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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 26, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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everybody was sent home but don't worry. the fans will be able to get a refund and go to a game later in november so they won't be jiped out there. back to you in the studio. >> have fun today. i'm jealous. that will do it for us today. so glad you spent some of your morning with us. >> do not move because right ahead is "cnn newsroom." we turn it over to our colleague, fredricka whitfield. take over. >> do not move. all right. thanks so much. all right. knuckle punch back to you. have a good day, guys. good morning. and soon to be afternoon to everyone at home. the top stories we're working on right now, a huge rally expected in moments in washington d.c. not over obama care or the government shutdown. but spying. the fallout over reports the u.s. snooped on 35 world leaders. many of them our allies. the new york police department and high end department store are under fire. two people are suing police and
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barney's department store for racial profiling claiming they were targeted after buying big ticket items. and the government shutdown damaged the reputation of some politicians on both sides of the aisle but not this woman right here. sarah palin, how the 16-day stalemate is proving to be a rallying point for the former vice presidential candidate. an intelligence team from germany is preparing to come to the u.s. after claims the nsa spied on foreign leaders. those claims have sparked sharp criticism of the u.s. german chancellor angela merkel said this week it has severely shaken relationships between europe and the u.s. jim boulden is live for us right now in london. jim, what is the latest from germany on this? >> some of these details are still coming out and we're being
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told now that it will be soon that the head of the german domestic and foreign intelligence services will head to the u.s. i think you can say it's a bit like the head of the cia or nsa and homeland security. the equivalent in germany coming to washington to meet with the same level of individuals in the u.s. the idea being here that is really interesting is what the german chancellor angela merkel said a few days ago. is this going to be some no-name european union delegation. country by country to look some of the americans in the eye, to really, really make the point how unhappy the germans specifically are. we might see the french going another time as well. the point being this isn't about a wishy washy eu delegation. this is about these count rries saying we want you to tell us you won't do it again. >> germany clear about their
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response. you mentioned france. how about beyond that? >> every day is another country deciding to bring the u.s. ambassador and hauling them in. madrid yesterday, the prime minister of spain said the u.s. ambassador will be called in. even though spain said they had no proof at all there was any spying allegedly going on in spain. there is some people who say they are using this as a political football if you will to help domestically. countries spy on each other. the idea is that monitoring the leader's cell phones. that is what's taken this and ratcheted it up to a new level here in europe. >> thank you so much, jim. appreciate that. keep us posted. here in the u.s. protesters are gathering in washington, the nation's capital, to rally against the nsa's surveillance program. edward snowden isn't at the rally but protesters will be hearing fromha sha
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or form? >> fred, he made a statement specifically endorsing this rally and this rally will be the largest rally yet against this kind of mass surveillance from nsa. i want to read part of his endorsement supporting this rally. no telephone in america makes a call without leaving a record with the nsa. today no internet transaction enters or leaves america without passing through nsa hands. our representatives in congress tell us this is is not surveillance. they're wrong. so the message of this rally, the thing that we'll be hearing over and over again when it gets under way here in about a half an hour is stop watching us. i would point out the administration has made clear that this has been a big headache for them and they understand why people are upset. president obama has said he has ordered an internal review of our surveillance capabilities to make sure that we're doing what we need to do and not more than
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what we need to do and just last night hillary clinton addressed this very controversy in remarks she made to colgate university. i want to play what she had to say because she makes clear that this is a big challenge walking this fine line. take a listen. >> trying to go up to the line of what is appropriate surveillance and security measures and not over the line is something we need to have a full comprehensive discussion about. what we need to do to keep ourselves and our friends secure, people need to know about it. maybe not in all of the details because we also don't want to alert adversaries but in enough detail so people can say, okay, they're not really listening to my conversation when i call home and talk to my daughter or whatever. >> hillary clinton also suggested that there needs to be
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a broader conversation about surveillance in the united states and outside of it and that conversation hasn't begun yet. i imagine we'll be seeing more publicing about th i poll ticking about this. >> we plan to see people from across the country. you may remember dennis cueskuch who will also be there. we'll see giant cell phones. interesting visual. starting soon here. we'll keep an eye on it. >> all right. former american contractor edward snowden still in russia
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after revealing those secrets. kind of at the rally with ominous presence. all right. thanks so much. appreciate that. tomorrow on cnn's "state of the union," candy crowley will talk to congressman mike rogers about the latest development on the nsa surveillance. congressman roger's is chairman of the committee. that is tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. a luxury store is under scrutiny for allegedly profiling their countries. they claim store clerks called police when they bought big ticket items at the store and now angry fans are asking jay-z to end his multimillion dollar deal with that company. o ♪ >> reporter: next month jay-z is set to sell a new fashion line at barney's but a petition is calling for him to end all partnerships with the
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new york retailer because a second african-american college student has come forward to alleged racial profiling saying undercover officers stopped and questioned her after she bought a $2,500 bag at barney's new york. >> i had good intentions. i wanted this bag. i deserved that bag. and then to find out, you know, i'll being accused of using someone else's card, i just really felt demeaned. >> reporter: the 21 year old came forward after a 19 year old made headlines claiming he was racially profiled after purchasing a belt at barney's in april. >> undercover cops stopped me and asked me, i just got a call saying your card is not real. >> the ceo of barney's new york says no customer should have the
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unacceptable experience described in recent media reports. we want to reinforce that barney's new york has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. our mission is to ensure that all customers receive the highest quality service without exception. the new york police department says its investigating the incident. jay-z's representatives have not commented but kayla phillips hopes they do. >> when he hears about it or when he gets involved in it, he knows that it's not right and he'll make the right choice. >> reporter: jay-z isn't the only star caught in the middle of a high end store controversy. robert brown filed a lawsuit this week against macy's. brown says he was the victim of racial rprofiling saying police accused him of using a fake credit card and detained him back in june. >> so in general, what are people saying? clearly a lot of outrage something like this to happen at a barney's in new york or anywhere. >> anywhere. we have seen a lot of people come to the forefront saying they suffered similar incidents
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that they have been discriminated against as well. they haven't taken formal steps of filing a lawsuit. a lot of postings on facebook and social media saying barney's does not speak for the hip-hop community and doesn't have anything to do with the hip-hop community so someone like jay-z, a rap mogul, shouldn't back b n barn barney's and show the retailer any love. jay-z is on a tour in europe. some reporters asked him about the barney's incident. he was ready to make a statement. barney's say our customers -- zero tolerance when it comes to discrimination and employees had nothing to do with this. they are trying to sweep it under the rug. embarrassing situation for that retailer. >> thank you for bringing that to us. appreciate it. let's get a little time to find something heavy to wear outside because it's chilly everywhere. winter weather moving in even though the calendar says fall. and sarah palin wants to get back into the public eye. find out what she has planned.
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senator ted cruz wants to gain momentum in his push to end obama care and that's gotten him a lot of attention these days and everyone is wondering does he have his sights set on 2016? he fueled rumors last night with a big speech in key election state, iowa. >> one of the things we accomplished in the fight over obama care is we elevated the national debate over what a disaster and what a train wreck and how much obama care is hurting millions of americans all across this country. >> another possible presidential bid going to hillary clinton. she also gave a big speech last night and she was at colgate
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university in new york. >> now recently in washington we've seen what happens when politicians choose scorched earth over common ground. when they operate in what i like to call an evidence-free zone with ideology trumping everything else. it's not only how that makes us feel here at home. the entire world watches. how we make our decisions surprisingly closely. >> now of course neither clinton nor cruz have officially revealed their plans for 2016. the partial government shutdown had a negative impact on a lot of people but sarah palin wasn't one of them. on the contrary. the shutdown appeared to have energized the former vice presidential candidate and given her a new political torch to carry into the 2014 mid terms. our national political reporter
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has more. >> reporter: like it or not, sarah palin is back. as much as the republican establishment wants her to disappear back into the alaska wilderness, it's not going to happen. after laying low for much of 2013, palin is set to step back into the public arena. in just a few weeks, she'll travel to iowa to address the republican party. she felt emboldened by the recent shutdown. the shutdown set off yet another round of republican warfare pitting the establishment versus grassroots conservatives. this is a fight right in palin's wheelhouse with designs on getting involved in republican primaries trying to unseat longtime republican senators like mitch mcconnell in favor of tea party challengers. she did this to great effect remember in 2010 and 2012 throwing her conservative weight behind tea party line republicans like nikki haley,
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and the nebraska senator. does she have the same juice she used to? she's not likely to run for political office soon. republicans in washington continue to dismiss her as a side show act but conservatives running for office in 2013 are begging for her endorsement and no republican facing a primary challenge wants to be on the wrong side of a sarah palin endorsement. fred? >> thank you so much. four officers were hurt during a violent standoff in california. police say a man identified as samuel duran led officers on a foot chase shooting at them as he ran. duran barricaded himself inside a house and family members begged for him to give up. he did shortly after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house. three police officers and an i.c.e. agent were hurt during the chase. one was shot in the jaw. i.c.e. agents were searching for duran for weeks but wouldn't say why. it's cold out there for a whole lot of people no matter where you are on the map.
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frost advisories and freeze warnings stretched across a dozen states. karen maginnis is in atlanta's piedmont park where folks are usually bundled up with maybe a scarf at most while they walk their dogs but today we see you with a jacket. it's cold outside. >> it is still chilly out here, fred. they just finished the puppy parade and they're going to announce the winner soon. this is piedmont park and city of atlanta and they have a farmer's market here. lots of organics and natural foods and different products. very fun. this is second year of their puppy parade. i know you would enjoy that. last year's winner was wearing a chia pet suit. we don't know who the winner is just yet. all of the way from pennsylvania down to the deep south, temperatures this morning were running between 10 and 15 degrees below where they should be for this time of year.
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across large swath of the u.s., the deep freeze is on with this morning's low temperatures dipping into the double digits below average. >> surprise coming in this early. still october. not useded to that in these days. >> reporter: cleveland area residents got hit with an early halloween trick. up to five inches of snow in some places downing power lines and neighborhood trees. >> we all have been kind of bored and pacing around because we're used to having our electronics on and then -- >> reporter: you got to talk? >> i know. we were forced to sit in the same room. it was driving us crazy. >> reporter: these winter like conditions are stretching from parts of the midwest into the mid-atlantic and deep south. with at least a dozen states right now reporting frost advisories or freeze warnings. the winter-like conditions are also causing treacherous driving on the roads. in south bend, indiana, black ice caused several accidents.
8:20 am
fortunately no one was severely injured. in michigan, a multivehicle accident turned deadly. two people were killed including a good samaritan after a car slid off the side of the interstate. still for some this early sign of winter was a treat. a chance to fine tune the snowman or hit the links for just one more round. >> got a vest and it's actually made here in milwaukee. and as you can see it's electronic so it has coils running through it. >> you would have to go back to 1968 to see temperatures quite as cold as we saw this morning across much of the eastern united states. temperatures are going to be warming up but guess what? there's a big winter storm that's going to be brewing across the interior west and we could see as much as a foot of snowfall from western montana
8:21 am
down into the four corners. we bundled up and we'll have the winner of the puppy parade pretty soon. >> let us know about the winner of the puppy parade. winter is definitely here in many places. we're ready. all right. thank you so much, karen. a mistress to the utah doctor accused of killing his wife is friday's star witness. find out what she told the jury.
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a star witness this week mcneill's last mysteries, gypsy willis, giving details of her relationship with the doctor. >> did the relationship become sexual? >> it did. >> when was that? >> i think that was in january of 2006. >> how often were the two of you having sexual relations? >> we could see each other a couples times a month. there was months we didn't see each other. it was casual. whenever we had time and it could be arranged. it was -- i think we probably had sex half the time. sometimes it was just lunch. >> some pretty graphic details. hln host nancy grace has more. >> lots of twist and turns in
8:26 am
the martin mcneill facelift trial. we meet the mistress. one of many but this particular one he had at the time his wife was found faceup dead in the family bathtub. the state took a lot of time laying out or solidifying their relationship and he's feeding gypsy lewis with a long handed spoon. it's like feeding a doughnut to a bobcat. be careful or it might bite you. he laid out their relationship through text and phone calls. who else would you call and text 16, 20 times a day besides your girlfriend. he laid out the relationship and then moved carefully to the day michele was found dead. when this jury compares the testimony of the mistress, gypsy willis, to who i think is going to be the next witness, the 6-year-old daughter that found her mommy dead, that dichotomy
8:27 am
will not be lost on this jury. >> nancy grace, thanks so much. newly released documents reveal surprises in the murder of jonbenet ramsey. a grand jury in 1999 wanted to indict her parents for her death. jonbenet ramsey was killed the day after christmas in 1996. three years later grand jurors voted to indict john and patsy ramsey in child abuse charges resulting in death and accessory to murder but the district attorney did not file charges saying there wasn't enough evidence. dna tests later cleared the ramsey family of the killing. police in boulder, colorado, say the case remains open. one of the most historic football programs in college football but this week it was never known as a protest by its own players. we'll tell you why they boycotted their own game.
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bottom of the hour. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. four things crossing the cnn news desk right now. right now, he's just 20 years old. but mexican authorities say juan pablo vazquez is linked to 79 killings. among his alleged victims, a policeman, exotic dancer and innocent bystanders. he was arrested on october 8th in northern mexico but authorities didn't disclose that until this week. and number two in new york, authorities are investigating a fire that killed three young brothers. the oldest was just five. the youngest four months. flames tore through the six-story apartment building in the bronx last night. the boy's mother and two sisters were treated for smoke inhalation. three other people were injured. the man in charge of making sure gets fixed says the website will work for most people by the end of
8:32 am
november. he also said that a maryland tech company is now overseeing the fixes instead of the federal agency that helped create the site. the site has plagued with problems since it launched on october 1st. number four, a group of high school students from kentucky escaped a massive fire that broke out on their bus on a tennessee highway. they were on a field trip to the great smoky mountain national park when a passenger saw smoke coming from the back. 33 people were onboard including the driver. no one was hurt. the exact cause of that fire is unclear. bus company officials suspect a bad alternator sparked that mess. game three of world series between boston red sox and st. louis cardinals begins tonight. lots on tap. >> there certainly is. the cardinals have momentum and the rules on their favor as game three of the world series shifts to st. louis. the cards have home field
8:33 am
advantage because they have now forced boston to make a lineup adjustment. and as you can read right now on, red sox had to elect to either keep david ortiz and put him at first base. most productive hitter despite the poor glove ortiz will be in there. national home team has the field for the next three. they couldn't afford to lose big pappy's big bat. huge college football matchup tonight. unbeaten oregon comes in ranked third in the bcs standings. a loss against ucla tonight could knock out the high powered ducks out of the national championship race. if you like offense, this one is for you. america sending quite possibly its worst export ever to london. tomorrow the nfl's worst team, the jacksonville jaguars, play in search of their first win of the season. couple the rough season with long flight and red-hot 49ers on
8:34 am
the other side, it's a real uphill battle for the jaguars. they are embracing the stage and would love to seize the opportunity with more than just america watching. someone asked me how great would it be to get a victory on sunday. i think it would be awesome. but more so more than anything for our team i really have grown a great loving for this team and their attitude and their work ethic so they are the ones that deserve it. >> the jags have been so bad, how bad have they been? if this game would have taken place during the revolutionary war, king george iii would have said you can have america. >> no, no, no. potentially, you know, great things could come their way. keep hope alive. >> a good draft pick. >> they have to enjoy their stay. this is homecoming weekend for a
8:35 am
lot of college football programs. go bisons. they are out there fighting strong. >> i have been to quite a few games there. hampton, big rivalry. >> big, huge. sorry hampton. thank you so much. >> just told america how you feel. >> i love you hampton. i love the bisons bore. what can i say more. >> we'll talk later. commercial break. >> it's not harvard. >> go bisons. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> they boycotted a game and made national headlines but members of the grambling football game said they have no regrets. on monday smith surrounded by his teammates said the team will take the field this saturday against texas southern, a week after refusing to play jackson state. >> we did not quit on our
8:36 am
university. >> reporter: this twitter account belonging to the tiger's safety shows several pictures of moldy walls and ceilings, broken equipment and flooring. their caption, see our struggle. the tweets seem to highlight some of the problems detailed in this grievance letter sent by the players. it lists a series of concerns about the state of the university's football program and also cites the firing of head coach doug williams after just two games this season. >> the conditions within the grambling state university program especially football are dire. >> reporter: gill toured the weight room and saw firsthand the problems noted by student athletes. >> the gap between haves and have nots is exacerbated by cuts in higher education. >> reporter: grambling state has seen a drop in state funding in recent years and the school has
8:37 am
millions of dollars in deferred maintenance to many buildings or facilities are either closed or in dire need of repairs. this is the first time they've asked athletics to contribute to the bottom line including a $75,000 cut in the football program. the university meanwhile could face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for forfeiting last saturday's game. it's unclear if the football players will be punished but players from the bigger programs should take note. >> i think that student athletes and s.e.c., acc, the pac 12, should take notice that when it comes to standing up for student athletes rights, grambling state university is ranked number one. >> thank you so much. the varsity cheerleader squad in texas had to sit out last night's game. school district officials say that's because the cheerleaders put condoms in goody bags meant for the football players. the cheerleaders also got a one-day in-school suspension.
8:38 am
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apple has been struggling with falling ipad sales so in an effort to grab back some of that market share, apple rolled out a new version of the ipad this weekend in time for the holiday wish list. >> reporter: apple has hit refresh on its tablets for the first time in a year. the result is a lighter, thinner, ipad air. >> ipad is delivering a new vision for mobile computing unlike anything that has come before. >> reporter: it weighs just one pound down from 1.4. the screen remains the same as 9.7 inches. the processing chip faster. the same as in the iphone 5s. updated ipad mini has the same chip and retina display of the bigger model. they still lead in the tablet market but apple share has been slipping as others enter the mix. still, tech watchers believe there's room to maneuver. >> the tablet market is a lot less saturated than smartphone market. there's a lot of opportunity for
8:43 am
apple and everyone at large. >> reporter: recent stats from the pew internet project found that only 35% of americans 16 or older own a tablet leaving first time buyers ripe for picking. >> we know the apple's platform is stickier and people stay in it more than they do other platforms. >> reporter: it would take more than tuesday's improvements to get them to upgrade. >> i don't know what i would want in addition to what i already got. >> some kind of capabilities that were far and above what i currently have with my current ipad. >> reporter: unlike iphone5 reveal there's no higher cost option. stores hit november 1st. the new mini starting at 499 later in time for holidays. a new book by "the new york times" bestselling author malcolm gladwell "david and goliath" a look at advantages
8:44 am
and disadvantages that people have and how those advantages are disadvantages. our fareed zakaria talked to him about his thought provoking theory. fareed? >> we all know biblical story of david and goliath how an underdog with win a fight except maybe not. i spoke with the new yorkers malcolm gladwell and he had a different take on this age old tale. listen in. >> the sling david has in his hand is not a child's toy. one of the most devastating weapons in ancient warfare. he has superior technology. once he decides to break the rules, he's the guy in charge and then there's goliath with all of these hints in the biblical story of samuel that goliath is not what he appears to be. in fact, this is where rabbis come in. they have been putting this out for years. he doesn't sound like a big terrifying warrior.
8:45 am
he's led down on the valley floor by an attendant. moves slowly. takes him forever to figure out that david is not intending to fight him in a sword fight and he says strange things as if he's not perceiving the situation properly and all of these have solved the puzzle by saying that he sounds like a guy with a tumor on your pitutary gland. goliath can't see. >> it turns the tale upside down, doesn't it. it's all part of malcolm gladwell's new book and he talks about it on "gps" this week. fredricka? >> thank you. we look forward to that. fareed tomorrow morning on "gps" 10:00 eastern time in the morning. all right. we have so much straight ahead for you. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain,
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family and friends will say their good-byes tomorrow to a teacher killed in massachusetts. police say one of colleen ritzer's students killed her with a box cutter that he brought to school. alexander field joins us live right now. >> reporter: the question right now, fredricka, on everyone's mind is what is the motive. the natural inclination here is to try to make sense of a crime that seems senseless but so far prosecutors have not laid out a clear motive. meanwhile, a source close to the investigation tells cnn that reports that phillip chism may have had a crush on his teacher is unfounded and so far there is nothing in chism's background that would foreshadow the allegations that he faces. investigators will spend the next few weeks looking deeply into chism's background to learn anything they can about the 14-year-old student accused of
8:50 am
murdering his teacher with a box cutter. >> how are fellow students coping? what is the school doing? what is in >> reporter: there's no play book for something like this. the high school is trying to provide a supportive community for the kids. they brought in grief counselors, reached out to parents. students had two days off school after colleen ritzer's body was found dumped in the woods not far from the high school. the students returned to class friday but the reality is it is just not the same place they left on tuesday afternoon. here is how one student put it when he spoke to cnn's pam brown. >> yeah, pretty much just shock, you know, just trying to return to some sense of normalcy, you know. >> reporter: did you know miss ritzer. >> i had her in class for a little bit. she was a real nice teacher. i think we all loved her. >> reporter: students have been tying pink ribbons around the
8:51 am
trees outside the high school in memory of colleen ritzer. calling hours tomorrow evening, a funeral is planned for monday. fredricka? >> all right, alexandra field, thanks so much. appreciate that from new york. coming up next hour, our legal guys breakdown the most intriguing cases. avery freedman and richard herman join us for what's on the docket. begin with the judge who ordered a new murder trial for the nephew of robert and ethel kennedy. skakal was convicted of killing martha moks lee with a golf club. it took place when they were teens. the judge says his defense was inadequate. i have re, what's your first reaction to hearing that? >> 11 years in jail for murder, fredricka, the judge is inviting briefs monday on whether or not michael skakal gets out of jail. it is an electric question. we have the answers and more coming up. >> richard?
8:52 am
>> what do i think about that? i think the judge may be ineffective. i think the judge may have misconstrued the facts, misapplied the law. maybe the judge should be examined because this decision is ridiculous, fred, and we will talk about it coming up. >> look forward to that, gentlemen. thanks so much. we know you always hold back. we will see avery and richard in the noon eastern hour. and find out what skakal's cousin, robert f. kennedy junior says about the new development. risking jail time simply for driving a car. that's what women in saudi arabia are doing, today their bold act of defiance, next. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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be some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom.
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cnn films follows them in captivity, leading to the death of a seaworld trainer in 2010. watch "blackfish" cnn 9:00 p.m. eastern. saudi arabian authorities warn women across the kingdom they'll be punished if they defy an unofficial ban against female drivers but some aren't listening and are getting behind a wheel. it is united protest to pressure them to grant women the right to drive. more on this growing grass roots campaign. >> it is not about the driving. it is about control. to my daughters, we are controlling. >> reporter: women aren't just embolden lately, they're more driven than ever to change their society, even though they still aren't allowed to drive in their country. >> there's nothing wrong with women driving. >> reporter: a simple statement the world over, but a rallying
8:57 am
cry in saudi arabia. the last country on earth where females are prohibited from getting behind the wheel. which is why this prominent journalist moved to lebanon. this morning, she takes us along while dropping her eight-year-old son off to school. she could be arrested for running such an errand. a new movement aims to change it. it is supported by a growing number of female and male voices. >> there's a group of ultra conservatives here who will try to do anything and everything to prevent women exercising their rights, be it driving, going to school, working, many, many men that i know, we feel that it is crucial for us to support women who do this. >> reporter: despite growing pressure, the government has not indicated it is going to review
8:58 am
its position. so numerous women have already taken to the streets and posted videos of themselves driving. >> supporters. >> reporter: some receiving signs of support from men in their cars. in 2011, a woman was jailed more than a week after doing the same. she's as determined now as she was then. >> to me, i wouldn't stop until the first driver's license is issued. >> reporter: manal lives in united arab emirates now, but insists things back home are getting better. >> everyone changed the plates. take this car driving myself back home to saudi arabia. >> reporter: it would be a fitting end to a long journey, but one that will have to wait awhile longer. this road trip isn't over just yet. >> it is the end of the day, almost 7:00 p.m., no reports of
8:59 am
any women drivers who have been arrested today. wall street was watching the delayed september jobs report this week. why a weak report sent markets higher. >> reporter: hi, fredricka, the s&p 500 winning streak hit record highs monday, tuesday and friday. investors bet that jobs report will mean the federal reserve will keep propping the economy with billions in stimulus. the week stocks ended modestly higher. jobs report was released more than two weeks late because of the government shutdown. 148 jobs added. unemployment fell to 7.2%. hiring isn't happening fast enough. and conde nast is ending intern ship programs. the company hit with lawsuits. a judge recently ruled they
9:00 am
broke wage laws by not paying interns. gas prices dropped to the lowest level since january, thanks to declining oil prices. demand is weak, people are driving less and the economy is still struggling overall. analysts say prices could be between $3.10 to $3.20 by christmas. also work 'til you die, in your retirement plan. wells fargo survey says 37% of middle class americans don't ever plan to retire. 34% won't retire until age 80. workers dealing with falling wages and people are too nervous to invest in the stock market. that's a wrap of the week on wall street. fredricka? >> thanks so much. much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. hello again, fredricka whitfield. welcome to the second hour of cnn newsroom this afternoon. here are the top stories we're following for you.
9:01 am
the u.s. admits snooping on 35 world leaders, some of our biggest allies, france, germany, mexico. within the hour, thousands are expected to protest in d.c. because of the latest spying scandal. and shoppers at one high end department store in new york say they were racially profiled after buying big ticket items. now barney's and nypd are being targeted in big lawsuits. two americans kidnapped after pirates attacked a u.s. ship off the coast of nigeria. what's being done to track down the members of the oil supply vessel's crew. an intelligence team from germany is preparing to come to the u.s. after claims the nsa spied on foreign leaders. those claims sparked sharp criticism of the u.s. german chancellor angela merkel
9:02 am
says it is quote, severely shaken, unquote, relationship between europe and the u.s. jim bolden is live for us in london. jim, what's the latest from germany, what are they going to do? >> what we are hearing is germany will send the head of foreign and domestic intelligence to the u.s. to meet the heads of the nsa, cia, the homeland security to really sit down and discuss this because germany, of course, as you say is very unhappy to learn that it's likely the chancellor's cell phone was monitored. it is interesting in europe, usually you get an eu delegation to talk to the u.s. at some level. this is each country saying we're very, very unhappy to think that you have done this to an ally. so they want to send high level delegations, fredricka, to washington, and to demand i think to say we want to be sure you tell us this isn't going to happen again. this has been rumbling for weeks and months. there's a very different feeling
9:03 am
in europe about data protection. as the edward snowden reveals have come out, there's been a different level i think of anger here. but when you start to say and hear that possibly the individual leader's phones were monitored, that takes it to a new level. >> you talk about germany delegations on the way to the u.s., what about some of the other countries that have been great allies of the u.s. but whose feathers are a little ruffled as well. >> the french president wants to speak to the u.s. as well on this level, and on friday the prime minister of spain said that they will be calling the u.s. ambassador to madrid. we have seen it, several countries have done this as well. and each individual country in europe has a decision to make, if they want to call in the ambassador. but again it is each individual country wanting to do this, want to look face to face to the u.s.
9:04 am
and say don't do this again, fredricka. >> jim, thanks so much from london, appreciate that. here in the u.s. protesters are gathering in washington right now for a rally against nsa surveillance. that starts in about 30 minutes or so from now. erin mcpike joins us from the nation's capital. what is expected. washington is no stranger to large gatherings, but what's different this time? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, fred. this is apparently going to be the largest rally against nsa surveillance, but this is more about the domestic side of it. edward snowden, the whistleblower who really started this entire controversy has endorsed this rally. the big message is stop watching us. and the message here essentially is that they're upset that the nsa is spying on personal communication of people within the united states. now, it doesn't really fall on partisan lines. we're seeing a broad spectrum of
9:05 am
politicians and speakers, everyone from justin amash, a conservative congressman from michigan to dennis kucinich, a liberal democrat that ran in two presidential primaries. again as i mentioned that's more about the domestic side of it. more broadly speaking, as i said before, this doesn't really follow on partisan lines, and the administration has admitted that this has caused them some serious headache and some challenges in dealing with allies like germany, especially, and just yesterday night, hillary clinton was speaking at colgate university and addressed the difficult line the administration has to walk. take a listen. >> part of our difficulty is everybody just runs flat out. i know from my own experience that the information gathering and analyzing has proven very
9:06 am
important and useful in a number of instances. but i do think people have a right to complain if it's gone over the line and if they have been -- if their privacy has been unnecessarily, unfairly invaded, so we've got to look at the whole system. >> now, of course, the administration has acknowledged those frustrations as well, and they know that those german officials will be coming over to the u.s. to have some meetings, but we don't have any details about the meetings just yet, fred. >> thanks so much. erin mcpike in the nation's capital. tomorrow on cnn's "state of the union" candy krou lee talks to mike rogers. that's tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. a luxury store under fire for allegedly racially profiling some of its customers. two people are suing barney's in
9:07 am
new york, claiming store clerks called the police after they bought big ticket items at the store. now angry fans are asking rap star jay-z to end his deal with barney's. nick valencia has been following this. a few things, you have investigation or people upset with the store, then you have the pressure they're putting on a music mogul to cut ties with the store. >> he has a new holiday line at the luxury retailer, they're asking him to end the relationship, they're very upset. a lot of people have come out, said they had similar things happen to them. it all started when a 21-year-old caleb phillips was approached after leaving the store, she was embarrassed, attacked, asked where she got the money for the expensive handbag, $2500. she was eventually let go, it didn't stop her from being embarrassed, so much so she filed a lawsuit. her and her lawyer seek $5
9:08 am
million in punitive damages and are looking at barney's and nypd as well. this happened before, with a 19-year-old, another black college student says he was detained, held in that store, and racially profiled as well. he was eventually let go, apologized to. some upset people. >> and questioned because he purchased an expensive belt, but almost everything in that store is expensive. >> too expensive for my taste, i don't know, but it is exactly right. they were going after him because they said how can you buy this, you're a young college student, 19 years old. where do you get $350 for a belt. he was approached, detained, they are verified his credit card with the bank, he was eventually let go. a lot of people like i said online are shouting, saying this has happened to them. >> barney's, what's their approach to this, how do they defend themselves, how do they say or assure people no matter who you are, you come in willing to buy these things, make the purchase, you're not going to be
9:09 am
harassed afterwards. >> barney's is distancing. they sent a statement to us along with other media outlets, which read no customer should have the unacceptable experience described in recent media reports and we offer our sincere regret and deepest apologies. we want to reinforce barney's new york has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. as far as the petition, petition asking him to stop doing business with them, that has 5,000 signatures. >> keep us posted and if jay-z responds, he is touring overseas now, it will be interesting to know what he has to say, since his name has been brought into it, unbeknownst to him until it happened. thanks so much. new details are out in the cold case murder of jonbenet ramsey. court documents from 14 years ago are just now coming out, putting the spotlight on her parents. but next, pirates kidnapped two u.s. citizens. officials are worried the attack could be a warning that there's a new danger at sea. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
9:10 am
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help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned,
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so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. a mystery off the coast of nigeria. two u.s. citizens kidnapped by pirates, the captain and chief engineer on a u.s. owned oil supply ship, the latest victims of violence in west africa's pirate infested waters. here is barbara starr. >> reporter: the two american mariners, captain and chief engineer, were kidnapped off this ship named the sea retriever, attacked traveling off the coast of nigeria resupplying oil installations. u.s. officials say it was another act of piracy on the high seas. >> we are seeking additional information so we can resolve the situation. obviously our kern at this point is for safe return of the two u.s. citizens. >> reporter: the sea retriever is owned by the louisiana based
9:14 am
company, edison chouest offshore. 62 last year, an dress from each of the two years before. >> they're out for anything they can get their hands on. cargo theft, a large part of it, machinery, supplies, be it the actual fuel, be it prisoners they take ashore, hold ransom. they're looking for money. >> reporter: the rise in violence off western africa is in marked contrast to the decline in attacks off somalia on the east coast, where the world's attention was riveted in 2009 when navy s.e.a.l.s rescued captain richard phillips after he was held by pirates, now a hollywood thriller starring tom hanks. since the s.e.a.l.s sniper team filled phillips' captors,
9:15 am
maritime security has increased. but off nigeria, u.s. war ships are off the coast, part of an exercise to improve security in this very unsettled oil rich area. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. a 14-year-old court document finally unsealed in the jonbenet ramsey case, but does evidence that comes out of that make much difference? is it relevant or not? what's inside that document next. but first, each week we shine a spotlight on the top ten cnn heroes of 2013. you can vote for the one that most inspires you at this week's honoree made it his mission to clean up trash dumps in america's rivers. >> 67,000 tires, 951 refrigerators.
9:16 am
233 stoves. it is crazy what you find in the rivers. i grew up on the mississippi river. around the age of 17, i really started to focus on the problem. 18 million people get their daily drinking water from the river. i am thinking this should not be like this. this stuff just collects here and goes on for blocks like this. it is a bad deal. i said you know what, no one is doing anything about it, i will. i am chad. we removed over 7 million pounds of garbage from america's rivers. >> you guys ready? >> yeah. >> the primary focus is the mississippi river. >> you guys, amazed in two hours how much stuff we get. >> in all, 22 rivers in 18 states. we do everything in our power to get people excited about it. end of the day, it is just you're out there picking up garbage. >> is this a basketball? >> yours. totally yours. little by little we're getting
9:17 am
it. you're having fun, we will have fun. >> you get my going for sure, i didn't think i would be singing karaoke on a boat. >> people want to see change and are stepping up to make change. that was the last bag, come on, let's give it up! yeah! this is a problem people created but a problem people can fix.
9:18 am
9:19 am
grand jury documents have been unsealed in the jonbenet ramsey case, nearly 17 years after the six-year-old's death. it shows they voted to indict her parents on child abuse resulting in death, but the district attorney at the time did not file charges. i jane velez-mitchell what she thought about the d.a.'s decision. >> i think it was a very wise decision because many, many years later in 2008, a d.a. ultimately apologized to the ramseys and said we have officially exonerated you and we are so sorry that we kept you under a cloud of suspicion for so many years, on top of the fact that you suffered the tragic death of your daughter. now, unfortunately that apology came too late for patsy, she had already died. but the truth is to update an old cliché, you can indict a veggie burger, that's what these grand juries do.
9:20 am
they sort of follow the lead of the authorities. and there's been a lot of criticism of how the authorities handled this case right from the very start, that they had their blinders on, that they refused to look anywhere else but at the ramseys, and they sort of hung their hat on the fact of oh, well, the ransom note was written on a note pad that belonged to the ramseys in the ramsey home. and a couple of other key facts like that andrew these conclusions from that. the bottom line is that there was an unidentified male dna in the child's undergarments that didn't belong to any member of the ramsey family. they need to find out who that dna belongs to. and i do believe that there is somebody out there, if they're still alive, who was responsible for this horrific crime. it is not the ramseys, and they need to find that person. >> wow, hard to believe she was just six years old and if not
9:21 am
for that tragedy, she would be a young woman in her early 20s. let's move on to a murder case on-going, on trial now in utah, the doctor accused of murdering his wife to be with his mistress. what's been the key moment of this case this week? >> well, the real emotional bombshell was rachel, adult daughter of the defendant, and adult daughter of the victim as well, taking the stand and she is sobbing con vulsively. they had to stop, she was so overcome with emotion. imagine howie motionly shattered she must be. she says her dad was her best friend, grows up to come to believe, and this is her belief, that her dad murdered her mom. that's what he is on trial for. and she describes one suspicious thing after the next that dr. mack kneel did on the day and preceding days after his wife
9:22 am
was found unresponsive and ultimately dead, lifeless. the fact that he brings in his mistress to meet the family at a mormon temple and pretends he doesn't know her, says oh, she seems nice, and just a short time after that, suddenly this nanny, this mistress, is the mistress slash nanny brought into the house as a nanny but not doing nanny work, just making goo goo eyes according to rachel at dr. macneill. and the thing about it, she's so genuine, the emotion is so real, not like with jodie arias, you can see it, it is very believable. very credible. >> jane velez-mitchell, thanks so much. attorneys for the ramsey family released a statement yesterday saying this. the documents released today validate john ramsey's position
9:23 am
that the boulder district attorney should release the entire grand jury record and not just four pages from an 18 month investigation that produced volumes of testimony and exhibits, end quote. the ramsey's attorney pointed out the grand jury didn't have dna evidence from 2008. the man brought in by the white house to fix the health care website says it is fixable. by next month. but republicans are still turning up the heat. ♪
9:24 am
9:25 am
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here are some of the stories trending online now. four officers were hurt in a violent standoff in roseville, california. a man identified as samuel durand led them on a foot chase and hit in a home. he surrendered after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house. three officers and an i.c.e. agent were hurt in the chase.
9:27 am
jpmorgan will settle with fannie mae and freddie mac, they'll pay over risky mortgages. it is also in talks with the justice department over another settlement. and quincy jones is suing mjj productions inc and sony music for breach of contract. he was producer of michael jackson's best selling solo album thriller and bad and says material from those albums were used in projects released after jackson's death without giving him, quincy jones, credit or fees. now to the latest on the government health care website. there's a new time line on getting the glitches out. the heat is still on kathleen sebelius. >> the management guru brought in to help says it is fixable
9:28 am
and promised would be running smoothly by november. they aren't bringing in government contractors. one of the ones involved, known as quality services or qssi, division of united health care group will manage the contract. republicans continue the drum beat of calls for secretary of health and human services to step down. kathleen sebelius says she didn't foresee the problems but told a panel discussion in san antonio to sign up, check out obama care and not believe what they've heard. sebelius and head of services for medicare and medicaid services are expected to testify on capitol hill next week, but that won't be the end of the investigation. congressman darrell issa, republican top investigator on capitol hill threatened to issue subpoenas if the administration doesn't turn over documents related to the website monday. the administration has said it plans to comply with the request but needs more time. as for the party of the president, a total of ten
9:29 am
democratic senators are now calling for extension of open enrollment date for obama care past the end of next march. senator dianne feinstein of california and kay hagan of north carolina and others joined new hampshire senator jeanne shahe shaheen, leading the effort to help people that don't have health insurance more time to get it. >> thanks. even if the health care website is fixed in a matter of weeks, has the political damage been done? cnn political editor paul steinhauser has a look at some of the polls. >> hey, fred. when it comes to new health care exchanges, even president obama admits the rollout of the website has been a mess. >> there's no sugar coating it. the website has been too slow, people are getting stuck during the application process. and i think it is fair to say that nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> and only 12% of those questioned in a cbs news poll this week say the process was
9:30 am
going well, with almost half giving a thumb's down. the top republican in congress says the website problems are just the beginning. >> when you look at the problems with obama care, all the focus lately has been on the website. literally there's problems with the website. but i would argue that the problems go much further than that. >> and 56% questioned in an abc news "the washington post" survey agree, saying the website's failures are a sign are broader problems to come. four in ten say they were an isolated incident. the massive issues don't appear to be effecting support for the overall law. support slightly edged up or is steady in five national polls, including our own out this past week. fred? >> thanks so much, paul. congressman fred upton, chairman of the committee that heard hours of testimony this week over glitches in the website put obama
9:31 am
care on the chopping block in the weekly address released today, saying at a time when we can do everything from order a pizza, flowers, airline tickets or banking and paying bills, they expect the same reliable service from and it is still not ready for prime time, end quote. a member of the kennedy family hopes to get out of jail after his conviction for a 1975 murder is thrown out, does michael skakel have a shot at freedom? our legal guys weigh in next. [ female announcer ] we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. [ man ] thank you. thank you. [ female announcer ] you rally the team. you guys were awesome. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve even your worst cold and flu symptoms, so you can carry on with your day. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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kennedy cousin michael skakel is trying to convince a judge to let him out of prison on bail while he awaits a new trial in the 1975 murder of his neighbor, martha moxley. skakel has been behind bars more than a decade after being convicted of murdering her when they were both teenagers. a judge took out his conviction earlier in the week. he looks at the evidence in this long running murder mystery. >> reporter: one of the first pieces of evidence at the murder, part of a stainless steel golf shaft, about a foot long. another smaller piece of the stained club is found, along
9:36 am
with the head of the six iron, all covered in blood. investigators also find several patches of blood in the area. the medical examiner determines moxley sustained five to ten blows to the head and at least four stab wounds from the broken golf shaft. >> they hit her so hard that the golf club broke, then they took the shaft and stabbed her with it six or seven times. >> reporter: if michael skakel murdered martha moxley, where is the forensic evidence linking him to the brutal crime? there isn't any, no fingerprints, no footprints, not even his blood is found at the scene. also there's no trace of defense wounds on moxley. this is skakel's defense attorney the day he was arraigned in march, 2000. there's no scientific evidence that links michael skakel to the crime. >> reporter: prosecutors relied mainly on the word of witnesses, a challenge because of the more than 20 year gap between the murder and the trial. one witness tells police skakel
9:37 am
brought up the murder, telling her he had been drunk at the time and might have committed the murder during a blackout. another witness reports he broke down in tears crying i don't know if i did or didn't, i don't know. and finally a third witness claims skakel admitted murdering moxley with the golf club when she, quote, did not submit to the advances. the same witness says skakel told him because he was related to ethel kennedy, he could get away with murder. trutv reports other evidence at the scene includes a human hair, belonging to a white male, but it doesn't match any of the suspects. the single hair belonging to an african-american male found on the blanket used to wrap the body is dismissed as belonging to one of the first officers at the crime scene. and there's this. a composite sketch of someone witnesses saw in the neighborhood, skakel believes it would have convinced the jury he didn't do it, if only the jury had seen it. his defense attorney never
9:38 am
showed it during the trial. the unused sketch is one of the key reasons skakel argued his defense lawyer was incompetent and he deserves a new trial. his new lawyer presented the composite sketch with a picture of kenneth littleton who worked as a tutor at the skakel home, he had been questioned at the time of the murder. littleton's lawyer has told reporters he is innocent. robert f. kennedy junior is his cousin. >> michael was 11 miles away with five eyewitnesses at the time that the murder was committed. he has an air tight alibi. >> reporter: with his conviction set aside, michael skakel now has a second chance to prove it. randy kaye, cnn, new york. >> let's bring in our legal guys, avery freedman, professor from cleveland, and richard herman, new york criminal defense attorney, joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well.
9:39 am
>> hi, fred. >> gentlemen, this is really a fascinating case, is it not? richard, you mention that you are good friends with mickey sherman, the lawyer that represented michael skakel in the trial in 2002, and while you hear the judge say it was an ineffective representation, that mickey sherman is guilty of here, and that's why they believe michael skakel deserves a new trial, you say actually the problem is ineffective judging. so richard, explain more. >> well, a couple things, fred. first of all, whether he can get out on bail pending new trial, that's the first issue, and because the government is going to appeal this judge's decision, he is not getting out. so until that determination is made, i think he is going to remain incarcerated. number two, what the judge found, and the appeal is not based on any review of the facts of the case, that's not what the appeal or decision was based upon, it is premised upon a boiler plate claim that's made
9:40 am
by every convicted defendant on appeal in an ineffective assistance of counsel, it is boiler plate, thrown into every appeal, and it is rarely granted. here it is interesting to me a state court judge after all this time would find a lack of attention to detail, incoherent defense, and half hearted investigation by mickey sherman, a seasoned, a seasoned veteran criminal defense attorney, fred, who put in over a thousand hours of time into this case, presented an alibi defense. it was confronted, fred, with his own client's connection to the work. wait, wait, he is connected to the murder weapon, he gave three point blank admissions, fred. sometimes defense cases are extremely difficult. >> avery, what do you mean there's more than that? >> yeah, i mean, this judge
9:41 am
wrote 136 page opinion. >> meaningless. >> it is not an appeal, and basically looked at what the defense lawyer did and basically said this guy was -- he charged for the trial and getting ready and the judge was clear through a series of events, the lawyer frongly constitutionally did a lousy job. does that exxon rate skakel, by no means, i am in agreement. briefs are due monday morning on the question of whether or not michael skakel gets out of jail, i agree. we're going to see an appeal process, as there should be. >> what would be argued monday, what would be said, what needs to be said for him to, a, get a new trial, or even b, be released? >> they're basically arguing that look, he was -- ineffective assistance of counsel equals exxon or ating.
9:42 am
i think the prosecution will succeed on appeal. i don't think michael skakel is getting out of jail until this case is retried or some deal is worked out. >> richard? >> fred, let me just say that i know mickey sherman personally and, you know, we as defense attorneys get hit with these motions all the time on appeal, but i just want to say, fred, if it was me on trial, i would hire mickey in a heartbeat to defend me in a case. that's how good he is. and i think the judge has it all wrong here, you're the judge, fred, and i think it will be -- i think mickey's representation will not be tarnished in this particular case. he did an outstanding job. >> and he was happy about the result. mickey sherman was happy about the result, even though the judge said he was incompetent. >> happy for the client. >> in the interview, both you gentlemen, if it comes to another trial, do you feel the evidence will hold up or because of technology there might be
9:43 am
more evidence that would be able to be presented in this case? >> avery? >> it is over 40-year-old murder case here, fred. look, you have consciousness of guilt, you have three point blank admissions, you have dozens of incriminating statements by skakel, and you have a consciousness of guilt. very difficult, difficult case. >> quickly, avery? >> technology may make a difference. we will have to see what happens after the appeal is completed. >> we have another case to tackle coming up. this one involves singer cee lo facing a criminal charge. we will be back. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
9:44 am
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singer and "the voice" judge cee lo green pled not guilty to one count of giving a controlled substance to a 33-year-old woman. the woman claims the 38-year-old grammy winning r&b singer slipped her ecstasy as they dined in a downtown restaurant last july and then allegedly took advantage of her in her hotel room. prosecutors declined to charge him with rape of an intoxicated person, citing insufficient evidence. he was granted bail and is due back in court at the end of november. avery freedman in cleveland, richard herman back with us in le last vegas. how serious is the case when that one felony charge hasn't been pursued. we are talking about some serious criminal investigation involving him. >> yeah.
9:48 am
furnishing ecstasy, a felony, up to four years if convicted. what's mind blowing to me is i don't understand why the district attorney didn't go with the second charge of sexual assault. they argue because she had dated cee lo in the past there would be no way he could have sexually assaulted her. i don't care if they were married. sexual assault is sexual say saltalamacchia, there should have been two charges, not one. in any event, i think it is big trouble, nbc should be shaking in their boots as to their number one rated show, whatever happens to cee lo will impact that programming. all over the place, civilly, criminally, it is a mess for cee lo now. >> richard, i thought it was stated there wasn't sufficient evidence, that's why they didn't continue on with the sexual assault charge. >> that's why avery shouldn't be shocked, no evidence to show it, that's why they didn't bring that charge, fred. by the way, thomas decarlo
9:49 am
callaway, that's his real name. see how many people report that. anyway, he is charged with one felony count, maximum is four years. has a clean criminal history, has a great defense in this particular case that they were friends with each other, and let's not get confused. ecstasy is not ghb. ecstasy is not the knock out drug we read about, date rape drug we read about all the time. the two were hanging out, they were friends. he is going to say, show they were partying together, they were friends, and that nothing untoward happened here, that everything was consensual, and look, she wasn't knocked out, she was with her senses, it didn't cause any damage to her whatsoever, and that they were friends. he has great chance at acquittal in this case. >> may involve some witnesses, even though the allegation is they were both in the hotel room, at least when she woke up they were the only ones there. avery, i would think whether it be cee lo's team or her team, they would try to bring in
9:50 am
witnesses that might be able to testify about the relations between them, what was going on at the restaurant, what was the tone, all that kind of stuff. >> yeah. and that will help. that will help the defense. >> she voluntarily wound up in the sack with cee lo, oh, my goodness. look, the bottom line is he slipped her a mickey, that's what the prosecution is saying now. >> not a mickey. >> she woke up nude in her bed in a hotel room. look, i think that's pretty compelling. i think he has a big headache with this case. should have been two instead of one, but he is going to face one, that's all. >> avery, final word? >> they shouldn't even have brought this case, fred. it is ridiculous. he is going to go well and ratings for the show are probably going to go up. >> that's a shame. that's a shame. >> all right. avery, richard, thanks so much, gentlemen, always good to see you every weekend, of course. catch avery and richard every weekend right here, noon eastern time in this hour.
9:51 am
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united airlines has been fined for keeping passengers stuck on the tarmac for hours in chicago. department of transportation fined them $1.1 million for stranding people on the tarmac for three to four and a half hours during a thunderstorm in july of 2012. passengers couldn't even use the bathroom on some of the planes,
9:55 am
according to the dot, they can't be on the tarmac more than three hours without being allowed to get off. united said it is committed to complying with delay regulations. if you get your morning coffee fix at starbucks, perhaps, you know that the coffee isn't the cheapest around. now some consumers in china are complaining that they're paying too much for their starbucks, compared to the rest of the world. richard quest got some fellow cnn reporters to show us who pays what around the globe. ♪ >> reporter: it has become a staple of the morning routine, the starbucks ground latte. in new york, 3.95 before tax. now for the rest of the world. china is the center of this
9:56 am
brewing controversy, a cup of grand latte, about $4.92. they trashed them about the price and the chinese crashed state media saying perhaps it is all a bit of a storm in a cup. >> in south pao, it costs about $3.80. there are already 62 starbucks coffee shocks here and groomed to grow, considering it is the second biggest coffee consuming country in the world. >> i don't think i ever ordered that before, but here in london, it is about 2 pounds 50 for this drink. i calculate that around $4. here in the u.k., starbucks has come under fire for some tax policies and for admitting there are too many branches. i would say $4 for a cafe latte
9:57 am
in central london, not bad. >> thank you very much. this is a new trend in new delhi, starbucks only entered the indian market about a year ago, and it cost me 176 rupies, or $2.87. it is cheaper here than many other countries because starbucks sources coffee beans locally, so no freight charges are required and the operating costs are much lower. >> this is the way the cups stack up, whether it is new york, london, san pao, new delhi, beijing. the purest amongst you will shout ppp, purchasing power parity. have we accounted that a dollar here may not be worth as much
9:58 am
somewhere else, maybe not. but the principle remains enjoy your coffee. richard quest, cnn, new york. >> bottom's up. we will have much more straight ahead in the newsroom, and it all starts right now. hello again, everyone. i am fredricka whitfield. welcome to the third hour on the cnn newsroom. straight ahead, the top stories we're following for you, the u.s. admits it's spying on some big allies, tapping phones and e-mails, snooping on friends france,