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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 6, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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ready to work. >> it is such an honor and a privilege to be able to help share with these people and give them the power, the knowledge, the courage to go on and pursue the infection phases of their life. >> thank you for that. and thank you for watching. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> boston, minnesoimuneapolimins of cities have new mayors today. cross your fingers for no crack smokers. i'm jake tapper. the national lead, our first guest has led the biggest city in the nation for the past 12 years. but now it's nearly up for new york mayor michael bloomberg. we'll ask him about how he feels about handing the keys to the city to someone's whose policies he finds disappointing in some places. a city in maine legalizing
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marijuana. three cities in michigan relaxing their pot laws. how long before it's legal where you leave. and the money lead. it looks suspiciously like a big mac. and is that as worthless a bucket of pink slime? good afternoon, i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." we'll begin with the national lead. chris christie could he end of challenging president obama. but at least the president is being a good sport about it. sources tell me president obama called governor christie. he was so far ahead had the polls that his victory wasn't in
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doubt. the same could be said for the new york city's meryl race, bill de blasio was the first one to win that city in years. he will make all the taxes smell like chanel number 5. to hear conservatives tell it, it's about to turn back into nothing but triple x movie theaters. and it differs from mayor michael bloomberg. as mayor of our largest city, which is largely democratic, bloomberg has urked his -- >> mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. 55 days, to be exact. >> so congratulations. your candidate in virginia, terry mcauliffe got a victory. but you were used against democrats and i want to get your reaction to your name being used
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in this attack ad being put out by the nra political victory fund. >> he -- herring will back gun control, gun rationing. a ban in the most popular rifle in american. >> i guess you get used to that sort of thing. but what did you think about you being used against democrats? >> i'm not sure that the nra in retrospect should have done that. when we started mark herring was something like six points behind. and at the moment, they have to have a recount. terry mcauliffe, if you think about this, virginia is the home state of the nra. that's where their headquarters are. south of the mason dixon line. if i said to you 20 years ago a democrat was in favor of common
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sense gun background checks, if i told you he could win governor you would have laughed me out of the room. the truth of the matter, this is a phenomenal victory. the people of virginia has spoken and they're going to be safer because of this. >> i wonder when you make a decision to get involved in a race like this, whether you waive the cost benefit. according to your group, they gave $1.7 million to terry mcauliffe, and more than $3 million in virginia races. and your candidate won. it was a close race. knowledgeable democrats tell me that your ads, it played really wet in the inner suburbs right now d.c. where mcauliffe overperformed, outperformed president obama. but they said, the feelings were more positive than negative. and in south western virginia where mcauliffe did poorly, your involvement was used as a
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message point against him. how do you decide if your involvement will do more good than harm? >> first thing is based on principles. what does he stand for? this year, 12,000 americans will going to get killed with handguns and 19,000 are going to commit suicide. this is a carnage that only chift exists in the united states and we've got to do something about this. mcauliffe won which said that the majority of the voters in virginia want common sense background checks. they don't want to end the second amendment. but they think we shouldn't be selling guns to criminals and people with psychiatric problems. and from my personal point of view, i represent new york city, when we stop people with guns, illegal guns, more of them come from virginia, sadly, than from any other state. that was one of the factors that convinced me i should put money into this race. >> we've seen more tragedy shooting eventness the past
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couple of weeks, the l.a.x. incident, the gunman who killed himself in new jersey a few days ago. in a few weeks we're going to commemorate newtown. do you think president obama has done enough to persuade congress, to push this issue that you've been trying to work on so hard? >> i think the answer is no, he's not done yuf, but yes, he is trying as hard as he can. we have not got this done yet and it's not just up to the president. he has stood up and said we should have reasonable background checks. he's pointed joe biden as his go-to guy. we talk strategy. both of the president and vice president talk about this. and they certainly are as big help as they can possibly be. >> governor chris christie was asked about the shooting in new jersey yesterday. here is what he said. >> we need to get at some of the root problems of this and we need to deal with folks who have
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mental health issues before they act out -- >> governor christie's point on this is that it's not as sexy an issue, mental health, but that both democrats and republicans can find common ground on it and probably could have a real impact on all of this gun violence at the hands of individuals who have serious emotional problems. do you think that your efforts could be, if not better spent, at least well spent addressing the mental health issue? >> you're talking about two things. when you have somebody like newtown or virginia tech, clearly that pepper has psychological problems. and if we knew, and i don't know how anybody would tell, if you knew in advance that he could go out and kill people, of course we would try to bring them in and make sure they get medical care and don't let them back on the streets until he with think they're safe to society to be walking the streets. but governor christie is talking about the person that takes an
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automatic weapon and kills many people. i'm very much in favor of finding those people and provide help and get them off the streets. but keep in mind the number of people killed in the big splashy things, that's not where most people are killed. most people are killed one or two at a time on the streets of our cities all over this country. >> let's turn to the new york city race last night. bill de blasio won handedly. and i don't want to put words in your mouth, but it certainly seems like you might have some concerns about his positions on issues like stop and frisk and perhaps raising taxes. >> well, bill de blasio and i aren't going to agree on everything but we certainly agree on a lot of things. i had a great meeting with him this morning where we talked about how we can help in the transition. we've created a book for him, electronic book where he can look at every agency and see
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what's needed, the people that are there and the issues he's going to have to face, short-term and long temp. and we agreed to get together over the next few months. i have a very big interest in making him a better mayor than i was. we have built a lot and given them a lot to work with. but the bottom line, i'm going to live in new york city and i want his administration to be successful and our administration to do everything to transfer everything that we're doing over. and some things will look easy, and when he gets into them he'll find them more difficult and maybe he'll change his mind. that's exactly what we did. >> it may not surprise you but a lot of new yorkers are worried that bill de blasio might make new york a less hospitable place to live. what do you tell those
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individuals? >> my memory may be faultily, but i don't think it is. 12 years ago when i got elected, there were a lot of people that said he could never keep us safe the way giuliani did. and we took that and we brought it down dramatically again more. so you never know. i'm optimistic. i'm sure even is not going to be happy with every decision that bill de blasio makes and they're not happy with every decision i made. >> governor christie was elected in a blue state with 60% of the vote. what lessons do you think republicans should take from this win? >> i think the lesson for the whole country, both of them were centralists. they could work across the aisle. they in addition that the country is coming together to create something that's good. and being an obstructionist or being a radical, the voters
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rejected that in both cases. >> there were some initiatives last night on marijuana that i want to get your reaction to. colorado will now tax the drug. portland voter and maine approved marijuana for 21 and older. marijuana bills have gone through the state legislature. do you think you could support the legalization of marijuana? >> probably not. i think it's a bad idea. if the dealers can't sell marnl and make money, the bad guys are going to sell more drugs that are much more potent. if people use marijuana after a while, they're going to say, well, i'm not getting the kick i want and they'll move towards prescription drugs which are a big problem across the country. or things like crack or cocaine. >> and lastrily, what role do you think you'll be playing in the 2016 elections? >> one thing i can guarantee you, i will vote.
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>> but you will be playing some role, one would think, whether it's activism or some other role? >> let me guarantee you two things. number one, i will vote. and number two, i won't be running. in terms of something in the middle, it depends on who is running. i've got a lot of things to do. i'm looking forward to starting january 1st i'm going to take a quick vacation. i've got more things to do going forward than i can handle. in fact, i've got to start learning how to say no to new things. >> mayor bloomberg, thank you so much. there are now more places where you can smoke weed, no prescription necessary. are bigger cities like new york and washington, d.c. next? plus what does marco rubio think of chris christie in 2016? well, we caught up with him and asked. and let's say he doesn't necessarily believe as goes new jersey, so goes the nation.
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welcome back to "the lead." just in national news, it was another grilling on the hill today. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said that the government needed to fix hundreds of problems with the we're now learning that you'll have one less set of hands to tackle those issues. the chief officer who was in charge of the technology for the that developed the website has announced that he is retiring from the government. no word yet if he's being pushed out for his role in the sites development. now for the buried lead, don't be surprised if you hear snoop dogg is buying a summer home in portland, maine. that city became the first city to quote, unquote, legalize marijuana. they're following in the foot
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steps of colorado and washington state which both voted to legalize recreational drug use last november. but what makes these cities a little different, they made something that was legal that was never illegal under statutes. but by passing these proposals, cities and towns have may a stronger leg to stand on in their efforts to change state laws that make it illegal to smoke pot. no wonder the movement is gaining momentum. the legal marijuana market is worth over $1.5 billion. and it's expected to top a 64% increase by next year. our next guest is mark klieman from ucla. and he said don't be surprised given the current trend if pot is legal nationwide in five years. as you heard, we interviewed new
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york mayor bliekal bloomberg. he says that he thinks it will make drug dealers offer more potent drugs to make up for the sales of marijuana. what do you say to that? >> it's an odd brand of economics. so on what theory are drug dealers who have a market for some other drug not offing it simply because marijuana is legal? i can't make any sense out of that -- that concern. and then the next thing the mayor said, people who smoke pot will then use more potent drugs. again, no efvidence of that. the big question that he don't answer and nobody has an answer to is whether or not making it legal will get fewer people to drink heavily. and the honest answer about most of this stuff is we don't know.
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>> the latest gallup poll shows that 58% of the american people favor legalizing marijuana. do you think that more focus needed to put on how to make it work rather than debating whether it's a good idea. has the train left the station and now should we just be worried about safety for the train? >> i think that's right. there are lots of questions that the state has to decide and eventually the federal government will have to decide. the current train leaving the station is commercial legalization pretty much on the model of alcohol and tobacco. those seem to be like two very bad models to follow and i think we ought to be able to do better. but the piecemeal state by state approach rules out what would be the best solution which would have it be distributed by state agencies but you can't do that
1:21 pm
while cannabis is -- >> colorado -- >> i would like to get this out of the hands of the initiative writers and into the hands of the ledge lores. >> colorado recently passed a law to tax marijuana, sales at a rate of 15%. do you think that's a good model to follow considering legalizing marijuana? >> unfortunately i don't. one problem is the rate is too low and the other is that it's a set of the fraction of the market price. what you would like is a tax that rises as the market price falls to keep the price to the consumer more or less constant. i would like to have an excise test on tsc which is the maniactive agent in cannabis and adjust that from year to year. and that's not the direction
1:22 pm
that washington state or colorado went in. and again, if you're putting it up to the voters, it has to be something you can explain in a 30 second spot. and more complicated proposals aren't going to do very well in that context. >> fascinating stuff. thanks for joining us. it's like the whole country is changing and nobody in washington, d.c. is aware of it. let's check in in the green room. i hope you don't mind me saying this, kevin madden, while you may have a great head of hair you've got nothing on dante de blasio's afro. could we see him single handedly bring back big hair? >> i think dante is going to do for big hair what jackie kennedy did for pill box hats. >> we'll take a look at the real
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. he's now being talked about as if he's the new dylan of the gop. and after a landslide victory in new jersey last night, all of the speculation isn't weighing governor chris christie down. >> it's such a burden for you to be speculating about me being the leader of the free world. stop, i'm so burdened. that's a pretty huge ego. >> could he be the new saviour? it that's exactly what time mag dean was saying about marco rubio of florida in a cover story ran just eight months ago. what does rubio think of his rise? >> reporter: is chris christie a
1:28 pm
viable candidate for presidency? >> first that's a decision he has to make. he's a governor that's been re-elected in a big state that gets a lot of attention. >> would he be a tough competitor? >> yes. and i like him and i have a pretty good relationship with them. i think it's important, i know everyone wants to jump to what it means for the future. but some of these races don't apply to future races. but i con gratd late him on his win. >> reporter: are you saying that his win in a blue state like new jersey wouldn't translate to more of a red state or more of a swing state? >> what would translate across the country is a message that goes to people, look, we know you're struggling and trying to get ahead. you're doing everything that's been asked and yet your life doesn't seem to be getting better. the only way we're going to make it better is if we abandon the policies of big government.
1:29 pm
i think chris christie is trying to make that argument and cuccinelli made it in virginia. it worked in one place and not another. but on a national level, i think that's a winning argument no matter who our nominee is in 2016. >> i am joined now former senator from arkansas. along with dana bash and kevin madden. that was an interesting answer. >> sure was. >> from marco rubio. oh, i love chris christie. you can't judge anything by new jersey. >> new jersey. >> but the elbows are really out. >> he likes him a lot. yes, absolutely. the bottom line is that right now, as you just very nicely displayed there, chris christie is the flavor of the month. and he did prove that he could win. and the truth is, he proved that he could win with some of the very demographic groups that rubio is talking about and has
1:30 pm
been talking about needing to pull back, like the latino vote. it's a pretty big deal that he got that even in a flu state like new jersey. >> i talked to chris christie yesterday and i asked him about his place in the gop. i'll play that clip and get your reaction. >> there are people who think you have fences to mend and bridges to build with republicans out there. i don't know if you agree with that. but if -- what do you think about that charge? that you need to do more to help republicans in washington and elsewhere? >> if you go back and look, i don't think there's been any governor in america who has done more for the nrcc and the nrsc and the republican national committee in terms of traveling around the country and raising money and doing those things that i've done in the last three years. i understand that people got upset because i was doing my job. they need to learn that about me. if you hire foe to do a job, i'm
1:31 pm
going to do a job. if there are people who are breaking their word to the people that i'm representing, they're going to hear it from me. and by the same token, with the president, even if they're the on party who is doing a good job on something and i'm asked about it, i'm going to say they're doing a really good job. i don't think i need to fence mend. i think they just have to learn who i am. >> kevin. >> yeah. >> governor christie don't think he needs to fence mend. what do you think? >> i built a profile that is favorable to a lot of republicans because he's got a relate ability and authenticity that our last presidential candidate, romney, didn't have. but he built a profile as somebody who was quick to criticize republicans. if you remember after sandy, he criticized republicans when the relief was being held up. but it was being held up -- >> that's what he was talking
1:32 pm
about. >> he was so quick to hit size republicans. and he gained a lot of favor and a lot of love from the mainstream media as so many folks within our party like to call you guys. and that put him in a difficult position with a lot of base voters. but base voters have to remember that we're not going to win if we just talk to ourselves and pat ourselves on the back amongst the base. and that winning republican, a republican who can win nationally is going to be able to secure the base and also persuade the big middle of the elect to elect tore rat. >> i think the message that he had along with a disciplined message that terry mcauliffe had. it was back on jobs. they like to hear about growing the economy and jobs. that's how he appealed to
1:33 pm
regular people was talking about the jobs that need to be created and putting the economy back on track. i think he can appeal to a lot of people that way across the country. >> what do you think about stylistically. he's quite obviously a yankee and brash. not necessarily the style down south. how do you think he would play? >> well, he could have a touch much graciousness, i suppose. yeah, that's going to be tough. and i think you're right, kevin said, it's not going to be translatab translatable everyone across the country. >> and this is a point that was made in a blog post today. the pro governing message is really an anti-washington message right now. that's drawing a stark contrast with the status quo in washington. people look at washington and say nothing is being done. governor christie built a profile and did well with so
1:34 pm
many different demographics because he talked about getting things done and what it -- >> but he did it governing across party lines. and you know very well as a moderate democrat who got if trouble for reaching across party lines, maybe that's back. >> it could be and that does become a problem, obviously. but the most important thing was the comment he made on that bus, which was, i was doing my job. and that's what people want more than anything, they want washington to do its job. they want sensible regulations. they don't want overgovernment. they want government and politicians to be focusing on growing the economy instead of picking at one another. and i think that when he said, i was just doing my job, that's what they want to see people doing. they want to see politicians and want to see washington doing its job. >> i saw a tweet from a republican official here in town, he tweeted, hey
1:35 pm
republicans we should be celebrating we just got re-elected in a blue state. but i haven't seen a pouring out of congratulations from republicans to chris christie even though he won a huge margin, won the latino vote and the woman vote running against a democrat, won 30% of democrats. where are the republicans? >> look, the reason is because they're nervous. they're nervous about praising somebody who is clearly not a very conservative republican because moderate is a dirty word in some circles of the republican party. just like in some circles of democrat i can party. >> we used to celebrate when governors won in places like new york and massachusetts. and what it is is emblematic of the feud between the establishment and grass roots. >> you saw it in alabama.
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welcome back to "the lead." now it's time to the money lead. when it comes down to it, isn't life just the down time between the mcrib promotions. the sandwich has reportedly gun making its return. but wait, what's this. it's something burger king calls the bbq rib sandwich. and it's about a third of what the mcrib costs. and i'm sure you recognize mcdonald's iconic big mac when you see one. say it with me, two all beef pat
1:41 pm
kwis special sauce -- it's been a long time since i did that. this is the big king. it's coming to the menu full-time. it has two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce -- all the same stuff. it's 40 calories lighter than the big mac. is it me or is the battle over who is going to supply your indigestion starting to gel real? and i want to welcome our guest who wrote the cover story in this weeks new york times magazine. broccoli image makeover. does this remind you of the cola wars back in the '80s? >> it sure does. one of the secrets in the cola wars is that when pepsi attacked coca-cola, and we remember the
1:42 pm
brilliant michael jackson commercial, the secret inside industry was that it was a big joke because the sale of both companies rose when they attacked each other. that's why i thought the ad agency that came up with this idea of selling broccoli, when they attacked kale, that's what the food giants know that when they spar with each other, it's a bloodless sparring on their part and we are the ones that eat more. it generates buzz for the whole industry. >> you mean you and i right now have fallen into their trap? cancel the segment. moving on. the strategy does seem a bit obvious. but the question, will customers view the big king as anything other than a big mac ripoff and does it matter? do they care? are people going to be upset that this is a ripoff of the big mac? >> think burger king is betting that their customers like their
1:43 pm
products. and what they're looking to do is generate more excitement for people who already like burger king. and the industry called this a sort of newness. and when you walk into a burger king now, there's a lineup of hamburgers sort of endless as well as the new lower calorie fries. which i tasted for the first time today. >> and? >> i'm no restaurant critic, but i have to say my reaction was actually wanting more of those which maybe sort of self-defeating from a diet perspective. >> i could see that. i have to say why everybody hasn't copied mcdonald's fries. just steal their fries. i want to take issue with one thing you said. i understand that the sparring creates buzz and everybody's sales go up. but they are playing hard ball to a degree.
1:44 pm
a few days ago mcdonald's dropped heinz as its ketchup after it hired a former employee. >> there is. as it was with pepsi and coca-cola. but they said if pepsi hadn't existed, we would have invented them. they're going after share of stomach. and ingenious advertising campaign can generate that. >> and taco bell has the tacos, wendy's has pretzels burgers, kfc has the go cup. these exist because they work, right? >> and some of what we're seeing here sort of the marriage of grocery type products with the fast food industry, believe me that is a marriage made in heaven because it's combining the allures and marketing power of both of those industries.
1:45 pm
if you're on a diet, look out. >> this segment brought to you by the makers of insulin. i appreciate it. coming up next in the money lead, we now have an answer to the question, would movie lover rather go to the store or download it from the comfort of their home? plus, he was sus speped by the miami dolphins after accusations of bullying. was he only following orders from above? a new report is raising questions about the role of the dove fins coaches. giving. real. dove fins coaches. odove fins co. . . . . . . . . . . i got education benefits. fins coaches. ins coaches. ns coa. . . sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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welcome back to tleefd. i'm jake tapper. now it's time for the sports lead. we're learning new details about how deep an nfl's player's emotional breakdown may have been. jonathan martin was briefly hospitalized after leaving the team. and there are questions what role, if any, the coaches may have played in the alleged bullying of martin. sources say that the coaches asked ritchie to toughen up
1:50 pm
martin. cnn reached out to the team but they told us it cannot comment because of an ongoing investigation into the case. we found that incognito was suspended kwies at nebraska and dismissed at oregon. he was voted by his peers to be the nfl's dirtiest player in 22009. on to a much different time in pro football when guys named sweetness and the fridge were driven into battle by the one and only mike ditka. you don't have to be a super fan to know that i'm talking about the bears. i had a chance to sit down collins to sit down and talk about the magic of that storied season. here's how you described the legendary coach mike ditka for the book. he looked like a bear and
1:51 pm
behaved by a bear. he was a kodiak rooting through trash. he was a grizzly enraged by a swarm of beez. ditka was that guy for the entire city of chicago. that's quite lovely. what did ditka mean to you and the shi of chicago? >> i felt like what the city needed was somebody to sort of snap you out of this funk that i knew growing up in the '70s in chicago was kind of nationwide. and everything seemed to be winding down and getting worse. and all the sudden, ditka with this crazy perm and crazy shorts, you could see him crush reporters right in front of you. >> orphans. you write about a woman who was heckling him and he took out a ball of bubble gum and threw it at her and it got stuck in her hair. >> we studied it on the film.
1:52 pm
but it was -- he famously sort of went like this for a fan and said that's your iq, buddy, zero. and he had his quarterback jim macmahon who was the first football player on the cover the "rolling stone" magazine. he didn't care what ditka said. it always gave you something else to watch than what was going on on the field. >> even though i'm an eagle's fan as a kid, i had picturess of mcmahon up in my room. he was cool. >> football when i was a kid it was such a buttoned up almost military sort of environment. the guys were very, very straight. and chicago they were very straight and stiff. and mcmahon shows up with a six pack of beer and chewing skoal long cut and saying i'm dry,
1:53 pm
where can i get another drink? >> and i could spend the whole time talking to you about the '85 bears, but i don't have the time to do that. there's still walter payton and the refrigerator. quickly, why should somebody who isn't a fan necessarily of the bears read this book? >> this group of guys which was transsen dent in their sport, it became pop culture history and american history. the big part to me is what happened when you have a dream and it comes true when you're 28 years old? what's the rest of your life like? and i met with many of them and to me they're a model how everybody faces the big transitions even at the end of their life. the pro football player kind of dies twice. they die when the rest of us die and die professional in their dream when their young and have to deal with it. >> it's a great book.
1:54 pm
thanks so much. >> thanks. >> coming up in pop culture, it might be a good time to be kind and rewind that copy of father of the bride two that you still have laying around before there aren't any blockbusters left to return it to. i know what you're saying. there are still blockbusters? stay with us. i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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welcome back to "the lead." now it's time for the pop culture lead. it maybe hard to sympathize to the company that got away with charging $4.99 for "jumping jack backlash" and late fees. but this really is the end of an era. it will shut down its dvd malg service and shut down all of its store. back in 2004, blockbuster had 9,000 locations.
1:59 pm
but then netflix came on. and blockbuster will live on as a streaming service. they are works of art that could be worth millions. and yet some say little is being done to get these precious paintings into the hands of their rightful owners decide the evidence that they were stolen during world war ii. they were discovered in munich, germany. the man who lives in the home is the son of a wartime art dealer. it's believed that his father got his hands on the paintings when the nazis had a habit of confiscating dejen rat artwork. and they're furious that they won't release a full list of what they found. but a state prosecutor in germany said officials never went public because it would have been, quote, counterproductive to the investigation. make sure to follow me on
2:00 pm
twitter. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's in the "the situation room.." >> thanks very much. chris christie sounds like he's already running for the white house. but i tea party favorite marco rubio sems us don't jump to conclusions about who can save us. awakes new yorkers afternoon the smackdown. plus stunning new video of bad behavior from a miami dolphins player. were the coaches calling more than the plays on the field. i'm kofl blitz. you're in the "the situation room." stunning victory in one state a painful defeat in other.