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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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affairs. the debaine continues online at >> join us monday for another edition of "crossfire." erin burnett outfront starts right now. what happened to the deal? >> that would create enormous uncertainty. >> the white house doubles down. plus, an nfl star's heart break. the reported toddler son of adrian peterson beaten to death. >> i'm going on ask you all to please respect my privacy. and rabbis under arrest. ten men in custody accused of kidnapping, assault and torture. >> we believe some of the defendants might have been motivated by money. >> let's go "outfront." a good friday evening,
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everybody. our house republicans caving. they have present their latest budget proposal to the president. the white house is still using that word, ransom. and steadfastly not using that word, negotiate. to top it off, senate republicans have some issues with the plan, too. dana bash is here. is the writing on the wall? >> it depends what wall you're talking about. that has been the issue from the beginning. certainly house republicans say they're not caving. the white house isn't negotiating again. it seems as though sort of the vibe that i'm getting tonight, erin, is that they're back at stalemate. you certainly got that sense from listening to the white house briefing earlier today. interesting that jay carney, the spokesman waited, until after the markets close which i know you understand better than anybody to give the briefing. it wasn't as optimistic as it was last night. we're getting the same sense hear from the house that those
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talks are not as fruitful as everybody would have hoped. so because of that, i'm definitely getting a sense from republicans in the senate. not just them. they wanted to give them a little time. maybe in the next 24 to 48 hours, you're likely to see senate republicans and democrats go ahead and try to move something to increase the debt ceiling, to reopen the government, something a lot of conservatives in the house won't like but they can pass the senate because it is led by democrats and it would be up too, to, at the end day, whatever the it is, to make sure it doesn't default and to reopen the government which republicans pretty much union an hisly hear inside the wall and privately admit it is hurting their party. >> thank you very much.
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i want to bring in jill acosta. he was at the white house. that briefing that jay carney did wait until the end of the day. you know what? doubling down. no deal. here's the exchange between jim acosta and jay carney. >> you said the position hasn't changed on the shutdown or the debt ceiling. how is that negotiating? have the president has had constructive conversations with senate republicans and with house and senate democrats. his position was that it is unamerican. >> there's that word ransom. repeated pressure no, word negotiate. jim acosta is at the white house. i don't know exactly how you felt. like the expression on your face there, i don't get it. how are you talking when your
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position has not changed at all? is there risk that all this talk of a deal is talk? we could be back where we started and quickly. >> white house officials say there is progress. they are talking. they're not using their talking points which is where they were a couple days ago. a couple things. house speaker john boehner did talk on the afternoon. the president has rejected the offer to tie a short term increase in the nation's debt sealing to budget negotiations. the president doesn't want to do that. he considers that paying a ransom and he wants a clean bill to reopen. speaking of negotiate, jay carney didn't want to pews word during the briefing saying they're zpauk listening but didn't want to say they're negotiating. that is an indication the white house feels it has the upper hand. they've been at the polls in the last 24 to 48 hours that shows
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rock bottom historic lows for the republican party. they feel like they can get more of what they want, obviously. one other thing, tend president is concerned about this idea of a six-week rise in the nation's debt ceiling. it brings the country along a path where around thanksgiving, and the start of the holiday shopping season, they're going to be back at it again and they don't want the prospect of default happening right at that critical time for the economy. the one bright glimmer of home, what we saw earlier at the white house, the president as you saw was meeting with senate republicans. dana was talking about that earlier. the president was saying, come along with me. reopen the government. raise the nation's debt ceiling and we can talk about all these other things. you heard some positive comments from peel like susan collins,
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bob corker. yeah, let's get to the big issues. the question was whether they can bring the tea party along to have that conversation. get government reopened. lift the debt ceiling. >> the tea party having a big to do and get together, which seems to be motivating them even more to stick to their guns. you know, you heard jim reference jay carney. by the way, jay carney is very right about this. having this expire in six weeks right before the holiday season is a really bad idea. and citigroup, they noted. this is amazing. 13 spending agreements. 13 spending agreements enacted since 2011. they have only lasted three to four months. now we may be moving to a new round before mid-term elections
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in 2014. a short term deal is no deal. why would anybody in this country support that in. >> that's the white house's point. we've had the governing by crisis. we canada kicking the can. and it actual actually solved the problem. is this a point to move it toward negotiation. let's reflect on how we got here, right? the reason republicans' tone started to change is two things. first, rock bottom poll numbers. recognizing the strategy wasn't working. the final bit is the big money boys. the donors who started to say, do not skrau around with the debt ceiling. then you find tea party activists saying we have to separate the two. so the white house has real leverage but there is the economic argument. let's not kick the can to christmas.
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>> i would be fine with it if i thought for one iota. if i thought we would dwael the crisis, we'll deal with these things. if i thought that would work. it has failed again and again and again. the you know what what super committee, i don't swear on a family program, it completely failed and they had time and they had people who wanted to work together. this to me is just a nothing. >> the experience has shown when they have set out these long targets, they've consistently failed. the only points of leverage might compel some serious negotiation. this is coming down fast here, folks. you reap what you saw. we've been talking about it so long. >> we talk about the tea party gay gala going on. the outcome, mentioning poll.
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47% of people now want a democrat controlled congress. 39% republican. someone was on the show yesterday saying americans have a short memory. that's a area from now. maybe they're right. >> a week is a wrong time in politics. when, 70% of the americans' policies is putting ideology over problem solving, you have a real problem. when the waist is so animated, that's a recipe for electoral disaster. >> certainly a presidential one if they're not careful. >> thank you very much. still to come, two senior officers. at the top of one of the most important things in the world. that would be america's nukes. adrian peterson's child died from a beating he received eight. and mitt romney gets
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top military brass behaving very badly. two-star air force general in charge of the united states nuclear missiles filed today for personal misbehavior. two days ago, a navy admiral you see there who oversaw the military's nuclear forces let go. investigated for a gambling issue. barbara starr is "outfront." this is pretty shocking. there is nothing more important than overseeing the biggest and most dangerous nuclear arsenal on the planet. what is going on here and how is the pentagon responding to two such important officers being fired in the same week? >> you have to believe that
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defense secretary chuck hagel not happy about all of this in a week when he's been dealing with the shutdown, troops not being paid, now he has to deal with this, not a happy secretary. let's look at these two cases. today air force general michael carey in charge of all 450 land based intercontinental nuclear missiles fired. the allegation is personal misbehavior. our sources are telling us it involved alcohol and yet he remained on the job for several months, fired today. the second navy admiral tim, second in charge at strategic command. he had charge of overall nuclear forces. number two, command and control. strategic decision making for the defense of the united states. the allegations against him involve gambling. >> it is unbelievable. you can say this and then some people might say, there are a
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lot of people in charge of the nuclear program so does this really matter in let me ask you, these two people have incredibly significant titles when it comes to securing the arsenal. will their removal impact national security? >> look interesting pentagon leadership says adamantly, nuclear weapons were always safe. they have multiple controls. it is not a problem. the reality is, especially in the air force. the nuclear forces in the air force have run into a lot of trouble lately. one unit had a fail safety and security inspection this year. another unit had 17 air force personnel removed for not doing their jobs. they went through a retraining because of what one officer called rot. his words, rot in the air force nuclear force. so this is a part of the air force that a lot of problems, a lot of trouble and most officers will tell you it needs a good deal more scrutiny. >> thank you very much, barbara
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starr. in our money and power, mitt romney can move forward with construction in on his new home in the la jolla, california area. he will replace with it an 11,000 foot home exceeded zoning limits. i don't know who is right or wrong but i have to tell you, who wants to live next door to a house that big on a rather small lot. that's not the point. the california commission sided with the nominee. he can move forward with his plans on his mansion which i can tell you include a four-car garage with an elevator. romney's net worth has been estimated to be as high as $250 million. still to come, adrian peterson's 2-year-old son allegedly beaten to death today. plus, two rabbis arrested for using a cattle prod. and a woman says she was violently thrown into a cement
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bench by an officer. we'll be right back. and the shoutout. the coast guard at it again. this time a sailboat suffering from engine problems and struggling in ten-fat seas. then a skaed swimmer risked their life to try to save others. the winds were strong but was finally able to attach a tow line to the sailboat. that shoutout goes to that rescue swimmer who risked their life to save two others.
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our third story outfront, the 2-year-old son of adrian peterson has been killed. the victim of alleged child abuse today. police report that the mother's boyfriend has been arrested and charged with battery of an infant. peterson himself tweeted shortly after news broke of his son's death. thank you to my family, my fans and fans of other teams for their support. casey wian is "outfront." >> reporter: a 2-year-old boy reportedly a son of minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson has died in a hospital in south dakota. and a boyfriend of the child's mother is under arrest. sioux falls police responded to a medical emergency wednesday night. >> the initial call was a medical call of a child that was choking. officers arrived and found the child was unresponsive. he was taken to a hospital for treatment. once he was at the hospital, the medical examiners found that he had some injuries that were not consistent with being accidental but they were consistent with
4:22 pm
being abuse. >> police arrested joseph patterson whom they describe as a boyfriend of the child's mother and charged him with aggravated battery of a child and aggravated assault before the boy died. adrian peterson's father nelson spoke with minneapolis area newspapers and confirm the boy it was nfl mvp's son. the relationship with peterson and the boy and his mother was unclear. peterson was an single thursday, dealing with an undisclosed private matter. he returned friday and spoke to reporters after practice. >> this is a private matter. i'll ask you all to please just respect my privacy and i ask, and not ask about the situation. >> he said he will play on sunday. the man in custody is being held on $750,000 bond. prosecutors say they are considering additional charges given the boy's death. >> thanks very much. let us know what you think about
4:23 pm
that and whether you think peterson is right to be playing in that game this weekend. our fourth story "outfront," a 47-year-old woman filing a lawsuit against police department outside chicago. she claim police violently hurled her into a jail cell after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the flufl you can judge for yourself. what happens is the officer tosses cassandra into the cell with such force, she face planted into that bench. i want you to see it. that bench is made of concrete. you can see how hard she was thrown. she is seen laying motionless for several seconds before the officers came to her aid. and i want to bring in paul callan. the woman said she had to get facial reconstructive surgery as a result of this and we only have a few seconds to show what happened before. from what you can see, did the officer, was the officer justified in what he did? >> by the way, i also read. she may have a plate in her head as a result of it. i can't see the slightest
4:24 pm
justification. he picks up this want 10-pound woman, throws her lying a rag doll into a wall. he could have killed her. she could have broken her neck. she was in on a drunken driving charge. she had fallen asleep while the car was parked. she doesn't look like a threatening person. this looks like an act of incredible brutality. a cringe worthy video when you watch it. >> she claim that authorities originally charged her with resisting a police officer. they say that she did that and that's why she was thrown into the cell. and then they later dropped those charges. my question to you as a lawyer, does this indicate the police knew that something was wrong and initially tried to cover it up by saying she was doing this and that might justify this? i am a reading too much into it? >> no. you're not reading into it. when someone is injured, when a suspect is injured, resisting arrest is added to the charges to justify the conduct of the police. you know, they're all forgetting, everything is on tape now.
4:25 pm
everything is video tamed. and the cops forget this sometimes when they engage in the old behaviors that have resulted in multimillion-dollar verdicts against them in the past. >> we've been talking about excessive force a bit on this program. one of those was from atlantic city, the four office he shall repeatedly beating a 20-year-old who they say was yelling at the officers. there was a dog involved and attacking the boy. a police canine used. what kind of training are officers getting? you can take these individual cases and read a lot into them. you can say they're just exceptions. but this is disturbing. >> it is. yes, there is training. the police academies, in the '90s, i was looking at the studies in the verdicts on these cases. new york, between '94 and '96, paid $$89 million in settlements. l.a. paid a similar amount. philadelphia, $36 million. this has cost the taxpayers a
4:26 pm
huge am of money. they have training in place. we're dealing with human beings. they lose their temper and they forget there's a camera. and a lot of these cases were never dealt with in the past. with the video cam remark you're going to see a lot more lawsuits like this. >> thank you very much. >> always nice being with you. more from the shutdown showdown. ted cruz came out and he was on fire speaking to the republican faithful. i'm not exaggerateding here. plus, someone says he is the de facto leader of the gop. that person is "outfront." plus an incredible story of recovery. a machine's lungs so severely damaged, he couldn't breathe. he was forced to go without a breath for a month. no respirator no, breath. we're going on tell you how this miracle was possible. and one of the year's strongest storms, now a category 5. one of the biggest on record. where it will land. ready to run your lines?
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront." tropical storm tied for the second most powerful tomorrow right now. phailin with catastrophic winds of 195 miles an hour. hurricane katrina was a category 5 but when it hit handled, it was a category 3 with only about 127-mile-an-hour winds.
4:31 pm
think of all the damage that did. india could be in for a major catastrophe. a storm in this area in 1999, not as strong, killed 10,000 people. cnn meteorologist tells us, it could be a strong category 4 when it hits land and that is slated to be tomorrow. two cold cases four decades old are one step closer to being solved in oklahoma. the state medical examiner's office tells us today human remains were recovered from the two cars found in the lake about an hour and a half from oklahoma city. and that they do match the descriptions of six people missing. they include three teenagers who went missing in 1970 and three others who disappeared the year before. they still are waiting for dna testing to confirm. but whether they died because of foul play or an accident, that's the big question. and whether you get two accidents like that, back to back years raises so many questions. the president and first lady michelle obama met today for the
4:32 pm
inspiring work as an activist. it was a year ago that she was shot in the head by a member of the taliban. malala recounts her story. >> still if i look at it, it is a miracle. my brain is saved, my spinal cord is saved, everything is fine and i am alive. i can talk and i can smile. i thank god for that. they only can shoot a body. they cannot shoot my dreams. and now i'm not afraid of death. first, i might have been but now i am totally not afraid of death. and when i look at the support of people, then i am sure that this cause is never going to die. >> the taliban tried to kill malala because she went to school but obviously they only made her stronger and someone who motivates and inspires many around the world. for the full interview, watch
4:33 pm
the bravest girl in the world. you can see it on sunday at 7:00 eastern time. the breaking bad auction that we've told you about featuring hundreds of props from the show is finally over. and because we've been this for you we could be let it go without telling you how much walter white's tighty whities went for. the whoever you are, you're a crazy person. he often appeared in tighty whities. this pair comes from the first else. other iconic props included a bucket of batter. it went for $4,000. there was another option, walter white's copy, $65,500. okay. i don't get it. i'm not going to pretend to get it but the tighty whities particularly disturbed me. the texas senator of the
4:34 pm
driving force behind the republican push to tie the government shutdown to obama care is calling on its party to stay firm. he rallied his base at a conservative forum in washington poking fun at president obama with his meeting at the white house. >> i'm going to the white house. i will make a request if i'm never seen again, please send a search and rescue team. i very much hope tomorrow morning, i don't wake up amidst the syrian rebels. >> the polarizing senator was not welcomed by everyone. plenty of hecklers showed up, too. >> it seems that president obama's paid political operatives are out in force today. i'm curious, is anybody left at the organizing for america
4:35 pm
headquarters? i'm actually glad that the president's whole political staff is here instead of doing mischief in the country. >> "outfront," the president of the family research council, tony perkins, the main sponsor where you saw cruz, and paul beggala. let me start with you. your takeaway is ted cruz is the de facto leader of the republican party. i want to ask you why because the latest poll from nbc "wall street journal," positive numbers among rubls is 52%. that's pretty grim. it should be 100. i don't need to put democrats up there. really, the de facto leader of the republican party? >> well, you know, the president's numbers are dropping as well. what you see with ted cruise, mike lee, marco rubio, these
4:36 pm
young outsiders that have come to watch in the senate are providing something the gop leadership has not. that is leadership. and yes, people are rallying. we're here at this point where we have this showdown between president obama and the republicans. over government funding and yes, obama care. primarily because two senators, mike lee and ted cruz, made it an issue and drove it forward because the people were behind them to do so. >> you make a strong point. let me give you a follow-up before i go to paul. you can be a leader but sometimes a leader can lead people to greatness. sometimes a leader can lead people off a cliff. which is he? >> i think what he is doing is reflective of what has happened since 2010 where we saw the republicans take control of the house. 2012, the republicans gained a couple more seats. what they gained more significantly than that is a
4:37 pm
more conservative ideology as more conservatives came after the state redrawing of the konsal lines after the census in 2010. that's not yet over. 2014, you will probably see more conservatives come to the house and maybe even to the senate. and what they're doing is reflecting what they campaigned on. i'm not sure why people are surprised that you have some republicans who dug in. we want to defun, delay, we want obama care to go away. that's what they campaigned on. they're doing what they said they would do. >> let's just say this. at least he is a man who sticks to his guns. if the republicans get anything on obama care, 1 of 100%. >> senator cruz campaigned on this stuff. i'm from texas myself beloved longhorns are playing tomorrow. so chris did not lie. i would never say that. i would never say he misled the
4:38 pm
voters. during the campaign. but after the campaign he did. when he stood up and said that he could repeal obama care, he could rally the congress, after the president was reelected, he should have known that was a falsehood. as his fellow republican said, a fraud. and it is, scripture tells us that a fool walks into a fight and his mouth leads him to a beating. senator cruz's lips, his words, his leadership have led his party into a box canyon. to their lowest ratings in the history of polling. and as a democrat, i think that's great. he is the leader of the republican party. he is on a mission of self-destruction. i wish him well. as an american, he is hurting the country with this shutdown and he is even risking our credit rating and that's too much. >> what about grover norquist? he is pretty powerful. i think it is it was very possible to delay for a year. until cruz came along and crashed and burned.
4:39 pm
say that, i said crashed and burned. that's incredibly harsh from a guy who is as conservative as it gets on money matters. does it worry you at all trying to rally the serve base. but talking about crashing and burning. >> to paul's point of barack obama being reelected, the way he was reelected is because we had a candidate on the republican side that overstepped and disconnected with the republican base which is why they stayed home. that's something the republicans need to learn, to reach their base before they try to go to the middle. the president's polls have been sinking because the president refuses to negotiate with republicans. to grover's point, i don't think they would have been to the point of demanding anything out of this administration had it not been for mike lee and ted cruz taking stand. >> i want to give you the final
4:40 pm
word. i have to ask you this. he is not there at the meeting but chris christy said if write in the senate right now, i would kill myself. okay. what's happening? is this going to enable people to rise or doom them to become margized? >> i have to defer to tony. what he is saying is music to my ears. i hear it from a lot of my friends who are very conservative. they stay same things as tony them want to double down on crazy or conservative. it is like the captain of the titanic saying we need more icebergs. if you believe, and i know you do, i have family and friends believe this. the reason you lost is you were too moderate. i wish you well. this is a very moderate country. you all have completely abandoned the senate to obama and the democrats. when the republicans get set, we'll know it. they'll have a nominee who picks
4:41 pm
fights with guys like tony. >> a quick final word. >> we've done that in the last two election cycles in 2008 and 2012 and that's how come we have barack obama. i'm sticking to my gunds. the republicans need to energize their base. >> thanks to both of you. and please to all of you, weigh in. our sixth story. doctors planning to stop people from using a cheap heroin knock-off. the drug is known as crocadil. after the high the skin rots and takes on a scaly appearance. i want to warn you, some of these pictures are graphic but it is important to understand how awful this is. and ted rolins is out front. >> reporter: the images are horrific. people with missing and rotting flesh, in some cases down to the
4:42 pm
bone. from a horrible drug called crocadil. it is extremely addicted. suspected cases surfaced mountain month last month in utah and arizona. five people showed up in joliet, illinois work similar symptoms. one person, a woman, according to doctors, lost significant portions of her leg. so far none of the u.s. cases have been confirmed as being caused by crocadil but the doctors who treated the illinois patients is convinced. >> a zombie drug. >> the drug first surface in the russia in the early 2000s and has grown in population. as many as 1 million russians are estimated to use crocadil. >> it is hard to imagine anyone ever wanting to use this drug. to a heroin addict, there are a if you things about the drug that are actually attractive. first, it is cheap. about a third of the price of
4:43 pm
heroin. it is relatively easy to make. some of them are paint thinner and gasoline. >> one of the issues, it is more addictive than morphine. it is almost ten time more potent. >> according to the hospital in illinois, the patients said they thought they were buying heroin. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg. i think it will get a lot worse before it gets better. if it stays on the market long enough, you will have people that are desperate addicts that can't support their own heroin drug but they can utilize this druk. they will get the same drug for a third of the price. >> the hope is that these images are preventive enough from using the drug. cnn, chicago. >> horrible. still to come, a shocking story of rabbis. and the post office set to destroy a series of unsafe stamps.
4:44 pm
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rabbis charged with kidnapping. according to federal prosecutors in new jersey, ten men are under
4:48 pm
arrest including two rabbis accused of desperate orthodox jewish wives tens of thousands of dollars to force their husbands to give them a divorce. the undercover fbi sting includes allegations of kidnapping, beatings, tort you are with electric cattle prods. the officer has worked undercover and he is out front tonight. explosive allegations according to the complaint, forcing divorces with hired tough guys sounds like the mafia. plastic bags to cover the husbands' heads, karate, cattle prods. we have photos from you when you were under cover. does this surprise you? >> it surprises because you never think about the violence that severe. this is one step below murder or maybe murder and we don't know about it. >> in some cases it could have been, right? >> correct. >> this is being done to force the men to give divorces.
4:49 pm
this is called giving the get. one man told an fbi undercover agent, i guarantee if you you're in the van, you would give a get to your wife. you probably love your wife but you would give a get when they finish with you. why are the rabbis resorting to these methods in. >> they can get away with it. they're respected. they're high on the pecking order. they're the number one the community goes to. even today in the xhuntss in brooklyn in the hasidic areas, they know they go to the rabbi, he is law. >> the rabbis are getting a lot of money. the orthodox women can be very isolated. doesn't have anyone to go to outside the community. if she wants to marry again, she must get the get. she will be ostracized. >> she becomes a hostage. >> in this case, i moo understanding is the rabbis could be taken advantage of her, charging her $50,000 and then
4:50 pm
beating and abusing and torturing her husband. >> correct. the name of the game is they have to get to that level. it is a very tight communicate. it is like the mob. you have to be accepted. you start off on a lower 11. you join a fortunately, when we were working in that area, we were able to flip somebody or get a person from the community to become an informant and when -- >> that's you by the way, we're looking at on the screen. >> that's me -- >> in disguise. >> in disguise. >> took awhile to get that way. you have to learn customs. you have to dress that way, learn what goes on in the community and be accepted by the community. i was fortunate my informant facing other criminal charges introduced me to the person we were targeting. >> what is the bottom -- i mean, how common is this? these women are vulnerable. >> love is a very important
4:51 pm
thing, relationship is important. a lot of the marriages in the community are already arranged. they are arranged marriages. and when you get into a situation where you lack love, intimacy and communication, you want out of it appreciate it. >> thank you. a miraculous recovery. there was a man that could not take a breath for an entire month, his lungs were so badly damaged by infection. he's live tonight and anna cabrera is out front with his story. >> reporter: this was 4-year-old victor carlos last december, paralyzed, sedated, not breathing. it was the flu followed by a serious bacterial infection that put him here. by the time he got to the hospital, carlos was barely hanging on. >> we talked to the triage and his oxygen was 57%. >> reporter: acute respiratory distress system was killing
4:52 pm
carlos, destroying his lungs. >> not only that but he had multiple organ failure related to the infection. so his kidneys were not working. >> reporter: this doctor had no time to spare. >> when you look at this -- >> reporter: he knew trying to force air into carlos' lungs would do more harm but without oxygen his organs would shut down. he had one shot, a procedure called ekmo. >> is this put into the neck area? >> it will be sticking out of your neck. >> reporter: then a special tube inserted through the heart and a pump drawing blood out of the body flushing it through an oxygen machine providing oxygen without the lungs. carlos spotted breathing completely. >> reporter: so do his lungs shut off? do you prevent them from being utilized. >> what we see on the x-rays is the lungs collapse to nothing. the x-ray is white and they are resting and we support the patient until the lungs can heal
4:53 pm
on their own. >> reporter: would it work? the family would have to wait for an answer. >> he initially said he thought he would be on ekmo for a week, and then the week turned into two weeks and hen he was like well, sometimes you just have to wait these things out. >> two weeks into it, we were all pretty worried we had this young guy, you know, whose lungs just don't seem to be coming back. >> reporter: the family held out hope. carlos' seven-year-old daughter vivian clinging to her father's hand as two weeks became four. he didn't take a single breath for an entire month. >> somewhat miraculously, his lungs just started to open up kind of on their own. >> reporter: carlos' family captured that moment on video as he managed to sit up and eventually move his legs. pain and weakness, feelings carlos embraced, signs he was alive. he was determined to a make a full recovery and remarkably
4:54 pm
just six months later, carlos is running. >> just running one block, i was out of breath. my head was pounding, dizzy and had to be bent over to recover. >> reporter: his sights now set on completing a marathon. here is carlos celebrating a 20-mile training run. >> normally he gets done and, you know, just like i did it, whatever. but he got a little choked up this time. >> every long run gets a little emotional for me this time around. >> reporter: for out front, anna cabrera, cnn denver. up front, the post office forced to destroy an entire series of stamps because they are unsafe. before copd...
4:55 pm
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it is time for the "out front out take." this week the u.s. post office joined in by introducing a 15th stamp of children participating in sports and the president's counsel immediately killed the project. three of the 15 raised safety concerns. they said the kids were doing dangerous things, a cannon ball, skateboarding without knee pad
4:59 pm
s. the fact people freaked out is not a joke and as a result the post office had to destroy the stamps. so during a shutdown where the post office is hemorrhaging money, people are going crazy about cartoon stamped children. it's surprising more people don't call the government out and the media out. air canada was transporting a gray hound dog. the crew was warned not to open the door of the crate but larry was too cute. they opened it and he took off and he's a gray hound and the last time anybody saw larry he was away from the airport. a few reporters followed up and an airline employ owe who thought he was e-mailing a co-workers responded said quote, i think i'll ignore, it's a local news doing a story about a lost dog, their entire government is about to shutdown and this is out the u.s. media spends its time.
5:00 pm
unlike the u.s. it got it back after 3,35 five days. it's time for america to start fighting to get it back and stop fighting against kids being kids, kids cannon ball people, get over it. ac 360 starts now. erin, thanks very much. good evening everyone. tonight two words, keep talking. that's when the president is john boehner is saying as they search for a way out of the shutdown mess. what ted cruz and other hard liners are saying and boy, are they talking? we'll take you inside the conservative convention where the affordable care act is compared to slavery and death panels live again. later, there could be evidence in the death of kendrick johnson, that young man there found dead upside down in a rolled up gym mat. was it a freak accident or murder and coverup? parents join me. we begin with the latest on the talks to end the government shutdown and head off a debt ceiling bh.