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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 22, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it's only a few users who are seeing that currently. >> samuel burke, thank you very much for joining me. thank you for being with me. i will see you tomorrow. in the meantime, let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. please stay on the line. your call is very important to us. how does signing up for obama care between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on thursday sound? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. the obama care rollout, a marvel of dysfunction. but do we really need congressional hearings to tell us that? we'll ask one of the republicans eager to grill those who designed the website. also in national news, he survived the battlefields of afghanistan only to die on a school playground. the nevada teacher and former marine gunned down while shielding others from danger. in moments, we will hear from a student who witnessed the horror firsthand. and the pop culture lead. music videos, seems like mtv hasn't played one since before snooki was born, yet it still has the vmas. now the modern go-to spot for
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music videos is youtube and they are handing out their own awards, too. but will you watch? good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." we begin with the national lead. let's talk about the right and wrong ways to roll out a product for a minute. say what you will about tim cook's reign at apple. they still know what they're doing. drum up excitement, stir up positive word of mouth, reveal the thing people clamor for and preferably standing in front of a giant screen never hurts. earlier, cook unveiled a new lightweight ipad, a new ipad mini and the new mavericks mac operating system. apple will move millions of units before the end of the year, et cetera. that's the right way to do it. now let's look back to the first of this month to another product launch. obama care. >> remain calm! all is well! all is well! >> i'm sorry. that was a clip from "animal house." not sure how that was put in
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there. let's try it again. here's the administration the day the obama care websites were launched. >> apple rolled out a new mobile operating system and within days, they found a glitch so they fixed it. >> well, i'm not an expert on web design, so i can't guarantee that there aren't glitches that are just technical in nature. >> i think that the volume related issues are ones that we welcome, frankly. >> i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads. >> because picking out your best health insurance plan, checking with the irs to see if you qualify for a subsidy, double checking to see if you already have insurance and then enrolling, that's the same thing as purchasing an ipad. maybe it's time for president obama to try a black turtleneck on for size, see if that works any better. apple, for one, must be very, very happy that the administration has dropped its comparisons. from day one the white house tried talking around the debacle of the affordable care website exchanges. president obama yesterday publicly acknowledged the problems but insisted that they
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are being fixed and interest remains high. public opinion, however, not so much. in a new cbs news poll, only 12% said the sign-ups are going well. nearly half saying it's not going well. so the public thinks it's going not well. even one of the president's own former innovation fellows, clay johnson, says the contractors who made this website were quote, at best sloppy and at worst, unqualified for the job. this is all given republicans so much ammunition. the house energy and commerce committee holds a hearing on thursday but house and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will not be there. she says she will meet with the committee next week. steve scalise is a republican from louisiana who is on the committee and is chair of the republican study committee group, what is it? >> republican study committee. >> that's what i thought. a conservative committee. so you're not going to have the obama administration officials at this hearing on thursday, so who is going to be there? >> well, supposedly we will be talking to some of the people who actually developed this website. obviously, we've got a lot of serious questions, lot of
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questions that they have still yet to answer. we're talking about a website that the administration had over three years to develop this and they spent over $500 million. this is more than facebook cost to build and over a billion people use facebook and it works. so we're not talking about some kind of low bid, you know, small cost contract. >> are you trying to get to the bottom of how to fix it? is that the goal here? or is this more we want to bring people to account for what has not been a successful rollout? >> well, i think accountability is at the forefront. >> i'm not criticizing accountability. there are a lot of people who want to, i mean, you would admit there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of americans who want to sign up. they want the problem solved. >> well, they want the problem solved and they also want to know how can you roll out a product like this without even testing it. clearly, i used to develop software for a living before i came to congress. we would pull all nighters to make sure the day of the rollout, the product actually worked. clearly, they didn't do that. i tried to get on the site and i spent over two hours, i got
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kicked out four times, i got a bunch of blank screens, a whole lot of please wait boxes. something you don't get in the private sector. the president likes talking about apple and kayak and other websites that actually do work. this is a system that you go buy an ipad even if it had a glitch, it still works. this is not a glitch. this is a national embarrassment. >> the president of health policy and strategy associates who has been critical of the rollout told the "washington post" quote, i think the administration trusted their subcontractors. there is an astronaut joke that an astronaut is a guy sitting on top of a rocket assembled by the lowest bidders. obama care is a bit like the astronaut on top of the rocket. i think he's paraphrasing armageddon there but it's not like the government can afford to have mark zuckerberg design this site. they have to because they are the stewards of taxpayer dollars, go after the cheapest. >> they would have saved money if they had mark zuckerberg. >> i'm saying, they can't afford him is my point. >> they spent more than mark zuckerberg spent in the first five years of facebook's life span. >> you take my point, that they
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have to get cheapest -- >> clearly they did not do the cheapest bid on this contract. it was a canadian company. they spent over $500 million of taxpayer money. spotify cost maybe 10% of that. you look at twitter, other software products, that people go online and whether they're exchanging information or purchasing products, those websites cost a whole lot less money to develop and those websites work, and they handle more traffic. >> so you're head of the republican study committee. you unveiled your own health care bill, the committee, and you have introduced legislation to repeal and to -- >> replace the bill. >> replace the bill. i guess my question is why should americans watching these hearings on thursday think that this is going to be a legitimate attempt by congress to find out what went wrong and fix it? the law passed the house, passed the senate, was signed by the president and found constitutional by the supreme court. >> well, people don't like the law in general and a lot of
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people that are going on these websites are expecting to find out information, are being asked a lot of very personal information that has nothing to do with their health care. >> like what? >> they are being asked what is their race ethnicity, is their wife pregnant, for example. that was a question i was asked. again -- >> isn't that relevant if you're getting insurance? >> the president said that you're not going to be rated based on your health. >> if you're 75 years old you probably don't need a plan that offers prenatal care. i'm just guessing. >> the bottom line is, jake, this website clearly doesn't work. the president admits it doesn't work. yet people, american families right now are being told under the law that if they don't go on to this website that doesn't work and buy a product they can't afford and give their personal information to the irs who can't be trusted with it, they will be fined by the federal government. if the website's not working, one thing i think is a basic request that a lot of american families have is if i can't go onlig online and buy this product the law says i have to buy, shouldn't the president waive the fine for the individual mandate like he waived it for
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business? >> it's a fair question. i asked the white house that yesterday. their response was that there are still other ways to get obama care. there's the phone number, there are -- you can fax it in. there are other ways -- >> but the 800 number, if you can get through, it's busy now because the website doesn't work, they actually refer you back to the website that doesn't work. >> there are people who have been able to get -- i'm not going to sit here and tell you it's going well but there are people who have been able to get insurance through the website. >> there have been very small numbers. if you look at some states, they spent over $100,000 per person had successfully signed up. not a good bang for your buck. you compare that to the private sector that the president's comparing it to, the president's the one out there saying this is like apple or kayak or some other website. they spent a whole lot less money to build websites that do work where people, millions of people every day are able to go and actually buy products. >> congressman steve scalise, republican of louisiana, chair of the republican study committee, thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it. coming up next on "the lead," a hero teacher walks toward a student shooter buying
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time for other kids to flee. we are getting a clearer picture of what happened on that middle school play ground in nevada yesterday from the students who witnessed the shooting. i will talk to one of them next. plus, a democratic congressman refuses to apologize for sending out this image as a fund-raising ploy. did he go too far? do i need to ask that question? [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference.
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noticeably shaken, one after another students and teachers call 911 hoping someone, anyone, could save them from the nightmare they were living at a middle school in sparks, nevada yesterday. we're still not clear what made a 12-year-old student bring a gun to school and open fire, killing a teacher and injuring a fellow student before turning the gun on himself. newly released 911 tapes paint a picture of the panic after he was spotted on school grounds aiming his weapon. >> somebody brought a gun to school and shot a teacher. >> the teacher's down? >> yes. >> okay. we'll get somebody out there right away. you're at sparks middle school? >> yes. >> they shot again. >> they shot again? >> can you get the police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> okay. where are they with the gun? >> huh? >> where are they with the gun? >> sparks middle school. >> i know, but where at the school? that's what i'm saying. >> out by the basketball court.
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>> by the basketball court? >> yes. please send someone now. >> police aren't releasing any details about the shooter but we do know the murdered teacher had a military background so it's no surprise mike landsberry died while trying to protect his students. one witness says that landsberry approached the shooter, asked him to hand over his gun and that's when he got shot. you're about to hear from a student who saw this horrific scene play out but first, let's go live now to cnn's stephanie elam in sparks, nevada with the very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: jake, what we've learned now is a better picture of what exactly happened here just before 7:15 a.m. local time. what police are telling us now is that the student shooter came on to campus, he first encountered one student, that's the one he shot in the shoulder. then coming across the playground, he encountered his teacher or i don't know if it's his teacher, but a teacher, michael landsberry, walking toward him trying to confront
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him. that is when the teacher was shot in the chest. the student then found another student, shot that one in the abdomen before taking his own life. police are saying during that time, other students were allowed to run while michael landsberry was there confronting the student and that the staff and student inside the school ensured that he did not get inside with that weapon. that's something they're saying is very helpful because it could have been a much worse situation. also learning that the parents of the assailant have police protection with them. they have been cooperating fully with the police as this investigation continues, and they could face charges if it's found out that this gun that he used belonged to them and that it wasn't handled properly. >> stephanie elam, thank you so much. the teacher killed in the school shooting was known by his students as batman and lived up to his super hero nickname in the final moments of his life. shouting at students to run for cover while he pleaded with the 12-year-old shooter to hand over his gun. a facebook page set up in mike landsberry's memory includes a touching message from his
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stepdaughter which was posted a few weeks ago that reads in part, this man, my dad, has been through so much to make me and my family happy and i don't know what i would do without him. she goes on to write no matter what, i'll always love him and to that, landsberry responded i love you all so very much. you all are my world. my everything. we want to talk to someone who witnessed some of the tragic events that played out yesterday. 13-year-old kyle newcomb is a student at sparks middle school and joins us live. kyle, thanks so much. first of all, i'm so sorry for what you've been through. i'm so glad you're okay. i'm sure everybody watching is so glad you're okay. thank you for joining us. tell us as best you can what you saw yesterday. >> i was just talking to my friends and then i heard a loud pop. for a second i thought it was a firecracker at first, and then i turned around and see a teacher approach the gunman and then the gunman is pointing the gun towards the teacher, and he fires a shot at the teacher, and
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then everybody started screaming and running, and we continued running across the soccer field, and we heard about five to four more shots and i turned around and saw the teacher laying down and the gunman shooting at the other students, and we ran into this lady that let us into her house and from there, we called our parents. >> your parents must have been so happy to have heard from you. did you know mr. landsberry at all? >> i didn't know him as well as many other students did, but we had the occasional talk here and there. >> tell us about him. >> he was always a positive guy. he would always try and make other people's days, you know, like more better. yeah. that was the kind of guy he was. >> there are some reports that the shooter had been bullied. do you know anything about that?
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>> i don't really personally know him, but i think that's what everybody's telling me, too, that he was bullied. that's what i'm guessing also, because he was yelling a bunch of things while we were running. >> what was he yelling? >> he was yelling stuff like why are you laughing at me, why are you doing this to me, like that. >> to mr. landsberry or to other students? >> he was just yelling at us, to everybody. >> do you happen to know if the shooter had any grudge with the teacher or any other students? >> i'm not sure about that. >> kyle, does your school practice school shooting drills? >> we have practiced a bunch of earthquake drills but i'm not really familiar with a lot of shooting drills that we were taught that much. but we were taught stuff like code reds and code yellows. >> so you and your fellow
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students, you have experienced a traumatic event and this is something very serious and there's no shame and there's no -- nothing wrong with seeking help or talking to anybody, and i'm sure all of your fellow students are trying to seek counseling. you think you're going to be okay going back to sparks middle school some day? >> yeah, i think i'm going to be okay. i'm pretty sure i'm going to be safe there now. >> what did your parents say to you last night when you got home? >> my mom just told me that she's glad to see me and that's it. just, you know, she was just in tears. >> all right, kyle. stay strong, my friend. thank you for sharing your story. our thoughts are with you and your entire community as you try to get through all this. thanks for talking to us. coming up next on "the lead" a grandmother, a cleric that preached peace, two new reports on u.s. drone attacks are
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highlighting the unintended victims of the war on terror. how does the obama administration respond? plus, one of the most expensive colleges in the united states is now admitting to playing favorites with wealthy applicants. which college? stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in our world lead now, two new reports out today highlight the toll of drone strikes carried out by the obama administration. civilian casualties, something even president obama has acknowledged. the human rights group amnesty international documents nine strikes in pakistan between 2012 and 2013. one of them was on october 24th, 2012, according to amnesty. the strike killed a 68-year-old grandmother who was tending to her crops. they say her family witnessed her death including her young grandchildren. human rights watch looked at six u.s. strikes in yemen that they say killed 57 civilians, including a cleric and his cousin on august 29th of last year. human rights watch says these men were known to preach against al qaeda's violent methods. the potential consequence of these casualties may have been best explained by malala, the
1:25 pm
young pakistani girl who was shot by the taliban while meeting with the president and his family earlier this month. she said she told the president that these drone strikes are quote, fueling terrorism, unquote. obama administration officials maintain that drone strikes allow the u.s. government to help keep the world safer with small strategic hits that eliminate enemies of the u.s. and our allies at less of a cost in money or animosity than boots on the ground. let's bring in amnesty international's pakistan researcher and jeremy bash, chief of staff for defense secretary leon panetta, now founder of beacon global strategies, an advisory firm. jeremy, just a quick reaction to the amnesty report or human rights one. they seem to be fairly diligent reports on clear civilian casualties. >> thanks for having me. like moustafa and the authors of the report, i wish we lived in a world without terrorism and training camps and the leaders of al qaeda. but that's not the world we live in.
1:26 pm
so the question really for the united states is how do we go after terrorists who hide in areas where we can't send in tanks, we can't send in special forces, we can't barrage the camps with artillery. we developed a very precise, effective weapon that can take out terrorists before they plot attacks against us. i definitely dispute the characterizations that civilians have been targeted or that they have been killed en masse. in every operation i'm aware of, i would say that the ironclad rule is that if a noncombatant is there, if a woman or child is there, no operation will proceed. our operators are very diligent and this weapon is very, very precise. >> look, i mean, you seem like someone that i can trust but the problem is right now, all i can do is trust you. we've looked at at least two cases where a grandmother was killed, civilians were killed, labore laborers, including a young boy. there may be others. the problem is right now there's no accountability. so we have to open that up. at least in these cases, we've
1:27 pm
documented them very diligently, as you say. the authorities must explain. president obama has to explain why have these people been targeted, what kind of threat do they pose to the united states. >> explain what you mean by accountability. you think that -- because these are obviously top secret strikes. you don't think they should explain who they are going to hit before they hit them. >> certainly in these sort of cases, where clearly you're talking about civilians, clearly people who are not a threat to the united states, at a minimum the u.s. should explain how did this happen, why did it happen, who was the target and if there has been as we are saying, human rights violation potentially, someone needs to be investigated. we're not talking about every single drone strike. what we're saying is that at the moment, there has not been a satisfactory explanation of law or fact to justify this whole program. >> in fact, i should point out both of these reports from amnesty and human rights watch detail strikes in which al qaeda in the cases of yemen and taliban in the cases of
1:28 pm
pakistan, individuals, militants or terrorists, whatever you want to call them, were struck and were killed but they also talk about civilians as well. white house press secretary jay carney was asked about the reports today. i want to play you what he said and get your reaction. >> to the extent these reports claim that the u.s. has acted contrary to international law, we would strongly disagree. we take mindful of the absolute need to limit civilian casualties and to, in this case, reach a standard of near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured which is the highest standard we or any country could set. >> your reaction? >> well, look, if the u.s. claims that these are not illegal, unlawful strikes, give us the evidence. give us the legal explanation for how you justify killing a grandmother in front of her grandchildren, how do you explain killing a young 14-year-old boy who himself in such a poor village had to be a laborer in a mine at that age. how do you explain that. >> jeremy, when u.s. troops kill civilians, presumably
1:29 pm
accidentally in afghanistan or iraq, there's a process under which these individuals can be compensated to a degree. i think one of the points that is being made here is because these drone -- the justification for these drone strikes is kept top secret, there's no way for these people to seek any sort of redress for their grievances. >> well, that's a fair point. i think that's something that we should think about. but i think we should also think about the way these operations are conducted. and that is first of all, they are all on video and that actually promotes accountability. that allows us to take that video and show it to members of congress who oversee these operations. and every single one of these operations, they have been briefed to our congress and have been briefed to those who oversee the operations and they can actually see the video. the second thing that's important about the way these operations are conducted is that up to the very last moment, they can be called off. i'm personally aware of operations where a woman or child has walked into the shot, if you will, and actually the weapon has been diverted. i don't know any other country, jake, that would do that.
1:30 pm
no other country would take that level of care. this is combat and there have been several hundred operations. have there been individuals who are not combatants who have been killed? president obama has acknowledged that there have been but that's not our purpose, that's not our tactic and i think we try to do the best we can to prevent civilian casualties while protecting the united states. >> did you want to -- >> yeah, look, the problem again is this issue of we have to trust these people. we don't challenge the fact that they are very professional, very mindful, thoughtful people working in these organizations. but we can't just take the word of people. it's like you said yourself. if someone commits a crime, if someone, say a police officer in the heat of the moment kills someone, there is an investigation. there is potentially, it goes to the court. there needs to be that kind of level of accountability. i agree with you. the u.s. often has very high standards in terms of investigation. the u.s. is the world's superpower. the world looks to the u.s. i come from pakistan. we are a country which has a lot
1:31 pm
of law issues. when the u.s. acts this way and people have told me that basically they now associate the conduct of the u.s. with al qaeda and taliban, we know there's a significant failure. just one other thing. if these video feeds, the intelligence is so good, then there should be nothing to hide in terms of explaining what happened in these killings, other killings that have been investigated by human rights groups. if the u.s. has nothing to hide, then please show us. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we will continue to cover this story and hope we can have you both back. let's check in on our political panel in the green room. kevin madden, changing subjects a little bit here, i want to show you the latest ad from one progressive group in colorado. they are trying to convince young people to enroll in obama care. let's put that picture up. there it is. three bros partying it up with the caption keg stands are crazy, not having insurance is crazier. is that going to work on fraternity brothers out there? >> i got to tell you, having majored in keg stands myself in college, the answer is no.
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some of his fellow republicans the wrong way here in washington, d.c., but back in texas, he's getting a hero's welcome. >> we all know that if we took on the washington establishment, the establishment would fight back. and it's going to take time to change washington, to turn this country around. >> we love you, ted! >> it's actually been happening all over the lone star state. on saturday in san antonio, cruz was greeted with a standing "o" by the federation of texas republican women. >> having spent the past month up in d.c., it is really great to be back in america. >> so what will this all mean for the party when ted cruz comes back to town? let's bring in the political panel. cnn political commentator, kevin madden. president for the center for american progress, celebrating its tenth anniversary this week,
1:37 pm
neara tanden and ron fornier. kevin, how worried is republican leadership about ted cruz? he is getting bigger than ever in texas where they grow things big. >> he is. i think the reason he's getting so much attention right now is there are so many republican base voters who will reward the person or the movement that is most confrontational when it comes to confronting obama and what they see as a march to the left. and if the iowa caucuses were held right now, ted cruz would walk away with it. it wouldn't even be a contest. i don't think that -- receptions like he got down in texas, all that does is embolden him. they talk about this republican establishment or the washington establishment. he is thoroughly unconcerned with ingratiating humself with those folks. i think he's going to continue to do this throughout his term in congress. his term in the senate. >> as a practical matter, can you run for president if you have alienated the entire
1:38 pm
establishment of your party? >> you can run for president. you can build an e-mail list. you can raise a lot of money. you can get great speaking fees. you can win a primary or two and you are going to lose and will join a long line of fringe candidates who make a career out of being a fringe candidate. i think that's what he's heading towards. >> are democrats licking their chops when they look at this infighting going on? >> i think ted cruz has been remarkably unhelpful to the republican brand writ large, if you look at the last month. the tactic of shutting down the government -- >> not in texas. >> not in texas, but nationally. if you look at independent voters and how they're looking at the republican party, the party has taken a huge hit. i think the question going forward is are people thinking about the general election down the road, ever, or are they just thinking about the primary. if they're thinking about the primary, ted cruz, take kevin's word that he's a strong voice. i think for a general electio, he's obviously alienated and alienating to a lot of independent voters which is the
1:39 pm
middle of the country. >> there are a lot of democrats talking about the tea party and what damage it's wreaked upon the republican party. take a look at this e-mail that congressman alan grayson sent to supporters yesterday, comparing the tea party to the kkk. here's the picture. pretty unforgiveable. we reached out to grayson, he defended the image given some of the racist attacks against president obama. ron, is this helpful to the democratic party, or is this ultimately something that hurts -- i mean, is this helpful -- who does this help? >> whenever we sink this low in politics and draw that kind of analogy, it doesn't help anybody. it's just another example of the zero sum game in politics. you can't condone that. >> it's outrageous. and it is an example that there is -- neither party has a monopoly on extremism. and using coarse language inside the political debate. >> i mean, i obviously think that is unnecessary and wrong and he should apologize, but you
1:40 pm
know, there's not an equivalence between one member of congress and the entire tea party and the language and rhetoric that's used. obviously rhetoric like that on either side is wrong and should be stopped, but i don't think we should just say the parties are equal and have equal extremists, et cetera. over the last month you have seen the republican party has adopted an agenda, not as extreme as using anything like this, but an agenda that's shut down the government over obama care is pretty extreme. >> nobody wins with this type of language. it doesn't do one thing to motivate a persuadable voter out there. this actually keeps the voters who have yet to be persuaded to participate in it. that's what makes them stay home. >> i'm not saying it's equivalent to anything. it's just a high profile democratic congressman who says controversial things and is accusing the tea party of being racist and comes at a time when the tea party is in the news a lot and democrats are certainly talking about them being extremists and they are -- the public sees them as extremists.
1:41 pm
>> that, you know, his language is wrong. he should say sorry for it. i think that that is wrong language and that everyone in the political process should not condone language like this. doesn't help anyone that people send out these e-mails and try to raise a lot of money by getting people angry instead of getting them more -- >> to that point, the fringe part of the republican party right now, there are so many of them doing so many outrageous things, get out of the way. let them do that. let them be the idiots. i don't know why a democrat would want to get in the way of the tea party hurting the republican party. >> i want to play one bit of sound from senator john mccain, who says he's seriously considering running for another term in 2016, when he will turn 80 years old. he talked about it with k.f.y.i.a.m. in phoenix. >> i'm seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now. i'm seriously giving that a lot of thought. >> kevin, surprised at all? >> not at all. i think that when you have been
1:42 pm
in the senate as long as john mccain has and you built this distinguished career as he has, he still thinks he has something to give to the process, particularly now where he feels like he can be somebody who can bridge a lot of these different factions on the republican party and the democrats. >> in many ways we have the old john mccain back. he is somebody -- >> the question will be is can the old john mccain still get elected in arizona. >> we should point out, i know you know roberta mccain, his mother, who is clearly north of 100 years old. >> doing great. >> the mccains can live a very, very long time. one way or the other. where do you see john mccain going if he continues to run and is re-electd in 2016 at age 80? >> i'm not convinced he can get elected again. i think he's got to worry about his right flank. >> really. >> he can live a long time but not get elected. >> you think he can be defeated in a primary? >> oh, sure. we have seen able politicians get primaried. >> he has to tack back to the right. >> he sure did. build the danged fence. >> now he's back in the middle.
1:43 pm
can he go back again and have any trust or credibility. >> ted cruz is like basically attacking john mccain every day for the position he took in ending the government shutdown. >> thank you all so much. coming up next, if parents needed one more reason to limit their kids' facebook time, they just got it. the social media site is now allowing extremely violent videos, including beheadings. how is facebook defending that policy? plus, who do you think the most hated player in the nfl is? we all know it's michael vick. sorry to eagles fans. who's the second most hated? we would ask his fake girlfriend if she were still around. people don't have to think about
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the money lead now. the latest job numbers are, well, nothing to write home about and to show absolutely nothing has changed in washington since the government shutdown, democrats and republicans wasted no time blaming each other. employers added 148,000 new jobs last month, that's far lower than what economists had predicted. the white house today blamed the government shutdown for dealing a blow to economic stability. house minority leader nancy pelosi more bluntly stated quote, the republicans are at fault. speaker john boehner says look no farther than obama care to explain the lackluster job
1:48 pm
numbers. nonpartisan economists say the impact of the shutdown actually will not be known until next month's report. they say while the job market has steadily been losing steam, the political bickering, well, is unlikely to help the situation. you still can't go completely topless in a breast feeding photo on facebook, but go ahead and post all the videos you want of people having their heads cut off. facebook has announced it's lifting its ban on violent videos, including ones showing beheadings on a social network that allows anyone over 13 to have their own page. it's the reversal of a ban the company put in place in may. facebook says people should now be able to view and condemn such barbaric acts but is considering a warning system. they even have a world leader weighing in, british prime minister david cameron called it an irresponsible move by facebook. you want to go to george washington university some day? you will need good grades, decent s.a.t. scores, maybe extracurriculars and the trust fund might help. despite claiming to be quote, need-blind for years, george washington university student
1:49 pm
newspaper the hatchet is now reporting that up to 10% of gw's roughly 22,000 applicants each year are wait listed not because they don't have the grades but because they can't afford to pay gw's tuition which is about $47,000 a year. so what happens to the wait listed applicants? the vast majority get rejection letters and their spots go to wealthier students. we reached out to the university for comment and were directed to this statement from the school's new senior associate provost. quote, i believe using the phrase need aware better represents the totality of our practices than the phrase need blind. nice scoop, hatchet staff. coming up in the pop culture lead, it's launched music careers and brought us this epic rap battle between barack obama and mitt romney, but now youtube is getting in the award game. we'll look at the nominees, next.
1:50 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "the lead." now it's time for the pop culture lead. back in my day, when you wanted to keep tabs on the hottest music, you turned to mtv to see which videos were making their world premiere or which ones made the top ten on trl.
1:54 pm
although it still calls itself music television, mtv nowadays is known more for teen moms and jersey shore and that weird internet phenomenon, catfishing. so leave it to youtube to pick up where music video channels left off. it's now not only the go-to place to see your favorite artists but to learn about new ones and to further solidify itself as the new mecca for music lovers. youtube is hosting its first ever music awards show, where fans pick the winners. it's the only reason anyone knows what charlie did to his brother. >> charlie bit me. >> and for more than one billion, billion with a b, users, it was the perfect way to learn gangnam style. talking about youtube, of course. now that it's captured the world's attention, the eight year old company has decided to host an awards show. >> you decide who wins. it's all about you, the fans. this is a night for you. >> the first ever youtube music awards will be hosted by actor
1:55 pm
jason schwartzman. >> i'm hosting the youtube music awards. >> why music? well, because for the website that launched justin bieber, music videos are gold. >> a few years ago, the music video seemed like it was dead. mtv hasn't played them in years. youtube really fostered a second generation of music video artists. you can argue that youtube has really saved the art form, reinvented music videos. >> nominees in six categories were announced, including viral videos from boy bands one direction and taylor swift for artist of the year. ♪ >> but fan remixes also have a category, with nominees like this version of taylor swift's hit by a group called walk off the earth. as for the awards shows musical guests, youtube has abandoned
1:56 pm
its legions of hair brush hopefuls to stick with the mainstream acts that up its click count. such as lady gaga whose newest video amassed more than 66 million views in its first six weeks on the site. eminem will be there, too, likely performing his 38 million click hit berserk and to keep its street cred intact, arcade fire will round out the lineup. the grammys and mtv seem to have covered this territory with their own attention grabbers but youtube is trying to aim wider. taped performances by artists in seoul, moscow, london and rio will precede youtube's 90 minute live event in new york. and spike jones, who music video fans might know best for directing the beastie boys' pre-youtube hit sabotage will call all the shots. >> for the average person, youtube is about short hits. youtube is trying to create a different kind of use here,
1:57 pm
trying to get you to sit around for an hour and a half to watch an event. that's different than sitting around watching the grammys on tv. >> need i even say, youtube is planning to stream the entire event live online. >> the play button from youtube. i got one for real. >> nominees were determined by their level of fan engagement and the amount of tweets, shares, views and comments garnered by the video. sorry, parks and rec fans, but the tiny fictional town is about to experience a different kind of government shutdown. nbc is pulling the sitcom for the rest of the year effective immediately. starting this week it will be replaced by episodes of the voice and a halloween show. back-to-back episodes of the show will air in november but then it's off the air again until next year. nbc has not revealed what the lineup change is about but there is speculation that the show is not drawing enough viewers to lead into the new thursday night comedy sean saves the world. the sports lead now. he's been out of prison for more than four years, but don't think that means for a second philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick is out of the
1:58 pm
doghouse. according to forbes magazine, he still tops the list as one of the nfl's most hated players. vick spent 19 months behind bars for his admitted role in a dog fighting ring even though he's back in the league and getting new endorsement deals, more than half the respondents to a recent poll say they just plain don't like him. also topping the list, san diego chargers rookie manti te'o, who fell for a fake girlfriend, then tried to cover it up. rounding out the top three, ndamukong su hh, who is not onl known for putting his foot in the mouth but into the groin and shoulders of his opponent. a personal note for me today. if you would permit me a momentary indulgence. last year i wrote a book "the outpost" about a doomed combat outpost in afghanistan viciously attacked in october 2009. since the publication of the book last november, two of the troops from that battle have been awarded the medal of honor. we told you their stories on the show and on this network. today, the publisher is
1:59 pm
releasing the paperback version of the book which includes some new material, including behind the scenes stories about the two and their medals of honor. if you have a chance, i would be honored if you would check it out. some of the proceeds are going to military charities picked out by troops who served. make sure to follow me on twitter. and check out our show page at for video, blogs and extra. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf? happening now, shocking new information about why the obama care website launch fizzled. sources tell cnn there were warnings in advance that things could go wrong. delayed by the government shutdown, the latest jobs report shows a drop in hiring. why isn't wall street worried? and a promising new step toward a potential cure for baldness. we have the details on an exciting new study. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
2:00 pm
22 days after the obama care website was rolled out like a new car with flat tires and no engine, the administration is launching an all-out tech surge to fix the clunker. health secretary kathleen sebelius says this will include outside experts, including veterans of top silicon valley companies. cnn is learning some new stunning details about the launch. there were warnings from the start that this rollout could be a bust and is it possible that no one was really in charge? cnn's joe johns is standing by with that part of the story. but let's begin with our senior white house correspondent, brianna keilar. what's the latest on the obama care website problems? >> reporter: hi, wolf. well, jeff zience, whose name i know you recognize, former administration official is the chief performance officer, he was the acting omb director as well as one of the president's top economic advisors, and he also has a lot of privateec