells cnn the if the best they can do on just president would likely agree to a short-term fix on the debt a short-term deal to avoid a ceiling that doesn't re-open the
3:28 am
default. in the meantime, the fisher government, is that good enough or more of the same. house foundation will cover >> it's more of the same. death benefits for military the reality, people need to families during the shutdown. understand the big picture here. the u.s. economy and it's status libyan prime minister ali in the global basis is actually zeidan kidnapped at dawn by a extremely important. group of armed rebels but then ceos around the world, politicians around the world, freed hours later. government officials around the world actually are relying on he issued this tweet, if someone the u.s. they see that as a positive in thought that abducting me with terms of what's happening in the the intention of forcing me to u.s. over the last few years. submit my resignation, i tell it's what i'll call the saving them, i will not redesigsign. grace and the beacon of light that others are looking towards. not only are we dealing with problems inside the state, the prime minister is in good health following his release. others outside the states that the judge in the aurora, want to invest here can see a degree of confidence. colorado shooting case says the this is decreasing their confidence level because of the case for james holmes could last three months. uncertainty, as a result, makes matters worse for additional he is charged with killing 12 people, wounding 70 others in investment from the outside, looking to the u.s. to lead. that movie massacre last year. >> let me poke holes at that. he has pleaded not guilty by moody's said it doesn't matter reason of insanity. what happens with the debt prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. ceiling. that trial is set to begin in these types of things have happened before. february. the number two of u.s. it happened in 2011. nuclear forces now relieved of you're playing domino theory duty.
3:29 am
the navy has already suspended here. in all likelihood the government has plenty of money to pay its bills far after the ceiling expires. vice admiral tim jgiardina. >> i would agree with the statement from this perspective. i don't think anyone in their he will drop in rank because of right mind wants to force them the loss of his command. a man who likes to dress up to do over the debt ceiling and like elmo from "sesame street" into default. it's irrational, illogical. has gotten a year behind bars the debt ceiling is one of for trying to blackmail the girl several issues we're dealing with. scouts. you have the government shutdown issue and major budget issues dan sandler threatened to spread the false rumor that the group that we're worried about over the long term when you look at was setting up sexual encounters our planning from here forward. if it didn't pay $2 million. the degree of confidence from the outside or the degree of he was busted for stalking a confidence from inside is shaken because of the uncertainty of female scout employee. the totality of what's going on sandler was convicted last year right now. for harassing tourists and >> what do you think the chances shouting anti-semitic slurs in are that if this is a short-term deal and the government stays shut down and they can't get it times square all while dressed up in his elmo outfit. not the spirit that elmo done, that there winds up being intended. >> what does the elmo part have major consequences? to do with the other part. what's the chance that that actually happens? >> i think there are consequences that will come. >> i don't think it has anything to do with it. so i believe personally that the debt ceiling will be dealt with,
3:30 am
we'll kick the can down the road >> there's all this other dark or figure out a way to extend stuff. it. i do worry about the combination >> right, what's the chance of of irresponsible fiscal planning. that? and the impact it has to "a," >> icky. >> slim. confidence and "b," the impact >> is there such thing as an directly on business. we're seeing it today. icky chance. >> there is now. >> put it in the book. there's airline and defense industries that are impacted. hash tag. retail and consumer impacts that our political gut check, president obama will meet with a are happening. group of house republican leaders at the white house where government is big in local today. there's word a deal over the communities, small business is debt ceiling, even a short-term being impact. one could be in sight. they're unwilling to invest is this a way out of all of it higher because of the for all of them? uncertainty. they are seeing a reduced cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to break it down for us. so john, the president following spending. the meeting with house democrats it does have an impact. at some point in time, the stock market comes into play here as yesterday is kind of offering the clearest sign yet that he's well. >> give me a quick yes, no on open to a short-term extension of raising the debt ceiling. something. your perspective will be valuable to congress. and house republicans giving your donations even more so. some indication that they're are you or other ceos to your moving in that direction as knowledge calling up lawmakers well. do you think this is real and saying if you don't get this momentum that we're seeing, done, i'm not going to give you finally? >> finally, yes but i would add any money? >> the answer is yes. you see ceos doing that today. a capital "b," but, believe it we're considering as well.
3:31 am
we are trying to get the money when you see it, if you will. a big meeting, the republican that we believe are doing the right things, have the right leadership will go to the white house. debates and are willing to push perhaps by tonight or this time the agenda and step aside their tomorrow we'll see some signs. political positions to do what's on the clear question just of right for the u.s. economy and the debt ceiling, the president the people. says he's open to an extension. >> that's what they listen to house republicans are trying to the most. mr. morris, thank you for sell their rank and file on approximately six weeks. joining "new day" today. appreciate the perspective. >> happy to be here, chris. thanks very much. what do you know? what do you think about this? you'd raise the debt ceiling so the government can pay its this is what it's all about. bills. what did you think about what that is the outline of the deal house republicans want to try to mr. morris had to say and about sell today that would get us the situation going forward? through what the president says would be a catastrophe, not great perspective. an amazing and terrifying raising the debt ceiling. it would not deal with what we picture, up next on "new day," call a crisis, that is as a hot air balloons clips re-opening the government. we'd still have government by power liens in new mexico and band-aid but perhaps one that plummets toward the ground. would lower the temperature just makes you wonder how the men a bit. >> so there's still a big riding in the balloon survived. we have an update, coming up. difference as you're indicating a man pulls out a gun in between getting this extension and getting the government fully open again. that's one thing they have to plain sight on a san francisco deal with. train. you have these meetings at the no one seems to notice until a white house today, senate fatal shot is fired. democrats, house republican why was everyone so distracted leaders meeting with the on that train?
3:32 am
president separately. do you think this is a sign at least they're now talking since ♪ they're finally meeting? or is this -- i don't want to be ♪ cynical, but how can you not be, another instance of checking the box to say you tried if things don't work out. >> if things don't work out, that's just what it will be. it's hard not to be cynical. i'm the guy that said i've known some of these people for 15 or 20 years, there's no way they'll shut the government down. they understand the stakes, there's no way they'll take us to the verge of default. usually we use these terms when talking about the israelis or palestinians. or talking with iran. if the president can sit down with house republicans, not agree but at least start to ♪ make my mark i wawith pride.ork. understand each other a little create moments of value. better, respect each other a little better or at least find a build character through quality. common interest. and earn the right to be called a classic. as we said yesterday, in some ways, the president even though the lands' end no iron dress shirt. he's winning politically here to a degree, needs to help john starting at 49 dollars. boehner if he wants to get anything done for the rest of his presidency or at least over
3:33 am
the next year and a half or so. you raise her spirits. they have common goals even if we tackled your shoulder pain. they're more cynical political goals. let's see if they can agree on you make him rookie of the year. something. >> no kidding. there was a gallup poll released we took care of your cold symptoms. yesterday that's getting a lot of attention. the republican party's favorable you take him on an adventure. rating now at 28%, a record low tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand in gallup polling. that's down 10% from just -- ten of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. points from just last month. as this fight drags on, we've said all along, the republicans tylenol®. while everyone is being blamed for the shutdown and this losing thrusters. i need more power. crisis, republicans are taking more of the blame. give me more power! do you get a sense that [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. republicans are concerned about these numbers when you see that a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine 28% at the moment? or do they think they're in the that optimizes raw data to help safely discover middle of a fight, they have to and maximize resources in extreme conditions. deal with this fight and they can make up for the favorable our current situation seems rather extreme. rating later? >> an overwhelming majority of why can't we maximize our... ready. republicans get this, kate. ♪ they know they're coming out of brilliant. let's get out of here. two presidential election cycles warp speed. where they have other problems. ♪ they can't get the vote of people of color.
3:34 am
urban and suburban government are more reliant on government than rural america. that gallup poll shows you it's getting worse, not better. the hard part is trying to sell this to an individual house member who's going home it a district where he or she got 55, 60, 65% or maybe was unopposed in the last election. they worry about back home. that's the split you have right now as the speaker and other leaders try, first, let's see if they can get a debt ceiling deal today. they have to deal with the question, can they get the conservatives to drop their obsession with obama care and re-open the government somehow. >> today we could see a first step maybe. let's have hope while we can. >> let's hope we're having a more happy friday by tomorrow. >> we can hope. thanks, john. every friday is happy, first of all. the polls clearly show it takes two to tango.
3:35 am
i think that's one part that's ignored. the polls show there's a little bit of unequal thing. the left has the equivalency narrative when you're saying democrats are somehow involved. of course they are. of course it takes both sides. you see it in the polls and the practicality. both sides, hopefully move forward together. coming up on "new day," a dad who says he can't control his 9-year-old son. you've been hearing about this boy, the one who somehow got welcome back to "new day," it is thursday, the 10th of past tsa agents on to the plane, october. want to bring you up to date on went to vegas. the latest news. turns out there's a lot more to cnn has learned republican house the story. members are getting a proposal going on in this family, the ready to temporarily raise the boy's father has something he debt ceiling, likely for four to six weeks. wants everyone to know. but still keep the government also ahead, a popular diet shut down. supplement linked to liver top gop leaders are set to meet with the president later today. in the meantime, the fisher dama house foundation will cover damage in more than two dozen death benefits for military families during the shutdown as people. one person even died from this. now the product is being pulled congress works on a bill. from store shelves. what you need to know, ahead. libya's prime minister kidnapped, armed rebels pulling
3:36 am
ali zeidan out of a hotel. to serve met current and former military members and their families he was unharmed. a stunning development in is without equal. the case of a georgia teen found begin your legacy. dead in a high school gym. get an auto insurance quote. cnn has learned that parts of usaa. we know what it means to serve. kendrick johnson's body was stuffed with newspaper before his burial. this revelation adding fuel to the fire that kendrick's cause of death is being covered up. he was found dead in a rolled up gym mat in january, his death ruled accidental. his parents, however, aren't buying that. i'm bethand i'm michelle. hensley and danny have and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase something to tell their baby for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online when he grows up. instantly with the game changing app from ink. she went into labor and had to drive herself to the hospital. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, she pulled into his husband's that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, station, who was at work, hopped we like interacting with people. into the ambulance with his partner behind the wheel. so you have time to focus on the things you love.
3:37 am
but by the time they arrived at ink from chase. the hospital, they had done the so you can. work. little owen arrived, 7 pounds, 7 ounces. mom and baby are reportedly doing just fine. dad doing his job. check and check. >> never been more nervous in his life. >> the clarity she had. >> she is awesome. and your baby is adorable. >> i know. and healthy, most important. >> exactly. a startling scene in new mexico to tell you about this morning. two men rushed to the hospital. just take a look at that picture, after their hot air balloon crashes into power liens, seems to explode into a fireball and then plummets 40 feet to the ground. "early start" anchor zoraida sambolin is here with more on this. that pictures tells you. >> it looks terrible, doesn't it? >> yes. >> the accident happening in albuquerque on wednesday. 59-year-old mark kilgore and 66-year-old daniel lavoto are being treated for burns. a ball of flames lights the sky outside of albuquerque, new
3:38 am
mexico wednesday as a hot air balloon catches fire midflight at the international balloon fiesta festival. two men are trapped inside. one more time, just for themselves. the balloon ignited after hitting a power line. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. >> at that point there was an explosion, shot flames out about smile. 20 feet to the side. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... i saw him slump. i didn't know about the condition. at that point the gondola really started to drop. there was a connection that started it all >> reporter: both victims must be dragged out of the burning balloon. and made the future they are now in the hospital, the wonderful thing it turned out to be... suffering severe burns. at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, frightening ballooning accidents like this one are extremely but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. rare. the national transportation safety board has investigated waffle bars... only 760 accidents in the united fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... states since 1964. so join the loyalty program that lets and 67 of those have been fatal. you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members in january, an entire wedding can win a free night every day. only at party survived crash landing behind a house in san diego. the bride and groom made it to their reception after the accident. but sometimes incidents are deadly. just this february, 19 tourists
3:39 am
in egypt were killed when a hot air balloon burst into flames and plummeted to the ground. and last year, 11 people were killed in new zealand when a balloon exploded after striking a power line. >> accidents have been pretty welcome back to "new day." common at this event in indra petersons is here with what you need to know before you albuquerque. a local station says a balloon head out the door this morning. hit a power pole saturday and what can we expect. then on sunday, another one hit >> i wish i could say good news some power lines. but unfortunately i'm getting both managed to land safely. yelled at a lot this morning. we are happy to report. it all has to do with the rain but when it's bad news, it's really bad news. heading our way or depending >> it looks so scary. where you are, is already there. it's a slow-moving system. >> couldn't imagine being in it. >> exactly. >> from far away it's scary, get comfortable with this guy. it's your new friend as you go imagine being there. through the weekend. are you ready for this look at the amount of rainfall story? clueless or scared stiff? we're expecting in the that's the question being raised mid-atlantic and northeast over by the story out of san the next several days. this is for the next three days. francisco. here's the situation. a brazen shooting happens on a 3 to 5 in the mid-atlantic. crowded subway car. the reason for that, it will the killer is caught on surveillance video apparently hang there, pull in the moisture choosing the victim at random. from the coast day by day. the bizarre part that raises the we add in the winds, get a high question, before he fires, he waves the gun around, even and low close to each other. points it at people.
3:40 am
no one seems to bat an eyelash. beach erosion will also be a what had riders so distracted? concern over the next couple days. the temperatures, also cool. obviously you have a storm in the area. cnn's kyung lah explains. we are talking about below >> reporter: the man looks normal temperatures in many agitated, shifting back and places. even 10 degrees below for fall. forth, sometimes 13450smiling f d.c. just into the 50s. reason. it's 9:30 at night. where can i go? the san francisco muni car is go to the middle of the country. that's where temperatures are crowded with a dozen other good, 15 degrees above normal. passengers. police say this man is armed and about to murder someone. it is beautiful there. what happens next is something once you go to the pacific we can't show you. northwest you see the big contrast between the middle of the gunman lifts his weapon, the country and west of it. three to four times in plain every time we see that, we'll be view. talking about the threat for the dozen or so other baenpasses severe weather. thanks to the system moving out of the rockies, from the dakotas on the train, none of them to the panhandle of texas. notices. why? we'll be concerned with heavy according to the prosecutor, their faces were buried in their thunderstorms. hope everyone has -- is this cell phones. football weather? i don't know, kate. it's not until the gunfires that you like the football, rainy, people look up. shot in the back and killed, nice, cold, windy. >> every kind of weather is 20-year-old justin valdez, a football weather. just remember that. >> done deal then. >> absolutely. promising san francisco state >> makes my job easy. >> thank you for the weather. student, seemingly picked at again, you look very nice this morning. random. he was simply heading home after classes that night. >> how close are these people to
3:41 am
him. >> two to three feet away from i want to talk to you about him. >> reporter: san francisco's district attorney is disheartened that no one was the story about the 9-year-old paying attention. kid that found his way on to a >> we're seeing people so disconnected with their plane and went to vegas. surroundings. we know this is not unique. the father wanted to hold a we're seeing people being press conference. robbed. people are getting hurt. he wants to reveal information. the distraught father says he >> reporter: gus is as aghast as has a family in crisis, that he has been trying to do things but people were in 1964 when this now he's at the end of his rope. woman was brutally stabbed at her apartment building in cnn's miguel marquez is in queens, new york. minneapolis with the latest numerous people heard the attack but assumed others would call here. some real turns in this story, miguel. what do we know now? for help. >> reporter: the turns only get today, social phenomenon, people are too absorbed in their turnier, this chris is smartphones to be aware of brilliant, bored or bad, what's happening around him. >> it looks like he's turning possibly a mix of all three. into another driveway. the day before his >> reporter: it's common place to see examples of it. history-making flight to vegas, he was here at the airport, a man doesn't see a join the grabbed a bag off the carousal bear in front of him. and left. that's a bad boy. the day he went to vegas he was >> uh-oh. >> reporter: or another texter walking into a fountain. on escalators playing like any classmates of justin valdez are other 9-year-old would. feeling the impact of this then he got through the security barriers by following a family behavior. >> it's just people's stupidity, in. now, this bizarre press
3:42 am
conference by his father. i guess, and ignorance towards what's going on around them. >> reporter: there's no sign of this changing, as we watched at >> we're asking for help. >> a tearful and disguised the very train stop that valdez boarded for the last time, father of the 9-year-old, making students were still buried in their phones. a public cry for help. kyung lah, cnn, san francisco. >> we've been asking for help. >> sad. no one stepped up to help. >> the man says the last he knew >> i'm guilty of it. his rambunctious son took the we uhl look at these. trash out. let's not forget what the true next thing he knew for sure, his response but here is. kid was in vegas. it's the man with the gun that >> he's a 9-year-old child. decided to do a horrible act. that's where it begins and ends, really. he went through screening. >> good point. coming up next on "new day," he boarded the plane. how is that possible? here is a pretty provocative >> reporter: he says officers question for you. too intoxicated to be a killer? threatened to arrest him if he three people were convicted of physically punished his homicide in separate car troublesome son. crashes, now say they were too >> if i want my son i get locked drunk to understand what they up. were doing when taking the if i let my son keep on doing wheel. what he's doing, i get in we'll talk about this. how about this? trouble. >> reporter: just in the last the words healthy and obese few weeks the 9-year-old was can't go together, right? suspended from school for wrong. we'll tell you what research is fighting. that's when he not only stole telling us about the widening this delivery truck but waistlines and overall health in apparently purposely crashed it america.
3:43 am
into this squad car, the minneapolis star tribune found more. he had a history of riding the light rail to the water park and sneaking in with a large family. >> he is not a monster. >> he's just a kid with a lot of energy and creativity that needs to be channeled in a new direction. >> reporter: a defiant 9-year-old and family struggling to deal with him. now, the airport is reviewing its security arrangements based on this situation. we know this young man went through a hearing in vegas. that was closed and sealed. we expect him back here on friday. when he gets back here, my guess is he'll have a lot more attention on him. it might be more difficult to do this in the future. kate? >> very good point. thanks so much, miguel. let's go around the world, starting in cairo where people are reacting to the u.s.'s decision to cut off aid in egypt. ian lee has that. >> reporter: it's supposed to send a message to cairo by
3:44 am
withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid that washington is upset with the current pace of egypt's transition, back to democracy and violence on the streets. over 1,000 people have died in clashes with security forces since the army ousted the country's first freely elected president last july. no reaction from egyptian officials yet but the public is divided, some want the aid gone altogether while others are upset as this comes as the country fights a low-level insurgency. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much. to moscow where edward snowden, the national security agency's leaker now living there. could he be reuniting with his father today? phil black has more on this story. >> reporter: he arrived at the same airport his son spent six weeks living in earlier this year. he flew in from toronto, saying he's come to moscow to learn more about his son's situation, his health and legal options. he made it clear he doesn't speak to edward. they haven't been in direct
3:45 am
contact and he hopes the opportunity presents itself, they'll get to see each other. he thanked the russian people, the russian president for insuring his son's safety and freedom. a hungarian wing suit flyer has died after a jump into a gorge in china goes horribly wrong. pauline chiou has more on this. >> reporter: rescuers have found the body of victor kovacs. nearly 200 rescuers combed the rocky terrain to find him. an investigation is under way. it's believed he crashed into a cliff after his parachute didn't open. wing suit flyers wear specifically designed suit that slows down their descent but like skydiving, the flight is supposed to end with a parachute. back to you, kate. >> thank you. when we come back, we have a little bit of a diet alert for
3:46 am
you, a popular diet supplement has been pulled from shelves. we'll tell you why and why people are being warned to stop taking it immediately. we're getting a bit of a lesson in crawling, compliments of a pair of dogs and a baby. anything cuter? i doubt it. it's our must-see moment. who do you think is teaching who, however? >> good question. [ tires screech ] ♪ better question may be carry an umbrella or not. let's get to indra petersons at [ beeping ] the weather center for a look at the forecast. what do you know, my friend. ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. >> that's the question. does anyone have an umbrella? [ beeping ] >> that was a no. ♪ i thought that was a question, may things always go your way. michaela. we have a sideline the guy in the middle. uh-huh. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. here we go, either way, the rain is here whether you have the umbrella or not. toyota. let's go places, safely. such a cheesy weather line. here we go. we're talking about this system, it will hang out over the next several days. we're talking about not rain over one period of time but it's lingering day after day, we will start to accumulate a pretty
3:47 am
good amount. in the mid-atlantic, 3 to 5 inches of rain over the next three days. it's parking itself here. the other side of this is strong winds coming out of the northeast. gusty conditions in addition to the rainfall we're looking at. also, cool temperatures, notice, temperatures will be in a lot of places the highs today just into the upper 50s. averages should be the high 60s. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. make my mark i wawith pride.ork. it is below normal, again, create moments of value. across most of the northeast and build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. mid-atlantic. the other big storm in the pacific northwest starting to make its way out of the rockies. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. look for severe weather it looks like from south dakota into the starting at 49 dollars. panhandle of texas. back to you, kate. >> all right. thanks so much, indra. the question we've posed before the break and we're been talking about, too intoxicated to drive is one thing and too intoxicated to be guilty of murder? that's the question facing the new york state court of appeals. three people all convicted of second degree murder after they drove under the influence and killed victims in collisions, all three are appealing with this defense. they were too intoxicated to be
3:48 am
i bet you there are at least charged with murder. cnn's senior legal analyst three more turns in that case of jeffrey toobin is here to talk more about this. talk about a provocative the 9-year-old. question. >> really hard. >> it centers on the state of mind of these people who were charged. the legal question i was reading up on this, obviously. the person has shown a depraved indifference to human life. what does this mean? >> every crime has two parts. it has an act, you have to do something. >> right. >> you have to have intent. the question, these are all issues about intent. what count as murder? usually we think of murder as i want to kill this person and i killed them. like intentional murder. but you know, since the 1970s, the country has been so outraged about drunk driving, we want to try to increase the penalties as much as possible. so the question in these cases is, can you -- i mean, these people who were high, they were drunk, they didn't get up that morning and say i'm going to kill somebody. so it's not traditional murder. but was their behavior so awful,
3:49 am
was it so reckless, depraved, that it counts as murder, that we should punish it like murder? that's what the court is trying to decide. it's a hard question. >> the argument is we know the consequences of drinking and driving. we know the potential is there for people to be harmed. >> right. and traditionally, drunk driving homicides have been treated as manslaughter. they've been treated as unintentional murder. >> because somebody died in the end. >> somebody died. it's certainly a crime. what makes these cases different, they're not charging manslaughter. they're charging murder. they're charging it as if you're a hitman, setting out to kill somebody and the defendants are saying, look, what i did was bad but it wasn't that bad. >> because i wasn't in control. >> right. >> here it is. competing pressures. professor, tell me what you think about. the prosecutors want to get the highest value crime they can to send the strongest message. >> right. >> on the defense side you have people fighting for what is legally acceptable. when you say depraved mind, why?
3:50 am
welcome back to "new day." a popular weight loss supplement because that's more harsh than has been pulled from shelves. the fda is warning people to reckless. reckless it i knew this was stop taking it immediately. risky, i did it anyway. this supplement is suspected in two dozen cases of liver failure doesn't carry as big a punishment. and hepatitis and at least one death. depraved can mean something senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is at the cnn legally that winds up allowing you to escape responsibility. center with much, much more. what exactly is this supplement >> doesn't depraved somehow get and what are we learning about into an issue of mental illness it from investigators? then? >> michaela, this supplement is >> not really, no. marketed for weight loss. >> no. it's really just more about a back in september, scientists in bad mind. bad intent. >> okay. >> and i just think it's a real hawaii noticed, wow, we have sign of how the society has about seven people who have changed. until the 1970s, people didn't acute liver failure and used to be prosecuted at all for hepatitis and liver problems drunk driving homicides whonchs like that, all of them took the then will be the arbiter of how supplement. these were all people who had been previously healthy. drunk is too drunk to actually and they just couldn't figure it be guilty? >> juries. out until they figured out the that's what -- in these cases, link, which is that they had all taken the supplement. that was the whole issue in the now they're looking to see if case. perhaps there are more cases in in each of these cases at the other states. in hawaii one person died and trial, there was no doubt the person was driving the car, no two people have required liver doubt the person died. transplants. the only issue was, was their let's hear from the company that
3:51 am
makes oxyelite pro. here's what they have to say. the cluster of liver issues in state of mind bad enough to be considered depraved, to be hawaii is a complete mystery and considered murder? nothing like this has ever been the jury said yes. associated with oxyelite pro in all of the years our products they are looking at 25 to life. have been on the market. we know of no credible evidence the court of appeals, the linking oxyelite pro to liver highest court is deciding issues. the company says we've taken it whether that's legitimate. >> if you look at it legally, it off the market out of an winds up running contrary to what you want to happen on a human level. abundance of caution. here's why. if you are drunk, intoxicated, >> this is not the first time this company that makes oxyelite how do you form the intent that pro has had trouble. >> last year the fda said, wait is necessary for these crimes? almost by definition you're not a second, you're using an thinking straight. and that's what the jury has to ingredient that's illegal and could be linked to heart attacks. wrestle with, whether they the company took it out. reward the defendant for being there is a history here, so messed up they can't think michaela. >> how does this happen? straight. because ultimately the law would these supplements like other allow for that. supplements, they're regulated, and that's why they came up with a lot of legal exceptions to are they not? this over the years. >> they're regulated but not in they have a whole doctrine of the way youmy might think. diminished capacity where it a drug has to get approval makes you responsible for a before it goes on the market. lesser crime but not completely it doesn't work the same way not responsible. >> how is the court of appeals with supplements. supplements can go on the market going to decide in what do you and then be -- the burden of think? >> i don't know. it's a hard case. proof is on the fda saying
3:52 am
this discussion, this is why there's something wrong, let's take it off the market. people find law school interesting. these are hard questions. i think people don't know thatp >> it's not an obvious answer. this they think, the fda or >> what does that mean for other states then? someone must have approved this >> this is all part of the beforehand. that's not only the case. broader pattern of states >> will the fda now step in or punishing drunk driving. no? >> unfortunately this happened more harshly all the time. with splems over the years that we've had problems with this supplement or that supplement. fortunately, there aren't that many people that die as a result and the laws have never really of drunk driving. the penalties for drunk driving changed. there have been tweaks but still only go in one direction, it remains the way it's been for they're getting more harsh. a long time. if i had to guess, i think >> concerning. elizabeth cohen with the latest on that. thank you for bringing that to they'd uphold the conviction. our attention. something right now from our must-see moment. check this video out. >> new york has gone that way. it's cute and they're off. they could say deal with it what appears to be a race to the harshly but pick the right law. finish line might be a lesson in don't overcharge. crawling. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> always good to have the the baby and his pals, a pair of professor here. i call him that because he's very smart and can teach. coming up on "new day," beautiful melmutes. kidnapping survivor hannah anderson is speaking out. this ends up being like a car wash. what happened during the days of captivity? what she says about the man who they overtake the baby. >> the dog think it's a race. abducted here and the game of
3:53 am
russian roulette he made her >> the one on your right or left play. details, coming up. kind of not very good at and a new study suggesting crawling. you can be obese and still be >> dogs don't need to crawl. very healthy. that means having normal >> that's true. they have legs for a reason. >> i believe the baby is doing what babies do. cholesterol and regular blood pressure. how does the science match up? we'll take a look at the there's probably somebody near the camera with food that is research. making those dogs come in that actual way. >> likely. >> baby bottle here. >> you do what you have to do. >> capture the moment. they'll appreciate it later. >> they will. coming up next on "new day," some lawmakers say blowing through the debt ceiling is no big deal but many business leaders disagree. we'll be joined by one top financial executive with a stern warning for congress. and you go on a roller life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys coaster for a thrill but not a angie's list saves me a lot of time. thrill like this. stuck high off the ground for after reading all the reviews hours at a florida amusement i know i'm making the right choice. park. what happened? online or on the phone, we'll have the full story. we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. wder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... keeping up with these two is more than a full time job,
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welcome back to "new day." a fascinating new study suggests as many as a third of obese adults are actually considered healthy, meaning they have normal cholesterol and show no signs of developing diabetes. let's bring in dr. raj from
3:57 am
"health" magazine. this had us talking for sure. third of obese adults are considered metabolically healthy. >> before everyone starts going for the french fries let's make this reality. one study out of australia, looking at thousands of obese people measureded by body mass index up to about a third don't have some of the traditional metabolic diseases we associate with obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure but another study that came out more recently coming out of finland looked at this issue and saw that in twins, identical twins one of whom was obese and one who was lean they did find some of the obese patients actually were metabolically healthy. this doesn't mean they don't get arthritis and acid reflux, a lot of the other diseases associated with obesity. in the australian study when they followed those "healthy" obese people many did go on to develop the unhealthy diseases.
3:58 am
>> later on. >> this might be a transient phase we're going through. this is not a free pass. it doesn't mean you're not going to develop all of these health conditions but there might be a subset of obese people that are different. we are all different and we're learning how our bodies handle fat differently. >> given the fact that there's great concern about obesity rates here at least in our own country are you concerned about the confusing message this might put out to people? >> i am a little bit. >> who only hear what they want to hear? >> some people might look at this and say see it's just a conspiracy, we're not as unhealthy as everyone says. the truth is we're still saying two-thirds for sure are quite unhealthy and the one-third number is in one study. is this a temporary healthy phase? you're going to go on to become unhealthy? you need to talk to your doctor about your risk factors for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and taking to your family history into account as well. >> fair criticism that as a
3:59 am
culture we get too caught up in the numbers. the criticism is we don't take it too seriously, i know that. they alshon jeffery the body mass index at the physical and i'm obese. >> i have to talk to but that. >> we get caught up in the numbers and labels. is there something to that in this study? >> a number is just a number. it has to be taken into the whole context but we use those numbers as crude measures when we look at populations, alshon jefferying simple screening and the doctor who measures your bmi is not going to say you're obese, they'll say based on this number you are but you have a lot of muscle, they have to give you the full conversation. >> that's true. quite obvious. >> thank you, doctor. >> especially in my head. >> the twins study is interesting, identical twins. is there a good explanation why one identical twin what was different about that identical twin to make them healthy or unhealthy obese? >> they didn't get into that yet but i suspect they will and brings up the whole question how
4:00 am
much is environment a factor versus genetics and these, i put it in quotes because i'm not 100% could be convinced but the "healthy" obese people is there something in their environment causing them to be a certain way and if they change that environment it's going to be different. we have to learn a lot more. i think really the interesting part of this whole article is that it's going to lead hopefully to more research on what makes certain people healthy and not and maybe that will help treatments and prevention. >> and nuanced, because people are very black and white with this. >> medicine is heading toward this individualized approach where not one size fits all, look at the individual and figure out the treatment. >> healthfulness, thank you very much, doctor. appreciate it. >> great to see you. >> you, too. coming up republican congressman michele bachmann joining us live. about the shutdown does she want to avert it, and what does she think about the debt limit? her answers may well surprise you. yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber.
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4:04 am
-- captions by vitac -- speaker boehner, take the gun out of the head of this nation. >> let's make a deal, both sides finally moving in the same direction. is there a short term fix that could pull the country back from the brink. hannah speaks, hannah anderson opening up about her time in captivity, what she says happened during the terrifying days. heroes, anderson cooper joining us to announce this year's cnn heroes. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: what you need to
4:05 am
know -- >> nobody's explained to me so far why you have to shut down the government to have a negotiation. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> citizens are the stewards of the memorial. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome back to "new day." it is thursday, october 10th, 8:00 in the east, in just moments treasury secretary jack lew will testify before a senate committee about the dangers of hitting the debt ceiling, these you're looking at here live pictures inside the room where the hearing will be taking place. lew already said congress is playing with fire in his words if they don't reach a deal to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. could a proposal in the works now save the u.s. from this crisis? we're going to talk more about it with congresswoman michele bachmann. and libya's prime minister
4:06 am
kidnapped by armed gunmen in tripoli and released hours later. is it retaliation for the u.s. raid that captured the suspected al qaeda leader? what does this mean about the libyan government? we'll give you the details ahead. she pretended to be dead in order to avoid being killed an american woman who lived through the terror attack in a nairobi mall last month speaking out about her terrifying ordeal, she spoke with our anderson cooper, he'll join us live with her incredible story of survival, a heart-shopping one to be sure. first this hour though, there might might be a move within congress to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. short term plan to raise the borrowing limit is in the works, at least being discussed. a democratic lawmaker telling cnn the president could get on board. president obama expected to meet with house republican leaders later today. you can be sure that will be a topic of conversation. let's get to senior white house correspondent brianna keilar with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. senate democrats will be coming
4:07 am
here to the white house to meet with president obama as will house republicans, this comes on the heels of president obama meeting with house democrats giving them the clearest indication that he would go ahead on this stop gap measure to increase the debt ceiling if republicans are on board with it. finally they're talking. house democrats met the president at the white house last night. >> we've just had a very positive meeting with the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama's message, he's openi to a short term deal to increase the debt ceiling for six weeks according to a lawmaker in the meeting. republicans are warming to the idea of a shorter deal followed by negotiations with the president on reducing the debt and deficit. house budget committee chairman paul ryan penned an op-ed in "the wall street journal" that did not even mention gop demands to delay or defund obama care, but tea party-backed republicans still want that fight.
4:08 am
after a brief debt ceiling increase and are arguing against ending the government shutdown. >> i would alshon jeffery a debt ceiling increase for six weeks so the president can negotiate with john boehner and i would keep the fighting on the continuing resolution and obama care. >> reporter:? interviews with local news stations president obama was asked to explain his own vote against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. >> i voted against a debt ceiling increase at the time because i have some concerns about what president bush was alshon jefferying. >> reporter: specifically the bush tax cuts, and he argued it's okay for certain republicans to protest policies with a no vote but he said there must be a vote. >> there should never be a proposition where the speaker of the house is not willing to put those votes to the floor right now. >> reporter: congress isn't fairing well in this budget fight. new gallup poll shows
4:09 am
republicans with a 28% rate, down 10% since last month, democrats slid four points to 43%. one white house official i spoke with said president obama wanted to make his case to all house republicans at the white house but republican leaders decided to pare is down to a dozen and a half members, those in leadership and key committees saying they want to have a negotiation and having so many people in the room really wouldn't go to that end but imagine the drama if you had president obama in the same room with some of these tea party republicans that he blames for this whole mess. >> interesting question. thank you, brianna, for the reporting. let's follow on that question by bringing in republican congresswoman from minnesota, michele bachmann. thank you for joining us on "new day." >> good morning, chris, great to be with you. >> let's take a look at the polls quickly. you said previously the house gop is happy about the position they're in. you look at the polls you still feel happy about the position you're in?
4:10 am
>> i said i was very happy we were unified, we were completely unified around the idea that we need to have two parties come together, that's our form of government. the president, the senate, and also the house need to come together and negotiate and we as a house were completely unified from the moderates to the tea party republicans, we were unified in standing together that we need to represent the interests of the people, that we have a problem with debt, a problem with spending and we need to get our economic house back in order. >> it comes down to tactics when you talk about unity. many in your party are saying i'm not worried about the deadline with the debt ceiling. we'll be okay, not you, though. you are worried about the deadline, you don't want to join what a lot of republicans are suggesting which is to let's blow off the deadline and keep fighting and see what happens. you're saying you don't want to alshon jeffery that. isn't that true? >> well i think that we don't
4:11 am
want that for our economy. we want to make sure we deal with the economic problems we have right now and president obama voted against raising the debt ceiling that was looking at a $9 trillion debt. today we're looking at a $17 trillion debt and i know you have the counter on your screen right now that talks about how many hours we've been in the shutdown. i would suggest that cnn also put up a counter of the debt clock, about how quickly we're accumulating debt. it's frightening when people see how fast that's accumulating. that's what we want to do is really come together, both democrats and republicans and deal with this very serious issue that the next generation will have to face and that's the accumulating debt that's hurting growth in the united states. >> but it still does take us back to tactics, doesn't it, congresswoman? while few would disagree about the need to address the national debt and the deficit connected thereto, it comes down to what do you to address it. we had a republican senator on
4:12 am
who came on and said i'm okay with a managed catastrophe involving the debt limit if it allowed us to believe in what we believe in. >> what republicans have been trying to do from the beginning is put offer after offer after offer on the table to get to yes that's what we want to do. we didn't want the shutdown. we don't want to see the debt ceiling have a problem. we want to solve this and that's why you've seen so many different offers on the table. this is a good move that today there will be leadership members from the republican party meeting with the president of the united states, perhaps we can move this ball down the court and actually get this settled. i think we can. we found this week alone the american people only 7% of the american people think the obama care rollout has been successful and i think this is something that we need to face while the whole goal of obama care was to
4:13 am
give health insurance options to americans that didn't have health insurance, maybe we should take a different tact and allow people to opt in to obama care rather than forcing 100% of all americans to buy a product that they're not interested in buying from a website that doesn't work. it may be a good idea to let americans just opt in and offer some sort of a fund for pre-existing conditions where people can get the help and assistance they need. i think it's time to re-look at this. that's all republicans are saying. let's actually have a system that works for the majority of the american people. >> but aren't republicans also saying, and if you don't let us do that right now, we will continue to keep the government shut down. we will go through the deadline of the debt ceiling and see what happens next until you negotiate with us about obama care, and is that reckless? >> well remember that the mainstream media really has given a false narrative, over and over and over again, the
4:14 am
mainstream media has blamed the republicans for this and yet the only party that has put offer after offer after offer on the table has been the republicans, the only position unfortunately of the president and harry reid, the democrats in the senate, has been we're going to hold our breath until we turn blue, in other words, we're not negotiating. that's not a reasonable, tenable position, so we're seeing some movement now the president being willing to look at a short term debt ceiling increase and by meeting with the republican leadership in the house of representatives. i'm excited. i think that we're going to get there, but again, i think the president has to recognize that while maybe his intentions were good with health care, it's costing a lot more. we're getting a lot less. let's do what works for the american people and let people opt into obama care, don't force people to buy a product they don't want from a website that doesn't work. >> i get the idea. the question is, at what cost? what i'd like to ask see what
4:15 am
your answer is on it, is if your leadership comes back to you and says forget it, they're not going to give us what we want on obama care, let's forget about the debt ceiling, let's keep going, we'll be okay. will you stand with your lead leadership if they say we're going to blow the deadline, let's see what happens. >> our leadership will make sure we're being responsible, that the american economy is going to move forward. right now we don't want to put the american economy at risk. we haven't had a growth economy, we haven't had a job producing economy, that's what we want to have. so we want to be responsible, but at the same time again like i would suggest to cnn, put the debt ceiling clock to be fair also on your screen so people can see the breathtaking, stunning increase in debt every single day and i think then people realize what's at stake and why republicans are trying to get a grip so that our children and grandchildren will have the same chance at a great life that you and i have enjoyed, chris. >> right, but the question is
4:16 am
still, even with that goal, whether or not you're going to risk that security for these families in the furtherance of that goal. you said yourself that you signed onto the bill for the full faith and credit cart to make sure we never ever default, that the markets need to know that under no circumstances will the u.s. government default. you know as well as anybody that that is exactly the situation you put the u.s. economy into if you blow the deadline and start letting the dominos fall. don't you have to stand against it if that winds up being the choice? >> i don't think that's what's going to happen. that's the point. this isn't just the house republicans. this is a three-sided triangle. the president and harry rude -- reid have had one position. don't forget it's people in the white house that said they were willing to risk blowing the debt ceiling if it meant they could win. we don't see this as a political gain. we show that trying to get america's house back in order so that's why we will see republican leadership at the
4:17 am
white house today and we want to be able to get this solved. this is very real. this is about the next generation, and that's why we've got to make sure that our answer isn't bringing the american economy down because remember the credit rating agencies when they lowered america's credit rating they said that congress and the president are not serious about tackling our debt. we in the house republicans are serious about tackling the debt problem. we need to have the president as a part of that conversation. that's why i'm encouraging cnn, put your debt clock on the screen so people can see the very real problem that we're accumulating every single day and let's get it done. >> i'm going to put a third clock on there, that is the countdown to the middle of next week when we hit the deadline because i'd love to have you back on, congresswoman, if we wind up blowing that deadline you know what it means and i'm going to be very interested in whered leadership and where your head is on that decision. >> i'll take that date. thanks, chris. >> thank you for joining "new day." appreciate it.
4:18 am
kate over to you. up to date on breaking news overnight, the abduction of libya's prime minister, ali zadan was taken from a tripoli hotel. group of armed rebels say it was responsible. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson has the latest from tripoli. >> reporter: eight hours the prime minister was held by this militia, the 100 heavily armed gunmen that kidnapped him from his hotel in the early hours of the morning, sanctioned by libyan lawmakers to act as law enforcing arm of the government. it really does tell you all you need to know about tripoli at the moment that the government is not fully in control. this is a weak government and underscores what libyan ministers are telling me they're concerned that the arrest of al libi over the weekend would lead to a backlash from islamists. the prime minister is free,
4:19 am
underscoring as well the importance of moving those 200 marines from their base in spain to italy to be much closer to support the u.s. embassy here on the realization many of the armed militias close to al qaeda. back to you, kate, chris? >> nic, thank you for that. we'll keep following that story. let's get to the other stories with michaela. >> a car bomb detonating in the sinai peninsula, killing four soldiers and injuring five others. temporary freeze has been put in place on some military aid to egypt, because of the military too coo that ousted president mohammed mosri. two men are suffering severe burns after an accident during the annual hot air balloon festival in albuquerque, new mexico. they crashed into power lines,
4:20 am
the balloon caught fire and plunged 40 feet to the ground. mark kilgore was released from the hospital and the other is still hospitalized. the usda is threatening to close three california chicken processing plants connected with salmonella salmonella outbreak. foster farms has until today to explain how it will fix the problems at the plant. the outbreak sickened hundreds so far in 18 states. some strains are showing resistance to antibiotics. apparently the year 2047 could be a real scorcher, a new study on global warming pinpointing probable dates for extreme climate dates. kingston, jamaica off the charts, singapore following suit in 2028, mexico city in 2031 and phoenix and honolulu in 2043. i've been quickly doing the math to figure out how old i'd be. the study concludes the whole
4:21 am
world will experience unprecedented permanently hotter environments by the year 2047. concerning when they actually put the numbers and the dates on the calendar. >> gets you thinking. >> makes you think. >> now it's real, once it's on the calendar. speaking of weather let's get over to indra to get a quick check of the forecast this morning. >> we're still talking about the storm that's expected to really linger all weekend long if you're in the mid-atlantic or the northeast. you see it right now around d.c., moving in through philly and now in through new york and the big story will not just be how much rain you're getting but also the winds, seeing strong winds coming out of the northeast, gusting as high as 45 miles per hour. so cold, wet, and windy as we go through the weekend. as long as you see this pattern here, that high and low close to each other you'll talk about the winds. look at the timing, looking at the pattern for the next several days. anywhere from three to five inches of rain possible into the mid-atlantic making its way out
4:22 am
of the carolinas and should clear up by the end of the week. if you want to see it day by day, this is what it looks like on thursday, already into the mid-atlantic by friday, moving a little bit farther north but not much. we're still looking at this even by the time it takes you through saturday pretty much in the same region so that's going to be the biggest concern again we're talking about temperatures also well below normal, a lot of 50s as your highs whereas a few days ago overnight lows, pretty much the same temperature overnight and during the day. >> flip flopped. thanks, indra. coming up on "new day," hannah anderson's stunning story, talking about being drugged, forced to play russian roulette and why she didn't try to escape. more on that coming up. plus a hospital mystery we've been following, a patient disappears and then is found dead in a stairwell days later. we have new details this morning. i'm a careful investor. when you do what i do, you think about risk. i don't like the ups and downs of the market,
4:23 am
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4:26 am
welcome back to "new day." hannah anderson is speaking out this morning, she is revealing startling new details about that week long ordeal. the california teen was kidnapped in august by a family friend after her mother and brother were murdered. here is what she had to say just moments ago on nbc's "today" show. >> in the hospital when i got there, the next night they came in and told me that they died and that jim was dead, too, and it kind of just didn't seem real, and i just thought about it for a second and then i just broke down. i miss them so much. sometimes it's like i wait for
4:27 am
them to get home and then they're not there. >> to break this down, let's talk with dr. robi ludwig, sigh though therapist and author of "'til death do us part." she's such a young girl. >> yes. >> we're so acutely aware of the trauma she's experienced. how real can it be for her? she says it doesn't seem real. >> i think that's what happens when something that's so traumatic and unimaginable. you're in denial and the body breaks down in a way to deal with it psychologically. so i think we see the real 16-year-old girl here who's struggling understandably so. she she went through is horrible because her trust was detrade. this was not some random stranger. this as she said during the interview was her father's best friend. this was a trusted family member, so not only is she dealing with the loss of her mother and brother but it was at the hands of somebody who she trusted. >> suffering multiple traumas along the way, breaking them
4:28 am
down and the fact that she was also victimized, traumatizing in its own right. >> traumatizing in its own right and hannah has put herself out there, she's had to deal with doubters, people saying why didn't you just run away. common question. >> she's on the "today" show today. she's taken to social media. lot of people different generations might say why is this child not at home with her loving family and not sort of grieving out loud? >> what i like about hannah is she is a connector. >> yes, she is. >> when you are traumatized they say talk about it, process it, anything you can talk about then can get healed so she's using social media like many 16-year-olds do, and this trauma happened very publicly, so she's using the media also as a way to validate her story and to gain control over what happened to her by telling her story. >> is there a concern how fragile she is.
4:29 am
the hareation exists in the twittersphere? >> as a mental health professional i would help hannah understand, talk to the media while you can, but understand the media may not always be there. >> might be nurturing now but you have to take responsibility for the healing process which is lifelong. if she can use the media to tell her story and somehow in the future advocate for future victims, then she can really turn this around for herself and other people. >> we also heard her speak of some letters that were discovered showing there was communication between her and diimagine d dimaggio. >> a year ago my mom and dad split up and me and him didn't gate long and i was having problems with her and i wouldn't have anyone to talk about it with me and him instead of talking face-to-face, if we didn't have time or calling, we'd write letters back and
4:30 am
forth talking about the situation and how to get through it. >> might have seemed healthy then but chilling now to know of that relationship. >> hindsight is always 20/20 but here was a young girl reaching out to an adult who really abused his power. even if hannah had a crush on this man, basically james dimaggio abused his position of trust, and he might have been attracted to her, i'm sure that he was and didn't know what to do with those feelings and really turned out to be an unhealthy man and handled it in a very lethal way. >> she had a chance to meet some of the rescuers, the horseback riders who ultimately alerted police about her and i know that's been a very healing thing and you agree that's been a healing thing for her. >> i think that this is positive. she gets to meet the people who saw something wrong, who saw that she was not in a good place and that there was something not right about the picture, so it's nice to know that people in the community can observe and notice when something's not right, say something, do something.
4:31 am
say something, see something, do something, they did that and they are basically responsible for her survival. >> she's a very young girl, important to remember that. dr. robi ludwig we appreciate you talking to us about what we're seeing. >> she has a long road ahead, she has a lot of strength there so we wish her luck. >> we sure do. kate, chris, over to you. >> thanks, miki michaela. coming up next she played dead in order to live. the woman who survived the mall massacre in kenya talks to cnn's anderson cooper about the terrifying experience and where she goes from here, anderson is joining us live ahead. i was made to work. make my mark with pride. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic.
4:32 am
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welcome back to "new day," thursday october 10th. time for the five things you need to know for your new day. number one, both parties meeting spraptly with president obama this afternoon. house republicans reportedly working on a plan to increase the debt limit for six weeks. jack lew is testifying before congress this morning warning of a government default. libya's prime minister has been released after being kidnapped by militants in tripoli. there were concerns it was done in retaliation from the capture of al libi. a seventh bike ear rested, a 31-year-old brooklyn man, will be in court today. the captain will address the national press club this afternoon, he's been under fire for his account of the 2009 hijacking of "alabama" now the
4:36 am
subject of a film staring the one and only tom hanks. be sure to go to for the latest. kate? >> thank you, michaela. she pretended to be dead and that may be what saved elaine dang's life. the 26-year-old found herself caught in the cross-fire. that's a photo of her. anderson cooper joins us this morning. remarkable and terrifying story she tells. >> she was at the mall to judge a children's cooking class and she was on the roof of the mall in a parking garage structure where they set up some tents when she heard an explosion and i talked to her, i talked to her mom, leanne and her sister, mary as well and she explained what she went through over the next couple hours. listen. >> i actually fell on top of a
4:37 am
lady and then people fell on top of me and so our legs were sticking out and as we were here i heard more shooting and then the lady that i was on top of was shot so she screamed "i've been shot" and there started to be blood everywhere. >> what's going through your mind? were you panicked? >> yes, my first instinct was shaky and panicked and i thought i need to focus and i need to assess the situation and figure out what i need to do and my head i was thinking there needs to be an answer to this. for me it was like this is not it. keep on thinking and find a way out. i was thinking my goodness if surrender, apologize i could be free. i was preparing myself to surrender and another woman did it before me and i saw her do this and get up and then she was shot. i was thinking i can't die. and my brother was the first person i thought of then my sister and my mother and
4:38 am
everyone else and i said this cannot be it. >> it's hard for to you hear this, isn't it? >> very hard. >> did you see what was happening on tv? did you know that she was there? >> my older daughter, she told me. i thought it's dreaming, i thought can't be. she told me got shot i said oh my god. i didn't know what happened to my daughter, you know? yeah, if it happened to her, i don't think i can live, and yes, she's okay >> she's very strong. you raised a very strong daughter. >> yes. >> i go back and forth between like was i really there or because when i talk about it, i talk about it like sometimes i'm very removed from the situation, but when i see the photograph and other photos of victims or people that i knew, that's when
4:39 am
i realize i was there. >> wow. you see there in the interview it's not just trauma for her she's dealing with, it's her whole family is dealing with it. >> and elaine remained what's interesting, remained calm during the whole thing, she was thinking very rationally which helped her to survive. three people were shot who she was -- >> right there. >> hiding with, she saw a woman get up, surrender and that woman was shot as well. >> that's what i found most chilling. she was so analytical, like you were saying, what should i do to survive and she thought of that option. >> right. she almost was -- she saw say guy get up surrender and walk away and she was about to do that, preparing to do that and saw a woman do that, get up and she got shot. so it's amazing that she was able to survive. >> did she talk about her recovery and where she goes from there? >> yes, she had shrapnel, a gas can exploded and she originally thought she had been shot and that's why she had blood in the picture but turns out it was
4:40 am
just shrapnel from the gas canister. she had some removed from her chest. she still has shrapnel in her leg, she has medical bills and we have a link on if people want to help out with her medical bills. >> shoo z she talk about leaving to get back here, how that ordeal. >> worked? >> she ended up in nairobi general hospital in nairobi. i've been in it myself and she got treatment there and able to get back to san diego. she wants to come back. >> she's a lucky woman, smart as well. anderson will stick with us, a tragic story with a happy ending but a happy story and a happy day because we get to talk about this year's cnn heroeheroes, th people who make a difference in the world, talking about cnn heroes the top ten honorees this year. and how about a dose of the
4:41 am
good stuff, we have anderson here, a double dose of the good stuff, today's edition to shut down washington, got quite a sight yesterday. man outside the lincoln memorial tackled the mother of all mowing jobs with his own lawn mow are. chris cox from south carolina he was shocked to see our national monuments fall into disrepair. he went with his lawn tools, emptying trash cans and mowing. why is he doing all of this? listen. >> it's up to us at the end of the day the citizens are the stewards of the memorials. there's no reason that we can't have our open air memorials open. as far as i'm concerned this in emreel is open. we have the tourists. we have security. we have our veterans, and if i have anything to say about it, we have maintenance, and security. and i'd like to encourage all americans to come forth and to find a memorial to bring a trash bag and a rake. >> then comes the difference
4:42 am
between government and people like chris. unfortunately, what he's doing while laudable is technically illegal. the park service asked him to stop. one officer said the quickest way to get the regular guys back on the job is to not clean the monuments up so people see it and demand something chiange. >> talk about backwards logic. >> he was doing the right thing and it's an important reminder, people often have to take control of the situation for the government to listen and we applaud him. thank you for doing that chris. >> not ease ye to bring your lawnmower. how do you get it there? >> and where do you keep your lawnmower while you're going -- all of these logistics. >> many questions. >> anderson's next assignment, trying to get a lawnmower on a plane. coming up next on "new day" weeks after a patient goes missing from a california hospital, her body is found in the hospital but in a stairwell in the hospital.
4:43 am
what happened to her and why did it take so long for hospital staff to find her? we have new details coming up. but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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welcome back. officials confirmed the identity of a woman confirmed dead at a san francisco house. lynn spaulding's body was discovered inside a rarely used stairwell. her family is demanding answers. dan simon is live in san francisco with the latest. good morning, dan. >> good morning, kate. this was just a random find. this was a member of the hospital's engineering staff who just happened upon this body. as you can imagine people who knew lynn spaulding are very much in disbelief and you can hear the anger in their voices. >> i just want to know that this would never happen to anyone else. >> reporter: raw emotions as
4:47 am
friends of lynn spalding criticized the hospital. she vanished three weeks before from her hospital room. we know why a frantic search generated no credible leads because spalding may have been dead or dying in that stairwell the whole time. >> there are so many places around here someone could hide or go or be disoriented or in harm's way. >> reporter: embarrassed staff could provide little in the way of real answers. >> we are here to take care of patients, to heal them, to keep them safe. this has shaken us to our core. our staff is devastated. >> reporter: lynn spalding the mother of two with a thick british accent was admitted to the hospital on september 19th for a serious infection. two days later she was nowhere to be found. 15 minutes after being checked on by a nurse. the family recalls her room on
4:48 am
the fifth floor highlighted by this box. the red arrow showing where her body was discovered one floor below in a fire escape. when spalding walked through the doors to the fire escape the hospital says they would have automatically looked behind her, the only way out to find the exit to the hospital grounds. >> we're not here to throw anybody under the bus. >> reporter: a family spokesman questioned why no one looked in the fire escape. >> lynn spalding died alone in a stairwell and her body was there for 17 days. >> reporter: people have been asking whether or not the family is going to file a lawsuit against the hospital. i think that's certainly an appropriate question to ask but the family spokesman says it's too early to raise those questions after all they're just beginning to grieve. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much for the reporting this morning. we'll take a break here on "new day." when we come back, they are everyday people who are changing the world and you're about to meet the best of the best, anderson cooper is back with a
4:49 am
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gevalia. welcome back to "new day." always nice to have anderson on the couch.
4:53 am
each week people making the world a better place to live. >> we talk about people who aren't doing their jobs and now we talk about people who go above and beyond. fun and big announcement revealing the top ten cnn heroes of 2013, anderson tried to get away, we wouldn't let him go, he's shackled in to the couch. who are they? >> the great thing i love about cnn heroes, these are everyday people who change the world, people who see a need in the community and set about trying to fix it, not waiting for somebody else to do it, not looking for recognition. 'nice to recognize these people. we get thousands of nominations from our viewers all over the world. we whittled it down to the top ten, we finally selected the top ten cnn heroes, and here they are. from statesville, north carolina, dale beatty, after losing his legs in the iraq war, he was embraced by his hometown and then he decided to pay it forward. today he's modified or helped
4:54 am
provide homes for more than two dozen disabled veterans. from berkeley, california, dr. laura stachel using solar power to help deliver babies safely. since 2009 her solar suitcases helped save lives in more than 20 countries. >> isn't that beautiful? >> from trenton, new jersey, danielle gletow, a fairy godmother for foster children across the u.s., since 2009 she's made thousand of their wishes come true. >> how are you, class? >> fine. >> from nairobi kenya, kakenya ntaiya opened a primary school for girls in her village, educating and inspiring more than 150 women. from camden, new jersey, tawanda jones, from one of the poorest cities in the country her drill team provides discipline and inspiration to children of all ages. 4,000 of her students have graduated from high school, a
4:55 am
100% success rate >> are you ready? yeah! sfr east moline, illinois, chad pregrakke, keeping america's rivers clean. his team removed more than 7 million pounds of garbage in 22 waterways across the country. >> all right let's get on board. from west palm beach, there are,'s still ta pyfrom, the 76-year-old grandmother poured her savings into a mobile computer lab, she's bringing technology and tutoring to more than 2,000 low income children and adults. ready to go? all right. from san diego, california, richard nares, helping low income children get to their cancer treatments giving them more than 2,500 free rides a year. from cameroon, dr. george bwe e
4:56 am
bwelle, and from charlotte, north carolina, robin eons, she's grown more than 26,000 pounds of fresh produce for underserved residents her community. want to congratulate all of our top ten cnn heroes. each get $50,000 and also have a chance to become the cnn hero of the year. that person gets an additional $250,000 to continue their work and that's the money that can really help some of the heroes take the work to the next level. some have sacrificed a lot, worked on their own for years without a paycheck, the financial recognition can make all the difference and it's up to viewers now to decide. >> that's the important thing. >> voting opens today and anybody can go to to vote. you can vote once a day every day all the way through, this airs december 1st at 8:00 p.m., where we will announce the cnn hero of the year.
4:57 am
>> every year you fall in love with all of these people and just how big their hearts are and what they can offer. is there a most memorable? it's impossible -- >> every year, they're all incredible people and each one of them is worthy of winning. >> exactly. >> i like that it's up to our viewers to really make the decision, and as it should be, and it always sometimes surprise me see. sometimes it's someone you don't expect out of the ten, you think oh this person may be a front-runner just because of i don't know where they're from, but we never know who is going to get into n that. >> you know what i love about people in my experience, these types of folks, they're so very selfle selfless, they are not very comfortable with the spotlight and oftentimes it's hard to get them to talk about themselves. >> yes. but it's nice to have a night to honor them and put the spotlight on them, celebrities come out and honor all of them >> this is fun to batch. >> you can vote for more than one or no? >> you can vote for anybody you
4:58 am
want. you can only vote once a day but you can vote every day so once a day every day for whoever you want. >> vote early and often. what is nice about it is that it's putting emphasis on the right place. doing the job for a while we often get painted in the media what we decide to focus on and that's the beautiful thing about heroes it's focusing on the right things even if it's one night the effect lasts. >> this $250,000, first they get all $50,000 and additional $250,000 if they're named the hero of the year by our viewers, that can -- >> $250,000. >> it sha-- take their work to e other level. >> 501-c3 they end up getting matching grantsds a and you gete money. >> danielle gletow is a foster mom, saw a need that foster kids often didn't have even small things, they didn't have money to get a yearbook or clothes in the beginning of the school year and she started this website
4:59 am
that people could volunteer, people could give to fulfill small wishes from foster kids and it makes a huge difference. >> the other thing i love about this, it's infectious. it inspires you, that's our hope it inspires you, in just a small way. look at the solar backpack, simple idea, simple concept but life changing. >> it's amazing. >> now you get the word out there, if somebody wants they find an organization and help out the people with their good work. >> thanks, anderson. i was inspired. it's a great day to have anderson here. we'll be back after a break. go vote! ♪
5:00 am
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have ♪ rush, one of the best rock
5:03 am
bands of all-time, "today's tom sawyer." let's get a check of the weather with indra. >> there's rain in the mid-atlantic and the northeast and it is going to be lingering for a couple of days. we're talking about heavy rain, just because it's sitting there day after day. this is the total for the next three days, three to five inches of rain into the mid-atlantic and we're not going to stop there. we're going to be adding in wind, northeasterly gusts as high as 45 miles per hour, last thing the temperature is cold. five to ten degrees below normal for this time of year, highs just into the 50s. little chilly, bring the jacket, umbrella, whole thing, sweater. >> thanks, indra. >> good to know. thanks for watching us here on "new day." it's time to get to carol costello, cnn's "newsroom." good morning. >> good morning, thank you so much. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --
5:04 am
finally they're talking. today republicans meet with the president in the same room. and snatched at dawn by gunmen, the libyan prime minister kidnapped off his own doorstep, a pseudo coup or retaliation. also fire in the sky. >> exploeexplosion, shot flames 20 feet to the side. plus trapped. >> it is scary because you feel like you're about to fall backwards. >> reporter: riders on the rip tide rocket at universal studios are stuck vertically. the torch gate, the external flame extinguished four times on its way to the sochi games, russians call it a conspiracy. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
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