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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and held on for her life, citizens are not supposed to use the draw bridge, but again, she was rescued. out front next, on the verge of a deal.ont next, on the verge but is the president on board? plus patient dumping for years considered an urban legend. and a teenage girl raped by a high school football player. she says the community turned against her and her mother. let's go out front. and good evening, everyone. out front tonight. deal or no deal? tonight it appears, appears that a deal on the debt ceiling and the government shutdown may
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finally be in sight. have to emphasize those words. vice president joe biden for one was mum. >> is there a deal? >> but he looked very cool in those aviators. but senator reid and mitch mcconnell made their feelings very clear. >> i'm very optimistic. >> i share his optimism. >> i think the thing to hone in on is the word "share." it would create a december 13th deadline for a budget deal and raise the debt ceiling until february 15th. there are lots of problems with those dates. but we'll get to that in a minute. but i want to get to dana bash now. the first question is, a few days ago we thought we were close to a deal and then there was no deal. can you tell how close to done
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this deal is? >> reporter: just like you, i'm very reluctant to predict anything, but it seems a lot closer, a lot more real than we've gotten, primarily because you are talking about the democratic leader and the republican leader in the senate. the numbers you put up on the screen were with regard to has given what. after january 15th, the new forced spending cuts keck in. democrats don't want those to happen. so they sort of won with regard to only keeping the government open until january 15th and forcing budget negotiators to come up with a deal by the middle of december. but republicans got something big too. and that is not extends the debt ceiling for an entire year through the next election as democrats wanted. they want to use the debt ceiling once again to force discussions on entitlement reform on tax reform, on the big
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issues that they have been focused on in dealing with the long-term debt and deficit. now republicans in the senate have to have a discussion about it. they're going to do so tomorrow morning at 11:00. and the hope is that the ball will start to roll with that deal. and then the big question is what happens with the house. >> and that is the huge question. and i know why it's impossible for you to gauge successor failure. i'm curious, obviously from the house, right, there was this take it or leave it on obama care. and now it's really we're not hearing much about obama care at all. but it's on the table but in a token way. >> reporter: that's a great way to put it, in a token way. it helps democrats. if you look at what appeared to be the obama care provisions part of this deal it would make
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sure, verify that individuals who are getting subsidies for obama care, that they actually verify what their income level is to make sure there is no fraud. that is something that is a bipartisan idea. but delay a fee on employees receiving health insurance. that is a huge issue and has been for unions who are democrats constituency. there's tweaking around the edges, but the president has said many times we are not going to do anything to obama care if it means holding that ransom in exchange for raising the debt ceiling or opening the government. so republicans are going to argue that that is a get that they got with regard to this, the framework of this deal. >> thank you very much, dana. and i want to get to the second story out front. democratic senator heidi heitkamp is with us.
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appreciate you taking the time. what can you tell us about what's in the current deal? these dates seem to be the fundamental pieces that we have. the government stays hope until january 15th. what else can you tell us? >> i think when you look at the whole package there's not a lot resolved. there's still a lot of wordsmithing going on, details, the devil's always in the details. the parameters are doing three important things, opening up government, extending the debt limit and setting a framework for a broader deal into the future without making that too far into the future so that we can begin immediately to deal with debt and deficit issues that i think are bipartisan concern. >> so how close to done is this deal? say you get this through the senate, then you'd have to go
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through the house. you know, i'm nervous to say there's a deal, because they've fallen apart time and time again. are you confident? >> well, i'm confident that we've made the case that we can't default on the debt. and that date is on thursday. and so if we do that, we will reap the whirlwind of american opinion. that problem will result in one of our witnesses said it would increase the mortgage interest rate 1%. i mean, these are real consequences. and i am convinced that we've made the case and that everybody understands that we can't play russian roulette with this fragile economy, with the recovery. what that deal's going to look like, ultimately will continue to evolve over the next 24 hours. >> i hear you when you say you've gotten to the seriousness of the issue. but it's been 800 days since
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america lost its credit rating. i talk to ceos, they still see this as a joke. congress has had i think 13 times since then to do a deal, and there's never been a deal. super committee and there's this terrible sequester that happens. i'm confused as to why we should be celebrating delaying this another couple months. >> well, one of the things that i've been adamant about is that the longest we can possibly get is the best. but i think we have to at some point understand that for a lot of members, especially some really good folks on the other side who say we're willing to do this deal, but we can't extend this out too far because we want to have that tough conversation. so i think one of the things that we've been through is embarrassing to every member of
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congress. and hopefully we've learned the lesson. we're not going to put the american economy on the brink once again. i know. i can just see your cynicism. but i think there is a committed group including the 12 or now 13 that met in susan collins' office who know that this needs to be taken care of. so as we bring in more people, as more and more moderates speak out, i'm encouraged in the future. >> obviously i am cynical. you're right about that. but, you know, there are moderates like you who -- and i don't want to in any way underminor demean those efforts, but you have been stymied by radicals of both parties. you have been. do you really think you can get this done? i mean, and this is a big deal. this is a big deal with cutting entitlements, dealing with taxes. that's what it's going to take. >> i would tell you that one of the things that's in this deal is getting back to regular order.
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hopefully if we can get that done, if the appropriators do what they're supposed to do, we can get back to a process that actually works again. we've tried super committees. we've tried bowles simpson. it hasn't worked. that's another process piece that i think, would argue that we're headed in the right direction by actually working within the framework of the united states congress to work these conflicts. >> thank you very much. appreciate you taking the time. by the way, the president was supposed to have a meeting today, but it didn't happen. was that an ominous sign? still to come, that terrorist in new york. he's here in new york city. is it too soon? is it safe? plus patient dumping.
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a major terror suspect arrives in new york for trial. he is the suspect captured about a week ago. he's been held on a navy ship for days of interrogation. something that was criticized because kelly ayotte thought it should be months of interrogation. he was considered a senior trusted member of al qaeda. susan candiotti is out front. he heads to court tomorrow. so we're going to see him. what have you learned about his interrogation? >> he was only on board that navy ship for around nine days or so. certainly, they used that special team. he was treated as a high-valued detainee. of course they would have asked him questions about whether they have any current planned attacks against the u.s. and i'm told that finally -- and of course he didn't have an attorney present for that --
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when he was arrested outside the united states, he of course before then did not have a lawyer. we know that he was brought here in part because of a pre-existing medical condition. he had to be treated here in a new york area facility. we don't know exactly which one. >> i'm not saying it's not true. i always hear about it. >> in this case, we have word that's what happened. in any case, he will be in court tomorrow. he will have a lawyer for the first time. he was read his miranda rights after he was officially arrested outside the united states. >> so he can be interrogated more, but he will have the -- >> protections of the law. >> thank you very much. and we'll be watching that tomorrow, obviously significant in the united states and new york. the next thing is greyhound therapy, putting patients on a bus and washing their hands of them.
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the city of san francisco says hundreds of patients have been sent from the state of nevada to san francisco. >> reporter: david never planned to live this this cramped san francisco low-income rental. he never planned to be here at all. >> i was going to commit suicide, that i had a knife. >> reporter: that was the call he made to nevada emergency services three years ago. he was jobless, homeless. he ended up at a psychiatric center where medical records show he was depressed and suicidal. when he said he wanted to live anywhere but vegas -- >> the young woman suggested san francisco. >> reporter: why did they choose san francisco for her? >> i don't know. i was a cook. she was trying to be helpful. they have a lot of restaurants. >> reporter: they gave him
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snacks, directions and sent him packing to a city where he knew no one, 560 miles away. his doctors in nevada, he says he never heard from them again. did you feel like you were the first person they had done this with? >> are you kidding? i think it's a fairly common practice. >> reporter: it's called greyhound therapy. bus patients out of your state. bus tickets cost just $85.50. far cheaper than treating him. this is the city attorney. >> it's been urban legend that this kind of conduct was occurring, but this is the first instance i am aware of where we have been able to document a state-supported practice that was not only encouraged, but facilitated by state actors.
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>> reporter: the city attorney estimates 1500 patients were bussed out of this hospital in nevada. 500 came here to the state of california. san francisco's cost? $500,000 and counting. san francisco has filed a class action lawsuit against the state of nevada, demanding it pay the city for taking care of the 24 patients bussed here over a five year period. the city says nevada should also pay back the other numerous cities across the southwest it's dumped patients in. the nevada department of health and human services admits to cnn that there were ten instances that they did not verify assistance for patients. david's life has improved since he has arrived in his new city. but even he says it's nevada that should foot the bill.
11:19 pm
>> they should. they want to get rid of me. they should be responsible. >> it's unbelievable. is this more widespread than nevada to san francisco? >> reporter: well, that's a suspicion. if you talk to advocates for the homeless and mentally ill, this is something they have been complaining of nationwide. people in florida have been suspecting that people have been shipped to them. you're dealing with a transient population. the san francisco city attorney is hoping that by making an example out of this case that this will help stop this practice. >> thank you very much for that investigation. still to come, a possible break in a case gone cold. six years after little madison mccann disappeared police have two witnesses. and one of the most dramatic
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our fifth story out front, a promising break in the story of madison mccann. she is the toddler who disappeared while on vacation with her parents. police have come up with the same name in connection with a computer generated sketch.
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mccann went missing just a few days before she turned four. out front tonight is john walsh. he is an adviser and has profiled the case many times on america's most wanted. first of all, the family's reaction to this? are they excited? reading more into this than things in the past? or how are they feeling? >> i think they've got to be excited. i know they're excited. you know, you never give up hope. the not knowing is what has killed jerry and kate all these year, the not knowing what happened to maddy. and this may give them some closure. and scotland yard has come up with some new technology they're featuring -- they've already featured tonight on crime watch u.k. in england which we modeled america's most wanted after this show. >> and in terms of what might come out of this, it's been six
11:25 pm
years. is it possible that they really could find this person? is it possible that the child is alive in your view? >> well, absolutely. we're, you know, remember elizabeth smart. she was gone for eight months. everybody gave up, and we were lucky enough to not give up on america's most wanted. elizabeth's mother and father were convinced that she was still alive, and she was. look at jaycee dugard. she was kept in the back yard by a level three convicted pedophile for 18 years and fathered two children by this guy, this creep. and maddy could be alive. it would be wonderful if maddy was alive. and i tell parents all the time, especially kate and jerry who my wife and i went to see in england when they were being brutalized by the police and the press. it almost destroyed their lives. to never give up hope. so they're hoping maddy will be alive. it would be a wonderful end to this story.
11:26 pm
>> it certainly would. still ahead. a younger girl accuses an older boy of raping her. the teenager and her mother out front. plus the latest from the government shutdown. a deal may be just a few details away, so you've heard. but why is the president silent? why did he cancel a meeting today? and it's one of the most anticipated movies in production. why did the star guaranteed to make you a household name just quit? you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next.
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welcome back to the second half of out front. police are investigating the accidental drowning of a 6-year-old boy aboard carnival's victory cruise ship. people were dancing with a deejay discovered the boy struggling in the water. parental supervision is required for children 13 and under. in this case, the family was nearby. earlier this year a four year old drowned on a cruise ship. in the midst of the shutdown, the pentagon won a big order for their big fighter jet. it calls for the purchase of fix f 35s.
11:31 pm
norway wants to modernize their air force. this was great for the pentagon. they waited until after the awarding of the nobel peace prize. it is proof of the truth -- norway loves its bombers. how could zombies outdo nfl football? had had the excitement extended to twitter where viewers posted nearly 40,000 tweets. the much loved breaking bad ended with a record 10.3 million viewers. also in hollywood, charlie hunt has bowed out of the film adaptation of 50 shades of gray. he was too busy with his tv schedule to prepare for the
11:32 pm
lead. it is based on the erotic trilogy. we're told that adapting a well-loved book is always a challenge. wizards obviously sell on the page and on-screen, but will sex? our sixth story out front, what tea party top senate leaders say a deal is in sight? once this passes the senate, it does need to go over to that pesky congress. we have executive editor of the daily beast. great to have all of you with us. amy, cnn reporting that the proposal under consideration would kick the can down the road a couple months. but only with some slight provisions to obama care, nothing like delaying, repealing defunding, nothing like that. was it worth shutting down the government if that's the deal
11:33 pm
that ends up happening? >> i don't believe that the republicans shut down the government, even on crossfire earlier, newt was talking about harry reid and the president threatening to shut down the government over the sequester. that came out of the white house in july. july was when that first came out. obama care is a job killing program that we can't afford. we're $17 trillion in debt and now they're going to kick the can down the road and they're not going to do anything about it. it is not acceptable. and we cannot continue to function this way. >> amy, god bless you, didn't answer the question. this isn't a win. this shutdown wasn't about adjusting the reinsurance rate. and the shutdown was compelled by house republicans listening to the tea party, afraid of getting primaried from the right. they realized it was suicidal from the get go. so the result will be good for the country if we avoid this completely idiotic,
11:34 pm
self-defeating debt ceiling, but to say this was harry reid's plot all along isn't dealing with reality. >> he was the one using ransom and hostage. he was going to have a meeting today. and it got abruptly canceled. now he's out of the discussions. is that smart? or is that abdicating the leadership role that the president should have? >> the president's been a stalwart that's forced this deal as it's happening right now. he has basically said i'm not going to undermine my health care program, and i'm not going to let the republicans hold the economy hostage, and actually, the fact that he held firm is why we're in this place we're in now and why amy's constituents are going to be unhappy. but i hear something else when i hear amy talking. and that is that this deal that's coming up with some, you know, folks in the senate, republicans and democrats talking to each other may not pass the house so easily.
11:35 pm
john boehner's going to have this problem all over again if their deal gets to the house tomorrow or wednesday, and that's going to be, you know, it's going to feel like groundhog day if we just keep going with the feelings of amy's constituency. >> would you think that the house, if they have the votes would shoot this down right on the eve of a technical default? you know, without getting into all the details and the arguments of when's a default a default? would they really do that? >> i don't know. but i know that the members in the house are representing their constituents, and i think all of us would agree here that our government cannot keep functioning this way. and what, we're going to be back here in three or four months doing this all over again? we're tired of this. and if what we heard earlier is accurate, the republicans are going to get the income verification. that was a standard in obama care anyway. so now we're going to get a fraud prevention piece thrown at us.
11:36 pm
and now the unions are going to be fixed? this is not right. we have a $17 trillion debt. it's not acceptable. we cannot continue to live this way. and we want something done about it. and when obama care is one sixth of our economy, another huge entitlement program. i mean, when are we going to address that. >> health care is 20% of the economy. >> i think we can all agree as amy said, we need to deal with the deficit and the debt in particular. but the point is that this whole kamikaze kabuki has increased costs. it has not helped deal with the deficit and debt. if we're serious about that, that's when you go to conference and get people talking for long-term plans. but everything we've been through has done nothing to deal with the debt in a constructive way. >> it's been kind of a fool's error politically, but the deficit has been cut in half since president obama's taken office.
11:37 pm
the republicans had a huge r because the government is now funded at sequestration levels which is almost a hundred billion dollar cut over what the president asked for. so rather than declaring some victories, saying we've made a lot of progress on the budget, the republicans are going after something that is just not do-able, and that is going to finally dawn on the republican senate. the question is whether the house is going to go along with it. >> this is going to be a fascinating 72 hours. well, the money and power of nerds. for four days, many of them in costume, people lined up for a sneak peek at toys and movies to be released next year. that's our production team. they said they need to cover this for the good of the show. that's all right. you're nerds and we love you.
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fans spent $20 million on tee shirts, posters, toys and swords. when you factor in of hotels and restaurants, $70 million was pumped into the new york economy. some fans spent hundreds of dollars to meet their favorite stars. the irs probably isn't going to see much of that. but the comic con has been going on for seven years. there were 130,000 people attending. there's one guy not bilking the irs, one guy that you know can stand up for you. and that was cookie monster. for more on comic con go to out front online. a young girl was raped by an
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older boy. why have members of the community turned on her? and one of the most secretive and celebrated artists in the world. did he just play a massive prank on the u.s.? and a shout out, a near miss. this is a paraglider and a plane came close to the towline. we're assuming everybody had all the permits they were supposed to have to be in the airspace. otherwise the shout out could change. we'll be back. n, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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nthat's why they deserve... aer built aanbrake dance.ndly. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. and we are back with tonight's outer circle. and we go to syria where stunning video shows a pair of car booms exploding just outside a state run tv station in damascus. who are they saying did these explosions?
11:44 pm
>> reporter: erin dramatic video showcasing how volatile the situation has become in syria, two car bombings broadcast live. this was during an interview of a syrian political analyst. the first bomb went off behind the analyst. he was then saying to the broadcaster that he was okay. that he would go on. what is your question. just a few seconds after that, there was another loud explosion, and you could see the blast behind him as well. after that, the political analyst left his seat from the studio there. this happened at the headquarters for syrian state television. the syrian state television blamed this on armed terrorists, really showing how bad the situation has become in damascus. our seventh story out front. a young woman accuses her classmate of sexual assault.
11:45 pm
now she and her family say they've been forced to move out of their small town because the community attacked them. here's their story. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the beginning of a new life. melinda coleman and her kids moved to a small town in missouri after a tragic car accident killed melinda's husband and the children's father. but the nightmare began early on january 8, 2012. 14 year old daisy coleman was hosting a sleep over. she had been texting with a football player, a senior who was 17. soon after, the teen girls snuck out of daisy's home to meet up with the football player and his friends. it happened in his parents' basement. according to investigators' documents, daisy had a lot more to drink that night, thanks to the football player. according to the documents,
11:46 pm
daisy had a big glass of clear stuff. that's the last daisy coleman remembers about that night. the nest morning, daisy was found outside her front door with no socks, shoes or coat despite freezing temperatures. her mother gave her a bath and noticed sexual signs. they had found his sister drunk at a party and brought her home and dropped her off. the goal was to keep anybody from finding out they had sex. the football player, from a prominent political family was arrested and charged with sexual assault. his friend was charged with recording the incident on an iphone. but about two months later, all the charges were dropped except for a misdemeanor, endangering the life of a child by leaving daisy out in the cold.
11:47 pm
the prosecuting attorney was ready to prosecute, but both the victim and her family refused to cooperate. >> the only people's stories that have been inconsistent throughout this whole thing are the colemans, the victims in this case. and i don't know why that is, but it is. >> reporter: those claims don't add up according to melinda coleman. there were threats made against her children. coleman says she was fired from her job. so the colemans picked up and moved away again, away from the small american town that was supposed to give them a new lease on life. >> well, daisy coleman and her mother are out front giving an exclusive interview. thank you, we know it is difficult to come on and tell your story, with such a difficult matter, in some ways, daisy, it will be a night you will never forget, and other
11:48 pm
ways, it is hard to remember. you were with that football player, what do you remember? >> i remember watching scary movies with my friend, just having a fun time. and after we snuck out we got into this car where matt picked us up. and he drove us to his house and we snuck in through his house through his basement window. and i went to sit on his couch and he gave me a big glass of clear liquid. and that is all i remember. >> and that is all you remember, and melinda, you woke up in the morning, and you found daisy scratching on the window and barely conscious, when did you recognize that something horrific had happened, that she had been sexually assaulted? >> i didn't realize initially, when i heard something outside,
11:49 pm
i thought maybe it was the dogs. it was about 5:00 in the morning, it was about 10 to 5:00. and i just heard something outside, and i got up, went out, and my youngest son and i found daisy in the yard. her hair was wet and frozen. and she didn't have any socks or shoes or anything on her hands. and it was very cold. there was frost on the ground and it was about 22 degrees. so we initially got her inside the house and tried to warm her up. and at that point i couldn't figure out what had happened. it was not until i undressed her and put her in a warm tub that i realized that maybe she had been sexually assaulted. so i asked her if she was hurting, and she said yes, and started to cry. >> melinda, i have to ask you this, because this seems to be the one big question in the case. the prosecutor in the case has not returned our calls.
11:50 pm
we did try. but the sheriff you just heard there, darrin white says he was ready to prosecute. he said that daisy was raped. he said the charges were dropped because you chose not to testify or have daisy testify, is that true? what is your response to that? >> that is absolutely not true. and they did talk to daisy that night -- that morning, they talked to her in the hospital room. i have the police report. you can see her full -- story. she told them everything she just now said. and i also talked to the sheriff and the captain and told them everything i knew. and that is also in the police report. so that is absolutely not true. >> and daisy, obviously, the football player is from a prominent political family. do you think when you look at this now, that that played a role in how the case was handled and the fact that the charges were dismissed and how you were treated?
11:51 pm
>> yes, i do believe that it did play a role. i have heard many things that he has gotten off many times with multiple things. traffic tickets, having drugs on him. tobacco underage, and i have heard that he has gotten off on all of this, so it does make me believe that there was a role played. >> and since this happened, daisy, i know you have endured some horrible things. what has your life been like? what changed after this? >> there was really a lot of cyber bullying, and i really -- at first, i didn't really -- it didn't affect me as much. but after you hear it so often, all of these different things, then you start to believe it. and i really did start to hate myself.
11:52 pm
>> what would you say, i mean, this is to both of you. i guess, daisy, you first when you say you start to believe it yourself. that football player is currently enrolled in college, as far as we know and continuing with his life. and i know that your life has obviously had a lot of hurdles since then. what would you say to him if you saw him? >> i would say that i never wanted to see him again. that he can go live his life. and i never wanted to see him again. >> melinda. my concern -- was that some other girls came forward and told me that the same thing had happened to them with this same group of boys. when i had talked to the sheriff initially he said that there had been girls that had come forward and that there had been maybe even ten other girls that were also assaulted. so -- later on, he said that
11:53 pm
they were all liars. i digitally recorded him saying they were all liars and that they just wanted to crucify those poor, innocent boys. so my concern is, what is it going to take for them to do something here? is one of these girls going to have to die? are they going to end up freezing in their front yard before they will do something? >> and melinda, do you want this case reopened? what do you want to happen from this? >> i would like to see the case reopened and i would like to see some justice. and i would like the other girls to be able to come forward without fear. >> do you agree, daisy, and would you testify if that happened? >> i would. >> all right, well, thank you very much to both of you again. i know it is hard to talk about it. thank you. >> thank you. >> we're going to keep covering
11:54 pm
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. tonight, one of the world's most mysterious figures has an idea that puts average americans on the same footing as celebrities. ivan watson has more. >> reporter: the british artist strikes again, the idea of bringing art to the people in
11:58 pm
unexpected way. this time on a random street corner in queens, new york, within hours fans of all ages posing next to the gladiator. what we do in life echos eternity. >> she could say she got a photo taken in front of the picture. >> banksy is famous, with the art on buildings and cities around the world, including here on his israeli security walls in the occupied west bank. within hours, banksy has turned this street corner in the neighborhood in queens into an open air art exhibit, of sorts. the irony is just a for days ago fans could have bought one of his original canvass for just 60 dollars. on sunday, banksy unveiled this photo, showing an unidentified elderly man showing his stencils
11:59 pm
at the park. he waited all day, but only three people bought his art for a total of just $420. bargain-basement prices in the high priced world of art. >> i think this was to poke fun at the artists. >> the collector plans to auction off earlier banksy art works for tens of thousands of dollars apiece. >> he is always accessible, open to the public, just doing things for the city, the culture. >> every day this month, banksy has said he will unveil the new piece of art in new york. this is in the meat packing district, and it is another example. but missing the opportunity to buy banksy's art for next to nothing is driving some of his most loyal fans crazy. >> i think banksy is brilliant. i think he really made a
12:00 am
statement yesterday. >> but you're kicking yourself? >> big time. >> and you love this guy? >> yes. >> reporter: for "outfront," i'm ivan watson. >> indeed, a neat idea and a way to make something special for everyone. this is "piers morgan live." and breaking news, the senate is close to a deal. close but not yet done, the clock, as you can see, is ticking, here is what we know, it would raise the debt ceiling until february 7th. can congress learn how to play nice? we'll see, on the left, deborah wasserman schultz, on the right, and suzie orman has more on the finances. do your actions are bringing