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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 23, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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soon, hoping the internet will finally go where no internet has gone before. the research is partially funded by the national science foundation. melody's team presented their work at a conference in taiwan last week, and can you imagine, christine, well received. very exciting. >> looks cold out there, but -- testing the technology. >> a little cold out there. >> thanks, jason's see you next saturday at 9:30 a.m. eastern. have a great weekend. . hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. welcome to "cnn newsroom." getting down to the wire. the sun set in geneva, switzerland but talks between iran foreign leaders and u.s. secretary of state john kerry continue. both sides indicating a deal is within reach but no hints about how close they might be. listen to what the british foreign minister said earlier.
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>> well, there is a huge amount of agreements, and it remains the case that a huge amount of progress has been made in recent weeks on this, and's that the state of this negotiation is entirely different from a few months ago with iran. that's positive. but some of the difficult areas remain very difficult. >> amp geneva secretary kersee schedukersee -- kerry is scheduled to go to london. if there is going to be a deal, seems today would be the day. north korea confirmed two swedish diplomats it is obtaining a korean war veteran merrill newman saying the country has been holding him since october 26th. his wife is pleading for his release saying he only had enough heart medicine for the ten-day tour he was on. north korea hasn't said white they're holding newman. it is possible that authorities mistook him for a different merrill newman decorated for his
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korean war service. back here in the united states, millions of americans are bracing for wicked weather over the next five days, just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. meteorologist karen maginnis issing traing the storms from the cnn weather center. >> fred, we have deteriorating weather conditions across extreme southwest texas, into new mexico. snow and ice, problematic along interstate 10 in texas. also some black ice in new mexico. we see rainfall spreading across the gulf coast region. this is in the overnight hours. look at this. in the metroplex of dallas, could see an icy mixture, maybe some sleet, some freezing rain. maybe rain/snow mix. right now the forecast is fairly uncertain with regards to this. we'll look for that wintry mix traveling up the appalachias. then we go into monday and tuesday. the exact track of this system, we're not certain. could be a nor'easter for new
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york city and boston, or we could see snowfall across sections of interior northeastern new england. right now, the forecast track is not very well precise or forecasted at this point, but we know that the cold sayre in place. look at these highs. temperatures only around freezing, and new york city and washington see it, and right now in fargo it is only 8 degrees. and that's the warmest temperature in north dakota. chicago, 23 degrees. across the southwestern united states, well, we did see record-setting rainfall. in phoenix, flagstaff, you could see an additional two to four inches of snow. that's a look at your weather. fred, we'll stay on top of it. >> thanks, karen. so everything is running smoothly for travelers at los angeles international airport today, but that definitely wasn't the case last night. there were two separate scares there. they took place right around the same time. one at terminal 4, the other at
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terminal 5. terminal 4 had an apparent prank call to police that caused this chaotic scene. it began when a caller reported a gun at the intera and that prompted this response from police. >> everyone on the ground! >> everybody get down! >> so police then had to evacuate that entire terminal, but they didn't find anything suspicious, and then eventually would give the all-clear. and then earlier, just moments in terminal 5, an suv crashed triggering a panicked reaction from passengers inside. they were frightened by that sound, that banging sound from that accident, and then threat the terminal. police say the driver was suffering from a medical condition. she is hospitalized and is currently in good condition. so four people have now been arrested in new york for allegedly playing that knockout game. the game might seem like a prank to some, but it is real, and very dangerous. and it involves sucker punching unsuspecting victims.
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the new york incident is one of many being reportened around the country. now this update on the story of the four bodies found buried in a california desert earlier this month. investigators identified the two children as joseph and gianni mcstay. their parents deidentified throh dental records. coroner officials now declared all fourth deaths homicides. for months, cnn had been looking into the mysterious death of georgia teenager kendrick johnson who suffocated to death after authorities say he fell into a rolled up gym mat at his high school. johnson's attorneys think someone tampered with the surveillance video that officials released, and they're not getting any answers from authorities. so we did our own forensic analysis. [ female announcer ] ladies and gentlemen
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for more than six months, cnn has been investigating the death of kendrick johnson and cnn's victor blackwell got the story right out front and did a lot of the digging. the south georgia high school student died in january. investigatoe claim he suffocate after falling head-first into a
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rolled up gym mat. his parents believe he was murdered. four cameras in the gym and more than 25 others on campus captured almost 300 hours of security footage. johnson's parents say someone tampered with some of the images. cnn had a video forensic analysis done to get some answers. here now is cnn's eric blackwell. >> that's my child and we're going to fight until it's all over. until we get the truth. that's all we ever asked for. what happened to kendrick johnss. >> jacqueline johnson and her husband hope to find the truth in the hundreds of hours of surveillance video recorded the day sheriff investigators say the 17-year-old died. look carefully. there she in the white t-shirt and jeans carrying a yellow folder. the johnsons have this at the result of a lawsuit. investigators in florida told the johnsons and authorities kendrick climbed into a gym mat
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reaching for this shoe and that his death was an accident. >> they know their child did not climb into a wrestling mat, get stuck and die. where's that video? >> reporter: the sheriff's office says that moment was not recorded. the johnsons also questioned moments in the surveillance video like this one. kendrick is seen running in the gym and then another image appears showing other students. it jumps from one moment to another. the johnsons' attorney tell from the surveillance video what happened to kendrick and when the other students entered. >> we don't have any time code with which to synchronize the events that are shown in the video. >> either the camera did this on their own or a human being interacted to make this camera do these things. >> reporter: an attorney for the school tells cnn what we produced to the sheriff is a raw feed with no edits.
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the attorney for the county sheriff's office says my client confirmed that the video was not altered or edited by anyone within the county sheriff's office. >> we believe that somebody corrupted this video, because it just does not make sense to us. >> reporter: so who's right? to find out, we took our copy of the video provided to cnn by the attorney for the sheriff's office to an expert. we brought the hard drive more than 2,300 miles here to spokane, washington, to dliv el it to the leading analysis, grant fredericks, a former police officer, a consultant for the u.s. department of justice and a contract instructor at the fbi academy in quantico. we are here to get an answer. has the surveillance footage be altered? >> those files are not original files. not something an investigators should rely on for the truth of the video. >> reporter: cnn hired frederick's company to analyze
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the surveillance video. the first thing the attorneys and the family were concerned about, they didn't see a time stamp, and you found one. >> yes. >> reporter: how? >> well, the time stamp is in another stream of video. so you have to be able to access it using special codex. you have to pretty much know where to find it, but it's there. once the time stamp is located you can then begin to make sense of it and begin to track people. >> reporter: by piecing together the time codes, frederick's team found more than 18 minutes of surveillance showing kendrick on january 10th starting at 7:30 a.m. as he entered school, ending the last time he was seen alive, at 1:09 p.m. in the gym. >> the motion video we're looking at here and the fact that we skip time periods when there's no motion is very common. i'm not really that concerned about it. >> reporter: what about the blurred image? the only angle that shows the corner where kendrick johnson was found dead? >> the johnsons and their
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attorney believe that this was intentionally blurred to hide something. what is your expert eades telling you? >> yeah. this is not been intentionally blurred. this is likely the camera itself is probably been hit and the, that the lens has been pushed out of focus for some reason. if you look closely you can see the defined lines that are inherent in digital video. those line, still intact. so they have not been blurred. therefore, it was actually the lens that's blurred. the blurriness actually has defined lines. so this is clearly just a blurred lens. >> reporter: clarity about the blur, the time stamp revealed and an explanation for the jumpy video, when made the johnsons and their attorney suspicious the video had been edited. fredericks has a different concern. >> this is not the best evidence. it's changed and altered sow that he we are missing information and what we have been provided is not the best quality. >> reporter: altered by copying, but also raising questions about
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more now on cnn's exclusive investigation into the death of kendrick johnson. cnn obtained hundreds of surveillance video from johnson's school including some that showed the moments leading up to the teen's death. an expert scoured more than 300 hours of recordings and he says it's not what's in the video that's so important, but what's missing. here's cnn's victor blackwell.
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>> reporter: cnn has hired grant fredericks and his team at forensic video solutions to analyze the hundreds of hours of surveillance from the high school. although he does not believe that jumpy video is the result of editing, he says there are some other major problems. >> those files are not original files. they're not something that an investigator should rely on for the truth of the video. they've been altered in a number of ways. primarily in image quality. and likely in dropped information. information loss. there are also a number of files that are corrupted, because they've not been processed correctly and are not playable. so i can't say why they were done that way, but they were not done correctly, and they were not done thoroughly. so we're missing information. >> reporter: fredericks says that's likely due to our investigators acquired the surveillance video. >> right now what they've done is they have left it up to the school district to define what it is they want to provide the
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police, and the i think that probe is a mistake. >> reporter: according to the county sheriff's office incidents report, a detective watched a portion of the surveillance video the day kendrick johnson was found. then he asked the school board's information technology worker for a copy of the surveillance video to the for the entire wing of the school with the old gym for the last 48 hours. five days later, that i.t. worker provided a hard drive and according to the incident report the detective verified it contained the requested material. >> the investigator's responsibility is to acquire the entire video recording system and have their staff define what they want to obtain. you don't want somebody who might be party to the responsibility to make the decision to what they provide the police. >> reporter: and after hours of analysis, frederick questions whether the county schooling provided all of the surveillance video from the old gym to investigators. >> there is a hole of time where
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none of the cameras provide any record that i've been provided. >> reporter: fredericks has all the camera angles and all the video released by the county sheriff's office. >> there are four cameras in the gym that records motion from when the lights turn on in the morning until when the lights are turned off at night, except for the area of interest. >> reporter: the moments before kendrick enters the gym. look what happens. the time is recorded with the individual i don't e. the first camera captures images from the start of the day until 12:04 p.m. then, nothing. it picks up again at 1:09 p.m. there's consistent surveillance from the second camera until 11:05 a.m. then it stops and picks up again more than two hour, later at 1:15 p.m. the third camera also drops at 11:05 a.m. and picks up again at 1:16 p.m. and from the final camera, there's surveillance until 12:04
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p.m., no recording for more than an hour and picks up again at 9:04 p.m. >> i would absolutely expect some record of that activity and we don't have any here. >> reporter: here's why he would have expected to record during that time. during that hour and five minutes, several students are seen walking in to and out of the old gym from the surveillance camera just outside the gym door. we count seven male students, and three of them walk into the gym within three minutes prior to kendrick johnson walking in. >> i can't tell you whether there was no information recorded in the digital video system, or whether somebody made an error and didn't capture it, or whether somebody just didn't provide it. >> reporter: when surveillance in the gym resumes at 1:09, we see just these few frames of kendrick johnss running in the gym. there's a record from only two and the camera just outside the door.
11:52 am
notice the hall camera time stamp appears to be ten minutes behind and there's no confirmation either time matching the exact time of day. it is the last time his image is captured on video. for the next hour, there are multiple gaps in the video surveillance in the gym. >> and that is crucial. it's a really important time. >> well, it really is the only option to answer the question to really what happened. >> reporter: and no video showing the initial discovery of a body in the gym. the next time we see kendrick johnson is the following day when he's being wheeled out of the gym in a body bag. >> do you believe it's a coincidence that that time period in the gym is missing? >> oh, boy. investigators are always suspicious and should be suspicious, and it's suspicious that that time period is not there. so, yes. i would be suspicious. and until i have the digital video system in my hand and say, or an investigator can say
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everything is intact this is what's records, i would still be highly suspicious of this. >> reporter: so after fighting for months on the city street corner and in the county courthouse to get the surveillance video, kendrick johnson's parents still do not know who was in the gym before wen drik ran in, nor who, if anyone, was, there or what happened in those moments after. we sent a long list of questions to an attorney for the county sheriff's office and an attorney for the county schools and have not yet received a response to those questions from the attorney for the sheriff's office but have received the response from the attorney for the school district. no comment. although they attorney has agreed that the school district will make that hard drive, the original hard drive, available to the court, and the johnsons want to make sure all the information from the school's hard drive was then given to the sheriff's office, and then, of course, given to them. fred? >> thanks so much, victor. and we'll be right back.
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talk real estate. michael jordan's massive estate was supposed to be auctions off yesterday. the auction company says they put it off because demand is stronger than expected. jordan's estate, take a look in chicago's highland park suburb. 56,000 square feet, and got a nice little, i guess, pond, or swimming pool. of course, an indoor basketball court. bidders need to put up, guess what? a quarter million dollars deposit just to be able to place a bid on this house. incredible indoor theater. you name it. all right. we're joined by michael corbett. a real estate author and a book also. michael what have you heard about the delay? nobody's going to buy this and flip it. we know that. or at least we suspect. >> hopefully not. >> buy it and revel in living in
11:58 am
it. what do you know about the delay? just as simple as that? demand was high? >> here's the deal. this went on the market last year back in february. at $29 million. then a little while later they tried to price chop of $8 million. so it still didn't sell. what's happening is they put it up for auction. now, according to the auctioneers that they have said and the news release last night, is that there was a great demand. so people wanted more time to be able to preview the property, and get a chance to -- you have to put up a quarter million dollars just to play in the game. >> when you say preview, like a virtual tour, or do people who are serious and interested get to go to the house, walk through it? you know, do as anybody would, if they were trying to buy a house? >> well, you know what? with a $29 million price tag, personally, i would want to go in there. >> you would? or would not?
11:59 am
>> i would definitely want to see it. are you kidding? >> yes. me, too. >> so i think -- >> you want to see where your money's going. >> people would have wanted the opportunity and supposedly so it's now on december 16th. so if you didn't get your $250,000 starting bid in there, you better do it now. >> wow. this is unusual, right? there are other houses out there on the market, celebrity names are attached. we understand charlie sheen's house is on the market, and even kid rock. different locations, but, when a house is on the market, and it mean as celebrity once lived that, that in and of itself increases the market valley. doesn't it? >> well, here's the deal. it really doesn't increase the value of the home, but what it does do is it increases the media attention. it increases the volume of traffic. that's company selling a property. so the celebrity cachet sometimes doesn't always translate into the bigger bucks,
12:00 pm
but it does translate into a faster sale and possibly a slightly higher amount for the sale price. and also, depends on the celebrity. >> yeah. i guess there are some people, you know, who have the money to spend, who really do want, i guess, kind of a trophy house. they want it to have a history. they want, you know, to know there was a celebrity that, you know, lived there? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. with the michael jordan house, here's the interesting thing nap in the chicago area, for the past 25 years, there have only been eight homes that have sold for more than $10 million. this was on the market for $29 million. so you've got to want to have a really big trophy in chicago to buy that house. >> whew! deep pockets indeed. michael corbett, thank you so much. lots of fun to do our little version of a virtual tour, appreciate it. and i guess we're going to talk again, once you know, the bidding beginning. 3:00 on the east coast. noon out west for those just joining us, welcome to


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